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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Bonbear And Molten Model Made By Me.

Bonbear: hey guys i need to tell you something amazing hehehe.

Other Animatronics: what?

Bonbear: you know Molten Freddy right?

Other Animatronics: yeah?

Chica: The one how want us dead thanks to Afton.

Fox: but his dead.

Chica: I know his dead.

Bonbear: well his my Big Brother and his staying here with us!

Other Animatronics: WHAT?! 😱.

*Molten walks in the pizzeria*

Molten: Hello there hehehe~

Bonbear: 😃

*the animatronics are still in shock*

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Beatrice, Pinky, Christy, Mandy and Lola (from Bully: Scholarship Edition) dancing to ITZY - Wannabe!

You can download the Dance Conversion for The Sims 4 here:

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Gosh, I can’t believe how long it’s been!! 14 years… lol
Gintama is my ultimate favorite anime followed by a few others and I’m thankful for Sorachi-sensei for making it~
It has helped me through some dark times with its humor, and dropped me to my knees with its soul wrenching tragedies and wholesomeness. I’m really so glad that it exists. C:

I highly recommend watching it, or at least give it a chance~

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Me and my date (I won’t tell there gender because they dont want to so yeah) but i love them so much 💙.

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A small wip cause I’m still rigging but decided to update my models just a bit to make them seem more like the games.  My friend helps me with fx so I borrowed his for just now to see how it’d look and so far I think it looks good. I will need to adjust my renders cause when I’m using fx, it’s a little difficult to work in flat view without weir shadows. TToTT

All rights reserved, you may not use, edit, or redistribute this work in any way without my written permission. Thank you.

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I was suggested this on Twitter and here it is! I used Ray-MMD for the first time and it turned out quite alright I think.


Autophagy by 柊キライ

Cover by SymaG

Model by UmbraMMD

Motion/Camera by ネギザトウ

Stage by にくきゅー



skin material by MARASU

Cloth Material by NEPHNASHINE-P

PostMovie by WolfenMallows


ObjectLuminous AfterGlow



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warmup/practice render.

■ モデル:REMmaple
■ ステージ: シロ
■ アクセサリ:とりそば  /  シロ
■ エフェクト:june, 針金P, ikeno, そぼろ,  mmdeola, okoneya, less, Elle
■ MMD + MME only

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(Don’t mind the typo)

I wanted to make an fox!Ashe model edit and here is a video to show him off! I like how he turned out~


Gokuraku Jodo by GARNiDELiA

Motion by yurie

Camera by @land_lord160

Model by UmbraMMD

Stage by H2CU阿相

Skydome by ussy-p

Ears and tail by kome-ken



ObjectLuminous AfterGlow




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another birthday!

■ モデル:TDA / vk
■ ステージ: シロ
■ アクセサリ:とりそば / ネギ焼きP / aokcub / ちゃーりぃ
■ エフェクト:june, 針金P, ikeno, そぼろ,  mmdeola, okoneya, less, 呉石, Elle/データP, ラテ
■ MMD + MME only

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