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#min yoongi smut
yoonpobs · 23 hours ago
back-burner | 05
Tumblr media
you give and you give until you have nothing left for people to take
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister’s best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, sorta frenemies?to lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, eventual smut, fluff
WARNINGS. toxic parents, heart-aching heartbreak, misunderstandings and arguments, some news that breaks oc :(, oc only knows how to react, but she has hobi to make up for the shittiness ... kind of :(
WORDS. 3.7k
Tumblr media
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”
Frankly, Hoseok’s voice was doing no good for you. Not when anxiety was already riddled in your stomach, threatening to escape the confines of your throat in screams of anguish. You were jittery, panicked and highly strung. Not a good combination for someone whose family enjoys eating fresh oysters for brunch when you didn’t do good with seafood.
“Holy shit, what was I thinking,” you hiss, immediately turning to him as he takes an alarmed step back, eyes wide when you grab at his elbow. “Who the fuck invites the guy that they’re fucking to a family brunch?”
“Um. Technically we haven’t had sex since—“ you know what he’s about to say, but that doesn’t stop the venomous stare that reproaches him. His lips snap shut, his head nodding slowly as you impulsively decide to make a run for it.
“Okay, they’re not here yet so maybe we can just leave and I’ll tell them that you got a little handsy—”
“—why do you have to make me the bad guy—?”
“Jung Hoseok.”
A gravelly voice cuts through, and you immediately recognise the voice despite it sounding so far away. It always has. Growing up, people said you would remember things that were constants in your life just because you were impressionable. You knew that was true, people were products of their environments and that naturally meant you would get used to your surroundings.
But his voice, the one that you secretly wished was a little kinder—especially to you—was something you could never get used to.
“Sir,” Hoseok swoops in, suave as always as he shoots your father a wide smile before he bows ever so slightly out of respect. “It’s lovely to see you. Ralph Lauren?”
He’s referring to your father’s dress shirt and blazer. It’s apparel that screams old money, and you knew that your parents were loaded with that. Apparently, and thankfully, Hoseok fit right in with the type of people that your father mingled around with because your dad smiles. A feat that’s especially rare to you.
“It is,” he nods, albeit gruffly, Hoseok is undeterred. “Are you accompanying her?”
Her sounds so distant. As if you weren’t his daughter. As if you weren’t half of him. As if he didn’t pick your name.
Her was a placeholder for Haerin.
“Sure am,” Hoseok grins, wrapping a friendly arm around your shoulder as you tense under the act. “She was helping me with some business pitches so I had to return the favour.”
He wasn’t lying, but your father looks surprised. As if he hadn’t expected you to be able to do anything but exist. You knew he wasn’t interested in your work with NGO’s while you helped activists with the money that you had.
Even if your parents were detached, they knew better than to cut you off completely. But you knew, that deep down, it was only to keep you from asking for more.
“I see,” he says slowly, barely passing you a glance. You offer him a tight nod.
His stare is uncomfortable, and it’s the same one he uses whenever he was picking you apart bit by bit. It’s never obvious to the rest because he’s mastered the art of doing enough by saying absolutely nothing. You grew up between four walls with him, so while his voice is unfamiliar—you’re more than familiar with his habits that come out in your presence.
“Father,” you say quietly.
He doesn’t nod, simply clasps his hands behind his back before he looks behind his shoulders. You let out the sigh you didn’t know you were holding, while pointedly ignoring Hoseok’s gaze. You didn’t need to unpack that interaction with him yet. He’s nice enough to stay close to you, a friendly arm still resting on your lower back.
“There they are,” he says, and you follow his line of vision.
You knew, but a slap still hurts even if it’s planned.
Your mother walks through the entrance first, poised and clean with her purse resting with refined purpose against her hip. Her back is straight and her makeup clear. Not too little to seem au natural, but not too much that it’d look overbearing. She was primed to perfection.
And Haerin was a mirror of her.
She comes next, back as straight like your mother if not more. They’re dawned in matching attire and you know it’s completely coincidental. Your mother always loved to say that Haerin just knew her. It was common dinner talk, especially when you would return home after the academy with your clothing torn while Haerin remained unscathed.
But it’s not them who makes you lose your breath.
It’s Yoongi.
He walks in, right behind Haerin in a gentlemanly manner. His attire is modest, a white button-up tucked into white slacks. His hair is brushed back and he walks with a quiet sense of confidence that you know only he can pull off. Even Hoseok whistles lowly, muttering something about Yoongi’s aura. You can’t deny, because your eyes are locked on him.
It’s another meeting with him after a rather awkward last, and the fact that you had Hoseok by your side made you feel queasier.
And yes, maybe you did invite Hoseok as a smokescreen. But you did truly enjoy his company, and he did say to call him whenever you needed him.
Maybe you invited him so you wouldn’t feel that alone with Haerin and Yoongi.
Your mother strides confidently to your father’s side, slightly taller than him in heels as she presses a peck onto his cheek. She looks over at you in a small greeting, somewhat kinder than your father.
You return the gesture, and Hoseok beams for the both of you.
“Looking gorgeous, ma’am,” he compliments.
“What a charmer,” she coos, “How did she convince you?”
You recoil ever so slightly at her words. They weren’t malicious. They never were. The thing about your parents is that they’re never intentionally malevolent so you could never truly hate them. But you resented him. God, you did. A deep, brewing and bitter boil of resentment that bubbles over and dies every time you’re reminded of why you do.
“By being her,” he says smoothly, knocking his hip against your own as your parents, along with Haerin, laugh.
Yoongi is impassive, his eyes briefly resting on the man next to you before they flicker away like it never happened.
“How sweet!” Haerin chirps, and she’s suddenly by your side, stealing you away from Hoseok by wrapping an arm around your elbow. She lowers her voice conspicuously as you attempt to loosen your tense muscles when she grins at you. “You need to tell me everything.”
You almost frown because you remember that it was you. You were the one that held the animosity. You were the one that was tense. You were the one that was different. Not your parents, not Haerin, and not even Hoseok because he got along well with them.
It was you.
“There’s … nothing. We’re friends,” you tell her the truth and she seems disappointed.
Her eyes narrow at Hoseok’s figure playfully, and you wonder if he’ll fall in love with her, too. “I have my eyes on you, mister.”
Hoseok laughs. “And I have my eyes on her.”
He’s so smooth that you nearly gag. You know he’s only doing this to ease the atmosphere, but your parents look convinced. You know better. You know it’s just Hoseok’s personality to be outwardly flirty. He just has an aura that made people comfortable.
“So cute!” she squeals, shaking your arm as you offer an awkward smile at her.
Yoongi’s yet to say anything to you, but he’s already greeted Hoseok. The two men share a smile, one more amicable than the other. You don’t need to say who.
“Nice outfit, man,” Hoseok says, patting Yoongi’s shoulder in good nature. “I like the pants.”
Yoongi looks down for a split second before he looks up with his infamous blank stare.
“Thanks,” he says, not unkindly, “You too.”
Hoseok takes it because he’s probably incapable of seeing the worst in anyone. You’d call it naive, but you know it’s just Hoseok.
“Our reservation’s waiting for us,” your mother says, smiling over all of you.
You feel Haerin release your arm, and you feel all the more relaxed.
But when she slips to Yoongi’s side like second nature, smiling up at him as he allows her to see one of his small grins that he rarely lets anyone else see—the tenseness returns.
“Come on,” Hoseok murmurs, slinging his arm over your shoulder again as he shoots you a smile that should’ve comforted you. “You mentioned oysters?”
Tumblr media
“So,” your father drawls, chin resting in his hand while he stares you and Hoseok down like you were in an interrogation room. “How did the two of you meet?”
You almost roll your eyes. “Your gala.”
“Which one?” he asks, and it’s a valid question.
“Ooh, did you see her and get blown away by her astounding beauty?” Only Haerin would use astounding as an adjective to describe you, and you visibly wince at that.
Hoseok smiles kindly. “Something like that.”
Haerin nudges your shoulder and you’re too tired to respond.
Your mother looks sceptical, probably wondering how Hoseok would look at you and go—hey, this is the sister that I want. It’s not unwarranted, and her confusion is anything but out of place.
“It’s nice of you to accompany her today,” your mother says, “She never brings anyone over.”
“When you look at the options it’s hard to,” you mutter under your breath, and despite you thinking it was quiet—everyone picks up on it.
Your parents are unamused, Haerin looks rather shocked, Yoongi barely moves an inch—but Hoseok laughs.
“Well, he picked you, didn’t he?” your father points out, and you freeze.
It’s not malicious, you remind yourself. It’s not—even if your ears burn and your heart constricts. Even when you feel the anxiety in your stomach, the hyper-realisation that everyone at this table looked at you and wondered why you had Hoseok by your side. You weren’t together—but the visual didn’t make sense.
But there was only one of Haerin and none of you.
“We’re not together,” you clip tightly, fingers tightening around your fork as you shove a piece of smoked salmon into your mouth.
Your mother raises a brow. “Then why did you bring him here?”
Your jaw clenches.
“The same reason why Haerin brings Yoongi.”
You don’t mean to say it. You’re usually a lot more careful. But recently, you find yourself a lot more loose-lipped than you’d like.
Your parents' eyes harden, and you note that Haerin flushes next to you. Yoongi?
He’s staring straight at you with an unamused stare.
“Listen—” you sigh, ready to call it a day when you note Hoseok’s concerned stare.
“They’re different. They’ve known each other forever,” your mother huffs, “And besides, it makes sense. They complete each other, don’t you think?”
It makes sense.
What did that even mean? To make sense? So the alternative of them not knowing each other didn’t make sense? You wanted to scoff because that’s what your parents think. It was either that they were each other’s pair or wasn’t. Nothing about anything made sense. It just was.
“A-Actually,” Haerin interjects softly, sharing a nervous look over her shoulder to where Yoongi sits. “I have—we have something to tell you.”
You freeze completely. Your head feels hot, heavy. There’s something on your knee—you think it’s Hoseok’s hand but you can’t tell. Your eyes glaze. Why did that send a shiver down your spine? Haerin always has something to tell your parents.
It wasn’t her—it was them.
“Oh?” your father hums.
Haerin turns to Yoongi, and you don’t even want to look at his face. You feel a heavy stare against your temple but you don’t dare acknowledge anything but the erratic beating of your heart.
“Well,” she starts with a mumble. She’s nervous. You are, too. “You know how we’ve known each other for a long time?” Everyone knows. But somehow they forget that you knew him equally as long. “We know each other inside out.”
You don’t want to consider the implications of that.
“And … I guess what I’m trying to say is …” she mumbles, “We’re giving it a shot.”
“Dating, I mean. Getting to know each other that way,” she says and you hear her smile.
You were going to puke. The smell of oysters makes you feel sick, the news making you sicker. You were supposed to be happy—no—you expected this! You expected it. You always said so, thought so. So why were you so shocked? Why did your ears ring? Why was your face getting hot?
What happened? What changed? What made them decide now? What had crossed Yoongi's mind when the conversation came up. Did he smile? Did he allow her the indulgence of his occasional gummy grin, the one that tugs at your heartstrings despite it being a rarity?
Or, did Haerin pull him close—faces inches apart while she holds the weight of your feelings in her hands? Did she see the specks that you do that hides beneath the layers of his eyes—more than the cornea but deep into the window of his soul?
Did she? Did he?
Did they?
“That’s lovely!” your mother cheers, clapping her hands. “Oh, Yoongi. You know we love you.”
Your mother's voice rings, but you can barely pay attention when your heart's at your feet, laid out for everyone to stomp all over. You think you see the excited patter of Haerin's heels against the tile, easily stabbing your heart with every content giggle that leaves her lips.
“You’re practically family, anyway,” your father grins, and your vision barely makes out the oyster platter in front of you. “It was bound to happen.”
It was—you kept telling yourself that, didn't you? That your feelings were a ticking time bomb that'd blow upon you.
It did—and it's horrid.
“Ah, I mean, we’re just trying it out,” he explains, but Haerin looks over at him softly. “We’ll see how it goes.”
Your mother waves him off. “It seems odd because you’ve only ever remained friends, but we all saw it coming. Didn’t we?” She looks over at your father and he nods. “It’ll be perfect.”
Of course, it was. Haerin was nothing short of perfection.
You see from the corner of your eyes that Haerin reaches for Yoongi’s hand.
He takes it.
Tumblr media
“Hoseok, huh?”
You stop, fingers halting halfway as you reach for the door. Hoseok’s in the bathroom, your parents have already taken their leave and you know Haerin’s taking a phone call somewhere. You thought you could make a run for it, get to where Hoseok's car is parked before Yoongi sees you.
But he’s quicker than you’ll ever be.
“We’re not together,” you say curtly.
Yoongi snorts. “Didn’t seem that way that night.”
He’s referring to when he caught you and Hoseok sneaking away like a bunch of teenagers.
You narrow your eyes at him.
“It’s casual,” you explain.
Yoongi looks unimpressed. “You brought him over for brunch.”
“So?” you sigh.
“You never bring anyone,” he reminds.
“Yeah, well, there’s a reason why I didn’t, okay?” you snap, the news from earlier still lingering in your mind. It hurt to even look at him. “Drop it.”
You don't think you can stomach a conversation with Yoongi without the smell of oysters returning. Or the sweet smile that Haerin gave him. Or the fact that—
“You’re always so defensive, did you know that?” he muses.
“It’s 'cause you’re always interrogating me!” you say with a roll of your eyes, “You don’t see me meddling into your business.”
“Sorry for wanting to know how you are,” he shrugs, “Besides. I was going to tell you, anyway.”
You stop fiddling with your fingers. You look over at Yoongi and he has his face trained forward. He has an impeccable side profile, and you hate how devastatingly handsome he looks. He’s pale, and the white should’ve washed him out but he looks … he looks like Yoongi.
He was going to tell you?
As if that mattered when the truth would only scar you.
“Sure you were,” you mutter.
He looks over at you with a raised brow.
“I was,” he says slowly, “You weren’t really responding to my texts.”
“I was busy,” you lie. You were avoiding confrontation after that night, the embarrassment still lingering. Maybe it was your sixth sense kicking in—telling you that the distance was necessary. That whenever you came close to Yoongi your heart would drop and your mind would turn hazy.
“With Hoseok,” he deadpans.
“With work,” you hiss.
“Look, I don’t know the details of your and Hoseok’s relationship but you should think twice before you do anything.”
You freeze.
“Hoseok’s a nice guy. Nicest guy I know, probably,” he says, “But if it’s just ‘casual’—” he air quotes it as you continue to stare at the side of his head, “don’t get yourself into a situation you can’t get out of.”
You blink at him, noting that he was dead serious.
“Does it matter?”
Now, it was Yoongi’s turn to look confused.
“Yes?” he says sceptically, “You never indicated to anyone that you were interested in him, let alone in dating, so forgive me if—”
“Are you stupid?” you hiss, “Why does that matter to you? You never indicated anything to me either!”
You weren’t sure why you were getting so defensive, but the fact that he was telling you to watch out while he could just—could shatter your heart unknowingly like that—made you delirious.
“Tone,” he warns, eyes narrowing at you as you roll your eyes.
“Are you talking to a dog? Fuck off,” you scowl, “What I do is literally none of your business. Just like how you and—”
Yoongi looks at you with an unplayable expression, the corners of his lips turned downwards in a half-frown. You catch your tongue when he turns to you, arms folded across his chest.
“It isn’t,” he says lowly, levelling you with a pointed stare. “But I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
It's funny—Hoseok seemed like the person that should've hurt you in this situation.
So why did looking at Yoongi hurt more?
“Hoseok’s a nice guy,” you grit out immediately, done with the conversation.
“A nice guy wouldn’t have fucked you in a place where anyone could’ve caught you.”
Your eyes widen, cheeks aflame when Yoongi doesn’t look away from you at all. His gaze is heavy and pointed, and you feel your chest constrict when his eyes harden.
“W-We didn’t—”
“Don’t lie to me,” he warns, “I know.”
You gawk at him. “H-How—what? Were you fucking listening?”
Somehow, the idea of Yoongi hearing whatever you and Hoseok had done makes you … it makes you feel confused. There’s an unknown expression marring his face, but his overall expression remains impassive. He inches closer, a forewarning in his step.
“You deserve better,” he says quietly, wrapping a hand around your wrist as you blink.
You’re speechless, and you feel your throat clam up when you stare at him.
“Like you know what’s good for me,” you snap softly, snatching it away.
“I’m your friend,” he tells you, and you hate that reminder. You hate that word. That title that was placed upon you without a choice while you were forced to develop feelings and watch him and Haerin jump around together like you weren’t a part of the equation. You never were. You were in the ensemble, quiet and unimportant.
“Just because you are doesn’t mean you know a damn thing about me,” you hiss. “So what if he fucked me at the gala? I liked it. And if you were really listening then you can tell just how much I—”
“Watch your mouth,” he growls, stepping forward as you feel his body crowd you. He’s not threatening, but his face is. It’s blank and blazing.
“What? Did you get off to that? Listening to us fuck?” you goad, mocking him as you roll your eyes.
You’re trailing off into a dangerous tangent and you know it.
“Watch it,” he warns, and his hand wraps around your wrist as you shoot him a dry stare.
“There you go,” you scoff, “Acting like my dad again. You should be into that, right? Maybe you should get Haerin to call you dadd—”
“Stop acting like a fucking brat.”
His voice is low, nearly a hushed whisper but you hear it loud and clear. Your anger blinds most of your rationale, but there’s something oddly powerful and freeing about pushing Yoongi’s buttons until he breaks. Especially when you were always on the brink of snapping.
“Make me,” you sneer.
Yoongi’s darkened, and you feel so much hotter. The room gets stuffier, and his eyes become clearer to you. You see the way a familiar expression returns, the one from the first night where you blew up during the gala.
You feel—
You immediately snap back when you hear Haerin’s voice shatter your reality. You realise just how close you’ve gotten, and you remember where you were.
Who he was. Who he was with.
“Is everything …?” she trails off, looking in between the both of you as you shake your head.
Hoseok comes in at an impeccable timing, looking in between everyone with a wide smile, unaware of the tense atmosphere.
“Yeah,” you grit stiffly, looking over at Hoseok. “You ready?”
He nods his head, smiling at Yoongi who has his jaw clenched, and Haerin who just looks concerned.
“Nice seeing you guys!”
You begin to drag him away, wanting to distance yourself from Yoongi and the way your heart only drops further when Haerin genuinely looks confused.
They were giving it a shot.
How literal, that was—when your heart was pierced by their arrow.
Before you could leave, a hand stops you by wrapping around your wrist.
Yoongi’s staring at you with a serious expression.
“Don’t hurt yourself,” he says softly.
His eyes briefly flicker to Hoseok as your gaze hardens.
You snatch your hand away.
“Don’t tell me what to do.”
Because you can't control the pain, unfortunately. You can't control the way your hand burns when you retract it—the lingering aura of Yoongi's grip sizzling into your flesh as he scars himself onto you.
You leave, feeling your chest get heavier. Once you reach Hoseok’s car, you sink into the passenger seat with your head cradled in your hand.
“I didn't know ...” Hoseok supplements, softly and carefully.
“Fuck,” you laugh tightly, “It happened.”
Hoseok can only pat your back when you struggle to keep your tears at bay.
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ladyartemesia · 3 months ago
You always give out such amazing fic recs. I'm wondering if you have anything on hand for me. My absolute favorite trope is soft camboy AUs but really any sex worker au hits the spot, any member.
Tumblr media
• these stories feature sex workers or sex worker adjacent plot lines up to and including running personal NSFW accounts • please be aware that all contain mature content and mature themes • minors do not interact • please CAREFULLY READ ALL TAGS IN ALL WORKS to be sure that you are comfortable reading the content •
Silk and Lace by @sunshyngal this one will blow your mind because it’s a royalty AU as well. I don’t want to spoil it but this fic is completely wild and amazing. Like amazing amazing. There are hidden identities, sexy secrets, intense mutual pining. I can’t say enough about it. And BOY can Shyn write. I have been obsessed with this story from the second she published it. It is illicit. It is shocking. I am shooketh.
Elite Chatboy by @kookingtae this one is funny as well as hot! Reader signs up for a sexting service and catches feelings with her sweet and sexy service provider Jungkook. It is a hilarious, fluffy, sexy ride. This may seem like a strange thing to say but this story is really about that couple who laughs and loves together because the connection between them is just that irresistible.
Human Touch by @snackhobi this one has a twist. The sex worker is an android named Taehyung who gains sentience and falls in love with the woman who looked at him and saw more than a machine built for her pleasure. This is honestly a beautiful story and at the end I was just so soft and happy.
Starfruit by @inkedtae is a wild wild ride on the camboy Hobi train. Features a curvy reader and oh my gosh it’s so sexy. This one made me laugh too. There is a fun little twist in the middle that sent me screaming. Truly a delight. I laughed and I sighed and I swooned.
Cyberslut by @kimnjss this one hits on one of my favorite tropes ever—good girl with a secret identity online. The reader has a hard stan thirst account dedicated to the college basketball star (Yoongi) who has no idea that his nerdy tutor is the online hottie tweeting about his hands.
Who’s Your Daddy by @ppersonna the reader is looking for a real dom in her life so she seeks one out on a website dedicated to meeting that particular need. She has no idea that the sexy dom she’s paired with is none other than her best friend who has been in love with her for years. This hot, funny, and delightful story of false identities and true love will leave you sweating and grinning guaranteed.
Dazed and Glazed by @floralseokjin Ok this story has been on a couple rec lists of mine and it will continue to be on many more because no joke it’s like a full on legitimate masterpiece. I could write a dissertation on this story. It’s flawless. The characterizations, the world building, the way the emotions build. There isn’t enough I can say about it. This story is special and features one of the hottest sex scenes like…ever. This is truly one of my favorite fics of any genre for any member and I do not say that lightly. The fun begins when the queen of good girl porn wants to retire with a bang—specifically with notorious porn bad boy Kim Seokjin ruining her in all the right ways.
In Motion by @yoonia is something else. I confess I came to her site because I vaguely recalled that she maybe had a sex worker fic but then I found this and I just COULD NOT LOOK AWAY it was incredible. I mean mesmerizing. The reader is invited to an exclusive voyeurism club where she ends up crossing paths with a handsome man who turns out to be her new boss—Jeon Jungkook! It was so incredibly hot. I couldn’t put it down. I’m serious just wow.
Simply.Cute97 by @httpjeon this is a spicy story about a virgin camgirl who falls for her favorite viewer—a hottie who also happens to be a camboy by the name of Jeon Jungkook. Their relationship is the wildest blend of filthy and fluffy and honestly it’s just a ton of fun the entire way through.
Ill-Fated by @sketchguk is great. What is a girl to do when she finds out that the bane of her existence and the gorgeous cam boy she is obsessed with are one and the same person? This is sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy and a pleasure to read all the way through. I can’t say I blame the reader for handling the situation the way she does. It all seems quite satisfying—if you know what I mean.
Playtime by @jungkookienoona is hot hot hot. This is a fun little cam porn love square. Two childhood best friends in love with each other. Both are cam performers and both are obsessed with the other person’s stream. It’s really just an insanely sexy and also an insanely thought provoking story. I giggled a lot because really it’s so cute, but also insanely hot. So be warned, this fic did not come to play—despite its name.
The Playmate Series by @scribblemetae is about a lovely girl who takes a job a ‘playmate’ for the boys of Bangtan. She caters to their kinks and discovers a lot about herself along the way. Obviously there are feelings and a lot of interesting twists and turns throughout. What a spicy ride! A lot of interesting thought and world building went into this one! You’re sure to be fascinated.
Show-Off by @taeverie is a fun little story about a lucky girl who discovers her roommate Hoseok is a camboy and ends up getting a live and in-person show. It’s a fun and quirky little snack that really hits the spot. My favorite part was when Hobi caught her watching his streams after she lied about it. Good stuff all around.
Notorious by @jungk0oksthighs this one is kind of fascinating. I really don’t want to give the story away, but literally by the end I basically just screamed. It was wild. Definitely give it a shot, but be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor. This author is quite good at eliciting that reaction.
A Matter of Shyness by @jjungkookislife this story is so cute! It’s about a sweet girl who is thirst following a naughty Snapchat account at the same time she begins growing closer to a classmate named Kim Taehyung. There are a lot of delightful reveals and genuinely sweet moments.
Éffleurer by @sugaurora is a fascinating and highly addictive story. This features as sex worker who specializes in a type of submissive performance deciding to enter into a submissive relationship with her gorgeous boss. I’m telling you it’s thrilling. Absolutely thrilling.
Obey by @jjkfire this is one of the most endearing and lovely stories on this list. It’s so sexy and hot yes but it’s like also a beautiful redemption song. The reader is a shy awkward escort who isn’t really an escort, she’s really just there to serve drinks and subtly discourage men from booking her, but she unknowingly enchants the very beautiful and very dangerous mafia boss Kim Taehyung and well… What’s a girl to do? The twist in the story is priceless by the way. I literally cried tears of moved beauty. It’s like that.
Kairos by @luffles424 yes I know. This one is an auto-include because I love it so much and it’s like super amazing and all. And if you haven’t read it yet then please don’t deny yourself any longer. Sweet omega college girl decides to auction of her first heat to the highest bidder and wealthy businessman Kim Seokjin cannot imagine who would pay for something like that… but then he smells her and all bets are off. This is honestly a beautiful love story and you know I am such a sucker for a/b/o done well.
Sexual Healing by @honeymoonjin features extraordinarily hot sex therapist Kim Namjoon and his quest to help the reader reach realization and release in this occasionally humorous romp. I really enjoyed reading this. Namjoon’s smooth certainty had me swooning, but it was the way he really encouraged the reader to explore and enjoy herself that made this an unmissable treat.
Out of Work by @jessikahathaway ok Jess full disclosure I read this before we were friends and it’s one of those stories that I ALWAYS think about (Jess’s writing will do that to you) and when I got this request I was like oh my gosh I have to include THAT Jimin story and here it was YOU that wrote it and I didn’t even remember! I love this story. It’s so incredibly fluffy and surprisingly romantic.
The Cockpile: One Shot Series by @httpjeon this is actually seven different one-shots (one for each of the members) each with their own unique setting. All the stories are themed around sex work and all of them are top notch. I highly recommend. Seven stories for the click of one link with this one!
Shutter and Shiver (Part 2) @pac-mang-blog this one was hard to track down but it was worth it. Submissive camboy cutie Jimin has a noona kink and a pretty project partner who watches his show faithfully. Jimin is quite the adventurous tease and the reader spends most of the story in a state of extremely hot and bothered. I included the link to both parts because they really are tricky to find.
The BANGmeTAN Collab is an ongoing collection of stories centered around the members as sex workers. Thus far it features completed stories by @kpopfanfictrash and @underthejoon • I originally linked The Boyfriend Concept which I discovered (thanks to @kigurumu) was actually part of a whole collab! All the authors participating are top notch writers and each installment is a delightful treat!
Satisfy by @suga-kookiemonster so this story is like wild. I learned things about myself reading this story. This author is great at balancing humor with genuine connection and it really shines in this unusual tale of Kim Taehyung’s friend who (after finding herself in need of money to finish school) agrees to an exclusive paid sexual relationship with the extremely wealthy Kim brothers (the Kim Line) in order to minimize scandals for their influential family. It’s filthy, evocative, emotional, and downright electrifying. I think I may have passed out during Tae’s scene and you’ll know why as soon as you start reading it.
Bam! You Got Scammed by @dovechim this is a wildly creative story. Truly. It revolves around a camgirl who is running a bit of a scam. Poor sweet Jeon Jungkook is double crossed and he decides to get his revenge in sexy satisfying fashion. This is a delightful story. I laughed and gasped and fanned myself the whole time.
95mochibuns by @gukptune this story is delightful in so many ways. Jimin is a camboy and the reader is a twitch streamer and they both (unknowingly) have huge crushes on each other that accidentally spill out onto the internet with lots of antics. Even their followers get involved. It’s sexy and hilarious and I always feel such anticipation when I read it. Even though I know what happens!
The Cambunny Series by @getitinbusan is a fascinating take on an idol AU. Jungkook goes exploring and sees someone he recognizes. The drama unfolds deliciously from there! This one was very hot! I had to stop and fan myself! The second part features Hoseok in a surprise guest capacity!
Take One by @untaemedqueen this story holds such a special place for me because I was really involved in helping D plan it. I knew from the first paragraphs she sent me that it was something really incredible. Min Yoongi is a super famous porn star and the reader writes fan fiction about him. Little does she know that he LOVES reading her work and starts incorporating some of her kinks and stories into his work! It’s so much fun and still manages to be both a great love story and a super sexy romp.
Tumblr media
…and since I spent all that time putting together this list, lemme just slide you the link to my MASTERLIST where you can find other themed fic rec lists like this as well as all of my original works 😘
Tumblr media
If you know of any really great stories (including your own) that might fit the theme of this list, don’t be afraid to send them in to me!
Tumblr media
Thank you to the people who sent in recommendations! Newest additions to the list are in PINK!
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sluttyandere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings. yandere!yoongi x f!reader
synopsis. the evening comes quickly and you’re asleep on your bed. your room, dark with just the dim shine of the moon, hears your faint breaths and the occasional twists of your blanket. there’s a sound outside, a thud or two, and a faint creak. then, slowly… very, very slowly… your window begins to lift. 
genre. next door neighbor au. age gap (oc is 20, yoongi is 28). virgin!reader. suspense.
word count. 7.2k
warnings. smut (fingering/foreplay, m masterbation). noncon kissing and touching (oc is asleep). somnophilia. soft dom!yoongi. inexperienced!reader. physical abuse (mother slaps oc multiple times). emotional abuse. over-controlling parenting. toxic household. manipulation. murder. blood. gore. obsessive behavior. delusional behavior. allusion to kidnapping. yoongi smokes. he also puts out the cigarette with his tongue so that’s cool. he also has tattoos so that’s hot. but he’s also lowkey creepy so… anyways, enjoy!
Tumblr media
first greetings were always hard for you. your overprotective mother didn’t enjoy it when you met new people, always fearing that they’d have a bad influence on you. she didn’t know that you weren’t going on a short walk like you said; she didn’t know that you were too curious about your new neighbor next door. 
he stands on his porch, phone in hand and cigarette in the other. its end touches his lips as he scrolls through his feed, and the smoke that he exhales fascinates you almost as much as the tattoos on his arms, the simple white t-shirt and black jean outfit he bears, and the silver peace sign necklace on his neck. there are a few shiny earrings that dangle from his pierced ears. all the houses on this street look relatively the same; medium-sized and conservative; but the mysterious man’s presence makes his place seem so far apart. mother didn’t like that. unlike you, she didn’t stare at him with awe when the two of you first saw him carrying boxes into his house; instead, she scoffed and made you promise to never get near him, as he looked ‘dangerous’ in her eyes. she has taught you to listen and never talk back, she’s trained you to be content with the lonely life you have with her, but she hasn’t gotten rid of that inquisitive nature of yours.
you peer at him behind a thick tree. your mind tells yourself that the next hesitant step forward is a true one, that you should say hello without a second thought, but you can’t, not when first greetings are so hard for you. 
but your nervous feet cause a rustle in the autumn leaves below you, loud enough for your neighbor to hear. he looks your way. 
like a squirrel in hiding, you swiftly move to conceal yourself with the trunk. an anxious gulp is forced down your throat and you think about running back to the safety of your house, but the man talks before you can begin a sprint. 
“hey, don’t be scared.”
his voice is deep; makes your breath catch in your throat as you stare at the brown bark before you. you don’t mean to be rude by not saying anything back, but your neighbor doesn’t seem to mind. 
“you can come out,” he says with a comforting tone, “you want to meet me, no?”
after a second of silence, you lean to reveal half of your face. he smiles at you while you step from the tree and stand awkwardly. “hey,” it’s the second time he says it. it’s the greeting that expects an answer. 
“... hi.” your words are small, your head is turned down, and your fingers fiddle with the bottom hem of your romper. from the corner of your eye, you catch him beckoning you to come with a motion of his cigarette hand. the ashes fall from the stick to the wooden ground before you slowly walk up to him. 
by the time you’re at the stairs of his porch, his phone is in his back pocket and he props his arms on its railing. “what’s your name?” he asks, earning your first title in response. he hums with the stick to his mouth and a gaze flickering a quick up and down your body. “and how old are you?” 
another satisfied hum, another puff of smoke. 
you’re not sure if you should ask him the same, but your curiosity reminds your of why you came here in the first place. “wh.. what about you?” 
“yoongi. min yoongi. i’m twenty-eight.” 
his age takes you by surprise. he looks nothing close to that; looks as if he’s nearing twenty-five with his flawless skin, pretty pink lips, casually done hair. that slightly broad chest, those veiny hands, the rings on his fingers. he’s so attractive, and you stare without realizing that you’re checking him out. you let out an “oh” that trails off.
amusement traces his pupils as he parrots in a question, “oh?”
“oh, um.. you just seem younger than i thought…” 
his laugh is soft, boyish, makes you feel flustered, makes you look anywhere other than his smile and you decide to land on the art on his arm. there’s a snake around his bicep, poems of words, a flower or two, and so much more, a few that trail up under his sleeve; they’re all so beautiful, so mesmerizing. your neighbor notices your stare at his inked arm, “you want a closer look?”
a curt nod is given at the invitation. you walk up the stairs and round the pillar between the two of you, meeting eyes with him one more time as he watches you get closer. he’s turned around now, leaning back on the wood and smiling to himself when you widen your eyes in wonder at the extension of his limb. he puts the nicotine stick in between his middle and ring as he points to an intricate dagger on his forearm, “this one, inspired by a song i wrote with some friends.” his finger moves to the interestingly-fonted 28, “got this one on my birthday earlier this year.”
he shrugs. “just felt like it.” you’re impressed by the impulsiveness he recounts. “this,” he continues to the brown colored dog, “is holly. the most precious thing in the world.” he sees you smile at the puppy as if it’s barking to you. he asks, “you like that one the most?”
“.. it’s cute, but..” your pointer finger aims at a black spider crawling on a heart-shaped web. “i like that one a lot.” 
the action has yoongi’s eyes twinkling with subtle delight. “yeah?” he says, “it’s my favorite, too.” 
you watch him take a drag and he watches you back, smoke escaping his nostrils when he breathes out. the scent of the cigarette is foreign to you; it’s strong enough to cause a sudden cough. but you don’t hate it, you don’t hate it enough to leave, and he smirks at the thought. “ever thought about getting tattoos?” 
you’ve always wanted one of your own, believing that they were so cool and so grown; of course, you never mentioned the idea to your mother. “oh..” your eyes drift to your house adjacent to his, “my mom wouldn’t like that…”
“hmm… she makes decisions for you?” 
embarrassment heats at your neck before you defend yourself. “that’s just one of her rules if i’m under her roof.” one of her many, many rules; no tattoos, no driving, no finding a job, etc, etc. 
“ever thought about moving out?”
“... i have, i just… i can’t...” your head hangs low as you stare at your sneakers, unsure as to why you’re giving this much information to a stranger. maybe it’s because you’ve had no one else to tell, no one else to possibly comfort you. “she doesn’t want me to. she’s not gonna let me.”
it’s quiet, save for the breeze that passes and plays with your hair. yoongi kills the spark in his stick by pressing its end to an ashtray and dropping it in the pan. the regret of spilling too much comes quick to settle in your stomach, especially when the frown on his face is evident as he lazily pushes himself off the rail and walks to his door. but before you can stumble down the stairs with frustration towards yourself and your running mouth, he speaks. “you wanna come in?” you stare at his hand on the handle, then to his standing figure, confusion on your rather blank face. “i got some songs i want to show you. maybe it'll make you feel better.” the trace of hope in his words is evident and has you taking a few hesitant steps toward the opening door. you look at him warily, and yoongi reassures you with a light hand on your back (the seemingly-insignificant action makes your face feel hot, makes your skin prickle with fluster). “don’t worry,” he says.
you don’t even have the time to cease your worry. your name is screeched behind you like an alarm. you and your neighbor turn to see a clearly distressed woman stomping your way, who grabs your wrist and yanks you back. “what do you think you’re doing?!” she says, yelling an octave too high and an interval too loud, “i told you not to—” 
her words are put to a halt and a glare is sent to yoongi. he has his hands in his pockets and a tongue to his cheek. huffing, she drags you down the stairs, down the path home. 
the opportunity for goodbyes is slain. you can only wave farewell to your new neighbor, who raises a hand in return. he watches with lidded eyes as you follow your mother, hand still bound to hers and feet still tripping on the pavement, until you disappear behind your front door that shuts with a slam.
Tumblr media
the first slap hits hard. your face swings to the side, cheek stinging and eyes unconsciously tearing up at the impact. the both of you are at the entry of your mother’s house. the shoe rack next to your ankles hold her heels, her boots, her sandals; your only sneakers are on your feet and you stare down at them. 
“that one’s for going against my words,” she says before delivering the second strike. it hurts more, making you shoot your palm to your face to soothe the pain. “and that one’s for lying to me. do you have any idea how worried i was when i checked your location?” 
you bite your lip down. the protests beg to come out from your mouth, but you know better than to resist the lecture. 
“i can’t believe you were with him when i specifically told you not to get near him. you could have gotten hurt! i’ve been raising you myself all these years and you continue to disrespect me?!” she waits for you to speak, only to command you on what to say. “what do you have to say for yourself?”
“... i’m sorry…”
an exhausted sigh falls from her and she puts her shoes up. “go to your room. i’ll call you when dinner’s almost ready,” she orders you as if you’re a child, “and you’re not allowed to leave the house until you understand your privilege.” 
with that, she heads to the kitchen. the sounds of a stove turning on and dishes being moved is enough to hide your steps. you don’t bother turning on the lights as you make your way upstairs, towards the furthest room at the end of the hall. you hold the knob of your door and push, then close it behind you before you trudge to the bed. 
your hand smoothes over the rails of its frame and moves to the mattress as you flop down, face first with a chest pressed to the sheets. turning over on your back, you reach your fingers for the lamp on your wooden nightstand. your room now illuminates with a dim glow. the porcelain figure on your very full bookshelf shines white. it’s a woman holding a baby, and she looks at her child with a loving smile. 
no matter how bitter your heart is, no matter how long ago your mother gifted this to you, there was never enough grit in you to throw it away. 
you slide off your bed and head to the window to open the blinds. the sun is setting behind the houses across the street and the leaves on the trees gently sway to the music of the wind. surprisingly, yoongi’s still outside, squatting down and petting a stray cat in his front yard. you don’t realize you’re watching until he catches sight of you, tilting his head up and standing. 
again, you hide, hastily lowering yourself under the glass. but you don’t need his convincing to show yourself this time, rising up to see him wave. you give a shy wave back. 
a casual smile traces his lips. his downward fingers illustrate a twisting action, as if he’s unscrewing something invisible, then his hand motions up with a palm facing the sky. your eyes blink before they move to the latch at the bottom of the aperture. 
unlock your window.
you look at him once more as the pad of your thumb ghosts over the lock. the caution in your gut is pushed aside when you begin to turn it, but your courage is disrupted. 
your mother calls your name, voice and steps becoming louder as she approaches your room from the hallway. “come down and help set up the table,” she says. the knob of your door begins to turn and you stand abruptly. 
without a wave goodbye, you close the blinds before the entrance is open. 
Tumblr media
the evening comes quickly and you’re asleep on your bed. your room, dark with just the dim shine of the moon, hears your faint breaths and the occasional twists of your blanket.
there’s a sound outside, a thud or two, and a faint creak. 
then, slowly… very, very slowly… your window begins to lift. 
it’s stopped by the lock, and the silence that follows is loud. 
there’s nothing else for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
on the days like these, when your mother goes to the office, you usually spend your isolated time reading, cleaning, doing anything to ignore the sluggish clock. today, you spend it watching your new neighbor. you haven’t been able to do so for the past few days because of the rain; the heavy rain that splattered onto the floor under your neighbor’s porch cover, the booming thunder that had you keeping the shutters closed tight, the violent weather that had your mother staying home and pushing back work. but today, there’s just a couple grey clouds covering the hanging sun in the sky. yoongi’s on his porch again, cigarette in between his fingers as he takes a drag. you sit at your window and peer through the glass. although it’s been some time since you’ve last seen him, you remember each of his features and every ridge of his face. he has on a sage jacket, green shirt, and washed jeans. he has his earrings and peace necklace on, too. they always seem to be on.
catching sight of you peeping at him , he steps down his stairs and waves. 
you glance at your bedroom door and at the porcelain on the shelf despite your mother’s absence. then, you unlock your window and slide it open. the breath of outside air is refreshing, vivifying, nothing like the atmosphere of your prison. but even when being stuck inside isn’t much fun, it's not enough to make you regret meeting yoongi. the quick beat of your heart upon the sight of his smile tells you so. you try to give a smile back, though it’s tight-lipped and awkward. “hello,” you call, because you don’t know what else to say. 
“hey,” he brings the stick to his mouth and walks closer, “under house arrest?”
“i guess you can call it that.”
smoke flows out of his frown. “sorry, didn’t think my invitation would have gotten you in this much trouble. i should’ve been more aware.”
