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yjhariani · 7 days ago
The Lift
Damian Wayne X Reader (GN) Word count: 1790± Warning: Profanity, being trapped in small space for a moment. Summary: Lift is where the magic happens, such as getting to know this Damian Wayne.
A/N: This scenario has been going around my head for some time and I'm not sure who to write it for, but I decided that this one should be okay, kinda. ALSO, I decided to go with lifts instead of elevators because that's what I'm used to using.
Tumblr media
Y/N was that late. The lobby was not crowded any more. No lines formed heading towards the lift. All there was this other person who skipped in quick pace in front of them. In fact, said person almost shut the lift door in front of them, leading to an almost even more delay.
Luckily, Y/N was quick. They slipped through the lift door and leaned back against one of the walls as the previous person pushed the close door button and the number six button after that. The person looked at them with their menacing eyes. Intimidated, Y/N looked down.
Honestly, how could anyone not feel intimidated by this person? A tall, lean person, who had hands that looked like a punch from this person could knock anyone out in a single blow. Also, he happened to be the richest person standing in the building. His father might as well owned the city.
Damian Wayne. Emphasise on the Wayne.
It felt like forever had passed until the lift finally reached the sixth floor. Y/N thought he would let them step out first, but he did not. Both ended up squashed in the middle of the lift door. Muttering a few apologies, Y/N finally stepped back and let him walk off.
The Wayne turned towards the hallway that Y/N would be heading as well. In all honesty, their heart jumped a little out of mixed feelings when he stopped in front of the door of the class they also meant to enter.
Damian looked at Y/N, flicking his head aside as if saying, you first.
Y/N sighed, both feeling somewhat defeated and done with this shit at the same time.
With so, Y/N went around him and carefully and quietly pushed the door open. The professor stopped mid-talking and looked at their direction and nodded. Y/N entered and sat at the nearest empty seat from them, happened to be the two in the side front.
Y/N took the one not against the wall. Damian Wayne looked at them and gestured them to move aside. So, they moved to the one against the wall and took out a notebook and a pencil case.
The rest of the class went not in the fashion that Y/N liked. The professor was awfully racist and he made that his whole personality. Sitting next to Mr Popular here felt oddly uncomfortable. However, it ended on time and they left as soon as possible.
As Y/N entered the lift to head down, Damian Wayne slipped in. Y/N quickly reached for the ground floor button, but he also reached for it and the two's hands collided by accident. Y/N looked at him, finding that he looked at them. Y/N retracted their hand and looked away.
After a few seconds, Y/N realized that the lift went nowhere and looked at the buttons, seeing that none of them lit. Y/N glanced at Damian again. This time, seeing that he also turned to them made Y/N want to scream. Y/N shut their lips tight and curled their hands into fists. Looking the other way, but, Y/N's hand reached for the buttons. Again, it crashed with Damian's hand that seemed to be reaching for the buttons at the same time.
On the next second, Damian grabbed Y/N's wrist and keeping it aside with that hand as he pushed the button with the other hand. He released Y/N's wrist after.
The ride started and neither of them looked at each other the whole way.
A week had pass, Y/N intentionally left early to campus hopefully to avoid last week's incident.
The lobby was considerably empty still. However, when Y/N got to the lift, someone had entered and they were about to as well until they saw who it happened to be. Damian Wayne. Again.
Damian clocked Y/N and pushed a button. Y/N waited for the door to close, but it did not close. Instead, they were welcomed with Damian Wayne rolling his eyes. He, then, looked at me expectantly and flicked his head aside as if telling me to rush. That would be when Y/N realised that Damian was pushing the button so the lift door stayed open and they could step in rather than to close the door so they did not have to be in the same lift.
With so, Y/N skipped into the lift and claimed a position by a corner. Damian pressed the number six button.
The whole ride was quiet. Y/N somewhat hoped that people would come in every now and again. However, no one did and the short ride up felt longer than it supposed to.
By the third floor, Y/N started taking out their phone. By the fourth floor, Damian also took out his phone. By the fifth floor, the lift stopped in a sudden. The lights went out and soon replaced by a dimmer light.
A second passed. Then, two.
"Fuck," Y/N realised what happened.
"You good?" Damian asked.
