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druighoney · 2 days ago
Reminder that your favorite character loves you no matter what your body type is. They'll gladly kiss every inch of your skin and shower you in assuring words as many times as you need till you realize that you're loved. Oh and they literally can't get their hands off you, they think you're pretty irresistible <3
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maitani · a day ago
someone hits on you [+ so you hit them]
Tumblr media
note: none[?] characters: mikey. ran.
Tumblr media
manjiro sano : mikey
you were navigating around the corridor, spotting someone waiting outside of the meeting hall that you were quite aware — was empty. you quietly neared the man, greeting him with a small smile, “ hello, are you waiting for someone? “
he churned his head with a glare but softened when meeting your eyes although it wasn’t long till his lips quirked into a smirk that only alarmed you. “ i am but why don’t you keep me company, hm? “
ah they don’t know me, you thought. it wasn’t much of a surprise, really — mikey preferred that no one knew of you. that way it was a safety precaution but yet here you are, making conversation with a stranger that is here to meet with him.
you let out a small laugh with a head shake to decline the suggestion. you pointed towards the meeting hall, his attention narrowing to where you motioned, “ i can go get mikey for you if you want, just stay here. “ as you were taking the steps to retrieve your boyfriend, a hand grasped at your wrist.
you spare the man another smile without a single attempt of resistance, “ can you let go of me, please? “
the man ignores your inquire, simply inching you closer with a hand sitting under your chin to take a better look at your features and your smile falters when you can smell the strength of the alcohol that was consumed not long ago, “ c’mon pretty, stay with me. “
mikey and sanzu turn the corner to finally get with the guy waiting for the meeting, pausing when they see you quite tangled with him. mikey was about to send sanzu to have that man touching you drop dead but it seems that a single hook of yours was enough to have him stumbling onto the ground.
your eyes avert to your hand, with ache and small bruising that was forming making you worry about what mikey would think. before you can even move, mikey takes your hand to take a quick inspection at your knuckles, cocking his head towards the man on the floor and sanzu just grins, pulling him by the collar and dragging him to the nearest room.
“ didn’t expect that. “ mikey hums, running his thumb over your hand then smiles at you, “ good job — now what did i tell you about speaking with these men? “
“ sorry? “
“ no but you were pretty badass, can’t lie about that. “ the lighthearted tone in his voice was enough to convince you that he wasn’t upset — if anything, glad that you were okay.
Tumblr media
ran haitani
ran leans over your shoulder to see you playing a little cat game on your phone, simply smiling at how innocent you were compared to the current location you were sitting in — the bonten hideout.
“ darling, i’ll be heading out for one moment. “ he hums, pressing a single kiss onto your cheek and smiling when you court your face into your phone out of pure shyness. “ someone is gonna come by but let them wait outside, ‘kay? “
you nod at his words, still flustered from his previous acts and all he can do is grin brightly at your expression. he slips out of his office as you resume your game, attempting to collect more fish points to decorate their home — by rubbing their bellies.
as your finger slides side to side on your screen, there is a knock on the door but it seems that they were still going to invite themselves in. your eyes lift from the digital cat to the man slipping inside, eyes squinting to why a cute girl was inside instead of the executive he was meant to meet with.
“ he stepped out and asked if you could wait outside until he returns. “ you voiced, smiling politely before returning to your game but that smile drops when you hear him step closer with a chuckle, “ princess, did he truly say that or are you just scared? “
if you were being honest — you weren’t until he mentioned it.
“ he requested it. “ you replied, lowering your phone onto your lap and motioning a hand towards the door, “ please oblige to his wishes if you want to proceed with your meeting with him. “
it humors him how you think a small hand pointed at the door was enough to make him leave but that pretty face with fear pooling in those eyes was more than enough to make him stay. besides, you couldn’t truly be in control of who gets to meet with a bonten executive — right?
he inches closer, sitting his palms on top of the desk to stare down at you with a twisted grin unaware of the door opening behind him. you leaned back into the desk chair in hopes to get away from him but he just moved closer. out of irritation, you reach into a drawer to pull out ran’s baton and flick your wrist to hit the man away from you.
the man knocked to the floor as ran steps over him with amusement on his face, “ you know, that was pretty attractive. “
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated :) masterlist
Tumblr media
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kiluvent · 21 hours ago
✧ pet names they use for you ✧
ft. mikey, chifuyu, baji, draken, kazutora, mitsuya, wakasa, sanzu, ran
[fluff, suggestive on kazutora and sanzu's]
a/n: MmMMMMM........ that quirky moment when you have more missing assignments than actually turned in ones 💕💅
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
uses pretty average/common nicknames for you tbh,,, or just shortens your name somehow i guess????
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
"kitten" 💀
jk... probably just calls you "bby <33" or smth lmfao
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
"baby gOrL <3"
its a personal game of his to try and embarrass you in public by shouting out names he calls you lol-
Tumblr media
♡ kazutora ♡
do i have to explain this one???? i just feel like he would jfjfeewhf
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
doesn't really use them much- maybe an occasional "baby" but he just thinks using your own name is much more "personal"
Tumblr media
♡ mitsuya ♡
mitsuya, the sweetheart. i'm going to the grave believing that this man would treat you like you were absolutely priceless and be a total romantic so yeah-
Tumblr media
♡ wakasa ♡
simple, modern, short, wakasa. that's all <3
Tumblr media
♡ sanzu ♡
"whore" 😩
dw i'm kidding... unless???
Tumblr media
♡ ran ♡
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unfinshedsentec · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
texting them “I haven’t been fully honest with you”
Tumblr media
a/n: I’m just posting something to post while I procrastinate
type: smau <3
characters: Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano, Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuuguji, Baji Keisuke, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kazutora Hanemiya, Rindou Haitani, and Sanzu Haruchiyo
tw: cursing
Tumblr media
Mikey Baji Chifuyu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kazutora Rindou Sanzu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mommysano · 2 days ago
There are two types of lovers:
There’s the type that think that you are absolutely gorgeous no matter what. They genuinely believe and will tell you that there isn’t a second of your life you have ever been ugly. Even in sickness they will look at you and mean it when they say you are beautiful.
Hinata, Yuzuha, Emma, Senju, Draken, Taiju, Izana, Ran, Kisaki, Mitsuya, Hakkai, Sanzu, Kakucho, Kazutora, Benkei, Souya, Takemichi, Takeomi, Chifuyu, Inui, Mucho
Then there’s the type that acknowledges you’re ugly sometimes and accept you that way regardless. They look at you a little too long and feel like they have to let you know that you are in fact ugly sometimes and that they see it but that’s okay. They signed up for that too.
Rindou, Kokonoi, Mikey, Nahoya, Baji, Naoto, Wakasa, Yamagishi, Shinichiro, Hanma
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mianavs · 2 days ago
Love Me Wrong [02 ; Resolve]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
content: amnesia, abuse, manipulation, smut, noncon/extremely dubcon, fauxcest, exhibitionism, drug-use
featuring: sanzu, mikey, rindou, and ran
note: life has been hectic but i managed to finish this chapter. mikey and sanzu are their owns warnings. dark content ahead so minors can not-so kindly f*ck off! also, feel free to reblog, drop an ask, or leave a comment! no beta we die like [redacted]
words: 3.8k
other: masterlist ; @tometpd ; @hanayanetwork ; @tokyoredlightdistrict
Tumblr media
The waiting game was one Sanzu knew quite well. It was one he’d been playing since he was a teen and one that had gotten him to his current position as Bonten’s second-in-command. He’d bided his time until he managed to run away from home–even if Takeomi eventually wormed his way into his life. He’d endured countless beatings from other gang members until meeting his teacher, Muto, who taught him how to reel in his rage and weaponize it for Toman. He’d even waited oh-so patiently for said teacher to get out of jail and serve him the sentence he deserved for betraying their King. Sanzu enjoyed the waiting game because the reward’s reaped outweighed the work he put in.