“oh, no, don’t be sorry… it was my fault. i shouldn’t have been nosy…”
he’s in your front yard now, standing in the grass with his head tilted up to you. “nothing wrong with being curious,” he smirks. “besides, i’m pretty curious about you, too.” yoongi peeks behind him when the sky rumbles warningly; he doesn't see how shy you get at his words. he turns back. “guessing that i can’t get your number?” a slightly disappointed click of his tongue paired with a shrug is heard when you shake your head. your mother goes through your device every day, scrolling through the history and making sure the only contacts are hers. “that’s okay. until you can come out again, i’ll keep you company just like this.”
you nod timidly before the clouds grumble again. “thank you, mr. yoongi… i think you should head back. it’s starting to rain.” your fingers clutch the edges of the panels when the drizzle starts. “goodbye, for now.” 
he grins back, ignoring the drops of rainfall putting out his cigarette. the warmth of his smile is almost enough to set it ablaze once more. “yoongi is fine. see you soon.” 
even after you close the window to avoid the incoming storm, he stands there, staring at your room, letting the water wet his hair and his silver necklace. 
Tumblr media
every time you would open the window and signal that your mother has left for work, your (not so new anymore) neighbor would stroll over to your front yard for conversation. standing or sitting on the ground with a cigarette in his hand, he’d ask you about your day, and you’d ask about his. that soothing voice of his always comforted you. you’d sometimes hear the meow of the stray cat he’d bring over, or the melody of his laugh that made you giggle in response. 
the freeze is enough to numb your senses. snow started falling last week, and the degrees on the thermometer have been declining ever since. yoongi shows up with a beanie and thicker clothes, but despite his promise of saying he’s warm, it’s not enough to keep him from shivering. and now that your mother’s on break, using her free time to check on you throughout the mornings and afternoons, the two of you are forced to have your interactions when it’s coldest: night.
heavy snowflakes descend from the sky as you say, “yoongi, please go inside, you’ll get s-sick!” you try not to be too loud in fear of waking up your guardian, but you can’t stop the noisy chatter of your teeth when a gust of wind blows through your open window. 
the orange hue of the stick end brightens in his inhale. it’s in his mouth, as he has both hands stuck in the pockets of his jacket. “don’t worry, i won’t. i got this with me.” he pulls out his lighter and flicks it to create a tiny, tiny fire. “i came prepared.”
you want to cackle at his stupid joke, but you stifle your laugh with a hand to your mouth. a yawn unintentionally files through your lips; you still haven’t gotten used to the new schedule. “no, yoongi, i’m serious… we can see each other next monday. my mom is going back to work by that time.” a few days of waiting for the weather to get better should be bearable; after all, unlike you, he’s free to do what he desires. but the pout on his face tells you otherwise.
“... but i wanted to see you today,” he says, “you did too, right?”
mother nature interrupts your response by bringing in a harsh rush of air that almost tips yoongi to the floor. he sinks his foot further into the thick snow for balance. when he looks back up, you bite your lip in thought with a finger feeling the ridge of the framework. your neighbor is a stranger no more, and seeing him in this state because of his willpower to keep you company has you calling out, “y-yoongi… you can come up to my room.”
his eyes widen. “really?”
after earning a firm nod, he gives a big, toothy grin and hikes to the wall of your house. 
then, without wasting a second, he climbs. 
his feet find security on certain bricks as he grabs onto wooden pieces jutting out. his movements, agile like a cat, take him up to where you are with ease. you tell him to be careful, but it seems that he doesn’t need your reminder. soon, he’s gripping the shelf of the frame, letting out a smoky breath, and hoisting himself up. you stand to take a couple steps back, allowing for him to enter. the window is closed, the blows of cruel air are stopped, and yoongi turns to face you. 
it’s the first time anyone other than your mother has been to your room, yet you don’t voice the realization. you don’t really need to, because it’s written in the way you stand stiff and gulp. “hi,” you breathe out.
he smiles, gaze flickering down to your large t-shirt and pajama shorts. “hey again— oh,” he takes the cigarette out his mouth and turns the burning end to his tongue sticking out. it pokes against the muscle a few times before twisting onto his taste buds, killing the sparks and letting him stuff the stick into the pockets of his jeans. an amused snicker files through his nose when he meets your shocked eyes bulging out. “sorry, thought it was the quickest way to put it out.”
“does it… does it hurt?”
he shrugs. “only stings a little after years of doing it.” his brows scrunch as he shakes his head. “tastes bad, though.” 
your reaction to his stunt isn’t of disgust, but rather of intrigue. if anything, you’re severely impressed by his experience. yoongi seems to know so much, and a fleeting thought of yours wonders the level of his expertise in other areas. despite your awe, you yawn, mouth opening wide and exposing the back of your throat.
he guides you to your bed by the hand, asking, “tired?”
nodding groggily, you sit on the mattress and sense the guilt settling in your stomach. “i’m sorry. i didn’t think i would be so sleepy now because i took a nap earlier today… i...” you glance at the porcelain on your shelf, thinking of your mother and her rules. if you asked her one more time, would she allow you some freedom? “i wish we could do this freely. out in the open.”
“don’t be sorry. being here with you is enough for me.” he helps you get under the thick blankets and fluff up your pillow. then, he stares at your eyes struggling to stop themselves from fluttering shut. “thank you for letting me in.”
sleep overtakes you before you can acknowledge his gratitude. he doesn’t seem to mind, though, pulling his hand up to your head to gently brush your hair. 
yoongi passes the next hour by walking around your cozy room. the furniture looks to be used for a decade or so, bearing some scratches and scribbles on their white surfaces. your bookshelf towers over him, its books neatly organized into sections by genre, and your desk has a journal on it. he opens it without hesitation, smiling when he sees some doodles of butterflies. a couple of photo frames on the wall catch his eye; some are of you as a child, others are of you in your teenage years. as you grow older in each picture, your grin fades more and more.
he turns his head to your slumbering state. you’re in deep sleep, little snores filing out your nose and cheek pressed against the cushioning. he comes back up to the side of the bed with lidded eyes boring into the image of your unconscious body. he sits on the mattress once more, his fingers tentatively fiddling with the blanket before he carefully lifts it up. after lingering his gaze on your legs, he watches your expression and reaches under to touch your thighs.
you make no significant reaction, just a tiny hum is heard, and he slides his hand up the skin until it arrives at your shorts. he palms your ass and gives a small squeeze, then, he moves to cup between your legs. the shiver that circulates in you makes his erection stir. 
the material of your shorts are thin, but your panties are thinner. his fingers can trace your untouched pussy through both articles of clothing and he unzips himself at the feeling. when he leans his face into the crook of your neck, your scent makes his cock harden more. his free hand fists up and down his length, movements desperate, but his breath remains calm and silent. waking you up like this, with his fingers at your intimate parts, with his other ones at his exposed cock, is undesirable. 
but what if you awaken, and yoongi is forced to fuck you now that he’s gone this far?
his slightly burned tongue licks your neck as he quickens his jerk, still touching you dirtily with more strokes of your clit. you unconsciously squirm, body sending a message and mind somewhere else. your thighs tighten around his hold as he massages you harder. it’s almost inaudible, but the moan you give him makes him come. “shhit!” he whispers, brows scrunching and fist tugging until his jeans are coated with white. some of his arousal got on the floor, but he’ll clean that once his breathing evens out. for now, he’s busy calming from his high while watching your dreaming expression. 
he kisses you, softly, his eyes closing and his lips connecting with yours. 
your first kiss, taken by your neighbor as you sleep. 
he moves his mouth to peck your forehead. “goodnight,” he murmurs.
by the time you wake, there’s no yoongi; there’s no neighbor. there’s only the window that isn’t closed all the way, a jacket rests on top of your blanket for extra warmth, and the smell of nicotine mixed with his cologne.
Tumblr media
the snow has melted and spring has come faster than you’d expected. time flies when you’re with the ones you cherish, and yoongi made that statement seem so real. even when the sunny weather is perfect for him to stand outside your window like he did before, you’d often find him lounging on your bed with one of your chapter books open in his hand, or him flipping through your doodle journal before snickering when you abashedly snatched it from his grasps. you don’t remember the last time you stuttered in front of him, nor the last time you hid from his gaze as he watched you talk under the light of the moon from the glass opening. the only instance where you turned your back to him was when he drew that beautiful butterfly on your nape using a permanent marker. 
you touch the pseudo tattoo as you sit at dinner, a plate full of food before you and your mother eating her own meal across the table. you inhale, then speak. “m-mom?”
she takes a bite. “yes?”
you want to do the same, but knowing that it’s hard to swallow your own saliva, you decide to keep nothing in your mouth, even your words. “i… i would like to have more freedom.”
the silverware in your mother’s hands is dropped to the floor, clattering against the ground as she says, “i heard you wrong, could you repeat what you said?” 
your mother never hears anything wrong with her sharp ears; she only uses that phrase as a warning. but despite the truth, you tell her, “i would like for you to grant me more freedom… please.” 
the belated act of politeness isn’t enough to stop the anger from rising to her face. “you have enough freedom. i allow you to roam around the neighborhood and-”
“that’s all you let me do! i’m already twenty, i’m an adult!” your breath is heavy and so is your gut when she shoots up from her chair, but you continue: “i feel trapped, i can’t experience life when you treat me like this! please, mom, just let me-”
this is the hardest she’s ever hit you, and you stumble to the ground at the impact.
“you deserve a hundred slaps for talking back to me,” she seethes with a hand raised high, “this is because of that man, isn’t it?! he’s the one influencing you, isn’t he?!”
“this is outrageous, he’s despicable! if the police don’t force him to move, we’re moving ourselves.”
“no! please, mom! don’t make us—”
the blows don't stop, no matter how much you plead, for your mother believes you as a disrespectful child who needs to learn her lesson. 
Tumblr media
when yoongi comes through the window during the late evening, he isn’t greeted by the smile you usually present. instead, he’s met with the sight of your body curled up on the bed, racking with sobs that are near silent. his grin is dropped immediately and he hastily shuts the the opening before dashing to your side. “what’s wrong?” he asks. 
the answer doesn’t come in sentences, but in the form of you holding up your arms to let him see the sight of your battered skin. your eyes are puffy from neverending tears and the color of your cheeks are darker than ever. his jaw tightens with rage as he mutters, “that bitch…” 
damn that impulsive nature of his, forcing him to swivel to the direction of the door. but before he can stride and do whatever his anger compels him to do, your hand snatches his sleeve.
“p-please!” you hiccup, “please… please stay…”
his expression softens and he sits next to you, petting your head with a mellow stroke. you lean into the motion like a whimpering puppy. “okay,” he says, quietly, as his lips lower to your arm, “i’ll stay.” pecks are put on the pelts, moving up to your sensitive cheeks. “i’ll stay with you.”
you’ve never had someone be this close to you; never had their nose touching yours nor their lips brushing against your cupid's bow. you’ve never had anyone made your tears dry this fast; never had your eyes closed as you ready yourself for something intimate to happen. yoongi takes the honor of ridding your inexperience by connecting the kiss. 
it feels weird at first. you try not to be so amateur with your lips as he hums against your mouth, but you can’t help the small yelp when he darts his tongue out to swipe against your bottom lip. “open up,” he says in a low voice. you let him kiss you deeper while he moves himself onto you, his forearms by the sides of your head and his knees by the sides of your hips. one of his hands holds your face when he pulls back. you gasp and pant, earning a smirk from him. his thumb touches your wet lips and he stares at them. 
“can i make you feel good?”
“... wh-what?”
he lowers to kiss your jaw, then your neck, to which he swirls his tongue on your skin and suckles with a pop. your jittery hands clutch his shoulders as you squirm. “i can make you feel good, here,” he continues when your breath hitches at the sensation of your pussy being held, “can i do that?” you grind against his palm, shivering at the feeling until he says, “answer me.”
“y-yes,” you gasp out, “yes, please, yoongi, please.” you’ve never felt so lustful before, as your mother would constantly reminding you how horrible it is to feel sexual tendencies, and you listened until some fantasies of yoongi would appear in your dreams late at night. for a second, you wonder if you’re dreaming about this, too, until the sudden coolness that hits your secret garden when he pulls down both your shorts and panties confirms that this is, indeed, real. 
he gazes at you like one would to a flower; a flower that’s ready to bloom in the new season. he nudges your hand away when it shyly tries to cover you up. “don’t be shy,” he says, “you look beautiful.”
you’re not given the chance to act bashful at his compliment. he’s on his knees as he pulls his shirt off and throws it off the bed. now it’s your turn to stare. 
there are too many tattoos that you haven’t seen before; one on the corner of his broad chest, some on his stomach, a few scattered on his skin. despite the variety, they all look amazing on him. parts of him you couldn’t see before, now in front of you. you would ask him to turn around to show the ones on the back if it weren’t for the intimacy in the atmosphere. “i like your tattoos.”
yoongi smiles and reaches to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “and i like yours, too.” he’s referring to the butterfly on your neck, ignoring the fact that it’s not real, or that it’s faded already. 
he removes the rings on his fingers one by one, giving you an opportunity to inspect that hand, those long fingers, those veins running down his knuckles like you always do. while slicking his middle and ring fingers with his saliva, he spreads your legs before circling the pads around your entrance. you gasp, “y-yoongi…”
“you’re so wet,” he says, “do you touch yourself? when you’re alone?”
not often, you would. you’ve only ever played with the bud of your clit and nothing more. fingering always felt funny and you didn’t know how to make it feel good. your inexperience makes you look away from him as you wish to learn more. “... s-sometimes…” you lean your face to the side to let him trace his lips against your lobe. “i… i think of you.”
“yeah? you think of me when you touch yourself?” he prods at your drenched core, whispering with a deep voice in your ear. “i think of you, too.” 
then, his fingers enter you. it’s a stretch that makes your hands shoot to your mouth to keep yourself from whimpering too loud. he curses at how tight you are, cock stirring at the thought of your walls clenching around him just like how they’re doing to his digits. he continues to push them and you continue to wince until his fingers are completely concealed within you. “does it hurt?” he asks, sighing in relief when you indecisively shake your head. “it’ll feel better soon. i promise.”
slowly, he pulls his digits out again to slide them back in, using a sluggish pace that has you whining with shivers. he reaches deeper than you could ever touch, rubbing against your sensitive areas and hitting the sweetest spot. yoongi’s promise is kept, because your legs twitch with pleasure when the heel of his palm continuously slaps at your clit with each thrust of his twisted fingers. he goes faster, harder, until he has to clamp his free hand onto your mouth to muffle your cries. your legs are spread wide and your knees are pushed to your chest, allowing for him to finger-fuck you so well. 
“y— yoongi—”
his palm on your mouth loosens. “yeah?” 
“feels— feels weird!” 
it feels like you’ve swallowed a summer sun and it beams in your stomach, too hot to be resisted. there’s so much heat in your system, begging to be released; so much tension inside your lower regions, pleading to keep composure. what is this feeling, rising from your core to your ringing ears? why does it feel so weird, why does it feel so good? “puh-please, please, yoongi, feels— nghh! feels good!”
“feels good?” he says with his mouth parted open in a smirk. “feels good when i do this to you?”
“yes! y-yes, please— don’t stop—”
he obeys you, curling his fingers more and thrusting them into you with the speed that has your jaw dropping open in a silent moan, that has your body trembling and your toes curling, that has your eyes rolling up as you let go. you come, hard, so fucking hard that your arousal spills all over his digits and your cunt sucks them in so they stop moving. he watches your expression as he carefully takes out his fingers and slides them into his mouth. once they’re cleaned, they go back to massage your clit. you flinch at the overwhelming sensation, shaking your head with a plea to stop. he chuckles when you try to squirm away from his touch, but are unable to due to the limpness in your limbs. yoongi leans forward to kiss you deeply, then moves to trail his lips to your neck. 
but when your head is turned to the side and your eyes see the shelf, the pleasure in you soon turns to a gut-wrenching feeling. 
the porcelain figure beside your books shines despite the lack of light. the mother, staring down at her child with a loving smile, makes your heart stop. 
then, with eyes tearing up, with a mouth frowning hard, you bawl. 
yoongi pulls back with surprise. his hand covers your cries once again as he shushes you quietly. he lifts you so that you’re sitting up. “i’m sorry, did i hurt you?” his gaze looks all over to try to find where he might have squeezed too tight or held too hard, but the sobs that wrack in your body seem to be more from your emotions than physical pain. 
“m-mom,” you manage to choke out and yoongi furrows his brows at the title, “yoongi, mom’s… she’s going to… she’s making us move…” you hiccup as his face falls, despair lacing his eyes. “please, yoongi, please don’t let her…” your sentence is left unfinished and hope is lost; what could your neighbor possibly do to stop her? he can’t, he can’t do anything. 
you don’t see his expression when you bury your face into his chest, wetting it with hot tears. he pets your head, whispering words of comfort to you as your wails die down. it goes on like this for two hours until you murmur sorrows, body pressed against his as the two of you lay in bed under the blanket. you’re asleep, but yoongi’s eyes aren’t closed like yours. instead, he bores them into the figure on the shelf. carefully lifting your arms off him and tucking you into the cozy comforters, he stands. but unlike all the other nights from before, he doesn’t leave. 
damn that impulsive nature of his. damn it to hell.
“don’t worry,” he says, leaning down to kiss your forehead, “i won’t let her.”
Tumblr media
the crash that resonates throughout the house wakes you up. 
the area where yoongi laid is cold, though you think that the sunny rays from outside could help heat you up. but to your surprise, darkness fills your room. turning on the lamp, you allow for the clock on your nightstand to read three in the morning. you rise from your bed, feeling yoongi’s shirt on the ground with your feet. he must have left it here. at least, you think it’s yoongi’s shirt; you’re unable to see clearly because of how puffy your eyes are. 
but your other senses are heightened. there’s a blood-curdling scream that pierces the air and you jerk your head in its direction. the location, outside your room and in the hall. the high-pitched voice continues to shout and screech, and thuds sound about.
it’s your mother. 
you head to your door; it’s not closed all the way, but that’s the least of your worries. right now, there could be a burglar targeting this house, there could be violence you’ll face once you exit the safety of your cage. 
but before you come up with any other scenario formed from the paranoia that your mother ingrained in your brain, her cries stop. there’s a loud thud, then muffled thumps that make your heartbeat louden with fear. 
you walk into the dim hall that grows darker the further you go, and the sounds of nonstop strikes grow louder and louder. by the time you’re in front of the room of the scene, facing the closed door, you can hear squelching noises from inside. holding your breath, you put a hand on the knob and slowly… very, very slowly… you turn and take a peek through the one-inch crack.
a person straddles your mother on the bed as they continue to pound a hard object into her bloody face, crimson flying everywhere with each hit. you can’t figure their identity clearly, as their backs are towards you. even so, you stare, watching the way your mother’s immobile body twitches with each blow. barely, you can see how her eyes are gouged out, how her teeth are busted in, how the skin of her neck is dented with strangled marks. terror cripples your thoughts as your organs twist with nausea. you might puke if you watch any longer, but what else is there to do when your mother is being killed right in front of your eyes? do you run? do you fight? 
instead of doing either of the two, you move your gaze to the murderer’s nape, trying to make sense of the tiny wording, and your mouth parts in shock when it looks like the spelling of your name. then, you look to his arm. 
that’s when you see them clearly. 
the adrenaline rushes through your veins when your eyes land on the tattoos, focusing so hard that you can see every line and every splotch of ink. 
your voice is a whisper, supposedly covered up by the violent and disturbing noises in the room, as you say to yourself, “yoongi?”
you should have kept quiet, you should have left without a word, because your neighbor immediately stops with the object held high. then, he gradually turns his head to see a slightly opened door and nothing more. 
it’s silent. 
he doesn’t see you trembling as you stand to the side, back up against the wall and both palms clamped onto your mouth. you don’t see him, either, getting off the mattress and walking up to the entrance. but you hear him: step… step… step… you hear the moan of the door when it’s opened completely. you hear him coming closer, and closer, and closer. you have your head turned down, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to look up at your mother’s killer until he stands in front of you. 
your eyes are trained on the bloody porcelain figure in his hands. its head is smashed off, leaving nothing of the loving it once had, leaving only the sharp rimming that craves for doom. your gaze trails up his veiny hands that grips the object tightly, the dagger with scarlet on the ends, to the twenty-eight soiled with red, to the puppy staring at you with pity, to the spider on the web waiting to devour the butterfly. 
finally, you reach his face. scarlet paints his skin, his lips stretch in a wide grin, his hair is slicked back. 
your neighbor drops the porcelain figure and hugs your flaccid body passionately, “now that she’s sleeping for good, we can love each other without fear,” he sighs with delusion in his relief, “you don’t have to worry anymore.” 
a second of silence passes, making him pull back to see your passed out state. he chuckles before pecking your cheek that’s wet with fresh tears. “tired?” he murmurs lovingly, “that’s okay. i’ll take you to my place so you can sleep better.” his kisses move all over your face; his lips land on your closed eyes, your lips parted with fright, and your sweating forehead.
Tumblr media
note. well 🤠 what do u guys think 🤠 did u guys like it 🤠 if u did pls tell me cause that would make me very very happy ☺️ also consensual smut?!?! i finally wrote it after writing noncon nonstop?!?!?! and i’ve also realized that this is the first oneshot fic i’ve written where the yandere explicitly murders someone… what have i been doing for the past year here 🤨 and i made yoongi so likable until he pulled that shit in the end like 😐😐😐 i just gotta ruin it for everyone 😗 but … he still be sexy tho 😩 anyways, thank u so much for reading! hugs and kisses 💗 MWAH!
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xpeachesncream · 22 days ago
daydream (myg) | masterlist
Tumblr media
⇢ series playlist ☽ 
summary: after losing his wife, all yoongi had was his 5 year old daughter, suki, and his mother-in-law by his side. he was sure he didn’t need anyone else, especially after many people near & dear to him doubted in his ability to take care of his daughter on his own. that is, until he met you— someone who unexpectedly came and changed his world for the better, bringing in new highs and lows to experience on this journey with suki.
pairing: nurse!reader x single dad!myg
genre: single dad au, strangers to lovers au | fluff, angst, smut
warnings: cussing, mature language/implied sexual content, unprotected sex, insecurities, anxiety, trauma from past events, alcohol consumption, death/mentions of death, crying, etc. (individual warnings for each chapter will be included)
taglist: [open]
Tumblr media
special thank you to @invisiblefortoday​, @jimidol​, @vantezza​ and @lovelytaes-blog​ for letting me ramble on about this series and cry over daydream!yoongi 😭♥️ you all gave me the push and support i needed to move on with this. i love you!
Tumblr media
one. (release: 9/20)
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allmonstersxarehuman · a month ago
Kay’s 18+ Recommendation List
While I continue to work on requests and other things I have coming up, please take a look at these fics. I highly recommend them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Will continue to post new recommendations. So many incredible and hard working writers on this list.
Warning: These are 18+ smut or have some mature situations. So please read the warnings.
(s) = Smut
(M) = Mature
Good-bye dignity (s)(m) by @n3onguts (Kim Taehyung & Min Yoongi)
Friendly Fantasies (s)(m) by @missgeniality (Taehyung & Yoongi)
Min Yoongi
My sweet girl (s)(m) by @kookiessugababy
Not around (s)(m) by @minyfic
Maybe this time by @minbbyy
First love, Last love (s)(M) by @kithtaehyung
Upgrade (s)(m) by @rmverse
Jeon Jungkook
The cheetah lounge (s)(m) by @kookiecrumb
To no expense (s)(m) by @kookiessugababy
You (s)(m) by @breakiebunny
Naughty pictures (s)(m) by @sparklingchim
Lemon Sherbet (s)(m) by @extravaguk
Come Home Babe (s)(m) by @eatjeanjin
Blueberries (s)(m) by @softyoongiionly
Jung Hoseok
Homecoming (s)(m) by @min-chery
Helping Hands (s)(m) by @m-yg93
Me and You (s)(m) by @jamaisjoons
Snapshot (s)(m) by @xjoonchildx
Kim Taehyung
First Impressions (s)(m) by @secretmischief
Krank it up (s)(m) by @ilikemesometaetaes
Park Jimin
Welcome Home (s)(m) by @sunshinerainbowsbts
Touch of you (s)(m) by @mimikookie
We are even (s)(m) by @suzumenokakimono
One Last Time (s)(m) by @chocominnie
Sebastian Stan/ Bucky Barnes
Cock warming- Bucky Barnes (s)(m) by @lokiskitten
I thought you hated me- (s)(m) Bucky Barnes by @blanketbarnes
Eyes on me- Bucky Barnes (s)(m) by @smutatonics
Secrets and Spies (s)(m) by @badassbuchanan
Chris Evans/ Steve Rogers
Andy catches you... (Andy Barber) (s)(m) by @sweeterthanthis
Starting over (s)(m) by @lahyene
Tom Holland / Peter Parker
Try new things (s)(m) by @lovelytholland
Truth or truth? (ft. Harrison) (s)(m) by @hazofmyheart
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honeytae · 2 months ago
Let me put you to sleep.
hello my loves, happy wednesday! here’s some yoongi filth because….it’s good for the soul :) also looking back on my masterlist it’s just been way too long lol <3 hope you all enjoy this smutty piece of “f*** you back to sleep” filth :))))
tags: @ahgasearmyfan, @hoseokayy, @the1921-monsters
genre: smut
warnings: sleepy grinding, dirty talk, hand and blowjobs occur, mouth fucking???, cum swallowing, fingering, there’s lots of marking, nipple play, sex does eventually occur i promise
word count: 3.3k
Yoongi, for the life of him, could not fall asleep. It’d been hours now of nearly constant tossing and turning, leaving you to readjust every time he moved behind you, the man mumbling a quiet apology in case he’d woken you up. Which he had. Several times.
“Yoongi,” you mumbled, “put the heating pad on if your back is bothering you.” You reminded him, as he was fresh off of a world tour and still dealing with the repercussions that come with it. 
“It’s okay, angel. My back is okay.” He soothed into your neck, the lack of sleepiness in his tone causing you to frown. 
“Just can’t sleep?” You inquired, the man humming before he puffed a breath out through his nose. 
“Time zones.” He explained simply, you nodding in understanding as your hand automatically reached up to the crown of his head, scratching your fingernails against his scalp in an attempt to soothe him a bit in his journey to slumber. 
“Missed you. Missed this.” He mumbled in reference to your position, kissing your shoulder softly as you hummed in response.
“Me too.” You agreed, tilting your head backward to look at the man’s wide awake eyes in the dark.
You watched as he leaned up off of his pillow to press his lips to yours, closing his eyes in bliss at the simple connection he had craved for so long while overseas.
Slowly your lips melded together, a low hum coming from the back of Yoongi’s throat as he leaned further into you, deepening the kiss with a stroke of his tongue along your lip. 
“Hm, I can tire you out. Be happy to, actually.” You said against his lips, smirking a bit at the way he clutched your hip tighter at your tone. 
Your chest swelled with pride at the broken gasp coming from his mouth when you pushed your ass back on him, his hand locking your hip in place with all the willpower he possibly could.
“I don’t want to keep you up, babe.” He protested weakly, you chuckling before pressing a chaste kiss to his pout. 
“You sure about that?” You raised your eyebrows knowingly, Yoongi smirking at your persistence before gasping when you wiggled your ass against him again. 
This time, his hand cupped your ass cheek and fondled the soft tissue there instead of locking your movements down, rolling it in his palm before sneakily sticking his pinky finger underneath the hem of your shorts to slip between your pantie-covered folds. 
You gasped as his fingertip nudged your clit over the fabric, the man purposefully wiggling his digit around to add stimulation to the bud. 
“Is that a yes?” You breathed out, Yoongi chuckling at his affect on you as he swiftly nodded. 
“Yeah, baby.” He verbally confirmed, chuckling to himself as you suddenly shifted up on your knees and flipped your body over to straddle his lap, Yoongi’s eyes shining up at you in the dark. 
His hands traveled every inch of you as you dipped your head down to kiss at his neck, a deep hum of approval vibrating his adam’s apple when you opened your mouth against the skin. 
“Fuck, I love when you’re on top.” He groaned, his hands cementing on your hips to roll you down against his growing bulge. 
Despite loving you on top of him, he loved still holding the control, his hands on your hips and feet planted on the mattress ready to buck up against you at any moment. 
“I know.” You chuckled, Yoongi swatting at your hip at your cockiness as you lifted your hips from his lap. 
Tucking your fingers underneath the waistband of his shorts and boxers, you swiftly pulled them down his thighs, Yoongi raising his hips to aid you with a slanted grin. 
Leaning down to grasp his half-hard length, you dutifully pumped your hand up and down his shaft, pace slow as you watched in awe of him beginning to get more worked up.
His bottom lip was sucked into his mouth, eyelids shutting on their own accord as a sharp inhale stuttered in his throat when your thumb swiped over his sensitive tip.
“What do you want, hm?” You asked, the man making a grumbling noise from the back of his throat as he bucked his hips up into your hand. 
“I’d take anything right now, honestly.” He admitted, making you laugh a bit at the desperation in his tone he didn’t even attempt to hide. 
Leaving one last kiss to his pout, you shuffled down his torso, hearing the man’s breath catch as he noticed the all too familiar rhythm in which you fumbled down so that your face hovered above his cock. 
Your hand continued it’s motions on his ever hardening dick, the moans and quiet whimpers falling to your ears causing heat to flush down between your legs as you sat between his own. 
With a twist of your hand on his base, his fingers gripped the sheets with white knuckles, stretching his neck as he tilted his head back in bliss. 
Dipping down to place your mouth on him, you chuckled when your boyfriend immediately gasped at the feeling of your wet mouth on his hot cock, rolling his head to the side when you traced your tongue along the bulging veins running down it. 
Yoongi clutched at the sheets as you suckled on his tip, tracing the underside of the leaking head with your tongue and making his eyes roll back into his head. 
“F-fuuuuck.” He breathed out as you took him farther into your mouth, eyes squinted open to watch as you began to bob your head up and down on him. 
His hands moved from the bed to your hair, gripping handfuls of your strands and controlling your pace on him as he mumbled praises into the air. 
Sucking and slobbering over his length, you took him deep until your throat gave out, letting him thrust into your mouth as he pleased with a grunt above you. 
“Babe, I’m gonna cum.” He warned, you encouraging him with a flick of your tongue against his tip, making his mouth gape open as he shot his heavy load down your throat. 
As his length softened a bit in your mouth, you let it easily slip off your tongue, sitting up to swipe at your mouth with the back of your hand before shuffling back up Yoongi’s body. 
“Oh my god.” He sighed, smiling a bit as you giggled atop him at his state.
His hair was only slightly damp with sweat, face flushed and eyes hazy yet ablaze with desire. The sheets below him were rumpled from where he’d been gripping them, his hair distressed because of all his writhing around on the pillow below him. All because of your mouth. 
“I fucking love your mouth.” He verbally confirmed, making you chuckle again before leaning into his all too tempting pout.
When you felt his hand pushing at the hem of your shorts, you reached down to grip his wrist, guiding it away with a slight smile as he pulled back to pull his brows at you. 
“Tonight’s about you, baby. Let me put you to sleep.” You chuckled, Yoongi rolling his eyes as he moved his hand back to slip underneath your shorts. 
“I’m not buying that shit. I wanna feel you.” He mumbled, your mouth parting against his as he slipped his finger between your folds, guiding it up to concentrate on your clit. 
“Y-yoon, you don’t have t-to- fuck,” you bit down onto your lip when his finger moved down to meet your entrance, throbbing with need and want for the man as he felt around between your legs. 
“Fuck, you’re so wet.” He commented, his tone laced with astoundment as he traced your leaking, clenching entrance. 
Letting a choked gasp escape you when he sunk not one but two fingers into you, you whined his name as he suckled lightly on your jaw, surely marking the area as moans of his name echoed around the bedroom. 
Lacing your fingers through Yoongi’s hair, you lost yourself in the pleasure he provided you, grinding your hips down onto his two pointed fingers and groaning when he added a third. 
You threw your head back as Yoongi continued dutifully pumping into your entrance, curling his fingers to brush against all the right spots as well as running his other hand under your shirt and up your stomach to fondle your bare breasts. 
Your whimpers let him know to up his antics, attempting to suck at your nipple before groaning in frustration at the fabric blocking him from doing so.
Wordlessly, he gripped the hem of your shirt and ripped it up over your head, tossing it across the room and leaning forward to suck on your peaked bud. Hard.
“Oh my god, Yoongi.” 
“Mm,” he hummed in reply, vibration creating an electric hum in your nipple before the sensation was intensified by him biting down a bit to close his teeth around the hardened bud. 
With a gasp, you clenched around his fingers at the unexpected action, causing Yoongi to groan as he picked up the pace of his thrusting appendages up into your entrance. 
You shivered as his thumb reached back to circle over your clit, whining his name in warning as you leaned your forehead down onto his shoulder. 
“I’m gonna-” 
“Do it.” The man ordered, coaxing your orgasm out of you by slowly circling his finger over your swelling clit, your release coating his hand as he slowly pumped his fingers into you, carefully riding your high out with you. 
Neither of you spoke as you waited for your breaths to even out, Yoongi occupying himself by slipping his fingers out of you and bringing them up into his mouth to suck your juices from. 
Once you had caught your breath, you lifted your head from Yoongi’s skin, breathing out another sigh as his eyes twinkled back at you.
Although it was dark in there, you could still feel every touch of him on your body, including the hand stationed at your thigh and the other reaching up to pinch your chin between his thumb and pointer finger to guide your mouth back to his. 
Both sets of hands were messily pushing your shorts and underwear off your legs, his fingers aiding you in lifting off his hips to toss the garments somewhere off the edge of the mattress as you never disconnected from his lips. 
Following his slight shifting movements across the mattress as he reached into the drawer in the nightstand, you giggled against his lips as he cursed at the drawer being so far away, the sounds increasing as he rolled the both of you over so that he was closer to the little table. 
“Thought you loved when I was on top.” You raised your eyebrows in amusement, the man chuckling with a nod as he reached his arm back behind him, tugging the drawer open and letting his fingers scramble around the interior for a condom packet. 
“Oh I do, I really do,” he smiled, “but stay just like this, baby.” He directed, making you hum before doing as you were told, confused as you were facing away from Yoongi, rolled onto your side as if you were spooning to go back to sleep. 
You couldn’t help but rub your thighs together as your heart pounded in anticipation, the sounds of the foil packet ripping open and the barrier being rolled onto Yoongi’s cock increasing your excitement as you eagerly pushed your ass back against him. 
“Please.” You exhaled, your boyfriend quickly catching your plea with another kiss to your shoulder, tracing his hand down your thigh to grip at it. 
Yoongi smiled as you stretched your leg out behind you, aiding him in propping your thigh atop his hip bone so that he could easily access the throbbing area between your legs.
You let a moan slip past your lips as he nudged his head through your entrance, pushing himself farther into you with a buck of his hips as he let out a groan into your skin. 
“F-fuck.” He stuttered as you pushed your hips down onto him, effectively grinding him farther inside of you as you let a pleasured sigh past your lips.
He started off relatively slow, the calm air in the room causing him to want to savor the moment. 
Savor all the times he couldn’t do this over the past seven months, all the times he had to rely on Skype calls to get him through the ache of missing you. All the times he couldn’t simply reach over and hold you, let alone be so intimate with you. 
“Yoon,” you turned your head back to him, “kiss me.” You breathed, the man immediately responding by leaning up on his elbow, cupping your jaw to bring your face closer to him in your position. 
With your lips on his, he finally felt like he was home. 
“Harder.” You whimpered against his plush pout, making him growl a bit in his throat at your tone before thrusting into you at a faster pace than before. 
His hips continued jolting into yours, the sound of skin slapping skin all to be heard in the room except for your own individual little noises either muffled into each other’s skin or the pillows below your heads. 
Moaning when you began rocking your hips along with his movements, he clutched you a bit tighter to him, arms wrapped around your torso holding you close and making sure he hit all the right spots inside of you. 
“Fuck, yeah. Grind on me, baby.” He rasped, his tone displaying how worked up he was getting at your movements, causing you to circle back on him faster as you felt his cock twitch inside of you. 
“Y-yoongi. I w-want- uhnn,” 
You gripped the duvet tighter as Yoongi wrapped his arm around you to draw dizzying circles over your swollen bud, chest stuttering at the sensation before you whined his name again. 
“Wanna see you cum.” You barely got out through your breathy moans, the man groaning at the lewdness of your words before gently pulling his cock out of you. 
The movement created a wet squelch to resonate beneath the sheets, your boyfriend cursing around your name at the noise. 
Quickly shifting up off your side to a seated position, you nudged Yoongi’s shoulder with tired fingers, pushing him flat down onto the mattress in order to clamber atop his waist.
Dipping down to press your lips to his chapped pout, you traced your hand along his length, touching his tip to his abdomen to hold his erection linear beneath your pussy. 
His moans vibrated your lips as you began rocking over him, your juices soaking his cock further as he gasped, muttering something about how filthy you were before inserting his tongue into your mouth. 
In return, Yoongi’s fingers came up to twist and pull at your nipples, stalling your actions momentarily as you clenched your eyes shut at the combination of his attention to your breast and the way your clit continually rubbed over every vein and ridge of his dick. 
“Stop that, baby. I need to feel you.” Yoongi breathed, urging you to lift up as he took control of his throbbing cock and lined himself up with your entrance, you nearly sinking down on him before you paused. 
“What?” Yoongi asked at your sudden slowed pace, concern laced in his singular word as he knit his eyebrows up at you. 
“Back on top.” You grinned, the man smiling back at you before pinching at the flesh of your hip. 
“I thought something was wrong, you dummy.” He tutted, you giggling in response before placing your lips back on his, the covered tip of Yoongi’s cock prodding at your entrance as you let a content sigh out onto his bottom lip. 
“I promise you, everything is so fucking right.” You said, echoing your boyfriend’s moan as he thrusted up into you, planting his feet flat on the mattress for a stronger push into your cavern. 
“I missed you.” He repeated his earlier words through a grunt, hands tightening on your hips with each of his movements up into your pussy. 
The slaps of skin were what punctuated his thrusts up into you, along with his small whimpering exhales of breath accompanying them. 
“I know,” you chuckled breathlessly, “I know you did.”
It was evident by the twitching of his cock inside of you, his balls raising up beneath your ass to spill his incoming second load as he bit down on his lip below you. 
At his wrecked facial expression, you clamped tighter around him, leaving the poor man breathless and choking for air as your walls put him in a vice grip. 
“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum.” He gritted his teeth, his breaths emptying out onto the shell of your ear as you chased your own impending release as well. 
“Yoon,” you cried out, feeling the tension in the pit of your stomach explode once again as he fastened his pace, his tip bumping against your sensitive walls as he held your hip bone for support.
With a moan of your name, Yoongi released into the condom, stalling inside of your pussy before continuing at a steady pace to ensure your release. 
“Cum for me, baby, come on.” He breathed, opening his mouth on your pulse point and tipping you over the edge when you felt his hand come up to your chest to tweak at your nipple. 
Opening your mouth in a silent scream, you felt your second orgasm come on, left breathless as Yoongi bit down on his lip at your walls squeezing his cock. 
You could barely keep your eyes open as you felt your boyfriend pull out, letting your slightly sore legs give out with a pat pat to your thigh. 
You giggled slightly at the action, briefly feeling Yoongi shift you over to lay beside him. The feeling of his weight shifting off the bed had you peeking your bleary eyes open, watching as his pale skin moved across the room along with a rolling plastic sound, as well as a shuffling in the bag lining the garbage bin across the room.
Eyes following his naked body as he crawled back onto the mattress, you smiled sleepily at him, the man returning the look as he traced his hand over your hair. 
“I brought your shirt back in case you get cold, okay? I’ll put it on your table.” He said, planting a kiss to your forehead before tossing the clothing item in his other hand onto the table beside you. 
“Mm, thank you.” You mumbled tiredly, pursing your lips out to prompt him to press another kiss to your pout. 
Tracing your palm over his forehead to slide his hair back from his damp skin, you studied his sleepy eyes, much less wide awake than before your escapades. 
“Did I tire you out?” You chuckled softly, the man smirking a bit as he nodded in answer to you. 
“Absolutely.” He mumbled, laying his arm out for you to crawl into his side, resting your head on his chest as he dropped a kiss to your slightly sweaty scalp. 
“Good. Thas’ my job.” You spoke into his skin, the haziness that your brain was feeling becoming apparent as Yoongi chuckled at you. 
“Love you.” He said, rubbing at your shoulder as your fingers sifted through the hair above his ears. 
“I love you, too. Goodnight, Yoon.” You soothed, the man letting another exhale escape his nose before speaking his last words of the night before he at last fell into slumber. 
“Goodnight, angel.”
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 3 months ago
love roulette, m | myg
pairing(s): yoongi x reader
summary: You get dragged into some dumbass shit thanks to your roommate and childhood best friend, Kim Seokjin. What is the Love Roulette you ask? Seven men put their names in a hat and six consenting women draw their names from said hat. You have to date them for three months. Social experiment, yeah? And the last nonconsenting woman? Why, that's you!
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; friends-to-lovers; fluff / feels / a bit of a slow but sweet burn; agonizing over becoming an adult; smut (fem reader, f-receiving oral, fingering, nipple play, penetrative sex in Yoongi's studio); non-idol!BTS - blond, music producer, bassist!Yoongi x noona!reader (yes, Yoongi's noona and it is relevant to the story), ft best friend!Seokjin and a tiny bit of Jungkook x reader (also plot relevant); OT7 scene at the end
yes, it's SOWOOZOO Yoongi, Seokjin, and JK there's a bunch of BTS references, enjoy trying to catch them all
“I’m not doing this, Seokjin.”
“Wait, wait, hold on, what if I give you – this?”
You turned around to see Kim Seokjin reaching into his cardigan to pull out a fucking finger heart.
You gave him a look that promised you were about to break his fingers in two seconds.
He laughed awkwardly, quickly yanking his hands back into his jean pockets, honey blonde hair fluffing with the quick jerk of his head to back away from your murderous glare. Why were you friends with this lunatic again? Oh, right, because your dad went golfing with his dad every summer and left you two sitting under an awning with GameBoys, praying you two would get along with minimal supervision.
