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🌸min “i am pink because i wanted to be” yoongi🌸
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BTS Episode // Coldplay x BTS “My Universe”
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<At a Museum>
Namjoon: This was painted by Michelangelo.
Taehyung: I'm not stupid, hyung. I know the Ninja Turtles aren't real.
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Aim For The Heart | Chapter 29: Heartache
Tumblr media
Pairing: hitman!jungkook x female reader
Genre: romance, drama, angst, fluff
WC: 21.9k 😈
Warnings for this chapter: strong language, ANGST, betrayal, abandonment, heartbreak, guns, mentions of knives but not used, blood, not exactly but could be considered a school shooting (nobody dies), mentions of murder and past murder attempts, mentions of past rape and harassment, mentions of past drug dealing, past physical/emotional abuse, brief mention of someone being a drunk, brief mention of past suicide attempt, anxiety, some dark humor, it gets STEAMY again babes so look out 🤠
summary; Jeon Jungkook is an infamous hitman, known for his inability to fail at whatever job is thrown his way. At least, up until now. Y/n, a kind-hearted and full of life teacher, is his newest target. Jeon isn’t sure who would put a hit on this seemingly innocent girl, but fortunately, that isn’t his problem. All he has to do is pull the trigger.
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Jungkook only lifts his head when he hears footsteps pounding up the stairs to your apartment. 
He sees Jimin and Tae running over to him, their faces creased with worry. 
How did they know to come here?
Tae runs over and grabs Jungkook under the arms, heaving him up and leading him towards the stairs while Jimin goes into your apartment. 
Jungkook wants to protest, he wants to tell Tae to let him go so that he can go back and explain everything to you, tell you how sorry he is and how he meant to tell you himself. 
But he says nothing. 
He does nothing as Tae practically carries him down the stairs. 
"What happened?"
Jungkook doesn't respond, he just stares out the front window of the car. 
Taehyung sighs, "Jimin got a call from ____, he said she sounded hysterical."
Jungkook swallows. 
"He couldn't make out what she was saying."
He still gets no response from the young man. 
"I thought something had happened to you, Kook. Scared the ever-living crap out of me."
He wishes something had. 
Anything else would have been better than this. 
"Fine, don't tell me."
Taehyung puts the car into gear and starts driving back to their place. 
The second Jimin comes into the apartment, he runs over to where you're cowering in the kitchen, blood dripping from a cut on one of your ankles. 
"Shit, ____, what happened?"
Jimin crouches down to you, frowning when you flinch. 
"Hey, it's alright. It's just me, it's Jimin."
You finally look at him and he feels his throat constrict at the terror on your face. 
"H-H-He w-wanted to hurt me."
Jimin's heart sinks to his feet at your words. 
You nod and your eyes drop down to the floor again. 
Jimin sees that you're shaking like a leaf. 
He gets up and walks over to the couch to grab a throw blanket. He brings it back over to you and gently puts it around your shoulders. 
"J-J-J-Jimin, th-this whole t-t-time-"
"Shh, you don't have to explain anything right now. Just breathe, ____."
You pull the blanket around you more and Jimin sees a lost look in your eyes, like you're not even here. 
It takes almost an hour for you to stop shaking like crazy, by this time, Jimin has been able to move you to the couch. 
"I'm going to clean it now, okay?"
You nod numbly, only wincing a little when he starts to disinfect the cut on your ankle. 
Jimin puts a princess band-aid on it, having found some in your hall closet. 
He looks back up at you and sees you staring into space, still shivering slightly. 
He decides not to say anything. 
A few minutes pass by, then Jimin sees a look of confusion come over your face. 
You turn to him, your gaze still a bit unfocused as horror flashes through your eyes. 
"W-Where is m-my family?"
Jungkook looks over at Tae, a blank expression on his face. 
"I know you're shutting me out."
Jungkook just drops his eyes back down to see Yin climbing into his lap where he sits on the couch. 
Taehyung sighs, "Are we gonna play the guessing game or-"
"She found out."
Jungkook whispers it, but Tae hears him. 
"I-" Tae clears his throat, "Did you tell her?"
The young hitman shakes his head slowly. 
"I didn't get the chance," He whispers. 
Tae nibbles on his bottom lip, "It was Mina, wasn't it?"
He nods again, his eyes glued to the floor. 
"Fucking dumbass bitch," Tae growls, "As if she wasn't despicable enough already."
Jungkook just pets Yin slowly, "It's my fault."
Tae looks at him, "How could it possibly be-"
"I should've told her. I should've told her months ago. I should have said it the second I decided not to do it."
It's quiet for a minute, then Taehyung sighs. 
"So, why didn't you?"
Jungkook's eyes are a bit watery as he clears his throat, "At first I was scared she would turn me in, and I wasn't fully convinced I wasn't gonna end up doing it."
"And then?" Tae asks gently. 
"And then I was too far in it, and I was scared to lose her."
It's quiet for another minute or two as they both try to figure out what to say. 
"I don't think-" Taehyung sighs, "I don't think you've lost her, not yet anyway."
Jungkook scoffs, "What makes you think that? Basically everything I ever told her was a fucking lie. She hates me, she's terrified of me, she never wants anything to do with me ever again."
"She doesn't hate you-"
"She does," Jungkook snaps, "She said it."
"We don't always mean things we say."
Jungkook looks at his best friend, "But there's always a bit of truth to it."
Tae swallows, "Well, maybe. But you need to understand that in that moment, ____ hated who she thought you were. Mina must not have explained enough, and obviously you didn't get the chance to explain. She has no idea that you've been protecting her for months. All she must think is that you faked everything to get to her. Not to mention she just found out her best friend wanted her dead. All in the span of a few minutes."
Jungkook's stomach turns violently. 
He hates to think of how you must be feeling right now. 
Heaven knows he would've lost his mind if he found out this entire thing had been merely a strategy to you and you were just using him to get close enough to kill him. And if Tae had been the one that was rooting for his death?
Oh god, you must feel so broken. 
Jungkook covers his face with his hands and Tae sees the black and yellow bracelet on his wrist. 
His heart pinches in his chest. 
Jungkook uncovers his face to look at him. 
"Did ____ say anything before Mina ruined everything?"
Jungkook looks at him quizzically when he points at the bracelet on his wrist. 
Then Jungkook looks at it and his stomach turns again. 
"She didn't get to say anything. She gave me this, and she was about to tell me something when Mina knocked on the door."
Tae turns and kicks a pillow that Yin knocked off the couch, sending it flying into the wall. He then picks it up and proceeds to slam it onto the bed, hollering angrily each time. 
"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"
Jungkook just watches him throw a fit, his mind elsewhere. 
Please Jimin, keep her safe. 
When Tae has calmed himself considerably, he says he'll be back and goes out into the hall. 
Tae storms back in a few minutes later and he sees Jungkook holding the phone to his ear, a look of worry on his face as he bites his lip. 
"You're not calling ____, are you?"
Jungkook nods, then he hangs up and starts walking towards the door. 
Tae steps in front of it, "Hold on, Jungkook."
"Don't stop me, I need to explain things to her-"
"I know, but Jimin isn't even answering his phone, what makes you think she will? And what makes you think she wants to see you in person?"
"I know she doesn't, but I can't just sit here and expect things to fix themselves."
Tae bites the inside of his cheek, then curses to himself before moving out of the way, "I'm coming with you."
Jimin holds you tightly, tears springing into his own eyes at the gut-wrenching sobs that rip through your body. 
"I'm so sorry, ____. I'm so sorry."
He doesn't know what else to say. 
He has no idea what happened to your family, all he ever heard was that you and your family were in a car crash and that you were the only survivor. But it seems like something now is making you question that. 
You're crying too hard to tell him what's going on though. 
Suddenly there's loud knocking on the door. 
Jimin looks over at it, contemplating whether he ought to answer it or not. 
But you're clinging to him like he's a lifeline as you continue to cry your heart out. 
Jimin realizes that you didn't even hear the knocking in your state of panic. 
"H-He might've k-killed them!"
Killed? Who killed them?
"Who, ____?"
Jimin's heart freezes, "What?"
"He's a h-h-hitman-" You gasp in a breath and start coughing, your heart in so much pain you almost can't handle it, "He w-was going to k-kill me."
Jimin grabs his phone and starts to dial the police when the knocking sounds again. 
This time you hear it and you flinch violently, your eyes wide with terror as you scoot to the corner of the couch and curl in on yourself, "R-Run, Jimin. C-C-Climb out my window, he only w-wants me."
Tears are streaming down your face as Jimin is frozen in his seat. 
Finally, he snaps out of it. 
"If he wants to kill you, he'll have to get through me first," He stands up and stalks towards the door. 
"J-Jimin, no!"
Taehyung flinches slightly when the door is yanked open harshly, but Jungkook's adrenaline is way too high for him to focus on anything but you. 
"Please, let me-"
Jimin holds up his phone, and the two hitmen see 119 on the screen, Jimin's thumb hovering over the call button. 
Jungkook gulps, "I swear to God, I don't want to hurt her. I wasn't going to hurt her-"
"Shut up."
They both look at Jimin in surprise. 
He's usually so calm and soft spoken. 
He's glaring at Jungkook, then his gaze shifts to Taehyung, his thumb still hovering threateningly over the green button that will lead the cops to them in mere minutes. 
"And who the hell are you since I apparently know nothing? You knew he meant to kill her?"
Tae swallows, then he nods, "Yes, but he-"
"I don't need to hear anything else."
Jimin presses the green button and brings the phone up to his ear. 
Only a split second goes by before Tae lashes out and snatches the phone, hangs it up, and tucks it into his pocket. 
Jimin's face twists in anger as he moves to get a punch in. 
Jungkook holds a hand out before he can, "Please, Jimin. Please just let me explain."
Jimin looks at the young hitman in disgust. 
Tae glares at Jimin bitterly, "Think you can take on two if you don't agree?"
After a grueling thirty seconds, Jimin steps aside, his teeth clenched in rage. 
Jungkook walks in to see you curled up on the couch, your knees tucked up to your chest, your eyes squeezed shut, and your hands clamped down over your ears. 
You didn't want to know what was happening. 
If Jungkook was going to come in and shoot you, you'd rather his face not be the last thing you see. 
You think of your beloved family as you subtly rock back and forth. 
They didn't deserve to be killed because someone hated you. 
They had long lives ahead of them. 
Your sister's beautiful face pops into your head and you swallow thickly. Her face is followed by your lovely mother and handsome father. 
I'm so sorry. 
You're losing them all over again.
Jungkook watches in despair as a tear slips from your closed eyes, trailing down your cheek and dripping from your chin. 
Jimin and Tae watch from the doorway, both wary of the other as they see Jungkook slowly make his way over to you, as if approaching an injured animal. 
Jungkook is finally right next to you, his heart aching at the sight of you in a little ball of defeat, as if you're accepting the fact that he's going to kill you. 
When you feel a gentle touch on your shoulder, you flinch and freeze up, waiting for the pain before it's all over. 
You force yourself not to think of him, of his smile as he looked at you, his voice when he would whisper in your ear, the feeling of his hands as he smoothed them over your waist while he kissed you. 
Don't do this to yourself, ____. 
He never loved you, he doesn't deserve to be the last thing you think of as his hands are the ones that take your life. 
Your family comes back to mind and you gulp, ready to go with them. 
You shake your head, refusing to remember the way he used to call your name. 
"____, I'm not going to hurt you."
That isn't a memory. 
That's actually him. 
You squint your eyes open to see Jungkook looking down at you, his eyes watery and his chest rising and falling as he breathes a bit rapidly. 
You pull yourself away from his touch, but unplug your ears and wipe your eyes as you watch him warily. 
"I promise I won't hurt you, I could never hurt you," He whispers brokenly, pulling his hand back. 
He sees you just looking at him with red eyes, pain the only emotion shining through. 
Jungkook gulps and shifts a bit on his feet, "I-"
Tae watches painfully as he sees his best friend try to explain everything before he loses you forever. He wishes he could just jump in there and say it for him, but he can't. 
It's up to Jungkook to fix this. 
"I'll tell you everything, I swear. I just- I don't know where to start."
You stare at him for a second, then you whisper, your voice cracking, "Did y-you kill my f-family?"
The room is dead silent for a second, then Jungkook shakes his head, "No, I didn't."
"Who d-did?"
His stomach turns, it feels like someone stabbed him and is twisting the knife. 
You look at him with furrowed brows. 
"W-Were you supposed to k-kill me?"
Jungkook takes a deep breath, then nods, "Yes."
Your heart pinches in your chest. 
"So it w-was all a r-ruse?"
Jungkook shakes his head adamantly, his eyes wide, "No! No, I swear. I was supposed to kill you, but I couldn't do it, and then I started catching feelings for you and fuck I was scared to lose you."
You're staring at a spot on the coffee table, "W-Why me? Why d-does someone w-want me dead?"
"I don't know," Jungkook whispers. 
Jimin seems to have relaxed a bit as you have, his walls coming down. 
But then you look back at Jungkook, anger flaring in you. 
"And th-that old man in Busan? D-Did you-"
"No. I swear, I didn't kill him."
You're not done yet, "W-Where is my f-family?"
He's gonna be sick. 
Oh god, why. 
You glare at him. 
So he did know. 
He's known this entire time. 
"Where a-are they?" You seethe, a stray tear slipping out. 
"They left, ____."
Jungkook looks so defeated and a bit green, his eyes unable to look into yours. 
Jungkook sighs, "I don't know. They left the country after you were attacked."
So, Mina was telling the truth. A person was behind your memory loss. 
And she helped them...
Then your family left you, when all you ever did was for them.
Because you loved them...
Jungkook sees you look away, "How d-do you know th-this?"
Fucking hell. 
No more lies. 
"Mina told me."
Your gaze flies back to his eyes, anger burning in yours. 
"What?" You whisper it coldly and he can tell you're beyond angry. 
He's never seen you this way. 
You uncurl from yourself and stand up off the couch to confront him. 
He still towers over you, but at this moment he feels a lot smaller. 
"Y-You knew this? The whole t-time?"
"And y-you never th-thought to tell me??"
Jungkook gulps, "I'm sorry, I didn't want to-..."
Your eyes burn into his, "Y-You didn't want to w-what?"
"I didn't want to hurt you..." He says it so quietly, so broken. 
But you can't find it in you to care. 
"It's t-too late for that."
You cried for your family in front of him. 
You made an idiot out of yourself at the pool, crying over people that abandoned you and he knew it the whole time. 
He watched you pour your heart out like a fool and he sat there, saying nothing.
Before you even know what you're doing, your hands are connecting with his chest and you shove him as hard as you can. 
Jungkook only stumbles a little, "____-"
Tae and Jimin move for a second to stop the fight, but something keeps them back. 
"You w-watched me cry f-for them! How c-c-could you?!"
"I didn't-"
Jungkook watches helplessly as angry tears stream down your cheeks, "All y-you ever do is l-lie."
He doesn't know what to say. 
You're not wrong.
He fucked up. 
Your gaze turns to Tae behind Jungkook. 
"Y-You knew? That I was his t-t-target?" Your voice shakes. 
Tae just swallows as you scoff and more tears flow down your face. 
"I th-thought you w-were my friend."
It makes you sick to think that you told him so much when he couldn't even give you the truth.
Tae averts his eyes, his own stomach turning. 
You look at Jimin, "W-Were you in on th-this?"
The thought that perhaps everyone you thought you loved betrayed you and you’re alone in this world makes you so violently ill that you're almost sick in the middle of the living room. 
Jimin shakes his head though, the only one to keep eye contact with you, "No, ____. I didn't know any more than you did."
The relief that floods through you is brief. 
Then you're looking at Jungkook again. 
His gaze is locked on the couch, his lip between his teeth as he bites it harshly. 
"You...k-kill people?"
Jungkook bites his lip harder and you see him swallow as he refuses to look away from the couch. 
When he finally works up the courage to look at you, he's instantly filled with regret. 
He shouldn't have looked. 
Your eyes are full of horror as you look at him like he's covered in blood from head to toe. 
He might as well be. 
He's never felt more exposed in his entire life. 
"Who a-are you?"
Jungkook closes his eyes, trying not to panic. 
"You l-lied to me. You n-never told me th-the truth, not once. I told you e-everything-...You c-convinced me to expose m-myself!"
"Th-That night I told you w-what happened to me? It w-was all a lie?"
No, oh god no, ____.
Why can’t I say anything?
Jungkook sees your eyes well up with tears as they silently drip down your agonized face, "You m-made me f-fall for a lie."
He resists the urge to wring his hands, his mind racing as he tries to find the words to make you understand. But his brain is all a tumble of confusion and panic, he can't even think straight.
"I tr-trusted you," You whisper brokenly. 
Jungkook feels a sucker punch to the gut at your choice of words. 
Your hands are shaking from the anger in your body. 
He knew about your family, he knew about Mina, he knew everything. 
You told him everything and he told you nothing. 
"You sh-should leave," You say, unsettlingly calm.
It's quiet for a minute as your anger reaches its boiling point. 
"Leave!" You scream, then you shove past him and storm to your room, slamming the door so hard that the pictures on the wall shake. 
The three young men in your living room don't say anything for a good minute. 
Then Jungkook turns and pushes past Jimin and Tae, the sound of the front door slamming shut making them flinch. 
It takes almost two hours for Tae to find Jungkook. 
He sighs as he sees the younger sitting on the edge of the cliff. 
It's the same place that he found him at months ago, when it was pouring outside. 
Thunder rolls overhead as gray clouds start to crowd over the city. 
Taehyung walks over and plops down next to Jungkook, his legs dangling off the edge right beside his best friend's. 
Neither of them say a word. 
There's a flash of lightning and a low clap of thunder follows not too long after. 
"You can say it."
Tae looks at Jungkook's blank expression as the boy stares down at the buildings of Seoul, "Say what, Kook?"
"That you told me so."
Taehyung sighs, "Honestly, Jungkook. I don't think it would've done any good if you had gotten to tell her sooner. Back when you decided not to kill her? Maybe. But a few days or even weeks ago? It wouldn't have changed anything."
"Because the lie was too deep. The trust was planted for months. Sure it would've softened the blow if it came from you, so she knew you didn't intend to keep lying. But she would've been crushed anyway."
Jungkook swallows the lump in his throat. 
"I just wanted to protect her."
"Was lying about the hit the protection?"
Jungkook sighs and shakes his head, "That was purely selfishness. I didn't want to lose her and it just piled up bigger until it made me physically ill to even think about telling her."
"And what about her family?"
Jungkook sighs, "I didn't know how to say it. I was really scared to hurt her, I never meant for it to end up like this."
They stare down at the cars and people going by; completely unaware of the two men up there. 
"What did you ever tell her?"
Jungkook turns to him, "What?"
"I mean, what does she know about you? Your past?"
Jungkook thinks about that for a minute. 
"Not...not a lot, I guess."
"And what do you know about her?"
Jungkook sighs and covers his face, "I knew more about her than she did until a few hours ago."
"That's rough."
Jungkook sighs again, feeling more and more like a piece of shit as each word passes Tae's lips.
"I fucked up."
Jungkook glares at him, "Are you going to help me fix it or not?"
Taehyung shrugs, "I've got nothing you don't already know, Kook."
Jungkook gulps and rubs at his eyes, "Fuck, I wish I wasn't such a fucking coward."
"How are you a coward?"
"I just run away when things are hard, it's like I fuck them up myself before someone else can."
"Then stop running."
Jungkook looks at Tae, unconvinced. 
"I'm serious. Face it, Jungkook. Stop cowering when it comes to the people you love, just fucking stop. Face your mother, face me, face ____. Fight for her."
"No more fucking excuses. If she tells you to go fuck yourself, then that's what happens. But if you don't even try, you're going to lose her anyway. There's at least a small chance if you grow a pair and fucking fight for her."
Jungkook swallows thickly and looks back down at the city below them. 
"I'm sick of seeing you lose everything, Kook," Tae says, softer this time, "Please don't make me watch you fall apart again."
Jungkook looks at his best friend. 
He ruined his life, he was the one responsible for Tae's nightmares and his haunting past. 
And yet Tae wants him to do something so that he doesn't have to see him hurt anymore?
Tae lets out a sound of surprise when Jungkook wraps his arms around him, holding him tight. 
"I'm sorry, Tae," Jungkook mumbles into his shoulder. 
Tae smiles sadly and hugs him back tighter, "No reason to be, I make my own decisions," He knows Jungkook is thinking about what happened all those years ago, "Besides, it's you and me forever, right Kook?"
Jungkook nods, his face still stuffed into Tae's shoulder. 
Tae chuckles, "Then what else was I supposed to do?"
Jungkook shrugs and Taehyung laughs again at the fact that the boy won't pull away. 
Tae pats him hard on the back. 
Jungkook finally pulls away, "I want to fight."
"What are you fighting for?"
"I'm not going to lose any of you."
Tae smirks and Jungkook sees the usual glint of mischief in his eyes.
Jimin sits on the couch with his head in his hands for what seems like hours. 
All he can do is sit here and listen to your angry and heartbroken sobs. 
Pumpkin keeps mewling at his legs, clearly worried about you. 
"I know girl, I'm worried too," Jimin says as he pets the small cat. 
After a while, it's quiet. 
Jimin waits a little bit longer, then he starts to get worried. 
It's too quiet. 
He stands up and walks back to your room. 
A gentle turn of the knob and he knows it isn't locked. 
He opens the door to see you lying on your bed, knocked out cold. Your hair is a knotted mess and sticking to your tear-stained, pink cheeks. 
He sighs as he watches you breathe softly, a small frown on your face. 
Jungkook is a fucking dumbass. 
You deserved so much better than what you got. 
He wishes he could give it to you, but he loves you like a best friend, a little sister, nothing more. 
He had hoped Jungkook could give it to you. 
Guess not. 
Jimin is just about to close the door when he sees you shift and open your eyes. 
"Yes, it's me."
You reach a hand out and gesture for him to come to you. 
He walks across the room and takes a seat on the side of your bed. 
"How are you feeling?"
"Makes sense, your body is worn out."
You nod and he sees tears welling up in your eyes again. 
"I'm so sorry, ____."
You force a tearful smile onto your face, "At l-least I haven't l-l-lost you, right?"
Jimin nods and grabs your hand, "You couldn't get rid of me if you tried."
You squeeze his hand, silently thanking him. 
It's quiet for a moment before you ask quietly, "W-Why did th-they leave me?"
Jimin bites his lip harshly, "I can't imagine why, ____. But you deserve so much better than that. You are loved and cared about, it doesn't have to come from them."
"I th-thought Mina loved m-me," A little tear slips out and falls down your cheek. 
Jimin wipes it away, "People change, for good or bad. I doubt she was always like this."
You shrug, "I d-don't know anyth-thing anymore."
"Just know that I'm here, and always will be."
"Thank y-you."
"You need to give her a few days."
Jungkook wrings his hands anxiously at Tae's instruction. 
"What if- what if that makes it worse?"
Tae shakes his head, "This isn't just a fight between a couple that should be resolved quickly. This is ____'s entire life being flipped upside down. You even being around her could trigger her, it’s futile right now. You need to let her at least calm down a little."
"Fuck, why does everything keep going wrong?" Jungkook runs his hands through his hair. 
"You two have been through a lot, on your own and together. No relationship is going to be easy, but this one needs a hell of a lot more communication, honesty, and trust."
Jungkook nods, he knows he's the one to blame, you didn't do anything wrong. 
He never gave you any reason to trust him, and yet you did. 
He lied, time and time again, even when you were open and honest. 
All he did was lie.
He single-handedly broke your sweet and trusting nature. 
That thought makes him ill. 
"Ok, but what do I do after she calms down?"
"Talk to her."
"What if she doesn't listen-"
"And what if she punches you in the face? And what if the sky falls and we all fucking die and it doesn't matter anyway?"
Jungkook glares at him. 
"Just stop it with the what if's Jungkook. Those only make it worse, you know that. Right now you need to get yourself together and figure out how you're going to explain things to her when she is ready."
Jungkook sits hard on the couch, dropping his head to his hands. 
It's been a few days since everything happened. 
Jimin smiles sadly when he comes into the apartment to see you wrapped in a blanket, nothing but your tired face peeking out, your eyes glued to the TV as you watch one of your favorite comfort shows from your childhood. 
You haven't said much since Wednesday and you called into work for the week, which is something you've never done since working there. 
It's Saturday now, he's hoping he can get you back to work by Monday. 
Your little ducklings can help heal the pain you've been in for days. 
"Have you eaten?"
You shake your head, your eyes not leaving the screen. 
"It's after one, ____."
You don't answer, just keep watching the silly show. 
Jimin sighs and moves to the kitchen, hoping he can scrounge something up that you'll eat. 
A few minutes later, he sets a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese in front of you. 
You stare at it for a second before Jimin sees your eyes well up with tears. 
A little tear slips out and runs down your cheek before you look back at the TV. 
"I'm- I'm n-not hungry."
You tried so hard not to let yourself think about him, but it's been practically impossible since every little thing is a trigger. 
That day he made you the cheesy eggs was the day he promised he was going to keep you safe no matter what. 
You stare at the show. You're seeing it, but you're not processing it. 
"I think you need to talk to him."
It's the next day and you're sitting at the table with Jimin as he tries to get you to eat a bowl of oatmeal. 
You glare at him, "I'm never- n-never talking to h-him again."
"____, remember how communication has helped you in the past-"
"Y-You mean back when- when he was ly-lying to me? About everything? I w-was the only one c-communicating."
Jimin sighs, "I know, I know. I'm pissed too, I would break his fucking jaw this instant if he were here. But I also see that you're suffering. I don't want you to talk to him for his sake, but for yours. I want you to get the chance to tell him what you want. You deserve closure."
What if I don’t want closure?
You poke at the oatmeal with your spoon, "I don't w-want to see him."
"I don't blame you."
Jimin sees your furrowed brows as you stir the cold food. 
"How c-could he do this- th-this to me?" Your best friend sees a small tear slip out as you whisper the words brokenly, "I thought h-he cared about me."
He swallows hard, hating what he's about to say. 
"I don't like to admit this, ____. I despise his very existence right now, but..."
You look at him. 
"He-...I think I believe him..."
Jimin sighs and puts his head in his hands when you give him a look of disbelief. 
"I don't know. I just- he just-...ugh."
You stay silent as Jimin fights internally with himself. 
"I don't think he meant to hurt you this bad, I really don't. Is he a dumbass? Yes. An asshole? Yeah, for sure. But did he intentionally use you?...I really don't think he did."
You set down your spoon and sigh. 
"Why d-do I still care ab-about him?" 
"Because you love him."
You keep your eyes trained on the table even as Jimin places a comforting hand on your arm. 
"When you love someone, you don't suddenly unlove them. If you were just infatuated with him, that would be another story. If you just had a crush and he did something you didn't like and you decided not to pursue it anymore, that makes sense, I guess."
You hate this, you hate that he's right. 
"But he-..."
"He what? He didn't kill you, and he didn't kill your family. Only the Lord knows how much money that kid was supposed to get for killing you. He gave that up."
You scoff, "I sh-should be impressed that he g-g-gave up money for someone he cl-claimed to like? The b-bar is low with that suggestion."
Jimin nods, "You're right. But, did you think about why he might have needed that money?"
"Aren't all h-hitmen just s-selfish?"
Jimin shrugs, "I must admit this is my first time ever meeting one, so I have no idea."
You stand up, "He l-lied to me, J-Jimin..."
"I know-"
You look at your best friend, tears welling up in your eyes. 
"I l-lied to him too, but I always c-came clean. And th-then we pr-promised we'd stop lying. I k-kept that promise. He didn't. I d-don't know what were lies and w-what was the truth. I d-don't even know if I knew h-him at all."
He just stares at your cold oatmeal as tears stream down your face. 
"I d-don't love him. I l-love who he made m-me believe he was."
Then you turn and leave. 
Jimin only looks up when he hears your bedroom door shut softly. 
It's been two weeks since the day you found out the truth. 
You've been back at work and trying your best to figure out how to live your life now. 
You’re never hungry anymore and you’re beyond dehydrated from crying yourself to sleep every single night.
You lost your family, your best friend, and the boy you were in love with all in the span of a few hours. 
Two weeks time isn't going to heal that. 
You haven't heard a word from Mina and you couldn't care less. 
At least that's what you tell yourself. 
It hurts less to be angry.
Jimin told you that Jungkook has been calling him nonstop, every day for the past week and a half, without fail. He's been begging Jimin to let him talk to you. 
But you can't. 
You can't face him right now. 
You're so hurt and not to mention humiliated. 
You must have looked so stupid, this whole time. You trusted him and followed him without question. 
He knows you're in love with him, he has to know. 
You were so embarrassingly obvious. 
Every time you think about how stupid you must have looked, it makes you sick. 
But the pain in your heart is far worse than anything you've ever experienced. 
He was the only one that was ever able to calm that ache before. 
"I can't, I can't fucking take it."
"It's killing me, Tae, fuck."
"I know, I wish I knew how to fix it."
Jungkook shakes his head, "You can't fix everything for me, I need to do it myself. I just don't know how. She won't talk to me. Fuck, I miss her."
Tae has been the only one able to make sure Jungkook doesn’t fall into a pit of despair. He makes sure he gets him to eat because he needs to be able to take care of you. He needs to sleep so he can figure out how to get you to listen to him. Jungkook is only still together because he needs to be, for you. 
He can’t afford to give up.
Tae sighs, "Maybe you should just make her listen, then."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean it's been two weeks. I know she's hurting, but I was hoping she would calm down after a few days. It was stupid of me to think that."
