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maybe, she can drive his car; mechanic!yoongi
Tumblr media
➺ pairing; mechanic!yoongi x spoiledbrat!y/n
➺ genre; mechanic!yoongiverse!! sfw!! honk honk humour!! some suggestive behaviour because this is mechanic!yoongi and his y/n we're talking about!! the green-eyed monster inside of y/n is awoken after being dormant for so long and she's ready to bite some heads off
➺ wordcount; 11.6k
➺ summary; yoongi's ex is back in town for a visit and you'd be lying if you said you weren't slightly envious of a) how knowledgeable she is about stupid cars and b) how well she gets along with literally everyone.
➺ what to expect; "right, about that- i know i was supposed to come over for dinner tonight but- listen, i don't know what lisa did but obviously she's got a lot of connections now and the shop has literally never been this busy before... you understand, don't you?"
➺ currently spinning on the record player; mustang sally (originally by wilson pickett, covered by andrew strong)
(unfortunately i wasn’t able to track down the original maker of this gif but this is where i sourced it from! all credits go to the original creator of course :-))
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
namjoon usually doesn't pay too much attention to you whenever you're hanging out at the workshop with everyone because of how often you're here, but there's something about the way you're acting today that even he has to admit is oddly very...
and it's not that you're not cute all the time (because you totally are!!) but it's just that the version of you today in particular is suddenly making him want to go off and find a y/n of his own
"whatcha doing?"
namjoon jolts in surprise when a grimy hand suddenly burrows itself into the warm bag of freshly-popped popcorn that he has cradled to his chest and he scowls before turning his body away slightly
"hey, you're contaminating the popcorn, man-" he huffs, quickly grabbing the mega-sized pack of hand wipes from the desk before plopping it down on the countertop for jungkook, "at least have the decency to wipe your hands before digging into my popcorn- also, i'm watching. duh."
"watching?" jungkook frowns as he sloppily wipes his hands on the front of his shirt, turning to look out the open door, "watching what?"
"yoongi and y/n." namjoon hums, popping a couple of kernels into his mouth with a crunch, "she's been following him around like a little duckling all day."
"mm." jungkook props an elbow up on the counter as he looks towards the two of you before clicking his tongue, "...he must've really given it to her good last night if she's acting like that-"
"okay, now you've ruined the moment-" namjoon frowns, his shoulders dropping slightly before he gestures to you guys, "it's sweet! this is obviously a wholesome thing-"
"call it what you want, but all i'm trying to say is that good sex makes you do crazy things-" jungkook snorts before aggressively shoving a handful of popcorn into his mouth, "cravy phings."
"i'd like to argue that good sex forms a strong emotional bond which explains why there are cartoon hearts currently floating around y/n's head-" namjoon perks up when he notices the way your eyes light up at something yoongi says, "look at her! look at the way she's looking at him!"
"oh, please." jungkook tuts, "that dopey look on her face is telling me that the only thing on her mind is yoongi bending her over the hood of that car and just ramming-"
"namjoon and jungkook are arguing again." you point out, turning to look towards the office just in time to see namjoon throw a handful of popcorn at jungkook only for him to open his mouth and chomp wildly at the air to get some into his mouth
"jungkook probably said something stupid, as per usual." yoongi snorts, leaning over to lock the hood of the car into place before pulling away and taking a look at the situation, "now, let's see what we have going on here..."
when namjoon told him that this was a brake master cylinder repair he immediately felt all the excitement leave his body
he hates doing brake master cylinder repairs
all the parts are so small and the handiwork is super tedious anD the last time he did one of these he took like four hours to get it done
overall it's a pretty boring repair job and as much as he wants to pass it off to one of the others to do, he knows that he's the most skilled with the internal mechanics of a car compared to everyone else which he usually likes to brag about but today he wishes that that wasn't the case
"so what do you have to do?" you frown, stepping over so that you're standing by the side of the car and you're not in yoongi's way, "all the thingies look fine to me."
"well, i actually need to replace the brake master cylinder thingy." yoongi teases, smiling lightly as he points at some kind of container, "there's a leak in the seals, which is pretty common since they wear out after a few years. it should be an easy fix! it'll just take a while, that's all."
luckily, taehyung already took care of the messy part and emptied the fluid from the reservoir for him so now it's time to start the actual repair process
"so does beeper have one of these cylinders in him?" you ask, tilting your head in curiosity
you've never actually taken a look at beeper's under the hood situation before so you wouldn't know
(it feels like he's all naked and exposed whenever yoongi lifts his hood up and you just want to give beeper some privacy, that's all.)
"if beeper didn't have one of these cylinders in him, you wouldn't be able to brake, silly." yoongi snorts, reaching down to unclip the sensor from the reservoir, "see, when you push down on the brake, it pushes a piston through the cylinder and forces hydraulic fluid through the brake lines, which goes to the slave cylinders of each wheel, and then-" he pauses when he notices you've gone all quiet and he turns to see you staring directly at him with a dopey little smile on your face "-what? what'd i say?"
"i like it when you talk shop to me." you giggle quietly, "i mean, i don't understand 98% of the words that come out of your mouth when you do, but i still like it a lot-"
"yeah?" yoongi teases, taking a hand off the edge of the car so he can gesture for you to come closer (and you do, obviously), "you like it when i talk to you about... hm, i don't know..." he feigns cluelessness as he stands up to slink an arm around your waist and bring you towards him while your arms automatically hang loosely around his neck, "how the rubbing of the brake pad against the brake disc generates friction..." he lowers his voice as he sits lightly on the edge of the car and gives your hips a squeeze
"mm, tell me more..." you play along, letting yoongi pull you closer so that you're settled nicely in between his legs
"i don't know, maybe i should save all the good stuff for the bedroom..."
you resist the urge to immediately start whining when you lean in only for yoongi to dodge your kiss, "hey, i like you in these baggy overalls, by the way." he suddenly changes the subject and you feel your cheeks flush when both his hands slide in through the gaps until he's able to grip your bum, "big, big fan of them-"
"you- namjoon and jungkook are right there-" you gawk, "at least have the decency to turn me around so they don't see you fully groping me-"
"they can always just close their eyes or something-"
"okay, you two, break it up-!" you hear namjoon's claps echoing from the office as he tries to get your attention and you immediately turn to look at him with a grin, "god, it's like you sick freaks want to rub it in our faces-"
"okay, i have to get to work so why don't you go and hang out with namjoon in the office?" yoongi stands up, being careful not to hit the top of his head on the hood, "he'll let you play chess on the computer if you ask nicely."
"i thought i was helping you out today!" you frown, grabbing onto his hand before waving it back and forth, "you said i did a good job handing you the tools and stuff. i'm getting better at not mixing all the different types of screwdrivers up!"
yoongi can't help but laugh at how needy you're being and he reaches up with his free hand to adjust his bandana
"i know you wanna help, but i promise you there's nothing exciting about repairing a master cylinder." he hums, reaching up to pinch your cheek playfully, "plus, don't you still have a huge research paper to work on?"
"yeah, but i'd much rather hang out with you..." you pout, yoongi cooing before leaning in to give your pushed-out bottom lip a little kiss
"we can hang out when we're both done with work."
"okay..." you purse your lips before letting go of his hand, "it's your loss. i'm a fantastic helper."
"mhm, you certainly are-" yoongi spins you around before pushing his palm against your lower back to get you to move, "now go and bug namjoon!"
you turn back to glance at yoongi one last time and he sweeps his hands at you to tell you to gO
it was getting hot in the garage anyway and namjoon always has the aircon blasting in the office
"sorry! only sad, single people are allowed in this area-" namjoon jokes as soon as you step in, gesturing to the office space with a grin, "leave or i'll have security escort you out."
"oh, stop it." you giggle, folding your arms up on the counter and leaning forward, "i keep telling you i'd be more than happy to set you up with one of my friends!!"
"i know, and that's very nice of you to offer, but i just want to find someone organically, you know?" namjoon sighs, leaning back against his chair before looking up at the ceiling wistfully, "being set up with someone doesn't feel like a natural process."
"namjoon thinks he's the main character of a shitty netflix romantic comedy." jungkook mutters, the two of you exchanging low giggles with each other
"well, if no one comes into your life organically you can always let me know and i'll- woah-" you jump in surprise when the sound of a roaring engine suddenly shatters the peaceful atmosphere and you turn around just in time to see a sleek car veering into the shop
you wince and raise a hand to shield your eyes from the bright headlights and you don't get a chance to make the first comment because jungkook beats you to it
(for the record, you were going to talk about how dramatic of an entrance whatever that was)
"oh my god. that is the sexiest car i've ever seen in my entire life." he breathes out, stepping away from the counter so he can stand by the door and get a closer look, "a 1965 mustang. nice."
"fun fact: i was actually thinking about getting a vintage mustang! i wanted an olive green one because i could've named her 'olive' which is super cute-" you nod enthusiastically, looking back and forth between namjoon and jungkook only for them to.,., completely ignore you and continue staring at the glossy mustang sitting out front
"okay, you guys, it's just a car-" you roll your eyes and let out a little snort of disbelief, "this isn't going to change your life or anything-"
a high-heel clad foot steps out of the car and onto the pavement and you immediately recognize the classic red-bottom louboutins
you actually own a pair of them as well but you rarely wear them out because you're always paranoid that you're going to topple over and snap an ankle and that would be completely mortifying
they're six inches tall!!!!
for the record, they look very nice sitting (collecting dust) on your shelf but now you're starting to think that it might be a good idea to wear them out again because this stranger makes it look like walking in them is easy breezy beautiful
"holy shit. is that lisa?" namjoon murmurs, reaching up to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "oh, wow. she..."
"i don't remember her looking like that the last time we saw her." jungkook whistles lowly, "hello, miss manoban."
"lisa- who's lisa?" you frown, tilting your head in curiosity as you watch this mysterious lisa toss her oversized sunglasses into the front seat of the car before slamming the door shut
"uh, she's just one of yoongi's exes- she actually used to work here but-" namjoon reaches over the counter so he can nudge you aside gently to get a better look, "when did she get a vintage mustang?!"
lisa leans down to look at herself in the side mirror, smearing some red lipstick over her pillowy bottom lip before rubbing her lips together and nodding satisfactorily
"guess her car-wrapping business really took off." jungkook hums, his eyes glued to the car
she seems to be moving in slow motion as she takes her hair down and shakes her head back and forth, the three of you tilting your heads at the same time as you watch her in awe
"car-wrapping?" you ask curiously, "she must spend a fortune on wrapping paper and giant bows-"
"no, obviously it's not actual wrapping- like-" jungkook huffs and you resist the urge to bop him over the head at how snappy he's being with you when he already knows you're clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff, "okay, you know how you said that if you ever got a g-wagon for yourself one day that you wanted to make it baby blue just like beeper and also matte? lisa could do that for you."
"oh! in that case, it might be nice to get a business card from her or something-" you make a mental note before shaking your head and turning back around to face namjoon, "hey, so, super casual, can we round back to the whole 'yoongi's ex' thing real quickly because i-"
"yoohoo, boys!" lisa whistles, grinning excitedly when she's suddenly joined by everyone outside one by one, "what, no one thought to roll out the red carpet for me?"
"c'mon, namjoon! let's go say hi to lisa and her vintage 'stang!!" jungkook grins, gesturing for namjoon to hurry before he's darting out the door, "lisa, hey!"
"yeah, okay!!" namjoon gets up from his seat so quickly that he sends his chair rolling back and smacking against the file cabinets, "oh, y/n-! if anyone calls, just send them straight to voicemail-"
"but i-" you don't get a chance to say anything before namjoon's brushing past you and dashing out the door as well
you don't know too much about lisa but obviously she's a pretty big deal around here
it'd probably be good for you to go and introduce yourself instead of awkwardly hanging out in the office by yourself
"hello, lisa. it's very nice to meet you. firm handshake." you mutter to yourself as you step out of the office and head towards the bustling group of boys, "hey, lisa! so great to meet you. firm handshake. hi, girlie-! nope, don't like that one-"
"-in town for business so i thought it'd be nice to swing by and visit my boys." you manage to catch the end of lisa's sentences as you join the boys, trying not to make any sudden movements to catch her attention
"you should've texted one of us or something!" namjoon pulls his phone out of his back pocket, "we could've ordered a pizza for lunch-"
you reach over to give the back of yoongi's jumpsuit a little tug just to get his attention and he glances over his shoulder at you before offering you a teasing smile and reaching back to wiggle his fingers against your stomach
you giggle lightly before swatting his hand away and he turns back to look at lisa
"well, i wanted to surprise you guys!" lisa chirps, tucking her clutch underneath her armpit before clapping her hands together, "i see nothing's changed around here... except for..." you feel your heart drop when she suddenly leans over and looks directly at you, "hello! i don't think we've ever met."
"oh, shoot- sorry, i should've introduced you sooner-" yoongi steps aside so that he isn't blocking you, "lisa, this is y/n! y/n, this is lisa." he smiles, gesturing towards lisa, "my girlfriend." he pauses and quickly shakes his head at his little flub-up, "i mean- lisa, this is y/n, my girlfriend-"
"he's definitely gonna pay for that later." jimin mutters, jungkook snickering before nudging at his side to get him to shut up
"it's super nice to meet you, y/n!" lisa doesn't acknowledge yoongi's error and she steps forward to get closer to you
she's practically towering over you but it's really just because of the stilettos
she turns her head to look at the boys and a second of silence goes by before they realize what she's asking of them and they all scatter in different directions
you give yoongi a look that basically screams S.O.S. and you resist the urge to burst into tears when he gives you a cheery thumbs up in return and trots off to go and do something else
you'll be fine
you have nothing to be nervous about!
this is just yoongi's very hot ex who looks like a million bucks while you'e currently dressed like a giant toddler
it doesn't help that you're wearing what's commonly known as a 'baby tee' under these overalls
"you- yeah, you too-" you chuckle uneasily, giving her a weak handshake before pulling away with a smile, "i'm sorry, i'm a little underdressed-" you pause to gesture to the grubby overalls you have on, "i promise i look better than this most of the time..."
"oh, don't be silly. i just grabbed the first outfit i saw out of my suitcase and threw it on-" she sighs, reaching up to pick some lint off her blazer that you're pretty sure you saw in the most recent YSL spring catalog (in fact, you're pretty sure it's on your to-buy list), "so, what do you do?"
"me? i- uh, well, nothing, at the moment- i'm still studying for my undergraduate degree, so..." you shrug sheepishly, reaching up to scratch the back of your neck
for some reason you can't seem to maintain eye contact with her for more than three seconds at a time
"oh! you're still in school?"
"yeah, i- well, i'm graduating this year, so i'm almost out of school if you think about it that way- but yes. yes, i... am currently a university student, so that's what i'm doing."
"mm, cute! what are you studying?"
"history! i'm a history major and a marine biology minor." you nod, "so... the cold war and... like, sharks. something like that."
"ah, very cool."
to be honest you're not entirely sure if lisa's being sincere or not but you'll take the compliment either way
you can tell she's trying to scope you out - which is fair, because this is the first time you two are meeting and you're currently involved with someone she used to be involved with
"i'm sorry. i'm probably, like, freaking you out right now, aren't i?" lisa snorts, reaching out and placing her hand on your forearm for a split second, "i promise i'm just genuinely curious and i'm not trying to, like, interrogate you or anything. it's super nice to meet you! and honestly- i love the overalls. the little knee patches are adorable."
"oh, thank you..." you smile nervously, reaching down to glance at the mismatched patches of fabric sewn onto the knees of your overalls, "yoongi actually sewed 'em on for me! i usually wear this whenever i'm here because i'm okay with getting it dirty- i, um, i like your blazer! and your heels. and your purse- a chanel clutch is a classic!"
"ooh, someone has an eye for fashion..." lisa winks, raising her clutch and waving it slightly, "maybe after i'm done talking business with yoongi we can talk about gucci's new multicolour line-"
"oh, i have so many thoughts on gucci's new multicolour line!" you gasp, suddenly reignited with a spurt of energy, "honestly the colour scheme is very stabilo highlighters to me but we can talk about it later- i'll just be hanging out in the office, so you can find me there whenever you're ready-"
"perfect!" lisa gives you a thumbs up before pointing over to where yoongi is, "if you'll excuse me, i have to go and talk about boring things with yoongi-"
"mhm!" you watch with a smile as lisa click-clacks off towards yoongi before you spin around on your heels, giving yourself a mental pat on the back for how well you handled that interaction
lisa's actually nicer than you thought she'd be!
obviously the saying don't judge a book by its cover is very applicable here
"so... what'd you think of lisa?" namjoon joins your side before nudging you gently, "she's nice, right?"
"i like her! she seems really cool." you nod enthusiastically, pausing to glance over your shoulder to look at her from behind, "i need to ask her for tips on walking in those louboutins and how not to fall over."
"you know, i must say i'm pleasantly surprised at how you're handling this." namjoon snorts, holding back for a second to let you into the office first before he steps in behind you, "colour me impressed!"
"thank you!" you reach over to pull the lollipop jar towards you before suddenly pausing and looking back over at namjoon with a frown, "hold on a sec, what's that supposed to mean?"
"hm? oh, it's nothing." namjoon scrunches his nose, dismissing you with a flick of his wrist as he takes his seat behind the counter, "i just know that if i was in your shoes and my significant other's very attractive and very successful ex came back i would be a little antsy about it-" namjoon glances up from the computer and his eyes widen in panic when he notices that your eyes have widened in panic, "i- i mean- not that you're not very attractive and very successful- what i'm trying to say is that you have nothing to worry- you and yoongi seem like a very stable couple so-"
"do you think maybe you could tell me a bit about yoongi and lisa?" you interrupt his spiral and you feel yourself starting to get a little fidgety, "because i- i actually don't know anything about that situation-"
namjoon has a point, now that you think about it
lisa is very successful and very attractive and can walk in high heels very elegantly
and what about you?
yesterday you submitted a paper one minute before the deadline because of how much procrastinating you had done
and you haven't worn heels in forever because they just hurt so much
but lisa wouldn't complain about her feet hurting in high heels
lisa could have a hundred blisters and still walk into the room with a beautiful, red-lipped smile
"has he never told you about her?" namjoon frowns, "i feel like every couple should at least have one conversation about their past relationships."
"i think he tried to one time, but i- i dunno, you can't blame me for not wanting to sit there and listen to yoongi talking about all the girls he's been with, so i just changed the subject..." you mutter, pushing the jar away from you after pulling a strawberry lollipop out, "kind of regretting that decision now."
it's not like you have a reason to be insecure or anything, right?
your relationship with yoongi is very solid and there are certainly no trust issues or communication issues or anything of the sort
but he is your first boyfriend...,., and this is your first serious relationship which means you've had no prior experiences to learn from which means you're just going with the flow most of the time.,., so is it possible that you're being a little naïve right now?
"still, i don't think me telling you all the details of their relationship is a good idea because i feel like this is a conversation you should be having with yoongi-" namjoon chuckles nervously, leaning back against his chair before tucking a pencil behind his ear, "sorry, kiddo. i'm not trying to stir the pot here."
"i- oh, c'mon, joon- what's it gonna take, huh?" you reach into the front pocket of your overalls before subtly flashing a folded up hundred dollar bill, pursing your lips slightly as your eyes flicker back and forth between namjoon and your chest-money, "hm??"
"first of all, it's very concerning to me that you stash loose cash in your pocket like that. second of all, are you really trying to bribe me into telling you about yoongi and lisa?" namjoon asks incredulously
"what?! no!" you scoff, tucking the bill back into your pocket before pausing and raising an eyebrow, "...is it working?"
"no! in fact, i find it offensive that you think i'd be so easily swayed-"
"the next time i bring sushi for lunch, i'll get you your own mango shrimp tempura roll." you offer, namjoon staring at you blankly before he suddenly springs into action
"so, they used to sleep together, obviously." he clears his throat, "when lisa started working here, i kind of expected her to get involved with one of us and unsurprisingly it was yoongi, because... well, it's yoongi- i'm pretty sure it was a friends with benefits kind of thing because i remember asking him about it and he said they didn't want to put a label on it? and then at one point jimin asked lisa about it because all of us were super curious and she called it a 'situationship'... which, personally, i think is a pretty cheesy label- i dunno, they'd go out to dinners sometimes and occasionally they'd come into work together in the morning because- well, you know- uh, they were in this 'situationship' for... maybe, like, eight months? and then lisa got an opportunity to work elsewhere and she took it and they decided to call it off and fast forward to now... here we are!" namjoon claps his hands together before pressing his palm over his heart, "and i promise you that's all the information i have- well, maybe this piece of information might be useful to you: they were, like, super horny for each other all the time. like, almost outrageously horny, which i think is one of the downfalls of the relationship because you can't base a solid relationship off of animalistic sex, right? ooh, there was one time i caught them in yoongi's office and lisa was-"
"okay, i think that's enough-!" you hold a hand out to shut namjoon up and he shrugs before leaning back against his chair, "more than enough, actually-"
you weren't expecting to learn about the raw, animalistic sex yoongi had with lisa, but then again, you weren't expecting to even meet lisa at all
oh, god
should you be nervous??
you shouldn't be nervous, right??
...yeah, you're being ridiculous!
yoongi has been with other girls before and that shouldn't bother you because you didn't exist then
this has nothing to do with you!
so what if he bent her over the office table and-
okay, maybe it's time to stop thinking about this because the point is: you're fine. don't worry. everything is normal. yoongi is your boyfriend. lisa is his ex. everything is great!
"by the way, i want you to know that you honestly have nothing to worry about." namjoon suddenly chimes in as if he can read your mind, "lisa was yoongi's past but you are his present and most likely his future as well, so- seriously, don't even worry about it."
"yeah, you're right. it'd be silly of me to be upset about yoongi being with someone else when i wasn't even in the picture yet." you snort, reaching up to smack your own forehead gently, "okay! i'm feeling a little better. it would've been nice to not be informed about how horny they were for each other, but thank you for that detail-"
"yo, where are the snap ring pliers from my toolbox?" you turn just in time to see yoongi pop his head in, "i can't find them anywhere... i swear to god, everyone keeps borrowing my tools and 'forgetting' to put them back-" he rolls his eyes before looking over at you with a smile, "hi, baby-"
"hi yoongi-" you giggle, all your doubts and insecurities immediately fluttering away
see? nothing to worry about!
it feels like a weight's been lifted off your shoulders
"i think hoseok might've been using them earlier this morning." namjoon hums, "what do you need them for?"
"oh, lisa offered to help me out with the master cylinder repair and she needs 'em." yoongi points back over his shoulder, "you know how great she is with her hands-"
"woah, i thought-" your voice cracks slightly and you clear your throat, "i thought, uh- you were working on it yourself? like, i thought you didn't need any help and that's why i'm in here-"
"oh, i don't, but- well, lisa's good with fine-tuning so i might as well take advantage of her expertise while she's here." yoongi snorts before looking back over at namjoon, "you said hoseok had them?"
you bite down on your tongue to keep yourself from commenting any further
it's fine!
as we've already established, you have nothing to worry about.
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
"and... voilà!" you smile satisfactorily to yourself after you set the scented candle down on the coffee table
the living room is going to smell like warm brown sugar and cinnamon in a few minutes and you can't wait
this is yoongi's favourite candle so you hope he'll be excited about that when he gets here :'))
you've been preparing the apartment for his arrival and lighting the candle was one of the last things on your to-do list
you still have to order dinner for tonight and you've always been awful at making decisions so you figured it'd be best to let yoongi choose instead
you haven't seen him for about a week and a half because of finals (and, being perfectly honest, you were the one who implemented this distancing rule in the first place because you know you won't be able to focus on studying when yoongi's in the apartment with you) so you're pretty pumped for tonight!!
you hum to yourself as you click on yoongi's phone number in your contacts, flopping back on the couch with a fwump! while your legs swing lazily over the arm
the phone picks up after a couple of rings and it takes you a second to realize that the voice on the other end certainly does not belong to your boyfriend
"he-" you pause, pulling your phone away from your ear and frowning at the unfamiliar voice before bringing it back, "um, hello?"
"hi! who's this?"
"who's this?" you point to yourself before scoffing lightly, "what do you mean who- who's this?"
"oh- oh, y/n! hey, it's lisa!" lisa greets enthusiastically and you relax a little knowing that it's just lisa, "sorry, i didn't look at the contact name before picking up- what's up?"
"well, i-" you pause again to recollect your thoughts, "um, sorry, i guess i was just expecting yoongi to pick up his own phone so i'm a little lost right now-"
"oh my gosh, don't even worry about it! yoongi's hands are super gross right now so i offered to take his call for him which is why i picked up the phone. is there something you wanted me to pass along to him?"
"yeah, you could pass his phone right along to him-" you joke before reminding yourself to keep the unnecessary cattiness to a minimum, "yeah, um- can you ask him what time he's coming over? so that i know what time to order our food and stuff? i want the food to still be nice and hot by the time he gets here, so i just need a time from him, that's all-"
"yeah, about that... i actually don't think yoongi's going to make it for dinner."
"i-" you frown, pushing yourself up so that you're leaning back against an elbow, "what? why not?"
"the thing is, i hooked him up with a bunch of clients so the poor thing's been working like a dog all day and it looks like he's going to be stuck here for a while... if you're worried about him skipping dinner, i can totally go and get some food for him if you want! there's this sandwich place a block away and i know what he likes-"
your eyes widen slightly at how... happy? lisa sounds about the fact that yoongi potentially won't be joining you for dinner and you nod to yourself as you clench your jaw
"that's- that's very kind of you, lisa-" your voice is a little pitchier than usual at this point and you clear your throat obnoxiously, "i'm sorry, i just really have to talk to yoongi for a second so if you could just, like, hold the phone up to his ear that would be okay too-"
"okay! gimme a sec." there's a bit of shuffling on the other end and you press your lips together as you wait (im)patiently, "yoongs! it's y/n... dinner... hot food... her place... clients... pretty busy tonight..."
and she even has a nickname for him
that's just downright adorable, isn't it?
"god, just give him the damn phone." you mutter under your breath, raising your other hand to inspect your cuticles as you lie back down on the couch
you should probably schedule another manicure soon
"-it's okay, i can hold the phone myself- y/n?" you perk up when you hear yoongi on the other end and you can't help but kick your legs in excitement
you can't help it!!!
you haven't heard his voice in a whole week and a half!!!
"greetings, yoongs." you tease, "what time are you going to be here?" you bypass lisa's whole monologue about yoongi probably not being able to come over tonight in hopes that she'll be wrong about him ditching you to continue working, "i wanna order the food so it'll get here a little before you arrive. also, i haven't chosen what we're going to eat tonight so you're going to have to choose for us-"
"right, about that-" yoongi clears his throat, "i know i was supposed to come over for dinner tonight but- listen, i don't know what lisa did but obviously she's got a lot of connections now and the shop has literally never been this busy before..." he pauses and you hear the sound of loud clanging in the background, "you understand, don't you?"
it takes you a couple of seconds to process the fact that yoongi really won't be coming over tonight and you puff your cheeks out to keep yourself from immediately whining in protest
to say the least, you are.,.,,. very disappointed,.., but!! it won't be the end of the world, right?
you hate that lisa was right, but that's a conversation you can have with yourself another time
and if yoongi won't be here, that means you can hog all the garlic cheesy bread to yourself so maybe this is a blessing in disguise >:-)
"no, yeah, i- yeah, get it!" you nod, "i love that business is booming, i just don't love that you didn't text me or call me earlier to let me know you weren't going to come over tonight," you frown, turning your head to look at the flickering candle, "a heads up would've been nice, that's all..."
"i asked lisa to text you earlier when my hands were full... sorry, she must've forgot..."
"oh. yeah, i guess it could've slipped her mind." you respond dryly, "it would've taken, like, five seconds to text me-"
"okay, i-" you hear yoongi let out a small sigh before he speaks up again, "i'm sorry, baby, i really am- do you- i can come over now if you want me t-"
"no, it's okay! i'm sorry, i'm just-" you shake your head quickly before chuckling uneasily, "i just haven't seen you in a while so i miss you, that's all- but i'll let you get back to work now and i'll see you later?"
"yes! you are the best, you really are- look, i promise i'll be all yours as soon as i-"
"yoongi! these tires aren't going to change themselves, silly-"
"oh, c'mon-" you grumble, your teeth grinding slightly at the interruption of lisa's peppy voice in the background
"uh- yeah, in a sec-! i gotta go, doll- i'll call you later-"
"okay, b-" you don't get a chance to even say goodbye before the line goes dead and the only thing you can hear is an obnoxious beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep- "-ye."
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
one of your goals for the new year was to try your best to not hold a grudge
admittedly, holding grudges is one of your specialties so it's been a little bit difficult but you think you've been doing an okay job so far!
like that time jungkook accidentally drowned you with dirty car water because he didn't see you and also he had headphones on so he couldn't hear you
you were ready to strangle him right then and there but you just took a deep breath and reminded yourself that *~deep-cleaning services exist~*
and sure, you were a little upset that yoongi couldn't make it for dinner the other night and that the two of you haven't really had a chance to have a moment alone because of how swamped he's been with work, but... well, the past is in the past and challenges like this are good for your personal growth!
plus, it's the start of a new week so you're just going to focus on the present
you try your best to keep your footsteps as quiet as possible as you approach a preoccupied yoongi from behind
he's currently sorting out all the things to do on his giant whiteboard (you bought this for the boys because you thought it'd be a good way to organize all their tasks and unsurprisingly, namjoon was the most excited about it)
"guess who?" you hold your hands over yoongi's eyes with a giddy smile and he immediately spins around to face you
"hey, what are you doing here?" yoongi asks, leaning down to give you a quick kiss before pulling away to check the time on his watch, "aren't you supposed to be in class right now?"
"my history seminar was cancelled because my professor had some kind of an emergency so i thought i'd come and have lunch with you guys!" you hum, reaching over to fix the thin silver chain hanging around yoongi's neck, "i was going to pick the food up before coming here but i didn't want to just choose for everyone so i thought it'd be better to get everyone's orders first-"
"oh, you don't have to do that, baby-" yoongi shakes his head, capping the marker and dropping it back into the wire holder, "lisa actually offered to treat us to lunch- apparently there's some bagel place that has, like, a hundred different fillings-"
"lisa's here?" you interrupt, suddenly straightening your back before looking around quickly, "i... was not aware that lisa was... still here! i thought she was only here for a little while-"
"mm, she ended up extending her stay! one of her clients pushed their appointment to thursday so she came over to help out for the day."
"oh, cool." you nod, pressing your lips together as you take a second to sort through your thoughts
your nose scrunches slightly as you weigh the pros and cons of saying what you're about to say to yoongi
it won't kill you to ask, right?