Also, they prayed you wouldn’t tell your mothers.
“Okay, what if I give you a hundred thousand won?”
Your eye twitched.
“Two hundred thousand.”
“Two hundred and I’ll draw out of your stupid hat.”
A muscle in his cheek twitched. “Fine... fine… You’re a fuckin’ loan shark.”
“You’re literally suggesting the stupidest shit of all time.”
The stupidest shit of all time was a cheap, crumpled, black felt top hat that your long-time friend Kim Seokjin produced from his room after he handed you the money from his wallet – dude was fucking loaded; you weren’t sure why he was being a brat about money that you were going to probably spend on buying snacks for his dumb ass, because he was also your roommate and he ate all the snacks, including yours, hence why you would probably spend the money on him, because you would buy your own snacks and this rather large and broad-shouldered shit would sneak them when he thought you weren’t looking.
This party hat apparently contained the names of all the male friends in his friend group, who were either in unfulfilling relationships or wanted to be in relationships and thus came up with this stupid love roulette idea where the consenting girls they selected would pick the names and go on dates with the guys. Since Kim Seokjin’s life was a fucking K-drama, he put your ass on the list without asking you because you hadn’t responded to his text in two point five seconds.
You were too busy fucking a guy five years younger than you.
To be fair.
You didn’t know he was five years younger than you until you opened his wallet and stared at his driver’s license, and by that time you were taking the condom out of said wallet, so…
Anyhow, six consenting girls and one nonconsenting one.
Seokjin held the hat closed and squinted suspiciously at you.
“Close your eyes,” he barked childishly.
Your eye twitched.
“You have to follow the rules like everyone else!”
“Fucking shit…”
You closed your eyes and stuck your hand out. You heard him open the hat and place it under your hand. You felt around in the fabric, frowning.
“Seokjin, there’s one fucking piece of paper in here,” you growled in annoyance, opening your eyes and yanking your hand out of the hat, the single scrap of rolled-up paper in your palm.
He huffed. “You were the last one to pick. What did you expect?”
“You could have just told me the name!”
He scowled at you. “Of course not. You have to go through the ritual like everyone else.”
“… What the fuck is this, a cult?”
You grumbled and peeled the small piece of paper apart. There was some small, jagged handwriting in the center. You squinted at it.
“SU… GA? SUGA? The fuck?”
“Oh, that’s Yoongi.”
Min Yoongi.
“Why didn’t he just write Yoongi?”
Seokjin shrugged. “That’s his stage name when he’s producing stuff. Maybe he was trying to look cool.”
You knew Min Yoongi. Pale-skinned, usually dark-haired, and stone-faced with deadpan humor. He was the bassist in a band, but his primary work was producing music. He was also a rapper. And yeah, that was about all you knew, because you didn’t really hang around Seokjin and his friends for long, since they did not know the meaning of inside voices.
You frowned. “Wasn’t he dating that chick with the rich parents?”
Seokjin shrugged. “Does fucking without considering her feelings for him count as a dating?”
You rubbed your temples. “Why do you want me to go on a date with him?”
He pursed his full lips. “Well, I don’t, but rules are rules. It’s only for three months.”
“Three months?”
"Hey, noona."
You twitched.
"Hello, Yoongi."
Well, this was fucking weird as shit.
You didn't usually talk to Min Yoongi, at least not directly. It was typically in the middle of chatting with all of Seokjin’s friends. There wasn't any need to use an honorific when they were only generally talking and not directly addressing you. And Yoongi didn't really contribute much to the conversation when you were around. The younger ones did, and you were used to their rather noisy noonas, but you were not used to Yoongi's deep, masculine, slightly husky noona.
This was fucking weird.
"What year were you born?" you asked. Maybe you weren't his noona so he could stop calling you that.
Why were all of Seokjin's friends younger than him? Sigh.
The waitress trotted up to your table, oblivious to the awkward air. “Are you ready to order?”
Yoongi looked up and you saw the instant fluster in her face as he raised his head. His bleach blond hair was pushed back with one spare lock fallen onto his forehead almost carelessly, black brows and piercing dark brown eyes adding intensity to his gaze as he redirected his attention from you to her.
“Just an iced Americano.”
He turned back to you and you saw the glimmer of his high cheekbones, well-kept skin leading to a pretty jawline. There was a small upturn to his upper lip, as If he was thinking, and you saw the slight flash of white teeth as he chewed on his lower lip. You looked away from him, trying not to stare too much, addressing the waitress instead.
“Ah… the peach white tea and coffee cake for me.”
“Iced or hot?” the waitress piped cheerfully.
You pursed you lips and made eye contact. She nearly dropped her pen.
“Iced, please.”
“Y-Yes, right away!”
You frowned as she scurried away.
“What’s with her?” you muttered.
“You’re hot.”
Your eyes flickered back to Yoongi. Maybe you were hearing things. He was glancing at his phone screen, still chewing on his lower lip. He acted as if he said nothing at all. He clicked his tongue and put his phone face down on the table.
“Girl problems?” you asked out loud.
He chuckled. “Nope, just six nosy dudes.”
You could guess who.
Now what?
A quiet settled between you and him. You found yourself doing that bad habit of yours where you flicked your left thumb nail against the ring band you wore on your left middle finger. Absentmindedly, you switched to rubbing the pad of your thumb against it instead, not wanting to nick the sterling silver.
“That’s an interesting ring.”
You turned your hand, pulling it off to show him. It was a sizable onyx stone held by skeleton hands and the band was shaped to look like bones. “Seokjin gave it to me.” You slid it back on, raising your hand, eyebrow, and one side of your lips all at once. “I feel it adds a little extra punch when I do a certain gesture.”
Yoongi laughed, raspy and mirthful as you danced your fingers in the air. “Hyung doesn’t like that kind of stuff though,” he mused, referring to the rather spooky nature of the ring.
You shrugged. “Yeah, but I do, so he bought it for me in exchange for not painting the whole apartment black and putting up the goat head in the living room.”
He cocked a dark brow. “You have a goat head?”
You grinned. “Nah, but Seokjin thinks I do and that’s enough.” You pointed to your other two rings. “This one,” you started, referring to your right thumb. “Is called the Devil and as you can see it is a goat head. Seokjin also bought me this one as a replacement for my goat head,” you snickered, and then pointed to your right ring finger. “And this one is called the Fool.” It was a skull with a jester’s hat.
“Hyung gave you that one too?”
“Because I’m an idiot and I don’t know anything.”
Now Yoongi raised both eyebrows.
“Just kidding, I bought this one because Seokjin is an idiot and doesn’t know anything.”
You started laughing, shaking your head as you remembered telling Seokjin that you bought something to always remind yourself of your best friend and then his excitement promptly turning into immediate yelling as you showed him the ring.
He chased you around the apartment for fifteen minutes straight. Never caught you though, even with those long legs. You were far too nimble and clever to be caught by him.
“Told him it represented him. He was not pleased,” you managed to get out between your chortles, left hand over your mouth, your fingertips on your dimples that only peeked out when you were highly amused and Seokjin was highly amusing. You glanced at Yoongi and felt your laugh fall away a bit.
Fuck, he had a breathtaking smile.
“Always a good idea to decorate pretty hands.”
Now your laughter actually died, heat rising to your neck.
Yoongi said it very casually, making the listener question if he was serious or not. In this case, the listener was you and you almost didn’t believe he said anything at all, but that smile turning into a smirk was telling you otherwise, showing off a flash of teeth and gums as the waitress bustled back with your drinks and your cake, interrupting the moment and your speechlessness.
“How was your date?”
Seokjin shrugged, nonchalantly, trying to seem casual. “Okay, I guess? I was flustered, she was flustered, my first words were ‘Your boobs?!’ and–”
You held up a hand. “Hold on a second, what?”
His ears promptly turned red. “Er, I had a good reason, there was white powder all over them…”
You blinked.
Seokjin blinked very fast.
He coughed abruptly, ears still bright red. “She said was it was flour, said she had been making breakfast, but I guess she forgot to brush it off, I don’t know–”
“Be honest. You thought it was cocaine.”
Seokjin did this thing where he most certainly did think something, but he wasn’t willing to say it out loud, so he just wiggled in place and made his hands dance while the tiny chunk of his fluffy honey blond hair flapped around in the sprout he had it in. His head looked like a golden apple.
“So, let me get this straight, instead of saying, you have something on your shirt, you said, your boobs?!”
He continued doing the wiggling hand dance.
“Mmm-hmmmmmmm…” you hummed.
Seokjin dropped his hands, quickly changing the subject. “What about you? How was Yoongi? Boring?”
You rubbed your thumb against the base of your left middle finger. “Hm, it was kind of nice. But we mostly talked about me. I asked about his work, but he didn’t seem to want to get into it.”
Your roommate puffed his cheeks. “Ah, yeah. He’s having a creative block, I think. He didn’t tell anyone, but he was being really crabby when he was hanging out with us and Hoseok got it out of him. I don’t think he likes admitting he’s stuck, hah.”
You recalled Jung Hoseok’s cheerful demeanor and heart-shaped smile. “Oh, huh. Hoseok does seem like the kind of guy that could talk to someone about that kind of thing.”
“I think that’s why Yoongi’s not really interested in relationships that much, because his head is somewhere else. I’m sorry that he’s not trying.”
You frowned, thinking back to that smile turning into a smirk.
“I don’t think that’s it…”
You tapped your finger against your cheek.
Seokjin stuck his head into your view from the right.
“Thinking about younger dudes again?”
Your eye twitched. You put a hand on his face and shoved him out of view.
He showed up on your left.
“Because you should stop fucking younger dudes if you’re going on dates with Yoongi.”
You placed a hand on his face again and pushed him away. “I’m not thinking about younger dudes, fuck off. I don’t have sex younger guys on purpose. It just happens.”
Seokjin popped his head above you and gave you a pair of huge, disbelieving eyeballs. You squinted angrily back. His eyebrow raised; brown orbs skeptical. You clicked your tongue at him and he retreated, settling down on the couch in front of you.
“Did Yoongi cancel on you again?”
You shrugged. “Said he was working on something and that he was sorry that we had to reschedule.”
Seokjin looked unconvinced again, but this time it wasn’t directed at you. “He should at least pretend to care,” he scowled.
You shrugged again. “I mean, maybe he doesn’t like me.”
“I don’t care whether he likes you or not, he agreed to this, so at least attend the damn dates!”
“Wow, very nice way to put it,” you replied dryly.
He waved a hand impatiently. “Besides, don’t be dumb, Yoongi has said before he would totally bang you.”
You raised an eyebrow.
Seokjin seemed to realize what he said and dropped his phone right on his dick.
You burst out laughing.
Your best friend wheezed, scrambling around to grab his phone before he gingerly rubbed his crotch, wincing as you continued laughing, you falling over on the armrest of the couch and clutching your sides as Seokjin snapped at you, voice rising to shrill rap levels.
“Yah, you think this is funny?! I could have died! I could be childless and all you’re doing is laughing at my pain, so mature of you, you insensitive jerk!”
You snorted and shook yourself free of your laughter, smirking widely. “Why would the topic of banging me ever come up in conversation with you guys?” you redirected, bringing him back to the reason of why he almost crushed his own nuts.
He made a pained squeak, eyes shifting. “Er, well, he was complaining about the whole thing in general, saying he didn’t really wanna date any of the girls we brought into the love roulette thing and then Taehyung made him pick one out of all of them, that if he had to close his eyes and fuck, which one, and Yoongi scoffed and said, that’s easy and I wouldn’t close my eyes.” Seokjin stuck his tongue out in distaste at the memory. “Never have I been more mortified hearing your name.”
Oh? Kim Taehyung would do something childish like that, forcing someone to choose on the spot. Still, it seemed Yoongi had chosen rather easily, or at least that’s what it sounded like. Seokjin fumbled around his phone and typed into it. Your phone pinged with his message.
“Here, just show up at his studio. Dude should at least spare an hour talking to you or something. Whatever he’s doing cannot be that important.”
The door unlocked with a beep and a shaggy blond head stuck out, blearily blinking at you.
“Huh? What are you doing here, noona?”
Please stop saying it like that. It is disturbing me for some reason. You waved your hands around, mimicking you annoying best friend.
“Something, something, uphold the integrity of the love roulette, my name is Kim Seokjin and you will listen to me or I will lock you out of this apartment and never let you back in, even though he’s the one who asked me to move in with him because he’s too cheap to pay the full rent on his own even if he is fully capable of it.”
You finished by flapping your arms and rolling your eyes.
“Anyway, I’m here now. We can just talk. I can’t go back until at least an hour has passed.”
You saw Min Yoongi chew on his lower lip. He was bare-faced, in a large gray t-shirt and black track pants with black sandals. “Ah…” he started before sighing. “I could take you somewhere nicer than–”
You waved a hand. “This is fine. I like watching people at work. Provides insight into their interests.”
He gave you a strange look and tilted his head. Then he backed up and held the door open for you with an apologetic smile.
“To be honest, I’m not really working.”
You stuck your head in the studio space and saw the pile of crumpled paper and a notepad with a pen, surrounded by empty coffee cups and torn open snacks, as if he had only sampled one from each and put them back down. There was a gray sofa next to the door that looked like it had seen many a comfy nap. The table on the other side of the room was quite large, holding a monitor, keyboard, and various other things that surely had to do with music, but you weren’t informed enough to know them. Amps shoved under the table and against the wall. Speakers and television above the monitor. But that’s not what got your attention.
It was the wall of bass.
Okay, it had guitars on it too, one acoustic, one electric, and two bass. Actually, there almost seemed to be a third, but there were no strings on it and it seemed to be purely made out of wood. You tilted your head, stepping inside to look at them, but Yoongi touched your arm.
“Ah, shoes off…”
“Oh, sorry.”
You reached down to unzip your boots and step out of them, hearing Yoongi close the door behind you. You looked up again and wandered off to the far wall, looking at the instruments. The cases for them were stacked neatly in the corner. The acoustic guitar was black. The electric was white, turned cream with age, the metal plate scratched with use. One bass was a dark amber color with a marbled texture. It was also a bit scratched. The other bass was pure black with hints of crimson inlaid into the wood grain, giving it a dark appearance. This one seemed newer.
“These three are recording ones,” Yoongi said softly behind you, pointing to the first three. He pointed to the black and red one. “Show one.”
You pointed to the wooden one on the floor. It had an interesting shape to it and it was quite large.
“This one?”
Yoongi let out a puff of air. “Supposed to be a custom make. But I don’t have the money for it right now to get it painted.” He clicked his tongue, seemingly disappointed about it.
You squatted down and tilted your head to inspect the details.
“I’ve never painted wood before,” you murmured. “Only canvases and paper. I guess a bass would be even more different than a décor piece, huh, considering it needs to be durable and stand up to constant use.”
“You’re interested in art? I thought you were a medical records clerk.”
You laughed, standing up and brushing off your long black-and-white check flannel shirt that you were wearing as a dress. “I am, to pay the bills, not because it’s my lifelong passion,” you replied, looking over the wall. “I’m interested in a lot of things. My problem is that I can’t maintain interest in things, so I try not to invest in them. I find that I feel satisfactory at the first results I get, so I never try to achieve more. It’s a bad habit.”
“Jack of all trades, master of none?”
You didn’t respond for a moment. Then you looked at him, blond, fluffy-haired Min Yoongi, watching you curiously like a cat with his pointed, dark brown eyes. Dedicated musician.
“I think I lack an interest in life in general,” you sighed, looking around the studio. “That’s why I like watching people enjoying their interests.”
Yoongi chuckled dryly, ending with a sigh and running his long fingers through his hair. “Right now, I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying my interests…” he mumbled, kicking aside a balled-up piece of paper. It hit your ankle, grazing your sock.
“Seokjin said you were experiencing a creative block.”
He scowled and went to the office chair, spinning it around and slumping down into it, his blond hair ruffling. You could sense his tiredness, although it didn’t seem purely physical. Yoongi looked past you, to the wall of instruments.
“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t interested in music.” He scoffed a little, glancing at you. “You think that’s stupid, huh? For me to spend all this money and time, only to sit on my ass for hours throwing paper around and wishing I didn’t want to do it.”
You shrugged, sitting down on the sofa. “I don’t really have an opinion.” You looked around you at the four walls and the frosted glass door. “I’m not really the kind of person to spend hours on something. I give up easily, which might be just as bad. The fact that you’ve even been here doing nothing is impressive to me.”
Yoongi raised his eyebrows disbelievingly.
You pointed to his instruments. “The fact that you even play bass is intriguing. It’s often overlooked as an instrument.”
He snorted, clearly annoyed. You paused before continuing, sensing that Yoongi was about to do something. He abruptly stood up and walked over to the wall, taking the amber bass off its hooks and came back, sitting back into his chair. He didn’t say anything to you, just started playing. You sat patiently and listened to the bassline of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes.
“That wasn’t played on a bass, Yoongi.”
His sharp eyes shot to yours, narrowing.
“That was played on a guitar tuned down an octave.”
He stopped, placing his palm over the strings. “What?” he hissed.
You shrugged. “Yeah.” You pointed to his keyboard. “And a lot of famous basslines are played on a keyboard or synth bass.”
“Now, of course,” he snapped. “Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention’, Bruno Mar’s ‘24K Magic’–”
“Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and ‘Billie Jean’ as well.”
“You’re joking.”
“I am not.”
“Where the hell have you been? It’s been five hours!”
“Oh, hey Seokjin. Hold this for a second.”
Kim Seokjin made a face as you handed him a large heavy bag and you leaned over to pick up the thing wrapped in beige canvas fabric beside the door. His eyes widened as you hoisted the item and walked into the apartment with the wooden bass body.
“The fuck? Isn’t that Yoongi’s?” Seokjin blurted, kicking the door closed and following you.
“Yeah, he asked me to paint it.”
“You can paint?”
You placed the body on the kitchen table and took the bag from him, taking out the supplies inside. Wood sealer, sandpaper, gloves. You frowned, thinking.
“Apartment might smell weird for a couple days.”
“What… What is going on?” Seokjin sputtered, looking at the mess that you were slowly making as you laid everything out. “You suddenly paint guitars?”
“Okay, bass, but this doesn’t make any sense,” he cut in, smacking the table. “Yoongi barely trusts us to touch his instruments! Why… how could he trust you to paint that bass body that I know he spent months saving up for? You don’t know anything about stuff like this.”
You shrugged, pulling out your phone. “I can look at up.”
“But why would he trust you?”
You paused, tilting your head. You furrowed your brow, thinking.
“I don’t know,” you finally admitted. “He just said to do it.”
“Why would you want to know these things?”
Yoongi was sitting beside you on the sofa after you had indeed proved to him of the famous but impostor basslines. You shoved your phone in your pocket and shrugged. “I like knowledge. I just don’t do much else outside of that,” you said with a soft chuckle, placing a hand on your cheek. “I’m too busy being dragged into Seokjin’s grand master plans and ideas, so I guess I just invest my time into people rather than a hobby.”
Yoongi’s eyes drifted to his desk.
“I don’t invest in people much. Just music.”
He let out a little puff of breath.
“People are disappointing.”
“Yeah, Seokjin’s kind of a fool, but he usually makes dinner, so I guess I have to compromise.”
Yoongi burst out in his raspy and deep laughter. “Hah, it’s funny when you talk down to hyung so nonchalantly, noona.”
You twitched a little at the honorific. Your eyes shifted and you caught his gaze, realizing he was watching you, smile dancing on his lips. You raised an eyebrow at his expression. The smile was slowly turning into a smirk.
“What?” you finally asked, breaking the silence.
Yoongi spoke frankly. “Seokjin told me you like fucking younger guys.”
Your eye twitched. “I don’t know they’re younger most of the time. I usually find out later,” you muttered, waving a hand.
“Hmm. Why? More vigorous?” he prodded.
You made a face. “What am I, a vampire sucking the life force out of youth? No.”
Yoongi leaned forward, pushing back half of his blond hair so he could look at you and raise his dark eyebrow, searching your face for the answer. “You’re attracted to immaturity?”
“Psh, if that was true, I would have dated Seokjin a long time ago.”
Yoongi nodded, placing his chin on the back of his left hand, that small smile still there, musing for a moment. He hummed, looking you up and down.
Those dark brown orbs examined you and, for some reason, you felt that he was about to hit the nail on the head. You weren’t sure how you knew. You just knew.
“Because you don’t want to feel that you’ve become an adult.”
You breathed out slowly, staring into those pensive, cat-like eyes.
“Hm,” you tutted, clicking your tongue. “It’s not that anything has changed since I graduated.” You stuck your tongue into your cheek, contemplating. “The same routine every day – work, hang out with Seokjin, sleep, work, hang out with Seokjin, sleep. All I did was replace school with work. At least school had finals and summer to break up the time. Now it feels like the time just runs together into a muddled puddle.”
You heard his presence shift beside you and you grasped that you had lost focus for a moment, snapping your head up to see Yoongi leaning forward, peering at you curiously. So close you could smell his scent, not cologne, but perhaps his laundry detergent. Or maybe it was just Yoongi, smelling a bit like a newly printed book and a little woodsy. Clean. He tilted his head. From here you could see how his pink lips were moisturized, but over-bitten, chewed at unconsciously. His fair skin seemed to glow along with his bleached hair, giving him an ethereal appearance.
The way he said it, husky and deep, was highly unsettling.
Mostly because you found yourself utterly speechless.
“You said you like watching people at work.”
He ticked his head, giving you an open-mouthed smirk.
“I think you gave me a good idea.”
You tilted your head, frowning.
“Do I have to sand it?”
“Ugh, it stinks!”
Seokjin walked past your and flipped open the window, sucking in a vat of air.
“Let’s move the table next to the window so I don’t get high off whatever the fuck you’re doing,” Seokjin complained, practically picking up the table on his own, and you panicked a little, grabbing the wood sealer and sandpaper before it could roll off. “Oof, heavy…”
“Be careful–”
“I am! What, you think I want to ruin your project? Hell no! Yoongi would torch my nuts off for messing with his bass and his fuckbuddy.”
You blinked at him as Seokjin set the table down, rolling out his broad shoulders.
“I haven’t slept with Yoongi.”
He jerked, honey blond hair flying. “What? You’re kidding me. You must’ve.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Why?”
Seokjin raised his hands, frowning. “Uh, because he’s actually in a good mood for once? Men are usually in a good mood when they’re getting laid.”
“Is that why you’ve been in a good mood lately?”
He blinked very rapidly.
You blinked back.
He coughed, exaggerated and dramatic. “What?”
“Did you sleep with ‘your boobs’?” you asked, very calmly and very matter-of-factly.
Seokjin did this thing where he did not want to respond to you, and instead wiggled in place and made his hands dance awkwardly. His ears were turning very red.
“Uh… hah…” you mused, clicking you tongue. “Was it nice?”
He coughed again.
“You dying?”
He waved a hand and squinted at you angrily. “Well, I ended up doing a lot of work, but she’s cute, so…”
“You like doing work.”
“I really do not want to talk about that package you opened three years ago where you did indeed find out I like doing very specific kinds of work,” he hissed at you. “Do not bring that up again.”
You nonchalantly shrugged. “I wasn’t trying to. You did.”
Seokjin winced, realizing his mistake. “Ack…”
“I’m not judging you.”
“I know you’re not…”
“I didn’t sleep with Yoongi, mostly because he was showing me how he makes songs.”
Seokjin blinked rapidly, but this time in surprise. “What? Yoongi?” He placed a hand on his chin, frowning. “Wow, really? Yoongi doesn’t like showing his stuff until it’s done.”
“I wouldn’t know. He said I gave him a good idea.”
“Yah…” Your roommate looked impressed. “You got him out of his creative block? Just like that?”
“Well, before that we were arguing if ‘Thriller’ had a real bass playing the bassline, but it doesn’t, it’s a synth bass–”
“Do you speak Korean or what?” he teased.
You gave Seokjin a look between, choose to get your nuts kicked or run away.
He scurried into the kitchen with a hasty wave and you went back to Yoongi’s bass.
“I think you’re super hot.”
“I think the same about you.”
Min Yoongi smirked, ticking his aviator sunglasses down. You looked back at him, holding the can of dark blue lacquer paint. His blond hair was slicked back again, with a spare lock sticking out over his exposed forehead. That small smile was on those lips again.
“What?” you finally asked.
“I expected more of a reaction,” Yoongi hummed in that deep voice of his. “But I’m glad you responded the way you did. It’s better.”
You chuckled, picking up another can of a slightly lighter cobalt blue, but still dark. “Hm. I’ll admit I didn’t think you’d talk to me like a university kid.”
Yoongi chuckled. “Isn’t that what you’re into? Younger men?”
“I could use these cans as a blunt weapon, you know.”
“Not if you find me super hot.”
That unsettling shiver travelled up your spine before he said it.
You stared at the ingredients of the can as if those chemical names meant jack shit to you. Slowly, you raised your head, removing your eyes from the blue paint and found dark brown orbs framed by blond strands and black brows watching you curiously like a cat. He had removed his sunglasses, holding them loosely in his hand. Your hands felt heavy even though you wore the same three rings every day. Your body felt hot even though you were wearing a floaty white shirtdress belted at the waist and white sneakers. The air conditioning was on at full blast in the store.
There was no reason to feel heavy and hot.
Yoongi leaned in and his forehead touched yours.
“I like this blue better,” he murmured softly, pointing to the other can in your other hand.
Your heart was beating so fucking fast.
“I need both,” you whispered softly, feeling the softness of his hair brushing your forehead. “I’m going to try to do a gradient effect. Black edges and blue center. When I build it up in layers, it will hopefully look more multi-dimensional.”
Yoongi’s eyebrows rose. “Oh?” You heard his smirk more than seeing it, your gaze caught in that reflective spark that suddenly appeared in his eyes. “I like that idea.” He wasn’t backing away, but he wasn’t trying to force you to stay in place. You could take a step back easily. Yoongi nudged you lightly with his forehead, and you felt it again, even before he said it in that raspy, soft, husky tone of his.
“Hey, noona.”
You swallowed hard.
You heard his small smile.
“I’m glad you’re maintaining interest in this little project I’ve given you.”
You thought that was it. You almost relaxed.
“And me.”
Then Yoongi closed his eyes and gently pressed his lips to yours.
“What happened next?” Seokjin asked excitedly, clutching his white alpaca plush and bouncing on the kitchen chair as you laid out the cans of paint, praying your idea wasn’t stupid as fuck or, rather, that you wouldn’t execute your idea stupid as fuck.
“Nothing,” you snapped. “We were in the middle of the store. What did you think we did, fuck?”
Seokjin shrugged, pursing his full lips in knowing doubt. “I mean you said you fucked that guy with the tattooed arm in the back of that bar.”
Your hands stopped moving, suddenly tense. “That was in the bathroom and it wasn’t that public.”
“You could sneak into the bathroom again. What was the bar guy’s name again?”
You cleared your throat. “I forget.”
“No, you didn’t, you bonehead,” Seokjin scowled, bonking you on the head with his alpaca. “You always remember every guy’s name because you stare at their driver’s license and that’s how you find out they’re younger than you.”
“I didn’t look this time.”
“Liar. You said before you opened his wallet.”
“His license wasn’t in it.”
Seokjin jerked his head back, raising his eyebrows so high they disappeared into his honey blond bangs. “Yeah, sure, he wouldn’t bring his ID to a bar. What do you think I am, an idiot?”
“A fool,” you corrected automatically, holding up your right ring finger.
Seokjin bonked you repeatedly on the head with his alpaca.
Your eyes shifted side to side quickly, avoiding his gaze.
He stopped, frowning.
“What? Do I know him or something?”
The doorbell rang.
Seokjin yelled over his shoulder. “It’s open!” He rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to you. “As if I don’t know you’re coming, Jungkook…”
Then he stopped moving, brown eyes widening like saucepans.
The door opened and a cheerful voice was heard, bounding in after kicking off his shoes.
“Hey! Are you ready to go bowling, hyung? I’m gonna kick your ass today once again!”
Seokjin was staring at you.
You were trying not to look at Seokjin.
Jeon Jungkook popped up next to you two, wearing a short-sleeved olive-green shirt and torn-up olive pants. Black-haired, tan skinned, chisel-jawed Jeon Jungkook with a bright smile that matched his eyes that was slowly turning into confusion. Vibrant and cute Jeon Jungkook who also happened to be five years younger than both you and Seokjin.
Oh, and also.
Had a right arm covered in tattoos.
Jungkook blinked quickly, looking from you to Seokjin, not understanding.
Seokjin was pretty forgetful. He only remembered details of conversations when he was in continuous chat, but afterward, he usually didn’t walk around trying to make connections and put two and two together. He just didn’t think life was a jigsaw puzzle he needed to assemble.
And, well, neither of you acted any differently after certain, er, events happened.
“I heard you fucked Jungkook at a public bar.”
Your eye twitched.
“Was it nice?”
You coughed, scratching your cheek. “Something like that.”
Min Yoongi leaned against his desk and smirked. “Oh. How interesting.”
You stuck your hands in the pockets your black denim jacket and sighed. “This was before the love roulette, thing, okay? And it was one time.”
“Yeah, but you knew who Jungkook was, so you already knew his age.”
You clicked your tongue, narrowing your eyes at that shaggy blond head of hair and amused smile. “So what? He’s an adult. I’m an adult.”
“So you admit you go for younger men on purpose.”
You pinched the bridge of your nose, wincing. “Yes, we established I have this weird dislike for being an adult even though I am one, thank you for reminding me.”
“It’s not that weird.”
You lowered your hand, rubbing your thumb against the base of your left middle finger, onto your silver ring. You looked down at Yoongi sitting at his recording studio desk, wearing an oversized black t-shirt and loose pants, chin resting on the back of his hand, elbow on the tabletop. He lowered his hand to drum on the table with his fingertips.
“I think you’re right. Being an adult sucks ass.”
You blinked slowly, thumb stilling.
“And fucking someone younger than you is completely reasonable, considering you’re incredibly hot.”
You weren’t sure if he was just saying complete horseshit or actually validating you in some strange manner. His face was just too neutral to tell. Still, Yoongi frowned and placed his palm on the surface of the desk, seemingly selecting his next words carefully.
“Thing is, I’m kind of pissed, honestly.”
He stood up and you raised your eyebrows as he cocked his chin, looking down at you now because of his height. Yoongi stuck his tongue in his cheek and narrowed his eyes.
“Jungkook? Just because he’s the youngest?” he asked, walking towards you and making you take a step back. He took another step and your backed up, his head tilting as he continued speaking in that deep, husky voice of his. His face is completely indifferent despite his words. “Or what? Because you find him sexy? Sexier than me?”
The back of your knees hit the sofa.
Yoongi stopped advancing.
That unsettling shiver shot right down your spine and you somehow already knew what was coming next.
“Or,” he purred. “Is it because he calls you noona?”
You didn’t say anything.
Mostly because you couldn’t.
“Hey, noona.”
Jeon Jungkook smiled against your lips, cradling your face in the bathroom stall like this was happening in his bedroom and not in the back of a bar.
“Did you know you shiver when I call you that?” he whispered in between kisses.
“Y… Yeah…”
His tongue traced your lower lip sensually, staring into your eyes. “Does it turn you on?”
He kissed you again, pressing his hard body into yours. “You know what turns me on?” he murmured, slowly unbuttoning the long black shirt you were wearing as a dress.
He leaned in, sliding his right hand into your shirt and your bra, squeezing your breast with his hand and pinching your nipple with two fingers as you gasped in his ear, his lips on yours.
“Knowing that you like it so much when I say it, noona.”
You found your teeth sinking into your lower lip, chewing slowly.
Yoongi reached up and teased it out, pressing his thumb into the fullness.
“Don’t do that,” he murmured. “It’s a bad habit.” He half-smiled. “I would know.”
It wasn’t just the word. Honorifics were simply remained as honorifics if the person saying them wasn’t attractive to you. And even if they were, it usually depended on the tone and inflection of it. It needed to have that little edge of teasing without sounding arrogant or overbearing. And the voice saying it mattered. Deep. Slightly raspy. Husky.
Yoongi smirked, flashing the side of his teeth and gums.
“Hey, noona.”
You sucked in your cheek, narrowing your eyes. You had to force yourself to speak.
He ticked his head, blond strands curling around that glowing cheekbone.
“I asked him the kinds of things you liked,” Yoongi purred. “Wanna fuck?”
“You’re working so hard on it.”
You rubbed your shoulder, staring at the blue and black body of Yoongi’s bass. “I just want it to look almost like brushstrokes. I have this image in my head. Like a painting.”
Seokjin rubbed your other shoulder. “Still, I’ve never seen you work so hard on something. It’s not even yours. Is he paying you?”
You snorted. “Of course not. How can I charge him when I have zero experience?”
“Looks cool already though,” Seokjin said, poking your cheek. He smiled affectionately, taking the time to correct the loose strands of hair hanging over your face before going back to massaging your shoulder. “You are talented when you apply yourself.”
“Ah, shut up.”
“Heh, just kidding.”
Yoongi took a step back, shrugging casually, hands in his pockets.
You narrowed your eyes. “I’m not.”
Then you reached out and curved your arm around him, placing your hand in that light blond hair, and yanked Yoongi back, his scent back in your vicinity, like new book pages and fresh woods, clean and memorable, bringing his lips to your lips, your thumb on the base of your left middle finger, pressing into that silver band, and Yoongi’s lashes were lowering, leaning down to meet you, his whisper ghosting your lips.
“I’m still a younger man,” he teased.
You clicked your tongue, tangling your fingers in his hair.
“Shut up, Yoongi.”
And you kissed him, his smirk against your lips for only a half-second before he was kissing you back, and it made you breathless, simply breathless at the intensity of it, nothing like that quick softness at the store, but closer to a sudden euphoric rush, your thumb falling from your finger to instead encircle his waist and slide up against his back, pulling him to you and Yoongi was already matching you, his large hands on your waist and deft fingers dancing up your sides, tongue teasing the side of your mouth, making you chase it, chuckling as you growled, forcefully pulling his body to you, flipping open your jacket so it was his t-shirt to yours, two thin layers keeping you apart.
"Hey,” Yoongi murmured against your lips and you could tell the words about to come out his mouth were not going to be sexy ones. “Tell me what it means to be an adult."
Your brow twitched. "It means for some dumbass reason I still want to fuck a guy who would rather ask philosophical questions than put his dick in me."
He chuckled and you opened your eyes to his smirk as he pushed you down onto the sofa. “We can still talk about your plethora of wisdom while I’m fucking you.”
“I can’t say I want an existential crisis while getting dicked,” you muttered irritably.
Yoongi’s fingers traced your chin, cocking an eyebrow, dark brown orbs glittering with amusement. “You sure you’re not going to have an identity crisis since I’m not young enough for you?” he drawled, snickering.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Yoongi,” you growled, pushing your jacket off your shoulders. “I can’t even think when you use a simple ass honorific with me and no one I’ve ever encountered has ever done that to me in my entire life.”
You froze, realizing what you just admitted, your eyes widening and staring up at him, blond hair covering part of his dark brown eyes. Expression unreadable, still holding your chin loosely, shapely pink lips parting. Shit. Your pulse was racing against his fingertips, thundering in your ears.
Yoongi’s thumb slid up and pressed against your lower lip.
He exhaled deeply.
“I can’t…” he mumbled, leaning in. “Really think that well around you either, noona.”
You almost jumped as his lips pressed against yours, startled that Yoongi admitted anything at all, and clearly right to your face and not left ambiguous like every other time, although at the moment his lust was not even remotely ambiguous as his tongue slid between your lips, coaxing yours, his hands sliding down your large t-shirt, fingers grasping the hem and forcefully yanking up, groaning softly as he grabbed your thighs, squeezing hard, kissing you deeper before breaking apart, forehead to forehead, his blond hair feathering against your cheeks.
“Fuck,” he hissed, clutching the softness and spreading them apart, kneading them strongly between his fingers. “Fuck, your legs are so fucking sexy. Fuck,” he continued, teeth sinking into his lower lip, looking down at them, watching the way his fingers sank into them, sending shivers up and down your spine as his nails dug into your skin, the plushness standing out between his long digits. “Fuck, I just want to shove my dick between then and get off like that.”
He let go and you gasped as he slapped his palms on the outside of your thighs and forcefully pushed them together, moaning at the sound of them hitting each other. His thumbs slid inward, following the line of your joined thighs.
“Right here, fuck…”
You wondered if he somehow forgot you were still there for a second before his eyes suddenly locked with yours, lower lip popping out from between his teeth.
“Gonna eat you out right now,” he whispered in that low, raspy tone.
“Oh, uh…”
That was about as coherent as you could get as he dropped to his knees and you hurried to yank down your panties, Yoongi taking over and pulling them down off your legs, tossing them onto the couch carelessly, scooping his hands under you to grab your ass and yank your heat to his face, already dripping for him, his satisfied sigh warming your inner thighs as he leaned in, open-mouthed smirk on his lips.
Dangerous eye contact.
“Can’t wait to make you feel good,” he purred, ticking an eyebrow.
You felt an embarrassing clench even before he said it, a little teasing and playful.
His pink tongue slid out and he lowered his head, rendering you breathless in seconds, not just from the lewd gesture but from the contact of tongue to your soaked pussy, licking up and down in long elegant strokes, oh, fuck, warm, soft, but also pressure, dipping into your slit and humming with pleasure from your muscles tightening. Your head tipped back as he slowly fucked you with his tongue, your hand naturally travelling up and pushing his blond hair away from his face, looking into those cat-like eyes, his black pupils expanding as he observed your reaction, somehow still seeing the smirk in those eyes. He angled your hips more to his face and leaned back a little, letting you watch his tongue slide in and out of you, not exactly deep but fucking hot as hell, and ten times better with his smug expression.
“Y… Yoongi, fuck…”
He chuckled and retreated his tongue, glossy from your juices and his saliva, raising an eyebrow.
“Let’s move to the main stage.”
You had maybe a second to appreciate Yoongi’s blond hair tangled in your fingers with his self-satisfied smirk and pink tongue covered in you before he dove in again, the wet muscle smacking your clit. You hissed a little, bucking your hips into his face, and his hands rose, grabbing your thighs and shoving them onto his shoulders, bobbing his head up and down, flicking his tongue against your clit and sucking, you finally getting the hint and pressing your thighs against his cheeks, rocking your hips into his face and he moaned into your core, pleased with your addition to his work, looking up at you through his lashes, throbs of ecstasy heightened by his scorching gaze, one of your hands in his blond locks and the other holding your shirt out of the way to see everything, your shoulder blades pressing into the back of the couch and your ass in his strong hands holding you in place, his skillful tongue and lips driving you insane.
“A—ah, Yoongi…!”
Fast, hard, tight, wet, shivers at his touch and the pressure, so close, so close, almost aching with need, and it was like Yoongi was listening to every hitch of your breath, every moan, chasing the ones that your made when the pleasure was the highest, until the pleasure was the only thing you could feel, eyes rolling back, hips rising into his face, squeezing his head with your thighs as you came with a sharp cry of his name, tense flinches sliding down your body and into his mouth, his tongue pressed flat to your clit to feel every strong pulse of your orgasm, his moan of your name trapped between your own legs.
The tension in your shoulders lessened and you fell back against the sofa, but Yoongi raised your ass even higher, dropping down to drink your cum, his contented hum vibrating through you and making you leak more onto his face, your gasps filling up his studio as he buried his tongue into your folds and sucked hard, your hips knocking into his chin and nearly falling over yourself.
Yoongi, however, remained firm with his grip.
“Okay, I get it, you’re fucking amazing at eating pussy, fuck…” you panted, releasing his hair and anchoring yourself, your ass literally in Yoongi’s hands now, trying not to tip over from the shaking pleasure. You caught his eye, narrowing yours as you noticed the gleam in them. “What?”
He raised his chin and your cheeks heated, seeing your juices glistening on his skin.
A different kind of glow, all right.
“You taste delicious,” he said, grinning.
“Well, I do, but when you say it like that, you sound like a vampire,” you muttered, looking away and wriggling out of his grasp. He helped lower you, but before you could reorient, Yoongi closed the distance, kissing you again, forcing you to taste yourself, stealing your breath and your senses, lured by a sweet and soft tongue, falling into the kiss that tasted like him and you, his hands pushing your shirt up, up, fingertips dancing over your skin to his melody, falling, falling, back into the couch, Yoongi towering over you, his hair like a gilded curtain shrouding your cheeks, breaking the kiss only to yank your shirt up and over your head before immediately returning, hungry and intense. You felt one of his hands slide under your bra and you reached up impatiently to unhook it and fling it aside, moaning into his mouth as he kneaded your breasts, running his fingertips over your hard nipple, smiling at your reactions.
“I like your sounds,” Yoongi chuckled, nipping at your lower lip. “Soft but impatient. So sexy.”
But before you could finish, you cut yourself off with a gasp, feeling his fingers slide down your stomach and rub light circles onto your throbbing clit, captured by his lips again. You raised your hips to his touch, but he was already doing it, two fingers sliding into you, inhaling in your exhale, his thumb stroking your clit as he slowly thrust in and out, his name whimpered into his mouth, Yoongi, fuck, and yours breathed into your mouth, just one more, I want to feel you in my hands, rolling your nipple between his fingers, your hiss for him to be rougher and his small smile against your lips.
