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#mina ashido

AHHHHH DJNDDIJDD TOP THREEEEE i suck at ranking hsdjjdjd but yesss!!! i call them the Original Trio and i love them tremendously! but let’s see… if i had to pick three of some of my favorites, I’d probably go with:

  1. Izuku, Tenya, and Shouto
  2. Eijirou and Ashido (a non-izuku-centric WILDCARD siddkjdkd)
  3. Izuku and Yuuga (i actually really really love their friendship so much and I’ve tried writing out their dynamic MANY TIMES BEFORE but the attempts have been horrible so waaaaaah)

thank you for asking!!! you guys should tell me your favorite friendships (or ships if that’s your thing!!) too 👁👁

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Here’s chapter three of “Corruption” for you guys! If you chose Team Onyx then you can skip over this if you want. If you chose Team Ivory you can read on :)

Chapter Three and Four are already posted on WattPad! (@graveyardghoul-)

Warnings: Adult language, mentions of a nightmare

Word count: 251 words


The grass in the field was still wet from the storm last night. Dew drops rested undisturbed on tree leaves. The sounds of birds chirping in the air indicated the sun would be rising soon. You walked in between Mina and Séan, your team had beed walking for a solid thirty five minutes now. You were barely able to keep your eyes open. Usually you were find with late night shifts, mainly because you hated waking up early. Working the late nights usually meant you got to sleep in the next morning. Your head snapped up when you heard Marks yell,

“What’s happening?” You asked, looking over at Séan. But the look he gave you just showed he was just as confused as you were.

“Dunno” Séan responded. His words were sleepy, almost slurred. That’s when it hit you, his eyes were bloodshot and had dark bags under them.

“You’ve been having those nightmares again..” you stated aloud. The statement honestly shocked you more than him, you didn’t mean to say it aloud, you were just thinking it.

“I.. I don’t feel like discussing it this early in the morning” he shook his head

“Right.. sorry” you responded back before moving forward.

“We’re crossing over enemy lines. Onyx has guards everywhere around here so beware.” Aaron yelled out.

“Then why the hell are you yelling?” You whispered under your breath. Mina burst into giggles next to you and Aaron just gave you a cold glare before moving forward into the forest.

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An imagination-#5

Class 1-A, and probably 1-B, would have class dance offs on the weekly. Mina had a winning streak until some of the 1-B kids asked for dance advice. Now, Mina isn’t in the lead. It’s Monoma, and he won’t stop bragging about it. 

Bakugo is second, surprisingly, but trained to beat Deku, which isn’t surprising. Aoyama is third as he always out-dances people with his navel lazer. Shiozaki is pretty high up on the list, her vines assisting her in impressive moves and tricks.

Iida’s last. The robot does not win many votes.

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My hero academia as things that have been said between my freinds #2


Todoroki: Squirrels are scary

Iida: What’s

Todoroki: There just everywhere

Iida: Are you ok

Todoroki: Just watching

Iida: Threapy it is


Aizawa: I’m Gonna get drunk on water and take back my life with a package of number two pencils.


*Playing a board game*

Kaminari: Bi the way let’s ace-ss the situation and Pan out are next move to win.

Jirou: How many puns did you put in there

Kaminari: At least three


Todoroki: I’m gay

Midoriya: I’m bisexual

Shinsou: I’m Alive, not that I want to be but you know


Eri: God gave me anxiety and depression because he knew if he didn’t i would kick his ass


Shoji: Get therapy

Tokoyami: No

Shoji: Yes

Tokoyami: Anime is my therapy


Mina:I want to be a fucking skeleton.

Sero: For the last ducking time you can dance with Dabi in fucking hell

Mina: Watch me


Kirishima: You know I’m trying doesn’t that count?

Aizawa: No it doesn’t


Kaminari: Teachers tell you not to make a mistake but when you do on a test your suddenly not allowed to anymore

Bakugo: You failed math didn’t you?


Aoyama: Sending a picture of a bird with Barbie legs: I have ✨B L E S S E D✨ your eyes

Bakugo: You have also ✨B L E S S E D✨ my need to kill you


Aizawa after grading his kids papers: I need a drink

Midnight: Bring two

Mic: bring one for me as well


Bakugo: I’ll kill you

Tokoyami: Fine but make it painful


All might watching bakugo and Midoriya fight: I feel like a that can go terriblely wrong or amzingly good

Aizawa: Five bucks it gose terriblely wrong


Midoriya doing a school servay: do you think about death a lot?

Midoriya liying be sue he Doesn’t want to talk to the school counselor: No


Aizawa: your supposed to be the smart one

Midoriya: With all do respect I’m book smart not common sense smart.


*Momo and jirou getting into a fight*

Momo: last week I saw you walk into a flag poll because you where readings book

Jirou: In my defense the poll should have moved out of the way


Part one

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