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#mina ashido

Okay, here me out! What if the way you died in your last life is what your quirk manifest as in your next? 

Some are really simple like-

Bakugou his quirk explosion- he died from an explosion in his last life, or some sort of bomb.  

Ashido died from an acid spill of some sorts, maybe consuming a dangerous chemical.

Denki, electricity like getting struck by a lightning bolt or touching an electric wire. It can be even more creative like a electric generating exploding near him or something like that. 

Kirishima, was killed by Dwayne.

Urauraka. died from falling or jumping of a cliff or large building. 

Dabi, was probably burnt on a stake cause the village thought he was a necromancer. 

Tokoyami, was killed in a dark place, that’s why his quirk is a literal shadow.

Some are alot harder and you have to be more creative. 

Sero, maybe he was taken by a mafia boss and was hanged to death by tape. Or they taped him to a chair before finishing him off? 

Hawks could’ve been a pilot, killed in a plane crash of some sorts. 

Deku got fucking K.O’d and died instantly, such a anti-climatic death he didn’t get a quirk. God said no. 

Toga is really hard trying to account for all aspects of her quirk. Maybe was stabbed by an impersonator and bleed out to death? Who knows. 

ANyways just something I was thinking about while sketching, I think its a cool concept. 

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Bakugou: I can’t believe you would do something this stupid!

Mina, Sero, Kirishima and Kaminari: I think we can all believe that we can do something this stupid

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YNs babes + lil gremlin boy

Drummer!bakugo x fem!reader


Your best friend Is in a famous band, and recently got a new drummer. After your first rocky meeting and joining the band on tour you start to take a liking to the grumpy drummer

Send me an ask to be added to the taglist!

@goustcop (still not showing your blog bby but I’ll keep putting you up here until it does 💕) @pride-of-persephone @jadenyukis-bodypillow @unawi13-blog

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“I done been down so long, lost hope,
I done came down so hard, I slowed.
Honesty, forever, all a real nigga want.”
Kendrick Lamar

Word Count: 1.3K
Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Context: Mafia!AU. Kirishima’s last relationship was pretty shitty and he’s scared of it happening again :/
Warnings: explicit language, mentions of cheating

All Characters are 18+

A/N: Bakugo should be a relationship counselor or something. He’s a little rough around the edgeds, but he makes some pretty good points. Enjoy <3

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your heart is at stake
by theriteofspring

“I’m being fucking serious. I think he’s a damn threat to all of UA—if not all of mankind,” he continued, further feeding into the hysteria around him.

As much as Jirou wanted to reassure her ‘acquaintance’ that his problems were valid, even she couldn’t keep her composure as he continued to insist that Todoroki Shouto—who she had once caught dragging twelve bags full of strawberry milk up to his room—who she had seen watching Mulan at 3 a.m. once—who she had to explain how to properly make instant ramen to the other day—was a vicious, cruel, demonic creature.
In which Bakugou Katsuki doesn’t understand basic human emotions and wholeheartedly believes Todoroki Shouto is a vampire.

Todoroki Shouto just wanted a date, but he’ll take being probed and investigated if that’s all he can get out of Bakugou Katsuki.

Words: 2750, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Bakusquad + You Playing the Game “Among Us” HCs

If you don’t know what his game is, you’d probably be very confused reading this!! It’s basically the game “werewolf” where there’s killer(s) and everybody has to find out who it is. I’ve just been watching a lot of youtubers play it and thought this would be fun with the Bakusquad :)


  • He’s very cautious and will stick around other’s so he doesn’t get killed
  • Might be biased towards defending you because he thinks you’re pretty
  • Is actually a pretty good liar when he’s the imposter
  • “I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move”
  • Is the type to report the dead body after killing the person
  • If you and him were the imposters, he’d vouch for you 100%
  • Would accuse Bakugou for everything over the sole fact that he won’t stop screaming


  • Reasonable player, will question everything you do and where everybody else was
  • Also super chill, the type of person who maintains the same voice whether he’s lying or telling the truth
  • Goes with his gut instinct
  • “Hmmm…. I’m not really buying your words, y/n.”
  • He does his tasks just so people don’t suspect him
  • Calm when he’s lying, so he’s good at convincing others that he’s not the killer
  • If he and Kaminari were the imposters, they’d be the dream team honestly, like they’ve got a meticulous plan for killing and lying and everything
  • Good at accusing others too
  • “You sound really defensive there, Bakugou… Almost like you are the imposter…” when in reality, he was the one who killed them


