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Have we ever talked about how unmistakably cursed this is?
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MHA MerMay Tail Ideas! Pt. 1
(Basically just what sort of sea creatures I think suit specific characters)
Kirishima: Some sort of shark, for obvious reasons. I鈥檓 partial to a tiger shark or a thrasher shark for no other reason than that they look cool. I鈥檝e seen how puppy-like sharks can be, but also how dangerous to those they feel are a threat, that seems pretty 鈥楰irishima鈥 to me.
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Bakugou: I adore the concept of Bakugou with a betta fish tail, I think that both the look and personality of the fish suit him really well, but I also love the visual of him with a lionfish tail/markings! They remind me of his hero costume!
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Mina: While Mina鈥檚 personality matches ocean dolphins more, I still think that an amazon river dolphin would be a good match for her! As well, moon jellyfish remind me of her acid, plus they鈥檙e just cool. (And bioluminescent, which I think is a very Mina thing lol)
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Sero: For Sero, I landed on Mobula Rays! They鈥檙e a really cool species of ray which is famous for leaping out of the water! It reminded me of Sero with all his acrobatics and aerial stunts! I also think that a remora would suit him, given that they鈥檙e little sticky boys and well... tape. It helps that the mental image of Remora!Sero stuck to Shark!Kirishima鈥檚 belly while they race around does my heart good.
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Kaminari: Electric eels were the obvious answer, but I really didn鈥檛 think they suited him at all. Instead I raise you: Glowing Sucker Octopus and Sunfish. This is the only bioluminescent octopus discovered so far, and I think that bioluminescence suits Kaminari! As well, I adore sunfish and they鈥檙e just kinda dopey, they remind me of Kaminari when he short circuits
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I plan on doing the Dekusquad next! Keep an eye out for it!
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Catch these hands
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Incorrect MHA quotes as conversations I鈥檝e had part 22:
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People try and act like he鈥檚 so polite, but no; he鈥檚 a little asshole and I would die for him. He would also be more like 鈥渟ir鈥
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I love her so much.
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Don鈥檛 lie to yourself, he totally would
Aizawa and kaminari:
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Dabi about endeavor:
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Jirou, shinsou, Monoma, and Shouto:
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Jirou and shinsou:
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Shouto talking about something Natsuo did:
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Kaminari is the obvious choice, but I鈥檓 also honestly feeling a little shinsou:
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BNHA CH 353 Spoilers
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Someone call the gravedigger, he鈥檚 gonna have some work to do.
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1. He reached up to touch the base of his scar. Somehow, without the red hair framing it, it looked almost like a birthmark. Less of a harsh, angry burn scar and more of a memory. He didn鈥檛 look like a man with a tragic past, he looked like a boy. If he wasn鈥檛 completely blind in that eye, he would almost believe it was one.
鈥淵ou look so manly,鈥 Kirishima breathes.
鈥淣o,鈥 Todoroki says with a smile. 鈥淚 look like my mother. I look womanly.鈥
2. And suddenly so many pieces of the puzzle drop into place.
His eye is unseeing. White pupil. Milky iris. With the skin around it poreless and hairless. Easy to cover up with makeup. Oil-less and unmoisturized. Like a scar. Like a burn.
鈥淭odoroki,鈥 Mina says softly. The brush she鈥檚 holding drops to her lap. 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 a birthmark I鈥檓 covering up, is it?鈥
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*cop pulls denki and mina over*
Cop: are you two on drugs by any chance?
Denki: no officer im on my seat
Mina: *dying of laughter*
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Another day of successfully making stranger cries on the internet
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my zine cover for notmyfortezine over on twt!!!
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mha characters reacting to us having the same quirk as them
Sure thing! But since you didn't specify the characters you wanted me to talk about, then should I assume you don't mind if I pick them myself? I'll be doing both boys and girls so I hope your favorites are included.
Also, I didn't pick characters with uncommon quirks, for instance Izuku with OFA and Shouto who's the result of years of experimenting (so sorry to put it this way) 馃槶
Mha characters reacting to you having the same quirk as them
Genre : fluff/ headcanons
Bakugo :
Katsuki was pissed at first.
How could an extra like you have an awesome quirk like his? It didn't sound right.
It was the same reason why he kept an eye out for you, he wanted to know your training methods and all that.
Little by little, he came to realize that you were doing your best. And he wouldn't tell you this, but he even thought that you were better than him at times.
His anger turned into admiration for you, and he even asked if you could workout together. To which you said "yes" because you admired him as well.
Kirishima :
Eijiro couldn't stop gazing at you the moment he saw you using your quirk for the very first time. And it took him a hot minute to finally approach you.