"I mean, yeah, it's gonna go soon, right?" Y/N responded, chuckling humbly.
"No," Damian looked up from his phone. "Network's gone, meaning at least the whole area lost power, possibly the whole city."
Y/N looked at their phone and dropped their jaw upon seeing that there was no service. It was there a few seconds ago. They were just receiving a text from a friend.
"The whole city?" Y/N repeated. "How do you even know?"
"Simple logic," Damian said, approaching the buttons.
Damian started trying to communicate through the emergency phone. No response.
For a while, we stood silently, not even looking at one another. I wished in the depths of my heart that the lift would soon work.
However, Damian turned his head towards me.
"At least we don't get to listen to that buffoon for two hours straight," Damian said.
"Oh, I thought you're enjoying his lecture," Y/N said, copying the professor's hand gestures.
"If I get the chance, I will skin him and turn him into a rug," Damian said.
Y/N chuckled lightly.
Another pause coated the air.
"So, how long do you think it's gonna last?" Y/N asked.
"There's a very likely possibility that a huge crime is being committed at the moment. We just have to wait until they get caught or escape, then, we wait for people who are alive to get everything back on, so, a while," Damian answered.
"In this building?" Y/N questioned.
"This building is in the middle of the city where banks and government buildings are, so, maybe. I don't see why they would want anything to do with a university," Damian said.
"Well, we could die of anything and anytime, why not crime?" Y/N awkwardly chuckled and started rapidly saying, "Maybe you're said criminal since you make so much sense. Speaking of which, please, don't kill me, I have three cats and my roommate is evil, they'll be strays."
"Calm down," he said.
"I'm calm," Y/N insisted.
"You're not," Damian pointed out. "Sitting down helps."
"What if I sit down and the lift falls?" Y/N challenged.
"It will not," Damian replied.
Y/N slowly sit down with my legs folded up, putting their bag down from their shoulder.
"You think Batman would risk coming out in the daylight with this situation?" Y/N asked.
Damian let out an amused sound and sat himself down.
"Not likely," Damian said.
"Ah, you're so sure," Y/N pointed out.
"I'm also sure Superman is on vacation. Who knows, they might be on vacation together," Damian continued.
Y/N looked at him in disbelief. For the first time, they saw him smiling though it was only slightly
"Okay, Mr Criminal," Y/N said.
"Sure," Damian sighed.
A pause.
"Why'd you take the class?" Damian asked.
"It's part of my program. It's just… the other class is already full, so, I'm stuck with that professor," Y/N answered. "You?"
"Same case," Damian lightly shrugged.
"I mean, you have influence. Can't you just request a seat in the other class or something?" Y/N asked. "You don't even have to bribe them. They will never say no to the Waynes."
"I don't partake in that system, thank you," Damian said.
"People treat you like you do, anyway," Y/N said.
"Yeah, who cares?" Damian replied.
Even thought that was said casually, Y/N heard a tone of sadness in the response.
"I'm gonna drop the class," Damian said. "I can't stand that guy."
"Can't we, like, in unison, all send a complaint letter to the faculty and get him fired, hopefully getting a replacement?" Y/N suggested.
"We probably could," Damian nodded. "Yeah, you're right. I should start with that."
With so, Damian took out his laptop.
"What are you doing?" Y/N said.
"Starting the complaint letter," Damian casually answered.
Upon not hearing a response, Damian looked up to me.
"Joking," he informed, putting back his laptop into the bag.
That fetched a bitter chuckle out of Y/N.
Another pause followed.
"Are we gonna have to rip the door open?" Y/N voiced.
"Stop panicking," Damian replied.
"I'm not—"
"You are. Just calm down, celebrate that you don't have to get into that stupid lecture," Damian cut off. "Also, this building is not that old, the elevators are modern built and it's practically impossible to rip it open without heavy tools."
"Now, you see why I think you're the criminal? You know so much about this shit," Y/N said.
"Yeah, I just know things, it's not my fault," Damian shrugged. "If I'm about to commit a crime that needs the whole city to shut down, literally, do you think I would be in here?"
Y/N scooted further from him. Seeing that, Damian looked at them in offense. They locked gaze for a moment, then Y/N chuckled. Looking slightly amused, Damian shook his head.
