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lupivulpes · a day ago
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Sisters Madrigal
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carlaerosie · a day ago
loook at them
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besties (Mirabel is also kinda like: what am I doing here)
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poor girl always has to do the same pose
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big bro Camilo (Antonio’s so cute)
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just perfect couple (looking so cute together)
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Agustín is just happy to be there you know
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#proudabuela 😏
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clwnstim · 2 days ago
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encanto icons! (part one of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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astrenam · a day ago
Ok I'm a little disappointed in everyone. How come no one has made the meme connection between mirabel kicking in bruno's door to the Phineas and Ferb meme of Candace kicking in the door screaming for her mother.
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includeangieinthesequel · 21 hours ago
Madrigal Headcannons if they were in 2022
I couldn’t shake the idea of them with Tiktok and social media
Isabela and Camilo do Tiktok dances together. They spend hours doing it and laugh whenever Camilo shape shifts into another family member to do a dance. Cause like… how else would they ever see Tia Juieta twerk??
Mirabel taught Julieta how to do TikToks and she blew up sharing recipes and giving advice. She has similar content to Tabitha Brown. Everyone loves her.
Bruno is always walking around mumbling Tiktok sounds. He spent weeks going “That’s a big word for Elmo”
Isabela listens to Doja Cat. She probably listens to Ariana Grande too.
Luisa’s workout playlist is the best.
Antonio only quotes Tiktoks he hears from his siblings and cousins. Mirabel sometimes posts him on her page giving animal facts.
Luisa likes to vlog. She doesn’t do it every day but she tries to put a video out every week.
Bruno has an old boom box from the 90s to perform his rat rap battles. Camilo keeps trying to tell him to just use his phone but Bruno likes the authenticity of the boom box.
Isabela wanted to shave her head for a while but they were afraid she’d kill Abuela if she did.
Mirabel has the led lights in her room. She changes the color to reflect her mood.
Mirabel sends Abuela Tiktoks just to make her laugh. Abuela only knows how to watch them if Mirabel sends them to her. She thinks it’s sweet that Mirabel only sends her stuff she’ll like.
Isabela and Camilo are both on gay Tiktok.
Everyone knows when Pepa is stuck in a Tiktok rabbit hole because she laughs so hard it rains and sometimes hard enough to stir up some wind.
Isabela and Camilo can’t drive. It’s the rules. They’re gay.
Felix never drives. He’ll ask Pepa to go somewhere with him and then toss her the keys. She complains every time but she’s always happy to be spending time with him.
Everyone loves when Abuela uses her record player. There’s one song she loves just because the record skips every time. (If you know you know)
Antonio likes to watch nature docs all the time.
Camilo and Bruno watch Cocomelon with Luisa to unwind.
Isabela is convinced she invented iced coffee when she was seven. Pepa is the only one to support this theory. It only happened because Pepa was hailing and some of the ice landed in Isabela’s mug.
Luisa and Agustin like to watch animal videos. They cry all the time.
Abuela plays coloring games on her phone. So does Bruno. They bond over sharing pictures they’ve done.
Felix has a secret SoundCloud. Pepa knows but she’s sworn to secrecy…Julieta and Bruno are also sworn to secrecy. Dolores is also sworn to secrecy.
The triplets discovered Snapchat filters and spend hours taking selfies. It’s really cute. Sometimes they get them printed to hang up in their rooms or to go in photo albums.
Isabela’s lockscreen is herself. Queen shit.
Luisa likes to watch cartoons with Antonio and the animals.
Bruno plays Minecraft.
All of the cousins love animal crossing. They trade turnips and stuff all the time.
Sometimes family game nights are on the switch or the bust out the Wii.
Antonio plays Roblox.
The whole family did a murder mystery once. Agustin and Dolores planned the whole thing. Everyone got really into it.
They like to race go karts and are extremely competitive.
Pepa likes Megan Thee Stallion.
Dolores hates that her Mami knows all the words to Wap.
When Bruno was away Julieta used to watch home videos on their birthday. It made her cry every single time. She was afraid to watch them with Pepa because she knew Pepa would get angry just from the hurt she felt.
Mirabel loves YouTube tutorials. So does Agustin.
Luisa is scared of roller coasters but she’ll go on if Mirabel holds her hand.
Isabela definitely dyed her hair with the money pieces in the front. They were pink first then eventually green.
Pepa likes to embarrass Julieta by telling her kids she had an undercut once. Julieta will always deny it.
The triplets have a group chat. It’s called
“PB&J 🥜🧈🍇”
Pepa got called a milf once and asked Isabela what it meant. Dolores was screaming the entire time. Julieta knew what it meant but she wanted to watch it all go down.
Pepa isn’t allowed to watch Titanic.
Antonio ordered a bunch of toys and treats for his animals on Amazon and got his iPad taken away.
Camilo is more of an iPad kid than Antonio.
Luisa writes fanfiction. She’s really popular online.
