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#mina ashido

Playing Horror Games with the Baku-Squad.

No ships but POC! GN reader platonically! with Bakugo K. - Kirishima E. - Asido M. - Sero H. - Kaminari D.

Modern! Au.

Warnings: Crack - Cursing - N-word usage.

A/n: This was inspired by the lovely @n3grous and some are scenarios are are inspired by @theronchri @solar3lunar @noir-ethereal @imabitobsessedlove @mixijima @mixfi

Pt. 2 will be coming out soon with the Deku-Squad.

  • Lawd Here we go-
  • It would honestly be so fun
  • Most likely ya’ll would have to beg Bakugo to play with ya’ll since he doesn’t “waste his time on shitty things”
  • He’d end up doing it anyways
  • Bakugo would always lead the group forward since everyone else would be too scared to
  • Kirishima would be right behind him, then Mina, then you, then Sero, and Then Denki
  • (Denki is way too scary to be in the front 💀 he will literally beg ya’ll to let him stay in the back)
  • Ya’ll’s little assembly line-
  • Ya’ll mostly stay together and occasionally go off into partners depending on the tasks ya’ll have to do
  • Sometimes though Kirishima will switch with Bakugo if he’s feeling manly enough
  • Just don’t let this nigga lead if ya’ll have to go through a maze or somethin
  • Ya’ll 10/10 will get lost because this dude has no sense of direction smh
  • Alrighty now time to explain what actually happens:
  • Sero’s ass is in the back praying in spanish
  • Literally some how and for some reason, Denki gets lost and strays away from the group ALL 👏🏽THE👏🏽TIME
  • Bakugo will literally be cussing him out and usually you and sero end up go finding him to which he is very grateful for 😩
  • Generally if any of ya’ll get lost Bakugo will cuss you out and won’t even try to find you 😐 (mean ass) but he will stay put until ya’ll come back
  • Denki tends to make the game 10x scarier because of his ear drum-bleeding screaming
  • Like he makes the rest of ya’ll on edge and scared to move on (got bakugo sweating his ass off from being so scared)
  • Ya’ll know the gamer yourrage gaming?
  • Yeah he has that scream
  • Bakugo’s audible (extremely loud) gasping comes in second
  • Leave it up to Kirishima and Bakugo to complete a task
  • Like him and Bakugo are absolute gods at tasks and they finish really fast
  • Sero is gonna try to act all nonchalant to calm everyone down but its a facade, just like Bakugo trying to act all tough and saying the game aint scary
  • They both sweating bullets and lowkey shaking
  • If ya’ll end up in a maze, its all over
  • Ya’ll gonna end up losing each other and begging for ya’ll to come find each other but ya’ll make it past regardless
  • Which takes the upmost longest because either someone dies from being killed, ya’ll end up getting more lost, one of ya’ll are scared to move because you don’t wanna get jump scared-
  • You get it
  • To calm you guys’ nerves,
  • Mina would start singing some songs like little einsteins or Streets
  • Either way, you, sero, denki, and kiri would join in and start a acepella
  • Bakugo talking about how stupid ya’ll sound while going along and whispering the lyrics
  • Okay but once ya’ll get the initial fear of the monster or opponent you’re against, ya’ll are gonna be laughing and violating them so hard
  • “Damn look at the way this dude moves”
  • “Giving me very much possessed spirit the horse” cue ya’ll dying (if ya’ll don’t know who that is pls look him up)
  • Either way 10x out of 10, you’re gonna have a blast with them

A/n 2: Hopefully ya’ll like this; I had fun writing this since this was based off my own experience with playing with my friends :)

20 notes

I need the girls of 1A to be ripped like Nana was by the time they are pro heros. Please, that is all I ask.

