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Worm - Carving

Day 29 of BeeTober brings a Jiang Cheng who has quite the ability and is maybe not using it to do fun stuff. Instead he makes Nie Mingjue worry enough that he intervenes. 

Nie Mingjue just got comfortable on the couch—wrapped up in his blanket and his favourite movie queued up—when Nie Huaisang barges into his apartment.

“Da-ge,” he immediately yells and Nie Mingjue represses a sigh.

He told his brother to come by more often, encouraged him to use his key for it’s intended purpose, and so Nie Mingjue can’t even be mad at Nie Huaisang.

“Here,” he dutifully calls back and when Nie Huaisang’s eyes light up when he sees him on the couch, he knows that he won’t get any quiet and peace this evening.

“Move over,” Nie Huaisang immediately demands as he starts to worm his way under the blanket before he comes to a stop, resting entirely on Nie Mingjue.

“What do you want?” Nie Mingjue gruffly asks, but Nie Huaisang only sends him his most winning smile.

So something big then.

“Who says I have to want something?” Nie Huaisang tries, but going by how his eyes sparkle, he knows that Nie Mingjue already saw through him.

Nie Mingjue wriggles around just enough to get his hand free so that he can flick Nie Huaisang into the forehead.

“Try again,” he says and Nie Huaisang goes serious in an instant.

It’s not only big, but also important, apparently.

“I’m worried about Jiang Cheng,” Nie Huaisang admits and Nie Mingjue raises an eyebrow at him.

“Shouldn’t you be going with this to Wei Wuxian or Jiang Yanli? You know, his actual siblings?” Nie Mingjue wants to know but he can’t deny that a tiny spark of worry has already lodged inside his chest.

If Nie Huaisang is worried enough to bring it up to Nie Mingjue, then it must be serious.

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cant believe i watched this sad and gay little show. fifty episodes. 50 episodes. AND FOR WHAT?

now i scroll through tumblr and twitter, check the mingcheng tag three times a day, cry about wangxian and their soft little turnip kid, then smile when i see nie huaisang, then cry when i see jiang cheng. like wtf?? i did not sign up for all of these feeings and emotions im now having constantly. like…???? I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THAT!!

and dont even get me started on lan xichen, certified Himbo and obvlivious idiot. like dude. let me hug you and then smack the back of your head, you have a fucking braincell, fucking use it!!!

and no i wont ever be talking about nie mingjue, everyones da-ge in public because i will break down and cry and then we will all be very embarrassed.

before i leave this mess here, proud to say purple has now moved up the list of my fave colors.

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Guardian - Decay

Day 28 of BeeTober brings an AU where Mingcheng are already established, but Jiang Cheng went to some pretty extremes to keep his soul safe. That he turned into a stone statue really is the least of it. 

Nie Mingjue wakes up well rested and ready to tackle the day. It’s a strange enough occurrence that it gives him pause immediately, and he stays quiet and unmoving to figure out what’s going on.

There’s no sound but some trees rustling and birds singing, and that alone tips him off to the fact that he can’t be in Qinghe nor Lotus Pier. Nie Mingjue opens his eyes to look around and he frowns when he sees where he is.

He’s inside something that looks like a temple, except it’s falling apart around him.

Nie Mingjue looks down on himself, checking if he’s restrained and about to be sacrificed to whoever resides in this temple and his frown deepens when he sees talismans all over himself.

But instead of subduing him or keeping him chained to the table he’s laying on, they are for healing and freezing him in time. And one by one they start to go up in flames, telling him that there is no more need for either.

Nie Mingjue shakes his head slightly as he swings his legs over the table, and it’s only then that he realizes it’s not really a table but more of a bed.

“What the fuck happened,” Nie Mingjue mutters, his mind foggy and memory elusive but he trusts that someone will be around to tell him what the hell is going on.

He cocks his head slightly when he notices the faint chiming of a bell in the air, and even though he doesn’t know why it’s ringing he can feel that it gradually works to clear his mind.

Nie Mingjue is a bit wobbly for the first few steps but soon enough he regains his equilibrium and Nie Mingjue walks up to the only door of the temple. There are multiple windows, turning everything into a soft gold with the sunlight, but there’s only one door.

