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Another art, a shiny Mimkyu with their shiny ghost friends!~

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practiced some pokemon to get some shapes down

i want to know whos idea it was to give lucario little shorts

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Chibi a Day 2021

015: Mami (+Mimi)

A character belonging to another player at our Pokemon: Cross Tabletop game on Sundays. I don’t think he has a tumblr so I can’t @  him.

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Pokémon: the Dark Circuit (AKA Vanguard Descends season 2)

Chapter 2 Stranded (cont.)

“Haxorus! Haxorus! Haxorus! (That’s no tree that’s a Pokémon!)”, Soul Saver gasped.

“Alolan Eggsecutor. Soul Saver use scale shot. Gancelot use dragon pulse.”, Aichi ordered.

Gancelot put his hands together charging a blue wave which he shot at the Eggsecutor. Soul Saver shot scales at the Eggsecutor. It howled in pain as the combined attack easily overwhelmed it. It fell on a Mimikyu which was scurrying somewhere else. It got rather mad from this glaring at them.

“Lucario! Lucario! Lucario! Lucario! (There’s more assailants incoming!)”, Gancelot warned.

A beware had popped out and ran towards them like a mad Pokémon. The wind blew sand towards them. They jumped and gawked as the sand swept from the beach came alive to become a massive Pallosand. The Pallosand sent out sand grabbing up any living thing it could and sucking the life force out of them. A few Pokémon got swept up into it.

“Haxorus. Haxorus. (Worst vacation spot ever.)”, Soul Saver commented.

“Why is everything in this place trying to kill us?!”, Aichi questioned, sweat dropping.

Gancelot touched the ground looking around for any more enemies. Soul Saver roared as she prepared to throw down with the Beware. Aichi looked around nervously with his hands behind his back. He was cautious about releasing his Psyqualia especially after his little episode before.

To be continued…

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“Oh Mimikyu! What happened?”

“Nera got a new look, kyu. It was cool, so I wanted to try it…”


“All I got was knots and split ends, kyu”

Looks like the poor little one got ‘tangled’ up in their new costume.

A gift for @ask-the-potion-brewers​.

I love your designs and your blog is really fun to follow. You produce such amazing work, on top of just having super cute characters. They are so much fun to see and read (Nera is my favorite 😊). I also love the little animations you use to seperate speech. It adds something really special to your blog.

I enjoy everything you do, so please keep up the amazing work.

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Mimikyu sona design commission I made for @wordbending 😊✨

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Thank you very much! I’m having a wonderful day myself, same to you! (Its my birthday after all :>)

I have many thoughts about mimikyu anon, I just so happen to have one of my own!


As one a specific one, I like to think when Mimikyu get a crush on a pokemon they like, they will change their outer appearance to look more like them as a show of affection. To… varying degrees of success, hehe.

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Mimikyu :D


Annddddd the one with the weird purple magic ( idk why I put it there I just thought it’d fit- )

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Flake wipes off the remaining Sitrus Juice on their hip, taking a small bite of it before responding to the mimikyu’s next question.

Flake: Yeah it’s nice to be able to go around with Rudy, chuuu. We’ve known each other for like… ever really. Not sure what I would do without him sometimes, my only real friend actually chuuuu.

Flake’s ears begin to twitch suddenly and the pichu reaches up and grabs one to prevent it from twitching any further.

Flake: and… I’m sure Rudy feels the same way…! Chuu…..

Flake: …… Thanks for the berry again, I know Berry Inflation has caused prices to go up.

[ @theforgottenmimikyu ]
[ Cameos from @dailybitchyswinub | @theredvaporeon ]

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Both are the winners for the 150+ followers egg giveaway, but art block got in the away of me designing the pokemon. I just drew the winners characters instead. Congrats to the winners, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Forgotten Mimikyu belongs to @vall007 or @theforgottenmimikyu

Armani belongs to @noblejanobii or @ask-teamlightbringers

(Edit: I draw Mimikyu’s thumb on the wrong side, I’m so dumb. It’s alright, I got it fix though)

(Also Prince and Lucy are out of the winter event. I’m too lazy to draw them leaving.)

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