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minmindreams · a day ago
Monsta X: when they catch s/o touching themselfs in the bath/shower
The water muffed all sounds from your hands. The bubbles were mostly all  died and the water waved to the sides.  You were reaching for the release. It was close. Your hips jerked as you  came moaning deep your boyfriends name. Then you heard another deep  moan by the door. “Can you you use your hands on me too?” he said taking  his pants off and palming himself. His cock was red and dripping.
Tumblr media
You hated being that horny you had to resort to the little toy you bought for the times your man was on tours. The dildo attachable to the wall. It wasn’t in your plans, but you thought little palming yourself wouldn’t hurt and there you were ramming yourself to the black toy while the water dripped on to you. Such a pity Wonho couldn’t be there to actually do it and squeeze your tits. You tried to hold them yourself, closing your eyes and imagining it’d be him. It didn’t work, but the dildo was beginning to. You felt the heat pool up and your gasps turned into moans that echoed in the room. You cursed cause it was not enough. Without thinking further you used your other hand to your clit and in no time your knees were giving out as you let out a mewl of his name. “Fuck.” Your eyes slammed open and saw Wonho, in front of you, with a wet spot on his pants. How long had he been there?
Tumblr media
The bath was so warm and the bubbles were like mountains. You heard Minhyuk in the living room and kitchen while desperately trying not to hear him. It was time to relax and you had surprise plans for him in the evening. In your mind you went over how after the movie you’d change into the new nighty you bought from a slightly naughty lingerie store. You hoped it’d get the desired effect and get him go ravaging you. That was the goal. But the goal also mean your body needed to get in the mood too which it unfortunately didn’t. Few teasing touches should do it. The door opened in a hurry “Sorry, I really need to pee”. Minhyuk stormed in to the toiled. You were stunned. He looked at you again. “Are you okay, love?” You just nodded and moved your hand away from your crotch hoping he wouldn’t see the movement. “Were you touching yourself?” he smirked as he put two and two together. He flushed the toiled and tucked himself in. “Carry on” he said as he left while kept having that annoying smirk which also turned you on. The door closed and you hid yourself among the bubbles.
Tumblr media
You were blissfully clueless Kihyun had entered your apartment a little after you went to the bath. You had music on your laptop further away in the room. Some of the songs made you think of the dinners that lead to hurried sex before he had to leave. Maybe little self pleasure won’t hurt, you thought perfectly well knowing he wasn’t a fan of you doing it. But it felt so good after almost a month of absence. Your moan echoed over the music and soon you were frantically trying to get yourself off moaning Kihyun’s name. “That was hot, but I told you I want to be doing it” you heard a voice above you startling you. You slipped into the bath. There he was leaning on the bathroom wall behind you. “When did you get here? Why are you here?” “I had a sudden free evening and though of surprising you.” “You sure did, I got a heart attack” you felt your poor heart race. “C'mon, get out so we can eat dinner. Afterwards I’m getting my dessert. Seems like you need it as much as I do” he winked and exited the room.
Tumblr media
The hot shower made the room steamy. The drops were like heavy rain and you tried to imagine that one time you two were on a summer cabin out of prying eyes, in pouring rain making love. That was the same day he proposed. And now you were relying on your dildo and hand power as you leaned on the tiles. You let out moans as the artificial dick went in and out of your vagina. There were no surprises on the pace which you were in control. It was not the same and yet you needed it. It had been too long and earlier he  had informed he couldn’t make it this week either. So you thrust the toy deeper with more force hoping it’ll get you off. You moaned loud as the orgasm was beginning to build and your legs twitched. You wished you had something to hold on. You moaned his name and suddenly you a familiar voice spoke “I think you need some help standing up” then you felt pair of chilly hands taking a hold of your hips. “Toss the toy, you got a real cock right here” you felt his thick dick slide from behind between your legs. You moaned even louder at that. Just his presence made it so much better. You dropped the dildo to the bathroom floor. “Good girl” he whispered in your ear and grabbed your boob. He slowly just slid his length between your legs, breathing heavily. He kissed your shoulder. “Hyungwon” you breathed, “please stop teasing me” you begged. “you forgot the magic word” his voice was raspy. “Oppa, please”. You could feel the smile on your skin. In an instant he was spreading your legs and slid his thick dick in making you moan and putt your butt against him almost impaling yourself. “Soon you’ll definitely need help standing up”. He grabbed your hips and began relentless fucking.
