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#mina ashido
xkatchan · a day ago
Trope where Bakugo says shit he means... including his feeling. Part 7
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Bakugo: hey fuckmunch!
Kirishima: hi bro!♡
Bakugo: you
Bakugo: me
Bakugo: dating
Bakugo: right now
Kirishima: you and me dating??
Kirishima: i didn't know we're dating?
Mina: oh. My poor baby shark...
Bakugo: we weren-
Bakugo: actually...
Bakugo: yes. We were. Whether you fucking like it or not. I'll fucking smother you to death if not
Kirishima: okay!♡
Kaminari: what in the fuck-
Bakugo: good
Bakugo: now fucking hold my hand
Kirishima, grabs Bakugo's hand:
Kirishima: i'm so excited! I didn't know bros could date eachother!
Sero: i didn't know either-
Bakugo: we were dating for months. Didn't you know this, stupid?
Sero: don't lie to him-!
Bakugo: we're fucking boyfriends and shit
Kirishima, excited: nope! I can't believe my best bro is my boyfriend! You take good care of me!
Sero: oh my all might fuck-
Kirishima: GASP
Kirishima: we've been together for so long and we didn't even kiss!?
Mina: oh, my sweet innocent baby boy♡
Bakugo, mutters shyly: ...wanna fucking kiss now?
Kirishima, beams excitedly: CAN WE!?-
Sero: okay. No. Fucking back it up. PG-13 here. We don't need to see that
Kaminari: but Bakubro's mouth isn't PG-13-
Sero: I SAID PG-13!
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incorrectmyhero · 17 hours ago
Mina: So~ are you two friends with benefits~?
Todoroki: Yes
Midoriya: NO
Todoroki: Yes?
Midoriya: NO WE AREN'T
Todoroki: But being friends with you has a lot of benefits? :(
Todoroki: We help each other out a lot
Midoriya, crying: PLEASE STOP
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mha-quotes-and-such · a day ago
Mina: Midoriyas sad that you never buy him flowers, is that true?
Todoroki: To be honest I never knew he sold flowers
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giggly-squiggily · 13 hours ago
HAHA YES! Well, I have two choices for you again!! I’m in need of sibling adorableness! I was thinking Ler!Natsuo&Fuyumi with Lee!Todoroki OR Ler!Bakugo and Lee!Eri
Im aware that Eri and Bakugo aren’t siblings, but the mental image of seeing them act as such just makes my heart all gooey 🥰 I had an idea that maybe the Lee! for whichever pair you do, acts super sassy or intentionally messes with the Lers! to get attention and attention they shall receive!
For the sentence starter, “Alright you little FARTMOUTH! You mess with the ram, YOU GET THE HOOOORNS!!”
Hey friend! I love this prompt so freaking much! This is beyond cute!
I'm craving soft Bakugou, so we're gonna go with Eri and him for this one! I hope you like it!
“Alright you little FARTMOUTH!” Bakugou stood dramatically, eyes trained on the giggly girl standing a few feet away. “You messed with the ram! Now, YOU GET THE HORNS!”
“Do your worst, Baku!” Eri bravely declared, eyes widening when he approached. She let out a squeal of laughter before darting down the hall, running as fast as her legs could carry her.
Bakugou waited, giving her a five second head start before he was off, chasing her down like a man on a mission. Serves her right- the little brat had the audacity to tell him he was too noisy. In his own dorm! And that he looked like an angry squirrel!
Deku lost it in the comparison. He’ll die for it later.
Right now, his target was the tiny brat.
“Eri~ Where are you?” He called out, grinning when he heard her muffled giggles. Walking into Mina’s room, he nodded to the pink hero. “Mina, have you seen a tiny brat by any chance?”
“What? Me? No, not at all!” Mina played along, as if Eri wasn’t currently hiding behind her, muffling her giggles in her hands. “I wonder where she went?”
“I wonder to- Oh, what’s that behind you?” Bakugou acted surprised, as if he just noticed Eri for the first time. “Is that- THERE YOU ARE!” He charged, gathering her up in his arms and using one hand to tickle her gently. “Think you can compare me to a squirrel and get away with it, huh?”
“Bahahahhahahahahahhakuuhuhuhuhuhuuhu! Ahehahahhhahhahaha! Ihihiihihhit tihihihihickles!” Eri squealed, pressing her face into his chest as he poked at her torso.
