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hobidreams · a day ago
february 1872.
Tumblr media
you cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.
pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader words: 3.3k a/n: a million thank yous to @idkijustlovebts​​ for reading an early draft of this for me and just being the most helpful, the most kind and sweet 💜 
moonlit throne index. this is drabble 44. start from the beginning?
Tumblr media
“I want an audience with jungjeon-mama.” Though your legs are trembling, you stare down the guards posted at the door of the queen’s chambers. The sun has only been in the sky for a few hours, but you could not wait to come here any longer, lest the anticipation consume you whole.
The two guards exchange looks, obviously recognizing you but unsure whether to let you in. Unsure if they want to be responsible for any possible altercations, you think. You cannot fault them for it. But before they can decide, the door opens from the inside to reveal one of the queen’s maids.
“Su-uinyeo-nim,” she says. “Please, come in.”
You follow the maid down long corridors, the dream from last night repeating over and over in your mind. You hadn’t been ready to accept Queen Jeonghui’s words then, too afraid of the consequences of wanting. But now. Now, the reality of living without him is too much to bear without putting voice to your truth at least once.
In front of the sitting room, the maid comes to a stop. “Jungjeon-mama is in here.” Another set of doors are eased apart.
The queen, beautiful and composed, sits on a bench before a low table, with another maid brushing her hair. She slides her cool eyes towards the noise.
You can see no surprise in her expression as she realizes who has come to her. What does that mean? You tense your muscles and walk in, until you are standing directly in front of her.
Perhaps the queen senses your determination, for she says to the maids, “Leave us.” Then, when you are alone, she gestures to a bench. “Uinyeo-nim. Take a seat.”
A direct order from the queen, but you shake your head. “No, thank you.” Afraid you’ll lose your nerve if you do.
“Hm.” The queen doesn’t mention it. Instead, she opens her jewelry box, casually lifting a pair of earrings as if you aren’t present. “So, what brings you here at this early hour to pay me a visit?”
You’ve gone over this conversation so many times in your head, again and again, but none of those careful, diplomatic words feel right in this moment.
For once, you want to cut right down to the core of it. Past the politics. Past the veiled subtleties that make up the royal court.
“Jeonha,” you start, your voice raspy but you continue. “Jeonha and I have an intimate relationship. Though he is the king and I a mere—” You cut yourself off, shaking your head. No more of that word. “And I am an uinyeo, not a palace woman, we have been lovers. We are lovers.”
The queen’s eyebrows raise. But before she can speak, you plow on. It’s your turn now, damn it.
“If that makes you uncomfortable asking me for medical advice, I can arrange for one of my disciples to act in my place if you wish. If not, I assure you I will do my best to aid you in all matters, including conception and delivery. But I…” You scrunch your hand into a fist, forcing yourself to breathe, willing yourself stand up straight. “I’ll no longer pretend as if he and I have no relationship.”
The words are coming on their own, your voice building in shaky volume with each syllable. Everything you’ve wanted to say for so long, tumbling free. “I will not step aside. I won’t acquiesce and let him go. Not even to you, jungjeon-mama. Even if I’m not an official concubine and can never be one, I will stay by his side. I will stand. I will—I will demand my space in this palace, regardless of what you or any of this country’s people may think…!”
Instantly, a thick, pensive silence falls in the room.
It’s a silence that begs you to say more to break it, but the words die on your tongue. You can only wait. Wait for the explosion you’ve just lit to blow. But then—
Jungjeon-mama is laughing.
The sound rings out across the empty hall, filling the blankness with your confusion and her mirth. It takes her a full minute to calm, to distill the sound down to quiet chuckling. You are too frozen to ask what the hell that just was. Instead, you just watch as she, still smiling, sets the earrings down and drapes a hand over her lap.
“I wondered how long it would take you to tell me the truth. I’m impressed, uinyeo-nim.”
Your trimmed nails bite into your palm as your heart thuds louder in your ears.
“You… You already knew?”
“But of course! How could I not?” She presses fingertips to her flawlessly smooth cheek. “It was one of the first things I learned when I set foot on palace grounds. And even if one of the ladies had not told me, it would have been plain to see on jeonha’s face that he is absolutely enamored with you.”
Thoughts collide against each other in your mind. It takes all your strength to gather them, to pick out one coherent question. “Then why?” You ask. “Why did you come to me all those weeks ago as if you had no inkling of such things?!”
Jungjeon-mama shifts, her elaborate chima spilling over the bench. “I won’t ask for your forgiveness. You must understand I had to test you. To see the strength of your relationship for myself, so I could know whether or not it could ever be broken.”