"hey, i don't wanna, um-" you pause, "you know, i don't wanna... be that girlfriend, but... do you think that there's a slight possibility that lisa might still have feelings for you?"
a moment of silence goes by before yoongi practically barks out a laugh of disbelief
"what? lisa? no, no- that- no, don't be ridiculous." he snorts, shaking his head before turning back around to face the whiteboard, "lisa most certainly does not still have feelings for me- and, by the way, she was the one who broke things off with me, so if anything, i should be the one who still has feelings for-" he stops himself midway and presses his lips together before turning to glance at you over his shoulder, "you know, i'm hearing the words coming out of my mouth and i... am going to shut up now."
"mm, good choice." you raise a brow before shrugging, "alright, well, i just- you know, it's a possibility but if you say that lisa doesn't still have feelings for you, then i believe you-"
"alright, boys! it's chow time!"
you turn your head to see lisa waltzing into the shop carrying two large paper bags and the rest of the boys immediately rush over to her like moths to a flame
she brought bagels for lunch?
you're not trying to be biased or anything sandwiches are easier to eat, in your personal opinion
you basically have to unhinge your jaw to get a good bite of a bagel
"y/n!" lisa looks more than surprised at your presence when you and yoongi walk over the join the group, "i wasn't aware you were going to be here today- yoongi told me that you had class so i-" she pauses to set the bags down on the table, "oh my goodness, i am so sorry but i really didn't know you'd be joining us for lunch... yoongi, you could've texted me or something-"
"she just got here!" yoongi shrugs as he takes a seat at the table, "don't pin this on me-"
"ah, i probably look like such a jerk right now..." lisa winces, scratching the back of her head before reaching down to grab a bagel out of one of the paper bags, "here! you can take my bagel-"
"no, no, it's alright!" you hold your hands out before shaking them, "don't be silly, you don't have to do that- it's very nice of you to offer but i- it's alright, you go ahead and enjoy yourself!"
"oh, stop- take the bagel, y/n." lisa scoffs playfully, practically shoving the bagel into your arms before rummaging through the bags again, "i'll just share a bagel with yoongi! you don't mind, right, yoongs?"
"yeah, i had a snack earlier so i'm not, like, starving or anything-" yoongi nods, "what kind of filling is it?"
"this one is..." lisa pauses to look at the sticker on the top, "smoked salmon and dill cream cheese with capers."
"yoongi doesn't like capers." you chime in, suddenly feeling the need to prove to everyone that you know your boyfriend very well, "i remember they were sprinkled in a salad one time and he said they were too salty-"
"eh, i'll survive. i can always just pick 'em out." yoongi shrugs nonchalantly and you can't help but purse your lips in mild frustration at his response
"'atta boy! luckily, they're already sliced in half otherwise we'd have to take turns taking bites which would be weird-"
"agreed." you mutter, peeling the label off your bagel and sticking it onto the side instead
"oh, lisa! i was wondering if maybe you could help me out with some custom headlights i'm working on?" hoseok perks up, "i'm having some trouble getting the halo lights to work and i need your magic hands-"
"mhm! i can definitely check them out after lunch-" lisa grins, taking a seat next to yoongi, "anyone need a napkin?"
"yes, please!"
"i need one too-"
"pass one over here-"
you know it's silly of you to be feeling jealous over this because god knows the only thing you know about cars is that key go in and car go vroom so obviously the boys would never ask you to help them out with anything like how they're asking lisa to help out
and you're trying very hard to noT throw a self-pity party but it's getting harder and harder to not to that
(and it certainly doesn't help that there aren't any more seats left at the table)
you just can't help but feel so!!!!! inferior!!!!! compared to lisa
she's so cool and pretty and witty and obviously very knowledgable about cars
and what are you bringing to the table??
ham and cheese sandwiches??? fancy sushi rolls????
obviously not anymore because they've been replaced by these stupid bagels
this is the first time you haven't been able to throw money at a problem and you're not,.., sure.,., how you feel about it,..,
"i, uh, have to work on a paper, so i think i'm going to go and eat this in the office if anyone wants to come with?" you clear your throat quietly as you start to back away from the table slowly, "...or i can just go fuck myself, which is fine too."
you're not entirely surprised when your comment isn't acknowledged by anyone and you nod to yourself before swiftly turning on your heel and trying your best not to storm towards the office
you force your fists to uncurl and your shoulders to relax slightly but you can't help but make a face when you hear the boys laughing obnoxiously at one of lisa's jokes
of course she has to be funny as well
because the woman literally has zero flaws
you've been trying to find a reason to hate her and so far you haven't found anything negative to say
hating someone for having perfectly styled hair is a little odd
the legs of the chair screech against the floor as you pull it out and plop down
you like eating alone anyway
you unwrap the parchment paper and pick up the bagel before taking an overly aggressive bite of it, your cheeks practically bursting from how much food is currently in your mouth
you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand as you chew, tossing the bagel back onto the wrapper with a thunk!
this is the best goddamn bagel you've ever had in your entire life!!
"phtupid phriggin' bavhel." you grumble, reaching up to wipe the sauce off the corner of your mouth before swallowing roughly, "even the mayo is delicious! god, what is this? some kind of garlic mayo-"
"oh my god. i think she's finally lost it." you jolt upon hearing jungkook's voice and you turn to see him and jimin standing at the door
"what's your problem?" jimin asks, the two of them walking over to join you at your sad, lonely table
"what? nothing. i don't have a problem." you shake your head stubbornly, "i just- i just wanted to be alone, that doesn't mean something's wrong-"
"is that why you're in here basically yelling at a bagel?" jungkook points out as he pulls out a chair and sits on your right
"i'm- i'm just stressed about- my paper. or whatever. it's whatever, i'm fine-"
"you can talk to us, you know." you frown when jungkook suddenly reaches over and in an uncharacteristic move, places both hands over yours
"is it about lisa?" jimin asks, crinkling his nose as he sits down as well, "it's about lisa, isn't it?"
"no, it's not-" you press your lips together before letting out a light laugh, "you know, i don't even have a reason to be upset about lisa, right? she's super cool and very nice and knows a lot about cars and is yoongi's age and namjoon blessed me with the knowledge that she, apparently, was a very passionate lover- so i have nothing to be upset about!" you snap, slapping your palm down on the table before wincing and cradling your hand to your chest, "...everything is fine."
"i have to say, i really don't think jealousy is a good look on you." jungkook clicks his tongue before glancing down at your feet, "i also don't know if those shoes are a good look on you- jeez, it's like the people at gucci are just pulling design elements out of a hat-"
"you are not making me feel any better, jungkook- these shoes are new!"
"ooh, you should make him jealous!" jungkook suddenly lights up and the fluorescent light hanging above you guys flickers for a second
"we're going to have to round back to my shoes later because i really don't think they're that bad-"
"you should make him jealous and give him a taste of his own medicine..." jungkook trails off, ignoring your previous comments once again, "it's what you deserve."
"i'm not- i'm not doing that." you chuckle uneasily, "are you serious? this isn't high school and getting him back would just be petty of me-"
"but it'd feel so nice to be petty, don't you think?" jungkook encourages, scooting a little closer to you with a devilish grin, "think about it, y/n. don't you wanna see yoongi get all hot and possessive over you-"
"i don't think it's a good idea." jimin chimes in, shaking his head quickly as he moves in closer as well, "because if yoongi finds out you orchestrated something just to get him back, that might create an issue of trust in the relationship, and that would be very, very bad-"
"oh, but it feels so good to be bad..." jungkook coos, poking your arm with his pointer finger, "so, so good..."
"uh, i don't think so! i'd like to argue that it feels bad to be bad-"
"don't listen to jimin, he's a wuss-"
"don't listen to jungkook, he's an idiot-!"
"okay, cut it out!" you snap, shoving your hands into both their chests to keep them from coming any closer, "i... must admit, i do want to do something to piss yoongi off because of how much he's pissed me off, but... i'm not like that, you know? and i don't want to come off as some crazy girlfriend because-" you pause when you notice jungkook's finger creeping closer and closer to your bagel and you immediately deflate as soon as you realize what's going on here, "oh my god. you guys only came in here because you wanted to try my bagel, didn't you?"
jungkook and jimin exchange knowing glances before looking up at you sheepishly
"yeah, that makes more sense-" you snort, rolling your eyes before pushing the bagel away from you, "have at it, you animals."
you lean back against your chair, stroking your chin in thought as the sound of jungkook and jimin bickering over who gets the bigger half of the bagel starts to fade out
to be petty or not to be petty, that is the question...
»»————- 🛠️ ————-««
(spoiler alert: the answer to the previous question is to be petty. very, very petty.) »»————- 🛠️ ————-««
"namjoon! where did you put my keys??" yoongi calls out, yanking open another drawer to rifle through its contents, "i'm supposed to pick y/n up from campus and i can't find them anywhere... i don't want her to just stand there waiting for me..."
"looking for these?"
yoongi looks up to see lisa standing by the door with his keys in her hand before she tosses them to him
"yes! you're a lifesaver, thanks-" he catches them with one hand before stepping out from behind the counter, "i thought you were leaving today? we already said goodbye to you this morning-"
"yeah, i know-" lisa chuckles as she steps into the office, "it's just that... well, i was going to just leave but i actually had something i needed to talk to you about before i left. i felt it wouldn't be fair to either one of us if i didn't say anything."
"mm. what's up?" yoongi hums, sticking his hand into the lollipop jar to pull a cherry flavoured one out
he pulls another one out before tucking it into his pocket (one for you when he picks you up!)
"well, i guess i should just go ahead and say it- just gotta rip the bandaid off-" lisa straightens her blazer before clearing her throat, "yes."
"...yes?" yoongi frowns, unwrapping his lollipop before popping it into his mouth and scrunching up the wrapper, "i'm not following. yes to what?"
"oh, don't play dumb-" lisa snorts, flicking her wrist at him, "yes, as in: i would love to rekindle our friends with benefits situationship-"
"woah, what?!" yoongi immediately chokes and he yanks the lollipop out of his mouth before patting his chest roughly, "what are you- what the hell are you talking about??"
"what do you mean what the hell am i talking about??" lisa stares at him incredulously before shaking her head, "you're the one who's been giving me secret signals all week-"
"signals-" yoongi's gawks, "what signals??"
"you know, like, how you cancelled dinner plans with her so you could be with me..." lisa croons, taking a step closer towards him
"i cancelled dinner plans with y/n so i could be with twenty cars-" yoongi inches to the side so he can make a quick getaway to run behind the counter in case lisa pounces, "which, i'm realizing doesn't make me sound like the best boyfriend but- i most certainly didn't cancel just to spend private time with you, no offence-"
"what about when we shared a bagel and you didn't complain about the capers??" lisa snaps, lunging towards yoongi only for him to quickly spin out of the way and hurry to get behind the counter
"uh, we shared a bagel because i wasn't hungry for a full bagel and i thought you weren't either, and also-" yoongi grabs namjoon's wheely chair as a makeshift barrier between him and lisa, "i'm a grown man, i'm not going to throw a fit over some friggin' capers-"
"how about when i squeezed your arm and asked you if you'd been working out and you totally flexed your arm for me??" lisa grabs the arms of the chair before yanking and aggressively rolling it behind her, yoongi's eyes widening in panic at the sudden empty space in between the two of them
"i flexed it to prove to you that i have indeed been working out-!" yoongi hops up onto the counter as soon as lisa darts towards him and he hurries to jump off so he's on the other side of it, knocking the phone and namjoon's pen holder down onto the ground in the process, "friends can ask each other if they've been hitting the gym!! i squeeze namjoon's arms all the time because his biceps are literally boulders-"
"i just feel like we have unfinished business, you know?" lisa whines, pausing for a second before bringing a hand up to bite down on the tip of her pointer finger teasingly, "plus, you have to admit that our sex was super hot-"
"are you- hello, i'm dating y/n!" yoongi gasps, "our business is finished! we have no more- we're out of business, lisa!"
"oh, c'mon." lisa raises a brow, clearly unimpressed with his reaction, "it's not going to hurt anyone to keep me as your sexy little secret- it's perfect! i only come into town, like, once or twice a year, so she won't even suspect anythi-"
"what are you- are you insane?! i'm not going to cheat on y/n-" yoongi chokes before raising his hands in defence, "lisa, you're a very beautiful woman and we do have a history, but- look, i'm sorry if i sent you mixed signals this week, that was certainly not my intention- please understand that i am very much not trying to cheat on someone who i love very much and who i'm pretty sure loves me back, so-"
"then who's that person she's so obviously flirting with right now?" lisa points over his shoulder, "also, she's barely visited you this week. what kind of girlfriend doesn't want to always be with her boyfriend??"
"first of all, space can be healthy, and second of all, she- hold on, you said flirting?" yoongi turns to look over his shoulder and out the door, tilting his head slightly when he sees you standing at the front of the garage laughing with... someone he certainly doesn't recognize...
"you can leave all of this behind and come and work for me, yoongi-" yoongi jumps when he suddenly feels hands grasping at the collar of his jumpsuit and he turns back to see lisa standing right in front of him (how did she move so quickly and quietly?!), "we can be happy together, i swear-"
"yeah, cool, just give me a second-" yoongi gently yanks lisa's hands off of him before hurrying out of the office and making a beeline right for you and this mysterious stranger
"oop- okay, he's coming this way-" baekhyun mutters, glancing over your shoulder before looking back at you, "it's show time. you ready?" he hums, reaching over to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear
"what do you think? do we look convincing?" you reach down to unbutton another button on your blouse before adjusting the collar
it's taking everything within you noT to whip around to see if yoongi's just walking towards you or if he's storming towards you... because there's definitely a difference and you definitely want it to be the latter
the plan you came up with had a pretty simple formula: one handsome stranger + one flirty, oblivious y/n = one jealous yoongi
jungkook had a point about how nice it'd be to get yoongi all riled up and possessive and frankly you think you deserve it considering how dismissive he's been with you all week... which is why you were more than happy to recruit your very handsome friend baekhyun (he's very sweet / you met last semester in one of your history courses / he was more than willing to help out with your plan because he's a theatre major and this is good practice for him) to help you out with your plan!
"you're laughing like a robot." baekhyun lowers his voice, "i told you to act natural-"
"i'm being natural! ha, ha! ha! ha-ha. you're so funny, baek-" you giggle obnoxiously, reaching over to slap his chest gently, "you are absolutely the funniest person i've ever met-"
"y/n!" yoongi clears his throat loudly and you bite back a grin at the hint of annoyance you can detect in his voice, "i... thought i was picking you up from class today? i wasn't aware you hired a chauffeur!"
"oh, yoongi!" you spin around, feigning surprise as if you totally weren't expecting to see him at all, "oh, this is actually my friend- i know you've been busy so he offered to give me a ride!" you hum, stepping aside to let baekhyun step up onto the sidewalk, "baekhyun, this is yoongi-" you gesture to yoongi, "yoongi, this is baekhyun! ...my boyfriend."
you're hoping your accidental on-purpose flub-up triggers yoongi's memory of how he accidentally introduced lisa to you as his girlfriend and you're delighted to see the way yoongi's jaw drops slightly, "oh, my bad! i'm sorry, i don't know how that happened- what i meant to say was baekhyun, this is yoongi, my boyfriend. there we go."
"baekhyun..." yoongi repeats, his eyes narrowing slightly when baekhyun suddenly wraps an arm around your shoulder and gives you a squeeze "well, that's very nice of you to drive y/n all the way here. thanks for doing that, man."
"oh, it's no problem at all!" baekhyun hums, reaching over to pinch your cheek, "y/n's the sweetest and i didn't want to abandon her on campus-"
"okay, she wasn't abandoned, i was literally about to leave to pick her up-" yoongi points out, lifting his keys with a jingle before abruptly shoving them into his back pocket, "you know, y/n's never mentioned a baekhyun before. you two seem... close!"
"oh, baek and i go way back." you snort, digging your elbow into his side with a grin, "isn't that right, baek?"
yoongi pokes his tongue against the inside of his cheek at the fact that baekhyun still has his arm wrapped around your shoulder and you haven't made a move to shoVE it off
how can you not see that his intentions with you aren't just chummy??
he wouldn't have driven you all the way here if he didn't want to get his grubby hands under your skirt-
"we most certainly do! we made some great memories in that lecture hall- i have to say, i was, uh, pretty disappointed when i found out she was already in a relationship..." baekhyun sighs dramatically, shaking his head before looking back at you, "i would treat you right and never cancel dinner plans with you-"
"okay, i think it's time for you to go, bacon-" yoongi forces a smile on his face before reaching over to gently pull you towards him, "thank you for dropping my girlfriend off. have a good one."
"oh, no problem!" baekhyun points towards you, "hey, lemme know if you need a ride to campus on monday because i'd be happy to swing by your apartment and-"
"no, i can take her!" yoongi manoeuvres you so that you're standing behind him and basically blocked from baekhyun's sight, "i've got it from here, thanks."
"bye, baek!" you wave at baekhyun as gets into his car and he salutes at you before his right eye drops in a cheeky wink and it's at that point that yoongi really thinks he's about to lose it
what the hell was that?!
he spins around to face you as soon as baekhyun zooms off and you keep yourself from asking him why his ears have suddenly turned super red
"why are you wearing lowbuttons to class?" yoongi crosses his arms over his chest, "i thought you said you were going to use them as, like, apartment decoration."
"louboutins, yoongi." you correct, looking down at your slick stilettos, "and why can't i wear louboutins to class?"
"you wore them out to dinner one time and i ended up having to carry you back to the car because your feet were aching-" yoongi reminds you with a pointed tone, "are you telling me that you walked up and down and all around campus in those things?"
"maybe i did." you shrug, turning to stick your nose up in the air a little, "i can wear stilettos to class if i so please."
"and the miniskirt?"
"what, you don't like it?" you pout, reaching down to pick a piece of fluff off the surface, "it's new!"
it's a plain black skirt but it has a little slit on the side and you purposely bought this specific piece knowing that yoongi has expressed how much he likes you in black
"of course i like it, and obviously i'm a big fan of the heels but-" yoongi huffs, "all i'm saying is that it's a little odd- the timing is weird for your miniskirts and heels to make a sudden comeback now that you're all buddy-buddy with this backyawn-"
"it's baekhyun-"
"that's what i said!"
"you know, i don't know what you're implying here but i haven't done anything wrong-" you shrug, "are you feeling okay? maybe you need to take a nap-"
"stop being stubborn, y/n. just tell me what's going on!"
"nothing's going on!" you insist, raising your hands in defense before flicking a strand of hair over your shoulder, "everything is perfectly fine and nothing is-"
"are you leaving me for baekhyun?" yoongi interrupts, his eyes suddenly softening, "because if this is how you're telling me we're over, it's a pretty shitty-"
"what- what?? no!" you shake your head quickly, "no, of course i'm not- why would you even- okay, fine! fine, i-" you let out a breath and your shoulders drop a little, "it's just that... i don't know, it kind of feels like i've been fighting to get your attention for the whole week and i... i feel like i shouldn't have to do that as your girlfriend, you know? and i'm not... i guess i just felt like i wasn't stacking up to lisa and how cool and smart she is and- this whole week it's just felt like you're in a relationship with lisa and not me, so i... wanted to make you jealous to see if you still cared. or whatever."
"are you serious?" yoongi's eyes flutter shut and he reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration, "fuck, i'm sorry, ah- i'm sorry, y/n, i really am-" his brows knit together in remorse as he looks at you, "i think i just got swept up in all the new clients she was bringing in so i was focusing more on that than on noticing what was going on with you... i'm sorry. why didn't you just come and talk to me about it?"
"i didn't know how." you mutter, reaching up to scratch the side of your head, "i've never had to deal with something like this before, so... i know it was silly of me to come up with this whole thing-"
"you are my girlfriend, y/n." yoongi reminds you, his voice softening, "not lisa. it's you." he reaches over to hook a finger under your chin so he can get you to look at him, "i promise i only have eyes for you, pretty girl. you still love me?"
"god, yoongi-" you feel your cheeks flush at the nickname and you roll your eyes playfully before turning your head, "yeah. duh."
"oh, you silly thing..." he tuts, pulling you in for a hug and propping his chin up on the top of your head, "i'm sorry, baby. i really didn't mean to make you feel like that..." he pulls away and reaches down to glide his finger down the bridge of your nose before poking the tip, "i hope you can forgive me for being a shitty boyfriend."
"i'll forgive you if you forgive me for pretending to flirt with someone else." you smile sheepishly, yoongi grinning before nodding in agreement
"deal." he wraps an arm around your shoulder as the two of you head back towards the direction of the office, "so you really went through all that trouble just to make me a little jealous?" yoongi grins, "just for a little bit of attention? as if i'm not already all over you when we're alone-"
"well, it worked, didn't it?" you take your bottom lip in between your teeth as you squish your cheek against yoongi's shoulder and look up at him, "my acting skills are not half bad, if i do say so myself-"
"oh, shit, uh-" yoongi suddenly stops in his tracks when he sees lisa step out of the office and he spins around so that his back is facing her, "not to make you worry, but you should probably know that lisa's somehow convinced that i've been secretly flirting with her all week because i want to become friends with benefits again and she almost, like, body-slammed me in the office- also, if namjoon asks, tell him a raccoon snuck in and that's why his desk is a mess and his pens are all over the floor-"
"wait, what?!" your brows knit together and you're about to lean over to look at lisa but yoongi quickly reaches out and grabs onto your shoulders to keep you in place
"-yeah, so i'm going to lay you down on the hood of that car now because doing something extreme is probably the only thing that'll prove to her that she's wrong and i am very desperate to show her that she's wrong-"
"lay me down on the- and do what?! yoongi-!" you don't get much of a chance to say anything else before yoongi's suddenly bending down to pick you up off the ground in one swift movement, his fingers digging underneath your thighs as he lays you down on the hood of the nearest car, "yoongi-! you can't just-"
"shush!" yoongi hisses, pressing his lips against yours to shut you up promptly
it doesn't take you very long to melt into the kiss once you realize you haven't kissed yoongi like this in like a week and a half and you can't help but smile at the familiar faint taste of cherry you're getting from him
yoongi's warm hand slides down from your waist so he can hitch your left leg up against his hip, one of your heels slipping from your foot and clattering onto the floor
your senses are so clouded with yoongi cherry yoongi cherry that you nearly forget the two of you aren't alone (and also, all of this is definitely being recorded on the security cameras right now)
"hey, so- i- i'm gonna get going-" lisa announces loudly as she stands at a good distance away from the two of you, her eyes looking up towards the ceiling so that she doesn't have to watch the way yoongi's kissing down your neck, "i have to check out of my hotel, so-"
"yeah, sounds good!" yoongi pulls away for a second and shoots a quick thumbs up over his shoulder, "see you later, pal!"
"bye, lisa!" you chime in, giving her a wave even though she isn't looking at you and is really trying to double-time it to her car, "it was so nice meeting you!"
the two of you watch silently as lisa practically leaps into her mustang, the sound of the engine revving before she quickly speeds off like she just remembered she left the oven on at home
you turn your head to look up at yoongi before scoffing lightly, hooking a finger against his chain to pull him back down towards you, "you're ridiculous, you know that?"
"yeah, i know-" yoongi's nose crinkles before he offers you a boyish smirk and a half-hearted shrug, "you love it, though."
🎙️help me help you make your wishes come true (send me a request!) ✨why don’t you explore the rest of the library while you’re here? (full fics!) 💫or perhaps you want something shorter to read? (drabbles like this one!) 🌟or something even shorter? (teeny tidbits!)
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marinettereadsfics · a year ago
Tumblr media
Comfort by @woodstockisjustlikealittlekid This is so cute you don’t understand okay. Read it. [fluff]
The Touch of Silk by @floralseokjin You know what’s better than vampire Yoongs? Sugar Daddy Vampire Yoongs. Do you even need to know more? [smut, Sugar Daddy AU, Vampire AU]
Talk by @httpjeon​ One of the most well-written two shots out there. I simply loved it. Most probably read it when I should have been doing homework but hey, Phone Sex operator Yoongi is so worth it. [smut, Phone Sex Operator AU]
Book of The Beasts: From the Ashes by @httpjeon​ I’m a sucker for anything mythical and this is definitely no exception. It has an amazing plot and build up. 1000/10 [smut, angst, Witch AU, Mythical Shifter AU]
Owner Training by @hybridfanfiction​  Okay hear me out, I love reading fanfics but I almost never something longer than a one shot bc otherwise I wouldn’t graduate but this. This right here ladies, gentlemen and non binary buddies, is so so worth your time. I’m a sucker for hybrid Yoongi yeah. [crack, fluff, smut, Hybrid AU]
Snake Kisses by @peekaboongi​ If your thing is grumpy Yoongs, mix it a little bit with this amazingly written Hybrid fic and you’ve got: perfection! Danger noodle are my favourite words since I read this. [smut, fluff, Hybrid AU]
Glass by @jjungkookislife​ Pure amazing filth by this amazing author. Spare a few minutes and read this masterpiece. Thank You. [smut]
Lush Brush by @jinpire One of the first hybrid fics I read and honestly, one of my faves. This is so so cute and domestic I busted all my uwus. Basically OC is a professional cuddler and Yoongi is an insomniac. There are other shots in this au so please read them [fluff, Hybrid AU]
Cat Nap (and a hint of cat nip) by @jinpire This is the other shot of the above. Read it. Please. [fluff, Hybrid AU]
Inheritance by @jincherie​  There are a few shots in this one and truth be told you will find yourself reading them all. This one is kinda angsty but it is so so good. Again, grumpy Yoongi hybrid is my fave. [fluff, smut, angst, Hybrid AU]
Demon! Yoongi by @jungshookz​ I distinctively remember having this one in my to-read list and saying ‘I’ll just read this one and head to bed’ on a school night bc my sleep deprived ass read “2.1 k words” but it really was “22.1k” and so... yeah. It was so amazing I ended up reading it all in one go. Education is important but this Demon Yoongi fic is more important. Don’t quote me on that. [smut, Demon AU] Catharsis by @dovechim Hello my fellow kinky Yoongi enthusiasts, I bring you an amazing fic full of smut with some amazing plot behind and character development. [smut]
Android!Yoongi by @jungshookz Excuse me while I go and weep in a corner. This is a scenario I didn’t know I needed so much. 24k yeah, but it is so so worth it. [smut, angsty, Android AU]
Mighty by @mintedmango I can’t recall details because I tend to read to sleep BUT GRUMPY CAT YOONGI IS A THING. [smut, fluff, Hybrid AU]
Love and Laughter by @btsaudge A quick read, but I’m a sucker for established relationship drabbles. [smut, fluff]
Tonight by @hobidreams If daechwita Yoongs did something to you, spare a few minutes to read this masterpiece. [smut, Historical AU]
Make Me by @ppersonna FRIENDS TO LOVERS + SLEEPOVER. THAT’S IT. [smut]
Bent Will by @chimoona Heavy kinky stuff ahead. That is about enough. [smut]
The Friendship Chronicles by @agustkive Yoongi trying so hard to flirt in a College AU. [fluff, f2l, College AU]
Daechwita by @ironicarmy The title is pretty self-explanatory. If you haven’t read this masterpiece, I honestly- don’t know where you’ve been. [smut, Historical AU]
Give It To Me by @jjiminah Hello fellow kinky Yoongi enthusiats, again. Shibari is a thing here. Enjoy. [smut]
Want a Taste? by @suga-kookiemonster 
I’ve said it once, I’ll say it all the time, SMUT WITH PLOT. Yoongi rapper while working in a mall is something I didn’t know I needed. As always, amazing writing and plot. [smut, humour-ish, Mall Worker AU]
Mixtape by @jungblue 
Let me tell ya something, this fic right here has slipped from my fingers more than once, but I just loved it so so much that I’ve spent hours looking for it without remembering the title. A FAVE. Amazing writing and an even more incredible character development. A MUST READ. [smut, fluff, comedy, College AU]
Tsundere by @dovechim 
The pure essence of Yoongi’s life lessons mixed with a tiny bit of bad boy vibe and smut. [angst, smut, College AU]
Tricks of the Trade by @stutterfly 
This was such a fun and sexy reading! I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Can you just imagine swapping bodies with your crush okay look no further. Here it is. [smut, humour, fluff, Soulmate AU]
Lover’s Paradox by @taesthetes  Kinda enemies to lovers comedy fluff. It is such a light but heartwarming read. [comedy, fluff, police au]
The Singularity Theory by @dovechim ˗ˏˋ ɴᴇᴡ ˎˊ˗
Three parts of absolutely worthy Min Yoongi smut with plot [smut, comedy, college AU]
Nine Months From Now by @softlyjiminie ˗ˏˋ ɴᴇᴡ ˎˊ˗
SMUT. WITH. PLOT. And a hell of a plot I absolutely love CEO Yoongi [smut, fluff, CEO AU]
To Love an Empress by @jingabitch ˗ˏˋ ɴᴇᴡ ˎˊ˗
Ummm hello? This piece of art is just- idk absolutely brilliant to say the least. I am in love with the writing okay and you know im a sucker for smut with plot.[smut, fluff, Historical AU]
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softyoongiionly · 2 years ago
Fear and Dumplings: Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
Confronting your fears for a final grade sounds unappealing but, with Yoongi as your partner, things might not be so bad.
Summary: You’re in your final semester at University when your Abnormal Psychology professor assigns you a partnered project surrounding your greatest fears. Lucky for you, your partner just so happens to be a cute boy named Min Yoongi.
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: College Au, Underground Rapper! Yoongi, Soft!!! Yoongi, Fluff!!!, some moderate angst (later), smut (later later), slow-ish? burn
Word Count: 6.9k (haha)
A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long! I hope you guys like it! 😊
Warnings for this Chapter: swearing (as usual), this chapter is surprisingly chill, Yoongi is too hot for his own good, mentions of alcohol, Jimin is wild as per usual. 
Warnings for the Fic: mentions characters confronting their fears, characters in uncomfortable situations, emotional moments between characters, mentions of bad parenting, explicit language throughout the fic, moderate angst, and very explicit smut later in the story.
Chapter 7: Mai Tai’s and Money
 The kiss that occurred on your couch three days ago was etched into your brain. You couldn’t shake the feeling of Yoongi’s soft hands pressing into your skin, his heavy breathing, his plush lips moving against yours, it was unbelievable. But, that was it. Yoongi had stayed for an hour or so after the two of you kissed. The lights were turned back on, your portion of the research journal was tended to and, although Yoongi’s eyes had softened significantly, he said nothing of the kiss. To be fair, you didn’t say anything either but, up until that point, you had been doing most of the flirting anyway.
