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oomfie had a funny hc had to doodle it
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drop pop candy ×☆× 1-A STYLE!
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All the other group leaders:
Awkwardly looking around and posing:
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Tsukasa fucking Tenma:
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i wouldn't trust a single one of them to deliver me my food
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hello project sekai tumblr
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[id: a digital drawing of minori hanasato from project sekai in her angel of hope costume, shown from above standing under spotlights on a stage with her arm outstretched, looking up. the screens behind her show a pair of white wings. /end id]
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[id: a transparent version of the minori from above, with no background or effects. /end id]
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I made sekai shuffle units ! Here are two groups i drew :)
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renaming cards because i’m the ruler of this realm
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“i realized i was gay at boy scout camp”
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“what’re y’all prayin for ? girlfriends?”
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“group therapy “
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“this is why i’m chronically online at least tumblr discourse can’t kill me “
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“lois and i like to do edibles and go to the aquarium “
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“staring problem “
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“if you die i’ll fucking kill you “
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“me and the bitch i pulled by being autistic “
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Kohane date fit + lesbian solidarity things ehehehe
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Meet the Fantasy AU cast!
This is gonna be all groups except the Virtual singers! So! Below the cut is all the group info as of now!
Everything is written as what you would know from the start, over time, more will be added on as more becomes clear. This may not be reflected of everyone's end goals or jobs.
Tumblr media
• General Ichika Hoshino ; 'The Anxious Serenity.'
- Occupation : General within the Tenma Army, Royal Advisor to Princess Saki.
- Species : Human, little magic abilities.
- Goal : Keep the peace, make sure everyone stays safe.
- History : Ichika grew up inside the palace walls, being born into a family of humans serving to the palace as a family of knights. Growing up around the same age as the youngest prince and princess, she was not expected to work and instead served as a friend good friend of the Princess. She grew up as a close companion, living within palace walls and training to become one of the Generals. While she isn't particularly fond of fighting, she always enjoys returning to see her friends smiling at her.
• Princess Saki Tenma ; 'The Fallen Sakura Blossom.'
- Occupation : Princess of Jikan.
- Species : Human, high magical ability.
- Goal : Save someone, someday. Let everyone walk on from the past.
- History : Saki was cursed as a child, destined to always fall prey to her own personal pestilence. Despite this, she grew up happily. She enjoyed getting classes from her bed and was happier yet to not have to attend the 'boring, dark and tedious' meetings her brothers had to. Saki grew up treating everyone equally, no matter their status. This is how she gained many, many friends to stay around her. Yet, she wishes for more. After being partially healed by someone her older brother had found, she wishes to repay everyone who she's had to call on.
• Lady Honami Mochizuki ; 'The Blessed.'
- Occupation : Kingdom Cleric, Saki's personal soother.
- Species : Semi-Human, part elf high magic abilities.
- Goal : To let everyone be safe, be okay. She'll work until nobody is in pain.
- History : Honami was terrified at the idea of sickness as a child after her friends got sick. Due to this, she wanted to learn how to help people. She isnt as prone to sickness, being part elvish. She studied illnesses and used her livelihood to heal others until she was the brink of exhaustion herself. She became notorious for her healing ability and was called into the Palace to attempt to heal the sick princess. After failing, she felt ruined and pushed herself into her studies further, using the Princess to learn where she failed. To this day, she mostly stays in the castle, joining Saki's close circle of friends, to continue to study. Honami gets called on regularly to help other people outside the castle, which she follows without doubt.
• Dame Shiho Hinomori ; 'The Dilgient Protector.'
- Occupation : Army Commander, Princess Saki's personal knight.
- Species : Human, varying levels of magical ability.
- Goal : Keep everyone she loves safe, no matter what. Be the best she can, always.
- History : Unknown to most, Shiho has an older sister she admires a lot. She always says her sister is strong, and helps everyone she can. Shiho didn't understand why her sister seemed so keen to help people she didn't know, but she started to envy her sister. She was not born with the same magical ability and instead started self training herself in fighting at a young age. Shiho comments that she doesn't know why, but her sister commented for her to go to work within the Palace Knights, and she obliged. This led her to quickly joining the group that surrounds the Princess. This annoyed her in the beginning, wanting to focus on her now official training. Yet, over time she was worn down by the group.