Which was why he didn’t mind waiting for Mikey’s absolute trust because there was nothing he wanted more in this world and he would do everything to gain it–even babysitting Kisaki’s sister as she lay in bed, unconscious and with a bandage over her injured head.
The pathetic woman had been out for days, although he wasn’t exactly sure how many due to the drugs he took to keep his demons at bay during the long hours of the night. Demons that had haunted him ever since he first stripped a person of their life by order of his King.
He’d been looking forward to killing the woman beside him and finally scrubbing clean the ugly stain Kisaki had managed to leave behind despite his beautiful death all those years ago. Hanma had been a delight to eliminate, all desperation and rage Sanzu had never seen on the man once known as the ‘God of Death’. But for all of Hanma’s delectable emotions flashing across his face before the life left his eyes, Sanzu’s bloodthirst hadn’t been quenched. He’d been given a mission by his King to takeout Hanma and Kisaki’s sister and had only killed one before his King changed his decree and decided to take in the whore that’d been stealthfully hidden away all these years.
So Sanzu did what he knew best, he waited until Kisaki’s sister woke up before locking her inside the room and retrieving Mikey, who’d just arrived from a meeting with the Haitani’s.
“She just woke up, Mikey,” Sanzu informed him, unable to mask the excitement that tinged his words. “Do you wan–”
Without a word, Bonten’s leader passed his number two and stalked to the room where the woman was locked away. Sanzu tried not to dwell on the unusual briskness of Mikey’s walk and quickly joined him to unlock and open the door for him.
“Be careful, Mikey, she mi–”
Again, Mikey ignored Sanzu and walked into the room that’d been made into a makeshift hospital room, beeping monitors and sterile smells included.
Sanzu had been prepared to restrain and even kill the woman if she dared to attack Mikey and wrapped his hand around the enclosed knife in his pocket as he walked inside, ready to pull it out if need be, but the reality of the situation was much different.
Kisaki’s sister was still in bed and connected to the IV. The only difference being she was awake and sitting up, with a confused look on her face. There was none of the terror he’d seen on her days ago, only a foggy filter over orbs that had been filled with a torrent of emotions.
Sanzu wondered if he was going through a residual high but his unspoken query was answered by a single look in Mikey’s direction, who actually looked confused albeit in his own muted manner. Distracted by the glimmer of something in Mikey’s pools of black, Sanzu failed to notice the woman’s eyes darting between the two men before finding her voice.
“Where am… no, who are y– AH!”
Tearing his gaze from Mikey, Sanzu watched as the woman clutched her bandaged head and started shaking as if in pain.
“I-I-I… can’t remember… only my first name… b-but everything else… ” Her voice broke off, foggy eyes filled up with tears, and her bottom lip trembled before she buried her head between her legs and wailed.
Sanzu wanted nothing more than to put a bullet through her head to stop her shrill cries but just when he was going to ask Mikey for permission, his leader made his way to the wailing woman despite Sanzu’s protest.
“Mikey wait! You shou–”
It was too late, however, and Mikey had taken Sanzu’s seat at the woman’s bedside, gazing at her with something other than impassiveness. No, his usual vacant eyes held a glimmer of interest in their depths that Sanzu now realized wasn’t a trick of the light.
And the suspicion he had pushed down as nothing more than a paranoid thought resulting from his affinity for pills, proved true when the amnesiac woman’s eyes widened with something disguised as recognition upon taking Mikey in.
“I know that name,” she mumbled before looking away and clutching the sheets over her legs. Sanzu could almost see the deformed cogs in her head forcefully turning to try and make sense out of the situation. At the possibility of her memory returning, a wave of panic coursed through Sanzu, and Mikey, himself, visibly stiffened, no doubt having the same thought.
“Invincible Mikey… and brother… my brother,” her eyes darted back at Mikey, but they held no malice. On the contrary, there was only hope there mixed in with affection that caused Sanzu’s throat to catch. The deformed cogs stubbornly rammed into place but instead of turning with ease with a gentle whir, they moved in strained jerks and produced a grating noise.
“You’re my brother, aren’t you?” She concluded, but instead of breaking her neck at the disgusting notion, Mikey’s lips twitched into a smile.
“Yes,” he replied, in that hollow voice of his that Sanzu loved so much. “I’m your big brother, Mikey.”
Tumblr media
It had been a week since the woman woke up and started calling Mikey ‘brother’. A week since she started moving around the Bonten penthouse, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything she could to please Mikey. A week of her simpering and following Mikey around like a puppy eager to please its master. It all made Sanzu sick to his stomach until he eventually lashed out.
“Mi-key! Do you want to try the cake I made?” She asked, hounding Mikey as soon as he walked through the front door after a long day of disappointing meetings and dismal audits around the city with Sanzu.
“Can you shut the fuck up?” Sanzu snarled, yanking her away by the wrist. “We just got back and you’re already bitching and moaning.”
Her eyes immediately glazed over with tears as she whimpered in pain. “I-I was just trying to–”
“Enough,” Mikey growled and a swift silence spread across the room. He turned to the woman and actually glowered at her while she merely stood there, motionless, as tears trailed down her horror-stricken face. “Wait for me in your room.”
If she thought tears would be enough to soften Bonten’s leader, Mikey quickly shut down that notion, addressing her like the nuisance she was. At Mikey’s order, Sanzu was happy to release her and grinned as she scurried away, white lace panties peeking underneath her short frilly dress as she did.
Sanzu turned to Mikey only to find his black eyes trained on her receding form and a grin playing on his lips.
“Do you still hate Kisaki’s sister?”
After a week of Mikey playing up the brother facade and prohibiting Sanzu from harming the woman, he wasn’t sure he’d heard his King correctly. Unsure of how to respond, Sanzu waited with bated breath for Mikey to repeat the question.
“Don’t you think it’s about time we put her in her place?”
“Yes,” was Sanzu’s immediate response and he flexed his hands in anticipation. “It’s about time that whore gets what she deserves.”
Mikey chuckled and Sanzu felt the vibration all the way in his pants.
“A whore, huh?” His King mused and turned to him, placing a hand on Sanzu’s shoulder. “Meet me in her room and bring a condom.”
Sanzu bit back a moan and managed a nod, a myriad of images filling his head. Mikey, naked and spread, on a bed. Mikey’s thin pale back arched, ass up, and hole twitching and begging to be filled. Mikey’s face flushed and twisted in pleasure as Sanzu deep-throated his cock.
“Of course,” Sanzu hummed but Mikey had already left, making his way to the woman’s room.
Had the circumstances been different, Sanzu would’ve been livid at the sight of Mikey entering her room, but they weren’t. Mikey had extended an invitation to him to finally give Kisaki’s sister what she deserved, so Sanzu rushed to his room, retrieved a condom, and walked out only to bump into Rindou, the younger Haintani.
“You’re happy,” the stoic man commented and, had Sanzu not glanced at him, he would have missed the upwards tug of his mouth.
While his brother was rather infamous for his playful demeanor, Sanzu had known Rindou long enough to discern his mischievous smirk; he knew something that Sanzu didn’t.
“Mikey’s decided to finally punish Kisaki’s sister,” Sanzu replied, clutching the sealed condom in his fist. Lilac eyes zeroed in on his hand before the curl of his mouth deepened until there was no denying the shit-eating grin on his face.