It's quiet for a minute, then Jungkook walks over to the door, "I'm going to talk to her, I can't do this anymore."
"Just be careful, don't make it worse."
"I don't know if anything can make it worse at this point-"
He gets cut off at the sound of Tae's phone ringing. 
Tae holds up a hand, signaling for Jungkook to wait. 
Jungkook watches while Tae's eyebrows furrow as he listens to whoever is on the other end. 
"Ok, thanks hyung."
He hangs up and looks at Jungkook, "It was Joon hyung, he's got a bad feeling. He said that he's encountered a hit like this before and he forgot about it until now. Something's wrong."
Jungkook's eyes narrow and he sits there for a second, contemplating something. 
"Call him back, tell him to confirm the address that Mina gave to me."
"Jungkook, what are you doing-"
Jungkook pushes past him and goes over to his closet to start pulling things out and putting them on. 
"I'm going to find this bastard myself since the police can't do a damn fucking thing."
"What about talking to ____?" 
Jungkook pulls the harness over himself and slips a few different small knives into the pockets hidden around. 
"I'll talk to her after he's out of the picture."
Tae sighs, "I'll come with you-"
"No, I need you to stay here and watch over her. Don't let her out of your sight, Tae, please."
Tae nods, "Ok, I won't."
"Thank you," Jungkook slips two small guns into his holsters, then he looks at Tae, "Text me when hyung confirms it with you."
Tae nods, watching as Jungkook leaves without another word. 
Two days after Jungkook left is when you catch Tae watching you. 
His eyes widen and he hides behind a newspaper he was pretending to read. 
You stare at him for a minute while the kids continue to get picked up. 
Only after the last kid leaves with their parents, do you approach him. 
You're not sure why he bothered to stay after being caught, but he looks at you sheepishly as you cross the street to stand in front of him where he sits on a bench. 
The same bench where Jungkook sat when you drew him that picture. 
You were such a naive idiot. 
"W-What do you w-want, Taehyung?"
He sets down the paper, "I just wanted to see how you were doing-"
"Why do y-you care?"
He bites his lip, "Because I do care about you, ____. I hope you know that."
You just stare at him, emotionless. 
Damn, he's never seen you look so lifeless before. 
You've changed. 
"I th-think you should leave."
"I just wanted to-"
"I'm asking y-you to leave me alone-"
"Do you still love him?"
You take a deep breath and look Tae dead in the eye, "I l-loved who I thought he was."
He notices that you speak slower, almost as if in an attempt to stop your stutter. 
His eyes drop and he sees the bracelet on your wrist, the black and yellow one that Jungkook also wears. 
He hasn't taken it off once, refuses to. 
"He's who you thought he was, I swear. The only difference is that he's a hitman-"
You scoff bitterly, taking Tae by surprise. 
"The only d-difference is that he kills people?" You speak so slowly it's painful. 
Well, if you put it like that...
Tae sighs, "____, he's lived this life since he was thirteen. And before that-"
You hold up a hand, "If he can't t-tell me his past himself, I d-don't want to hear it. Why does he send you t-to do his dirty work?"
"Would you talk to him if he came himself?"
You fold your arms and look away. 
"I'm not here to explain Jungkook to you. He wants to do that himself. I'm here to protect you."
You finally look back at him. 
"W-What do you mean? Where is h-he?"
"He left."
He sees you smile bitterly, then you nod as if understanding something. 
"Right, w-well you're free to go."
"He's coming back though-"
"You know w-what Tae? You hurt me. And y-you being here r-right now is killing me, so please- p-please leave."
"____, I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry."
You won't even look at him as your eyes brim with tears. 
"Yeah, m-me too."
Then you turn and walk away, crossing the street and heading back into the school. 
Taehyung sighs as he watches the doors close behind you. 
He could see the pain in your eyes. 
You acted cold to cover it up, but he saw right through you. 
He saw the way you held yourself back.
You still love Jungkook, he could sense it.
He doesn't think he's ever seen someone so gentle and kind in so much silent agony before. 
"The address was fucking fake."
Tae closes his eyes at Jungkook's words. 
"I fucking knew we couldn't trust that bitch!" 
Tae holds the phone away from his ear to protect his eardrums as Jungkook cusses up a storm. 
"Ok, we'll figure it out-"
"Figure it out how?! I have nothing! And ____ won't even let me talk to her! What the hell am I supposed to do? I don't know what to do, Tae."
"Well, first, come back home. We'll put together a plan, we just need to clear our heads or we won't be able to think straight anyway."
Jungkook growls, "Fine. But we're out of time, we need to think fast."
You sigh tiredly, sitting at your desk. 
It's Thursday and you saw Tae on Monday. 
You haven't seen him since. 
The kids are out at recess and you're supposed to be using this time to eat your lunch and relax, but you can't stop thinking about Jungkook. 
You hate how much he occupies your brain, every second of every day. 
You decide to scroll on your phone, trying to distract yourself from any thoughts of him. You just open random apps and scroll through them mindlessly. 
When going through your pictures, one of Jungkook pops up randomly. 
It was from a few weeks ago. 
You took a picture of him while he was making your lunch. 
He never noticed. 
Your throat closes up, but you can't help but look. 
His hands are carefully holding a piece of watermelon while he cuts it into little squares. Next to it is a cookie cutter that he will use to make it cute for you.
You swipe and see the next picture is the one Taehyung sent to you; you sitting on the floor between Jungkook's legs, laughing at Tae who you remember said something funny to get your attention. You hadn't known he was taking a picture.
Jungkook's face is concentrated, his fingers wrapped in your hair as he attempts to do a hairstyle he just learned. 
Then you notice the tiniest hint of a smile on Jungkook's face. 
You don't think he heard what Tae had said though, he had asked him to repeat it...
Realization hits you like a brick, that Jungkook had been smiling at your laugh, even though he hadn't heard Tae. 
The image blurs and you scroll on. 
The next one is a video Taehyung had also taken and sent to you. 
Tae must be laying on Jungkook's bed from the angle the video is taken at. 
You and Jungkook are bickering over something, but you can't hear what it is. You think you remember telling him to pick what to eat and he wanted you to pick. 
Then Jungkook starts tickling you and you scream and try to get away, but he wraps you in his arms and holds you while you both laugh. 
"Why don't you just let me pick? Nobody cared to ask me." Tae calls out in a pouty voice, then the video ends. 
You swallow thickly and exit out of your gallery before setting the phone down. 
Why did you do this to yourself? 
It was all a lie.
Why can't he just stop haunting you?
It's because you love him, ____. 
Jimin's words flit through your brain. 
You shake your head to clear it. 
You don't love him. 
You were just a silly naive little girl. 
You're not going to let yourself get that vulnerable again. 
You won't let someone hurt you like this again. 
"Miss ____! Miss ____!"
"What's up, m-my dear?" You bend down to the little girl that was pulling on the shorts of your overalls. 
"It's Friday!!" 
You smile at her excitement, "Yes, it is! D-Do you know what th-that means?"
She nods, "It means we have no schoooool tomorroooooow!!"
The rest of the class whoops and you clap along with them. 
You're all ready for a much needed break from this week, it seems like everyone's moods have been down the past few days. 
"Alright e-everyone, let's put our backpacks away and c-come to the morning circle."
They all make quick work of putting their stuff away. 
You can't help but smile at the sight of all their little tiny heads as they gather around, milling about until they find their usual spots for circle time. You sit criss-cross applesauce at the front of the circle, next to a tiny boy on your left and an even smaller girl on your right. 
"Miss ____?"
You turn to the little boy, "Yes, J-Jisung?"
He takes your face in his small hands, cupping your cheeks and looking into your eyes. 
"You make me happy."
Your eyes well up with tears as you smile and try to blink them away. 
"You make m-me happy too, J-Jisung."
His bright smile makes your heart melt, then his little fingers start to mess with your space buns, twirling the hairs that have come loose from them. 
Jimin offered to do your hair this morning, and it was honestly hard to sit through. 
He did a great job, but you couldn't stop thinking about how gentle Jungkook was and how much effort he put into the simplest of hairstyles, his fingers brushing against your neck every once in a while, making your breath hitch in your throat. 
Jisung giggles and twirls one more strand of hair before circle time begins. 
The kids are all busy drawing their favorite animals as you sit at your desk and sort through the next lesson you're going to do right after lunch time. 
You're sorting piles of pictures and words for the activity when suddenly, out of nowhere, the conversation you had with Jungkook the night before you found out the truth pops into your head. 
"I need you to know that I only see you, and I will only ever see you. No matter what happens, ____, please. Please know me."
"J-Jungkook, what are you on a-about? What's g-going to happen?"
"Just- promise me. Promise me that you'll see me."
"Miss ____?"
You snap back to the present and see Aria, a new child in the class, standing in front of you. 
"H-How can I help yo-you, Aria?"
She points at the ground near the foot of your chair. 
You look down to see a mess of the pictures you were sorting. 
You must have dropped them. 
You bend down to pick them up and she kneels down to help you. 
You thank her as she hands the papers to you. 
"You're welcome, Miss ____. Do you want to see my unicorn?"
You set the papers down and nod enthusiastically, "I w-would love to! Show me!" You stand up and follow her to her seat where she shows you her unicorn. 
You gush over it before doing the same to all the other kids in the class as they show you their pictures. 
Then you put on the clean up song and they all start to put away their materials, their squeaky voices singing along to the catchy music. 
You're helping a little girl fit some crayons back into the box they came from when you hear an odd sound. 
It sounded almost like a loud slam, like something heavy fell and hit the ground. 
It must have happened in a different classroom. 
You continue to help put the crayons away, giving the small girl the last crayon so she can proudly put it away. 
"Why are they screaming?"
The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear a girl ask that. 
"Who's sc-screaming, sweetie?"
Then you hear it. 
There's another loud bang, followed by piercing screams echoing down the hall. 
You stand up and look at your open classroom door. 
What's going on? 
A tiny hand grabs your own, "I'm scared," The little boy who grabs you whispers. 
You pat him on the head comfortingly, then you walk over to the door and peek your head out into the hall. 
It's dead silent for a minute before you hear someone shouting something, but you can't tell what they're saying. 
Three deafening bangs follow and you stumble back into your classroom, your gut twisting in horror. 
That's a gun. 
You shut the classroom door and pull down the tiny curtain on the little window, then you lock the door as quietly as you can. 
You turn to see thirteen little pairs of eyes staring at you in terror, some of them already overflowing with tears. 
"What's going on, Miss ____?"
You put a finger to your lips, and give them a smile. 
"Shh, w-we're going to play a g-game, okay?" You whisper, trying not to let it show how shaky your voice is. 
They all nod, still looking at you fearfully. 
"We're playing the- the quiet g-game," You walk over to them and usher them to the other side of the room, "C-Come on, ducklings."
They follow you until you get to the little area where you wash hands. 
"Everyone is g-going to hide, okay? D-Don't come out unti-until I come get you, alright?"
They all nod once more, dutifully staying quiet even as tears pour down their little cheeks. 
Another shot out in the hall has most of them covering their ears, their eyes wide as they wait for your instructions. 
You look around for a second, then you nod to yourself and grab the child nearest to you and lift him up onto the counter. 
You open the cabinets and push stuff aside until you can fit him inside. 
Then you take the next child and the next. 
Some go in the upper cabinets, some in the lower ones on the ground, then when there's no more space in the hand washing area, you bring the rest of the kids to the craft and toy areas and put them into the cabinets there. 
Thank goodness they're so tiny. 
When you're closing the cabinet door on the last child, she stops you with a hand to yours. 
"What about you, Miss ____? Aren't you going to hide too?"
You look at her with tears in your eyes as she whimpers. 
You nod, "Mhm," The lie comes easily, "Bu-But I'm too big f-for these cabinets. I'll f-find my own space."
She nods tearfully, then waves with her tiny little hand as you close the door. 
You take a step back and observe the classroom. 
There's no sign of the kids at all. 
Thank you...
Just then, your classroom door trembles under the pressure of something being thrown against it. 
You turn to see it struggling to stay closed. 
An ear-splitting bang sounds and the door swings open. 
The intruder shot the lock off before kicking it in. 
You swallow thickly as a tall man with a black face mask comes into the room, a gun hanging limply at his side. 
"Well, well, well," He mumbles as he walks closer to you, "So, we meet again, ____. I'll be sure to finish the job this time."
Jungkook looks up from the map of a building he was examining as Tae busts into the apartment. 
"What? What is it?"
Tae struggles to catch his breath after having run up three flights of stairs, flying up them like a bat out of hell. 
"I- oh fuck- the school-"
"Tae, take a deep breath, then tell me-"
"It's ____!" 
Jungkook's face falls and he stands up, "What? Where is she? Is she okay-"
"The school," Tae gasps, "There was an intruder, the police are outside it now, trying to get the guy to come out before they go in-"
He doesn't even finish his sentence before Jungkook is running out of the apartment, Tae hot on his heels. 
Please, don't let me be too late. 
Please, don't do this to me. 
Please, God, don't do this to me.
Jungkook keeps chanting it over and over in his head as the motorcycle streaks past stores and cars, Taehyung's right behind him. The speed limit is not a priority right now.
Don't do this to me.
"Where are your little ducklings, hm?"
You swallow again, trying to find your voice. 
Who is he? And how does he know your name and what you call your kids?
He reaches up and pulls the mask off. 
Under any other circumstances ever, one might find him handsome. 
But to you, he's repulsive as he smirks and takes a step towards you. 
You're about to take a step back but then you realize you would be leading him closer to the little ones. 
So you start moving at an angle, away from him, but also away from your kids. 
He watches you in amusement, "Cat got your tongue, sweet?" 
You shake your head, "Th-They're not here."
He looks around, then back at you. 
"Where are they?"
"Th-They just went to lunch," Your voice is steady but your hands shake uncontrollably. 
He notices this and his smirk widens, "What a damn shame. Would've liked to meet them-"
"Who- who are you?"
He looks back at you steadily, "I'm hurt you don't remember me, although I suppose that's my fault."
His voice sounds familiar...
"Cute stutter by the way."
You just stare at him. 
He chuckles, "You're a little slow, huh? Nothing like the little spitfire that stood up to Dae after what happened that night."
Didn't Mina say that name?
"Who is D-Dae?"
He chuckles again, "Never mind, no use bringing up the past."
"I'm sorry it had be like this, ____."
The words from your dream a while ago come rushing into your brain. 
Wait a second...
You know him. 
But how?
From where?
Who is he?
The man chuckles again and brings up his gun to inspect it, as if it's a piece of art in a gallery. 
"Who a-are you?" You try again to find out, more so to distract him from the tiny whimper you just heard come from the craft area. 
Please be quiet, babies. 
He looks back at you, "I guess you could say we used to be friends."
"W-Why aren't we friends an-anymore?"
You see some emotion flit across his gaze but it's too quick to catch what it was. 
You feel a lift in your chest at the sound of the cops speaking into a microphone. 
He can't get away, he has no choice but to listen to them. 
Then your stomach drops again when all he does is smile. 
"You think I'm scared of a couple cops?" He steps closer to you, "I didn't come here to kill random people and leave without getting caught."
Your throat seizes up when he gets in your face, "I came here to finish the job I started. I know I'm going to get caught, I'm betting on it," He whispers in your ear, "As long as the job gets done. I have a reputation to save."
Another tiny whimper comes, from the toys this time. 
But this time he hears it. 
Your heart stops in your chest at the sound and the look on his face when he looks back at you. 
"Why d-do you want me dead?" 
Please don't look for the kids, please don't look for the kids.
He doesn't investigate the sound further, he must have thought you made it, because he just smiles. 
"You should've just dated him."
He takes a step back and raises the gun until it's level with your head. 
"Any last words, ____?"
The police are sending another warning, the microphone so loud but so distant as you square your shoulders and stare down the barrel of the gun, unflinching even while your knees shake as they try to hold you up. 
You glance up at him one more time and see a flicker of sympathy cross his face. 
That's what breaks the dam. 
The memories come flooding back, zipping through your mind like a rollercoaster that you can barely stay on. 
The lawn mowing, the gardening, Mina laughing at you as you act silly, meeting Dae, the drug dealing, the gut-wrenching fear, the phone calls, the night Dae raped you, the rain pouring down your face as your body is wracked with pain. 
Kai standing in front of you in the rain, the same look of sympathy on his face. 
His last words to you before it all went black. 
It's all playing like a movie reel, your life going by in record time. 
His eyes widen for a second before he grips the gun tighter, "So, you remember?"
You nod slowly. 
He drops the gun and laughs bitterly, "Well, damn. That almost makes it harder."
Kai turns and stalks towards the door, then he turns and raises the gun again. 
Funnily enough, the last face to come to your mind when his finger lands on the trigger, is Jungkook's. 
You close your eyes, waiting for the pain to come as you finally let yourself think of him. 
Then the sound of a gun cocking reaches your ears. 
But Kai's gun was already ready...?
You peek open an eye to see a gun pointed right at Kai's head. 
The holder of the gun is out of sight, still outside of the room. 
But you can see his wrist. 
The black and yellow bracelet that’s still there. 
You choke back a sob of relief. 
"Put the gun down right now or I blow your fucking head off."
Jungkook's words are laced in a promise that's sure to come swiftly if not heeded. 
Kai lowers the gun slowly then stumbles when Jungkook shoves him into the room. 
"Drop it, you bastard."
You're still as a statue as you watch the exchange. 
Kai drops the gun on the ground, but his eyes are trained on you. 
You can't tell if he looks sorry or like he wants to kill you. 
Jungkook presses the gun into the side of Kai's head, "Get on your knees," He growls. 
Kai listens immediately, dropping to his knees and grunting when Jungkook grabs one of his arms and twists it behind his back at an unnatural angle. 
Only then does Jungkook glance up at you, his eyes full of fear that you hadn't seen till now. 
"Are you okay?" He asks, still holding Kai firmly. 
You nod slowly. 
Jungkook knees Kai in the back when he talks, making the other hitman arch his back in pain. 
"Shut the fuck up," Jungkook seethes. 
"What're you going to do? Kill me?" The man taunts. 
Jungkook presses the gun to his temple harder, "Maybe I should."
You watch in horror as he threatens to shoot Kai's head off. 
Oh gosh, you can't look at this. 
You raise your hands to cover your face, praying the police just come in already and arrest Kai before Jungkook follows through on his promise. 
But when you flinch to cover your face, it startles Jungkook, who looks up to see if you're okay. 
That was his mistake. 
Kai takes that opportunity to bring his free arm back and elbow Jungkook in the stomach. 
It's a moment of struggle before Kai grabs the second gun that was at his waist, and shoots blindly. 
"____!" Jungkook screams, his warning too late.
You feel a searing pain on your arm and fall to the ground. 
You didn't even have time to scream. 
But it doesn't hurt anymore. 
It feels like nothing. 
You look down shakily to see blood flowing freely down your arm. 
Did he...did he just shoot you?
Are-...are you dead?
You can't feel any pain. 
Then a shout of horror leaves you when you realize that the bullet isn't in you. 
You turn and crawl frantically towards the toy area. 
You're sobbing as you open the cabinet the bullet went through. 
Jisung is there, perfectly alive and unharmed, tears streaming down his face and his hands over his ears. He's squished up against the side of the cabinet, the bullet hole a few inches away from where he sits. 
"Oh God," You sob and pull him out and into your arms. 
He wraps his arms around you, both of you shaking uncontrollably. 
With Jisung close to your chest, you look over to see Kai blacked out on the floor and Jungkook breathing heavily over him. 
He had just slammed the gun into the side of his head and knocked him out. 
Jungkook steps over the unconscious man and runs to you, falling to his knees next to you and the small boy. 
"Are you two okay?" 
You nod as Jisung clings to you and looks at Jungkook with fear. 
"He's th-the good guy," You whisper to Jisung as he stuffs his face into your chest. 
Jungkook's heart starts pounding even harder than it was when he hears your words. 
Then he notices the blood covering your arm. 
His heart stutters in his chest as he grabs your arm and gently pulls it to him, his eyes flying up to yours when you wince. 
Ok, now you can feel it. 
Your arm feels like it's about to fall off, the pain is excruciating. 
"Fuck," Jungkook whispers, "____, I need to get you out of here."
You shake your head and look over at Kai, "I n-need to get the- the kids."
Jungkook looks over at the door at the sound of the cops coming down the hall. 
He had snuck in through a back window. 
He knew they wouldn't let him in and that they would be too late. 
"Where are they?" He asks breathlessly. 
You jerk your head towards the cabinets. 
Jungkook opens one to see another small boy cowering in it. 
He pulls him out. 
"They're in a-a-all of the cabinets," You whisper, trying to keep yourself together with the pain in your arm. 
You look back at Kai, not trusting that he's not a threat. 
Jungkook hurries over to the hand washing area and opens a higher cabinet, seeing a very tiny girl looking at him with wide eyes. 
He carefully takes her out and sets her on the ground. 
"Jungkook," You say quietly. 
He turns to see you pointing at Kai, who's starting to shift. 
Jungkook hurries over and restrains him even though he's only half conscious, and he has no more weapons. 
"Can you get them?" Jungkook asks, his worried eyes looking at your arm. 
You nod and let go of Jisung before standing up and going around the room, taking all the kids from the cabinets, making sure they're okay and having them gather in the middle of the room. 
When all thirteen of them are accounted for, you hear the sound of the police kicking in classroom doors and shouting not far down the hall. 
You look at Jungkook. 
He needs to get out of here. 
But he doesn't run, even when they reach your room. He stays on the ground, keeping Kai still. 
The cops grab Kai, several of them handcuffing and restraining him as they drag him out of the room. 
You see one of them say something to Jungkook, to which he nods. 
A girl cop comes over to you and the kids, "Is everyone alright?"
You nod, "They're o-okay."
You had slipped your cardigan over your wound so the kids wouldn't see it.
The police officer leads you and the kids out. 
But as you're the last one leaving the room, you feel a tug on your arm. 
"I need to leave. Please, come with me."
You stare at him for a second, then you look back out the door where your kids are being comforted by officers. 
He must have assumed you were still angry because he grabs your hand and drags you to the window with him without another word.
You don't fight him. 
Jungkook opens the window and climbs out, "Come on," He gestures for you to come through next. 
You slip your legs out, trying to support yourself enough to not fall through. 
But your injured arm gives out as you cry out in pain. 
You almost tumble out of the window, but Jungkook catches you and carefully lowers you to the ground. 
His face is so close to yours. 
Closer than it's been in a while.
Tears fill your eyes. 
You haven't seen him in weeks. 
You missed him so much. 
Jungkook's eyes flit between yours for a second, raw emotion shining through, then he snaps out of it and pulls you down to crouch with him. 
You two are in the bushes in the back of the school just under your window.
It feels like you're in high school and sneaking out with a boy. 
"Let me see," He whispers. 
"Your arm," He says gently. 
You take off the cardigan, wincing at the pain. 
Jungkook takes your arm in his hands and inspects it carefully before breathing a sigh of relief. 
You shouldn't even need stitches, the bullet grazed you. 
It bled quite a bit, but it's already slowing down. 
Jungkook tears a piece from your cardigan, much to your dismay, then he wraps it around your wound and ties it tight. 
"We need to go," He says apologetically, "Tae can take a look at it when we get there." 
"W-Where are we g-going?"
Jungkook just stands up out of the bushes without answering you, grabs your hand, and pulls you up with him. 
"Come on," He says softly, pulling you away from the school before breaking into a jog. 
You follow him willingly, your mind still racing. 
All of the memories are still swarming in your head, you haven't gotten a chance to process them. 
Jungkook pulls you along behind him until you come to a back street. 
There's a motorcycle parked there. 
You freeze, making Jungkook stop short and look at you, "Come on, ____. We need to go."
"W-What about my k-kids? And Jimin?"
Jungkook walks back closer to you, "Your kids are in good hands, and Tae is talking with Jimin."
That encourages you to keep moving, until you get to the big black bike. 
Jungkook grabs the helmet off of it and hands it to you. 
It's heavy. 
Very heavy. 
"W-Why are we running?" You ask, your mind still back at the school. 
"The police wanted to ask me questions," He turns to look at you, "I wouldn't be able to explain it and be convincing enough."
"You c-convinced me," You say quietly. 
Jungkook swallows hard. 
Then he steps up to you and takes the heavy helmet from your hands, "I wish I had time to say more than I'm sorry, ____." 
You just look at him, your eyes brimming with tears. 
Jungkook touches your cheek lightly with the hand that's not holding the helmet at his side. 
"I really am sorry."
You nod, "I know."
Jungkook leans forward and kisses your forehead gently before pulling back. 
Then he swings his leg over the side of the motorcycle so he's straddling it. 
It just now registers in your brain that he's wearing black leather pants that stretch across his muscular thighs and a black harness with little pockets on it and little spots that look like they would hold bullets, his black sleeves covering both arms, tight enough for you to see the muscles underneath. 
Oh jeez. 
Now is not the time, ____. 
Jungkook looks back at you and smiles, "Ready?"
You shake your head. 
The young hitman laughs lightly and gestures for you to come closer to him, so you do. 
"Here," He carefully places the big helmet on your smaller head. 
"Wh-What about you?" Your little voice is muffled by the thick cover over your face. 
Jungkook's smile widens at the sight of you in your cute overall shorts, floppy yellow shirt, and a giant helmet that looks like it could swallow you whole. 
"I'll be fine," He says sweetly, "I've ridden him without a helmet. Hop on."
You hesitantly swing your leg over like you saw Jungkook do, but it's a bit harder for you, his legs are longer. 
When you're finally situated on the beast, you're hyper aware of the fact that you've slid down a bit so you're pressing into Jungkook's backside. 
In and out. 
Jungkook starts up the big bike then shouts over his shoulder, "Can you hear me?"
You put a thumbs up in front of his face so he knows you can hear him. 
"Alright, put your arms around me and hold on. Don't let go, okay?" He shouts back to you. 
You wrap your arms around his middle and hold on tight. 
Once Jungkook can feel you're secure, he starts pulling away from the curb and picks up the pace, going through the neighborhood. 
You tighten your grip on him more, your heart racing in your chest. 
You've never been on a motorcycle before. 
It's faster than you thought and you can see the trees and fences and ground racing by. 
If you fell off this thing right now, it would tear you up. 
You try not to think about the fact that you've got on shorts, and how they would be no help to your legs if this thing crashed or even just tipped over. 
Ehhhhhhng, it's tipping, it's tipping. 
The motorcycle seems to lean quite far side to side as Jungkook weaves through traffic. 
Ohhh, you're gonna be sick. 
Not from the motion, but from the fear clenching your stomach. 
The anxiety calms slightly when you come to a stop behind a car at a red light just before the highway. 
"You good?" Jungkook calls back. 
You squeeze him and give him a thumbs up before quickly holding on again. 
Jungkook turns his attention back to the light and pulls up the mask that was around his neck, the engine revving on the monster you're currently straddling as it gets ready to go again. 
You're not sure what compels you to look back, but you do. 
It must have been your guardian angel. 
You can't see super well through the helmet because of the angle you're at, but you see a small red car a few cars back and there are two burly men in it looking right at you and Jungkook. 
One of them has a gun. 
You frantically tug on Jungkook's shirt. 
"What is it?"
"G-Guys with guns!" You scream just as the light turns green. 
Jungkook looks back to see the car you saw and then the next thing you know, you're speeding away. 
Your stomach does flips when Jungkook starts zipping in and out of traffic, cutting people off as he zigzags through. 
Please don't let us die. 
Please don't let us die. 
Don't crash, don't crash, don't crash. 
You say it over and over again in your head as Jungkook picks up the speed even more. 
I promise I won’t hold a grudge anymore if we make it out of this alive.
You find the courage to turn your head and see the small red car also zigzagging through the traffic, gaining on you. 
The guy in the passenger seat with the gun leans out the window and points it at you two. 
"Jungkook!" You shriek. 
Just as the man fires the gun, Jungkook makes a quick turn slightly to the right to get in front of another car. 
You squeal at the sound of the bullet hitting a random car and hold onto Jungkook for dear life.
*pang! pang!*
Please don't let anyone die.
Please, please, please.
You hear the engine rev up some more as the motorcycle reaches a speed you didn't know was possible. 
Your eyes are pinched shut so hard that it's starting to hurt. But you can't stand to look at the world fly by at breakneck speed as Jungkook continues to weave through the cars on the highway, so you keep them closed. He must be going at least a hundred miles an hour if not more.
Jungkook looks over his shoulder to see that you two lost the car. 
Thank fuck. 
He continues at the speed he's going, heading straight for Busan. 
You aren't sure how long the two of you are on that motorcycle, but it feels like forever. 
The highway is empty, the last car you saw was probably about half an hour ago. A brief moment passes that you wonder why it's so dead, but you're so tired you don't think too much into it. 
After a while, a sign streaks by that says Busan is in two exits. 
That must be where he's taking you. 
You feel the motorcycle start to slow down as it comes to the exit Jungkook needs.
He takes the exit and slows down even more as you approach a light that's yellow. 
Jungkook stops the motorcycle just as the light turns red. His legs stretch out and touch his feet to the ground to prevent the motorcycle from falling to one side.
You yawn and hug him tighter, then you feel Jungkook cover your hands with one of his, gently rubbing them as they rest on his stomach. 
A tired smile spreads on your face when you feel him lift your hand and kiss the back of it before holding it in his own for a minute. 
You can't wait to get this darned helmet off, it's still so heavy. 
Why are you so sleepy?
It must be around four o'clock already. 
And you haven't eaten anything at all today, having skipped breakfast because you didn't have an appetite. 
