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happy birthday kim minsu (000320)
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TO1 waking you up in the morning
I promise you I'm still working on my actually requests my brain just still isn't in the right mood I'm sorry these are taking so long
*insert the wake up, darling joke*
Fr though I just want to see him where he tries to be nice about waking you up by rubbing your back slowly
But he doesn't really work so with some shaking he tries to wake you up, which slowly it does but you still pretend to be asleep
So he tries something else and says the wake up, darling thing to you
And you low-key hate it so you get scared and get out of bed super quickly, never doing that again
Probably the one that doesn't care if you sleep in, like he'll just leave you there
Or join you, whenever one he's in the mood for
But fr if you have to be up for something and you don't wake up, he's not waking you up either so try not to be late
There might be some occasion where he complains loudly that you're sleepy and just comes and lays next to you roughly, making the bed bounce
Scared the shit out of you but at least it worked
Sweet baby boy her is going to be your perfect romance fantasy like-
He'd turn to you in bed and caress your cheek and jawline with his finger, admiring your cute sleeping face
The touch slowly makes you wake up and your meet by his smiling face
Soft Morning Kisses™
Probably stays in bed with you for awhile after wake you up just cuddling and kissing you everywhere because he doesn't want to ruin the moment
Don't judge me but I feel like he has a thing with tickling and I think he used it to wake up Chihoon this one time
So it's no different with you
He doesn't even to see how long it takes you to wake up, when he's ready he's waking you up too
Pulls away the covers as his hands gently tickles your sides, slowly and gently waking up up with a surprise
It's never hard enough to jolt you awake but enough to make you giggle cutely at him, followed by soft kiss
Honestly I feel like you'd always wake up before him
And you don't really want to wake him up since you know he's busy and tired but he's so cute
Probably just scoot closer to him and wrap your arm over his chest, resting your head on his should burying into his next
You'd just close your eyes and not really go back to sleep but just enjoy being close to him
He'd eventually wake up to you cuddling into him and he'd be so happy that this is what he gets to wake up to from now
Really sweet about it
Probably just doesn't want you to sleep in for too long and since he's up he'll normally try to wake you up
Sits down on the edge of the bed and strokes your hair, quietly whispering for you to wake up
If that's not working he'll shake you a bit to see if that works, which normally it does
Smiles and kisses you good morning after your up and probably takes you to go make breakfast with him
Low-key feel like he's also be a tickler or just something of equal forcefulness (?)
Like either that or just lays on you kissing your neck or picks you up from bed and walks around with you
Jokingly complains about you too some days when he wakes you up
But then you'd both just go back and forth being sassy to each other and he'd think your adorable trying to be "superior" and just nod sarcastically
Gives into you though kissing to dramatically
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he's a morning person so he usually wakes up earlier than others
Tries not to wake up when he gets up, but can't help but peck your check or forehead before he goes to work out
Although depending on how long afterwards it takes for you to wake up he'll take matters into his own hand
Sits on top of you, straddling you before laying down on top of you
Sits there until you're awake, even if that means bothering you with kisses until you do
Omg- literally bothers you so much but he's adorable so it's ok
Starts by just cuddling/spooning you but when you don't wake up he gets all pouty whines quietly even though you can't hear him
Shakes you gently, when you start the wake up he gets so smiley and just starts kissing your face as you slowly come into consciousness
You laugh at him, trying to roll away but he'll follow and lay on top of you, leaving ticklish kisses down your neck making you giggle
"Ok, I'm up!" You say before he stops and looks down at you with puppy dog eyes before leaving a few more kisses in your lips and nose pretty much pure fluff
Another one to try and shake you awake while whining cutely
Would be the one to make little threats that he won't kiss you or something even though he knows you can't hear
Sarcastically gets frustrated and leaves only to come back every 5 minutes to see if your awake
Gives up waiting for you and just sits on you while he loudly whines and shakes you awake
And then when you do wake up and ask him what's his deal he just walks away like nothing happened
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TO1 | REAL 𝓧 Poster
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✧ chaotic but smart s/o
hyung line | maknae line
requested: yes
this is honestly straight crack, some fluff, gender neutral s/o
this was rlly fun to write and so funny ty for this request so sorry it took so freaking long
Tumblr media
- is never gonna challenge you to trivia again
- he was not expecting you to get any of the answers,,
- ESPECIALLY when the topic was science (sorry non science nerds)
- he thought he would be the one laughing when YOU got the answers wrong
- oh how the tables have turned
- you will never forget his bright red ears when he said orgasm instead of organism LMAO
- he laughs at you after you trip on a chair (cause you were laughing)
- now you're both on the ground dying
Tumblr media
- hes sooooo intrigued
- he wants you to teach him everything you know
- doesn't matter what he just wants to hear you talk about it honestly (stfu hes so cute-)
- just stares at you with the most loving smile
- its so calm... until you get to astronomy and the myths behind each constellation
- chaotic y/n is here now,,
- as your explaining the mythology regarding cassiopia
- you fall off the chair you are sitting just to stand up with your red cheeks not hiding your embarrassment
- yes, you continue talking
Tumblr media
- chan came home to see you sitting in the living room writing stuff into your school notebook
- and being the caring boyfriend he is,, he asked what your were writing
- he regrets that,, a lot
- hes gone
- try finding him
- you wont
- where did his crazy loud s/o go
- he wants them back
- will bribe you to stop talking about it IAJSNAJJS
- give him kisses and he might listen,, MIGHT
Tumblr media
- kinda scared...