Broken. Your heart pangs with the mere thought.
“You see,” she continues, “I have no interest in a man who cannot return my affections. Life is far too brief for such wastes of time.” She moves her hand to her arm as she leans forward towards you. “I want to live happily. I am already queen. It was a decision made for me by my parents, but one that will ensure my survival in this world. Having the king’s attention means very little to me after that.”
You feel your eyes widen. If she has no interest—Could that mean? Could it be?
“How much of it was a lie?” You ask bluntly, already steeling yourself for whatever answer comes. But you now know the truth is far better than endless wondering in your own head.
The queen smiles as if she was expecting that question. “Jeonha and I have never been physically together. You will have to ask him for the details of our wedding night, but nothing of consequence happened. Of course, the people believe otherwise, because they must.”
“Never?” You repeat, numbly.
You could weep from relief. It washes over you, filling, mending every cut on your heart from these past, vicious months. You were prepared to accept anything she said. You understand the importance of conceiving an heir. But this… This truth is beyond anything you’ve ever dared to dream of. Yet, that was for good reason.
“What about an heir? Who will rule the throne if not your son?” You ask.
The queen is chuckling again, as if she finds your simple reasoning extremely amusing. “You may have seen the official lineage records, uinyeo-nim, but I have heard the stories. The older servants in the palace know the rumors from several generations back. Do you think our king the first to fall for someone he shouldn’t have?”
“I… I suppose not,” you reply. She’s right. There must have been others trapped by royal responsibility. Others who have let themselves be happy.
“By now, the royal bloodline has likely been muddied so many times that I’d be surprised if there were continuity at all between any three generations.” Now, you meet jungjeon-mama’s eyes. You find in them an unexpected warmth as she declares, “I certainly don’t plan on being alone for the rest of my life. And there are plenty of eligible men in this palace.”
She speaks with such authority that you can’t help but feel envious. It seems to come so inherently to her, while it has taken all of your courage to even be here. To speak. But still—You are here, standing your ground. You are fighting for yourself.
The queen pushes to her feet and begins to cross the floor to you, but you are no longer scared of such actions. “All I care about is being comfortable. And that my children will be taken care of,” she says. “A royal name will more than secure that, regardless of whether or not they are truly of jeonha’s blood.”
But that’s not enough. You have one last question. Perhaps the most crucial one of all. “And if I become pregnant?”
Yoongi’s story about his father’s former concubine and the assassins haunts your thoughts. You will not allow that to happen again.
“Then all the better.”
She stands right in front of you, her hands held regally in front of her as her silk sleeves drape down. “The court will not bother your children as long as I have my own. And if it comes to it, your sons will be eligible for the throne. Better any heir than none in desperate times.”
“But you. You will not hurt them?” You press, needing confirmation.
Elegantly, Seong-min reaches out her hand, beckoning you to do the same. Though you are bewildered, you offer yours before you can think better of it. She links your fingers together in an uncharacteristically delicate hold.
“Uinyeo-nim.” Her voice remains strong, but for the first time, you think it might be kind. “I want to be happy. And now I know what you have decided happiness is for you. It would all be easier if we cooperated.”
You nod, immediately, still incredulous at what the truth has brought. “I agree.”
She gives your hand a fond squeeze.
As you look at her so closely like this… How very similar to the former queen she is, you think. A comparison that is no longer a dagger through your heart, but a welcome embrace for what is to come. All that is to come, if your king will forgive you for being so utterly foolish for so long.
You want to see him. You need to see him, to tell him all you have uncovered. To share everything that has been lost these past few months.
“Jungjeon-mama… I must go,” you say.
She smiles widely as she releases your hand. “I know. Go. Quickly!”
Tumblr media
You are panting when you reach the imposing doors of jeonha’s residence, your legs aching with how quickly you ran here but each second that passes without seeing him feels like a waste.
Jeonghun stands guard today, and he gives you a friendly smile as you approach. “Su-uinyeo-nim, good morning! Thank you again for your medicine.” Then he pauses, noticing your expression. “Ah… Uhh, are you alright?”
Hands on your knees, you nod as you suck in deep breaths. “I-Is jeonha… Is he inside…?”
“Yes, I believe he should be in the middle of his morning readings.”
“Thank you. Thank you.” Somewhat properly breathing now, you straighten. Push back the hair that has come undone from your bun. You must look like an absolute mess, but you don’t care.
To his credit, Jeonghun doesn’t give you the chance to ask for entry. He simply opens the door for you, his grin warm and encouraging.