“Ah, so she’s back to being Kisaki’s sister?” He drawled, crossing his arms over his chest. Why the sudden change?”
“She’s been too clingy. It’s about time Mikey put an end to the farce and sent her to hell with her brother.”
There was a gleam in Rindou’s eye. “I doubt Mikey will actually kill her after having Koko order all those interesting… toys for her.”
Sanzu’s mood soured at that. “What are you talking about? What toys?”
“I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough,” the younger Haitani chuckled and shook his head slightly, strands of lilac and navy blue flowing to and fro, before leaving a seething Sanzu.
When it came to irritability, Ran’s whimsical demeanor might have been the most consistent but Rindou’s sadistic and sporadic bursts had more of a punch, making him the more annoying brother in Sanzu’s opinion.
Just as Sanzu was about to head over to join Mikey, the faint throbbing in his temples increased exponentially into sharp jabs of pain. Used to his body’s reaction to the lack of medication, he reached into his waist pocket and pulled out the tin case he used to carry his pills. He reached inside the clear plastic baggy and pulled out a singular bi-colored capsule before popping it into his mouth and swallowing it dry.
Tumblr media
The sight that greeted Sanzu did little to improve his mood. Kisaki’s whore of a sister sat on her bed while Mikey stood in front of her, holding her chin in his delicate hand, and brushing his thumb across her bottom lip. Mikey’s expression was as unreadable as ever while the woman’s cheeks were dusted with pink as she looked up at the man she believed was her brother.
“Do you understand, Y/N?” Mikey asked, tightening his grip until her brows furrowed and she squirmed in pain.
“Yes!” she gasped before Mikey released her harshly and turned around to face Sanzu.
“How would you like to be the first to try her?” He asked, quirking his head to the side as he approached the taller man. “Bonten’s whore?”
“W-what?” Sanzu sputtered, struggling to get a grasp on Mikey’s proposal as the drug’s effects kicked in.
“Teach this so-called whore a lesson and fuck her cunt,” he replied coldly, fixing Sanzu with an admonishing look. “Just don’t kill her.”
Without giving Sanzu a chance to respond, Mikey strolled over to the armchair across from the bed and sat down, eyes zeroing in on the woman hunched on the edge of the bed.
With an obedience Sanzu didn’t know she possessed, the woman slowly got on her feet and pressed her lips into a thin line as she blinked away unshed tears.
“Now!” Mikey barked with a ferocity that even made Sanzu jolt. The woman whimpered but gripped the hem of her dress and pulled it up, revealing her thighs, lacy underwear, stomach, and finally her breasts before pulling the garment over her head and setting it on the bed.
While Sanzu had never been one to seek out the company of whores the way Bonten’s other members did, he found there was something alluring about Kisaki’s sister as she stripped. The tremble of her hands as they went to work discarding her clothing, the rise of goosebumps over the expanse of her skin, the quiver of her chin and glaze of tears over her eyes, and finally the peaking of her nipples from being exposed to the air.
She was terrified and that was enough to send blood rushing to Sanzu’s cock as she set her underwear over her dress and stood naked before him.
Without Mikey’s prompting, Sanzu’s arm shot out and took hold of her throat, fingers digging into the flesh. She gasped and Sanzu felt her muscles tighten as she struggled to draw air and clawed at his hand. He backed her onto the bed and released her before Mikey reprimanded him, admiring her fallen form and the imprint of his hand on her neck.
Sanzu’s erection strained painfully against his slacks and he fumbled in undoing his zipper, his movements impaired by his high that had come all at once. When he finally released his cock and slipped on the condom, his vision had already grown fuzzy while his senses were heightened to the point that a couple of pumps had a bead of precum coating the slit.
“Fuck,” Sanzu groaned as he approached the now-trembling woman whose wide eyes were fixed on his erect cock. She started to scramble backward on the bed but Sanzu was quicker despite his altered state of mind. He climbed onto the bed, kneeled between her legs, and leaned over her form, pinning her down by the arms while she thrashed her head.
“Y/N~” Mikey’s voice cooed as he stood up and walked over to the bed. “Remember what you told me? What is your reason for living?”
“T-to make my brother happy.” Mikey’s “sister” sniveled and all of her fight melted away as she tearfully gazed at Mikey.
“And what makes me happy?” He prompted with a smile that didn’t meet his black hollow eyes.
“Bonten’s happiness,” she whispered, utterly defeated before tearing her eyes away from Mikey and setting them on Sanzu. They were as empty as Mikey’s, and for a moment, Sanzu believed the lie Mikey had been feeding the woman ever since she woke up.
“Sanzu’s happiness.”
After that admission, Mikey’s sister stopped struggling against Sanzu.
She merely whimpered as Sanzu’s hands gripped her thighs and threw her legs over his, let silent tears stream down her face as his cockhead prodded at the entrance of her cunt, and only cried out when he forced his way into her tight insides that uselessly tried to force him out.
Once he was fully seated inside of her, Sanzu gripped her waist and moaned at the feel of her engulfing him. Her warm walls were tighter than any other hole he’d fucked, closing around his cock and clenching him enough to almost hurt. The pain seemed to be mutual as her muscles tightened and her back arched off the mattress from the intrusion.
It took a couple of fast shallow strokes against her anterior wall but eventually the woman’s cunt loosened and her warm insides started to lubricate themselves enough for Sanzu to slide in and out of her with ease.
Her arms and torso writhed underneath his hold and noises tore from her lips but instead of fighting him, the woman encouraged him. Her hands gripped the sheets, back arched to take more of him, and a series of moans and whines echoed in the room along with the sound of his thrusts.
So lost in his lust, Sanzu forgot about Mikey’s presence in the room until he opened his eyes and found the woman’s head turned toward her “brother”. Mikey was still seated on the armchair but instead of his usual disinterest, he watched Sanzu and his “sister” intently as they fucked while he palmed himself. Transfixed by the sight of Mikey’s lidded coal eyes and parted lips, Sanzu’s felt his orgasm creep upon him.
His thrusts grew erratic as he continued to watch Mikey’s pale hand move up and down over his tented pants. It wasn’t until the woman’s cunt contracted deliciously against his cock that he realized she was also watching Mikey.
“F-Fuck!” Sanzu groaned and adjusted their position until his cock kissed her cervix with each snap of his hips. The woman’s walls fluttered and she turned into a babbling mess as Sanzu started rubbing her engorged clit vigorously, determined to see her through an orgasm for his pleasure.
“Cum for me, slut.” He growled, capturing her attention. “Cum on my fucking cock.”
“Ah— S’good! I-I can’t! M’gonna–”
When she finally peaked, her eyes shut tightly and her entire body tensed. What drove Sanzu to his climax, however, were the intense spasms of her cunt that clenched impossibly tight around his throbbing cock until his warm release filled the condom he wore.
Sanzu was still inside her when he let his body fall forward, catching himself with his forearms before his entire weight fell on the woman underneath him. It was a rare moment of weakness as a result of his exertion, drugged-out state, and the warmth of her body. He’d only meant to stay like that to catch his breath but before he knew it, a pair of arms draped around his torso.
It was too weak to be called a hug but too intimate to be deemed an accident, but Sanzu didn’t care and simply let it happen, relaxing against her touch.
Looking back, he’d realize that was the moment he started to feel something other than hatred and disgust toward Y/N Kisaki. Feelings that would grow into something that rivaled the possessiveness brewed in Mikey from the moment she woke up and claimed him as her “brother.”
