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Student Partner headcanons

A few headcanons I have for a few students✨



🍇 He’d be a very supportive boyfriend. He’d help you even if you don’t want help in certain things, just to make things a little easier for you.

🍇 But he also cares about you, so he’ll tell you when your plan won’t work out. If you prove him wrong, he might get caught off guard.

🍇 Not very touchy in public, might hold your hand, but nothing too crazy. I also think he won’t make a big deal out of your relationship. If people find out it’s okay, but he won’t run to the next person to tell them.

🍇 In your own 4 walls he’s very cuddly. He’s basically a human cat. He’ll snuggle a lot with you. Most likely loves you moving your fingers through his hair.

🍇 Cozy dates! Watching a movie, cuddling, gaming (if you’re into that). He might take you out when you both are in the mood. Otherwise dates aren’t anything crazy, just cozy and soft things.

🍇 Small gifts like a plush cat, cat pins… anything that has a hint of cats. You definitely get plus points if you love cats just as much as him.

🍇 Very loving boyfriend. Would fall asleep with you on facetime (though it’s hard for him to sleep). He sometimes struggles showing his love, but he tries his best to show you.



🍎 God, this man loves you and he makes sure to show it whenever he can. After he becomes you’re boyfriend he’ll probably run to Kaminari and tell him as soon as possible.

🍎 He loves you and he makes sure everyone knows. He might get a bit flustered when you kiss him in public, but if he feels the need to he’ll kiss you. Hand holding and small pecks on the cheek are a must.

🍎 Tries his best to make cute, perfect dates based on what you like. You mentioned liking animals? A date to the Zoo! You talked about that one movie you wanna watch? He’ll watch it with you!

🍎 Kiri would try his best to make you happy, but please take good care of him too. Tell him when to stop, because he might put all his energy into you and overwork himself. Give him compliments and cuddles.

🍎 He might sometimes try a bit too hard, because he wants this relationship to be perfect. Make sure to show him he’s not the only one working for this relationship. You both take care of each other.

🍎 He’s such a good boyfriend, even if he tries too hard. Shower him with love and support him the best you possibly can!



🥕 It’ll be so hard to get into a relationship. This bunny will be too shy to confess his feelings, so that’s your part.

🥕 He’s nervous around you at first. His face gets bright red whenever you touch him. Start slowly by holding his hand when you’re alone or giving him small kisses. He’ll take some time.

🥕 After he gets used to it Tamaki will cuddle you often when you’re together. He’ll still get shy when you kiss him, so make sure he’s always comfortable! Affection in public is still a little weird though, he won’t go further than holding your hand.

🥕 Tamaki and you plan cute dates like going into a cafe or into the zoo. This bunny also counts watching you as enough. He’ll adapt to whatever you want to do.

🥕 Tamaki will often be stuck at work as a hero, so he can’t come over when it’s late. You might get him to facetime you, so you can fall asleep together still. He might take a screenshot of you sleeping, but god forbid you ever find out about it.

🥕 Tamaki loves giving you presents. Wether it’s some food or something cute like a stuffed animal. He likes giving you things because you end up hugging or even kissing him for it.

🥕 After some time he might actually feel the need for your affection, but he wouldn’t ask directly. He’d give you a small gift for it until you notice it and get more affectionate automatically.

🥕 He’s a very shy bunny, but he loves you. He’ll support you in your dreams, so please also support him. Cheer him up and make sure he knows how much you love him!



🍑 She’s a bit like Kirishima. She will not shy away from saying she’s your girlfriend. You may even say she’s very proud to be yours.

🍑 She will not shy away from showing affection. Randomly running up to you and hugging you, kissing you whenever she feels like it and constantly holding your hand. She loves showing her love to you both in public and when you’re alone.

🍑 Mina will stop of course if you tell her not to go this far. She’s very aware of your feelings and tries her best making you comfortable.

🍑 She’ll go to theme parks with you or take you dancing with her. She will also most likely take you to a game arcade for more dancing games. Sometimes she’ll also just stay home with you if that’s what you wish for.

🍑 Gives you self made gifts or small accessories she thinks are cute. She won’t give you too many things, as she believes showing her affection physically is more important.

🍑 Mina is a girlfriend from your dreams. She’ll do anything to see that smile of yours amd she will definitely not shy away from showing her love. Good luck with that energy-bundle!

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Sero: what pokemon would you be, go!