You’re sitting on your couch, a cup of coffee steaming on the side table, the low buzz of the television occupying your apartment, while thoughts of Yoongi swam around your mind.  Had he kissed you? Had you kissed him? It was so dark. The only thing you remember was the feeling of his breath getting closer to yours. You couldn’t recall who had made the first move, the situation was so riddled with tension and desire that, it felt like some sort of hazy dream. Your Thursday lecture had come and gone with ease and, although you did notice a new level of comfort between the two of you, nothing else had really changed. Yoongi still avoided your gaze most of the time, he still seemed rather underwhelmed with most of what occurred and, this normally wouldn’t be an issue but, you felt…odd. The truth is, you liked Yoongi. You did. You couldn’t deny it anymore. The question was, did he like you? You both shared what you considered to be, the best kiss you’ve ever had and, then neither of you spoke a word of it. It was almost as if, it never happened.
The two of you had went to the beach Thursday night, Yoongi looked up terrifying facts regarding the ocean, one of them being that the average depth of the ocean was 14,000 feet. This terrified both of you. Neither of you had left the sand; you just sat there and, enjoyed the ocean breeze all the while, relishing in the sound of Yoongi’s raspy voice. It was nice but, the uncertainty that bubbled in your stomach the entire time wasn’t pleasant.  Your phone buzzes to life and yanks you from the recesses of your mind as you see Jimin’s face light up your screen. A smile immediately pops onto your mouth as you swipe to answer his call.
“Jimin….” You whine before he can even say hello, flopping back onto your couch.
“Y/N…” He whines back as he giggles through the phone. “What’s wrong?”
“I’m experiencing… emotions.” You state bluntly, sighing out in distress causing Jimin to erupt into another fit of giggles.
“Yoongi?” He guesses correctly and, you can literally hear the smirk in his voice.
“Who’s Yoongi?” You feign disinterest as Jimin scoffs on the other end of the line.  
“Oh ok, is that what you’re going with now? The denial has gotten so bad, that you’re just going to pretend you don’t know who he is?” Jimin jests, his tone one of teasing and suspicion.
“Yes.” You reply, your features set in a deep frown.
“That’s stupid.” Jimin retorts, a slight giggle catching on the end of his words.
You let out a groan in response, your face scrunching up in frustration.
“Anywayyyyy.” Jimin continues over the sound of your groan. “What are you doing tonight?”
“I have plans with my TV and my takeout menus, why?”
Jimin snickers on the other line before responding.
“No, you’re coming out with me. There’s an amateur competition at Glacier and, me and a couple of friends are going.”
Your brow furrows, as you cock your head, wondering briefly what sort of competition an inner city club would be putting on.
“I’m not really big into the club scene,” You counter before smirking lightly. “unless you’re performing.”
“I’ll still dance for you if you want, as long as you tip me well.” Jimin retorts playfully, his twinkling laughter crackling through the speaker.
You laugh heartily in return, fondly remembering your freshman year when Jimin had taking up a night job as an exotic dancer. He worked at a pretty high end club downtown for nearly a year before giving it up when he met his former girlfriend. He obviously excelled in that area of dancing as well and, was so sought after, that rival clubs continuously fought over him. Park fucking Jimin: Making boys and girls swoon since 95’.
“I don’t think I can afford you Minnie.” You tease, giggling as you finally push yourself off of your couch.
“I’ll do it for free, Y/N, just please come outttttt.” Jimin breaks your banter, his satoori prominent as he whines.
You let out a long drawn out sigh, frantically searching your brain for a valid excuse to decline but, found yourself powerless against Jimin’s whining. Park fucking Jimin: Leaving you powerless against his charm for the past decade.
“Alright, fine. I’ll go but,” You pause to emphasize your point as Jimin already gets excited on the other line. “only for a little bit.” You finish, giggling as Jimin cheers through the speaker.
“Yesssss! My girl is coming out! We’re gonna have so much fun, I promise.” He insists excitedly and, honestly, you believed him, fun is wherever Jimin is.
“I can’t wait.” You express genuinely, a fond smile on your face.
“Me neither so, go get ready, I’ll pick you up at 8! I love you!” Jimin practically cheers through the phone and hangs up before you can say anything in return.
“Love you too.” You say out loud to no one, smirking at your best friends antics.
Before you knew it, it was eight o clock and, you found yourself sitting on your couch, waiting for Jimin and his friends. You decided on a simple black bodycon dress and an oversized black utility jacket as your outfit, it was dressy but, it was still casual enough that it didn’t exactly scream formal attire. Glacier was a newer nightclub downtown that was known for hosting amateur musicians and, serving cheap liquor. It had quickly became a popular hangout spot for many of your fellow classmates but, you, yourself had only been a few times. Clubbing was something you did occasionally but, it was usually to celebrate something, like a birthday or a good exam result. However, you had come to the conclusion that you had spent a great deal of your time worrying about the situation with Yoongi and, you needed a night to let loose and enjoy yourself. Roughly ten minutes later you receive a text from Jimin.
 You smile excitedly as you respond, moving from your seated position and towards the door.
 You: ok, be right there!
 You turn to your end table to grab your keys, your wallet, and your lip balm before moving to the front door. You turn towards Marzipan, who was currently dozing in and out of a nap, and waved in her direction.
“Don’t wait up.” You call, giggling as she yawns in response, her soft paws stretching out in front of her.
An angel.
You make your way out of your building and spot a taxi that’s parked across the street with a frantically waving Jimin, hanging out of it.
“Y/N! Over here!” He calls and you giggle, shaking your head at his eagerness before carefully crossing the busy street over to him.
The first thing you notice when you get into the car is the pungent scent of vodka, wafting throughout the backseat of the car, followed by the insane amount glitter decorating Jimin and his two friends. Jimin was dressed in a pair of tight black (faux) leather skinny jeans that he paired with an equally tight black mesh top. His neck was adorned with a diamond choker and his pink hair was perfectly disheveled atop his head. Park Fucking Jimin: he was going to bring the whole club to its knees. His two friends looked somewhat familiar, both of them wearing different variations of club attire.
“You look amazing!” Jimin calls over the sound of the music that he and his friends undoubtedly begged the cab driver to play.
“Me? Have you seen yourself?” You call back, giggling as you settle in next to him, kissing his cheek before leaning over to extend your hand to the man on the other side of Jimin.
“Hi, I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” You smile pleasantly as a man with black hair shakes your hand, returning your pleasant smile.
“Jackson, nice to meet you too, I have to agree with Jimin, you look incredible.” He says smoothly and Jimin rolls his eyes, smirking at his flirtatious friend.
“Jackson is a rapper, he’s performing tonight.” Jimin explains as Jackson nods proudly, puffing his chest out slightly.
“Don’t you mean, I’m winning tonight Jiminie?” Jackson retorts fondly and you promptly hear a scoff from the front seat, a younger looking boy with reddish orange hair turns in his seat, looking at Jackson in amusement.
“Please, old man, I’m going to obliterate you.” He insists, chuckling before turning towards you, extending his hand. “I’m BamBam, nice to meet you.” His tone changes to one of sincerity as you shake his hand, smirking at their antics.
“Nice to meet you too, are the both of you rapping tonight?” You inquire, as the taxi approaches the entrance of the club.
“Yeah, Glacier called it the Rap Royale, it’s the first annual rap competition that’s open to the entire city. That, I, am most definitely gonna win.” Jackson shoots a playful glare towards BamBam who chuckles in response.
“Don’t worry Hyung, I’ll buy you dinner with the prize money, I wouldn’t want you going hungry on top of being defeated…by me.” BamBam promises casually as Jackson throws his hat at him, the two of them laughing heartily as Jimin shakes his head.
“Oh there’s a prize too huh? I figured the street cred alone would have been it. How much?” You ask giggling, feeling comfortable around the two boys already.
“5 G’s.” BamBam and Jackson say at the same time, their expressions cocky and full of pride, causing you and Jimin to erupt in another fit of laughter before, you all feel the cab slow to a stop in front of the club.
 There was a line all the way down the street full of eager patrons waiting to get inside. Jackson and BamBam walk up to the front and show ID before the bouncer nods to you and Jimin.
“Are these your guests?” The bouncers booming voice carries over the noise of the crowd as both Jackson and BamBam nod.
“Yeah they are with us.” Jackson confirms and, the bouncer motions for you and Jimin to show ID.
“Alright, you’re good to go, guests and rappers are on the left side of the divider tonight; have fun.” The bouncer unclips the barrier and ushers the four of you inside. You thank him before looking at Jimin, who had linked arms with you as you walked into the nosy club.
“We got to skip the line?” You murmur, impressed, as Jimin giggles in response.
“Cool, right? It’s the only reason I made friends with these rascals.” Jimin jests, nudging BamBam as the two boys look at him in mock offense.
“I’m hurt Park Jimin and, here I thought you were here to watch me grind it out on the stage.” Jackson calls over the bass that was assaulting the entire club, the four of you laughing as you look for a spot to sit.
The club had definitely been upgraded since the last time you had been there. The walls were painted with a shiny white lacquer, complementing the icy blue lighting that made its way to ever corner of the club. The furniture was brand new, modern, and mainly white. All of it pointed directly towards the stage, which, had tripled in size since the last time you had been there.  You nodded, impressed with the clubs makeover as Jackson and BamBam led you and Jimin to a private booth that was situated directly in front of the stage.
“We have a few other friends that will probably make their way over here during our performances but, for the most part, this is all yours. “ BamBam explains as he pours the four of you a shot of vodka. You grimace slightly as you watch the clear liquid trickle into the shot glasses. Vodka was certainly not your favorite but, you figured a few shots wouldn’t hurt, you couldn’t remember the last time you had gone out.
“You guys let me know if things are getting bad up there, I can start dancing on tables if you need a diversion.” Jimin offers, smirking, his eyes glinting as they normally are.
“Pshhh I won’t need a diversion, it’s gonna be all eyes on me, I can promise you that.” Jackson boasts as the four of you prepare to take your shots.
“Yeah, it’s like a car accident you know? When it’s bad but, you just can’t seem to look away? BamBam offers causing you and Jimin to snicker as his comment, Jackson nodding in understanding, his lips pursed.
“Ok, you can talk shit all you want chingu, you’re gonna be sorry when I win the 5 g’s and, you’re stuck doing my laundry for a month.” Jackson responds, unbothered, causing BamBam to throw his head back in laughter.
“To the two,” Jimin emphasizes the word, looking pointedly between the two boys. “best rappers in the whole city, you guys are gonna do great!” Jimin calls over the music as the four of you raise your glasses and clink them together before throwing your shots back.  The alcohol burns but, whatever brand of vodka they bought is surprisingly smooth.
“We gotta head backstage soon; I think they want us back there like 10 minutes before the comp starts.” Jackson says, his eyes looking at the stage.
“Are you guys battling it out, like 8 mile style or, did you prepare something?” You ask, feeling the alcohol relax you as you settle into the plush couch behind you.
BamBam and Jackson both chuckle at your question, BamBam shaking his head.
“Nah, we all had to prepare something. It had to be 2-3 minutes, with a minimum of 20 bars. There were actually quite a few entries into the comp so; they had us go through preliminary rounds. Tonight, the top 10 are performing for the grand prize.” He explains and you nod, impressed that both of them had made it to the final night.
“How many entries did they start with?” Jimin asks, taking a sip of Soju that he had somehow managed to get a hold of without any of you noticing.
“Eh,  I think it was over a 100 right?” BamBam asks, looking towards Jackson for confirmation. Jackson nods.
“Yeah, I think like, 180 or something like that.” Jackson confirms as Jimin’s eyes widen.
“Holy shit, I didn’t know there were so many rappers in this city.” Jimin says, looking towards the stage in curiosity.
“Honestly, there’s probably a lot more than that, it’s a pretty big city and, everybody is trying to be a rapper these days.” BamBam notes as Jackson’s face lights up in a smirk once again.
“Yeah but, most of them are trash so, the competition doesn’t scare us.” He boasts, once again, his confidence seeming to fill up the space around you.
You giggle to yourself as your pesky brain picks out a detail that reminds you of Yoongi. You remembered him saying something about selling his beats to SoundCloud rappers and, you wondered how many of the performers would be rapping over his beats tonight. The thought made a small smile creep onto your face as you thought of producer! Yoongi making money off of the city’s rappers so, they could fight for the grand prize. You weren’t sure if that’s how it went down but, the thought made you smile none the less.
Before the conversation can continue, the music comes to a halt as a voice echoes over the club’s PA system.
“Attention ladies and gentleman, I need all performers backstage to get checked in, I repeat, I need all performers backstage to get checked in.”
An eruption of applause is heard throughout the club as BamBam and Jackson perk up at the announcement.
“That’s our cue, wish us luck, not like I need it but, BamBam might.” Jackson smirks as BamBam pushes him, the two of them rising from their seats.
“Good luck guys!” Jimin cheers enthusiastically, throwing back the rest of his Soju.
“Good luck! Let Jimin know if you need that diversion.” You joke, giggling as Jimin nudges.
“Food is on me guys! I’m gonna be $5,000 richer the next time you see me!” BamBam calls as Jackson is dragging him towards the stage.
You shake your head, smiling at them as they disappear behind the curtains. Jimin has already ordered another Soju and, you’ve already accepted that you’ll be nursing his hangover tomorrow morning.
“They’re really cool.” You comment, signaling the waiter to order yourself something to drink, eager to get the bitterness of the vodka out of your mouth.
“Yeah, they are, they just moved to town not too long ago, I met them at the arts camp I went to last month and, we all became friends really quickly. I knew that you guys would get along.” Jimin expresses fondly, the music in club lowering slightly, no doubt in preparation for the performance.
You return his smile after ordering a Mai Tai from the waiter.
“Have you heard their stuff at all? Do you think they’ll win?” You ask, smoothing your dress down as you scoot closer to Jimin.
Jimin purses his lips before nodding eagerly.
“Yeah, they are pretty good actually, I would say they have a fair shot, I know they’ve been practicing a lot lately so, fingers crossed.” The glitter on Jimin’s face reflects one of the lights that are above your table and you can’t help but notice that he looks like a goddamn fairy.
“Yeah, $5,000 is a lot of money, I wish I was I rapper.” You lament, as Jimin erupts into a fit of giggles.
“You have many talents Jagi but, sadly, I don’t think rapping is one of them.” He responds, his eyes gleaming as you giggle in return.
“Speaking of talent, I am literally counting the days until your showcase. I’m so fucking excited Minnie, you have no idea.” You express, thanking the waiter as he brings your drink to you. At your comment, Jimin’s cheeks turn pink and his smile grows.
“Oh stop, I’m sure you’re swamped with finals and everything.” He mumbles, smirking but, his eyes are glinting, clearly enjoying your praise.
“I have a countdown on my phone, are you kidding me? This is going to be your best one yet, I already have a feeling, I’m gonna cry like 5 times.”
Jimin is exuding delight as you speak as the boy practically lives off of compliments. His arms hug you to him as he giggles.
“Stooooop. You’re not gonna cry…” He pauses and smirks. “5 times…” He finishes
“You’re right; it will probably be more than 5 times.” You insist.
“I do think you’ll like the theme I went with though…well I hope you will.” He amends, biting his lip.
“Jimin, you could walk out in a chicken suit and, I would still throw flowers at your feet.” You assure him, the liquor from your Mai Tai, relaxing you further.
“Uh huh sur-“ Jimin begins to respond before the lights go up on the stage and applause erupts, once again, throughout the club as your attention is pulled toward the stage which is now flashing several different colors as the lights dance across it. You and Jimin settle into your seats as a man wearing black skinny jeans and a long yellow hoodie, steps onto the stage.
“What’s up Glacier? How you feeling?” His voice carries over the crowd as everyone cheers in response. “I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight, we here at Glacier have always wanted to showcase local talent and we are so pumped to bring you our first ever, Rap Royale!” The MC announces as the club cheers in response, your eyes locked firmly on the stage.
“Our contestants have made it through several preliminary rounds and a whole lotta shit talkin.”  The MC jokes and you giggle in response, knowing that the banter between BamBam and Jackson was surely a fraction of the smack talk that likely occurred during the course of the competition.
“These are 10 of the city’s finest, ladies and gentleman and, they are all competing, not only for the clout, but for $5,000.” The MC moves throughout the stage, his demeanor relaxed and confident as he hypes up the crowd. “Now, this is how this is gonna work, some of our assistants are passing around ballads with numbers and names, our competitors backstage are gonna come out here and show you what they’ve got and, when it’s all said and done, you, the fine people of Glacier, will decide who the winner is, sound like something you can do?” He calls out, smiling as the crowd responds with enthusiasm.
“Alriiiiiight, so up first we have a fine young lady from the Northside, everybody please give a warm welcome to D-TRIP!” The MC runs off of the stage before a young girl, who was probably in her late teens runs up onstage and starts to perform.
You and Jimin both looked at each other in awe as she blazed through her performance, getting the crowd pumped up and absolutely crushing her song. The crowd went wild after she finished performing whilst you and Jimin shook your heads at each other.
“She was amazing!” Jimin yells through the applause as you nod eagerly in return.
“Right??? Holy shit!” You call back, taking another sip of your drink as the next performer takes the stage; a young man, who is completely covered in tattoos. Once again, he does a stellar job and you couldn’t help but, wonder if BamBam and Jackson actually had a fair shot at winning the grand prize. Everyone had been top notch so far. Performers 3, 4, 5, and, 6 were not nearly as good as the first  two and, the crowd seemed to agree with you, although, everyone seemed to be pretty enthusiastic regardless of the performance. The MC runs back onstage to announce contestant number #7 and you were hoping it was either BamBam or Jackson that were on next.
“You guys having fun so far?” The crowd applauds “Good to hear, good to hear, alright, next up is lucky #7, give it up for Agust D!”
At this, your eyes perk up, Agust D…where have you seen that before? The drums in the performers song gives you no time to think as a man wearing an oversized green utility jacket rushes onstage. His hair…is platinum and his….holy shit. Your mouth goes dry as you feel your stomach drop, your eyes widen in absolute shock as you realize that, Yoongi, is rapping onstage.
“Oh shit, that’s Yoongi!” You can barely make out Jimin’s twinkling voice beside you, too distracted by the man who is quite honestly, dominating the stage before you.
Yoongi was spitting out his verses like a goddamn dragon, his tongue and lips curving and shaping perfectly around every syllable, his demeanor loud and confident, a side of which you had never seen and, holy shit was he incredible.
“A to the g to the u to the s t d, I’m D boy, because I’m from D!” Yoongi’s song had the entire club on its feet, including you and Jimin, as everyone was completely mesmerized by the man before you. He was playful, confident (cocky?), aggressive, passionate, and so unbelievably sexy, you found yourself actually pressing your thighs together. He’s smirking at the crowd as a group of girls near the front absolutely lose their shit when he motions to his dick during a line that says something about “tongue technology.” You smirk up at him in amazement. So the man, who looks like a kitten, may not be as innocent as you had previously thought. You logged that away for later as you are quickly pulled back into the ending of his performance. His lyrics were taunting, prompting him to keep a smirk on for most of the song as he moves about the stage. By the time he was finished, the entire club felt as though it was shaking with applause and Agust D, as he called himself, quickly become Yoongi once again, smiling softly, bowing his head in thanks as he hustled off of the stage. The duality of this man is absolutely insane.
“Well…that shit is going to be hard to beat.” The MC says bluntly as the crowd continues to cheer even though Yoongi had already left the stage.
“Wow…I bet you’re absolutely drenched right now…” Jimin snickers from beside you, pinching your side as you smack his hands away playfully.
“Shut up…” you mumble but, you don’t deny it, taking a big sip of your Mai Tai as you contemplate whether or not to order another one.
“I sure as fuck am…” Jimin says crudely giggling, his eyes glossed over, no doubt from the 4 glasses of Soju he’s already consumed. “That was incredible.”
You can’t lie. You tried your best to focus on the rest of the performances and, from what you could gather, which wasn’t very much, BamBam and Jackson did a great job. However, Yoongi’s performance played over and over in your head and, you couldn’t stop thinking about good he was and how good he looked. You distinctly remember him saying he raps ‘sometimes’ and, you could not believe that someone with that level of talent, only did it ‘sometimes.’ There was just no way.
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell BamBam and Jackson who you really voted for.” Jimin winks as you open your mouth to deny it before, nodding and scribbling ‘#7-Agust D’ onto your ballad causing Jimin to laugh heartily.  
“Who are you voting for then?” You nudge accusingly with your foot and he leans to pretend to bite it, causing you to giggle and yank it away.
“Honestly? I’m gonna right down both of their numbers, I feel bad and, there’s a shit ton of people in here. They will either throw out my vote or, give them each a vote and, either is fine with me, I wish everyone could win.” Jimin pouts, slightly drunk as he writes down ‘#8-BamBam and #10-Jackson.’
You felt a twinge of guilt in the pit of your stomach; Jackson and BamBam were really nice guys and, you felt kinda bad for giving your vote to Yoongi but, there was no way you could possibly ignore his incredible performance. Besides, they both had pretty great reactions from the crowd so, it was a possibility that, one of them could win. 
Moments later, the MC ushers the ten rappers onto the stage and your eyes quickly scan the group before landing on Yoongi, who was talking to one his fellow competitors. You sat up straighter, trying to see if BamBam and Jackson had made it onto the stage, Jimin shooting them both a thumbs up when they wave in his direction. You smile fondly, your eyes flickering back to Yoongi, only to realize that he was already staring at you, his face one of surprise, his teeth nibbling on his bottom lip as he nods towards you. You smirk back at him, before mouthing the words ‘Good Luck’ to him and, at that he smiled before turning his attention back to the MC. 
“Ok the votes are in everybody, once again, thank you so much for being such a great crowd tonight, we really appreciate it. Also, shout out to our performers tonight, you guys killed it. We hope to make this an annual thing so, if you don’t win tonight, there’s always next year. With that being said, I have the results right here.” The MC pulls out a black envelope and looks up toward the crowd. “The winner has endured 6 weeks of intense competition and has, by popular vote, been named the winner of Glacier’s first ever Rap Royale, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the winner of tonight’s competition and the proud new owner of $5,000 is...” He pauses and you can hear the drum roll echoing from the back of the stage, your heart elevated much more than it should have as you eagerly awaited the results. 
“Agust D!”  
Boom. The crowd goes wild, everyone, including you and Jimin is up on their feet, clapping as the mini hype man himself, steps to the front of the stage, beaming with excitement. You had never seen Yoongi look so youthful before, he looked like a kid on Christmas morning and, you couldn’t help the wide smile that stretched across your face as you clapped for him.
“Alright, we the tiny conqueror himself here…congratulations man!” The MC cheers, the crowd following suit as he puts an arm around Yoongi, and hands him the trophy. Yoongi beamed further as his grabby hands secured the trophy close to his chest, as if someone was going to take it back. He bows his head and mumbles his thanks, his expression one of humility and pride. Not an easy combo.  The MC asks him if he has anything to say and Yoongi nods before, taking the mic from the MC.
“Yah! Thank you so much, this is an honor to receive this award from the people of my community. I couldn’t have done it without my brothers, Namjoon and Jay,” He gestures to the crowd where two men are standing and cheering for him, they bow their heads toward the crowd as Yoongi continues. “They supported me and listen to me perform this song more times than I can count and, as promised, hyung will be buying the meat for the next month.” Yoongi lets out a glimpse of his rickety laugh and you feel your heart flutter at the sound. Jesus, you really liked this boy. “Anyway, I’ll let you get back to partying, thank you again!” He cheers, holding the trophy up once more as the crowd cheers for him one last time. Yoongi/ Agust D leaves the stage, shaking the hands of the rest of his competition before, disappearing behind the curtain.
“Are you gonna offer him a celebratory blowjob or are you just gonna stand there?” Jimin snickers, clearly tipsy, his hip nudging yours as you laugh in response.
“Shut up.” You whine, clearly amused at his suggestion but, well aware that offering to suck Yoongi’s dick in a night club, probably isn’t your best first move. Even though, he definitely deserves it after that performance.
“For the record, I came in second!” You hear a loud voice make its way into the booth as you look up to see Jackson, already drunk, leaning on BamBam as they both attempt to sit down. BamBam snickers, shaking his head.
“No, you didn’t old man, be quiet and drink your Soju.”
“Guys! You did so amazing, I’m sorry you didn’t win but, there’s always next year right?” Jimin slurs his words slightly but, as usual, Jimin’s twinkling voice immediately lightens the mood.
“Please, by the time next year comes around, I’ll be the most successful rapper in the country!” Jackson proclaims, once again causing BamBam to snicker, taking a sip of his drink.
“That’s right hyung, the most successful rapper in the country, you tell em.”BamBam mocks him but, Jackson is too inebriated to catch on and, instead, he nods vigorously in agreement.
“Jimin’s right, you guys both did an amazing job, there was a lot of good performers tonight, the fact that you guys even made it through the competition is something to be proud of.” You encourage as BamBam nods, smiling warmly.
“Thank you Y/N. We,” He emphasizes, nudging Jackson lightly. “…think so too. We’ll both be back next year, hopefully the prize has doubled by then.”
“Yeah, and hopefully that Agust D dude won’t be competing, for your sake that is…” Jackson gestures to BamBam, “I’ll be topping the charts but, I’m sure you’ll be back to win the whole thing.” He says, sure of himself, even as he spills some of his cocktail onto his shirt.
“Ok, maybe it’s time to get going huh? You’re gonna get yourself kicked out for being too wasted.” BamBam suggests, causing you to giggle and look at your own drunk friend, who had been making eyes at the bartender for the past 20 minutes.
“Yeah, I think we should probably head out too, I don’t need this one trying to bring half of the club back his apartment.” You smirk as you observe the bartender, who had clearly already fallen for Jimin’s antics. You couldn’t blame him though, if Park Jimin had looked at you that way, you would have fallen for it too.
“But he’s cute…”Jimin whines, leaning on you, Soju on his breath.
“Yes he is, and you’re wasted. No more drunken sex with strangers, that was one of your resolutions remember?” You remind him, giggling as both you and BamBam help your drunk friends up.
“Rules are meant to be broken Jagi.” Jimin retorts in an almost sultry voice as you usher him through the crowd of people, Jimin’s hand waving at the bartender, who looks genuinely disappointed that Jimin seems to be leaving.  You shake your head at him, holding him up as the four of you make your way to the front of the club.
The scene outside of Glacier is much calmer than when you had initially arrived. The lines were mostly gone, the streets weren’t as congested and, there were only 4 or 5 people that were waiting for their rides.  
“Alright, I called two cabs, they should be here soon.” BamBam tells you, slipping his phone back into his pocket.
You nod, thanking him as you usher Jimin onto the bench, his body leaning against yours.
“Jagiiiii, I’m tired.” He whines and you giggle as you wrap your arm around him.
“It must have been good Soju then, only the good stuff makes you sleepy.” You respond, your voice softening as you pat his arm. Jimin may be small but, he was no lightweight, the soju Glacier served must have been strong because, normally, your best friend would have invited half of the club out for an after party.
BamBam and Jackson say their goodbyes moments later and, stumble into their cab. You smile fondly, happy to have met them before, looking down at Jimin who had started to fall asleep.
“Are you hanging in there?” You say softly, stifling a small giggle, your hand rubbing his arm as he nods in response.
“ ‘m sleepy…” He mumbles and before you can respond, you feel a light tap on your shoulder causing you to whip your head in that direction. Your heart stalled in your chest momentarily as you see Yoongi standing there, trophy in hand, with a small smile on his face.
“Hey.” He says softly, his eyes locking with yours. You return his smile, shifting slightly, causing Jimin’s head to fall into your lap.
“Well, if isn’t the rap champion himself,” You jest, causing a slight flush to decorate Yoongi’s cheeks.  “…congratulations Yoongi, you did an amazing job.”
Yoongi tended to shy away from compliments but, he seemed to fully accept yours, the familiar look of pride returning to his face.
“Thank you.” He responds, shifting slightly in his stance.  “I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight.”
You smirk, laughing lightly, “I could say the same for you….Agust D.”
Yoongi rolls his eyes, waving you off before nodding to Jimin, who had fully passed out on your lap.
“Boyfriend had a little bit too much huh?” He asks, his expression shifting slightly.
You shake your head quickly, patting the top of Jimin’s head.
“Best friend.” You correct him first before continuing, “But, yeah it looks like it. He usually keeps the party going well into the next morning but, tonight, it looks like the Soju definitely won.”
Yoongi’s expression shifts once again as he chuckles and looks down at Jimin momentarily.
“We’ve all been there.” Yoongi concedes and turns his attention back to you, a glint in his eye. “So, who did you vote for?”
You let the smirk find its way back to your mouth, “I voted for the best.” You answer simply, leaving it at that.
Yoongi’s cheeks grow pinker as he lets out a breath he seemed to be holding.  He looks as though he wants to say something else but, he averts his eyes and keeps quiet. Your cab pulls up in front of the bench and, you nod to it as you start to help Jimin to a standing position.
“This is us but, hey seriously,” You lock eyes with Yoongi once more, a soft smile on your face. “You were incredible. I really hope to see you perform again.”
Yoongi chews on his bottom lip, nodding at your comment, his cheeks on fire at this point before rushing to the cab to open the door for you.
“Thank you.” You murmur, helping a half asleep Jimin into the cab.
Yoongi nods, smiling softly and, he really really looks like he wants to say something. You stand up, facing Yoongi, the door separating the two of you. You tilt your head and purse your lips, attempting to suppress yet another smirk.
“I hope you buy yourself something-“Your comment is cut off as Yoongi pipes up, his voice slightly timid but, smooth.
“I can take him home, if you want, and then uh…”He pauses, mid-sentence, as he looks for the right words to say.  “…and we can, hang out for a bit. Have you eaten? There’s a good 24 hour noodle place by my house, if you want to…we can sit for a little bit and…”
“…hang out?” You finish for him, smirking fondly as you hold his gaze. He seems to loose himself in your eyes for a moment before, nodding, his rickety laugh making an appearance.  
“Yeah…unless it’s too late for you that is, I don’t want to keep you up.” He amends politely.
“She’s fine!” Jimin pipes up from the backseat, giggling to himself as he gives his two sense. “You better give her something juicy to talk about, my girl’s been using that vibrator of hers for too long.”
Yoongi’s eyes widen but, you just nudge Jimin and laugh, shaking your head at his comment.
“Don’t listen to him, he’s just projecting.” You explain but, you feel your cheeks go hot momentarily.