"I'm sorry, ____. But I'm gonna have to go around for a bit, I want to make sure we're not being followed once we get into Busan."
You nod tiredly, "Ok," Your voice is still muffled by the helmet, but he hears you. 
The light turns green and you're off once again. 
For the next almost two hours, you're driving around different little towns, watching as the old buildings pass by, much slower than earlier today. 
By the time Jungkook parks the motorcycle in front of a small house, the sun has set and half of your butt is screaming at you, the other half is just numb. 
You see another motorcycle, a black one that looks to be even bigger than Jungkook's. It's parked a few feet ahead of you. 
Your arms feel stiff as boards when you try to take them from around him. 
Jungkook chuckles as he climbs off and turns to face you, "You must be really sore, I'm sorry."
The helmet bobs up and down, and he laughs before reaching over and pulling it off your head to see your exhausted, but sweet as ever face.
The young hitman puts the helmet on the handlebars, then holds out a hand for you to take so that you can climb off this beast of a machine that you've been on for hours. 
You wince as you get off and inch forward, bent over like a little old lady as you hobble towards the door Jungkook is leading you to. 
He bites back another laugh at the sound of you moaning and groaning tiredly, complaining about how your butt is broken for sure as you slowly climb the steps. 
He knocks on the door with his free hand, the one not being squeezed with a vice grip as you moan once more. 
The door opens and you see Tae standing there with a small smile on his face. 
"You got her."
Jungkook nods, "Almost all in one piece."
You send him a glare and take Tae's outstretched hand to help you up the step into the house. 
You're so tired you don't see much of the darkened house as the two boys lead you through what you assume is a living room, a hallway, and then into a bedroom. 
You think Tae is asking if you want food. 
You do, but you're afraid you might fall asleep while eating it and choke to death, so you wave him off with a quiet no thank you. 
There's a mattress on the floor in the bedroom and Jungkook helps you lay on it. You flop down with a tired groan, "W-What time is it?"
Jungkook sits on the edge of the mattress, "It's time for you to sleep," He whispers, brushing away the hair that's fallen into your face. 
"I'm w-worried about my d-ducklings," You pout.
"They're okay," Jungkook says softly as he runs his fingers down your cheeks, tracing your face gently. The action makes you even more sleepy, your eyes drooping, his beautiful face starting to blur. 
"I m-missed you," You mumble before drifting off to sleep. 
Jungkook swallows the lump in his throat, still running his fingers down your soft face. 
"I missed you too," Jungkook says as quietly as he can, not wanting to wake you. 
He didn't realize how much it hurt to be without you until it happened. It nearly killed him being away from you for so long. But he doesn't blame you. Still, the relief that you're safe and with him is something he can't even describe. 
There's a soft knock on the door and Jungkook turns his head to see Tae peeking in, "Is she asleep?" He whispers. 
Jungkook nods and looks back at you. 
Tae smiles softly, "I'm gonna head to bed, sleep well Kook."
"You too."
Tae shuts the door gently, then heads to the other bedroom to get some sleep. 
Jungkook stays up for another half hour at least, just watching you sleep and thanking whoever might be listening that you're safe. He was so close to losing you today. 
When he's finally too tired to keep his eyes open another moment, he grabs an extra blanket at the foot of the bed and places it on the floor, then he lies down on it, still facing the mattress where you sleep soundly. 
He keeps his eyes on your sweet face until sleep takes him. 
The light streaming in through the window is what wakes you from your slumber. 
But the growling in your stomach is what keeps you from falling back asleep again. 
Ugh, you're gonna be sick you're so hungry. 
You open your eyes to see Jungkook asleep on the floor next to the mattress you're on. 
You frown and sit up on your elbow. 
Why is he sleeping on the floor?
You reach over to wake him and tell him to move to the bed, but then you stop. 
He's sleeping so well, you don't want to be the reason he loses more sleep. 
But you can't stop yourself from gently touching his cheek with the tip of your finger. Then you bring your finger to his nose and run the tip down to the rounded end. 
He has such a cute nose. 
Your heart aches in your chest as you look at him sleeping. 
He looks so innocent...
Has he really killed people?
For money?
Your mind flashes back to when he threatened to blast Kai's head off. 
He was dead serious, it terrified you. 
You had never seen him like that before, and you hope you'll never see it again. 
You pull your hand back and sigh. 
A few minutes pass by as you just watch him. 
It reaches a point though, that you can't even think about waiting another moment before eating. You really might be sick. 
So, you quietly get off the mattress, step over Jungkook, and leave the room, closing the door softly behind you. 
When you come out from the hall into the living room, you look around. 
Where are you, anyway?
This place looks abandoned, the curtains are torn and there's an old couch, but nothing else. 
You turn and head towards the sound coming from where you assume the kitchen is. 
You come in to see Tae biting into an apple. 
He stops midchew when he sees you. 
"You wan' some?" He asks around a mouthful of apple. 
You nod shyly. 
Tae grabs another apple from a sack on the counter and holds it out to you. 
You take it and thank him quietly. 
Taehyung just nods, then he goes back to eating his apple. 
He looks over at you every once in a while. 
After a moment of terribly awkward silence, you both speak at once. 
"____, I'm sorry-"
"I'm s-sorry, Tae-"
You both freeze and stare at each other for a second. 
Then you see a small smile break out on his face and he looks down at his half-eaten apple. 
"Can I go first?" He asks a bit sheepishly. 
You nod. 
"I uh-" Taehyung clears his throat, "I'm sorry for all of the lies. I truly am."
You don't say anything yet because you can tell he isn't finished. 
"To be honest, I hated you at first."
You remember Jungkook telling you that he and Tae had had a fight about you, that must be what he's referring to now. 
"I told Jungkook he had to kill you a long time ago. I saw that he was hesitating and I couldn't stand to see him do it. He's my best friend, and I knew what would happen if he failed the hit. He told me he did it and I believed him," Tae keeps staring at his apple, "But then I found out it was a lie. He had been protecting you for months, because he had fallen for you."
You swallow thickly and see Taehyung does the same. 
He looks at you, "I was livid. It was the angriest I had been for a long time."
"How d-did you find out?" You ask after he pauses for a while. 
He chuckles bitterly, "I was hired to kill you when he didn't."
You didn't know that. 
"Why didn't you- you?"
You see him staring at the counter now, his gaze somewhere far away. 
"I almost did. I beat the absolute shit out of Jungkook. He fought me harder than he ever had, to save you."
That makes your chest hurt. 
"I even dislocated his arm," Tae winces at the memory. 
You feel your heart continue to tear at his words. 
"I was desperate to save him, and killing you was the only way I could think to do it."
"Why w-was he in danger?"
"If you fail a hit, you're as good as dead. The person that placed the hit will find a way to destroy you, whether it be turning on you and telling the police about you, or killing you themselves. You know too much to be kept alive and free."
Jungkook kept you safe, even when his own life was on the line?
How long was he protecting you for?
Your heart aches more and more as Tae goes on. 
"That idiot wouldn't stop."
"What ch-changed your mind?" You ask quietly. 
Tae finally looks back at you. 
"Jungkook begged me, on his knees, not to kill you. His fucking dislocated arm dangling grotesquely and all. I had never seen him so broken and desperate before. That's what broke me."
You wipe away a tear that managed to escape. 
"After that, I decided to protect you. I didn't know you, but I knew you were important to the person I love most in this world. So I vowed to myself to keep you safe, even if it cost me."
You wipe at your eyes again, feeling a bit silly crying in front of him. 
Tae doesn't seem to mind though. 
He smiles at you, "Then I got to know you better, and I realized maybe Jungkook wasn't so insane after all." 
You take a deep breath. 
Taehyung sets his apple down, "I hope you can forgive me for lying to you, ____. I really had you and Jungkook's best interests at heart. I never wanted you to be hurt. And I hope you know I consider you one of my only friends."
He's making it really hard not to cry right now. 
You wipe at your eyes once more before clearing your throat. 
"I f-forgive you. I hope y-you can forgive me for being m-mean."
Tae chuckles, "You consider that being mean?"
You nod sadly, feeling bad for shutting him out. 
"Oh babe," Tae laughs, "I hope you never see me angry, you'd consider me far worse than 'mean'."
You laugh and take a bite of your apple, "Co-Considering you dislocated your best friend's sh-shoulder, I'll take your wo-word for that."
He winks at you and grabs his apple to finish it off. 
A minute later, as Tae is tossing his core out the kitchen window, you both hear pounding through the house before Jungkook comes barreling into the kitchen, "Tae, she's gone-"
He stops short when he sees you sitting at the table and chewing an apple. 
You smile at him and he sighs in relief, a hand to his heart, then he smiles back at you. 
"You scared me."
"No, no it's fine."
Your smile turns sad as you see him try to even his breathing. 
Maybe you were too hard on him...
Taehyung claps his hands, "Well, I'm out to do some scouting. I'll see you guys later."
You call goodbye to him as he leaves, waving behind him. 
Jungkook stands there awkwardly for a second, then you offer your food to him, "A-Apple?"
He looks ready to cry and you aren't quite sure why. 
He walks over to you and gently takes your hand that's holding the apple, cupping it with his warm hands. 
"You eat it," He says, his eyes never leaving yours. 
You nod and pull your hand back to take another bite, making him smile. 
Jungkook walks over to the sack and pulls out a pear. 
He eats it fairly quickly, tossing the core out the kitchen window like Tae did. 
There are so many things that need to be discussed between you two, but neither of you know where to start. 
Finally, you break the ice. 
He furrows his brows, "When what, ____?"
"When did you decide n-not to kill me?"
Jungkook swallows hard, "On the cliff."
It's your turn to be confused. 
"The d-day you got m-m-mad at me in the rain?"
Jungkook cringes at the horrid memory, but nods anyway. 
A look of realization crosses your face. 
"Oh...that's- that's why you apologized on the cliff...isn't it?"
Jungkook nods slowly. 
"You threw s-something...what was it?"
"A gun," He says quietly. 
He was going to shoot you. 
He brought you there to shoot you. 
You nod, trying to process everything. 
Jungkook runs a hand through his messy hair. 
"I- I'm sorry-"
"Don't b-be..." You say, then you look at him, "Thank yo-you, for not hurting me."
He looks away, still ashamed of everything. 
"C-Can we start over?" You ask, your voice full of raw emotion. 
Jungkook looks back at you, just looking into your eyes for a moment, "I would like that."
You stand up and walk over to him, then you hold your hand out. 
He sees tears in your eyes as he takes your hand. 
You shake his gently, "I'm ____."
Jungkook squeezes your hand a little.
You smile through your tears, "I used t-to deliver dr-drugs to make money f-for my family when m-mowing lawns wasn't eno-enough. I w-was rejected by the first boy I e-ever loved and now he's my best friend. My f-former best friend helped the man that hurt me try to ki-kill me when he was unsuccessful the first time. Then my f-family left me."
He swallows hard. 
You remembered. 
"I lost m-my memory," Your voice shakes, "Until y-yesterday...But back in M-May, I met the most be-beautiful boy. At first he w-was cold and clo-closed off, but he started to change. He w-was always br-brave when I was scared. He prom-promised to protect me. I was g-gone the second I met him. B-B-But I was scared for him to fall f-for me...I-...I was ta-tainted and believed no one c-could ever care for me. But he ch-changed that," You say softly.
Fuck, he isn't strong enough for this. 
"He's the b-best thing that's ever h-h-happened to me," You whisper, a tear slipping from your eye, "And I a-almost lost him. I'm so gl-glad I didn't."
There's a short moment of silence as you two look into the others' eyes.
"It's nice to meet you, ____," Jungkook breathes, making you smile.
He bites his lip, never letting go of your hand as he searches deep inside of himself to find that little spark of courage that he so desperately needs. 
"I'm Jungkook," He says, voice shaking a bit. 
Your smile widens. 
A tiny squeeze from your hand is all he needs. 
"I met my best friend when I was four, we were inseparable. I would sneak out at night to meet him sometimes...My-" He takes a deep breath, "My mother got sick and I didn't know how to help her...I was useless."
You don't say a word as he keeps his eyes on you, only on you. 
You're the only thing giving him strength right now. 
"My father made sure I believed it was my fault, for years..."
He-...he hurt him, you think. 
But Jungkook doesn't have the strength to say that yet. 
"When I was thirteen, my father was murdered right in front of me."
Your stomach drops to your feet as he keeps going, "The man that killed my father was the one I turned to when I had no money for my mother's treatments. He had saved me, in a way. He told me to kill someone and he'd give me enough money to help her."
Oh god. 
Your eyes widen in horror, fresh tears brimming in them. 
"I couldn't do it," Jungkook chokes out, "I was too weak, but my best friend...he did it for me, so they wouldn't kill me. Then he tried to kill himself."
The tears escape and cascade down your face as Jungkook tries to finish without breaking. 
"I stopped him, but things were never the same between us after his grandparents were murdered later that same day. He turned into a monster, he needed blood and there was never enough of it for him...I turned him into that."
You're finding it harder to breathe, but you keep it together, for Jungkook's sake. 
"I couldn't stop," He whispers, "I had to kill them. I needed the money, I couldn't lose her, and I had to kill them before Tae could. I needed to save him...My mother and Tae were all I had left in the world, they were all I had ever had in the world."
"Jungkook..." You whisper, more tears streaming down. 
He smiles weakly, "And then I got a huge hit, for a Kindergarten teacher."
You bite your lip. 
"I thought it would be easy. They had given me a lot of money already and would give me more after it was done, it was just what I needed...After watching her for a while, I began to hate her. I hated how happy and carefree she was. It must be an act. Perhaps she was a mass murderess...? I had no idea, but no one is actually so innocent and caring."
Jungkook blinks a few times and smiles at you, "Turns out I was wrong. Which made me hate her more...I tried to kill her again and again, but something always went wrong. I was desperate, I needed that money...Then one day, I was convinced I was ready, but she told me she wished I could live for what I loved."
More tears drip down your cheeks and onto the floor. 
"I think that was the beginning. That was when she cracked my stupidly hardened heart. It all went crashing down after that, and I couldn't do it. So, I decided to protect her, even if it cost me my life. I couldn't harm a single hair on her head and I wouldn't let anyone else."
You gasp in a breath, trying not to sob as best as you can. 
"But I was stupid and selfish. I didn't want to lose her, so I lied. I lied and lied and lied, it was like I couldn't tell her the truth about anything. I killed people even when I was protecting her, because I needed the money. I lied to her for months and it killed me, but I couldn't stop. I was too much of a coward."
You shake your head but he brings your hand up and kisses it gently, "She found out the truth, and I lost her. It was some of the worst pain I had ever been in. I didn't know if she could ever forgive me, I knew I didn't deserve it. But then she came back to me," His eyes look a bit teary as he brings your hand to his lips again and whispers against it, "And I hope to God in heaven that she sees me, and stays with me, for as long as we have."
A sob escapes your throat, "I-" 
Jungkook kisses your hand softly once more. 
"I s-see you, Jungkook. I'm so-sorry it took me so l-long to realize it."
He shakes his head with a small smile, "I'd wait a hundred years for you, ____."
You smile tearfully and push yourself into his arms, breathing heavily as tears stream down your face when he wraps his arms around you. 
Jungkook holds you close, safe. 
"I'm here," He whispers, "Everything's going to be okay, I swear. I'm never going to lie to you ever again."
You nod, face stuffed into his chest.
You pull away after a few minutes to get a breath. 
He cups your face, "If there's anything you want to know, please ask me. It's all yours."
You bite your lip, then you look around. 
"W-Where are we?"
"We're at my old house," Jungkook says, looking around a bit anxiously. 
He grew up here?
"Why are w-we here?"
Jungkook clears his throat, "It's the one place in Busan nobody would ever expect me to be."
"No one b-bought the house, f-for years?"
He shakes his head, "It's been empty for the past ten years. They think it's haunted."
Your stomach turns. 
Maybe you don't want to know. 
Jungkook turns to look out of the kitchen doorway, into the living room. 
"Um, my father was murdered...in the living room."
You're gonna be sick. 
You look around, suddenly very aware of how creepy this place is. 
It's as if you can hear every creak and moan of the old house suddenly.
"But that's a new couch," He chuckles awkwardly, "Not the one he was killed on." 
His morbid joke does nothing to comfort you.
Jungkook cups your face and brings you back to him, making you look at him. 
"This place isn't haunted by him, ____. Only the hellish childhood I had here."
That doesn't make you feel any better. 
You feel awful for him. 
He must be so uncomfortable here. 
"We sh-should leave," You whisper, "You shouldn't b-be here."
He smiles gratefully at you, "I must admit, I'd rather be anywhere but here. But that's why we need to stay. No one will find us here. I can handle it for as long as we need to figure things out."
Tae comes back not too long later and Jungkook asks him to take a look at your arm. 
He dresses your wound up as Jungkook distracts you with funny stories to get your mind off the pain. 
Thank goodness it wasn't infected or anything. 
"Alright, you're as good as new, babe," Tae announces, slapping his hands on his lap. 
You smile at him, "Thanks, T-Tae."
He nods, "Anytime. Jungkook, you need any fixing up?"
The younger shakes his head, "I'm all good thanks. Besides, if I need any stitches, ____ can help me out, right?" He turns to give you a suggestive look. 
Your cheeks turn pink as Tae starts pressing you for answers about what Jungkook is talking about. 
You finally cave and tell him about what happened in Busan and how you stitched Jungkook up with your little sewing kit and a few bottles of alcohol. 
Taehyung only speaks after you're done, his eyes wide in wonder, "Wow, ____. That was really brave of you."
You smile shyly, but then he continues, "Wait, you're telling me you saw Jungkook shirtless before y'all were even a thing??"
Jungkook grabs the nearest thing to him, which happens to be a banana, and chucks it at Taehyung's head. 
The elder dodges it easily, sneering at Jungkook. 
"I can't believe she saw your scars before you were exclusive."
You gasp at Tae's blunt and offensive words, then you look at Jungkook to see him fuming. 
"Shut up," Jungkook growls. 
Taehyung stands up, "Come on, JK. You know I'm the only one that gets to see you so intimately."
This time it's an apple that flies at Taehyung. 
You gasp again when it hits him in the chest. 
Taehyung just laughs. 
But you don't find it funny. 
You stand up and put your hands on your hips, "I didn't even see h-his scars that d-day! You s-say sorry!" You holler, "Don't hurt h-him like that, aren't y-you supposed to be his best fr-friend?"
Jungkook grabs your hand as Tae raises a brow in amusement at you, "It's alright, ____," Jungkook assures you. 
"It's n-not," You sniffle, your heart hurting at the thought of someone using Jungkook's insecurity against him. 
Tae looks at you for a moment longer, then when he realizes you were actually hurt by his words, his face softens. 
"I'm sorry for upsetting you, ____. Jungkook and I use dark humor with each other to deal with the trauma, I promise I would never actually say something that would intentionally hurt him."
You sniffle again, then wipe at your eyes and nose. 
Tae looks at Jungkook for help, feeling bad for making you cry and not knowing what to do about it.
Jungkook just gives him a small smile and shakes his head to let him know it's okay. 
Then he stands up and puts a hand on your lower back, "Come on, ____."
You walk with him to the bedroom you slept in last night, then you sit on the bed and burst into tears. 
Jungkook sits next to you and you turn and wrap your arms around him as you cry. He holds you close, just letting you let it all out. 
After a few minutes of just crying, you choke out, "W-Why did he say that?"
Jungkook shushes you calmly, petting your head. 
You have such a tender heart.
"He wasn't trying to hurt me, ____. And he didn't hurt me, I promise, I'm used to his stupid jokes. Heaven knows I'm guilty of making dark jokes aimed at him too."
You sniff, "B-Boys drive me crazy."
Jungkook chuckles, "I'm sorry, I don't know how you deal with us."
You hug him again, resting your head on his broad chest. 
"D-Does Tae not like someone?"
Your question is so sudden it throws Jungkook off. 
"What do you mean?"
"He doesn't d-date?"
Jungkook shakes his head, "He kinda messed around when he was like eighteen, but it ended pretty quickly. After that he just did random hookups. We made a deal that we wouldn't like people seriously, because of the work we did and because we didn't trust people anyway."
You look up at him with your big teary eyes, "And y-you broke that promise?"
He nods with an embarrassed chuckle, "I didn't anticipate you entering the equation."
You look at Jungkook sadly, "I w-wonder if he felt be-betrayed." 
Jungkook nods again, "Oh he definitely did. After he caught me lying, he was mad enough. And the fact that it was because I fell for a girl?  I really think he could have killed me if he wasn't mostly in his right mind."
"Boys are s-so annoying," You mutter, wiping the rest of your tears away. 
Gosh, you’ve cried enough for the next year.
Jungkook pulls you in for another hug, "Yes, but you can't help yourself when it comes to me."
You roll your eyes playfully. 
It's around dinner time and Tae went out to get some stuff to cook. 
You and he had talked it out so things wouldn't be awkward between you. You get that they're just boys and they deal with things in ways you might not agree with, but if it helps them heal, then you'll try to understand. Everyone has their own way of coping.
Jungkook is in the kitchen, starting on some food that was already there because Tae brought it with him while Jungkook was getting you out of the school. 
You're wandering around the house aimlessly, just checking the place out. 
There's the bedroom you slept in, it's completely empty besides the mattress the boys put there and a little green safe over in the corner. Another bedroom at the end of the hall is the one Tae sleeps in, a small mattress on the ground and his backpack and a few other bags litter the room. 
But there's a third room, across from the one Tae stays in. 
The door has been closed the whole day, neither of them going in it. 
You grab the handle and twist, relieved when the door opens soundlessly without any effort. 
The door widens more when you push it and step in. 
The room is covered in dust and there are marks on the walls. It looks kind of like mud was smeared around. Holes in the wall indicate that things might have been thrown into it in a fit of rage. 
You notice the graffiti then, covering the walls. 
you deserved it
killer kid
useless runt
he didn’t hit you hard enough LOL
kill yourself
piece of shit
fucking psycho
Your stomach turns as you look around. There are so many vulgar messages written on the walls, some you can't even stand to finish reading.
Then your eyes land on a wardrobe. 
It's not too big, it looks like the bottom half is made of just drawers and the top part has little doors, one of them slightly open. 
You walk over to it and open it. 
Inside there's nothing but a black leather switch. 
You stare at it, your brows furrowed in confusion. 
You're about to reach out and touch it when you hear a floorboard creak and you flinch, whipping around to see Jungkook standing there, looking at the walls, his face void of any emotion. 
"I- I'm sorry, I was ju-just curious about the h-house you grew up in..." Your voice fades away as his gaze lands on you. 
He smiles sadly, "I'm not mad, I would be curious too."
You gulp, "W-What is this room?"
Jungkook looks around again. 
It's almost like he can hear the ghost of his own pained cries echoing off the walls of this godforsaken room. 
"This was where my father beat me."
Your eyes fly up to his, horror washing over you. 
Jungkook walks over to the wall to the right and touches the hole there, "Pretty sure this was when he broke my wooden bat that Tae gave me."
You watch him walk around for a second before turning back to you. 
"The-...The scars...?" Your stomach twists violently when he nods and points at the switch behind you. 
You flinch away from it as if it's a rabid animal that's about to bite you. 
You almost touched it...
You're gonna be sick...
You stumble away from the wardrobe, tripping over your own feet to get away from it. 
Jungkook catches you when you back into him, tears streaming down your face as you stare at the open wardrobe doors, you can't look away, as much as you so desperately want to. 
You sob and turn to stuff your face into the safety of Jungkook's chest. 
He holds you tight, "It's alright, ____. It's been a long time."
"I d-don't wanna be here," You sob, "I c-can't, Jungkook. I don't want to b-b-be in this house for another second."
You pull yourself out of Jungkook's arms and run out of the room. 
Jungkook finds you on the front porch, sobbing into your hands. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you," Jungkook whispers as he sits next to you. 
You lift your head to look at him like he's crazy, "You're s-s-sorry?" You ask incredulously. 
He nods and you let out another sob and point at the house, "I'm n-not going back in there. I c-can't. I can't sleep in th-the house where you s-s-suffered so much."
Jungkook tries to say something but you cut him off, "Don't e-ever apologize to me again. I'm sorry f-for making you relive this hell," Tears are streaming down your face as he shakes his head. 
"No! It's m-my fault for going into that stupid stupid r-room," You cry, "Don't, don't, don't say you're sorry!" Your hands are covering your ears as you breathe erratically. 
Jungkook doesn't try to pull your hands away, he just sits beside you silently, letting you cry it out. 
He knows you must be feeling like shit right now. 
If it was him that had to come and stay at the house that traumatized you as a child, and walk into that room full of the demons from your past, he would've reacted much worse. 
He would have gone batshit crazy and refused to go back in too. 
So, he doesn't try to fight you on anything. 
By the time Tae gets home, it's dark out and he squints in confusion when he sees two figures sitting on the front porch. 
He walks up to the two of you, bags in his hands and a look of confusion on his face. 
"What's going on?"
No one answers for a second, then Jungkook whispers, "She saw the room."
"Oh," Tae doesn't even need a second to figure out what he meant by that. 
Everyone is silent for a minute, you staring straight ahead, your cheeks sticky with leftover tears. 
"Jungkook," Tae turns to him, "Can you bring these inside and get started on finishing dinner?"
Jungkook nods and grabs the bags, looking at you once more before heading in. 
Taehyung takes a seat next to you, where Jungkook was previously. 
Not a word is spoken for at least five minutes, then you hear him clear his throat. 
"I've been where you are."
You don't look at him, but he continues anyway. 
"I was the one beating myself up for not being able to do anything about the abuse."
He sees you blink, but other than that, you don't react. 
"I used to climb in his bedroom window at night and clean up his back," Tae whispers, "I could see how far into his skin it cut. I listened to him cry because of how badly it hurt."
Your stomach twists and turns. 
"Jungkook was always so small. You wouldn't believe it seeing him now, muscle pig," He chuckles. 
You just swallow the lump in your throat, still silent as the grave. 
"His father didn't feed him much and his mother was always stuck at the hospital because of how sick she was. I remember sneaking food into his room at night and us eating it as quietly as we could. It made me so happy to see him eat."
Tae sighs, "That wardrobe...Jungkook spent most of his time there. His father would make him stay in that dark, crowded space for hours on end."
You finally look over at him, a tear slipping out and sliding down your cheek. 
Tae bites his lip, "You must be wondering why the room is covered in that stuff..."
You nod slowly. 
"Jungkook and I were always bullied, our entire lives. After his dad was killed, the kids around the town spread rumors that Jungkook was the one that killed him, since they never found who really did."
You bite your lip to keep yourself from crying again. 
"When Jungkook left to live with a kind older woman, people would break into this house. They took anything with value. Oddly enough, they never wrote anything on any of the walls except that one room."
"How c-could someone hurt him s-so badly?" You speak for the first time, your voice thick with tears. 
Tae shrugs, "I could never figure it out. I know the man was drunk most of the time, but even when he didn't drink, he treated Jungkook like trash. Like he was the biggest mistake he ever made."
You wipe your eyes, "Why a-are you telling m-me all of this?"
He looks at you for a second before replying, "So you know that you're not alone in your pain. I carried the guilt of not telling someone for a long time. Jungkook asked me to never tell. He was convinced his mother would die if his father was arrested because there would be no money for her treatments. I never forgave myself for not being strong enough to save him."
You swallow hard. 
At first, you thought he might be crazy, going into more detail of Jungkook's childhood. Why would he think that would make you feel any better at all? But now you realize that he's right. It hurts. But knowing that you're not alone in carrying it, makes it easier to carry. 
"Jungkook has been through enough shit in his life," Tae mumbles, "He deserves to be happy."
Tears spring to your eyes at his next words, "And I know you can give him that."
"Y-You give him happiness t-too, Tae."
He smiles sadly, "Yeah, well. I'm not so sure."
You shake your head and place a hand on his arm, "He l-loves you Tae, I can s-see it."
His face reflects uncertainty. 
You take him by surprise when you suddenly wrap your arms around him and hug him tightly. 
"You d-did wonderful, Taehyung," You whisper, "You w-worked so hard."
He doesn't even realize that a few tears have slipped out and fallen down his cheeks as you hug him. 
It takes him a moment to move, but when he snaps out of it, he brings his arms around you. 
"Thank you," He whispers. 
He needed to hear those words more than anything. 
For a long time, he’s waited to hear those words.
You pull away and smile at him, "Thank y-you, for taking c-c-care of him."
He nods and wipes at his eyes quickly, "I'd like to say the same to you."
Jungkook looks up from the plate of food he was just finishing up to see you and Tae coming into the kitchen. 
He gives you both a small smile, "Dinner's ready."
"Thanks buddy," Tae says as he grabs one of the plates and brings it to the dining table. 
"Yeah," Jungkook's smile widens more when he sees Tae immediately dig in. 
You walk over and hug Jungkook, "Thank y-you, for the fo-food," You whisper. 
He pats your head sweetly, "Of course."
After dinner, Tae says he's going to bed before his brain explodes from too much thinking today. 
Jungkook watches him walk down the hallway and out of sight. 
You help him wash the dishes, then you both head to the bedroom you're staying in. 
"Ugh, I'm tired," Jungkook moans, "Has it really only been a day?"
You nod and stretch, "Y-Yeah."
You flop onto the mattress and stretch some more, reaching your hands above your head and pointing your toes. 
Jungkook looks away before he gets any thoughts. 
He starts fluffing up the blanket he slept on last night, but you sit up and make a sound of disapproval. 
"What?" He asks, looking at you. 
"S-Sleep with me," You pout. 
"You're okay with that?" Jungkook asks, "I wasn't sure..."
