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9. Assume Form by James Blake

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been much of a fan of James Blake. In fact, when he won the Mercury Prize in 2013 for his second album Overgrown, I remember that record being my least favourite out of the entire shortlist. That said, in recent years the singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire has used his talents to further lift tracks I’ve enjoyed by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, Travis Scott, Beyonce, Vince Staples, Frank Ocean and many more.

With this being the case, upon its release in mid-January 2019 I decided to go into Blake’s fourth studio album, Assume Form, with a completely open mind. I’m glad I did, as I can honestly say a month hasn’t gone by in 2019 when I haven’t returned to this album.

Assume Form is unlike anything Blake has released before, clearly influenced by the renowned pop, hip hop and R&B artists with which he has recently worked. Blake takes all the best elements of all those aforementioned artists, incorporates his own unique style and somehow still delivers a cohesive and majestic record that demands repeated listens. From the banjo and string-laced rhythms of Into The Red to the echoey howls of Don’t Miss It, every song here delivers elegance and splendour.

But just like Blake has enriched the work of other artists, he also calls on a few friends here to help him conjure up some of the year’s best musical moments. From Travis Scott’s hypnotic trap-style vocals on chilled-out stoner anthem Mile High, to Rosalia bringing her Spanish flair to Barefoot in the Park, and 3-stacks himself, Andre 3000, spitting some of his best bars for years, Blake makes sure he gets the very best out of all his featured artists. That said, it is Blake’s solo performance on the album’s sinister title track that provides Assume Form’s highlight. The song sees Blake murmuring over atmospheric keyboard and synths, before a frightfully trippy outro of distorted, high-pitched vocal lines and rousing orchestration brings the track to an emphatic finish.

Ultimately, I know that it is always going to be harder for an album released at the very start of the year to keep me engaged all the way through to December, but James Blake’s Assume Form did exactly that. That’s also how I can know for certain, it is one of 2019’s best.

Best tracks: Assume Form, Mile High, Don’t Miss It

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Another decision I made today was, if it fits the playlist, I will add my own personal photo as the cover.

This one is a photo of me camping/hiking last summer. 🌲❤💙💛

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That peachy bottoms are very effective means if persuasion, especially for an angry deputy minister 😉

They certainly are, Comrade - and thank you for the ask! 💚💛💜

The generous size and the lovely roundness of that enticing bottom (not to mention the evident lack of underwear) may do wonders for subduing Deputy Chairman’s anger -

- but it doesn’t mean that spanking is off the menu either! 🍑👋🏼🥰🤩🤭🤤😜


Comrade @shark-from-the-park and I were just discussing how this shot of Valery’s ample bottom (dark as it is) is not getting as much attention as the khaki bottom and crash-into-Boris bottom, so we have got to remedy that! 

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When I was in high school I used to study Italian Law and Political Economics. I’ve spent 5 years of my life in those books. Here I posted two pictures of some books and material I used in my last 3 years.

The Italian educational system works completely different from other countries. You don’t choose the subjects in your course and their “level”, you choose that kind of school that also has the subjects you prefere. You have that minimum hours of Italian, Arts, History, English, Latin (not always), Maths, Science, Physics, Philosophy, etc … during the week.

In my case I had the opportunity to choose one more foreign language, human sciences, law and political economics. I have enjoyed a lot those subjects and now that I am at university I miss some of them.

But the question is: why are you posting this on your blog? Is it relevant?

To answer that I’d like you to take a better look at “Diritto ed economia politica 3”.


This chapter is named: “Magistratura” and you can clearly see the name of the second paragraph:

“Il processo: accusa e difesa”

In English this means:

“The trial: the prosecution and the defense”

I am an Ace Attorney Fan and I somehow managed to keep myself from screaming during class.

Also in the second picture, you can see that I’ve written something with my pencil, something that I recall my teacher saying:

“Ci vogliono le prove” = “You need evidence”

Ok, I imagined Miles Edgeworth saying this to Wright during a trial.

And my old law teacher is a lawyer. No kidding.

Last but not least I’d like to switch your attention to a new paragraph: “È legittima l’autodifesa?”

“Can you practice self-defense?”

The answer is in green: “In Italia l’autodifesa non è ammessa.”

“In Italy self-defense is not accepted.”

If you had been in Italy, Wright, well, they would had given you an attorney. Ironic, isn’t it?

P.S: Now that I’m at university probably you are not asking yourselfs: “what are you studying now? Law?”


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