His lips, trapping you in a heated kiss, his hand, pinching your nipple, the other hand, two fingers deep and his thumb coaxing your clit, fast and forceful, far too masterful with his hands, doing two things at once, playing you like his instrument, and with that thought you tipped over the edge, somewhat indignant with yourself that you just mentally compared yourself to Yoongi’s bass, but soon the pleasure was too much and the thoughts melted like butter, waves rushing up from your core, making you break away from Yoongi’s kiss and moan loudly, the lewd mix of your voice and the squelch of your orgasm pouring onto his palm soaked by the soundproofing, accented by Yoongi’s little huff of triumph, sighing as he felt your walls clench around his fingers powerfully.
“Right now, I think,” Yoongi mused.
You clicked your tongue as he grinned, slowly pulling his fingers out. He yanked his shirt over his head and you reached over to your jacket, only to feel Yoongi smack your thigh to get your attention. You stopped and shot him an annoyed look.
You caught the condom he threw at you. You raised your eyebrows, surprised that he had one prepared. Usually, you were the one who had to take charge of safe sex.
Yoongi snickered. “What? I’m old enough to take responsibility for my own dick.”
You scowled.
Until he yanked his pants and underwear down and you saw his very beautiful cock pop out.
“What are you looking so shocked for? You’re completely naked,” Yoongi chuckled, kicking his pants aside. “Why wouldn’t I be hard?”
“I… wasn’t really expecting you to have such an attractive dick.”
Now he raised his eyebrows and you felt you neck heat, realizing that you once again spoke before thinking. You almost looked away, but he smirked, just a flash of teeth and gums, light blond hair messy and wild, and you felt the anticipation rise within you again, staring deep into those dark brown cat-like eyes.
“So sorry that you can’t just sit here and stare at it, because I’m going to put it in you…”
You were already tearing open the condom, cheeks on fire, but still somehow very much wanting to hear it from anyway that deep, husky, masculine voice.
The age difference wasn’t even that much, but, fuck, did it do things to you.
It took no time at all, Yoongi taking the condom from you, rolling it down, one hand taking your leg and pressing it to his chest, his wordless question of, ready, and your glare of, put your fucking dick in me now, his irresistible smirk at your reaction, and both of you moaning deeply as he sank in, centimeter by hard centimeter, fuuuck, filling you up as you constricted around him, making him work for it, letting him feel it all, his other hand snaking up to cup one of your breasts, flicking your nipple, and you growled and rolled your hips into him, smacking into his crotch. Yoongi sucked in a breath, glaring through wispy strands of blond, but then his expression changed into one of slyness.
Yoongi leaned down slightly, your leg pressed to his abs and pecs, roughly tweaking your nipple, making you gasp with his touch and his expression.
“Fuck me back,” he ordered in a low snarl.
You clenched your jaw and slapped your hips up as he smacked his down, biting back your groan at the intensity, not fast but wholly satisfying, Yoongi playing with your nipples and gripping your thigh, thrusting into you at a steady pace, gaining depth and power from you meeting him, the loud slaps of skin to skin paired with the squish of your wetness, your breathing shallowing into pants, chasing it, chasing him, his melody and his passion, heavy and hot and wanton, so good, fuck, his cock was just so, so fucking good with the way he fitted into your tightness and it was made even better because you were giving back to him as much as he was giving to you, Yoongi’s eyes watching you and you watching his, lost in him and him lost in you, all because Kim Seokjin paid you two hundred thousand won to draw out of a crumpled party hat.
Damn, Seokjin, it really is awesome to be your friend.
“I should thank hyung for his childhood best friend choices,” Yoongi chuckled, saying exactly what you were thinking.
You grinned. “Somehow I think he would be very proud to know we’re talking about him during sex.”
“Better him than philosophy questions according to you,” Yoongi teased, releasing your nipple and planting his hand on the sofa, leaning down to give you a swift kiss, practically bending you in half, quick but blissful, only to reposition himself above you, cocking his head, his voice a purring drawl.
“Think you’ve worked hard enough. Let me reward you.”
And then your hands flew to his shoulder and hair, gasping at his strength, holding on as he really began to fuck you, hard and fast and rough, the smacking sounds getting louder and deafened by the soundproofing so no one on the outside could hear, but inside it was a fucking porno, one of your legs hooked around Yoongi’s waist and the other on his shoulder, your nails digging into his shoulder and scalp, his smirk above you, blond bangs bouncing. The sofa was hitting the wall repeatedly, his cock burying deep inside you and your pussy squeezing his entire length, savoring it all, his labored breathing, his murmur of your name, the sound of him entering you over and over, wanting it, needing it, needing him, completely invested and not sure how to get out anymore, all because Yoongi was looking at you with too much lust, too much fondness, too much interest.
Your name coming from those lips just sounded so, so good, like your favorite song.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he panted.
Coming from someone much younger than you, it might have sounded disingenuous and insincere, but coming from Yoongi it sounded like the highest praise in the world, mostly because of the conviction behind his tone.
Then, the side of his lips quirked up.
You clenched your jaw, but it was too late, too fucking late because you toppled over the edge, tremors of pleasure shooting up from your core, leaving you lost for words and thoughts, nothing but the tumbling fall of orgasm overtaking you, squeezing your thighs around Yoongi’s body and your pussy around his cock, dripping all over his crotch and balls, the smell of sex heavy and sweet. Yoongi groaned, fingers sinking into your thigh and gripping it tight as he thrust into you once, twice, and a sharp hiss of your name, his stiff cock twitching and jerking inside you, spilling into the condom, matching your shivers of pleasure, struggling to catch his breath just like you.
“F… Fuck…”
You both panted heavily, staring at the ceiling, relishing in the aftershocks.
“Maybe we should have more philosophical discussions,” you mumbled through wispy pants. “Maybe then we’d be a lot more eloquent while fucking.”
Yoongi snickered, hugging your thigh affectionately.
“Whatever you want, noona.”
You eye twitched involuntarily.
“On second thought, shut up, Yoongi.”
"Working hard for your man?" your best friend teased as you bent over the now blue and black bass body, hair tied up and wearing a mask. The window was open and a warm twilight breeze was drifting in, sunlight orange and fading. You spoke without looking up.
"'Your boobs' showed up looking for you."
You heard Kim Seokjin scowl. "She has a name, you know."
You recalled the name tag pinned onto a uniform that did indeed seem to contain some massive tits.
"Yeah, I don't remember. Anyway, she asked me if you would rather go to that new cryptozoology exhibit or the arcade and I told her you don't like arcades because you almost lost your nuts once at the air hockey table."
You shrugged, deliberately forgetting about hitting the puck so hard that you nearly removed Seokjin's ability to have children. "I told her to get the tickets and that you'll meet her at the museum on Saturday at three in the afternoon."
Your roommate coughed. "Well, I can go earlier, I'll just–"
"No, you are not canceling your dentist appointment. I told her to be extra nice to you because you're going to the dentist and you don't want to be a liar, do you?"
You looked up and Seokjin is making a face that stated he very much wanted to be a liar.
"Also, I told her that she could stay the night, but I can always come back from Yoongi's and interrupt you while you’re getting your dick sucked."
Seokjin frowned and grumbled under his breath, shooting you an annoyed pout.
"You're a big meanie, you know that? Of course, you do. Meanie."
He shuffled away, but not without sticking his tongue out childishly before whipping his head around the corner.
"Damn, that's the second sexist thing I've ever seen."
A pause.
You made a face.
"Second? What's the first?"
Min Yoongi smirked and raised an eyebrow, not replying.
You narrowed your eyes at him and turned back to the thing you had set on Yoongi’s studio sofa, partially unwrapped from the canvas fabric. The glossy bass body gleamed, now finished with the black border and dark cobalt center, mimicking brushstrokes like a painting, and you thinking of all the hours spent over these three months. It was weird, seeing it done.
"I'm sorry it took so long," you mused, nodding to yourself. "Work, dates, sex."
"I'm not complaining, noona."
"Shut it."
Yoongi ignored your snappish response and reached out to run his fingertips over the shine. "Damn. It's going to look so fucking sick fully assembled."
"Didn't you say you found someone to do it?"
Yoongi grinned, removing his hand and pushing back his blond hair. "Mhm, and it's much cheaper since it's painted now."
"Ah. That's good."
"You maintained interest in it."
Your eyes traveled over the curve of the edge, remembering your panic when you found a bubble had formed, using hours and careful sanding to smooth your mistake out. "I did."
"And I maintain interest in you."
"… Hm?"
You felt an unsettling shiver travel up your spine, pulse hiking, the comprehension of his words sinking in, suddenly speechless at that husky voice and deep depth of Min Yoongi. Your thumb absentmindedly touched the base of your middle finger.
His arm encircled your waist.
"You're going to come with me to every show I use it, aren't you?" he murmured, slightly muffled, and your eyes flickered over to see him cheering on his lower lip. Your thumb fell away from your ring. Yoongi noticed you looking and released his lip. He smelled like the pages of a fresh book with a hint of pine.
He smiled. A small, rueful smile.
"Just kidding. The love roulette thing is over."
His hand almost dropped from your waist, but you grabbed it, looking into those dark brown eyes, seeing yourself reflected in them. He froze slightly at your quick movement, his lips parting in surprise.
Your lips curved into an open-mouthed smirk.
"I invest in people, so I don't think I'll let you go any time soon, Min Yoongi."
"Well, that was fun, I guess?" Jeon Jungkook shrugged.
"I mean, sure for you, you at least got some sex out of it," Kim Taehyung snapped.
"I had a great time even if we're not compatible romantically. We did lots of fun things together!" Jung Hoseok chirped, holding up the friendship bracelets he had made with his match.
"Ah, it was nice to hang out with someone that had such a different perspective from me," Kim Namjoon pondered, smiling widely, his dimples prominent.
"I don't know what you guys are talking about, I'm still seeing my girl."
"Yeah, we know, hyung, you and 'your boobs' are having a grand ol' time," Park Jimin snickered, earning him a smack from Kim Seokjin.
"She has a name!"
"Do you use it when fucking or do you still only comment on her boobs?" Jimin taunted with a naughty grin.
Before Seokjin could commit literal murder, the bell at the door of the café jingled, indicating someone was entering. Everyone looked up (with Seokjin's hands around Jimin's neck) to see Min Yoongi walk in, wearing a loose patterned blue button-down shirt, left open to reveal his white t-shirt underneath, complete with light wash jeans and white sneakers, holding a large black bag over his shoulder. His light blond hair was halfway pushed back, the rest falling partway over his left eye, his dark brows and pointed gaze peering though. His skin glowed, as if the sun itself blessed him with its rays.
Yoongi glanced at his friends, looking almost bored.
"The fuck are you guys doing?" he muttered, shaking his head.
Six pairs of eyes blinked at him in unison.
"Ah, it's so fucking hot today..."
You groaned, following right behind Yoongi, wearing an oversized raglan t-shirt with a cream base and lavender sleeves, readjusting your black cap as you stepped in with your black sneakers. Your three silver rings gleamed in the café lights – the onyx stone on the left, the goat head and the skull jester on the right. You fixed the black waist bag over your chest and looked up to see Seokjin attempting to kill one of his friends again. Jimin this time.
You sighed exaggeratedly. "Can't take you anywhere, Seokjin, sheesh."
Your best friend pushed Jimin away from him and pointed accusingly at Yoongi. "Yah! We said no girls! It was only supposed to be us hanging out! We agreed in the group chat!"
Yoongi scratched his cheek, frowning. "Did I agree to that? I don't recall responding." He sounded like someone who read the chat and ignored it.
"You never respond in the group chat! You're just as bad as Jungkook!"
"That's not true, hyung always reminds us time and place," Namjoon defended.
"You're not supposed to bring the girl because we didn't want anyone to feel bad!" Seokjin continued indignantly, earning a shushing from the manager behind the counter. "Otherwise, I would have brought–"
"'Your boobs'?" Jungkook snickered.
"She has a–!"
You clapped a hand over Seokjin’s mouth, shutting him up. "The girl, like I don't live with you or something. Let's see who's going to unclog the toilet from now on, huh?"
Seokjin glared at you and tried to bite your hand, to which you promptly flicked him in the forehead.
"Anyway," Yoongi chuckled, ignoring Seokjin's attempt in wrestling you and him rapidly losing as he was parried repeatedly. "She's here because I'm going to show you guys something and I want her to see it for the first time too."
Yoongi lifted the black instrument case and placed it on the two joined café tables, small smile turning into a larger, open-mouthed smirk, unable to hide his smug satisfaction as he unzipped the case and lifted the lid, revealing the contents.
Even the manager ran from behind the counter to gawk at the now complete, fully assembled, gleaming black bass with the cobalt blue center, almost like brushstrokes of a painting, complete with the black neck and strings.
"Whoa..." you gasped, pushing Seokjin aside who was too stunned to resist, completely forgetting about his anger, everyone stepping closer to view it. It gleamed under the café lights, wicked and wonderful.
You painted that.
Painted Yoongi's bass.
You helped Yoongi create a one-of-a-kind, blue and black, custom bass that was real, a real instrument that existed before you right now and not just some half-assed project you worked on carelessly, but time you invested diligently for hours on end.
And it looked so fucking sick.
"I can't believe..." you muttered, your eyes roaming over it. "I painted it and it's a bass now...."
"You painted this?" Hoseok sputtered. "That's amazing! I thought for sure Jungkook painted something like this!"
Yoongi chuckled. "Jungkook helped in other ways."
The youngest blinked confusedly. "Eh? But I didn't know you were having a custom bass made so soon."
Yoongi glanced at you and you looked away quickly, eye twitching.
"Don't worry about it."
Jungkook ticked his head and scratched it, not quite understanding. "Ah... okay..."
Everyone was leaning over the bass, admiring the multidimensional paint job and you stood there, frozen, still amazed at your own dedication that somehow became a working instrument.
You jumped, but Yoongi caught you and grinned, pulling you back to his whisper.
"Thank you."
Ah, this man was not good for your heart rate.
"Y... You're welcome."
You saw him bite his lower lip lightly, but then he stopped when you made eye contact and the small smile returned. He placed his forehead against yours. It was a simple moment and the excited voices around you seemed to mute all of a sudden. The only voice that mattered, right here, right now, was that deep, warm, slightly husky murmur of Min Yoongi.
"Pretty sure I love you."
"I'm very sure I love you," you whispered back.
He smirked and it was warm and comforting.
"That's good."
Yoongi kissed you right in front of his new bass, something only made possible by time and love invested by you and you alone.
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xjoonchildx · 7 months ago
greedy | myg x reader | chapter five: do we look like recruiters to you?
Tumblr media
summary: being a loner has never bothered yoongi until now.  until you.
pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: mafia AU, pining, eventual smut
rating: 18+
word count: 6.7K
notes:  thank you all so much for rolling with the changes to my posting schedule. it’s been a while since i posted an update and i really wanted to give you guys a chapter. plus it makes more sense, in my mind to break it out like this.  in this chapter, you’ll notice that ko starts calling OC “jagiya.” thank you to the korean reader who brought to my attention that my previous nickname for her didn’t fit as well as this one! 
anyway, you guys make me endlessly happy with your feedback on this story. i’d love to hear what you think of this chapter.  beta read by @hobi-gif​ because i would wither away without her analysis. also beta’d by the awesome @btsarmy9593​ who has been so awesome to give me her feedback. thank you to @augustbutwinter​ for the words of encouragement. and of course, the boos @ladyartemesia​ and @untaemedqueen​ pitched in to help me in this journey as well.
Chapter 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | EPILOGUE
Min Yoongi wakes up with a problem.  Well a few problems, actually.
The first is that he has to pee.
The second is the head-to-toe pain that starts to register the moment his sluggish brain kicks into gear.  He starts from the bottom -- gingerly wiggling his toes, carefully stretching his legs -- and slowly works his way up, taking mental inventory of what hurts and what doesn’t.
A lot of shit is landing on the hurts list right now.
The third problem -- and perhaps the most pressing -- is the problem pressing into his side right now.
Your hair is still damp.
Yoongi noses into it and lies in the quiet for a while, breathing you in while you sleep.  You smell like his shampoo and his soap.  You’re wearing his t-shirt and basketball shorts.  You are covered in him; fitted to him.  Solid and warm and real.
Which brings him to his next problem.  
This is the kind of feeling that’s way too easy to become addicted to.  The kind of feeling that makes you do stupid shit.  Take away the mangled body and the looming safety concerns and this is easily the best morning of his life.
That’s why when you stir and burrow a bit deeper into his side, Yoongi ignores the pain radiating from his sore ribs.  He ignores the way his arm has fallen asleep under you, ignores the intermittent buzzing of his phone from the nightstand warning of missed texts.
He ignores the tiny voice in his head that says don’t get attached to this feeling.
Yoongi ignores everything but you and this because right now, it’s the only thing he wants to think about.
And then he’s drifting off again.
This time, Yoongi wakes up alone.
The deep steadying breath he takes while he’s trying to work up the nerve to get out of bed hurts like hell.
Everything hurts like hell, actually -- the back of his head where he can feel scrapes left behind by the brick wall, his jaw from where he took that driller to the face.  His knee from where he jammed it into that fucking goon’s stomach.  
But his shoulder is what’s really fucking everything up right now.
He can’t remember telling you where to find the sling or how you got it on.  Can’t remember you positioning his pillows around his injured arm or slipping into bed beside him.  He’d been so fucked up by the pain and the adrenaline withdrawal that he’s pretty sure he blacked out at some point.  
So Yoongi lies there for a minute, trying to piece together what he can remember of last night.  
The memories come back to him blurred and disjointed, out of order.
He remembers feeling like he might vomit when you shoved his shoulder back into place.  Awkwardly accepting your help taking off his jeans so he could shower.  Nearly falling to his knees under the hot water.  Pulling himself together long enough to stash his gun in a drawer when you’d stepped away.
And it’s that last memory that makes his chest go tight.
Last night, hiding his gun seemed like the right thing to do.  A way to keep you separate from the ugliness he normalized a long time ago.  But this morning the half-assed lie of omission makes him feel guilty as hell.  A pathetic attempt to delay the inevitable.  Chewing gum jammed into the crack of a dam.
He has to tell you about that gun.
So he gets to work on dragging his ass out of bed.  It takes him way too damned long to sit upright, way too damned long to slide himself off the edge of the mattress.  Longer than that to slowly limp his way into the bathroom where he pees for what feels like a solid ten minutes.
He’s still rubbing the sleep from his eyes when he spots the bright red toothbrush sitting in the cup on his sink.  
It’s just some cheap throwaway he brought home after his last visit to the dentist -- a long-forgotten backup that’s been stashed in the cabinet under the bathroom counter for months.  But now it’s sitting out in the open, in that cup. Right next to his own blue one.
Yoongi stares at it and scrubs a hand over his face.
And that tiny voice in his head gets a bit louder.
He finds you seated at his piano, bare-faced and hair tousled.  Fingers tracing light patterns across the keys of his custom instrument, gaze taking in all of the tiny details he paid a small fortune for.
He could have stayed there for a while, just appreciating the view had you not caught him staring.
Your dark eyes flick up to find his and Yoongi’s pulse quickens at the warmth in them.  At the soft, shy smile that comes over you just before you clear your throat and lower your eyes back to the keys.
“Beautiful,” you sigh.  
No kidding, Yoongi thinks.
He crosses the room slowly.  Tries his hardest not to limp but the throb in his knee makes that nearly impossible.  Sadness flashes across your face as you watch him sink heavily onto the bench beside you.  
“I can help you, you know,” you admonish softly.
Yoongi shrugs, motioning to the sling.  “You already have.”
He stills when you reach one hand out to brush your fingertips across the redness on his jaw.  You stroke your thumb across his aching cheek and Yoongi leans into the touch, savoring the feeling of your skin against his.
“Yoongi,” you whisper, “I’m so sorry you’re hurt, and -- ” you pause to shake your head sadly,  “-- and I’m so sorry it’s because I put you in this position.”
Yoongi sucks in a deep breath.
He can’t bring himself to tell you that he can’t think straight when he imagines what could have happened if that fucking goon had gotten you alone.  Can’t bring himself to admit out loud that he could have pulled his gun and ended that piece of shit without losing a second of sleep.  
Would have, had you not been there.
“Better me than you, Doc,” he says thickly.  “You made the right call.”
You press a gentle kiss to his throbbing jaw.
“You still mad at me?”
You whisper the words into the shell of Yoongi’s ear and a slow heat builds in his gut.  
“Yeah,” he lies, dropping a kiss on the delicate skin below your jaw.  He ghosts the tip of his nose against the curve of your neck and you shudder under his touch. He’s forced to check himself, leaning back for a few inches of badly-needed space.  
On the bright side, at least his dick isn’t broken, too.
He clears his throat.  “If that guy had brought backup -- ”
“ -- If that guy had brought backup, he’d have been out of the car long before you left his buddy in a pile on the floor,” you interrupt gently.
Yoongi chuckles.  “Just admit you’re terrible at following directions.”
“You happen to have your MRI results around here anywhere? I’d be interested to see what they say about that shoulder.”  
You raise one brow when Yoongi narrows his eyes at you in response.  “No? Well, then I guess I’m not the only one who’s bad at following directions.”
“Guess not,” Yoongi admits with a smile.  
Your turn your attention back to his piano, touch reverent as you slide one hand across the rich black lacquer.  
“When you first walked in, I was going to say something really dumb like do you play?” you admit with a laugh.  “But no one owns something this magnificent unless they have a passion for it.”
“Yeah, I play,” Yoongi murmurs.  “When I have two functioning arms.”
He’d intended to earn a laugh with that tease, but the joke falls flat.  Sadness creeps back into your features.
“Yoongi,” you say quietly, gaze dropping into your lap.  “I honestly don’t know what would have happened to me last night without you.  And all I can think about this morning is why?  Why did you do this for me?”
Fuck, that’s a loaded question.  
If Yoongi had the balls, he’d tell you straight up that he fell for you the moment he laid eyes on you at Songdo .  That you feel like his chance at something more.  But Yoongi doesn’t say any of that.  
Instead, he coughs up a weak white lie.
“We’re both out here flying solo Doc.  We have to look out for each other.  Besides -- ” he tips your chin up with a gentle press of his fingers and finds your dark eyes glassy with unshed tears.  “ -- I have a thing for that smart mouth of yours.”
He earns a tiny smile from you then, just the slightest curve of your lips.  And he’s this close to kissing the soft, sad expression right off your face when that voice in his mind fucks everything up again.
Tell her about the gun.  
The thought is like a bucket of cold water over his head, jarring him from the intimacy of this moment.  Yoongi swallows thickly before opening his mouth to tell you the truth.  But before he can speak, you do.
“I have something of yours,” you say, reaching into the pocket of your borrowed basketball shorts.  Yoongi watches you produce a worn handmade bracelet and holds his palm open to accept it.  “It fell out of your jacket last night,” you explain.
He rubs his thumb over the smooth metal corners of the cross that dangles from aged leather.  It brings back the memory of his baptism -- of the day Mrs. Bak proudly gifted it to him while he was still damp from the ceremony.  It also brings back the memory of last night -- when he’d clutched it between his fingers and sent a silent plea for protection skyward.
It’s been a long time since he’s prayed.  It’s been a long time since he had anything to pray for.
“Are you religious?” you ask softly.
Yoongi shakes his head.  “Honestly? I don’t know.”  A self-conscious heat creeps up his neck.  “Just makes me feel better, I guess.  Is that dumb?”
“No,” you reassure quietly, bringing one warm hand up to cup his cheek.  Yoongi covers your hand with his, laces his fingers in between yours.  “Not dumb at all.”
Tell her about the gun.
“Doc,” Yoongi whispers thickly, “We need to talk about something.”
Your hand falls away from his face and your spine goes stiff with tension and Yoongi almost loses his nerve.
“Okay, so I was, uh -- carrying a gun last night,” he starts, rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck,  “I carry a gun all the time, actually.  I hid it because I didn’t want to freak you out.”
You say nothing, expression unreadable.  And Yoongi keeps talking.
“But I don’t want to keep things from you,” he says quietly.  “I want you to know exactly who I am. No half-truths.”
Your eyes drop back down to the piano.  You pluck at one of the keys and a somber note rings out, lingers in the air between you before you speak.
“You have a gunshot wound in your back, Yoongi,” you murmur.  “It’s not exactly a leap of logic.  Besides, I already saw your gun.  It was in your drawer last night when I got you a change of clothes.”
Yoongi nods slowly, processing the fact that you’d discovered the gleaming silver piece and hadn’t written him off right away.  You’d still slept in the crook of his arm last night.  You’re still here right now.
“And yeah, maybe it does freak me out a bit,” you admit.  “But after what I saw last night, maybe I can understand a bit, too.”
Yoongi lets go of the breath he’s been holding and takes your hand in his.  Maybe is as good as he could have hoped for at this point.  Maybe is not a dead end.  
“I have something to tell you, too,” you admit after a moment.  “I’m due at the hospital in a few hours.”
“Doc,” Yoongi groans, hand tightening reflexively around yours.  “You can’t go back there.”
“I don’t have a choice,” you insist, pulling away.  “This isn’t just some job I fell into, Yoongi.  This is years of my life.”
Yoongi is quiet for a few seconds, willing his rising agitation to subside.  He’s careful to check his tone before he speaks.
“You’re not safe there.”
“I have to go back.  I don’t have a choice,” you repeat.  “I can’t afford to get blacklisted and Lee is still my boss. And if he’s already got wind of what happened last night, he’s going to be gunning for me even harder than he already has been.  I have to tread carefully.”
Yoongi shoves a hand through his hair.
“You have to meet me in the middle here, Doc,” he exhales.  “There’s got to be something halfway between you walking right back into that hellhole and you losing your job.  Take a couple of sick days.  Give me some time to figure out who your boss is working with and what I can do about it.  Can you do that?”
You’re quiet for a moment as you consider his proposal.
“Yeah,” you concede softly.  “I can do that.”  
You lift a hand to brush a lock of hair out of his face and press your mouth to his.
Every cell in Yoongi’s body stands at attention.  He cards his fingers into the soft mass of your hair and kisses you slowly -- carefully -- all too aware of the way he’d manhandled you last night.  
Not even the pain in his jaw could take away from how good it feels to touch you like this.  Not even the ache in his ribs could stop him from leaning into you. He slips his tongue past your lips and you whimper, fingers curling into his sore knee.  
He could not give a shit.
Yoongi leaves your mouth to trail kisses down your jaw, and you tip your head back, offering him the soft expanse of your neck.  He accepts it gladly, mouth hot and open on your skin, savoring your scent and taste -- enjoying the way he can feel your pulse fluttering wildly under his lips.
He’s enjoying it all so much that he gets careless.  The elbow of his injured arm connects with the sharp edge of the piano and he recoils instantly.
“Dammit,” he groans. “Fuck.”
“Oh, shit,” you gasp, clapping a hand over your mouth.
The pain is so potent it seems to radiate all the way from his arm to his temples. Yoongi squeezes his eyes shut as he waits for the ringing in his ears to subside.
“Yoongi, your shoulder, it's -- it’s really bad,” you admonish quietly.  “If you keep going like this, the damage is going to be permanent.”
“Trust me, I know,” he sighs.  “I’m going to get this looked at, I just haven’t.”
“I want you to see a friend of mine at Asan today,” you urge.  “He’s a good doctor.  He can get you some pain relief.  Get you back to working condition.”
Yoongi nods weakly, pain still ebbing from his arm.
“But it’s not a substitute for an MRI and it’s not a substitute for surgery,” you warn.  “This is just a temporary fix.  You have to be careful.  Whatever you’re planning, just please be careful.”
Yoongi skates the pad of his thumb over your lips before kissing you just one more time.
“Don’t worry about me, Doc,” he murmurs.  “I’m going to have some help.”
It’s amazing what a pair of high-powered steroid shots and a bottle of industrial-strength painkillers can do for a guy.  
Yoongi pulls into the parking lot at Maekju feeling almost human again.
If the text messages that have been blowing up his phone all afternoon are any indication, everyone is here tonight.  Everyone with the exception of Namjoon, of course.  He doesn’t drink anymore and even when he did, he always preferred to drink alone.
Jungkook is the first person Yoongi spots, leaned up against a pool table, beer in hand.  He’s watching Jimin and Taehyung face off at billiards while Seokjin and Hoseok sit side-by-side at the bar, deep in conversation.
The maknae’s eyes go a bit wide when he takes in Yoongi’s unusual gait and immobilized arm.
“Holy shit, hyung,” he breathes as Yoongi approaches.  “What the hell happened to you?”
Seokjin whips around in his barstool at the sound of Jungkook’s greeting, but Hoseok doesn’t take the bait.  He stiffens in his seat but refuses to turn around. Stubborn bastard.
“Yoga accident,” Yoongi mutters, stepping up to the bar next to Seokjin.  The older man smirks as he takes a long pull of his beer.
“How’d you drive with that thing on?” Seokjin asks, motioning to Yoongi’s sling.
“Carefully,” Yoongi says dryly.  “Listen, can you give me a minute with Jung here?”
Seokjin’s critical gaze bounces back and forth between Yoongi and Hoseok, who is still resolutely pretending not to notice the conversation taking place just inches from his face.  He stares into a television mounted high above the bar and sips his whiskey with feigned indifference.
“You two need couple’s counseling, I swear,” Seokjin groans, rolling his eyes. He stands to his feet to relinquish his barstool and claps a hand over Yoongi’s good shoulder.  “I’ll leave you to it, then.”
Hoseok, the fucking infant, grabs a newspaper abandoned on the bartop and proceeds to pretend to read it.  Yoongi slides into the stool next to him anyway.
“Miss me?”
Hoseok doesn’t answer.
“You’re not gonna say hello?  Not gonna ask me why it looks like I spent all night falling off a cliff?”
Yoongi waves off the bartender who starts walking in his direction.  The last thing he needs is a drink.  He’s got so many painkillers in his system right now that one sip of booze would probably have him under the bar in seconds.
“Come on Hoseok,” Yoongi sighs.  “Don’t be a dick.  I’ve literally never seen you read a newspaper.”
“I like to stay informed,” Hoseok shrugs.
“Well, I’m trying to talk to you.”
“Oh, so you talk to me now?” Hoseok snickers.  “That’s new.”
Hoseok’s probably earned the right to his petulance, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.  Yoongi starts to reconsider that drink.
“Jung,” he groans.  “I’m trying to apologize here.”
“So apologize then.”
“Fine,” Yoongi mutters.  “I’m sorry I’ve been an asshole lately.  I’ve been twisted up over some shit that has nothing to do with you or family business.”
Hoseok grabs his whiskey off the bar and finally -- finally -- pivots to face him.
“A giant asshole,” he corrects dryly.  
“Yes. A giant asshole,” Yoongi repeats.  “We good now?”
Hoseok sips his whiskey slowly, eyes narrowed at Yoongi over the lip of his glass.
“Buy me a drink.”
“Fine,” Yoongi hisses, flagging the bartender.  
Hoseok leans back in his barstool, looking a bit smug.
“Now this shit you’ve been twisted up about,” he starts, brow cocked.  “Would this have anything to do with your secret doctor friend?”
“Maybe,” Yoongi admits, scratching at the back of his neck.  His injured shoulder is tired from carrying the extra weight of the sling.  He rolls it gingerly as Hoseok looks on.
“Would this have anything to do with why you look like you got jumped on your way in here tonight?”
Yoongi’s cheeks warm at his partner’s blunt observation.  “Maybe.”
Hoseok drains his whiskey just as the bartender arrives with a fresh one.  He takes a long drink before setting his glass back down on the bar.  His lips purse thoughtfully as he levels Yoongi with a long, assessing look.
“Okay,” he says calmly. “So who do we have to go fuck up?”
Dr. Lee Geon just looks like a fucking weasel.
Yoongi glares at the man as he strolls into the coffee shop a few blocks from Songdo with just minutes to spare to his shift.  
Lee bears little resemblance to his photos on the hospital website.
He’s thin -- just this side of gaunt -- hollow cheeks prominent below dark under eyes beneath a sparse dusting of greasy hair.  Were he not dressed in a rumpled lab coat and equally creased scrubs, Yoongi might have missed him entirely.
Across the room, Hoseok peers at Yoongi over the top of yet another borrowed newspaper -- is this the guy? -- and Yoongi answers with a furtive nod.  
He goes over the plan they’d worked out in the car in his head.  They’d find the guy -- make sure he was the guy -- and then follow him out of the shop.  Catch him just before he got into his car.  Shake him up a bit before shaking him down for information.
There’s one thing Yoongi still hasn’t worked out, though.
Just how much he’s going to allow himself to hurt this asshole before sending him on his way.  Lee slowly shuffles his way to the front of the line as Yoongi imagines jamming his fist into the man’s stupid fucking face.  Imagines doing it over and over again until the piece of shit is unrecognizable.
Yoongi watches Lee order his drink as he kneads at the tender muscles of his shoulder.
Ditching the sling was probably a bad idea -- definitely against doctor’s orders -- but it was a risk he was more than willing to take.  He’d downed a couple of painkillers and shoved his shoulder into a brace and decided he could deal with the dull throb just for the night.  
No way in hell he was going to confront this scumbag looking like some kid who just fell off his skateboard.  
It doesn’t take long for the barista to put together Lee’s drink.  He grabs his coffee and Yoongi tenses in anticipation of his next move.  But instead of heading for the exit, Lee heads for the bathroom instead.
Yoongi locks eyes with Hoseok across the room and Hoseok raises one brow.
Change of plans?
Yoongi nods.
Lee’s coffee sits abandoned atop the sink ledge.
Yoongi and Hoseok slip silently into the bathroom and get right to work.  Hoseok blocks the door as Yoongi quietly creeps past the stalls, ducking his head to peer beneath each one.  Lee’s scuffed sneakers are the only pair of shoes he spots.
His ears pick up on a faint sound coming from inside the locked stall.
It’s a kind of soft, intermittent rasping.  Yoongi concentrates on the noise, isolates it until he comes to the realization that it’s sniffling he’s hearing.  He turns to Hoseok and taps his finger against the side of his nose and Hoseok nods his agreement.
Yoongi shakes his head in disgust.  Is there a single substance this idiot isn’t addicted to?
It takes a moment for the sniffling to subside.  It’s followed by a few seconds of quiet rustling in which Yoongi can picture Lee carefully pocketing whatever’s left of his coke.  The noises from behind the brushed steel barrier finally stop and the next thing Yoongi hears is the distinct clink of the latch coming apart.
Lee swings the door wide -- gets one look at what’s waiting for him on the other side -- and nearly jumps out of his skin.  
He startles so hard that he almost falls backward into the toilet.  But he catches himself, regaining his balance and staring back at Yoongi with wide, worried eyes.
Yoongi stands there and says nothing.
“Excuse me,” Lee mumbles, eyeing him wearily as he tries to slide past.  He takes two steps forward then stops in his tracks when he spots Hoseok.  Lee swallows thickly, eyes darting back and forth between both men.
“Is there a problem gentlemen?” he croaks.
Yoongi takes a step towards Lee.  He shrinks back when Yoongi reaches for his badge, yanking the retractable cord as he pulls it close to examine it.  Yoongi runs his thumb over the raised lettering on the laminated card, letting the taut silence linger for dramatic effect.
Then he lets go of the badge without warning, fighting a smile when Lee flinches as it snaps back into place.
“Yes, we have a problem,” Yoongi confirms pleasantly.  “And yes, it’s you.”
The little color left in Lee’s face immediately drains out.
“Look, I don’t know who you guys are, but you don’t w-want to mess with me,” he stammers, voice cracking comically halfway through his flimsy threat.  “I know people.”
“Oh shit,” Yoongi’s eyes go wide with feigned concern, “You hear that, Jung?  This guy knows people.”
“Sounds scary,” Hoseok chuckles.
Lee starts to breathe harder, chest rising and falling faster.  Pupils blown with fear and coke.
“Now, here’s the difference between you and us, Dr. Lee,” Yoongi explains calmly.  “You know people.  But we -- ” he motions to himself and then to Hoseok, “ -- are people . Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?”
Yoongi punctuates his point by brushing the edge of his open leather jacket aside, allowing his pistol to peek out from underneath.  Lee’s eyes lock on it as he nods slowly, pulling deep, noisy breaths through his nose.
“Great.  Now we don’t have to play the game where you pretend not to know about the bullshit you’ve been pulling over at the hospital, right?”
Lee shakes his head slowly.
“So that means we also don’t have to play the game where you pretend you didn’t send some fucking street goon to rough up a little old lady, either. Right?”
The man’s mouth drops open like his first instinct is to deny that accusation. But he steals another look at Hoseok and shuts it instead.
“And then -- ” Yoongi jabs Lee in the chest with one finger and the man jumps back, “-- you tried to send that same goon after your own resident.  But here’s the thing, Doctor Lee.  She knows people, too.”
Lee’s body goes rigid.  Yoongi watches him process the information with his drug-addled brain, a flare of recognition finally sparking in his dull eyes.
“I saw you at the hospital,” Lee whispers.  “You know her.”
“Don’t worry about who I know,” Yoongi shrugs.  “Worry about what you’re going to say in your resignation letter.”
He advances on the man again, closing the space between them.  Lee tries to back away, but he runs out of room.  He tilts against the stall door.
“Resignation letter?” he echoes weakly.
“The one you’re turning in tonight,” Yoongi explains coolly.  “Before you get the fuck out of Songdo and then get the fuck out of Seoul.”
Lee sputters for a moment, grasping for his next words.  
“Well, where am I supposed to go?” he bleats.
“Do we look like recruiters to you, man?” Hoseok cuts in sharply.  “We don’t give a shit where you go -- you just have to go.  You sure this guy is a doctor, Min?  He seems way too dumb to be a doctor.”
“Nah.  This guy’s a junkie pretending to be a doctor,” Yoongi accuses, dropping any pretense of good humor.  “Pretending to be a tough guy, too.  But all of that ends tonight.”
Yoongi grabs Lee by the chin, jerking his head into place and forcing the trembling man to look him in the eye.
“In ten minutes, you’re going to walk your ass into that hospital.  You’re going to tell them you are leaving.  You are going to take that piece of shit pharmacist and anyone else who’s involved with you.  And then you are never going to step foot in this city again.”
He pauses to enjoy the way Lee’s pupils dilate even wider with fear.
“You’re not too high to understand what I’m saying to you right now, right?”
Lee shakes his head weakly, jaw still pinned in Yoongi’s vice grip.
“Great. Now just one more thing before you go on your merry way,” Yoongi says, voice low with menace.  “Give us the name of your street guys.”
Lee panics.  “I can’t,” he whines from between compressed cheeks.  “They’ll kill me.”
Yoongi grips his face tighter, crushing the man’s jaw and using it to push his body flush against the stall.  His fingers and knuckles turn white with the force of his grasp and Lee groans weakly at the pain.  
“I will kill you,” Yoongi seethes. “Me.  Right fucking now with my bare fucking hands if you don’t give me that name.”
Lee is sweating so profusely that Yoongi wonders briefly if he’s having a heart attack.  He’s probably got enough coke in his system for that to be an actual concern.  But the pathetic little shit manages to pull himself together long enough to follow directions.
“Kkangpae,” he wheezes.
Yoongi’s iron grip stays in place, even as he turns to Hoseok, even as both men exchange a look.  That is something he did not see coming.  Perhaps his recent personal issues are family business, after all.
He finally releases Lee’s jaw and the man rears back, breathing hard.
“You have exactly one day to get the fuck out of this city,” Yoongi instructs quietly.  “And that is not an offer I’m prepared to make twice.”
Lee licks his dry lips, nodding his head slowly like he’s just come out of a trance.  “Okay.”
“Great chat,” Yoongi smiles, patting Lee’s cheek.
Hoseok leaves his post at the door to cross the cramped bathroom and reach for the coffee Lee abandoned minutes ago.  Both men watch in silence as he turns it up over the sink, pours it out, and then tosses it in the trash.
He heads back to the door and holds it open.
“Damn Hoseok,” Yoongi murmurs as he brushes past.  “That was cold.”
There’s buzzing.  Of that, you’re sure.
But in those first few moments that you’re rousing, you can’t be sure if you’re hearing it or dreaming it.  You’re disoriented.  It’s the second time in as many days you’ve woken up in an unfamiliar bed.
Shafts of sunlight pour through the blinds and you squint at them, trying to get a sense of the time of day.  If the amber tinge is any indication, it’s late into the afternoon.
The buzzing sounds again.
You roll to your side to grab your cell phone off the nightstand and blink at a long list of waiting texts.
ko: wake up sleeping beauty [ 11:36 AM ]
ko: i have news [ 11:45 AM ]
ko: big news [ 12:22 PM ]
ko: and gaeran tost-u [ 1:02 PM ]
ko: ready for you to wake up now [ 1:43 PM ]
ko: don’t mind me just gonna bang a few pots and pans [ 2:11 PM ]
Any curiosity over Ko’s big news is overshadowed by the way your heart drops when none of those messages is from Yoongi.  
Before you’d left his apartment, he’d asked you to stay.  He’d cleared his throat and looked down at his hands and explained that he’d feel better if you weren’t alone until this entire mess was settled.  But the way he looked at you in those last few minutes together made you feel like his proposition was about much more than just your protection.
It made you want to say yes.
Never mind that it’s insane to feel so at home in his personal space -- or that coming to that realization might have sent you into a mild panic.  In the end, you’d had to say no because you couldn’t bring yourself to leave Ko on her own while this madness played out.
You rub the sleep out of your eyes and fire off two quick texts.
you: i hope you’re okay. please be careful [ 2:33 PM ]
you: up now. be down in five [ 2:34 PM ]
Ko makes good on her promise of gaeran tost-u.
You’re greeted by the pleasant smell of the sugared egg dish as you walk down the stairs.  Ko sits at her kitchen table, eyes shining with excitement, and pushes a plate at you when you slide into the chair across from hers.
“Eat,” she orders sweetly.  Your stomach rumbles on cue and you waste no time digging in.