You nod, the cute pout still on your face. 
"I m-missed you, don't make me b-be without you even longer."
His heart melts in his chest at your words. 
"O-Ok," He stutters cutely. 
He's about to get onto the mattress when he stops and seems to be thinking of something. 
"Do you want something more comfortable to sleep in?"
You think about it for a second, then you nod, "Yes, pl-please."
All you have are the overalls and shirt you were wearing at work, which isn't the most comfortable to sleep in. 
"Uhm," Jungkook looks around. 
All he has are the clothes he's been wearing, and an extra t-shirt that he's currently wearing right now. 
"Here," He grabs at the hem of his shirt and is about to pull it over his head when you blurt nervously, "Uh, w-w-what about Tae? I'm sure he h-has something I could wear."
Jungkook scowls at that. 
Then he lifts the shirt over his head and tosses it at you. 
It falls right on your head, obscuring your view of him. 
"Oh...ok," You say in a small voice as you take the shirt off your head. 
You see Jungkook nibbling nervously at his bottom lip. 
Forcing your eyes to stay on his face, you gulp, "Uhm, could you n-not look?"
He nods quickly and then kind of stands there looking around helplessly, then he suddenly leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. 
You did good making sure you didn't see anything but his face. 
You're afraid if you did, you might've jumped his bones. 
You quickly pull off your overalls and shirt until you're in nothing but your undies, then you slip his shirt on.
It goes to just under your bum, barely covering much. 
You jump on the mattress and slip under the covers. 
"O-Ok," You clear your throat, "Ok, you c-can come in," You call out to him. 
The door opens slowly and Jungkook walks in and shuts it behind him. 
You messed up. 
You didn't look away. 
He was wearing his leather pants before, but now he's wearing what look like basketball shorts and a white t-shirt that's practically invisible with how much it's been worn and thinned out.
He shifts awkwardly when he notices you staring at him. 
"Uh- Tae...T-Tae gave 'em to me," He says quietly. 
You bite back a smile as best you can, but you break. 
Jungkook breathes a laugh at the silly grin on your face. 
"Oh, here," Jungkook tosses another pair of basketball shorts at you, "Tae said you can wear them."
You grab them and make quick work of pulling them on under the covers.
Then you sit up on your knees and make grabby hands at him. 
The shirt he gave you hangs off your shoulder, dropping low and uncovering your collarbone.
Then suddenly it's dark. 
You gasp a little, then you hear Jungkook mumble an apology, "I- I thought I might as well turn out the light...since we're going to sleep."
You huff out a breath of annoyance and stand up. 
The light of the moon is shining into the room, making it easy for you to see him once your eyes adjust. 
You walk over to him carefully and his heart stutters when he feels your hands grab his own. 
Chills break out on his skin when you run your hands up his arms, over his shoulders, and rest them on his chest. 
Jungkook gulps, "____..."
Fuck, fuck, fuck. 
"Jungkook...k-kiss me?"
Why oh why is it so fucking endearing when you ask him to kiss you?!
It fucks with his heart and his head until he's just a puddle of feelings. 
You let out a small sound of surprise when he surges forward, grabs your face, and presses his lips to yours. 
"Fuck," He groans, his lips still touching yours even as he pulls away to get a breath, "I can't even begin to explain how much," He kisses you again, "I missed you."
You feel your eyes well up, "I m-missed you too," You mumble when he pulls away to look at you. 
Jungkook moves forward, keeping his hands on you to keep you steady as he moves you backwards towards the bed. 
You feel the mattress hit your ankles and you squeal when Jungkook lowers you down onto it, his body covering yours as he joins you. 
"It was killing me," Jungkook mumbles into your shoulder before leaving a kiss there. 
"I know," You say tearfully, "M-Me too, I c-couldn't stop thinking about you, and it br-broke my heart."
His heart aches at your words. 
"I'm so sorry, for everything, for every single lie I ever told."
"I f-forgive you."
Jungkook kisses up your neck, "I'm sorry your family left you, I'm so sorry. I swear, I'm never going to abandon you."
A few tears sneak out and down your cheeks. 
"I'm s-sorry your father hurt y-you," You say, taking his face into your hands to look at him. You can see the pain in his eyes in the light of the moon. 
"T-Tae explained things to m-me, you don't h-have to."
He nods and gulps, "Ok."
You lean up to peck his lips once, twice, then a third time before he's smiling. 
"I'll n-never hurt you," You whisper, "I promise."
You see his eyes shine with unshed tears and he nods. 
Then you feel him take your hand and lift it over his waist, and you realize what he's doing. 
"I d-don't have to," You say timidly, not wanting to make him think he needs to take this step. 
Jungkook shakes his head, "I'm ready to stop hating them so much. I think you can help me with that."
You place your hand on his lower back then you run it up inside his shirt slowly, feeling the bumps and imperfections covering his back.
Jungkook gulps, trying as hard as he can not to flinch away. 
You sit up then, making him sit up with you until you're sitting in front of each other. Then you reach your other hand around and smooth it over the scars as well. 
You're sitting up on your knees so your head is a little higher than Jungkook's, who is still sitting fully on the bed. 
Being as gentle as ever, you run your hands up and down his back as you lean down and kiss him softly. 
Jungkook sighs into your mouth, distracting himself from the feeling of you touching his scars. It makes him uncomfortable and vulnerable at first, which is the worst feeling he could think to feel. 
He hates being vulnerable. 
But a few minutes later, it doesn't feel so awful anymore. 
Your soft hands running along the old marks bring tears to his eyes. 
"I'll n-never leave you," You whisper. 
Jungkook lays you down softly once more and kisses you languidly, his tongue caressing yours warmly. 
I love you.
Why can't he just say the words out loud?
It's like something is keeping them inside, no matter how hard he tries to say them. 
"J-Jungkook," You moan softly when you feel his hands massaging your hips. 
"Mm?" He mumbles, kissing your breath away. 
"You're-" You gasp, "S-So beautiful."
He smiles shyly and kisses down your jaw to your neck, igniting a flame in your belly, "So are you."
He can feel you gulp as he kisses your throat, making him smirk. 
"Relax," He whispers before kissing just under your ear. 
He sees the muscles in your body relax and he smiles, "Good girl."
Oh gosh. 
His words cause your body to tighten again and he laughs at the way you squeeze your eyes shut. 
He runs his thumb over your cheek, "I want to see your beautiful eyes."
You peek at him and he chuckles, moving so his body is hovering directly over yours. 
"Kiss me," He whispers. 
You gently take his face in your hands and pull him down to connect your lips. This time you're the one to swipe at his lip with your tongue, and you feel his breathing pick up when he opens his mouth to let you in. 
His heart stutters when he feels you lick into his mouth and he lets out a low groan. 
"Fuck, ____," He mutters against your mouth. 
I love you. 
You so desperately want to say the words. 
Why can't you?
A few minutes pass without words, just the sound of your mouths connecting over and over again and the heavy breathing as a result of it. 
You both silently come to the realization that this is it. 
Nothing can come between you now, no matter what happens.
Nothing can make you leave him and he will never let another person or lie come between you. 
You missed him so much. 
Jungkook only pulls away when he realizes you're both becoming sloppy from exhaustion. 
"We should sleep," He mumbles against your wet lips.
You pout, "W-Wanna keep kissing y-you."
He smiles and gives you one last peck, "You can kiss me whenever you want, unfortunately I can't say the same for sleep, and I am not about to be responsible for not letting you sleep, Tae would never let me hear the end of it."
Then he drops next to you and pulls you into him with a tired sigh, "Missed you," He nuzzles into the juncture of your neck and shoulder. 
"M-Missed you too," You whisper, relaxing in his embrace.
A few minutes later, Jungkook is resting on your chest, his eyes fluttering with exhaustion as your breaths move his head up and down. 
"I wish you were with me," Jungkook mumbles, "I put too much on Tae. Neither of us could carry it all."
Your fingers run through his hair. 
"I w-was always with you," You whisper, "Always."
He cuddles more into you, sighing tiredly.
"Even th-though you couldn't see me," You say sweetly, "I was always w-waiting for you. We w-were made for each other, so we were a-always connected."
Jungkook's eyes water and he hides his face in your chest, "That's how I'll remember it from now on," He whispers, "You were always with me."
"Mhm," You hum, then you kiss his head. 
"____?" Jungkook mumbles after a minute of silence. 
"What did you look like when you were little?"
You giggle at his silly question. 
"Do y-you want to see?" 
He perks up at that and nods his head. 
You fumble for your phone in the dark, then you open your camera roll and scroll through your pictures before finding the ones you took from a photo album a while ago. 
You flip the screen to show him. 
Jungkook pouts, "You are the cutest little bean I've ever seen."
You laugh lightly, "Th-Thanks."
"Oh my gosh, look at your little fuzzy head," Jungkook gushes over the photos ranging in age from when you were a wee baby to when you were about ten years old.
You both laugh and he coos every once in a while as you scroll through, "I guess you were always so precious," He says quietly when he sees the sad look on your face at the sight of your big sister and parents in a few of the photos.
You shrug. 
Jungkook leans up and kisses your lips gently, "You're still cute too," He whispers, "People usually grow out of that."
You blush madly. 
"Do y-you have any baby pictures?" You ask. 
Jungkook shakes his head, "Not really. My mom probably has them with her, and Tae might have a few, since his grandparents took pictures of us together."
"I w-wanna see them," You giggle. 
Jungkook smiles, "Maybe someday."
Then he lays his head back on your chest. 
Suddenly, Jungkook isn't in this bed with you anymore. 
He's nine years old and cowering in the corner, alone, cold, and in so much pain he's run out of tears. He can feel the blood dripping down his back. 
The small boy turns to see you standing in the doorway, a bright light behind you; an angel that just stepped out of heaven. You look like you're about seven years old, a spitting image of the picture you showed him earlier; you're even in the yellow dress covered in lemons that he gushed over. 
The little angel walks into the room, a kind smile on her face as she makes her way to him. 
Jungkook looks away, too overwhelmed by your gentleness to look at you. 
He's embarrassed to be seen like this. 
"Jungkookie," Your soft voice calls to him. 
The tearful little boy finally looks at you to see you smile at him warmly. Then you reach out a tiny hand and touch his cheek. 
"No one is going to hurt you anymore," You promise, your voice light and feathery. 
You put your small arms around him and hug him, "I'm so proud of you. You are so strong," You say as he starts to relax in your embrace, "I'm never going to leave you."
That's when the images start flying through his brain, all the cold and lonely nights when Tae couldn't make it, the days when he was stuck inside that wardrobe for hours. 
But now they're different. 
Now you're there with him. 
Each time, you're dressed in that yellow dress and there's a friendly smile gracing your features. 
You hold his hands and speak to him when his father hits him, even when it turns into kicking, throwing things, and obscenities being screamed at him, you don't leave. 
You never leave. 
You're not afraid.
You sit curled up in the wardrobe with him, your knees tucked up to your chest as you sing him a lullaby and you both pretend to be butterflies. 
You sit with him and Tae on his bed and whisper with them as the late hours pass by. 
You walk hand in hand with him down the school halls as he makes his way to his locker before Tae comes. 
You slowly grow up with him, never leaving his side for a moment, never seeing him as anything less than what he is. 
You and Tae are all he has. 
You're all he needs. 
Jungkook wakes up the next morning more rested than he's ever been. 
His head is still on your chest and your arm is around him, keeping him warm and safe. 
He looks up to see you sleeping soundly, your mouth slightly open. 
Your cheeks look a little puffy and so so soft. 
He reaches up a hand and caresses your cheek gently. 
Fuck, he's so in love with you.
He sits up carefully, not wanting to wake you. 
He doesn't want to leave you, but he needs to use the restroom. 
Jungkook climbs off the mattress as carefully as he can, successfully keeping you asleep as he slips out of the room silently. 
A few minutes later when he's coming out of the bathroom, he runs into Tae who was just about to go in. 
Taehyung's face is puffy from his sleep, and he rubs his eyes. 
"Oh, didn't see you there," He mumbles sleepily. 
Jungkook laughs, "Clearly. It's all yours," He steps out of the way and Tae salutes him before going into the bathroom and shutting the door. 
Jungkook walks back towards the room, a new lift to his step. 
Everything feels different, like something shifted. 
The dream he had last night sticks with him as he looks at the house. 
He's going to keep those memories, with you and Tae. 
They help it not be so painful. 
Jungkook climbs back into the bed with you and lays with you while scrolling on his phone. 
A few minutes later, he feels you stir. 
Jungkook looks at you and sees you stretch and groan, leaving your own little dreamland. 
He wraps an arm around your middle while you stretch like Yin always does in the morning. Then he pulls you in close and kisses the side of your neck. 
You hum happily and let him press feathery kisses along your neck and cheek. 
"Good morning, sweet girl," Jungkook mumbles against your skin. 
"Morning," You croak out tiredly, giggling at the sound of your own voice. 
Jungkook gathers you in his arms, leaning over you to peck your nose. 
"You're such a sleepyhead," He says softly. 
You smile, your eyes still closed, "I j-just slept so well, I d-don't want to wake up."
"We can stay here for a while," Jungkook suggests. 
You shake your head, "I h-have to pee."
He chuckles at the fact that you don't have a filter with him anymore. 
"Well go pee then, silly girl."
You sit up and rub your eyes, "Okie."
A gasp of shock leaves you when you feel him pat your butt after you get up. 
"J-Jungkook," You look at him accusingly but he just looks back innocently. 
You shake your finger at him and mumble, "N-Naughty boy," Then you make your way out and to the bathroom. 
The day is uneventful until about lunchtime, you, Tae, and Jungkook have just been hanging out and they explain everything to you. 
Tae informs you that Jimin is aware you're with them and he's taking care of Pumpkin, he also lets you know that Jungkook's neighbor Hoseok has Yin. That takes some weight off your shoulders. 
They also explained to you that since Dae is still after you, you can't go home yet. He knows where you live and he knows where Jungkook's apartment is too now. 
You tell them everything you remember about the night the first attack happened and before it. How Dae had been harassing you for a while and how you always rejected him. Then how he hurt you and how you were lost in the rain until Kai found you. 
That's when he tried to kill you. 
Taehyung tells you that they're going to take care of it, that they won't stop until Dae is behind bars. 
He doesn't mention that Jungkook intends to kill him. 
He figures it's best to leave that part out for now. 
You find out that they don't have too much of a plan right now except to find out where Dae is. You tell them where he used to be and Tae agrees to check the place out. 
That's where he says he's going around lunchtime. 
"I won't be too long," Tae says as he slips his gun into the holster at his waist, "I'll be back for dinner so be sure to make enough for me too," He smirks at you and Jungkook. 
"Sure thing," Jungkook says as he wipes the counters then moves to wipe the kitchen table. 
Tae gives you one last look before leaving. 
You can't quite decipher what it meant.
"Is he o-okay?" You ask Jungkook a few minutes after he left. 
Jungkook looks up from the sink where he's rinsing out the rag he was using, "What do you mean?"
"I d-don't know, he seemed a b-bit off..."
Jungkook frowns, "I think he's just a bit tired."
You nod, but you still feel like something's wrong. 
Tae looks straight ahead as the buildings blur by him, the motorcycle picking up speed as he heads for his destination. 
Not too long later, he parks the bike and gets off, putting his helmet on the handlebars and pulling his black face mask on. 
He's at a park. 
Little kids run around and giggle as they fly down the slide. 
Their little squeals of laughter go unnoticed by him as he looks around. 
Then his eyes land on his target. 
Sitting on a bench and watching the kids with a smile. 
Fucking creep.
Taehyung looks at his phone and the picture on it to confirm once more that this is who he's after. 
It is.
a/n: always love your thoughts <3 hope it was worth it
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Set Me Free 10 | myg
Tumblr media
❥❥ Pairing: yoongi x reader
❥❥ Genre: arranged marriage au, angst, fluff, smut
❥❥ Summary: Growing up as the sole heiress to your father’s fortune wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. In desperate need to escape your home life, you enter into an unexpected arrangement with the infamous Min Yoongi. Will the both of you be able to find freedom, happiness and possibly love?
Tumblr media
❥❥ Chapter Title: Les Amants 
❥❥ Word Count: 10.2K
❥❥ Chapter Warnings: mentions of blood and injury, physical altercations, kidnapping, cursing, toxic parents, making out, unprotected penetrative sex, blindfolded sex (idk what to tag this as lol), praise kink, semi-public sex
❥❥ Author’s Notes: Hi everyone! First of all, let me say how sorry I am for not updating for a few months. I guess I sort of took a hiatus without even realizing it, but I am back now and I can’t wait to share the last few chapters with you. For those who stuck with me this long, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have the next chapter almost done too, so hopefully the updates will be faster this time around. The inspiration for this chapter comes from the painting, Les Amants by Rene Magritte. It’s a beautiful painting so please check it out if you haven’t already. It shows a picture of two lovers who are blinded from each other. Similarly, this chapter has a theme of “blindness” and not seeing things for what they truly are throughout so hope you enjoy. Thank you again for everyone who has shown this story so much love. You mean the world to me <3
Previous Chapter | 10 | Next Chapter (coming soon)
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Tumblr media
Love is blindness. You can see that now, sinking into the dark corners of what might as well be a stranger’s car, safe for the neglected bloodline that still ties you together. In fact, in some ways, it’s this very connection to blame for your early misconceptions of love. 
See, for as long as you could remember, love was a peculiar, little thing. Love was your mother turning a blind eye on all the evil that festered within your father, despite what she knew to be true deep within her heart. Love was your father’s endless manipulation masked under the guise of protection, preventing you from living the life you have always wanted. Love was simply an eyes-wide-shut, no-questions asked affliction. 
But that was before Yoongi. 
With Yoongi, you finally see love for what it truly is. Not some cruel, sightless monster. But rather a powerful, all consuming force that knows no bounds or limits. It protects fiercely, it cares deeply; until it’s embracing every part of you completely. 
There is no limit too high, no obstacle too steep to overcome when it comes to love. 
Even if it means going into the unknown blindly.  
Tumblr media
“When was the last time you saw her?” The brush of dark locks against meticulously tattooed digits has become routine by now, his carelessly ruffled hair cascading downwards for the hundredth time that afternoon. The nervous habit, however, does little to quell the increased sense of panic riddling his bones. He lets the question echo from his mouth, lips automatically falling back into the same contorted expression he’d been wearing ever since he got that unlikely call earlier today. 
The man across from him, who carries on pacing back and forth, wears an equally — if not more — troubled look. Leather Oxfords continue their anxious trudge against the glossy marble tiles lining the living room floor, the pitter patter of feet almost as dissonant as his accelerated heartbeats. 
“I told you,” Yoongi responds, finally planting his jittery legs into the ground before Jungkook. He tugs at the skinny, black tie draped around his neck, desperate for some air. “The last time I saw her was this morning. I was leaving for work and she was going to go pick up Luna.” His eyes wander over to the other side of the table, where the distraught maid sits, staring at the front door as if you would miraculously appear there any minute now. 
“Relax. I’m just trying to make sure I have all the facts straight.” Jungkook examines each detail carefully in his mind, taking inventory of all he knew since stepping foot inside your apartment. “So, she left home some time this morning, texted Luna to meet at the nearby cafe, but never showed up.” 
Luna turns her attention towards Jungkook, eyes brimming with tears. “When she didn’t show up for our meeting and wouldn’t answer any of my calls, I telephoned Mr. Min immediately. I was worried something had happened to her.” 
Jungkook nods along, only half listening to the story he’d been told a few times already. The rest of his focus remains glued to his cellphone, thumbs steadily scrolling through each one of his social media channels. Despite his best efforts, his scan from the last hour comes up empty handed, save for a few paparazzi photos of Yoongi and you arriving at the airport yesterday from your honeymoon.  
“Mr.Min and I looked everywhere between the house and the cafe.” Luna chokes back another series of sobs at the reminder. Jungkook reaches over and gives her hand a gentle squeeze. 
“That’s when we decided to try calling you. You know…in case you knew where she might be.” Yoongi completes the story on behalf of the maid, fingertips dancing awkwardly around the edge of his ear. “Look, I just want to find her…I just want her to be safe.”  He pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to keep his thoughts from straying towards darkened destinations, but he can’t help himself.  Where were you right now? Were you okay? 
Jungkook, who has since abandoned his perusal of social media, decides to shift gears, skimming the most recent news headlines in search of any clue to your whereabouts. However, once again, the endeavor proves fruitless. Frustrated, he tosses his phone onto the table with a loud clatter. 
A thick silence settles over the trio, punctuated only by the steady ticking of the grandfather clock mounted on the living room wall. Each passing second only serves to amplify the growing distance between you and Yoongi, twisting his stomach into a million knots.  
Crestfallen, he plops down in the empty seat next to Luna. “Look, I’ve checked every media outlet, called her a million times, reached out to everyone I know and there’s still nothing. I’m trying not to freak out, but something just feels wrong about this.” 
“Maybe she finally came to her senses and ran away from you,” Jungkook mumbles to himself, barely acknowledging your husband’s comments. As keen as you had been about the recent change in your relationship, Jungkook didn’t share the same sentiments when it came to Yoongi. He knew enough guys like him, and they always meant trouble. 
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Yoongi’s question billows throughout the room, the terror that had previously clung to his voice now replaced with crimson rage.  
Jungkook tilts his head in disbelief, tongue poking into the side of his cheek. “All I’m saying is that she was better off before you came along.” 
“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” Yoongi counters, folding his arms across his chest. 
“You’re one to talk!” Slamming his hands onto the wooden table top, Jungkook shoves his chair aside and stands up abruptly. “Ever since you came into the picture, her life has completely changed. She’s under a way bigger microscope now than she ever was before. She’s already been through so much. God knows what being married to you has added into the mix.” He puffs his cheeks, face now flushing with anger. “All I’m saying is I know her better than anyone in this world and I’ll tell you one thing. It isn’t like her to just disappear.” 
“You’re not the only one who knows her well,” Yoongi spits back, rising to his feet. Hands balled into fists, he treks over to where Jungkook is standing until the two men are only mere inches away from each other. His dagger-like eyes give the younger man a quick once over before his pointer finger jabs the center of his chest. “I don’t know why it's so hard for your tiny brain to understand this, but she’s my wife and I love her.” 
“Of course you do,” Jungkook mocks, rolling his eyes. “Did you tell your two hundred ex-girlfriends the same thing? Or did you forget? Just like how you conveniently seem to forget that this is a marriage of convenience. Just face it. YN never wanted to marry you in the first place.” 
“I’d watch my fucking mouth, if I were you.”
“Oh, is that so? What are you—”
“Please! Stop fighting!” From the other side of the room, a softer, shakier voice cuts through the discord, bringing the argument to a halt. “Please, YN wouldn’t want this.” Luna wrings her hands as her tired eyes dart from one man to the other, silently pleading for them to stop. 
As if it held some sacred power, the mention of your name is enough for the two men to separate at last. A disgruntled sigh tumbles from Yoongi’s mouth, which is mimicked by Jungkook as they step aside to their respective corners of the room. 
“She’s right. We should be focusing on finding YN.” 
Jungkook combs his fingers through his hair yet again, mulling over what to do next. “I’m going to call the police.” 
“I already tried. They won’t do anything yet since it hasn’t been more than twenty-four hours.” A heartbroken Yoongi shuffles back to the table, gnawing on his lower lip as another minute ticks by on the old clock. 
“Can’t you pull some strings?”
“Contrary to popular belief, I can’t just throw money at the problem.” His calloused fingers rub the edge of his temple, while weathered palms envelope the remainder of his face. The last thing he wanted right now was to be stuck in a room with your distressed maid and your annoying brat of a best friend. He would much rather have you safely tucked in his arms, sheltered from the rest of the world where you both belong.   
God, he needed to find you before it was too late. 
“Fuck this,” he exclaims, pushing back the tears on the brink of falling from his eyes. “I can’t sit around here and wait any longer. I’ve already sent the Hybe security team out to look for her, but I’m going back out there myself. If some stupid photographer or her jerk of a father found her, I swear…” He shudders, not wanting to even think about the possibilities. 
From where he stands, Jungkook watches your husband, tracing every inch of the CEO’s face for any sign of insincerity. But much to his chagrin, he discovers nothing there, other than a broken man desperate to find his wife. 
“I want to come with you,” Jungkook breaks the pause, finally agreeing with Yoongi about something for a change.
“Fine. Then the three of us can go together. We can split up once we get closer to the cafe,” Yoongi explains, slipping on his coat and grabbing his keys. “I’m not stopping until we find her.” 
Tumblr media
A burst of crimson burns a hole through the Seoul skyline, and your retinas alike; eyes forever fixated on the traffic lights ahead as your father’s car comes to a crawl at the intersection. Gaze averted, you continue to stare forwards, refusing to be a part of whatever manipulative game he has planned for you today. 
“I just want to talk, YN.” A low rumble erupts from the seat adjacent to you, each syllable laced with the kind of pure repulsion you had come to associate with your father alone. But, this time, the words barely reach you, bouncing off the invisible, impenetrable wall that you’ve built between the pair of you.
“Say something, for fuck’s sake.” 
Despite his anger rising, your lips remain pressed together in a firm line, letting the gentle hum of the car’s engine claim the silence instead. You had no interest in talking to him more than you needed to. You were here for one thing only — to put an end to this once and for all. 
“What the hell is wrong with you? I don’t remember you being such an insolent child!” The dull sound of flesh hitting rubber follows his outburst, which, with eyes still turned away, you can only assume is from his fists pounding the steering wheel. The car purrs innocently in response, completely unaware of the tension building inside it. 
“Funny, I don’t remember you being around much to even notice.” 
It’s the first you have spoken since stepping foot inside the vehicle, but the belligerent comment escapes your lips without warning, a soft mumble only partially masked underneath your breath. The sudden bout of bravery surprises even yourself, producing a phantom chill that descends down the curve of your spine. It’s not alone — accompanied quickly by the familiar shake of what was once nervous feet. However, today, the force of habit is not driven by fear, but rather the anticipation for change. 
“What the fuck did you just say to me?” your father spits back, jerking his head in your direction. The leather seat squeaks underneath the mounting pressure as he fights to keep one eye on the road and another on you. 
“Nothing,” you mumble. “What did you want to talk about anyways?”
Up front, the deep scarlet has transformed into a brilliant emerald, dispelling the transient pause, ushering your father to drive ahead. A firm press on the gas has the stationary car accelerating forward until you are cruising along once again. Outside your window, the fiery glow of the late autumn afternoon settles over you in blissful ignorance, oblivious of your father’s frosty nature. 
“Open the dashboard.” His instruction is as blunt as he is cold. Hesitantly, you pry open the latch, unsure of what you will find inside. 
To your surprise, neatly tucked in the center of the tiny compartment is a large stack of papers. Giving him an inquisitive glare, you steadily pull it out and begin to examine the contents of the document. With each flip of the page, it becomes apparent that you are looking at a contract of some sorts. But with your father at the helm, you knew it couldn’t be anything good. 
“What’s this meant to be?” 
Despite your best efforts to sound unfazed, the slight waver in your voice gives you away. Your father sneers in response, basking in the momentary victory he has over you. 
“Since you weren’t getting anywhere on your own, I decided to take matters into my own hands.”  Evidently pleased with himself, he lets out a cocky chuckle. “It’s a contract for your husband so he can finally sign Hybe over to me. All you have to do is get his signature. It shouldn’t be too hard to do, just slip it in with his other files. I’m sure he wouldn't even notice.”
“I would never do that,” you huff, folding your arms across your chest. “Whatever your problem is, it’s with me. Not him. Leave Hybe and him out of this.” 
The car hits another red light, giving your father the chance to survey you once more.  
“YN don’t act like you forgot what this marriage was for in the first place,” he starts, shaking his head in disbelief. He continues to examine you, when suddenly something clicks. “Hold on…don’t tell me you actually have feelings for him now?” 
“My personal life is none of your business,” you reply curtly, tugging your cardigan closer to your chest. 
“God, you really have fallen for that idiot.” 
Up until that moment, everything your father had done or said had little to no effect on you. You were used to his wicked ways, but something about the way he spoke about Yoongi hit a nerve.
“So what if I have?!” You cry out loud, twisting in your seat until you are facing your father head on. “He’s treated me better than you have my entire life. You don’t know the first thing about loving someone else. If you did, you would know that there is no way in hell that I am helping you with acquiring Hybe. So just forget it.” 
The words spring from your lips with fiery determination, each one followed with more courage than the last. Harnessing the fearlessness that has been growing inside, you stare back at your father, refusing to back down. 
It’s obvious you’ve crossed a line by the way the colour drains from his face. He stammers momentarily as he tries to collect himself, but you can already see the rage growing in his eyes, preparing for round two of the battle. 
Taking advantage of his stunned state, you shift your eyes slightly to the side, enough to catch a glimpse of the traffic lights.
They were still red.
You got your answer to your question. There was no reason to stay any longer with this monster.
Without wasting another second, you flip open the lock on your side door and slip off your seatbelt. Each action is sporadic and messy, amplified by the uneven pounding in your heart. Although your hands are clammy, they act with a mind of their own, instinct guiding them forward until you're grabbing hold of the door handle. 
Frozen in shock, your father watches as if everything is moving in slow motion around him. It takes him at least a few seconds to break the trance he is in, but it's all you need. 
Reaching forward, he tries to hold you in place. But you have the advantage of agility on your side, your split-second thinking paying off tenfold. 
“Let go of me!!” you cry, shoving him in the opposite direction with the jerk of your elbow. It loosens his grip slightly but not enough to free you. Desperate to keep you in the car, he digs his nails deeper into your flesh. You bite back the urge to scream, knowing full well that it would leave a scar. 
