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jooneos · 17 days ago
hat eat first weeb | 10
Tumblr media
WRITERS; @jooneos & tumblr ghost billie GENRE; humour, slowburn RATING; teens & up PAIRING; jeon jungkook/n!reader WORDCOUNT; 4′967 AU; college au, e2l, weeb!reader, weeb!jungkook, weeb!jimin, jimin is lgbt, taehyung is lgbt WARNINGS; jungkook and reader have a feud, swearing, teasing PLAYLIST; weeby tunes
› SYNOPSIS; You just want to weeb in peace but your annoying downstairs neighbour just won’t let you bREATHE. › TAGLIST; @chogiyeol-utopia @thegirlwithamigraine @hell-is-here-and-now @cchristinnaa @bangtanstanst @nininek12 @badbhye @hobistigma @mygukandonly @hermiones-enchantment @tae-making @whoreiguana @jkthethief @lelaasposts @ggukkieland​ (let us know if you’d like to be added!) › MASTERLISTS; jooneos | series
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Tumblr media
Jungkook wipes down the last table, specks of surface cleaner dot the wooden tabletops before they smear into lines of soap and then disappear entirely as he sponges them away. The lunchtime rush, unpredictably, had left him sweeping and cleaning hours earlier than he normally would. He wipes the table in diligent circles. Pop music plays softly from the speakers and he moves his hips to the rhythm, enjoying the early afternoon lull that comes as people head back to work and kids go back to school. He bops his head in time, a few strands of hair falling from his ponytail. He brushes them behind his ears, glad that his boss isn’t here today. He had threatened to make him wear a hairnet on his first day if he didn’t take care of it, safe to say, Jungkook had never forgotten to tie it back again. 
Naruto meows for attention, perched on the cat tree in the window and watching as Jungkook cleans.
“In a minute, buddy,” Jungkook tells him affectionately, tucking the bottle of cleaner into the pocket of the frilly pink apron – the only mandatory uniform he had been given. The fuchsia colour of it had hurt his eyes a little in the beginning. When Jungkook had put it on on his first day, he’d been a little awkward in tying the big bow and his boss hadn’t appreciated the joke he’d made about being a naked waiter. But he was used to it now, and the front pocket was actually really handy when he needed to hide treats for Naruto in it.
The sound of the oven timer pings over the hum of the coffee machine and Naruto straightens hopefully, his ears twitch a little. Excitement bubbles up in Jungkook as he looks at the munchkin kitten. His tail swishes questioningly. Little does Naruto know that tonight, finally, Jungkook is taking him home. 
He smiles at the cat, it’s been a while in the making, and a lot of convincing his boss, but eventually he was allowed to officially adopt Naruto, and take him home to live in his apartment. He had even borrowed Yoongi’s cat carrier, which sits next to the counter. It’s huge, definitely built for a cat the size of Prince Coleus rather than Naruto, but it’ll do for today.
Jungkook drops his sponge at the sink and walks into the kitchen, fighting with the hanging beads that cover the door. One too many times, had his hair gotten stuck between the snapping beads. The smell of fresh cookies wafts through the room and Jungkook sighs contentedly. He picks up the oven mits and bends down to open up the oven and take the tray out. His glasses fog up slightly and, after placing the tray on the counter, he wipes them off with his shirt. 
The cookies are still hot, and look gooey soft, just how Jungkook loves them. The temptation to just devour them right then and there itches against his skin, but it’ll take a chunk out of his wages and, now that he has an extra living thing to take care of, he should at least try to be a responsible cat parent. He resists the temptation and begins to place the cookies onto the cooling rack, hissing when the desserts burn his fingers. 
He’s running cool water over the hot tray when the bell tinkles, and the classic sound of Millie the tabby screeching for attention carries back towards the kitchen. Jungkook dries his hands on the towel and throws it over his shoulder before going to greet the customer. He doesn’t even have the chance to breathe a word of greeting when he’s already being interrupted. 
“You have got to be kidding me.”
He startles and looks up, the first thing he sees is a human shaped bundle of scarves and a fluffy beanie with a pompom on top. And then he breaks into a huge smile. 
“Oh, hey neighbour, what can I get for you?” 
You scowl, but that just makes Jungkook smile even bigger as he leans against the counter. There’s something vindictive that rises in his chest every time you’re visibly antagonised by his actions. It’s just, fun, to tease you. Since the convention, things have been… a little weird. He’s not exactly sure how or what changed, but something definitely did. He’s also not sure if it changed for the better, you seem more on edge around him lately, as though you’re expecting him to stab you or something. 
“A lawyer so I can put a restraining order on you?” You raise an eyebrow and Jungkook presses his lips together to smother a laugh. You reach out to scratch Naruto’s head, who cranes his neck to lean into your touch. He’s not sure why, but all of a sudden, Jungkook is picturing himself in Naruto’s place. Not on the cat tree and definitely not as a cat, but with your hand in his hair. It kind of looks soothing, he thinks, gentle. Jungkook blinks the unsettling thought away.
“Uh, we only do drinks and cakes,” he blurts, shaken by the uncharacteristic thoughts his, clearly, overworked brain is coming up with. 
Really, Jungkook? he curses himself, you can write flirty dialogue between two anime characters but you can’t flirt out loud?
Jungkook watches your shoulders drop in a sigh as you take off your huge scarf and sit down.
“Just a tea,” you tell him.
Tea. Jungkook can make tea. He’s made tea hundreds of times. This is fine. He turns to the counter as you turn away from him to greet the cats that lounge in their beds. 
“So…” Jungkook trails, in an attempt to make small talk. He’s so bad at small talk, and he can feel the ‘so, how about the weather, huh?’ question trying to wiggle its way out of his mouth. He swallows. He’d rather die than make small talk with you about the weather. And since when does he want to have conversations with you? You’re mean and grumpy and always make fun of his hair. He frowns at the water boiler.
“You don’t have to speak to me,” you tell him. “In fact, I’d prefer it if you didn’t.”
Jungkook is quiet for a few moments, but he’s no good at prolonged silence between two people. Especially awkward silences.
“There’s a new chapter out soon,” Jungkook blurts as he picks up a clean teacup and saucer, placing it on the counter while he waits for the water to start boiling. “I thought I’d let my number one fan know.”
“You know, these fan jokes are getting old,” you reply in a bored tone and Jungkook smiles to himself.
“Just trying to lighten the mood.”
“There is no mood to lighten.”
The kettle turns noisy and Jungkook doesn’t attempt to speak over it, preferring to stew in the low noises of the cat café. He busies himself with preparing the little bottle of milk from the fridge and the complementary cat shaped biscuits that they give out alongside their hot drinks. He pops them on a tray and adds a few sugar packets as the kettle finishes boiling. He hums a little as he putters around the kitchen. He adds the hot water to the teabag, swearing under his breath when a small drop of the boiling water splashes back onto his hand.
Maybe he’s nervous because he’s so aware that you and him are alone. Yeah, it’s not that you make him nervous, it’s that you’ve never really shared any time together, well, except for the unfortunate blackout. And the convention doesn’t count because clearly he’d inhaled toxic fumes that had made him want to be somewhat nice to you. The eleven cats observe him carefully as he places the cup of tea on a tray. He coughs slightly, clearing his throat and carries the tray over to where you sit, your textbook and notes already out in front of you. You’ve taken your hat off and a few strands of your hair stick up at odd angles. Jungkook smiles, and represses the urge to flatten them as he places the tray down.
“Here you go.”
He hovers. What if you don’t like it? What if you roast him for his inability to make a good cup of tea? He eyes Naruto, wishing that cats could talk to offer him some kind of encouragement. He doesn’t notice that you haven’t even taken a sip, when you snap him out of his momentary panic. 
“Yes?” you’re raising your eyebrow at him, cup warming your hands. 
“Is it okay?” he asks.
You sigh again.
You sigh an awful lot, Jungkook thinks, but he’s pleasantly surprised when you add milk and sugar to your tea, stir and then raise the cup to your lips. He watches nervously. It’s just a cup of tea, he reminds himself, why are you so nervous about a cup of tea? 
You place the cup down. “It’s better than your drawing skills,” you shrug and Jungkook shoulders relax.
“Okay, great,” he begins to turn away when it finally clicks. Better than his drawing skills?! “Hey!” 
Tumblr media
So, maybe, Jungkook should have expected that Naruto would find a way to slip out between Yoongi’s legs as he was struggling with a multitude of grocery bags. Maybe, he should have been more careful and not let the kitten roam free in their apartment just yet. But he’s new at this and really Yoongi should have warned him. 
He had been getting ready to shower when Yoongi had burst into the bathroom – curse the broken lock – with his hands over his eyes, alerting Jungkook that Naruto was nowhere to be found. And it was in that moment that Jungkook knew he was truly a parent: his heart had swooped into his stomach and left him with a roiling feeling of unease; his palms had gone clammy and cold sweat had broken out on his back. 
It’s like this that he finds himself wearing mismatched sweats with embarrassing anime prints, roaming the halls of his apartment building. He crouches down, looks behind Mrs. Thermalopoulos potted plant, and sighs. Still no sign of the kitten. 
“Naruto,” Jungkook calls softly, making a noise with his lips in an attempt to summon him from a dark corner that he most likely isn’t even in. He sighs and straightens up, looking down the hallway. What if he tried to get back to the cafe? What if something happened to him?
