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its 1 am but like I was thinking

Why the hell haven’t I seen a full blown mermaid au for Obey Me?

Like Diavolo going full blown Ariel “A part of your world” in this bitch. Barbatos is Sebastian but like 10x more done with shit.


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I’m rewatching The Order for the 4th time and basically just gonna live blog it so if you don’t want to see my blabbering posts about each episode you can block the tag #Rachel obsesses about The Order


  • that line “fuck you dad we’re coming for you” is so unbearably cringey, especially the way he says it
  • i love the fraternity fake out
  • Randall!!!!!!!!!! i immediately thought he was so cute, but at first i just assumed he was only going to be a small character and i’m so glad he turned out to be so much more
  • Why his name gotta be Randall tho? That is not a Sexy™ name
  • Clay is so……. weird and creepy but i love him
  • “and you’re Gregory” “yeah, so?” “that’s what i was thinking.”
  • Jack starts off as pretty cocky and obnoxious, taking over the tour isn’t charming it’s kind of just rude but it’s played off as being impressive and cute
  • Alyssa seems so smart and confident, so it’s odd that she doesn’t know her stuff when it comes to guiding the tour and keeps having to check her notes etc
  • What was with the ghost story thing? Screaming lady? Did that ever get mentioned again?
  • “Hi, Randall Carpio and you are?” “leaving.”
  • Archetechure burn!
  • “You’re over 21 right? Ha kidding i don’t give a shit”
  • Randall decides to befriend Jack pretty quickly, before anything about The Order or the golem so my headcannon is that Randall thinks Jack is hot and that’s why he wants to hang out with him because Randall is obviously bi as hell
  • Vera says “this is the part where you blah blah blah” a lot
  • Vera noticed dust on Clay’s desk!
  • Amir was so adorable, I wish we’d gotten more of him
  • how did Jack recognize Alyssa’s voice behind the mask after only talking to her for a few minutes during the tour that day?
  • Kind of inappropriate for a teacher to put a student on blast in front of the whole class for expressing discomfort in talking about the death of a fellow student, even if it is Gabrielle
  • I always find it so annoying when teachers in shows say something about a student not paying attention when they’re writing in a notebook like??? they could be taking notes??? Obviously he’s not but like he could be
  • Why does Alyssa pretend to be mean to Jack in front of Kyle? She has no reason to be a jerk and no reason to impress Kyle, she could have just been friendly
  • WHAT was in that box with the coin??
  • “Helllooo? I’m not feeling very safe”
  • They made him get cocaine and a guN? how did Jack manage to do that!?
  • Does nobody ever get ID’d at this pub? literally everyone is drinking alcohol and they’re definitely not all over 21
  • Kyle is so not inconspicuous
  • but neither is Jack
  • He straight up just sticks his whole self into the room and watches them
  • Pete is so on board with the magic thing so fast which is actually kind of weird
  • Pete also offers to buy Jack a beer so does just nobody care about legal age for alcohol lmao
  • So if Kyle led Jack on a fake mission, then what was the final test supposed to actually be?
  • “oh shit sorry. No wait fuck you Kyle” - my fave moment in this whole episode
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I had a realization yesterday. Obviously I’ve known for a long time that there is no true meaning to life other than reproduction of our species. But that doesn’t mean life is meaningless. The problem is that meaningfulness is subjective to each person or creature, so we can never actually finalize or conclude any inherent meaning of life. Basically, because everyone’s “purpose” of existence is subjective to whatever they decide individually, there is no collective purpose to life. We can’t agree on a single purpose for our species or for humanity, so it feels like there is no purpose whatsoever and that life is a meaningless joke. But actually, each person creates or decides their own purposes in their lives. Sometimes these purposes contradict each other. Like when someone decides a purpose of theirs is to be a terrorist and another person decides their purpose is to be a mother, and then the terrorist kills that mother. To each person, their purpose is of the utmost importance, but it cannot he decided on collectively that one purpose is inherently better or worse or more “real” or “true” than another. Some people’s lives involve doing nothing but smoking weed every day. Some people are musicians, and some people are low level employees. There can be more than one purpose or source of meaning in ones life, but it’s different for everybody, so it feels like life has no meaning. There is no god or power that decides purpose, and the meaning generated by one thing for one person might not generate any meaning for another person. But thinking nihilistically that life is pointless is unhelpful because we do have power to create individual meaning in our lives, even if it’s just for us and nobody else. I suppose I already have believed this for a while, but it hit me that it makes everything feel so much more chaotic and fucked up when we all have very different purposes or meaningful moments in our lives, so much so that it makes us feel unmeaningful or confused or angry when we see people with different purposes and sources of meaning than us. As a woman with no desire for children, it is weird to see so many women who have kids getting meaning from that when I don’t. It’s even weird to see people not getting meaning out of listening to certain songs that I love very much, or not liking certain movies I love which give me meaning. And yes there are instances where people’s purposes clash with each other, but most of the time what we choose to devote our lives to does not have to effect others in the same way, positively, or negatively. I also think it’s obvious that while our methods of gaining meaning may vary a lot, most of our needs are very much the same. Food, water, warmth, safety, shelter, and for most of us, connection, love, friends, self acceptance, etc. So I guess it seems obvious, but I think at times we are so busy philosophically looking for some all powerful purpose to life and humanity, when really we should be focusing on what our individual meaningful times actually are, because we are never going to know any “higher” purpose for human existence. So I’m just gonna try and enjoy mine by doing the things which are meaningful to me, and not worrying about others fulfilling my unique sense of purpose in their individual lives.

