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Gamificación para el cambio de comportamiento Usar Gamificación como estrategía para lograr una transformación ágil, es una opción que está siendo utilizada por multiples empresas para lograr

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Money didn’t give me this attitude. This attitude gave me this money. #vitalytennant

In many house holds, people simply do not discuss money, they see it everywhere, yet they don’t speak of it. Break from the scarcity mentality and step forward for what you really want. #stepup

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When everyone is seeking validation by telling the internet their affairs maintain your privacy and mystery. We’re living in a world where silence is spoken about in theory but isn’t practiced. There are circles that won’t condone you telling everyone your affairs and doors will be shut in your face. Maintain your mystery and move in silence. You don’t need to announce your standards and beliefs. Your friends and man don’t need to know the many books and transformations you needed to do to land them. Be guided.

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How do people differ in their mindset?

• Our mindset shapes whether we believe we can learn and change and grow – or not.

• An individual’s abilities are set in stone in the fixed mindset.

• Growth and development are possible in the growth mindset.

What impact does our mindset have on our behavior?

• People with a fixed mindset seek approval; those with a growth mindset seek development.

• The fixed mindset sees failures as disasters; the growth mindset sees them as opportunities.

• People with a fixed mindset avoid difficulties; those with a growth mindset relish them.

Can we change our mindset?

• Our mindset is often strongly influenced by the role models we had as children.

• Anyone can adopt a growth mindset and make the impossible possible.

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You can find purpose and meaning in everything.

You can find beauty in the smallest things.

It does not need to be grand, over the top kind of vibe.

Express yourself through the beauty of an everyday life.

Find gratitude in nature. Find gratitude in your family. Find gratitude in being single. Find gratitude in the food you consume. Find gratitude in small acts of kindness.

The beauty you discover in those aspects, will fire you up with passion for life.

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Death is inextricably connected to being alive, and yet, everyone is desperately trying to avoid it. Those who hold on to their identity the tightest, are the ones that become the most rigid in life — whether ideologically, emotionally, or spiritually. As they grow they become stubborn in their opinions, becoming stuck with the burden of being right, refusing certain ideas or ways of life that are no longer serving them die. All this becomes a reinforcement of a certain narrative that was unconsciously created as a reaction to external fears and threats of change, which stems from a mechanism to preserve a familiar identity they’ve created. And the reason they’re still walking the path of their own narrative wondering why they don’t find joy and connection in life. 

If the things we’re telling ourselves aren’t delivering the results we want, then maybe we are listening to the wrong story. 

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My Make Yourself Better Each Day To-do List:

  1. Get up, fix your bed and pray.
  2. Cook your breakfast and make your coffee.
  3. Hit your morning playlist.
  4. Clean your space.
  5. Take a bath and prepare for your online class.
  6. Write a journal and read a bible verse.
  7. Smile in front of the mirror and say that you are beautiful.
  8. List your tasks for the day.
  9. Start on easier tasks.
  10. Refrain from opening your social media apps except for tumblr and messenger.
  11. Focus and always be grateful.
  12. Get out of your room after class.
  13. Talk to your loved ones.
  14. Take a break and see the sunset.
  15. Social media break: Limit it for just 3 hours per day. Do not exceed with it.
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How to make Miracles PREDICTABLE

🆓📽️FREE GIFT VIDEO Make miracles “predictable?”

Real-life miracles happen when you’re at the “right place” at the “right time” right?



See, the brain can’t distinguish between an imagined event and a real one.

That means IF you can “imagine” a specific miracle in your life…

(like doubling your income)…

Then your brain carries on as if it’s real.

But only if you can trigger the right source of “energy” in a very specific part of your brain.

This is now possible thanks to a breakthrough guided meditation called “Manifesting Miracle”.

It’s available for a limited time as a 100% free download.

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Well we went what 7 days before it hit the fan? 8 days? And you decided to diet and it’s seams ridiculously idiotic right now as humanity goes off the cliff side like lemmings, but maybe… there is an answer? Let me know whatcha think in the comments, and if You dig it, give a buck and keep reading, supporting the…


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No big message… just excited to get after it today 🙌🏻 #realcamblack

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