Jungkook may just be close to tears. He checks his phone, hoping that Yoongi would have found him on his hunt through the lower floors. Nothing. 
Jungkook jumps when the door in front of him opens, and he comes face to face with an elderly lady tucked into a fluffy blue robe, looking at him with a stern stare. He sees her in the elevator a lot, and she tends to scold him for not wearing a coat. 
“Shouldn’t you be in bed instead of lurking outside of other people’s doors, young man?”
Jungkook’s eyes widen at the claim, he isn’t a lurker. 
“I’m sorry, ma’am.” He tries to turn on his charm, “it’s just that I’ve lost my cat, and I can’t find him.”
“I’m sure he’ll turn up, dear.” She reaches out to place a comforting hand on his arm.
“He’s just so small. He came home for the first time today,” Jungkook explains and she nods.
“I did see a little spotty fella out here earlier,” she tells him. “You can try next door, they often take in strays.”
He nods, “Thank you ma’am, I’ll give it a try.”
“Be careful, dear.” She smiles as she steps back into her apartment, “and good luck with finding him.”
Jungkook smiles as the door closes before he turns to face the only other door in the corridor. Your door. Just his fucking luck, he thinks.
He knocks hesitantly, preparing himself for you to accuse him of stalking again – oh, how the tables have turned. He waits for a moment, and hears footsteps inside.
You swing the door open, the blanket around your shoulders flutters a little like a cape. He’s about to make a joke about it, but is distracted when he notices the little ball of fluff in your arms.
“That’s my cat,” he blurts. You furrow your eyebrows disbelievingly. 
“Prove it,” you respond, and now, that’s just confusing.
“What do you mean prove it, you cat-clepto? That’s my fucking cat, give him back!” His voice goes slightly high but really he’s had enough of this. You can’t just steal his cat, there is a line here. You tilt your head a little, look at him for a long moment and Naruto meows cutely. “Hm,” you say, and Jungkook dreads to know what your evil brain is concocting. He doesn’t know what the hell he was thinking at the cat café, you’re clearly a minion of the Antichrist. Slowly and carefully, you put Naruto on the floor and raise an eyebrow when he walks over unprompted, rubbing against Jungkook’s leg. He picks him up.
“See? He’s my cat.”
“Well, he could do that with anyone,” you sniff in annoyance. “I fed him and he likes me.” 
You reach out to scratch Naruto’s head and Jungkook almost turns away from you.
“Don’t you, Sir Miroku Nekoyasha?” you coo.
Jungkook freezes. Sir whatta?
“Excuse me, I think I misheard you, Sir what?” he splutters in disbelief.
“Sir Miroku Nekoyasha,” you reply as if it’s obvious while Jungkook scoffs. “He likes the name.”
“He’s called Naruto,” Jungkook tells you.
“Now that’s just cruel. Why would you name such a gorgeous baby after that?”
“That? Excuse me?” 
He doesn’t care for this, standing in the icycold, listening to some Inuyasha fan insult his taste. He huffs and shakes out his leg a little in annoyance. And fuck, it’s freezing. He’ll bet Mr. Han left the corridor window open again. 
“Look, he answers to Sir Miroku Nekoyasha. If you don’t believe me, I could do a demonstration.”
“That won’t be necessary, I’d rather minimise Naruto’s exposure to that monstrous name.”
“There’s nothing wrong with the name!”
“You named my cat after the worst anime ever created!”
“You’ve never even seen it.”
“I don’t have to,” Jungkook retorts, stroking Naruto’s head gently. His poor cat. 
“It’s 11pm, are you two really arguing about anime right now?” Jungkook looks over your shoulder to see Jimin leaning against the hallway wall. 
“He named his poor cat, Naruto!” you protest but there’s only one thing Jungkook can focus on; he really wants to go to bed but he can’t leave this Sir Miroku Nekoyasha situation alone. 
“Sir Miroku Nekoyasha is worse!”
“Well, I’m telling you, you’re wrong,” you argue back. “And I can’t believe that we fed your cat for you and you don’t even say thank you,” you sniff disapprovingly at him. 
Jungkook sighs, and grits his teeth.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” you gloat and Jungkook can feel a migraine beginning to pound against the back of his eyes. He turns away from the door and starts walking back towards the stairs, kissing the top of Naruto’s head, “Let’s get you home, Naruto.”
“It’s Sir Miroku Nekoyasha!”
Tumblr media
Fortunately, the rest of the evening goes on without a hitch. Yoongi leaves to go to the movies with Seokjin. Prince Coleus teaches Naruto how to fight the faulty faucet, a very important cat duty, clearly, and Jungkook cooks some instant ramen. It’s a quiet evening, he draws a little, slurps on his noodles, feeds the cats. It’s chill, it’s nice. It’s, so very peaceful, until he hears you and Jimin singing along to the Given theme song. An absolutely horrifying sound. 
He sighs and does the dishes, Naruto seems fascinated with the soap dispenser and meows every time Jungkook comes anywhere near the bottle. 
At around 11pm, Taehyung knocks on his door, stumbles into his apartment and makes a beeline for his room, reeking of cheap beer and frat house. He starts scanning Jungkook’s drawing basically unprompted and tells him a horrifying tale of all the wild things his brothers and him had gotten up to. Jungkook can’t help but be glad that Yoongi stopped him from joining a frat. No offense to Taehyung, but some of the things they do are beyond stupid and Jungkook would rather be drawing than causing trouble. 
He stares up at his handmade timetable, tapping the eraser end of his pencil against his sketchbook. It outlines the dates of every chapter – when he needs to have completed sketching, when he needs to have finished linework, when the inking needs to be done and finally the date it needs to be released. It’s the virgo in him, as Taehyung often tells him. He just needs to schedule these things. 
It’s almost 3am when Taehyung falls into his bed and promptly starts snoring. Jungkook definitely can’t blame him. If he was able to fall asleep, he would have passed out long before now. 
Taehyung’s soft snores now provide Jungkook with a quiet background noise, keeping him company when everything else is still and silent. He stands up from his seat, knees cracking as they resist the movement, and he lets out a soft groan as he stretches his back. He presses a few buttons on his scanner, trying to wake it from standby mode, and it whirs to life. Taehyung stirs on the bed, making Naruto bristle and stand up. 
“I told you, the bees will sting you,” Taehyung murmurs through his sleep, turning over to lay at the other side of the bed with his legs splayed across the covers. Naruto climbs up Taehyung’s thigh, he barely stirs as the kitten trecks up his leg and perches himself on Tae’s ass. Naruto starts kneading his ass, purring slightly before he curls up into a tiny fluffy ball. His tail flicks once and his eyes close. Jungkook smiles fondly at him.
“Fucking weirdo,” he murmurs under his breath, before he turns back to his desk to begin scanning the remaining drawings.This is definitely Tae’s forte and not his. It takes a surprising amount of concentration and dedication to scan page after page and not fuck up the order of the drawings.
He had met Taehyung a few weeks into his first semester of freshman year, when he dropped his notebook of doujinshi drawings all over the floor outside of the lecture theatre. Rather than trampling or making fun of him, like Jungkook had expected from a frat boy, Taehyung had crouched down to help, complimenting his art and telling him about how he loves anime too. They had sat together in class that day, and had been best friends ever since.
Jungkook smiles at the memory, eyeing the old picture of him and Taehyung from that first week of their friendship he tacked to the wall above his desk. He works methodically through the drawings, placing the pages on the scanning machine, periodically snatching his hand back and clutching his finger when he gets a papercut. He wonders how Taehyung manages to do this injury free every single time. He’s betting sorcery.
He stands there for a long time, the minutes blur into each other as the sky outside lightens and the sun begins to filter through his curtains. He cranes his head towards the ceiling when he hears footsteps above his head. Could that be you getting ready to go to class? It’s a welcome reminder that he probably should be doing the same. He sighs, as he thinks of your, admittedly, chilling scowl. He wishes you’d start commenting on his doujinshi again, and maybe that’s why he told you about the new chapter. He wants a reaction.
He had tried his hardest to find you annoying, to convince himself that you’re mean and rude, but it never seems to work. You’re actually pretty funny and, from the various pins that decorate the material of your backpack, he can tell that you share a lot of the same interests as him. Well, aside from the Inuyasha pin. Purely out of curiosity, he’d given in and watched a few episodes, but the only enjoyment he got from it was the knowledge that he’d be able to tease you about it even more. He seriously doesn’t get your love for it. It’s a dog show. Peak furry culture. 
He’d been tempted to ask you where you bought your Totoro pins, though. 
“The bees,” Taehyung speaks in his sleep once again, breaking Jungkook out of his thoughts and making him laugh quietly.
“What about the bees, Tae?”
Tumblr media
The last place Jungkook wants to be right now is class. Groggily, he drags himself and a half asleep Taehyung down the auditorium stairs and slides into his seat. Taehyung whines and slumps into his chair, until his forehead rests on the desk in front of him. 
“This is hell,” he mumbles against the surface and Jungkook grunts in reply. He’s vaguely aware of your presence next to him, vaguely registers the judgement that seems to radiate from you in waves as you look at him, but he’s far too tired to really care at the moment.  
The next time he’s conscious enough to formulate a half coherent thought the lecturer is saying something about group projects. That at least grabs his attention and he sits up so fast his knee bangs painfully into the leg of his desk. 
