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kaportka · a day ago
Think less. Feel more.
Compare less. Praise more.
Doubt less. Have fun more.
We got so used to overanalyzing every decision, making a list of pros and cons. When in fact, this analytical approach screws with our intuition.
In the past, I was very unsure of myself and indecisive. Since I started applying trust and solid knowing I have realised that whatever decision I make is the best one. I no longer go back and forth. I no longer wonder if I should have done it differently. There is only my confidence and going in the right direction. Always. When you come from that sure state, every choice will become your best option. Trust yourself. You are limitless. You are the best choice. Period. It is done.
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overnightincome · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dumbest Ways To Go Broke!
Do yourself a favor and avoid these bad money habits! Some of them will bring you pleasure in the short-term but will definitely harm your financial future!
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gloupblog · 7 months ago
Just because the days are repetitive at the moment, it does not mean you are not still making progress. You are not wasting your life. You still have time.
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anniespositivity · 5 months ago
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You're not too sensitive. You're not overreacting. If it hurts you, it hurts you.
Source: selfcareisapriority via Instagram
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the work ethic of fka twigs
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shesolush · 2 months ago
Affirmations for a healthy self concept & mindset while manifesting. 🌸🕊:
“I am a limitless creator.”
“I hold no doubts towards manifestation because I know that life is rigged in my favor, and I will always get what I want.”
“The moment I desire something, I get it, because everything I want is already mine.”
“Circumstances do not matter. I am law. The 3D has no choice but to abide by my rules and conform to my command.”
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dressedinchampagne · a month ago
the goal is to be as well-read, well-mannered and well-dressed as possible
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celestial-heartbeat · a month ago
law of assumption: a basic guide 🪐
✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩
so you’ve probably heard of the terms “manifestation” or “law of attraction,” and maybe you became curious and decided to learn about what this means. or maybe this is your first time hearing these terms and want to learn more about it!
if you’re the first one, i want you to FORGET everything that you know about the “law of attraction” and any manifestation techniques you learned. if you’re the latter, i will explain what these terms mean...
( in this context), manifestation is the act of “attracting” specific circumstances, events, people, material objects and even physical/mental aspects about yourself.
the law of attraction (LOA) is the principle/ideology that “like attracts like.” what you put out into the universe (i.e vibrations, energy etc.), is what you will attract back to yourself.
so now that i’ve explained these terms, i’ll now explain why the law of attraction is incredibly faulty. while the inherent principle of the LOA is mostly true, how to actually manifest using the LOA isn’t as straightforward. most LOA teachers will teach their students a BUNCH of techniques on how to “raise their vibrations” or “align themselves with the universe.” they will say that scripting, visualizing, drinking water etc. is what will give them their manifestations. but that is NOT true at all !! you do not need any of those things to manifest. all you need is…
your thoughts
...ok so what does that mean?
✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄
what is the law of assumption?
the law of assumption (in the most basic terms) states that “your thoughts and assumptions create your reality.” what you assume to be true, is what will be reflected onto your outer reality (aka the 3D).
to understand this concept, you MUST understand that you are constantly manifesting, whether you are intentionally doing so or not. before you learned about manifestation, you were STILL manifesting!! think about it: you didn’t have to script or visualize to manifest failing a test or your SP not liking you. it just manifested unintentionally because you weren’t conscious of your thoughts!! with the law of assumption, you are consciously making the effort to manifest what YOU want, instead of leaving everything on “auto-pilot.”
you also must understand that you can manifest ANYTHING YOU WANT. anything. you want a million dollars? done. you want to marry your celebrity crush? done. nothing is impossible, at ALL!! you are the creator of your reality. you call the shots, no one else!
the reason why LOA teachers claim that their techniques absolutely work is because...they do work! but why do they work? because they ASSUME that they work. they are literally using the law of assumption while practicing those law of attraction techniques. they assume that scripting, visualizing, 369 method etc. is what gives them results and therefore it gives them results. however, you do not need to do ANYTHING whatsoever to manifest. you only need two things: your assumptions and persistence.
✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩
how to create an assumption
so what even is an assumption? the definition of the word assumption is: “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.”
we all have assumptions about something. whether it be about people or circumstances, we all have an idea about these things that we have accepted to be true, and often without proof. according to the law of assumption, what you assume to be true is what you will manifest. if you assume that you’re always broke then you’ll always be broke. if you assume that your crush never wants to be around you, then they will never want to be around you.
so the best way to manifest your desires is to CHANGE your assumption about your desires. that’s it.
example: let’s say that i want to date a certain guy. however, my current assumption about this guy is “he is not my boyfriend, he's not interested in me .” therefore, this guy is carrying out my assumption and is not interested in me at all. however, if i wanted to manifest him being my boyfriend, i would change my assumption from “he is not my boyfriend” to “we’re in a relationship together” or “he’s completely in love with me.” etc.
these short statements are known as affirmations. by repeating these affirmations consistently, you will change your assumption about your desire. and once you change your inner assumption about your desire, the 3D (outer reality) will reflect your assumption back to you. you also don’t have to believe these affirmations. as long as you keep affirming them they will still work. you may also be wondering: “how often should i affirm for my desire?” personally i would recommend every time you think about your desire, but some people like to affirm 24/7. the amount of times you affirm doesn't really matter, if you assume that a certain amount works for you then it will work for you!
however there’s another very important component in the law of assumption...
✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄
persistence: why is this important and how do we do this?
the whole point of repeating affirmations is to change your inner assumptions and beliefs about your desire. you want to get into the state of KNOWING that you already have your desires even if you don’t see your desire in the 3D. this is the key!!
example: let’s say i want my bf to text me more. so i decide to affirm “he texts me constantly.” however, in the 3D, i see that he didn’t text me. well instead of going back to the old story of, “he never texts me” i just ignore it and keep affirming “he texts me constantly” REGARDLESS of what i’m seeing in the 3D. cause guess what: it’s not real at ALL. your outer reality is just a collection of your old thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions. therefore by not reacting to it, you will manifest the change that you want. also, whenever i’m reminded of my desire for him texting me, i will affirm “he texts me constantly, he gives me all of his attention etc.”
now whenever you affirm, the most important thing to remember is to NOT let your thoughts slip back into its old pattern of thinking, even if you see that you don’t have your desire in the 3D. again, this is because the 3D reality is just a collection of old thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions. when you react to the 3D, you’re just reaffirming any old assumptions you’ve had in the past. therefore, instead of getting discouraged and upset that you “don’t have your desire yet,” JUST KEEP AFFIRMING AND PERSISTING!! the 3D will conform to your new assumptions but only if you keep persisting in them. you must remember that you already have your desires the second you want them. the 3D literally has NO choice but to conform and reflect those desires. it’s literally the law!!
✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩✧ ೃ༄
to summarize...
your thoughts and assumptions manifest
you can manifest anything
affirm as if you already have your desires, (because you do)!
your 3D is only a collection of old assumptions, an illusion. so don’t react to it as if it's the truth.
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geeeeezzzzzzz · 8 days ago
because you already have them!
tell yourself "i already have it" whenever you think of your desire
i already have the perfect body
i already have my desired body
i already have a perfect face
i already have my desired face
i already have billions in my bank account
i already have tons of friends
i already have tons on cute clothes
i already smell heavenly
stop thinking you don't have it!! YOU DO! stop thinking in that mindset and tell yourself "i am perfect, everything about me is perfect and i have every single thing i want"
this may be harsh and it is a hard mindset to adapt after years of thinking differently so try your best and do not go back to the old "i don't have it" mindset or you'll be going back and forth and making no progress!!
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anniespositivity · a month ago
In moments that you feel insignificant and worthless, I want you to remember that you are the centre of your life. Your life revolves around you. It is so easy to lose focus while working, being there for others, studying, etc. Yes, of course we are part of society and yes, of course we have friendships and relationships that are important, too. But the most important thing in your life is you. It is good to look at the big picture, but sometimes we can get very lost in it, which makes us feel small and unimportant. That is when you need to take a step back and focus more on yourself. It may sound absolutely selfish, but it isn't, I promise, my love. You are not selfish for tending to the essential part of your life: you.
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shesolush · 2 months ago
Start affirming “Today is the perfect day and I am grateful to be experiencing it.” out loud every morning, and watch as you see your mood and the events that occur throughout your days, have a drastically positive shift.
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hxneydreamers · a month ago
I recently came across a girl on Tik Tok who teaches how to 'manifest properly according to science'. She tried to debunk the Law of Assumption - and then when she tried to explain how to ACTUALLY manifest according to science, she literally described the exact process of using the Law of Assumption... So I'm here to clear this up for y'all in a super clear step-by-step guide on how to manifest, where I explain exactly what to do, when to do it, and why (with factual explanations).