A door that is unlocked but so damaged by time that it takes Nie Mingjue a few moments to get it open.

When he finally steps outside, he only sees green for a moment before he realizes that the temple is overgrown almost completely.

And then his eyes fall on a statue in front of the door, and Nie Mingjue freezes when he sees it.

He knows that back.

“My heart?” Nie Mingjue whispers, and he’s quick to walk around the statue.

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Hello! Bet you forgot you sent this in haha…sorry about that. It makes me happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying my stuff so I hope you like this one as well! 

Mingcheng - Expectations 

There’s a lot that Nie Mingjue had expected when he stepped off his sword and entered the Fragrant Palace.

He had expected to be greeted by servants; servants that could barely conceal their distaste for the very man they served. Muttering as they lead him to the discussion chambers, where Jin Guangshan sits perched above those equal to him. 

He had expected the twinge he felt in his chest when he saw Meng- no, Jin Guangyao sitting beside his “father,” an empty smile snug on his face as he gazes about the room, only to turn colder as he lays eyes upon Nie Mingjue. 

He had expected the warm smile Lan Xichen gives freely to those he cares about, and just out of sight, fingers barely hidden by robes, rubbing slightly on a jade pendant hanging low. His mind working a mile a minute to prepare for the incoming mediation he’ll have to provide. 

There was a lot Nie Mingjue had expected from this discussion conference, right down to the very grievances that smaller sect leaders bring to the table. Everything was very much as expected, and Nie Mingjue could only be thankful for that. 

The past few years have done enough damage to his home, and everything he believes in to make him hate surprises for the rest of his life. However short that may be, the voice in the back of his mind adds unhelpfully.  

So when Jin Guangshan catches the attention of his fellow sect leaders, despite not having spoken once for the past three hours, Nie Mingjue cannot help but clench his jaw in preparation for what’s about to come. 

A conference in which Jin Guangshan opens his mouth is never a good one. 

“Sect Leader Jiang,” the man says, lilting his voice in a way he thinks is unassuming.  

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This one got away from me so it’s a tiny bit longer than the usual, oops?

The problem was that strictly speaking, it wasn’t a garden. It was just a patch of dirt on the side of a long abandoned construction project that had never been completed due to lack of funds, or embezzlement, or some other bullshit that Jiang Cheng had never cared enough about to try and find out.

It wasn’t a garden.

But Jiang Cheng had been planting flowers there, out of sheer boredom, because he lived right next door and missed the greeneries of his parents’ house. Their garden had always been gorgeous, perfectly maintained by his mother, an absolute work of art. It was the only place she seemed happy. It was the only thing Jiang Cheng missed about his old life. Those quiet moments when his mother, in a fit of good mood, took him around her garden, her one true love, and explained to him about the plants and how to best care for them. People in their circle would sometimes joke that Zu Ziyuan loved her garden more than her family.

Jiang Cheng had never found it funny. Perhaps because he knew what it was like to envy mulberry leaves for the tenderness with which Yu Ziyuan would remove caterpillars from them, when she could hardly be near her son without pushing him around.

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Just read Intriguing by @robininthelabyrinth (an absolutely stunning fic), which inspired this crackfic idea

JGS asks JGY to kill NMJ. By this time, JGY is coming to realise that his dad only values him as a servant and honestly he’s tired of being abused by the Jins. And he also maybe doesnt hate NMJ and maaaybe thinks fondly of the times when he was in Qinghe. Also he wants to take JGS down. SO he interprets this as ‘stop nmj from being interested in politics and get him off my back’.

And the 'plan’ he comes up with is this - get NMJ a spouse so he’s too busy fucking to look too deeply into whatever JGS is doing. Maybe he teams up with NHS? Idk im a slut for these scheming murder homies

The person they choose must have the following qualities - loyal, suspicious of the Jin sect and JGS, angry enough to want revenge for his beloved NMJ, powerful enough (physically and politically) to get said revenge, among other qualities deemed unnecessary by JGY but essential according to NHS (they must be hot af, must love his da-ge, must be strong enough to duel da-ge, fun to hang out with, easy to manipulate into doing his paperwork for him)

Enter Jiang Cheng.