He turns to Tae who’s sitting up straight as well, looking positively refreshed despite the wild twist of his curls, the traitor. 
He’s already talking excitedly to Jimin about partnering together. Well, that’s that then, Jungkook thinks and turns to you. You’re worrying your teeth between your lips and tucking your hands into your grey hoodie. 
“Partners?” he asks, voice groggy with lost sleep. He musters a soft smile, trying to be winning, you’re really good in this class, and he, well, let’s just say it’s not his forte. He could really use a decent partner. He rests his cheek on his hand, squishing it up against his eye. 
You nod, staring at him from the corner of your eye.“I guess,” you shrug. “Just stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?” Jungkook asks, straightening up and dropping his arm flat against the tiny desk in front of the chair. How was he looking at you? He was just simply looking. Nothing more.
“You know what,” you grumble at him and cross your arms across your chest. He raises an eyebrow. You sigh. “Like I’m your ticket to a good grade.”
Jungkook grins, “But you are.” 
You roll your eyes at him. He stands up, heaving his backpack onto his shoulder, groaning as the weight of the whole freaking universe settles on his back. Stupid, stupid philosophy course. 
“I’ll come and pick you up at six,” he tells you, and in his tired state, he doesn’t immediately think about how that sounds. 
“To work on our assignment!” he clarifies hurriedly. “I’ll come and seek you at six to work on our assignment.”
You simply nod, shifting in your seat as you turn to pack your things away. Taehyung stands and claps a hand on his shoulder, jostling the precarious equilibrium of his backpack.
“C’mon.” Jungkook watches him send a sickly sweet smile back to Jimin. “I’ll see you later.”
The way they’re looking at each other, they may as well just be making out right there. Jungkook grumbles a little. He follows Tae out of the lecture theatre, taking one last glance back at you as you pack your things away, Jimin nudging your shoulder with a cheeky smile. He turns back just before the door hits him in the face, and he swears.
“Couldn’t have held it open for me?” he asks Tae who just grins.
“Why would I do that?” he asks innocently. Jungkook straightens out his hoodie, rolling his shoulders and pulling at the collar. 
“So, picking them up at six, huh?” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, angular grin spread across his face.
“It’s an assignment, Tae, not dinner for two by the river,” Jungkook responds, though his cheeks feel awfully hot all of a sudden. 
“Dinner for two by the river? Already got your first date planned?”
Jungkook snorts.
“I’ll tell Jimin about your bee dreams,” he threatens in retaliation to Taehyung’s teasing.
“You wouldn’t!”
Tumblr media
He knocks, knuckles rapping against the hard wood of your door at exactly 5:59pm. His sweats ride down his hips a little and he pulls them back up with a half hearted move. He gets a bit carried away with the knocking though – knock-knock, knock, knock-knock-knock knock knock – before you finally pull the door open.
“Jesus,” you huff out, and you’re busy pulling on a pair of sneakers. He can see you’d put in slightly more effort than him, sure your Sailor Moon hoodie’s embarrassing as fuck but the sky blue of it matches your socks and somehow, that’s endearing. Damn it. 
“Nope, just me, Jungkook,” he jokes. “Good guess, though.”
“Don’t make me regret partnering with you,” you deadpan, gritting through your teeth. 
“Maybe I’m the one regretting it,” he raises his eyebrows. “Not even ready at the agreed time? Does punctuality mean nothing to you?” 
He steps back as you step towards him, turning to close and lock your apartment door, sliding the keys into your pocket. The hallway is cold, and Jungkook wishes he had worn a hoodie as goosebumps rise on his bare arms. He skips down the stairs, eager to reach the heated warmth of his apartment.
“Slow down,” you grumble, and he grins, speeding up as he takes the steps two at a time. 
“I hope you fall,” you call after him. He scoffs a laugh as he reaches the bottom and leans against the wall, folding his arms and smirking at you as you finally reach the floor, glaring at him just like he knew you would be.
“Wow, about time,” he taunts, tapping at his wrist where a watch would usually sit.
“You’re not even wearing a watch,” you snap.
“Yes, but I’m on time even without one,” he opens the door to the apartment and walks in. 
“Oh my god, let it go,” you groan. 
“I heard bickering, is Y/N here?” Yoongi rounds the corner from his room, slippers flapping against his feet, still wearing his bucket hat even though he’s indoors. 
“Yoongi,” you grin at his roommate and Jungkook frowns. If you’re in cahoots with Yoongi, it’s the end for him. 
“How come they get such a warm welcome?” Jungkook mutters mostly to himself, but you ignore him.
“How’s Prince Coleus?” you ask Yoongi. Jungkook becomes distracted while you and Yoongi catch up, thinking about the time when Yoongi brought Prince Coleus home. He hadn’t told Jungkook about their new roommate right away. Safe to say, Jungkook had been more than confused to find a large black cat playing with the slightly dripping faucet in the bathroom at 3am. 
“I can’t believe you’re bringing someone home. This is unheard of.” Yoongi decides to pick his moment to tease Jungkook. He regrets zoning back into the conversation, and expresses his displeasure with a whine. Yoongi lives to embarrass Jungkook; he’s pretty sure the man’s a sadist. 
“This is a perfectly normal situation, Yoongi.” Yoongi just smirks. “We’ll be in my room if you need us.” Yoongi hums, and Jungkook shoots him a narrowed glance that subtly says ‘shut up or I’ll put cat food in your underwear drawer.’ 
Yoongi raises his hands, clearly a peace offering and Jungkook motions for you to follow him. 
He leads you down the hallway, and suddenly his palms are sweating. You’re going to be in his room. He’s praying that he didn’t leave any SJTR spoilers anywhere, he’s about to reach for the handle when you stop him in his tracks.
“Warn me now if there are any body pillows or hentai posters,” you tell him and he chokes out a panicked laugh.
“How much of a weeb do you take me for?” he chuckles awkwardly, thinking about the Makoto body pillow - that he uses strictly for cuddling – he stuffed into his wardrobe. 
“You write Free! doujinshi, don’t make me answer that.”
He can’t really argue with that, to be honest. “Touché,” he shrugs as he opens the door and leads you in. He waits as you look around, there’s an itch under his skin as you look at the posters and pictures. You linger a little on his Sousuke poster and something slightly uncomfortable siddles up his spine. 
“So you’ve got a thing for beefy boys, huh?” 
He scoffs and shrugs his shoulders to hide the momentary unease that registers somewhere in the back of his brain. “Can you blame me?” he raises an eyebrow. From the countless comments you’d left on his doujinshi over the months, before the grand feud of course, he knows you’ve got a thing for Makoto. Really, you’ve got no right teasing him about this. 
You’re quiet for a moment and then you hum, “Definitely not.”
He sits down at his desk, pulling his laptop towards him while you perch on his bed, still looking around. It’s almost cute – keyword being almost – how your eyes are all wide, taking in the plastic stars on his ceiling and pausing for a moment on his bookshelf. He sweats a little, he hid Stalking Jack the Ripper drafts in there.
“No body pillows, though – I’m impressed,” you remark and he laughs, glancing over to his closet.
“Please, I at least had the decency to hide him in the cupboard before you came over.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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hate at first weeb | 8
Tumblr media
WRITERS; @jooneos​ & tumblr ghost billie GENRE; humour, slowburn RATING; teens & up PAIRING; jeon jungkook/n!reader WORDCOUNT; 4′106 AU; college au, e2l, weeb!reader, weeb!jungkook, weeb!jimin, jimin is lgbt, taehyung is lgbt WARNINGS; jungkook and reader have a feud, swearing, teasing PLAYLIST; weeby tunes
› SYNOPSIS; You just want to weeb in peace but your annoying downstairs neighbour just won’t let you bREATHE. › TAGLIST; @chogiyeol-utopia​ @thegirlwithamigraine @hell-is-here-and-now @cchristinnaa​ @bangtanstanst @nininek12 @badbhye @hobistigma @mygukandonly @hermiones-enchantment​ @tae-making​ @whoreiguana @jkthethief​ @lelaasposts​ @ggukkieland  (let us know if you’d like to be added!) › MASTERLISTS; jooneos | series
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Tumblr media
“Go away.” 
You growl out before Jungkook even has a chance to speak. You watch out of the corner of your eye as he ignores you, and plops himself into the seat across from you. The heavy fabric of his hoodie droops a little with humidity and hangs off his shoulders. His hair curls against his cheeks and he’s smiling brightly at you. Oh, great. 
“That’s no way to greet your favourite artist,” he says smugly and you roll your eyes. 
“Oh yeah? What makes you think you’re ‘my favourite artist’?” you ask, finally looking up and fixing Jungkook with a glare. He gets himself comfortable in his seat, pushing his hoodie sleeves up his arms. 
“A lot of things,” Jungkook twirls a scrap of folded paper on the desk beneath his pointer finger. “Personally, I think you like me way more than you admit.”
“Why would I care what you think?” you ask, highlighting another piece of text in your textbook. 
“Oh, you know,” you hear the sound of paper sliding across the desk. “Just this.”
You flick your eyes up to look at the paper. You roll your eyes again, thoroughly bored, when you realise it’s just a printed out email. What point is he trying to make? You’re ready to tell him to take his irrelevant piece of paper away along with himself when you notice the email address at the top of the page, your email address. Your cheeks heat immediately. 