“Get off her,” Mikey snarled and, before Sanzu could react, he was pulled off the woman and landed on the ground.
His King glowered down at him with a look he’d only seen a couple of times over the span of time Sanzu had known him. It was a look of murderous rage that’d made grown men at the receiving end of it piss themselves. A look that had once given Sanzu so much pleasure to see that now shot fear down his spine, leaving him too stunned to move.
“Get. Out.”
Like a jolt of electricity coursing through his body, Sanzu jumped to his feet and fled the scene before he could even remove the condom still on his dick. It wasn’t until he was outside that he straightened himself out and discarded the used contraceptive in the nearest wastebasket while wondering if he’d managed to gain Mikey’s absolute trust or if he’d managed to ruin years of work in a moment of weakness.
Tumblr media
“Is the water warm enough, Y/N?”
Gone was any remnant of the rage Mikey had directed at Sanzu and there was only genuine concern laced to his voice and etched onto his face. You were still dumbfounded by his sudden change and all you could manage was a stiff nod, keeping your eyes fixed on the rising water filling the oversized bathtub.
“Then why are you huddled over and shivering?” He asked innocently, setting down your hair and body products over the towel draped on the small wooden table adjacent to the tub. Satisfied with the water level, he circled to the faucet that faced you and turned it off. His eyes traveled up to your form and shamelessly took you in, black eyes lingering on your chest.
“Um… I can bathe myself, Mikey.” You responded, drawing your knees up to your chest and straightening up. “You d-don’t need to watch over me.”
He hummed as he kneeled next to the tub and passed a soapy washcloth through the water before running it across your back.
“I’m not sure you’ll be able to clean yourself properly,” he mused, pushing down your knees and exposing your chest to him. He wore a saccharine smile that made your stomach turn as he took his time lathering your breasts in soap, rubbing your nipples until they hardened.
A knock at the door made you jolt whereas Mikey continued his ministrations, not even stopping to look at Ran who strolled in with a bundle of clothes in hand. You tried turning your body away from Mikey’s hand and Ran’s curious gaze, but your brother held you in place with his free hand and continued groping your breasts as if Ran Haitani wasn’t standing next to him.
“I brought the clothes you asked for, Boss.” Ran drawled, averting his lilac eyes from your naked form before Mikey could catch him staring.
“Leave them on the sink counter and leave.” Bonten’s leader replied, shooting his subordinate a cursory glance.
“There’s also something else,” Ran continued after he set down the clothes you assumed were yours to change into. Mikey’s hand stopped and you took advantage of the moment to cover yourself with your arms.
“What is it?” Your brother asked, his voice as sharp as a knife, and turned to the Bonten executive, who stiffened under the intensity of Mikey’s glare.
“Takeomi arrived with time-sensitive information,” Ran replied, much better at dealing with Mikey’s fury than Sanzu. “He requests your immediate presence.”
The washcloth was thrown into the water with a loud slap, droplets of soapy water splashing across your arms and face. You let out a yelp and cowered to the other side of the tub, away from Mikey and his rage.
“Let’s go.”
You didn’t know whether to thank Ran or curse him. On one hand, he’d saved you from enduring more of Mikey’s “special attention” to your body after witnessing your coupling with Sanzu and stirring up depraved emotions you never wanted to revisit. Yet, on the other hand, he’d angered Mikey and took him away before Mikey could have his fill of you, something you’d come to realize he disliked more than your overbearing antics.
As if he could read your thoughts, Ran Haitani looked over his shoulder and shot you a smirk before turning away and leading Mikey through the door, shutting it behind him. Finally alone after everything you’d been subjected to, you closed your eyes and let your body relax and sink underneath the lukewarm water, knowing things would never be the same.
Tumblr media
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adviswhore · 2 days ago
𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media
𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘: idk nearly all of them
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: crack, fluff, someone fights a child, mentions of drugs
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘: inspired by my first kiss scenarios and again trauma therapy for all the horrible dates I've been on.
Tumblr media
Plan the whole day out, from the perfect place to casually lean against to when you can start holding hands but get so nervous that they forget what they wanted to do and drag you through the city without a real destination.
Chifuyu, Takemichi, Hakkai, Angry, Kakucho, Senju
Have very romantic ideas and take you out on a perfect date. But also bring along their best friends/brothers casually. They don't see the problem.
Baji, Draken, Shinichiro, Ran, Smiley, Hakkai, Izana
Never asked you out. They just wrote you to meet up to get food together. You will never know that it was a date. Actually, you don't know you two are dating at all for at least three other 'dates'.
Mikey, Izana, Hanma, Rindou,
Think letting you sit next to them with a free drink at their job and watching them work counts as a date.
Kazutora, Mikey, Inui, Kokonoi, Wakasa, Akashi
Everything is over the top. The place where you eat, the bouquet of roses you receive, the staged kidnapping so they can show off while saving you?
Sanzu, Shion, Kisaki, Ran, Emma, Kokonoi
Ask you out to a nice late night drive out of town. Won't tell you where you go but promise it will be fun. After one hour you realize you're on your way to buy drugs.
Hanma, Kazutora, Sanzu, Smiley
Get some plans mixed up and invite you to a family dinner. Awkward at first but you're now part of the family.
Mitsuya, Akashi, Emma, Yuzuha, Baji, Senju
Start a fight with a child for unknown reasons. Lose.
Mikey, Takemichi, Taiju, Shinichiro, Rindou
Borrow someones car to drive to the beach but end up in traffic jam the whole day. It's still fun though. You eat and make up stories about the people in the cars next to you.
Inui, Chifuyu, Kakucho, Wakasa, Yuzuha,
Get drunk by accident and monologue how much they love you before passing out cold on the sidewalk
Kokonoi, Hinata, Takemichi, Akashi, Shinichiro, Hanma, Angry
Plan to ironically watch bad reality shows with you to make fun of it later but you both get super invested and end up watching all 10 seasons on one weekend
Rindou, Smiley, Kazutora, Draken, Emma, Wakasa, Izana
1 hour into the date you start falling for them. Hard.
Hinata, Mitsuya, Inui, Draken, Ran, Kakucho
Forget to drive you home and leave you alone in the dark
Sanzu, Izana, Hanma, Kokonoi, Rindou, Ran, Mikey, Baji
Tumblr media
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kageyahoe · 2 days ago
soft kisses 4 soft hands
pairings: mikey sano, mitsuya takashi, baji keisuke x gn!reader
genre/wc: fluff (0.6k+)
request: Hello, I noticed you have a Tokyo revenge hc of reader with rough hands from working hard, but may we have one of Mikey, mitsuyu, and baji with a reader that has small, delicate hands that must always be kept soft cause she’s a hand model? Thxs
Tumblr media
"so that's why they're so soft!" <3
has never considered that hand modelling was a real profession until you tell him, and he recalls all the photos of hands he's seen advertising products like watches or makeup
he's interested truly! and he always asks you so many questions about your job hehe
his curiousity leads him to try your hand care routine, hoping to one day achieve what you have
"then you should maybe consider not punching others all the time, mikey."