“Driver, 7th and Oak Tree pleaseeeee.” Jimin slurs, smiling like an idiot at the now impatient taxi driver. “Y/N go have fuuuuun. Yoongi! Be nice to my friend, or I’ll have to murder you in your sleep. You kids have a good time, I love youuuuuuuu.” Jimin practically yells, pursing his lips toward you and, you giggle, leaning down to kiss his cheek.
Yoongi just nods, blushing as he shifts in his stance, averting his eyes away from Jimin.
“I love you too.” You reach into your wallet and, pull out a crisp $20, handing it to the driver. “Can you make sure he gets in ok?”
“No problem.” The driver mutters, happy to accept your money. You move to the side, making sure Jimin is strapped in before going to shut the door.
“Y/N….” Jimin mumbles, smiling like an idiot, as his hand grips yours.
“Yes, Park Fairy?” You respond, smiling back at him.
“Have fun.” He blows you a kiss before closing his eyes and cozying into the seat.
You shake your head, letting out an airy laugh as you shut the door of the cab.
“He seems nice…” Yoongi notes but, he doesn’t look fully convinced by his own comment.
“That’s one way to describe him.” You remark, smiling fondly as the cab drives off.
God Bless Park Fairy
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moonchild1 · 5 months ago
min yoongi fic rec list (Ⅱ)
Tumblr media
hello everyone here's a list of all my favourite yoongi fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs 🥺🖤 some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
set me free by @myooniverse f s a (arranged marriage au) ❣
noise complaints by @sugasbabiie s a (neighbour au bad boy yoongi)
earn it by @sugasbabiie f s a (college professor yoongi) ❣
you, among the others by inkofyoongi f s a (enemies to lovers au college au) ❣ (on wattpad)
the singularity theory by @dovechim s (college au) ft. Taehyung
catharsis by @dovechim s (roommate au)
does that make sense? by @floralseokjin s a (college au) ❣
aquiver by @floralseokjin f s a (idol au) ❣
undo by @yoonia s a (past lovers au post break au yoongi's pov) ❣
little do you know by @yoonia f s a (established relationship au possessive yoongi)
carousel by @yoonia s a (arranged marriage au) ❣
quirofilia by @aquagustd​ f s (producer yoongi tutor reader)
need to know by @aquagustd​ f s a (sugar daddy yoongi) ❣
love roulette by @whatifyoulivelikethat f s (friends to lovers au)
backstage by @wwilloww s (idol au) ❣
noise complaints by @jkstompers s (neighbour au)
the raindrop prelude by @inktae f a (pianist au)
taxi by @honeyedhoseok s (friends to lovers au)
playing with fire by @houseofdemi-blog f s a (fake dating au) ❣
bonseong breakfast by @honeymoonjin f s a
strike a chord by @snackhobi s ❣
kiss it better by @jeojahari f a (enemies to lovers au college au)
tesselation by @grinnieyoongi f s (idol au)
somebody else by @jeonqukie s a (unrequited love au friends with benefits au) ft. Taehyung ❣
la douleur exquise by @junqkook s a (soulmate au unrequited love au ) ft. Seokjin ❣
playing with fire by @hollyxqx s a (idol au enemies to lovers au) ❣
scary love by @lysjeon s a
the equation of love by @kookingtae f s a (college au professor yoongi student reader) ❣
when the power goes out by @inkjam-moon f s (established relationship au) ❣
what am I to you? by @tayegi
all too well by @cupofteaguk s a (idol au exes au make up artist au) ❣
bad boys bring it to you by @yuengi s (tattoo artist yoongi)
Till I Met You Again by @streetlight11​ f a (soulmate au university au enemies to lovers au) ❣
MicroWave by @btsmakesmehappy f s a (neighbour au agent yoongi)
First love by @clouditae f s a (college au tattoo artist au) ❣
americano kisses by @sunshinejunghoseokie f a (friends to lovers au coffee shop au)
love language by @gukslut f s a (couple au) ❣
easy rebound by @ditzymax s a (college au) ❣
the back of your car by @joheun-saram f s (college au friends to lovers au)
miss dial by @versigny f s a (fratboy au) ❣
sugar and spice by @agustdjoon f s a (sugar daddy yoongi student reader)
love like that by @mintseesaw f (doctor au established relationship au)
stuck by @joonscypher a (arranged marriage au chaebol au) ❣
heart haunting by @jamaisjoons f s a (angst okay you will probably cry but other than that it's a really good read) ❣
anyone but the groom by @yoonjinkooked f s a (based on the movie the wedding planner) ❣
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heyitsmehaneul · a month ago
Gwanghae Flow
Buzzer Beater
Not Around
Kitten’s Little Flame
The Mark Of Yun-Ki
Finding Home
The Landlord
Something To Hold On To
Performance Evaluation
The Guardian
Cooking Class
Cold Shoulder
Maybe I’m A Little Dangerous
This Summer
Tournńe Du Chat Noir
At Your Service
Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Basketball Captain
Maybe, She Can Drive His Car
Fury Of The Scales
Little Monsters
Cream And Suga
Predator And Prey
Not Even A Mouse
Take Me Home
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amoc94 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
My Yandere BTS Fanfic Recommendation.
Read the warning carefully. As with any yandere story, expect some gore or non consensual / dubious consensual sex in some of them.
Everything here has plot, I'm not a fan of PWP, scenarios, text message stories, or reactions.
I don't favor incest either, so I won't recommend it here. (Pseudo-incest is okay.)
For non yandere recommendation, check full Navi here.
1. Allurement , Yandere Namjoon. Series of Drabbles, Slick and deceptive yandere CEO Namjoon.
2. Beloved, long oneshot. Yandere King Min Yoongi - My all time favorite, if you like asian historical dark romance, you'll love this.
3. Excitus Acta Probat, oneshot. Soft Yandere, Mafia Yoongi, feat. OT7.
4. The Tarot Series, A Collection of yandere oneshots based on Tarot Card.
5. Charming, oneshot. Cinderella AU, obsessive Prince Park Jimin. This is very beautiful the way the author describe the scenes and everything.
6. Ultimatum, miniseries. Yandere Sugar Daddy Taehyung, feat. Jimin.
7. Case Closed, miniseries. Yandere Detective Namjoon.
8. Boys Don't Cry, miniseries. Yandere husband Yoongi, feat. Hoseok.
9. Beastly Gods, oneshot. Yandere hybrid Taehyung, feat OT7.
10. Level of Restraint, long oneshot. Office AU, Yandere Jimin and Namjoon. BDSM undertone.
11. Something Wicked, series. Yandere CEO Seokjin.
12. Let The Villain Win, oneshot. Yandere thriller writer Namjoon.
13. Baby Mine, oneshot. Yandere mafia Yoongi with OC.
14. Poison Apple, mini series. Yandere Taehyung feat. Yoongi. This is not for the faint heart. Proceed with caution. Hard non con.
15. A Dangerous Game, Yandere Mob boss Namjoon x reader. Long series, there is sequel. Hard non con in one of the chapters.
16. Bloodline, oneshot. Yandere Jimin feat. Taehyung.
17. Money Shot, oneshot. Yandere mafia Yoongi, bank clerk reader.
18. The Devil's Patience, oneshot. Yandere sugar daddy / CEO Taehyung.
19. Solar Eclipse, long oneshot. Yandere Hoseok, time travel / after life AU.
20. The Stranger, long oneshot. Yandere Doctor Seokjin.
21. Persephone, long oneshot. Yandere mafia leader Namjoon.
22. Bad Guy, ongoing series. Mafia boss Seokjin. This one is not really yandere, per se, but the way Seokjin loves the MC is quite you know...obsessive.
23. Addiction, long oneshot, yandere student Jungkook x reader. He was insanely lusting over you and just how much he was willing to pay for it?
24. See No Evil, long oneshot. Yandere ghost Taehyung, feat. Namjoon.
25. Nightcall, oneshot. Yandere Taehyung, mafia au.
26. Lovesick, oneshot. Yandere Taehyung is your sister's ex-boyfriend.
27. Trigger Happy, oneshot. Yandere mob Jungkook, undercover agent reader.
28. Visitation of a Lover, long oneshot. Yandere ghost Taehyung, feat. Jin.
29. Until I Saw You, oneshot. Yandere mob Namjoon.
30. Fucked Up, yandere OT7. Polyamorous - Idol AU. This is actually a series, look in the author's masterlist. The full version is in author's AO3. (Beware tho, the long version is just like the title says, pretty fucked up, lol.)
31. Choices, oneshot. Yandere kingpin Namjoon.
32. Illicit Photography, series with a sequel. Soft yandere Jungkook with reader as his teacher.
33. Promise, long oneshot. Yandere boyfriend Jimin.
34. Break My Mind's Eye, series. Jungkook as mob boss x fashion designer OC, yandere undertone.
35. Every Breath You Take , oneshot. Stalker Jungkook x reader, feat. Namjoon & Hoseok.
36. Butterfly, oneshot. Your stepson, Yoongi, fucks you in the kitchen while your husband eats breakfast. 
37. Actually, The Devil Wears Gucci, oneshot. Wicked CEO Taehyung with assistant reader.
38. Positive, quite long oneshot. Yandere richman Yoongi, waitress reader is pregnant.
39. Forbidden Fruit, long oneshot. Jhope as mafia member, reader has inability to feel fear.
40. Predator, oneshot. Vampire Jungkook stalked on reader. I felt goosebumps reading this, nothing too gory tho.
41. Brother Knows Best, ongoing short story. Yandere Jungkook, reader is his step sister.
42. Tea For Two, oneshot. Yandere Prince Namjoon x reader, arranged marriage AU.
43. Isolation, short oneshot. Idol AU. Yoongi x reader.
44. Falling for A Lounge Singer, oneshot. Yandere mafia Taehyung, reader is a singer.
45. Black Swan, long one shot. Swan Prince Jimin x reader as a Princess. I'm not usually fond of story about faeries, this one is an exception. Hard to describe this, along with the hair that stood on my nape and that tingling feeling of fear and excitement while reading this. A truly masterpiece.
46. Allegiance, oneshot. King Jungkook x farmer's daughter reader. Almost all stories from this author left me spellbound. She is one talented writer.
47. Killjoy, long oneshot. Jungkook kidnaps you, after stalked on you for quite a while. Keyword here: plot twist. Kkkkkk
48. Making of A Lover, yandere Jungkook with his assistant reader. It's short but darkly entertaining.
49. Expectation x Reality, oneshot. Jungkook x reader, Taehyung x reader. Some hard dub con. With plot twist. 🤭
50. Delphinium, long oneshot, King Taehyung x queen reader. Soft yandere, angst. Beautiful with, ... again, plot twist.😈
51. In The Pain Of The Roses, long one shot, yandere king Yoongi x princess reader. Beautiful, poetic narrative. Read the tag warning, because it's really dark.
52. Anti Hero, long oneshot, yandere Yoongi x idol reader. Not many yandere story in idol universe, this one is not only one of the few, but also oh so so good.
53. Broken, oneshot. Seokjin x reader. Some dub con borderline to non con. Proceed with caution, because it's quite dark. I read this like a year ago, but everytime I read it again, it never failed to give me a shiver. It's on AO3.
54. Infatuation, series of one-shots. Light reading, darkly entertaining. Always fun to reread. It's on AO3.
55. Cardio, long oneshot. Personal trainer Jungkook x rich wife reader. Infidelity, angst, thriller. Very well written.
56. War Lords, miniseries. Namjoon x Detective reader x Hoseok, both men were crime lords. At first I'm not sure whether to put this story under yandere list, since the MC wasn't exactly forced to be with them. But the element of manipulation and mind games, dubious consensual and heavy bdsm sex scenes had me to put it under yandere instead. Heavy angst, very well written. Totally NSFW! You probably soak your panties in front of your colleagues or classmates if you do read it during work.🤣
57. Deviant Affairs, long one-shot. Jimin was your stepbrother who was crazy in love with you.
58. Motive, long one shot. College AU. Jungkook x reader x another girl. Angst, thriller, love triangle. It's hard to describe the complicated feeling when you read this other than it will keep you on edge dragged by your curiosity before 💣💣 boom! There it go, the plot twist.😂
59. Still With You, one-shot. King Jungkook x servant reader. Soft yandere (for me), nothing much in the tag warning, but very enjoyable.
60. The Mansion, long one-shot. Jimin x another man's wife reader. Very good, give you those old house horror scenes vibe.
61. Énouement, long one-shot. Doctor Taehyung x trophy wife reader. It's a part of interconnected stories with other members. Look at the author's masterlist. This is the one that I like the most.
62. Polarity, yandere Jungkook x reader. Infidelity around bestfriend relationship entangled with twisted obsession. It's really good!♥️
63. Throne of A Sinner, King Jungkook x servant reader, long one shot, open ending. Not sure if there will be continuation. Poetic narrative, quite intense and chilling. Read the warning, very descriptive non consensual sex scene.
64. Knight in Bloody Armor, club owner Hoseok x reader. Ongoing series. Very well written and chilling. It's on AO3, and you need to log in to be able to read it.
65. House of Serpents, ongoing series. OT7 x high class escort reader in organized crime AU. A shitload twisted men with twisted sex flavor. I have no words to say other than it put me on variety of different emotions until its latest chapter, and I have love and hate relationship with all of the men here. Polyamorous dynamic, heavy BDSM vibe. It's very well written on AO3. As always, read the warning.
66. Love Pages, yandere Jimin x slight yandere reader, inspired by "Death Note".
I'll reblog everytime two new fics are up.
These are all the ones that, you know, really give me some impression, goosebumps etc.
Very good.
Tumblr media
@sweetwolfcupcake @bang-tan-bitches @flowesona @bangtans-apollo @lemonjoonah @chaoticpuff17 @jooniyah @taequois @deepdarkdelights @sweetbunnykook @cosmostae @worldwidemochiguy @jingabitch @conversehigh1203 @jkeuphoriadreamland @flowerwrites06 @junqkook @yandere-society @smileyoongle @nomnomsik @persephoneyss @chummywchimmy @kaiseuphoria @avveh @ddaenqu @lovetalkhendery @chinkbihh @jessikahathaway @darkestcorners @99liners @yanderebts @jkooby @jimlingss
Let me know if I mistyped the tag list on author's name.
Strikethrough means link is not working or author deactivate account.
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svrcegi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fluffy yoongi fic recs
hi, this is just like my other bts fluffy fic recs, this is just some yoongi fics filled with fluff (and pinches of angst but i tried to keep this just fluff!), and a lot of these are drabbles but there should be a few oneshots here and there :p
includes yoongi x reader & yoongi x bts members
still adding fics along the way (≧∇≦)/
.    .    .    .
do you still care? by @eternally-writing
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: after waiting months for Yoongi to come back from tour, your reunion doesn’t quite go as planned.
00:00 by @joopiterjoon (read on ao3)
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary:  yoongi has had a long day and feels the stress of it all.
comethru by @minyoongees
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: yoongi saves you from heinous karens.
hey i didn’t eat it all alone by @taetaespeaches (halloween themed)
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: yoongi and kid/reader ate all the candy before trick-or-treaters show up and that just won’t do for yoongi.
eye meet by @1uvtae
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: had no summary but yoongi and reader are “class-mate crushes”
reminiscent by @blu-joons
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: as the eve of yoongi’s proposal comes to an end, one item that he gifts to you opens up a whole new world to you as yoongi finally shares with you the many feelings that he’s kept to himself.
calling... producer min yoongi by @bangtan-dreamland
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: there wasn’t a summary for this :D
reassurance by @justcallmenikki7
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: your boyfriend’s worries sets suga, his alter ego, and you are the only one who can reassure him that you are never going to leave.
cute agression by @hollyhomburg
— pairing: yoongi x reader x jimin (polyamory)
— summary: when you get drunk with your boyfriends- 3 things always happen: jimin gets bratty. you get needy. and yoongi gets impossibly irrevocably mushy gushy sugar cookie soft.
buttons by @worldwidebt7
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: where yoongi can’t seem to get the buttons on the sleeve of his shirt to cooperate at a fan sign event, so you decide to give him a hand.
afternoon cuddles by @kpopcrabs
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: a late afternoon to spend lounging in bed with your cuddle... monster?
nocturne by @cafemyg
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary:  you’re sick of frat parties and halloween, which is how you end up playing violin on min yoongi’s roof.
is this your way of asking for my number? by @moon-write
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: after moving to south korea, you never expected learning the language would put you right in min yoongi’s sights...
i love you by @certainlilmeowmeow
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary:  yoongi's step sister tries to hurt you because of jealousy after finding out you are pregnant. so of course yoongi makes sure to show her her place
heart strings by @fluffyydumplings
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: mornings like this one are the best - especially when your boyfriend is min fucking yoongi.
kiss me already, grumpy boy by @moon-write
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: after a stressful day, you and yoongi seek out different ways to de-stress and enjoy what time you have left of the day.
lazy morning by @tuvaidk
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: this one didn’t have a summary ;p (i would give my own but the title says it all)
a love for you by @glitterzandfirecuffs
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: reader watches yoongi as he works, trying to keep herself up in te process (my own summary lol)
flufftober-d19: frosty - yoongi by @huihuiheart
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: yoongi knew you were stubborn, but at least that meant he knew you well enough to come prepared.
blinded love by @certainlilmeowmeow
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: yoongi feels his whole world crashing down at the thought of losing you.
butter fingers by @myooniverse
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: when it comes to your boyfriend, you are absolutely obsessed with every detail about him. however, nothing compares to his fingers. caught up in a daydream about his digits, you reminisce about the very first time you met and how he ended up with the unconventional nickname of butter fingers. or also known as a love letter to yoongi’s fingers.
fussy by @hyungieyoongi
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: had no summary but let me tell you it involves dad yoongi 
the universe wants us to be by @minyoongisjiminie
— pairing: yoongi x jimin
— summary: yoongi is scared to admit his feelings towards jimin, even though deep down, both know… yoongi is the moon and jimin the sun. (shortened ver of summary)
i need one of those baths by @wtf-yoongi
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: no summary for this one :p
coming home by @jeonstudios​
— pairing: yoongi x reader
— summary: work. it means early mornings for you, late nights for yoongi, and not much time together until the weekend. that’s why you love it when he comes home.
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dgmovies · a month ago
Min Yoongi (SUGA): Recommendations Masterlist
Tumblr media
✨Welcome to my world✨
I’m just gonna throw this on the internet for y'all. Here are a lot of fics I've collected over the past couple of years of BTS YOONGI. So enjoy :) Idk if all the links work. Some works may have been deleted already. Also, some info might be missing. *Disclaimer: English is not my first language.*
Tags: © = My personal favorite, F = Fluff, A = Angst, S = Smut
BTS Navigation -> click here
*Updated: 19-12-2021*
A Bit Much – @ddaengtae (©, F, S, A)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 16.9k
Summary: It’s your senior year of college.  After surviving three years, nothing could surprise you, right?  Wrong.  You can’t seem to catch a minute of peace from the moment the beautiful, yet utterly obnoxious Min Yoongi decides to sit in the seat next to you in one of your lectures and takes every opportunity he can get to pester you.  He’s just doing this to piss you off, right? Or maybe he’s an awkward idiot. (College!AU, E2L!AU)
Act On It – @dom-joonie (©, F,A, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 15.6k
Summary: You learn that the cute barista you’ve been crushing on might have an… otherworldly disposition after you accidentally cut yourself. (Vampire!Yoongi)
Breakfast – @btsiguess (F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 5.4k
Summary: The morning after a wild, drunken night with your best friend is never easy. And you’d venture it’s safe to say Min Yoongi is working extra hard to make this the most confusing morning you’ve had in a while.
Brighter Than Fire – @cupoftaeguk (F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 11k
Summary: There’s quite possibly nothing you hate more than Min Yoongi and his stupid, stupid face—and the stupid, stupid way he makes you feel. (CampCounselor!AU, E2L!AU)
Chemistry Partners – @tayegi (S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 11.4k
Summary: When you break up with your boyfriend of two years, after catching him cheating on you, you have no partner for the chemistry project worth half your grade. But then, Min Yoongi is the mysterious ‘bad boy’ of the school and your ex-boyfriend’s best friend until something dramatic blows up between the two of them and their friendship falls apart. Of course, no one will tell you what caused their falling out, and you have to find out for yourself when you’re stuck as Yoongi’s chemistry partner.
Caffeine - @gukgalore (©, F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 9.4k
Summary: (Café!AU)
Connected – @sincerelyourfangirl (F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 6.5k
Summary: How do you learn to love your husband – a man you barely know? (Royalty!AU, ArrangedMarriage!AU)
Conveniently – @baeseoul (F, S, A)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 22k
Summary: Slice of life, Single Parent!Reader, Convenience Store Owner!Yoongi
Dig Deep - @park-moomin
Status: Completed+ 2 drabbles
Word Count: 4.3k
Summary: The night before your wedding to a man you couldn’t find any more repugnant, you seek out the mercantile aid of an unscrupulous space pirate.
.Docx - @yngpraisebot (S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 4.4k
Summary: (CEO!Yoongi, Boss!Yoongi)
Helping Hands - @btsiguess (F, S, A)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 8k
Summary: Yoongi thought it was funny, the man who couldn’t stand living once, being forced to live twice. But he does have to say, being stuck inside your body does make things a little more interesting. (Ghost!Yoongi)
His Hands - @nahfamily (S, F)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 6.7k
Summary: You hadn’t paid much attention to Min Yoongi until a stupid icebreaker at your office. Now, you can’t get him, and his hands, out of your head. (Office!AU)
Intimidation - @lustjoon (F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: In which you think Yoongi is intimidating bc of his dark clothing and his quiet ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude… But then someone makes him laugh and you watch as his face lights up in the cutest gummy smile complete with shining eyes and blushing cheeks and BOOM you’re whipped for that boy.
Late Bloomer – @tayegi (©, S, F)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 21k
Summary: You were, what they called, a late bloomer. You didn’t get your period until you were nearly seventeen-years-old and when all of your classmates were talking about boys and smoking weed after school, you were playing neopets in the back of the classroom. You’re twenty-two now, a senior in college, and an adult by every sense of the word. Except, you haven’t experienced your first heat yet, which normally would come at the age of eighteen. You were always just a few years behind everyone else, but it was never a big deal. Until you go on a trip to the mountains with a couple of your friends.
Lining’s Silver - @sketchguk (©, F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 14.1k
Summary: You would rather die than confess you’re capable of feeling anything but disdain towards the rich and privileged, so you make it known, loud and clear, that going on a bunch of dates with Min Yoongi is nothing more than an academic arrangement for the sake of your GPA. Holding hands and catching f*elings for him? That’s all part of the plan, so don’t get the wrong idea. Or as Jeongguk likes to call it, “Matchmaking 101: How to Get Two Tsunderes to Fall in Love.” (College!AU, E2L!AU)
Listen Closely - @avveh (©, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 12.2k
Summary: Unintentionally, you stumble upon something that makes you view your coworker Min Yoongi in a whole new light.
Make it right - @tteokminu (©, F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 17k
Summary: You’ve always thought Jeon Jungkook was the only one meant for you. But a soft mint haired boy by the name of Min Yoongi proves to you that your life isn’t as empty as it seems. (Soulmate!AU, Red Petals!AU)
Memories - @blkjmn (©, A, S, F)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 6,2k
Summary: “We can save the details for later. I accept your apology, and I really want to fucking kiss you.” (Commoner!Yoongi, King!Yoongi, Criminal!Reader)
Min Yoongi, Library Services – @kpopfanfictrash (©, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 7.4k
Summary: When you accept the offered research position at Bangtan University, you are well aware of your partner’s prestige. The only problem is – so is he.
Next Door – @personasintro (©, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 10.3k
Summary: Your neighbor doesn’t respect your complaints about him being loud, but you don’t let it slide so easily.
Salud! – @jeongukk ©
Status: Completed
Word Count: 14.5k
Summary: ...
Suit & Tie – @jungshookz (©, F, S)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 21k
Summary: Your new boss makes you want to drive a letter-opener right into your eyeball. (CEO!Yoongi, Office!AU)
The Guest House - @avveh (S, F)
Status: Completed
Word Count: 7.8k
Summary: Yoongi the hostel owner slowly develops a rapport with a girl and her friends that keep visiting. Maybe a bit of a flirtatious one. Maybe even a little crush. One night he gets protective on a date gone bad and it leads to smut.
Amor Vincit Omnia – @sunshyngal (©, A, S)
Status: 20 Chapters (Completed)
Word Count: ? (20 Chapters)
Summary: The worst thing you can do to a guy? Marry him when he begs you not to. Worst thing you can do to yourself? Fall in love with him afterwards. (ArrangedMarriage!AU, Maffia!AU)
Cold – @ddaeng-181338 ©
Status: 14 Chapters (Ongoing)
Word Count: ?
Summary: Yoongi hated you the second you joined the pack and that was that. (EnemiesToLovers!AU, Wolf!AU)
Cold Iced Americano – @cutaepatootie
Status: 2/4 Chapters
Word Count: 40k (2 Chapters)
Summary: …
Comfortable Uncertainty – @creativejoon
Status: 4/6 Chapters
Word Count: ? (20 Chapters)
Summary: …
Foe And Dear – @becomingbts
Status: 6/? Chapters (Ongoing)
Word Count:?
Summary: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.
First Love – @humansofbangtan
Status: 3/? Chapters (Ongoing)
Word Count: ?
Summary: You had ended up at a BTS fansign by change but fate had many plans for you and Yoongi…
His First Love – @justimajin (A, F, S)
Status: 12 Chapters + Extra’s
Word Count: 40k (2 Chapters)
Summary: Each night, its the same dream; drenching tears, specks of blood and a heart torn in half. Each night, you wake up trembling and filled with the fear of how crystal-clear the nightmares were, more and more endless questions ready to spur from you. The biggest question however, was always left unanswered - who was the man that never ceased the opportunity to appear in them? (Vampire!AU, Reincarnation!AU)
Lineage – @kosmosguk (A, S)
Status: 4/4 Chapters (Completed)
Word Count: 26,3k (4 Chapters)
Summary: When an engagement locks you, the 8th and forgotten princess, to the duke infamous for his cruelty, you find yourself counting the days until your inevitable death. It’s terrifying to think of your end, but when you arrive at his territory, you realize there’s a more morbid reason behind your marriage, and that the duke is much worse than the rumors have painted him out to be. (Royal!AU, Duke!Yoongi, Princess!Reader)
Mr. Min – @ellieljade
Scintilla – @inkofyoongi (©, F, S, A)
Status: 4/4 Chapters (Completed)
Word Count: 44,8k (4 Chapters)
Summary: In which Yoongi wants you to teach him how to swim… And maybe something more. (SummerCamp!AU, EnemiesToLovers!AU)
Suga Daddy – @drquinzelharleen
Status: 15/15 Chapters (Completed)
Word Count: ...
Summary: Yoongi gives you an offer you can’t refuse.
The Early Shift - @hobidreams (©, S, F)
Status: 3/3 Chapters + mini’s (Completed)
Word Count: 21.4k (3 Chapters)
Summary: Your coworker Yoongi is always infuriatingly late. except the one time he’s much too early.
The Singularity Theory – @dovechim (©, F, S)
Status: 3/3 Chapters (Completed)
Word Count: ?k (3 Chapters)
Summary: The singularity theory posits that privilege of anonymity, combined with the element of restricted physical contact, has the ability to foster an emotional intimacy between two strangers that is genuine and non-forced.
This Is Just To Say – @btsiguess (F, S, A)
Status: 10/? Chapters (Ongoing)
Word Count: ?
Summary: To say it’s unusual to have a soulmate is an understatement, and most people desperately wish to have an elegant name scrawled upon their wrist. In reality though, you’d have to say it causes much more issues than it solves.
Twisted – @joonlagoon ©
Status: 8/? Chapters
Word Count: ?
Summary: ...
What’s Mine Is Mine – @lunaandhertrashheap (F, S, A)
Status: 2/? Chapters (Ongoing)
Word Count: 10,6k (2 Chapters)
Summary: You’d heard the awful rumors of the emperor who lived at the top of the hill. But when one of his officials shows up on your doorstep to bring you to the palace as his personal maid, you are in no position to resist. Little do you know, being an emperor isn’t all about power; it has its stresses. And the emperor is eager to relieve them with the terrified new maid who trembles when he meets her eye.
You, Among The Others – @inkofyoongi (©, F, S, A)
Status: 10/? Chapters (Ongoing)
Word Count: ?
Summary: You and Taehyung shared a love story for two years until you break up. You thought nobody could replace him until Yoongi–the guy you hate the most-asks you to tutor him in English, messing your life up: love can come from nothing, without rhyme or reason. (EnemiesToLovers!AU, College!AU)
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yoonlattesworld · 2 months ago
His two girls
Single dad!coldceo yoongi x secretary reader
Read my other yoongi one shots here
Tumblr media
Single dad yoongi x reader one shot
Summary:his daughter loves you and so does he. But somehow,his ex wife tries to come in between you and yoongi won't tolerate that
Genre: fluffy fluff! No warnings
Author's pov
You were walking towards your desk after printing some papers with the sound of your heels clicking against the marble floor. Too busy looking at the papers in your hands that you didn't notice a small figure running towards you. You let out a surprised yelp when suddenly two small hands wrapped around your legs causing the papers in your hand to almost scatter on the floor. "Angel!" Looking down your eyes softened while a bright smile adorned your face matching the Little girl's in front of you. "Oh my! Hello little miss, I didn't see you there!" The little girl giggled gleefully when you crouched down to her small height and tapped her cheek. "Daddy let me come here because I completed all my homework! Oh! Angel, do you want to swee my new drwaing?" She asked excitedly while you nodded with the same excitement and she raised her arms wanting to be picked which you immediately did. Holding both her and the papers you started walking towards her dad's office who is also your boss. Your boss Min Yoongi is one of the most successful businessmen in the whole Korea and you are his personal secretary.
The little girl in your arms is his only daughter whose name is Min Ga-in. She is 5 years old and you met her a year ago when Mr min brought her to his company for the first time. He is a single dad and you always felt bad for Ga-in because she has to live without her mother at such a young age. Mr min divorced ga-in's mother when ga-in was 3 years old. It was an arranged marriage and after 1 and half years of being married they both had Ga-in. Everything was going fine until he came to know that his ex wife didn't treat his daughter nicely. He knew that she was just with him for his money but he didn't expect that she would hit his daughter behind his back. The day he found those bruises on his daughter's delicate body,he filed a divorce and raised Ga-in alone. You have been here for 2 years and everyone at the company adores you because of your sweet and kind nature. Min Yoongi was the complete opposite of you. He is known for his cold nature but everyone except for you knows that he is always soft and gentle for you. Baby Ga-in immediately took a liking for you because of your sweet nature. You and Yoongi are her favourite people. Smiling to yourself listening to her gibberish you went to knock on the door but Ga-in pulled your fingers and whispered"can i knock?pwease?" You nodded and she smiled widely knocking on the door with her small fist.