Let’s assume WWX is still alive and in the Burial Mounds with the Wens (i dont actually know the exact timeline, on account of not watching the whole show, so work with me here).

JC is loyal, does not trust the jins except for jzx but that too only barely, ANGRY, physically powerful, AND he fits NHS’S criteria too!

The Jiang sect is pretty weak rn but that works out too! Bc JC needs to strengthen ties with other sects so that he can get help in rebuilding Lotus Pier and also the defend WWX so this marriage would be beneficial for him too!

The whole fic is just NHS and JGY trying to discreetly matchmake NMJ and JC. JGY brings in JYL to help

Along the way NHS and JYL figure out that their good friend JGY has the hots for LXC, and that LWJ and WWX are pining for each other and behold! A side quest!!

And so the story ends with JGS’s crimes exposed, JGs himself being disposed off (idc how it happens, maybe madam jin gets to kill him), the boys getting together, the Wens and WWX being pardoned, JYL and JZX dont have to die, maybe LXC and JGY adopt Lan Jingyi idk go wild

(can you tell that im a slut for mingcheng and jgy redemption and yunmeng bros reconciliation)

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Pyjama - Letter

Letter already was a prompt this month, but luckily this word has two meanings and now it gets to be the thing that gets Mingcheng together. 

Jiang Cheng isn’t sure how he suddenly ends up being alone with Nie Mingjue but he would certainly like to change that fact. Because Nie Mingjue makes him nervous and Jiang Cheng isn’t even sure why.

“So,” Jiang Cheng awkwardly starts when it’s clear that no one will be coming back any time soon and Jiang Cheng curses his brother. And Nie Huaisang. And Lan Wangji. And Lan Xichen.

Because all of them just abandoned Jiang Cheng with the most imposing man he knows and Jiang Cheng has no idea how to handle that.

“I wonder if Huaisang and Lan Xichen are going to regret joining Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji soon,” Jiang Cheng muses, desperately fishing for anything to say.

“Why would they?” Nie Mingjue asks, still seated on the couch as if he’s not at all bothered to be left alone with Jiang Cheng.

“With how Lan Wangji can’t seem to keep his hands to himself when it comes to my brother?” Jiang Cheng asks and is surprised when Nie Mingjue laughs at him.

“Have you seen Huaisang and Xichen together?” he asks and Jiang Cheng has to admit that he hasn’t.

He knows they are a thing—however recently it may be—but he didn’t need to know that.

“And I really wish I will never,” Jiang Cheng says with a frown when the full meaning of Nie Mingjue hits him and Nie Mingjue laughs again.

Jiang Cheng can’t seem to drag his eyes away from him.

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Moon - Falling

Day 17 of BeeTober 2020 has some more Mingcheng in store, this time in a modern au where NHS and NMJ made a pact that comes back to bite them both in the ass now.

Nie Mingjue is acutely aware that he can’t tear his eyes away from Jiang Cheng.

It’s not a problem—at least at the moment—because Jiang Cheng is accepting an award for being the youngest, most successful CEO in the last ten or so years, and he’s giving a speech.

Everyone’s eyes are on him, so it’s not too noticeable that Nie Mingjue cannot look away.

But how is Nie Mingjue supposed to look away, when the gods gifted Jiang Cheng with a face structure like that, and piercing eyes, and a soothing voice and the most precious smile.

Not even to mention how his entire beauty only seems enhanced with how the light of the moon hits him just so.

No, Nie Mingjue never stood a chance, he realizes now.

Jiang Cheng isn’t completely done with his speech when Nie Mingjue forces himself to turn away and leaves in search of the bar. Maybe some alcohol will solve his problem.

He just ordered something strong, when Jiang Cheng appears next to him.

“Not enjoying my speech?” Jiang Cheng asks, putting his award on the bar as he motions for the bartender.

“No offense, but it’s all the same blah blah,” Nie Mingjue gives back and toasts Jiang Cheng when he smiles. “To your award.”

“I got this,” Jiang Cheng says with a frown and nods towards the statue, “because I brought the company to heights it has never been at before. It wasn’t that hard with how my father ran it into the ground before me.”