- when you told him you were good at maths he did think you were THAT good
- you were his buddy he could be stupid with,,, where did they go??
- after a good 10 minutes of you answering everything he asked he whipped out two massive numbers from his brain thinking to finally stump you
- when you hesitated to answer he was cheering on the inside
- that excitement died when you answered... especially when the answer was correct
- (yes he looked up the answer on his phone so he could be like " HAHA")
- *insert surprised pikachu face*
- tells everyone how smart his s/o is
- makes every member give you two numbers just to show off
- he thinks ur so cool
Tumblr media
- he wasnt used to this side of you
- he was used to the loud, funny and chaotic s/o
- he invited you to to1 game night expecting this side of you to be present
- when suddenly the games changed into seeing who knew the most random facts
- it was chaos between the members
- "shrimp are actually related to cockroaches. they both came from the arthropoda family..."
- suddenly all heads were on you
- "wtf, minsu your s/o is smart??"
- hes as shocked as they are
- he makes you tell him all the different facts you know
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
         ♡ ˑ ˑ ˑ    ˗ˏˋ ᵗᵒᵍᵉᵗʰᵉʳ ᵃˢ ᵒᶰᵉ ˎˊ˗   ˑ ˑ ˑ ♡
— ꒰ ˡᶤᵏᵉ/ʳᵉᵇˡᵒᵍ ᶤᶠ ᵘ ˢᵃᵛᵉ/ᵘˢᵉ ꒱ ᵎ
— ꒰ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ʳᵉᵖᵒˢᵗ ᵒʳ ᶜˡᵃᶤᶰ ᵃˢ ʸᵒᵘʳˢ ꒱ ᵎ
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laaylaazyy · 11 days ago
What the hell is happening to TO1 .. First Chihoon, now Minsu, Jerome, and Woongi .. and now they added new members as well like .. what the actual fuck. Like this is scary bro. JUST WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!?!??
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ʕっ• ᴥ • ʔっ
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soppa · 7 months ago
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minsu + woonggi ⭒ no more x (211104)
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iluvluvnutella · 10 months ago
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Akatsuki no Yona Volume 36 front cover and prologue page
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jaeyyun · 5 months ago
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200809 ✧ count 1, 2 ✧ minsu
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taehoontual · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That’s Okay by D.O.  //  Covered by Minsu
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ghostie-galaxi · 6 months ago
TO1 when someone makes their S/O cry
I'm feeling angsty lol
Concerned for why you're crying, and when you tell him why he's just more concerned and upset at the person
Would be a time when he shows affections and hugs you while rubbing your back
Has a pep talk with you about how insecure that person probably is and is just taking it out on you so you shouldn't listen to them
Tells you how amazing you are dries your tears before asking if you want to spend the night cuddling and with food
You end up falling asleep together and he doesn't pay that person any mind
Surprised and confused on why someone would make you cry
Probably doesn't really know what to do so he just hugs you and let's you cry
Eventually the anger sets in and he gets annoyed that someone would say something like that to you
Tells you that whatever they said isn't true and you shouldn't take it seriously, you know it's not true
Asks you what he can do to make you feel better and is at your every whim
Shocked and angry
Why would anyone make his person cry?