Tumblr media
For few times during the bath your hand had brushed over your lady parts. By now the water wasn’t as hot anymore and most bubbles were gone. You finally gave up and let your hand wander where it was needed. You muffled the first moans but eventually few louder ones came out echoing in the bathroom. It was like a light in the night for moths. “Are you being naughty?” Jooheon’s head peaked out for the door. You just moaned in response. You weren’t gonna stop just while being on the edge. He came in, closer staring at you. “That’s so hot. You gonna have to suck me off after this. Can I finish you off?” he asked eyes twinkling. You nodded and his hand was already in the water replacing your fingers. You grabbed the sides of the tub as his fingers glided in your clit. They found your nub making you almost scream with his touches. He smirked and inserted two of his fingers inside you. He curled them, stroked them back and forth until he found your g-spot and was giving you no mercy. His thumb came back to rub your nub and you came screaming, hips buckling and knuckles white while hanging on the tub. He gently kept rubbing you until the high was over. Your breath was caught. You didn’t pay attention to the sound of clothes being taken off until the familiar voice of slick dick. “How do you want me?” you asked getting on your knees in front of him in the tub already. You braced your feet against the bathtub wall. From the look on Jooheon’s lusty face you knew you were going to get face fucked.
Tumblr media
The bubbles tickled your nose as you lowered yourself into the hot water. In vain you had tried to lure Changkyun into the bath with you. Romantic bubble bath would have been a great way to start an even together. You closed your eyes and rested your head on the hard porcelain. Your mind and hands began to wander. Soon your breathing shortened and small gasps escaped your mouth. You had no idea how long you had been going, you were so lost in the pleasure. You got slightly startled by a hand grabbing your boob. You saw your man staring at you, the intensity locking your eyes with him. He kept playing with your nipple as you whined, your own strokes getting faster. Your eyes didn’t wander away even when your orgasm came and you breathed out his name.
Tumblr media
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Monsta X “They want you back after cheating on you”
Monsta X masterlist                                 Group Masterlist
Ask: I'm happy you opened your requests ^^ may I ask how would Monsta X (please, ot7) be as your ex boyfriend who cheated on you and wants you back? Love your writing! 💛
This one might get a bit sad
Tumblr media
Guilt had weighed on his mind for months. It was your face, your face when you saw him kissing someone else. It was tattooed on his brain and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not the kiss, no the kiss was awful. The kiss was something circumstancial, an overwhelming influx of emotions that came out in that moment. But it meant nothing, the person meant nothing to him. You meant something to him. 
Hyunwoo wasn’t one to vent, it took his emotions overspilling to show up at your front door. Eventhough you really wanted to slam the door shut in his face, you couldn’t. The few times you had seen him upset were difficult but this? This was a broken man. What made it even more difficult was when he dropped down to his knees and looked up at you. 
“Hyunwoo, what are you doing?” You asked, trying to choke back tears. He had really hurt you and this wasn’t easy to witness. “I’m apologizing. Even though I have before. I’ve really been sitting and thinking about how badly I hurt you and it’s unacceptable.” His breath was shaky as he paused. How was he going to ask for you back? When he hurt you this deeply? Hyunwoo felt pathetic but in the months without you, he had never felt worse. 
“I know you don’t owe me anything. I know you probably hate me. But I am so deeply sorry. I need you and at the time I didn’t realise I did. But I really, really need you in my life.” 
Tumblr media
It had started with a few touches at the gym. They were a trainer, it was nothing to be concerned about. At least that was what you told yourself to make yourself feel better. Deep down you knew that something was going on and well that was further proven when you saw them kiss. Hoseok had always been sweet and kind to you, never had he hurt your feeling. So this, this felt like getting stabbed in the chest. 