“Thank you,” you say one last time before you hurry inside.
The residence is enormous, but you know the way as well as the paths of your own hall. None of the servants hurrying about stop you, as if they too believe you belong there as you speed through the corridors towards the study. Towards your heart.
When you open that final door with a shaking hand, you find Yoongi sitting behind his royal desk, papers scattered everywhere on the wide surface. He looks slightly better than when you saw him last night, but fatigue still has its claws in him, drawing wrinkles and shadows on his brow.
“Eunuch Kim,” He starts, without looking up. “I told y—”
Yoongi’s eyes flash up with an almost inhuman speed. There is surprise, then a joy that takes over his entire face. A relief so undeniable that it almost overwhelms you to see it.
“You’re here,” he says, his voice dropping down to a whisper.
There is so much you want to say. You should first explain everything the queen has revealed. You should apologize for the cruel things you’ve said to him, telling him to be with her again and again. But the thing that spills out of your mouth is, “I’m a fool.”
He looks bewildered at this confession. It’s one of the few honest things you have said to him since your argument and it clearly confounds him.
“Jeonha, I have been a coward,” you say.
He seems like he is about to refute your words but just like with the queen, you won’t let him. You’ll say your share, even if your hands are clammy with nerves and sweat.
“All this time, I have waited. Sat there hoping for you to come to me. I’ve answered your summons. But I’ve… never had the courage to reach out for you in turn. Never asked for more because I always thought this had to end someday.” You’d been searching for ways to protect yourself, to pull away before he abandoned you without a thought to how that would hurt him in turn. Foolish.
You take a step towards him but no more. Wanting to be in his arms, but afraid you’ll lose your conviction if he touches you. “I should’ve told you my fears. I shouldn’t have tried to take every burden onto myself.”
He murmurs your name now, not to interrupt, but because he cannot stop the sound. His eyes are so tender, so full of affection and sorrow.
You exhale, letting your fears flow from you to leave only sincerity behind. “Jeonha, I know the truth. You’ve never taken another woman. But even if you had… Despite everything, you’ve thought of me. You’ve made me a priority. And I—I had thought myself powerless all this time.”
He pushes up from his seat. Slides out from behind his desk. You watch him descend from the platform until he stands on the same hard ground as you.
“Powerless, when you have all this power over me?” He asks, almost amused at the absurdity of the thought.
You nod. “I should’ve known that. Should’ve held my head up high no matter what the other palace women or former concubines said about me because… I have no reason to be ashamed in front of them, regardless of my class. Because I’m the one you chose. Out of all of them. Me.”
“And I will always choose you.” He is closer now. A few more steps and he’d be close enough to touch, but instead your hands stay knotted together before you, his at his sides. “But it was not my choosing that gave you strength. You are more accomplished in your own right than any of those women. You have improved the lives of everyone in this palace, whether they will admit it or not.”
Yoongi has the tiniest smile on his lips, but it carries sadness, fear. “I’ve never wanted to force you to stay. Or to pressure you into any decision,” he murmurs, and you know this to be true. It was true when he asked you to the Chuseok festival back when you were both so young, and it was true when you told him to leave all those months ago. “What my mother had to experience was far too cruel. I didn’t want—”
“Jeonha.” You make him pause with one hand on his arm. “I-I know it is impossible for me to officially be your concubine, but… I don’t care about titles. I will determine what worth my life has. And I choose to remain here in this palace as an uinyeo. As… your lover.”
“Is that truly what you want?” He asks, softly, his dark eyes searching your face as if he is still uncertain. “Even though being involved with me has only hurt you, again and again?”
“Don’t you see?” You exhale, moving your hands until you are pressing both palms against his chest. Through his silk, his heartbeat is quick, but so utterly steady. “You are not your father. You will learn from his mistakes, not repeat them. And there is nowhere else I want to go. Not when you are here.”
His hands are trembling when he brings them to your arms, holding you gently. Like this, you can see yourself reflected in his dark eyes. Eyes that are no longer unfathomable, but warm as they focus only on you.
Your voice is a whisper when you confess, “I want to have a family with you.” The secret lifts from your chest, blooming in that precious space between your bodies.
“I do too,” he says, “So much.”
He leans forward until your foreheads touch, his breath brushing against your nose. You inhale his scent, scrunching your fingers in his robes as if you could have him like this for a lifetime. But then, the corners of his lips turn down.
“But I have to tell you… this might be the one thing I cannot give.”
You raise your head. “What? Why?”