Just run. Just run. 
You repeat the mantra in your head as you gather all your remaining strength. With one final push, you thrust your arm to the side hard enough so that he finally lets go. You hear him curse your name, but you don’t turn back to look around. The lights were about to turn green any minute now. You had to get out fast.
Scrambling for the door handle once again, you pry it open and stumble out of the car. Grabbing onto the contract as you go, you scatter the papers all over the street before slamming the door in your father’s face. You can feel the sting of blood against your skin, mirroring the red of the traffic lights, but you know you have to keep going. Without giving him another glance, you start running away from the car, leaving him alone in the crowded intersection.
Tumblr media
“And you’re positive this was the cafe you were supposed to meet at?” Yoongi’s gaze trails the premises for the second time today, committing every detail of the rustic coffee shop to memory once more.  He now knows for a fact that there are over five hundred bricks composing the walls that form its perimeter. He also now knows by heart the extremely pungent smell of the custom roast they serve.  
What he still doesn’t know, however, is where the fuck you are. 
“Yes, Mr. Min,” Luna affirms, following closely behind him. 
The duo saunter into the shop with Jungkook in tow, quietly looking around for any signs they missed when they were first here. Although it’s quite spacious, Yoongi can’t help but feel as though the walls were starting to cave in on him. It’s been a few hours since you went missing and he still had no idea where you were. He was no expert, but even he knew this was a bad sign. 
Scanning the cafe, he gives the place another once over, but to his frustration, finds nothing remarkable. His eyes eventually land on Jungkook, who hangs by the door wearing a similar, defeated expression. 
Although the frostiness between the two men still remained, it appeared to thaw slightly with the more time they spent together looking for you. As much as Yoongi didn’t like the guy, he couldn’t deny how much he cared about you, nor could he deny how much he wanted to help find you. 
And that common goal was enough to unite the pair, even if temporarily.  
“I’m going to check in with the Hybe security team to see if they found anything new,” Yoongi says to no one in particular, the three occupants of the cafe all lost in their own worries.
Fumbling his phone out of his back pocket, he’s greeted by a familiar lockscreen, which instantly lodges his heart in his throat. It’s a candid photo he took of you in Hawaii, mouth wide open in mid-laughter, cracking up over something stupid he must have said. He doesn’t even remember what it was anymore, but the one thing he does remember is the beautiful sound of your laugh, vividly playing around him as if you were here with him right now. 
Absent-mindedly, his finger glides over your smile, knowing full well that the image could hardly do the real thing any justice. For a few minutes more, his eyes linger on the screen, as if staring at you would be all it took to bring you back home; only finally breaking away when he feels a wetness begin to pool around his eyes. 
“We’ll find her. Don’t worry.” 
The unsteady statement echoes from somewhere behind Yoongi, followed by an equally uncertain, tattooed hand finding purchase on his shoulder and giving it a light squeeze. 
“I’m sure. We’ll find her,” Jungkook reiterates, almost as if he was trying to convince himself. 
Taken aback by Jungkook’s unexpected kindness, Yoongi shifts uncomfortably in his seat, rubbing the faint tears from his eyes. Jungkook mimics his awkward movement, withdrawing his hand tactfully before settling into the seat beside him. 
“Look, I know I haven’t been the nicest person to you,” Jungkook begins, stumbling over the phrases. The remorse that had been bubbling inside him since the fight with Yoongi earlier today finally spills over. Even though he knew it wasn’t in his nature to get this angry so quickly, he couldn’t help himself. He was just so protective of you. 
Unsure of your new husband’s intentions, Jungkook had been carefully watching Yoongi since they left the apartment for any indication that he wasn’t being true, but he kept coming up short. Now, seeing his reaction to a mere photo of you, was more than enough confirmation. Yoongi loved you. Even Jungkook couldn’t deny it. 
“Really? I didn’t notice,” Yoongi counters, but it’s hollow, lacking the playful punch the words would normally have.  
“Look, I’m sorry about what I said earlier.” Jungkook presses on, nervously fiddling with the fabric of his sweater. Although you weren’t here with him right now, your influence was ever present. He knew you would hate seeing them like this. The least he could do is try.  
“I can tell you really care about her,” he continues. “And as long as she is safe and happy, that’s all that matters. When we find her, promise me you’ll take care of her.” 
Yoongi opens his mouth, but for once, he is at a loss for words. His relationship – or lack thereof – with Jungkook had always been a combination of unnecessary jealousy and annoyance. To see it evolve a step forward was a welcome change, albeit the situation was less than ideal. 
Nodding in agreement, Yoongi extends a hand to the younger man. “I’m sorry too, Jung –”
The words barely make it out of Yoongi’s mouth before the bell on the cafe door is chiming, alerting the room of a new arrival. At once, all three heads turn in synchronization towards the source.
It’s Yoongi who calls your name first as he rushes straight towards you without another thought. The moment he reaches you, he wraps you up in his arms as if you were some sort of mirage, ready to disappear again. He tries his best to maintain his composure, but a small tear trickles down the side of his face. You reach forward, wiping it away as he turns to caress your cheek. Reluctantly, he pulls back in order to carefully examine you for any signs of harm. 
“Baby, where the hell were you? We were all so worried about you.” 
He turns towards the others, who have now joined your little huddle. Relief floods Jungkook and Luna’s faces when they see that you are okay, but the question of your whereabouts in the last few hours is still etched in their eyes. You know you owe them an explanation. 
Taking a deep breath, you spend a few minutes collecting your thoughts before proceeding. 
“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were looking for me,” you explain, looking down at your feet, avoiding eye contact with your audience. As you speak, you gingerly tug on the sleeve of your cardigan, hoping you have done enough to cover up your bloody arm.  
After the struggle with your father, you weren’t sure where to go first. Although going back home would have been the obvious answer, you couldn’t let Yoongi see you until you had taken care of the cut first. Thinking on your feet, you visited the nearest pharmacy before circling back to the cafe in the hopes that you could still catch Luna. The last thing you were expecting was for Jungkook and Yoongi to be here with her.  
“What are you all doing here?”
“You’ve been gone for six hours, YN,” Jungkook interjects, giving you a curious glance. “It’s not like you to ignore our texts and phone calls for that long. What happened to you?”
Six hours. You couldn’t believe it had taken you that long to get back here. 
“Nothing happened.” 
Your response is too quick, too forced. If Jungkook notices, he decides not to mention anything in front of everybody else. Instead, he lets you continue your story. Luna, however, offers you a sympathetic look, far too familiar with the inner workings of your father.
“My phone died on my way here and you know how I am without GPS. I took the wrong turn and got a little lost,” you ramble, hoping the story holds up. “I’m really sorry for making you all worry. I swear I am fine.”
Jungkook gives you one last quizzical look before finally accepting defeat. But you can tell he’s saving his real questions for another day, unwilling to let this go so easily.  On the other hand, Yoongi is just happy to have you back. The hours spent searching for you seem like a distant memory now that you are safe. Content with you by his side, he pulls you in even closer and deposits another kiss on top of your forehead. 
“It’s okay, baby. I’m just glad you are back and you’re okay. I promise I won’t let you out of my sight again,” Yoongi hums next to you, placing his hand in yours as he tugs you forward. “What do you say we just forget this whole thing and head back home?” 
“That sounds good,” you offer, grateful that your family and friends seem to have bought your excuse for now.
Eager to get you home, Yoongi pulls at your hand again, only this time a little too hard. Trying not to wince at the pain, you pull your cardigan lower and shuffle back, plastering a fake smile on your face. 
Hiding your scar from Yoongi was going to be trickier than you thought. 
Tumblr media
Ever a creature of habit, you couldn’t wait to get back to work. Although the honeymoon had been a welcome change of pace, the run-in with your father and the subsequent days spent trapped inside the penthouse under strict orders from your husband was more than enough to make you crave the studio again. You’d only been back at the Hybe office for a few hours since the chaos of last week, but you could already feel the return of normalcy. 
However, the familiar atmosphere was not free from its own change, which presented itself in the form of Yoongi’s excessive overprotectiveness. Even though he still had no idea what truly happened that day, he wasn’t kidding when he said he wouldn’t let you out of his sight, forever following closely behind you like a lost puppy. Beyond that, he was hesitant to let you go back to work, only finally agreeing if you promised to let him drive you there and back every day. 
If it had been anyone other than Yoongi, you would have despised every minute of it. But saying no to your husband was a difficult task. The pull you had on him was always and forever rivaled by the pull he had on you. 
“Are you really sure you want to grab lunch downstairs? We can order something up to the studio instead,” Yoongi whines, lips curving into an adorable pout of protest. The two of you had spent your first morning back in the Genius Lab continuing your lessons. As fun as it was, the insistent grumble of your stomach meant that it was time to eat. 
“Yes, I’m sure,” you explain, packing up your bag and slinging it over your shoulder hastily. Instinctively, your thumb finds its way up to his face, gently rubbing the pout away. “Besides, you have that stupid lunch meeting today. I don’t want to spend my lunch hour cooped up in the studio all alone. We can pick up the lesson when you're back.”  
“Fine,” Yoongi acquiesces with a heavy sigh. He reaches forward, touching the hand that still hovers over his face and twisting it gently until he can place a kiss in your palm. “But call me if you need anything.” 
You twist your face in jest at his vigilance, but you can’t help the way it makes your heart flutter. You had spent so long protecting yourself, you weren't used to someone else doing the same.  
“I’ll be fine.” You lean forward to give Yoongi a quick kiss goodbye, but it’s not enough for him. Pulling you closer, he deepens the kiss, silently serenading you with all the love he had bottled inside. Effortlessly, you surrender to his touch, diving into each other without restraint. His lips are focused, his tongue precise as he navigates the kiss. Slowly, you continue as the heat in the room picks up until Yoongi’s hands find their way to the front of your blouse. 
And that’s when you remember. 
The scar.
Still fresh from last week, the only slightly healed, purplish bruise was on full display on the surface of your skin.  If Yoongi were to see it now, he would without a shadow of a doubt know someone had hurt you and you couldn’t afford that. Not right now, not when things were so perfect. 
“Stop, stop,” you call, instantly tearing apart from him and grabbing onto his wandering hands. Just like that, the sloppy sounds of lips brushing lips that filled the studio are immediately replaced by the heavy pants of your uneven breathing. 
“What?” Yoongi quips in mock innocence as a sly grin forms on his face, misinterpreting your anxiousness for embarrassment. 
“We don’t have time for that,” you state matter-of-factly, hoping to persuade your husband to drop the subject. Even more than him, you didn’t trust yourself around his presence; your own desire for him was just as strong. If you let him kiss you again, God knows what would happen next.  
Sensing the change in your tone, Yoongi stops immediately and shoots you a puzzled look. “Are you sure you’re okay? Did I do something wrong?”
“No, no. You’re fine.” You're quick to clarify, the familiar smile returning to your face all at once. The last thing you wanted was to cause another misunderstanding. “We just don’t have time before your meeting. That’s all.” Trying your best to convince him, you continue to smile as if nothing is wrong. 
Yoongi squints in your direction one last time before he is satisfied with your response. He couldn’t help but feel as though he was missing something ever since that day you disappeared, but for now he decides to let it be. 
“Besides sex in the studio is always so rushed.” You hope the light comment would dispel some of the tension in the room as you get up to leave. Straightening your outfit, you double check that your scar is still hidden.
The joke seems to have done the trick as Yoongi chuckles in response. “Oh really? Should I remind you about the time you gave me a blow—” 
“Relax!! I’m just kidding.” Tossing his head back, his shoulders shake with the first bouts of laughter. It’s not soon before long that his whole body erupts with amusement. “You’re so cute when you are mad.” 
“Sometimes, I wonder why I married you,” you spit back, but you find yourself laughing with him too. With Yoongi, it was just that easy. 
Tumblr media
Like everything else at Hybe, the cafeteria was an ostentatious affair. Located on the highest floor of the building, the enormous eatery made for the perfect view of the city. Even now, as you tread the shiny, linoleum floors towards the main dining area, the soft rays of the afternoon Sun stream through the windows, kissing the Seoul skyline with the perfect light. 
There is nothing that could distract you from its beauty, except for the fragrant mix of lunch options now filling the air. Too overwhelmed to choose, you slip into the line closest to you, hoping to find something to your liking.  
The queue ambles slowly forward; today’s lunch hour is exceptionally busy it seems. As you dawdle in your spot, you notice a few familiar faces from Jin’s PR team up ahead. You don’t recall their names, but remember them assisting him during your first few days on his team. Deciding it was best to greet them, you make your way over to where they are standing.  
However, you instantly regret your decision. 
As you draw closer to the pair, to your surprise, you hear your own name being mentioned, causing you to freeze. 
“I don’t even get what Yoongi sees in YN. She’s so basic. He could have done way better,” the woman says as she carefully stocks her lunch tray with food. 
The man standing beside lets out a little laugh, still unaware of your watchful eye. “Oh, you're totally right. Plus, I heard she gets to produce music now too?! I bet she isn’t even that good. Just gets all these perks because she’s sleeping with the boss.” 
Instantly, your heart shatters.
Never once had you even tried to use your relationship with Yoongi to your advantage. Is that what they really thought of you?
Unable to fathom what may come next, you turn on your heels, trying your best to keep your emotions in check. But, the tears begin to brim, blurring your vision. 
Putting one uncoordinated foot in front of the other, you pick up your pace and rush straight towards the exit. However, the sightless maneuver and your increased speed has you accidentally crashing into a pair of thick, broad shoulders.
“YN?” Namjoon’s voice calls the moment he recognizes you. The sudden collision confuses him temporarily, eyes drifting from your face to your body as he tries to figure out what’s going on. But it doesn’t take long for him to recognize the telltale signs of tears in your eyes. 
Realizing something is wrong, he thoughtfully wraps an arm around you and ushers you to a private corner out of sight. It’s only when you are completely alone that he turns his attention back to you. 
“Hey, what’s the matter? Are you alright?” 
“It’s nothing,” you counter, biting your lower lip in a futile attempt to hold back the waterworks. 
“Are you sure?” He asks again, eyebrows arched and voice laced with more concern than before. 
“Yes, it’s fine. Just workplace gossip. I’m afraid I might be ruining Yoongi’s reputation again,” you sniffle gently, the whispered words still ringing in your head. 
“I doubt that is even possible. I’m sure you haven’t done anything wrong.” He pauses for a moment, giving you a gentle squeeze. He can tell you don’t want to talk about it more, but it doesn’t stop him from worrying about you. “YN, I don’t want to pry, but I’m here for you if you ever need anything.”  
His sincerity reminds you of the day you first met, where he was one of the few people looking out for you. Touched by the same kindness, you try to pull yourself together. You didn’t need Namjoon worrying about you too.  
“Thanks, Namjoon. I’m okay, I promise.” You try your best to reassure him, wiping away the stray tears. “Please don’t tell Yoongi. I’ll be okay.”  
“Only if you're sure.” For a second, he contemplates something in his head before offering, “I won’t tell him, but you know, when something bugs him, he always turns to music. Maybe that can help you too?” 
Tumblr media
Taking Namjoon’s advice, you quickly find yourself back in the comfort of the Genius Lab for the remainder of the afternoon, trying to pen a song. With Yoongi stuck in meetings, the quiet oasis proved to be the perfect antidote for the earlier, venomous encounter. 
Although you were still learning the intricacies of producing a song, the familiar ivory keys already felt like coming home. Perched in front of Yoongi’s keyboard, you let your fingers take control, pouring every emotion and every frustration from today into your music. The steady drag of the metronome is the only thing that keeps you company, ticking closer and closer towards the early hours of the evening. But you hardly hear it over the hum of your chords.
Completely immersed, you don’t notice when, a few hours later, Yoongi joins you in the studio. 
“Hey, baby. What are you up to?” His question takes you by surprise as he shuffles over to the computer and takes a seat right next to you. 
“You scared me,” you reply, finally tearing away from the keyboard. “Believe it or not, I’m actually working on a song.”
“Really?” Yoongi questions, slumping in his seat until his legs are spread out in front of him. Despite the barrage of endless meetings today, he still looks as handsome as ever. You reach for his hand, which he instantly offers you without hesitation. For a beat, neither of you say anything, simply just basking in the comfort of being around each other. 
“Yeah, it’s nothing special,” you brush off nonchalantly. Despite your gut begging you to tell him, you weren’t planning on recounting the incident in the cafeteria that led you here. Although you appreciated his protectiveness, this would only make matters worse. Running your fingers through your hair, you settle back into your seat.  “I was just looking for a distraction.” 
“Can I hear it?” There’s no pressure in the question, just genuine curiosity, something you have come to love about Yoongi.
“Fine, but promise you won’t laugh at me.”
“As your number one fan, I would never laugh at you,” he mumbles, pecking your cheek. 
Adjusting your posture, you reluctantly return to the piano and begin to play your song. Steadily, the melody swells throughout the room, captivating Yoongi. Every note rings so beautifully from your heart that it leaves him spellbound. He doesn’t remember the last time someone made him feel this way. As the song draws to close you play the final note and eagerly turn towards him awaiting his response.
“So, what did you think?”
Rendered completely speechless for a moment, Yoongi tries to pick his jaw off of the floor. 
“Say something,” you beg, still keen to hear his thoughts.  
“That was absolutely beautiful,” he beams, clapping his hands together.  
“Thanks, it’s really nothing —”  
“No, you don’t understand,” he interjects, eyes brimming with excitement. “That was really good. Like good enough to put out as a single.”
Convinced that you had heard him wrong, you do a double take. “What are you talking about, Yoongi?” 
“I’m saying that someone should record a demo of it and we should post it online.” He smiles at you as if what he said was not out of the ordinary, but your mind is racing a mile a minute. 
“You don’t have to say that. That’s really not necessary.” You think back to what your coworkers had said. Were you really only getting these perks because you were married to Yoongi? 
“Nonsense,” Yoongi counters. “You’re really talented and the world deserves to hear it.” His reassurance helps to quell some of your nerves but you still can’t believe his proposition. Sensing your hesitation, he slides his chair closer to you already humming your melody back to you. “Trust me on this. This song is going to change everything.” 
Tumblr media
“There you are!”  His chiseled hands find your torso well before the words meet your ears, enveloping you completely in his warm embrace. The causal press of his chest against your back cages you in the center of the hallway long enough so that he can place a delicate kiss on your cheek. Lucky for you, no one is around to see it. 
“I was looking everywhere for you,” Yoongi coos in your ear as his hands roam freely over your body. A sliver of exposed skin peaks through the gap between your shirt and your skirt, inviting his fingers to graze the surface, each touch producing a kaleidoscope of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Pulling you even closer, he finds the crook of your neck and places another kiss against the collar. 
“Yoongiiii,” you whine, squirming against his body, but your paper-thin resolve is no match for him. It only takes a few more pecks before you are sinking into his hold, breath now shallow, but still strong enough to submerge yourself in the earthy undertones of his signature scent. 
“The team is going to upload the demo to Soundcloud next week. I’m hoping it’ll get some good traction,” he mumbles against your neck, the curve of his smile unmistakable upon your flesh. 
“That’s great news, baby,” you reply, unable to mask your own excitement. With the song now recorded and mastered, what was once a distant dream quickly began to feel like reality. Your music was finally going to get a chance to be shared with the world and as nervous as you were about what the others would think, another part of you was also looking forward to it. Despite the comments from your coworkers and your own hesitations, you finally had something you were passionate about and you weren’t willing to give up on it that easily. 
“My wife, the producer. Do you know how sexy that sounds?” The strong hint of pride in Yoongi’s voice is hard to miss, causing your heart to swell even more. 
Depositing one last kiss upon your collar, he loosens his grip slightly so that he can spin you around until you are standing face to face. Warm, brown eyes as sweet as honey greet you on the other side. It doesn’t take long before you are drowning in them yet again. Yoongi, who is equally enamoured, slowly drinks you in, tracing the lines of your face.
“Stop it,” you cry, jokingly hitting his chest. “You’re doing it again.”
“Doing what?” 
“You know…that thing.” You immediately bury your face against his chest, too embarrassed by the sudden influx of attention. “That thing you do where you won’t stop looking at me.” 
You can’t see him, but you can feel his chest starting to shake underneath you, rising and falling in tandem with his laughter. You groan in response as he tries his best to pull himself together again. With delicate composure, he slowly reaches forward, placing a hand under your chin as he tilts your face towards his own. 
“I can’t help it. It’s not my fault you’re so beautiful,” he professes, pushing aside a fly away strand of your hair. “In fact, can I let you in on a secret?”
Unsure of where he was going next, all you can do is nod expectedly.
At once, a playful smirk paints itself onto Yoongi’s lips as the honey in his eyes is briskly replaced by a familiar darkness. Steadily, your husband dips his head forward until his lips are mere inches from your own. You were no stranger to the increased intimacy with him, but the bold, flirtatious move out here, in public, has your heart just about ready to burst out of your chest. 
Taking a breath, he continues to ghost the surface of your lips. “You’re so fucking gorgeous, did you know that?”
You try to keep your composure, but the thrum of your heartbeat only picks up speed with each word. Yoongi doesn’t wait for a response, pushing his chest closer, eliminating any gap that rests between you. With each touch of his body, you feel the heat rising around you, leaving you desperate for more. 
“In fact,” Yoongi continues, lowering his voice so it's no more than a whisper now. “All I can think about is fucking you. Right here. Right now.” 
Despite the calm nature of his confession, the magnitude of its implication leaves you breathless. Your mind, your heart and your body simultaneously freeze in anticipation of his next move. 
Yoongi, however, isn’t phased. 
He steps back just enough so that you can witness his now fully darkened orbs, the conviction of his words more evident than before. In fact, there’s something about the way he looks at you now that sends you over the edge. Equally compelled by lust’s insatiable desire, all you can do is continue to watch him, letting go of any logic you had left. 
“So what do you say?” he whispers, toying with the hem of your shirt. The drop in octave is enough to make your defenses crumble. You feel yourself letting go, following him into the unknown, when you remember where you are.   
“Yoongi!! We can’t. We’re on the main floor of your office! Anyone can see us!” you protest in a hushed whisper, mustering up what little rationale is left in your clouded brain. Although your sexual experience was lacking in comparison to Yoongi, what he was proposing was crazy. You didn’t need to give your coworkers more to talk about. Besides, you still ran the risk of him seeing the scar on your arm. It had healed quite a bit since the incident, but you were still conscious of its presence.  
“Relax! I don’t mean in the hallway…Unless you're into that?”
Throwing his hands up in the air, he motions for you to calm down. At the far end of the hallway, a few of your colleagues amble in and out of a large meeting room, entirely unaware of the growing sexual tension between the pair of you. Yoongi gives them a cautionary glance before reaching for your hand. 
“Relax, baby. I meant my office. Come on.” 
He doesn’t give you the opportunity to argue, guiding you with ease to the room where you first met. It’s almost the same as it was that day  — barren, save for the large mahogany desk in the center, which now, however, houses a collection of miscellaneous papers and a framed picture of Yoongi and you.
Rushing straight towards the desk, Yoongi swipes the papers off the surface with a flourish and plops down on the empty table. 
“I always wanted to do that,” he chuckles, eyeing the mess of papers scattered all over the floor before returning his gaze to you. Like a black hole, the darkened glint still blooms in his eyes, swallowing you whole, begging you to come closer. 
In the safety of your own room, you find it even harder to fight the urge to be with him. The familiar gravitational pull was back in full force, anchoring you to each other as always.  Naturally, you inch closer and closer. When you are finally situated in the gap between his legs, he jerks his head to the right, motioning to the table. “So what do you say?” 
You gulp down the unfamiliar mixture of nerves and excitement, steadying yourself against him with a single hand on his chest. Through the thin material of his blue dress shirt you can hear the rapid beating of his heart, no doubt echoing your own. The expectation of what is yet to come goes straight to your core, urging you to rub your thighs together in anticipation. 
The motion is not lost on Yoongi, who watches intently, biting his lower lip in patient expectancy. 
God, he could be so fucking gorgeous sometimes. 
Once again, you find your resolve breaking down. The tension from your father and your coworkers had been more than enough to stress you out over the last few days. Plus, the fact that you hadn’t had sex in over a week wasn’t helping much either. The weight of the world was just too much at the moment and you wanted nothing more than to forget — even if it was for a moment. 
“Hey, you okay?” 
Yoongi, who has been watching you mull over your options, breaks through your reverie. He doesn’t like the pout that riddles your face currently, knowing you long enough now to tell when something was wrong. 
“I’m fine,” you brush off his concern with a shake of your head. You knew Yoongi like the back of your hand and you knew that if he found out what happened to you, he wouldn’t let it go so easily. 
“You sure?” he asks again, still not fully convinced.
“Yeah, I’m sure. Sorry, it’s just been one of those weeks.” You offer him a smile knowing you could always count on him to take care of you. “I think I just need a good distraction.”  
It’s only a half-lie. The week had been chaotic, but more than anything, you just wanted to stop Yoongi from worrying about you.
“Well, if you are looking for a distraction,” Yoongi states, cocking up an eyebrow, “I can think of a couple things we could do.” 
The return of his flirtatious self is enough to put your nerves back at ease. Somehow, he always knew how to protect you from the noise and chaos of the world. 
“Is that so, Mr. Min?” you quip back, finding yourself falling for him all over again. 
“Yes, Mrs. Min. You’ll find that I’m exceptionally good at many things,” Yoongi boasts before dropping forward and planting a kiss on your lips. The kiss is soft and lazy, but it still has your heart beating out of time. Despite your best efforts to maintain your self-control, you find yourself melting in his arms, ready to be ruined by him. It doesn’t take long for the kiss to pick up speed, as you wrap your legs around his torso and pull him closer to you. 
“Lock. The. Door,” you hum in between kisses as you fist his shirt. 
“Relax, no one is coming in,” Yoongi counters, tearing away from the lip-lock momentarily.
“What if someone does and they see us?!”
“Then, I’ll just fire them.” He chuckles, rubbing the length of your arms up and down in an attempt to calm you down. “Now where were we?” 
“Yoongi, I’m serious,” you groan, rolling your eyes. 
Letting out a disgruntled sigh, he walks over to the door and locks. But as he returns to the table, you can’t help but notice the new sparkle in his eyes. 
“I have an idea,” he states, the glint in his eyes getting bigger by the second.  “Do you trust me?” 
“Of course I do. What type of question is that?”
Ignoring your protest, he continues with his train of thought. “Okay, how do you feel about blindfolds?” 
This time you don’t get the chance to respond before he makes his next move. Gradually, his fingers tug at the knot in his tie until the silk unravels. With practiced ease, he carefully wraps the fabric around his hands, playing with the material. As he twists and turns it around,  it’s taut against his supple flesh, the juxtaposition sending your mind reeling with excitement. 
“Turn around.” The command echoes with an unfamiliar, dulcet darkness that goes straight to your core. Once again, you rub your thighs together, desperate for some relief. Succumbing to him completely, you do as you are told, all thoughts of your father and your coworkers long dissipated.  
“Good girl,” Yoongi hums  in your ear, stretching the fabric in his hands once more. The bold, new choice of words pushes you even further into the lustful pits of sin, drawing out a fervent moan in response. 
“Fuck.” The curse falls from Yoongi’s lips as if it’s second nature. Although he had come to love exploring the limit of your sexual prowess, even he had to admit you constantly had the ability to surprise him with just how far you were willing to go. 
Taking it as a sign to continue, Yoongi wraps the tie around your eyes. Once it’s situated to his liking, he double knots it until you are completely blindfolded. He waves his hands a few times in front of your face, satisfied with his work.  
“Can you see anything?”
“No,” you reply, reaching forward in an uncoordinated fashion as you latch onto his face. You can’t see anything anymore, but in turn, your other senses are extremely heightened. Your sense of touch feels amplified, in tune with every groove and line on Yoongi’s face. Your sense of sound is even stronger, expertly catching the hushed chuckle from your husband as your unruly fingers continue to wander around his face.
“Good. Now you don’t need to worry about who sees what. Just focus on me. ” With tender care, he guides you back into his embrace. 
The black that fills your vision immediately bursts into a sea of colours the moment Yoongi pulls you back in for a kiss. As with your sense of touch and your sense of sound, the kiss is also intensified. His hands, his tongue, his breath — every sensation blooms around you in technicolour, completely consuming you. You feel the heat of his desire and your own like you have never before. 
The overwhelming sensation produces a series of moans from both of you as you start to grind against each other. Instinctively, you latch on to his shirt as you wrap your legs around him. 
Yoongi reciprocates the movements, cupping your ass and pushing you against his core. The thin material of your skirt and panties do little to protect you from the feeling of his growing member beneath you, eliciting another moan from your lips. 
Seeing how responsive you are to his touch, only sends blood shooting straight to Yoongi’s cock. With heated passion, he props you up on the table and thrusts his hips into you again. For a moment, he hesitantly pries his lips away from yours so that he can deposit a series of butterfly kisses on to your neck. 
“Fuck, keep going,” you encourage, feeling the familiar wetness beginning to pool between your thighs. 
Diving straight back into you, his lips meet yours in a clumsy lip lock but he doesn’t care at all. All he can think about it is being inside you. Wanting even more of you, he reaches for the button of your blouse. 
Suddenly, the fog of lust clears as you remember your scar. You couldn’t let him see it. Not like this. 
“Leave it on,” you explain, breaking the kiss for a second time. You are both left panting as you try to recover your breath, but your body wants more, thrusting against Yoongi’s half-hardened member. 
Equally fucked out, Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind the strange request. “Fine. Be a good girl and turn around.” The words spill from his bruised lips as his hands begin to slither up your thighs. “I want to fuck you from behind.”