• Extra ;
The group gets along extremely well, spending as much time together that they can. Saki tends to take them out around the city when they are all free, buying sweets and going on mini adventures. She's surrounded by two personal guards and a healer, so they have no reason to worry. The group is widely known within the city to be close friends and good patrons, so people try to catch their eye whenever they walk the town. They're effectively a tight-knit group of friends, looking out for each other no matter what.
Tumblr media
• Minori Hanasato ; 'The Observer.'
- Occupation : Guardian Angel-In-Training, She has not yet earned her wings.
- Species : Guardian Angel, Restricted magic.
- Goal : Earn her wings, bring joy and safety to all.
- History : Minori doens't talk a lot about where she came from to others. She gets flustered and avoids talking about the topic when asked, saying she's a traveller from far off. To those close to Minori, she's an aspiring angel, trying to find her wings- or, moreso, the things that will give her them.
• Haruka Kiritani ; 'The Water's Call.'
- Occupation : Assistant of the Effigys, Singer to the forest creatures.
- Species : Water Nymph.
- Goal : Pay back those who've helped her, work to gain her place to be someone people look upto.
- History : Haruka was born from magic thrown into the water, bubbling into a human like form over centuries. When she finally breached the water, breathing. She was in a small forest lake, surrounded by greenery. She broke from the water surface, aimlessly walking into the forest, draped in flowing water. After sometime, she ended up at a hut. There she was taken in and taught everything she needed to know about the world she found herself in. She learned to love singing and sang to anyone who would listen. Now, she wants to sing for everyone, to pay back for everything they've done for her.
• Airi Momoi ; 'The True Hearted Teacher.'
- Occupation : Teacher, Mentor and Guide to Hanasato Minori. Assistant to the Effigys.
- Species : Fairy.
- Goal : Be seen, bring joy to others.
- History : Airi grew up as a rambunctious child, curious to find her way out of the tiny town she lived in, hidden away in a bush in the forest. She always asked what the outside was like and why she couldn't go find out. Being consistently denied made her only more curious, so she learned how to perform to make people smile, therefore she'd be safe when she got to leave! Airi learned lots of magic, before sneaking out one day, leaving and saying her goodbyes before taking on a human sized form, going to explore! She also found her way to a hut, being given an honorary bed whenever she needed it, but she likes to travel around the town's, performing. When Haruka appeared, she started staying around the house more, teaching her things. Now she does the same with Minori.
• Shizuku Hinomori ; 'God's Effigy Incarnate, The Benevolent.'
- Occupation : Witch, does jobs for people who pay, or she deams deserve it.
- Species : Human Witch, Magic Ability is unreadable.
- Goal : To do what they want, to bring happiness and peace, to understand everything she does not.
- History : Shizuku doesn't tend to talk on what got her to where she is. She giggles and says she wanted to learn magic to understand it, yet there always seems to be something more to it. She seems to be almost omnipotent, yet still kind hearted with no desire to hurt others.
• Extra ;
Everyone of them met within the same forest hut and all of them clicked within seconds, all expressing their love for making people happy and performing for them. They quickly became close friends due to this. Shizuku takes the group into nearby towns, either to teach some of them things, to buy ingredients or just to simply attend a nice café. They're happy to work together in their little magical home which seems to be constantly growing, considering the others there.
Tumblr media
• Kohane Azusawa ; 'The Unreliable Reliable.'
- Occupation : Palace Advisor, Head of Maids.
- Species : Human, No magical ability.
- Goal : Just to be able to move on from her life of serving, even if she enjoys it, she has bigger dreams she wishes to fulfill one day.
- History : Kohane grew up in a fairly normal life in the city, working in her family bakery as a child and young teen. One day, she became quite surprised to see two royal guards enter, bickering loudly, followed by what apparently seemed to be the second Prince??? needless to say, she was very surprised. During the whole encounter the prince seemed amused, watching the pair fight. Kohane was even more surprised when the girl of trio, introducing herself as An, started talking to her like they'd been friends for years. After that, An had started visiting the bakery almost every other day. After a few months of this, Kohane started delivering pasties and treats to the palace every week. After even longer, she was offered to work personally within the castle, somehow climbing ranks from a part-time baker to a royal advisor. She is very happy to have become close friends with the earlier trio, not having many friends before.