“My father… had difficulty conceiving an heir. It is why I have no siblings when a royal family would typically have many. When I asked my father’s physician after his death… The doctor told me he suspected a hereditary condition.” Yoongi eases back, covering your hands with his own. “One that would pass onto me. And make it unlikely that I will father children.”
You shake your head. “Jeonha, unlikely does not mean impossible. You are alive, are you not?” His heartbeat pounds steadily under your grasp. “If we never try, there is never the possibility we might succeed.”
Yoongi gives a surprised bark of laughter, the sound waterlogged with emotion thick in his throat. “My mother. She used to say that.”
“I know. And it’s only now that I understand exactly what she meant.”
Leaning down, Yoongi presses his lips to yours. The first kiss you have shared in months, and it isn’t until his softness is tangible against you that you realize how much you have missed him. How all your reasoning and logic could never compare to the simple touch of the man you love. You let your lips part, wanting more as you feel him smile into your kiss.
No more words. You don’t need them to know how he treasures you. Not when it is evident in the way he cups your cheek with a warm hand, the pad of his thumb brushing your skin. The way he bumps the tip of his nose into you because he needs to be closer.
When you finally pull apart, his lips a little wet, yours still needy, you’re both smiling like it’s your first time. And in a sense, it is. The first time in this new era of your lives. One that promises to last as long as you are both willing to fight for it.
“Eunuch Kim!” Yoongi suddenly yells towards the door. As you stare at him, puzzled, the door slides open. When the man in question appears, looking harried, Yoongi commands: “Cancel the afternoon meeting.”
“But jeonha—”
“Cancel it. And leave us alone.”
Eunuch Kim’s eyes flicker from you to his king, then back to you. His sigh of surrender is far too exaggerated to be anything but ‘finally’ in disguise. “As you wish, jeonha. Su-uinyeo-nim.” He bows as he shuffles out of the room, nearly bumping into the door frame with how he refuses to raise his head again.
“The man is absolutely delighted,” Yoongi mutters when you are alone again, his voice as sarcastic as it is fond.
“I know exactly how he feels,” you say, grinning as you pull your king, your love in for another kiss.
Tumblr media
a/n: didn’t i tell you to trust me? 🌸
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Namjoon: It's debate time so we must, once again, draw battle lines between those who like mint chocolate and those who do not.
Taehyung: What battle lines? Nobody likes mint chocolate.
Jungkook: Screw you, mint chocolate is delicious.
Namjoon: And so the lines are drawn.
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casuallyimagining · a day ago
Fix You Bonus: Personal Heating Pad
Tumblr media
hybrid!Min Yoongi x female!reader
Summary: When you don't feel well, Yoongi is there to take care of you
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 905
Rating: E
Requested by @rosquilleta: I would love to request a scenario (? ngl i'm not sure if this is an scenario) about Fix You! I was thinking about Y/N having pmdd (very painful period cramps, i struggle with this and it sucks, sometimes I can't even move) and Yoongi takes care of her and they even cuddle..... 🥺 sorry i just love fluff so much :( thanks for sharing your art 💖
banner by @kerikaaria; thanks to @eatjeanjin for beta-ing! 
This fic is not canon compliant. Consider this an alternate timeline in the FYU (Fix You Universe)
Check out the Fix You masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The tv volume was almost too low to hear, but any louder, and you wouldn’t have been able to stand the pounding in your head. You were exhausted, despite not doing anything all day. You had woken up with a horrible headache, and based on the pain you were experiencing, either a small alien was getting ready to burst forth from your lower abdomen, or your PMDD was flaring up again.
The door to your bedroom opened, revealing a very concerned Yoongi. Copper eyes scanned your form, his ears pressed against his dark hair. He wasn’t used to you staying in bed all day, and you assumed that you looked similarly to how you felt: like death warmed over. Thankfully, your symptoms weren’t often this bad, but this was the first time Yoongi was seeing them, and he was understandably freaked out.
The cat hybrid approached the bed, handing you the bottle of pills you had asked for. “Are you okay?” he asked softly, head falling to the side as he watched you swallow down two pain killers.
You hummed, rubbing at your eye. “Eventually.”
“Can I help?”
“I’m craving pancakes,” you told him softly, stifling back a yawn.
Yoongi nodded, a small smile playing on his lips. You could just barely see the tips of his teeth peeking out. He reached out, his hand finding your forehead. “I’ll be back.”
It only felt like seconds had passed, but when you felt Yoongi’s lips on your forehead, you knew you had somehow slipped into a light sleep. You hadn’t been able to sleep at all the night before, and you had so little energy now that even thinking of getting out of bed tired you out. Luckily, you were ahead on work and could afford to rest for a day or two.