“Where did you get that?” you snap, moving to grab the piece of paper. Jungkook is quicker though, whipping it out of your grasp and holding it in his hands. 
“Ah, ah, ah,” he tuts and you watch as he tucks the piece of paper back into his pocket. He grins at you, smug and disgustingly cocky and you want to push him off his chair. 
“It wasn’t me,” you feebly attempt to save face. You know exactly what that email is, and you curse Jimin for convincing you to write it. Though in all honesty, you had forgotten it existed. You’d written it months ago.
“If it wasn’t you, then who was it? I only know one Sailor2themoon,” Jungkook is leaning back in his seat, swinging on the back legs. His arms fold over his chest, and the veins in his forearms stand out. God, you hate him.
“It was Jimin,” you grimace, sending a mental apology to your best friend for throwing him under the bus. 
“Wow, matching usernames? What a friendship,” Jungkook scoffs and tips forward again. He rests his arms on the desk, closing the gap between you as he leans over. Your eyes follow the movement against your will before you snap them up to his face again. Jungkook smirks evilly.
“I didn’t send it,” you grit out. Of course you had sent it, you’d wanted to show support for your favourite writer, but that was before you knew he was your annoying classmate as well as your childhood enemy and noisy downstairs neighbour. 
“Then who did?” he asks, still smiling triumphantly at you. He leans back again, balancing in that stupid chair, and a part of you hopes that he tips back just far enough to go clattering from his seat to the floor.
“I don’t know, maybe yourself to fuel your ego?”
“I don’t need to fuel my ego when I have you to do it for me,” he replies, voice dripping with glee. You’re about ready to smack him with your textbook but before you can reply, the library assistant interrupts your whisper-fight with Jeon Satan.
“Excuse me, we’ve had some complaints and have to ask that if you aren’t going to be quiet, you leave the library,” you look up at the sound of the passive aggressive voice to find the short assistant glaring at you, sniffing snootily. 
“It’s fine, I’m leaving,” Jungkook grins charmingly, standing up from his seat and shooting a wink in your direction. “See you later.”
You clutch your pen so hard, you could have sworn you heard a little cracking sound.
Stupid Jeon Jungkook.
Tumblr media
“It was awful, Jimin. He read my fanmail,” you groan.
“I’m sorry but I can’t take you seriously with those ears on,” Jimin giggles at your scowl and attaches another pin through the fabric of your outfit. You love giving Jimin opportunities to design. He enjoys it so much, and even though it’s slightly bitter sweet, and it reminds him of the fact that he couldn’t afford design school, it always puts him in a better mood. He gets a healthy glow, a slight pinkness to his cheeks, that only comes out when he designs. 
The only downside to being a living mannequin for Jimin, however, is that he had a tendency to stick you with the sharp pins. Multiple times. 
“Yeah, well, those things should come with a user manual,” you nod towards the pin cushion sitting on his wrist.Jimin grins at you, all innocence and wide brown eyes. You shake your head in disbelief. This demon.“And anyway, what’s wrong with the ears?” you ask. You had stolen them from his box full of cosplay materials before he started to tailor your outfit. That box of fabric is a gold mine. 
“They’re fluffy and have bells on,” he answers, a scrunch to his nose. 
“I’m Sango, you should fear me.”
“Sango doesn’t even have ears,” Jimin giggles, “but you do look positively badass.”
“Thank you, I know” you respond, batting your eyelashes in mock confidence. 
“And after Jungkook’s reaction to the suit, he’ll love this one,” Jimin comments, making you roll your eyes. 
“Jimin, we’ve been over this. I don’t want Jungkook to like the outfits,” you sigh, exasperated by his perseverance on the matter. “He doesn’t deserve to.” 
It feels like you’re constantly saying this. Maybe it’s to convince yourself too, because you absolutely do not like Jeon Jungkook and your brain needs to stop doubting that.
“Is that code for ‘I want him to fling me against a wall’?” Jimin asks.
“Minie! No,” you protest and embarrassment rises in your chest. 
“It’s not?” Jimin’s eyebrows are raised.
“I’ll admit that he’s physically not totally hideous,” you relent as Jimin places a pin through one of the pads at your shoulder. 
“Then why don’t you just get flung?” he asks and pins down the lapels on your pants.
“That would be like admitting defeat,” you explain. “Jimin, do you not understand the magnitude of my feud with the Wicked Artist of the West?” “Okay? Honestly? No. I don’t,” he answers and you sigh. You’re well aware it might seem a bit childish and definitely petty. But Jungkook just pushes every single one of your buttons. Just when you think he might not be horrendous, he says something that makes you want to scratch his eyes out. It’s a vicious circle of hate and barely there tolerance for his existence.
“Okay, I think I have everything pinned. You can take it off now,” Jimin says, stepping back to admire his work.
“I’m keeping the ears,” you tell him.
“Of course you are, they’re adorable.”
You wiggle out of the cosplay, doing your best not to displace any pins before handing it to Jimin. Underneath the Sango costume, you’re wearing your favourite anime meme shirt and it occurs to you that you have never felt weebier than you do right now. A weeby shirt underneath a cosplay outfit? With furry ears? You’ve peaked.
“Speaking of your weeby idol though, we need to update our theory board,” Jimin says, placing the outfit onto a hanger and sliding it gently onto the clothing rack of costumes in the corner. You let the idol comment slide – only Jimin can make fun of your fanmail predicament. 
“You are in no place to call someone weeby, Jiminie,” you scoff.
“Valid,” Jimin shrugs and carefully arranges the outfit on his work mannequin. “Hey, let’s watch Inuyasha tonight. I miss that furry bastard.”
Tumblr media
“I’m so full, I wouldn’t be able to move even if I wanted to,” you mutter, still spooning another lump of ice cream into your mouth.
“Mood,” Jimin responds, doing the same. You’re curled into Jimin’s side on the large sofa, squished into a corner because you enjoy nothing better than cuddling with Jimin. A family sized tub of ice cream rests between you both. 
This is your favourite place to be. Jimin is warm and soft and he makes you feel safe and protected. He genuinely feels like your home. You’ll never tell him that though, you have to grip onto your tsundere reputation as hard as you can. You would never hear the end of it from Jungkook if he found out you’re secretly soft. 
“I want one of those enchanted necklaces,” you say as you watch Kagome send Inuyasha toppling over his feet once again.
“How would you even use that?”
“I’d make Jungkook faceplant every five seconds with a simple command,” you respond as if it was obvious.
“Oh my god, you’re Kagome,” Jimin gasps.
“I am not Kagome.”
“You so are,” he grins “and Jungkook is Inuyasha.”
“One, you are so wrong, and two, I’m going to pretend you didn’t just insult Inuyasha in the worst possible way.”
“Keep telling yourself that, Kagome,” he teases and you pout at him.
“Will you stop bullying me so we can cuddle again?”
“If you admit your feelings for Jungkook.”
“You are one tiny, evil man,” you narrow your eyes at Jimin.
“I know, I learned from the best,” he smiles at you, the grin reaching his eyes and showcasing just how heart warming his eye-smile is. He lets you snuggle back into his warm chest, regardless.
“What are we gonna do when we finish Inuyasha?” you mumble against his chest.
“It’s time for our annual Ouran High Host Club marathon soon.”
“We’ll have to stock up on nikumans…” you remind him.  
“We’ve run out of Hello Pandas too,” he answers. 
“I bought five boxes last week?” 
“Tae… might have… gotten to them,” Jimin admits slowly.
“Heresy,” you scoff, Taehyung’s a bottomless pit when it comes to snacks. Jimin laughs and almost topples off the couch.
A few moments of comfortable silence passes. 
“I miss this,” you mumble, staring at the TV as the Inuyasha theme song plays. Usually you and Jimin would be singing along, but today there’s a slight melancholy feel to the air. 
“I know, me too,” he says, instinctively pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “But you’re always my best friend even when we can’t spend much time together.”
“You are too,” you look up at him and he grins. Then, you both take a deep breath and...
Tumblr media
“When are they ever going to fix the god damn elevator?” you huff, trying to keep a grip on your side of the 5kg bag of cat food. You drag it up the stairs slowly, wheezing lightly against the pull in your lower back. Thank god you’d torn Jimin away from the pet store before he bought half the shop. To say you’re grateful he didn’t buy the cat tree is an understatement. Sweat sticks to your skin, warming you uncomfortably under your winter coat and scarf. You honestly feel like dying. 
“No idea, but I’ve been bested by these stairs one too many times,” Jimin responds, tripping over a step as he climbs the stairs backwards, the too-narrow staircase not allowing for you both to climb the stairs side by side. The ascent is slow, painful and tedious. It’s Mt. Everest - University Edition. You walk slowly, one step at a time hoping that no one would come up behind you to rush you up the stairs. Worse, what if they tut passive aggressively at you both until you make enough room for them to squeeze past?
“Just remember, the cat is worth it,” you tell Jimin, whose cheeks are red with effort.
“What cat?”
You jump at the voice behind you, grappling with your side of the bag and almost dropping it onto your toes. Yoongi leans against the bannister as you and Jimin come to a staggering halt. 
“Cat? Who said anything about a cat?” Jimin panics in the moment and you stifle a giggle when his eyes widen comically, in fake innocence. 
“The humongous bag of cat food speaks for itself, don’t you think?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow which disappears under his thick woollen beanie. “If there’s a cat, I want to meet it,” he continues. “I like cats.”
