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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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(This post is me just talking abt my flirting if you don’t wanna read it)

Hahahahhahaa I have the gay power I’m high-key flirting with my best friend (has been discussed and reciprocated) and she messages me saying she’s been thinking about us kissing what a great feeling oh my god. It’s cuz I asked her today when we were gonna make out (I am not subtle) and she was like… well it’s not gonna be in the street bro… and then we had to part ways but anyway I also, when I was low key pushing her into a corner but like with a school bag between us, asked her which one of us would top. Like there is no subtlety here I just like making her blush. Sorry for being irrevocably romantic on main

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Update on my plant family 😇 I want to double the amount of plants I have in the next couple months!

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Awn thx tagging me Maria! @noruil (i´m a bit late but this looks fun)

1. what do you prefer to be called name-wise?


2. when is your birthday?

July 2nd

3. where do you live?


4. three things you are doing right now?

Listening to my roomate talk about her shitty bf hahah and answering to these, faking that i´m studying (cuz this is what she thinks that im doing for sure xD). Also thinking about my dinner, cuz im hangry :)

5. four fandoms that have piqued your interest?

Naruto (yep, forever i guess), and Killing Eve for sure (what else is out there), TLOU e RDR2.

6. how has the pandemic been treating you?

i´m safe, but i´m so tired. I had to make some decisions (and others were made for me) that i´m not that satisfied.

7. a song you can’t stop listening to right now?

Garoto by Carne Doce

8. recommend a movie

I just watched Sofia Coppola´s On the Rocks and was like ok, idk what i was expecting, but last month i rewatched Lost in Translation and it is the same vibe xD i liked it in ways i cant understand, maybe so i can look cool.

9. how old are you?


10. school, university, occupation, other?

finishing my bachelor’s degree (yep just using your words)

11. do you prefer heat or cold?

Cold, and i guess just because my country can be really hot for too long, and it isnt cool enough 

12. name one fact others may not know about you

I’m not that good on planing my day, but when i have sth different like going out or traveling or idk shoping it just dont leave my mind, i wake and i remember oh tonight im gonna see my friends, and 4 hours before i´m already getting mentally ready

13. are you shy?

Yep, but im a good at small talk as i lately realised so you wont tell that about me

14. preferred pronouns


15. biggest pet peeves

Humm idk for sounds ill prob be the one doing it xD

16. what is your favorite “-dere” type?

I refuse to answer this hahah

17. rate your life from 1 to 10, 1 being crappy and 10 being the best it could be


18. what’s your main blog?

Just this little thing

19. list your side blogs and what they’re used for

never had them

20. is there something people need to know about you before becoming friends?

idk xD i guess just to keep in touch

(little fireworks) Feel free to answer (little fireworks)

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Radiant orders rated by how Queer ✨ they are:

Windrunners: Compassion, social justice, community, found family, self care… at least satisfyingly queer adjacent 9/10

Skybreakers: Fuckin’ bootlickers lmao 0/10

Dustbringers: insufficient evidence, though fig. 1 - ‘Malata’ is convincing 6.5/10

Edgedancers: More social justice! thank you for listening to the forgotten 8/10

Truthwatchers: Finally some good fucking food!!! The drama of it all, the blasphemy, the mystery inherent to the concept of mistspren, the pure Queer ✨ vibes 11/10

Lightweavers: Repression? check! Joyous incomprehensibility? check! Desire for meaningful knowledge of the self? check! And oh what’s this? I myself got diagnosed lightweaver at official sanderson personality quiz? No lightweaver trait is not Queer✨ 10000/10

Elsecallers: You can’t have the ‘transformation’ surge and not be just a little queer cmon 7/10

Willshapers: Amethysts just seem queer to me idk 7/10

Stonewards: I have zero feelings either way so meh/10

Bondsmiths: Points earnt for showmanship. Points lost for centrist vibes. BIG teacher’s pet energy so could go either way 5/10

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Anon, my dude, fella, pal, buckle down… Not everything is about fucking Jaskier! [interpret fucking ambiguously here]

This is literally the Queen of Lyria and Rivia you are talking about, why would you think she has anything to do with him??

My whole post is about a role that should go to a middle aged actress that has reached her “Hollywood zenith” and not some young whippersnapper. WHY WOULD YOU BRING JASKIER INTO THIS WHOLE THING.

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