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Well, that was a lot.

Moe leaves behind a confusing legacy. He may not have been trying to kill BMO. That was AMO impersonating him. But he did built AMO in the first place, and he also showed an alarming disregard for free will while building a factory full of sentient robots. That’s probably not something that BMO will ever be able to fully unpack.

Also, BMO killed somebody. So that’s kinda hard to deal with.


I’m going to be streaming Ikenfell for the next couple of days (It’s a great game and you should play it) and then we’ll get back to Adventure Time on Sunday. Cya then!

32 notes

The fact that Moe is dressed like Steve Jobs is probably an intentional reference.

Also, he’s building something weird back there. That seems like something that’s going to come up again.

30 notes

This is the most Looney Tunes thing I’ve seen since Kindergarten Kid.

21 notes

In a messed up way. AMO and BMO were made for each other. One built to give out love, the other built to receive it.

That’s kind of messed up on both ends, really. That’d be the definition of a co-dependent relationship.

28 notes

AMO may not have killed Moe, but he did set out to destroy his legacy.

24 notes

BMO still sounds adorable even when trying to deliver an ultimatum. 

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