"hmmm, then i guess i can never have hands like yours" :(
tells emma about you, and she also gets super curious it's so sweet, she offers to go shopping for products that'll help the both of you
she often says how jealous of how delicate your hands are, and is always complimenting them
mikey pays more attention to them after too; he always has a thumb rubbing circles onto your knuckles, or a hand wrapped protectively around yours
offers to do any work that might blemish the quality of your hands, like cutting the vegetables or cooking in general
(even though he sucks at it)
yeah, he should just leave it to emma and you <3
is immediately hooked when he learns about what you do for a living, he listens attentively and nods his head every now and then it's so cute
he gets curious and does some research about it that night too, reading articles upon articles about the art of hand modelling
asks you the next day to give him a list of the products you like most, so that he'll have a shopping list for the next time you need to restock
likes to hold your hand with both of his, and give them gentle kisses, telling you "they really are beautiful, i'm a lucky one huh?"
and as he's touching you like you're the most precious gem on earth, you can't help but tell him "not as lucky as i am"
mitsuya will start to pay more attention to his hands after getting some (needed) advice from you
i headcanon his hands to be soft, yes, but also to have some cuts and blemishes here and there due to his sewing hobbies
thanks you for this really, as he's more attentive on how he works
he'll go slow and steady in order to prevent any further injuries
you scold him when he accidentally hurts himself, and although he doesn't like getting scolded at, he sure does enjoy the sweet kiss you give his fingers to "help him heal" <3
"you're a what?"
has never heard of it, but he's into it
model?????? model = money, right? (and yes, he's right)
he finds it super cool, that you can make a living off your hands
"HAH imagine if i could do that," he says as he shows off his rough hands covered in bandages
"uhh better think twice" :p
always finds himself playing with your hands
like he'll just subconsicously reaching for them to twiddle with your finger while you guys watch a show together
or he'll grab your hand and make you put it on his face so he can rub against it
"so.. soft" - his voice is muffled because it's pressed into your palm
is very impressed that you can keep up with all of the routine and care that it takes too
"you've got so much shit here damn! like what's the difference, i just use my mom's stuff"
wants you to sit him down so you can explain and take him through each step of the process
it's so cute, he's listening silently with his head slightly tilted and he'll ask questions which shows he's actually interested <333
always gives you a peck on your hands to "rejuvenate them, duh"
thanks baji <3
Tumblr media
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu @chuuae @kazuhoya @gwynsapphire @eriskaitto @sscarchiyo (send an ask or dm to be added!)
your interactions are very appreciated <3
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cheesus-doodles · a day ago
Which of the boys give the best hugs?
maybe a quick rating this time instead of a ranking? didn't do all cause feeling a bit lazy... long drop should be (hopefully) either tonight or tomorrow akjsndkalsndlakj i'm so happy the prize fic is almost done! meanwhile will probably take some time off to answer some asks or smth
Platonic TR Boys Hug Ratings
Tumblr media
Kazutora: 6/10. Very nice hugs, warm and tight, perfect height as well, but loses points because sometimes hugs can become tight to the point of suffocating, and he absolutely will not let go unless someone intervenes. Will not hesitate to hug you anytime and anywhere, especially when he gets jealous of the attention you were giving someone else, or receiving from strangers.
Baji: 8/10. Shy hugger, doesn't dare to ask for hugs from you or return your hugs in front of anyone else, because that's not what a big bad delinquent like himself does. Will freeze up if you try to hug him in public, face burning bright red. But when the two of you have some privacy, this baby boy's hugs has to be one of the best hugs out there - soft, gentle and warm. Will instantly let go if someone interrupts though.
Mikey: 2/10 Lazy, lazy boy. Any hug either turns into an impromptu cuddle session or a carry, because Mikey basically is ready to melt into your arms in a split second. Whenever this baby boy wants a hug from you, be ready for him to basically just drape himself all over you, demanding you give him a hug. Doesn't ever initiate, but will cling to you like a leech the moment he gets a hug from you. Will make you carry his full weight if he can latch on to you, will fall asleep in your arms standing straight up.
Draken: 10/10 Perfect hugs every time. Not afraid to dish out hugs anytime he feels like it or when he feels like you need one, but will not initiate in front of the Toman gang because he doesn't want the members to start to think he's soft. Unless its you who initiate - and then all of a sudden its not a problem anymore. Doesn't even question when you suddenly want one, just bundles you into a warm hug.
Mitsuya: 9/10 one of the best huggers around, had a ton of practice giving hugs to his little sisters. Just right tightness and always comfortable - can even detect when you need a hug, and dish one out on the spot. Doesn't matter where or when, will give you a full hug or even a side squeeze if you look even the smallest bit down. Loses a point because sometimes he forgets his sewing needles stuck in his jacket.
Pah: 5/10 Too impatient to stand still for long, so his hugs never quite last long enough for it to feel particularly comforting. Hugs also sometimes become tight enough to feel more like a squeeze instead of a wrap.
Hanma: -1/10. Doesn't bother with returning a proper hug most times, doesn't even pat your back. All this boy does would be give a lazy drawl about being clingy, even if he does enjoy the hug. Also too bony ouch, be careful if you're looking for someone to glomp, those sharp edges bound to hurt.
Izana: 3/10. Honestly Izana's hugs are great, warm, comfortable and long, even lets you snuggle your face into the crook of his neck (though he will demand payment for the favour), but loses a lot of points because this baby boy has zero social awareness or built-in danger sensor. Will demand a hug in the middle of a pedestrian crossing, will absolutely throw a tantrum if you don't give him his hug right there and then, and will proceed to make you stand there in his arms as long as he wants to.
Kakucho: 11/10. Not only does he make up for Izana's absolute lack of social awareness by picking up and moving the two of you off the road and somewhere safe while you are trapped in Izana's hug, he also will take the risk of facing Izana's wrath for giving you the hug you deserve in front of his boss whenever you look like you need one but Izana is too busy ignoring you during his bouts of jealousy.
Ran: 4/10 Great hugs, probably from all the practice he got when Rindo was younger. No shame in dragging you singe-handedly into a one-sided squeeze no matter the situation the two of you were in, even if it was right before he got into a fight. Would be higher if he stopped shoving your face into his armpit after returning your hug.
Rindo: 8/10 Nice, comfy hugs, knows where to put his arms when he hugs you so that you get just the right tightness, likes to rest his chin on the top of your head as well. Loses points cause he keeps making fun of you for the hug even though he was the one that initiated, will tease you even harder if it was you who hugged him first.
South: 7/10. Makes sure to watch his strength around you, so his hugs always feel like you're hugging a warm teddy bear. Though because of his physique, can be a bit too hard to snuggle, so loses points for that. Also loses points because South will pick you up, tuck you under one arm, and forget that you are there as he goes about his day because you weigh essentially nothing.
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nxtsnw · a day ago
fluff moments w them
Tumblr media
characters: mikey, mitsuya, rindou
summary: randoms comforting moments u spent w these pretty boys <3
genre: fluff!! comforting
Tumblr media
On a rainy day, a strong wind moved the foliages of the trees and the street lights flashed as if they were about to run out, Mikey was heading for your house despite the weather. He had had a sudden need to see you, an unstoppable desire to spend some time with you, but a desire that would never be satisfied by a simple video call. So, without warning, he made his way to your house(he just making sure you were there)
So the doorbell rang and you got up to see who he was.
You never expected to find him, soaked from head to toe, smiling at you while looking at you. Before you told him anything you let him into the house and sent him to the bathroom to take a hot shower before he got seriously ill, then you went to get some clothes for him, luckily you had some of his own that he had left long ago. Finally, you went to the kitchen to put on something hot to drink, and maybe some snacks for him. As soon as he got out of the shower he looked adorable, in his loose white shirt and short black shorts; wet hair and pulled back by (your) headband. The first thing he did was come to you and hug you, he didn't even give you time to ask him why he was there. But in reality, it was not necessary to explain, you held him tightly in that hug and remained like that for many minutes. Until he pulled away, he kissed you on the nose and thanked you.