Holds you tightly and comforts you, stroking your hair and back while your cry softly into his shoulder
Probably also has to hold himself back from crying because hearing you cry makes him upset
Goes on a string of insults for that person and is really clingy and affectionate to you for the rest of the night to make you feels better, along with complimenting you a lot
Kinda just goes "What the fuck?" At hearing someone made you cry
Is mad but understands there's probably not much he can do so he just sticks is hugging you
Probably can't really get over how annoyed he is at this person so I'm going to assume that song writting helps him relax so he might put a mini diss on that person in a song he does
Talks to you to try an ease your feelings and tells you the person means nothing and you shouldn't take what they said personally
Stays with you to comfort you, and might ask you more about that person so he can write a verse on them
Dramatic ass can't believe what he's hearing when you tell him someone was mean to you
Hugs you and rants about much he hates that person now
Makes sure you're ok too, and tells you to ignore them and that's he loves you
Kisses you a lot because he knows you love it (his lips tho would be so nice ✨)
Would pretend to fight the person and jokily say he'll find them, making you smile
Hearing that someone made you cry wants to make him cry too
He's so concerned, like he'll take you to sit down so he can talk about it properly before hugging you so tightly
Protective instincts take over as he lets you cry into him
Might lay you down so he can cuddle you as a way to comfort you, while pecking your lips a lot
Reassures you that whatever that person said isn't true and asks if you want to go cook something together to take your mind off it
Boy is P I S S E D
Like he's about to throw hands with someone
But when he sees that you don't need that right now, he'll hug you and tell you that person is stupid and that you're perfect to him
Still frustrated but calms down after awhile and just comforts you
Might even be mad at himself for not being there for you and might have to go let out some frustration elsewhere (no fighting, might just go practice or to a gym *cough diss track cough*)
He's mad, like in disbelief mad, but he hides it so he can help you first
Tucks you under his chin as you cry and holds your head against him
Is upset about hearing you cry and later goes to do something to make you smile
Will probably surprise you with food or take you with him to watch him practice if you get joy out of watching him dance (I like seeing him dance cuz I think it's cool so I would like that but idk about you)
Later just cuddles with you and might tell you how much he loves you
Literally looks like a kicked puppy when you tell him someone made you cry
So upset that you had to go through that and hugs you so tightly
Another one that might have to hold back his tears too when he hears you crying
Goes above and beyond anything he can to make you feel better
Takes you to go get food, might buy you a plushie to make you feel better, nonstop cuddles, kisses, and words of affirmation to make you feel better
Gets loud and mad when you tell him someone upset you
Might not realize right away that that's not what you need right now and will just go off
When he realized he's not helping he calms down and hugs you until you stop crying
Tells you he'll fight anyone who makes you feel bad, and just tries to make you laugh
Takes you to get ice cream while continues to insult how dumb that person is, and again just tries to make you smile
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cuddlyyedam · a year ago
to1 reaction to you asking them to cuddle for the first time
Tumblr media
requested: yes, by @jihoonsconstellation
🔅thanks for requesting jinny (i hope u don’t mind that i changed it a little to “for the first time”🥺) :D i rewatched so much to1 content “for research purposes” so thank you for that too hehe🔅
jaeyun ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
“sure, honey, come here” he responded, his voice as sweet as ever, patting a space right beside him on his bed.
you shuffled over towards him and lay your head on his chest while his arm naturally rested over your shoulders, holding you closer to him.
“tell me why we didn’t do this sooner” he sighed out of happiness.
although you couldn’t see him, the feeling of his breath hitting your hair was enough to let you know that he was looking down at you resting on his chest. you smiled to yourself, letting out a slight accidental giggle as you did so. in response, jaeyun only squeezed you tighter to his own body and placed a kiss on the crown of your head.
“can we stay like this forever?” you asked.
“i hope so” his eyes met yours as you glanced up towards him. normally, you’d laugh in this kind of situation to make it less awkward, but something was stopping you. this was the most intimate and intense moment that the pair of you had shared and neither of you wanted it to end. his eyes flitted between yours and your lips in an almost dazed state. soon enough, his lips were gently placed onto yours, as soft as cushions yet you still couldn’t help pulling away out of embarrassment. he looked at you once again, this time panic evident in his eyes.
“it’s okay! i just didn’t expect it” you lied “can we try again?”
other members under the cut
chihoon ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
he looks over in your direction and laughs. “do you really have to ask?” he replies, still laughing.
you stood, silently, hoping it would encourage a definite answer from your boyfriend.