“Does it now? Huh- Mina, can you believe what I’m hearing? It tickles!” He teased, pretending to fall over when Eri lightly punched him in the chest. “Oof-going down. Goodbye world.” He fell to his knees, safely letting the other land. Eri giggled before poking him in the belly, making him yelp. “Hehe, take that Baku-squirrel!” She cheered before darting away.
“Baku- OH HELL NO YOU LITTLE BRAT!” Bakugou was on his feet once more, chasing her down.
Mina laughed in her hands, chest fluttering at the rare warmth she saw in the blonde’s eyes. As Eri’s giggles and squeals filled the dorms once more, Mina put her phone down and darted out, giggling herself. “Hang on, Eri! Pinky’s on the way!”
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incorrect-khai · 2 days ago
Iida: y/n and I don’t use pet names. Mina: I see. Hey, what do bees make? Iida: Honey? y/n: Yes, dear? Iida: Mina: Don't ever lie to my face again.
ps. these are not mine! I found them here!
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sparkles-and-trash · 2 days ago
I’m sorry but the fact that Mina, Sero, Denki, Shoji and Tsu decided to have a spooky stories night and just showed up in Tokoyami’s room to do it while he’s sitting in the corner, just watching them, is so insanly funny???
I fucking love the school briefs so much man
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made-by-jade-222 · a day ago
Hi, for a request I don't have a specific scenario in mind honestly but could you do a Lee!Hawks fic again? That would be so cute! Thank you so much! 🥰
Uncle Takami
A save by Hawks before breakfast gets caught on video and it brings out a lot of fun for him, the Senseis, and Mina. Having fun and ending with a great, instagram-worthy breakfast made for a very good morning.
Ler! Mina (Brief Kayama)
Lee! Takami (Brief Mina)
A/N: Just so y'all are aware, Hawk's last name is Takami. His first name is Keigo. (I will be editing that in the other fic I wrote.) This one is just random, silly, and it gives me all the warm fuzzies >w<💕!!!
Takami poured himself a cup of coffee, rolling his eyes fondly as the others chuckled.
Aizawa snorted. "That's amazing."
Earlier that morning, on his way to breakfast with Kayama, Aizawa, and Yamada, Hawks had seen a girl set her purse on the balcony of a three story building. She'd set it too far on the edge though and it fell. She reached over to try and grab it, only succeeding in falling off the ledge herself. Hawks swooped in, grabbed her purse with one hand, and scooped her up with one of his wings.
However, as soon as he did that, she shrieked and started laughing hysterically.
He frowned, using his other wing to fly them back up to the balcony, where he set her and her purse down. She fell against him, giggling.
And that's when he realized.
"Oh," he said, smiling shyly. "Sorry," he said, hoping he hadn't offended her or been inappropriate. She looked to be eighteen or so, thankfully, so he figured he was okay.
She giggled and gave him a big hug. "Don't worry about it," she said. She broke the hug and picked up her purse. "I'm just very ticklish. Especially to things like feathers," she said, then giggled again. "Thanks for saving me!" she said, then went back into her hotel room.
Hawks turned around, a dopey grin on his face, ready to launch himself off the balcony and fly his way to the 1-A dorm for breakfast.
His eyes went wide when he realized his rescue had attracted the press, though it was only a small group as it was early in the morning. He flashed them a smile, hoping it didn't look as bashful as he felt, then he launched himself off the balcony and flew away, unable to resist doing a few flips and tricks for the crowd.
When he finally arrived, Takami quickly changed into casual clothes and set his duffel bag by the coat rack. The four of them were planning on spending the day together to hang out and socialize. Finally spend time doing things without having to worry about kids (Aizawa, Yamada) , schoolwork and side gigs (Kayama), or hero work (Takami).
"That was quite a capture you had there, Hawks," Yamada said, peeking over his glasses at him and smiling.
"What happened?" Aizawa asked, nursing a cup of coffee, still a bit out of the loop.
Kayama, who'd seen the video first and texted it to Yamada, said, "He rescued a girl falling off the balcony, but it turns out she's rather ticklish to feathers," she explained. Then she walked over and showed him the video.
Takami poured himself a cup of coffee, rolling his eyes fondly as the others chuckled.
Aizawa snorted, "That's amazing."
