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Journal Entry - Flos Cafe (花啡花).

Flos Contidie, also known as Flos Cafe. I called it a hidden cafe in my previous post on this cafe because to excess to this cafe, you have to find it and it’s hidden inside in the building. The cafe is really gorgeous, it has a really cozy vibes to it and it’s really peaceful and quiet. The cafe itself is low key maximalistic and minimalistic, which is really cool and I really love the vibe a lot. This particular spot that I’ve taken is absolutely gorgeous, it’s minimalistic. Look at the wooden clock accompanied by a few cutouts of old books or magazine pages is what makes the spot don’t look too empty and just right. Then look at the rack, there’s Japanese magazines right there, which is really gorgeous. The first and third row is my favourite. If I could go back to this cafe to chill, I definitely would as I really love the vibes and the interior of the cafe really much.

Spirited Away Quote, I have 2 previous post accompanied by Spirited Away’s quote and now this picture too has it. I mean, I added the quote to this picture as I feel like it fits in the vibes. The whole white picture with wooden furnitures and a yellow coloured quote, it just fits in so well. Moreover, this quote is from one of my favourite scenes in Spirited Away, this scene is where Chihiro is laying down on the backseat of the car while holding onto a bouquet of flowers. It’s a really gorgeous scene with the perfect colour combination of Chihiro’s green white strip shirt and the light pink flowers, it’s literally perfect, that’s why I love that scene so so much. I would literally get a tattoo of that scene if I can to be honest. That’s how much I love that scene so much. In addition, this scene is where the quote comes in, although it seems quite depressing the quote is but it just fits the vibes so which is why I too, added in this quote.

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