He was a blushing mess and he struggled to tell you how awesome he thought you were.
The moment you heard him say that was the happiest of your life because you thought the same way about him.
You became inseparable ever since and did everything together: workout, homework, having meals...
You just couldn't imagine how your lives would be without the other.
Momo :
Momo was intimidated at first. She thought you were a lot better than her at using your quirk.
The moment you noticed that, you approached her and told her how much you admired her. You didn't want things to be awkward between the two of you. Besides, you truly did believe she was awesome and you hated seeing her lose confidence.
It worked! Her eyes lit up and she gave you the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.
You learned a lot from each other and you became each other's biggest fan.
Ochaco :
The moment she saw you in action was the moment she realized that you were her idol.
You thought it was cute the way she kept following you around and asking you all those questions about your workout routine and what you did to prevent your quirk from interfering with your everyday life.
She became your biggest supporter and you became hers.
You shared everything together and protected each other on missions.
Kaminari :
He couldn't believe his eyes! Was he seeing right?
He came running towards you like a bullet and started asking you all those questions and telling you how amazing he thought you were.
He freaked you out at first because you still had no idea who he was, but seeing his genuine smile and his bright eyes helped you feel at ease right away.
You started talking and laughing together and he suggested that you two should partner up for missions.
You got even closer as time went by and your friendship became something else entirely, something a lot more.
Mirio :
He kept his distance at first because you were so nervous and he didn't want to scare you off.
Though he was watching you from a far to see if you needed any help.
The first time you two were by yourselves happened purely by chance. You were at the gym working out and trying to improve your control over your quirk, when Mirio stepped in for his daily training.
You immediately apologized and prepared to leave when he stopped you and asked if you wanted to workout together since you had the same quirk.
You approved albeit reluctantly. But soon after, you thanked the heavens you did.
He's an amazing hero and an amazing person. He became your rock.
He often tells you that he had his eyes on you since day one, and will continue to watch over you until the day he dies.
Mina :
Mina's reaction was the same as Kaminari's.
She was ecstatic and dubbed you as "hers" since day one.
She thought you were amazing and wanted to learn a lot from you, as did you.
You partnered up on missions, protected each other, and worked amazingly together.
Kendo :
She was amazing to you and treated you well ever since the day she leaned that you two had the same quirk.
She protected you from everything especially Monoma's mean remarks.
She was the person you admired the most and all you wanted was to be more like her.
When you told her that, she smiled and asked you to never change because she loved you the way you are.
Monoma :
He made fun of you at first. Told you that no matter how hard you try, you will never step up to his level.
You tried to keep your distance but he kept following you around.
One day you've had enough and just blew up on his face. He was taken aback and for once couldn't say a word.
You left crying and he stood there shocked.
The next day he apologized and told you that he actually found you amazing and was only joking by his previous remarks.
You were skeptical but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
As turned out, he was saying the truth.
Shinsou :
You were awkward around each other to say the least.
None of you had the guts to approach the other. You were both a bit of a loner and your quirks didn't help you make friends.
It was thanks to Aizawa that you finally became close since he insisted on you training together.
Little by little you became comfortable with one another and became each other's best friend.
As time went by, you realized that all you needed was each other.
Nejire :
She overwhelmed you at first. She was obviously a sweet, affectionate and lovable person, but she kept asking you all these kinds of questions about your quirk, and giving you information on how she deals with hers.
Noticing your discomfort, she apologized instantly and asked if she could start over.
You found her adorable and you became closer soon after.
You exchanged information about your quirk and asked the other for help whenever you needed it.
You were always there for each other.
Amajiki :
This sweetheart refused to even look you in the eye. Having the same quirk as one of the big three is an honor, and you wanted to learn more from him, but everytime you try talking to him he gets all awkward and runs away from you after apologizing.
You gave up eventually and stopped bothering him.
Apparently he regretted blowing you off, because he came to see you one day and suggested training together.
You found it extremely adorable the way he was blushing and struggling with his words.
You happily accepted of course and little by little became a lot closer.
He was like a little puppy following you around everywhere.
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My Hero Academia: Favorite Manga Covers
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Part 2 of聽鈥淲hy is fighting with you suddenly so awkward?鈥. Mina is obviously enjoying this most of all, and will definitely gossip this to the Bakusquad. And propably most of the other girls.聽
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bakusquad stealth suits
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Class 1A Gals!
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I present to you the ultimate BAKUSQUAD
These dorks sure are my favs XD
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favorite sketches 2021
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Class 1A + Shinsou Hitoshi | Hero Names
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LADIESSS for the very nice zine project @bnhawlwanth
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Little trio having lunch notepad collection
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