"Hey, I'm just glad it wasn't that bad of a fall," Tamaki said, taking a sip of coffee.
"Poor thing," Kayama cooed. "Must have been torture for her."
The winged hero raised an eyebrow. "Hey, they're not that bad," he said.
Yamada raised an eyebrow. "You haven't worked with yourself on patrol when you're tired then, huh?" he asked. 'Always tickling me to keep me awake," he grumbled.
Aizawa grinned.
Takami shrugged. "Hey, it's not like I can fly to the nearest Starbucks and get you a cup of coffee," he said, setting his mug down. "What else am I supposed to do?"
"You really think your feathers aren't that bad?" Kayama asked, walking over. She squinted at his wings and pulled off a loose feather, one that was about to fall off.
She lifted his shirt ever so slightly and tickled his side with the feather.
Takami immediately broke into a wide grin. "Pfffft! Okahahay! They tihihihihckle bahahahad!" he admitted, squirming away and taking the feather from her. "Heheheh..."
"Hmm. Thought you would've remembered that," Kayama teased under her breath, making him blush slightly, reminding him of the SFW tickle sessions they sometimes had.
Mina walked in just as she'd stopped tickling him. She gasped. "Takami-san!"
He noticed her and beamed, opening his arms. "Hey kiddo!" he said.
She ran into them and hugged him tightly.
All of the kids loved him, often treating him as the "fun uncle", if they weren't fangirling over him, or fanboying in Izuku's case. He let them call him whatever they liked in most cases. Uncle Hawks, Mr. Hawks, Takami-san, etc. As long as it was respectful, and appropriate to the occasion, he let them call him whatever they wanted.
"Oh, it's so good to see you!" she said, giving him one last squeeze before breaking the hug. "I saw the video!" she said. "You were very heroic!"
"Why thank you," he said, bowing dramatically.
"Is that what you were laughing at?" she asked innocently.
Kayama smirked. "No," she said. "He was laughing because I was tickling him." She lightly scribbled her fingers against his side, making him squirm away, smiling. "See? Ticklish."
Mina's jaw dropped.
Tamaki watched her warily.
She grinned like a Cheshire cat.
"Kid, don't even think about it," he warned, trying very hard not to smile.
"Okay!" she said, then walked past him.
He sighed with relief, then stood straight as a board when she poked him from behind. She giggled and poked him repeatedly.
"Pfffft! H-hey!" he said, barely stifling a giggle.
"What?" she asked. "I'm not tickling you! I'm just poking you!"
He tried to get away from her tickly pokes, but she followed him everywhere he went. The others were no help whatsoever, smiling and teasing.
"Ooh, she's got ya there!" Yamada said. "Technically, she's not tickling you!"
"Good grief," Aizawa remarked. "If you react like this to a few pokes, I can't imagine what you'd be like if someone actually tickled you."
That was all the invitation Mina needed. She switched tactics and dug her fingers into his sides, fully tickling.
Takami couldn't hold back his laughter anymore. "Ahahahahahahaha! Hey! You ahahahaha! Now you're tihihihickling! I can't stahahahand the tickling!"
Kayama whistled and looked away as she stuck her foot out, causing him to stumble and fall backwards onto the floor. "Good thing you're not standing then, huh?"
Mina squealed with delight and followed him down, digging into his tummy like it was a bowl of candy. "Ehehehe! Tickle, tickle, tiiickle! Revenge is sweet!" She said. He'd occasionally make use of his feathers, or his fingers, to cheer up a grumpy student. And Mina had been subjected to his tickles a number of times.
"Nemuri you trahahahaitor!" Takami cackled.
Mina gasped. "My Sensei? A traitor? Never! How dare you sir!" she said, then shot her hands into his armpits, which were easy to get to since he was attempting to save his tummy from her tickling fingers.
Second to his wings, his armpits were extremely ticklish.
Takami slammed his arms down and arched his back, howling with laughter.
"Yes! Hahaha!" Mina laughed, then stuck her tongue out at him and made a silly face.
"Tickle, tickle, Takami-san!" Mina sang.
Again, the others were no help at all. Aizawa and Yamada were sitting at the table, eating, while Kayama leaned against the table, her arms folded, watching with a smirk as her friend became undone with laughter.
In his rolling and squirming, one of Takami's wings ended up brushing against Mina's neck, making her squeal and stop tickling him.
