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#mini announcement

Update to the Blog~

Its just a minor update, nothing to freak out over, just wanted to let you know I’ll be adding 1 (or 2 depending on how you look at it) fandoms to my list. Those fandoms are

Hazbin Hotel

Helluva Boss

so go ahead and feel free to ask about characters from either of those fandoms and I’ll type away like I do with any other fandom I write for :)

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probably won’t post or be on here for a few days, i have homework and am overall upset at the moment

looking forward to seeing everyone again though <3

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Hello everyone! Gobl here, I know I haven’t been active whatsoever, but that’s how it is sometimes. I’m thinking on making a little comic on MSPFA since I enjoy the format. Though I am unsure. If I do so I’ll make sure to share it with you all! 

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Thinking about making a masterlist somewhat soon. I know I dont have a ton of stuff to read just yet, but I’ll add to it bit by bit.

Going to work on getting one out…hopefully in the next week or so.

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The TTTE fandom Hunger Games final roster:

I put everyone into districts of my own choosing (expect for the ones requested)!! :>

(Also, bold white in parentheses are your contestant names)

District 1: @togetherness23 (togetherness) (me!!!) & @nixienoo-art (nixienooart)

District 2: @radarvision (radarvision) & @rosie-posie-37 (Gravy)

District 3: @thelordoftimelines (Raph) & @princeluckybug13 (princeluckybug)

District 4: @projectanimations (projectanimations) & @redyinyang (redyinyang)

District 5: @putuponpercy (putuponpercy) & @morallydraconequus (morallydraconequus)

District 6: @chuchuboi33 (chuchu) & @jeaszy (jeaszy)

District 7: @mystarsignisno (mystarsignisno) & @shiny-red (shinyred)

District 8: @pileoftrashsstuff (pileoftrashstuff) & @mean-scarlet-deceiver (meanscarletdeceiver)

District 9: @andy-kioe (andykioe) & @little-red-toyota (littleredtoyota)

District 10: @just-a-diesel10-kinnie (justadieseltenkinnie) & @justarandompersonexisting (justarandompersonexisting)

District 11: @ezekielbhandarivalleros (ezekielbhandarivalleros) & @aprellerozu (aprellerozu)

District 12: Britt Allcroft (Britt Allcroft) & Michael Brandon (Michael Brandon)

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for those who know

for the agreement I will keep Ground Zero as Bakugo’s hero name if it comes up again in the series.

however, in other fics, Ground Zero won’t be the hero name I use.


Originally posted by annamachtart

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I have officially tagged the chaotic mess on this blog as “the chaos” haha. If this ensures even more, my followers who don’t wanna see that can block the tag

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This is a small, barely existent account that relishes in making little trash cans into fandom characters because its funny to me, and I’m very happy with the little projects that I do, and am happy for the followers I do have.

I just wanted to say that I am going through some of the worst moments of my life so far. I’m dealing with the divorce of my parents, and that my scum of a father is coming home for Christmas. I am struggling in my classes and have been losing a good amount of sleep. I barely feel that I have reason to get up in the mornings anymore, and have no time to make trashcans with the stress of school and home plaguing my life.

I just wanted to thank anyone who has been liking my dumb little works, and to anyone reading this. I really appreciate you, no matter who you are. I’m sorry for the small hiatus, but I’ll still be open for talking and I won’t close the requests. I’ll still be on here and liking things, just to try and really keep my spirits up.

Idk what to do anymore, send some memes to get the serotonin or something.

Thank you,


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Just as a friendly reminder guys… 

Please be patient with @agentpike​! She has work & school work and we had 58 people signed up! So if you haven’t heard from her yet, she’ll get to you soon! She has other real life stuff to do as well! 

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I’m still doing it! and still plan to post part 2 this month!

however, the rest of the series might be delayed because I had some ideas that I wanted to add into the story. I don’t intend to make it any longer than the 7 parts I already have planned. I’m just going to be changing up some stuff and probably weeding out some things I don’t need while adding the things I do want. I want to make it the best series it can be and with that comes time and sometimes new ideas, haha! 
thank you for being patient with me. - spice 

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Mini Announcement!

A while back I said I was going to be closing my asks for November and December due to holidays, and if you’re confused why I haven’t so far, it’s because oddly enough things are going smoothly.

Like my biggest issue is I might have to open a present I got my cousin and rewrap it because I left the price tag on lol.