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ghostjuicestudio · a day ago
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sorry the quality is ass but i had to get this out bc i love to make myself sad 😈
this song made me sob and i then realized bruno heard the whole thing😔😭😣 L in the chat for this guy (and all of us)
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Cousins: *acting like how cousins normaly do*
Proshippers: "they want to fuck so bad.."
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People are exhausting
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luna-s-journal · a day ago
POV: Someone made Luisa cry and her sisters find out
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the-ark-is-found-74 · 2 days ago
Encanto AU where Bruno dies and Mirabel finds his ghost and when he pauses for a moment and says "bye" instead of walking around her he walks through her.
Mirabel: Tío Bruno??? I thought you were dead?????
Bruno, still awkward and not wanting to answer questions:... Bye
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casiaorbis · 13 hours ago
Character development speedrun
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harryxdraco5576 · a day ago
What encanto characters would post on Instagram:
Mirabel: Random quotes, pictures of her family (mostly Antonio,) pictures of her and her parents, her clothes, random pretty things in town.
Isa: She’s an influencer, posts daily, kinda gives off Amelia vibes if you’ve ever watched bizardvark, her page inspires people to be imperfect, pretty plants she’s made, videos of her sisters.
Luisa: Barely posts, doesn’t really know what to post either, pictures of Isa and mirabel, does more commenting than posting.
Julietta: 47927381992747910109384656829 Pictures of her kids.
Agustin: Only has like 5 posts, is on the app to keep up with the pictures his wife posts.
Antonio: Too young to be on Instagram but if he was, purely pictures of animals
Camilo: Prank videos, posts a lot, selfies, has posted thirst traps (Pepa took them down, he put them back up,) he actually covers serious topics sometimes to.
Dolores: Not very active, mostly posts pictures of her and Mariano.
Pepa: On there to monitor Camilo, posts quotes sometimes.
Felix: Everyday poster, dad jokes, dance videos, always doing challenges and trends, loves to collab with Camilo.
Bruno: Doesnt really get the app, mostly posts really bad selfies of himself.
Abuela: 0 posts, she uses it to stalk her family.
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soogrart · a day ago
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Mireya loves spending time with Mirabel and abuela Alma, especially when they tell her stories about Casita or their homeland.
+ bonus, without text globes:
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ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ previous ‹ ❲ ꗄ ❳ › other illustrations
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carlaerosie · a day ago
this is how I think how Encanto characters would react to asking about their pronouns
Mirabel: she/her and you?
Isabela: she/her.
Luisa: I don’t have time for this
Dolores: she/her *squeaks*
Camilo: he/him *shrugs* whatever
Agustín: my name’s Agustín
Félix: whatever you want them to be (if Pepa asks) what’s that (if anyone different asks)
Pepa: depending on her mood it would be: woman ones :) or leave me alone or I will start raining
Julieta: she/her *gives the asker something to eat*
Bruno: I’m Colombian if that’s what you mean
Alma: female ones or I don’t have time for this
Mariano: I don’t know but if you really want to know you should ask Dolores - she knows everything about me
okay I’ve never thought I would actually do something like this but I’m currently kinda struggling with my own pronouns and I started thinking about Encanto characters’ pronouns and yeah
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clwnstim · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
encanto icons! (part three of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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bwall-7204 · 9 hours ago
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Mariano & Dolores in @c-rose2081 Flightless au💕 I just wanted to draw a soft moment between the two where Mariano is playing with Dolores wings :)) I also like to think he eventually wears one of her feathers in his hair😌😌
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a-gay-mushroom · a day ago
Antonio: The floor is lava! Luisa: *helps Dolores onto the counter* Isabela: *kicks Mirabel off the sofa* Camilo: *lays on the floor* Dolores: ...Are you okay? Camilo: No.
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tiandr · 17 hours ago
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🎼 I’m part of the Family Madrigal 🎼💃🏾✨
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missnmikaelson · a day ago
Hear me out.
Julieta and Agustín knew about Bruno.
I have evidence for my head canon.
They were the only ones who didn’t sing in anyway (except for Antonio who hadn’t been born when Bruno disappeared) to not sing during ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’.
When Julieta healed Mirabel she made three Arepe con queso. There was no need for that unless she knew there was someone else hungry. We later see Bruno holding up one of them when he says he’s got kitchen access.
I’m not saying Agustín knew Bruno was still in the house, but he definitely knew about the prophecy. He reacted too fast not to have known and jumped into covering by hiding the pieces.
Add to this that Luisa says she heard the ‘adults’ talking about some vision before Tio Bruno disappeared and that it had something to do with the magic, but nobody else seems to know that Bruno left because of a vision.
So, basically what I’m saying is I think Julieta and Agustín knew why Bruno left, and Julieta at least knew he was still there.
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leafschocolatemilk · 16 hours ago
so I watched encanto yesterday. life changing
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moonabonbrainrot · a day ago
When they
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