"I never got your name," Damian said.
"Of course," Y/N nodded. "Y/N."
"Y/N," Damian nodded.
"I'm Damian."
"Oh, fuck off," Y/N scoffed. "Everybody knows, Damian."
Damian lightly chuckled.
A moment of silence passed after that. Out of nowhere, the lights turned back off and the next time the lights turned on, everything went back to normal. The fan started working again and the tube slowly ascended.
Y/N and Damian stood up and picked up their bags. Y/N looked at their phone and there was still no signal.
"So, it looks like we're gonna have to attend the stupid lecture after all," Y/N said.
The lift stopped and the doors opened on the sixth floor.
A week later, Y/N came to the campus on the same time as last week. Oddly enough, they were hoping that this time they would be sharing the lift with the same person as last week.
Lo and behold, pressing the up button in front of the lifts was Damian Wayne. He saw Y/N when they arrived and nodded once. Y/N nodded back at him and waited next to him.
Soon, they got into the lift and ascended. No words were exchanged all the way. Not even in class though they sat next to each other. People started coming and taking seats around them. They just sat there, busy by themselves.
Eventually, the time came to when the class should start. A few moments passed and the door finally opened. Instead of the expected professor, another professor was the one walking in, the one who taught in the other class.
"Alright, good morning, everyone," the professor greeted cheerfully. "I know this might be a surprise, but from now on, I will be taking over this class for—"
Before the professor could finish her sentence, as if they were in middle school, the room full of college students cheered.
Delightedly surprised, Y/N looked at Damian in a confronting manner. Damian, who looked back at them, shrugged.
"You did this," Y/N accused, quietly.
"Technically not," Damian replied. "My father might have… heard me ranting about this professor to my brother."
Y/N smiled, saying, "Thank you."
"I don't know what you're talking about," Damian flatly said, having a barely seen smile on his face.
Y/N decided to thank Damian about the professor stuff and bought coffee before going into class the following week. Not really sure about what he might prefer, hell, he might even not prefer coffee, Y/N ordered him a cup of hot americano and had a sugar packet prepared.
When they arrived at campus and about to head to class, Y/N met Damian in front of the lift. The doors had just opened by then and they both entered. Damian pressed the number six button and waited for the doors to close.
Y/N lightly elbowed Damian.
"I got you coffee. I just wanna thank you for… you know," Y/N said, handing over one of the two cups they held. "I don't know how you take your coffee, it's just americano. I also have some sugar if you want."
Taking the cup, Damian said, "Thank you."
"It's nothing. You literally saved a bunch of our lives," Y/N joked.
Damian let out a chuckle.
"It's alright," Damian said, looking at the coffee cup. "Oh, it's… from the one by the corner. That place is always full."
"We all have at least one barista friend and I'm just lucky that mine is working there," Y/N said.
Damian shrugged and sipped the coffee.
The lift stopped on the third floor and when it opened two people walked in. However, not only just some people. They were the dean and the infamous Mr Bruce Wayne.
"Ah, exactly who I'm looking for," Mr Wayne said, looking at Damian.
"Father," Damian formally greeted. "Dean."
"You're drinking coffee. I thought you hate coffee," Mr Wayne said.
Y/N's looked down immediately, not being able to actually hide their smile and covered the bottom half of their face with a hand.
"I never said that," Damian clarified.
As if he just realised it when he looked up at the numbers on the top of the lift doors, Mr Wayne sighed, tilting his head.
"We're going up? I thought we're going down," Mr Wayne said.
"Of course we are going up. We are heading to class, father," Damian sighed.
Just then, Y/N felt Mr Wayne's gaze on them.
"Oh, you're Damian's friend," he concluded. "This is exciting."
Behind Mr Wayne, Damian slightly glared at Y/N.
"We're only classmates," Y/N smiled, hoping that that would not make Damian uncomfortable.
"What's the difference?" Mr Wayne chuckled.
Wow, billionaires are weird, Y/N thought.
The lift stopped on the sixth floor by then and the doors opened.
"It's really nice meeting you, Mr Wayne," Y/N politely said as they stepped out.
"Have a nice day," Mr Wayne replied.