She giggled hearing her father's deep voice " come in" you kissed her head and opened the door walking inside to see him looking at some documents. While Yoongi, who heard your footsteps, looked up and for some reason,the sight in front of him melted his heart. His eyes softened while a small smile creeped on his face seeing you holding his daughter while smiling at him. Ga-in smiled widely and wiggled to get out of your hold and you put her down as she ran to get something from her bag. Giggling at the little girl you looked at Yoongi to see him already looking at you. There was something in his eyes which you couldn't decipher yet it managed to bring a small blush on your soft cheeks. Looking down you walked towards him and placed the papers on his desk "here are the papers you asked for mr min" while taking the papers, Ga-in came back and shoved a piece of paper in your hands "look!" A little confused, you took the paper while Yoongi sighed. Your eyes widened slightly when you saw three figures drawn messily. "It's you and me and dadda!" You bit your lip and looked down at her patting her head "it's really pretty! I didn't know you could draw so well, little miss!" She giggled, getting a Little shy and mumbled"thank you angel" you smiled and gave her drawing back then looked at yoongi who was looking at you both with fond eyes. "Mr min?"
He was snapped out of his daydream hearing your soft voice and cleared his throat."y-yeah you can go now. It's perfect" he said in his deep and raspy voice while looking at the papers and you nodded shyly and turned towards Ga-in'' I will go now sweetheart but you can come find me if you need anything okay?" She nodded smiling brightly making you smile too and you made your way out of the room. Walking towards your desk you took a deep breath trying to calm your pounding heart. You didn't know why but the way he looks at you makes you nervous and giddy at the same time. You still remember the day when he fired one of his best employee because he tried to touch you inappropriately. You remember how his eyes looked so cold and scary. While yoongi took his daughter in his arms, making her sit on his lap. She cupped his face in her small hands and said"dadda do you like my angel?" His eyes widened while she giggled and mumbled"so jiminie uncle was right" yoongi narrowed his eyes and said "what did you say?" "Nothing"she shrugged her shoulders and resumed back to drawing again. You were peacefully working on your laptop when suddenly "ma'am you can't go in there. You aren't allowed to meet her" looking up hearing the sudden commotion you stood up and walked towards the source of voice. You were surprised to see two guards and the receptionist trying to stop a woman.
"Listen here I don't need anyone's permission to meet my daughter so leave me alone!" The woman said, yanking her hand away and turned towards you. You gasped softly when you saw her "Miss Jieun?" She scoffed and looked at you from head to toe scrunching her face in disgust. Biting your lip you went towards her while she kept on glaring at you"ma'am can i ask why are you here?" You asked her politely while she just flipped her hair back and confidently said "I am here to take my daughter." "what?" You said feeling nervousness growing inside you. You know how she treated that little girl and you didn't want her to suffer again. Just as you said that,a middle aged man came running towards you both while panting.'Her lawyer?' you thought to yourself. She looked at him and said "c'mon" he nodded and she pushed you aside and walked towards Yoongi's office as if she owns this place. You immediately rushed after her to stop her but you were late as she already pushed the door and stomped inside his office. Yoongi looked irritated to see who the hell just came into his office but his eyes darkened and his jaw clenched seeing his ex wife standing in front of him with a smirk on her face. Ga-in's smile dropped and her hands fisted Yoongi's shirt tightly. Yoongi saw you running inside and your eyes widened slightly sensing the atmosphere. "What the fuck are you doing here?!"
He growled while she pouted and said "is this how you welcome me when we are meeting after 2 years? I'm hurt ``Yoongi took a deep breath trying to control himself and looked at you "take Ga-in out of here" you nodded and immediately went towards him and picked her up while she snuggled in your neck not looking at her mom. You looked up at Yoongi to see him looking at Jieun with his jaw clenched. You hesitantly put your hand on his arm knowing he can't control himself when he gets angry. Looking at you his eyes softened and he kept his hand on yours mumbling "go. It's okay" you nodded and started walking out not noticing the way Jieun was giving you a dirty glare. After he was sure that you and Ga-in were out he looked at her and said "why are you here" she smirked and said"sit down. Let's talk" he forcefully made his way to the couch and sat in it looking at her sitting opposite to him. "Now I will get straight to the point. I want Ga-in. I am here to take her ``Yoongi's eyes darkened and he growled "what?" She sighed and said "c'mon yoongi we both know that she needs a mother. You can't take care of her alone. So just listen to me and give me her custody" the real reason she wanted for was that she wanted yoongi back. She thought that if she could take Ga-in,she can win yoongi back too. She wanted his fame and reputation."'No" Meanwhile you were standing outside trying to calm the little girl who was crying "i-is she going to take me ?" She asked you and you immediately shaked your head "no sweetheart. Dadda won't let her do that, right?" She nodded and hugged you tightly.
"Hey what's wrong sweetie? Stop crying i promise we won't let her take you away from us" you shushed her gently and she looked at you with tears all over her face"angel c-can i tell you something?" "Of Course honey." You said soothingly "y-you won't get mad?" She asked looking scared and you shook your head "I promise I won't" she sniffled and pulled you closer to whisper in your ear. But then She said something which felt like someone just pierced daggers in your heart. "Come with me" you held her hand and took her back to his office. Opening the door you bragged in with Ga-in following you and all the eyes fell on you. "Y/n what are you doing here?" Yoongi asked you sternly but you looked at Jieun who was looking at Ga-in. Crouching down you gently put your hands on her shoulder and said "Ga-in can you tell dadda what you just told me? I promise I won't let anything happen to you. Do you trust me?" She nodded almost immediately and looked at her dad who was looking at you both with his eyebrows furrowed. "Dadda s-she hurts me. P-pwease don't let her take me. I-i want to stay with you and angel" she started crying while you took her in your arms. Yoongi walked towards you both and crouched down "babygirl what are you saying?" You noticed how Jieun suddenly got quiet and Ga-in said "s-she tried to hurt Angel too. She hurt me too. I'm scared I don't want to go with her"
she started crying harder and you could feel tears pricking your eyes too "what" he looked at you and you hesitantly whispered "t-that day when i took Ga-in with me to the market..we met her there a-and she.." "she what?!" He growled furiously and Ga-in said "s-she slapped my angel!" Still crying in your arms. His breathing got heavier,a sign when he couldn't control his anger. He stood up to see Jien trembling in fear and she shouted "she is lying! That slut teached our daughter those lies! You know i would never-ahh!" her sentence got cut when yoongi grabbed her arm tightly and dragged her towards the door. He threw her out of his office making her stumble and fall on the floor. He glared at her lawyer who immediately rushed out not caring about his client. "Yoongi you can't do this to me!" She shouted still on the floor while he scoffed and smirked angrily"be thankful to y/n and Ga-in because if they weren't here,you would have been dead by now and Ga-in doesn't need a mother like you when she already have y/n who treats my daughter like her own." And slammed the door shut on her face while the employees around her started whispering and recording her.Breathing heavily he turned around to look at you both and his eyes softened. He took Ga-in in his arms and his one hand snaked around your shoulder pulling you close to his chest. You gasped feeling him kiss your forehead and gripped his shirt tightly. "Shh it's okay...she's gone now"he said calming his daughter who cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep on his shoulder. He slowly stood up and Gently placed Ga-in on the couch.
You stood there looking at the floor when he came in front of you and made you look at him "why didn't you tell me?" He asked raspily which you started stuttering"i-im really sorry i was s-scared because she tried to hurt Ga-in and said t-that she will ruin your reputation but then Ga-in told me t-that Miss Jieun came to her school too that's w-why-" at this point you started sobbing, scared that you made a mistake and yoongi immediately wrapped his arms around you holding you close to him "shh it's okay. It's not your fault babygirl. I'm not mad at you" you sniffled and pulled back to look at him while he wiped your tears. Your heartbeat fastened when his gaze fell on your lips. You bit your bottom lip nervously while he let out a deep groan and smashed his lips on yours. You gasped and clutched his shirt as your hands rested on his chest and he pulled you closer. He deepened the kiss pulling you closer leaving no space between your bodies. His hands wrapped around your waist tighter and he let out a low growl biting your bottom lip gently. You gasped and whimpered when he pushed his tongue inside your mouth. Your knees weakened under his touch and you stumbled a bit but he bend down a little and his hands wrapped around your mid thighs. He picked you up as you held his shoulder for support and he placed you on his desk. Gripping your thigh he kissed you as if you were made of glass. He was controlling himself knowing it was your first kiss. A few seconds later you tapped his chest feeling lightheaded. He pulled back breathing heavily and leaned his head against yours. "Fuck i can't control myself anymore. I love you...so fucking much" you blushed profusely and he whispered"say it kitten. Do you feel the same?" You nodded shyly and mumbled"i-i love you too" "you are mine" he growled and buried his face in your neck his arms tightening around your waist"w-what about Miss jieun?" He smirked and said "you don't need to worry about it kitten"he will make sure that she will pay for hurting his two girls. "Is angel my mommy now? Like dadda said?" You both looked up wide eyed to see a sleepy Ga-in looking at you both. "When did you woke up babygirl" yoongi asked her as you got off his desk fixing yourself "just now when you said i lub you" You went towards her and hugged her small body "would you like it if i become your mommy?" "Yes!" She shouted and you both giggled. Yoongi was watching you both with soft eyes and a fond look on his face replacing the cold one. A second later,you felt two strong arms wrapping around you as yoongi pulled you both towards him. Kissing both of your head he mumbled"i love you both" Ga-in giggled and said "we luw you too dadda"
The next day a video of the daughter one of the most successful video went viral. An employee at yoongi's office recorded the whole conversation plus the part where he kicked Jieun out. Every one was shocked to find the truth behind their sudden divorce. And Jieun's whole carrer was ruined by a single video. Her father denied to take responsibility for her actions and made her reveal the truth to the media where people found out that she used to abuse her own daughter. Not being able to handle the embarrassment and shame,she left korea. And is now living alone in LA.
*3 years later*
You smiled looking at Ga-in who was busy playing with a dog. Right now you,yoongi and Ga-in were in yoongi's hometown Daegu. You all came to spend a little family vacation here. Ga-in wanted to go to a park so here you are at Duryu park watching the pretty cherry blossoms.You watched her bid goodbye to the dog as it's owner started walking ahead. "Mom! That dog was so cute! When will we get one?" She asked while pouting as she reached infront of you and sat besides you on the bench. You giggled and put your finger on your chin pretending to think"hmmm I don't know maybe when you are all grown up to take care of it?" You laughed when she started whining "but i am all grown up! I'm 8 years old already!" You smiled and put an arm around her shoulder pulling her close to you while your other arm went to your 3 month old belly. "Won't you help me take of your little sibling?" She nodded immediately "so we can get a puppy when the baby is a little older don't you think so? It will be hard to take care of both of them right?" She sighed and nodded knowing you were right. "Here is your icecream" you both looked up hearing his deep voice and smiled brightly looking at yoongi coming towards you both with a bag in his hand" "Dadda!" Even though she is 8 years old,she still calls her father dadda and you her angel. "Here is your icecream sweetheart" he said handing Ga-in a chocolate cone. "And your orange juice" you smiled happily taking your favourite juice making him smile too. He sat besides you both and drank some water putting an arm around your shoulder as Ga-in sat in between you both. "Are you feeling tired babygirl?" He asked rubbing your shoulder gently. You shaked your head too busy drinking your orange juice while rubbing your small bump"and you sweetheart?" He asked Ga-in and she immediately shaked her head . She finished her ice cream and said"Can i go towards the lake please?" You took the ice cream wrappers from her and nodded "yes you can sweetie just be careful"yoongi told her pressing a kiss on her head and she nodded and ran towards the lake. Yoongi pulled you closer and you looked at him with a soft smile on your face. He gently rubbed your belly and pressed his lips on yours.
You both got married last year and you officially adopted Ga-in 2 years ago. 2 months ago you found out that you are pregnant and yoongi's protectiveness increased for you and Ga-in. He promised himself that he will never let anything happen to his 3 angels. He couldn't be happier. The day you accepted his proposel,was the day you saw him crying for the first time. And the second time you saw him cry was on your wedding day. You remember how tears of happiness filled his eyes when he saw you walking down the aisle.Pulling back you both smiled at eachother as he tucked your hair behind your ear. Standing up he took your hand in his bigger one and You both walked towards Ga-in .you hugged her as she smiled and kissed your cheek. Yoongi wrapped his arms around you both protectively and both you and Ga-in smiled happily feeling safe in his arms.
Yoongi couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with his little family.
But neither of you knew that a pair of eyes were watching you three from afar. Jieun smiled sadly wiping a small tear that escaped her eyes and turned around to walk away "i deserved it" she did moved on but the pain she caused to her daughter and yoongi was still fresh in heart. She admitted that she was using yoongi for her own needs to and she didn't liked her daughter because she stole the spotlight from her. But as she lived alone in LA for 3 years,she realised her mistake but she couldn't face yoongi or his daughter again. "Ooff-" she stumbled back at the sudden force but a hand wrapped around her wrist and pulled her back up. Her eyes widened as she realised she was almost hugging a random man. "You seem to be in a hurry my lady" looking up her heart started pounding when he smirked at her. " The name is Lee yeonjun and you might be?"
Maybe it's time to start a new life
Smiling a little she replied"Han jieun"
Author's note:heyyoo guys! It's your lazy author here. I hope you are enjoying these stories and I'm sorry! I changed my users. I didn't really liked "certainlilmeowmeow" so i changed it. I love it so i hope you guys like it too! I will be back with a new story soon so see you guys later!!
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jungshookz · 3 years ago
ceo!yoongi - the fishnet stockings
Tumblr media
→ pairing: min yoongi x reader
→ genre: ceo!au, jealouS yoongi, this is mainly smut so,,,, nSFW, jimin is a victim of your guys’ sinning yet again
→ wordcount: 4.3k
→ notes: usually i’m not great at writing smut,,, but hopefully this was good enough for you guys i hope i was able to QUENCH your thirst because as much as we like soft fluffy ceo!yoongi sometimes we need to fulfil our thirsty desires and this particular one involves fishnet stockings ALSO the original ceo!yoongi fic is almost at 1k which is kind of sort of crazy??? u guys are too nice to me 
if you have no idea whO ceo!yoongi is go ahead and read the fic that started it allllllllll anyways i hope you guys like this one! feel free to flood the friCK out of my inbox i love dat shit
if u wanna ask yoongs or y/n anything u know what to do ;-)
(gif isn’t mine!)
(((and the read more function iS there but most of the time it doesn’t work on mobile :// i am sorry don’t attack me by sending passive-aggressive anon messages)))
you’re pretty sure your dryer is broken or something
your clothes are shRINKing and there’s no other explanation than the dryer!!!!
some of your sweaters and shirts and sweatpants have survived and they come out the same size you bought them in
but things like your work blouse
your pencil skirt is teN times tighter than you feel it should be
like yeah you can still wiggle into it and zip it up and stuff but- holy shIt your ass has never looked better
u lookin t h i c c
“woah” you mutter and check yourself out in the mirror
the pencil skirt has never done thIS to your body before
it moulds perfectly around you and outlines the shape of your hips and bum and thighs and everything
usually it reaches a little above your knee but it’s got to be like a couple inches shorter now
like it’s basically mid-thigh
you don’t have anything else to wear so this is going to have to do
you’ll be fine ,, right ??
you reach for the pantyhose and you’re about to pull them on and then you notice the huge fuCKing HOLE on the side
where??? when????? (hint: yoongi might have something to do with your shredded pantyhose)
you groan and toss it aside before staring at yourself in the mirror
now what are you supposed to do
you can’t show up to work without pantyhose because of the dumb coMpanY uNifoRm poLiCy
you need to ask namjoon to modify the policy because you hate wearing pantyhose anyway
and what kind of word is pantyhose
the ugliest word in the world that’s what kind of word it is 
so here you are
you have to leave in 6 minutes otherwise you’ll be late and yoongi will slaughter u and have your head on a stick
even tho the two of you are dating he hasn’t taken it easy on you  
“yEs yes yes” you whisper to yourself like a maniac when you pull out a pair of stockings
they’re not regular stockings,,,, these r fishnet stockings
you only ever wear these things when you go out to the club with jimin to give ur outfit that special touch (aka you want to attract the attention of the fellas)
basically u haven’t worn these in a while but it’s not like you have a choice you don’t have any other stockings
you wiggle into them and then yank the pencil skirt back down and smooth it out
and now for your blouse
you tuck it into the skirt and leave a couple buttons unbuttoned for that ~casual~ look
and then u have your skinny leather belt and u loop it through the skirt before securing it
yaS girl look at that cinched waist!!!  
and to top it off
a brand new pair of strappy black heels
they’re pretty cute it’s like an open toe heel with a thin leather strap around the ankle
they’re a little higher than you’re used to but once you break them in you’ll be alright
your phone buzzes on the bed
‘meet u in the lobby in 4 minutes! don’t be late u bitch’ you snort at jimin’s text before replying to him quickly and tossing your phone into your purse
and now that you get a chance to look at your whole outfit
….is this work appropriate
this might not be work appropriate
o shit
what do u do now
you can’t wear this to work
well like
it’s not appropriate but at the same time it’s not not appropriate
you’re still wearing a nice white blouse and the skirt is modest even tho it’s mid-thigh
it’s not even mid-thigh it’s like a liTTLe longer than that pft
your phone buzzes again and you already know it’s jimin
you know what it’s fine
you’ll wear this today and right after work you’ll go and buy a new outfit and also you’ll have to look into getting a new damn dryer
jimin’s already parked out front waiting for you unsurprisingly
“morning! lez go” you slam the car door shut and buckle yourself in
“good morni- woAhHhH it’s a goOD moRNING inDEeD” jimin’s eyes widen and he stifles a laugh “wha….. new outfit?”
“is it bad? it’s bad, isn’t it? my damn dryer’s shrinking all my clothes and like-“ you tug at the skirt a little
“no, no! you’re fine, i don’t care about the outfit - i’m looking at the fishnet stockings. why are you wearing your sexy stockings to work?? ur already dating our bOSS”
you let out a breath of relief
at least it’s not the outfit
ya the stockings are definitely eye-catching but what can u do
“your ass looks really good today for some reason”
“i told you the dryer’s shrinking my shit!!” the elevator doors open “i’ll see you at lunch?”
“see ya at lunch”
you blow jimin an air-kiss and he blows one back but not before giving your butt a quick smack
you scowl playfully and smack his hand before rushing to your desk
yoongi’s door is opened ajar which is his sign for u to come in
you knock on the door before letting yourself in
“the coffee’s brewing right now but i figured i’d come in and say good morning first” yoongi’s scrolling through his phone
he’s probably looking through his emails or something
he sets it down before looking up at you with a warm smi- hOLy sHIT
“hi. good morning.” is all yoongi can breathe out because you,.,.,.,., are wearing a very different? work outfit this morning
“morning!!!” you click over to his side of the desk and bend down to give him a lil kiss
“you look very different” yoongi pulls you down so you’re sitting on his lap and you automatically wrap your arms around him
“the dryer’s shrinking my clothes it’s not my fauLt” you murmur
you’re going to be saying that same thing for the whole damn day
yoongi squeezes the side of your bum
“and the fishnet stockings?”
“someone ripped up all my other stockings so once again it’s not my fault” you tease and poke yoongi’s nose
he hums and kisses the crook of your neck
“you don’t have any spare outfits here?”
“no, why? is it really that inappropriate?” you pick at the stockings and yoongi shakes his head quickly
“well,,, it’s a little more scandalous than what you usually wear but i’m just-“ yoongi cuts himself off
he has a meeting today with jung hoseok and you have to be in the room because your job is to take notes and stuff and he reaLLy doesn’t want another guy looking at u when you’re dressed like thiS
don’t get him wrong he loves - loves - this outfit because goddamn you look real good in pencil skirts but like?? he’s selfish and doesn’t like sharing u
your phone buzzes and it’s a reminder telling you that mr jung should be arriving soon for the meeting and you have to go and bring him to the conference room
“i’ll see you in a couple minutes” you give yoongi one last peck before you’re rushing out the room and down the hallway and yoongi’s eyes literally cannot leave the curve of your hips and the swell of your ass in this skirt jesus christ
he needs to like splash some cold water on his face because there’s no way he’s going into a conference with a boner
yoongi manages to calm himself down before the meeting but once he walks into the conference room he gets worked up all over again
except this time it’s for a different reason
he’s worked up because he’s a n G R Y
every single guy in there is staring at you like you’re a piece of meat
“sorry, could you pass me that pen? yeah, the one right there” you nod obediently and lean over the table to grab the pen and yoongi’s like [this] close to snapping that guy’s neck because the two guys sandwiching you have the audacity to lean back and stare at your ass
men are animals
yoongi is disgusted even tho he was literally ready to shred your clothes off of you and take you over his desk like five minutes ago but look it’s different when he does it because he ogles you out of his LOVE for you and these men are doing it because they’re perverts
yoongi clears his throat and everyone immediately turns to look at him before they’re standing up and bowing respectfully
you bow a little too just because you’re used to it and yoongi gestures for you to come and stand next to him
“yoongi! so nice to see you again.” hoseok sticks his hand out and yoongi shakes it politely
“it’s nice to see you too, hoseok. i’m surprised you actually showed up this time.”
“ah, you know me and my busy schedule. my secretary keeps mixing up my meetings - a bit of a dummy, this one, but i love him!” he nudges his secretary and you have to resist the urge to laugh when you see the poor guy’s cheeks flare up
“it’s okay, it happens to the best of us” you reassure the guy and nudge his side
“so - should we get this show on the road? we’ve got a lot to talk about today.” yoongi takes his seat at the end of the table and you head on over to the back of the room to your little desk
hoseok’s secretary takes a seat next to you
“i’m kihyun, by the way” he leans in and whispers in your ear
you turn and smile before sticking your hand out
“y/n. nice to meet ya”
kihyun highkey cute tho
“how long is this meeting?”
“they’re usually like an hour and a bit long. it takes everything within me to not fall asleep.”
kihyun snorts and adjusts his glasses “tell me about it. last time i was at a meeting with mr jung i was tempted to wear sunglasses just so i could take a snooze”
“oof see now thAt’s smart but like how do you explain wearing sunglasses indoors?”
“…excessive light leaves you prone to migraines?”
“i’m 100% going to use that”
“mr yoo? miss y/l/n? something you’d like to share with everyone?”
you jump when yoongi suddenly calls the two of you out in the middle of the meeting
kihyun immediately avoids yoongi’s gaze and his cheeks flare up
but luckily you’re used to yoongi by now (duh) and ur not scared of ur mans but also you know you gotta keep it respectful
“nope. we’re good!” you nudge kihyun and he looks up at yoongi before smiling sheepishly
the rest of the meeting goes by pretty smoothly
you take a couple important notes here and there
sometimes u go on ur phone to play tetris and then kihyun’s nudging you and telling you to pay attention lol
but like
yoongi looks rlly fucking attractive when he’s leading a meeting and you have no idea how you haven’t noticed that before
the way his lips curl around certain words and the way his tongue flicks out to lick over his bottom lip in between sentences sometimes
even when he pokes his tongue into his cheek when he’s listening to someone else speak
or the way he leans back against his chair and stares at the person speaking with like the most intense stare with his hands clasped on his lap just radiates Big Dick Energy
the way he’s leaning back against his chair makes you wonder if that’s what he’d look with you riding him on his office chair
good god
get ur hormones in chECk omg
and then the little voice in the back of your head gives you the gentlest of suggestions to get your boyfriend’s attention in the middle of this very important meeting
and at first you’re like nOnOno i can’t yoongi is a very Serious businessman and this is a very Serious meeting
but then again
this is prolly the only time ur ever going to come to work dressed like this
so you gotta seize the moment
carpe diem am i right or am i right
you cross your legs instinctively and squeeze your thighs together when you notice yoongi’s eyes flicker over to you
he tilts his head curiously and a smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth when he sees you take your bottom lip in between your teeth and sit up a little straighter
yoongi’s mouth goes dry when he sees you reach up to undo one of the buttons on your blouse and he catches a glimpse of the lacy white bralette you have on underneath when you lean back against your chair
yoongi gives you a warning look before his eyes flicker back to hoseok
there’s not a lot you can do here
it’s not like you can just start stripping in front of everyone
you sigh and look over at kihyun who’s busy scribbling notes down
*ding* lightbulb
“pst. i think i missed a couple points. can i look at your notes?”
“yeah, for su-“ you lean over and practically preSS your boobs up against kihyun’s arm and his eyes immediately go W I D E because wow your cleavage is right there
yoongi pokes his tongue into his cheek and his eyes keep flicking to you and then back to whoever’s speaking
you lock gazes with yoongi for a split second and he narrows his gaze
“oh, that’s a good point that i missed,” you whisper and kihyun nods quickly and is like SW EA TING
you see yoongi clench his jaw and swallow thickly when you reach over to squeeze kihyun’s bicep as a way of saying thank you
“well it was really nice meeting you!” you smile and tilt your head and hold your hand out for kihyun to shake
“you too” he grasps your hand in his and gives you a shake and he kinda lingers
“mr. yOO let’s get outta here i’m starving” kihyun turns to see hoseok already standing by the elevators
“duty calls” kihyun bows and offers you a cute smile and u know what if u weren’t with yoongi you would totally go for kihyun “see ya around!”
“you toOoOhello” before you get a chance to say bye to kihyun yoongi’s grabbed your wrist and is dragging you back to his office
you can see the anger radiating off of him in waves and dare u say,..,,.., u are kind of turned on but like also you’re having so much fun right now lmao
he slams the door as soon as the two of you get into the office and you jump in surprise
“so, you wanna go over the notes i took from the meeting?” you try your hardest to act like you weren’t just seducing yoongi in front of a bunch of men but you’re already breaking into giggles
yoongi grabs your notebook and tosses it aside before grabbing you and pinning you up against the door
“you think this is funny?” he smirks and cradles your jaw and tilts your head before leaning down and planting kisses on the side of your neck
“i think this is very funny” you hum
“blatantly flirting with someone else in front of me and going so far as to undo a couple buttons on your shirt - am i not giving you enough attention, jagi? is that it?”
yoongi’s hand slithers to the back of your skirt and you feel him tug at the zipper playfully
immediately you reach behind and place your hand over his
“you have another meeting in like ten minutes” you remind yoongi and push at his chest gently
“w-we can’t do anything in ten minutes”
“you should’ve thought about that before deciding to do what you did, missy” yoongi nips at your jaw before bringing you over to his desk
he shoves some of his stuff aside and a couple things clatter to the floor and ur like ok um u better piCK that shit up later
suddenly yoongi’s hoisting you up so you’re sitting on the desk
one thing that you’ve learned about yoongi is that he’s a very very stubborn man
“oH my god, yoongi~” you whimper and arch your back against the desk
your fishnet stockings have been shredded to nothing and they’ve been reduced to a pathetic pile on the ground but u know what it’s fine it’s SO FINE
your toes curl and your fingers grasp at yoongi’s silky locks
oh god
you’re almost there you’re so sososo close
“yoongi, ungh, p-please-“ you gasp desperately and yoongi grips at your thigh to keep you spread out on the desk
right as you’re about to see stars everything just sTOPS
your head is spinning from pleasure and you immediately sit up on the desk and look down to see yoongi adjusting himself in his trousers before he gets up and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand
“wha- wait, what are you-“
“my meeting! it’s in-“ he looks at his watch “well, two minutes.”
“but you can’t just leave-“
“i can. and i am. and you’re not allowed to touch yourself til i get back.” yoongi leans in to give you a kiss and you grab desperately at his shirt and whine
you immediately push yourself up against yoongi and he slots himself in between your legs automatically
you reach for his belt and he swats your hands away  
“nice try, missy” yoongi grins and gives your cheek a kiss before grabbing his phone off the desk “i’ll see you in an hour.” and then he shuts the door behind him and ur like EXCUSE ME AN HOUR
u know what it’s fine
you can find a way to kill time
you let out a quiet groan and squeeze your thighs together
soon enough an hour rolls around
you look up at the clock while tapping your pen against the desk
you look down the hallway and let out a small groan
where the heLL is he
and then an hour bleeds into an hour and a half
you sigh and spin around in your chair while staring up at the ceiling
god is a woman and apparently she hates you because she’s torturing you by keeping yoongi busy
“the pleasure was all mine. my secretary will email you soon with some updates.” yoongi smiles politely and bows politely as the elevator doors close
he lets out a sigh and loosens his tie a little
that was a long lonG ass meeting  
he makes his way down the hallway and checks the time on his phone
it’s been a while indeed
he can’t help but wonder how you’re holding up lol
he has to admit it was kind of a dick move to love u and leave u like that but the desperation in your eyes was so worth it
yoongi furrows his brows when he notices that you… aren’t at your desk
you probably went to bother jimin or something
but a part of him is like,,, low-key disappointed because uhhHhH he’s still a little worked up from earlier and kinda wanted to take his frustrations out over his desk or against the wall or even against the window but u know what it’s fine
he steps into his office and-
“jesUS-“ you literally pop out of nowhere and grab yoongi by his tie and drag him over to the desk “hello to you too”
“how was your meeting?” you push yoongi down so he’s sitting on the edge of his desk and yoongi’s eyes wiDEN when you unbuckle his belt quickly and oh my god who is this sex fiend
“i mean it was okay-“ you crawl on top of him and you thank god that yoongi has such a spacious desk otherwise you 100% would’ve fallen off lol
he’s never seen you like this before but
he loves it    
“oh my god, yoongi” you breathe out and slide a hand down his bare chest
the two of you were so impatient that you’re basically both still fully dressed
yoongi’s still wearing his suit jacket
his dress shirt is mostly unbuttoned
his tie is hanging around his neck
his pants r basically still on  
your skirt’s been pushed up to your hips
your shirt has been completely unbuttoned but it’s still tucked into your skirt
your panties have just been pushed to the side like u couldn’t even bother taking them off because that’S how desperate you are
your dang glasses are sitting on the tip of your nose
“god, look at you” yoongi moans and bucks his hips up and he hits that spot making you mewl loudly
he pulls you down into a kiss and nips at your bottom lip and he knows you’re getting close because you’re moving at a quicker pace and your cheeks are flushed and your brows are furrowed and you just look so wrecked and he knows it’s all because of him
“yoongi, fuck, i’m gonna-“ you can’t even get a coherent sentence out because you’re so dizzy with pleasure
“gonna cum? hm?” yoongi thrusts upwards and you whine loudly
he knows your body better than anyone else and it doesn’t take him thAt long to figure out the formula
he slips his hand in between your legs and you practically start drooling at the sight of his veins in his arms becoming more prominent as he rubs over your clit  
“that’s my girl” yoongi groans when you cum around him and nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck
and now that you’re done
it’s his turn
“want you to cum inside” you murmur shyly and start quickening your pace again because one of your favourite sights in the entire world is seeing yoongi all dazed and blissed out because of y o u
yoongi knows it’s not long til he cums because the sight of you bouncing on his dick has his breathing all ragged and his brain turns into mush  
“mr min? i have the copies those contracts you asked for”
yoongi curses at the interruption and he squeezes your hip when you start to slow down
he 100% expects you to stop and freak out and hoP off at the realisation that jimin is right outside the door
what he doesn’t expect is for you to go haRDER
“baby, holy f- nngh fuck fuCk” yoongi grabs a handful of your ass as you bounce on top of him and for the first time ever he’s struggling to keep quiet
he grips onto the edge of the desk while his other hand grips at your waist
“you can just leave them on y/n’s desk!” yoongi stammers and groans lowly when you clench around him
oh god he’s so close
“okay! i’ve arranged them alphabetically so it’s easier to-“
“okAY THANKS JIMIN YOU CAN LEAVE NOW” jimin jumps in surprise and is like jEEz okay fine i’m leaving god
yoongi’s always liked kissing you when he cums and now is no different
you can’t help but giggle against his mouth when he groans lowly and squeezes your hip
he thrusts into you one two three more times until lifting you off of him and just lying down on his back and staring up at the ceiling
that was
that was pretty fckin good
10/10 would recommend
“you ripped another pair of my stockings” you murmur while doing up yoongi’s shirt and yoongi squeezes your bum playfully  
“they weren’t work-appropriate anyway”
later on jimin finds out why yoongi was so desperate for him to leave when he notices you are no longer wearing stockings at the end of the day
needless to say jimin will never knock on yoongi’s door again if you’re not sitting at your desk lol
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minhoshi · 2 months ago
min yoongi
* for my absolute favorites that you should most definitely try and read
this is updated weekly!