  • She definitely likes to be with someone or go in a crowd so that she has witnesses
  • She’s smart though, so she definitely can see through lies
  • She’s good at talking, so she can easily convince others who to vote for who
  • Probably stealthy enough to kill two people in one round
  • Would stay quiet if she were the imposter and let everybody else talk it out
  • Sometimes when she’s the imposter and she lies too much, she can slip up a little, and everybody catches onto it quickly
  • Would team up with you if you were both imposter and you would vouch for each other


  • He has too kind of a heart to play this game :-(
  • Wouldn’t know who to believe if there were a bunch of people arguing
  • Like if it were you, Kaminari, and Kirishima left, and you murdered someone and Kaminari saw
  • And now you two were arguing about who killed them, he’d choose the person who seemed the more truthful
  • “Oh fucking great, Kiri,” Bakugou would say after the imposters won, “You killed off Kaminari because you have a crush on y/n, huh?”
  • “That’s not— I mean, that’s beyond the point! Y/n just seemed very convincing!”
  • He’s also a horrible liar
  • “I- uh- I just came down from uh— the top place. So I don’t think I could’ve killed them…”
  • The type of person to accidentally kill someone in front of others
  • Would die a little inside when he’s killed while doing the tasks
  • He just wanted to do the task, man….
  • The person who everybody trusts though and knows when he’s being honest


  • Is great at deductive reasoning and can see easily see through lies
  • Would question everything that everybody says
  • Trusts nobody
  • “Why the fuck does y/n keep following me? Stay the fuck away from me!”
  • And then he pulls an emergency meeting just to call you out
  • Yells when he’s being accused, whether he is the imposter or not
  • “What the hell kind of reasoning is that?! You’re just fucking out to get me!”
  • “Bakugou, you literally just killed them right in front of me.”
  • Suspiciously quiet when he’s imposter
  • Can easily lie through his teeth
  • Not a team player lol, if you both were the imposters and someone witnessed you guys kill someone, he’d instantly throw you under the bus just to save his ass because he likes to win



  • He’s trusting, but he can easily spot through lies
  • Not afraid to accuse anyone and will pull an emergency meeting if he notices anything odd
  • Plays dumb when he’s the imposter
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was diligently doing my tasks once the body was reported.”
  • He’s a lil dense at times, and since he has a soft spot for you, he’ll tend to believe you over the others
  • “You killed me, y/n…. I can’t believe you’ve betrayed my trust


  • Horrible liar, dreads being imposter because he doesn’t want to kill anybody
  • Stammers when he’s trying to lie
  • He’s really good at deductive reasoning too, so he’s good at analyzing words and narrowing down who the imposter is
  • Would apologize incessantly if he voted off the wrong person
  • Would actually be in shock if you had deceived him and won
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💚Hc’s for being in a relationship with…Mina Ashido💚

•oh lord the cuddles..

•it would start out sweet and simple at first, picnic dates after long days of nights while doing face masks…

•she’s very into commitment so she’s down to say I love you first, some might say y’all went too fast, screw them!

•You guys are the most we’ll known couple in UA

•you pretty much become part of the baku squad tbh

•she LOVES before class kisses and hugs!!

•Yalls song is “misfits ” by Shinedown and “new americana“ by Halsey

•She loves to play fight at night and pepper your face with wittle kisses…aw

•You pretty much have a drawer dedicated to Mina hoodies

•you guys love watching Disney movies at night with fresh boba, while you sit in her lap and she braids your hair

•oh goodness…she will dress you tf UP

•to sum it all up, she’s so happy to be with you and boy is she touch starved…but you don’t mind midnight cuddle seshes💚

•lastly….the first kiss: it was kinda an guys were studying and you needed something from her side and she needed to ask you a question, you both turn, 💥 Kith 💥

hehe, I loved writing this for so many reasons and I could keep going honestly

hope you liked it lovelies,

-Mod R💚

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