Of course if this changes I will make another announcement so there’s no confusion but until then

Requests are Open! :)

There will still be mini delays though because of school but even then not super long ones

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Also @ all my followers;

I am so sorry for clogging your feed with Unus Annus but I will just miss it so much- uhhh, If you don’t wanna see that, block the Unus Annus tag or filter content containing it until after 9 hours-

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Brief reminder:

I’ll be using #ts spoilers to tag, well, Spoilers for the new ep, If you wouldn’t like any of that, block the tag!

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So I think as of right now, I feel comfortable calling myself a deer, of what subspecies is unknown at this time.

Let it be known I am not 100% sure yet, I am kind of trying the label on right now. Seeing if calling myself one feels right.

So be prepared for some deer therian posts to possibly make an appearance!

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Again, I would like to apologize for not updating. I am trying to make at least 4 or more pages for each update and currently I have 2 so far. School’s way more intense than I originally thought lmao

I’ll try to post on Tapas as soon as I can!

I hope you all have a good day/night!

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so a little while ago, I decided I wanted to participate in kinktober, but I didn’t wanna do the usual thing, so I’ve decided to “host” Monster Month!
what is Monster Month you ask? basically it’s gonna be the month of October but I only post spicy fics about monsters! fun right? during the month, I’m going to post 10-13 fics centered around our favorite characters and monsters! what fun, what fun indeed!
why only 10-13? well at the moment I only have 10 prompts, but more may and can be added before Monster Month begins. you guys can suggest prompts to me in my inbox, just make sure you read my rules and see what characters I write for first, please. I want everyone to have fun and enjoy the coming spooky season and I just thoughts that I would put my own twist on this fun idea! I’m sure I’m not the first person to do this ofc but still. I had fun putting this together! 
without further ado, the list 

  1. Dragon Bakugo & Dragon Kirishima (I’ve been so excited for this one) 
  2. Demon Bakugo (how did I even come up with this idea, idk) 
  3. Holataur Cow (I still have a lot to do for this one) 
  4. Vampire Dabi (my friend, thank you for entrusting me with this request) 
  5. Wolf Bakugo (tsk tsk tsk, what are we gonna do with this big bad wolf?) 
  6. Normal Bakugo (Halloween and spooky themed reqs are the best) 
  7. Wolf Hybrid Bakugo (I sweat the hybrid part makes a difference) 
  8. Dragon Hydrid King Bakugo (we’ll make this a night to remember) 
  9. Half Dragon Kirishima (the amount of asks I got to do this one was a lot) 
  10. Dragon King Bakugo (this one I’ve been saving to do just for this) 
  11. Vampire Kirishima (wowwie! let’s get it on!) 
  12. Ex-drummer Bakugo (hehehe we love this au, don’t we?) 
  13. Prohero Bakugo x Masumi Yokaitatsou - Happy Halloween ;) 

again, if you guys have any suggestions, please read my rules and send them to me in my inbox. I’m only looking for 3 more to add onto the list because I’m not trying to post every day in the month because that is just a lot to put onto my own plate. I’m just super excited to do this. Happy pre Monster Month everyone! I hope you’re as excited as I am! 

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Thank you to those who made suggestions for things to draw, just thought I would let you know that I will be getting to them soon dw!! I appreciate them and I hope to soon find the them to draw them. I have just a couple pieces I need to work on that just came up so I will be doing those for now, but whenever I do run out of things to draw, I will whip out the suggestions and work on them :D!!

On another note: I posted a new Art Fight attack on Instagram if you want to see it now! Keep in mind I do post Art Fight attacks individually on Instagram, and as for Tumblr, I make mass posts, posting multiple at once. Once I have more stockpiled, I will post them here collectively, just like the last post.

Thanks for reading through, and again, I will get to the suggestions soon, I appreciate them, thank you.

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as it turns out i’m switching one of my platonic f/os to being romantic, so here’s an official announcement:

Reno Sinclair (FFVII) is now a romantic f/o and I am currently working on some possible poly stuff ;w;

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That’s all, just wanted to let you know why I’ve gone MIA, my brain is just a blank and it sucks lol! I’ve got a few requests and they’re pretty straight forward but my brain just keeps telling me no!

But hey… if anyone wants to send Leon S Kennedy requests (I know he’s not scary or a killer or bad, but he’s part of a scary, bloody, death and bad guy galore fandom, he’s hitching a ride in this blog and not my other! Just in case things get too violent/bloody/the such!) I wouldn’t mind 👀

Or Ruvik from The Evil Within 👀👀👀

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