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Im developing emotions for a boy… oh god here we go again

I’ve been talking to nintendo boy since the begging of quarantine and flirting ever since but now I’m certain that I need to see him

The last and only time I saw him was 2018… I think

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is it just me or did anyone else who grew up in young women’s have an extreme lack of self expression? like outside of church i had a unique style but whenever i went to the ward i was so frightened of being read as queer that i just couldn’t wear anything that wasn’t super basic, and maybe a necklace or something. i think it might have been a combo of depression + fear. just me out here?

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You’re lying on the cold cold floor

And there ain’t no shame it not getting up another day

When the moons real high they say she gives all her love away

But I’ve never heard her sing my name

I can waste away all of my days, my heart still beats the same

And I can waste away all of my nights, but nothing’ll ever feel the same

Why don’t I feel the comfort of Mother Earth

Is it just my lot to take and take and take

I need to slow down before I get hurt, I need to take off before I get lost

Maybe the sun will warm me up again, maybe this fire will be enough to keep me aflame

There is a silence that I can’t convey, but you feel it too

And through it all

Still my heart beats the same

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Is it okay to just lose my fucking mind yet? I hate talking to people. I also read catcher in the rhye recently, is a very good book and probably my favorite currently and even reminds me of someone I knew, such a character Holden, reading him makes me wish he was my friend. But he’s kinda phonie. Which makes him annoying. What a strange phonie fellow.

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(Click for better quality!)

Whew I’m finally done drawing my Vit that I adopted from @late-sundown … Their name is Eflin 💜 (purple heart emoji). I’m so proud of how this came out tbh, they look so good 😭 (crying emoji)

[Image description: A digital drawing of my Vitreus, Eflin. They are a dragon-like creature with a long, slender neck and body, as well as a long tail and long, kind of beefy looking legs. Their front and back feet both look similar to hands, with a thumb and three fingers. They are wingless and have a horn that goes backwards and curls into itself. Their body has scales, and is mostly light and dark purple, with some magenta on their body and accents of light blue near their eye, across the side of their body, and on the pads of their feet. Their horn, from the base to the end, goes from magenta, to dark purple, to light purple, to light blue. Their eyes are mostly black with their iris and pupil being pink and light blue respectively, and they also have speckles of light blue below their eye and across their back. They are looking directly ahead and giving a slight smile. The background consists of magenta, with “clouds” of light blue surrounding Eflin. Small, light blue swirls can also be seen in the background as a finishing touch. End image description]

(Do not repost this)

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I’m going to start changing my icon 5 times an hour. That’s 120 times a day for all the non-mathematicians out there

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