Hoseok had feelings for his trainer at the time. It was a time and place thing. He felt like your relationship wasn’t at it’s best and he knew it was wrong. He absolutely knew it was wrong, but he didn’t know how to break things off with you. He didn’t want to hurt you but he didn’t think about how this would hurt more. 
Either way, a few weeks after you found out and ended it, he appeared at your apartment. Hoseok was a mess, guilt had eaten him alive and well his trainer wasn’t who he thought they were. He was a sobbing mess before you and you were stoïc. It was hard to watch him grovel for you back because truly you never stopped caring for him, but you couldn’t trust him the way you did before. 
“I did something I never thought I would. I feel pathetic, even if I was feeling lost in our relationship I never should have cheated. I never meant to hurt you but what I did was worse than simply ending it. Not too mention how badly I miss you and how badly I need you in my life. I was truly happy with you and I didn’t realize it. I really want to be happy again and I want to be happy with you.”
Tumblr media
You knew it, you just absolutely knew that him and his best friend were more than just that. The texts, the touches, you just knew. So it truly wasn’t a surprise to find them naked in bed together. What you couldn’t stand was Minhyuk running after you to explain. 
Minhyuk had since cut ties with his friend and you had cut ties with him. Leaving him feeling more alone than ever. He felt stupid and he missed you so much, way more than he missed his so called friend. You were his best friend and you needed to know that. That was why he had asked to meet up with you. He knew you were probably still very upset with him and you had every right to be, but he needed to get these things off of his chest. 
You sat down across from him in the cafe, trying not to smile. He had hurt you deeply but you still loved him and you hated that. “What do you want Minhyuk?” You asked and he let out a sigh, reaching across the table to hold your hand lightly. You pulled your hand back, needing to hear what he had to say before giving in to any affection. “I’m sorry.” He said softly, pulling his hands back before looking at you again. 
“You have no reason to trust me. I know that, after what I did. I’m still glad you came and talked to me. I fel the loneliest I’ve ever felt and I miss you so much. I know I should have thought of that before I acted on my feelings before. But I didn’t, so the best I can do now is apologize and pray you’ll take me back.”
Tumblr media
Kihyun never thought he would be in the position to possibly date 2 people at once. It was inconsiderate of him and he knew that, but at the time he thought it was something cool and it made him feel good about himself. Until you found out and made it well known to him that you had found out. Something that made him feel good about himself suddenly made him feel the worst he had ever felt. 
Dating 2 people at once? What was he thinking? He loved you so much before the situation appeared, there was no reason for him to do it and took it blowing up in his face to figure that out. It left Kihyun feeling useless and like an idiot when he was usually quite clever. He wanted you back, he wanted you to know that he felt like an idiot and that was something he usually kept to himself. 
“I was stupid, so stupid.” His words faltered slightly, this hurt more than he thought it would. But you were hurting more as you sat in front of him with your arms crossed, trying not to cry. “I had an opportunity and I shouldn’t have made the choice I did. Truth be told, I didn’t realise how happy I was with you. Not until you were gone.” The tears you were fighting to hold back were now flowing freely. How could he hurt you this badly yet still have you feel for him? 
“I know that’s cliché and I know it probably doesn’t mean anything to you after what I did. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask if you were willing to try again or if you are willing to trust me me again.”
Tumblr media
He could be so secretive when he wanted to be, not that you thought anything of it at first. It was just his personality type was what you told yourself. That was until he felt guilty enough to tell you himself. “I cheated on you.” Those words were scarred into your brain. He seemed so casual about it. 
Truth be told the guilt was eating him alive. He just didn’t know how to voice it. Never in a million years did Hyungwon mean to kiss someone else. He didn’t care about them. They were just a person at the bar when he was really drunk. But they weren’t you, he kissed someone who wasn’t you so all of that didn’t matter. Hyungwon understood why you left. 
He wasn’t one to grovel for forgiveness. But the feeling of regret truly ate at him, even as he asked to meet you somewhere. Hyungwon kept a calm face, biting the inside of his lip to keep it from quivering. He really missed you, he really couldn’t let this go because of a mistake he made. Even though he wasn’t the most vocal person, he needed you to understand that he never wanted your relationship to end. 