Tumblr media
one shots & series
— please be naked series by floralseokjin *
yoongi x reader ft. namjoon | unrequited feelings, angst, smut, romance, (semi) fuck buddies au, rebound au
— ugh f*ck one shot by kithtaehyung
boxer!yoongi x ring girl!reader ft. seokjin | smut, boxer au
— bloom one shot by minyfic *
brother's bestfriend!yoongi x reader ft. bangtan | fluff, angst, smut, mutual pining
— hypnotic one shot by minyfic *
zookeeper!yoongi x reader | smut, fluff, slightest angst, strangers to lovers
— “i heard you shout. nightmares again?” one shot by v-hope
older brother's friend!yoongi x reader | hurt/comfort, mental health issues, fluff ending
— chapped one shot by sopeverse
soft!yoongi x reader | fluffy smut, established relationship, domestic au
— winter: you're the one who bloomed me one shot by hotsoopsoopsoop
roommate!yoongi x reader | fluff, slight angst, mutual pining, roommates to lovers, college au
— yoon & kid series by taetaespeaches *
idol!yoongi x reader | smut, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, established relationship
(this is the masterlist to a long term couple series i highly recommend reading)
— next door one shot by personasintro
neighbor!yoongi x reader | slight fluff, smut
— honey bear one shot by v-hope
pianist!yoongi x reader | slight angst, fluff, college au
— back-burner series by yoonpobs
yoongi x reader | smut, fluff, angst, friends to lovers, slow burn
— when it gets dark one shot by ugh-yoongi
yoongi x reader | smut, angst, hurt/comfort, established relationship
— three tangerines & fireworks by kithtaehyung
brother's bestfriend!yoongi x reader | smut, slight angst, age gap au
blurbs, drabbles & scenarios
— we're okay, angel by honeytae
yoongi x reader | angst, hurt, established relationship, fluff ending
— bath card by wtf-yoongi
yoongi x sick!reader | hurt/comfort, fluff, established relationship
— "are you flirting with me? + you've finally noticed?" by rmverse
yoongi x barista!reader | fluff, pining
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xjoonchildx · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
y'all it's about time i put this doctorate in minism to good use, right?
these are all amazing yoongi fics by amazing authors. as with any list i put together, there's no way it's comprehensive and i'm sure i left someone out, but i'll do my best to keep it updated as stories come in!
please note that all fics listed below are 18+/mature unless otherwise indicated.
bound by obiwrites (AO3 only)
current obsession. i don't know how obi manages to write such compelling characters and relationships. i would literally read a fic that was just outtakes from fights between yoongi and OC because their dynamic is that addictive. this is a continuation of the arranged series which you guys know i'm nuts for. so, so good.
strike a chord by @snackhobi
i am weak for a delicious build-up. joy absolutely delivers that in this fic. the slow simmer of the attraction between OC and piano player yoongi (bonus app is so damned satisfying. and just wait till you get to the smut.
i'll float away by @ppersonna
a masterpiece. this fic ripped my damned heart out but in the end it was worth it. a gripping story about addiction and heartbreak and making it through to the other side. wonderful.
take one by @untaemedqueen
one of the wildest and most interesting plots i've read in a damned long time. d's idea was so damned original. a fic within a fic. i loved the way this unfolded and of course, the smut was fuego.
the mark of yun-ki by @ladyartemesia
viola is one of the most creative writers on this site. she weaves a hypnotic tale of birthright and claim in this story that makes you not want to put it down until the very last word.
dig deep by @johobi
this characterization of yoongi absolutely makes my knees weak. the tsundere vibes but at the same time hiding the softness beneath. this story is so creative and wild but then it gets so incredibly hot. truly a fantastic read.
please be naked by @floralseokjin
i said it when i reblogged it, i'll say it again. one of the best yoongi fics i've ever read. i loved the angst and the complicated feelings in this fic. i love love love pining. this was incredibly well done and the smut was absolutely scorching.
birthday girl by @btsarmy9593
one of the most original stories on this site right now. an OC with an unusual situation, a chance encounter, and the relationship that unfolds is so different and fantastic. i love this quiet, confident yoongi and this OC who is slowly coming into her own. one of e's best stories.
want a taste? by @suga-kookiemonster
i believed every single word that came out of yoongi's mouth in this fic. ashley's characterization was perfect, the OC was smart and funny and capable. i'll never look at those massage chairs at the mall the same way again.
moonlit throne by @hobidreams
this is lush and sweeping, truly engrossing. you can absolutely tell the amount of care and detail rain put into this series with the historical backdrop. it is also just a pleasure to read, so wonderfully written and so easy to get lost in each drabble.
backstage by @wwilloww
this fic was so hot it bent my mind. just idol AU yoongi blowing off a little *ahem* steam backstage. willow's writing will forever be some of my favorite and it doesn't matter if she's doing drama or smut or angst, she always delivers.
back to bed by @hesperantha
lil sold this as a sleepy smut and honestly that's the best thing about it. a soft, simmering, believable slice of heaven in between the sheets with min yoongi. sounds great, right? great.
fortuitous by @underthejoon
if you've been following me for .05 seconds you know my ultimate weakness is an arranged marriage fic. this is so wonderfully done, the way these two characters accidentally come together before being put together.
not your fairytale by @yeojaa
i will forever ever ever simp for erin's writing. the flow and the cadence are spectacular. i love how she describes the quiet moments between two people sniffing around one another and as usual, she does that beautifully in this fic. childhood friends to lovers which is a bonus, because as i've mentioned we love a delicious build-up.
a scam marriage by @xotoosweet (SFW)
again, y'a strangers being forced to marry under less than desirable circumstances, right? great. because this fic was great. OC and yoongi cook up a plan to get through a financial tough spot and as with all well-laid plans. well. you know.
blood bounty by @lemonjoonah
lemon's MIND, you guys. one of the most creative writers on this site. this retelling of anastasia is so damned captivating and interesting. i loved this yoongi, afraid of himself and afraid of missing out on something he wants so badly. beautiful.
the dinner party by @lamourche
one of the first BTS fics i ever read and it stands the test of time. i love how real these two are, how evie makes them believably flawed and damaged but still at their essence, good.
miss dial by @versigny and @cyphertrip
okay, this is just a lot of fun. an errant text, a sexy yoongi, a miscommunication and what follows is just hot and satisfying. i love yoongi's characterization in this fic.
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softyoongiionly · 2 years ago
Fear and Dumplings: Chapter One
Tumblr media
Confronting your fears for a final grade sounds unappealing but, with Yoongi as your partner, things might not be so bad.
Summary: You’re in your final semester at University when your Abnormal Psychology professor assigns you a partnered project surrounding your greatest fears. Lucky for you, your partner just so happens to be a cute boy named Min Yoongi.
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Underground Rapper! Yoongi, Soft!!! Yoongi, Fluff!!!, some moderate angst (later), smut (later later), slow-ish? burn.
Word Count: 3.3k
A/N: Helloooo! I am very very new at this so, please excuse me if this is rough around the edges. I am planning on making this into a full blown fic so, I hope you like it!
Warnings for this Chapter: mentions characters confronting their fears, explicit language.
Warnings for the Fic: mentions characters confronting their fears, characters in uncomfortable situations, emotional moments between characters, mentions of bad parenting, explicit language throughout the fic, moderate angst, and very explicit smut later in the story.
 Chapter 1: Fear and Dumplings
 Your mouth was an oasis of drool. The slightly sticky, doughy, garlicky, meaty taste was actually present on your tongue, despite the fact that your mouth was completely empty. You were craving dumplings. You were craving Green Terrace’s beef and vegetable dumplings with their magical mystery sauce. A groan left your lips as you shook your head, your body lying haphazardly across your couch. You had been there 4 times this week. The cashiers knew your first name and your order by heart; the 6 piece beef dumpling box with extra magical mystery sauce on the side. You were starting to feel like a dumpling.
“Y/N...” you began to level with yourself “you really can’t justify spending another $10 on dumplings. You have rent due in 3 days and Marizpan needs more cat food. Get it together.” You said aloud to yourself, sliding a hand over your face.
Marzipan, your egg of a cat, strolls out into the room, licking over her teeth, signifying that she had just polished off the last of the cat food.  You scoffed, watching her saunter around the battered coffee table as if she owned the place. She jumped up to the table, a small grunt leaving her chubby body as she looked over at you. Her green eyes full of judgement, as per usual.
“Can I help you?” You inquired, eyebrows raised, your hand moving off of your face to rest on your stomach.
Marzipan continues to stare, her green eyes unamused.
“I see you licking your chops Mar, I don’t need your criticisms.” You say to her, a giggle escaping your lips as she licks over her teeth again.
An overwhelming sense of laziness encompasses you when you realize that, in order to consume your delicious doughy daydream, you would have to get off your ass and actually leave your apartment; Your quaint, cozy, crudely decorated apartment. No. That wasn’t happening tonight. Your wallet and inner couch potato are eternally grateful. You opt for some toast and cereal instead, because you can never go wrong with double the carbs. You re-watch a few episodes of a show you’ve seen 1000 times before passing out on the couch.
The next morning you awake to the dreaded blaring of your alarm, signifying an all too early beginning of your day. You groan as you stretch your limbs, cursing yourself for falling asleep on the couch again. Your joints snap crackle and pop as you force yourself into a sitting position and run a hand through your hair. It’s the end of spring break and, you’re not thrilled at all.
“6am really shouldn’t exist.” You mutter to yourself, standing up and making your way into the bathroom. 40 minutes later, you are shaved, showered and shushing Marzipan whilst she complains about the lack of food in her bowl.
“Alright alright, move aside.” you nudge her body over so, you can pour her food into the ceramic blue bowl instead of onto the floor. You thought she had eaten the rest of her food last night so, you were surprised when you found a final serving left in the bag.
“You act like you’ve never eaten before in your life.” You giggle as she nudges your hand away.  You smile fondly at her as scarfs her food down like someone is planning to take it away from her. Children really are a product of their parents.
You look around for your backpack before, spotting it leaning against the ride side of the couch. Backpack is on, coffee is made and, the queen herself, is fed.
As you leave your apartment you notice Mr. Isaac, your neighbor, taking his dog Pippin for a walk.
“Good morning Mr. Isaac.” You call as you press the elevator button, the cold plastic button warming up under your finger.
“Good morning Y/N, off to school?” He inquires, smiling warmly.
You nod, sighing out in despair.
“Yeah, I’m headed there now, Hi Pippin.” You coo towards the fluffy Yorkie that’s currently circling Mr. Isaac’s feet. He chuckles before straightening the leash gently to bring Pippin back to his side.
“He tripped me last week and, with these old bones, we can’t really have that again, now can we?” His voice transforms into more of a coo by the time he addresses the sentence to his furry friend, who yips happily in reply.
“Pippin!” You admonish, giggling as the yorkie yips again “you have to be careful.”
Mr. Isaac nods, still chuckling as Pippin happily chimes into the conversation yet again.
“He’s got no clue.” Mr. Isaac shakes his head, his English accent thicker in the morning.
The elevator reaches the bottom floor and Mr. Isaac and Pippin step out first as they make their way towards the front entrance of lobby before turning back and waving at you.
“Have a good day at school love!” He calls to you as you grimace, moving toward the subway entrance near the elevator.
“I’ll try!” You giggle, waving to him, before turning to shuffle down the stairs.
  Your apartment building is connected to the subway station that runs directly to your campus and, you thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to exert too much effort to get to school. However, when you arrive to your campus, you get an email from your professor informing you that one of your lectures would now be held in Room 729. Room 729 was located in Candide Hall, and Candide Hall was located at the literal end of the earth!  Ok, you were being slightly dramatic but, honestly, Candide Hall was so incredibly far away from your other classes, that you honestly considered taking a cab to get there.
    On the bright side, you can at least say you found a way to work off all of the dumplings you have been eating which, just further justified you getting them again. You adjust your backpack on your shoulder before beginning your journey to Candide Hall.
A tuft of pink hair pops through the crowd of people and you stifle a grin as you see your best friend meandering towards you.
“Y/N!” Jimin calls, smiling and waving like he’s greeting you at an airport
“Jimin!” You call back, giggling at his eagerness. He meets you in the crowd of people pulling you in for a hug. You hug him back, still giggling, as you tuck your face into his neck.
“I missed you!” He says a little too loud, now that the crowd is starting to disappear in different directions
“Jimin we saw each other Saturday night, remember? You, me, a bottle of rosé and way too much sugar cookie dough?” You remind him of your Saturday night in which you both got drunk and, decided eating an entire roll of cookie dough was a good idea.
Jimin leans back; his expression offended beyond belief, his ring adorned hand going to his chest.
“Are you...saying that you didn’t...miss me?” He accuses in a shaky voice, his demeanor horrified.
You burst into another fit of laughter as you pull him towards you.
“Yes Jimin, I’ve missed you. The 30 hours I’ve spent without you has been truly agonizing.” You reply, batting your lashes, your tone dramatic.
Jimin breaks out into a smile as he wiggles out of your hold, bumping your hip with his.
“That’s what I thought.” He bites back, walking through the quad with you. His brows furrow as he nods toward Canterbury Hall.
“Y/N, isn’t your class over there?”
You groan and shake your head.
“No, I got an email from my professor saying that it’s been permanently relocated to Candide, something about replacing the wiring or whatever.” You explain, as Jimins face expressions turns to one of disgust.
“Ew, seriously? That building is a thousand miles away.”
You nod, groaning again.
“I know and, it’s my psych course which I don’t even technically need to graduate.” You lament, leaning on Jimin as you walked.
Jimin giggles, shaking his head, his pink hair flopping around as he does, nudging you off playfully.
“Hey you said you wanted a tighter butt this year, maybe now is your chance.” He offered, tilting his head.
“That’s a good point actually, I’m gonna have the tightest ass on campus by the time this semester ends.” You say with determination, your gaze wandering to your backside, sticking it out slightly.
Jimin starts making his way towards Mockingbird Hall, giggling still as he nods toward the very far away building.
“You better get moving then, tight ass, or you’re gonna be late.” He calls, causing you to roll your eyes and give him the finger.
“Enjoy your close class privilege!” You call back, stifling a grin as he blows you a kiss before disappearing behind the lecture hall door.
        The walk to Candide was as awful as you thought it would be but, you made it on time so, there wasn’t really anything left to complain about. The hall was far more spacious than the previous one so, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about not finding a decent seat. Your equally exhausted classmates continued to file in and select their seats, the low rumbling of chatter barely filling the much larger space. You spotted a seat towards the left side of the room and started making your way there. You took your backpack off and plopped down, letting out a breath of relief that you were finally sitting down.
Your eyes flit around the room before they narrow slightly at a boy that shuffled slowly into the lecture hall. Now you definitely didn’t know everyone in your psych class but, you know for a fact you would have remembered seeing this guy. He wasn’t much taller than you, his black hair came to the middle of his ears which were pierced with several silver earrings and, he was wearing a baggy black hoodie and some gray torn jeans. Trendy. Alright, so he definitely wasn’t bad to look at so, maybe you could use his face as motivation to make the trek to all the way over here. You were really hoping that he would walk over to the seat beside you and dreamily ask, “is this seat taken?” but, obviously that didn’t happen and instead, he chose a seat as far away from yours as possible. Cool.
Your professor finally makes his way into the room, towing his black box and sipping the lid of his travel mug to prevent the coffee from spilling over.
“Good morning!” He calls over the chatter, looking a little out of breath as he sets his stuff down.
“Morning.” Quite a few voices mumble back, causing your professor to chuckle and shake his head.
“Yeah yeah, I’m not thrilled about break being over either.” Professor James was amongst your favorite professors as he always made the atmosphere a comfortable one.
    You already started chewing on the end of your pen as you felt your gaze wandering back toward the other end of the room. The boy from a few minutes ago was settled into his seat, his slender fingers tapping lightly against the desk as he listened to Professor James open the class. God, he was really something. You looked back up towards the front of the room so; he didn’t catch you staring at him like a freak.
“Alright so, before break started, I know I mentioned that we would be beginning your final project when we returned and, that said final project would be worth 70% of your grade for the rest of the semester.” Professor James begins, pulling up the lecture slides on his computer. With a few clicks of his mouth, the slides were up on the projector, the first slide being titled: “What Are You Afraid Of?”
A lot of things, you immediately thought to yourself, already listing off a few of the obvious ones (spiders, the dark, deep water).
“What Are You Afraid Of?” Professor James questions with a tilt to his head “Fear is the psychological response to danger or perceived danger. It’s ancient. It was with us back in the caveman days.” Professor James moves onto the next slide which displays a comic strip of a caveman running from a bear. In the speech bubble, the text reads, “Oh shit!”, which causes you and some of your other classmates to laugh lightly.
“You see, this dude is in serious danger.” He points up towards the comic, his eyes wide with interest. “He is facing a threat and his brain is triggering his fight or flight response which, causes him to run away from danger and towards safety.”
You nod to yourself as you write down some more information in your notes.
“As humans, we are psychologically designed to run away from things we feel threatened by. Now, here’s the problem, our brain hasn’t figured out a way to differentiate between an actual threat,” he gestures to the comic “and a perceived threat. Most of us, have a unique set of fears and worries that often stem from common sense, past or prior knowledge or, even deep psychological pain. Our fears can also be the product of misconception.”
You found yourself deeply entranced by Professor James’s words. You believed that he was truly interested and passionate about the subject he was teaching. Maybe, taking Psychology wasn’t the worst idea after all.
“Most of you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with your project now, before we get into the requirements I want to remind everyone,” He looks around the room, his brown eyes scanning the crowd. “That you and you alone set the pace for this project. You are in control and decide what you do or do not pursue”
Professor James clicks to the next slide that reads “Dear Fear.”
“My slides are a little sparse today, I apologize, I spent most of the night trying to come up with a clever title” He jokes, causing the room to crackle with your classmate’s laughter. “I will have a separate handout that explains the specific requirements of this project, as well as a rubric with your grading criteria. What you will be doing for the reminder for the semester is working through some of your greatest fears and documenting how the process affects your life. Now, before anyone gets excited or terrified, I want to make a disclaimer, I am in no way, permitting you to put yourself in any sort of actual danger and, if I found out that any of you were engaging in any truly dangerous activity, you would receive a zero on this assignment.”
He looks at the class sternly.
           “Your first milestone is to complete a list of fears. They don’t need to be your greatest fears but, try to include at least one that is particularly challenging. You should have at least 3-5 on the list and, they should be listed in order of their severity. Your greatest fear should be listed last whilst your lesser fears should be listed first. The goal of the assignment is to confront your fear, whether it is directly or indirectly, and work through and document the feelings you have during the experience. This practice is similar to Exposure and Response prevention therapy which is commonly used to treat patients with anxiety disorders. Some of you may be worried already but, let me assure you, I am not suggesting that you attempt to perform intense psychotherapy on yourself, the exposures should be low intensity and imaginal, when possible. For example, if you are afraid of spiders, I’m not encouraging to go and pet a tarantula. “
  You let out a sigh of relief that you wouldn’t have to be anywhere near a giant hairy spider anytime soon. The thought alone caused shivers to rush up your spine.
“But I would suggest that you do some research on spiders and possibly watch a video about spiders and how they function in our ecosystem. If you are afraid of heights, I am not suggesting that you go skydiving but, you could watch GoPro footage of another person skydiving or you could imagine yourself actually deciding to skydive. I am not trying to a trigger a panic attack in any of you. Your goal is to merely touch on things that make you uncomfortable and, work through why you feel that way and, how these feelings affect your decision making.  I will continue to go through specifics with you as the project progresses but, right now I want you to focus on writing your list and creating a fear hierarchy and, begin your research journal. Your research journal will be the tool you use to document your entire experience from start to finish. After you complete your list, I want you to make your first entry. Describe how you feel about making a list of your greatest fears and how you feel about the upcoming project. What do you hope to gain? What do you...” He pauses, pursing his lips, smirking slightly. “What do you hope to leave behind?”
  The class ends with everyone receiving their handouts and their research journals, which Professor James has graciously supplied. You make your way towards the exit, folding up your handout to tuck inside the black leather bound journal, before you collide with the body of another person, causing you to drop your journal.
“Oh shit sorry.” You say as your shoulder collides with theirs. You look up as you notice it’s that damn boy from the doorway again. The tragic thing is that he’s even more attractive up close. His chocolate eyes are widened in surprise as he adjusts his backpack on his shoulder.
“S-sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going. Are you alright?” He responds, as you both make your way through the crowd of students and out of the room. His voice was really quiet and sort of raspy; his chocolate eyes were wide with concern. He bends down quickly to hand your research journal back to you.
    “Yeah, I’m good. Don’t even worry; I wasn’t watching where I was going either. Are you alright?” You responded, smiling slightly at his frazzled state.
He nods; his lips pushing together in a weird sort of smile, if you could even call it that? Whatever it was, it was cute.
“Yeah thanks.” He mumbles before he turns to walk the opposite direction.
     You think of calling him back to inquire about why he joined the class so late but, you decide that bumping into a stranger, no matter how hot he is, isn’t really an excuse to spark up a conversation. Hot boy from psychology is hot but, you promised yourself dumplings for dinner tonight so, you decided it was time to make the journey back to your apartment.
Maybe walking to Candide Hall everyday wouldn’t be so bad.
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main-bangtansmauyeondan · a month ago
send me some bts fics recommendations!!!
some of my favorite writers on tumblr are either inactive or have deactivated and i really can’t find anything good to read! 😭😭😭
what i’m looking for:
member x fem reader (member x member sideship is okay to a certain extent)
genre - fluff, crack, angst, drama, smut
preferably a completed series; written or in smau format
can be seasonal — i know there are a lot of christmas collabs from amazing writers out there!
what i’m NOT looking for:
member x member
shameless plug:
please follow my new fic account and my ongoing ksj smau called MOONSTRUCK: @bangtansmauyeondan
follow some of my favorite writers
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yoongificsrecs · a month ago
Historic au
Gwanghae Flow
Summary: The queen receives a forbidden visitor in the middle of the night.
Summary: Court was just a game of politics after all. And you intended to win
Summary: When an engagement locks you, the 8th and forgotten princess, to the duke infamous for his cruelty, you find yourself counting the days until your inevitable death. It’s terrifying to think of your end, but when you arrive at his territory, you realize there’s a more morbid reason behind your marriage, and that the duke is much worse than the rumors have painted him out to be.
Summary: King Min Yoongi is an evil tyrant who bows and bends to no one. Except to his queen.
To Love an Empress
SUMMARY: Despite the acrimonious beginning to your relationship, Yoongi is drawn to you.
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goofyhoffy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
When your whole world revolves around one boy, but destiny sets you with a unexpectedly expected man.
♡ Pairing: Yoongi × reader ft. Jimin
♡ Genre: brother's friend, only old crush, heartbreak, college oc au.
♡ Summary: you're over him, a new world sets in front of you. But the heartbreak you both got at the same time is not what you have had thought of. It must be the destiny to set you with your only old crush Yoongi. But still you ain't prepared for the third heartbreak in a row, what if he breaks your heart again?
♡ Warnings: fluff, mild smut, angst, heartbreak, like flooded with tears, oc is so sweet, confusion, misunderstanding,  crush , breakup, traitor, betrayal, brother's bestfriend, roommate, college oc, angst shower smut, smokey, dirty talk, seokjin is oc's brother, he's a dick, yoongi is a Heartbreaker, jimin is also a dick, expectations ruined, one-shot.
♡ Word limit : 6.5k
♡ Author's note : besties, here's the new fic of Yoongi. Spare sometime of your to read this piece of beauty and let me know if you guys need a part 2 and how much you loved it. Kindly apologizing for not editing it cause it's already so late. Remember I always love you <3
"I'm done with you, dude." You screamed at your brother and ran into your room. You have been mad at your brother since so long. You both never get along. Fights, quarrelling and being mad at each other is both of your favourite things. You never want to live with your brother during your college years but only for the sake of your parents you were there sharing apartments with your brother. If you get any chance you would change your apartment.
"Stop overreacting, I'll be home till night. Enjoy yourself." Your brother said slamming your door. He was never in the house, always out there having fun with girls, alcohol and money. This is what he called life and you totally were different from him. You're more conserved, introverted and only allow certain people in your life. But here you're happy that atleast the whole house is yours now. You can watch Disney weird fantasy movies or eat pineapple pizza without being judged. At night after he left for partying you ordered a big size pizza and started watching the saddest movies to cry.
At the mean time of your crying session, you heard a ding bell sound at the doorstep. It's almost two at the morning and you were confused who's now. But at your surprise it's you brother walking inside the house with one more person just like him. You saw him, but he was head down walking inside but you guessed it right. In the black jacket it was Min Yoongi. Your brother's friend or kind of used to be classmate. You have been seeing him from the starting years of college. And now you're almost at the end of the year. The person right before seems sad and num. But it was not a surprising thing cause everytime you meet Yoongi he looks so sad and calm. No emotions can be read from his expression.
"I guess you're too early to come home!" You glared at your brother who settled himself at the couch, beside him Yoongi takes his sit.
"None of your business, girl. And why are you up this late, huh? Again watching your weird fantasy movies." Your brother hummed.
"Yo, bitch. Don't interfere in my life. Just go, I'm in the middle of something." You ranted.
"Y/n language! Haven't you seen Yoongi sitting right here? A guest is in the house and you're talking to me like this?" Your brother glared. Yoongi just scoffs still head down.
"Let me clear this to you. Yoongi's girlfriend kicked him out of there shared apartment. So, for few days or weeks he'll be here with us until or unless there fight get resolved." He said.
"None of my business though." You rolled your eyes still focussing on the television screen.
Yoongi in his deep voice "we soon gonna be together again. Thanks Seokjin for giving me shelter." Both of the boys then straight up walked into the rooms and you were there ending the last scenes.
From the starting years living with your brother Seokjin, you always met with all his friends. Yoongi was also one of them. But he was the one whom you talked the most in his group circle. Yoongi seems so calm and intelligent to your eyes. He was also a good listener while a great adviser. You both added each other in every social media platforms you were present. You almost talked with him daily the past years. But the sudden change that developed in him was still unknown to you. You didn't get what ghosted him but this past few months he randomly stopped talking to you. No in person talks, no messages or neither calls. He even blocked you from all his social medias. You thought he was mad at you for something but you never get it for what. You tried asking him what's the matter of not talking or having no contact with you randomly. But he never answered it in a right way. Neither did you exaggerated the matter. As told you were very picky about the people in your life. If somebody don't want to have contact with you then it's his loss. You're always there to help anyone and everyone you know.
The very next day, you were excited to meet with your new crush Jimin. He's new to your campus for few months and you both became good friends with eachother. He seems so cool to your eyes. Never did you think of dating anyone from your college but if it's about Jimin then you can't say no to it. He's kind and fun guy to goof around. But the thing that make your heart flutter was his flirty side. The way he acts like he's in love with you with all his picky lines on you. You can't denied that you liked it, really every much. Your heart always pound whenever he goes all flirty with you. But you also can't deny the fact that he seems flirty with all the other girls in the campus. Kind of like the new fuck boy in the college. Sad for you that at last you did fall for the flirty kid.
" Jimin! How's your day going bub?" You yelled at Jimin who was standing there flirting with some other girls.
"Y/n beautiful! You're becoming more beautiful day by day." Jimin walk up to and said.
"Ahh you boy! Shut up. Any plan for this weekends?" You asked.
"As you know our college last year gonna end in this month. So, I'm quite busy." Jimin sighed.
"Yeah, but I'm excited for our graduation day. But Jimin I'm gonna confess something before our graduation day to you." You whispered in his ears.
"Oh-okay. What's it about can I ask?" Jimin hesitantly said.
"Meet me at the basket ball court at evening in this weekend. Okay?" You excitedly said.
"I-i will be there. But if anything necessary then you can tell me now." Jimin asked.
"Patience Jimin. Don't forget to come." You winked at him and walk straight up to your house.
You were really happy that finally after taking a whole one year you now gonna confess to Jimin. Your heart saying that he gonna accept you but your brain already shown you some red flags. But you just ignored it. After denying for so long, now your feelings for him was strong and directive. You can sense it. Before the end of the graduation day you decide to confess the feelings. As you believe in 'if you like someone, let them know how you feel for them' philosophy.
