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Gen X: Good Morning, Millennial. What are you drinking?

Millennial: Water.

Gen X: Really? It doesn’t smell like water.

Millennial: It’s… imported water…

Gen X: Uh huh, imported from where exactly?

Millennial: Russia…

Gen X: Are you drinking vodka at nine in the morning?

Millennial: It’s 9:15.

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I was in the 5th grade when I had this huge crush on someone. Boy, he’s smart and enigmatic. He has a cute speaking voice din, papunta pa lang sa pagbibinata eh. But one of my girl classmate knew about it. She told me he’s also her crush. It’s not a big deal for me actually, crush lang ‘yon and because she’s my friend, sabi ko “Sige, maghahanap na lang ako ng ibang crush.” We just laughed about it. Tapos nagturo ako ng ibang boy classmate “Ayun. Siya na lang crush ko.” Of course it’s just a joke for me. Wasn’t serious at all. But since that day, my friend believed me. I also believed myself. Akala ko talagang crush ko 'yong tinuro ko.

We both graduated in the same elementary school. Went to the same high school but we’ve never been really close. He’s always in the top section pero nasa 2nd-3rd lang ako. I really admired his intelligence, his cute chinito eyes and shyness. Any given chance, I’ll have my stolen glance. Oldest trick I know, but effective! Sabi nila baka first love or it is love. Maybe yes, or no? Not yet? But y'know my whole high school years became bearable because of him. He’s an inspiration for me to just finish my studies and go on with life. We graduated and gone our separate ways in college. Pero lagi ko pa rin s'yang ikinukwento sa kanila, kahit hindi s'ya kilala ng mga college friends ko. Weird 'no? Oh, unwavering feelings…

But here I am now. Not a grade schooler or a teenage girl. Almost 17 years have passed. I remember him but the bursting emotions I felt before changed drastically. Talagang nag move forward ang lahat. I realized how afraid I am of change. It scares me a lot. 'Yung akala kong hindi magbabago, nawala rin. Para akong na stuck na plush toy sa vending machine. Is it my fault? Siguro. Pero pagbabago lang kasi ang permanente sa mundo. Kaya puwede ring hindi.

Are we the same? Kasalanan mo ba 'yun?

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A conversation I heard in the hallway at my high school today:

“When I told the teacher I didn’t have time to finish the homework he said he was disappointed in me. But it’s cool because my parents are constantly disappointed in me.”

*proceds to make finger guns to all his friends where they all collectively mumbled, “same tho.”*

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Anyone else thinks about leaving everything behind and become a nun/priest or sm????

Not get me wrong. I’m biromantic asexual, full on liberal and hate religiousness and all its perks (I believe in god, but his fandom tries waaaay to hard).

But the idea of… spending a couple of years in a sanctuary, bot having to worry about bills and the pressure to get married and have kids, while doing charity work is like… exactly what I would like to do in life? I know there is way more than that but I mean… I rather go to the mass everyday, learn some hymns and read the bible back to back than live with the complete dread of not reading any goals or just fucking my self up even worse while trying to.

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Gen Z, frantically entering the room: Mistakes were made but that’s okay!

Millennial: What are you talking about?!

Cops: *busts through window* GEN Z I SWEAR-

Gen Z, grabbing Millennial and running: OKAY SO ARSON WAS ALSO MADE BUT THAT’S STILL OKAY!

Millennial: 👁👄👁

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Gen Z: The way I saw it I had two options. I could either go to therapy, get professional help, and work on bettering my life or I could give myself bangs.

Gen X: So you choose bangs…

Gen Z: Millennial liked them.

Gen X: Millennial’s a liar.

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The Gap

By Kristine Mae B.

Gaps are one of the main reasons why relationships are jeopardized. So it is very important to understand the cause to fill the gap.

But what if the kind of gap you have is the one that can’t be filled in? Like a generation gap? It’s one thing that you can’t do nothing about. Because it’s totally different from each other. So what can you possibly do to appease such kind of gap?

As they say, you can never tell when and to whom you will fall in love with. When it comes to love, everyone is equal. Love knows no gender, no social status, no age. When you fall in love, nothing else matters as long as you’re not hurting someone else and not doing the wrong thing. It’s okay. But, in reality, we always tend to care about the impression of the people around us. Thus, we become conscious in everything and sometimes, even in picking the person we want to be with.

But what if you fell in love with someone who has a different generation from you? You’re someone in early 20’s and a person who’s 10-20 years older from you catches your heart. Initially, you will doubt the intentions of the older person and then you will think about what everyone will think if you choose to be with a person who’s definitely way too old for you.

There’s a popular saying that “AGE DOESN’T MATTER” & “AGE IS JUST A NUMBER”.

Well, it really doesn’t matter but maturity and character does. Being in a relationship with a person who is mature, responsible and has a full commitment with you is very important. And age, does not dictate those things, it will depend on the person. If a person is ready for it.

But there are times that age contributes on that factor. Because, usually the maturity level won’t match especially if you have a huge age gap. One could still be childish and the other one could get tired with this kind of attitude. And adjusting for each other could be tiring for the both person and will eventually end up in separation.

Another thing in being in love with someone who is older than you is the pressure of keeping up with their timeline. Sometimes, you still have a lot of plans in life but you will have to choose if you will multi-task or you’ll have to give up your plans for your future to keep up with their timeline. You won’t even think about asking them to wait for you, because you already know that at that age, they don’t need to prioritise their career anymore and they’re financially stable already, so you already know what’s missing in their life and what they prioritise. It’s building their own family. But how can they do that, if the person they want to build that with is still busy and just started out on their career and plans.

Youngster, always remember this, just because they’re older than you, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush everything in your life and sacrifice your dreams just to fulfill theirs. Life has just begun for you, a lot of things could still happen in the future.

If you can do it both, why not? If you can’t, they will understand. Because surely they know that a youngster can do more in life than just being stuck in a relationship. Love shouldn’t hold you back, it should be the one that inspires you to do more. A person who loves you will understand you and will wait for you. No pressure. It was their choice to love you, it will be their choice to wait for you and it’s up to you if after they wait for you, you’d still choose to be with them after everything.

So if you are in this situation, make sure to consider all the factors such as your priorities in life, level of maturity, readiness for responsibility and commitment before falling completely with someone who has a generation gap with you.

Because if you will just think about how you feel in the spur of the moment and jump into a relationship without considering the factors, you might end up hurting each other. Especially, if both of you can’t give in with what the other wants.

To make it work, always meet half-way. Adjusting is the key.



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Gen X: What do you look for in a relationship? For me, friendship.

Boomer: Love.

Millenial: Someone to spend long nights and early mornings with.

Gen Alpha: Idk man, I just want a fucking X-box.

Gen Z: Someone who’ll choke me then five minutes later make me poptarts and sing to me 🥰

Gen X, Boomer, Millenial: What the fuck???

Gen Alpha: Cheers bro I’ll drink to that.

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