"I will be going as well," Damian informed to his father. "My class will start—"
"We have an emergency, son, let's go right back down," Mr Wayne said to Damian.
The next time Y/N saw him, Damian looked rough. He looked tired and sleep deprived. His shoulders were slouched, even though anyone could barely see them slouched with that posture. This time, he was the one entering the half-closed lift door while Y/N had already been inside.
Y/N also saw that Damian had two cups of something in his hands. They only looked at each other for a moment before Y/N pressed the number six button.
"You pulled an all-nighter doing someone's work?" Y/N asked.
"You can say that," Damian said, handing over a cup to Y/N.
"I heard you hate coffee," Y/N brought up, accepting the cup given to them.
Damian only sighed deeply.
"I'm so sorry," Y/N said.
"It's fine," Damian said..
"And thank you," Y/N said, gesturing the cup they held. "Oh, wait, is it your birthday? Happy birthday?"
Damian turned towards Y/N, frowning. Y/N lifted their shoulders in return.
"I stopped by a place, might as well," Damian casually said.
Y/N chuckled. Damian rolled his eyes in defeat.
Soon, they arrived at their destined floor and had to get off the lift. It was funny to think that the time in the lift now felt way shorter than it used to. However, Y/N did not want to end this one just yet and tapped their pockets.
"Shit, I left my phone in my car," Y/N pressed the close button and pressed the button that would take the lift to the floor they got into it to.
"Really? Can't you let me out first?" Damian complained.
"Oh, right," Y/N said, fishing through their bag. "Oop, never mind, I found my phone."
Damian exhaled again, looked slightly annoyed.
"Sorry. I thought that'd cheer you up or something," Y/N admitted.
The door opened, showing a handful of people waiting for the two to get out of the lift. They only looked away from the newly arrived passengers and stepped into the corners, letting the others in. Eventually, they returned to the sixth floor and exited the lift.
After a few months, Damian and Y/N soon came to the end of the semester and this would be the last time they would be meeting this semester in this class.
They came from rushing to catch the lift to waiting for each other before getting into the lift. Eventually, they stopped pressing buttons just so they could talk and only got out of the lift when it somehow stopped at the sixth floor. They came from getting each other morning beverages to bringing each other breakfast to eat before or after class. At some point, they exchanged contact info, but they never really talked outside of class or the lift.
This morning, the two arrived at the lobby at the same time. Damian, with two paper bags and Y/N with two hot beverages. They immediately entered the lift and did not bother pressing any buttons, letting the lift brought them wherever it willed.
Y/N handed over Damian's cup and Damian returned it with a paper bag. It smelled like pastry and cheese.
"I can't believe this semester's finally coming to an end," Y/N sighed.
"Agreed," Damian nodded. "This semester sucks."
"True, I mean, this is the only thing that keeps me motivated to get up in the morning," Y/N gestured the space in between them.
"Frankly, I can say the same," Damian said. "It's your fault if I flunk next semester."
Y/N chuckled.
"It's crazy we only see each other once a week," Y/N said. "Sure, this is a huge building with a bunch of people going in and out of it, but I really have never seen you any other day."
"We can probably synchronise our schedule next semester to keep this going if you want," Damian suggested.
"You know we can hangout outside of campus, right? If we want," Y/N replied.
"Do you want to?" Damian asked.
With heat creeping up their cheeks, Y/N pressed their lips into a flat smile.
"Are you asking for real?" Y/N challenged.
"This Saturday is my sister's birthday and she allows everyone to bring a plus one. So, if you want to, I can arrange something," Damian said.
"Are you asking for real?" Y/N repeated in the same tone.
"Obviously," Damian sighed, looking away for a second. "Now, do you want to?"
"Go to your sister's birthday as your plus one?" Y/N clarified.
"Yes," Damian said.
"Alright," Y/N nodded. "I hope it's somewhere high so we can hang out in the lift."
Damian tilted his head, facing Y/N. Y/N gave him a playful smile. Just then, Damian laughed a little as the door opened. Damian and Y/N scooted over towards their respective corner.
"Well, I'm looking forward to it," Damian said, despite other people hearing him.
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boredinternetgeneration · 5 months ago
I feel like I’m spiraling backwards into a person that my high school self thought she’d be. I would say I was “regressing”, except I was no means as mentally present as I am now.