“This is really good,” you declare around a mouthful of bread and eggs.  “I might have to live with you forever.”
Ko smiles wide and the expression makes you feel warm from the inside out. The bruising on her face is barely visible now, easily hidden with a little makeup. Her eyes crinkle with happiness as she watches you eat without saying a word.
“Alright,” you sigh, loathe to stop eating even for as long as it takes to speak.  “Spill it. You look fit to burst.”
“Thought you’d never ask,” she complains cheerfully.  “Dr. Lee is gone.  Walked into Songdo last night and walked out forever.”
You gasp halfway through your next bite, sputtering as you try to catch your breath around a mouthful of toasted bread.  Ko stands to grab you a glass of water which you gratefully accept.
“Well, don’t die on me now,” she teases, “Because there’s more.  Nang left, too.  And Tuan and Beom from pathology.  All four of them quit without even so much as a notice, Jagi.  Isn’t that wild?”
You sip your water slowly and Ko’s eyes flash as she watches you.
“Yoo called me early this morning and said the entire hospital is talking about it. There’s a bunch of crazy theories going around.  And here I am, drinking my tea.  Thinking about how you took a few sick days and showed up here. Thinking about how healthy and rested you look right now.  Isn’t that interesting?”
You nod, jamming the sandwich back in your mouth for an obnoxiously large bite.
“And I can’t help but wonder if there’s some connection between this very convenient development and my very sweet, secretive friend.”
Ko’s mouth twists into a teasing smile as you chew your food absurdly slow.
“That sandwich isn’t going to last forever, Jagi,” she says dryly.  She lifts her teacup to her mouth and takes a dainty sip.  “And trust me, I have nothing but time.”
She leans back, cup in hand.
“Okay, so I might know something about it,” you admit after a while.  “But there’s still a lot I don’t know.  And I’m not sure how much of this you want to hear.”
Ko tuts under her breath.
“I want to hear it all.  I’ve got quite a few years on you and trust me, very little shocks me anymore.  So now you spill it.”
You take another sip of water and clear your throat.
“Okay,” you exhale.  “So there’s this guy -- ”
“ -- Oh, I love it when stories start like this,” Ko interrupts.  She props her chin up with her hands like you’re telling a bedtime story and you shake your head with a wry smile.
“He’s been kind of… helping me, I guess.”
“Helping you,” Ko echoes.  “As in helping you out of your clothes?”
“No,” you deny hotly, cheeks warming.  “He’s a friend.”
Ko doesn’t bother to call you out on the weak lie.  But her face says what her mouth doesn’t when one skeptical brow raises high.
“Go on.”
“I told him about what was going on at the hospital and he said he could help me,” you explain slowly.  “So I’m pretty sure he figured out a way to run off Lee and Nang.”
Ko taps her finger against the side of her teacup.
“So let me see if I have this right,” she muses.  “You tell this friend -- who you’ve never once mentioned, by the way -- that you’ve been having this very dangerous trouble at work.  And then your friend somehow manages to convince two grown men who’ve worked at Songdo for years to give up their high-paying jobs and up-front access to IV drugs overnight.”
You shift uncomfortably in your chair.
“And just like that -- ” Ko snaps her fingers for emphasis, “ -- they’re gone without so much as a fuss.”
You nod weakly.
“Jagi,” Ko’s voice drops low.  “I take it your friend’s not a mailman, is he?”
“No,” you mumble.  “Definitely not.”
Ko hums under her breath.  She carefully lifts her teacup to drink, eyes trained on you over the rim.  Her quiet scrutiny makes you anxious.
“Can I ask you a question?” she asks after a long pause.
“If I said no would that stop you?”
“Not a chance,” Ko laughs.  “Would this friend happen to be the mysterious, handsome man who asked for you in the ER a few weeks back?”
Mind like a steel trap, this woman.  You should have known Ko would make that connection and fast.  There’s no point in denying it, so you don’t.
“Yes,” you whisper thickly. “He is.”
It’s hard to get a read on Ko’s reaction.  Over the years, you’ve come to rely on her sweetness and wisdom and warmth.  But now, as you stare into her dark eyes and try to interpret her careful expression, you realize there’s something else you need from her.
Her approval.
“Ko, I think I -- ” you pause to choose your words carefully, “ -- I think I might be in really deep with this guy.”
Ko snorts.
“Oh, I think you might be right about that, Jagiya .  And if he’s helping you with something like this?  Chances are, you’re not alone.”
“Yeah,” you exhale, wringing your hands together beneath the table.  “Thing is -- I need you to tell me I’m not making a mistake here.”
The corners of Ko’s mouth lift into a soft expression of surprise.
“Oh, Jagi,” she chides sweetly.  “You know I can’t tell you that. I don’t know anything about this man.”  She reaches across the table to cover your hand with her own.  “But you do.  You’re the only one who knows how you feel about him.  And you’re the only one who knows if he’s a good man underneath it all.”
Ko squeezes your hand and you turn your head before she can see the tears that threaten in your eyes.  The amber sunlight outside her kitchen window is shifting orange now, flares of light reflecting off the glass.  
You stare at them and think about Yoongi.
Until now, it’s like you’ve been splitting him into two different men -- the bruised, bloody con artist from the exam room and the quiet, teasing flirt from the coffee shop.  Until now, it’s been the only way to reconcile your complicated feelings.
But it's well past time you accepted the truth.
The same Yoongi whose cheeks had pinked when he’d asked you to stay is the same Yoongi you watched beat the shit out of a hired thug.  The Yoongi who carries a cross is the Yoongi who carries a gun.  They’re two halves of one whole.  
And you can’t pine for one and reject the other.
Your cell phone buzzes from the pocket of your pajama pants.  You reach for it, relief coursing through you when you spot Yoongi’s name on the screen.
yoongi: one more thing to do before we can talk [ 3:01 PM ]
yoongi: it’s cold outside, be sure to bundle up [ 3:01 PM ]
Yoongi’s random mention of the weather confuses you.  You stare at the texts and Ko stares at you, concerned by the baffled expression on your face.
“Is something wrong?”
“No, no,” you insist, shaking your head.  “Just, um -- ”
Bundle up.   A tingle runs up the length of your spine as realization slowly creeps over you.  
“Excuse me for a moment,” you murmur, slipping out of your seat.
Ko watches you dash up the stairs, slack-jawed.
You make a beeline for your borrowed room, throwing open the closet doors to find the coat you’d left hanging there on arrival.  The coat you’d worn to and from Yoongi’s.  You hurriedly dig into the pockets, fingers immediately making contact with something hard and jagged.  
You pull it out.
The shiny silver key in your palm looks like it’s never been used, sharp edges gleaming in the waning sunlight streaming into this room.
You don’t have to guess what it’s for.
You just close your fingers around it and hold it tight.
tag list!
@heroesfan101 @kpop-saved-ruinedme @mono-kookie @ctvrty @bluewhale52 @thenopekid @uhgood-dooghu @youwannabelostandnotbefound @yiyi4657 @daydreambrliever @mstbeautifulmmt @darktsuki0 @mademysongtakeflight @fireflyinsummer @paperpurple @btseditsworld @outrofenty @taestannie @sloanferg @codeinebelle @lachesissays @peachyseokjini @mxxnarchive @preciouschimine @jiminiscricket @loveyoongles @clearfishmugbonk @coffeeismylife28 @jalexad @djasheyash99 @mxxnarchive @btsmylife21 @rm4lyf @scraithed @rkchmestizangmaldita @captainorangegoose @mrsfortune1306 @neverthefirstchoice @krystle1990 @meowmeowyoongles @katerbees @btsbunny07 @fuckshituplikeaboss @nightshadevinter @laabellaavitaa21 @spookyricewithsoysauce @veronawrites @athenakyle @nightalight @jammyhc @poohsaidhi @jeon-joker​ @liebeoppa @jeonmisha @ambersaesthetics @katy23rnvlues @iridescent-5 @jadeblackwoll @hesperantha @kaitswrld @140503at-dawn @rayasunshine33 @shrimpmsg @katbonv @crom-lus @rm4lyf @wisetacojudgespy @jeonmisha @angstyyoongi @ahgasearmyfan @cheesecakes-randomshitz @bansheehunteremissary @prybts @singjisu @barbikatherine @mygscafe @kpopheart2 @deathkat657 @astudyoftimeywimeystuff @vari8tions @mygscafe @sugaslittlekookies @moonsjoons @moon-and-solar-smiles @rageyoudamnednerd @mayafravoli @illwritetomorrow @minyoongiboongi @httpminyg @ahgasearmyfan @monaco91 @blackcrystalswan @yoongitoo @singjisu @mixedfandxms @iamnamjoonsbxtch @delicate-snow-flake @theariel85 @ardoren @sumzysworld @jrobmorebangtan @fangurl-ontgeside @angiexyoung @study-clouds @jaxx-7 @sleeping-with-the-fishies
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jamaisjoons · 7 months ago
bon appetit | m.list
Tumblr media
Hunger is the yardstick with which we measure our ardor, and the meal is unity, a coming together so sacred and gratifying we as people have learned to make a feast out of our lovers. Culture to culture, heart to heart, our appetites have grown carnal. Fruit has become feminine, silky sweet, a sheen on the skin that lasts for days, binding the fingers together until we lick them clean; chocolate against wine wet lips a heady chemistry, one that always makes the blood take to yearning.
Our lovers are candy. Our lovers are drunk whole with our open mouths. Our lovers are the first bite of relief against our skin, a celebration of knowing how it feels to be wanted. Our hearts have craved the meaning that comes from a feast that grows beyond desire. Our bodies have been starving and we have always been hungry. So why not indulge with us, just a little? If we showed you, five times over, how it feels to eat your way into perdition for the sake of love could you learn to devour us, too? Well, then.
Bon Appetit!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Tumblr media
❥ entrée: dark chocolate snap ⤜ aperitif       ⤑ ingredients: melted chocolate            ➼ prepared by: chef @jamaisjoons​​​​                 ⤐ friends with benefits au.
⋖ The last thing you'd expected a few days before Valentine's, was a text from your friends' with benefits telling you to meet them at a hotel. However, with all the tasty tricks up their sleeve, you're sure that Valentine's day will be extra sweet this year. That is, as long as you survive the night with the two men ravishing you as if you're their last meal... or dessert. ⋗
Tumblr media
❥ entrée: pour some sugar on me ⤜ aperitif       ⤑ ingredients: icing            ➼ prepared by: chef @yoonia​​                 ⤐ enemies to lovers au.
⋖ Being stuck in the kitchen of your aunt’s bakery late at night is the last thing you had in mind when it came to preparing for Valentine’s day. Although, being stuck with your archenemy, and the most overbearing person you have ever known, teaching you how to bake your aunt’s secret recipe is the exact opposite of what you’d ever have in mind. As the kitchen grows hot, however, you cannot tell whether it’s from the ovens or if it’s something else burning between the two of you. As the night progresses, you cannot help but wonder which one would melt first once you are done. The frosting? Or you? ⋗
Tumblr media
❥ entrée: smoked peaches ⤜ aperitif       ⤑ ingredients: cocktails            ➼ prepared by: chef @yeoldontknow​​                 ⤐ established relationship au.
⋖ Three years into your relationship with Hoseok, you have learned what it means to be truly happy. With him, you are seen, understood, and adored - and not once, even despite all your flaws, has Hoseok ever asked you to change. So when Hoseok starts to become withdrawn and quiet during the brief hours you have with him at night, you assume it’s down to stress at work. You never imagined it would be this, something so much bigger than any obstacle you’ve confronted before or will again. Something that will last forever. ⋗
Tumblr media
❥ entrée: just like candy ⤜ aperitif       ⤑ ingredients: ice lollies            ➼ prepared by chef @jamaisjoons​​​                 ⤐ married couple au.
⋖ After having your Valentine's Day plans ruined due to one of your husband’s clients' recent sex tape leak, you decide to use your new lingerie to your advantage, hoping it'll grab Namjoon's attention, no matter how much you have to tease him for it. ⋗
↣ Coming: 12th February
Tumblr media
❥ entrée: touch of cherries ⤜ aperitif       ⤑ ingredients: cherries            ➼ prepared by: chef @chillingkoo​​                 ⤐ established relationship au.
⋖ Seeing as the holiday is coming up quickly, your boyfriend inquires about how you want to spend Valentine’s Day. However, the word ‘threesome’ is NOT what he is prepared to hear, nor is the name of his best friend being included in the same sentence. ⋗
↣ Coming: 13th February
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yoonpobs · a month ago
back-burner | myg
Tumblr media
sometimes you felt like you were the back-burner of a two-decade-long friendship. how could you ever compete?
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister's best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, sorta frenemies?to lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, smut, fluff
WARNINGS. one-sided pining (?), longing, sibling jealousy, insecurities, miscommunication, family trauma (it's not as bad as it sounds!!!), explicit language, eventual smut, eventual fluff, MAJOR ANGST [warnings to be added!!!]
Tumblr media
01: drunk words can get you in trouble
02: some shine brighter than the rest but it gets dark sometimes
03: use your words
04: just for tonight, you'll try to forget
05: you give and you give until you have nothing left for people to take
06: you were a fire, and you burnt anything that came in your way
Tumblr media
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ladyartemesia · 5 months ago
Can you please suggest a few blogs that specialises in fantasy genre ( like your fics 👉👈 )
Tumblr media
These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head! They are all top notch authors and quality content blogs. This list is by no means exhaustive and I will add to it from time to time...
I will include my favorite fantasy fic(s) of theirs next to their name! Please check out their entire masterlists for all the fantasy goodness.
@lemonjoonah Blood Bounty and Beastly Gods
@fantasybangtan Of Stars Erased
@helenazbmrskai Lealty
@yoonia The Shifters Series
@johobi Tooth and Claw and Dig Deep
@kpopfanfictrash Ember Burning and Obsidian
@sunshyngal Change of Heart
@opaljm Jagged
@bangtanfanfiction Tales of Time
@bloomsuga The Hobiverse
@snackhobi Straight Shooter and Human Touch
@ddaengyoonmin Neptune
@untaemedqueen Silver and Blue and Experiment 21
@ilikemesometaetaes Set Me Free
@readyplayerhobi A Court of Curses
@pbandjk Alpha Jeon
@btssavedmylifeblr DNA
@jkeuphoriadreamland Out of the Shadows
@njkbangtan Your Eyes Tell
And finally here are my fantasy genre stories—just in case you wanna check them out...
Once Upon a Bracelet ☞︎ The Choice ☞︎ Heat Run ☞︎ The Alpha ☞︎ The Mark of Yun-Ki
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moonchild1 · 2 months ago
min yoongi fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
hello everyone as promised here's a list of all my favourite yoongi fics part two is coming soon I hope you enjoy them, please show love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs 🥺🖤 some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone ♡
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
First love, last love by @kithtaehyung s a (uni au pianist yoongi bad boy)
cyberslut by @kimnjss f a (fuck boy)
the truth between us by @jimlingss f a (enemies to lovers au)
somebody else by @jjkthclub a (husband au)
desolation by @yoonglespringles10 f s a (marriage au infidelity au)
the early shift by @hobidreams f s a (enemies to lovers au)
chasing the sunrise by @jjkthclub s (established relationship au)
are you still with him by @joonsgalaxy f a (roommate au friends to lovers au)
Baby, can I? by @btssmutgalore s
Ocean Drive by @btssmutgalore s a
take me home by @minyfic f a (neighbour au bad boy au)
put two and two together by @mingoyeob f a
intimidation by @luxekook f s (college au)
intensity by @luxekook f s a (established relationship au sequel to intimidation)
number 14 by @bubmyg f (basketball yoongi)
favorite player by @bubmyg f s (basketball yoongi)
show by @httpjeon s (boyfriend yoongi)
love grows where you go by @hueseok f s a (arranged marriage au)
the reality of falling in love by @hueseok a (best friends au one sided love)
away from you by @personasintro f s a (divorce au)
speak now by @vminity21 f a (groom yoongi best friend au)
Speak Now {Re-imagined} by @vminity21 f a (groom yoongi bride reader)
Can I touch your heart by @infireation f (neighbour au)
Cherry Blossom Trees by @borathae f s a (love triangle au) ft. Hoseok
Someone you loved by @borathae a
akrasia by @thelillzmonster s a (friends with benefits au bad boy au)
Skin Deep by @aquaminwrites f s (friends to lovers au)
shoot your shot @taesinferno s (college au fuck buddies)
fiend by @xpeachesncream s (ceo au)
Tell Me U Luv Me by @sxdmoonchxld s
not your fairytale by @yeojaa f a (brother's best friend au)
Tip of the Iceberg by @fortunexkookie f s a (Tattoo artist new relationship)
Redamancy by @delightfulserendipity f a (high school au)
is there someone else by @hisunshiine s
House of balloons by @moonnightyoongi a
I don't wanna love you by @moonnightyoongi f s a (college au)
fuck up by @thotantics s a (friends with benefits au) ft. Taehyung
Little Black Book: The One You Trust by @bluewhale52 s (strangers to lovers au)
be in love by @yoonpobs f s a (established relationship au)
first and last and always by @floralseokjin f s a (exes au holiday au)
Love yourself by @floralseokjin a (exes au)
Please be naked by @floralseokjin s a (fuckbuddies rebound au unrequited love) ft. Namjoon
Vehement by @bangtsblossom f s a (established relationship au)
No more by @gyukult f s a (one sided love secret relationship college au)
what we are not ; soulmates by @taecalikook fa (soulmate au established relationship au) ft. taehyung
Heartbreaker by @farfromsugafanfic f a (bad boy yoongi idiots to lovers au)
Like cat and dog by @army-author f
If you weren't my first love by @army-author a (friends au)
Forget me not by @jinfizz f s a (idol au)
sangria by @minstrivia s (marriage au)
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kookie-chimchim · 6 months ago
BTS reaction to you squirting (m)
➳ pairing : dom!members x f!reader
➳ genre : smut, explicit.
➳ summary : BTS reacting to you squirting due to overstimulation.
➳ rating : 18+ (nsfw)
➳ warnings : language, overstimulation, unprotected, rough sex (please be safe bubs), squirting.
Tumblr media
➳ requests : closed.
➳ taglist : join my taglist!
Gif credits to the rightful owner :)
Kim Namjoon :
Tumblr media
Namjoon bites down your neck, grunting as your walls pulsate around his manhood.
“Namjoon- I- I uh-am gonna- oh!”
He hisses, the hot liquid of your squirt running over his hands.
“Fuck! You just squirted babe, wow... So sexy.”
You writhe, whining. Noticing your movements, he leans down to whisper in your ears, “Shh, it’s alright.”
Kim Seokjin :
Tumblr media
“Jin- I- aah- ”
Seokjin presses you more into the wall, his dress shirt drenching at your squirt soaks through it. He groans, “Such a slut for my cock. Look at you squirting! Holy fuck!”
You hold onto him tightly, quaking as the overstimulation rocks your body. He kisses you softly, “It’s okay, take your time... I’ll go slow.”
Min yoongi :
Tumblr media
Yoongi moves deeper inside your cunt, a scream escaping you as you feel yourself squirting.
“Ooh kitten, you look so good when you squirt for me...”
He looks down at the mess, grinning and entering you again, sighing with pleasure, “Gosh you’re so fucking good.”
Jung Hoseok :
Tumblr media
Hobi growls, his hands pinning yours on the bed as he moves roughly inside you, your sensitive pussy clenching around his cock.
“Hobi! Ah!”, you scream as you squirt.
He holds you close immediately after, softly rubbing your bare skin, “Are you okay, baby? Do you need anything? Can you breathe?”
Park jimin :
Tumblr media
“Ngghhh, Jimin!”, you scream as another orgasm floods you, your lower belly contracting in pleasure. Jimin smirks, putting his cock deeper, making you squirt suddenly.
“That’s so hot love, you just squirted! I didn’t know you squirt baby.”
He looks at the thick liquid running down his belly, leaning down to kiss you passionately.
Kim Taehyung :
Tumblr media
“Fuck! You feel so amazing! Grrrr!”
Taehyung growls, spanking your ass and going harder in your cunt, his cock throbbing. You feel a strange sensation down your spine, and before you know, you squirt on the bedsheets.
He feels the liquid running down your thighs, a chuckle escaping him, “See how good my cock is, hmm? It made you squirt baby. Can you do that again for daddy?”
Jeon Jungkook :
Tumblr media
Jungkook bents you over the desk, your legs trembling as you try to recover from your 4th orgasm. He pushes his cock inside you again, fucking you roughly, making you scream.
“J-jungkook- please- I-”
You sentence cuts off with a moan, the warm liquid of your squirt running down your legs. You rest your head on his chest, trembling as you ride out the overstimulation. He kisses your forehead, “Take it slow princess, I got you.”
Tumblr media
Authors notes :
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nightowlfandom · 16 days ago
CEO! Min Yoongi- My Favorite Secretary
Why hello there!
Hi! Want to make a nasty petition pls. I want CEO Yoongi but he is so mean and strict with y/n he discharges all his frustrations and stress on her until he gets to fuck with her. I want a hard smut plsss
With these :
3, 15, 21, 60, 66
OOOOH FUN!!! LET’S GET INTO IT I was not too proud of this one...but here you go! Yo this one was LOOONNGGG, like shit. 
3- I said FUCKING BEG!
15- Whose gonna stop us? I own this fucking place, baby.
21- That’s right, you fucking worship me don’t you? Look up at me like I’m your god.
60- I found that little journal you made about me. I think it’s so cute how you fantasize about me, darling.
66- I’m gonna corrupt your mind. I love to play with you like you’re a fucking violin.
... (Monday)
“You’ll have to redo these reports.” a stack of papers was thrown onto your desk. You stared up at your boss in disbelief. 
“And just what’s wrong with them?” you raised an eyebrow. 
“There are exactly 15 typos in these reports and since I don’t care enough to go through them with you, I want them redone.” 
Min Fucking Yoongi. CEO of Bangtan Enterprises. You of course were a humble secretary who wrote reports on every idol and client that walked through the damn door. 
“I spent hours on those!” you tried to defend. “I already deleted the stupid file to save space on my computer!”
“You have until the end of the week.” he walked away without another word. 
“Sora didn’t even turn in her reports because she stayed up playing fucking Doki Doki Handsome Husband Haven and you gave her an extension!” 
Yoongi didn’t respond as he turned the corner. 
“Are you fucking kidding me.” you seethed. 
... (Thursday Afternoon)
“Y/N!” you heard the horribly scary voice. 
“What now?” you whimpered. You turned around in your chair to see your boss fuming. “Yes, Mr. Min?”
“No they aren’t! They aren’t due for another three days!” you tried to defend. Everyone else was starting to stare. They all knew how they treated you and they all felt super bad that he chose you to bully. 
“No you didn’t! I would have seen it-” you tried to speak.
“Y/N, don’t’re doing that thing you do when you’re about to cry.” your friend came over to your side. “Don’t waste your tears on that asshole.”
You inhaled dramatically, starting to type furiously through your blurry vision. You felt the tear slip down your cheek and you went to furiously wipe it.
...(Lunchtime: Thursday Afternoon)
Sobbing in the bathroom was a thing right?
Your two friends, Dahyun and Sana stood outside the bathroom stall as you sobbed into your hands. They were convincing you to not quit.
“Y/N, You know this is the only job that will let you live comfortably in this city. Other than being a teacher...and who’d want that?” Sana shuddered. “He’s done this more than TWICE now.” (...I’M NOT SORRY)
“I HATE HIM! I FUCKING HATE HIM.” You cried. “WHY IS HE ALWAYS MEAN TO ME!” You furiously wiped your eyes.
“Y/N, Open the door.” Dahyun sighed. “Let us in.”
The stall door slowly open and your two friends were met by a totally distraught woman. Your hands were stained with your eyeliner that you hand managed to completely wipe off leaving your tired face. 
“Y/N, he’s working you to the bone. You don’t even smile anymore.” Sana kneeled in front of you, taking your dirty hands into hers. “Why do you let him bully you?”
“Because if I don’t, I won’t have a job.” you sniffed. 
“Is someone dying in here?” you heard Miss. Hyuna, another boss walk in. “Aw honey, did a boyfriend break up with you want me to ‘accidentally’ get his car towed?”
Miss Hyuna was both Sana’s and Dahyun’s boss, you guys just liked to have lunch together.
“It’s Mr. Min.” Dahyun spoke for you. “He’s working Y/N to the bone. He only ever bullies her and no one else. I’ve seen it personally.”
“Is that so?” she raised an eyebrow, looking less than happy. “Is that true Miss. L/N. Is Mr. Min treating you unfairly?”
You couldn’t speak, so you just nodded. 
“All he does is yell at and belittle her every chance he gets.” Sana looked at Miss. Hyuna.
“Hm, I’ll go talk to him, right now. If he fires you, he’ll answer to me.” was all she said before she walked away. She ignored Sana trying to hold you back from stopping her.
Hyuna walked out of the bathroom with fire in her eyes. She walked by your desk only to see what looked like an open notebook with the words ‘The Min Yoongi Files’ written in permanent marker on the first page.
“This must be her case.” she shut the notebook, ignoring the childish looking anime stickers on the inside page. “I should take this for evidence, I hope she won’t mind.”
“Yoongi!” Hyuna stormed into his office, shutting the door behind her.
“Hey Hyuna, what’s up?” Yoongi looked up from his lunch. “What can I do for you?”
“What’s this I hear about you mistreating a worker? One of YOUR workers?”
“Pardon me?” he raised an eyebrow. “Mistreating?”
“Two of MY workers are busy consoling Y/N L/N in the ladies restroom on their lunch break of all times because according to all three of them, you’ve been unfairly treating her!!” she glared. She slammed the notebook down on his desk. “This should speak for itself.” she sighed. 
“I don’t mistreat Y/N L/N, She’s insolent! She needs discipline.”
“SHE’S YOUNG.” Was Hyuna’s comeback. “You can’t treat her like she’s a piece of garbage just because she makes one typo!” 
“Her typos cost us time.”
“So does your shameless reprimanding her for missing a semicolon.” she rebutted. “Think about it! Are men always this stupid.” she looked him up and down before walking out of his office.
Yoongi watched dumbfounded. He took at look at the notebook she left behind.
“Property of Y/N L/N.” he read aloud. He flipped it open to the first page to see a bunch of shiny and matte stickers all over the inside cover. “The Min Yoongi Files? Speak for itself, huh?” (read more below the break)
(The Next Morning) (Smut Warning)
You begrudgingly trudged into the office. Not only were you tired, but you were dreading. You had multiple deadlines.
“Shit...” you seethed. You walked past your desk into Yoongi’s office. He was sitting at his desk, flipping through the pages of a very familiar looking book. “You wanted to see me sir?”
“Yes, I did.” he shut the book and slid it over to you. “Care to explain?”
“Holy fu- ” You had forgotten you left your diary on your desk. How did he get a hold of that?
“ I found that little journal you made about me. I think it’s so cute how you fantasize about me, darling. Hyuna gave it to me thinking it was a list of every terrible thing I’ve done to you. I didn’t know it would be a list of every terrible thing you wanted me to do to you.” his face spread into a smirk. 
“You read my property-”
“My name is on it, which means it’s company property by association.” he was still smirking. “Y/N, Y/N Y/N...I didn’t know you were such a needy little girl. On my desk, in the breakroom? The elevator of all places?? I didn’t even know you enjoyed when I raised my voice.“ he raised an eyebrow. “You do realize I could have you fired for writing about me in such a way.”
“Yes sir.” you whimpered. “I’ll have all my sh-..stuff off my desk by-”
“Y/N what on earth are you talking about?” he raised an eyebrow. “Surely you don’t think you are fired.”
“I’m sorry?” you raised an eyebrow, becoming very confused. 
“Even though I’m an asshole, a big jerk, and the bane of your existence, you still want me?” he raised an eyebrow. “Maybe you have more of a backbone than I thought. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to miss a chance to break that spirit of yours.” he rose to his feet and walked around his desk to face you. “Get over here.” he urged.
He grabbed you by the hand and yanked you to his chest. He crashed his hot mouth over yours, capturing you in a kiss. He held both sides of your face gingerly. In a shock, you held onto his blazer jacket to stop from falling over.
“Hmm.” he moaned. 
“Mr. Min!” you gasped. “We can’t- I’m your secretary!! And I don’t know if you’re aware of this but you hate me.”
“ Whose gonna stop us? I own this fucking place, baby. “ he laughed manically. “And who the hell said I hated you? Plus you want this. I know you do because you wouldn’t have written about me throwing you on my desk and eating that little pussy...fuck that was my favorite story to date.” he spoke in a babyish voice. “Shit I’ve always loved what that ass does to me.”
You felt yourself melt in every way. The thought that someone would storm in didn’t even cross your mind. He back you up against the table, sitting you on the desk. Yoongi tore off his blazer and hastily undid his necktie.
He broke away from you, allowing you to suck in air. You took a deep breath as you felt your lips. He practically tore his shirt open, buttons flying everywhere to reveal that body. To say you were taken aback was the understatement of the century.
“ That’s right, you fucking worship me don’t you?” he smirked as you stared him down “ Look up at me like I’m your god” he quoted the exact words from the entry you had written just 5 days ago. 
“Oh, you read the whole thing.” you squeaked. “I am so fucked.” you whimpered.
“I’ll be honest, I’ve been needing a good way to unleash my stress.” he shrugged. “This is perfect..” he motioned, tugging the hem of your shirt, playing with and unfastening each button. “I can take out my stress and you get to feel the real thing instead of writing shameless fan fiction.” he laughed. “Don’t make any mistakes,” he drank in your body. “I want this to be more than sex.”
Before you could say another word, Yoongi wrapped his arms around your waist again. He leaned down and softly kissed your lips. You just prayed he didn’t taste the bacon, egg, and, cream cheese bagel you ate this morning. You didn’t know what to do, so you shyly returned his affections.
“Come on, act like how you write about. Moan for me, grab my hair-” he mumbled through kisses. “Kiss me like you hate me.” he grunted. “Unless-...”
He abruptly yanked down your skirt along with your panties. “Maybe we should do this right. Spread em, secretary.”
He wasted no time in hooking your legs around his shoulders. 
“Mr. M-min.” you whimpered, feeling something wet trailed up your slit. 
“ taste so fucking good.” he moaned. “Damnit Y/N, you coulda told me you wanted me earlier.” he flicked his tongue against your clit. “Maybe if you had a good fuck, your reports would be more punctual.”
“That report wasn’t due and you know it.” you found it in you to reply. You tilted your head back, feeling his fingers be introduced into your tightness. “F-fuh”
 “Come on, you love this shit.” he laughed, lashing his tongue against you. “Beg for me, beg for my mouth, beg for me to make you cum.” he moaned into your heat. “I said FUCKING BEG! ” he thrust his fingers even deeper. “Come on, scream my name.”
“M. Min, I- we- you....”
“Not first name...fucking say it I wanna hear it. I wanna hear if its as cute in my mind when I read how I made you squirt all over my fucking desk.” he kept moving his mouth and fingers against you.
“Y-yoongi.” you obeyed. This only encouraged him.
 “I’m gonna corrupt your mind. I love to play with you like you’re a fucking violin.” he giggled.
(3 days later... )
You were sitting at your desk when a stack of papers was thrown on your desk.
“There are 8 typos, fix them.” was all he said before he walked off. 
“Not again.” your work friend, seethed “what is it this time.“ She didn’t look up from her computer as you flipped through the pages.
My office, now secretary ;). Followed by a whole bunch of gibberish that lasted several pages.
“I’ll go talk to him” you rolled your eyes, taking the pile with you. You walked into his office. “Okay sir-” you began, walking through the door. You closed it behind you. “What seems to be the-”
Before you could talk any more, you felt his hand trail under your skirt. You felt his breathy laugh on the back of your neck. 
“I was hoping...we could go over your reports last week. I don’t think we got enough done, do you?”
(I was on a deadline....BUT I DID IT, my head is POUNDING)
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allmonstersxarehuman · a month ago
Requested?: Yes
Prompt:  “C’mere, you can sit in my lap till I’m done working.”
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Fem! Reader
Warning: Mentions of sex, soft Yoongi.
A/N: I might write a continued version to this... Also not edited.
Tumblr media
Working with your boyfriend wasn’t all that easy, especially when you both are always busy. Tonight was a different story, you had the day off but Yoongi was still working. As it was getting late you headed to the studio getting a ride from Hoseok since he needed to go help finish up lyrics. You had been sitting on the couch in his office reading a book, looking up from your book you listened to him hum to himself. You put down your book and went to stand next to him. “You still working on the song wrote with Hobi?” You asked as your hand went to the back of his neck lightly rubbing it. “Mm… Yeah just reviewing some lyrics he sent me.” He said softly looking up at you for a split second. “I’m sorry Aegiya, I should be done soon then we can head home.” You ran your fingers through his hair. “Mm, it’s alright you can make it up to me later.” You smirked leaning down to press a kiss to his neck. Yoongi smirked turning to face you and resting his hands on your hips. “You keep doing that and we may have a problem.” You bit your lip knowing what he was hinting at. “Don’t threaten me with a good time.” Yoongi rolled his eyes as he let out a laugh. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap till I’m done working.” He said pulling you close to him. You did just that and climbed unto his lap your legs on either side of him as you tucked your head in his neck a hand slipping under his shirt and placing it over his heart, something you had started back when you guys first started dating nothing sexual it just made you feel safe and closer to him. Min Yoongi may look intimidating on the outside, but in reality he was a big softy especially when it came to you. The boys always teased him because he wasn’t a touchy person but it all changed shortly after you guys started dating, but in all honesty you weren't touchy or clingy either. Yoongi had definitely changed your life for the better, you both fitting each other perfectly. Which is why 4 years later, you did almost everything together and since you were the groups stylist you often got to travel with him as well. When you weren’t working together the boys would inform you that he wouldn’t stop whining, it was something that still amused you. You had him completely whipped and he had you just as whipped.
“Don’t worry Jagiya I’m almost finished then we can go home.” He spoke pressing a kiss to your hair. You hummed softly. “When we do get home lets order take away, I know you and I’m pretty sure you haven’t eaten in awhile.” You said pressing a loving kiss to his neck. He hummed. “Mm well I am hungry but I rather eat you.” He smirked his eyes still on his computer screen. You blushed biting on your lip and rolling your eyes. “That was cheesy even for you, but I’m not opposed. You do have some amazing tongue technology.” You giggled. Yoongi opened his mouth though he wasn’t able to get a word out considering he was interrupted by a knock at his door, causing him to groan. “It’s open.” Yoongi called watching the boys pile into the room, you shook your head laughing they always did have perfect timing. “We aren’t interrupting anything are we?” Jin asked wiggling his eyebrows, causing Namjoon to shake his head. “Hey we’re headed out to get food, want to come with? Its Jin’s treat.” He smirked looking over at the oldest member causing Jin to go on a playful rampage. You smiled looking at Yoongi waiting to hear what he wanted to do, both of you sharing a look saying that you needed to hang out with the boys for a bit or they won’t stop bugging you guys about it tomorrow. “Sounds good.” You answered looking at the guys before turning to your boyfriend pecking his lips before standing up cleaning up her things from the couch. “Yeah, just a sec I’m almost done with this.” The boys nodded leaving the room, when Yoongi finished he stretched and shook his head. “Always such cock blockers.” He said walking to you and placing a kiss to your lips. “Don’t worry Yoongi. It’ll be worth the wait.” You smirked as you walked out of his office him following but not before letting out a frustrated sigh.
You let out a long sigh as your body hit the mattress, when you felt Yoongi lay next to you rolled so that you were now straddling him. Leaning down you gave his lips a soft peck only for him to pout. “Don’t give me that face.” You giggled running you thumb over his lips. “Mm…I can’t help it your lips taste so sweet.” He hummed rolling so he was now hovering over you. “Your so beautiful.” He said running his fingers over your cheek. “And you are such a mush.” You teased softly. Yoongi let out a soft laugh before leaning close to your lips but not letting them touch. “Only for you.”
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jxngh · a month ago
Having to wake up early to go to work but Yoongi doesn't want you to leave, so you take a day off and have sex.
i love this!! ty for requesting, here's your drabble! enjoy ✨
Tumblr media
he had to come home late yesterday because of his creativeness was maximum at midnight. and even though he had his equipment at home, his studio was much better. and when he's at home he wanted to be with you, all of his attention on you and only you.
at midnight, your room is fully dark, you felt him coming and placing himself next to you, careful to not wake you up. he slowly came closer, making sure that you're under the blanket and breathed your essence, realizing how much he missed you. he didn't take too long to fell asleep, your presence was giving him comfort.
after a few hours, almost 7 AM you stopped the alarm buzzing on your nightstand. your boyfriend moved and hummed dissatisfiedly.
"jagii please close it." he said with a raspy morning voice, eyes closed. you laughed at his cute grumpy face. when you were about to get out of the bed he hugged your waist and pulled you back.
"stay." he said "i missed you." his eyes were still closed, placing his head on your neck, basically locking you there.
"i was going to work out yoongs." he chuckled to your neck, giving tingles to your body. then his big hands found your waist and turned you to look at him.
"you don't need to go, you can work out at fact you don't even need to get out of the bed for it baby." he said giving you a grin.
"oh, that kinda work out? hmm." you replied, circling your finger on his shoulders. he moved his fingers under your shirt, caressing your back before kissing you slowly.
you buried your fingers on his hair and kept the kiss, making him smile lazily. you left out a little scream when he get you on top of him with a sharp move. he placed his hands on your hips and pulled you on top of where you can feel his obvious bulge. he guided your hips, circled and pulled it.
"ohhh," you breathed "undress me." and he took your small shorts slowly then you took his boxers down and he tossed them away.
you aligned him and slowly sat down, loving the stretch.
"mmmh." you said arching your back. he placed his hands on your hips, then on your waist and he reached out to your boobs, cupping them.
he left out a deep moan. "move just like that baby." he said pinching your nipples between his squeezes. you were feeling so hot under his touch, you left out a small whimper when he pinched your sensitive nipples and you pushed yourself to him harder. he was throbbing inside you, eyes half lidded.
his hands found your hips again, helped you to lift yourself. then you started to jump on him, his grunts were getting louder. you felt him twitching inside you when you kept your moves.
he lifted you a little more and pushed himself deeper, you felt your orgasm coming. you kept jumping and with a final jump you came all on him.
then he turned you over and gave you a deep kiss while he's still inside. you were getting more sensitive. he started slow and got faster, pumping himself to you.
you were a mess, still hazy from the pleasure. then he pulled and gave you a thrust which caused you to moan his name, he was rock hard, twitching.
"mmmh moan my name louder babe." he said with a low voice, then you did, you moaned his name while he's hitting the deepest places in you, making him spill all of him into you.
"there's no way that you're going out today baby we'll be doing sports here. here on the bed."
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baepsaesbae · 7 months ago
Taming Temerity
Tumblr media
Pairing— Min Yoongi x reader 
Genre— SMUT +18, incubus!Yoongi, demon au, Valentine’s Day au 
Warnings— Dom!Yoongi, brat!reader, fingering, oral (f receiving), multiple orgasms, hickies, shibari, tickling huehuehue, swearing, explicit unprotected sex (use protection when fucking a demon), ass slapping, creampie 
Word Count— 4.3k                                                                                    
 /təˈmerədē/: excessive confidence or boldness; audacity || You try explaining Valentine’s Day to Min Yoongi, your incubus boyfriend that feeds on your sexual energy. At first he doesn’t understand the point, but if it’ll make you horny then he’s willing to do anything.  
A/N— This fic is part of the Valentine’s Day collab Be My Bangtanvine with @kimtaehyunq @ppersonna @ughseoks @jinned @joontopia and @feliix​. Make sure to check out their stories too! 
“I never understood this holiday. You know it’s just a corporate scam for suckers like you, right?” Yoongi expressed his disdain as his gaze fell on the extravagant Valentine’s Day section in the grocery store. 
“So you’ve mentioned, Mr. Party Pooper,” you rolled your eyes, “Some people just like getting chocolates and flowers from their partners. I don’t see any problem with that.”
“Do you want chocolates and flowers? I can get them for you any time, just say the word,” Yoongi offered.
“That’s the point, it should be a little surprise. I wouldn’t have to ask you to do anything,” you tried to explain.
“At that point you’re already expecting something, doesn’t that just defeat the purpose?” your companion was genuinely confused.
“You know what? I don’t expect a demon like you to get it,” you were getting frustrated.
“No need to throw the ‘D’ word around like that. I’m an incubus sure, but we specialize in lust, not love. However, I’m always down to try new things. You of all people should know that,” he ended suggestively. 
You started to think about how your relationship started with Yoongi. Your body went on autopilot mode on the drive back home as flashbacks flooded your mind. 
Tumblr media
It all started about six months ago when you randomly started to have sleep paralysis consistently. You’d foolishly open your eyes and see a dark figure in the corner of your room that gradually came closer before settling on top of you. The extra weight on your chest made it hard to breathe. Once it got to that point, your eyelids would close and you’d be whisked away to a sensual dream. You’d wake up refreshed and energized, completely forgetting about the terrifying events that led up to your wet dream. 
One night, you miraculously were able to break the cycle. As soon as the dark figure approached the bed, you threw a pillow at it. At that point, you weren’t sure if you were in a dream or not, but you dashed to turn on your bedroom lights. The light revealed a man standing frozen in place by your bed. You remember screaming for help and shouting things about a pervert stalker. 
“Help! Somebody help there’s an intruder! Someone please--” suddenly your mouth refused to open.
“Well this is awkward,” the man rubbed the back of his neck, “Let’s get a few things out of the way first. I’m not a pervert or a stalker. In fact, I’m not even human, I’m an incubus. A new one at that.”
