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remembering the fact that mike knew about el’s mom and so the “what if she gets brain damage?” line is probably out of fear that one of these days something is gonna go wrong and el is gonna push herself too far and be stuck in her head and alive but not really Here just like her mom and it’ll be like the year she was gone only worse bc he’ll see her but she won’t see or hear him

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What do you think Mike and El will do when all of the world-ending stuff finally stops? (because it WILL stop or so help me...) I feel like college is Mike's next step, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he decided to take a year after they've graduated to get to just. Be. With her. And maybe use that time to make absolutely sure she's caught up with them school-wise b/c she may take that little bit longer to feel comfortable applying anywhere on her own.

Yesss, I love this question! I feel like there’s a lot of talk about College-era Mileven, but not about that in-between time where the evils have been defeated (hopefully lol) and they’re deciding what the next steps are. I’ve always thought that Mike is college bound, but I’ve never considered the idea of him taking a year off to ensure that he and El could start at the same time, but that’s so sweet and tbh it would be a total Mike move. And it’s not like it would be that uncommon, either - I think people forget that going to college immediately after high school wasn’t as much of an expected or prescribed thing back in the 80s and even 90s as it is now.

With all of that said, my longstanding headcanon is that Mike would enroll somewhere and El would go with him, but she’d only enroll in a few classes at first, or get a job somewhere like a bookstore while she gets ready. El is incredibly smart and I have no doubt she’d be able to handle college, but I do think given everything, she’ll probably need to devote at least a few years to getting ‘caught up’, at least in the eyes of the school system.

I don’t think they’d go to separate colleges, and if that were to happen, I think it would be because there’s a specific program or something El really wanted to take, which Mike would of course be supportive of. But yeah, after all the heartbreak and separation they’ve gone through, I think they’d do everything they could to be together.

Send me asks about Mileven for the (feels) culture

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hey! 21+ f looking for stranger things 1x1s. i play eleven and i’m looking for a mike rper to write some mileven plots with. i don’t have any particular plots in mind, but maybe aged up mike and el or some au’s. i love some good angst and romance plots too, so we can discuss all that. i write on both tumblr sideblogs and discord so either is fine with me. please like or reblog if interested and i’ll contact you!
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Somebody give me one line of dialogue to use in a Mileven drabble because I need inspiration, or like a ~moment~. Tried to write like 6 different fics but I can’t get more than 12 words out.

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Just watched Gemini Man… Now I wanna make an au. But which fandom…? Hmm.

Marvel? (Tony as Henry, with some love interest?)

Percy Jackson? (Percabeth with Percy as Henry obs)

IT? (Richie as Henry with a bit of Reddie?)

Ummm… Stranger things? (Mileven with either El as Henry or Mike– honestly could go either way)

Sanders Sides? (? Virgil maybe??)

Decisions decisions….

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•cold hands •cuddling “I’m worried about you” angsty + sweet

Rain pelted Mike’s face as he ran down the street, wiping his brow with his coat sleeve. He just had to find her. El wasn’t in her room like Joyce had said when Mike came to visit. What if she was lost? Or hurt? Or worse…

No, he wouldn’t think like that. All he knew was he had to keep looking. She’d been in a slump the past few months, and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Hopper was gone, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He knew El had felt helpless, but he didn’t know just how badly this was troubling her. Not enough to run away. 

It was starting to get dark, but there was no way Mike was going to give up and let her stay outside all night in the rain. The only other place to look were the woods. He didn’t think she’d want to go in there, too many bad memories associated with that type of place. But he couldn’t risk it.

His flashlight flickered and he stopped to whack it with his palm. “Come on you piece of shit.” He muttered under his breath, until finally it lit up in it’s full power.

A shout came from the clearing, and Mike ran, trying not to trip over the logs and tree roots hidden beneath his feet.


As he came into the clearing he saw a figure with an arm outstretched, screaming. El was drenched head to toe, with nothing but one of  Hopper’s old shirts as protection against the rain. The hand that was by her side came up to join the one outstretched, both of them beginning to shake as she screamed. It looked like she was trying to raise a tree branch that had fallen. 

But nothing was happening. It remained firmly in place. With one final ear-splitting scream, she fell to the floor.

"El? EL!” Mike shouted as he ran to her, instantly falling to his knees at her side.

She was kneeled over, hands digging into the mud beside her. Her face was splattered with the stuff, hand prints of mud across her cheeks. Her hair fell loose out of its ponytail, curled into a mess across her forehead and sticking to the sides of her neck.

“El? Are you ok? El?” He gently placed a hand on her back, her body rocked, as if she were crying.