“Brought you pancakes,” he said, helping you to sit up and get comfortable before handing you the plate.
He sat beside you on the bed as you ate, copper eyes focused on the tv. It was an old episode of the bar rescue show you both were obsessed with, but he didn’t seem to care if it was a rerun. He could watch all the episodes a hundred times. His tail wrapped gently around your forearm, careful not to drag through the syrup on the plate you were holding.
It took you longer than normal to eat--fighting through the nausea from the cramps and your lethargy took effort. But Yoongi sat beside you the whole time, his shoulder against your own. It was comforting to have him there, all soft and warm and tender in his presence.
He had come so far since you had known him, and even since April when you both admitted your feelings for each other. It had been almost a year since the trial, and though he was still a little skittish and nervous at times, it was clear that he was at ease. His personality, which you had gotten glimpses and hints of in that first year, was now on full display. Who would have guessed that your shy, scared kitty would turn into a dry, sassy caretaker?
“I give up,” you said finally, staring at what remained of the pancakes. Yoongi had brought you four, and you had done your best to eat two and a half of them. But the last pancake seemed like too Herculean a task at the moment.
Yoongi hummed, gently taking the plate from you. “Didn’t you like them?” He sniffed at the plate experimentally before cutting off a piece of the fluffy pancake and stabbing into it with the fork.
“No, it was good.” You winced as a sudden stab of pain jolted through your abdomen. “Just not super hungry right now.”
He chewed thoughtfully, brows furrowed as he watched you try to breathe through the pain. After a moment, he stood, taking the plate with him. He returned shortly after, a glass of water and his basketball blanket in hand. He sat the glass of water down on your nightstand, leaning down so his eyes were level with yours. His copper eyes scanned your face as if checking to make sure you were okay.
“You don’t have to take care of me, you know,” you said softly, cupping his cheek. “I’ll be fine in a few days.”
Yoongi leaned into your touch, eyes falling closed briefly. His tail flicked contentedly behind him. “I want to.” He pressed a tender kiss to your lips, his soft mouth moulding to yours briefly before he pulled away.
He flashed you a shy smile before spreading his blanket out over you. He climbed back into bed then, his arms wrapping around your middle and his head gently resting on your stomach. He did his best to curl around you, enveloping you in his natural warmth. Your hand fell to his hair, scratching at his scalp and playing with the soft bit of fur where his ears met his head. He hummed and snuggled in closer, a stuttering purr starting to rumble in his chest.
The longer he laid there, the more relaxed you became. His body gave off a surprising amount of heat, serving as your own personal heating pad and soothing your pain, even just a little bit. You found yourself drifting in and out of sleep as he laid there, comfy and warm under the care of your favorite kitty.
Tumblr media
As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to pop into my ask box with questions or comments about the series!
Check out the Fix You masterlist here.
Taglist: @softbbyg0rl, @eddievoid, @horanghae18, @rosquilleta, @madjanmil, @namecannotbblank, @http-himawari, @halesandy, @lostatthebarns, @cuteipat​, @agustneeds, @overtherainbow35​, @xjordynary​, @seolaquotes​, @huearmy​, @staerryminimini, @chimchoom​​
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · 10 hours ago
Holly’s Surprise Gift ~ Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Your smile widened as Yoongi unwrapped yet another present that you had bought for him, knowing that a new pencil case for the studio was something that he needed, you had managed to find the perfect one for him.
There was wrapping paper everywhere as your Christmas celebrations continued to unfold, with gifts being exchanged between the two of you. Beside you, Holly was curled up, completely unfazed by what was going on.
With yet another present underneath the Christmas tree, there was only one thing left underneath the tree. Yoongi reached across to pick the gift up that was underneath the tree, spinning it around so that he could find a label.
As he found it, his eyes widened in surprise as he looked between you and Holly. Your head nodded back at him to let him know that he was reading it right, much to his surprise, you had decided to buy a present for Holly for Christmas too.
You were never much of a dog person, building a relationship with Holly had been hard for you, and Yoongi could definitely see that. The two of you had remained quite distant from each other, never expecting you to buy Holly a present.
“I didn’t think you’d want to buy for Holly,” Yoongi smiled weakly across at you.
Your shoulders shrugged back at him, as you tried to show Yoongi that you did care about Holly. Although it was difficult for you to build a relationship with Holly, you wanted to make sure that Yoongi knew you were trying to make the effort.
