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#mina chan
multiconxx · 2 years ago
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Icons [Japonose]
Todos los iconos fueron creados por mi, para que ustedes puedanutilizarlos en cualquier momento
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deuynndoodles · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
here is my piece for @bnhafoundfamilyzine! it was really fun to make this!
its eris first sleepover with the gals :>
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preposition: class 1-a gals are forced by mina to dress as the sailor scouts for halloween. more and more people are progressively roped into it.
- mina called dibs on sailor venus
- tsu wanted to be sailor jupiter and had the green to pull it off
- hagakure loved sailor moon, and has always wanted to do a group cosplay
- mina begged momo to be sailor mars so she could put her hair down for this occasion
- jirou goes as sailor saturn because their vibes match up, and she likes the costume more than she thought she would
- uraraka's favorite is sailor mercury, she dresses accordingly
- midnight hears about them dressing up, decides last minute to join in as queen beryl. momo offered to create a costume for her but she already had a costume sitting in the back of her closet- she's waited years for an opportunity to wear it.
- eri didn't get it at first, but once she understood, she got super excited about dressing up in a costume with the girls. and that's how they got their chibi usa.
- word of the sailor moon cosplay group started to spread. setsuna wanted to be sailor neptune, but copped out because she didn't have anyone to go with as sailor uranus.
- yuyu and nejire go as sailor uranus and sailor neptune, hands down
- however, setsuna was happy with going as sailor pluto. inko taught her how to do the hairstyle- pluto seems to be popular with a lot of people. nana shimura had the same hair as well. turns out a lot of the adults were old school sailor moon fans.
that is all :]
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deafmic · a year ago
Tumblr media
Thank you to neilduffy on reddit ( xsirneilx on instagram) for letting me color their wonderful drawing of the 1A girls + eri and nejire! I saw it on the bnha subreddit when they first posted it and immediately had to ask if i could color it. it was a blast to do--i don’t usually color others’ work outside of the commission work i do. 
i’m constantly wishing for more slice of life stuff, especially with the girls
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evies20dollars · a month ago
Who is your favorite character?!?! What's your favorite ship? Who do you think has the coolest power? How much have you cried?
I'm so glad I found another diviners fan! I still haven't read the last book cuz it wasn't translated to the language I read the books in but it's still one of my favorite book series ever!
Ahhhhhhhh! Yes, I'm pretty sure that's how I found you on the Diviners tag lol! My username is a ref to the twenty dollars Sam steals from Evie in the first book!
Real talk I seriously love all the main characters (except Jericho, but this isn't about him), but my top favs are Evie and Sam! I love them both so much. "Too much" messy heroines are my absolute favorites (hence my love for Devi from Never Have I Ever also) and i find Evie relatable in some ways. I absolutely love Sam, he's brash and snarky, but sweet and cares so much and is also super funny and yeah, Sam Lloyd my beloved <3 But honestly the entire main squad (again, besides Jericho) are awesome and deserve all good things
Also side note for a favorite minor character, I love T.S. Woodhouse-- especially after the end of the series. I like how some characters also are not necessarily my favorite, but I think are very well done and complex like Blind Bill
Lol if not obvious, my favorite ship is Sam and Evie. Everything about them-- how they first meet, Sam wanted her to see him, their constant snark-to-snark combat (another favorite trope of mine) is just fun, the fake dating, ofc, and the way they grow close to each other and are just so reliably there for each other emotionally. I'm not gonna say anything more because I don't want to spoil you for King of Crows, but yeah!
Coolest power is a tough one, but maybe Memphis's? I feel like healing is very useful to have. I think object-reading is very cool too though, so maybe that one.
God, I don't even know how much I've cried. Lmao too much, there's your answer.
Agreed about it being a favorite series ever! I reread them like once a year and tell everyone and their mother to read them because they are so criminally underrated it's insane. They should have a fanbase as big as Six of Crows or the Ravenboys and the fact they don't? Deeply upsetting and positutely tragic.
Also, can I just say the writing as a whole? It's so immersive to the time period and setting, which I love so very much.