Mina: jigglypuff

Shinsou: gengar

Sero: greninja

Bakugou: cubone

Kirishima: Eevee

Kaminari in pikachu onsie: i don’t who i’d be…

*bakusquad silence*

Mina: he’s even wearing the onsie-


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*at bakugous house*

Kaminari: Everyone wants to touch your tits dude

Bakugou: I don’t have tits!

Kaminari: Aye everyone! Raise your hand if you believe bakugou has tiddies!

Bakusquad: [Raises their hands]




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A BNHA x Be More Chill Crossover

Word Count: 1773

Characters: Kirishima Eijiro, Fat Gum, Yaoyorozu Momo, Uraraka Ochaco, Hagakure Tooru, Bakugou Katsuki, Denki Kaminari, Tenya Iida, Mina Ashido, Kyoka Jiro (mentioned)

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Sero, high: Normal brains smell weird

Mina, babysitting them: What do normal brains smell like?

Sero: … weird

Kaminari, across the room, also high: bro you’re fucking right.

Mina: Okay… so what do not normal brains smell like?

Sero: Normal, duh

Shinso, not high and just vibing: They smell like iconic

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I have WiFi this weekend so prepare for updates to my list :) I like my list a lot even if other people don’t use it I find it so helpful for myself and I’m quite proud :)

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okay but tokoyami x mina is highkey a vibe 👀 your mum has good taste. also I’m well thanks, I hope you’re doing well too sweetie 💕

BNHA Masterlist

Tokoyami x Mina Dating Headcanons

  • lowkey crackhead hours here ngl and I am living for it
  • definitely the type to be awake at 4am in the 1-A common room straight up vibing to some new death metal song that Tokoyami introduces Mina to
  • they enjoy pranking Bakugou together bc Dark Shadow can be quite discreet when needed and that means elaborate plans can be set in action
  • Mina definitely would bring Tokoyami out of his shell a little, whilst he’s not necessarily antisocial he definitely prefers his own company but Mina would help him appreciate being around others more
  • likewise I think Tokoyami would teach Mina to be a bit more appreciative of the time she spends on her own
  • absolute sweethearts when it comes to an actual date
  • Tokoyami would probs be a little flustered going out anywhere bc Mina is just so approachable and talkative that he can get a little lost in the conversation
  • but Mina would be sure to always ask for his input on absolutely everything bc she values his opinion
  • these babies would hold hands alllllll the time
  • even if they’re just sitting around together, those hands will be joined to one another like glue
  • Mina would likely initiate more of the intimacy than Tokoyami would, but once she teaches him just how much he actually likes kisses he would absolutely try and steal some every so often

rarepair hours are best hours I will reiterate this until the day I die. thank you again for this anon 🥰

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Just Some BNHA General Headcanons to Keep Me Humble


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • Kaminari is the type of person that makes friends with everyone.
  • And I mean EVERYONE
  • (Hence the fact that he’s seen with Momo, Shinsou, Todoroki, and let’s not forget Bakugou)
  • Bakugou has a very large extended family, but they live all over the world, so he doesn’t get to see them often.
  • Family reunions happen once every year or two, and it usually ends with Katsuki and some of his other cousins taking care of the younger kids and babies while their parents get drunk as all hell.
  • Also his extended family is exactly like his immediate family. There were no spoilers.
  • Speaking of kids, Katsuki is very good with them.
  • They just love him for some reason.
  • (He takes Kirishima to one of these family reunions and everyone immediately assumes they’re dating)
  • Before they were put into dorms, Momo and many of the other UA girls would do charity work on the weekends.
  • They got special permission from Aizawa to leave the dorms for that specific reason.
  • Out of all of their classmates, Momo and Izuku are the only ones to have ever beaten Sans in the Undertale Genocide route.
  • Momo because she remembers all of his attacks and predicts the ones she doesn’t know.
  • Izuku because he literally could not sleep unless he beat it.
  • (Neither of them actually played the game for themselves. They beat it for for Kaminari and Mina).
  • Shinsou has a cat of his own. A tabby kitten named Hachi that he found before they moved into the dorms. Kouda could bring his bunny, so nothing could be said about his owning a cat.
  • There are only two people in the dorms that Mineta is afraid of besides Aizawa.
  • Shouto and Shinsou
  • He’s scared of Shouto because he’s learned, time and time again, that Todoroki will not hesitate to free him into a block of ice if one of the girls asks him to.
  • Shinsou only because his Vibe is 100% different from Mineta’s. We can fight if you don’t think Hitoshi chugs his Respect Women Juice.
  • Can and will brainwash Mineta into leaving them alone during certain times of day (when they’re getting ready, if someone is showering, changing, etc).
  • Kouda’s bunny has committed war crimes
  • There is always a competition to see who in the class gives the best hugs.
  • The three students in the lead are Kirishima, Izuku, and Todoroki.
  • Out of all three of them, Kirishima is overall the most experienced at giving hugs and has the best technical ‘skill’. But Izuku easily adapts his hugs depending on the person, and Todoroki can change his body temperature to accomodate and is so, SO soft that the person he’s hugging melts into it.
  • Uraraka makes random things float to see if someone will find them.
  • They have yet to find the granola bar that she floated one day. Even she doesn’t know where it is.
  • It’s a running joke amongst the class to hide things and see if Izuku can find them.
  • He finds them every. Single. Time.
  • His booksack? Hiding in the common room, under the sofa. A platinum edition All-Might figurine? Tucked carefully behind Bakugou’s door, still in mint condition. Any of his clothes whatsoever? Probably hidden away in someone’s closet.
  • And he finds it every time. Sometimes within minutes of it being moved.
  • People become more wary around Izuku, seeing as nothing is missing to him. Just in another place.
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i know u like kiribaku (duh) but i was wondering if you liked any other pairings? i’m just curious