With Mikey it was not easy to communicate, but those moments just the two of you were something special. He never explained the reason for visiting him, there was no need. You spent the afternoon together trying all kinds of face masks, and you probably fell asleep together after dinner.
Rindou loved those glasses that he wore, rounded, thin, and not very heavy; he always carried them with him, sometimes happens to find him asleep somewhere still wearing them, and you had to take them off and put them in their case. Until, one day, he came in front of your house, without wearing them and with a distinctly stunning attitude. He didn't say a word but pulled his precious glasses out of their case: they were broken, with irreparable damage. Rindou explained that he had only reached your house thanks to his memory and that he sadly had broken the glasses by mistake... At that moment, you noticed that he wasn't looking you in the eyes as usual of him, and immediately you understood that he wasn't seeing anything. You asked him about it, and he nodded almost embarrassed.
Indirectly, he was begging you to accompany him to get some new glasses, as he didn't have any in reserve, not having foreseen that those might break one day. Still surprised about how he got to your house, you agreed to accompany him for a new pair. You took him by the hand, and he hesitantly accepted.
All the way he would complain and at times he would always apologize indirectly to you. After about ten minutes, in which not even for a second he let go of your hand, you arrived at the optician. Several times on the way forward Rindou had slowed his pace, but as soon as he felt that you too were stopping and reassured him that you would not let him crash into something or fall, he would start walking again.
Sometimes he tried to go faster, unconsciously risking being run over, and every time he was pulled by you. He didn't care about the risk, but he liked feeling worried about him. As soon as you arrived, you explained what had happened to the dealer, and in a short time, several glasses arrived for the boy.
They didn't have the calibrated lens yet, so he couldn't know what he looked like with the models, so you chose it for him. Luckily the glasses were ready in time, but Rindou still preferred not to wear them back without explaining why. So you two went back to your house, and he immediately ran to the bathroom to try on the new frame of the glasses. It was very similar to the first one, but with black borders and a slightly squarer frame. Despite the sadness of breaking up the other pair, he smiled as he saw the one you chose for him. He stood like a doting in front of the mirror for some time. And even after years, he blushes and hides his face every time you compliment him on how good they look.
Helping Mitsuya fix the sewing machines and the workshop room was a habit for you now. After your classes, you usually go to help him with the order, to spend some time with him too. That day, however, Takashi told you the course had been canceled and that you could see each other at your house to spend the evening together.
So, you went to your home and decided to cook something for dinner. It was like a tradition for you two, to find yourself and watch a movie together or just to spend the evenings together. As soon as you closed the oven, you heard the bell ring and went to open it. It was him. Perfectly punctual, he was wearing a large purple sweater and white pants that he fitted perfectly into his outfit.
There was something different, besides the small package he was holding in his hands, he had not yet been able to maintain eye contact with you for more than a few seconds. Before you asked for anything, he walked into the house and complimented the good smell coming out of the kitchen. When you entered the kitchen too, he stood in front of you smiling at you; he took a deep breath and handed you the little package he had brought with you.
It was a small bag, not too big, of a pale yellow and a red bow that closed the package. It was so well-packed that you felt guilty about ruining it, but you were too curious. So you opened it: the first thing you pulled out was a pretty necklace. It was embroidered with lace and had a pendant in the center of the color of your eyes; you looked mesmerized at that splendid accessory that no word would ever be able to explain.
It was so lovely, very detailed, but without looking excessive. Mitsuya anticipated your every reaction, and with a simple "may I?" he took it from your hands and, after you nod, he slowly put it on you.
It looked like a scene from a book, you moving your hair, and him putting his hands gently around your neck for you to wear. His hands were cold and slightly angry at the contact; he chuckled and smiled at you. You looked in his eye and then looked for a mirror to see the necklace. He smiled, as he imagined, it suited you just fine. You turned to him and thanked him, you were so happy for that gorgeous necklace. Just as you were about to put the package away, you noticed a second gift. It was in a small box; there was some beautiful bracelet that was always embroidered like the necklace.
Takashi offered to put that on you, at that moment, the atmosphere became even more magical than before. The vision of him putting you on a bracelet he made transported you to a possible future. Neither of you spoke, however, but you both thought about it, visibly blushing. As soon as he finished putting on that second accessory he smiled, and after a quick kiss you sat down at the table to have dinner. Both with a vague hope that those moments will become more than just a tradition <3
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demeto-anima · 13 hours ago
Mikey: Can you guys at least try to see
this from my perspective?
Baji: *crouches down*
Mitsuya: *kneels down*
Draken: *sits on the floor*
Mikey: I hate all of you.
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reejiku · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
request prompt:bonten dads when their daughter finds out just how evil some of the things they and their gang does is (human trafficking, prostitution, murder, torture, etc) via an anonymous source sending them letters and pictures of their dads crimes and now they are very very scared of them and don’t want to be near them.
tw: mentions of illegal activity, murder, gang activity, kinda sad
a/n: this will be split into two parts.
Tumblr media
。・゚゚・ MIKEY
↬now mikey knew he wasn't going to be the best father but he tried his best to do what a father could do.
↬but now since he got a daughter, he tries to change his ways for her, but he just can't.
↬he doesn't think he's suited enough to be a father, but he did a good job keeping his ways from her, she didn't know anything about the gang until she got an anonymous source.
↬he ordered his men to find the person and kill them before they did anything else to damage the relationship with his daughter.
↬he tried to reconcile with his daughter but he just gave her space, he knows she doesn't want to be near him at the moment, and he'll try to talk to her later.
。・゚゚・ SANZU
↬sanzu did try his best to keep his life of crime under the ropes after getting a daughter, he was afraid to take care of her from the start.
↬his daughter looked up to him, and he actually slowed down his addiction just to be sober for her.
↬but it hurt when she didn't want to be around him, he didn't want his daughter to be afraid of him. That was his biggest fear because he loved her so much.
↬so he stopped at nothing to find the person that tried to scare his daughter away from him.
↬but sanzu respected his daughter's distance even though it broke him when she thought he was a monster, even if he is.
。・゚゚・ RAN
↬ran knew he wasn't going to be the best parent but he still tried his best for his daughter.
↬even though it hurt his feelings to know that his daughter knew about the things he's done, he's doing it to protect her and to put her through the best childhood she can have.
↬ran tries to reason with his daughter, but it really weighs down on him sometimes because he loves her but he knows he's not the best father to her.
↬but ran tries, and he tries to reassure her that he would never hurt her and that he loves her but he's trying to do her job.
↬but ran knows he tries, but the person that exposed him will pay.
。・゚゚・ RINDO
↬now rin tried to act nonchalant about the whole situation but on the inside, he was falling apart.
↬he thought his daughter's mother was going to take her away from him, he was terrified of losing his daughter.
↬but he tries to reason with his daughter, tries to tell her things to keep her safe because he cares about her too much.
↬he knew he was going to kill the person who leaked the information, which made him furious.
↬but first, he had to worry about his daughter and try to reassure her that he will keep her safe and that he was not perfect.
Tumblr media
have a request? they are open :)
tags: @royalelusts
taglist form
©2022 reejiku ━ all rights reserved. comments, likes, and reblog are highly appreciated. plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
Tumblr media
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akkkkollle · 2 days ago
what I have read from your blog fascinated me, they are spectacular! See applications are open and encourage me to slide in here, could it be something from Tokyo Revengers please; Mikey being fucked hard by his partner with overstimulation, belly bulge and daddy kink until he cries and is sweetly praised by his partner and ends in a fluffy moment 🫂💖
Thanks!! I hope I have satisfied your wishes!!
Tags: excessive stimulation, daddy kink, belly bulge, praise.
