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More of a serious comic this time. Not sure if I’ll carry it on but hey I drew it!

Main premise is that it’s during MKX, divering from Mileena’s death. Could be fun to explore!

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Rain: It’s two in the morning, Mileena. 

Mileena eating ice cream in the corner of her room: Turn the light back off!

Rain: *Angry sigh* *Turns off light and leaves the room*

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So I just now watched the Mk11 aftermth awards and Omg it was the best!

Mileena got 6 awards

Fujin got 2

Hanzo got about 3

Kuai got 2

Rain got 4

and Jax got the award for best Friendship!

I love it

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Mortal Kombat 10 was like “we can’t make mileena too teethy or she won’t be hot…let’s give her big soft lips in the middle and teeth on the side…” then mk11 said “MONSTER BITE BITE BITE GRRRRRR RIPS OUT YOUR THROAT”

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Shang Tsung coming into Mileena’s room: You okay in here- 

Mileena: *Hisses* 

Shang Tsung: I’m going to take that as a No then-

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i can be your kitana 💙 how bout mileena 💖💖💖

don’t let me listen to filter while thinking about my wife mileena cause then this shit happens. i had to draw someone in this outfit inspired by the mannequin in the day 2 performance and if i waited any longer it would have been jimin. so you’re welcome…or sorry…depending on your preferences…

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Shang Comforts Babyleena (Baby Mileena) During A Thunderstorm


Cute Fic: Shang Tsung + Baby Mileena By @ahugenightwolfstan123

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