“Being around Holly is making me less scared of dogs, so I thought he needed a present too,” you laughed, “we can’t leave him out.”
“The two of you really are beginning to get quite comfortable around each other,” Yoongi smiled.
“It’s taking time,” you admitted, glancing across at Holly as Yoongi tapped his lap, encouraging him to move across to settle on top of him. “But I thought buying a present would help him to like me a little more too.”
Yoongi’s head nodded in reply as he began to tear through the paper, he understood your apprehension, and he was sure that Holly would understand too.
“What’s Y/N bought you?” Yoongi asked down to Holly as he began to paw against the wrapping paper, enjoying the sound of Yoongi tearing through it, sniffing around the package.
“I think I got the right one, but I can take it back if it’s the wrong one.”
Yoongi pulled the wrapping paper away from the gift, moving it around from underneath Holly’s nose so that he could look and see what you had bought. Much to his surprise, you had remembered exactly what Holly’s favourite treats were, buying him a gift box full of them.
“I think he likes them,” Yoongi teased as Holly tried to sniff around the box, nuzzling Yoongi away from them. “I’m sure if Holly could speak right now too, he’d be thanking you for buying him his favourites, these are the treats that he loves Y/N.”
You smiled in relief as Yoongi managed to find a moment to unwrap the box, taking one of the larger treats out of the box. As ever, he made sure that Holly sat down in front of him, following Yoongi’s instructions before handing the treat across to him to enjoy.
“I’m glad he’s liking them,” you noted as Holly quickly began to chew through the treat, “I thought it would upset him if I ended up getting the wrong ones by accident.”
“He loves everything, you never have to worry about that.”
Your head shook back across to Yoongi though, “I wanted to get something that proves that I’m trying with him, I’m trying to get over my fear and worries around dogs.”
“Are you wanting to prove something to me, or to yourself?” Yoongi enquired.
Your shoulders shrugged, truthfully, you were far from sure. “I just wanted you to know that I’m trying, that even though it might look like I struggle with Holly, I’m trying.”
“The two of us both know that,” Yoongi assured, reaching across to relax his hand over yours, “no one can expect you to settle around him instantly, and we know you’re trying too.”
It was taking time for you to settle around Holly, and you hoped that buying him a gift for Christmas would prove to Yoongi that you really were trying. You wanted to make sure that he saw the effort and knew that you were trying to bond with him.
“Why don’t you give him one of his treats? Do you feel like that is something you could do?” Yoongi offered, holding the treat packet out to you.
“As long as you tell me what I need to do, I’m sure that it’s something that I could try, how hard can it be to give him a treat?”
“He’ll take it from you in no time, just try and keep still.”
“I can do that,” you laughed as Yoongi placed the treat into your hand, “just stay right beside me whilst I give him the treat though, just to be sure.”
Yoongi’s head nodded as he called out Holly’s name, tapping against your palm so that he could see the treat. He quickly walked over, stopping as Yoongi held his hand up to him, sitting himself down in front of the two of you, patiently waiting for Yoongi to give him the cue.
“Slowly lower your hand and he’ll take it,” Yoongi instructed, placing his hand underneath yours so that he could lower your hand, keeping you still as Holly peered into your hand, immediately leaning up to take the treat out of your hand as soon as his eyes landed on it.
“That was a lot easier, I didn’t even feel his teeth against my hand.”
The smile on Yoongi’s face grew as he watched Holly run away to enjoy the treat, making sure that no one stole it. “Now that you’ve taken your first step, we can keep trying to do things to build the bond between the two of you. Maybe you can do a few more of the treat feeds now you know how it feels.”
Seeing the two of you continue to get close with one another was the only thing that Yoongi wanted for Christmas. The two of you were his family, and slowly seeing the two of you begin to get along was exactly what he wished for throughout most of the year.
“He’s not a bad dog, we’ve had him trained well,” Yoongi assured you.
“I do want to try and get on better with him, I don’t want to be scared of dogs forever, especially when Holly is such a huge part of your life too.”
“I know that he likes you,” Yoongi encouraged, “trust me, he’s like me, if there’s someone that he’s not sure of around, he will find the corner of the room and stay in it.”
“Well, they do say a dog is a man’s best friend, maybe the two of you are proving it.”
You never wanted to come between the two of them, and you didn’t want your fear to get in the way either. Whilst to most the treats were just a Christmas present, you hoped they would be the start of something more.
“I think watching you feed Holly has been the best present I’ve received this year,” Yoongi admitted, “seeing the two of you bond as my family is perfect.”