When she finally sat up, he saw the line of blood that had trickled from her nose, trailing all the way down the front of her shirt. He gently wiped it with his sleeve before cupping her face in his hand.

She leaned in to his touch, but even the rain couldn’t hide the tears streaming down her face. 

“I’m worried about you. You’re freezing.” He took off his jacket, wrapping it around her shoulders. “We need to get you inside.”

“I can’t.” She shook her head. “Not until I get my powers back.”

Mike knew she’d been struggling for months. At first it had been small things, and she’d tried to put on a brave face. But it seems like it’s finally broken her. “I know you miss them. And I know I can’t help and it sucks. But you can’t make yourself sick. Just…give it more time.”

He never knew what to say. It sucks? Why would that help El? 

“I thought…I thought I felt him.” She whispered, Mike understanding who she meant. “He’s not dead Mike. I can’t explain it. But trust me.”

“Is that what you’re doing? Trying to contact him?" 

"I need to get my powers back so I can find him.” She shakily tried to stand up. “I have to. He’s out there. I know it. I can’t stop until my powers are back.”

“El, Hop wouldn’t want you hurting yourself like this!” Mike stood up too, holding her up by both of her shoulders. “I don’t want you hurting yourself. You’re the most important thing to me in the world. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you again.”

“But Hop,” El tried to pull out of Mike’s grip, she couldn’t give up just yet. “he needs me. I just know he does.”

Mike brushed the wet hair from El’s face, the rain still pouring down. “We’ll find him. If you say he’s out there then he must be out there. We’ll find him one day. I promise we’ll keep looking. But it can’t happen if you’re hurt. Do you trust me?”

She nodded, closing her eyes in defeat. Mike knelt down, letting her climb on to his back. Slowly but steadily he carried her back home. If she said Hopper was out there then he had to trust her. Somehow they’ll find him. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday, Hopper will come home.

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El was in a somewhat irritable mood because her mother, Theresa, goddess of the harvest, was being over protective again. El really hated it when she did that. Since her earliest years, El remembered her mother’s doing so. Theresa liked very little of the Olympian gods sand kept El far away from them. As such, El had met very few people in her life. Her only friend was Max, goddess of crossroads and even they had very little chances to meet up. El spent a lot of time with wood nymphs and water sprites but she was in need of more company.
When a handsome young man appeared at the edge of the woods of the field she was spreading spring in, El knew she had to introduce herself.
“Hi! I’m El!” she said brigthly. She couldn’t help but notice he was beautiful. His skin was ivory white and freckles dotted his cheeks and nose like the stars she was accustomed to seeing in the night sky. His eyes were dark pools, instantly drawing her in. Upon hearing her voice, he had startled and his pale cheeks had turned a pretty rosy hue.

‘Cute,’ El couldn’t help but think.

- Mileven Greek God AU; Hades and Persephone


New fic! Another Mileven Depression gc original so of course it’s dedicated to them! Once again shoutout to my internet besties! 

I’ve seen Mileven written as Eros and Psyche before but I wanted to do another popular Greek couple: Hades and Persephone; especially because their themes of separation are similar to Mileven’s. I did take the liberty of changing some things so don’t come at me pls if the mythology isn’t entirely accurate. It’s been a while since I fully brushed up on everything. (Although I’d love it if any of you would like to share funfacts and more comparisons).
Also Persephone is the badass one in their relationship like El while Hades is popularly regarded as the more calm secluded one. I like the retold myths better so obviously I’m basing it off that than the one where Hades kidnaps Persephone (which I’ve heard isn’t even the original since in the original Persephone goes willingly with Hades).

Please leave a comment at the end to tell me how you liked it!

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They could have tested their relationship in season 3 some other way than through a dramatic breakup

(which wouldn’t have happened if the writers hadn’t sabotaged Mike’s character by making him lie, which also wouldn’t have happened if the writers hadn’t sabotaged Hopper’s character by making him threaten Mike)

congratulations anon you got a three-for-one spicy opinion special! :D

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look at that!! it’s projecting my pain onto my favorite characters hours!! el getting migraines is something I think about a lot, so I’ve decided to write some hcs about it. I’m gonna jump to au at the end a bit, but let’s start with canon (also this is gonna feature some mileven 💕)

  • okay so, given her powers, I think it’s more than reasonable to assume el gets migraines
  • especially once she loses her powers and is trying so hard to find them, she would definitely strain herself
  • joyce gives her painkillers and an ice pack to put over her eyes, and she holds her hand while she cries and writhes bc the pain is so bad
  • but normal painkillers aren’t working, and el starts getting almost ten a month, and joyce starts to get really concerned

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