Your eyes widened in horror at the mention of a demonic entity. You backed up into a wall trying to get away from him while muffled screams desperately tried to escape from your sealed lips. 
“I’m sure you have a few questions. Normally I would just put you to sleep but you’re wide awake now and honestly I don’t have the kind of mana to deal with all that. So we’ve found ourselves in quite the predicament,” the demon sighed as he sat on your bed. With a wave of his hand, your mouth was finally able to open again. 
“What the fuck do you mean you’re a demon? This must be a dream right?” you were bewildered.
“Come sit by me, I can show you that I’m real,” the demon patted the bed.
“Trusting a self proclaimed demon is probably a bad idea but this is just a weird dream anyway,” you reasoned out loud as you sat beside the intruder. 
The man raised one of his hands to cup your cheek; you shuddered at his cold touch. Something changed when you looked into his eyes. Suddenly, you felt like kissing this total stranger. In fact, you felt a lust that you’ve never felt before. Before you knew it, you were straddling the man, rubbing your crotch against his as you passionately made out.   
“Lay back and take off your pants, dear,” he commanded. You did as he said without hesitation.
The man licked his lips as he spread open your legs. He slowly dragged a finger along your covered slit. Pulling your panties aside, he dove in tongue first, causing you to shudder at the warm and wet sensation. His tongue flicked around between your folds as his thumb began to circle your clit. Pleasure coursed throughout your body as your hands entangled themselves in his hair. You felt two hard protruding bumps atop his head...horns?
“Reaching for my horns already? Naughty girl,” the man smirked as he inserted a finger into your wet pussy. You squirmed at his action. It wasn’t enough, you needed more.
“Oh? What’s wrong?” he asked with fake innocence as he slowly finger fucked you, “Is one not enough? Do you need more?” You silently nodded in response.
“Nuh uh, I need to hear you say it,” he teased.
“Please, I need more,” you begged as you helplessly tried to grind against his one finger.
“Hm one finger isn’t enough huh? How about two?” he added in his middle finger as you moaned, “Or do you want three?”
His ring finger slid in with ease. Finally, you felt full; lewd sounds escaped from your lips. Your back arched as he picked up his pace, curling his fingers into you with every pump. Something tight wound up in you, indicating that you were close to your high.
“Keep going. Faster,” you panted as your legs began to shake.
“Your wish is my command,” he obliged. You cried out as your orgasm hit you. Waves of euphoria rippled across your body as he slammed his fingers into you a final time, leaving his fingers pressed up against your g-spot to prolong the event. 
You focused on catching your breath while the alleged demon smiled down at you. It wasn’t a creepy smile, it was one of triumph. His fingers were still inside of you.
“You can pull them out now,” you said weakly.
“I tried. Your tight little pussy is clamped onto them. See?” he showed you how your lips stayed gripped onto his fingers, “If I can’t pull them out, I might as well go back in.”
He pushed his fingers back in, making you gasp. You were still extremely sensitive, any movement of his would push you over the edge yet again. 
“If you do that-- fuck-- I’ll come again,” you warned him.
“Let’s see how many you can handle,” the man challenged as he picked up his speed yet again.
You came three times that night. All just to his hand and occasionally his mouth. The demon looked satisfied with his work as you laid blissed out before him. He slunk down beside you, laying on his side with his head propped up on his arm.
“These got bigger,” you observed as you reached for his horns. The tiny black stumps had grown longer and had a more defined horn shape. They felt cool to the touch and were ridged, similar to those of a ram. 
“They’re not the only things that got bigger,” he winked, “This is where my mana is stored. Essentially I get stronger when I consume energy.”
“Consume energy? Are you going to eat me?” you questioned with intrigue. You still believed you were in a strange dream. 
“Already did. I told you, I’m an incubus. We feed off of sexual energy. I rather enjoyed the meal. It’s too bad this will be the last time I can see you though,” he pouted.
“What? Why can’t you visit me in my dreams like you normally do?” you could get used to having dreams like this.
“Because you know that I exist. After tonight, you’ll forget all about me and I’ll get reassigned to a different human,” he answered nonchalantly.  
“Does that mean I’ll get another incubus demon?” 
“Not exactly. There are many different kinds of beings that dwell in the underworld. You could get any one of them. Most of them aren’t as fun or as handsome as me though,” he tried to lighten the conversation. 
“I don’t want to forget you, nor do I want this dream to end,” you admitted.
“Silly girl, you still think this is a dream? There actually might be a way to have me stay with you. All you have to do is make a contract with me. Interested?” the demon offered.
“A contract? Am I gonna be selling my soul to you or something? I would prefer to keep that if possible,” you tried to joke.
“I’m not that kind of demon. The contract would simply bind us together. You let me consume all of your sexual energy and I give you the best orgasms you’ll ever have. Seems like a fair deal to me,” he explained.
“So I’ll basically have a demon boyfriend? I don’t mind that, sign me up,” you nodded. You were groggy at this point and your eyelids were getting heavy.
“Boyfriend? I suppose you could put it that way. Let’s seal this deal with a kiss,” he suggested. He leaned in to your already puckered up lips. He paused mere centimeters from your face, “I’m Yoongi by the way. I apologize for not introducing myself earlier.”
You pulled him in for a soft kiss, “Hey Yoongi, I’m ___. I guess I’m your girlfriend now.” 
Tumblr media
“Whatcha thinking about?” Yoongi interrupted your thoughts.
“About the night we met,” you answered as you pulled into your driveway.
“That was a good night. You were so cute when you called yourself my girlfriend,” he smiled.
“Shut up, I thought it was all a dream,” you said defensively as you unloaded the groceries.
“I was thinking about Valentine’s Day as you were driving in silence. I wanna give it a try. I don’t get the hype, but if it will make you happy then I’m willing to go along with it,” Yoongi stated. 
“Really?” your mouth opened with excitement, “Do I need to plan the date or are you taking the reins on this one?”
“I’ll start doing my research now,” Yoongi gave you a thumbs up. 
Tumblr media
“Rise and shine gorgeous~” Yoongi sing songed as he opened the blinds.
You retreated back under the covers to shield yourself from the light. Yoongi tugged at the edge, making you even more aggravated. Curling up into a ball in the fetal position was your last line of defense. Once Yoongi flung off the blanket, you were done for.
“To start off your very best Valentine’s Day ever, I present you a bouquet,” Yoongi shoved a bundle of red roses in your face, causing you to sneeze. A few petals violently detached and fluttered helplessly onto the bed. 
“Thanks Yoongi, the flowers are pretty,” you managed to say with a stuffy nose, “I wish I could adore them more but flowers always trigger my allergies.”
“Hm, every romance film I watched always showed the girl loving roses,” Yoongi pondered, “Not to worry, my algorithm is flawless.”
“Are you a robot now?” you joked. The sweet smell of syrup and waffles caught your attention. Yoongi noticed this and excitedly yanked you out of bed. Normally you would bicker about the manhandling but you decided to let today be an exception. 
The living room was filled with pink and white heart shaped balloons. Yoongi dragged you to the breakfast table, where the usual placemats were replaced with red hearts and small metallic heart shaped confetti were sprinkled all across the surface. To top it off, the belgian waffles were heart shaped, outlined with whipped cream and topped with strawberries. The presentation rivaled that of an actual restaurant. 
Yoongi watched expectantly as you took the first bite. Your mouth turned into a smile as you tasted the fluffy waffle. The toppings complemented the dish perfectly, and you were hungry for more. 
“I made eggs and bacon too, though it was hard to get the eggs into a heart shape,” Yoongi sighed as he showed you his attempt to get heart sunny side eggs. The shape was wonky but it was impressive that the yolks were still well intact. 
“I don’t care what they look like, I’m sure they’ll taste great. Thank you, Yoongi, this is incredible,” you showered him with compliments as you continued to eat. Yoongi smiled with satisfaction as he took a sip of coffee, his favorite choice of sustenance from the human realm. 
“Enjoying your Valentine’s Day so far?” he asked from across the table.
“I’ve only been awake for about 5 minutes but it’s been pretty good so far,” you nodded.
“Well whenever you’re ready, go get ready for a day out,” Yoongi winked, “Dress however you want, it’ll be casual.”
You couldn’t help but wonder about what Yoongi had planned for the day. It was still a little chilly, so you put on a cute sweater paired with jeans. You accessorized with a beret and your favorite jewelry pieces. Yoongi waited for you in the living room, and his eyes lit up when he saw you. It wasn’t the usual dark lustful look he normally gave you, but rather one of fondness and genuine adoration. 
“Where are we off to now?” you asked in the passenger seat, which was a rare sight. Yoongi didn’t like to drive, he always complained about how it would be easier to just teleport. You always had to remind him that humans do not simply ‘teleport’ places and you’d surely turn a lot of heads if you did. Regardless, you enjoyed watching Yoongi drive. You admired his delicate features as he concentrated on the road.
“Can’t tell you, that you ruin the surprise,” Yoongi chided. 
Your eyes widened as he pulled into the parking lot of the local aquarium. It had been years since you last visited, and you were thrilled that Yoongi picked this place as a date spot.
“The aquarium! Ah, I’m so excited! But they aren’t inherently romantic, what made you think of coming here?” you questioned.
“I remember you mentioned wanting to come back here someday. I figured today would be a good time,” he shrugged. Yoongi’s thoughtfulness made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 
Once inside, you took the liberty of pointing out every fish you thought looked pretty to Yoongi. He was amused by how much you enjoyed something as simple as looking at fish. Colorful fish chased each other around their tanks, darting between corals and other underwater plants. You loved watching them go about their lives as they vibed within the aquarium. 
“It would be nice to be a fish,” you said to Yoongi as you stared in awe at jellyfish that were nearly transparent as they carelessly floated around.
“A fish? Why?” Yoongi scoffed.
“They seem happy, and free in a way. All they do is swim around and eat, that sounds like a good time to me,” you explained.
“And worry about getting eaten by a bigger fish. I’d rather be a cat if I had to be any animal,” Yoongi countered. 
  “Okay, that’s probably a better choice,” you laughed as you imagined Yoongi as a cat. It fit him surprisingly well. 
After leaving the aquarium, Yoongi suggested walking to a nearby gelato shop. You were never one to turn down dessert, so you agreed. The air was crisp and the cold made your cheeks go slightly numb, but you didn’t mind. You happily swung Yoongi’s hand back and forth in yours, you couldn’t remember the last time you’ve been on a date that went this well.   
“___?” a voice called out to you. You looked around to see who called you. Out of nowhere, someone ran up and hugged you from behind. You let go of Yoongi’s hand in the commotion as you were spun around.
“What the--” you said in shock. Finally you were put down, and saw a familiar face grinning back at you.
“Oh my god, Jungkook!” you exclaimed as you hugged him back. He greeted you with a kiss on the cheek.
“It’s been forever! I didn’t know you still lived here,” you said.
“I know right?! God, like 13 years or something? I’m here visiting some old pals. We’re all single so we’re celebrating this stupid holiday together,” Jungkook laughed. 
“Aww that's cute. I guess this holiday is pretty dumb, but I’m actually celebrating it with someone this year! This is Yoongi,” you introduced Jungkook to your boyfriend. 
“Nice to meet you, I’m Jungkook,” the young boy extended a hand.
“Min Yoongi,” Yoongi replied curtly as he firmly shook Jungkook’s hand.
“Damn, where are you hiding all that muscle?” Jungkook joked as he clutched his hand.
“Looks can be deceiving,” Yoongi deadpanned.
“How long are you in town for? I’d love to catch up with you on another day,” you interrupted. 
“I’ll be here for a few more days. Is your number still the same? I can text you tomorrow?” Jungkook offered.
“That’s perfect, I’ll see you around!” you waved goodbye and returned your attention to Yoongi. 
You took a hold of his hand and continued walking to the gelato shop. Yoongi was noticeably quiet now, and his demeanor had completely changed. There was an awkward silence between you two as you ordered your favorite flavors. You both sat outside to eat the gelato.
“So who was he?” Yoongi finally spoke. 
“Jungkook used to be my neighbor when we were kids. We practically grew up together. He moved away sometime in middle school and I haven’t seen him since. He looks great, I almost didn’t recognize him. What? Are you jealous?” you teased.
“I almost killed him when he kissed you,” Yoongi said in a tone that let you know that he was not kidding.
“Yoongi! People greet each other that way sometimes. Sure, it was a little forward, but we used to be best friends as kids,” you scolded him. 
“Ready to go home?” Yoongi asked, completely disregarding your explanation. 
“Okay let’s go back you big baby,” you sighed as you threw away your trash.
You hummed along with the radio all the way home. Yoongi didn’t say anything the whole ride. You were surprised by his behavior, you figured an incubus wouldn’t mind seeing affection in public. He had never given you the silent treatment before, so this was uncharted waters.
“Today was really nice, I think you did a good job planning out our Valentine’s day together,” you praised Yoongi as you returned home.
“Glad you enjoyed it,” Yoongi said coldly.
“Why are you being so pouty? C’mere, let me give the big baby a hug,” you reached for him with outstretched arms. 
“You think I’d let you get away with that kind of behavior?” an annoyed Yoongi glared back at you.
“C’mon, it’s not like it really matters,” you teased, trying to push your luck.
“It matters to me. You’re mine,” Yoongi snarled, baring his fangs.
“You’ve made that abundantly clear,” you tilted your neck, revealing marks from his previous feedings, “I can’t leave the house without a crap ton of concealer to cover up your monstrous hickeys.”  
“You knew what you were signing up for when you agreed to be my permanent lover,” Yoongi shrugged, his anger dissipating. 
“Who knew dating an incubus would be so tiresome,” you playfully roll your eyes.
“So that random guy kissing your cheeks doesn’t deserve to die?” he asked quietly.
“No! I told you, we’re childhood friends. I haven’t seen him in years. It’s okay to greet close friends with a friendly peck on the cheeks” you crossed your arms, “You’re being annoying. No dinner for you tonight,” you said confidently as you both entered the bedroom.
“Oh? Since when do you call the shots around here?” his voice lowered.
“Since now,” you replied defiantly. 
“Keep being cheeky, see where that gets you,” Yoongi challenged.
You smiled slyly as you pushed him onto the bed. Standing before him, you pulled off your sweater to reveal your bare chest. Yoongi instinctively reached out to grab them but you slapped his hand away.
“No touching,” you tsked as you slowly stripped off your bottoms. 
You turned to shake your ass at him. The gesture was meant to be playful, but Yoongi took it as a wage of war. He instantly pulled you onto his lap; your panties rubbed up against his hardened crotch.
“I’m hungry,” he growled in your ear as he firmly gripped your ass.
“Not my problem,” you snapped, doing your best to maintain your composure. 
“You’ll let me starve?”
“Don’t act as if you didn’t eat me out until I begged for you to stop last night,” you admonished. 
“Enough,” Yoongi silenced you.
He roughly latched his soft lips onto your neck. His harsh suckling caused you to moan and tangle your fingers in his minty green hair. You cupped his chin in an attempt to kiss him, but he pulled away. 
“You think you get to touch me now? Foolish,” he threw you further onto the bed.
With a snap of his fingers, your panties vanished. They were replaced with strict constraints as your hands and feet were bound by an intricate silk rope pattern. You’ve never been tied up like this before. You’ve dabbled in using handcuffs or fastening a belt around your wrists, but this was something else entirely. 
“You wanted to play. So let’s play,” Yoongi cooed in your ear as his fingers traced your sides.
“Oh fuck, Yoongi no,” your eyes widened.
“You’ve been a bad girl,” he smiled deviously.
His fingers dug into your sides. You burst out into a fit of laughter. You wriggled around uncontrollably in a futile attempt to get away from him. Yoongi accidentally found out that you were extremely ticklish, and ever since that day he uses it as leverage against you. It wasn’t fair at all considering that demons aren’t ticklish. 
Tears welled in your eyes when he finally ceased his attack. Yoongi also knew that tickling was a turn on for you. Something about having another person’s hands all over you made you wet. 
“You look so helpless,” Yoongi chuckled.
“Maybe these ropes have something to do with that,” you retorted as you panted.
“Still talking back? You obviously haven’t learned your lesson,” Yoongi ran his fingers along your sides.
“No, please. I can’t take anymore,” you pleaded.
“I think you can,” he smirked before tickling you again.
This time he didn’t stop until you were on the verge of passing out. The bondage made it even harder to catch your breath. Yoongi gingerly kissed your neck as you howled with laughter.
“Will you be a good girl now?” Yoongi asked as he flicked your nipples.
“Mhm,” you managed to whimper.
“I haven’t whipped out any shibari in ages, but I’m glad I did. I forgot how appetizing it makes humans look,” Yoongi licked his lips. 
“I can’t move,” you complained.
“That’s the point, my dear ___,” Yoongi kissed your forehead. 
His hand trailed down your stomach to your exposed pussy. He was pleased to find that you were already dripping wet. He rubbed circles around your clit as he licked your neck. He ferociously kissed over his previous marks as he started rubbing you faster. Your energy tasted exponentially better the more aroused you became. 
Being in such a vulnerable and powerless position turned you on so much. You found yourself at Yoongi’s mercy. Yoongi easily slipped two fingers inside of you. He curled his fingers to perfectly graze your g-spot, causing you to moan loudly. 
“You want me to fuck you?” Yoongi whispered in your ear.
“Please. I need you, Yoongi,” you begged. 
“I know you do,” he kissed your lips gently.
With another snap of his fingers, the ropes moved their position. Now your wrists were bound to your chest, and your legs were already spread open. 
Yoongi dragged his dick along your wet pussy. He loved watching you squirm beneath him as you impatiently waited for him to dick you down. He relished the erotic scene that lay before him. Witnessing you at the pinnacle of your horniess was a blessing. He couldn’t hold himself back any longer.
He thrusted his hips into you with inhuman force. He didn’t give you time to adjust to his thick cock; you didn’t deserve that tonight. Your cries of pleasure were music to his ears. He grabbed your chin as he ran his thumb along your bottom lip. You automatically stuck your tongue out for him.
“Good fucking girl,” Yoongi growled as you began to suck on his thumb, your tongue swirling around it.
Yoongi tugged at the ropes, making them vanish instantly. Your freedom was short lived since he immediately flipped you onto your chest. He propped up your ass, giving each cheek a firm slap. 
This position was his favorite, and admittedly yours as well. He loved the backside view, and you loved how deep he got. You were sure to lose your mind every time he got behind you. This instance was no exception. 
You reached down between your thighs to maximize your pleasure as your fingers easily toyed with your clit. Usually Yoongi wouldn’t allow you to touch yourself, but you couldn’t help it. You were too riled up from being all tied up. 
You came undone all over Yoongi’s cock. The warmth of your juices heightened Yoongi’s lust, causing him to thrust faster. He released his hot load into you, groaning as he climaxed. 
Your chest heaved as you struggled to stay awake. One of the side effects of being fucked by an incubus is that they literally can fuck you to sleep. After Yoongi cleaned you up, it was cuddle time. He ran his fingers through your hair, making it even harder not to succumb to slumber. 
“Full?” you asked with your eyes half shut.
“I’m never satiated, but I can’t complain for now,” he answered.
“Great. Happy Valentine’s Day, Yoongi,” you yawned.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, ___. I hope I lived up to your expectations,” he patted your head.
“You surpassed them,” you nodded in approval.
“Go to bed,” Yoongi stifled a laugh, “I guess it’s not a pointless holiday after all.”
Published February 9, 2021. No editing, copying, translating, or reposting allowed. All Rights Reserved © 2020 Baepsaesbae.
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 5 months ago
dream sirens, m | myg, jjk
pairing(s): yoongi x reader x jungkook
summary: He started this. Added another. Experimented. Now Jeon Jungkook can’t be separated from the melody. Everybody talks. Min Yoongi has you twisted, disheveled in his hands, pressing you between him and Jeon Jungkook. He’s not going to stop. They’re going to fuck you together, one by one, make you think about them all day and all night. You’re theirs now.
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; slut shaming and an iPhone gets destroyed by the overprotective duo; fluff and feels; smut (fem reader, dirty talk, wall sex, nipple play, ball gag use, photography during sex, fingering, marking (with teeth and a lollipop, yup), multiple orgasms, m-receiving oral, penetrative sex (including JK fucking you on top of pictures of Yoongi and you publicly making out), dry humping, cowgirl, handjob); non-idol!AU - friends with benefits / lovers? with Yoongi and JK, ft kind Jimin and kind (lil flirty) Taehyung
a–dick–ted au, but can be read alone as YoonKook PWP
now playing – 119 by nct dream
Jeon Jungkook was crazy.
His hands were up your cropped, Ouija-board-themed, black sweatshirt, too short and too wide. Too much space for exploring hands and lips, strong fingers tweaking your hard nipples, whines leaving your throat, your black bra on the ground, thrown aside in haste. Jungkook was looking up at you from the hardwood floor, chocolatey eyes glazed over, silvery blond hair slicked back and to his head, arms flexed, tattoos and muscles exposed, wearing nothing but his black boxer briefs, tanned chest dotted with your saliva.
On his knees, thick thighs and tenting bulge on display. 
"Noona, fuck, you look so fucking good..."
Your hands were planted on the wall, bouncing forward with every hard thrust of Min Yoongi's cock violently entering your drenched pussy from behind, one of your legs pulled back and hooked around his hips, his long fingers sinking into your soft thigh. Your spread-open, slick, puffy pussy lips on display to Jungkook's hungry gaze, swallowing Yoongi's length over and over, hips shaking with effort to balance on a single black high heel. 
Ball gag clenched between your teeth, moaning around the red plastic, drooling down your chin and splashing onto Jungkook's chest. 
"Your dreams are insane, Jungkook."
The raspy chuckle came from behind you, punctuating each syllable by harshly slapping his crotch into your ass. You hissed around the gag, eyes closing, nails digging into Yoongi's apartment wall. Jungkook snickered and tugged on your nipples, forcing you to open your eyes and glare at his frustratingly pleased expression. Fuck, Yoongi's cock was too good, filling you just right, rubbing against your slick walls, swollen head pressing into the right spots, your core throbbing in pleasure, making you cum again and coat Yoongi's stiff length with your juices. The scent of sex became sweeter, stronger, glistening splatters between your and Yoongi's thighs. 
Jungkook removed his hands from your nipples and you slammed your fist into the wall, growling at him, unable to say, don't stop, but Jungkook simply grinned mischievously and grabbed his phone from the floor. 
"You can delete it later if you want."
You snarled messily, sending flicks of spit across his face, but the younger man didn't seem to care, angling his phone underneath you and snapping a photo of Yoongi's cock forcing its way into your soaked folds.
Fuck, he knew. 
You came instantly at the thought of Jungkook taking such a dirty picture, wailing around the gag, one hand slipping. Jungkook was quick, sliding his phone aside and holding up your torso with one hand as you readjusted, muscles screaming, but Yoongi wasn’t satisfied yet, which meant that you weren't satisfied, the lower angle causing Yoongi to hit you deeper, his moans of your name deepening to a lower, more feral octave. 
"So good, fuck, my naughty girl is so fucking good to me..."
He slowed a little, prolonging his orgasm, longer, deeper strokes with your hips involuntarily bucking back to roughen them, desperate but also not wanting it to end, conflicted and in ecstasy. Jungkook watched with fascination, palming himself through his underwear, switching from your face to your pussy, his glassy eyes reflecting yours.
"You're so hot, noona, look so fucking sexy taking hyung's dick..." he panted, running his fingers over your chest and making you whimper as he flicked your nipples roughly. "Keep making those noises, fuck, you're everything..." Yoongi's cock, so good, so hard, twitching inside you, Jungkook's hand sliding up your neck, grabbing your slippery chin, aching slightly from the straps digging in on the sides of your mouth. His dark brown eyes fixated on your face, black pupils dilated, licking his pink lips, catching the lower one in his teeth, tiny mole underneath witnessing your depravity. 
"You like being used by us?"
Unbeknownst to you until it was too late, Jungkook's free hand snaking down your belly, two fingers pressed into your swollen clit, your eyes rolling back, nothing but Jungkook's deep Busan satoori invading your head like smoke and your nerves rubbed to waves of scorching pleasure, Yoongi's wispy gasps indicating he was losing control.
"You like it when hyung and I ask you to do bad things and make you a filthy mess?" Jungkook drawled, insane, he was driving you insane and your whole body was shivering and stinging, the string pulled so taut and so thin, ready for his low, dangerous voice to be the scissors.  
"Are you our dirty, perfect girl, noona?"
You couldn't say yes or no, so you just screamed behind the gag, nodding furiously in Jungkook's palm, saliva spreading everywhere, orgasm shattering through you, nerves on fire, lost in the bliss, high so high it was almost painful, spasms clenching around Yoongi's hard cock. He moaned behind you, your name a drawn-out growl, deft fingers gripping your hips so he could rut his crotch into your ass, draining every jerk of cum into the condom, savoring the feeling of your convulsing tightness. An intoxicating euphoria, Jungkook's hands all over your body, holding you because your arms had given up, his sweet kisses in your ear, good girl, such a fucking good girl, taking the chance to unbuckle the ball gag. You spat it out, gasping for breath, skin tingling, watching the red plastic and black straps roll, leaving a trail of spit on Yoongi's hardwood floor. 
"You're off your rocker, Jungkookie," Yoongi chuckled, words rattling with exertion, a tinge of fondness in his tone. 
Jungkook wrapped his arms around your chest, still on his knees. You couldn't see his face, but you could feel his chin on your shoulder, your heavy pants rattling your chest, sparks all over your hot skin, and Jungkook's now silvery-blond hair, faded from the blue, sticking to your sweaty cheek. You heard the not-so-innocent playfulness in his voice.
"You look pretty happy though, hyung."
"You're his bitch, aren't you?"
You felt a muscle twitch in your cheek as you picked up the plastic package of gummy bears from the lower shelf. You straightened, smoothing your oversized white t-shirt over the long-sleeved black shirt. No pants, only your black thigh-high socks and chunky black boots. Your hair was black now, with dark red streaks.
Jeon Jungkook's suggestion this time. 
The group of young women scrutinized you, blocking the exit of the gas station aisle. Pretty women, in trendy tops and high-waisted jeans, with attractive lines and curves. You recognized them. Part of Jungkook's harem. Four out of the seven young women that seemed to follow Jungkook around at every one of those parties he liked to attend. You wondered if he messed around with any of them. Probably not, considering they chose to annoy you in particular. You were already well acquainted with these accusations. It made it obvious who they were referring to.
Your eyes darted about, analyzing the world, searching for a weapon. 
"That's up to him," you replied coolly. "I don't really get a say."
"You're such a shitty liar," one of them taunted. "Who's this, slut?"
Pictures thrown at your feet. They spent the time to develop them to waste the paper and ink. You glanced down. No shock here. Printed, glossy photos of you in Min Yoongi's lap, rough kisses, his pale hands sliding up your skirt. As if you weren't there. Were you supposed to be surprised? Your eyes flickered back up.
You gave the woman a blank stare. 
"You take these?"
She scoffed at you, lifting her iPhone with its decorated pink case and dangling charms. "It's all in here, whore. You think Jungkookie will be happy to see you fucking around with other no-name guys?"
He probably would. This was Jungkook. 
But that wasn't what pissed you off. You clicked your tongue, looking down at the images of you and Yoongi, his dark hair and haunting smirk against your ear, slightly blurry from the poor lighting. The anger festered in you like a parasite, eating away at common sense, your muscles tensing, hovering between fight or flight, leaning towards the former. You were still holding the fucking gummy bears, plastic crumpling in your hand. 
"He's not a no-name," you mumbled icily.
"What's that?" one of the girls jeered. "Dumb bitch too stupid to speak clearly now?"
You lowered the tension in your shoulders. 
Fuck this. 
They wanted him so bad, they could have him. Why did you care? You didn't. You didn't need Jeon Jungkook, you didn't need Min Yoongi, you didn't need any of them, fuck pretty men and pretty women messing with your head, thinking they know you. Fuck people. You lived, you died, and that's that. You raised your head, suddenly apathetic to the existence of those trying to provoke you. 
There was a loud, violent crack.
One second, you were looking at the iPhone held triumphantly like a trophy in front of your face, and the next moment, you were witnessing the four women recoiling, gasping at the remnants of the pink smartphone smashed to the ground, the sheer force of the throw snapping it and the case cleanly in half.
Shards of glass and rose gold metal littered the ground. 
A black boot came down and crushed the phone further into the white tile next to the refrigerated section. The phone had slid that far, about three meters away. The black boot was attached to slim legs in ripped black jeans. Black leather jacket, gray shirt. A simple silver chain necklace standing out against prominent, fair-skinned collarbones. 
Mop of black hair, piercing cat-like eyes, and a murderous scowl. 
"Ah, such a shame you dropped your phone. Good thing there was a case on it, right?" lamented a silvery, deep voice, laced with annoyance and Busan satoori. 
The four women started and, there he was, standing behind them, blue-haired, chocolatey eyed, well-sculpted Jeon Jungkook, his pink lips twisted in a mocking frown. His long lashes lowered a little, cocking an eyebrow and looking down at them from his nose. One hand was lifted in a completed tossing motion and the other was shoved in the pocket of his charcoal jeans. His tall, muscular body was swamped by an oversized, light gray sweatshirt, his bulky black sneakers almost hilarious in their size. It didn't matter. 
He still looked so fucking hot. 
Jungkook lowered his right hand, flexing his tattooed fingers before tucking them back into his pants. 
"You should hold things more tightly," he chided the owner of the pink phone that Yoongi was still grinding into the floor, turning it into rose gold dust on the white tile. "Otherwise, they will fall by accident and break."
The woman squeaked, still frozen in shock. 
Jungkook smiled pleasantly, the action not reaching his unsympathetic eyes. 
"Right, hyung?"
Yoongi grunted in response and smashed the other half of the phone into smithereens with his boot.
Jungkook's smile dropped. 
The air turned ten degrees colder. 
"Get lost," he barked. 
The women scrambled and ran, throwing themselves out of the gas station in a flurry of chaos and crying. The bell on the door clanged loudly, rattling against the metal frame. You looked away, walking past Jungkook and his brightening expression. 
"I didn't need either of you," you snapped, briskly striding to the counter. You didn't bother glancing back. Who did they think they were? Knights in shining armor? Stupid. Fuck off. I didn’t need help. You threw the crumpled plastic bag of gummy bears on the counter, along with your keys and wallet from your other hand, vehemently yanking bills out of the black leather. 
"It's on the house, noona."
You jerked your head up, clenching your jaw, ready to explode, only to be confronted with round cheeks and a plush smile. A centimeter shorter than Yoongi. Blond hair. The smaller hands slid your things back to you, including the gummy bears. 
"My treat, okay?" the young man, Park Jimin, said kindly. He was part of the circle of seven friends that included Yoongi and Jungkook. 
Like a match extinguished, your fury sedated. "Oh... okay, Jimin. Thanks."
Jimin nodded. "Don't worry about it." He had a nice smile. There was something calming and unassuming about it. Genuine. He cheerfully winked at you. "Sweet girls should get sweet treats every once in a while."
"Clean up on aisle five."
Jimin's eyes shifted from your face to behind you, his expression souring at the gruff voice of the older man. "Seriously, hyung? You couldn't be nicer about it?"
Jungkook suddenly appeared next to you, tapping something solidly against the counter. One flick of your eyes and you realized he had picked up the photo prints from the floor. You spied Jungkook shoving them in his jeans. You felt his eyes on you. Looked up to his amused smirk and wink.
"I don't like bullies," Jungkook huffed stubbornly. "Especially when they bully my cute noona."
You rolled your eyes, scowling. 
Jimin grabbed the broom from behind him, frowning. "You should have done something sooner then. She's been getting harassed ever since she started hanging out with us."
You didn't say anything else. 
You just bowed your head to Jimin in thanks and snatched your things, walking out. 
You sat in the driver's seat.
Eating gummy bears. 
When you arrived at your car, the tank was already full. Someone had filled it for you. Your gaze raised to the sky, painted in shades of flaring red and hazy orange, ascending to pinks and purples that blended with the navy sky above. You popped a red bear into your mouth, artificial sweetness blooming on your taste buds, heart racing and core throbbing. 
Couldn't even eat fucking candy without thinking about Min Yoongi or Jeon Jungkook. 
You had noticed Yoongi trying to follow you as you left, but Jimin had irritably shoved the broom into Yoongi's chest. Your eyes flickered to the glass windows. Jungkook, Yoongi, Jimin in conversation. From this angle, you could only see Jimin's expression. He looked annoyed and mildly exasperated. 
You chomped the head off a green bear and looked away.
"Aren't you tired of me?"
You frowned, on top of Yoongi's chest, your hands in his black locks, his hands running through your hair, skin tingling from his touch. Bodies still humming from the pleasure. Yoongi had spoken his words so softly that you almost didn't catch them. 
You felt his fingers curl inward at your single word.
Yoongi's eyelids slid closed, no longer looking at you. "You wouldn't rather be with Jungkook?"
You snorted. "He's only using me to fulfill his fantasies."
Yoongi hummed, the sound coming from his chest to yours. Your heart fell into his rhythm, entranced by his deep voice, body shivering at the memories, memories orchestrated by none other than Yoongi himself.
"Don't you want to be part of them?" he murmured. 
Min Yoongi was a bad boy and he made you a bad, bad girl.
"Don't you?" you shot back, lips brushing his. 
Yoongi's eyes opened, cocking an eyebrow. His dark brown orbs seemed darker, shadowed by his black hair and uninhibited deviance. His fingers tightened, pulling on the red strands nestled between them. You gasped a little at the pain and the growing hardness against your leg. 
Yoongi didn't answer you. 
He just kissed you with his open-mouthed smirk. 
Jungkook had you pinned to the wall, hands gripping on your ass to hold you up to his face, panting heavily against your cheeks. His eyes were closed, trying to catch his breath. 
"Stop breathing on me and spit it out, you psycho," you muttered, your forehead leaning against his, his blue hair sticking to your cheeks. Heart racing from the last orgasm he gave you before he moaned in your face, cock jerking, savoring the feeling before sliding out and lifting you up by the ass to passionately kiss you.
A heavy, wet plop signaled the condom falling to the floor during the heated kiss.
You saw Jungkook’s cheek tick upwards now, acutely aware that he was smirking as he spoke with in a husky whisper. 
"You will always be the best sex."
You snorted inelegantly. "Don't be stupid. You could fuck whoever you want."
His eyes opened, dark chocolate darker from your head shadowing his, mischievous amusement glinting in those irises as his smirk turned into a grin. 
"I don't want to fuck anyone but you," Jungkook whispered hotly. "I don't want anyone to beg for me but you. I don't want to drink from any pussy but yours. I don't want to watch just anyone getting fucked by hyung.” His octave was so deep it was invading your head like smoke.
“I want to watch you."
His eyes shut again, leaning so close that he was speaking into your mouth, hot exhales flooding your throat. 
"Need no one but you."
Capturing your lips, claiming them, making you moan for him. 
"Only you, noona."
You heard your passenger's door open.
You stared straight ahead. 
Pine with the faint heat of whiskey. Not because he had been drinking, but because it seemed to cling to his leather jacket, probably spilled on and too expensive to dry clean. Or because Yoongi knew you liked it.
You ate another gummy bear, staring straight into the burning sky. 
"That's why you stopped going to the parties, huh?" the raspy voice asked.
You didn't reply. There was nothing to reply to. The question was rhetorical. You heard a knowing hum and then the gentle drum of fingertips on his bare knee, the same rhythm he liked to do on your skin. Your nerves ached, begging for Yoongi's touch.
"I'll become untouchable," he murmured.
Your hand stopped, midway to your parted lips. 
"Then you'll be untouchable too."
You turned your head. 
The dark brown orbs were watching you under black hair, voice like smoke, unknowingly invading everything. That voice could make you go out of your way, drive across town, just to have his whiskey breath against your hot skin. His pink lips curved into a small smirk. That voice could make you do bad things and like it, make you put up with rolling eyes and accusing stares.
You placed the gummy bear on your tongue. Sucked it in, chewing slowly. 
Yoongi's eyes honed in on your mouth. 
"I don't care about being untouchable," you mumbled. "They can't get to me anyway."
You noticed his fingertips shifting. Close, closer. A single one on your moving lips, stilling them. His own parted, heavy sigh laced with desire, staring at you through his lashes. Your nerves ignited, lips rising, pressing the thin skin to his callused pad.
"That's true," Yoongi breathed, husky and deep. "No one can touch a dream."
He removed his hand.
Reached into your bag of gummy bears and took one out as the backseat door opened, crinkling plastic and rumpled fabric interrupting the silence. Yoongi didn't blink. He just pressed the yellow bear to your lips and you opened obediently, circling it with your tongue before taking it into your mouth. 
"Fuck, hyung, are you trying to make me horny the second I get in here?" Jungkook whined. 
Yoongi smirked. "It's not that hard."
You chewed slowly, staring into those dangerous brown orbs. 
"Although your dick probably is."
"Yeah, so what?" Jungkook grumbled in the backseat. "Takes one to know one."
You looked away from Yoongi to see Jungkook digging into the plastic bag beside him. It was full of candy. Did he pay for it or force Jimin to give it to him for free? Or did Jimin give it to him because he was kind? Jungkook pulled out a red lollipop and raised his head, noticing your gaze. 
He smirked. 
You glared back. 
Jungkook wiggled the lollipop in the air, indicating he was up to no good with it. Then he scowled, gaze shifting to behind your head. You followed the direction, briefly seeing Yoongi's amused smile, already seeing what Jungkook had seen. 
Park Jimin was holding up a piece of paper, frowning at your car. 
Do NOT fuck in my parking lot!
You raised your eyebrows and noticed movement beside you. 
Yoongi raised his fingers and snaked his deft tongue out between them, ticking a brow. You looked back to see Jimin removing one hand from the makeshift sign and giving him a specific, single finger, jabbing it in the air to indicate he meant it in the most impolite way possible. 
You reached over and started your car as Jungkook started laughing maniacally in your backseat. 
"Spread your legs, noona."
Yoongi hummed behind you. "You're so vulgar, always making her do such dirty things."
You clicked your tongue, legs still closed, sitting in one of Jungkook's chairs at his apartment, not looking at either of them. Suddenly you felt Yoongi reach over from behind the chair and grip your knees, forcing your thighs open, spreading them so wide that your hips involuntarily jerked forward, giving them the best view of your already soaked panties.
Jungkook was kneeling in front of you, red lollipop in between his teeth.
"Fuck..." he groaned, knocking the candy around in his mouth with his tongue. "Fuck, that's so sexy."
The red silk fabric clung to your skin, darker where it was trapped in your slick folds.
"Yoongi..." you growled in warning.
He chuckled and yanked up your shirts with swift fingers, both the white t-shirt and black long-sleeve, pulling them over your ass and tucking them into your bra. The slightest hint of his fingertips brushing against the underside of your breasts, making your gasp and yearn for him. His fingers trailed upwards, hands landing on your shoulders. Whiskey. Pine. Leather. His warm breath against your ear. Jungkook's hands reached for the tops of your black thigh-high socks. Yoongi's tone low, dangerous, devilish.
A hot shiver slid up your spine.
"What, my naughty girl?"
You sucked in a breath, socks now down to your knees, Jungkook reaching up and plucking the lollipop from his cherry-red lips. Grinning, cerulean hair shading dark, devious eyes. He pulled the hard candy in and out of his lips a few times, making a small pop sound, tongue flicking out, lingering before doing it again. Your pussy throbbed insistently, demanding attention. 
"H-He's... being bad..."
Your voice cracked a little. Needy.
"Yeah?" Yoongi purred, touch sliding across your chin, rubbing his fingertips against your lips. "Is Jungkookie being a bad boy?" 
He slid a finger into your mouth, rubbing your tongue. You gasped, another sliding in, stuffing your cheeks. Jungkook bit his lip under you, watching with rapidly dilating pupils, smearing the sweet sugar on his lips and licking it off with a low moan. His free hand was on one of your knees, squeezing it tightly. Yoongi began to slowly fuck your mouth with his fingers, muffling your cries with his digits.
"He likes watching, you know. Tell her, Jungkook."
The younger man nodded eagerly, staring up at your face. "I love watching you, noona. You always look so sexy. So fuckable," he moaned softly, hand sliding up your thigh. You whimpered at his firm touch nearing your dripping core. He stopped, smiling slightly, teasing you on purpose, Yoongi's fingers messily sliding in and out of your mouth. "Just like my dreams, but better, because I get to watch you for real."
His dark brown eyes shifted up. 
Yoongi chuckled dryly.
Jungkook turned his attention back to you, grinning. 
"I get to watch hyung mess you up and I get to mess you up myself."
You raised a brow, lips closing around Yoongi's fingers, sucking. Tongue sliding between them, Jungkook's eyes following every movement, groaning as he witnessed the pink tip wiggling between long pale fingers. You felt Yoongi lower his head, lips against your hair, murmuring into it.
"Let's give him one more."
You felt Yoongi's ring finger press into your lips and you made him work for it, slowly forcing its way between your plushness, slicking it with saliva, filling up your mouth even more.
"Fuck..." Jungkook whined, shoving the lollipop back between his lips. "Come on, hyung... put them in her..."
You gave him a slightly confused look, unsure why he was suddenly being so subservient. These days, Jungkook was demanding and slightly impatient, even with his hyung. Now it was almost as if he was playing a role and not his usual self. Yoongi's lips brushed against your ear, bordering on raspy laughter.
"Jungkook has some interesting dreams, don't you think?"