“I’ve been putting off making the effort with him for quite some time, but I thought there was no better time than Christmas to try and make the effort,” you responded, smiling across at him, “there’s no excuse during the holidays.”
Yoongi squeezed over your hand gently, “maybe you beginning to get over your fear can be the start of our Christmas miracle for this year.”
“I would have gotten over it eventually, it’s not a miracle,” you laughed, hitting lightly against his forearm, “it just takes time.”
His head nodded in agreement with you, “well, I just want you to know that I’m proud of you. Not just for taking the step to feed Holly, but also buying him a present, it really does mean a lot to me that you went out of your way to buy something for him too.”
“Now I know he likes those; they’ll be plenty more treats to come.”
“And I know that he’ll love that too.”
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flwrprncss24 · 14 hours ago
hi ! can i request a mommy/nipple kink (if u’re comfortable ofc) where a bts member is sick n sucks on your nipple LMAO it gets kinda dirty lowk ;) tysm if you end up writing this ! no pressure x
Tumblr media
pairing: Female Reader x Optional BTS Bias
word count: 879
warnings: smut, mommy kink, nipple play, nipple licking, handjob, sub bts member, dirty talk
A/N: Hello everyone🤗
never wrote a mommy kink nor did the idea ever crossed my mind so this was quite the fun challenge, hope it met expectations
Hope you like it and that you have a wonderful day wherever you are💜
Tumblr media
What happens when you grab your overworked boyfriend, add the fact that he doesn't have the time to feed himself properly and mix the cold and unpredictable weather? You get a sick boyfriend that needs all of your attention.
You wouldn't have a problem with that if it wasn't for the fact that he gets incredibly whiny about it - he regresses back to a child type of whiny.
You always need to be by his side or else he'll start making grabby hands and almost cry about it, refuses to take any medication or eat anything without throwing a tantrum, you practically have to force him to stay in bed and rest.
You loved him with all of your heart but sometimes, it got a bit annoying.
Right now you were leaning against the headboard, your boyfriend's arms wrapped around your waist as he used your chest as pillows, while something you were barely paying attention to was playing on the television, constantly thinking about all the things you had to do instead of being in bed.
Your boyfriend wasn't paying any to the television too, much rather preferring to snuggle his face against your breasts. Not that you were complaining, you loved to spend time like this with him and you knew how much he loved your tits, but you really needed to get out of the bed and do things around the house, one of them being his dinner.
Looking over at him he seemed to be in a deep sleep, so carefully you unwrapped his arms from around you and got out of the bed as quietly as you could.
You got halfway through the room before you heard whinnying behind you. Sighing you turned around and saw him making grabby hands at you, and with another sigh, you climbed back in bed.
As soon as your ass touched the mattress he immediately grabbed onto your hips, making you sit on his lap, pulling you as close as possible to him, and laying his head on your chest again.
Chuckling you grazed your fingers through his hair as he snuggled closer.
"Baby," he refused to look at you, too focused on your breasts. "Baby, I need to get dinner ready."
"No!" he whined, shaking his head. "Stay!"
"Baby I can't take care of you if you won't let me,"
"Don't care!" With a sigh you threw your head back, this was getting ridiculous.
You kept your eyes on the ceiling until an idea suddenly popped into your head. "You're being a brat baby," you looked down at him, finding your boyfriend already staring at you with wide eyes.
"No buts," you interrupted pulling his arms away from you. "You're misbehaving."
"I just wanna be close to you,"
"You're not letting me take care of you and keep acting very needy, in fact, I don't even think you should be touching me at all."
"Hmmm... Let's make a deal," you took his face in your hands, checking to see how his temperature was. "Or maybe not, you're still too hot."
"No please, I'm okay," his hands returned back to your hips, gripping them harder.
"Hmmm... If you're sure," he nodded rapidly, his eyes darkening with lust. "How about mommy lets you suck on her tits and then, you let her take care of that fever of yours?"
As soon as the word 'tits' came out of your mouth his hands were already working on taking off your shirt. Throwing your shirt on the floor his hands made quick work of squeezing and massaging your breasts, always so eager to touch them.
You let out a soft moan at his thumbs rubbing circles on your nipples, your hand finding purchase on his hair, gripping tightly to remind him of who was in charge.
Taking one of your breasts into his mouth, licking and sucking your nipple while twisting, pulling, and pinching the other, your unoccupied hand slipped inside his pants and, upon finding his cock half-harden, thumbed his tip before beginning to stroke his length.
Moaning into your nipple he started sucking it more vigorously, making you arch your back and pulling his face closer to your chest.