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You: Cum

Me an intellectual: Crème du bébé

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i’m literally so freakin obsessed with the whole y2k trends coming back cus hun we all be looking like we’re attending the vmas and getting papped ugh loves it

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Until2022′s Guide to Catching Up When You’re Drastically Behind in Study:

I. Assess the damage

The first step in the plan is to confront how bad the situation is and then make some calls about what you can realistically achieve in the time you have left. 

List everything you have to do, down to exact detail - don’t write ‘catch up on readings for Virology’, but instead note down every chapter. This will make it a lot easier to gauge how much time and energy you need for each assignment or exam, and will help to motivate you as you work through. 

Use an Eisenhower matrix to sort these tasks:

  • Important and Urgent: Any and all compulsory assignments, exams, tests, etc. 
  • Important but Not Urgent: Lectures for upcoming exams, compulsory readings or labs, etc.
  • Urgent but Not Important: Additional homework or tasks that are due soon but aren’t worth much, like logbooks or small quizzes
  • Not Important and Not Urgent: Additional readings, nice lecture notes, and other ‘good-to-haves’

Now cross out everything that you can afford not to do. That’s going to be everything in your ‘Not Important and Not Urgent’ zone, and probably all of the things in your ‘Urgent but Not Important’ zone. I know that it’s annoying not to get everything done, or to sacrifice the 5% that you could have gotten, but unless you can do it in 10 minutes and it’s really worth it you simply don’t have the time to spare here. 

Having said that, if a class has lots of small assignments due, don’t overlook them because they’re not worth much on their own - make sure you take a look at the overall percentage left to go in that subject. If you can dedicate a whole day to just that subject and smash through all those assignments in one, you’re crossing a lot of work off your list. For example, I have weekly quizzes and 2% labs in my Pathology course - if I’m behind, I’ll dedicate a whole day and do all of those assessments. That’s 20% out of the way and a big leap towards catching up. 

II. Tackle the low-hanging fruit

Seeing the product of countless days of procrastination is probably pretty daunting right now. I could offer you platitudes here but it’s a lot easier for you to actually take some action and feel better about it yourself, so:

Do everything that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Reply to those emails, the messages in the assignment group chat, upload your peer assessment, do all the little things you need to do for someone else. That should cross out a big chunk of things from your list, and you’ll be left with the important stuff like finishing assignments and studying for exams. 

If you’re panicking (seeing the huge list of stuff which you have to finish in an impossibly short time will often do this!) then try an easy square breathing exercise. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, repeat. Splashing cold water on your face is helpful too, as is having a glass of water. Do not use this time to procrastinate! It might sound like a good idea to relax by watching Youtube or Netflix, scrolling through Instagram or playing a video game, but you’re going to be sucked back into the procrastination game that got you here in the first place. 

III. Create your plan of attack 

You’ve left it too late to be regularly revising, so our plan of attack is basically going to be: cram every subject consecutively. This is the best way to get everything done when you’re pressed for time like this - don’t switch tasks or subjects. Interleaving subjects is great when you’re on schedule, but right now you don’t want to spend quarter of an hour getting into the groove of a certain subject and then switching before an hour has passed. 

