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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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You guys think Annabeth is organized? No. She’s reading 11 books at the same time and she can’t find three of them. She doesn’t know where her homework is and she has no intention of looking for it. She found one of her bras in a shoe under the bed and has no idea how it got there. She’s a wreck and I love her

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Mindig izgalmasak azok a pillanatok, amikor olyan tanácsot adsz, amelyre neked lenne a legnagyobb szükséged

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Ja – I
Ty – you (singular)
On/ona/ono – he/she/it 
My – we
Wy – you (plural) 
Oni/one – they

*oni = men, mixed group of people
*one = women, objects, etc…

*On and ona are understood as “it” when referred to an inanimate object.
They must agree with the gender of the noun they represent.

The pronouns are usually omitted unless necessary - pronoun drop

Addressing people:

Formal you: pan is the polite second person masculine (used for a for man) and pani is the feminine form. They can be used before someone’s name, in this case it will have a similar meaning as Mr./Mrs.

Panowie is used for men and panie for women.

Państwo is used for a mixed group of people, similar to ‘ladies and gentlemen’.  When used, conjugate the verb as third person. 

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thinspo challenge day 14: My UGW is 48kg, that’s when I expect to stop. I doubt i’ll be ABLE to get to 45 but that’s as low as i’ll let myself go, its unhealthy for my height. I expect to get there in a couple of years lol. but hopefully I get to a new lw over quarantine.

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God I wanna buy so much stuff because I’m emotional

I wanna buy a guitar, a keyboard, a new cup, and new collars LOL

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I’ve been doing some thinking lately and tbh I don’t know if Renly should be my fave character anymore 🤔

I mean,

  • He opposed the rule of the TRUE and BEST king (Stannis obviously), and did some really nasty things to him like mocking him, defying him, threatening him, and offering him a peach.
  • He let Ned Stark die 😤
  • He isn’t taking the war seriously and is just throwing parties 😑
  • There’s a small chance he might have been gay (I’m homophobic)
  • And most importantly, he replaced the nice clean look of the Kingsguard with an ugly garrish rainbow colour scheme :/

In summary, I’m changing my url to stannisistheonetruekingandrenlyneedstostayinhislane

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