2 notes

Here’s what pets would class 1-A have (just my idea) Bakusquad version:

Bakugou Katsuki: Dogs

Eijirou Kirishima: Both cats and dogs (or any animal he thinks it’s cool)

Kyoka Jirou: Canaries

Denki Kaminari: Ferrets

Mina Ashido: Axolotls

Hanta Sero: Geckos or Snakes (reptiles)

Dekusquad version

Rest of the class

5 notes

Todoroki: Mina told me that instead of being sad, I should “go get it, girl.” So I’m going to “go get it, girl.”

Iida: Get what?

Todoroki: …I’m not sure. I’ll get everything, just to be safe

245 notes

Bakugou: Rugby 

Kirishima: Wood working

Sero: Soccer

Denki: Improve 

Mina: Yearbook

Momo: Tutoring

Iida: Speech/debate

Todoroki: Wouldn’t take any to spit his father though sometimes tags along with Izuku or watches Iida

 Izuku: Environmental awareness club

 Tokoyami: Poetry

Tooru: Astrology club

Koda: Photography

Shoji: Hockey

Uraraka: Cheerleading 

Jiro: Jewelry making

 Aoyama: Dance

Asui: Biology club

Ojiro: Material arts

Sato: Baking club

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hfgjfskdghjsk the kirideku and kirimina agenda is real apparently

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Drew mina ashido. Kinda gave up and rushed though. I also messed up the colours…oh well. she will turn out better next time.

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I don’t have many yet, but here’s what I do got.

  • Bakugo is hard of hearing but ego prevents him from being open about it initially. He does start to open up about until and by graduation the entire class does know. He also has PTSD from both the sludge villain incident and being kidnapped by the League.
  • Bakugo can’t stand going underwater following the sludge villain incident. I think you can figure out why.
  • Mina helps Kirishima dye his hair once they move into the dorms.
  • Kirishima’s aunt is Ryukyu. She’s also his legal guardian since he was eight.
  • Kaminari has ADHD.
  • This is currently in my queue as it’s own post but the first time Iida used Recipro Burst was while he was running away from the USJ to get help.
  • During the winter, the class will huddle around Todoroki’s left side for warmth.
  • Not Class 1-A particularly, but Mic, Midnight and Aizawa have known Iida for as long as he can remember due to them being friends with Tensei. I don’t care what canon says, this is how I’m rolling.
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bakusquad going to disneyland hcs

anon’s request: “Hellurrrr😆✌️ I hope you’re having a good day/night!! Could u do a platonic and crackhead bakusquad x female y/n goes to Disneyland? I can just imagine them all on one of the rides with Bakugou screaming the loudest like a little girl and everyone laughing at him while holding churros and wearing the ears 🥺🥺”

fem reader | warnings: none | words: 416

genre: fluff/crack

a/n: this was such a cool request abdhsjdj i luv it

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escaping the aftermath of area 51 with my new alien like

10 notes

Bakugou: Caramel
Kirishima: Watermelon rock candy
Sero: Orange
Denki: Lemon
Mina: Pears and peaches
Momo: Money
Iida: Fresh rain
Todoroki: Cotton/fresh laundry 
Izuku: Cucumber and melon 
Tokoyami: Coffee
Tooru: Vanilla
Koda: Lavender 
Shoji: Lime water
Uraraka: Sugar cookies
Jiro: Bubble gum 
Aoyama: Pineapple
Asui: Fresh strawberries
Ojiro: Coconut
Sato: Brown sugar

16 notes

Never posted this on here, but I made a Bakusquad illustration!! This one took a WHILE to finish and gained a bit of popularity on tiktok for a hot second. I’m actually really happy with this though!!

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⁣Taking place in winter of Shimi’s 1st year at UA, just following the Joint Training Arc! Her cousin, Eijirou Kirishima, reflects on how she had acted the last 4 years and how it seems she’s grown while at UA and gives his hopes for her future.

⁣Of course, not all hopes for the future come true without tragedy occurring first.

(( Okay full disclosure, I forgot my tumblr existed during New Years, so its getting posted like 2 months late and I am SORRY ))

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