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postitforward · a year ago
Breathe with us.
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dayone-app · 4 months ago
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Actual footage of us when we forget to answer the Daily Prompt. Luckily you can find recent prompts here
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mandawonderland · 4 months ago
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“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.”
Sylvia Plath
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montystarotchild · 12 months ago
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I’ve noticed more recently that nothing calms me down like me. Anything external is simply a distraction from what is trying to get my attention internally.
I always find peace coming back to myself. It’s the only harmony that I seek these days.
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seedsewing · a year ago
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What’s on your list of small accomplishments? Last summer I grew a teeny forest of sunflowers that made me and the bees super happy, which to me is a pretty sweet accomplishment. I think that growth blooms happiness 🌿 and in any aspect of life this is key. If you want to add teeny sunflower forests to your list of small accomplishments check out my blog for some easy tips ✨ Sending you speedy germination and glorious harvests 💕
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mall-jock · 12 months ago
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chicagognosis · a year ago
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truthseekerastrology · 10 months ago
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There’s no better place than where you are, right now, in this moment. Believe that.
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oneminutecalm · a year ago
Mindful Minute Meditation | Calming Fountain - 4 with One Minute Calm
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brightburncandlesuk · a year ago
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postitforward · a year ago
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umi-ananda · an hour ago
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Ok, I definitely overdid it with the venti and only drank half. This one is turning into a summer favorite. The oat milk always does it for me! …not to mention, I love the folk here.
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gncmagneto · 11 months ago
I love when baby gays are clearly still unlearning a lot of biases and like every couple of months try to find a progressive reason to explain why men wearing dresses makes them uncomfortable. Like obviously transmisogynistic caricatures are Bad but if it's just a guy irl who wants to do drag or something that's literally fine. This has been a thing longer than you've been alive
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orbch · 2 months ago
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hunt? lowed.
brain? rotted.
owl? housed.
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poemjunkie · a year ago
Throwback to that time in college when me and a group of friends were having an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon, and during the scene where the Fellowship is fighting the giant squid and Aragorn does something awesome, I turned to my friend and was like,
“Strider is so hot.”
Strider being one of Aragorn’s in-universe nicknames, for the uninitiated.
And one of the guys in the group, who I had never met before, was like “WHAT? Really???” with enormous eyes.
“Uh, yeah?”
I look to my friend, who makes confirmation noises. I look at some of the other girls, more confirmation noises.
Guy, now looking very uncomfortable, but realizing he made some kind of misstep: “Oh. I mean. Whatever you’re into, I guess. That’s fine.”
Me: “Okay??”
Then a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME LATER, either I make another comment or someone in the film calls Aragorn Strider, I can’t remember the context, and the guy goes: “OH! Strider is Aragorn. Okay. Okay.”
Me: “Who tf did you think I was talking about??”
Guy: “The squid.”
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chronic-defeatist · a month ago
little things in Heartstopper that I think about a lot (part one):
Mr. Ajayi noticing Charlie’s hesitation when talking about Ben, so he puts his pen down and stops what he’s doing to let Charlie know he has his full attention
Charlie’s little giggle after Nick showed him how to play rugby
the little smile on Nicks face after seeing “x” at the end of Charlie’s thank you text to him
“You look… it looks great!”
Nick not being able to look at Charlie after he hugged him for the first time so he just turned around, said “see ya Monday,” and left
Nick’s singular tear when seeing his “62% Homosexual” quiz result
Isaac just not replying to the group chat and continuing to read his book, unbothered
Nick ready to absolutely lose his shit when Charlie said he ran into Ben at the party and then immediately going to the opposite end of the spectrum when Charlie said he defended himself
the smile on Charlie’s face after he pulls away from Nick before hugging him again when they’re sitting on his bed the morning after the party
everyone’s reactions when the St. John’s rugby team comes out on the field
Nick being breathless and Charlie’s little double blink after the kiss at the arcade
the stars reflecting on Elle’s glasses when she realizes she likes Tao
when Nick goes, “Oi!” after Charlie said, “I thought I was the one who said sorry too much.”
Tara’s knowing looks at Nick before he tells her he and Charlie are going out
the way Darcy looks at Tara when she’s talking to Nick about how being out is hard
“What?… we’re not… he’s not… shut up!”
the little jumps and Charlie’s smile after Nick left after asking him on a date
the smile on Nick’s face after reading the message where Darcy called them “meddling gays”
the way Tao and Elle greet each other at the milkshake cafe
the smiles from Nick and Charlie at the end of episode six
the hug outside the cinema
the hug Tori gives Charlie in the beginning of episode eight
Darcy’s face after Tara kisses her at Sports Day
the smiles on Nick and Charlie’s faces outside the train station
Nicks mom apologizing to him without knowing if she actually did or didn’t make him feel like he couldn’t tell her he’s bisexual
how the lighting in the room or background often matches the flag colors for the character on screen
(part two)
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namonaki-does-arts · 8 months ago
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Inspired by this post
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