The world felt bad and I struggled through each day absentmindedly but now the world feels bad and I am awake.  Shitty deal.
Here I am (ironically) reintroducing myself to an “Internet phase” while (unironically) enjoying it.
Back then, I went through the motions.
This was the fad and I was the sucker.
*This* has to look *just so* and *this* is what so-and-so told me was relevant this week.
I still hadn’t properly mourned MySpace’s fall from grace!
I didn’t care. I didn’t feel “cool”. I didn’t feel like the *Internet girl* cliche marketed to us –– cocooned in a blanket somewhere with heavy bags under my eyes, spoon-feeding myself an endless stream of Nutella.
Seriously, do you remember when eating Nutella was a trend?
I was doing what everyone else was doing.
It’s what everyone made it out to be. I am performing a solo with an audience of none. I juggle it all. I am hidden. I am isolated. I am exposed. I am center-stage. 
The world is cold but this screen is warm. My heart beats all funny and my brain feels all fuzzy. The excitement of *possibly* having a semi-original thought to share touches me so deep that tears well in my eyes and I make peace with my own death.
I am the lab rat signaling the researcher for some cheese! I’m riding this high and I don’t wanna come down!
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academiaaestheticbutchaotic · 2 months ago
Anyone else spend their pool time floating like a corpse just to experience the weightlessness? no? just me? ok
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idcwrites · 5 months ago
just doing my thing
Tumblr media
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theoriginalsademonique · 10 months ago
I just hope you know I love you….
Even on the days when you feel I’m too distant to reach…
I just hope you know I love you….
Tumblr media
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soft4gguk · 3 months ago
i just got through hastily ready tbah and honestly… get ready for me to throw up my love all over your inbox. the way you’ve immortalized not just the feeling of falling in love but also living in it is absolutely— just breathtakingly beautiful. i have so many thoughts, but i’ll start with ida first. i think as a mother myself it was so easy for me to see her slow fall into her decision. not that i’d ever abandon my babies myself, but the way postpartum depression can creep on you, the way that you’ve written it so so so well had me in tears. it’s easy for people to “hate” her but i find her character so heartbreakingly relatable because she was me. thank you so much for touching upon such a difficult topic in such a genuine and beautiful manner. it feels so validating to read and know that this isn’t just reserved for my own world. delving deeper, the pain that jungkook goes through and the comfort that he finds in his daughter is so fucking hauntingly beautiful!!!!! i’ve said beautiful so many times already but your story is nothing short of that. his relationship with oc is something that rivals all of my wildest dreams, and if it was me i’d instantly jump his bones tbh. the way she single handily lit up all the stars in his universe makes me want to believe that there’s actual love like this somewhere. thank you so much for sharing your works with the world, i can literally feel your love for your craft just by reading not just the internal monologue but the (damn good) dialogue. the intricacies and how you build the sorrow of heartbreak and picking the pieces back up is just so flawless. i could pour my heart out just out of endearment for the way you bring each character to life. everyone needs a friend like her best friend. i think from my assumptions, you’re most likely the warmest person just like you describe oc to be!you’re so talented, i related to oc so so much in the aspect of being a romantic and loving love to the point that it hurts. i’m so excited to see where you’ll take this story, the anguish and warming of my heart that this story has brought me has been such a fucking pleasure to read. i’m so so thankful i happened to stumble upon your page. sorry for the long message, but something about your writing has me thinking that i’d love absolutely anything you share with us.
– your #1 fan anon 🌹
I hope with all of my heart that I am not too late replying to this because I don't have enough words to thank you for sharing your mind with me, but I will try. and I really, truly hope it reaches you. and that you see this and keep reading my work and talking to me.
first of all, thank you, again. messages like these (long or short, just personal, I guess) are the reason why I love writing so much. and sharing it. you took your time to compliment my mind, and I will take the opportunity to do the same with yours because I believe it takes a certain type of sensitivity to connect to a piece of writing at the level you did.