Nie Mingjue very forcefully puts his glass down again and fully turns towards Jiang Cheng.

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oops this started out as midnight ramblings and turned halfway serious…anyway jiang cheng deserves to be told that he’s a good boy and mingjue is nothing if not a dilf (da-ge i’d like to f*ck)


Mingjue couldn’t help but notice that shy, pretty smile on Jiang Cheng’s face when he complimented the Twin Heroes of Yunmung on their first visit to the Unclean Realm. Sharp, upturned eyes softening as Jiang Cheng bowed his head, demurely hiding his face. But Jiang Cheng was just a boy, so Mingjue made no advance on him.

A few years later, however, Jiang Cheng is a sect leader and a war hero, though there’s still an air of boyish prettiness about his young face that makes him oh so alluring. Mingjue isn’t the only one who can’t help but admire him, but Jiang Cheng’s guard is up, along with his hackles, he’s been hurt too many times and he’s not letting anyone get close.

But Mingjue has always had a gentle heart, and he remembers that pretty smile from all those years ago. He also remembers what it was like to be a young sect leader, thrust into an impossible situation by tragedy, learning all too quickly how twisted the world of politics can be. How it feels to have someone smile to your face all the while knowing they will cut you down the moment you wavered.

It’s after a particularly difficult cultivation conference, another banquet full of people talking over Jiang Cheng, treating him like a child, backing him into corners until he has little choice but to kowtow his way out. He handles himself with remarkable grace, but Mingjue can see the frustration simmering under the surface. He knows that feeling all too well. 

He’s out for a walk, trying to clear his own head, and he comes across Jiang Cheng. The other sect leader bows to him, his face firmly set in a scowl, but Mingjue can see the telltale redness rimming his eyes.

“You did well today,” Mingjue says. Jiang Cheng nods, perfunctory. “I know it’s hard—”

“I don’t need your pity, Nie-zongzhu.”

“I’m not offering you pity.” Jiang Cheng seems taken aback by Mingjue’s sharp voice, because he looks up with wide eyes. Mingjue softens. “I’m trying to pay you a compliment.”

Jiang Cheng looks dubious, and who could blame him. Too often compliments are only a tactic of wheedling into someone’s good graces before demanding something in return.

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Cliff - Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s October and you all know what that means! Another writing event, where I will post a fic every day. Since the Untamed Fall Fest is happening at the same time, I combined the prompts! There’s a series on my AO3 where you can read all of these as well, if that suits you better.

This first fic is Mingcheng, and it will probably change everything, plot-wise, but like always, don’t ask me about it XD

I hope you enjoy this event with me!

Jiang Cheng has a bad feeling about this conference. Despite what everyone thinks, he is in fact able to read a room and what he reads spells trouble.

And going by the looks Jin Guangshan keeps throwing him it will come from him.

The conference is just drawing to a close and Jiang Cheng finally allows himself to relax—if only a little bit—when Jin Guangshan turns his eyes on him.

Jiang Cheng immediately stiffens again.

“There is one more matter to address,” Jin Guangshan says and Jiang Cheng feels relieved to see that he’s not the only one who suppresses a sigh.

“And what would that be?” Lan Xichen asks, when Jin Guangshan falls silent, clearly waiting for someone to inquire after that mysterious matter, and a cold shudder runs down Jiang Cheng’s back when Jin Guangshan smiles at him.

“The matter of the Jiang Sect,” Jin Guangshan sweetly replies and everyone in the hall falls silent.

“What is the matter with my Sect?” Jiang Cheng asks with a slight bow and when Jin Guangshan looks at him like one might look at a particularly stupid child Jiang Cheng has to fight the urge to throw himself off a cliff.

Or maybe he’ll just throw Jin Guangshan off one, that should solve almost the same amount of problems for Jiang Cheng.

“You’re recruiting, and heavily at that,” Jin Guangshan says, just as Jin Guangyao nods in agreement. “One has to wonder if there’s a hidden reason behind that.”

Jiang Cheng works his jaw, before he gets up and bows low to Jin Guangshan, aware that all eyes are on him. And not all of them are friendly.

Jiang Cheng never did deal well with attention like this.

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