“well, where do you wanna cuddle? do you wanna watch a film or something?” he asks. you nod in response to the latter question as he grabs the blanket from the sofa, inviting you to sit on it before he does the same. honestly, he’s a little shy and anxious about cuddling with you. he’s not much of a touchy kinda guy, but he really wants to make you happy and if this is what it takes then he’s more than willing to put his own dislikes aside and cuddle.
sitting down cautiously, his arm immediately finds itself over your shoulders. you lean in to his side and look up at him for approval. he smiled sweetly and grabbed the remote from the cushion, not once taking his eyes off you.
“which film?” he whispers as he feels his cheeks burning up. his eyes quickly divert to the television as yours do the same. “there’s finding nemo” he points out.
you nod once again “but what if i cry?”
“well, i’m here to comfort you, so it’s fine!” he squeezes you as he talks, now becoming far more comfortable with his position.
donggeon ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
“did you really think we could share a bed and not cuddle?” he asked in a serious tone. tonight, you’d let your boyfriend stay over in your bed given that it was quite late and your house was closer to his company building anyway.
he made a valid point, you thought, but he didn’t give you long to think about your next move as he had already turned over onto his side and was pulling on your waist so that you’d face him. of course, you gave in to his tugging and turned to lie face to face with him. as you did so, he placed a gentle peck on your nose, smiling as he pulled away, his palm still resting against your side. his feet toyed with your feet until you let him tangle his legs in with yours, the warmth radiating off of each other being enough to mask your sudden flush of shyness and embarrassment.
“what did you do today?” you asked him with a cheeky grin, knowing that all he did was laze around.
“this and that” he responded, bobbing his head from one shoulder to another to further add to his sarcasm. “you?”
“this and that” you mimicked, giggling and you moved closer to him, ready to nestle yourself into his chest and call it a night.
chan ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
you asked, sniffling after you finished your summary of the saddest book you’d ever read. he wiped the last few tears from your cheeks and nodded with a genuine smile. “of course we can” he replied, following your lead towards his room. you sat on the edge of his bed, awkwardly staring down at your feet after he told you to make yourself comfortable.
“i mean it, you can lie down” he told you, tapping your side gently to make you turn to look at him. he was already lying down, propped up on his left elbow to get a better view of you. “come on, face me”. you did as he said and faced him, his hand immediately coming close enough to stroke his thumb against your ear.
“you know, you look really beautiful right now” he said, showing a toothy smile. you smiled in return, really just enjoying the view. although he has never been much of a cuddler, chan was really enjoying this time with you. being able to admire you while he stroked your hair or brushed his fingers down the length of your back, smiling as he did so in such a cheesy way. “we should do this more often” he commented quietly.
you nodded and smiled to yourself “we should”.
jisu ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
he thought for a moment, how can he tease you? “what’s the magic word?” he asked, walking closer towards you.
“please” you smiled, shivering a little due to the broken heating that had yet to be fixed.
he shook his head, tutting as if you said something wrong. his arm swept over your shoulder as he led you to your room. “is there another?” he enticed, lying on your bed in the classic “paint me like one of your french girls” pose. “maybe a “love” or “honey”?” he questioned with a smirk.
“can we cuddle, please, honey?” you finally gave in, already climbing onto your bed beside him. you both sunk into the mattress, his arm once again around your shoulder, the other rested on the small of your back while your head and hand rested on his clothed chest. as challenging as you imagined it to be for your boyfriend, you lay in silence for a while, gaining enough warmth from each other to keep you both from shivering.
“are you cold?” you broke the silence to ask him. “should i put another blanket on us?”
his eyes darted around your room, trying to find the blanket in question. he spotted it a few steps away from your bed. “no, stay” he replied. “i don’t want us to ever get up” he admitted.
minsu ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
the thunder clashed once again, this time almost as if it was perfectly timed to begin as you finished talking. instead of responding verbally, your boyfriend had already clung onto your shirt. your arms wrapped around him and pulled him in closer, to the point where he could no longer see outside.
“i thought you weren’t scared of storms?” you giggled even though you felt exactly the same way as he appeared to.
“i’m not” he pulled away from your embrace “but should we turn the tv off and sit over there?” he asked, pointing to the sofa in your living room. “just in case” he added with a tilt of his head.
you made your way over to the seat, his hands still firmly gripping the material of your shirt. you sat down and following that, he did the same. his head fell to your shoulder and your head rested on top of his. his hands had now found their way around your torso and were locked in place so that you couldn’t get up and leave him.
half an hour passed and you two had exhausted the topic of the storm outside, now talking about anything and everything, all while he still kept you in his arms and him in yours.
“oh, i think it’s stopped” you paused the conversation in order to check. “yep” you clarified.