You open the door of your living room, at your surprise a whole shirtless Yoongi was sitting at the couch watching his favourite football. His dark strands of hair was wet and a towel was hanging at his shoulders. The track pants which he was wearing was quite unrecognisable as the only thing you concentrated was on his pale smooth white skin. You can't deny his beauty. He was unknowingly beautiful. His cheek bones, cat eyes and gummy smile. At the sound of the door he quickly trail his eyes on you.
You screamed "dress up, you naked man."
Yoongi just rolled his eyes on you and put on his shirt and said "I'm not even naked. Haven't you seen a shirtless man before?"
"S-sorry sir! But I'm not habituated to see a whole naked man in my house everyday." You hesitantly exaggerated your words and sit at the corner couch.
"Then get habituated." He said with a straight face almost focused on the sports.
You don't seem to reply at his last words. Your eyes trail down to find your brother, who was nowhere in the house. You already figured it out again that he had gone to somewhere as most of the time he was not home when you came back from college.
"Have you seen my brother?" You asked Yoongi.
"I don't know might me out of the home." Yoongi said. Your inner brain was screaming that you also know that when Seokjin was not at home he was probably out of the house. You sighed at his words.
Hearing your frustrated sound, Yoongi looked at you and goes like "you can watch now, I'm good at the room." And he get up from the couch and walked towards the room.
"hey! Yaa! Stop, you can watch. I'm not frustrated because of you. Come here." You yelled at him.
Yoongi calmly come and sit at the exact spot. You were constantly looking at him but he say no to eye contact. With his baby eyes he was looking at the screen. The surrounding filled with the whistle of football match. You don't know what to say to him. You were still thinking of starting a conversation but you don't know how. But you want to ask that person beside you that why he was ignoring the hell out of you. You missed him, you accepted. Before even catching those feelings we cuts you off. You already added him in your good relationship bucket list. But he tend to follow the opposite both. Your eyes are kind of stuck at him without even realising.
Yoongi scoffs "you can stop staring. I'm feeling uncomfortable."
His deep voice fetch you to the reality and you stumbled "umm.. i-i was just. S-sorry, can we talk?"
For the first time Yoongi's eyes lands on you. You both made an eye contact for mili second until or unless Yoongi broke it. He goes "for what? I think I should go."
"This is what I'm talking. Why did you just cut me off from your life, Yoongi. I mean what's happened suddenly you stop talking to me?" You sighed.
"Is I'm not talking to you now?" Yoongi glared at you.
"You also know what I'm talking. You blocked me from every social media handles. Even you didn't replied my texts. Why are you mad at me, Yoongi?" You said with a worried face.
"I was quite distrub from the past months. Might be because of that. We're good." Yoongi cleared it.
"No, we ain't. The past months you only ignored me. I saw you attending each and every party. And you're looking quite happy at that time" Your voice raised.
"Tell me, why you want to talk to me? Why you need me? Why you can't resist me? Is you're feeling for me? Do you wanna have something with me?" Yoongi screamed some unusual questions which you never thought of.
The question stuck to your head. When he asked you all this, you also questioned yourself. Why actually you want to talk to him. You realise you're expecting something from. But it was also right your heart carries some part of love for him at that time might be now too. But the way Yoongi yelled at you, you're expecting that.
"Min, are you okay? Is everything good? I know you and your girlfriend have a fight going on and I know how you feel. But that doesn't mean you would shout at me like that." You sighed.
"No, I'm not okay, y/n. I don't know what's happening. I can't understand my feelings right now. My girlfriend is cheating on me at one hand and at another my feelings are growing for someone else. It feels like I'm cheating. But I ain't a cheater, y/n." Yoongi broke down. His deep voice mixes with some tearing emotions but he tried hard to not express.
Yoongi feels like he was the cheater because of you. The truth is he really likes you. That he can't resist to talk to you. That whenever he saw you, he wants to wrap you around his body. Even when he have a girlfriend, you filled him with joy. Even having someone to love, he need you to be in love. You make him go crazy. But he knows it's all wrong. That catching feelings for someone else instead of having a girlfriend is wrong. So, the best solution he found was to cut you off. Only for this reason he stopped talking to you. You feels like a complete stranger to him.
Still it didn't work. At the times he talked to you he always stay happy and focussed but after cutting you off he seems sad most of the time. Also he feels so frustrating at times and fight with anyone and everyone he saw. That's also a reason that after stop talking to you he and his girlfriend have fight most of the time. And after a long series of fighting and quarrelling with each other, his relationship becomes toxic as hell. He wants to scape out of the place. So, he did. But destiny have different plans, after pushing you so far. Atlast he came back at your arms only. Now, he was sitting beside you. You're trying your best to confront him.
"Min, calm down. I'm here. I'll not abandoned you. Tell me everything." You quitely whispered in his ears while talking his hands on yours. His cold hands fit yours and it felt good.
"Thanks y/n. Sorry for everything I did to you. I'm the worst. I broke your heart and I also cheated on my girlfriend. Even though I know she was cheating on me since so long." Yoongi calmly put his each word.
"No, you're best. She's cheating on you first. And feeling for someone else doesn't make you cheater, Min." You confronted him.
"You don't understand. Right now in my life, I want somebody to hold be tight, to love me like I do and to protect me. No one in this earth loves me." Yoongi frustrated and smack the pillow beside him.
You can't hold how sad and frustrated he was that time. You never have seen him in like. He was broke, totally broke. You glanced at him and hugged his huge posture which was unstable. But with presence of your hugging body it get calm and the huge body turns down to small. He completely fitted between your arms. You patted his back, he didn't argued to back off from the hug neither did he hold you back. You were just there holding him and confronting him. Seeing him like this you also got broke.
"I'm here, Yoongi. See, I'm holding you, loving you and even confronting you. Don't even say those words. I care for you." You said calmly still holding him in your arms like a baby.
His cologne smells like you're in a mountain and forest. With each time going you like wrapped him around. He quietly sitting like a baby.
"Remember if the relationship is getting toxic, calls it a off. And if you like someone else and your feelings are genuine then let the person know it. Tell her that how much you feel for her. I know you will." You geniunely said. He back off from your hug and nodded it a yes.
"And what if the person seems so close to me that knowing I like her, she'll be surprised. And she also broke my heart." Yoongi asked.
"I promise she'll not. Just be brave and tell her your feelings. Not all people are heartbreaker like you." You giggled to calm the situation down.
"You aren't a heart break, huh?" Yoongi asked and you laughed at him.
As the atmosphere becomes a little lighter Seokjin your brother walks inside the room. Unknowingly you were around Yoongi's arms and he was half heartedly hugging you. As your brother entered you both sit apart acting like nothing happens.
You glared at him and shouted "where were you brat?"
Seokjiin narrowed his eyes "language! You don't need to know that. But let me tell you, for the rest of this week days you have to be alone as I'm leaving for a business trip."
You excitedly said "really? Thank god! I'll have my alone time now." You love to be alone and as said you hated your nosy brother.
Seokjiin frowned "hold on girl! Don't ever dare to think of bringing your boyfriend Jimin at this house."
He then looked at Yoongi and goes "Min, can you please have an eye on my little sister. Don't let her bring any boy." Yoongi nodded but with a confusing face.
The last time your brother was not home, you bring Jimin and some of his other friends in your house. And to be honest it was a disaster. Next day your house smells like a pond of alcohol and smoking junction. Unfortunately your brother comes home at the wrong time and see all of those. He even saw how Jimin flirted with you and from then onwards he hated him.
You yelled "he isn't my boyfriend." But you slowly whispered to yourself "but he'll be soon."
"It's better if he's not. That boy is a dick. If you ran around him like that he surely gonna break your heart. Cut him off from your life." Seokjiin said as packing his stuff.
"None of your buisness, brat. Have fun weekends. Me and Yoongi will also have fun." You laughed devilishly.
Seokjiin moved all his clothes and necessary things in his suitcase and you say a bye to him. Well, sometimes you love your brother in real. But most of the time you hate him because of him being correct always. As for now, he already predicted that Jimin gonna broke your heart but you know Jimin really very well. He's a sweetheart in your eyes who is so soft to broke anyone's heart. This time you gonna prove your brother wrong by confessing Jimin. Your guts were telling you that your doing something right and should go on.
You two were alone in a house full of rooms. But it didn't feel different as Yoongi entered in his room as soon as Seokjin left and you all visited your room to complete graduation studys. You were quite pressurized for the day but happy that you gonna confess to Jimin tomorrow. A perfect proposal you dreamt of . Long basketball court where you and he will be standing all alone and some butterflies kicking in your stomach.
Here Yoongi in his room ingrossed into his long fluffy blanket. His mind was full of you. He can't stop thinking about you. All he need is you and you. His heart was playing some sort of games to go in your room and kiss your lips. When you were hugging me in the couch his eyes were constantly trailing down to your lips. He can't resist his desire to kiss on that peach soft lips that taste like berries. He already know how you'll taste. Your fragrance, soft skin, long finger, smooth hairs drives him crazy. It's not like he was attracted to you for the first time . Whenever you come nearer to him, he can sense his hormones bobbing out of his nerves. He liked you, he knows. The only thing that stopping him was his bothered self. He wasn't sure if you also feel the same, but he knows you feel the exact same. Without resisting his desires he got straight up from the bed and walk up to yours.
You were strolling down your eyes within the gigantic piles of pages right before you. He peep through the door to see your face. Your hair strands lacking his view and your frustrated face increases his rage. He liked you, he can't see you like this. He does a sigh sound closing his eyes, which shifted your attention. You were no longer interested in your books but the person peeping you through the door interests you more.
You calmly open the door and whispered in his hear "do you need something, Yoongi?"
He got shuttered to your cat voice and stumbled "umm.. y-no. Actually you look so frustrated!"
You does a small laugh and said "graduation studies! It's frustrating."
He nodded his head looking at the floor and then said "if you're okay, then we can watch some movies?"
You frowned your eyes in a playful manner "i can't say no to you but -"
Yoongi intreuppted you "no buts. Living room in 10." He turned to his room.
You chuckled on his cuteness. Well, if Jimin didn't entered your life then Yoongi have been the one you would die on. You liked him from the every first of your college days. You haven't met anyone as calm and as loyal as him. But presence of his girlfriend broke you down. You don't want to interfere in his relationship. But as for now, he was in a verge of breaking up with his girlfriend. If you still have that active Yoongi loving bone in your body then you would have said everything to him. But fate have different plans.
The couch was cozy, the room was dark with various beam of light from television echoes. Freash buttery popcorn lined by your side. You were half lying on the couch beside Yoongi who was calmly looking at the movie you choosed. For sure you have your own romantic taste in movies. And he can't say no to you. You were stealing some glance of him in the name of watching movie. He's ethereal. You again felt the same butterflies when you used to talk to him. Again the feelings were kicking your stomach. You are liking it. Your sudden urge to touch him filled your heart but your mind keep debating about Jimin.
"Yoongi!" Your soft voice echoes the background.
He looked at you but his eyes were on your peack lips "umm...?"
"Are you liking this movie? If not then we can change it." You hesitantly said.
"Loving it so far. Romance is never my thing but you made it mine now." Yoongi softly chuckled again stick his eyes to the screen. But the one thing you don't know that his focus never shifted from you. He also sees how badly you want him but no one makes a move.
"Can you pass me the blanket, Min?" You again grapped his attention. He gently took the blanket and cover your legs and torso. You both were just centimetres away. You shifted a little close to him to feel the heat. He smiled at you.
"Thanks, Min. You want the blanket?" You asked nervously. Without any hesitation he unfold the whole blanket and cover both you. You gently smiled at him. There was a big silence echoing your heart. You want to make the move to kiss him, to touch him and to play with his hairs. And that was when stopped when you actually did while there was a kissing scene going on .
You gently grapped his thighs and rubbed it slowly. "It's cold here." You slowly yet seductively said.
"Umm! Yes!" He nodded and pressed his cold hands on your bare legs. He also does the same thing you did.
But soon his hands trail upward inside from your loose shorts. He's circling inside your inner things. His finger nails form a line in your inner thigh. You were loving that feeling. As soon as you put your hands out of his thighs, he makes a unsatisfied sound.
"Umm?" You looked at him innocently with a devilish thought. Both of your eyes met at once.
"Can I kiss you?" You hesitantly asked.
As soon as you ended the sentence his lips are already on your neck. This smooth lips does a great job in your bare neck area. He was gently kissing , devilishly sucking and you were pleasantly moaning his name. He kissed your collar bone and your pale skin turns to violet in seconds. He pressed you in the couch and lean over you. But you want his lips on yours.
The moment was made for Yoongi, he slowly takes his time to respond each and every moans of your. His lips were playing with your skin. Happily sucking each corner of your neck. Soon the realisation stuck him and he was now concentrating on your lips. Took a few times to glance at your lips while massaging your hair with one hand. He pressed his lips on your sharp jaw line. You were enjoying ever bit of it.
'Jimin' this name echoed in your brain. That few minutes you can't proceed, before you it was Yoongi but your heart his on Jimin's hand. You can't betray him like this. You have a deep feeling for him. You thought you were doing wrong, it was wrong. You can't sleep with anyone like this. The realisation make you push Yoongi so hard.
He was at a verge of kissing your lips but the sudden push was unexpected for him. He got shuttered and hold the other side of the couch. He looks at you in a awe. You were looking at him in a deep guilt. Your face was telling you that it was wrong.
"What's happened?" Yoongi innocently asked and came forward to you.
"Don't touch me! It's wrong." You yelled at him as you run towards your room.
You heard him shout at you for what's the matter or why you suddenly reacted like that as you're the one you wanted all of this. But blaming and treating him like that, he felt so miserable. He realised that you ain't the random hook up for only one night but he carries deep feeling for you. He should be sorry, he was wrong he accepted. But reacting like that was so astonishing for him.
Yoongi pushed your door and shouted for you. But there you were lying senselessly at your bed. Your face was pale and heart with a heavy weigh of guilt. You shouldn't act like a kid. You wanted all of that, you started it and not him. You were wrong, but you haven't the courage to tell him why you did that to him. Maybe tomorrow, you can tell him that Jimin was all over your head that time.
"Yoongi, can I explain this to you tomorrow. Please, leave me alone." You yelled at him across the door.
Yoongi sighed "sure, I also have something to explain you. I can wait." And he sadly walked at his room.
The whole night Yoongi's mind keep on thinking about you. He can't any more relay his feelings to himself. He needs to tell you what he feels for you. That he don't think you as a one time hook up but a forever home. He decides to tell you his genuine feelings tomorrow as soon as you're good to talk to him.
Tomorrow arrives, your guilt was eaten you up badly. Without wasting your time you walked to Yoongi's room. You already prepared your words what you will tell him. That you like Jimin and that you can't break his trust. Also you should be sorry for the last night because you make a move first but you were also the same person who weirdly ran off without saying anything.
"Yoongi! Can we talk?" You said glancing at the floor that shows you felt guilty.
He was still on his bed half asleep, in his rapsy voice "are you okay?"
"Y-ye.. n-no. I'm not. I really felt so bad for last night." You stumbled.
"It's completely okay. Consent is more important than anything. But -" Yoongi got intreuppted by you.
"No, I want to do. I mean I'm sorry. There is a reason why I didn't want to have anything now with you." You slowly mumbled.
"I understand. I'm good, don't worry." Yoongi yawned. You felt everything goes back that it use to and you left for your college. But the midway of his room Yoongi called you again.
"Excuse me, if you're not in a hurry can I tell you something?" Yoongi was no more a half dead human but his tone shifted to seriousness.
"Sure, anything important?"
"Well, let's have a sit. It's important for me." You sat at the edge of his bed.
"Oh! You okay?"
"Something is really eating me up, I don't know how to tell you but I think I really feel attached to you. You does feel home. Always I think about you. You keep buzzing inside my head. I feel for you... Deeply." Yoongi patiencely confronted everything. His eyes were glancing at your bracelet as he is bad at making eye contact.
Your eyes were no longer want to hide but you without blinking looked at his pale fluffy face. He like you, he mean he really feel for you, in real. The topsy turvey land appears infront of you. Just right now, you were going to confront to Jimin about his feelings and before that someone else did to you. The heart inside knows that Yoongi never jokes around, he say what he feels. But he still didn't broke up with his girlfriend and what about those days when he completely cuts you off. You remembered all of this.
"Oh! I-i ... Are you serious? You never even want to talk to me. You ignored me, remember?" You ranted angrily.
"Yes, I do ignore you but you know what's the reason? I feel attracted to you, I can't resist to talk to you, I always think about you and your little things hurts me easily. But I don't want to cheat on my ex girlfriend so I simply say a goodbye. Though after all these months you can see where I'm!" Yoongi put over his point nonchalantly.
"Ah! Yoongi? You did all these because of some unfelt feelings! At last you need to tell me. But this is too late. I already feel for someone else." You nervously ended your words.
"I understand but don't you also feel the same way at some point? Don't you also feel attracted towards me?" He passionately glance at you, his high voice pitch echoes all through his room.
"What if I used to do? Now, things are changed." You screamed.
"Nothing changed. You still have feelings for me. Or else you would not want to fuck me!" The total atmosphere shifted into a peeaceful procession. Yoongi ranted the words which are harsh and real. You do feel the same way he does, but what about Jimin. God have a sinful duty to only designated single soulmate to oneself. You feel for true and you ain't a traitor.
"Don't you also? What are you doing at your so called friends house cause your girlfriend kick you out. And middle of your break up you're hitting on your friend's sister. Also trying your level best to make her fall for you." You calmly stated. But your neurons are burning inside.
"And she's falling for me? Isn't she?" Yoongi in the heat of the debate flirtatiously walked up to you.
"Yes, she did. But I know I'm not a traitor like you. Now fuck off. Also today I'm gonna confess to Jimin. Pray that he also likes me. Now, good bye." You pushed Yoongi out of your sight and walk up to the main door.
"May Jimin and you never meet again." Yoongi chuckled at his words. You only rolled your eyes and left for college.
Fall of the darkness after a heavy heart break take lots of sadness. That numb cold weather with a wreaking heart gives shivering pain in your wholesome heart. You didn't expected that, you never thought that but initially it happened. He said the most cruel words you never even thought he would know. You cried for the last time he did said 'goodbye' not with a smiling innocent face but with a smug showing he played with your feelings. The words ' I'd never even thought of you around my arms' was spitted  by Jimin. He betrayed you. But the last line stuck to your soul 'do you think I would let you suck my dick, y/n? Haven't you seen yourself! You're a pity. Go find someone else to do this shit. Good bye' and he smirkingly ended your beautiful and hopefull day.
You cried under the dark and cold rainy evening. You just want to ran into your bed and cried for hours that you're wrong. The heavy rain drenched all your clothes and you. Without waiting for the bus you walked down all the street still numb and overthinking in your head. No one loves you right now, whom do you want to live for? Under the nature's water your own tears vanished.
It take no time to measure your home distance. You shut the door so loudly that you also got out of those painful thought. You are broke, your heart is. The pain has no bounds. The drenched clothes can't match your drenched soul. Already the winter rain is eating you up but you need more coldness to be out of this burning world. You cried loudly sitting at the couch. Hearing you Suga came and look a glance at you. He didn't said anything, just standing there quietly like observing your intentions. You felt his glance, you looked at his pale face with your small eyes. You wanted him to ask you about the pain you're feeling, about the situation you're in and about everything which breaks your heart. But you don't why your heart beating and wanting him to console you. You aren't about this side of yours. Your feelings are confused more than numb.
' Aren't you gonna ask me anything?' you screamed in your teary voice.
Suga smiled ' umm! I can see the rejection on your face.'
'shut the hell up. Everything happens because of you. I - I' you screamed but the ending of your sentences vanished on your heavy crying voice.
Suga walk up to you and sit beside you ' I understand everything. No need to cry this happens with everyone.'
' Suga, if you don't know how to console someone then it best to shut your pity mouth.' you aggressively pushed him away.
' Wow girl, is it so? In the morning you also broke my heart in the same way. You don't know how much I care for you, how much I need you now. But you! You just spit some cruel words and not even regretting. This is how you feel when someone broke your heart.' Suga bashed on you.
You look dumbfound. You're processing everything he said but you realized he ain't right. You need to correct him. 'Why'd you came in my life? Huh! I was so happy without talking to you after you stop talking. I do have feelings for you and you clearly know each and everything. You broke my heart first. And again when I'm finally good with a boy, you came back. You don't know how much you broke my feelings internally from a long time. And you're giving me this fucking reason?' you finished and ran to your room and lock yourself under the cold shower.
Suga just for a whole minute hear your words again. He can't processed that you liked him before even he does. And the fact that you still have feelings for him. His heart got flutter and a pound of sadness hugs his heart. He felt guilty of treating you like that. But he no more wants to be a heartbreaker. He wants to prove you that he loves you, a lot. And want to promise you that he ain't like those flirty brat to goof around. He's the sky of your earth that's permanent and no one else is allowed here.
He ran towards your room and screamed at the top of his lungs when he can't see you there 'y/n, I'm sorry!' You heard his voice but weeped under the shower. Your voice is enough to know where are you. He opened the door of the wash room and saw you under the shower with all your drenched clothes.
'Y/n, what's wrong? You will get cold.' he softly said and came towards the shower the knob.
'just get out, Suga. Leave me alone.' you screamed.
'calm down, let me turn the shower off.' he said softly as he lean towards you to turn it off.
You pushed him ' can't you hear me, leave me alone .You brat!'
Suga tilt a little but he pushed you against the shower wall and pinned you down ''shut up. I told you I'm here for you.' he said in his low cold voice which spend shiver down your spine. You both got drenched in that cold water. The shower is still on and you're numb by Suga's dominance.
You look at his fierce eyes and broke down 'I-I am hurt. I don't want anything.' He still pinned you down the wall.
He said  'You want me. Don't you?' and looked in your eyes.
You're feelings are peeping out and you can't withstand the man before you. The gorgeous, tall and broke man said enough to console your feelings. Your eyes can't resist those plum lips to kiss on. He's unknowingly hot and you accepted it. You tiptoed and kissed him while your tears are still all over your face.
Suga is deep down kissing you and your whole sad soul. You loved it, you geniunely did. The kiss was intense and passionate. His hands trail down to your head and lean you more to have a perfect kiss which he was imagining for years. Out of breath you broke the kiss and sighed. He himself lean down and put both of your forward together. You both heavily breathed and smiled at each other.
"Thanks." Suga calmly said.
You look at him with love in your eyes and "I'm not stopping with just a kiss. I'd been thinking about this for over years. Now, that you're here, I can't leave you. Just tell me you also carry that deep feelings for me."
He paused for a moment and complete silence surronds that freezing cold shower leaving you both a hot mess. You again think about doing something nonsense.
Suga take a deep breath " Y/n, I feel you're the one I have been loosing for years because you were always there for me to find you. But I never took initiative to find you. Please I really do li- like you. Do-dont ever leave me."
He stutters and hugged you so hard. The moment filled you with joy but often reality strikes everyone so hard. Under the shower, two humans both in love with eachother having a special moment yet the bang in door wakes both of you up.
Suga hesitantly look outside the shower door to look if anyone was there but again doorbell rang and to both of your surprises, it's Seokjin.
You are still figuring out if telling your brother about you and Suga is a good option.
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bts-fanfic-recs · 5 months ago
└➤ sorted by 。 。 。genre (angst, fluff, smut)
Tumblr media
(last update: 08.19.2021)
☆ - personal favorite
e2l- enemies to lovers, s2l- strangers to lovers, f2l- friends to lovers, bf2l- best friends to lovers, cf2l- childhood friends to lovers, fwb2l- friends with benefits to lovers, ex2l- exes to lovers, i2l- idiots to lovers
Tumblr media
⇢ pinky swear by @taelaxies (cf2l)
❝ Yoongi and you were inseparable friends. Since your childhood you’ve played this game together in which you had to be completely honest when your pinkies were linked. Until one night, the game went too far…❞
Tumblr media
⇢ straight shooter by @snackhobi (cyberpunk!au, kinda e2l, ☆)
❝ min yoongi is the best shot in the business. you’re the best gunsmith in the city and the only person he trusts to programme his tech; to make his gear. he likes your work. it’s a shame, then, that he doesn’t like you. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Baby, can I? by @btssmutgalore 
❝ Yoongi is your friend, but all it takes is one wrong move of his hand for you to start thinking of him as something more than that. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢  gym rat by @mingoyeob​ (read warnings, s2l)
❝ you told everyone you were spending more time at the gym in an effort to turn your life around. in reality you were going just to sneak glimpses at one of the regulars who, for some reason, always looked like he hated being there. that didn’t seem to stop him from bending you over the bench in the gym locker room though. inspired by yoongi’s new gym bod that’s suits him a little too well. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Watermelon Sugar by @yoonjinkooked (travel!au)
❝ Travelling alone to your dream destination had sounded like a good idea at the time. And you don’t regret doing it, of course not - you’re in Greece! The food! The sun! The smell of the sea! The white walls and blue chairs, the hills, the warm days and colder nights. A little company wouldn’t hurt, though. That’s how you end up talking to Min Yoongi, your next door neighbour with whom you practically share a balcony. He’s quiet, he barely leaves his room but when you reach out, he doesn’t push you away. That’s how your Greek adventure begins. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Across the Hall by @gukslut (neighbours!au)
❝ You always had him pegged as a sweet, shy bookworm – albeit one lived in the apartment across from you. The more you got to know him, though, the more you’ve realized he’s got a wicked sense of humor and brilliant mind. It becomes your mission in life to seduce him. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ unnamed by @underthejoon (fwb!au)
❝ the draft where your fuck buddy tries to do something nice and you’re too blind to pick up on it. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ unnamed by @snackhobi (coffeeshop!au)
❝ yoongi is your favourite regular. he’s patient, polite, and predictable, a-large-black-coffee-to-go-please, no cream, no sugar, thank you. rinse and repeat. the seasons might change, but yoongi’s order stays the same.and then one fateful day in winter, yoongi asks about the weekly specials, orders a cup of christmas and sugary sweetness, and everything starts changing. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ AQUIVER by @floralseokjin​
❝ Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living… ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Noise Complaints by @sugasbabiie (neighbours!au, read warnings)
❝ Everyone on your floor is afraid to tell the bad boy in Apartment 137 that his music is too loud but not you. Tired of being kept up at night, you decide to march right over there to give him a piece of your mind. However, things didn’t exactly work out in your favor, and you learn that sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut.❞
Tumblr media
⇢ The Seven Year Itch by @jimlingss (married!au)
❝ The seven year itch is the curse of all marriages. Your own parents divorced after seven years. Your friends separated after that doomed number too. And now, you're trying to prevent the same downfall from reaching your marriage with Yoongi. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Tip of the Iceberg by @fortunexkookie (tattoo artist!yoongi, read warnings)
❝ Granny Park’s Gossip:Oh, that Min boy? He’s a sweetheart, of course. Jimin said something about him getting into a new relationship with someone, but he hasn’t brought her by yet, so I can’t be sure. I just hope this one sticks around, he’s really so much more than he first seems to be. All those tattoos and whatnot, people tend not to notice that he’s really just so caring and gentle. You know he works at one of those stuffed animal stores in his free time? The ones with the dancing and the hearts and picking out your new best friend kind of theme. Ah, what a nice boy. I hope he has a good holiday. I’ll have to ask Jimin how it goes. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Love Language by @gukslut (established relationship!au)
❝ Your boyfriend obviously loves you, but his silence has you questioning if he *wants* you. If you could only get past your damn insecurities maybe you could appreciate what you have ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ “Are you flirting with me?” by @rmverse (barista!yn)
❝  “Are you flirting with me?” / “You finally noticed?” ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ First-Date BAIT! by @jimlingss
❝ First dates are embarrassing. First dates are awkward. I’ve been through countless ones, sitting across from people who bored the living daylights out of me. It was less exciting than watching paint dry. Some dates were so utterly rude - I think you and I both know what it’s like to be on the receiving end on that. But now we both don’t have to waste our time anymore!
With First Date Bait they went out for me! Afterwards, they informed me if it was recommended to go out on a second date. It’s amazing with a 99.99% accuracy rate! That’s how I ended up meeting my husband!
First Date Bait. Why waste your time with awkward first dates? ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ Chocolate Confessions by @jimlingss (valentines!au)
Tumblr media
⇢ The Third & Sixth by @jimlingss (s2l)
❝ One. Two. Three. Fantastic things come in threes, that includes you and your two best friends. But when they start dating each other, you quickly come to realize that you’ve become the infamous. third. wheel. Left out — invading their date — forced to watch them canoodle — an unnecessary extension to the group. It only worsens when you upgrade into the fifth wheel.....until a special sixth comes along. ❞
Tumblr media
⇢ know your worth by @yoonpobs​ (swordsman!yoongi)
❝ as the chosen one, you've never believed in yourself. enter yoongi. ❞
sequel (f, m, jealous!yoongi, ☆)
Tumblr media
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dgmovies · a month ago
Navigation: BTS
Tumblr media
✨Welcome to my world✨
I’m just gonna throw this on the internet for y'all. Here are a lot of fics I've collected over the past couple of years of BTS. So enjoy :) Idk if all the links work. Some works may have been deleted already. Also, some info might be missing. *Disclaimer: English is not my first language.*
*Updated: 24-01-2022*
Recommendable authors:
@avveh (Masterlist)
@baeseoul (Masterlist) -> deleted
@btssmutgalore (Masterlist)
@dovechim (Masterlist)
@imsarabum (Masterlist)
@jamaisjoons (Masterlist)
@jincherie (Masterlist)
@joonbird (Masterlist)
@joonlagoon -> moved to @btgalaxy (Masterlist)
@kpopfanfictrash (Masterlist)
@personasintro (Masterlist)
@sunshyngal (Masterlist)
@tayegi (Masterlist)
@yminie (Masterlist)
@fortunexkookie (Masterlist)
Recommendable recs/masterlist accounts:
@ficswithluv (Navigation)
@sun-moon-n-yunho (navigation) -> deleted
@recs-by-xherxx (Navigation)
@bangtantaegi -> moved to @sopeverse (Navigation)
@ggukkieland (Navigation)
@creatorspalace (Navigation)
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin (JIN) Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS + SERIES -> Click Here
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi (SUGA) Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS -> Click Here
SERIES -> Click Here
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok (JHOPE) Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS -> Click Here
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Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon (RM) Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS + SERIES -> Click Here
Tumblr media
Park Jimin (JIMIN) Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS -> Click Here
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Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung (V) Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS -> Click Here
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Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook: Recommendations Masterlist
ONE SHOTS -> Click Here
SERIES -> Click Here
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yoonlattesworld · a month ago
You are more important
Cold boyfriend yoongi x sensitive girlfriend reader
Yoongi's Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Cold yoongi x sensitive reader one shot
Summary: he finds out you are pregnant after a bad argument. And so he is scared that he will loose you and his child.