1. When you are manifesting something new, you are 'quantum leaping/shifting' into a new reality where this manifestation is true. How do you do this?
2. In order to quantum leap into the new reality where your manifestation is true, you must change your beliefs, aka, 'assumptions' in relation to yourself and the thing you are manifesting. How do we do this?
3. In order to change your beliefs, you must access the subconscious mind and 'install' the new belief, as your subconscious mind is where these beliefs are stored and where your reality is projected from. How do you access the subconscious mind?
4. You access the subconscious mind by visualising and/or affirming when you are in SATS (state akin to sleep), aka, when you are in the theta brainwave state. What is this state and when are you in it?
5. states that we are in SATS/theta state when we are 'in a very deeply relaxed state of mind; a state that some may describe as “autopilot.”' You are in this state when running on autopilot during the day when you are awake, but especially when you are falling asleep and the first 30 minutes after waking up. What do you do when you are in this state in order to change your beliefs?
6. You can:
Affirm: Affirm up to 3 sentences that imply that you have your desire and your wish is fulfilled.
Visualise: Visualise a short scene, only a few seconds long, which implies that you have your desire and your wish is fulfilled.
Listen to submiminals/affirmations: Record yourself saying your affirmations and (if you wish) use simple software to set it to binaural beats in the theta pattern, aka, music in the theta pattern, to help induce the theta state. This music can be found on youtube.
As you do these things, simply attempt to access the physical and emotional (if you can) state within your imagination that would be felt if this were true.
7. You must mentally embody the version of yourself who has your desire in your day-to-day life. How do we do this?
Train yourself to more strictly think thoughts that you would be thinking if you had your desire. This is what we call the 'mental diet'.
Ensure you also add affirmations for your self-concept. This is because the version of yourself who does have your desire as a firmly cemented and stable part of their life would be extremely relaxed and confident about its presence and existence, as well as their worthiness, deservingness, and ability to actually have this desire.
8. As a result of shifting to a new belief and a new version of yourself in a new timeline/reality where you have your desire, you will begin to naturally act like the version of yourself who has the desire. This will mean that you will begin to naturally take 'inspired action' towards your manifestation. This cannot be forced. Inspired action is action you take that you are unaware is contributing to the sequence of events that will lead to your manifestation coming true.
9. The law of assumption states that your 3D reality is simply a reflection of the beliefs within your subconscious mind. Once you have changed your belief and have persisted in consistently embodying the version of yourself who has their desire, your subconscious mind will begin to shift your physical/3D reality in order to bring your manifestation to you. How does this take place in the 3D?
10. In the 3D, a sequence of events, (known as the bridge of incidents) will begin to take place that you may not be aware of behind the scenes (that you may also unknowingly contribute to through inspired action). This bridge of incidents is the transition between realities, where you are shifting from your old reality to your new reality.
11. The transition period can occasionally include a 'purge' of old beliefs which oppose your desire, because sometimes in order for the 3D to shift from one reality to a completely different one, your old beliefs will play out in order to disappear for good. The purge can come through struggles with sticking to your mental diet and battling with opposing thoughts, or simply the desire itself being 'hot and cold' or presenting itself in a way that opposes your ultimate goal, which may tempt you to give up.
12. This bridge of incidents and transition period is what will bring about the logical formation of the circumstances around your manifestation, in order for your transition to the new reality to make logical sense in the 3D.
13. Your manifestation finally occurs in the 3D in a way that you probably never even expected, but worked out pretty logically and perfectly. You have successfully shifted into your new reality! Congratulations!
And that, my friends, is how manifestation works, and what you need to do in order to get whatever it is you want. The key is persistence, knowing that the 3D is never final and is only reflecting old beliefs, and not allowing anything outside of you to influence your trust in the inevitable manifestation of your desire.
The law of assumption IS the law behind the scientific method of manifestation. Period.
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kaportka · 3 days ago
No matter what is going on around you - see yourself as the winner.
You don’t even realize how many changes occur for you behind the scene when you trust your imagination: believe it before you see it. Because of your doubting, you are so focused on what is going on in front of you, that immediate circumstances throw you off. You are so focused on lack, timing, things that might go wrong that it is hard to see yourself as the winner.
But here is the news: doubting, stressing, analyzing, whining, criticizing will not get you to what you want.
Praising, enjoying yourself, believing, living within your imagination no matter what will bring you peace, comfort and the ultimate manifestation of whatever state you desire.
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