“doesn’t mean you have to get up though, right?”
jyou ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
“what?” he asks with a laugh “but i’m in the middle of a game” he signals towards the tv with his controller.
“so? you can still play” you plead “you’re losing anyway” pouting as you speak.
“fine” he sits on the floor and waits for you to join him. “sit here” he taps the space he made between his legs. you did as he said and sat with your back against his chest. his arms came over you, hands still firmly holding onto the controller. he laughed a little, he couldn’t believe this was how you wanted to spend your afternoon.
“what's so funny?” you pouted once again, gently head butting his chin, careful not to actually hurt him.
“don’t you think this is kind of…” he trailed off realising that it was pretty sweet what you guys were doing.
“kind of what?” you insisted.
he paused a little and smiled to himself. “cute” he finished.
you turned your head to look back towards him, your hand gripping his arm as you turned which made his cheeks burn. you kissed his jawline and returned to watching him play, which, by this point, was actually just jeyou driving uncontrollably in hopes of finishing the course while in a frenzy over you being so close to him.
kyungho ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
he closed his book upon hearing your question, placing it onto the coffee table in front of him. noticing your figure by the sofa, he glanced over towards you in the hope that you couldn’t tell how desperate he was to hold you in his arms. you were standing holding a fluffy blanket, an innocent look on your face.
“sure” he answered, lying down on the sofa, settling and only just fitting on it. you lay in the space he’d left, which somehow was the most perfect and comfortable space that you’d ever lay in. his arm gently rested just above your hip, rubbing small circles with his finger against your tummy. he sighed and closed his eyes, wanting the moment to last forever yet knowing that it couldn’t. the radio was playing in the background and all the songs that played seemed to describe exactly how he felt right now, like he was in heaven. you soon felt his breath get deeper against your neck, his lips almost smooshed against it too. you shuffled back towards him to get into a position that you could sleep in too, but as you did so, you’d accidentally woke your boyfriend.
“i’m so sorry” you apologised, worrying that he’d be a little mad that you’d woken him since you knew he’d been tired these days.
“it’s okay” he rested his chin back onto your shoulder, smiling and sighing as he did so “but maybe it would be better if you held me… and we were in bed?” he suggested, cheering internally as you acted upon his request almost immediately.
jerome ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
sungmin couldn’t say no to you, ever, even if you were sick. he waited for you to shuffle over in bed before joining you. he rested his head against your shoulder as you both sat with your backs against the headboard.
“how long have you been feeling ill?” he asked, pouting as he spoke.
“since this morning” you replied with a pout to match his “it’s just a headache i know, but i feel so-” you slumped further down on the bed, taking your boyfriend with you. your actions didn’t go unnoticed by sungmin, who quickly sat back up and wrapped his arm over your shoulder, resting your head against his shoulder for you. his other arm soon did the same, now holding you closer to him. he looked down at you, burrowing your head closer to his body in an attempt to avoid the light. he pouted once again.
“should i turn off the light?” he asked. he felt you shake your head from side to side against him and so he rubbed your back to let you know that he understood.
a short while later, he spoke again “you can’t catch a headache, right?” he whispered in a pitiful attempt to make you laugh, yet you didn’t react. “y/n?” he glanced down and noticed a subtle snoring sound escaping from you. he awed silently, trying not to move and disturb you from your sleep.
woonggi ・:,。★゚
“can we cuddle?”
“huh?” he shouted a little louder than he meant to, eyes widening at your question
“oh okay” you sulked.
“no, i mean we should!” he corrected himself “i was just shocked at your question” he laughed, hoping that he didn’t hurt your feelings with his response.
throwing himself at your bed and settling for the side by the wall, he lined your stuffed teddies up behind him for extra comfort and smiled at you, ready for you to go and lie with him. you lay on your back while he clung to your side, a little awkwardly to begin with, honestly.
“what’s this? what are we doing?” he laughed after only minutes of being close to each other “can’t you spoon me?” he asked innocently, looking at you all doe eyed. you nodded, relieved to finally move from the original position. he turned over almost immediately, now the pair of you were facing the wall and your arm resting on his waist as you spooned him.
“should we put on a movie?” you asked, unsure of what to do in such a situation.
“can we just lie here?” he asked in response “how was your day, y/n, sweetie?”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MINSU ✖︎ 'No More X' visual cam for @soppa
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hellogloom · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
minsu: get down ☆ 160503.
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to1icons · 10 months ago
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mimi icons !
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Please don't let this hiatus lead to a disbandment. I'm not ready to say goodbye 😭
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Tumblr media
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