"Do you like sucking mommy's tits baby?" you moaned out as your hand picked up the pace.
"S-So m-much mommy," he whimpered at your ministrations, pulling away from your breast with a loud pop before taking the other one into his mouth.
Moaning in conjunction you could tell that he was getting closer to reaching his high as you twisted your hand with each stroke, his mouth nibbling at your nipple while his hand massaged the other. "Are you gonna come for mommy babyboy? Are you gonna come all over her hand like a dirty boy?"
With a high-pitched whine, he came all over your hand, your hand-coated with his white fluid slowly stroking his length to prolong his high, all the while he kept pinching and twisting your nipples.
Your grip on his hair tightens, pulling his head back to signal him to stop. "You happy now baby?"
"Y-Yes mommy,"
"Good. Now be a good boy and let take care of dinner," you give him a peck on the lips. "And if you behave, I'll reward you."
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xsugalisp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love of my life 🧡
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sunshinee0-0 · 11 hours ago
Hello I really like your stories they bring a smile to my face every time 🥰. And could you do maybe 11 or 4 with taehyung, Jungkook and yoongi
"If we broke up, I would get back with my ex"
♡Paring♡ Yoongi x reader, Jungkook x reader, Taehyung x reader
♡warnings♡ Tae calls your ex "ugly" possessive Jk, Grammer and spelling mistakes, anything I missed lmk :)
A/n: Hi babies sorry for the late post! I decide to go with 4 and Tbh yoongi's can go two ways, 1 he can not believe it no matter how much you try to convince him he'll be like "nice try" or 2 he can believe it and be calmly pissed, I picked the latter :)
Back to the TikTok event
Tumblr media
You watch as Yoongi order something before he turns his head to look at you and ask you what you want. Giving him your order, you watch as he repeats it to the McDonald's employee, she tells him to pull up to the first window which he does. Boredom consumes you as the two of you wait in line, you try to think on what to do when the TikTok you watched an hour ago pops into your head and you decide why not do it on Yoongi. "Baby if we broke up I would get together with my ex." There's a few beats of silence before Yoongi slowly lifts his head from his phone at you, he ask you to repeat what you just said which you do. His face scrunchs in disgust, "why?" He gives the employee his card and turns back to you, "Because he's super kind and talented and he's very cute and hard working." Yoongi looks at you for a few seconds and although his face looks calm there's a raging storm in his eyes. "Why not just date him then." He pull up to the next window and grabs the both of your guys food handing it to you. "Yoongi, baby you would be my ex." He stares at you for a few seconds before his face breaks out into a gummy smile, "That was stupid." A faint blush dust his cheeks at your praise from before as he pulls out of McDonald's.
Taehyung's head is in your lap as you run your fingers threw his hair. The peacefulness makes your heart swell with content but being the little minx you are you decide to mess with it. "Tae?" He hums eyes still focused on the tv, "if we broke up, I would get back with my ex." The peacefulness washes away and Tae sits up, taking his head out of your lap. "Why?", "Because he-" before you can finish your sentence he cuts you off. "He's ugly." "Tae!!" You laugh. The expression on his face is priceless and the fact that he just called himself ugly without knowing makes a laugh form at the back of your throat. "He is not!" You aurge back, Taehyung gives you that bitch face and you let out another laugh. "He's the most handsome and funniest guy I have ever met." Taehyung gives you a face of disgust and a little bit of betrayal. "A blobfish is better looking then him." You laugh even harder at that and you decide to stop messing with him, "Tae you would be my ex!" Taehyung's glare turns into a little boxy grin, "oh okay then, nevermind."
There was a movie playing on the tv but you aren't paying attention instead you were paying attention to the TikTok on your phone , looking over at Jungkook who peacefully watching the Ghibi film. You decide to mess with him (again) "Hey Kookie, ask me what I'd do if we broke up!" He looks at you, eyebrows furrowed "why?" He whines not liking the idea of breaking up with you. "Just do it!" You whine back, "Fine, what would you do if we broke up, Jagiya?" He sighs, fiddling with your fingers. "Get back with my ex." You instantly reply back, he tightens his hold on your hand and gives you a soft glare, "why would you do that? He cheated on you and he smells." He srunches his nose at the end and you let out a little laugh. "Plus I wouldn't let you cause your mine!" You giggle as butterflies fill your stomach. "You would be my ex, dummy" He stares at you before letting out a small "ohhh." He chuckles a bit and pulls you into his lap. "Good cause I would never give you up and you can't get rid of me." He then kisses your lips.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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