The sinful command has another wave of arousal rushing to your core, but eager as ever, you do as you are told. His roaming hands venture further North until he lands on your silk panties. With a swift pull, he slides them off your body. Anticipating his next move, you steady yourself as best as you can against what feels like the surface of the table. You can’t tell much about what’s happening around you, but you can hear the sound of Yoongi unzipping his pants and unbuckling his belt, which has your core tightening around nothing. The coil inside your stomach winds tighter, begging for release. 
“Hurry up and fuck me,” you cry, desperate to feel him inside you. 
“Relax, I need to prep you.” His voice sounds from behind you as he pulls your skirt up further. A brush of cold air hits your exposed skin, leaving behind a trail of goosebumps, but you hardly notice from the heat of your bodies. 
His hands travel closer to your center, gently pulling your feet apart until he is running his fingers through your fold. Without restraint, you let out a loud moan into the room, even the smallest of touches driving you crazy. 
“On second thought, it looks like someone was waiting for this all day. Tell me, baby, is this all for me?” 
“You. Only you,” you grumble, grabbing onto the table as he plunges into your core with another finger.  
“Thought so.” You hear him inch closer, the sound of his belt fully loosening now filling your ears. He stalls for a minute, which you can only assume is him pumping himself a few times. The blindfold made it impossible to know for sure, but the mystery just added to the overall sensation. 
“Spread your legs for me,” he commands.
You don’t have to be told twice, already widening your stance as you prepare to take him in. 
“Ready, baby?”
“Yes, just fuck me already.”
As if a switch was flipped within him, Yoongi pushes your skirt up completely and lines himself to your core. With one swift glide, he pushes his cock into your throbbing pussy. Despite his best efforts to hold still while you adjust, his will power is too weak today. He holds out for a few seconds more before he begins to roll his hips. 
“Fuck, Yoongi.” With the blindfold on, all you can feel is his body against yours. He sets a brutal pace, pounding into you with full force as he starts chasing his high. The new angle allows you to feel him even deeper than before. He jerks forward again and you can feel him in your stomach, the coil tightening even more than before.  
“I want to hear you. Scream for me, baby,” Yoongi demands, arching over your back so that he can whisper in your ear. Unable to control yourself, you curse his name like a mantra, each syllable in time with the thrust of his hips. At this point you are too far gone to care who sees or hears you. All you can sense is Yoongi and that’s all that matters. 
Together, you both ride the wave of passion, chasing your highs. With each thrust, he hits deeper and deeper inside of you. When he hits a particular sensitive part of your core, you feel yourself squeeze around him. His cock twitches in response, letting you know that he is close too. 
“Come with me,” you plead, guiding his free hand to the front of your body until it's pressed against your clit. Following your lead, he begins to rub tiny figure eights into your center. 
“Oh my god,” you whine, unable to take the overwhelming sensation rushing through your body. Together you rock back and forward until finally the coil snaps and you feel yourself come undone. It only takes a few more minutes for Yoongi to do the same, painting your inner walls white. 
Breathing heavy, he collapses on top of you, his sweat matted hair brushing your own. He stays inside you for a few minutes basking in your warmth before reluctantly pulling out of you.
“Fuck, that was amazing.” He wipes the sweat off his brow and helps you get situated again. Carefully he returns your panties to you and helps slip them back in place. Maybe it was the risk of being spotted or maybe the change of location, but Yoongi feels like he is on cloud nine. 
However, as you come down from your high, the velvet skies you were floating on quickly return to the hard concrete of reality. Gone was the temporary distraction, replaced by the familiar guilt and anxiety from the challenges of the last few weeks.  
Unaware of the change in atmosphere, Yoongi inches closer and unties your blindfold. “Here, let me help you fix your outfit,” he offers, noticing the disheveled state of your clothing. 
“No, it’s okay,” you protest, taking a step back, when he reaches for your bruised hand. 
The reaction confuses Yoongi, who remembers the last time you brushed him off like this. Now that he thinks about it, you were still acting strange since the last few weeks. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but now he couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong. “You sure everything is okay?” 
“Yes, I’m just tired. In fact, I should really get going. I promised Luna I would call her.” You feel guilty about the lie, but you needed to get away before the floodgates opened again. It was all becoming too much for you to handle, but you didn’t want to worry Yoongi. This was your mess to clean up.  
“Are you sure?” Yoongi asks again, still not convinced of your answer.
“I’m sure,” you promise over again, quickly making your way to the door. “I’ll see you tonight.”
“I love you,” Yoongi calls after you, but you’re already out the door. He watches as you walk down the hallway, still not convinced with your answers. Despite your reassurances, he couldn’t help but wonder what it was he was failing to see. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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pjiminbloom · 2 days ago
Under the table | myg oneshot
Tumblr media
✦ pairing min yoongi x female reader
✦ genre drama, dating!au
✦ word count 1.9K
✦ warnings smut, bad bitch reader, embarrassing situation, thrilling situation, moaning in front of parents, blowjob, yoongi...lol (also dear reader, if you happen to not have a gag reflex, just ignore it when you read it <3)
✦ summary Yoongi and you have been dating for a few years. One thanksgiving, he has to leave you behind for a family dinner as you were sick and had to stay home. You seek sympathy but it’s to no avail, so you get your sweet revenge.
✦ inspiration for this story saw a clip years ago from what i believe originated from Skins, and it’s been imprinted in my mind since then. idk it kind of gave me yoongi vibes when I thought about it a few days ago. Also for all yoongi stans, I hope I wrote your bias good!!!😤❤️
Tumblr media
“Do you really have to go?” You whined as Yoongi sat next to you on the bed, pulling on his shoes. 
“Y/N I’ve already answered that question a million times...” he responded with a hint of annoyance. 
“But your girlfriend is sick, you should stay home and take care of her...” you complained.
“uhm no.”
“Look babe, you need to stay home and relax while i’m gone. I already told my mom you were sick and couldn't make it to the dinner. It’d be weird if you suddenly pulled up at their house, contradicting my words.”
“Then say you’re sick as well. Be sick with me, we are in love remember? Through thick and thin, you’re supposed to stay by my side.” 
“Gosh Y/N, you’re so fucking melodramatic. I don’t have the energy for this, I’m leaving.” 
“Wha- YOONGI!” You shouted as he grabbed his things and opened the front door. 
“Take a nap and some medicine, bye.” He grumbled, slamming the door after himself. 
“What’s up with him? He’s acting like he’s on his damn period,” you whispered angrily to yourself.
You threw your feet to dangle over the bed, hastily standing up. The quick motion made you dizzy and you sat yourself down at the corner of your bed for a short minute. 
After your vision cleared, you lazily walked to the kitchen to take some medicine. As you poured yourself a glass, you zoned out, reflecting back to Yoongi’s behaviour. The sudden feeling of cold water soaking your hand shook you out of your trance abruptly, making the glass slip from your hand. The glass crashed onto the white tiles, spraying water everywhere. 
After cleaning the mess, you took some pills and took a nap. About three hours later, you woke up, the dark night staring at you through your window. You felt a lot better, actually better than ever. Grabbing your phone, you texted Yoongi announcing the good news. 
❆Yoonie <3
<--  babe I feel so much better now. 
--> nice
<-- when will u b home? 
--> idk
<-- at least act like u care...
--> pass 
“THE AUDACITY!” You shouted in pure disbelief. 
You knew he cared but he was being so nonchalant. You scoffed as you tossed your phone on the bed. You laid down onto the soft bed, facing the ceiling, kicking your feet in frustration. Then you sat up, the perfect plan coming to you. A mischievous smile plastered onto your face... oh boy was he gonna pay. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi sat in awkward silence as the sound of cutlery scraping plates filled the room. He was in no doubt uncomfortable. As he sat around the large table, he couldn't help but feel bad for speaking to his girlfriend the way he did. He felt sorry, not entirely, just a little. The picture of Y/N’s pouting face suddenly flashed in his mind, a little smile making it to his face. 
Yoongi flinched at the sound of his name. 
“Your mother has something to say,” said his father. 
Yoongi looked at his mother, he stared at her as he expected another “we don’t support you” talk. To his surprise, it was quite the opposite. 
“Yoongi, after a lot of thinking, we have come to make a decision. We have realised, much too late I'm afraid, that you have so much passion and talent for music. We have decided to support you in your decision.” Yoongi’s mother expressed, a comforting smile on her face. 
Yoongi hated to cry, especially in front of his family. But there he was, wiping his tears as he cried with his head facing downwards. He had always wanted his parent’s support no matter how many times he’s tried to convince others that he didn’t care. His sniffles filled the room, the jazz beats being the only thing stopping the situation from being as awkward as it could be. 
Yoongi’s father rose from his seat, hugging his son. He felt like he had failed as a father. But when you came to visit them secretly a few weeks before, you made them realise how much it hurt him and how he longed to make them proud. Yoongi’s parents decided to push their pride aside and felt it was time to accept the fact that Yoongi wasn't ever going to change his mind. 
“I’m proud of you son, I really am.” His father praised, caressing Yoongi’s face.
“My god, enough crying! Let’s set up the bonfire!” said Yoongi’s mother while wiping her remaining tears. 
As the guests walked out into the kitchen, bathroom, backyard; Yoongi remained seated, in attempt to collect himself. 
He suddenly felt a presence and he widened his eyes at the sight of you standing by the door, dressed in only sweatpants and a tight white see-through crop top. You looked hot and Yoongi couldn't help but trail his gaze up and down your body. 
“what are you doing here!” he whisper-shouted. 
“You were rude, so I’m here to give pay back.” You answered teasingly. 
“Y/N i don't have time for your games, leave before my parents see you!” 
Yoongi sighed with irritation. He panicked at the sound of the guests coming back. He looked back to see his mother smiling at him. 
“Gerard*, will call us when the fire is ready” she said. 
Yoongi looked back at where you stood before, only to see nothing. You had disappeared. Yoongi sighed in relief and smiled at his mother. 
Yoongi listened to his family talk to each other, occasionally throwing in a comment and laughing along with a joke. Yoongi was relaxed and happy, though he suddenly felt hands unbuckling his belt. He flinched in surprise as the cold hands traced along his lower abdomen. Everyone turned to look at him, his sudden reaction had everyone confused. 
“Everything okay?” asked his mother. 
“Yeah mom, just feeling a little chilly.” He answered, trying to save his ass. 
“It’s 31 degrees C sweetheart,” his mother commented.
His mother gave it no further thought and everyone resumed to talking. Yoongi knew you were under the table, and he knew you had the upper hand. He was fucked. 
(*Gerard- their butler)
Tumblr media
You did your best to hold yourself back from laughing. You were so evil and you loved it. Luckily for you, the table was wide enough to sit comfortably and for you not to worry about touching someone else. It was also draped over so no one would be able to see you.
You waited for Yoongi to actually believe that you’d stop before you traced your fingers along his belt. Yoongi flinched, unintentionally clashing all the cutlery, the whole table’s attention turning to him. He this time managed to save his ass, and lifted his leg as to kick you.
He kicked you square in the face and you did your best not to squeal out of pain. Blood trickled down your lips and into your hands as you cupped your nose, gritting your teeth. You were so mad that you didn't think straight. Your intention was just to joke around but now you were gonna suck the fuck out of that little shit. 
You took your hand out from under, tapping Yoongi. He must've seen the blood on your hand and he instantly gave you tissue paper. He apologises, his apology disguised in a cough. You snicker, at his lame attempt. 
Deciding to stuff little bits of paper into your bleeding nostril, you let out a controlled calm sigh. You checked around, as to make sure you weren't too close to other people’s legs. After making yourself comfortable, you reach for Yoongi’s pants again, this time fully opening his belt and unzipping his pants. As you massaged his soft crotch, feeling him through his clothes, you felt his shaft stiffen under your grasp. Perfect. You had him right where you wanted him. 
Pulling his erection out of his pants, you gave it a light lick, watching Yoongi’s body language. Man-spreading and adjusting himself to make his cock more accessible to you, you sank between his legs, lips parting around his cock, taking him into your mouth. Yoongi struggled not to moan. 
He squirmed in his seat, his lip between his teeth. 
“Yoongi, are you sure you're okay?” asked his mother once again. 
He hummed yes, a hum that sounded more like a moan. Clearing his throat, he spoke up, reassuring her that he was alright. Your hand cupped his balls, massaging them as you took his cock in, it hitting the back of your throat. You kept going, his length sliding in and out of your mouth. 
Yoongi banged his fists on the table, making everyone jolt. Again... 
“I j-just wanted tO eXpreSs hoW hApPy I am...” *coughs* “I... errr... yeah thank you mom and dad...” He stupidly says. You tried your best not to laugh, I mean it wasn't that hard considering his cock was resting in your mouth. 
Continuing to suck him off, you used your lips and hands. The squelching from your spit and the friction was quite audible but the jazz beats in the background and the crowded talking blurred it out. Focusing on the tip, you swirled your tongue receiving an earnest moan from the man. 
“Yoongi seriously! What is up with you?!” His mom asked irritated. 
This was your chance to really torture him. Shoving his girth so far down you could, you bobbed your head, occasionally sputtering. Tears welled up in your eyes as you tried not to gag. The length of his shaft was definitely something you still weren’t quite used to. 
“Ah fuck-” he cursed. 
“Excuse me?” His mom questioned, getting more and more irritated. 
“M-mom I, l-love you?” he blurted, not even thinking. 
His mom’s expression completely changed as she said that she loved him too. Yoongi’s breath quickened, he had to cover his mouth from moaning your name, no moaning in general. 
“Alright everyone, the fire is ready! Grab your marshmallows! Yoongi baby are you joining us?” his mother announced and then questioned. 
“I’ll be there sh-shortly!” he answered, beads of sweat covering his forehead and neck. 
You felt his cock twitch in your mouth, you fucked your cheek onto his tip until he spilled himself into your mouth. Swallowing it all up, he pulled his chair back, lifting the drape. 
“what the fuck-” Yoongi began but halted.  He was cut off by the sight in front of him, your hair was messy as a mix of saliva and cum ran down your chin. He sighed as he pulled his dick in his pants, “fucking hell Y/N.” 
“That should teach you not to mess with me Min Yoongi.” you stated teasingly but firmly. 
“Alright I’m sorry for this morning, I was grumpy because I had to go, alone at that. Sorry for the nose bleed as well.”
“It’s okay baby, just tell me next time, yes?” 
Yoongi nodded, giving you a long lasting peck on the lips. 
“My parents finally support my decision...”
Your heart skipped a beat. What you’d told them, was taken seriously. Though Yoongi didn't need to know. This was his happiness. 
“aww baby I’m so happy for you,” you say as you step out from under the table, giving him a hug. 
“Y/N, no matter how hot this was or how hard I came, please don't do this again.” You laughed at his comment but nodded. 
“YOONGI ARE YOU COMING?!” the loud voice boomed from the yard. 
“Oh well I gotta go, see u at home.I love you.” Yoongi said kissing you. You headed towards the door, getting ready to leave.
 “I love you too. Though I’ll be waiting for you.....naked.” 
“Intriguing. Can't wait.” You chuckle.
“ohh you dirty boy.”
Tumblr media
Hope you guys enjoyed!!! 🫠🫣
©pjiminbloom [please do not repost or copy any of my works]
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beenbaanbuun · 2 days ago
Pretty Little Baby - Min Yoongi
Words - 3.9k
Genre - smut/fluff
warning/s - virgin!reader, slight dom!yoongi, fingering, penetrative sex, cum eating, Yoongi is whipped, cursing, female genitalia is used (if there are any more, please let me know)
A/N: requests are open again :D
Tumblr media
“What?” Yoongi looked at you with eyes as wide as saucers, his mouth positioned into an ‘O’. “But you’re so hot.”
“Oh wow, thank you Yoongi.” Your voice was thick with sarcasm. You were certain that it was the right time to tell Yoongi, but apparently not. You leaned back against the headboard, crossing your arms in annoyance.
“No, I just meant-” 
“Just because I’m ‘hot’,” You put air quotes around that word, finding your usually poetic boyfriend’s choice of words amusing, “That doesn't mean I have to have sex with anyone who offers.” Yoongi blushed, feeling bad about his sudden outburst.
The fact that you were a virgin just came as a surprise to him, that's all. He really didn't mean to make you feel bad about anything, but it appears it was too late for that, the frown on your face letting him know that he’d said something wrong.
“That’s not what I meant, baby,” His hand shot forwards to grab yours, trying his hardest to comfort you. He hated making you sad. “It just came as a surprise, that's all. I didn't think you’d still be a…” The frown on your face became bigger as he approached the word ‘virgin’. It seemed as though he was just digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.
“We’ve been dating for over a year, now, and I’ve never once had sex with you,” The laugh that came out of your mouth was a way of trying to mask your sadness at the whole situation. In a strange way, you felt a little guilty, like you should’ve been more willing to give yourself to your boyfriend, but you just weren't ready. Until now, that is. “How did you not realise?”
“I just assumed you weren't ready to have it with me.” You weren’t ready to have it with anyone, not just your boyfriend. For a while, you just assumed you were asexual, something else that you felt guilty for not telling Yoongi about. 
Then things changed. Your relationship with Yoongi was moving quicker than any other relationship, your trust and love for him growing at an exponential rate. It wasn’t until you’d fallen head over heels for him that you realised just how much you wanted him. You didn't understand what the feeling was at first, never having felt it before. It came and went, getting especially strong when you were in close proximity to your boyfriend. It was a dull ache in the pit of your stomach, going down into your core. It felt warm, a little wet too, and your clitoris would throb, desperately begging you for something. 
Usually, you’d just spend the evening at your own home with your hand between your legs, crying out your boyfriend’s name into your otherwise silent room. Your mind would be full of images of him working out, or stepping out of the shower, but sometimes it just wasn't enough. The real thing would’ve been so much better, his slender fingers working away at your cunt in a way that you simply couldn't yourself. His smooth voice would tease you, spitting nasty words into your ear as he drew you closer and closer to the edge.
Everything got harder to manage when he asked you to move in with him. You’d be lying if you said you weren't absolutely thrilled at his proposition, excited for your growing relationship, but there was just something in the back of your mind that you couldn't escape. How were you going to deal with your little problem if you’d no longer be alone at night? You could no longer spend hours at a time pleasuring yourself to the thought of him; not when he was sleeping right next to you. 
Soon it became too much. You hadn’t touched yourself in weeks and the dull throbbing between your legs just wouldn't go away. And now you were living with Yoongi, there was no escape from him. Everything he did turned you on, somehow, no matter how small. The way his fingers held his coffee mug in the morning, fiddling with the handle so gently, the tendons in the back of his hand shifting with each finger movement. The way his tongue darted out of his mouth to soothe his dry lips leaving a trail of saliva in its wake. You couldn’t take it anymore; you needed a solution.
“Well I wasn’t, but…” You fumbled over your words, feeling a little embarrassed about what you were about to tell him. His hand squeezed yours, urging you to carry on. You absolutely loved how understanding he was. “I want you to fuck me.” 
He didn't say a word, too in shock to say anything. Usually, you were so innocent with your words, blushing whenever Yoongi even dared to curse in front of you. He wasn’t even sure if he’d ever heard your pretty little mouth say ‘damn’ before, let alone ‘fuck’. He couldn't lie, though, it turned him on, the feeling of his dick now pressing against the fabric of his pants making him hold back a groan.
“You want me to fuck you?” You nodded slowly, feeling nervous under his gaze. He let out a snort, laughing at your shyness despite your previous choice of words, “You want me to take your virginity? Make you feel good?” The way you looked down, avoiding his eyes made him want to let out a laugh. God, you were so cute, so innocent, and you wanted him to take it all away. You wanted him to ruin you… 
“Talk, baby,” He let go of your hand, using it to grab your chin instead. He positioned your head, making sure that you were looking him right in the eyes. He wanted to watch the innocence drain from your eyes as he teased you. He wanted to see you grow nervous under his glare. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Yoongi wanted to peek at yours. “Tell me what you want from me.”
The whimper that left your mouth was nothing short of pathetic. It was music to Yoongi’s ears, drawing him in. He wanted to hear more, wanted to know what you sounded like when you were in an unbearable amount of pleasure. To make those sounds come out of you would be a dream come true.
“I-I want,” He hummed in response, the shyness in your tone going straight to his member. The look on his face urged you to continue, his eyes burrowing into yours, begging you to let him have you. “I want you to make me feel good, Yoongi.” That was his cue.
He burst forward, closing the gap between the two of you. The kiss was rushed, animalistic almost, not that you minded. This was exactly what you had in mind when you imagined him all those times. Teeth against teeth, tongues pushing against one another as Yoongi forces you to submit to him. You wanted to be used by him.
You felt messy as he groaned into your mouth, a mixture of your two salivas collecting at the corner of your mouth, ready to drip down your chin at any second. His hand had your hair in a tight hold, keeping you pressed up against him. There was no escape, not that you wanted there to be. 
“God, I love you,” He whispered as he pulled away. He didn't go far, leaning his forehead against yours, staring down at your abused lips. The sight made him want to know how they’d look around his dick. That was for another day, though. Tonight was all about you. “Do you know just how long I’ve wanted this for, baby?” You shook your head against his, not trusting yourself to open your mouth. “Come here, baby. Feel how hard I am.”
You ran your hand down his clothed torso, taking all the time in the world to feel the muscles that sat behind the thin material of his t-shirt. You’d felt it before, but never in this context, and never had it made you this aroused. You could feel just how wet you were, your juices lubricating your thighs as you rubbed them together, desperate for the tiniest bit of stimulation. 
Finally, you reached your destination, your hand resting lightly over Yoongi’s bulge. The feeling of it resting against your hand made you let out a whine. It was big, thick. Honestly, you weren’t sure how it was meant to fit inside of you, your hole only having experience with your two fingers. 
“You don't have to be so gentle.” He spoke with a chuckle, watching as you tried to conceal yet another moan. You looked so small sitting there, despite the fact that you almost matched him in height. It made him feel like you were under his control, listening to his every command and following them with ease. The thought alone made his dick twitch, causing a small gasp to come from your mouth as you felt it under your hand.
You still refused to put any more pressure on his bulge, scared that you may hurt him if you held him too tightly. The last thing you wanted to do was ruin the atmosphere. Yoongi had other ideas though. He let his hand rest on your shoulder, trailing his fingers down your arm slowly. The sensation sent tingles through your body. You shuddered at the feeling. 
Once Yoongi’s hand was where he wanted it to be, right on top of yours, he squeezed. Your smaller hand tightened around him, making him let out a groan. Involuntarily, he bucked his hips up, forcing his member up into your hand even more. He could’ve cum right there, the feeling of something other than his own hand being almost too much for him to handle. It took him a moment to remember it was your night, pulling your hand off of himself and stopping his impending orgasm from happening.
“You’re so good, baby,” His voice was barely above a whisper, but it was deep. Much more than it usually was. The lust that ran through his body seemed to make his voice drop an octave. It didn't help the wetness between your legs, the need to have him touch you only growing as he spoke. “Such a good little baby, all for me.”
His words were making everything so much harder to cope with. You needed him inside of you, now. If you had to wait for much longer, you were sure you’d go insane.
“Yoongi!” You cried out, pushing your chest forward into his. Your pyjamas didn’t offer much of a barrier for you, your hardened nipples rubbing against his chest.
“Yes?” Humour was laced through his voice. No matter how much you wanted him, you couldn't deny that sometimes, he was extremely annoying. He knew what you wanted, and yet he still had the audacity to make you say it.
“Touch me, already.” You grabbed at his hand, desperately trying to manoeuvre it towards your core. He had none of it, though, pulling his hand away harshly.
“I thought you were going to be good for me?” He did his best to sound hurt as if your desperation had offended him in some way. “If you were good, you’d say please.” His tone was harsh, his words almost coming out in a growl. As infuriating as he was being, you could help but let your eyes flicker closed, the arousal becoming too much for you.
“Please.” You sounded as if you were on the verge of tears, and honesty, you were. Your pussy was aching to the point where it was almost painful. At this point, you were one step away from locking yourself in the bathroom and using the showerhead. At least then you wouldn't have to wait.
He didn't say another word, instead, letting his hand fall to where you wanted him most. His touch was gentle at first, barely brushing against your clit above your pyjama bottoms. It didn’t matter though, your body jumping no matter how light or brief the touch was. It was the first stimulation you'd had other than your own hands and it was a blessing. 
There was something that felt so different about someone else touching you and yet it was all so familiar. The shock of electricity that coursed through your body, stopping your brain from thinking for a brief moment, yet you weren't the one in control. You were giving everything up, letting Yoongi hold the reigns for you, tugging on them in ways different to how you would yourself, leading you in a completely different direction.
Finally, he let his hand slip underneath the fabric, guiding it down lower and lower until it came into contact with your bare pussy. His eyes shot up to meet yours, surprise laced through his expression. 
“No underwear?” He smirked, pushing his fingertips against your sensitive bus, rubbing slow circles against it. “Looks like my good little baby isn't so good after all.” You could hear how wet you were, squelching sounds ringing throughout the room. “Fucking nasty.” He grunted, speeding up the movement of his fingers against you.
You cried out, your first orgasm of the night quickly approaching. Your body was twitching, thighs shaking as you let your bodyweight topple into Yoongi. His spare arm wrapped around your waist, keeping you in place as he worked. A mixture of gentle praises and degrading comments were whispered into your ear, working perfectly against each other to bring you closer and closer to your release.
“You look so pretty like that,” He spat into your ear as he pushed one of the fingers into you, shifting his hand so that he could penetrate you, his thumb continuing to work on your clit. “So pretty letting me ruin you like this. I can't believe you’re letting me corrupt you, finally.” He grinned against your neck, gently nipping at your skin with his canines.
His finger moved inside of you, feeling just how tight you were. He wasn’t sure how he’d be able to fit himself inside of you, but he was sure he’d find a way. Especially since you seemed to be so needy for him. 
Suddenly, you tightened around him, a loud moan coming from you as you came. Chants of ‘my good baby,’ left your boyfriend's mouth, praising you. Nothing could've boosted his ego more than this, being the only person, other than yourself, to ever make you cum. He was never going to let you forget that he was your first, and so far, your only.
“What do you want now baby?” He let you catch your breath before asking you. His hand gently brushed your hair out of your face, making sure it couldn't stick to the layer of sweat that sat on your face. You always looked gorgeous to him, but nothing could compare to how you looked now. Besides, it was him that made you look like that. “You want my dick, yeah? Want me to fuck you?” You nodded at him, your body setting alight once more at his words. “Words, baby.” 
“Fuck yes.”
He sprung into action, retrieving his hand from your pyjama pants and lifting his wet fingers to his mouth. He smirked as his tongue darted out and began to kitten lick his fingers. A groan sounded through the air and he began to suckle on it, pushing it further and further into his mouth. Next time, he’d have to drink it straight from the source. Not today though, he needed to be inside of you.
As he sucked your essence off of his finger, he used his other hand to push you back onto the bed. You watched him with hooded eyes as he pulled your pants down, sighing deeply as he saw your pussy, all wet and ready for him. It was perfect. The way it glistened pulled him in. He couldn't take his eye off of your hole that twitched around nothing. It was practically begging for him to fill you up, and he was more than happy to listen. 
His finger was pulled out of his mouth with a ‘pop’, Yoongi having finished devouring every drop of your cum that sat on his finger. Looking at you, it was obvious that you’d need more preparation before he even attempted to fuck you. You were certainly wet enough for him, but you were still a virgin and you were still the love of his life. If he hurt you in any way, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to take it.
“Just need to make sure you can take me, baby.” His voice was softer than it had been all night. It served as assurance that once he was done, you’d get what you wanted from him. All he had to do first was open you up.
Much like before, he started with one finger, slowly pushing it in and out for a few seconds before adding another. You weren't used to the stretch, his fingers being thicker than your own. The whimper you let out was quickly shushed by him, his other hand rubbing gentle circles into the flesh of your thigh.
Your face was screwed up in pleasure, the initial burning soon melting away into pleasure. You’d never experienced such a feeling before, and it was overwhelming. You let out short sharp breaths, trying to hold back the embarrassingly loud sounds that were on the verge of slipping out. Your resolve soon fell apart when Yoongi began to scissor his fingers, pushing against your walls to open them up. You were sensitive and the feeling of his calloused fingertips pressing into the sensitive muscle made you let out a high pitched squeal.
Never before had you been able to cum from your own fingers alone, but Yoongi seemed to be getting the job done fairly well. He watched as you writhed around, your eyes screwed shut as regular cries of pure satisfaction left your body. He felt the signs of your release once more, but before you could topple over the ledge, he removed his hand. A loud laugh left him as you cried out in frustration, kicking your legs like a child having a tantrum. Adorable.
You soon stopped when his hands moved to the bottom of his shirt, swiftly removing it before moving to the waistband of his bottoms. You’d noticed earlier in the night that he’d had no boxers on underneath. It wasn’t hard when all that separated his dick from the world was a thin piece of grey material. You were still surprised when his member was finally released, slapping lightly against his stomach and leaving a droplet of pearlescent pre-cum to run down the soft flesh of his stomach. 
“Like what you see, baby?” Yoongi crawled on top of you. He smiled when he noticed that you couldn't seem to take your eyes off of his dick. He didn't think it was that big, knowing that some of his members were bigger, but the look on your face boosted his ego a little.
“It's bigger than I expected.” You watched as he positioned himself at your entrance, stopping before pushing it in.