You made eye contact with the younger man and he grinned, tapping the candy against his teeth. Yoongi pulled his fingers out and you gasped, strings of spit breaking. Eyes still on Jungkook, seeing his dark brown orbs cloud with growing lust.
"You're a freak, Jungkook," you gasped out, heartbeat rattling from your mouth being used so shamelessly.
He reached up and popped the red lollipop out of his lips. "You love it, noona."
Your skin pricked with the depth of his tone. 
"You wear these for me?"
Yoongi's gravelly whisper in your ear, laced with his Daegu satoori. A small whimper left your throat, feeling him hover his wet fingers over your heat, everything exposed to Jungkook's greedy gaze. 
"Maybe I like being pretty for myself," you mumbled, lids feeling heavy, Yoongi's soaked fingertips grazing the damp silk, his voice in your ear.
"You're already pretty," Yoongi drawled.
You sucked in a breath as something wet and hard pressed into your thigh, chin jerking down to see Jungkook smirking, smearing the lollipop's sticky sugar on your skin, leaving red syrupy streaks.
"Yeah, noona," he purred, head lowering, rolling the lollipop on your inner thigh. "You don't need clothes to be pretty."
Your ears burned at the compliments. Then you gasped as Yoongi lifted the side of your panties, peeling it from your soaked folds and snapping it to the side. Cold air on your heat shocking you, candy-coated legs spread wide and hips tipped up. You gripped the seat of the chair, shifting them as far back as you could to hold your position. Jungkook kept his eyes on you, lips now ghosting over your skin, your heartbeat thundering in your ears.
Voice like smoke, deeper from his Busan satoori.
"You're my dream girl, noona."
You ticked an eyebrow. 
Yoongi plunged his fingers into your throbbing pussy and Jungkook's tongue swiped a hot stripe over your thigh, licking up the mess he made as you threw your head back and moaned, stretched out by Yoongi's fingers, skin on fire from Jungkook's exploring lips and tongue. The back of your head hit Yoongi's shoulder and his black hair brushed your cheek, cat-like eyes observing your hips rising to his thrusts, throaty whisper resounding in his chest. 
"Good girl."
You shivered at the praise, sucking his fingers in with a wet squelch, Jungkook moaning as he kissed up and down your leg, licking, biting, sucking, eyes fixated on Yoongi's fingers pumping in and out of you, your juices dripping onto his chair. Wet smacking sounds accompanying his own, you looking down to see red marks all over your thighs from his teeth, so obvious what they were, badges of sensual sin, Jungkook’s blue hair feathering onto your skin and adding to the sensations, soft whines in your throat that made Jungkook look up innocently, pupils blown so wide his eyes seemed black. 
"M... more, Jungkook... p-please..."
He groaned, fingers digging into your thighs. 
"So fucking hot when you beg for me, noona..."
Jungkook shoved the lollipop into his mouth and you gasped, back arching as Yoongi's slick fingers flexed inside you, rubbing against your walls, pleasure erupting, barely registering Jungkook yanking his sweatshirt off and throwing it aside. Yoongi's heavy exhale caressed your ear, thumb knuckle grinding onto your clit, swelling and abusing it, making you cry out for him.
"Yes, Yoongi, yes, fuck, don't stop..."
You forcefully righted your head to watch Jungkook slathering the red lollipop with his tongue, soaking the candy and pressing it into your thigh. You cried out at the strange sensation, violently fucking Yoongi's hand as Jungkook drew all over your skin with the sticky mess, so dirty, so wrong, realizing with a jolt that Jungkook was writing his name, his fucking name in his saliva and candied syrup on your right thigh. 
"Fuck, yes," he breathed carnally.
You gasped, legs shaking, orgasm soaring through you, Yoongi's dark chuckle in your ear, still pumping his fingers into you, fucking you through your orgasm as his thumb glossed over your aching clit, prolonging the pleasure, only able to pant helplessly as Jungkook covered the red lollipop with his spit again and pulled it out to write on your left leg. You closed your eyes and rode your high, hooking your ankles on the legs of the wooden chair to prevent yourself from closing them, prickling strain all over your body, left thigh being painted with the red lollipop.
Opened your eyes to see. 
Right thigh.
Jeon Jungkook. 
Left thigh. 
Min Yoongi. 
Jungkook grinned as if he had done something very clever. 
You looked him dead in the eye. 
"You're so fucking bad, Jungkook."
He popped the candy back between his lips. "Hmm, but you love it so, so much."
Your whole body shook, sparks of ecstasy burning through your veins, staring into dark, dangerous eyes framed by blue. You heard Yoongi's zipper being pulled down and you lifted a hand, hooking on one of the holes in his jeans and pulling him closer. He hummed, pleased, taking your hand to guide it to him. 
Jungkook ticked an eyebrow, shifting the white lollipop stick back and forth between cherry-red lips. 
"Do you regret tainting me, noona?"
Yoongi closed your fingers around his stiff, hot length, both of you sighing in satisfaction as you gripped it, stroking slowly. 
Jungkook shoved the stick to the side of his mouth, tattooed hand appearing, drumming in between your legs, closer and closer to your wet, quivering hole, pleading for his pleasure, still leaking onto the seat. 
"Hyung said you think I'm just using you to fulfill my fantasies."
You stared into his nearly black eyes, ensnared, hand still moving, pulsing veins against your palm, Yoongi's breathing shallowing at your touch. Jungkook lifted himself up, fingers splayed out on the wood, right between your legs. Leaned in. Closer. Laundry and the sea, mixing with the whiskey and pine in your hand. 
"We all know," Jungkook murmured, red sugary lips skimming yours, white lollipop stick in between them, his dark jeans roughing up your exposed knees.
You were lost, lost in this moment composed by Min Yoongi and Jeon Jungkook. 
"That's a lie."
Jungkook grabbed your head and turned it forcefully, fingers tangling in your hair, pushing you down to your hand on Yoongi's cock, your mouth already opening in a gasp, his fingers ghosting above your abused clit, one knee on between your sticky thighs. Your eyes darted up to Yoongi's smirk, his tongue between his teeth, purring your name. So sweet, so enticing. 
"He likes you, you know," he teased.
The words that got you on top of Jungkook in the first place. 
You narrowed your eyes. "You're bad, Yoongi."
He shuddered a little, lashes lowering.
"Love it when you say my name like that."
You swallowed Yoongi's cock in one go, Jungkook pushing you down with a little more force, Yoongi gasping softly, fitting his hand over Jungkook's. You moaned around his length, hot tendrils of pleasure rippling through you as Jungkook rubbed your clit gently. Yoongi pulled out slightly and pushed back into your lips, watching intently, sucking in a breath when your tongue slid along the bottom, tracing the contours. 
"Fuck yes," Yoongi growled, your hand gripping his bare hip, digging your nails in. His clothes were still mostly on, still wearing his gray t-shirt, pants around his knees.
You whimpered around his cock, tugging him to you, his voice deepening, smirk widening. 
"You're so fucking perfect."
Gripping Jungkook's hand behind your head, slowly fucking your face, Jungkook playing with your clit, sweet candy from his breath mixing with the scent of your sex and Yoongi's cock, so wrong, too much but not enough, needing more, more. Your one free hand left the chair, but it didn't matter; Jungkook's weight firmly held it down with his knee between your spread legs. Your hand fitted around his, pressing his fingers into you, eyelids fluttering with a moan to vibrate Yoongi's cock. Jungkook snickered at your insistence, hard candy knocking against his teeth as he spoke. 
"Don't worry, noona. I promise I'll help you feel good too."
Your fingers closed in around his forearm, feeling his muscle tense as he thrust into your pussy, other hand gasping Yoongi's hip as he pushed his cock into your tight throat. Your body was awkwardly twisted, tailbone aching, but the pleasure too good, the pain morphing into morphine, high too intoxicating to feel anything else but Yoongi's cock fucking your throat and Jungkook's fingers stuffed inside you, both of their hands behind your head to guide your mouth, Jungkook whispering into your ear, fuck, you look so good sucking hyung's cock, I love it, love it so much, makes me wanna fuck you so bad, ugh, it's going to feel so fucking good after all this waiting, your pussy clenching around his fingers, no good reason for you to be so turned on by his words.
Only bad reasons. 
And you stared into Yoongi's half-lidded eyes, him biting the side of his lip and roughly thrusting into your mouth, your lips tightening and squeezing him in your throat. Those dark eyes glittering, rolling his hips into your face mercilessly. 
"Always doing the things I love, my naughty girl."
His cock twitching in your wet warmth, you barely breathing, pleasure flaring from your heated core, moaning as you came on Jungkook's hand, aftershocks racing through your spine, Yoongi groaning at the added simulation. 
Your vision was a little hazy, unfocused, Jungkook starting to rub your engorged clit furiously, body flinching from the powerful waves of pleasure, but your eyes were on Yoongi, looking down at you, his heavy breaths indicating he was close.
He couldn't catch his breath, too absorbed on chasing to his release, dark orbs piercing through you, voice a wispy rasp.
"The only reason I wake up is because I want to fuck you," Yoongi breathed. 
You looked up at him, tight mouth being punished by the hardness of his cock. He didn't look away, your name dropping from his lips, heavy, loaded, bullet against the strike, and you gasped, eyes rolling back as Jungkook made you cum again, clit pulsing against his fingertips, his sweet cherry breath against your cheek, moaning your name with furious desire. Yoongi hissed, cock jolting against your tongue and the roof of your mouth, spurting down your throat, thick, hot, salty, so delicious, you gluttonously swallowing, drinking it all, your whines of pleasure trapped in your chest. 
You felt Jungkook's fingers rubbing your scalp soothingly and Yoongi's caressing the back of Jungkook's hand, holding him down. Your tongue circled the head of Yoongi's cock, licking him clean, teasing the sensitive skin. 
He chuckled above you.
"Ah, our girl is so fucking good..."
"At the risk of sounding creepy, you have nice feet."
You tilted your head and stared at the sales associate behind you in the mirror. 
"That's a weird thing to say, Taehyung."
Kim Taehyung shrugged, looking sharp in his black vest, white dress shirt, and black slacks. He had a gold name tag, but you already who he was. Another one in Kim Namjoon's circle of friends. Namjoon, your almost-maybe-something that ended up being nothing, yet led you to Min Yoongi... and then Jeon Jungkook. 
"I'm just saying a lot of ugly feet have tried on those heels and you're the only one I've seen who makes the heels look good and not the other way around," he replied in his baritone voice. 
You inspected the slim black heels in the mirror. Pointed, closed toe. Interesting curve along the side that molded to your feet. An elegant shape of the heel, not as thin as a stiletto, but just as sexy. Walkable.
You were wearing your black Ouija-board sweatshirt. Cropped, roomy, with lime green ‘HELLO’ and ‘GOODBYE’, paired with a pleated black skirt that had too many leather straps that did absolutely nothing. Your black boots were leaning against the chair behind you. 
A woman flitted to Taehyung, but he waved over another assistant to help her instead. He took a step closer to you, scowling a little. 
"I don't even work in the women's department," he muttered under his breath. 
You turned to face him and Taehyung shook his head of brown curls, placing a finger to his lips. "Don't tell me to go back to the men’s department, noona. I just want to help someone who's actually grateful for once," he grumbled, nudging you. "Should have told me you were coming. I would have pulled some stuff for you."
You had come to this department store on a whim, waiting to kill some time before having to pick up Yoongi and Jungkook from their location. Photos and an interview for something. You didn't know Taehyung worked here, but it was a pleasant surprise.
Taehyung pointed to your feet. "You gonna get them?" He smiled with that boxy grin of his. "You definitely should. Not saying it because I'm a salesperson. Saying it because you look mega hot in them. We could use the advertising."
"Kinda sounds like something a salesperson would say."
Taehyung laughed as you sat down on the chair. You weren't sure how Taehyung convinced you to put these on. Must be his natural persuasive skill. 
"They're a bit too stylish for me, don't you think?" you wondered out loud.
Taehyung snorted. "That's a load of shit. You can pull off any style. You know why? Because you're hot. Guarantee you every dude with working eyeballs that’s seen you has had at least one wet dream involving you. You've literally–" He suddenly cut himself off, locking his jaw.
You gave him a confused look, waiting for him to continue.
Taehyung shut his mouth, clearing his throat. He straightened his collar, mumbling. 
"... Don't say that..."
"Say what?"
Taehyung shuffled his feet before making eye contact with you again. He put a teasing smile on his handsome face. You looked up at him, cocking an eyebrow. 
"Don't you think you look good in them?"
You had a feeling that wasn't what he was about to blurt out earlier, but you glimpsed at yourself the mirror, to your reflection. You did like them, although you weren't sure why. They just made you feel a little dangerous. 
You liked that. 
You bought them.
Jungkook dropped your naked body on the bed after using a wet towel to wipe the lollipop mess off your legs. You winced, feeling sharp corners poking your back, eyes widening as you realized the photos from the gas station were all over the bed, pictures of Yoongi defiling you in public, blurry from the low light, flashes of Yoongi’s large pale hands covering your ass.
He pushed your shoulders down on his navy sheets, blue hair all over your face as he kissed you roughly, stealing your protests, keeping you down with his wild kisses as he ripped the condom open, hurriedly sliding it down his cock, moaning in your mouth.
“Gonna fuck you right here, like this,” he gasped, grabbing your legs, putting them on his shoulders.
“Why on the – o-oh, fuck, Jungkook!”
He moaned wantonly as he pushed into you, so impossibly hard from denying himself, stretching your tight, wet pussy out even more. You whimpered at his hardness, constricting around it, wanting it, breathing hard into Jungkook’s face as he began to slap his hips into you, his eyes rolling back from the overwhelming ecstasy.
“S-so tight, noona, your pussy is so fucking good…”
He snapped his head back down, forcing his eyes open to watch your face painted in pleasure, surrounded by pictures of you on Yoongi, cock twitching even more inside you as his gaze roamed all over. Your legs pressed to his shoulders, smacking his crotch and balls into your hips, his name slipping from your lips over and over, praising him and his wonderful cock, completely forgetting about the photos’ corners digging into you. You heard a sharp click and started, whipping your head to see Yoongi on the side of the bed, half-dressed, lollipop stick protruding from his lips, holding Jungkook’s phone, tilting his head at it before setting it next to your jerking body that was bouncing upwards from the force of Jungkook’s fierce thrusts.
They’re both crazy.
Your eyes flickered to the screen, to the photo of Jungkook fucking you into his bed surrounded by pictures of you in Yoongi’s lap. Your pussy spasmed, low moan torn from your throat as you came, fuck, you’re crazy too, getting insanely turned on by it, Jungkook following suit, ramming into your convulsions and throwing his head back, a waterfall of blue and the graceful line of his exposed tan neck, groaning your name as he came in powerful jolts, filling the condom to the brim with his lust.
Yoongi flicked a photo off the bed, smirking.
“Guess those bitches were good for something.”
“Holy fuck.”
Jungkook licked his lips, watching you step out of your car.
You raised an eyebrow as Yoongi walked around. You closed your car door.
Jungkook immediately shoved you into Yoongi. You stumbled a little, growling, but Yoongi held you firmly, hands gripping your upper arms.
“What is it, Jungkook?” Yoongi murmured, lightly kissing your ear and making you shiver.
“Look, hyung.”
And Jungkook grabbed your leg, lifting it up, black high heel swinging out, awkwardly putting you on one leg and exposing your black panties to the world. You heard Yoongi suck in a breath, voice dropping several octaves.
“Oh? That’s different.”
Jungkook’s face against yours, grinding his growing erection into your crotch. You glared at him, highly aware that you were surrounded by streetlights. Darkness had already fallen. Anybody glancing this way could see you right now, squashed between two men. Jungkook’s dark brown eyes glittered with arousal.
“When did you buy these?” he breathed, tone shivering in excitement.
“Literally just before picking you up,” you grumbled. “Taehyung suggested it. Let my leg down.”
Instead of doing that, Jungkook continued holding it up, humping your growing wetness as Yoongi rolled his hips into your ass, trapping you between two hard cocks.
“Someone should give that man a raise,” Yoongi chuckled, squeezing your arms.
“Fuck, they’re so sexy,” Jungkook moaned, kissing you hungrily. “We have to fuck you with them on.”
“That doesn’t seem like the right amount,” you commented, pointing to the screen.
Taehyung pressed his finger to his lips. “Shh. Employee discount.”
You raised your eyebrows.
Taehyung grinned. “Hey, we’re all bad sometimes, aren’t we, noona?”
"You dyed your hair."
You stared at his now dark red locks. In the light, it burned various shades of lush burgundy and in the shadow, it seemed almost black. His cat-like eyes on you, shaded by shadows of merlot, small smirk on his lips. 
You frowned. "Copycat."
"I believe the original idea was mine, wasn't it?"
He asked you later, pinning you down to his bed, mouth on your shoulder, red fanning out on your neck, skin singing with pleasure. 
"Do you like it?"
"Like w-what, your dick? Oh, fuck, Yoongi..."
He chuckled, nipping at the delicate flesh in between your neck and shoulder, rolling his hips into yours, filling you up. 
"My hair."
Your hands were already in it, fingers tangled in the softness. He stopped moving, cock throbbing against your pulsing walls, teasing you. Demanding the truth.
"Yes, fuck," you gasped. "Yes, I love your hair, fuck, please, please, Yoongi, give it to me."
His lips curved into a smirk on your skin. 
"As you wish."
Staring at that dark red hair now, wanting to touch it.
Your attention wavered to Jungkook below you, your Ouija-board-themed black sweatshirt behind that head of silvery-blond, faded from the blue now, sharp jaw clenched, pink lower lip in his white teeth, grinning up at you, dark chocolate eyes up to no good. His strong hands were around your wrists, your hands in his abs, your hips trying to move, entranced by his hardness buried inside your slick folds. Still on Yoongi's fucking apartment floor, Jungkook too impatient to move to the bed. 
Like always, one of you three already had a condom in some spare pocket. 
The ball gag was next to Jeon Jungkook's head, along with his phone the screen showing the picture of Min Yoongi's cock shoved into your glistening pussy. 
You dug your nails into his abs and Jungkook simply snickered. 
"Let me move."
"Gotta wait for hyung to be ready."
You were still wearing your heels and only your black heels. You glared at Jungkook, squeezing his length roughly and he smirked at you, fingers running over your skin. 
"You made me a mess," said a raspy voice.
A hand appeared and cupped your cheek, tilting it towards dark, cat-like eyes framed in burgundy, warm breath against your lips. 
"A tragedy," you muttered, kissing him. 
Yoongi smirked into your kiss, your kiss turning into a sharp gasp as Jungkook let go of your hands, grabbing your hips and lifting you slightly to ram himself into you from below. 
You yelped, cut off by Yoongi's rough bite of your lip, sucking it into his mouth and muffling you, rough kisses with his hand gripping your face. He released your lower lip and you moaned into his mouth, ecstasy racing from your core, Jungkook's cock filling you over and over again, so hard, fuck, so fucking hard because he had made himself wait, and you didn't know if it was because he dreamt about Yoongi fucking you or if he just wanted to be denied while watching Yoongi fucking you, but it didn't matter because Jungkook was inside you now, sighing in satisfaction at your pulsing tightness as Yoongi toyed with your tongue, teasing it with his. Pleasure from above and below, both lips puffy and inflamed, one from the ball gag and the other from Yoongi's cock earlier. 
"You like Jungkookie's dick stuffing you right after me?" Yoongi drawled, fingers trailing down your jaw. 
"Y-Yes... Yoongi... fuck, he's so good, feels so fucking good..."
Your hands searching, knowing he was on his knees beside you, sliding up his thigh, grasping his semi-hard cock, moaning as you saw Yoongi's eyes darken, your name falling from his lips, smokey and saturated with lust, Jungkook's cock filling you up just right, orgasm tumbling down, soaking Jungkook's crotch and balls as you began to stroke Yoongi's cock, a little erratic, but he didn't seem to care, smirk playing on his lips.
"So greedy, our naughty girl always wanting more," he whispered into your cheek, dark red hair brushing against your temple, the waves of pleasure subsiding a little, Jungkook groaning under you.
"Feels so fucking good when you cum for me, noona..."
Your eyes shifted to him. Yoongi's hands lingered around your breasts, Jungkook's blown-out pupils watching, slowing down his thrusts to enjoy it, groaning as Yoongi pressed his long fingers into the softness and you gasping at the contact, hard nipples still sensitive from Jungkook playing with them from before, but you urged Yoongi on, pumping him faster, his cock still slick from the lube of the condom, already to full hardness by your touch and the lewdness of the situation. 
Jungkook watching his hyung and noona above him, his favorite breasts being played with, nipples tugged and pinched, your moans wild and wanton, your hand furiously jacking Yoongi off as he panted into your cheek, his forehead pressed into your temple, catching Jungkook's eye before switching his gaze to Jungkook's thick cock forcing its way into your sopping wet tightness, loud squelching and smacking of hips to hips echoing through his apartment, all the most obscene and sinful sounds of the world mixed together from three voices doing very, very bad things. 
"Fuck, fuck, oh, fuck, Yoongi, Jungkook!"
So much, too much, trying to maintain your hold on Yoongi's cock, slicking Jungkook's hardness with your sweet-smelling cum, pussy pulsating violently, Jungkook's nails digging into your skin, leaving red marks on your hips. 
"Yes, noona, yes, you're so good, so fucking perfect, look so fucking pretty with hyung all over you, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
Pressing his head into the floor, silvery-blond flaring out, slapping his hips up into you, faster, rougher, you matching his pace with your hand, faster, rougher, wilder, Yoongi’s breath against your ear, growls of your name, humping your hand, his lips moving on your earlobe but there was no sound. You couldn’t focus on it, eyelids fluttering, body shuddering, tensing your core, tighter, Jungkook snarling out your name and shooting upwards into you, dragging you down onto his jerking length and making you ride his orgasm, loudly moaning as he rocked your hips on his, your velvety walls gripping him all over, still flinching from your own, you gasping as Yoongi hissed, splashing thick white strings onto your thigh and partway on Jungkook’s abs, his own hand flying down to grip yours and pump himself while holding your hand, hot exhale on your neck.
You heard Yoongi mumble, almost inaudible because of the depth of his voice and his Daegu satoori. He buried his face in your neck, lips against your hot skin, dark red hair mixing with your black and red.
“… My reason to wake up…”
Jungkook’s hands running up and down your thighs, smirking smugly up at you. You raised an eyebrow at him and he lifted himself up, shifting you a bit on his cock and smearing Yoongi’s orgasm between your bodies. He pressed his forehead against yours, nudging Yoongi with his nose.
Depp tone mischievous, playful, possessive.
“We gonna get on the bed, hyung, noona?”
seventh act. wildest dreams a-dick-ted au
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yoonpobs · 18 days ago
back-burner | 03
Tumblr media
use your words
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister’s best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, sorta frenemies?to lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, eventual smut, fluff
WARNINGS. one-sided pining (?), longing, sibling jealousy, heartache :(, stubborn oc, dare i say a hint of ... softness?
WORDS. 3.7k
Tumblr media
You think this is the longest you’ve gone without any form of interaction with Yoongi since you’ve first met him.
Jungkook, on the other hand, takes his best friend duties very seriously, occasionally making sure that you were still alive and not wallowing in mortification after what had happened at your father’s gala. You appreciated the sentiment, especially when he stops by with some of your favourite snacks and a promise of some alcohol.
“Still no news?” He doesn’t bother with the introductions, simply plopping comfortably onto your sofa as you sigh.
“No,” you grumble, fiddling with the hem of your hoodie. You actually think it’s Yoongi’s from high school. It was probably unconscious the way that you sought for his scent even when he wasn’t around.
“Man, you really fucked up,” he whistled lowly while you glare at the back of his head. “You’re lucky that he didn’t do anything.”
Lucky. What an odd adjective to describe your predicament.
Only if Jungkook saw how Yoongi looked when he dragged you into an empty room, eyes ablaze while you stood pliant under his gaze.
You thought he was going to do something. Not physical, at least to hurt you. You trusted Yoongi with your life, even if you were being irrationally bothersome that day when you were drunk. You knew he’d never hurt you.
But when you recall the way his eyes glazed over your face, then down your neck, then to the expanse of your exposed chest—you remembered how on high alert you were, every one of your hairs erected when he drew closer.
You remember the cautious yet purposeful steps he took towards you, eyes never leaving your face while all you could do was gulp in his domineering presence. Even when he was right in front of you, closer than he’s ever been with his chest pressed against your front—you didn’t pull away.
You don’t know if you were that drunk, but you swore that his eyes flickered to your lips.
But then he was pulling away, avoiding your eyes by taking a one-eighty in his aura before telling you he was taking you home.
You expected an earful from him. A voice of reason, some form of reprimand. A warning. But you got none. And by the time he pulls up to the lobby of your apartment, he was the same, distant yet comfortable Yoongi that you always knew.
“Whatever,” you sigh before kicking your feet up onto the empty space next to you, staring mindlessly at the ceiling while a thousand thoughts run through your mind. “What’s his deal anyway …”
Jungkook snorts. “You’re asking me? Did you conveniently forget that you accused him of doing nice things for you because he wanted to kiss Haerin’s ass?”
“Of course not,” you snap, “And don’t tell me I’m wrong.”
Jungkook shoots you a pointed look before he’s turning his entire body to face you, eyes boring straight into your skull while you ignore his apparent gaze.
“Listen, even if I don’t know what the exact status of Yoongi and Haerin’s relationship is—” you scowl at his words, but even then he pushes forth, “—Yoongi isn’t that type of guy. I don’t know him half as well as you do but I know enough that he would never treat you the way he does just because your his other best friend’s little sister.”
Other best friend.
It’s a bitter reminder, but it’s the truth. No matter how much you consider Yoongi to be a dear, trusted friend in your life—you know that you’ll always come second to Haerin.
“I know,” you admit belatedly, shrinking into your seat. Jungkook gives you a small smile before he’s squeezing your knee in consolation. “It’s just … they’re perfect together …”
You hate how you sound so meek, so unsure of yourself. But you only allowed yourself this space to be vulnerable, and even if Yoongi was your best friend—someone that you’ve grown to trust; how could you ever tell him what plagues your heart and mind when it was just him?
You knew Jungkook would never judge you, and for that reason, you’re thankful that he’s in your life even if neither of you would ever admit that outwardly.
“That’s only because that’s all you’ve known to think,” Jungkook says.
“For a good reason,” you say softly, “If not each other then who?” Your eyes rest on Jungkook’s figure as you seek an answer. You knew it, though. There was no one else but each other for the two of them. “It’s always been Haerin and Yoongi, Jungkook. I’m just—just someone who he met along the way.”
Jungkook sighs. “Look, I can’t tell you what Yoongi feels because I don’t know. I don’t know how Haerin feels either. But right now, you’re beating yourself up about your own feelings because of arbitrary standards that the world has placed on all of us? I know it’s hard, but if you continue to do this to yourself it’s only going to get worse.”
You hate that Jungkook’s right. It’s a mantra you try to repeat to yourself daily, but your heart is stubborn more than your mind is—and you’ve only remained rooted in position.
“Why can’t he just …” you trail off, “Why did I have to be me?”
Jungkook frowns. “Don’t—”
The door rings, and the two of you freeze.
“Did you order something?” you ask.
“No,” he says with a shake of his head before he pushes himself off your couch. “Did you?”
“I was wallowing before you came,” you frown, “And you always bring the food!”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, finally reaching your door as his hand slowly reaches for the knob with a tentative touch. You eye his back curiously, wondering who rang the doorbell at a relatively odd time.
Jungkook turns the knob and opens the door, and the person that comes face-to-face with him sends a shiver down your spine.
“Jungkook,” Yoongi greets impassively with a curt nod, a plastic bag in his grasp before he’s looking over the younger boy’s shoulder.
His eyes meet your widened ones as you feel yourself freeze on the spot, unable to process the fact that he was at your doorstep.
“Was I interrupting something?” he asks with a raised brow.
“No,” Jungkook blinks, and you almost call him out for his lie but you don’t. You’re still at a loss for words.
“I have food,” he mentions, lifting the bag. You wonder how he’s so nonchalant as if your heart wasn’t threatening to beat out of your chest.
It’s because he doesn’t feel the that you do.
Your frown returns as your face darts to the ground.
“You didn’t text,” you grumble.
“Did I ever need to?” he retorts, walking over to your couch with Jungkook following closely behind.
“It’s rude,” you snap, “Coming here unannounced.”
“Jungkook came here unannounced,” he says blandly, and you hate that he’s rather spot on.
“So?” you scowl.
“Your favouritism is showing,” he laments, plopping onto the space next to you as you immediately feel yourself tense up.
Jungkook eyes you sceptically, likely attempting to gauge your reaction. You briefly make eye contact as you plead with him with your expression, Yoongi completely unaware of your internal breakdown.
Jungkook seems to read you completely wrong, because he hovers awkwardly behind your couch, body language indicating something that makes your brow tick.
“I actually … got to go,” he says lamely, cocking his thumb out your door as you gawk at him.
“What the—?”
“Cool,” Yoongi says, looking up briefly in the midst of unpacking the food before offering his small, yet amicable grin. “You sure you don’t want any food?”
“You just got here,” you grit.
“No I didn’t,” he blinks, and you’re just about contemplating six different ways to dislodge his legs from his body so he wouldn’t be able to leave.
“It’s pure vodka, by the way,” Jungkook says, gesturing to the drinks he brought before he decided to abandon you like the little shit he was. “Enjoy, you two.”
Your instincts kick in, your feet immediately sending you off the couch as your arm reaches out to yank the hem of his shirt before he can depart. His eyes widen, catching your venomous stare as you feel the nerves settle when you realise that Yoongi was right behind you. As if nothing happened—and as if he hadn’t ghosted you for a literal month.
“What the fuck are you doing,” you hiss venomously.
“Giving you your window,” he replies, equally as exasperated as your jaw ticks.
“Did you not—are you fucking stupid?” you snap, uncaring if Yoongi hears. You were in a crisis!
“No, you are,” he says childishly before tugging away with all the strength he has and making a beeline for your door.
You gape at his antics, especially when he shoots you a look with his eyes that says you better talk to him, right before he gives one last wave to Yoongi.
Once the door slams, and you’re left with only the reminder of Jungkook in the alcohol and snacks he brought; you find your entire body tensing at your other uninvited guest.
You wrack your brain for an excuse to get him out of your apartment, to get him away. Even if you hadn’t seen him in so long—you needed the space. You still couldn’t properly look him in the face after what had happened between the two of you at your family’s gala, and you knew Yoongi well enough that he wanted answers from you when you were sober and not pissed drunk.
But before you can come up with anything meaningful, Yoongi’s voice breaks through your inner monologue.
“Are you gonna stand there like an idiot or come eat?”
You freeze, hands limp by your side as you take in his flat tone. He doesn’t sound particularly mad, just like himself. The same Yoongi that you’ve always known.
You hate that your heart still stutters at his voice.
“Oh, so now we’re back to being demanding?” Is what you say instead of listening to him, finally turning around to level him with a glare.
“I think you made it abundantly clear that I’m an alpha male, right?” he says dryly, uncaring at the way your ear flushes at his clear recollection of that night. “Sit your ass down and eat. I know you haven’t had your dinner yet.”
You hate how he always knows.
“There you go again,” you mutter, stubbornly plopping as far away as you could from him while you take in the smell of steak and some homemade stew.
You internally curse him because you knew that he brought this exact meal on purpose. It was your favourite.
“Eat,” he demands, and it almost feels normal.
You begrudgingly dig into your food, pettily ignoring his eyes when they remain trained on the side of your face and the way your cheeks swell up when you shove spoonfuls of rice into your mouth. It was a distraction to the erratic beating of your heart and the fact that Yoongi hasn’t indicated any sign of being particularly displeased with your behaviour from the other night.
It’s also because he isn’t really doing anything in general. He eats in silence next to you, soft smacks of his lips to tell you that he wasn’t dead.
You wonder how Yoongi does it sometimes. Pretending like this wasn’t an awkward situation and that you didn’t say the things that you did. You were marginally thankful because you knew that the moment he’d hint at what happened that night—your walls would immediately clam up.
But, you spoke too soon because Yoongi swallows the last bit of food in his mouth before he settles his plastic plate onto the table in front of him.
“So,” he drawls lazily, leaning back into your couch as you take another huge bite of your steak. “What was that?”
“Wuh wuz what?” you say through a muffle, even though you knew exactly what he meant.
Yoongi glares at you, right before his thumb reaches out to swipe at the corner of your lip.
You nearly choke on your food, especially when he casually brings it to his lips to lick off whatever the fuck he got off from your face.
He never did that before.
And why the fuck did he look so relaxed? Your brain was whirring, and you couldn’t bear to swallow your food when Yoongi was oblivious to the screaming that you were currently doing in your mind.
What the fuck was going on.
“Your family’s gala,” he reminds, “Your tantrum. Explain.”
You finally swallow, cheeks undoubtedly flush as you gape at him.
“I did not throw a tantrum!”
“You did,” he blinks, “You called me an annoying asshole.”
“You act like that’s new,” you snort.
“No, it isn’t,” he admits before he supplements his point with a pointed gaze. “Then you said that the only reason I’m around you is because of Haerin.”
You freeze.
“No I didn’t,” you lie.
“I was literally sober when it happened,” he says dryly, “Who are you trying to fool?”
You glare at him through reddened cheeks and a petulant expression.
“So? Now you want to talk? After disappearing like a fucking ghost?”
Yoongi pauses, his entire frame locking. But it isn’t a demeanour of unsureness. It’s just Yoongi taking a breather to think; because if Yoongi was anything, he was calculated. He never said anything that was out of place, or without considering the implications of his words. It’s one thing that strikes the two of you so contrastingly.
While you were all things collateral, he was brutally calm.
“Yeah. Haerin said it’s best to give you space,” he shrugs easily.
Now, it was your turn to lock up.
And you burn. You burn so hot and so furious that you can’t think straight. Your chest clenches and it’s such a familiar feeling that you can’t find it in yourself to feel anything but the ache in your lungs. Her name is almost like a curse, something that you want to avoid but can’t.
You should’ve known.
“You really are an ass kisser,” you spit, your words coming out before you can rationalise them.
He raises a brow at the shift in your tone, and his stance is on guard when you see him shift his knee over the other.
“We’re doing this again?”
Out of all times, you really wished you could get a better read of Yoongi. To understand why he was so detached and so present at the same time. How he could view everything mechanically like he was trained to do, rather than how your heart did the acting before your brain could decide whether or not it was in place of the situation.
“You come here, after a month, only cause my sister asked you to!” you exasperate, “Of course we’re doing this again! Cause you’re proving my point.”
“Do you think I’d come here if I didn’t care at all?” he asks, and you know he’s serious.
“Does that fucking matter, Yoongi?” you sneer, “You would have turned up at all if it weren’t for Haerin! What does that make you, huh? You don’t care.”
“I meant what I said,” he says lowly, eyes peering up as you continue to run on pure fumes. “If you have anything to say, say it.”
“What’s the fucking point,” you snap, “Seriously. Yeah, I fucked up—so what? I was drunk! People do stupid shit all the time when they’re wasted!” Your attempt at rationalising was futile, you knew that. Especially when Yoongi looks unimpressed with your words. “You know, I thought we were at least friends. But no, you just want to fuck Haerin—!”
You knew you were being childish, and you couldn’t even blame it on alcohol. You were sober. Soberer than you were that night, yet the same words ring loudly in the air.
“Don’t say that,” he snaps, eyes firm when he stares at you. “I’m here because I care. Does it matter if your sister asked me to be here?”
It does, you want to scream. To tell him that it matters so much because you only did when it was at the words of your sister.
“You don’t,” you say while rolling your eyes. “You know. Yeah, we’re close. But we don’t have to be.”
You don’t know what you’re saying.
“Don’t fucking say that,” he growls, and you jump at his sharp tone. Your eyes are wide when they land on his frame, noting the way he looks visibly displeased.
“That night, you disappearing … you know what, maybe we shouldn’t be friends,” you say loudly, putting on a brave face.
You don’t know why you’re saying what you are, or what compels you to say the exact opposite of what your heart wants. Of how you feel, right now, when your chest feels heavy with regret and anguish while you’re forced to look at Yoongi while you do so.
Yoongi’s face is menacing, and you nearly gulp when your eyes meet his. They’re completely hooded, piercing through your tough face as you keep it locked on his. But you know he sees right through it because he’s leaning closer, much like he did that night as your breath hitches.
“You know it fucking sucks when you do so much for someone to only have them say shit like this to your face.”
Your brows furrow, confusion written all over your face.
Then, he pulls back. Just like he did that night, and his face returns to its blank state.
“Your pitch,” he says blankly as your head reels at the whiplash of character he took.
“My what?” you ask, flabbergasted.
“Tomorrow. You have a pitch to the local authorities for the NGO you’re working with, right?”
He remembered.
“I …” you trail off weakly, and Yoongi is staring at you so intently that your eyes immediately dart to the ground.
He doesn’t let you, because his hand is immediately reaching out to grab your cheek—gently, but firmly enough that all you can do is gawk at him while his thumb presses into the indent of your skin.
“You think I don’t care?” he whispers, and you wonder if he can hear your heart in your throat. “You think I do all that I do for Haerin?”
“I know she’s your sister and you feel like you live off her but I didn’t choose to befriend you because she asked me to,” he deadpans, “You always go off about how I’m an asshole for doing this and that, and how you don’t need me. How the fuck do you think that makes me feel?”
You blink, stunned, but still unable to say anything or move with the way he keeps his hand around your cheeks, eyes still trained on yours.
“You talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t ever get the point across.”
You gasp.
“You dick—!”
“And I’m the only one that’ll ever tell you that,” he says quietly, yet so seriously that you feel yourself reel back a little.
“You don’t—what gives you the right?” you snap back weakly, trying to pry his hand off, but all that does is make him squeeze your cheeks once more.
You feel dizzy, and you can’t point out the funny feeling in your stomach because it’s paired along with that dull ache in your chest whenever you were around Yoongi.
“If you have a problem with me, you tell me. Don’t throw your tantrums and expect me to understand.”
“I don’t throw tantrums!” you growl.
“And I don’t owe you an explanation on why I disappeared and why I’m here now.”
You know he’s right.
“So either you grow up and talk to me like an adult and tell me what’s on your mind, or we can just sit here in silence and eat the damn food.”
You want to tell him so badly. And there’s something in your gut that says his eyes are almost in a silent plea. But you can’t. You can’t when your mind is hazy with visions of her, the way she looks, the way she speaks—the beautiful nature of her friendship with Yoongi that’s likely so much more than that.
The way that she’s everything that you should’ve been but isn’t.
The way that she would have never thrown your damn tantrums.
“You’re so annoying,” you say softly.
His eyes soften ever so slightly before he’s loosening his grip on your cheeks. You feel oddly lamented, but you don’t show it on your face. Instead, your tough facade returns as you glare at him.
He takes that as your answer.
“You too,” he throws back as you scowl. “Eat.”
He lets you go as you continue to shoot a sour glare at him. Only Yoongi could return to his stoic state after what you and he said to each other. But it’s always been like this. You act out, Yoongi checks you—and you fall back into peace. He’s the only one that could ever understand your erratic tendencies. To accept that you were havoc on your own.
Only Yoongi had the patience to not leave you.
You grumble, rubbing at your cheek while Yoongi ignores the clear indication of irritation posed at him.
You sit in silence, and it’s calm again. Just like after every time Yoongi cleans up your mess, picks up the fallen insecurities that even you don’t see. It’s because Yoongi listens when there’s silence, and acts when it’s loud.
“Don’t say that shit ever again,” he speaks up after a while, eyes trained on his phone as your head slowly edges up to catch his side profile.
“You’re my best friend too.”
It’s enough to make your heart flutter.
Then you realise it’s too.
You’d always be the second person. Never the first. Never the one.
You wonder when you could ever be more than that.
Your eyes linger on his face for a beat longer, and when he turns to look at you. You flush, ducking your head back into the stew as he snorts.
He brushes a hand over your hair, and for that moment—you could pretend that it was just you.
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ladyartemesia · a year ago
The Mark of Yun-Ki
Tumblr media
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Hybrid/ABO AU  • Royalty AU • Fantasy AU • Daechwita AU
Summary: For a thousand years the tiger god Yun-Ki has marked the heirs of the Min Empire and thus only a marked heir can inherit the throne. When the beautiful daughter of the Min Emperor’s loyal warlord rescues a mysterious tiger hybrid from the imperial prison, she unleashes a secret that the throne would kill to protect. The young emperor claims to be the chosen heir... but who really bears the Mark of Yun-Ki?
Word Count: 8600
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: ABO/Hybrid sexual dynamics and mating, claiming/marking/biting, explicit sexual content, impreg, a brief mention of slavery, rut/heat sex
Content Notes: All flashback scenes are in italics. In this universe, being a hybrid has a distinctly spiritual/mystical connotation. 
Tumblr media
Acknowledgements: This story was not easy to write, but... in spite of the (or perhaps because of it) I have never been prouder of anything I have ever written. It was definitely a new type of challenge and it took multiple people who are extremely special to me to bring it to life. 
To @ppersonna (Lindy) and @taetaewonderland​ (Donna) ... You are truly beautiful souls. You encouraged me relentlessly, let me bounce ideas off of you, and continue to be such wonderful friends. You filled in the gap every time i doubted myself. You never let me think less of myself. I adore you. Thank you so very much. Truly.
To @lemonjoonah (Lemon) and @xjoonchildx ...You saved this story. I grew frustrated with it so many times and you never ceased to provide brilliant insight into JUST what I needed to add or take away to really bring this world to life. You are lovely friends and the time you spent helping me build (and rebuild) this story have made it truly sparkle. Thank you for your care and fabulous friendship.
