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SUp, back on that art grind after being a nerd for too long. D&D has really taken up a lot of my free time (i have about 3 active games) plus school and some church stuff now.

anyways, made this based off this one minimalistic piece of the same nature. really been dabbling in the whole 2/3 color art thing, and its been real fun (and less time consuming tbh)

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Looking online for the finishing touches of my wardrobe capsule. Online shopping has been a blessing. That and the consignment store across the street with $10 designer shirts. But anyways if anyone knows good places to get male teen’s streetwear then let me know!

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things I’ve learned (a look back at 2017):

  • becoming more content with my life and myself because I’ve internalized that materials do not define me
  • feeling turned off by clutter because it feels binding/constraining in my own physical navigation and sanity
  • removing clutter is not only mentally liberating, but made me feel a lot more chill, comfortable, and flexible
  • becoming more self-aware of my own needs, goals, and other things that satisfy me and bring me pleasure
  • becoming more confident in how I express myself, hold myself, and go about my life by freeing myself from others’ shallow, superficial, and judgmental ideals
  • focusing more on health and nutrition, because it’s part of what comes into my life and body (well-being, as a whole)
  • buying with intention has led to less clutter, greater consistency in buying habits, a greater subjective assertion of my beliefs, and less dependency on social validations by no longer taking them into consideration
  • maintaining self-love and peacefulness: worry less, compare less, buy less
  • reflecting, deciding and letting go of the things that don’t satisfy me, bring me happiness, or benefit my well-being (e.g. organizations, types of social media, and people)
  • embracing my existence: braver, more intuitive, more authentic (with actions/behaviors and appearance), more decisive
  • having a brighter outlook on my future and my physical and mental health 
  • spending time differently—not idly—with hobbies, interests and other things that peak my interest (even if it means online “research” on different concepts and ideas e.g. world issues/views, diet and nutrition, and cruelty-free and/or natural skincare)
  • understanding that character and possessions are unrelated

Judge people by their hearts and character, not by the meaningless externals of life.

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