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TED Talks for the Soul
Here are some TED Talks that have improved, changed, inspired, and encouraged me to be the best version of myself for the new phase of my life.
Being a late bloomer
Overcoming anxiety
Good communication
The importance of reading
Learning a new language
Eliminating self doubt
The power of grit
Understanding the personality question
The elasticity of time
Taking control of your behavior
With love,
Black Pearl
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awhkacey · 18 hours ago
*+:。.。The key to being hot, is thinking as if. The key to being rich, is thinking as if. The key to manifesting your sp, is thinking as if. The key to achieving anything in life is thinking from that version of yourself you want to be. The only action you have to do is mental. Align your thoughts with the life you desire. Think thoughts you would have if you already had your desires. Make it natural as possible. And watch your whole life change.*+:。.。
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changingthemood · 2 days ago
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Your presence is a privilege. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is not worth your time or energy.
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namitha · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
When you learn to be comfortable with your own, it's a different kind of peace. You're not seeking validation from outside sources, because you are able to validate yourself.🍀
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fancywhore777 · 2 days ago
nah you don't have to persist or anything. persisting shouldn't even be persisting at all. persisting sounds like a hell of work. but see it like this, when you get what you want you'll think about it a lot right?! with a specific feeling you'll have when you get it. it's the same. daydreaming, hallucinating, being delusional whatever. it doesn't really matter. the brain loves repetition. so that's why it's hard to change your shitty thoughts pattern at first but if you keep repeating it and reminding yourself with those thoughts (yk your desirable state thought or whatever) you'll SLAYYYY. persisting isn't persisting at all it's just a reminder or whatever. a reminder to the brain. a reminder to yourself about what you have. it's that simple don't overconsume and shit. and no there's not a way of reminding yourself of what you have why would you be like "oh i have to do this method for persisting" and shit? there you messed it up but you can back right up and flip that whole shit up.
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kaportka · a day ago
The trick to nailing the Law of Attraction is to not get caught up in it.
Don't try to analyze your way through it. Logic goes out of the door.
Feel your way into your best life.
Follow what feels good in the moment. Recognize resistance.
Wake up to really experience life, love madly, walk passionately, marvel at sunrises and sleep under the stars.
My point is: forget about applying certain techniques and do your best to use the time you have here on Earth.
When you let go of thinking about how to use the Law, the magic happens. ✨
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blackpearlfinance · a day ago
Writing Therapy
This is will be a guide for you to overcome anxieties, be more courageous, and optimistic. Writing is one of the beautiful ways to express our emotions and have a conversation with ourselves.
Write it down
Take a blank sheet of paper and write down how you feel now. This is not an essay, you should not be concerned about the words. Your thoughts should flow and all you need to do is write out out as it comes out. This can happen at any moment, don’t set a time or a schedule for it.
Weekly letters
Write a letter to yourself every week. I do this and it helps me a lot. Every week I reflect on the previous week and my expectations for the next week. I write my highlights and my low moments and it is such a beautiful emotion to capture. After a while, you will open these letters and reflect on how things changed or lessons you’ve learned.
Confront your inner child/ past
Use writing to confront your inner child. You will have to write like a kindergarten. Don’t overthink it, don’t make it perfect, add some drawings. Sometimes I draw a trash can and write everything habit I needs to get rid off in it. Try to recollect memories of things you were once bad at or good at. Writing isn’t just about following prompts sometimes you’d have to write about something related to you, that only you have experienced. For example:
I remember when I first got my braces, I looked awkward, it’s amazing how much my looks have changed…
I remember when I was 10 and this golden retriever chased me…
My mom didn’t let me go to sleep overs when I was 8, I wonder what it would have felt like…
I first experience bulling in 8th grade, Jessica was really a mean girl, I wonder if bullies eventually change…
I used to be the most popular girl in high school, but in college I feel so overlooked. It’s crazy how things change.
I don’t like how I look in pictures now, I don’t know if it’s just my eyes,
I used to like baking, why did I stop, when did I stop?…
I was mean to the pizza guy, I feel so bad, it was wrong timing, is it possible for the universe to send apologizes on our behalves?…
Be in the present
Being in the present means acknowledging your feelings, processing your emotions as they occur, expressing yourself, being your own cheer leader, and support system.
What was the highlight of my day?
What would I have changed?
What did I procrastinate on?
What am I looking forward to?
What am I grateful for?
Am I better than I was yesterday?
What did I learn today?
Why was I sad/happy?
An optimistic approach
Writing in an optimistic tone will keep you motivated. It will give you the hope you need. You are looking forward to an event, a proposal, an opportunity, or a moment. Optimism gives you enthusiasm to chase your dreams. Examples of writing with optimism includes.
I am looking forward to a great week because…
I can’t wait for Christmas, there’s just so much to celebrate…
I see myself being a successful women even though I’m not sure of my passion…
In the next five years, I want to travel to every state in America.
It only gets better…
Oh, I can’t wait for fall and all the peace it brings…
I’ll be 24 soon, there’s so much to reflect on…
Confronting the elephant in the room
This will be the difficult part of the writing because you will have to be honest with yourself, it’s tough love here, and you’ll have to hold yourself accountable. Here are prompts that can help:
Are you sure you want to accomplish your goals?
Why do you want a change in your life, if you are not willing to improve?
When was the last time to made a to-do list and followed through?
Have you read a book since the last month?
What is your excuse for not doing your self-care routine?
Do you trust yourself?
What have you started but you’re yet to complete?
With love,
Black Pearl
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𝐸𝑥𝑝𝑒𝑐𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑠𝑡 𝑜𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑠𝑡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stop acting so shocked when good thing happen to you. Stop acting shocked when your desires conform. It shouldn’t be a shocker when things actually go your way. You should be expecting that shit because it’s exactly what you deserve. You deserve everything to go your way. You deserve to experience all your desires this instant. So take it all in like it’s what you expected. Take the good things in life with ease because it’s not hard for you to get what you want. It’s not hard to live the life you want. Get the idea out of your head that it’s hard to experience a good life because everything is only as hard as you assume it to be. Take everything good in life like you knew it was coming. Because why wouldn’t you experience good things? Why wouldn’t it be normal for you to live your dream life?
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changingthemood · a day ago
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femmefatalevibe · a day ago
Lean into your ideals, interests, and desired indulgences. Maintain your integrity. This investment compounds infinitely. You don't only gain self-respect in return. These decisions shape your identity.
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The mind replays what the heart can’t delete
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