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i mean like, there was the pizza place scene and then lake scene and then galo meets lio again in the cave, and it was rly explicit that galo was like. What the Fuck about Things so i dont think its surprising or ooc at all for lio 2 tell him like hey foresight sucks and for galo to take him seriously and go to confront kray about it

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i know i sound like one of those terrible fuckers whining about haircuts or whatever but i for real need access to a pool to get adequate exercise with my disabilities and there’s one in my building that i pay to use and it’s padlocked right now so i can’t go use it at midnight while nobody else is there like i normally do even though by all accounts that would be perfectly safe. i just want to feel my body again, please.

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What was everyone’s first minecraft YouTuber, why did you like them, and do you still watch them? I’m curious :D

My first MCYTuber was either PopularMMOs or SSundee! I loved Pat because of his dynamic with Jen. I love their lucky block challenges, but my favorite content they made was Epic Proportions season eight! I got extremely attached to the lore haha

I loved SSundee’s mod showcases (remember back when those were popular?) And would watch them religiously. I also liked his map playthroughs, and I got fairly attached to his dynamic with Derp SSundee, so I even watched his non-minecraft content from that era.

I don’t watch either of them anymore since I “aged out” and their content no longer appeals to me, but I still rewatch their old content from time to time when I want some nostalgia.

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no grammy nominations for american rock band my chemical romance’s second studio album ‘three cheers for sweet revenge’? glad to see homophobia is alive and well 😒🙄

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rest for a few days then study, study, study

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