University is just one assignment after another, no breathing space in between, especially towards the end of the semester. All you need to do is work out what’s due first and what’s worth most, order everything according to those criteria and then focus on the first assessment until you’re done. Once the assignment is handed in or you’ve sat the exam, then you can move onto the next task.

If you have two different assignments due for different classes on the same day, plan ahead so you can dedicate a full day to each subject instead of working on both at the same time. 

Plan out every single day - make sure you’re scheduling in time to eat, shower, sleep, and take breaks as well as to study. Be specific when planning your time out each day as to what tasks you’re hoping to achieve - don’t allocate too much time to any single lecture, but at the same time, be realistic about how much you can cover in one hour. 

Choose wisely based on what you do or don’t know. There isn’t much point in spending this precious time revising the things you already know you’re good at, so suck it up and schedule in the hard stuff first up, but be prepared to move on if you can’t get it down. You’re far better off going into the exam knowing 10 things badly, than 1 thing really well, so focus on the basics and if you have time to learn the more complex details then go back and do that later. 

You also need to be flexible and prepared to adjust - sometimes an assignment will take longer than expected or a day just won’t be as productive as you thought it might be. Don’t panic, just re-plan and shift things around so you keep moving in the right direction. 

IV. Grind it out 

Now that you have a clear idea of what you need to achieve and when, it’s time to get it done.  

For once, you shouldn’t need to worry about simple procrastination. You’re  probably already panicking, so turn that anxiety into motivation which will fuel you and let you focus for long time periods. Fear can be a great driver - when the threat of the exam is looming over you, it’s amazing how well you can knuckle down, assuming you don’t want to fail. 

Pack a bag with everything you need - your laptop or tablet, your charger, headphones, a water bottle and a travel mug, snacks and meals for the day, and anything else you like to have with you when you’re studying. Then take yourself to the library, the local coffee shop, the office - wherever you like to study, but don’t sit at home. There’s too many opportunities for distraction and you cannot afford that right now. Being in an environment where other people are working will motivate you to do the same. 

If you’re working on an assignment, the best way to get things done quickly is to let go of any preconceptions of doing a great job, or having a perfect draft, and instead just focusing on having a draft. Bash out the worst draft you’ve ever written, fill it with run-on sentences and spelling mistakes. But make sure you finish a draft. Then all you have to do is edit it, and it’s a lot quicker to do it this way than it is getting bogged down in the details before you’ve even begun. 

When you’re studying for exams, the number one way to learn is through active recall. There is no point in wasting time writing out a full set of notes if you’re two days out from the test. Even if you feel like you don’t know a single thing, start off straight away by testing yourself - do past exams, drill flashcards, try and write outlines or mind maps and then check your notes or textbooks and fill in what you’ve missed. If you don’t know the answer or you get it wrong, look it up and try to understand it, and then test yourself again in twenty minutes. 

It’s important to strike a balance here: don’t overextend yourself, but don’t continually take breaks. If you think you need a break, you probably don’t. Take two minutes to stretch your legs and drink some water, but do not pick up your phone. If you’re starting to feel mentally fatigued, especially after a few hours, it can be helpful to switch locations - go outside and study on a park bench, or shift to the dining hall. Sometimes the change of scenery is all you need to feel refreshed. 

V. Rinse and repeat

This is your life now. Make sure you stick to a regular sleep schedule - aim for at least six hours a night - because otherwise your fatigue levels will seriously impact your memory, retention and critical thinking abilities. It’s not worth the few extra hours you might get in, and you probably won’t be productive anyway. 

Remember that the advice I’ve given you here is based on what I do when I am severely behind, not how I study on a daily basis when I’m on top of everything. These tips aren’t all great for long-term learning, but are the most efficient way to cram when you’re behind and under pressure. 

You’ve got this. 

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by clicking the link  [ HERE ]  you will find #401 gifs of alicia vikander in burnt, jason bourne, son of a gun, submergence. all of these gifs are made by me from scratch. you can use and edit them as you wish (credit me if posting your edits) but do not repost the gifs and do not claim them as your own. please reblog the post if you find these helpful. thank you!

IMPORTANT: this is a repost due to tumblr update and tags vs. links issue. all previous gif pack posts have been deleted.

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