“I know, baby,” A kiss was pressed to your temple. “It might hurt a little but that feeling will go, okay?” You nodded your head, needing him inside you. "Still on the pill right?” You hummed in agreement. It was mainly used to regulate your periods but now it had another use, you guessed. 
“Good, baby.” And with that, he slid himself into you. It went slowly, going in inch by inch until finally, he was seated deep inside of you. He was right, it did sting a little, but he waited patiently, holding back his own deep grunts. He watched you carefully waiting for you to unscrew your eyes and the grimace to leave your face. When it finally did, he left a quick kiss to your cheek bone. It made him happy to see your pain slip away. “Can I move?” 
In response, you bucked your hips up into his, shifting his cock inside of you. As it rubbed against your walls you groaned, relishing the delectable feeling of pleasure that shot through your core. He felt like nothing you’d ever experienced before, and you felt nothing but joy in the fact that Yoongi was the person to make you feel this way.
As per your non-verbal instructions, he began to thrust into you, beautiful sounds leaving him each and every time he bottomed out. You were the same, whimpers and cries coming from you as you gripped onto his shoulders. 
Grounding yourself was hard, your head beginning to float up into the clouds as he relentlessly thrust into you over and over again with no break. Occasionally, he changed the pace, first speeding up a little before letting himself stop, moving instead at an excruciatingly slow pace. He was close himself. How could he not be? It was heaven for him to be inside of someone again, and even better was the fact that it was you, his baby. 
He wouldn’t come before you though. 
He slipped his hand between the two of you, once again moving his fingers against your pussy. Compared to his smooth circles from before, he was much rougher. His hand moved from side to side, fingers flicking against your clitoris at a speed you could never dream of replicating yourself. Wherever he was doing worked, though. You were being pushed towards the edge much faster than before and you werent sure how much longer you could hold on for.
“I can feel it, baby,” He took his earlobe into your mouth, sucking and biting on it. “Let go for me, yeah?” 
His words were all it took to push you to orgasm. Your back arched, stomach pressing up to meet his as your thighs shook on either side of him. White was all you saw, your vision slipping away from you as well as your touch on reality. Whatever Yoongi had done to you was the best thing that had ever happened to you, and with that final thought, you came.
It didnt take long for Yoongi to follow suit, his hips stuttering as he let go. Ribbons of cum flowed out of him and into you. It felt warm inside of you; sticky too. He stopped thrusting, letting himself push all the way into you once more whilst he released. Long, low groans left his mouth and finally, he collapsed on top of you.
He could’ve fallen asleep right there and then, but first, he needed to make sure you were okay. He pulled himself out of you, flipping himself over so he was instead lay by your side. A hand lifted up, stroking the side of your face to try and bring you back down to reality. It took a few moments, your head fuzzy, but Yoongi was patient with you, grinning as incoherent mumbles fell from your tongue.
“Hey there, pretty,” A soft voice filled your head as Yoongi began to speak. “I’m sorry if I tired you out a little too much. We just need to do a few things and then you can sleep.” You nodded along with his voice, not really taking in what was being said.
“Come on, baby. I’ll run you a nice warm bath.”
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yoongifis · a day ago
💌 dream girl (3) | myg
Tumblr media
; pairing: idol!yoongi x femaledancer!reader
; genre: fluff, e2l, humor, crack
; warnings: swearing, some implied smut (not much i think)
; rating: mature
a/n: hi hi all!! :D sorry for the long wait but part 3 is here and the ball is almost rolling! can’t wait to show you guys the other sides of yoongi! ;) please enjoy !! <33
One month.
It’s been a whole month since Yoongi has had a dream like that about you (the thoughts that crowded his mind, however, were a different story).
He figured that it’s probably because he hasn’t seen you at all during this whole month. It makes sense, though, as they’re doing promotions and you are busy being a student and a kick-ass choreographer.
It’s definitely a possibility.
With these thoughts, he wanted to avoid you from now on. He found it too weird to be having wet dreams of a girl he barely knows. In fact, he can now refer to her as a coworker since she’s taken up the job as a part-time choreographer for HYBE artists. That being said, dating within the company is completely prohibited, as mentioned by the higher ups. Therefore, you and him, he thought, could never be anything but just coworkers.
“What’s up with you? You’re spacing out.”
Yoongi immediately shakes himself back into reality after hearing a familiar voice, realizing he’s still sitting there on a stool behind the kitchen breakfast counter.
“Nothing,” he mumbles, “was just thinking.”
“Right…nothing…,” Namjoon scoffs at Yoongi. He makes his way over to place a piece of candy in front of him, then makes his way around to the refrigerator. “A couple of us met up with y/n today. She told me to give you this after hearing about what’s going on with you.”
Yoongi lifts up an eyebrow, looking at Namjoon’s back while he searches for something to eat.
“You mean y/n really gave me this? The y/n who’s real annoying for no reason? Since when does she care about me?” He picks up the candy, carefully reading the small words on the wrapper. ”And there’s nothing going on with me. I don’t know why you guys keep saying that.”
Namjoon spins around, deciding to not take anything from the fridge, which now allows him to make eye contact with Yoongi.
“Even though you guys seem to not get along—which is definitely your fault—she has always cared about you. She just does it the way you do it—acting as if you don’t care when you really do,” he chuckles, “but she only does it that way to you, hyung, because we don’t act that way with her. I guess for today she just wanted to change it up. She said that having a little bit of candy always boosts her energy, so she hoped that it could do the same for you.”
Yoongi scrunches his face at Namjoon, disgusted by the words that just came out of his mouth.
“Yeah, yeah—whatever,” is all Yoongi says.
He picks up the piece of candy and pops it into his mouth.
Of course she would pick this flavor. She always smells like one every time she comes by.
Yoongi stops chewing on the candy, realizing what his thoughts were saying.
“What? Don’t like it?” Namjoon watches him spacing out again while making a face.
“No. It’s good. It’s candy so what do you expect?”
“Thought you were gonna spit it out and say that she poisoned it or something,” Namjoon chuckles, finally taking a seat next to the older man.
“Anyways, if you were wondering at all, y/n hasn’t been able to come by because of her midterms and dance classes. But she told us that she’s done with midterms, so maybe she can hang with us a little more often.”
“As if I care.”
“Pretty sure you do, hyung~,” a new voice appears, making both boys turn their heads.
“Not this again, Jimin, please fuck off already,” Yoongi sighs, massaging his temples with his thumb and middle finger with the hand resting on his forehead.
Jimin waltzes in, happily smiling at the two boys.
“Sorry Namjoon-hyung, I’ve been poking around with Yoongi and y/n. I can always feel the tension between them but they won’t admit it.”
“That’s because there’s literally nothing between us. We’ve known each other for what? Half a year? I barely even talk to her. We’re coworkers, you know? Nothing but that.”
“Yeah, yeah nothing but that this—blah blah,” Jimin quickly cuts him off, “but what the hell happened to your energy when it was Song Deuk who was teaching us instead of y/n? Do you only get energized when you see her or are in the same room or something? hyung?”
Yoongi’s eyes widened, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“What the fuck—course not. You’re reaching there, Jimin. Let me also remind you that coworkers can’t date each other.”
“So you would consider dating her if those rules didn’t exist?”
Yoongi opens his mouth to respond until Jimin cuts him off again.
“And since when do you listen to company rules?”
“Don’t we always?”
“Hyung, go take a nap or something. You should have those dreams that knock you right out. That’ll get you to ease up,” Jimin laughs.
“What dreams is he talking about?” Namjoon nudges Yoongi on the arm.
Yoongi goes quiet.
He doesn’t want to think about those dreams again. He even hopes that they will never come back again.
…And of course, after having that piece of candy given by you and, as well as, now knowing that you’ll be coming around to see him and the boys again, the dreams of you appear again. Short or long naps, going to sleep—it doesn’t matter whatever it is, as long as his eyes are shut all he can see and think about is you. You hanging around his apartment with him, you snuggled up against him, you getting undressed for him, you begging for him…
He felt annoyed with it and a bit guilty for thinking about her this way. I mean, he can’t lie and say that he isn’t enjoying it…
“Fuck—,” he grumbles under his breath, sitting up in his bed, thoughts everywhere.
‘Am I a fucking middle schooler who can’t keep his dick in his pants or what?!’ he thinks to himself.
He doesn’t understand this situation at all…why can’t he get you out of his head?!
The past few days where you hung around the boys at their apartment felt a little off to you.
I mean, don’t get it wrong, you had a lot of fun catching up with the boys but for some reason someone in particular was acting a little off. And by “particular person”, you obviously meant the one and only Min Yoongi.
He wasn’t being his little moody and grumpy self today, which felt really odd to you. He never said little backhanded remarks to you, nor did he even try to talk to you. It was almost as if he was trying to ignore you, but you didn’t know why. He seemed almost scared to talk to you, which is actually pretty funny.
Him? Min Yoongi? Scared of you?
For what, really?
You wanted to set things straight as it all just completely bothers you.
“I’m going to go say bye to Yoongi before I leave, if that’s okay,” you quickly mentioned before turning away from the rest of the boys who were all sitting on the couch, focused on the game of mario kart. Jimin’s head snaps, watching you quickly walk away from them, back already turned, and heading to the hallway where the rooms are.
“You’re going to talk to Yoongi-hyung?!” Jimin’s repeats your words louder, making the rest of the boys stop what they’re doing, faint gasps and “huuh’s” filling the room making you stop in your place. You turn out to face them, only to see all of them staring at you.
“Uh—yeah… should I not? He just hasn’t came out of his room for a while and—I dunno—I said bye to you guys so it would be fair to also say goodbye to him, right?”
You could tell all of them were confused, taken aback by the way you’re acting.
“Thought you hated him?” Namjoon speaks up, breaking the silence.
“I don’t think I ever said I hated him. Even if I did, I meant more of a ‘he’s-super-annoying-and-mean-towards-me-for-no-reason’ type of way. I’m just curious as to why he’s been more distant these days.”
“Well, he does kind of not like you,” Jimin immediately says, causing the rest of the boys to chuckle and you to roll your eyes. Some of them continue watching the game they’re playing, probably accepting what you’re about to do—except for Jimin and Namjoon. They kept their attention on you.
“He’s been busy with his mixtape. He’s probably just tired,” Namjoon coolly says, “I guess you can go ahead and tell him a quick goodbye before you leave.”
“Ah, yes, thank you for giving me the permission to do so, mister leader,” you jokingly say, turning around to start walking away.
“Be careful though, y/n! He might yell at you for coming in to see him,” Jimin yells out, even though you were already out of the room.
Yoongi didn’t scare you as much as before. You’ve learned so far that he’s just a grumpy guy who’s picky with who he’s around with, which makes lots of sense to you. It didn’t matter to you at this point if he didn’t like you as a friend or even see you as a friend. You’ll still secretly care for him on the sidelines because that’s just how you are.
You’re already gently knocking on the door, calling his name and waiting for a couple minutes for him to come answer you. You gave it a minute or so before you twisted the handle of the door, surprisingly opening it wide. You peek your head, scanning the room to look for him. You see him fast asleep underneath his blanket. With no hesitation, you walk into his shared room.
“Yoongi?” You call out, seeing if he would wake up.
You close the door behind you, making your way over to his bed. He’s sleeping on his side, all curled up. You tapped on his arm, hoping he’d respond to you this time.
“Yoongi, I’m going to be leaving now.”
You figured he wasn’t going to answer since his eyes were still closed shut. However, something was slightly moving underneath his sheets, and it turned out to be his hand that was making its way out and over to you, holding onto your sweatpants to sort of stop you from going.
“No kisses?” Is all he mumbles sleepily, eyes still closed.
Your eyes wide, face feeling a little hot. What the hell did he just…?
“Yoongi, it’s me y/n,” you quickly said.
You wait as it took the boy a couple seconds to respond. He’s breathing slowly, the hold on you loosens.
“Come sleep with me,” he mumbles again.
What the hell is going on? Is he half asleep and half awake? But if he’s half awake, why is he talking to you this way?
“Yoongi, wake up,” you tap him on the shoulder again, shaking him a bit.
You watch him scrunch his eyes, slowly opening his left eye, squinting, while the other is still closed shut. Finally, he’s fucking awake.
“Y/n?” His voice is low and still sleepy.
“I wanted to stop by and say bye to you before I leave.”
“Why? We haven’t even done anything.”
You make a face, confused at what he’s saying.
“What are you talking about, Yoongi? You’re acting kinda funny.”
Guess he isn’t ‘awake’, is he?
Before you know it, Yoongi’s taking a double take at you, eyes blinking fast. He takes a hand and rubs his eyes with a fist.
“Y/n?!” He’s speaking a little louder.
“Yes, Yoongi, we just went over this.”
“Fuck—what the hell are you doing here?!”
He’s sitting up from his bed, face feeling like it’s turning a shade of pink, so he buries it in his hands, trying to wake himself up. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, which caught you a little off guard. I mean, he didn’t seem like the person to do this. He wasn’t extremely muscular, but he is a bit toned. His porcelain skin appeared to be soft and smooth, and it looked so good underneath his messy silver hair. You can’t lie, but he looks extremely attractive just like that to the point that it’s making your heart flutter just a bit.
Wait…what the hell are you thinking?
You shake your head, bringing up your hands to cover your eyes, stopping yourself from staring even more. You were lucky that he did not catch you looking at all.
He brings his head up from his hands, glancing over at you since you’ve become awfully silent. He chuckles when he sees you covering your eyes.
“What? Never seen a guy naked before?”
You scoff, “Shut up. I have before.”
He doesn’t know why, but that answer kind of irritated him a bit. It wasn't what he was expecting for her to say. But why is he expecting her to say something in particular? He grabs the hoodie he has laying on his bed and puts it on.
“So? Why are you in my room?”
You take a peek through your hands to make sure he’s wearing something before you put your arms back to your sides.
“Wanted to say bye before I leave.”
He lifts an eyebrow, trying to take in what you just said.
“You seriously wanted to do that? Especially since you never do that?”
“Uh…well you just seemed to be more stressed these days so I just wanted to check up on you.”
The room goes silent after you say that, both of you just staring at each other. You take this opportunity to look inside your bag, and take out a piece of strawberry flavored candy. You stick your hand out towards Yoongi with the candy in between your index and thumb.
“This again?”
“Eat it.”
He rolls his eyes, “I thought you said you just wanted to check up on me.”
“And help you gain energy by eating this.”
He sighs, taking the candy from your hand, unwrapping it, and throwing it into his mouth.
“Even though we don’t talk much, you know I’m still here if you need any support,” you blurt out, causing him to nearly choke on the candy. You try to move toward him to help, on your way to pat his back, but he’s already trying to dodge any of your actions. He’s turning away from you, back hunched a bit, as he’s coughing, before he’s slowly sitting up straight to face you again.
He clears his throat, “okay,” he coughs, “what’s going on? Did the boys set you up or something?”
You shake your head, eyebrows furrowed as you look at him, “of course not, you idiot. I’m literally a nice person, but you choose to think of me in a bad way for no reason.”
“I do have my reasons.”
“Name one.”
He opens his mouth to say something, but immediately closes it.
You were right. He really didn’t have any reason to think of you as a bad guy. It’s just something he kept saying to avoid getting closer to you, just like how the others did. However, he’s still determined to give you an answer, not wanting you to ‘win’ in this situation.
“You didn’t bring me any food when you guys went out,” he blurts out.
You roll your eyes at him, “that’s because you said you didn’t want anything.”
“Well it would’ve been nice if you guys surprised me with some, anyways.”
“Okay. Surprises. Gotcha. Already noted,” you mocked, laughing a little bit.
God he wanted to do something with your attitude. It’s annoying, so god damn annoying.
“Alright, why don’t you show me that you’re actually a decent human being then.”
“I have been, Yoongi.”
“Okay, okay,” he grumbles, “I’ll make a better effort. But don’t expect me to fall in love with you or some shit like the rest has.”
“I was never expecting it, but okay,” you laughed awkwardly.
Man, Yoongi is definitely out of it.
Once you left, Yoongi lied down to cringe over the fact that he made that little promise to you. And to add on to it, he mentioned about not wanting to ‘fall in love’ with you—‘was that even necessary?!’ he thought to himself. Where did this random change of heart come from? He’s face palming himself, annoyed at how fast he’s changed with the way he acts towards you.
“Heard everything, and I think it’s a great step for you to be a little nicer to y/n.”
Yoongi sits up from his bed, eyes focused on the man in between the door that was just swung open.
“Hyung…why the hell were you eavesdropping?”
“Yoongi, we share the same room. And you two were taking too long. You’re lucky I didn’t barge in while it was you two talking.”
Yoongi eyes the older member, who’s making their way to their side of the room to lay down on his bed.
“So what is it about her that makes you mumble her name in your sleep?”
“Mumble her name?! What the fuck—.”
“Yoongi. I share the same room as you. You’ve been groaning her name for the past how many months. What’s up with that?”
It was silent. He really didn’t want to respond to his question. He’s sat up on the edge of his bed, fiddling with his fingers with his head low. God, he felt embarrassed knowing that someone knows about these recurring dreams of y/n. At least they don’t know what is going on.
“You know, if you constantly dream about someone it probably means that you like them.”
Yoongi’s head shoots over to the direction of Seokjins’.
“Like her? How the hell? She randomly appeared in my dreams before we met! I was trying to figure out who this girl was and out of all the people, it was fucking her! Jimin’s friend!”
Fuck. He’s said too much.
“Yoongi, I just want to know why you don’t like her but then dream about her?”
“She’s just annoying! I don’t know—. It’s a pain having a new person around and for them to slowly get closer to you. I’m fine with the people around me and I don’t need any more. But the dreams—I can’t help it! It’s always fucking her in my dreams and I can’t stop it!”
“So do you want to seek professional help or something for that—.”
“No,” Yoongi was quick to cut him off, “I can do it myself.” Of course he didn’t want to stop these dreams. It keeps him well-rested, enough for him to feel energized.
Seokjin scoffs, a lazy smile appearing on his face.
“Well, take these dreams as a sign from the universe to actually be friends with her. She doesn’t bite,” he chuckles.
Yoongi can feel his face becoming hot, thoughts of her where she was biting him in his dream filling his mind. What a dirty mind of his.
“I am! I told her that I’ll make a better effort in seeing her in a better light. But don’t fucking expect me to fucking fall in love with her because it’s nothing like that. I don’t like her that way, I don’t do relationships, and there’s no dating within the company!”
“Yeah…right,” Seokjin slowly says, “you might be just saying those things, so I won’t believe it till I see it.”
“Wha—? What do you want to see then?!”
“I’ll give you my card. Take her out for some breakfast, brunch or something.”
Yoongi was about to protest until Seokjin cuts him off.
“Ah, ah, ah—it’s not a date, so keep your cool, Yoongi. Invite some of the boys. It’ll make things more fun and less awkward for you. I want to see you actually doing things that’ll help build your guys’ friendship. She’s doing a lot for us, especially at her age, and is balancing that with other things at the same time. She’s also Jimin’s friend! She’s obviously going to be hanging around with us more often since Jimin invites her over so much. So please, just actually try. It’s not like you guys are getting married or something if you build a friendship with each other.”
Yoongi scoffs at his words. He just doesn’t like how out-of-the-blue it is for him to do. I mean, you’d probably reject the offer, right?
“No thanks, hyung. I’ll think of something better.”
“Suit yourself, then.”
How the hell did it turn out to be like this?
Yoongi is sitting next to you, while Jimin on the other side, in the very backseat of the company van. It’s cramped in the back seat, as your arms and legs are touching both of the boys. Sitting in between the two didn’t bother you too much since Jimin made things a bit more lively. However, you were still feeling a bit awkward after how he was being the day before. Yoongi, on the other hand, seemed to be slightly annoyed by this situation since he’s been facing the window the whole time.
He was annoyed that your bodies were touching, so he had no personal space. He was annoyed that the scent of your faint strawberry perfume was the only thing he could smell. He was annoyed that Jimin was taking all of your attention. He was annoyed that you didn’t even glance over at him once when you said that you’d be there for him. Most importantly, he’s annoyed that you didn’t say one word to him, yet the day before you and him were going at it with talking.
…Wait a goddamn second.
What the hell was he thinking?!
As he faces the window, he shakes his head to try and ‘remove’ those thoughts.
Since when does he think this way? Especially for you?
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The Deal
Drug Lord!Yoongi x Coffee Shop Owner!Reader
Genre: Strangers to Lovers!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut
Chapter 20.
Series Warnings (Will Be Updated): Mentions of Drugs and Drug Deals, Blood, Smut, Emotional Damage, Love
Warnings For This Chapter: Namjoon Backstory (It's A Heartbreaker), Yoongi's Surprise Gift
Tumblr media
Your muscles scream and protest with every step you take on this early Sunday morning.
Yoongi hasn't woken up yet and you take it upon yourself to make him breakfast in bed -- although you find yourself giggling when you realize it's only a flat white and a cigarette.
Your body is slowly getting used to waking up later and later as you spend more days in this forest. Sometimes you wonder what state your apartment must be in now that Taehyung is the only one who resides there.
You only hope he sleeps in Guk's bed in the guest room rather than yours.
You think of other things too, you have all the time in the world underneath the thick canopies of trees above you. Thinking of things like just how irrelevant is the deal you've made with Yoongi now, how willing is he to start this new open life with you and will he be able to keep it up.
Your hands dance effortlessly as you turn on the intricate coffee machines and you're so absorbed in your task that you don't hear the back door open.
When you see slow movement out of the corner of your eye, the first thing your body wants to do is freeze but your training with Yoongi over the past three weeks has provided more than you think it has.
Your body moves on its own, dropping the expensive espresso powder and getting into a protective stance. Your chin lifts as if Yoongi is drawing it upwards with his index finger and your hands clench into fists.
"Relax, Bruce Lee." Yuqi breathes, throwing a towel at your head.
You turn your head to her, your expression immediately turns into a scowl and she giggles freely.
"You scared me," you gasp, putting your hand over your heart.
"Well at least you're ready for trouble," she quips, jumping up onto the island and crossing her legs.
"What're you doing up so early?" you inquire, packing the tamper with espresso.
"I got into a fight with Joonie," she grumbles, grabbing the bag of coffee grinds and examining it.
You're surprised to hear such words. Yuqi and Namjoon are the most lovey-dovey couple you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
"What'd you fight about?" you ask timidly, steaming cream.
"You," she chirps, looking down at her nails.
With wide eyes, you pass her a mug of her favorite morning drink. You start on Yoongi's flat white with notched eyebrows.
"Wh-What about me? What'd I do wrong?" you bleat, turning to her.
She shakes her head vigorously at your nervous demeanor. "No, don't worry. It's nothing that you've done. It's something I brought up that Namjoon told me not to be so nosy. But I don't know how to mind my own business so I don't know why he keeps wasting his breath after all these years," she murmurs, looking down at her wedding band.
"What were you wondering?" you ask, putting together your boyfriend's drink.
She sets down her coffee and tugs down the front of her shirt to show the tiger tattoo situated above her breast. "I was wondering when you're gonna get one of these."
You remember seeing Sedra have a small tattoo that was visible during the last event you went to.
"What does it mean?" you ask, leaning onto the island and staring at the ink that seems like it's been on her body for years.
"It means that you're taken for life by one of the family. Yours, of course, would be outlined in gold because you're with the head of the family."
You do remember seeing some sort of bright outline on Sedra's but her tattoo looked faded and just the slightest bit clumsy like she'd gotten it years and years ago.
"I see," you sigh, grabbing Yoongi's coffee.
"I guess I should go apologize, fighting with Namjoon really sucks. It strains his vocal cords and I feel terrible." Yuqi announces, setting down her empty mug and tapping the island.
She gives you a kiss on the cheek before she's out the door with a heavy groan.
Your mind is swimming with thoughts as you climb up the staircase.
There's so many intricate details to this life that constantly keep you intrigued. In some ways you wish you could just sit Yoongi down for a detailed Q&A but to respect him and his lifestyle, you let him tell you what he deems as important.
Tumblr media
Slowly creeping into the bedroom, you're surprised to see your boyfriend awake. He's sitting up against the headboard, surrounded by his adorable dogs that shower him with early morning attention.
"Where you been?" he breathes, giving you a smile.
"I was downstairs making you coffee and got caught up talking to Yuqi," you announce, padding over to him and handing him his coffee.
"Why was she here so early?" he inquires, patting the spot beside him as the dogs jump off the bed at his command.
"She got into a fight with Namjoon," you tell him, coddling into his side.
He sips his coffee, rolling his eyes. "Why must she strain his voice? What'd they fight about?"
"Us," you chirp.
Yoongi sighs loudly, lighting a cigarette with an even heavier eye roll than the last.
"Yuqi needs to keep her nose out of things. She's so fucking nosy. She's always been nosy, it's programmed in her DNA or something." he scoffs, looking up at the ceiling.
"Yuqi said the same thing… that she strained his vocal cords. What happened to him?" you inquire softly, laying your cheek to his muscled chest.
Yoongi lets out a long sigh, one that sounds pained and stuttered. "Just don't talk about it to anyone, alright? Namjoon doesn't like to be spoken about, really."
You give a nod, drifting your fingers over the planes of his abs. The scarred man watches you for a moment, appreciating how freeing this is.
"Before Joon came to the orphanage, he was in a situation quite like mine. He was in the car with his parents when some stupid fuck ran a red light and slammed into his car."
Your fingers freeze and you squeeze your eyes shut.
"His car kept going and going because his dad's foot was on the gas pedal when he died. His parents… they didn't buckle him in properly and when the car was forcibly stopped by the railing of the highway… he flew out of his seat."
You shake your head at the simple thought, opening your eyes to not see imagined images of the strong, silent man when he was a child.
Yoongi lets out a shaky breath, pulling from his cigarette as he stares at the movie posters just ahead of him.
"He flew so fast into the driver's seat in front of him that it was almost like a Major League Pitcher threw him. He was going at like… seventy miles an hour just to have his throat slam against the driver's headrest. So his throat began to collapse. All the cartilage in his throat broke. He was basically choking to death on blood and clogged airways."
Shivering, you squeeze your boyfriend tighter and he acts accordingly. He runs his hand over your back, shaking his head at the mere memory of seeing Joon arrive at the orphanage.
"When the EMTs got to him, they were able to open up his airways again. After surgery they fixed everything in his throat but they couldn't save his voice box. It's all scratchy and pained like that because it still hasn't healed from when he was a kid. It hurts him to talk so he prefers to stay silent."
"Oh my God," you whisper, pressing your face into his chest.
He hums in agreement, setting down his mug and cigarette and wrapping his arms around you.
"People used to make fun of him at school. We took care of them for him. No one and I mean no one gets away with making Joon upset. Not on my watch. That's my brother."
You can feel your eyes stinging, how fucking terrible.
The both of you are silent for what feels like hours. You find comfort in one another as you let the solemnity of the tale wash over you like cold waves.
"What'd they fight about?" Yoongi inquires, combing his fingers through your hair.
Pulling back, you tap your fingers to the large tiger tattoo on the side of his neck. "When I'm going to get the gold tiger."
He sighs loudly, laying down on his back and putting his hands beneath his head as he looks up at the ceiling.
"It's none of Yuqi's fucking business. She needs to keep her nose out of shit."
"I noticed that Sedra had one, that night at the ball. And Yuqi has one on her chest." you announce, sitting up.
He follows your lead, drifting his lips over your shoulder.
"It means that you'd be mine forever. You know that right? Did Yuqi tell you that? Once you get that ink… you'd be my wife in all things even if it isn't legally bound."
Swallowing thickly, you nod. "Yuqi told me."
Yoongi's forehead presses to the nape of your neck, his arms wrap around you and he's so comfortable that if you were to get the tattoo right now, in this very moment, he'd be more than content for the rest of his days.
"I think you're gonna be the only woman I'm gonna need for the rest of my life," he breathes, letting the tips of his fingers drift down each notch of your spine.
"You think?" you giggle, turning your head.
"It's too early to get emotional," he chuckles, closing his eyes.
"Too early to be emotionally constipated as well," you jeer.
"Touche," the drug lord murmurs, looking up at the wall in front of him again.
And after a moment, he lets his heart bleed for you. "You're smart and funny. You're headstrong and perfectly resilient. You're everything I need. I'm completely happy to spend the rest of my life with you, completely okay with having you by my side as my woman for the rest of my days."
You take in a sharp breath, turning and looking him over for any sign of humor.
But you find none.
He's completely serious.
"Wow," you breathe, at a loss for words.
"You tell me when you're ready for the tiger. I'll let you get it today, tomorrow, a month from now, two years from now. I want you, Y/N. I want you with me," he states confidently, running his thumb over your bottom lip.
"I don't have any tattoos," you murmur, looking down at your ink free skin.
"The tiger is the only one you'll need." he promises, kissing you softly.
Tumblr media
It's difficult for Yoongi to picture his life without you now. He always sees you in every single dream or idea for the future.
You're becoming this safe haven to him.
You're a home for him when he's had none since early childhood.
The drug lord gets pissed at himself when he thinks about how he tried to push you away for so long -- how he tried to block you out with some sort of cheap, fabricated wall that in the end did nothing for him.
Staring down at the chocolate bar that he made Taehyung run ragged for, he hopes this shows you just an iota of what you mean to him.
"Sir?" the waiter asks.
"Put this on a plate for dessert please, wrapper and all." Yoongi instructs, slipping the waiter a crisp one hundred dollar bill.
Striding back over to the private room, he watches you through the cracked door for a moment. You're constantly smoothing out the skirt of your dress and you look jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
He lets himself just take you in for what feels like days.
You're just so right for him.
You're solely his and he knows it so well.
You're open with him and commanding when you need to be.
You're his family now.