the way you see ira is exactly what I've wanted to portray through my writing. it is not an easy character to write - honestly, I knew how much of a sensitive topic I was entangling myself with and at my forefront was understanding. I feared saying too much, or too little, to express such a hard, real and honestly devastating topic. but it's also really hard for me to see her as the villain, even though that's exactly who she is in my story. I feel for ira and I had the strong urge to write her in a different light, the very first light she shone on jungkook, because I didn't want that to be lost in all the bad things she did. I enjoyed writing them in love, so so much, because that's exactly what they were. that's what they were when they made soori! soori was truly a baby that was made in love and if there's one thing to take from all that went down, is her. and that she was made in love. this is so important for me to put out there and I've even written bits of this exact train of thought that I want to expand in future chapters. so thank you for seeing her the way you do. and thank you for sharing why with me. you're seen in my story and you're seen in my eyes!
as for oc and jungkook - I couldn't agree more! I'd jump his bones, too. she definitely has a bit of a hero complex when it comes to him and sometimes getting myself in the mindset of writing her and feeling heartbroken for him truly messes with my heart hahahaha. but all the pain aside, I truly do believe there's love like that out there. when I started writing to build a home, I was in the midst of breaking up a love that I thought was just like that. and I saw it - the impending doom. and it really hurt. it hurt enough for me to sit down and randomly write that first (heart wrenching) chapter. but then my heart started healing and I was like, I'll be fine. I'll always be fine because this is not the last I'll see of love. and I also believe it started projecting itself in my writing. I also do want to mention that a lot of that love is first seen in characters like Lucy (which, I agree, everyone needs a friend like her) and Soori - just very unconditional lovers in this story... and then slowly, in oc and jungkook.
and lastly, thank you so much for your kinds words and it truly makes me so, so happy to hear that you enjoy the story - from plot to dialogue to all the heart breaking and mending that goes on throughout. you've truly inspired me to keep writing this story and see far into its future... made me fall in love with it again, if you will. and for that I'm so grateful. thank you for your sweet words and for seeing me the way you do. and sorry for the long message on my part as well but also, so not sorry! as I loved reading yours!
ily, I'm ur fan!!!! <33333
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randomlonelytorment · a year ago
Ya know, at this point, killing Fred really just feels like poor writing to me.
For the moment let's put aside the fact that she-who-must-not-be-named basically einie meanie minie moed which Weasley died and look at this from another perspective.
So, yes, killing Fred had the desired effect of shock-value and absolutely shattered fans and stuff. Well done.
And you can obviously see where it was going with killing him - the importance and symbolism his character took on blah blah blah
But really...the almost died story line of Fred would have been more emotional and would have had deeper impact on the audience.
Frankly, overall, the series is really lacking in injuries which caused long-term damage.
I understand it was a war and lots of people were going to die, but just as many people would have left with injuries that didn't just leave a nasty scar but permanently affected them and it's something R*wling didn't explore.
Just imagine if they took Fred; the indestructible, always joking, always brave and smiling, the immortal 'rush-into-everything-head-first' Fred Weasley and broke him.
Imagine a Fred Weasley who couldn't walk without a cane. A Fred Weasley who loses his temper over the little things; like not being able to shower or walk stairs on his own because he feels restricted and useless now that he's dependent on others. A Fred Weasley who feels completely weak and mortal. A Fred who barely jokes or smiles because 'what's there to be happy about?' A Fred who can't seem to see any of the colours of life like he used to. A Fred Weasley with PTSD. A shell of Fred Weasley.
Seeing the figurative death of Fred Weasley...only for him to slowly be reborn again.
We get to see him heal physically, but battle the internal war to recovery. Fred in therapy and support groups to regain control of his emotions and understand that life can, has and always will be as beautiful as it once was before if he's just willing to look up, towards the horizon rather than down to the grave that was nearly dug with his name on the headstone. Seeing Fred eventually joking and laughing and smiling again as the weight of the wall finally starts to ease from his shoulders.
A new and improved, ever-fun loving, snarky and independent, healed Fred Weasley who has risen with a new determination to grasp all that life can offer. The Phoenix Fred Weasley.
Get what I mean?
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theunwindingcablecar · 4 days ago
In all seriousness, this Lost In Translation movie brought me a lot of comfort and closure knowing that life DOES still go on, even after meeting, then being forced to be apart from your soulmate. You CAN move forward. Rather than wishing for things to be different, you can appreciate the time you had together, what you gained from it, and hold onto hope. It doesn’t mean they’re out of your life forever. You can live your separate lives but still be a part of each other.