Tumblr media
Mikey's nails dig into your back, leaving red marks on it.
- Daddy, p-please... I finished a-already 2 times, please..." he begs, while his chest, covered with cum, heaves.
But to be honest, you weren't listening to him. You were too mesmerized by the sight of his bulging belly. He was tiny compared to you. Mikey, who had been staring at the ceiling all this time, turned his gaze to you and followed your gaze.
—Don't you look amazing, baby?" You're so tiny, it's cute. - you grinned and pressed the bulge with your hand, which caused only a groan from Mikey.
"D-Daddy, please, I-I can't take it anymore... - the blonde sobbed from the way your dominant hand moved to his cock and started pumping him.
- Since you asked so well, baby, then you'll get what you want. - you whispered in his ear, biting his earlobe and moving to his neck, leaving rare kisses and marks there, approaching his chest and starting to bite him.
Mikey couldn't concentrate on one thing, three of your actions at once drove him crazy. Your hand pumping his cock, your cock, with which you filled it and stretched it more and more, your mouth pleasantly biting his nipples. It was too much for him, but he endured like the good boy he is.
- D-Daddy, I'm coming now, can I, p-please?
- Of course, baby, cum for me. - you started pumping his cock more actively, which only made him whimper and whine more.
His nails dug even harder into your back when he arched his back, a long moan of satisfaction escaped from his throat and he finished on his chest for the third time. You fucked him gently, helping him survive his orgasm.
"You did so well, kid. - you covered his chest with neat and gentle kisses, - such a good boy for me.
You came out of him and stroked his cheek, pulling him to you for a gentle kiss, to which he immediately responded by wrapping his hands around your hair.
- Thank you, Daddy... Mikey whispered, breaking away from the kiss and smiling contentedly.
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wearepurplejackets · a day ago
❌ Incorrect Tokyo Manji~ ❌
Draken: *speaking Spanish* "¡Y es culpa tuya!"
Mikey: "Ay, ya sé, ya sé."
Baji: Do you speak Spanish too, 'Miguel'?!
Mikey: No. I just know the phrase, 'this is all your fault' in every language Draken speaks. And also to answer 'I know, I know...'
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fvcking-l0rd · 2 days ago
hiii i just read your bonten with douma reader, and i was like omg what if it was a kokushibou reader instead of douma *wink wink* (this is an ask to do bonten with kokushibou reader)
have a great day, anon. this post contains: light-hearted insults directed at y/n, manga spoilers (both tr and kny), violence, swearing, grammar mistakes, typos
Tumblr media
## BONTEN EXECUTIVES WITH KOKUSHIBOU! READER ; you're the definition of 'reject modernity, return to monke' ; like what are you even doing, you went from a housekeeper to being involved in a criminal organization- teach me your ways smfh ; no srsly, you're the one who gets the most bullied yet you don't care ; you rarely interact with any of the members, but only listen to mikey the most during meetings. ; now let's see what the crackheads and other grandpas have for you.
Tumblr media
#%; RAN ; he can easily break your back with his words or just fail at scaring you all the time ; but he's aware of the fact that you're a lot stronger than he is- he still does it anyway and probably doesn't care if you leave him bleeding afterwards ; "ran shut u-" "alright oldie y/n let's get you to bed- wAIT WAIT" ; annoys you during missions too- i don't think he leaves any of the executives alone sadly
Tumblr media
#%; RINDOU ; annoyed with how old-fashioned you are, from your personality to your fashion sense ; the whole gang pulls up with a mercedes while you pull up with something from the 90s kokushibo UPDATE YOUR FUCKING- ; sometimes you would tell him to do something better than pranking ppl and he would just muffle his ears ; but if you give him a look in the eye when he does that then expect him to put it down cuz he knows what's gonna happen if he doesn't listen
Tumblr media
#%; SANZU ; legit tired of you having to treat him like a baby ; mf just wanted some molly and you gave him some vitamins ; but he can't say anything to you tho you're dead serious and scary asf ; so he just swallows them in silence and goes about his day (in annoyance) ; would prank you with rindou and you have no idea who did it ; secretly calls you "grandpa/grandma" in his contacts
Tumblr media
#%; KOKONOI ; you both struggle with the gang but in different ways ; you struggle with the bitches calling you old all the time while he struggles with finding his wallet or black card ; some day you two will gang up on others and fight them back </3 ; oldie and white-haired oldie 2.0 stay strong together ; sees how you dress all the time and buys clothes for you in pity when it's quite rare to see him like that ; he's criticizing you ffs
Tumblr media
#%; KAKUCHO ; it's his haircut that looks funny, his fashion taste is chefs kiss unlike yours ; no srsly he struggles too, you two get bullied and would defend one another ; he is as mature as you are, he's serious and would fight if he has to ; another bodyguard of mikey's ofc, and guess what, so are you ; sort of besties ?? idk you two sometimes talk and give each other commands on what to do next during missions
Tumblr media
#%; TAKEOMI ; two grandpas becoming each other's supporter ; there's no bond in the gang that is as strong as yours with takeomi's omg ; you have to deal with them having to scream at each other, chasing from one place to another ; short reminder that takeomi is over 30 years old so it'd be easier for someone like kokushibo to relate to ; you both take your job seriously, just like kakucho does
Tumblr media
#%; MOCHIZUKI ; idk he's sort of annoying but not as annoying as many others ; it's like he has his own limit when to be serious and when to fuck around ; most of the time he gets made fun of for his ugly ass haircut but tbh i wouldn't blame them cuz i would do the same if i saw him ; he's actually glad that there's another elderly person to the gang so he and omi don't have to suffer??
Tumblr media
#%; MIKEY ; he's silent like you, doesn't slack around a lot ; you usually follow him around just to keep him safe and makes sure that he doesn't end up like in that one timeline where he told sanzu to go somewhere else ; he thinks you're obedient and it doesn't take that much effort for you to understand something
Tumblr media
## reblogs, likes are appreciated !! reposting is prohibited.
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arminaneka · a day ago
Random things they do to you when sleeping.
Ask: Can you make a short head cannon with the boys and things that they do when you are asleep?
Mikey: When you fall asleep he gets a market and he would draw at the bottom of your foot.
Draken: Usually he would fall asleep before you by this is completely different you fell asleep before him so what does he do, he takes all the cover from you because when you fall asleep there ain’t no way you waking up in the night just to take back the covers.
Takemichi: If you fall asleep right after you come home form work he can’t help but to make sure that you are breathing. He does this because you sleep for hours.
Mitsuya: Starts cleaning/rearranging the whole house, he starts from the kitchen then makes his way all over the house. (He does this because he’s bored)
Baji: Grabs a sharpie marker and draw a mustache on your face because he thought it would be funny. (Little does he know the consequences that he is going to face when you wake up)
Ran: He like to rest his head on yours when you’re sleeping, he also likes to talk to you about random things when your sleeping even tho he knows you’re not listening.
Rindo: Idk I feel like rindo wouldn’t do anything to provoke you. He would just watch tv and relax.
Sanzu: I kid you not this man would try to drug you if you have a water bottle that you were drinking out of he would put his drugs in there. What makes it worst is that it’s not his first time doing it😭
Sorry for any mistakes!🥴
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raysano · a day ago
can u do the hanahaki disease request but this time y/n actually gets surgery and loses feelings for the boys? I never see stories when y/n gets the surgery 😭
note: sure! i decided to go with the same characters as before, but i just made y/n live in izana's and mikey's parts. i hope you enjoy :] i’m really sorry but i had to cut this short and remove inui’s part!