“I don’t speak up about how I feel often. So this is hard to me. I never meant to hurt you, really. But that doesn’t excuse what happened and I know that. I just thought you would want to know that I’m still in this relationship and that I want you to be there too.”
Tumblr media
It came with the job, the stress of Jooheon being surround by such beautiful people constantly. It was something he had reassured you about pretty consistantly but you couldn’t shake the feeling in your gut. Well you were right. It was the nudes you had found on his phone and well you had had it. 
It was a scummy thing to do, Jooheon knew that. These other people they only gave him the physical thing and that wasn’t satisfactory either. He truly didn’t know why he did it, not when he had you at home. Someone who loved him, took care of him, he knew it was stupid. Took you being gone for that to become clear to him. 
He needed to grovel, this wasn’t just a simple mistake this was a conscious decision. Jooheon needed to truly apologize to you and that was what he was doing. Crying on is knees in front of you as he apologized. You were having a hard time trying to keep it dry, there was a lot of pain that filled the room, yours and his. 
“I can’t begin to explain how sorry I am. No excuses for what I did. I just miss you so much. I never should have taken you for granted. I just need to know if you’re willing to give me another chance.” 
Tumblr media
Changkyun was a flirt, that was a well known fact. But that was always just what it was to you. Flirting. Never in a million years did you expect to see someone else in his lap with their tongue down his throat. But he was a flirt, you should’ve known. 
Now Changkyun had never anticipated on acting on his flirting, not really. But a few shots later after having a friend over, it just kind of happened. He knew it wasn’t right and guilt settled over his body like a disease, especially after seeing your face. But in true Changkyun fashion, he didn’t let it show until it all bubbled up and exploded. 
That’s why he was drunk at your front door and that’s why he was crying. “You don’t have to listen to me.” He said between sobs and hiccups. “But I would appreciate if you did.” You had to try not to kick him out. The pain was too fresh for this, it had only been a week and you were trying to pick up the pieces he had created. “I’ll listen.” You said softly, you had always been a rational person. Too kind in other people’s opinions. 
“I like flirting, it makes me feel good. I never meant to take anything further than that. Not that that explains anything. It was shitty, I’m shitty and you do deserve better than that. It was a bad thing to do. As much as you deserve better, I want you to give me another chance. I know it’s pathetic of me to ask, but it would be more pathetic of me not too.” 
A/N: this took a long time to write also I left it kinda open to the reader if they take them back or not personally I wouldn’t lmao. 
It’s ahrd to write for them like this. I don’t like thinking of them as assholes lmao. 
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monstax-info · a day ago
Tumblr media
210926 [MONSTAX_MH] Talk Tok Update
오늘으은 한명씩 멤버 무언가찍고왔어영 호호무언가 준비중이라 그래서 촬영하면서 몬베베얘기하는데 뭉클뭉클 하더라구요 일단 무엇보다 우리 애기들 생일축하해요 ㅎㅎㅎ 곧 학교들어갈 나이네 벌써 아빠는 눈물이 다난다... 밥도 항상 잘챙겨먹으라해도 잘먹지도않고 걱정돼 항상 아가 민혁이는 선물~ (pic) 아저거 금아니고 쇠에요^^
today each member filmed for something I'm also preparing for something i talked about monbebes while filming and it was exciting firstly our babies happy birthday hhh you're gonna go to school soon (since we are 6yo) dad (himself) has tears in his eyes... even if I tell you to eat well You don't eat well anyways I'm always worried (about you) this is minhyuki gift~ that's not gold rest^^
translation by monstax-info
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chaems · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I couldn't sing well after our debut for about 1-2 years, but you wouldn't have noticed. I practiced alone after reading your (mbb's) letters and that made me gain confidence. I'm not the best vocalist but if I have the title 'Monsta X', I know I can win anybody." - Kihyun (We Are Here In Seoul, 2019)
If I know what love is, it is because of you. 1/∞
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nunuxhoho · a day ago
In other can't order idols around.