You look him up and down, trying to judge just how serious he might be about this. He looks at you, tilts his head in question and you sigh.
“Follow us,” you push Jimin to carry on walking, “but don’t breathe a word about this to anyone. Especially not your weeby roommate. He doesn’t deserve cats.”
“Who, Jungkook?” Yoongi’s nose scrunches. “It’s not like he won’t find out anyway.”
“How’s that?” Jimin wheezes, finally making it to the top of the stairs and dropping his side of the bag. 
“He finds out everything eventually,” Yoongi explains. “Your screen name, was it?” he nods in your direction.
“We don’t talk about that,” you sniff disapprovingly almost as though you can dispel the bad memory with a shake of your head.
“Trust me, he does.”
You roll your eyes at that. Of course, he does. 
“Do you want to meet the cat or not?” you ask, prompting Yoongi to hold his hands up in surrender.
“Lead the way.”
Tumblr media
“Who is he and what did he do with Yoongi?” you mutter to Jimin as you watch Yoongi stretch out on the floor in front of the black cat, cooing and scratching its fluffy head.
“I have no idea but you’re going to have some explaining to do to Jungkook when he finds out we broke his roommate.”
“Where did you find him?” Yoongi asks, barely looking away from the kitten.
“Outside by the dumpsters looking for food,” you explain. “We took him to the vet and he doesn’t have a chip, we think he’s a stray.”
“What’s the little guy’s name?” he questions, finally looking up at you and Jimin, a gleeful grin stretched across his face. You’re sure it’s the most you’ve ever seen Yoongi smile.
“Doesn’t have one yet,” Jimin tells him.
“Prince Coleus,” Yoongi decides for you. “Like the plant.” 
Of course, only a PhD in botany would come up with something like ‘Coleus’ as a name. You smile.
“Prince Coleus it is,” you nod. 
“He’s pretty big,” Yoongi coos and reaches for the mouse toy that sits atop a bundle of blankets next to the sofa. 
“The vet said he’s barely 6 months old,” you explain.
“What a poor baby,” Yoongi pouts, and kisses the kitten’s head softly. “Are you keeping him?”
“We want to,” Jimin sighs and  sits on the floor, leaning his back against the other sofa, “but I’m allergic.” 
“Ah,” Yoongi nods, but you can tell that he’s disappointed. You approach and sit next to Jimin, your knee bumps into his thigh and you lean against him a little. 
“Who knew Yoongi is a cat person,” you remark quietly to Jimin as Yoongi pulls the toy across the floor in a serpentine motion, Prince Coleus jumps after it, his short legs trying to claw at the little knitted mouse figure on the end. 
“He’ll go to a good home though, right?” Yoongi surprises you when he speaks, still fondly smiling at Prince Coleus as they play.
“Yeah, of course,” you attempt to comfort him, though you share the same worry, as you do every time you take in a stray. Yoongi sits back as Prince Coleus rolls around a tiny rattling ball. You all sit like that for a moment, watching as the kitten prances around the living room floor. 
“He’ll be okay,” Jimin reassures both you and Yoongi. Prince Coleus gets ready to pounce on the toy again, when he decides that he has exerted too much effort, and instead settles himself on the rug, mouth opening in a tiny yawn. 
“He’s so cute,” Yoongi remarks and picks up the blankets, arranging them around Prince Coleus who decides, rather than laying on the floor, he’d rather crawl into Yoongi’s arms. Yoongi looks proud when he sits back, and Prince Coleus is barely visible amongst the blankets that he holds, his twitching ears the only giveaway that he’s there. 
They stay like that for a while, Yoongi holding the cat and sitting remarkably still, engaging in a whispered conversation about the other cats that you and Jimin often take in. The room starts to darken, blue hues and indigo strokes brush across the sky until night falls entirely. You reach across the table to turn on the lamp, stretching as far as possible without moving, hoping not to disturb the feline royalty. 
“I should probably head home,” Yoongi whispers, trying his hardest not to wake the sleeping cat. You stand up to see him out. However, it’s like Prince Coleus already senses Yoongi’s absence, big orange eyes opening as he wiggles his way out of the blankets. He leaps down from the sofa, old enough to know how to jump, and wraps himself around Yoongi’s leg.
“I think he likes me,” Yoongi smiles down at the cat fondly. Prince Coleus clearly bonded with Yoongi. Ungrateful bastard, you think, amused by his behaviour. All Yoongi did was play with him, you’re the one that lugged 5 kilos of cat food up a thousand stairs. You shake your head fondly when Coleus lets out a soft meow and curls his tail around Yoongi’s leg. 
“Yeah,” you nod, sharing a look with Jimin that conveys an entire conversation.
“Hey, Yoongi,” Jimin interrupts him as he pets the kitten.
“Why don’t you take him?”
“What?” his eyes are wide, like the thought had never even crossed his mind. “Are you sure?” he asks, smile stretching onto his face.
“Of course,” Jimin grins. “We’ll know he’s going to a good home.”
“Hear that, buddy?” Yoongi coos, picking Prince Coleus up once more. “You’re coming home with me.”
Your heart warms seeing how happy Yoongi is with his new cat and decide for sure that lugging the cat food all the way up the stairs was definitely worth it. 
Tumblr media
“Okay, please tell me you’ve got some good news?” you whine and melt into Namjoon’s counter as soon as you step into the manga store. Droplets of rain pearl down your neck and you shiver against the cold. 
The familiar smell of fresh books and Namjoon’s jasmine tea wrap around you in a blanket of familiar comfort that relaxes your muscles immediately. After the day you’ve had, the manga store really is the last resort to save the day. Jeon Jungkook really needs to suffocate on his hentai body pillow already. 
“You’re dribbling on my counter,” he replies and shoves your face off the cheap wood. You frown at him, and he’s clearly not impressed as he looks at you from over the rim of his glasses. You can’t help being reminded of the dry librarian from the infamous Night At The Library. 
“Joonie, please,” you wail dramatically, when he doesn’t seem to mellow.
Namjoon huffs, exasperated and tells you to wait a moment. He disappears into the storage room, or as you like to call it: weeb heaven. 
You’ve always liked Namjoon. With his soft clothes, the gentle giant vibe he exudes and his sweater paws, he’s just too gentle a soul. The green jumper he’s wearing brings out the warm brown of his freshly dyed hair. It suits him, you think. You lean over the counter, peering into the storage room as your wet parka drip drops onto Namjoon’s spreadsheets. He putters around in the back, the occasional grunt and swear travels through the empty store as he digs out a huge box. 
“I got this new shipment from VIZ-” your squealing drowns out the rest of his sentence. Namjoon steps through the door again, a heavy cardboard box in his arms. He strains under the weight of it and huffs when he slumps it onto the table. “I don’t get your love for shoujo.”
“It’s the purest genre of manga okay,” you defend. 
“Hey, you don’t have to defend yourself to me. I’m supplying your addiction here,” Namjoon grumbles and lets you sift through the neat rows of gorgeous mangas in the box. The shiny covers seem to glow divinely. 
“Oh, they’re beautiful,” you marvel outloud, talking to no one in particular as you pick up a couple of volumes, holding one in each hand. 
“Told you,” Namjoon sing-songs, a pleased – and slightly cocky – grin on his face. 
“Namjoon, you’re a legend,” you tell him. “A living, manga supplying legend.”
“Please do keep the compliments coming, I love an ego boost.”
“Whatever would I do without you?” you sigh dramatically with a giggle, continuing to pick through the different Akatsuki No Yona volumes that you don’t yet have. 
“Use online suppliers?” 
“Never!” you respond theatrically as you place the manga on the counter. You continue to sift through, trying not to get tempted by the Fruit Basket volumes you see. “Now what’s been going on with you lately, any Namjoon news?” 
You lean across the counter again, your drenched coat pressing against the wood. Namjoon shoots you a look and you smile innocently, moving your arms from the now damp counter. 
“Nothing much, really,” he hums, tapping distractedly at the keys of the cash register. “I had a date the other night though.”
You can tell that he’s trying to be flippant, but the bounce in his shoulders and the bright look on his face betrays him. He smothers a smile, excitement pulling at his lips, and the tops of his ears glow pink. 
“Never fucking mind mangas! Tell me everything,” you insist as you shove the box of shiny volumes to the side to devote your full attention to Namjoon. 
Namjoon’s shoulders hunch over shyly. “His name’s Hoseok,” He admits quietly, and you watch as his ears burn. 
“Okay, my dude, I’m gonna need more here,” you snort gently at your friend. 
“He’s just- he’s really nice and like? Funny? And just? Really extroverted?” Namjoon says, ending each statement like it’s a question. He picks at the corner of his accounting journal. “I don’t know, he’s different. Really open about himself, I like that.” 
He shrugs his shoulders almost noncommittally. You smile knowingly and poke his cheek gently.
“You like him,” you singsong teasingly and watch as Namjoon laughs, embarrassed and his cheeks darken with colour. It’s endearing to see him so whipped for this guy, it’s a new side of Joon, less reserved, more open and you like seeing that change in him. 
“He sounds really great,” you say and watch as Namjoon nods absentmindedly, like he’s lost in memory. “Where did you guys go?”
“He took me to the cutest little kBBQ place and we ate so much food and then he walked me home,” he tells you, bouncing in place a little. He rings up the manga you hand him, having decided to go with Akatsuki no Yona afterall. “We talked for hours, it was incredible.”