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: 𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐧𝐚, 𝐫𝐚𝐧, 𝐦𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐲
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭
𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐲, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬
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𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚
after hearing that your surgery was a success, izana felt all the tension in his body fade away
you were safe and that’s all that mattered to him
he waited patiently for his turn to see you, his foot tapping against the floor in anticipation
once he was given permission from the surgeons that he could see you, izana quickly made his way to your room
he hoped that he could apologise to you about ignoring your feelings, and that he wanted to give it a chance
when he opened the door and saw you laying in bed, your face emotionless, he paused
did you hate him because of what happened?
do you never want to see him again?
sitting down in the chair next to your bed, izana began apologising about his neglect for your feelings, but you interrupted him
“what are you talking about? i don’t have a crush on you”
a look of confusion decorated izana's face
you didn't like him now? even after your feelings landed you in the hospital??
quickly standing from his chair, izana dismissed himself, not knowing what else to do in that situation
once he was outside the building, he pulled out his phone and searched on the internet why you don't remember your feelings for him
he found the answer, his eyes locked onto the words that explained it all to him
pocketing the phone, izana decided to leave your life completely
he didn't want to hurt you ever again
no matter how much it hurt him to leave you, he had to accept that he just ends up hurting people
you never saw the white-haired man again, all memories of him were lost
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𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐢
upon receiving word that you were out of hospital, ran immediately visited you at your house
he wanted to talk to you and try to make up for what he’s done
so when you open your door with an almost vacant look in your eyes, ran wonders how you could ever forgive him for what he did
as he was begging for your forgiveness, you cut him off by asking
“i’m not in love with you, i don’t recall ever feeling that way”
ran felt something inside of him drop
you didn’t love him anymore? 
how could you forget??
but then he remembered the side affect of the surgery, and how the patient will lose their feelings
giving you a curt nod and a quick apology, ran left, unable to stand in your presence for much longer before bursting into tears
his heart felt torn apart, empty
but maybe it was better like this
you wouldn’t get hurt anymore
so ran didn’t try anything, putting your happiness above his own
it killed him, the overwhelming pain growing larger every day, but he never mentioned that he was struggling
he always smiled through the pain, never showing any weakness whatsoever
he watched you fall in love with so many others, each time made him want to tell you how he felt
but you could never feel that way for him
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𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐨
he knew that he didn’t have the capability to love
so why did it hurt so much to hear you tell him that you didn’t love him?
mikey had always seen you as a loyal acquaintance, nothing more or nothing less
so he should be glad that you didn’t love him anymore, right?
but something inside him ached when you walked away
confused as to why he was feeling this, mikey distanced himself from you 
it was much easier for the both of you - you forgetting your feelings made your job less complicated, and mikey didn’t have the worry of accidentally hurting your feelings
but when he saw you out with another person, something inside of his heart stirred
it wasn’t love, it was regret
he regretted pushing you aside and completely invalidating your emotions
mikey wanted to apologise for what he did, but now that you don’t remember how you used to feel, he couldn’t do that
when you announced your new relationship, the realisation dawned upon bonten’s leader
he just lost you too
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kiluvent · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
✧ "just be friends" ✧
ft. kazutora, mikey, chifuyu, baji, draken
[angst, some swearing, unrequited feelings/rejection]
a/n: here's @sunnyophelia 's request. next time maybe remember to not add hashtags!!! i can't post your request directly if you do- anyway sorry this took so long but this was fun to write <333
Tumblr media
♡ kazutora ♡
always had a more one track mindset with how when he thinks one way, it's nearly impossible to change his mind on it- ex. "...if you kill people, that makes you a bad guy. but if you kill your enemies, that makes you a hero" thing
soooo.... he had really built up in his mind that the feelings he had for you for all those months were always mutual,,,
yeah, it didn't go over very well lol 😐 he ended up victimizing himself and shit-
"fuck, they want to be just friends??? 'just friends' my ass! it's all mikey's fault i got rejected, i bet-"
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
what...? huh? just friends???? what??????
i mean, he's a great friend, 10/10 of course, but he could be an even greater boyfriend... i think 💀 honestly who knows on this one lmfao-
mmMmmMmm... time to have some good old denial about it :D
"they're probably just shy and embarrassed so they are scared to say how they really feel because it's embarrassing right??? right. so true. yep."
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
bro ngl i have no clue how this guy would react to you saying "lets be just friends" exactly,,, i just feel like he would end up taking it EXTREMELY personal
Chifuyu: ✨Pick Me Version!✨Now with all kinds of classic pick me boy sayings for a perfect guilt tripping experience! Fun for everyone!"
says the stereotypical sayings like:
"that's fine, nobody wants me anyway 😔"
"i knew it, you're just like everyone else- i'm sorry i even tried. who am i to think i could ever be good enough for you after all 💔"
shit like that lmaooooo- 💀
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
"well fuck you too."
- baji, probably
idk if regardless of your offer to continue being friends if he would actually want to because you didn't want to date him-
"imagine rejecting me, how lame ://"
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
as per usual, the most chill about the whole thing- 75% cool about it and 25% salty about being rejected
mostly just shrugged it off; he was excited about the possibility of you guys being together ofc, he had a whole list of outings for you two in his notes app that he had planned out... so yeah,,, he was pretty hurt
told himself, "well at least they want to continue being friends with me, so that's good i guess..." he won't let something like this bring him down too much but it was disappointing- don't worry though, draken's not going to hold it against you
"oh... i didn't know you felt that way, draken..."
"y-yeah, i kinda have for months, actually-"
"ummm, well, please don't take this the wrong way but i really appreciate our friendship and i don't want to lose it... i'm so sorry...."
"nah, don't worry about it, i get it. you're loss though-"
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thunky · 2 days ago
⊗ cw: age play, mdlb/ddlb dynamics, lactation kink
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a polyamorous relationship with you, draken, and mikey.
considering draken being the daddy, you as mommy/daddy, and mikey to be seen as serious and strong and a child at heart.
mikey the mischievous one has so much pride on himself he becomes needy.
mikey is bored? it’s toy time. draken has a magic wand to pass the time to keep him entertained. the soft and cushiony silicone head press onto mikey’s cute little cock, his body jolt by the pleasure he had received.
if he’s been bad, draken coaxes him not to cum and leave him in edge. mikey hates to be teased, he’ll bawl and beg for more. he’s a greedy one, until he’s compliant what he gets.
being a crybaby he is, draken likes to scorn this little baby. they both fight in some occasion but not too severe. he loves his little menace.
mikey is hungry? it’s your cue to feed him. if breastfeeding is your cup of tea, this greedy baby will paw your chest, his whines so pitiful he looks like he’s about to flood his eyes. scold him what a impatient little baby he is and you’re just about to lift the hem of the shirt.
if not then he’s fine with it. bottle feed him with milk. warn mikey if he’s acting up then he’ll be fed with his own cum. mikey is disgusted, except he had swallowed draken’s load. don’t tell him about it.
he latches the nipple and greedily suckles. glancing afar at his face you coo he looks like a baby and is one. he’s so cute he nurses the bottle/your breast you see his cute, puppy eyes in ease.
he’s so adorable looking like this.
if he’s both hungry and bored it’s twice the fun. draken toying mikey’s little cock and you feeding him. mikey is in paradise. he craves it. really.
mikey loves you and draken so much. no matter he acts bratty at times, he wants you and draken.
keep on eye at this cheeky little thing: manjiro sano.
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sugusshi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 11 of “My Insufferable Idiot” Series
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- All I’m gonna say is… What will Izana do now?
- As always, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments or in my ask box ♡
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