Also, unrelated to the Diviners lol, love your icon-- get Hunter some therapy
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imo-chan-imagines · 9 months ago
Which main BNHA character you are based on your aesthetic
♡ girls ♡
Ochaco — soft pinks, pastel socks, rose gold, blushing for your crush, taking photos of the half-light, dew-tipped grass glistening at sunrise, oversized jumpers, moodbards, doodles in the blank spaces around the edges of your books
Tsuyu — emerald earrings, porcelain skin, silver anklets, rainy days, dark roll neck jumpers, large mugs of hot drinks, leather-bound books, Shakespeare and Yeats, the relaxing sound of lofi radio, the silence of a secluded nature spot, the babbling of a nearby stream
Momo — preppy academia, knee-high socks and pleated skirts, gold-rimmed glasses, French manicures, a high ponytail, a pencil end in your mouth, scrunchies on your wrist, simmering anxiety, a locker full of books, coral lip gloss, an unbuttoned shirt revealing some cleavage
Kyouka — blacks and greys, midnight drives, loud music, ripped jeans, brusied knees, the lingering taste of cigarettes, neon signs, never without your headphones, original DMs, old concert tops under flannel shirts, sitting on the roof to watch the stars and get away from it all
Mina — bright colours, neon eyeliner, faux animals prints, roller derbies, tight skirts, theme park rides, pulling harmelss pranks, laughing too loudly, obsessed with boba tea, a bellybutton piercing, wearing glitter in your make-up, spontaneous road trips in a VW camper
Toru — a field of sunflowers, drawing faces on fogged-up windows, watercolour paintings, indie music festivals, staring out the window on journeys and daydreaming, misty days, countryside walks, the faint but treasured memory of a boy's lips on yours
Tumblr media
☆ boys ☆
Izuku — plain clothes that fit just right, sweet smiles, nervous hugs, lazy walks on the beach, cute freckles, a bandaid across your nose, the sound of the ocean, going running in the dark at 5am, watching the sun rise, pulling at flower petals as you think of your crush
Katsuki — straight leg jeans, strong hands, banged up cars and motor oil, chunky rings, bruised knuckles, tattoo sleeves, an old pickup truck, the sensation of an engine revving in your chest, driving too fast, kissing too hard, the dry aftertaste of alcohol
Shouto — vintage cars, three-piece suits and ties, the smell of herbal tea, smooth jazz, the taste of whisky, Rolex watches, your vision clouded by cigar smoke, city lights drowning out the stars, low whispers in your crush's ear, cold hands, red-hot body, making out in the back of a car
Eijiro — tank tops, shark tooth necklaces and leather bracelets, forearm veins, black and grey sweatpants, a bouquet of crimson roses for your crush, the sound of fall leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of cinnamon, smudged lipstick stains, one hand in your pocket and the other round their waist
Fumikage — dark academia, gothic houses, capes and cravats, thunderstorms, red wine and candle light, a dusty library, reciting Macbeth, decorative skulls, reading Lovecraft and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, waltzing by yourself to Danse Macabre, securing a string of pearls around their neck
Denki — gold jewellery, black nail polish, boundless energy, dimples, cheeky grins, etching your name into your desk, electric guitars, the smell of petrichor, texting your crush all day, using photos of lightning as your banners on social media, napping on the couch in the afternoon
Tumblr media
A/N: I know this isn't my usual content, but I just really felt like writing these. I wrote them a while ago, and I'm feeling grotty at the moment and can't really write, so I thought I'd post them. I feel really guilty for not adding Iida, but my aesthetic side wasn't feeling it 😭
Reblog/comment which one you got? Anyway, I hope you liked them 🙏 People who sent me requests, I'm working on them! Imo~
Tumblr media
© imo-chan-imagines 2021
Tumblr media
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choihaiyun · 5 months ago
Han, Lee know and Bang chan in the practice room
Han: I wouldn't say I'm a fuck boy to be honest.
Lee Know: Yeah... sure you're not...
Han: I'm a male. I'm a grown man. I'm a fuckman.
