bonesliketambourines · 9 months ago
this is not justice.
this is accountability.
it's good that it happened. it's a start. it's a relief, and a weight off the shoulders of many, and proof that police officers who murder can be held accountable for their actions, and that they cannot act with impunity.
it can't be where it stops.
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justonebigbee · 9 months ago
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20 year old Daunte Wright was murdered by police in Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis suburb today, April 11th, 2021 during a traffic stop.
As of 7pm, his body is still laying on the ground. Riot cops are on the scene with "less lethals" AND live weapons in response to a large crowd that has formed to hold space for grief and anger. Daunte's mother is there and speaking, and she shared the above photo of Daunte.
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The Derek Chauvin trial is currently ongoing and these police are out here still actively murdering our neighbors. ACAB forever.
Say his name and demand Justice for Daunte Wright
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chismosite · 11 months ago
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Police defund communities in part through the protection they require by the state. From settlements and lawsuits to infrastructure and walls, police take society’s resources to terrorize communities of color and protect private property.
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eggycarton · 7 months ago
Minneapolis Police Killed Another Innocent Black Man: Winston Smith
I havent seen any posts about this on tumblr yet, and it seems like local MN tweets aren't reaching as wide an audience as usual, so here I am.
Winston Smith was murdered by MPD in broad daylight on June 3rd, 2021 around 2PM in Uptown, Minneapolis. MPD claimed that they were pursuing a "felon with a gun"/"murder suspect" to try to cover up the shooting. They then claimed that there was no bodycam or dashcam footage of the pursuit. Below are headlines from the Star Tribune, which broadcasted directly what MPD told them to.
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It is believed that Smith may have been targeted and murdered by MPD due to his radical protesting beliefs and involvment in the Minneapolis protesting scene. I encourage to watch the video he himself made and posted.
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Mayor Jacob Frey has only allowed the situation to escalate by deploying more MPD to south Minneapolis. MPD has already injured a civilian for trying to bring food to protesters who have been holding down the streets of Uptown, near where Smith was killed.
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And this was all done while the city was forcefully opening George Floyd Square. They removed barricades, violated the memorials, and are attempting to allow traffic to flow back on 38th and Chicago. This was all on the same day. Mayor Frey has no respect for his constituents. This community is in mourning.
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PLEASE follow @ DocumentingMN and @ UR_Ninja on twitter to stay up to date with Minneapolis protests and news. This shit won't be on national news as long as MPD has control of the narrative.
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caswarrenart · 8 months ago
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I love the way the trees in my neighborhood glow in the sunset
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stuffaboutminneapolis · 4 months ago
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hater-of-terfs · a year ago
For some reason people stopped talking about autonomous zones after the CHAZ was shut down, so most people don’t realize that both George Floyd Square in Minneapolis and the James Talib-Dean Memorial Encampment in Philadelphia are still autonomous 3 months later
They’re also both facing regular threats of invasion and could really use visibility and support. The cops are expecting to be able to clear these places out without anyone else noticing
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dovekiss · a year ago
The most comprehensive link to donations, petitions, resources and information. Silence is compliance in violence.
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mysharona1987 · a year ago
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fairy-dykemother · 7 months ago
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it’s almost 1 AM but after seeing some stuff come up on my dash about what has been taking place in Minneapolis this month & reading a lot of comments questioning the validity of the events I just wanted to clear some stuff up to the best of my ability as someone who is currently living in Uptown
First off, on June 3rd SEVERAL undercover police shot and killed Winston Smith in a parking ramp located on Lake Street and Girard in Uptown Minneapolis. There has been SO little released to the public about this incident. In my personal experience, it was reported to me (by a doctor whom I was at an appointment with a few blocks away) at the time of the murder as an “active shooter incident.” I later found out that this claim was incredibly false & dangerous. I don’t know where or how this doctor got this information, they were only informing me so I could leave the clinic safely.
On the very same morning of Winston’s murder (which took place around 2pm) the City of Minneapolis forcibly removed the barricades that had been up at George Floyd Square (GFS) or 38th & Chicago in the ~midtown area of the city where Floyd was murdered last May 25th 2020. Since that day, residents of the block and community have made GFS an autonomous zone. Meaning no government or police personnel have been allowed to step foot in it. The community has used it as a place of mourning and there have been many gatherings, celebrations, protests, etc. that have taken place there over the course of this year. During the trial of Derek Chauvin the phrase “no justice no street” was used heavily within the area and community to express that the members did not want the square to open back up without the demands of the community being met. (Literally every single person I have met or talked to about this issue cherishes GFS as a sacred area)
Our mayor, Jacob Frey took it upon himself and his city council members to ignore the demands of the community, and forcibly reopen the square in the early, early morning of June 3rd - later that afternoon Winston was murdered.