“Please tell me you’re seeing him again?” you plead. “I’m living vicariously through you, here.”
“We’re going out tomorrow night,” Namjoon grins, and reaches beneath the counter, pulling out a paper bag. He places your manga in it and slides it across to you. 
“Namjoon! That’s so great! I’m seriously so happy for you!” you grin and unzip your backpack, reaching for your wallet. 
“Thanks,” he smiles bashfully. “The manga’s $10, I added my discount for you.”
“Namjoon, you are a wonderful man,” you respond and place your credit card against the reader. 
“I try,” he laughs, and you shove your manga into your backpack, paper bag crinkling as it squeezes in amongst your textbooks and binders. You swing your bag up and onto your shoulders as the machine prints your receipt and the bell above the door tinkles, announcing the arrival of another customer. You take it as your cue to let Namjoon get back to work. 
“Make sure you text me after your date tomorrow, I want to know how it goes! I’m invested,” you tell him as you prepare to leave. 
“I’ll give you all of the details.”
“I expect nothing less,” you warn and he laughs.
“See you!” he calls and you wave as you leave the warmth of the manga store behind, heading back out into the torrential downpour of rain.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pairing: yoongi x fem!reader
Rating: PG-13
Genre: college!au, alternate reality, fluff, future smut, future angst, e2l
Current Word Count: 1127
Warnings: swearing
Series Summary: You never thought the quiet boy in the back of the class would be your greatest competition for a prestigious music internship. And who knew he could be so loud?
A/N: Hello loves! Here’s the first full chapter of What a Heavenly Way to Die. Please let me know what you think about it! Happy December!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You were sure you were garnering strange looks from the students around you as you sped down the narrow hall but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. You missed the bus and you weren’t ready to be late to class for the first time in four years. A binder of sheet music clutched in one hand and violin case in the other, you wove in and out of clumps of people.
Crashing through the door with seconds to spare, you immediately found your seat and slumped down on the hard wooden chair. Beside you, Winter, a fellow violinist and Duchess of Alyran, raised her eyebrow.
“Missed the bus.”
She nodded before turning back to Namjoon, her ever faithful bodyguard.
You turned back to the front of class, where Professor Oh was scribbling on the chalkboard. Using the sleeve of your shirt, you dabbed the droplets of sweat perched on your brow. There was nothing in the world you hated more than running, and thanks to your missed alarm, you had done more than your fair share of it today.
“Ok, class, before we start back in with Tchaikovsky, I wanted to bring to your attention that applications for the Queen’s Internship for Aspiring Artists are due at the end of October.”
Murmurs broke out across the room. The Queen’s Internship for Aspiring Artists, more commonly known as the Queen’s Musician, was an opportunity for four classical music majors from the Anntonette Royal Academy of the Arts to work with His Majesty’s Orchestra, an internship that generally became a job. It was every musician’s dream, and you were no exception.
“I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the prestige that comes with this internship,” Professor Oh continued, “not to mention the paycheck. Thus I encourage all of you to apply. You can do it online on the royal website, or you can pick up a paper form from me during office hours.”
You glanced at Winter and saw that her eyes were just as afire as yours. Ever since you had picked up your first bow at age five, you had dreamed of sitting as first chair while the richest people in the world danced to your music. It was competitive, no doubt, and only those that were completely and utterly dedicated to the craft succeeded.
Class passed quickly, your mind no longer focused on the strings beneath your fingers, instead you were dreaming of royal ballrooms. As you were leaving, Professor Oh called out after you.
“Are you planning on applying for the Queen’s Internship for Aspiring Artists?”
“Of course.”
“Oh good. I know that I’m not supposed to have opinions on such matters, but I think you stand a good chance of playing with our kingdom’s best musicians by the end of the school year.”
She gave you a fond smile and you were reminded once again of why Oh was your favorite professor. She taught your first theory class Freshman year and you had been working with her ever since.
“I sure hope you’re right. I think I speak for everyone in the music department when I say being in that orchestra is the dream. Your confidence in me means a lot.”
“Of course,” she grins.
“Oh, and I wanted to give you the piece we’re working on next week in my freshman class,” she handed you a piece of sheet music, “I know you’re busy with your senior year and everything, but it would mean the world to me if you drop by. I’ve talked you up quite a bit and the students would be very pleased if you could perform for them.”
“It would be my honor.”
“Very well then, have a good rest of your day.”
“You too Professor Oh.”
You gave her a polite nod, before leaving into the crowded hallway. Trying to fit the sheet music into your binder without dropping your case proved to be quite difficult. It was because of this that you didn’t notice Yoongi until it was too late.
For the second time in as many weeks, you found yourself on your ass, this time with papers flying everywhere.
“Ow, fuck.”
You were happy your ankle was spared, but your ass wasn’t so lucky. You were fully prepared to wake up tomorrow morning with a bruised behind.
“Shit, I’m so sorry.”
It felt like deja vu, Yoongi once again by your side, concern plastered across his face.
“I’m fine Yoongi, although if I don’t act soon, my music may not be.”
Yoongi just then seemed to notice the paper everywhere around you and immediately moved to begin collecting it up. The two of you scurried to gather it all before some stoned freshie fucked it all up.
“So, how you been?”
“Yoongi, you were literally texting me last night.”
Ever since you gave him your number, the two of you found yourselves texting every night for hours on end. In fact, your oversleeping this morning had been the direct result of you and Yoongi’s debate on the greatest composer of the twentieth century which ended somewhere around three in the morning.
“I know, I know. I’m just shitty at small talk.”
He gave you a lopsided grin.
“You seem to do just fine if you can use emojis?”
“Oh, shut up.”
You laughed. Even though it was fairly new, you really enjoyed your friendship with Yoongi. His intellectual humor and passion that rivaled your own made you compatible.
“So Yoongs, are you applying for the Queen’s Musician?”
The two of you had successfully collected your papers and were now loitering on the side of the hallway, waiting for it to clear up.
“You’re kidding right?” he snorted, “Of course I am. I would be a fool not to.”
“That’s true.”
“Are you?”
You looked at him and raised your eyebrow.
“Right Of course you are.”
“I would be a fool not to,” you mock.
“Wouldn’t it be so cool if we both got it?”
“That would be amazing. A miracle.”
“Yeah, it would be.”
“God, I’ve been dreaming about this since I was ten. It’s so crazy that I’m about to apply.”
“Tell me about it. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was five. Lord knows if I’ll even survive the heart attack I’ll have if I get it.”
“You’ll survive, you’ll have to.”
“Thanks for the support.”
The crowd in the hall had died down to a few lingers like yourselves.
“Well, I’ve got to go. I told Daisy and Jungkook I would meet up with them for lunch.”
“Oh well, have fun.”
“Yeah, I will. See you around Yoongs.”
“See ya.”
He smiled, and you were very hopeful that the feeling in your stomach was hunger and not butterflies.
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lunar-jimin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: yoongi x fem!reader
Rating: PG-13
Genre: college!au, alternate reality, fluff, future smut, future angst, e2l
Word Count: 595
Warnings: minor injury, swearing
Series Summary: You never thought the quiet boy in the back of the class would be your greatest competition for a prestigious music internship. And who knew he could be so loud?
A/N: Hello loves! This is the first glimpse into my world of Anntonette! I hope you enjoy. It is also posted on AO3 and Wattpad if you prefer those platforms! 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Your gloved hand grasps tighter around the black leather handle. The violin case softly taps against your leg as you make your way across the empty street. It’s early. Too early. The sun is only just peeking over the horizon. Only the caramel macchiato in your right hand is keeping you from falling asleep with your eyes open.
The campus is eerily empty when you arrive. You hurry along the uneven brick path to the conservatory. Wet leaves are smattered under your feet. Just as you round the last corner, the ground disappears from beneath you.
“Fuck,” you yell, pulling the case to your chest while your precious drink explodes on the ground beside you.
You freeze on your back, as pain radiates out from your twisted ankle, suddenly happy that there wasn’t a soul around to see you fall.
“Hey, are you okay?”
Or so you thought.
You groan, slowly sitting up. After looking around for the disembodied voice, your eyes land on a man buried in an oversized black sweatshirt.
His voice breaks through the air again, as he begins to jog toward you.
“I’m fine, I think.”
You attempt to stand up before pain shoots through your leg and you find yourself back on your ass.
He rushes to your side, kneeling down beside you. You glance at his face and immediately recognize him as Min Yoongi, the quietest boy on campus. While the two of you shared plenty of classes, you had never heard him say so much as a word in all three years you had been attending university.
“Let me help you,” his voice is low and sweet, “where are you going?”
“Uh, the conservatory.”
“Oh, right.”
He sounds sheepish as he takes your violin case from you before helping you to your feet. The two of you are silent as you slowly limp to the grand brick building that houses the Anntonette Royal Academy of the Arts’ music program. You can’t help but notice how good he smells- a comforting blend fresh laundry and coffee.
The stairs take a good ten minutes to tackle, but with Yoongi’s guidance you make it up in one piece. He pushes the grand oak door open and together your hobble into the grand foyer. He glances at you, and you nod toward the right.
“So, what are you doing on campus this early in the morning?”
You’re taken aback at his sudden question, the awkwardly calming silence broken.