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stayarmysstuff · a month ago
Bang Chan x reader
Sweet Morning
Jay x reader
Shoto Todoroki x reader
Til Death Do Us Fucking Apart
Twitter Profiles pt.1
Twitter Profiles pt.2
Chap 1
Chap 2
Chap 3
Chap 4 
Chap 5
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harryhooksgazebos267 · a year ago
Broken Trust~ Part 16
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Paring: Bang Chan x reader; Mark Tuan x reader(arranged marriage)
Genre: Mafia au, angst, little bit of everything honestly
Warnings: Cursing, mafia life shizzle
“Weren’t you the one who was just complaining about being bored and not having enough freedom,” Mark questions with an eye brow raised.
“Yeah but that doesn’t mean I want to go to a stupid party,” You complain while flopping down into the chair that sat in front of his desk.
Mark had just informed you about a party that he wanted you to go to with him. He claimed that it would be good for your public image and it would be a good chance for you to leave the house. Which was true but when you said you wanted a little more freedom, you meant away from him. You did not mean that you wanted to go to another party filled with old creepy men where you just had to smile and stay by Marks side.
“Y/n please, it’ll be fun. When was the last time you went to a party?”
“When Chan came back.”
“Oh...right,” He said awkwardly while scratching the back of his neck.
“Can I at least pick out my dress this time, I hated the one you made me wear last time,” You sigh out, realizing that you really don’t have a say in the matter.
Even if you didn’t want to go, Mark was going to end up forcing you to go so you might as well suck it up. No point in arguing with the young man.
“Yeah sure, do you need to go shopping or are you just going to pick one out of your closest? If you’re shopping I can send Irene-”
“Why do you make Irene go everywhere with me?”
“Aren’t you friends?” He questions a little confused.
“Bro are you serious? She snitched on me because she’s in love with you, what makes you think we’re friends?”
“She snitched on you because she cares for you, she didn’t want you making a dumb decision,” He stated with a little shrug.
“If she had it her way she would have killed me so she could be with you.”
“I would never be with her y/n and she knows that. You don’t have to worry,” he reassures.
“You think I’m worried about that? Trust me, that’s the least of my worries,” You inform him while standing up and going to exit the room.
“And no, I don’t need to go shopping. I’ll just wear one of my old dresses or I’ll raid Jihyo’s closet.”
Before you exit, you hear a knock on Mark’s door and a head pops into the room. 
Speak of the devil.
“Hey! I hope I’m not interrupting anything but Y/n when you get the chance, I need to talk to you.”
“You aren’t interrupting anything Jihyo, I was actually just leaving. I’ll talk to you later Mark.”
As you two leave Jihyo shoots you a worried glance.
“Trouble in paradise again?”
“I just don’t want to go to this stupid party,” You mumble.
“Yeah me either but that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” She says, her tone making you a little uneasy.
“Oh yikes, not liking that tone now,” you comment as you walk up to your room.
“Maybe it would be better if we go to my room, just in case Mark walks in,” She says, lowering her voice a little.
“Okay sure.”
“After about a minute or two of walking you finally make it Jihyo’s room.
“This place is too damn big, be taking me 30 minutes just to get from one side to the next,” You complain as you enter her room, sitting down on her queen sized bed.
“All jokes aside, what’s up?”
“Word got to Stray Kids that a party is happening tonight and they figured that Mark and you would be going so I’m almost 100% sure they’re gonna be at the party,” She informed you, walking over to her closet to go through her clothes.
“Well shit,” you mumble.
It had only been a week since your talk with Blackpink and you were kind of hoping that you would have more time before you saw all of them (skz) again.
“I was on the phone with Rosé earlier and she was telling me that Chan seems very determined to talk to you. When they told him the entire “oh yeah she doesn’t like you and actually wanted to side with Mark” thingy he really didn’t believe them so I don’t see you having an easy time trying to convince him.”
“This was such a dumb idea,” You groan.
“I tried to tell you,” She shrugs as she pulls out a red dress and holds it up to her body, looking in her mirror.
“You look good in red,” You comment, getting a little sidetracked. 
“Thank you very much, I think I’m gonna wear this tonight.”
“You should. I still don’t know what I’m gonna wear, figured I’d raid your closet.”