I'm just happy I know that today he wouldn't say "sorry" for something like that.
he loves himself just the way he is.
it reminds me of the incident a few months ago when he got stung for his weight again so he just put that person in place by saying "no one has the right to say something about it"
Wonho basically broke the k-pop skinny standards culture.
And if someone have a problem with that they don't have to stay his fan.
But that fan in the video needs to have a discussion with her/his parents cause saying things like that is just damn rude.
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blu-joons · 2 days ago
When Their Plus Size Partner Feels Insecure ~ BTOB Reaction
His eyebrows furrowed as you spun around in the mirror, shaking your jeans and shirt to try and find a way to make them compliment each other. No matter how hard you tried, nothing worked, staring helplessly at yourself.
“What are you thinking?” A voice asked, surprising you from behind. “I can tell by that look on your face that you’re thinking about something, and I think I might be able to figure it out too.”
You spun around and offered Eunkwang a smile, “I just wish that I could find an outfit that suits me, all of this looks horrendous on me, it just shows my flaws.”
Eunkwang’s eyes studied you closely in complete bemusement unable to find a single thing wrong with the outfit you wore. Looking past that, he found your body faultless too, unable to see you in the way you saw yourself.
“You don’t need to be so tough on yourself, you look great.”
“I look horrendous, surely you can see that.”
His head instantly shook as he took a step towards you, “I see an incredible human being, who is stunning, with the most perfect personality to match too.”
“You’re just saying all those things.”
“I never just say anything,” he reminded you, “I’m saying it because I mean it, and I’m going to keep saying it until you believe in what I say too.”
“You might be saying it for a while yet.”
Tumblr media
As your eyes glanced down at Minhyuk’s risen shirt, with his abs clearly on show, a lump ran down your throat. Your attention soon turned to your own tummy too, noticing the lack of definition in comparison to Minhyuk.
“I’ve been thinking about changing my eating habits,” you suddenly whispered across to him, “I need to start watching the way I look a little bit closer, got to keep up with your high standards after all.”
Minhyuk’s eyebrows furrowed as he glanced across at you, “where’s that suddenly come from? I think you’re looking great these days, well, all the time.”
As your head shook back at Minhyuk, he felt his heart break. He always knew you’d been hard on yourself, comparing yourself to him whenever you could, Minhyuk loved you the way that you were, even if you didn’t quite feel the same.
“I’ll always support you, but I don’t think you need to do this.”
“You shouldn’t be seen with me like this.”
His arm moved around you, pulling you into his chest, “Y/N, I love being by your side, and I think you look beautiful as you are, I don’t want you to change, for me.”
“I want to be the best for you.”
“And you already are,” he quickly assured, “you’re the best possible human in the world, like I said, I’ll support you, but don’t do anything just for me.”
“Maybe I’ll think about it, for both of us.”
Tumblr media
The moment you felt Changusb’s arm wrap around your waist your body tensed up, moving your hand to grab onto it. You moved his hand from around you, placing it back to Changsub’s side, leaving him surprised.
“What was that for?” Changsub asked, pressing a kiss against your shoulder, “I’ve had a long day and I really fancy a cuddle with my best friend, so how come you’ve chosen to move your arm away?”
Your head shook in reply to him, “you shouldn’t have to cuddle up to someone like me, it’s impressive that your arm fits around me sometimes.”
Rather than keep his hand by his side, he moved it back around your waist, ignoring your protests. He loved holding onto you, pulling you into his chest and embracing being able to spend precious time with you.
“I want to cuddle you, whether you want me to or not.”
“You’re only saying that to be nice.”
His head shook as he pulled you tighter, “I’m never just saying anything, I’m here because I adore being around you, and I adore cuddling up to you too.”
“Do you really mean that Changsub?”
“More than anything,” he assured, “there’s no one else that I adore being around more, and I love the way you feel when I hug you too, it’s perfect.”
“I really needed that, thank you.”
Tumblr media
With every word you spoke, Hyunsik felt guiltier and guiltier as he listened to you brag about the new woman in your office that all of your colleagues adored, leaving you feeling alone and unappreciated by the rest.
