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When I was a child I nearly drowned and I never really thought about once until now. I remember being scared, I didn’t know how to swim, my lungs were being invaded by this liquid. 

I was going to die at age seven.

but I never did, I haven’t died yet.

later, I would start my swimming lessons

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mime stuff:

  • can run on all fours
  • subjug obviously
  • eats raw meats and red foods exclusively
  • genderless lesbian (they/it/she in order of preference)
  • doesnt talk bc of damaged vocal chords / throat / etc, sometimes will creepily raspily whisper things
  • double jointed ???? definitely very flexible
  • screeches sometimes in private or when enraged
  • super fucking tall idk how tall yet
  • chucklevoodoos are definite but what they do idk yet !
  • targets lowbloods (rusts, mutant reds especially. red-fusch cusps and even fuschias be wary)
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Bit from MBMBAM – How to Do Habachi Tricks : Put the Soup on the table upsidedown and then flip it over and it has soup in it WOW!

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So,, ugm,, take these things I drew yesterday based of songs, the last one didn’t rlly had a song specifically. Anyways if somehow you’re interested the first and second one was inspired by wonderland by caravan palace and legacy by black dresses,,

My music taste is all over the place but I’m gonna continue blasting black dresses in my ears,

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