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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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@tscreators october 2020 event, day 5: taylor as a superhero

“above all, no matter how many times you get hit, can you get back up?” – gwen stacy, spider-man: into the spider-verse

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My sister ( @oceanhippiee ) and i ( me ) created a comic strip. I drew a Very rough draft and she redrew it. I’ve been thinking of creating comics and am wondering if this is something people would like to see more of. A reblog or comment is appreciated but a like would also let me know if we should do more. Thank you- Israel

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on one hand red hood andrew, on the other one neil is kind of the one who has a symbolic death/rebirth deal going on and i think it would be super fascinating to set up an au where neil and andrew used to be on the same hero team or whatever and neil’s death is the catalyst for some sort of change in andrew’s behavior and then when neil comes back to life they have to deal with like, the implications of having to move on. the thing about jason is that before his death he’s /good/. he’s a good kid and he’s trying and he wasn’t morally gray at all, and after all his feelings start to rot because he feels like he lost out on huge parts of himself and he feels like bruce didn’t respond or avenge him correctly 

i don’t think neil would be resentful of andrew the way jason is of bruce, bc i think andrew would go scorched earth on anyone who hurt or killed neil. and even if we’re going red hood andrew, neil would do the same. 

but idk i’m waffling a little but i think andrew being maybe a daredevil type hero who kinda keeps his area small and goes after obvious concrete crimes rather than trying to fix things in the big picture would work for him. neil maybe as someone who has a grudge against the mob or the yakuza and is trying to take it down from the inside, and it happens to be in andrew’s territory so andrew tags along, they bond etc etc etc 

it just occured to me you might be saying that andrew would dress up at the red hood for halloween kflasjfkleuisfj in which case yes absolutely he would and he puts neil in the fucking og dick grayson robin costume

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in presley’s world, there are werewolves and then what they call neowerewolves or weredogs. they’re a relatively new species that still have wolf characteristics, but also look similar to a variety of dog breeds – harley here is one of them, and of the pink poodle kind (which is rare considering that’s not a poodle’s natural color). weredogs vary greatly in form and size, from the huge st. bernards to even chihuahuas and dachschunds, which i’ll also depict someday!

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@wcywardtwin​​ :    ❝   i have a lot of regrets about that .   ❞
(     *    PROMPT  :    FOLKLORE   /   ACCEPTING  !


            despite  the  years  lost  between  them  ,    it’s  still  instinct  to  reach  across  the  distance  between  them  and  take  her  sister’s  hand  ,    offering  a  gentle  and  reassuring  squeeze .     the  look  in  her  mirror’s  heavy  ,    emerald  eyes  the  catalyst  of  an  ache  that  blooms  in  her  chest .     she  doesn’t  presume  to  know  all  the  heinous  things  that  beth  has  done  under  the  religion  of  crime’s  depraved  influence                    she  doesn’t  think  she  wants  to  know  ,    either                    but  what  she  does  know  ,    she  can’t  blame  her  for .     

            that  blame  rests  entirely  on  the  shoulders  of  that  fucked  up  cult .     the  same  bastards  that  tried  to  sacrifice  her  for  their  high  madame’s  master  plan  ,    the  ones  that  sent  renee  down  a     self - destructive  path  of  obsession     that  had  ruined  whatever  scraps  of  a  relationship  they  had  left .     there’s  no  other  explanation  for  how  that  sweet  ,    compassionate  ,    gentle  and  level - headed  little  girl  she  once  knew  grew  up  to  commit  such  atrocities  as   ‘ mistress  alice ’   had .


            ❝     don’t .     it  wasn’t  you  ,    beth .     none  of  what  happened  was  your  fault .     ❞

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