I got this question earlier (I saw it pop up in my notifications) but it doesn’t show up for some reason when I check my inbox? But I figured I would answer it anyway in case anyone else was curious!

Yes, KiriBaku is my favorite ship (obviously from my blog haha), because not only are they my otp - but they’re also my BROTP! 😊 I think they have such a great dynamic between them both canonically in the show and fictionally in fanfiction and SMASH and other things; where they grow gradually to become good friends who see each other as equals and I think Kirishima is really good for Bakugou’s peopleing skills (or lack thereof) and Bakugou is exactly what Kirishima needs to raise his self-confidence (we love a healthy bond that raises up both individuals to be better!) I like them so much, to the point where even if Horikoshi decides they won’t be together, I would still be a fan of them because their chemistry is so entertaining and fun to see! 😁

Aside from that though, I do like other pairings as well! (And when I say “pairings” I mean either relationship or friendship wise, because I really think Horikoshi did such a good job creating these characters that I just like the way certain personalities/tropes align with one another, romantically or not).

I think Bakugou x Todoroki are a great pairing, mostly because of their clashing personalities - Todoroki is so level-headed, calm, and rational, and Bakugou is the exact opposite, quick to anger, passionate, vocal. I think, given the right circumstances, and probably from their shared time in the remedial arc, that there is a lot of potential between them for witty banter, raw emotion, and I also really crack up at the idea of these two idiots who don’t know how to properly human trying to navigate feelings together, like showing each other texts from their phone and constantly asking the other, “wtf does this mean?” 😄 I think there’s a lot of really great potential there and I’d love to see them interact more - in canon or in fanfiction!

I also have grown quite fond of Todoroki x Midoriya! While I’m not a huge fan of Midoriya (not because of anything bad, I think he’s such a sweet little cinnamon roll), I still really enjoy his interactions with Todoroki. I think Midoriya’s boyish charm and innocence off-centers Todoroki’s brooding side, and if anyone is to help Todoroki get over his issues and loosen up a little, I think Midoriya is the guy for the job! Just thinking of Todoroki trying (and failing) to be flirty and get Midoriya’s attention, and Midoriya being all fumbly and awkward, ugh, it tugs at my heart strings!

Kaminari x Jirou! This is more of a background ship for me, but c'mon! The electric guy and the girl who has inputs on her EARS?? He’s so dorky and she’s so cool?? He shamelessly flirts and she just wants to punch him in the stomach?? (lol) I just feel like they’re very similar to Bakugou x Kirishima, and that’s probably why I like them!

Kaminari x Shinsou! Another new otp that I am learning more and more about - so not much to say on them yet! I literally just stumbled across them, like, two days ago? Ahaha!

Leaning more towards brotps than otps now, I really really enjoy the friendship dynamics between Kirishima x Mina, Bakugou x Mina, pretty much all the dynamics in the Bakusquad! I like friendships where they have a lot of vine, collective-dumbass, energy, because I think it’s always really funny and I also like the idea of my favorites hanging out with people who genuinely make them laugh out loud crying at 2am over something totally ridiculous, or them attempting to do something stupid and just breaking shit - yaknow, chaotic and what not haha.

I hope this helps some people get to know me better! 😊 What are your favorite ships?? I love hearing what other people like and why they like it - I don’t really understand ship-shaming, so don’t be afraid to talk to me about other ships (otp or brotp) that aren’t KiriBaku or stuff that I’ve posted on my blog, as long as it’s respectful! 😁

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