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flowerais · 9 hours ago
Reasons to live: lonely edition
watching the sunset outside your window
practicing your favorite musical instrument
making delicious meals and feeling like a chef
trying out pinterest ideas
writing new daily routines to improve yourself
learning a new language or reading books on niche subjects
reading every morning in your cozy reading spot
going on evening drives and blaring your sunset playlist
walking in your city to find cute cafes and secret gems
picking a new artistic or sporty hobby to pour your heart into
doing really fun workouts to songs you love
dressing up in cute outfits or makeup looks without going out
drawing pictures and quotes for your wall
getting a film camera and taking candid pictures
sitting in the park and people-watching
searching for small reasons to regain faith in humanity and life
doing something special for yourself each weekend
petting your cat or dog
or petting neighbourhood cats that wander into your garden
the wistful beauty of watching things & people from the distance
buying flowers for yourself
growing cute potted plants like succulents
film marathons and netflix marathons with ice cream
feeling like a lonely indie film character
dancing by yourself
trying different tea flavors
writing poetry about your solitude
write surreal stories inspired by weird dreams
noticing stuff most other people are too busy to notice
befriending your loneliness and yourself
find beautiful stuff to appreciate every day & write them down
writing detailed diary entries even if nothing happens
spending so long inside that sunlight feels like a hug from the universe
appreciating tiny warmths more, like soup, tea, blankets and songs
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variantslokis · a day ago
Tumblr media
He's thinking about every decisions that brought him here. Save him.
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introspectres · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
A long overdue Essek to round out my M9 pieces!
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flowerais · 11 hours ago
soft reminder: don’t be so hard on yourself if you fall back into an old pattern!! habits are so hard to change especially when you’re not doing great. when we need the most comfort, old patterns seem like the quick comfort or relief. blaming yourself can make you feel worse and you don’t deserve it especially when you’re already suffering. as long as you pick yourself off the floor and try again, you’re doing good! keep trying until you feel at home in your new routines or habits (yes, it will happen). changing will take more time than expected, but that’s okay. you’re stronger than you feel and you can always try again tomorrow ✨
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slasherdreamhunter · a day ago
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i think about sonic’s line delivery here. constantly
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kazeo2se · 18 hours ago
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rainycle · 4 hours ago
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coldplay x bts 🥺
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