• Dame An Shiraishi ; 'The Optimistic Mediator.'
- Occupation : Head of Palace Guards, Trainer, Scout. Does many things for the palaces guards.
- Species : Human, little to no magical ability.
- Goal : Move into bigger things one day, but to stay with her friends.
- History : An's father, Ken Shiraishi, has worked for the royals his entire life and An was always happy to follow the same path, except she always wanted to be better. After a life of being compared to him, she decided she'd outshine him, deciding she'd make her own name for herself. She grew up alongside Akito and Touya, claiming them her best friends. Upon meeting Kohane Azusawa, she was admittedly smitten, doing everything she can to see her more and more.
• Sir Akito Shinonome ; 'The Evermore Guardian.'
- Occupation : Prince Touya's personal guard, Army Commander aswell but tends to stay in the Palace on direct orders.
- Species : Human, varying Magical Ability.
- Goal : He's conflicted. He wishes to lay down his sword one day, yet he is sworn to protect. Perhaps a part of his doesn't care what happens, as long as he isn't alone.
- History : At a young age, Akito ran away from his home to explore the nearby towns, or the city, or the forest often. He says this was what made him want to be a knight, to explore everything he could. Taking other stories into account, its obvious he isn't being strictly truthful.
• Prince Touya Tenma ; 'The Complacent Fighter.'
- Occupation : Second Prince of Jikan.
- Species : Human, High Magic Ability.
- Goal : To be worthy to be beside anyone he stands with, one day. To earn his title, the trust of the people.
- History : Touya grew up in a very closed life, obviously. Taken in as a baby to the royal life was a blessing, yet he wanted to know about the outside. In his curiosity, at night, he would run from the castle. One of these times, he ran into someone else. All he said was his name was Akito and that was fine with Touya. They started talking about their lives immediately, growing to be best friends in the course of a night. They kept meeting in this midnight escapes for about a year, before Touya met his friend one day, watching him sob. Touya won't disclose why, but it's how Akito became his personal guard, living within the Palace. When telling the story, he always seems happy, never failing to point out how flustered said personal guard gets about his childhood antics being described.
• Extras ;
After Akito was introduced to the castle, he stayed close friends with Touya, quickly followed by An. They were around 10. At age 15, they all met Kohane. At 16, they all got to work within the Palace together, using almost whenever they could to hang out.
Tumblr media
• Prince/Sir Tsukasa Tenma ; 'The Sacrificial Heart.'
- Occupation : Prince of Jikan, Amry Captain, Highest commander.
- Species : Human, High magical ability.
- Goal : Keep everyone safe. Save her. Save him.
- History : Tsukasa grew up with a lot of expectations placed on him, obviously, as the first Son and Prince. From a young age, he threw himself into both studies and training, wanting to be the perfect figure to his people and his siblings. Despite the wishes of his parents, he decided he wanted to lead the army himself, to truly protect everyone. When Saki got very sick, he started trying to find anyone to save her, to lift her pain even a little.
• Emu ; 'The Mirror Bunny.'
- Occupation : Unknown.
- Species : Unknown.
- Goal : They doesn't seem to have one.
- History : Unknown. They say that one day, the started to explore.
• Nene ; 'The Songstress among Sirens.'
- Occupation : Assistant to the Effigys.
- Species : Mermaid.
- Goal : To sing for all, to fit in with her peers.
- History : Nene loved to sing, singing under the sea to any mermaid that would listen to her, which was most. However, she wanted her song to reach more and more, so she sat on rocks by the shore, singing. This lead to Nene catching the eyes of beach go-ers. Seeing eyes she couldn't recognise and not knowing if they hated her or not scared the girl, swimming hastily away. She feared humans, of what they could do, if they might not like the singing of mermaids... However, every night she would peak her head our into the open hair, and sing to herself. One night she caught the eye of a wandering alchemist who, as she claims, 'got me into this situation now...'
• Rui Kamishiro ; 'God's Effigy Incarnate, the Foolish Alchemist.'
- Occupation : Alchemist, creates things to assist others.
- Species : Human, little magical ability, he makes thanes to make up for it.
- Goal : To know all that is currently unknown. To be accepted.
