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New Fic: Who Will Be Her Lover? (Explicit)

Fandom: Bill Hader, Documentary Now!

Relationship: Clark Honus/Original Female Character

Summary: The day has finally arrived: Clark and Rhiannon are getting married. As they prepare for the nuptials, both of them reflect on different aspects of their relationship.

Part 8 of the Clark and Rhiannon Series

Requested by AO3 user unlikelybeardsublime1212


Who Will Be Her Lover?-DRHPaints on AO3-Link

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it’s so empowering to be able to express at least some of my sexuality now… like, to allow myself to express my sexuality as a trans gay man in love? it’s revitalizing. it’s gender euphoria on steroids. i feel so loved and I’m really starting to internalize that I’m loveable (sexually).

and i couldn’t have done it without you. i don’t know how long it would have taken me to finally break out of the denial i was in, if it all. i know i technically could have done it on my own, but you get what i mean.

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Prompt: Roman likes dressing himself up in pretty dresses and lingerie, sultry makeup and done up hair, it makes him feel sexy and aroused. He especially enjoys masturbating all dressed up in front of his mirror watching his outfit become ruined along with himself.

Words: 479

Characters: Roman, Janus (mentioned), C!Thomas (mentioned), Patton (mentioned)

Content: praise kink, clothing kink, slight angst

Tags: @sanderssidessmutmonth

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Kinktober | Junipers for Julian 🍋

Kirsten x Julian

Requested by @art-of-ket! She was super sweet to work with and anyone reading this should go check out her amazing art! Thanks for letting me borrow Kirsten Yelyzavet! 

CW: biting, body worship

~ 900 words

Alone in a dark and secluded library with the downright handsome and entirely unassuming Doctor Julian Devorak? How did Kirsten Yelyzavet get so damn lucky? Well, she planned it all out of course.

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At Last

Content Warnings: Scenery, desperate kisses, good old missionary, more kisses, mutual climax, a surprise at the end! 18+

I am so sorry for not writing for this blog in so long… I blame @moonlitandrestia for this sdfddfdfdasfddfdf enjoy!


The honeymoon suite was… Well. Gorgeous didn’t even begin to describe it. From the tall window, one could be treated to the sight of Port Maerifa’s signature blues and whites - a centrepiece amidst the deep blue ocean, settling into a calmness for the night. The walls were painted a warm white, with a soft, creamy sofa sat near the entrance to the balcony. Further indoors, seats and drawers of light oak surrounded the main attraction - the king-size bed stood majestically against the wall, with white sheets accented with ruby red, and an even mix of red and white pillows. Along the foot, rose petals were scattered about to form the shape of a love heart. Heather and Dhar couldn’t quite believe their eyes when they walked in, and the shock never seemed to wear off as they went back and forth to sort out their things.

It was beautiful.

It was perfect.

But it wouldn’t stay in that condition for long.

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this isnt @ anyone specific but man i hate when people in this fandom draw/write will in rly stereotypically subservient or feminine roles like alright make him ooc thats ur business i just feel like it sometimes (often) borders on weird “seme/uke” tropes where will gets to be all meek and dominated by hannibal cus hes physically smaller EVEN THOUGH will canonically has constant power fantasies and hannibal totally gets off on will hurting him like cmon now

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Ongoing Fic: Be Your Fire When You’re Cold Ch 6 (Explicit)

Fandom: Bill Hader, The Skeleton Twins

Relationship: Milo Dean/Original Male Character

Summary: Milo Dean meets Ben during his stay at a psych unit while recovering from his recent suicide attempt.


Be Your Fire When You’re Cold-DRHPaints on AO3-Link

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This is not a callout post for harassment, but this is a callout post so you can block them. If you are in the Boyfriend to Death or Boyfriend to Death fandom please DO NOT interact with these accounts.


@/gacharainbow ( rainbowthedoggy )


This is an 11 year old, who has posted multiple times that they are 11 years old. They keep making post involving BTD or at least tagging BTD despite being asked multiple times to stop and having it explained to them why they should stop.

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