To @underthejoon (Fal) ... You were a clear voice of wisdom and support when I began to face some significant challenges both online and in the real world. Your insight and advice have given me a much needed perspective time and again. Thank you for listening when I needed you. Thank you for supporting me when I struggled to write. And - most of all - thank you for you friendship. 
To my Angels in the BTS SMUT HUB... So many of you gave me ideas about this story and encouraged me to keep writing. When I really struggled, you sent me countless messages of support and love. You are truly my people and my heart is so full of affection for you. 
Tumblr media
“Why is he blindfolded?”
The guard beside you shifted uncomfortably. 
“The Emperor ordered that his eyes be covered at all times.”
Your gaze traveled covertly over your surroundings, assessing the dimly lit chamber with practiced disdain. 
“Leave us.” 
“My lady, I cannot-”
“Do you know who I am, soldier?”
Your voice slashed through the air like an icy whip. 
“Y-yes, my la-”
“Then you know it is unwise to displease my family.” One jeweled hand came to rest dramatically on your chest. “Your daughter is not yet fifteen would be such a pity to orphan one so young.”
The soldier bowed almost too quickly. 
“I will be outside, my lady-” he bowed again and again as he backed toward the door, “I meant no disrespect-”
It slammed shut. 
Then you were alone… save for the notorious prisoner bound and blindfolded in the cell before you. 
He was clearly aware of your presence, but made no move or sound of acknowledgement, not even when your footsteps brought you to the very edge of his enclosure. 
“Prisoner AG-D2... name unknown... crime unknown...” your hand travelled up to your hair to withdraw a long silver pin, “no date of birth, no date of arrest...”
The prisoner jerked suddenly when the sound of your pin tripping the cell’s iron lock reached his unnaturally sensitive ears. 
His nostrils flared as an almost familiar scent - buried beneath a decade of fury and fear - curled through him. 
“Who are you?” he demanded.
The words were more of a growl than a question, but the only answer he received was the sound of his cell door creaking open. 
“Why are you here?” he tried again. 
Lonely silence greeted his query and he wondered idly if you meant to intimidate him. 
It will take more than that, pet. 
“I am here to tell you a story...”
The prisoner barked out an empty laugh at your strange reply.
“I love a good story,” he whispered bitterly. The corner of your mouth twitched a bit at his spirit. 
His clothes were worn, but well cared for and the body beneath them was sleek and strong. 
Wrists bound together, eyes covered… but still every inch the proud warrior. 
This was not a man accustomed to being bound. 
“You were not raised like the rest of our people... The tales of our customs and our gods were - deliberately - never taught to you...But it is past time that you knew of them.”
He grinned, granting you a wicked flash of razor sharp fangs.
“Are all the Emperor’s prisoners tortured with fairytales?”
“Charming,” you snorted, dragging a small stool from the corner of his cell. The prisoner’s ears flicked curiously at the sound.
“Aren’t you afraid of me, storyteller? What if I’ve been imprisoned for devouring beautiful women like yourself?”
You shook your head in amusement as you settled onto the stool.
“Have you devoured many beautiful women then?”
“Oh absolutely-” his grin took on a decidedly sinful slant, “but I doubt that’s why I’m here.”
Strange fluttering erupted in your chest at his words.
You resolutely ignored it. 
“Then why are you here?”
The prisoner was silent as he considered whether or not to be honest with you... In the end, it didn’t really matter one way or the other. 
“I don’t know,” he whispered, “I was told the Emperor himself gave the order... I was never told why.”
Your fingernails dug painfully into the palm of your hand, but you offered no other outward reaction to his words.
“And what do you know of the current Min Emperor?”
“Not much... Stories say he is young and handsome with the temper of a demon… And his people endure it because he is the favorite of an ancient god.”
Your jaw clenched.
“That is correct. Our citizens are privileged to serve and obey the Emperor because the great tiger god Yun-Ki has chosen the House of Min as his sacred bloodline. It is believed that the Mins are descended from Yun-Ki himself...”
“How ironic,” the prisoner scoffed, “considering that the Mins despise hybrids. They claim we are the unnatural children of the spirit realm and the earth. Surely they would be ashamed to be the product of such… blasphemy.”
Feminine laughter filled the air. 
It had been so long since the bound man had heard anything so beautiful. The ache it stirred in him was nearly as foreign as the sound itself. 
“Yes it does seem rather hypocritical... especially in light of the events which bring me here.”
Your scent was stronger now. It tugged at the edges of his mind in broken pictures and flashes of sunshine. He knew it...
But he could not recognize it. 
Nor could he explain the heat it began to stir in him. 
“Yun-Ki’s chosen heir bears his sacred mark … Every child of the emperor’s seed is checked for it the moment they are born. And no concubine or wife of the emperor is ever so exalted as the one who produces a marked heir... except of course, the mother of our current emperor.”
The prisoner leaned forward, fascinated in spite of the strange circumstances.
“The dowager empress is widely revered. I may not know your fairytales, but a hybrid’s ears are better than most. My guards speak of her often.”
You nodded.
“The dowager is indeed very highly regarded… though she is not the emperor’s true mother.”
“Madam…” he shook his head. “What nonsense is this? And how could it possibly affect me?”
You chuckled softly and the small hairs on the back of his arms rose up in response. 
“Patience, prisoner, the truth I offer you is worth more than both our lives.”
“The fine jewelry I hear clinking around your neck is worth more than my life, lady,” he hissed. “Speak your peace and spare me these cryptic declarations.”
It took every ounce of self-control you possessed not to flick him right in his arrogant nose. 
“As you wish,” you replied tightly (and with heavily affected sweetness). “The story begins with our current emperor’s father. The old emperor was a man of warfare and when his spies discovered that the Prince of neighboring PyonKang planned to invade our territory, he marched his armies in and occupied the small kingdom without mercy…” You paused here significantly. “He even took the Prince’s sister as his war prize.”
The prisoner snorted. 
“Did he know what she was?” He smiled coldly. “The royals of PyongKang do not share your nation’s distaste for hybrids or the pleasures of mating with one-”
There was a sharp spike in your scent when he spoke the words; a darker - richer essence than the one he detected earlier, but this time he had no trouble identifying it. 
Blood churned chaotically beneath his skin, rushing to answer your body’s unspoken request. His mind clouded suddenly and for a moment…
He could almost taste you. 
This is dangerous. 
The fabric of your gown rustled as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat - driven to relieve some of the unexpected pressure in your core. 
“He did not know. The lady bore no hybrid indicators. So the emperor assumed - quite incorrectly - that she was not a hybrid.” 
“I’ve heard of such things…” he sighed, sifting through his memory till he found what he was looking for. “A physician I met in Eastern Wei discovered that some hybrids manifest internally. They retain the outer shell of a human, but their inner parts reveal the truth.” His head tilted as he recalled the old doctor’s exact words. “The face of man could hide the heart of a snake.”
You drew your lip between your teeth and nibbled it nervously. 
“You are correct. Except, in the case of the emperor’s war prize concubine, the face of a beautiful woman hid the heart of a tiger.”
The man before you scrambled to his feet in a move so sudden and unexpected, you nearly cried out. 
“You mean to tell me that the current Min Emperor is a tiger hybrid? Surely I would have heard of it. The world would have heard of it.”
You drew a deep breath - almost as if to brace yourself for the words you planned to speak.
The prisoner’s eyes were covered, but he could still make out shapes and shadows through the rough cloth. Your shadow seemed unnaturally still. When you spoke again, your tone was softer and the sound of it resonated deep within him like the bells of the old temple near his childhood home. 
“The princess of PyongKang became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys. The younger was strong and pale - gifted with the strange golden hair so many of the Min bloodline seem to possess. But his elder brother...”
Your hands opened and closed reflexively in your lap as you worked to calm your pounding pulse. 
“... The elder brother’s hybrid heritage was quite evident.”
You moved then, advancing slowly and carefully until you stood before the prisoner face to face. Your scent swelled erotically with every step until it wrapped around him like a velvet vice. The urge to lean into it - into you - was nearly unbearable. 
“One of the twins bore the tiger god’s mark... but not the one who sits on the throne now.”
Your hand stretched slowly toward the edge of the prisoner’s blindfold. 
“The old emperor executed his hybrid concubine immediately, yet even he was not bold enough to kill Yun-Ki’s chosen heir...”
Your fingers hovered a hairsbreadth from his skin. Once you touched him, everything would change. The truth you chased for eleven years would be within your grasp. 
“He sent the child to a poor family of fox hybrids who worked and lived on the estate of his most loyal warlord. The boy was never to know what he was… who he was...”
You could almost feel the moment he grasped the implication of your words. The subtle bond that always hummed strangely between you remained strong despite the years of separation. 
“The warlord had a daughter who loved to ride her horse near the lake.” Your voice trembled ever so slightly as you continued. “One day the horse was startled by a snake and it threw her into the water...”
A single tear wet his blindfold as the alluring tendrils of your scent merged chaotically with the treasured echoes in his mind. 
“Tiger hybrids hate the water,” you whispered, gently drawing the cloth up over his head, “but you dove in to save me anyways.”
Your lungs and throat burned from coughing out the water you swallowed, yet the pain was far preferable to the finality of drowning. The heavy fabric of your gown weighed you down as soon as your body crashed into the lake. 
Death reached for you, but the strange boy cradling you tightly to his chest had pulled you back before you were lost to its embrace.
“Little one, can you hear me?”
His eyes scanned frantically over your small drenched form for signs of serious injury, but you were completely distracted from your almost untimely end by the two feline ears twitching conspicuously amid the boy’s sodden curls. 
“You’re… You’re a cat!”
The boy’s jaw dropped open indignantly. 
“I’m a tiger hybrid! Not a cat.” He shook his head irritably. “Have you never seen a hybrid before?”
“I’ve only heard of hybrids. I’ve never really seen one-”
Your fingers itched to touch the soft fur of his ears and you stretched forward almost absently to do so till he lashed out and snatched your wandering hand. 
“What are you doing?!” 
“Oh… I was going you?” you murmured sheepishly, prompting an irritable growl from the boy. 
“Little One, you do not pet tigers.”
He stood to his feet abruptly, dumping you into a soggy heap in the process. It took considerable effort for you to pull yourself upright while wearing four layers of thoroughly soaked cloth, but you eventually managed to regain your bearings and scramble after him. 
“Wait! Come back please I EEP-” 
The water dripping off your dress made the grass rather slippery… Both legs flew out from under you and, for the second time in less than a minute, you found yourself flat on your back. 
After a few moments of gazing miserably into the sky, a familiar face hovered over yours. 
“What a strange girl you are, Little One.”
You grinned.
“What is your name, tiger?”
He sighed deeply and held his hand out to pull you up. 
“I’m Yoongi.”
“Hello, Yoongi.” You tried to manage a proper bow, but only ended up losing your balance again. Yoongi grabbed your sleeve just in time to prevent you from crashing face first at his feet. 
“You’re completely hopeless,” he chuckled, endeared in spite of himself. 
Then you smiled. 
It was a fierce, blinding thing and Yoongi became aware of a subtle yet profound shift deep within the recess of his soul; something his primal half recognized immediately, but his human mind could not begin to comprehend. 
“No one’s ever said that to me before, even though I know they all think it.”
“And why is that?”
You shrugged. 
“They are probably afraid of my father.”
Yoongi’s eyebrows raised in alarm. 
“You’re the warlord’s daughter?!”
“Yes,” you replied with all the haughtiness a ten-year old could muster, “and I’m quite used to getting what I want.”
Yoongi felt a grin tug at the corner of his mouth. You were such an adorable little brat. 
“And what is it you’re wanting now, Little One?”
You nibbled your lip for a moment, suddenly shy before the handsome hybrid boy whose beautiful feline eyes danced with unconcealed mirth. 
“I want you to be my friend.”
Thirteen years later, those same golden eyes locked with yours as a strangled sob bubbled up from the back of his throat. 
“Little One?” his face lit suddenly with pure joy “ it you?”
You surged toward him then, unable to hold back another moment. The impact sent you both crashing against the wall and down to the floor in a sobbing heap. 
Tears poured over the front of your dress from where his head was buried into your shoulder. 
“How did you find me?”
“I told you I would,” you laughed as you fumbled with the ropes around his hands.
“You were a twelve-year old girl. Forgive me if I wasn’t overflowing with confidence.”
“Your mistake.”
Yoongi grinned. 
“Still a brat I see.”
“Always,” you grunted, finally tugging his hands free.  
He wasted no time gathering you in his arms and you melted happily into him, letting his deep purr rumble up against your cheek as it had when he held you all those years ago. 
Suddenly he drew back, wrapping his hands around your shoulders to steady you in the wake of his withdrawal. 
“Why would you tell me such a preposterous lie before revealing yourself? You shouldn't even speak such things aloud. I have no idea why I’m here - let alone how you got to me but-”
Your finger pressed against his lips to silence him. 
“It may be preposterous, but the story I’ve told you is no lie,” you whispered, “and there is more - though it will not be easy to hear.”
Yoongi’s gaze wandered over your face again, drinking in every feature. You were such an awkward child, yet your fierce spirit made you beautiful to him even then. 
You were his best friend.
The woman in his arms, however, was a far cry from his childhood playmate. Your lush curves pressed against him in ways that were distinctly un-friendly. 
He cleared his throat, dragging his thoughts away from the temptation you presented.
“Tell me... please.”
“Yoongi...The mark of the tiger god is a slash from his claw - directly over the eye. It is a symbol of his influence on the vision and perspective of the emperor.”  
Yoongi’s fingers lifted to trace the long scar over his right eye almost absently. 
A scar he never remembered earning. 
“You cannot mean...”
He searched your features frantically for any hint of deception. But there was none.
“When your father lay on his deathbed, he called your brother to him and revealed the truth... Though I think the prince already suspected that his mark was not genuine. It was burned onto him as an infant. He uses make-up to make it appear smooth and dark like his father’s... like yours.”
Yoongi’s jaw clenched in fury as he gestured to the scar, “So this is why they came for me?! Why they dragged me away that day?!”
Your fingers tightened their hold on him as the terrible memory resurfaced. 
Two years after he fished you from the lake, Yoongi remained your constant companion. He was much taller than you now and, at fifteen, his form and face began to show hints of the man he would become. 
You however, had barely grown an inch and were still a harrowing challenge to your small army of exasperated caretakers, many of whom were profoundly relieved when you slipped away to cause mischief with your best friend. 
Yoongi was teaching you how to build a rabbit trap near the old temple ruins when a sound like thunder shook the ground beneath your feet.
“That’s strange…” he muttered, scanning the clear skies overhead, “it does not look like a storm-”
Your startled gasp cut him off abruptly and Yoongi turned to discover that the roar he had mistaken for thunder was actually the pounding of horse hooves galloping toward you both. 
“Get behind me!” he shouted, baring his teeth in a menacing snarl. 
But there were far too many of them. 
You had fought back - desperately holding on to his hand until one of soldiers struck you... and even then you chased the horses for near a mile screaming the same words over and over.
“I’ll find you, Yoongi! I’m coming! I promise I’ll find you! Yoongi!... Yoongi!”
“They were your brother’s soldiers. He ordered them to kill you... but they were also reluctant to harm the marked heir. So they sold you to a merchant guild in Eastern Wei and told your brother you were dead.”
Yoongi was silent for a long time, letting the truth of his birth settle within him. The pain in his chest grew till it was nearly palpable; so heavy and bitter he could almost touch it in the air around him.
“All this because I am a hybrid? My own family would murder me to keep my tainted blood a secret?”
“Technically, your brother is a hybrid as well. He has been careful thus far not to leave any concubine with child, lest the truth be revealed.”
Yoongi snorted.
“How will he sire an heir?”
“I believe he was working on a solution to that particular problem when he discovered that you were…less dead than he originally thought.”
“But… how? The merchants trained me as a warrior to protect their investments. I travelled and fought through most of Wei and Song… I did not return to Min territory till the day his men ambushed our shipment…” He shook his head incredulously. “At the time it seemed so strange; they left a hundred pounds of silver, and took only me.” 
You sighed. 
“One of the soldiers who kidnapped you from my father’s lands foolishly attempted to blackmail the Emperor with the revelation of your continued existence.”
“That is… shockingly stupid.”
“Indeed. Your brother stabbed him through the heart and tortured the others till they revealed your fate. After that... it was only a matter of time.”
You reached forward to brush a stray lock of hair from his face. Warm fingers suddenly closed over your hand, keeping it in place as Yoongi pressed his forehead to your palm. 
“...And how did you find me?” he asked softly, letting his lips graze the sensitive skin of your wrist. Your pulse scattered against his mouth, stirring a primal satisfaction deep within him. 
“I-... I searched for years, bribing and bullying my way to the truth of your identity. When I received word that the Emperor discovered your whereabouts and intended to kill you himself, I knew he would bring you here…” you grinned, “so I paid off half the prison for the privilege of your company.” 
Strange heat spiraled out from every place his skin met yours. You were starting to forget some very important information.
“We must leave soon. Money can only buy so much indulgence.”
Yoongi nodded and pulled you to your feet, brushing dust and hay from your skirt as you steadied yourself. 
“I have two horses waiting for us at the south entrance of the fortress. I’ve mapped out the best path- oh-”
You were almost to the door when his hand wrapped around your waist, drawing you to him till every inch of your back pressed against his chest.
“Someone is coming,” he hissed.
You barely found the presence of mind to nod. Your body was on fire. Yoongi’s grip tightened as the footsteps in the hall grew louder. 
You knew he would be handsome, (he and his brother looked so alike) but you were unprepared for the sheer magnetism a fully grown Yoongi possessed. He was mesmerizing even with his eyes covered and his hands bound.
With his body flush against your own, he was devastating. 
The door handle shook.
“Get behind me,” Yoongi growled.
And then something happened.
Something you were not expecting at all.
Claws sprang out from each of his fingertips. The sharp points of his fangs doubled in length.
His shoulders and jaw elongated and a chilling snarl split the air around you..
And for the briefest instant - it was as if the earth ceased to turn on its axis.
A spirit shifter. 
They were rare - beyond rare - not one in a hundred thousand hybrids had the gift. Legends and stories claimed that a chosen few possessed the ability to channel their qi directly into their animal spirit and embody it physically.
To witness a spirit shift was incredible in and of itself.
But when he shifted-
The door opened and the same guard you sent away earlier walked back through...
And promptly fell to his knees.
“Please Great Father, I have served you well all my days. Have mercy!”
Yoongi drew back in confusion and turned to you, but you were still in complete shock and in no position to explain -  so he was forced to improvise.
“I- I... shall of course be merciful.”
It took a moment to regain your senses, but it was immediately apparent that the poor guard had the same realization you did in light of Yoongi’s transformation.
“Sir,” your voice only shook a little when you found it again, “you will clear the passage to the South Gate immediately, and then you will go home, take your daughter and any coin you have and disappear.... Am I understood?”
“Yes,” the guard sobbed as he stumbled back blindly. 
Yoongi’s claws and fangs began to retract. There was the faintest sound of bone and sinew shifting as the rest of his body returned to normal.
“....Great Father?” he whispered. 
It was a strange, softly spoken question - one you yourself could not quite comprehend the answer to.
“Our people have countless… images...idols - paintings of tiger god Yun-Ki, the Great Father of our nation. They are in every house, every street… His face and form are everywhere. And you...- when you channeled your tiger spirit and shifted-” 
The words caught in your throat, you were almost afraid to speak them.
“Yoongi...You are his exact likeness.
Tumblr media
It was raining the day you and Yoongi discovered the old smuggler caves near the coastal border of your father’s estate.
A weak spot in the cavern roof had washed away and he’d fallen through…
“Yoongi! Merciful gods! Can you hear me!”
Yoongi groaned and shook himself to clear the shock of his sudden descent.
“I’m alright, Little One! Just-”  he hissed as another dull wave of pain twisted though his leg “- just a little sore.” 
“What can you see!”
Yoong smirked. Always the curious little tigress. 
His nose twitched as he inhaled stale air 
“I think it’s a...tunnel of some sort… but - there’s an old torch here.” His cat eyes shone eerily from the depths of the cave when he turned up to look at you. “Toss me your flint.”
Yoongi’s sight worked well in the dark, but yours was still hopelessly human. A few strikes of flint later, however, and the torch blazed to life, revealing long passages in either direction. 
“These are not natural formations,” he observed, running his hand along the obvious tool marks in the wall. 
“You mean someone dug them - like pirates?!” 
It was impossible to hide the thrill in your voice. Yoongi snorted.
A right proper little lady, you were.
“How will you find a husband if you only get excited about pirates and smuggler caves?”
“Why would I want a husband who didn’t get excited about pirates and smuggler caves? He’d be a wicked bore.”
“Listen I hate to shatter all your romantic daydreams, Little One, but most men are wicked bores, women too if I’m being honest,” his mind suddenly flashed back to the pretty young maid who kissed him and let him run his hands over her soft curves behind the stables last week “-though they certainly have their moments.”
He sighed and made his way back to the sink hole where you were poking your head down expectantly.
“I suppose you mean to jump down here then.”
You grinned.
“What a clever kitty.”
Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in disgust. 
“Call me a ‘clever kitty’ again and I’ll let the ground kiss your bratty arse.”
“Nonsense,” you laughed - jumping without hesitation into his waiting arms. “You’ll always catch me.”
He pulled you close when the weight of your body fell against his - just as he had a hundred times before - yet this time something felt… strangely different. The laughter and unshakeable trust in your gaze was suddenly enough to leave him breathless, and - for a moment... it was as if nothing existed beyond the feel of your warmth on his skin.
“Yes,’ he whispered, letting his hold on you tighten ever so slightly, “...always.” 
The network of tunnels and rooms hewn into the rock stretched for miles beneath the surface and it took months of mapping and marking for you to navigate them with ease.
Yoongi was not surprised that you brought him here…
It was your secret place; a haven where you played as children. 
His gaze lingered briefly on the feminine swells of your breast. 
You were not children anymore.
He cleared his throat, forcing his eyes away from your exquisite body to take in the space around him. 
The old caves were a bit... cozier than he remembered. 
There were food stores, a weapons cache of fine blades, two bedrooms, and even a library.
“You’ve been … busy,” he observed. 
“I knew I’d find you eventually...” You began to light the other oil lamps around the room, filling the previously dark cavern with a warm glow. “So I took the liberty of transforming it into a proper hideout.”
“It’s strange…” he murmured, meeting your gaze at last, “I spent so many nights wishing I was here - wishing I could see you just one more time… and now I am here - and you’re here,” his gaze drifted absently over your form once again, “yet I am at a loss for words.” 
But it was more than that...
Something had begun to stir in him, something dark and primal and he knew in his bones it was all to do with you. The longer he was in your presence - the longer he inhaled your scent - the more persistent it became. 
“How long have you been able to channel into a spirit shift?”
Yoongi chuckled.
“And there it is.”
“I think I’ve shown admirable restraint.”
“Far more than I would have guessed.”
Your mouth dropped open in mock indignation.
“Is this how you treat your beloved childhood friend and dashing rescuer?”
He grinned.
“Gods I missed you, Little One.” 
“Good,” you said. Then you raised your eyebrows expectantly and Yoongi smothered another laugh.”
It was comforting to know that some things would never change.
“I was ten the first time it happened. I didn’t know what it was. I was... frightened by it - so I didn’t tell anyone.” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I thought they’d say a demon had possessed me or some other nonsense. But - a few years after I was sold - I heard a storyteller speak of spirit shifting so I started to collect old scrolls about it and…” 
He shrugged nonchalantly and your jaw dropped.
“You taught yourself how to spirit shift?!”
“Are you impressed?”
You bit your lip, letting your eyes wander over the sharp planes of his jaw and the strong lines of corded muscle flexing beneath his thin cotton tunic. He was a wiry youth when the soldiers tore him from your arms, but he had returned as a man whose mere presence was enough to unravel you. 
Lazy heat slowly uncurled deep in your belly. You blushed and looked away, wondering at the bold turn of your thoughts. Yoongi continued to quietly take in his new accommodations until your voice broke the silence. 
“I’m sure you have many questions.”
“I do - though… I am not sure I want the answers.”
Your lips tilted in a playful smile. It was infinitely more lethal than one you frequently unleashed as a child, yet the warmth blooming in his chest was the same. 
“What happens now?” he whispered, drawing strength from the silent encouragement you offered. 
“That all depends on what you choose to do with your newfound freedom.”
Your fingers came up to unlace the ties of your cloak, sending a fresh wave of your fragrance in his direction. Every time he breathed it in, the high became stronger, more potent. His hands dug ruthlessly into the chair beneath him as you continued, oblivious to the havoc you were creating. 
“My father has quietly begun gathering supporters in your name. Years ago he was ordered to hide you, but he was never told why…” 
This is madness.
His body was beginning to ache. He struggled to make sense of your words through the thickening  a haze of tormented desire. It felt like the cruelest twist of fate. For years he longed to be close to you, but now he was - for the sake of his sanity - desperate to get as far away as possible. 
“... He began to suspect the truth the day we snuck into the wine cellar and I dared you to jump into his meditation pond.”
Yoongi winced, momentarily distracted by the memory. 
“You promised he was still on campaign! Imagine my surprise when the General Jung dragged me out of that wretched water by my neck scruff.”
The indignant look on his face was so endearing - so utterly Yoongi -
“I was clearly mistaken,” you managed to snort before laughter overwhelmed you both. 
The moment provided some much needed clarity.
Get a hold of yourself. Remember who she is - what she means to you...
What she has always meant to you. 
“No matter the circumstances of your first meeting, Father is devout in his allegiance to Yun-Ki. He credits his success in battle to his divine favor. He would never betray the true heir.”
Emotions too numerous and unpleasant to name swirled uneasily in Yoongi’s chest at your words. He felt each syllable burn heavily within him like molten lead. 
“But why risk this? A revolution means bloodshed - chaos. I have no desire to bring suffering to our people.”
Your gaze locked with his as he spoke - triggering a spike of awareness so sharp that he was forced to turn away… Whether to hide his own uncertainty or to escape your effect on him, he did not know.
“Your brother is running the country into the ground,” you whispered finally. “Our people are already suffering. He is not fit to be emperor. My father and many others believe you are the answer to our prayers.”
Yoongi was silent for a long time. 
“What if they’re wrong? What could I possibly know about ruling a nation? I was a shameful secret for my first fifteen years and a merchant slave for the last eleven - and now-” he faced you again with a bitter scoff,  “ I am nothing…”
Fury propelled you up out of the chair and across the room to him in seconds. 
“Those were circumstances thrust upon you through no fault of your own. They are not what you are.”
Your hand reached forward tentatively to trace his scar and he froze- letting the strange magic of your touch wash over him.
“You have been tested by these challenges again and again and you have prevailed… You wore the mark before your soul and body were one. The trials may have given you the strength to claim your throne, but you were born worthy of it.” 
Strong fingers wrapped around your wrist before you could pull away. Golden eyes locked with yours and your heart stuttered painfully in your chest as he pressed into your palm. 
Yoongi tried to ignore the fire kindling beneath his skin, even as his instincts raged to debauch you, he had pushed back. 
Until now. 
You were too close - the pull was too strong…  and he was helpless as one thought - one word overpowered his senses, burning the wavering threads of resistance in a blistering wave of desire. 
“Do you know why I did not recognize you at first -  in the prison?”
Your breath trembled as his mouth brushed across your pulse. 
“Th-the blindfold?”
He shook his head. 
“I would not need my eyes to see you. I knew the pattern of your scent better than I knew my own.”
Your tongue darted out to wet your lips and Yoongi growled, twisting your body till your back slammed against his chest. 
“Did you never wonder why you always lost at hide and seek?” 
The heat of his breath danced over the delicate shell of your ear, sending shivers down your spine. 
“I always assumed you were cheating.” 
Yoongi grinned wickedly. 
“The scent of a woman is deeper - richer - than the scent of a girl. It shifts and twists into something irresistible - something that lures her mate like a fly to a spider’s web.” His lips ran idly down the side of your neck. “If he breathes it in, he’ll never escape it.”
Every word he spoke curled through your senses like sips of the sweetest wine. Your eyes fluttered shut as an unfamiliar emptiness began to throb in your core. 
“Yoongi?” you whimpered. 
“The woman who walked into that cell did not smell like the impish hellion from my childhood.”  He nuzzled gently into your nape and inhaled with a decadent shudder. “She smelled like a temptress from my darkest fantasies.”
Then he nipped harshly at the base of your neck and you cried out - only to moan in artless pleasure when he soothed the hurt with his tongue. 
Many of the pinch-faced matrons your father forced to “mentor” you in lady-like behavior over the years had offered dire warnings regarding the dangers of allowing any man close enough to touch - but they never mentioned the hunger; the aching need that shot through you at the slightest contact- 
Perhaps the matrons were right all along…
Desire drenched the soft folds of your womanhood in a slippery heat. Yoongi’s arms wrapped around your body; the warmth of his chest spread across your shoulders - and it all felt perfectly - deliciously - dangerous. 
To resist was pointless.
You had always belonged to him. 
A hand came up to grip your jaw, titling it so your lips were almost against his. For a moment his gaze simply traced over the contours of your face while his breath mingled intimately with yours. 
“You’re so beautiful, Little One.”
He spoke it softly and with such conviction, almost like a prayer. 
Merciful gods. 
You would give this man anything he asked for. 
Yoongi lowered his forehead gently against yours in another attempt to calm the frenzied need pumping through his system. 
“You don’t know what you’ve done to me,” he groaned, “what you’re still doing to me.”
“What have I done?”
Your voice was so innocent, so adorably confused, yet the sound of it only drove him closer to oblivion. 
“You’ve triggered my rut, you terrible brat,” he snarled. 
“I - I don’t understand-,” you stuttered. 
“It means that all I want - all I can think about - is parting your sweet thighs and burying myself here-” his hand snapped forward to cup you directly through your dress and you gasped as a sharp bolt of pleasure tore through you, “in this rebellious little cunt.”
The sensation was merciless - almost brutal - in its intensity; a heavenly sort of hell that found you grasping his wrist and grinding into his palm for relief. 
“Yoongi,” you whimpered, melting against him helplessly. For one glorious instant you felt his fingers move in tandem with you body-
Then he wrenched himself away with a furious growl and you nearly wept in frustration. 
“Run,” he hissed. 
He was on the other side of the room now, hands gripping into the small writing table with such force that you could hear the wood begin to splinter. 
“I have a minute of clarity left - maybe less. You have to go - take the horses-”
“But-” you started forward and he snarled, baring his teeth in a manner that would have terrified anyone else.
“Now, woman!”
Your jaw clenched and Yoongi almost laughed. 
Ever the stubborn little tigress.  
“Please,” he whispered desperately. 
A flash of hurt shone in your eyes for a split second before you closed them, dropping your head in defeat. 
“...Will you let him have me as well as your throne then?” 
Yoongi froze.
“What... did you just say?” 
Each word was spoken carefully in a tone you had never heard from him before. Golden fire flashed dangerously in his gaze. 
“Your brother has sent me an official proposal of marriage, offering to make me the empress in exchange for my father's loyalty.” You drew a deep breath and met his gaze again with quiet determination. “He suspects that our family is aware of his secret… I believe he intends to present the first non-hybrid child I bear him as the true heir.”
The words hung suspended in the air between you for the space of a single moment and then-
You were hoisted up against a wall with Yoongi’s mouth crushed ruthlessly into your own. 
“Never,” he growled, dragging his teeth down over your jaw. “You will never belong to him.”
His claws sliced into the fabric of your gown - tearing it from your body like damp paper till you were clad in nothing but a thin linen underslip. The heavy scent of your arousal flooded his senses, further inflaming his need. 
“You are mine.” 
“Yes - gods yes,” you breathed, latching onto his shoulders as he ravished your neck. Your body burned with want and his touch was the only balm. 
Yoongi’s hands gripped into the soft flesh of your thighs, wrapping them around his waist as he hauled you over to a small cot in the corner of the room. His mouth latched on to your nipple and he sucked it noisily right through the cloth till it clung wet and transparent against your breast. 
Your fingers curled into his hair, tugging and coaxing him in mindless delight. You wanted him everywhere, needed to feel his skin against yours. Eleven years of desperate longing poured out of your body in broken moans as his hands explored you with bold intent. 
“Please,” you begged, clawing at the ties of his tunic till it fell away from him entirely.
His was magnificent, all sleek lines and defined muscle, reminiscent of his feline nature. A collection of wicked looking scars marked his light golden skin and your heart broke anew for the boy who endured such savagery. 
“Don’t look so sad, Little One,” he purred, licking into your mouth, “they are my trophies.” 
“And am I your prize?” you whispered, untying his pants while he palmed your breasts greedily.
“Nothing so trivial.” He drew the shell of your ear in between his teeth. “You are the sword my hand,” his fingers fisted into the last scrap of fabric separating your body from his and rent it in half, “the arrow in my bow...” 
You gasped when he gripped the curve of your backside and ground your aching core against his thigh.
“The only goddess I ever prayed to.”
The delicious friction arched your body into his like a marionette. His chest rumbled in satisfaction as he pressed you back into the blankets to mouth a line of red marks down over your chest and torso till he reached your sopping center. 
“What a pretty little hole,” he murmured, inhaling deeply. His finger brushed over your swollen flesh and you whimpered, clenching desperately around nothing. 
You were near delirious with a want you didn’t fully comprehend, craving a fulfillment you had never experienced and could not find the words to ask for. 
But Yoongi understood the fire clawing through your body, even if you did not. 
“Does it ache, Little One?” he crooned, letting his lips skim your entrance with each word. “So wet and empty…” 
Then he pressed a lewd open-mouthed kiss over your trembling mound and you nearly fell apart right there. 
“Such a needy pussy,” he sighed, plunging his tongue deeper into the recess of your body till you were writhing uncontrollably. 
You were wholly unfamiliar (and frankly surprised) by this wickedly intimate act, but the bold heat of his gaze latching on to yours as he feasted on the sweetness between your legs was instantly addictive. Your head fell back in mindless pleasure as you rode his mouth with wanton desperation.  
It was filthy - scandalous - 
Gods, you never wanted it to end. 
Another messy wave of arousal bloomed from your core and Yoongi felt himself grow painfully harder in response. 
The beast in him raged to simply claim you - to ram your virgin pussy down over his cock till your belly was swollen with his seed, yet even as the demands of his rut became nearly unbearable, he fought to hold back. 
You had waited eleven years for him to be your first - your only. Unless he took care to stretch you beforehand, it would hurt. 
But heavens help him you smelled so good and you tasted even better. 
He would not last much longer. 
Your eyes flew open as Yoongi slid two fingers into your wet channel. It burned a little at first, but when they curved into a spot you didn’t even know existed, you threw your head back and screamed. 
Yoongi bore down on your thighs to keep them in place as he suckled your clit and worked his fingers in your soaked cunt. A foreign tightness pooled deliciously in your belly until he abruptly withdrew and you whined pitifully at the loss. 
“No- no please - I need-”
But you were cut off when Yoongi flipped you on your stomach and yanked your hips up -  propping you on your knees with your face pressed into the mattress. 
“I know what you need, Little One,” he panted, driving his fingers back into your heat from a new angle that felt even deeper. 
“Yoongi,” his name poured out of you repeatedly as you gripped into the sheets and sobbed in delight. 
“This pretty little cunt is mine,” he hissed, smacking his hand down on your ass to drive home his point. 
“Your pleasure is mine.” His thumb rubbed over your sensitive nub with renewed intent as the wet sounds of your desire echoed through the chamber. Then his fingers pulled back again - only to be replaced by the hard length of his cock sliding through your folds to coat itself in slick. 
“Your child will be the true heir,” Yoongi pressed the thick tip of his shaft to your entrance, “because it will be mine.” 
Then he surged forward, burying himself to the hilt in one exquisite thrust. 
Pain and euphoria shot through your system in equal parts as Yoongi pulled out and slammed in again, setting a punishing pace right from the start. 
“Oh my gods,” he gasped, throwing his head back in primal abandon as your walls clamped around him, “-so tight.” 
Your body submitted wantonly to his onslaught. Yes, there was pain, but there was also so much pleasure - you could no longer separate one from the other. 
You wanted all of it; everything he could give you.
His hands gripped your hips as he pounded into you. The sounds your mouth and pussy made were gloriously obscene; a raunchy chorus of wet smacks and lewd wails that he would close his eyes and savor if he wasn’t utterly mesmerized by the sight of his hardness ramming into your greedy hole again and again. 
“That’s it, Little One, you take me so well.” 
Yoongi pulled you back against his chest with your body still fully impaled on his cock. You barely had time to process the change before he began thrusting into you from a new angle, leaning forward to taste your mouth once more. His hand lightly gripped your neck while he kissed you - savoring each soft whimper against his lips. 
The warmth of him behind you - around you - was intoxicating. He was unnaturally strong and he ravished your willing body like an animal, yet you had never felt more safe - more cared for…
More complete. 
His free hand came up to squeeze and smack your breasts while he whispered pretty, dirty praises against your skin. 
“Look at you, Little One,” he panted, “falling apart like this on my cock.”
Teeth began to scrape significantly at the apex of your neck and shoulder and something hot and wonderful bloomed in your chest. That area was sacred to hybrids and he kept coming back to it. 
You unconsciously clenched tighter around him and he hissed in pleasure. 
“What would your father say if he knew, huh?” 
His hand shot down to smack your clit and you gasped. 
“If he knew you let a beast like me have you -  that you opened your legs and let me fill this fertile pussy?”
The pace of his thrusts increased and you found yourself hurtling closer toward that elusive razor sharp edge. You were going to break apart and there would be no putting you back together. 
“Will Daddy still support me when he finds out what I’ve done to his precious little girl?” Yoongi growled in your ear. 
“Yoongi please I’m - ahhh AH - please-”
Gods you were so close.
“They’ll all know,” he vowed. “When you’re swollen and heavy with my cubs - then your father, my brother - any man or woman who looks on you will know that you’re mine.”
“Yes! Yoongi-” 
“You want that, Little One? You want me to breed you?”
You nodded furiously and Yoongi slapped your tits sharply. 
“Then say it,” he snarled. 
“Breed me, Min Yoongi!” you begged, using his true name for the first time in his life. “Show them all who I belong to.”
A gutteral roar filled the cavern as Yoongi tangled his fingers in your hair and yanked your neck back, exposing the glistening column of your throat and shoulder to his fiery golden gaze. 
“So be it,” he swore, licking a long stripe over your neck as you shivered in anticipation.”
You knew the ritual; the final step in a claiming, when you would bind together, heart, body and soul. 
“I will be your mate,” his lips dragged over your skin one final time, “ and you will be my empress.” 
The moment his fangs pierced your skin you shattered, clamping down on him like a vice. Yoongi followed soon after, flooding your womb with his seed as he called your name into the night. 
Tumblr media
The next few hours were the most intimate of your life... 
Yoongi whispered soft words of adoration across your skin as he gently cleaned you with his mouth and the rags you stored in the cave. 
You had never felt so utterly wonderful. 
Or so completely spent. 
Exhaustion pulled you into a heavy slumber and you awoke sometime later to Yoongi licking tenderly at the claiming mark on your neck. 
“Does it hurt?” he asked after you hummed and burrowed deeper into his arms. 
“No… it’s just sensitive…”
Comfortable silence stretched between you for several minutes before Yoongi spoke. 
“You know,” he coughed sheepishly, “when I imagined meeting you again, I can’t say this is how I saw it playing out.”
“Oh? You didn’t predict that I would be irresistible and that you would have no choice but to succumb to my charms?” You grinned. “How incredibly short-sighted of you.”
Yoongi laughed and reached down to playfully swat your backside.
“Heavens no, you unspeakable little brat. You were still a child when we separated...” He sighed, letting his hand curl idly into your hair while he sifted through the memories. “As I grew older... I would often think of you - perhaps try to picture what you might look like - what you might be doing...”
The answer left your lips before you could stop it. 
“I was looking for you. I was always looking for you.” 
A familiar purr rumbled up from his chest and you pressed eagerly into the sound. 
“I did not foresee this either…” you whispered, “and yet… I am not surprised by it.” Your fingers wandered to trace mindless patterns accross his skin. “Is that strange?”
He shook his head. 
“Our bond was always there. The mark is simply a seal - a completion.” 
“Did you know all along, then?”
Yoongi was silent for several moments as he searched within himself for the answer. 
“I think… on some level I did. We were just so very young… But I was always drawn to you.” 
His hands drifted up to cup the sides of your face, letting his forehead rest against your own as he spoke.
“When they ripped you from my arms, I felt as if they had ripped away a piece of my soul.” He drew in a deep unsteady breath. “And now - for the first time in eleven years… I feel truly whole.” 
You kissed him then. 
It was not a fierce kiss of passion like the many you shared in the heat of your tempestuous lovemaking...
It was a soft brush of lips that offered sweetness and devotion in exchange for the bitterness of the past. Tears and quiet laughter echoed intimately between you as the years of separation and pain faded away... 
Until only one question remained. 
“...So what will you do now?”
Tumblr media
The stories spread from village to village like flood waters in a rising tide. 
Yun-Ki himself had come down from the heavens to reclaim his throne.
He rode at the head of a massive force with his heavily pregnant mate and the great warlord, General Jung, at his side. 
His numbers grew daily with no bloodshed as town upon town surrendered and welcomed him. 
After all…
Who would raise their hand against Yun-Ki?
The cheers of the people swelled to a deafening roar as he climbed the palace stairs, walking boldly past the imperial guards who fell to their knees in his wake. 
The man upon the throne rose with fear and fury in his eyes as the truth he fought so long to destroy finally stood before him... 
“Hello, Brother.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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