- History : Rui claims to have a normal life and childhood, just with an interest in making living non-living creatures. He talks on his love of living beings and trying to imitate them, to help others. He says he isn't a magic user, but will occasionally need magical support from Shizuku. Rui and Shizuku met foraging in the woods, he says, and they started to be friends, bonding over their unmatched abilities. Rui doesn't talk much about his past, claiming it only dampens the future.
• Extras ;
Rui and Nene have been friends for awhile, With Rui giving Nene the ability to walk on the land for periods of time and giving her s place to stay. Emu is an enigma to them, as they met them in a forest, with snow white bunny ears and the tail of a lizard. They were laughing, seemingly out of breath after running awhile. Emu appears from time to time at the forest apothecary, bringing snacks and nonsense stories. They're a good friend. The group, along with the other Josue dwellers, met Tsukasa one day when he suddenly appeared, with money and begging for help from the Effigys. They obliged without knowing what it was they were needed for, out of suprise. Since that time, The Prince will sometimes come around to catch up or take s few of them out for shopping, worried they aren't eating enough just from forest food.
Tumblr media
• Kanade ; 'The Frozen Regret.'
- Occupation : Wanderer.
- Species : Snow Spirit.
- Goal : To have the strength to return.
- History : Kanade tends not to talk on their past. When she does, they are filled with regret. They are a young snow spirit, only around two centuries old. She says she's been wandering the snowy mountains for most her life, keeping herself into a self-made solitude for 'keeping my home frozen in time.' Only recently, they say, was when the came from the mountains, wanting to finally right her sins.
• Mafuyu ; 'The Eternal Lost.'
- Occupation : Wanderer.
- Species : Doll.
- Goal : To be found.
- History : Mafuyu was made some time ago, they don't remember. She says that as long as she's known, she's been walking around aimlessly, waiting for someone. She doesn't understand human emotions much, but I'd trying to learn to feel. She wants to fit in and live a humane life. They've caused a few wives tales about haunted areas, being spotted mindlessly humming meaningless tunes around everywhere she went.
• Ena #### ; 'The Banished.'
- Occupation : Witch, Hermit.
- Species : ???
- Goal : To be able to return.
- History : Ena will only speak on their history to someone very close to them, yet she claims she was never always cursed to have horns. She says all she can do is wander or live alone to herself in caves. Sometimes, she says she's trying to find someone.
• Knight Mizuki Akiyama ; 'The Outlier.'
- Occupation : Knight, Army General, Castle Guard.
- Species : Human, varying magical ability.
- Goal : They wish to understand what they want. Perhaps everything they do is their own search for themself.
- History : Mizuki came from a very small town, which was destroyed one day. They say they're not mad about it, but it's why they took up knighthood. Especially since it gave them a roof over their head and hot food.
• Extras ;
Kanade and Mafuyu met first, confused to find another 'person' not scared of them. They didn't talk about who are what they are, only walked together, to a destination they couldn't know. Sometimes they talked about the scenery, or things they'd encountered. One day, they came across a mountain side, finding a teen girl, wrecked with a myriad of emotions. When the pair asked what was wrong, they were surprised to be greeted by a tirade of stories about her life of solitude that she wished to escape from. After calming down, the girl (named Ena) offered them a place to stay the night, even if they didn't need rest. They stayed together awhile until a small group of knights came the the mountain, just for survey incase of any monsters. It must have been awhile travel from the kingdom they came from, as they seemed tired. That's when they meet the Knight Mizuki, rounding off the friendship, as the knight loved to find interesting people to talk to, and a place to rest far away from castle eyes. Even if the knight couldn't stay around constantly due to duties, Ena is able to send birds back and forth for messages, having her crow as a pet and a messenger. The trio get along well, but tend to miss the knight.
All of these people, smiled upon by the Gods.
However, that could be a blessing.
Or it could be a curse.
Nobody is to know.
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Fruit discussion (((they're all fruits)))
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When someone knocks on the bathroom door
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i promise i have other better things to contribute
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Mmmm this card
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I have one idea
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[img description:
Image 1: minori card where she holds a banner, starry eyed to a singing Haruka, Airi looks like she wants to facepalm, Shizuku is smiling
Image 2: the "i see no difference, love is love" meme, regular is an image of tsukaemu, yaoi is akitoya, yuri is minoharu, the person saying love is love is the smiling Shizuku from the card
Image 3: Airi of the card with this text above her: Live Airi Reaction]
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We're on a roll 👍👍
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