“Um, I rented out a studio to practice in. It’s senior year, you know, and I need to get on my game, and my roommates make it impossible to focus.”
He nods in understanding.
“What about you?”
“I, uh, tune the pianos for a little extra cash.”
He blushes a little.
“Oh, cool.”
The two of you fall back into silence. A few corners later and you’re in front of another oak door, this one much smaller.
“This is me.”
You offer him a smile.
“Oh cool.”
“Thanks for helping me. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”
“Oh, it’s no problem. It's what anyone would do.”
“Well, thanks anyway. I’ll see you around, yeah?”
You turn to enter the room.
“Can I have your number?”
“Your number. Can I have it?”
He hands his phone out to you, rosy hues dusting his cheeks.
“Oh, sure.”
You take it from him, quickly entering in your info.
He gives you a shy smile.
“Have a good day.”
“You too, Yoongi.”
You grin as you turn back to the door.
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smaubts · 11 months ago
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Tumblr media
thinking of you
part eight. enemies only | next
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thinking of you
part three. hateful behaviour | next
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thinking of you
part one. unlimited clown | next
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❗❗A T T E N T I O N❗❗
On april 1st we will act like Bts just had their first comeback: no more dream.
—We are gonna pretend we just got to know them! By that, we will support (stream) their old songs and have fun!
—We could post pictures of them of no more dream on social media
—Don't use hobi mask, namjoon's hair, jimin's shirtless concept photos and mentioning RM's past stage name which is r4*m*nst*r, or anything that could trigger our boys.
— Enjoy Arm-i mean bts fans!!
❗These are the hashtags we are using!!❗
Tags to trend:
❗Copy, paste, post(hide from the artist)/comment this on other armys posts❗
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gukyi · 4 hours ago
hi, i'd just like to say that your works are truly amazing, and i'll never tire of re-reading them. especially vogue and ice prince! i never really bought into the idea of e2l that much, but you have made me a believer. thanks for that! honestly.
and even though yoongi isn't my bias, i am just in love with the way you write him. like ??? ma'am my heart does a flutter ??? and i'm just so weak for him ??? i've started to consider double biasing for bts now all thanks to that thb
i guess what i really want to say is: thank you. thank you for sharing your works with us. thank you for helping me fall in love with the e2l troupe. thank you for making me see min yoongi in a totally different light. please continue writing, even if you won't share it with anyone. i'm wishing you the best!
wow, thank you so much !! this message is so incredibly kind and genuine and i cannot express in words how happy it makes me feel !! i am so so so grateful to have you with me on this writing journey and to know that my works have touched your heart (esp my yoongi ones! i always have fun writing him because he’s such a fun guy. seriously!) i hope that this blog can continue to bring you joy and act as a place of solace for you!
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bangtanhome · 7 days ago
wip folder tag
rules: post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. then let people send asks with the title that most intrigues/interests them and you’ll post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it!
thank you for tagging me, isabella my love 🥺 @monvante feel free to ask me about any of these! besides the identity of some secret members, i can answer anything. i don't have very many wips since i started pp, but here are some upcoming ones you can look forward to:
fuck you, min yoongi | e2l. myg x reader
ass-et audit | ceo au x reader (i won't say who the member is since this is a gift for one of my lovely pals)
hands. | ksj x reader x {secret member 👀} yes it's a 3-some do not look at me
unclaimed, unwanted | kth x reader {MAJOR ANGST}
feel free to do this though you don't have to! @kithtaehyung@taegularities @missgeniality @lilbeanin @sunshinekims @sunshinejunghoseokie
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jeojahari · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
i really enjoyed reading these, and i hope you do too!
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook
the perfect match by @meiadore
e2l!au, smau, neighbor!jungkook - this fic involves jungkook as the problematic neighbor and a dating app that brings him and y/n together! mei does an amazing job of mixing comedy and romance, so if you're looking for both, this is something you should 100% read!!!
stay and cook by @firebettercallnct
youtuber!jungkook, smau, s2l!au - comedy + romance + crack = this fic! oh boy i had such a good time reading this LMAO this will make you laugh out loud but it sticks with you, as all good stories do. definitely recommend!! (warning: jungkook can't make pancakes.)
kim taehyung
park jimin
kim namjoon
jung hoseok
min yoongi
kim seokjin
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jeojahari · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
legend: f = fluff, a = angst, c = crack, ♥️ = personal favorites
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kiss it better | a/f | e2l!au, soulmates!au
you're one of the lucky ones, everyone else tells you. finding your soulmate the day you turn 18 isn't something that happens to a lot of people... but you and your other half are going to have to make a lot of progress to be able to tolerate each other. or, you and yoongi can feel everything the other feels, and you're hell bent on causing each other pain.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hobeemin · 20 days ago
Grimm Event 2021
Tumblr media
▪ Check out our exciting new fics coming later this year!
Tumblr media
▪ Thorns of Beauty by @hobeemin​
pairing: fae!park jimin x oc x vamp!kim seokjin rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: fantasy, supernatural, f2l, s2l, royalty au, romance, smut fairytale: sleeping beauty
a Gothic romance based on the timeless tale of sleeping beauty. what happens when the princess aurora awakes almost a 110 years into the future? a tale where the supernatural creatures meet to win the heart of the princess.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ The Siren's Call by @hobiandsprite​
pairing: jung hoseok x reader rating: pg15 genre(s)/au: angst, fluff, h/c, supernatural/occult fairytale(s): the little mermaid + the pied piper
Sirens, along with dragons and fae, are fantastical creatures; rumoured to exist but never confirmed. Legend says that when you come across one, it marks the end of your life and the beginning of theirs, but you were the sole exception, having met the prince when you were but a child. Now that you've grown into an adult, things have changed. Drastically.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Unraveled Decadence by @springbean​​
pairing: jeon jungkook x (f)reader rating: nc17 genre(s)/au: angst, romance, forbidden romance, royalty fairytale: rapunzel
High within the towers of the Castle Dumont on the Seaside region of France, lies a woman enraptured in the castle's tallest turret.  As the adopted daughter of Mistress Esmeralda, y/n had been trained to be the successor of Esmerelda's fashion legacy, industry, and plans. Concealed from almost all of the world, and controlled by her vicious aunt, very few know of y/n's existence, and who she really is. However, all of Esmerelda's plans may so easily disappear when a dangerous, enchanting man accidentally finds solace in y/n's heart, and climbs her tower...
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Big Bad Wolf by @honeyj00ns​
pairing: werewolf!kim namjoon x (f) reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: supernatural, s2l, romance, smut fairytale: little red riding hood
Your mother has always warned you not to venture too deep into the forest, for legend has it, in it lives vicious, man eating werewolves. You’ve always listened to her words until one day when your curiosity gets the better of you and you end up in the woods after chasing after a wounded cat. When you stumble across a secluded cottage in the middle of the forest and meet the infamous “Big Bad Wolf,” you learn that maybe not everything is always as it seems.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ High Blood Moon by @kookdiaries​
pairing: min yoongi x (f) reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: angst, romance, smut, supernatural, werewolf/hybrid, royalty, e2l fairytale(s): little red riding hood + cinderella
legend has it that if you walk into the northern woods during high moon when she is bleeding red, you will never return. for those woods are full of horrors a human wouldn’t dare to withstand. particularly horrors with green eyes and razor-sharp teeth who are all searching for a bride for their crowned beast.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Little Wolf  by @hoebii​
pairing: wolf!kim seokjin x reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: fluff, angst, smut, hybrid fairytale(s): cinderella + little red riding hood
Y/N always hoped her prince charming would come rescue her from the eternal hell she lived in but he never did. Tired of waiting, she decides to be her own saviour and while doing so, she meets the big bad wolf everyone feared. Will she get her fairytale ending after all?
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ The Five Hunstman  by @kithtaehyung​
pairing: prince!park jimin x (f) reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: angst, smut, fantasy, royalty, s2l fairytale: the twelve hunstmen
you and prince jimin have promised to marry, but his father in a neighboring kingdom falls deathly ill, so he ventures back home to see him one last time. news of your lover fulfilling the king’s dying wish for him to wed another princess leaves you thoroughly distraught - until your mother tells you there’s fight in you yet. besides, isn’t the handsome heir to that throne in need of elite guards for protection? perhaps the likes of hooded, masked huntsmen you had secretly been training with ever since you could run?
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Tae Lin by @thejooncrew​
pairing: kim taehyung x reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: angst, smut, fantasy, body horror,  fairytale: tam lin
they say tam lin roams the woods of Carterhaugh, and maidens should beware, for if they trespass into the forest without bringing a payment of a golden ring or green cloak, tam lin will take their maidenhead instead.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ tba  by @taegularities​​
pairing: min yoongi x reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: angst, fluff, smut, fantasy, f2l fairytale(s): the pied piper of hamelin + snow white
alone in the woods and waiting for the queen to hunt you down, the last thing you expect is to be lured in by an enchanting tune; one that has you following the trail of the melody until - you're met with your best friend's eyes who, to your misery, turns out to be the hunter by your mother's command.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ The Beauty of a Beast by @sugasbabiie​​
pairing: knight of hell!min yoongi x crowned princess!reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: horror, supernatural, arranged marriage, royalty, e2l, s2l, smut, angst, fluff  fairytale(s): king thrushbeard + the singing, springing lark
As the crowned princess and the next heir to the throne, you must do everything in your power to protect your kingdom, even if that means sacrificing yourself to repay your father’s debts. After a settlement between the King and his debtors, you are stripped of your ranks and sent away, betrothed to a man not even worthy of stepping foot in your former kingdom. A man of many rules and little patience, a man who treats you as a servant and never a princess or wife. There is nothing but resentment and scorn between you and him, the man who now owns you.  Will time work its magic to soften your hearts, or will demons continue to brew discontent, pushing you further and further apart?