Plus, if I’ve learned one thing in life, if someone’s meant to be in your life, they will always find a way back to you.
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miss-taken · a month ago
My mind reacting to almost anything: BrOoOOooo 😩
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cryptidfolk · 10 months ago
there was something about her. it wasn't grace, no. it was a sort of firmness. her movements were always perfectly controlled, calculated. her voice was never too soft. the grip on her sunshade, a little too strong. her whole body seemed to be braced for something, anything to hit. for what life kept throwing her. it was mesmerising as much as it was sad. one could only wonder if her mind was on its guard as well. was she conscious of the way she held herself? did she purposely doubt anyone she met? or maybe, just maybe, life had made her that way. it had shaped her, from the moment she was born. no moment to catch her breath. no one to lean on, to trust. and then again, if she ever felt longing for someone's embrace, that person was soon ripped away from her. life planned for her no respite. heartless, bearing no sympathy for those whose destiny was already shaped.
it wasn't her who decided to stay alone, away from others, but somehow, she had ended up that way in the end. what a heartless joke.
memories upon memories could only remind her of that fact. it weighed in her mind, like an incessant snicker. life nudging her, whispering "remember, remember and never forget." and that, she didn't want to.
she didn't want to forget. where she was born, where she ended up. those memories kept her grounded and no matter how painful they were, they made her her.
she wasn't strong, life made her that way. whether she wanted it to or not.
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misery--adores--me · 4 months ago
How is it so easy for people to just walk out of your life? What do you do with all the memories? I feel like I'm still gripping on to what used to be when my mind is telling me to let go and grow.
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yjhariani · 28 days ago
Nerdy Banter
Jason Todd X Reader (GN) Word count: 740± Warning: Profanity, innuendos
A/N: I have been binging and playing a lot of D&D in the past few months. I'm still learning about it, hope this one makes a little sense.
Tumblr media
On a late evening coming towards a long night of patrol, in the Batcave, Y/N leans back on their chair, staring at the laptop in front of them. They pinch their forehead, exhaling ever so softly.
Jason happens to walk pass them and catches a glimpse of what is shown on the laptop screen. He coughs out an amused sound. Hearing that, Y/N quickly turns the laptop, just enough to not have Jason peering further.
"No way," Jason says, leaning a hand on the back of Y/N's chair. "That's for next week's one shot you're DM-ing?"
"Yes, and you're gonna play, so go away," Y/N rushes. "I don't want to spoiler you and I don't want your input."
"Oh, that's already too late. I already see you're making Alfred an NPC. Are we gonna have to fight him?" Jason piles, jumping from excitement to fear. "I don't think we'll be able to fight an elf wizard Alfred anyway."
With disbelief in their brows, Y/N scoffs.
"Excuse me? Wizard?" Y/N repeats.
"Yeah," Jason shrugs. "What else would his class be?"
"Obviously paladin," Y/N says, throwing their arms and fingers open.
Jason pulls a chair and sits beside his partner. His hand is ready to backdance his explanation.
"Now, here's why he's a wiz—"
"He is a paladin, I'm the dungeon master, and he's secretly smiting all of you," Y/N cuts off.
"No! Are you crazy? There's no way he's smiting any of us that doesn't even make sense!" Jason says. "Also, yes, you're the dungeon master. You're my dungeon master. You can master my dungeon all you want."
Y/N lets out a gagged sound upon seeing Jason flicking his eyebrows.
"Look… he's a wizard," Jason continues.
"Yeah?" Y/N challenges.
"Yeah, school of divination," Jason calmly says. "He's beyond us all."
"I mean, yeah, he's beyond us all, but school of divination? No! If… he's a wizard, school of enchant—"
"Aha!" Jason points aggressively. "You're considering it! Hold on, were you going to say school of enchantment?"
Y/N furrows their eyebrows, looking at Jason sharply.
"You are not making sense," Jason chuckles. "If Alfred is to be a D&D character—"
"My stealth should have been higher than that, Mx Y/N," a familiar voice with British accent joins, surprising the couple.