“Can I speak now that you’re finished?” Hyunsik asked, “because in my eyes, you are much greater than she is, you’re smart, beautiful, kind, funny, everything that anyone could ever want.”
Your head tilted to the left quizzically, “it seems that you’re the only one that feels that way, everyone else sees that there’s someone better than me there.”
The opinion of others didn’t matter to Hyunsik, the only thing that mattered to him was what he saw. He knew what he saw in you, and he knew that there was plenty that so many others saw in you as well.
“You have to focus on yourself, not worry about others.”
“How can I when she looks so good though?”
Hyunsik’s head shook as he reached out for your hand, “that’s your opinion, not necessarily everyone else’s, and certainly not my opinion too.”
“I’m telling you I can’t compare.”
“And I’m telling you that you can, and you do,” he encouraged, “if you don’t see it in your own eyes, at least trust that’s how my eyes see it, please.”
“I will trust, that’s what I always do.”
Tumblr media
Your heart sunk as you looked at your reflection in the mirror, pulling your dress around as you tried to find a way to fit it properly. It was only when a pair of arms wrapped around you that your attention was captured elsewhere by Peniel.
“Stop,” he whispered into your ear, “you look incredible, and that dress looks stunning on you too, I don’t want you standing here and beating yourself up, not when you look like you do Y/N.”
Your head shook as Peniel spun you around so that the two of you were face to face. “It’s horrifically tight Peniel, there’s no way that I can go out in this.”
His head instantly shook as he brought his hands up to cup either side of your face. It killed him seeing how harsh you were on yourself, especially when he couldn’t believe how incredible you looked for the evening.
“I’m holding onto you so that you can’t take this dress off.”
“I’ll need my hands to get it over my hips.”
His shoulders shrugged as he kept you firmly in position, “it’s a shame that I’m not going to let you try and get it off then isn’t it, this is staying firmly on.”
“You’re too strong to fight against.”
“Then just listen to me and keep it on,” he requested with a wide smile, “by the end of the night I promise I will have you loving the way that you look in this dress.”
“I’ll trust in you, for some reason.”
Tumblr media
Watching idol after idol pass you by was always going to be tough, with every person that you saw, your hand slipped further and further out of Sungjae’s until eventually you moved away, leaving him stunned in confusion.
“I’m alright,” you lied as his eyes looked around at you, filled with concern. “I’d rather just pretend that I’m not in a room filled with absolutely stunning people right now if you don’t mind.”
Sungjae’s head shook as he offered you a smile, “you look stunning too, you’re the best-looking person in the room in my eyes tonight, and always.”
Your smile softened as Sungjae tried to grab a hold of your hand once again, determined to reassure you. Your eyes continued to flicker around no matter how hard he tried to search for them to maintain your attention.
“Can you please listen to me? And trust in me too.”
“You know that I always trust in you Jae.”
His head nodded as he finally caught your eye, “if you trust in me then believe me when I tell you that I think you look absolutely incredible to me.”
“But everyone else is so skinny.”
“Being skinny isn’t everything,” Sungjae assured you, “your big heart and incredible personalities are the reasons why I completely adore you.”
“Thank you, Jae, that means a lot.”
Tumblr media
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riversonfire · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210926 hutazone IG update: @atstar1magazine 💛
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thatcrazedgirlchuck · 7 hours ago
HW, MH, CK, JH: focused on mbbs' tweets
Anniversary vlive isn't complete without Kihyun telling the staff to correct the camera's position 🤣
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Kihyun: Is that Hyunwoo's sweater?
Changkyun: Yeah.
Kihyun: It's way too big for you.
Changkyun: I like wearing oversized sweaters. Not just because they're comfy and cuddly, but whenever the sleeves are really big, I get to flop them around-
Kihyun: Oh, well, that's actually kind of cute.
Changkyun: -plus no one can tell I'm carrying around this huge knife.
Kihyun: And there it is.
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ilhoonftw · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Minhyuk instagram update:
음중만 비하인드가 없어서😁💕
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monstax-info · 2 days ago
210924 Minhyuk Instagram Story
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