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Decided to get some mini prints of my more recent artwork… to make into a portfolio flatbook. Though most stuff is done digitally, I figured having a physical portfolio would be nice to get feedback on in person if needed. That and my old flatbook is like 3-4 years old, which is an entirely different art approach from what I do now :L

Buuuut, I need to make a personal website for my art, so I can just be done using sites like dA anyway.

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The Printmakers Council exhibition Print City at Morley Gallery was accompanied by the Mini Print Prized Exhibition - here’s the price list

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since I love Halloween so much I’m having a sale on mini prints!
1 print for $3, 2 for $5 and all 3 for $6, and for the first time I’ll actually be shipping them!
So far I have Witch Mercy and Ms Fortune as options, who do you guys want for the 3rd? Leave me suggestions!

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I’m so excited for my upcoming conventions! So excited in fact I’m gonna be doing some penny mini prints of Oikawa Tooru (HQ!!) and Zen (MM)! Here’s the con line up so far, dates unconfirmed:

-Kin Yoobi Con 2017
-SacAnime Summer 2017
-Anime Destiny 2017

Will be posting more shenanigans the closer they get!

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