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Crumbs of Trust by @mimikookie​​
pairing: fox!park jimin x cat!reader rating: nc17 genre(s)/au: e2l, hybrid, angst fairytale(s): the fox and the cat + hansel and gretel
Being lost in the Veiled Quarter of the forest was grim; however, being lost in the Veiled Quarter with an arrogant fox was dreadful. After an unfortunate event, you and the fox form a temporary truce to escape the forest together. It’s not until you stumble upon an eerie house with looks oddly too welcoming that you realize you may have to end the truce earlier than expected.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Unexpected Crossroads by @ressjeon​​
pairing: prince!kim seokjin x reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: magical realism, royalty, s2l, smut, fluff, angst, historical fairytale(s): cinderella + the little mermaid
You have always been the adventurous type with your curious nature. But with both your parents gone, you have no choice but to serve your Father's second wife along with her daughters, ceasing your dream to travel the world and explore what those places can offer. However, you didn't mean to encounter a strange boy along the way after having a chance to escape. Could he stop you from leaving just like your Mother once did?
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Quixotic by @flurrys-creativity​​
pairing: prince!jung hoseok x royal!(gn)reader rating: pg15 genre(s)/au: fairytale, royalty, action, romance, humour fairytale(s): the six servants + rapunzel
Hoseok heard of the impossible challenges given by the queen to whoever wanted to marry her child. He heard from his father that every person trying to win those challenges, already failed at the first one. Hoseok didn't feel intimidated by that fact, determined to save the kid, and made his way to the neighbouring kingdom. On his way he met some interesting folks, deciding to befriend them with his bubbly nature. He never expected them to help him free the imprisoned child. Though the challenges and his new comrades weren't the only unexpected thing.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ Straw into Gold by @xiaokoo​​
pairing: jeon jungkook x (f) reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: fluff, angst, smut, demon/devil, fantasy, fairytale: rumpelstiltskin
Spin straw into gold or face death. You're just a common village girl but when the King picks you to pass the trial of being his wife, you have no choice but to accept. Then a mysterious demon appears, not giving his name but leaving you with your heart racing and a deal you cannot reject. Your innocence or your life?
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ I Still Want You by @pars-ley​​
pairing: prisoner!kim taehyung x (f) reader rating: 18+ genre(s)/au: fluff, angst, prisoner, smut, s2l fairytale(s): rapunzel + rumpelstiltskin
When you accidentally stumble across an enchanted garden full of unusual flowers you can't help but fall in love with the peace there but returning again and again was more to do with the strange, masked man who you discover is being held captive in the tower on the grounds.
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
▪ True Love’s Kiss by @clouditae​​
pairing: park jimin x reader rating: pg15 genre(s)/au: fluff, angst, s2l, soulmates, fairytale, royalty fairytale(s): sleeping beauty + the four skillful brothers
You prick your finger on the needle, cursed to sleep forever until your soulmate wakes you with a true love's kiss. When you awaken, you're greeted by four brothers, but who is the one who kissed you?
teaser ▪ read here
Tumblr media
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sadp0tat00 · a month ago
NAV- By Member (Min Yoongi)
This is where I sort my ficrecs by member, all fics are (x reader) unless stated otherwise, personally I don’t really like reading mxm fics cos im basically a delusional y/n but sometimes i ran out of xreader, gave in, and actually found some good fics. (updated: 17 May 2021) moved from @ksjmlizt cos i’m a dumbass and can’t figured out how to use tumblr’s sideblog
Category: Angst (A), Fluff (F), Smut (S)
Status: ✔️ completed, or 🔛 ongoing, or 🛑 discontinued/ haven’t been updated for more than a year
disclaimer: these fics are not mine. I’ll tag the authors and you guys should go check their other works💕
Kitten's Little Flame by @magicalsalamander ✔️(6/6)
Hybrid AU, Children BTS ♥︎ A, F, S
You (cat hybrid) have transferred to a new elementary school because your parents have moved towns. You start your new kindergarten class and meet other hybrids, but one special one catches your eye, Yoongi, the dragon hybrid. How will you manage this new environment?
A Wish Out of Water by @jimlingss ✔️(2/2)
Genie!Yoongi ♥︎ F, A (very heavy angst towards the end IMO)
A genie could solve all your problems. Though you wouldn’t even know exactly what to ask for - money, a warmer house, a better job, a better life? But Min Yoongi is no ordinary genie. He’s here to make your life a living hell. Too bad it was hell to begin with.
The Truth Between Us by @jimlingss and @gukyi ✔️(7/7)
e2l AU, fic-ception ♥︎ A, F
a book deal should be the most exciting time of your life, but there seems to be a constant and omnipresent damper on your mood in the form of a certain min yoongi, who you would just cut out from your life, if he weren’t your editor. but then, the world shifts beneath your feet, and you begin to wonder if maybe you’ve always been looking at life from the wrong angle.
Cat's Cradle by @whitesparrows97 ✔️(5/5)
Hybrid AU ♥︎ A, F, S
Yoongi is your best friend – and your lovable and not at all grumpy cat hybrid, who lives with you under the same roof. He despises your boyfriend Namjoon and makes sure the human gets to feel that. A fight between you unfolds and from then on everything can only go downhill.
Of Fire and Love by @hollyhomburg 🔛 (7/9)
Fantasy AU, Dragon!Yoongi ft. Baby!Jungkook, Baby Dragon!Hoseok ♥︎ A, F, S
When Dragon Yoongi finds baby Jungkook in the wreckage of a house he burned down, he can’t bring himself to kill the child. Months after someone drops off a baby at your door, you start to notice something- or someone, lurking at the edge of the woods.
Silver Spoon by @happy-meo ✔️(9/9)
Office AU, Rom-com ♥︎ F
Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?
Greedy by @xjoonchildx 🔛 (5/?)
Mafia AU, pining ♥︎ A, F, eventual S
being a loner has never bothered yoongi until now. until you.
Love Grows Where You Go by @hueseok
Arranged Marriage AU, Pining AU, Tsundere!Yoongi ♥︎ A, F, S
determined to make you and yoongi grow closer for your upcoming wedding in two weeks, your parents plan a trip for the both of you that lasts five days long. you know you should be ecstatic about it, considering your longtime crush on your fiancé, but by how you’re positive that he secretly despises your whole being, you don’t find this mini vacation with him something to look forward to. that is until things take an unexpected turn and suddenly, he makes it apparent he doesn’t hate you at all as you reckoned.
Make me by @ppersonna
pwp, filthy fluff lol ♥︎ F, S
an ordinary sleepover with your best friend turns into anything but ordinary, thanks to your ridiculously loud neighbours above you.
Demon!Yoongi Drabble by @jungshookz
Halloween AU ♥︎ F, S
All I Want for Christmas by @hayjeon
Single dad!Yoongi, CEO!Yoongi, Secretary!reader ♥︎ F
Hold Me Tight by @floralseokjin
Established Relationship AU ♥︎ A
the end of a relationship comes slowly but suddenly
Something to hold on @fantasybangtan
Single dad!Yoongi, Christmas AU ♥︎ A, F
it’s not that you don’t like your job. on the contrary, reading bedtime stories to a certified little princess is something you still can’t believe you get paid to do. it’s just that between all the school runs, snow days and secret second hot chocolates before bed, you may fallen a little too hard for those dimpled cheeks and gummy smiles…. worse still, you’ve fallen for her father too.
Yoongi as Neuroserugon
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Tumblr media
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S - Smut | F - Fluff | D - Drabble | A - Angst ✔️ - Done | ✏️ - Ongoing/WIP | ☀️ - One-shot | ☁️ - Series
。・゚゚・➻ newest fic
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
♡royal flush | F | ☀️ | royalty & arr. marriage au | {ao3} ⤷ all of a sudden you’re married to the prince of your kingdom and he’s strange.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
♡late, late, late | S, F | ☀️ | est. rel. au | {ao3} ⤷ seokjin is late for a very important date
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
♡one more | S, D | ☀️ | est. rel. au | {ao3} ⤷ a small snippet of yoongi and you in the throes of passion
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
♡on your knees | S | ☀️✏️ | idol & est. rel. au ⤷ hoseok finally convinced you to have a sleepover with him… did you even make it to the house?
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
♡the assistant | S, A | ☁️✏️ | office au | {ao3} ⤷ moonlighting as a masseuse has its benefits, but taehyung found himself in a sticky situation when you moaned his name mid massage.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook
♡pen pals (with benefits) | S, F, A | ☁️✏️| college, fwb to lovers, e2l au | {ao3} ⤷ you’ve hated jungkook with your guts ever since the incident™. after an innocent touch leading to more, you have to face your emotions head on. do you actually hate him?
Tumblr media
OT7 Collection
♡thinly veiled desires | S, F | ☁️✏️| bdsm, non-idol au ⤷ a series of drabbles to celebrate a tumblr milestone. featuring sub!ot7 and a gnc, dom!reader
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