In the 10 days following Winston’s murder, a few (compared to the number for GF or Duante Wright) protests had taken place at the sight of his murder. It wasn’t until this past weekend 6/12-6/13, that more people began to gather as his funeral was held on those days. On the night of June 13th, people were gathered to celebrate Winston. They had barricaded the street with their cars and other objects and were playing games like volleyball and red light/green light, when a man drove his vehicle full speed into the barricades to “try and jump them” (per his words in the criminal report). Which injured three people and killed 31 year old Deona Marie who was sitting on the sidewalk. I was not there that night but what from I have heard and seen, the police reacted incredibly slow to apprehend the driver and showed up in riot gear to address the protestors instead.
Following Deona’s murder, the response by the community (& subsequently the police) has heightened. Community gathered this week to celebrate what would have been her 32nd birthday only to be met with mass arrests and tear gas (something we are very used to at this point). I have heard reports of the National Guard being called in but I have yet to see any with my own eyes so I don’t feel comfortable stating it as a fact HOWEVER, I’m sure they’ll be here by the weekend as our mayor quite literally has them on speed dial. (They occupied the city for a solid 2 weeks this past April during the aftermath of the murder of Duante Wright in Brooklyn Center and stayed for the duration of the trial of Derek Chauvin)
Although this post seems long, it is only a brief summary of what has been happening in this city for over a year now. Everything is so much deeper and more painful than it seems or than I can even explain. All I can try to articulate is just how much our leadership has failed us and continues to do so. Our police force, instead of growing to be understanding (or afraid of consequence even), has become more hostile and angry. It didn’t stop at George. We need help.
Here are confirmed gofundme links for Deona & Winston’s family:
For reliable information/places and people to support I would suggest checking out these accounts
@ mnteenactivists on ig
@ marciahoward38thstreet on ig
@ visualblackjustice on ig
@ racialjusticemn on ig
Most of these people & orgs also have twitters however I do not so I am not sure of their @‘s but I am sure they are easy to find!
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feminismandmedia · a year ago
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politijohn · a year ago
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chismosite · 7 months ago
more on the murder (likely assassination) of Winston Smith Jr.
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Winston Smith was killed by federally deputized sheriffs at 2pm on June 3rd, 2021, on a rooftop parking garage after a date (first picture). His date was with him in the car and was treated for shrapnel wounds after the murder.
Law enforcement initially claimed Smith produced a gun, leading them to fire. They then said they found his gun in the glove compartment.
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is choosing not to release the names of officers involved.
No officers were wearing body cameras.
Police have been escalating violence at protests for Smith, including the arrest of 2 water protectors from Camp Migizi, a site of resistance against the Line 3 pipeline.
Police used a “spit bag” (plastic mesh bag) over the head of one of the water protectors arrested.
Star Tribune initially reported that Smith was a murder suspect according to sources they won’t name. 5 days later, they rebuked their post and reported that Smith was wanted for illegal possession of firearm.
Community members claim Smith was a revolutionary and that this was an assassination. His social media posts align with this, as he’s quoted saying: “All this protesting shit, Y’all still coming with y’all ‘hands up’ saying y’all surrender. Beggin for y’all freedom. Asking for justice. Is y’all serious? Y’all serious? That’s the plan? … Something wrong with y’all … When Martin Luther King was here, we had a million motherfuckers marching saying ‘let’s be peaceful’ but now y’all still begging for your freedom and they still shooting y’all down.”
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GoFundMe for Smith’s funeral expenses and family support
GoFundMe specifically for Smith’s 7th grade daughter
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tiktoksthataregood-ish · a year ago
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iridescentides · a year ago
the lea michele situation is actually a prime example of why we should be wary of performative activism right now. if you are supporting the cause by protesting, donating, posting your support, etc. that’s great! but this problem goes so much deeper than just police brutality.
every single non-black person who has posted #blacklivesmatter this week needs to take a step back and analyze whether or not their actions (not just their words) have shown that they truly believe that statement. it’s a clear and obvious choice to speak out against the brutal murder of an innocent man. however, if you are not making the obvious choice every day to speak up for us when your friends/relatives make racist jokes, if you are not listening to and respecting the black people you know in real life, if you have not sat down to analyze the ways you actively benefit from this system, if you have not worked to start unlearning the biases you were raised with, or if you thought “black lives matter” was a controversial statement until this week, do not pretend to care just because everyone is talking about it right now.
when these protests are over, there will still be many battles to fight. this is not a game, and this is not something you post about just for likes and clicks. if you are resting easy right now thinking that you’re “one of the good ones” for showing public outrage over a situation that should anger any reasonable person, you need to do more. racism is not something you can pick and choose when to be against. we don’t get to pick and choose when we experience racism. so if you’re going to get involved with this situation right here, right now, then you need to be ready to hold yourself and others accountable for anti-blackness in all other areas of your life.
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stuffaboutminneapolis · 7 months ago
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well-you-see · a year ago
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Minneapolis, MN. May 28th 2020
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kropotkindersurprise · a year ago
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November 4, 2020 - Anarchists and antifascists marched in several cities in the US after the presidential elections, chanting slogans like “Trump or Biden, no retreat! Keep your ass out in the street!“, ”Fuck Biden! Fuck Trump! No more presidents! No more fascists! “ and “No borders! No wall! No USA at all!“. [video]/[video]/[video]/[video]
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