Kayama grinned as she leaned down and kissed the top of Takami's forehead, then ruffled Mina's hair. "Alright you two," she said. "That was very cute, but don't play for too much longer because breakfast is getting cold."
"Yes, Mom," Mina said sarcastically as Takami wrapped her in a hug, still catching his breath and giggling occasionally.
Kayama rolled her eyes fondly, sat down, and began helping herself to the outstanding, instagram-worthy breakfast Yamada had made.
Takami gasped dramatically, "Mom? What? How dare you show your Sensei such disrespect!" he said, now having gotten some of his breath back. "Take this you villain!"
Mina squealed and squirmed against him, but he held her tight, trapping her in a tickle hug.
"You know, tickles are like boomerangs," he said. "Whenever you tickle someone, heh, it makes them wanna return the favor."
Mina erupted into helpless giggles, but didn't put up much of a fight. He didn't tickle her for long though.
"Now, keep this under wraps, okay Missy?"
"Okay," she agreed, smiling brightly. "I won't tell anyone you're ticklish."
"I will!" Yamada hollered.
Takami groaned. "You all, are so mean," he complained. "Aizawa, help me murder him later?"
Takami slowly stood and offered Mina a hand up, she took it and bounced up, her face bright and happy.
"Thanks kid," he said, leaning against her for one last snuggle.
"You're welcome..." she said, then whispered. "Uncle Takami."
Takami gave her the biggest bear hug, squeezing her to the point where she could barely breathe.
"Can't...breathe!" she gasped dramatically. "Mind...going! I can see the light!"
The others laughed as Takami let her go and playfully ruffled her already messy hair.
She sat down at the breakfast table with him, huffing and straightening her hair. "And you all wonder why I spend so much time on my hair! It's short, but he messes it up all the time!"
"Yeah," Takami said, shoving a bite of sausage into his mouth. "But," he said. "I hear you stating a fact." He raised his glass of orange juice to her. "I don't hear you complaining about it."
She rolled her eyes, then grabbed her glass of orange juice and raised it. "Cheers!" she said.
"To what?" Aizawa asked.
Mina beamed. "To Takami-san!"
"To Takami-san!" they echoed.
Yamada scoffed. "And what are we, chopped liver?"
"No," Mina said. "You're a banana," she decided, then burst into giggles.
Takami smiled and continued to eat, content. Once again inwardly refusing to admit that he had a soft spot for her.
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Denki: So we have good news and bad news.
Iida: Bad news first.
Denki: The fire we started in the common room is out of control.
Iida: The what--
Ashido, holding up a perfectly toasted pop tart: Wow, so you don’t even want to hear about the good news??
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craftycheetah · a day ago
Snacks & Stacks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Masterlist || Introduction || next↪
Snacks & Stacks
◈Y/N L/N is the owner of a small baking channel, trying to make it big while managing important and unimportant relationships in her life. But when she catches the attention of Katsuki Bakugo, professional chef and owner of a channel with millions of views per month, will her life change for better or for worse? Along the way, she meets a particular fellow, one she knows she’s seen before. She recognizes those vermilion eyes and hair from anywhere. That’s Eijirou Kirishima! And… he’s kind of cute…
wanna be on my taglist? send me an ask ✉️
made by myself and @milkmademozzarella DO NOT STEAL
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river-fics · 4 hours ago
Still Friends (Good Ending)-Bakugou Katsuki
A/n: You got the good ending :)
Summary: the traitors are being revealed and you can't keep going.
Warning: Swears
Tumblr media
"PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" You plead, sobbing. You stare at your friends, sobbing in front of them. Their faces hold distress at your confession. You can't let yourself look at Bakugou, thinking about how disgusted he must feel. "I didn't want to do any of it! I wasn't even apart of the big mission or the war, all I did was inform them." You explain, falling to your knees. "What did you tell them?" Deku's voice is cold. "I lied most of the time. But I told them about All Might's condition... I told them about your quirks." You mutter, clenching your fists. "You gave them an advantage on All Might! Why'd you do it?!" Deku grabs the collar of your uniform, quirk activated. "I DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE! They took my family like they did to Aoyama!" You cry out, gripping his wrist. "AND YOU DIDN'T TELL US?!" He raises his fist, aiming it for your face. "That's enough." Bakugou's voice is low, his head bowed down. Deku glances at him, eyes wide. "She's a traitor!" He growls. "She was forced into it. She said she lied to them, didn't she?" He grabs Deku's arm, pulling it down. He leaves it there. "If she had told the truth the villains would have won every battle." "Wait, Bakugou's right. Every time the heroes attacked they seemed unprepared but confident, like they thought they were stronger." Momo speaks up, walking towards the two boys. "There's no way we would have won if she had spilled everything." "But she compromised All Might! She was close with the league!" Denki points out, taking a step away. "But her family was held over her..." Uraraka defends, glaring at Denki. "So we just automatically trust her?" Deku's grip on your collar tightens, lifting you off the ground. "No, but we believe that she didn't want to do any of it." Kirishima mumbles. Deku's grip loses, dropping you back to the floor. "Thank you." You wipe your tears. Momo crouches down to you, comforting you. "We can use you for information." She rubs your back gently.