“Well we can worry about your dress later, right now, we need to figure out what you’re about to do with the Chan situation. I don’t see how they plan to talk to you, Mark is probably gonna be glued to your hip the entire night.”
“Not if I tell him I want to have some girl time with you,” You suggest with a shrug.
“Still, I doubt he’ll keep you out of his view for long.”
“Well maybe we could use someone as a distraction....I could probably get a few members from NCT to distract him.”
“But would they do it? We thought that we would have Red Velvet on our side but clearly we don’t. So how can we be too sure that NCT will be willing to distract Mark? They might snitch.”
“The difference is, I should have known that Irene would snitch. Chan had already told me that she was in love with Mark so it didn’t really surprise me when she sided with him. With NCT, they have no reason to be loyal to Mark or to JYP in general. If we send Johnny, Ten, Kun, Jaemin, and Haechan, I think we would be good. Kun could supervise while the others can just be their dramatic annoying selves. I think that they could keep him occupied for awhile,” You explain, Jihyo nodding along.
“Well that clears up the Mark problem but that still doesn’t solve anything with Chan. I honestly don’t think he’ll believe you y/n.”
“Well they have to find me before they’re able to talk to me right? So if I just act all lovey dovey to Mark tonight then maybe he’ll have an easier time believing me.”
“I still don’t understand why you can’t just tell him the truth.”
“Well if I do what do you think is going to happen?” You question.
Jihyo sits and thinks for a second before letting out a long sigh.
“If you tell the truth, they’ll probably make a scene and all hell is going to break lose.”
“I mean it’s bound to happen either way, might as well push the date forward.’
“This is so hard,” You complain while rubbing your face.
“When you see Chan, you’ll know what to tell him in the moment. Whether you tell him the truth or not, just know I’m going to support you no matter what. I know you’re trying to do what’s best for everyone but at the end of the day, don’t forget that no matter what you do, a war is going to happen. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on.”
“I know...I’m just so scared of losing everyone.”
“But y/n, we’re in the mafia. Death and violence is normal in this field, you of all people should know that. You aren’t going to be able to save everyone.”
“But I can try, can’t I?”
Jihyo gives you a pitiful smile. 
“Like I said, when the time comes to talk to Chan, you’ll know what to say. Just know that he is a very stubborn man.”
“Gosh you’re telling me,” You laugh remembering when you were little kids how damn stubborn and determined he could be.
“Come on, get up! Let’s figure out what dress you’re gonna wear.”
It took you way too long to pick out your dress but you finally found one that you were satisfied with. Once you were done, you quickly called up Kun and told him how you needed him to distract Mark so that you could slip away for a bit. He agreed, of course, and told you that he could inform the other boys. You were still in Jihyo’s room, touching up your hair and makeup when you heard a light knock on her door.
“Come in,” She called out as she was putting her earrings in.
Mark stepped into the room, wearing an all black suit with a black under shirt.
“You both look beautiful,” Mark comments as he awkwardly stood in the doorway.
“Thank you, you look handsome as well,” You say while standing up.
“Are you almost ready to leave?”
You turn to look at Jihyo who gives you a big smile and nods her head.
“Yeah we’re ready,” You tell him with a small smile.
“Great let’s go. Jihyo, I’m assuming you’re going to ride with us.”
“If you don’t mind.”
“It’s no problem,” He reassures.
The three of you make your way downstairs and file into the limo. Jaebum, Jackson, Youngjae, Mina, Sana and Jeongyeon join the three of you as well.
“Where’s Joy?” You ask Jaebum as the driver pulls out of the driveway. 
“Why the hell would I know or care?”
“Aren’t you two dating or something?” You ask, a little confused.
“No, she’s just nice to play with when I’m bored,” He said with a shrug. 
“You’re such a dirty pig,” You mumble.
Honestly, this side of Jaebum was still very new to you. He had always been kind and almost like an older brother to you but you guess it was just a facade to get you to trust him. He simply rolls his eyes at your comment and begins a conversation with Youngjae. The rest of the ride went by pretty quickly. The boys talking among themselves while the girls were laughing at all the stories Sana was telling.