Jason and Y/N turn their chair around and face the butler. Alfred Pennyworth is looking at the laptop screen, at his fantastical character sheet.
"It is flattering to see you have put so much work into that character sheet, but I do see myself more of a... human rogue," Alfred adds.
"I will fix that as soon as possible," Y/N cuts off Jason's comment, smiling at the older gentleman. "You are such a wildcard, Alfred."
"Happy to be part of the game," Alfred replies before dismissing himself.
Y/N smiles, watching Alfred leave. They soon turn to face Jason.
"That doesn't make that much sense, but he said it," Jason shrugs.
"Oh, Jason… he's a trickster," Y/N quietly says. "Arcane trickster."
"What," Jason flatly asks.
"Jason, your character is yourself, you're a human gunslinger? That's kinda boring," Y/N says. "However, a human rogue Alfred? That's sick!"
"That's… that hurts my feeling, babe," Jason admits. "I mean, it's a homebrew Gotham City one shot. Everyone's playing themselves!"
"No! Damian's playing Roy," Y/N says. "Oh, no… your characters are gonna have some weird sensual vibe. He's a child, you gotta change your character."
"He's twenty this year. I think. Me and Roy? Y/N, you're my only significant other," Jason piles.
"Oh," Y/N hums, their tone lowers. "I thought we're in a polyamorous relationship."
"Ah, we'll talk about that later, then," Jason nods, but returns his expression to serious once more, "What about Cass? Who's she playing?"
"Very interesting character that's a mix of myself, Bane, Selina, and herself. Very creative. I can't wait," Y/N excitedly says.
"My AC is twenty three totals," a voice, a different one, now joins, again startling the couple.
Towards the source of the voice the couple turn. Cassandra Cain is standing nearby.
"I can't believe our passive perception is so low," Y/N exhales.
Upon saying that sentence, Y/N hears the footsteps and looks at Dick who is approaching.
"No, my ears!" Dick whines. "I'm hearing nerds! Nerds are filling my ears!"
"You're playing Bondage Librarian," Y/N recalls. "Sounds pretty nerdy to me."
"Oh, so, I'm the only one playing myself," Jason concludes.
"Yes," Y/N confirms, smiling.
"Ugh, fuck it," Jason says. "I'm changing my character."
"Deadline's tomorrow night," Y/N says. "Don't play undead."
"Fuck you, you know well I'm gonna play undead," Jason says.
Tumblr media
Bondage Librarian (SMOSH; Courtney Miller is Dead)
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jupiterminingcorporation · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm totally here for the fact that I can be fat and still have cheekbone definition. Good work, skeleton.
But you might be able to tell from these that today is not a good day. We have a lot going on, and I got some medical intake forms that need me to fill in my Next of Kin and Second Energency Contact. Those were always Mum and Dad.
Yes, I have an adult child and a partner, but they both live a significant distance from the hospital, and don't drive. I'm going to ask my sister to be my Second, she at least is nearby, drives, and is retired after selling her business last year. But seeing the section on the form really gutted me.
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academiaaestheticbutchaotic · 3 months ago
yeah dark academia is amazing and all, but what about
✨well-rested academia✨ or
✨mentally healthy academia✨ or
✨romanticizing sleep schedules and skincare academia✨ how come when we do “dark academia” we always forfeit sleep/hygiene/mental health/positive body admiration/and so many other things to “fit the aesthetic”. I want to see a girl who woke up at five am and baked fresh bread while sipping coffee and reading Jane Austin use #darkacademia.
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weirdgirlofyourdreams · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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coldjar26 · 4 months ago
You asking me what do I want from you/anyone?
Validation and reassurance 😌 Give me that and I'm all yours
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miniminddump · 5 months ago
Little bit about me
My name is Sarah, although online I prefer to just be called Raven. I'm over 18 but I won't say my exact age. I have two other blogs, my main blog, RavenTT5-bb which is mostly my writing and my book blog, Happilyeverbookjournal which is where I post current reads and opinions on books.
I hated high school, I always have enjoyed reading and writing. I play (too much) Minecraft and sims 4. I have anxiety. I struggle to leave my house or let people in.
I like Marvel, Star Wars, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin, Stranger Things and honestly a lot more but I can't think of anything else right now.
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