You stand in the gym, waiting for anything. Your classmates were taken somewhere else, leaving UA vacant. You know the League will find out and find you. What better place than the building soon to collapse. "You really are stupid." A gruff voice calls out. You turn around to see Dabi, his white hair sticking out. "You really thought you could escape us, save your friends?" He chuckles, stepping towards you. You remember Shigaraki saying he only told the traitors about his plan to destroy UA. If you take down at least one big villain, maybe things will get easier. "I never thought I would escape." You sigh, turning away from him. "Then why pull this stunt?" He questions, laughing at you. You're beginning to shake, knowing what's going to happen. It's a trap made for two. Neither of you will make it out of here. Any second now. "To finish this." You turn to face him, putting on a brave face. "I'll just kill you." He chuckles. A second after, there's a boom. You look up to see the ceiling crumbling, getting closer. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Dabi shouts, covering his face with his arms. It's all in slow motion. You have a second to glance at the entrance, seeing Bakugou screaming out to you. You give him a soft smile, hoping he knows you love him. That it wasn't all fake.
Your plan worked.
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strawberryhugs · 7 hours ago
Macadamia Nut:
@starsaver94 REQUESTED: I don't mind resubmitting my request! My request was for Class 1-A x female reader with a quirk called Toon. Basically, this quirk allows the user to have the powers of an old school cartoon/looney toons character (able to pull random objects out of their bags or pockets, able to pop up out of nowhere, can effect the area around them and make things work with cartoon physics ex: If either the user or their opponent were to get hit by a falling object, then they would get flattened but be completely fine.) The reader herself is very snarky and mischievous. Usually acts very immature and laughs at innuendos/potentially dirty phrases. Tends to break the 4th wall and addresses an invisible audience (which often confuses her classmates and teachers).
*crawls out of a ditch* *sobs* It's finals time at my school. I'm so sorry that this took so long to complete, but it's done! Ha-ha! The title is based off that one Animaniacs song. I hope you enjoy, and I appreciate your patience. Remember to stay safe and hydrated. Happy reading!
Denki and Sero would be most likely to join in on your innuendos, although they're not really sure why you're saying them in the first place.
You and Aoyama will both be staring at the same random spot in the distance sometimes, earning odd looks from your other classmates, but they've learned to ignore it.
Once Mina was complaining that she didn't have time to finish her makeup and you reached into your pocket and pulled out a whole vanity table. Her jaw practically hit the floor as you begin to pile cosmetics on top of it.
She did her makeup, but . . . how? You just? It? From your pocket?
You've learned to not pop up at random around Bakugou, lest you find yourself scattered across the common room.
That doesn't mean you don't scare Kirishima with this ability sometimes. He'll let out an uncharacteristically high-pitched shriek and practically fling himself across the room before he realizes it's you.
You were sparring against Denki and a piano dropped from the sky and flattened him. You know that one scene from Toy Story Three where Mr. Potato head uses a tortilla for his body? That's what Denki looked like before you decided to let him regain his depth.
Ida frequently scolds you on your innuendos.
Your added cartoon physics add an extra realm of chaotic energy to Class 1-A.
Your tendency to break the fourth wall leaves all of your classmates but Aoyama confused.
Many hugs,
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zoepillustrationoff · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Ready to be hunted down for sport for headcanoning a popular character as aro-ace 😎✨
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iara-png · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FUSION AU Comic not necessairly ship intended ;3
This was too much work for such a simple joke asfiashfausf but well hope u enjoy it uwu
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