Genre:angst and fluff. Happy ending!
No warning
Author's pov
You were sitting on the couch trying not to fall asleep. Your boyfriend yoongi was still not home and it was almost 11 pm. This has been going on for days because of there recent comeback. You know that being a famous idol is hard. But after just recently coming back from a 3 month tour,you expected that he would rest and spend time with you. It's been almost a month since he came back home and you remember how he showed his love to you the night he came home. You were happy to have him back but that happiness didn't last long as he started working and shutting you out again. But today you expected that he would atleast have a nice dinner with you. Because today is your 3 year anniversary and he promised that he will be home early at 8 pm. And now almost 3 hours later,you don't know when is he coming back and he isn't even answering his phone. Yoongi is your first boyfriend. He was your first everything. Your first love,your first kiss and he was also the one who took your virginity. You know that despite his cold nature,he loves you dearly. But lately you felt like you both were becoming distant. He is always working. When he comes home,he gets straight to bed too tired to even speak with you. So ofcourse you were worried. But mostly you were tired and hurt. Hurt that he always prioritise work over you. You knew what you are getting yourself into when you both started dating but sometimes you felt that you are also as important as his work. You have been insecure about yourself but he always made sure that you felt the love that you deserve.
Almost falling asleep on the couch,you heard the front door opening indicating that he was finally home. Getting up from the couch you walked towards your tired boyfriend whose face was cold as always with bags under his eyes. He looked visibly exhausted and your heart ached seeing him like this. "Are you okay?" You asked him softly while helping him take his coat off. "Do I look like I'm fine?" he grumbled gently pushing you away when you tried to hug him. You bite your lip trying not to show the hurt that flashed across your face. He never denied your hugs and kisses. Are you being clingy? Is he annoyed with you? All these thoughts automatically made their way in your mind because you always get insecure easily and him not talking to you properly since days didn't help. "A-are you hungry? I will heat up the food and -" "I already ate" he said coldly walking towards the couch. "Oh okay" you whispered and slowly went towards the kitchen to pack all the food which was lying on the dining table which he didn't notice. With teary eyes you one by one kept the food in the fridge and then the cake that you baked on your own. You walked back in the living room to see him going towards his home studio "yoon what are doing?" You asked softly and he replied not looking at you "I'm going to work you can sleep first" your eyes widened at that because he just came from work and now he is going to work again?
"B-but yoongi you just came back home . You should go to sleep" he sighed irritatedly and said'' I don't have time to sleep y/n I'm busy" you looked down as a small tear rolled down your cheek and whispered "you are always busy" you said it so softly but he still managed to hear it clearly. He turned around with his jaw clenched and gritted"what did you say?" Looking up at him with tears in your eyes,for the first time you felt scared of him. His eyes were darker than usual and only anger could be seen in them . "i said you are always busy yoongi. You are never home. Today you promised that you would be home early and I was so excited to finally spend time with you but you forgot and i-" he cut your sentence and groaned"fucks sake y/n not this again. Some important work came in the middle that's why I couldn't come. I'm busy unlike you so stop being so childish and understand me for once" you couldn't believe what he said. He thinks you don't understand him? " Yoongi i-i do understand you b-but all i want is to spend a little time with you since you came home from the tour. But you started working immediately after coming back. It's been months yoongi a-and i wanted to tell you something-" he cut you off again but this time more harshly"dammit y/n can't you understand that my work is important too. I can't be with you every day so stop being so fucking clingy"
To be honest he didn't mean to get mad at you. He too wants to spend time with you. He just wants to hold you the whole day and listen to your every story. In the tour,he always got irritated easily because of not seeing you for so long. Today too he was indeed going to come home early because he missed you so badly that he thought he would go insane. He knows how you feel but you never complained about anything. He knows that you have a hard time alone when he is on tours. He also knows that you sometimes cry yourself to sleep wearing his hoodie when he is working late. He has seen you laying on the bed while hugging yourself to feel his warmth. Every time he came in your shared bedroom late at night,he found you asleep with tear stained cheek but the next morning you would pretend like every thing was fine. Whenever he would crawl on the bed and take you in his arms,even in your sleep you would instantly snuggle into him, burying your face in his chest smiling in your sleep. He knows that he doesn't deserve an angel like you. But today just as he was about to go home,his manager accidentally deleted an important file which he spent days completing in order to come home to you. And so he had to sit back and do it all over again which caused him to get cranky and irritated and he took it all out on you. He turned around to walk away because he knew that he would end up saying something that he will regret later. He was about to walk away but his steps halted when he heard a loud thud. Turning around his eyes widened when he saw you lying on the floor unconscious. Panic and worry immediately filled him and he ran towards you "Fuck! Y/n!" Placing an arm around your shoulder he gently tapped your cheek but you didn't moved.he effortlessly picked you up in his arms and ran towards the door whispering to you "hey hey baby wake up please I'm so sorry babygirl fuck please wake up" placing you in the car gently,he sat in the driver's seat and started the car, speeding towards the nearest hospital as the roads were mostly empty seeing that it was almost 12:30.
Reaching the hospital he parked the car and opened your door holding you gently. He ran inside the hospital while holding you bridal style and called for the doctor "excuse me! Someone help please! My girlfriend s-she suddenly fainted!" A doctor came running towards him followed by two nurses with a stretcher. "Put her here!" The doctor said and he gently placed you down following the doctor and nurses who were now taking you to the ICU "I'm sorry sir but you can't come inside. You will have to wait here" a nurse told him as he watched you going inside "n-no i need to be there. She needs me" he growled but the nurse only shaked her head "please wait here. She will be fine" and walked away leaving him there alone as he sat on the bench with shaky legs burying his face in his hands. He was breathing heavily praying that you are fine and he knows that if something happens to you,he will be fucked up. You are his everything. You were the one who taught him the meaning of love again. He can't loose you.A few moments later,a female doctor came out of your room with a small smile on her face. Yoongi immediately stood up and rushed towards her "h-how is she,doctor?What happened to her?" The doctor smiled and said something which caused his heart to stop for a moment "congratulations sir. Your girlfriend is pregnant" "w-what" "yes it seems like she is almost 3 weeks pregnant and she fainted because she was stressed and probably overwhelmed by some situation. Please don't let this happen Again as it is not healthy for both mother and child" he nodded still not processing anything and mumbled "can i see her?" She nodded and walked away while he made his way inside your room to see you still unconscious, sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed. He sat on the small stool and mumbled your name taking your small soft hand in his much bigger ones "y/n" he gripped your hand tightly and leaned his forehead against your intertwined hands feeling tears filling his eyes "I'm such a bad boyfriend... forgive me babygirl. You can slap me, yell at me but please wake up" a few tears rolled down his cheek and dropped on your hand as he kept his large hand on your stomach. You stirred slightly and Yoongi's eyes snapped towards you "y/n?" You opened your eyes slowly feeling a little dizzy and whispered"yoongi?" He cupped your cheek softly and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead"yeah babygirl I'm here. Everything is fine" you looked at him, barely able to keep your eyes open and whispered"I'm tired" he took a sharp Breath,his heart aching seeing his sweet bubbly girlfriend laying on a hospital bed. If only he took better care of you "I know babygirl. Go to sleep, yeah?" He said softly and you mumbled "stay" "I'm not going anywhere baby. I will be here when you wake up. Go to sleep" he said caressing your head and watched you as you closed your eyes again and fell into a deep slumber.
The next morning you woke up groaning softly because of the lights shining on your face. As your eyes adjusted to the brightness,your eyebrows furrowed when you realised this was not your bedroom. Your heartbeat fastened seeing a tube attached to your arm but as you looked around,you saw your boyfriend Yoongi sleeping on the stool with his head beside your waist and his hand on your stomach. Grimacing slightly knowing that he will have a sore back you slightly shaked him still confused about your surroundings. "Yoon" he immediately woke up hearing your soft voice and looked at you. His expression slightly panicked but he relaxed when he saw you. "Y/n you are awake. How are you feeling babygirl? '' he asked you gently and you still looked confused "i-i am fine yoon. But why am i here?" He sighed and looked down on his lap making you nervously fiddle your fingers "y-yoongi is everything fine-" "why didn't you tell me?" He asked still not looking at you while your eyes widened and your heartbeat fastened 'does he know?' "i-i am sorry i-i wanted to tell you but you w-were really busy and then yesterday i-i-" you don't know what you are apologising for but you just felt the need to say sorry. Yoongi's eyebrow furrowed and he looked at you " hey baby calm down.why are you apologising? I'm the one who should apologise for not taking care of you. I didn't even knew that you weren't eating properly and not taking care of yourself. I drowned myself in work that i forgot i have you waiting for me everyday." you held his larger hand and whispered "No yoongi i know that work is important and-" "no y/n work is not more important than you. Fuck work is not important than you and our child" he growled pulling his hand away "yoongi you didn't knew... it's not your fault" he chuckled bitterly at your words and said "that's the problem y/n. I didn't knew. I didn't knew anything. I didn't fucking knew that you were carrying my child dammit" he grunted getting angier by the second "yoon" you mumbled trying to sit up and he immediately took deep breaths trying to calm down and helped you sit while remembering the doctor's words 'she can become overwhelmed easily because she might have become more sensitive so you need to avoid putting her in those situations' sighing tiredly his eyes softened when he felt you pulling him towards yourself .he buried his face in your chest and wrapped his arms around your waist tightly. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders caressing his hair when you felt your shirt getting wet. You felt your own eyes getting teary hearing him cry silently. Pulling back he whispered raspily"can you give me another Chance baby? I promise this won't happen again" you nodded almost immediately because you trust him. You knew that this won't happen again. Rubbing your belly softly he whispered "appa is sorry baby..i promise i won't hurt you and your mom again" you giggled through tears when he said "gosh i can't believe I'm going to be a father"
Your breath hitched when you felt his warm breath on your lips. Leaning down his lips barely brushed against yours and then he pressed his lips on yours. He arms wrapping around you tighter desperately pulling you closer trying to feel the comfort of your body against his. To reassure himself that you are there infront of him. The moment he saw you lying on the floor,he felt his world crashing down. He was ready to give up everything if you told him to. The kiss was urgent but not because of lust. Just to simply pour his love in his kiss and feel you against him. Your tears mixing in the kiss. You gripped his arm as he held you protectively. Placing his hand on your lower back,he supported your body upright.Breathing heavily he pulled back and leaned his forehead against your. You pecked his lips smiling shyly as he wiped your tears. Leaning forward he pressed his lips on yours again but this time gently as if you were made of glass "happy anniversary babygirl" he whispered in between and you smiled at him "i love you yoon" "i love you too baby"
**************************************************** "y-yoongi" you sobbed loudly holding his hand tightly and he whispered "i know it hurts baby but i know you can do it yeah? Just a little more baby" "Another one is almost out! Just one last push new mommy!"the doctor yelled and with a final scream,you gathered every ounce of energy left in your body and pushed harder as another cry was heard in the room. Tears filled his eyes when he saw two beautiful babies being wrapped in a soft towel. He than looked at you to see you closing your eyes tiredly and kissed your forehead "you did so well sweetheart. I am so proud of you" "our babies" he heard you whisper before you fell asleep "our babies" he repeated and kissed your lips gently.
****************************************************Yoongi couldn't be happier when he saw you playing with yours and his babies. A girl and a boy who looked just like you.And he knew that it was the right time. Leaning against the door of your shared bedroom,he watched you looking at the twins fondly and said "marry me y/n" looking at him wide eyed you stuttered"a-are you serious?" Chuckling with teary eyes he said "yes baby I'm damn serious" "yes!" You shouted, and ran towards him, and threw yourself on him as he caught you laughing joyfully.
The twins not understanding anything but still smiling and giggling to themselves seeing there parents happy.
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jungshookz · 3 years ago
For the Christmas drabbles! Can you do a Drabble with demon yoongi and yn now that we know Yoongi’s feeling on Christmas. With Yoongi being an absolute grinch because it’s CHRISTmas? Alll I want for christmassssss~~~~ is that Drabble! Thank you!!!
Tumblr media
🎄 pairing: min yoongi x reader
🎄 genre: demon!yoongi, angel!jimin, yoongi isn’t the biggest fan of christmas, yoongi is very vERy jealous of jimin, this gets a little spicy so nsFW, fluff of course
🎄 wordcount: 4.1k oof
🎄 notes: this was supposed to be a drabble but obviously i got carried away!! also a lot of u fell in love with angel!jimin (same) so he’s bACK!! 
(gif isn’t mine!)
(((and the read more function iS there but most of the time it doesn’t work on mobile :// i am sorry don’t attack me by sending passive-aggressive anon messages)))
yoongi’s always been a bit of a pessimist
it’s not his fault though!!!!!
he’s a demon
naturally he shines a more negative light on pretty much anything
and sometimes he doesn’t realise it but he takes it a little bit too far when he’s joking around and poking fun at your ‘dumb human traditions’
it’s just that he’s never really celebrated christmas before so he doesn’t take it as seriously as you do!!
“look at this poor, mangled tree. you should’ve left it in the forest where it belongs.” yoongi shakes his head as you hand him another bauble to put up
you suppress a sigh and roll your eyes as you bend down to pick up an ornament for yourself
it’s almost christmas which is your favourite time of the year!!!!
being surrounded by loved ones while enjoying sugar cookies and hot chocolate and opening up gifts is just!! it’s so wonderful and you take christmas very veRy seriously
and this is yoongi’s first christmas so you decided you wanted to make it extra special so you decided to put up the tree today even though you were going to save it for next week
also you’re a little tired from lectures today and your bones ache but sTILL you were like NopE today is the day that the christmas decorations are going to go up and it’s going to be great
you always have a lotta fun putting up christmas decorations
usually kook is here to help but you decided that this was just going to be a special you and yoongi thing this year
plus you’ll see him at your annual christmas party anyway so
it’s a little difficult to have fun when you have a literal demon next to you yapping your ear off talking about how stupid these decorations are and how dumb christmas is and ‘why would i want to spend my own hard-earned money on other people??’
you’ve been doing fine for the past two hours
tuning yoongi’s nonstop complaining out as you wrapped some sparkly tinsel around the stair railings
bit down on your tongue to keep yourself from yelling at yoongi as you shoved the pre-made sugar cookies into the oven
you even ignored his comments about your ‘childish’ reindeer antler headband and your ‘flashy’ snowflake earrings
but uh
now you’re 500% irritated and you don’t want to hear another complaint come out of yoongi’s mouth otherwise you’re literally going to explode out of anger
“i would rather go back to hell than put up another ornament.” yoongi mutters and looks at the candy cane ornament in his hand
that’s it
“you know what yoongi, if you don’t wanna do this, i’m not going to force you to, okay?” you snap and snatch the ornament away from yoongi and he’s like damn okay fine
he furrows his brows and watches as you aggressively hang the ornament up
“i was just kidd-“
“you’re always just kidding!!!”
someone’s grouchy
yoongi doesn’t say anything (which is a smart move) but he bends down to grab a bauble from the box of christmas tree decorations
he jumps when you kick the box out of the way gently
“why don’t you go and check on the cookies or something?” you give him a pointed look before letting out a huff
yoongi purses his lips before raising his hands in defence
he turns to look at you over his shoulder as he steps over the boxes and heads to the kitchen
you’re not paying attention to him at all
now that yoongi has a moment of silence to think
he can admit that maybe he’s been a bit of a scrooge the entire day and you’ve done nothing but try to make christmas as fun as possible
and it’s not fair for him to bag on these christmas traditions just because he doesn’t typically celebrate christmas down in hell
but like jesus christ is his enemy after all
big yikes energy
he feels the guilt eating at him as he watches the cookies bake in the oven
okay okay okay
what can he do to cheer you up
finish decorating the rest of the house??
no he can’t do that because you’ve pretty much decorated the entire house alone while he stood there and complained
make more cookies???
no he can’t because those cookies are pre-made and you only bought one box of them
what use is an incubus when it comes to christmas
christmas sex by the fireplace??
no he can’t because it’s noT EVEN CHRISTMAS YET and you’ve taught him that also sex doesn’t solve everything (unfortunately)
yoongi freezes when he hears something
something that makes his heart drop to his stomach
a bead of sweat roll down the side of his forehead
okay he’s being a little dramatic but-
his eyes flicker up when he hears a twinkly little laugh
oh god
he knows that laugh
yoongi buRSts out of the kitchen and nearly trips over his feet
oh for fuCK’s SAKE
“yoongi! there you are! i was wondering why the usual stench of sulphur wasn’t present in the room.” jimin grins and giggles when you whack his arm playfully “kidding!”
“what are you doing here?” yoongi huffs and crosses his arms
he bites down on the inside of his cheek when jimin bends down and plucks a bauble out of the box of decorations
you didn’t kick the box away like you did with him
“i finished my duties early so i figured i’d stop by!” jimin hums and looks at the fully decorated tree
the two of you take a step back to look at the tree
“something’s missing…” jimin furrows his brows and strokes his chin
“yoongi broke like three baubles so the bald spots are kind of unavoidable” you shrug and turn to glare and yoongi and he’s like wha- i didN’T KNOW THEY Were so deLICATE
“oh! i know!” jimin gasps and snaps his fingers and you watch in amazement as he starts levitating off the ground until he’s at the top of the tree
jimin rubs his fingers together and you squeal in excitement when a mixture of silver and white glitter starts sprinkling down from his fingers onto the tree
“oh jimin that’s perfect!!!!! i love that!!!” you gasp and jimin nods excitedly as he continues dusting the tree and adding the final touches
yoongi scoffs and rolls his eyes
what a show off  
yoongi could totally do that too
he looks down at his hands
yoongi rubs his fingers together and winces when smokey ashes start sprinkling down from his fingers
not quite the same
“anyways - what was i talking about?” jimin lands on the ground and dusts off his hands
yoongi gives him an unimpressed look and crosses his arm again before tapping his foot on the ground impatiently
“you were in the middle of telling us why you’re here in the first place”
“he already told us it’s because he finished his duties early so he figured he’d stop by - if you were even listening.” you raise a brow and yoongi resists the urge to roll his eyes
he plops down on the couch and winces when the box of decorations fall off the couch from the bounce
he picks it up quickly
luckily it was just full of tinsel
“and it looks like i stopped by at just the right time because-“ jimin pauses and sticks his finger in the air
yoongi’s like wtf r u doing u loser
and suddenly the timer from the oven goes off “-the cookies are ready!”
“ooh, let me go get those!” you grin “you’re gonna loVe them jimin they’re all shaped like angels” you clap your hands together before scurrying off to the kitchen
“oh, yoongi. yoongi yoongi yoongi.” jimin sighs and shakes his head mockingly once you disappear into the kitchen
yoongi glares up at jimin “what.”
“you messed up big time, didn’t you?”
“i did no such thing”
“then why is y/n so mad at you?”
“she’s not mad at me and it’s none of your business”
“is it because you were being your usual grouchy self?” jimin tilts his head and yoongi’s like u already knOW it’s because i was being my usual grouchy self u dick
“you might be wondering why i came when i did” jimin starts cleaning up loose glitter and tinsel on the floor
“you already said it’s because you finished your-“
“one of my most important duties is making sure y/n is happy, you know.” jimin stands up quickly and holds up a finger
and yoongi’s like ? no it’s not
“…what do u mean”
“oh, haven’t you heard? i’m her guardian angel now. no longer just an angel - i’ve been promoted to guardian angel and they assigned me to y/n which means you’ll be seeing me around a lot more often. did she not tell you?”
yoongi can feel himself growing red from anger
“now now - no need to start a fire” jimin pats the top of yoongi’s head because it’s literally starting to sizzle and smoke up “so i’m going to need you to stay out of the way for a couple of hours so that i can improve y/n’s mood. i’ve already increased it significantly but i’d like for it to be at 100% before i leave.”
“are you implying that i don’t make her happy?” yoongi stands up and towers over jimin and jimin purses his lips before shrugging  
“i mean i’m not not implying that.”
that’s it
yoongi’s going to RIP jimin’s wings right off his back
“jiminie!!!!! i brought a cookie for you they’rE so good” you pop out of the kitchen before yoongi can luRch forward and strangle jiminiE
“they smell very good!”
you break off a piece of the cookie and hold it up to feed jimin and he takes it happily
yoongi automatically assumes that the other half is for him and he opens his mouth expectantly
you raise a brow at him before popping the other half into your own mouth
you chew
you swallow
and yoongi’s still standing there with an open mouth
“you can help yourself to a cookie. now - where were we?” you turn and wander back to jimin and jimin gives yoongi a knowing smirk
yoongi clenches his fist before letting out a huff and crossing his arms
“oh! the star! how could i forget about the most important part of the tree??” you take the glimmering gold star out of the box and hold it up “jimin, do you wanna put it up?”
wait but u said that yOONgi could put it up
this is supposed to be his thing!!
in fact this whole decorating thing was supposed to be your guys’ thing!!!!!!!!!
like yA he was being a dick but u made a promise and u can’t break ur promise like thIS
“wait but-“ yoongi pauses when you and jimin turn to look at him
he clears his throat
“i, uh, i thought you said that i could put up the star?” he scratches the back of his neck and avoids your gaze
“yeah. and?” you blink at yoongi and put a hand on your hip
yeah and
that’s your response
the two of you are having this silent veRy very intense stare down and jimin’s like [sweat] because you’re obviously not scared of yoongi even though you’re well aware of his capabilities as a literal demon
“fine. let jimin put your stupid star up.” yoongi snarls and you see his eyes flicker to black before he disappears into a cloud of smoke
if you let jimin put the damn star up you might as well start DAtinG Him tOO
he’s already your stupid guardian angel so taking it to a romantic level wouldn’t be out of the ordinary!! much more normal than a human willingly being in a romantic relationship with an incubus
he hAtes this
he’s always been a little insecure about himself being a demon and all
and when jimin comes around with all his perfectness and his twinkles and glitter and warmth it makes yoongi feel like shit even tho it’s not jimin’s fault like yeah he’s an angel he’s supposed to be a figure of perfection
and now you and jimin are decorating the tree together which was supposed to be your guys’ thing but apparently not anymore!!!!!!
yoongi wants to live in purgatory for the rest of his life
you jump in surprise when yoongi disappears so suddenly
he hasn’t done that in a while
he only goes into purgatory when something’s really really bugging him
maybe u took it a little too far
u were a little rough on him
but to be fair hE started it- okAy but you should’ve taken the high road even tho u were frustrated you’re well aware that yoongi’s personality is just naturally like that and he’s been trained to think of jesus christ as his enemy so u can see why he keeps poking fun at all the traditions
you let out a sigh and toss the star onto the couch before turning to look at jimin who’s currently twirling a sprig of mistletoe between his fingers
“yoongi?” you poke your head into the bedroom
you’ve checked everywhere else in the house but yoongi’s nowhere to be found
you thought that maybe he was just chilling in a room somewhere but obviously not
jimin left a while ago but u sent him off with some cookies and a kiss on the cheek (which probably wasn’t the best thing to do lol)
he told u about the whole guardian angel thing a while ago and yEs of course you were ecstatic about it but then u could see why yoongi would be upset about you not talking to him about that
you shut the bedroom door behind you
“look, i don’t know if you’re listening to me right now or not - i sure hope you are otherwise i look like an idiot talking to myself. i’m sorry, alright? i shouldn’t have broken my promise and i know i was being a little too petty, i admit it. can you come back now? i miss u” you murmur that last part and scratch the back of your neck when you’re met with silence
how come you didn’t tell me about jimin becoming your guardian angel?
you jump when you hear yoongi’s voice
he’s still in purgatory
“if you come back i’ll tell you”
you roll your eyes
don’t roll your eyes at me
“i didn’t tell you because i didn’t think it’d be a big deal. so what if jimin’s my guardian angel?? who cares??” you sigh exasperatedly “i don’t think i even need a guardian angel because i already have yoU but it’s always good to have extra protection. don’t you want me to be safe?”
i’m perfectly capable of keeping you safe
“i know you are, yoongs. but you know what the difference is?”
he has wings and i don’t? he’s an angel and i’m not? everyone celebrates him but everyone fears me??-
“i like jimin but i love you”
you’re met with nothing but silence and understandably you start getting a little nervous
you’re about to say something along the lines of ‘i meaN when i say love i mean like i really reALLy like u’ but all of a sudden yoongi poofs up and appears sitting on the edge of the bed
he clears his throat and avoids your gaze but you can see that his cheeks are a little flushed
yoongi??? blushing???????? the world must be ENDING
“ʸᵒᵘ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ᵐᵉˀ” he squeaks out and you can’t fight the FAT grin on your face
“of course i love u” you rock back and forth on your heels and offer him a cute smile and his heart exploDes “don’t you love me?”
yoongi coughs into his fist and his eyes flicker toward the door
he physically cannot look you in the eye other wise he’s going to melt into a puddle of goop
“ᵒᶠ ᶜᵒᵘʳˢᵉ ᶦ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ᵘ ᵗᵒᵒ”
he coughs again and finally looks up at you
“of course i love you too.”
“so,, am i forgiven?” you purse your lips and take a little step closer to him
yoongi gives you an unimpressed look “did you just tell me you loved me so that it’d be easier for me to forgive you?”
“i’m realising that’s how it seems buT i have a peace offering for you too” you reach into your back pocket and pull out the sprig of mistletoe that jimin was playing with earlier
you hold it above your head and smile and yoongi expectantly and he’s like ?
“.,.,,is that a weed”
“it’s mistletoe! i’m holding it over my head so u have to kiss me and thaT’s the rule.”
another silly christmas tradition
yoongi scoffs and leans back against his palms
you pout and look up at the mistletoe you’re holding above your head “you can’t not kiss me. that’s not how mistletoe works”
yoongi let out a sigh before shaking his head and gesturing for you to come closer
the holiday season is about forgiveness after all
“c’mere, you dummy” yoongi murmurs and you immediately swoops down to plant your lips against his
“see, i can get into the christmas spirit” yoongi purrs and pulls you down so that you’re straddling him
you giggle and give him another kiss
“do you, um, do you forgive me too?” yoongi asks sheepishly and reaches up to scratch the back of his neck
“mm, i dunno…” you tease “you were being a real dick today” you sigh “and you were being super immature around jimin-“
“sTop talking about jimin” yoongi whines and grabs your hips before pushing you down on the bed
you giggle as your head flops against the mattress
“just tell me u foRgive meEe” yoongi hovers over you and rubs his nose against yours
he already knows you’ve forgiven him but he needs to hear it otherwise he’ll feel bad
u know how earlier yoongi said that you taught him sex doesn’t solve everything
he’s about to prove that that is nOt entirely true
“forgive me now?” yoongi sighs against your neck and rolls his hips against yours
you’re not thAt weak you’re not giving in that easily
“nope” you tsk and let out a bored sigh
you feel yoongi’s hand slither down and whOops your jeans have just been undone
“forgive me… now?” yoongi’s hand slides into your panties and he smirks against your neck because it definitely feELs like you’ve forgiven him
o h
maybe you’re a lot weaker than u originally thought
you feel a thrill down your spine when yoongi eases a finger into you without warning
“n-no..” you gasp and arch your back against the mattress and yoongi’s other hand comes up and he intertwines his fingers with yours
he presses a kiss behind your jaw and hums as you rock your hips into his hand
you whine when another finger slips into you alongside the other very easily
“you take my fingers so well, baby” yoongi praises and your hips twitch up from the bed
yoongi pulls away from you and leans back on his heels but he keeps his eyes glued on you
you look like you just stepped out of his wildest wet dream
your lips are slick and swollen from his kisses and you’ve got small blooms of blues and purples on your neck and your chest
your chest is rising up and down rapidly and soft whimpers and moans tumble from your lips as your fingers dig into the plush pillow behind you
he wants nothing more than to push into you and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow but he’ll start off with making you cum with his fingers before he gets to that
yoongi tilts his head and watches your eyelashes flutter when his thumb starts rubbing quick circles over your clit
“jimin could never make you feel this good, could he?”
oh god
you can barely breathe because your head is spinning with pleasure
“answer me, baby” yoongi grunts when your walls clench tighter around his fingers
he leans back down and starts pressing warm kisses to the spot under your ear
“no, n-no, he could never make me feel as good as you do” you manage to get out and yoongi smirks against your skin before he starts to double his efforts and concentration on that spot
“and you forgive me now?” his thumb starts rubbing quickEr circles over your clit and he pushes your hips down when they buck up
“yes, yesyesyEs i forgive y-you-!”
“mm, good girl” yoongi tuts and slams his fingers in before curling them upwards and oH fuCk you’re gonna cum like really reaLLY sOOn-
a sharp cry leaves your throat when the tension finally snaps and you cum a loT harder than ever before
you’re pretty sure your soul leaves your body for like a split second
yoongi hisses because your walls tighten significantly around his fingers and he takes his bottom lip in between his teeth as he fucks you through your orgasm
your thighs are trembling and your body is twitching slightly and you know what yoongi could stop there and let you relax for a bit but
he is a devil of a boy
which is how he ends up making you have anoTher orgasm right after this first one
except this time he makes you cum with his mouth because he wanted to spice it up a little
“you did so good for me, baby” yoongi wiggles you into a pair of clean panties before leaning down and pressing a kiss against your mouth and flopping down next to you
“i hate you” you pant softly and yoongi grins and turns to look at you and your flushed cheeks
“that’s not what u said when my face was buried in between your legs”
yoongi now knows what his favourite christmas tradition is
it starts with a mistle and ends with a toe
now thAT’s the good kush
hold up a tiny little weed above someone’s head and the person has to kiss you??? genius
but uh
you have to admit
yoongi’s having a little too much fun with mistletoe
but you can’t get mad at him because he’s finally interested in a christmas tradition
you’ve been giving him kisses all day which is not what you’re complaining about because you loVe kissing your boyfriend
but like
u have so much to do to prepare for christmas and yoongi is being very distracting
at one point you ended up making out on the couch for like ten minutes and when you were like ok i have to go buy more baubles for the tree yoongi whIPPed the mistletoe out from his back pocket and held it over you and was like!!! u have to kiss me!!! u said those were the rules!!!
“oh y/n~” yoongi sing-songs and you let out a sigh as you pull the cookies out of the oven
“yes, yoongi?” you set the cookies down before turning to face him and peeling the oven mitts off
“come n give me another kiss” yoongi wiggles his brows as he holds the mistletoe above his crotch
🎄the twelve drabbles of christmas! 🎄
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