His foot taps the door and your attention shoots to the room entrance. He curses under his breath, slipping back into the room with a small smile.
"How was it?" he inquires, pointing to your almost empty plate.
"Amazing," you chirp, resting your chin on your fist.
"Good," he coos, planting a kiss to the crown of your head.
"Should we order dessert?" you ask, looking up at him as he rounds the beautifully intricate table.
"I got something coming," he promises, unbuttoning his suit jacket and sitting down across from you.
"Is it a surprise? You love dessert and you love to tell me what we're eating more so." you quip, picking up your flute of champagne.
"This is…This is special," he whispers, drifting his fingers over the pristine table cloth.
His hands are fidgeting and you can practically feel him trying to stop himself from touching his scar. He hasn't touched the gnarled skin for weeks.
Which makes you painfully curious.
When he picks up his glass of champagne, you watch him guzzle it like he's dying of thirst.
"Are you… proposing to me?"
He chokes on his alcohol, grabbing his linen napkin and pressing it to his lips with wide eyes.
"Jesus Christ, baby doll. You sure know how to pick your moments." he gasps, dabbing at his damp black tie.
"Sorry," you chirp, hiding your giggle with the palm of your hand.
"Do you want me to propose?"
"Do you want to propose?"
You both laugh when you speak at the same time and you laugh louder when you respond with the same exact word at the same time.
The simple word hangs in the air for quite a long time. You can only stare at one another, as if you're sketching one another out in your minds.
The dining room doors are pushed open slowly and you smile at the waiter who holds a pretty glass plate in hand.
The glass is put down in front of you and you're stunned into silence.
You stare down at the chocolate bar, mind reeling with how long it's been since you've actually seen one.
"Lynwicks," you breathe, looking down at the gold and blue wrapping.
Your eyes sting with fresh tears and you have to tear your gaze away for a moment to try and collect yourself.
"How did you… Oh my God," you gasp.
Yoongi watches you with a fist tucked beneath his chin, he watches every emotion he can think of flit over your expression before gratefulness is the profound emotion your face tells.
Your hand slides over your heart and you can barely hold back the sob that threatens to rip from your throat.
"Jeongguk told me you really liked these. So I had Taehyung search all over the country until he found some."
Your laugh is broken, a lump situating itself in your throat while a few stray tears careen over your cheekbones.
Gliding your fingers over the raised letters of the foil, you lean back in your chair.
"I don't wanna eat it," you croak, grabbing your champagne and wiping childishly at your tears with the back of your hand.
The drug lord gives a small smile, running his hands over his tattooed scalp. "We have more at the house, you can eat this comfortably."
You don't have any words to express just how profoundly he's stunned you.
He stands up and although he's a blurry figure, you still watch him with rapt fascination.
He crouches down beside you, tilting your chin upward.
"This bar… it means… it's not just a chocolate bar," you sob, putting your hands to his chest.
He chuckles, gliding his thumbs over your wet cheeks. "I see that."
You smile, sniffling just enough that Yoongi's heart clenches.
With shaky hands you open up the bar, trying your hardest not to rip the foil or make any creases.
The large L's on each pre-cut square make you almost dizzy with memory and the crisp snap the tempered chocolate makes has you almost in tears all over again.
With a shaky hand, you bring the chocolate to your lips.
There's an explosion of flavor in your mouth as it touches your tongue. It's never a taste that you really enjoyed but it's a taste that holds so much memory that it feels like heaven.
"How is it?" your boyfriend inquires, combing some hair back behind your ear.
"Tastes like shit. I love it," you laugh, putting your hand over your mouth.
He laughs loudly, raising an eyebrow at the chocolate in your hand when you offer it to him.
You wash the taste down with champagne, giving a small smile to Yoongi as he takes the chocolate into his mouth. His teeth nibble playfully at the pad of your thumb and he grimaces at the taste at once.
"It's the most amazing shitty chocolate of all time," you breathe, pulling him into a hug.
"Why's it so special, sweetheart?" he coos, drifting his hand over your back.
"My mom, she would get this for me on important days. We didn't have much money and we barely ever ate dessert. But she would buy me this bar on days when it was important. My kindergarten graduation. My first time at the zoo. My first A in middle school. When she told me she was getting remarried. Even though it tastes so bad, it tastes… amazing. Does that make sense?"
Yoongi pulls back, putting his large, warm hands on either side of your face. "Yeah. It does." he promises.
"I wanna be your Lynwicks bar," you whisper softly.
He can hear his heartbeat in his ears when your words creep through the air.
His thumb drifts over your lower lip and his eyes are intense as they stare into yours.
"You are my Lynwicks bar."
Leaning forward, you press your forehead to his.
No one has ever done something like this for you before. No one has ever made you feel this sort of dizzy elation that makes your bones feel like powder every time you look at them. It's so intense, it's almost blinding.
You press your lips to his, enjoying the hum of satisfaction that rumbles from his throat.
"I want the tiger," you avow, against him.
He takes in a sharp breath, pulling back just enough to search your eyes thoroughly.
"You're sure?" he inquires, cupping your face.
"Yes. I want it." you state plainly.
"Then you'll have it," he promises, kissing you sweetly enough that you feel weightless in the private dining room.
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<----- Last Chapter                                                     Next Chapter ------>
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The Deal taglist – @jeon-junggoop, @btsarmy9593, @slothykrueger, @jcsmae, @milesjeon11, @cloudyblisss, @borahae-reads, @secretlycrazyhummingbird, @rjsmochii, @sugas-bbygirl, @ggukkieland, @hyungieyoongi, @chxmachxps, @dvalitaes, @vintageroses10, @maerawrrr, @flowerblu00, @veronawrites, @seoqity, @wozwaid, @hisbutton-nose, @sweetempathprunetree, @jinsearthh, @codeinebelle, @serious-addiction, @bt21chim, @rosquilleta, @dunixxd, @rkchmestizangmaldita, @openup-yourmind, @shesaysweirdthings, @marslena, @deathkat657​, @yoonlattesworld​, @that-funny-alien-28, @clutterfied, @belladaises​, @silentkei​, @btsnina​, @shydestinyyouth, @thefreddieman, @kkklaudiaaa17, @moonchild1
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Home (20.5)
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Hybrid Min Yoongi x Female Reader; Platonic OT7 x Female Reader; Namseok; Jinkook
Summary: After helping Yoongi get away from his abusive former owner, you’re left to focus on your relationship and how it progresses. That is, until you find six other hybrids who need your help, and their former owner decides he’s going to make your life hell. Genre: hurt/comfort, angst, fluff Word Count: 721 Rating: M Warnings (updated per chapater): stalking, wild animal attack, major character injury, blood, implied homophobia, slight internalized homophobia, starvation, hospitalization, discussion of sexual assault, discussion of physical assault, discussion of controlling behavior, heavy petting, marking, slightly toxic relationship, spiraling thoughts, fictional discrimination
Major thanks to @eatjeanjin for beta-ing this and for listening to me complain almost constantly. You’ve been nothing but helpful and sweet, and I’m so grateful for your opinions and assistance.
banners by @mintkims
Tumblr media
Sequel to Fix You. Read it first.
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Normally, when they went to the park, Jungkook would waste no time in shifting. He would bound around happily in the grass because he could and it felt good between his paw pads. The park was pet-friendly, and it was one of the only ones in the city that allowed dogs off their leashes throughout the whole park. Taehyung would jog beside the pup, throwing a ball for him to chase or just following along as Jungkook explored.
Taehyung rarely shifted. Not many people wanted a panther in the park with their beloved pomeranians.
And that was fine, really. He was content to let Jungkook have that time. It was nice just to see the pup having fun for once.
But this time was different. This time, Jungkook drifted towards the pond at the corner of the park and sat down on one of the benches. He watched the ducks swimming along the surface, his tail wagging languidly behind him, ears tracking sounds from all over. Taehyung sat beside the pup, curious about the change but not enough to ask. Not yet.
The park in Bushwick was smaller than the one in your neighborhood, and it was busier. Taehyung was pretty sure he preferred the park in your neighborhood. There was something about the height of the trees above and the expanse of the pond that calmed him more than this two square city block grass patch that the city called a park. But he didn’t complain. Jungkook liked it here, and it was close enough to Seokjin’s apartment that Taehyung could see the roof of the building from where he sat on the bench. It was, if nothing else, convenient.
Taehyung liked convenient.
He watched Jungkook quietly. The pup’s eyes were closed, his face tilted to catch the slight breeze that was blowing through the park. The early September air was warm, but the humidity had thankfully left when August did. The sun was low in the sky, and the almost-sunset made Jungkook’s skin glow and the fur of his ears look positively golden.
“I miss noona,” Jungkook said softly, his eyes still closed. One of his floppy ears turned slightly in Taehyung’s direction.
“Me too, pup.” Taehyung’s response, barely a whisper, surprised even him. He hadn’t been particularly close to you when he’d left. But you were kind, and he’d enjoyed the environment of the crowded house.
The pup sighed. “I wish we could visit her. I don’t even understand what Jin-hyung’s problem is.” Jungkook frowned. “Can I… can I tell you something?”
“Of course, pup.”
“No, I mean like…” Jungkook leaned closer to Taehyung, their shoulders brushing. “It’s a secret. You can’t tell Jin-hyung.”
Taehyung wrapped an arm around Jungkook’s shoulders and gave a reassuring squeeze. “You know I won’t.”
For a moment, the pup was silent, and Taehyung thought that maybe he’d changed his mind. But then, he sighed deeply and his head fell to Taehyung’s shoulder.
“I think Jin-hyung is jealous of noona.” Briefly, Jungkook’s deep brown eyes met Taehyung’s, and for a moment, Taehyung could see a bit of conflict. “I don’t think he likes that the hyungs like living with her. I overheard him telling Yoongi-hyung that he didn’t trust her.”
Taehyung hummed in acknowledgement. “Can I tell you something?” He felt Jungkook nod against him. “I think Jin-hyung is upset that he can’t help us like he used to. And I think that’s making him more controlling.”
“I don’t think he’s that controlling.”
“He won’t let you go visit them, Jungkook.” Taehyung wasn’t sure why it upset him so much that Jungkook disagreed. Sure, Jin-hyung had done a lot for them, but he hardly let Jungkook leave the house. He had argued when Taehyung wanted to keep his cellphone. He wouldn’t even take the pup to his doctor’s appointments. “You said that you miss her. I think if he really cared about you, he would let you visit.”
He felt Jungkook sigh against his side. Maybe he had said too much. But living with Jin-hyung… it didn’t feel right. There was something off. Maybe it was because he was so used to Jin-hyung protecting them from Seungri. Maybe Taehyung was just a little too on edge.
“Promise you won’t tell Jin-hyung I said that?” Taehyung asked quietly.
Wordlessly, Jungkook held out his pinky.
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As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to pop into my ask box with questions or comments about the series!
Tag list: @softbbyg0rl, @eddievoid, @horanghae18, @rosquilleta, @madjanmil, @namecannotbblank, @http-himawari, @halesandy, @lostatthebarns, @cuteipat, @agustneeds, @overtherainbow35, @xjordynary, @seolaquotes, @huearmy, @staerryminimini, @chimchoomi @zae007live, @ghostkat23, @forvever-ddaeng, @blaaiissee, @childfmoonn, @nightseob, @justaweird0, @pro-in-stupidity, @kisskissshutmydoor, @borahae-reads, @effielumiere @ohmydarlin-g, @alngelias, @elenaramos1, @kamen-tenshi, @narcissism-iskey, @readingfavorites, @devilsadvcte, @tinyoonsblog, @reallysparklychaos, , @lovelgirl22, @veronawrites, @jinscharms, @jaiuneamesolitaiire, @skinnybonsai, @youngbloodslut, @glitterypersonyouth, @janeelizabeth1216, @xthefuckerysquaredx
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·˚ ༘ 💌 IMAGINE┊yoongi as your pot dealer and having no money to re-up. how else will he get his payment?
TAGS — older yoongi, sex as money, blow jobs, degradation, unprotected sex, tiny amount of cumplay
WORD COUNT — 1.7 k
Tumblr media
"That's it," Yoongi grunts and slips a few more inches of his cock down your throat, "fuckin' take it you dirty slut." He mutters as he tangles a hand in your hair.
How did you get to this point?
Moments ago it felt like you were just sitting on Yoongi's couch as he went over the products he had in store for you. You agreed to a few pre-rolls, a bag of edibles, and something else.. It didn't matter because when you go to pay the man you realize all you have is your card and not cash.
That's when he suggests 'it'. Yoongi was more than happy to accept other favors as payment..
You gag some more on his cock, eyes watering and mascara running as he forces you to the base of his cock where your nose touches his stomach. You fight off the urge to choke and gag as you noisily swallow around his cock, throat contracting as your eyes flutter close. Yoongi only holds you still against him, letting out a breath he was holding as he gently bucked into your mouth.
"Fuckkk, there you go, c'mon baby it ain't gonna suck itself." Yoongi licks his lips and pats the side of you cheek mockingly.
You try to suck him, lips tightening around his cock as you slurp up any spit coating his cock. Slowly you bob your head back and forth, your shaky hands came up to rest on his thighs for support as you used it as leverage to move back and forth. Yoongi looks like he's in bliss.
He's got his lips parted, tongue poking out and eyes hooded as he watches you give him possibly the best head of his damn life. Yoongi grips your hair tighter and forces you to move faster. The sudden movement makes you choke again right when you had your gag reflex under control.
You sputter around his cock, pulling right back to heave and catch your breath as saliva drips from the corner of your mouth. Yoongi strokes his slick cock, relishing in the filthy little noise that comes afterwards.
"Surely you can do better than that. This should come easy to a seasoned slut like you y/n." He chuckles softly.
Hearing him say these.. degrading things only manage to fuel your desire even more. You squirm a little from where you're positioned on the floor with your knees pressed on the hard floor. You're definitely going to bruise after this..
"I can.." You timidly reply and stare up at him as you once again get comfortable and let your mouth fall open for Yoongi.
"You're a fucking menace," Yoongi grunts and guides his cock back into your mouth, "I wonder what people would think if they knew the real you? Do they know you suck off your dealers for weed?"
What would people think? Yoongi's like that older brother everyone wishes they had. He's definitely way older than you and it'd fit the whole slutty college girl hooking up with her older dealer concept. You like the sound of it.
You ignore him and hum around his cock as you tongue at the tip of his cock before bobbing your head back and forth. You make sloppy sucking noises and use your hand to stroke the rest of his shaft that didn't fit in your mouth. This in turn had Yoongi moaning a bit louder and clutching your hair tight.
"Oh shit," he grunts, "c'mere," he pulls you off his cock and points to his couch, "bend over and show me how fucking filthy you are."
A blush coats your cheeks as you eagerly rise on your wobbly legs. You bend over the couch, swaying your ass side to side as you patiently wait for his next move. "Look at you, like a bitch in heat." Yoongi smacks your ass.
You jump a little, biting your lip to suppress any more noises. He yanks your shorts down your slim legs, letting the flimsy material fall to your feet around your ankles alongside the pretty panties you wore. Yoongi hums in appreciation, you can feel his eyes glued to your form.
"So perfect, just for me." He rasped out and stroked over your soft skin, "Say it baby, say it's all for me." He murmurs.
You teasingly arch your back, hands coming behind you to spread your ass for him to show off your slicked up hole clenching around nothing. "It's all for you.." Your voice comes out in a soft coo, lips curled in a faint smirk.
Yoongi swears loudly, bringing his hand down to smack your ass hard before he's making you let go and grabbing a handful himself. He jiggles your bubbly flesh, squeezing and smacking it. "Gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk."
There was the sound of metal clanking as he undid his belt, you waited in agony as he took his sweet time to get his cock in you. Yoongi pressed the tip against your soft wet folds, "Are you on the pill?" He murmurs.
"Yes." You softly mumble, "Put it in," you push your hips back and whine when the tip slips in, "please."
"You make it so hard not to give in baby, but I need to know if you're okay with y'know this," he mumbles taking a hold of his cock and stopping before you go any further.
You want to sarcastically reply but then realize he means fucking without a condom. You bite your lip nodding, "I am."
With that he doesn't wait any longer, he's not gentle and sweet like moments before as he slides his cock all the way in. You're breathless, eyes fluttering shut as he stuffs you full and makes sure to bottom out balls deep. His pelvis is pressed tight against your plush ass, you can feel him so deep in you're not sure if he's rearranging your guts *literally*.
"Oh fuck," he sighs out and leans his head back, "so tight for a little slut like you."
You shiver at the pleasant feeling you get from his words, he doesn't right away start fucking you. He drags this out by rolling his hips and pressing deep into you. It's intense, you admit, the way his cock rubs up against your special places and presses deep inside you. It feels like pressure and pleasure at the same time.
"Should let everyone see how much of a cockslut you are. What would they think of you? What do you say baby? How 'bout we put on a show for everyone." Yoongi pants, hands coming to grip your hips as he picks up the pace a little.
His slim hips slap against your ass as it bounces perfectly against his pelvis. Your moans are soft and breathy, knees knocking together as he aims to his your g-spot. "A-A show..?" You whimper.
"Yes baby," Yoongi slaps your ass, "you don't want that? Don't wanna show them how much of a good slut you are for me? I'm sure they'd get off to your pretty little moans and fat ass." He mutters out and slams into you.
You yelp, hands scrambling to grip the couch as he jolts you with his harsh thrusts. "Mm fuck," you throw your head back, "h-harder."
Yoongi grins softly and does without hesitating, he watches the way your lips fall open as more louder moans pour out from them. You tremble just a little as you push your hips back to meet his. You both create a symphony of loud clapping noises and lewd squelching.
His cock slides in and out, globs of creamy slick coating the shaft. Yoongi's panting quietly and grunting, you know he feels good judging by the way his fingers dig into your ass cheeks. He grips you like a lifeline.
You whine loudly when the pleasure rises and your pussy begins to tingle. You're reaching an end and you want to drag this out as long as possible. "Fuck Yoongi..! Please, fuck me harder, I want it harder," you whimper out and reach between your legs to rub at your clit in fast circles.
"Yeah? You gonna cum all over my cock?" Yoongi grunts and begins to not only fuck you harder but faster.
Your mouth falls open as you stutter in your movements and tremble. "Oh fuck," you quietly cry as he jackhammers into you.
He grinds deep as if he were trying to mold your pussy to fit the shape of his cock. He held your hips tight, fingertips already digging into your soft flesh. You know you’ll be bruised up nicely after this and simply carry on without care. Your body suddenly locks up as your pleasure heightens and suddenly the coil in your belly snaps and you cum hard.
“Yoongi..!” You mewl softly, head hanging as you stop rubbing your now throbbing clit and slump against the couch.
Yoongi’s hips slap into yours for a few more minutes, he’s moaning and grunting quietly all the while. He whispers about how much of a good girl you are and how he’s gonna make sure he’s your last. You’re dazed, lips parting as soft moans and whimpers leave you.
His hips stutter and he’s grinding deep into you with a shaky sigh, hips rolling slowly to drag out his orgasm. His cum fills you and mixes with your slick, creating a louder squelching noise. Yoongi slumps over your form and kisses down your ear and to your shoulder, hands rubbing your hips as an apology for gripping you hard.
“Did so good for me,” he whispers as he slowly pulls out, watching a trail of cum follow in suit.
You hum softly, wiggling your hips and swaying them side to side as more cum escapes. It’s a sight to behold, Yoongi watches in awe as your little gaping pussy drips with his cum and your slick. “Fuckin’ hell, you’re gonna be the death of me.” He mutters out.
“Hmph,” you reach behind you to collect a glob of slick mixed with cum and raise it in the air to inspect it as you smirk, “I wonder if your friends will think you’re just a dirty pervert who likes to fuck young college girls.” You throw back at him.
Yoongi looks like he’s in love.
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i'm devastation
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Temperature play with ice😮‍💨
u know it >
Tumblr media
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮KINK: temperature play
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮RATE: 20+ (under 20 dni)
Tumblr media
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮WARNINGS: anal play, oral f!receiving
Tumblr media
When you’d slipped into Yoongi’s lap that night, hoping he’d put his mouth on you rather than on his drink, you had no idea that he’d in fact do both.
Writhing under him, you whimpered as he held you down, an ice cube in his mouth from his drink as he bent down between your legs. You cried out as the cold touched your pussy folds, contrasting deeply with the heat of Yoongi’s breaths over you.
He dragged the ice cube upwards, towards your clit, sending sparks up your body. Your legs quivered as he pressed down with his tongue, making damn sure you felt the ice melt onto your sensitive bud.
“You like that?” He rasped, smirking at your panting breaths. His ringed fingers reached back into his cup, fishing another ice cube out. This time, his goal was lower.
You kicked your legs with a gasp as he pressed it to your asshole, but he wouldn’t let up. Holding you down firmly, he had no problem keeping you still as he played with you—his little doll that kept chirping his name like a song.
Tumblr media
・❥・support by commenting — ✉️
Copyright © 2022, yoon2k | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc. allowed. Do not take inspiration from my work.
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© Suga Meow
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💌 | myg drabble 04
; pairing: idol!yoongi x female!reader
; genre: fluff
; warnings: nothing :p it’s supposed to be a cute f2l type of deal (hehehe)
a/n: guys!! wtf we hit 200 followers!! i didn’t even notice till now?? ive been writing this up a little bit so here’s a little gift to you all!! thank you thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support!! please anticipate for my future writings! i’ll work harder to put out my best work!! <33
ok hear me out, flustered yoongi?? yoongi having a little crush on a close friend to the group? didn’t proofread this, so i apologize for any mistakes! wrote this on a whim again :D
He felt like this was stupid.
To be more specific, liking someone is stupid—especially when it’s a close friend.
He hated the way that once he noticed he felt something different for you, he started to act differently when you’re around.
You’re a close friend of him and the boys, have been there with them since 2014! You’ve always stuck around them, supporting them along the sidelines, so he should be fairly comfortable with you by now. I mean, he definitely was! But 8 years pass, and now you’re managing to make him feel nervous around you. A whole stuttering, sweating mess around you. It’s fine, though, because he feels like he’s gotten it a bit more under control (which he really wants to believe).
This is all because he’s grown some feelings for you, which he thought was stupid!
Stupid, stupid, so f—king stupid!
However, he can’t seem to help himself but feel this way. It just seems like every day his crush on you seems to grow even more.
You, on the other hand, actually knew about Yoongi’s crush on you. It’s funny because the both of you were completely wasted when he confessed his feelings for you. You didn’t remember anything he said until the rest of the boys, who have always known about yours and his interest in each other, bugged you about the whole situation when Yoongi was never in the room. You always brushed it off, not believing one word they said.
“This is your chance, y/n. You like him, he likes you—badda-bing badda-boom! A whole match made in heaven! Complete soulmates.”
You snort, gently shove Jimin’s shoulder, “you’re so annoying.”
“Come on, y/n~,” he laughs, “break the tension between you two already. You guys have been friends for too long! It’s about time you guys stop making lovey eyes behind each other’s backs and date already!”
“We don’t do that!”
“Yes, y/n,” he plops himself next to you on the couch, “you guys really do. And then you both act oblivious to it all. The slight flirting, constantly hanging with each other by the hip—it’s somehow doesn’t mean anything to you guys.”
You sigh, fiddling with your fingers.
“I just can’t find it in me to really believe you guys.”
“This is why I’m telling you to go sort of confront him about it! Make him flustered enough so that he can spill everything and be completely transparent with you.”
“How the hell am I supposed to make him flustered enough?”
“I don’t know! Just think of something!”
Something that can fluster him? What in the hell?
These days, anyone can always find you in Yoongi’s studio. He always insisted that you should come accompany him while he was doing his thing. It wasn’t odd to you at first, since you do enjoy being around him, but after Jimin’s constant yapping over how Yoongi likes you it completely changed your perspective.
Does he really like you in that way? But why? How could he reciprocate the same feelings you have towards him?
You’re fidgeting with your hands again, chewing on your bottom lip out of nervousness while you watch Yoongi on his computer from the little couch he has.
I guess there’s only one way to find out.
You get up from your seat, pausing a bit before you walk towards his chair. You slowly exhale, now making your way to the side of his chair.
“Yoongi,” you mumbled.
“Mmm?” He instantly replies with a low hum.
He was looking down at a piece of paper, his head sometimes moving up to look at the screen and click a few things before looking back down again.
You silently admire the way he looks when he’s working. He looks so sexy when he’s working this hard on his music. Especially from the angle you’re looking at—long, black, messy hair, with his bangs nearly covering his eyes, a sharp jawline, and his pouty lips, which he unconsciously does while he works.
“I—uh—,” you stutter—fuck, what the fuck are you even doing?!
He chuckles a bit, and it’s probably because of the way you’re acting. He turns his head to look at you with a smile but quickly turns back to finish up what he was typing.
“One second,” is all he says before he turns himself on his swivel chair so that he’s now facing you. You look at him—his paper in his large hands, his soft eyes digging into your soul… how in the hell are you supposed to get him to confess to you when it should happen naturally?!
With no thought in your mind, you leaned into him and pecked his lips.
He was absolutely taken aback by this action. His eyes wide, body frozen. It felt like he couldn’t breathe. You only pulled back a couple inches away from his face. He brings his papers that he’s holding in between the space between your faces, the paper completely hiding his face. You tilt your head in confusion, wondering why he had done this.
“…Too close..,” he mumbles.
A soft giggle escapes your lips, amused at how cute he is. You gently pull the paper down, wanting to remove this barrier between you two so that you could properly look at each other. Yoongi could hear the crinkling of the paper, and soon his eyes met yours. His face was a slight reddish-pink color, completely flustered by what you’ve done to him. You felt a huge surge of confidence after seeing that you were able to make Yoongi be this way. However, reality kicked in hard, realizing that some explaining needed to be done.
“Sorry—um—the others kept telling me that you liked me, and uh I couldn’t come up with a way to get you to confess about it…so I panicked and kissed you to maybe see if your response to it is what I thought it would be if you were to like me… I don’t think it was a good idea, I’m really sorry about this.”
He’s staring at you with wide eyes. He couldn’t believe this was really happening. There’s so many emotions that he’s feeling that he doesn’t even know where to start.
“Why…why didn’t you just ask me instead of outright kissing me like that!” He huffs, “and why did they tell you about it! Have you known for a long time? God I’m so sorry..”
He’s a rambling mess, he couldn’t help but talk on and on out of embarrassment. You thought it was funny to see this side of him.
“You didn’t need to kiss me, you know, especially if you don’t like me! I—I mean, it was nice but like I said earlier you could’ve—,” you cup his face, bringing it towards yours to place a (longer) kiss on his lips. You pull away, hands still cupping his face.
“Yoongi,” you laugh, “relax.”
He can’t help but try to avoid eye contact with you, eyes roaming anywhere on your face but your own.
“I like you too, Yoongi. And they boys know about it too.”
His eyes immediately go to yours, wide and in shock.
“You’re not fucking with me right?”
You shake your head in response, removing your hands from his face. He frowns, wanting your the warmth of your hands back on his face. He lowers his head, focused on somewhere else. You look down too, following his line of sight. A soft smile grows on your face, watching his hand hesitating to reach over to yours. He finally built up the courage and slid his hand underneath yours, squeezing it gently. He looks back up, only for your eyes to meet once again.
“I’m really serious about you, you know? Like I really can’t help it.”
He uses the pad of his thumb to rub the top of your hand. You could sense that he was really nervous to talk about this.
“You’ve always been a close friend to all of us and I really liked that. But for some reason, a part of me kind of wants you all to myself. I can’t explain it, but something about you makes me go crazy. You’ve got some stupid affect on me and I used to try to deny it until the boys told me to face it. It all just kind of happened, really, but I chose to keep it from you just because I felt kinda shy about these feelings for you.”
You laugh softly, touched by his words.
“You know, this side of you is really cute. I’d like to see it more often.”
He scoffs, “not going to be showing this side to anyone else but you—not even the rest of the guys.”
“Even if I were to bribe you with a kiss to be all cute-sy around them?” You teased, already knowing his answer.
“…Only for a little,” he mumbles under his breath.
“Ah, so my kisses have become your weakness?”
He takes his other arm and wraps it around your waist, pulling you closer to him so that you stand in between his legs as he was sitting. He lets go of your hand to wrap it around the other side of your waist, allowing you to loosely wrap your arms around his neck.
“Guess you’re right.”
“Could I get a kiss for getting that question right?”
You chuckle, rolling your eyes with a smile on your face before nodding your head. His face lights up from your answer, his imaginary tail wagging. He pulls in first this time, impatiently crashing his lips into yours, mouths slowly colliding. You pull away before he tries to go any further, but he keeps coming back to you by quickly pecking you on the lips multiple times.
“Y-yoongi,” you laugh in between kisses, amused at the way he’s acting right now, “no more.”
He finally listens to you, pulling away from your face with a frown.
“I don’t think we’ve established anything yet.”
He lifts an eyebrow, “you’re mine now, aren’t you?”
“Yoongi~,” you whine, “is that really how you’re going to ask me to be your girlfriend?”
A low chuckle slips from his lips from your question. He found it kind of cute.
“Maybe,” he teased.
“Then I won’t accept the offer of being yours.”
His eyes grow wide once you said that, arms squeezing you a little more so that you’re a little closer to him. You’re already arching your back a bit so that you’re able to keep eye contact with him.
“Not gonna let that happen,” he scoffs, “how about I take you on a date, hm?”
“Mm, okay, I like the sound of that.”
He leans in to quickly steal another kiss from you, and this time you let him with no fuss about it.
“You’re still all mine, though. Before and after we make it official,” he chuckles.
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