“Well looks like we’re here,” Jihyo comments, glancing over at you to make sure you were alright.
“I’m only here for the drinks,” Jeongyeon states while stepping out of the car, making you laugh a little.
Mark and you were the last two to leave the car but before you could step out he stopped you.
“Listen, I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay by my side the entire night. I know I’ve have been very overbearing recently so I want you to have fun. Just promise me you’ll come and find me if you feel as though something is wrong.”
“I promise.”
You had been at the part for almost two hours and for the most part, you had stayed by Mark’s side, your arms interlocked together. Jihyo being with you as well. The plan was that Jihyo would stay as a lookout for Stray kids and as soon as she sees them she would go “order a drink” but she really would just be going to get Kun and them to come over. Mark was currently discussing some stuff with Jackson, Yixing from EXO, and Namjoon from BTS when Jihyo spoke up.
“I’m going to go get a drink, I’ll be right back,” She said, the boys paying little attention to her.
You felt your heart rate increase as you glanced around the room trying to find where Stray Kids were at.
“Are you okay?” Mark whispered in your ear, causing you to jump a little.
“Oh yeah sorry, I just zoned out a little,” You tell him with a fake smile. 
“Are you sure because we can go home if you want,” He says while caressing your cheek.
“Ah no there is no need-”
“Mark!” You hear Johnny happily call out.
Mark pulls his hand away from you and goes to give Johnny a hug.
“Long time no see!”
Mark get’s so wrapped up in the conversation with the rest of the boys that he doesn’t notice Kun giving you a little nod and he doesn’t notice you slipping away. You kind of just wonder around because you still had yet to be able to find where the fuck Chan and the rest of them were at. Just as you were about to give up and call Jihyo, you feel a hand grab your arm.
“Looking for someone?” Jaebum asks causing you to roll your eyes.
“Even if I was, what’s it to you?” You sass back.
“Does Mark know you snuck off?”
“He was busy talking and I didn’t sneak off.”
You both stare at each other with icy glares, Jaebum being the first to break the eye contact.
“Y/n! There you are!”
Thank you god Jihyo for saving the day.
“I was looking everywhere for you,” She says as we pulls you out of Jaebums grasp.
“So was I before some rudely interrupted my searching,” You say, throwing JB a dirty look.
He raised his hands in your surrender before excusing himself from the two of you.
“What a dick,” You mutter.
“What did he even want?”
“He was asking if I was looking for someone and if Mark knew I had slipped away.”
“Well I guess you better hurry up and talk to Chan before JB goes to Mark.”
You nod your head as Jihyo begins leading you to where Chan was. Jihyo came to a stop at a side door in the room that lead to the outside. She scanned the area very quickly before returning her attention back to you.
“If you go out there, Chan is waiting for you. Blackpink are here and so is Felix and Hyunjin but they’re keeping a low profile. Sana should be here after she comes back from the bathroom so the two of us will keep a look out. If we see Mark or any one of concern will come get you okay?”
You nod your head while inhaling sharply. Jihyo softly pats your back as her saying one last “you got this”. Glancing around the room one more time, you quickly slip outside to go find Chan. Looking to your left, you see the outline of his broad shoulders as he sits on a bench, staring up at the night sky.
“Chan?” You call out softly, causing him to turn around and give you a wide smile.
This was going to be a lot harder then you thought it would be.
A/n: This chapter was a little slower compared to 14 and 15 buuuut the next chapter will pick up with the drama and tea lmao
TAG LIST (feel free to send me an ask if you would like to be added to the tag list or if you would like me to send a private message every time I update <3): @elenaramos1 @yup-indecisive-girl-cece @ewok7attack @0leelina0 @letterstoskz @lilacyeonjun @leesalts @craftymoonchaos @pajerita19 @basebalgirl70 @imagining-constantly @exfolitae @sangiejoong
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insinirate · a year ago
Headcanon that the only reason deku calls bakubto kaachan is because he named his favorite stuffed animal katsuki
personally im banking on izk genuinely forgetting that not everyone still calls their childhood friends by their kid nicknames
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