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alien-slushie-art · 15 days ago
Dolores: *overstimulated*
Mirabel: *hands her sound canceling headphones*
Camilo shifted into someone: *frowning at his reflection*
Mirabel: Camilo! *glomp* Come help me prank Isa!
Camilo, unshifting: Yes!
Luisa: *feeling overworked*
Mirabel: *hugs her* Wanna talk about it?
Julieta: *stress cooking*
Mirabel: Need some help Mama?
Isabella: *locked herself in her room because shes frustrated*
Mirabel: *slides a hand made card under the door* Love you!
Pepa: *gets stressed because shes trying not to Thunder*
Mirabel: Its okay to be upset. *hug*
Bruno: *is sad*
Mirabel: Tio Bruno wanna know what's in your future?
Bruno: What?
Mirabel: You and me sitting in that corner, watching Rat Novellas!
Antonio: Hows my gift supposed to help the village?
Mirabel: I'm not sure, so let's find out together!
Mirabel's Gift is being everyone else's rock, and seeing the best in them. It's like a sixth sense. If one of her family members is down she knows where they are and deploys helping maneuvers!
The Madrigals: This is Mirabel, our emotional support daughter/prima/sister/granddaughter!
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swedenis-h · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno and family
Tumblr media
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thenightwolf51 · a month ago
I wonder if Mirabel is the favorite Madrigal for most of the town.
Because while there's some obvious pity there for her being the only born Madrigal without a gift she's still, well, the only born Madrigal without a gift. The only Madrigal that's like the rest of them.
I mean clearly Encanto is a close community and they all love the Madrigal's for how they help the town but they're still a bunch of super powered people in an isolated place. It wouldn't surprise me if at some point down the line they started being looked at with some fear, like what was already happening with Bruno.
It's like that one post that talked about the potential of "Encanto Gothic" and the unsettlingness of the Madrigal's gifts. Like there are some things that can be turned to fear or can be used the see the family as gods.
Never say anything bad about the Madrigal's, they will always know. Your secrets are never really secret for she hears all.
Are you sure you really know who you're looking at? How can you ever be sure if it's truly your mother or friend you're speaking to. You see your brother joking and laughing with another you down the road, he doesn't seem to realize its not you.
Don't invoke the wrath of the middle triplet, lest you want a hurricane to appear at the drop of a hat and blow you away.
Dont upset the youngest, he may be all thats keeping the jaguar from eating us all.
Nothing can get in or out of Encanto thanks to those mountains, the Madrigal magic made sure of it.
But then you have Mirabel. Who's giftless like the rest of the town. Who is clumsy and a bit awkward. Who reminds them that the Madrigal's are still human. That they, while blessed with incredible abilities, aren't gods separate from everyone else.
While the town was probably very confused and concerned when Mirabel didn't get a gift, there was still likely some subconscious relief and a bit more appreciation for her.
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myreygn · a month ago
Sometimes Antonio rather talks to animals than to people, because they don't expect anything from him and keep all of his secrets.
Sometimes Camilo transforms into other people when they're alone, because it's one of those days when others have prettier hair, faces, bodies and when they can't stand themself.
Sometimes Dolores blasts her music so loud that it hurts her ears, because the air is whispering again and that last secret was just one too many.
Sometimes Mirabel hides in the walls and sits in the dark for hours, because Casita is always there for her and she has to disappear for just a little bit.
Sometimes Luisa lifts tables and wardrobes until her arms burn, because something has to keep her from thinking and she may or may not be losing control.
Sometimes Isabela dances through her room until she has to lie down, because it's one of those days when she can't afford to falter and doesn't dare to look into the mirror, in fear of seeing something wrong.
Sometimes Bruno looks a few minutes into the future, because maybe he will feel better by then and focusing on right now is exhausting to say the least.
Sometimes Pepa lets it rain on her head the whole day, because feeling cold and wet all alone is better than failing to fake sunshine and having other people suffer from her mood swings.
Sometimes Julieta eats all of the food she makes herself, because she feels like she's allowed to be selfish and maybe, one day, it will cure dark days.
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incorrect-encanto · 2 months ago
Towns guy: “So, what are your powers?”
Camilo: “I can shapeshift.”
Luisa: “I have super strength.”
Mirabel: “I can make good life decisions.”
Towns guy: “That’s not a-“
Luisa: “No, trust us. She’s our most important member.”
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twilight-zoned-out · 28 days ago
Just want to talk about Agustín and Bruno because they probably had an epic bro relationship before Bruno left.
The biggest implication for this is the scene when Agustín finds Mirabel with the jade square. The way Agustín reacts implies that he’s also clearly familiar with Bruno’s bad reputation and knows how the rest of the family, especially Abuela, will react to the square. But there’s no evidence that he ever treated or viewed Bruno according to that bad reputation - instead, when Agustín shows up to help set the table in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, he’s the only one who doesn’t join in on the singing. He was probably one of the few people who recognized that Bruno didn’t cause bad things to happen; Bruno just happened to see a lot of bad things.
Bruno and Agustín also share a lot of similar traits. They’re both somewhat clumsy/uncoordinated, have bad things consistently happen to them (Agustín, physically; Bruno, reputation-wise), and are very caring and protective about those they love.
He felt close enough to Bruno to include himself in the triplet hug when Bruno returns. It’s possible that Bruno and Agustín spent a lot of time together, especially if Bruno hung around Julieta when he wasn’t hidden away in his vision cave and when Julieta was home.
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batfamfucker · a month ago
I just realised.
Julieta's gift is making things that heal.
She made Mirabel. Who healed the family.
She made a person who heals
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How the Madrigal’s deal with their gifts
(and the problems that come with them)
She often finds herself cooking with no memory of when she started or what she is making. She can tell when someone isn’t eating enough and has these strange instincts of what people’s favourite and least favourite foods are. She can also tell if anyone has an allergies
Pepa was already an emotional child, but when she was younger, she would get really worried about losing control of her powers which would lead to her losing control of her emotions. If the weather isn’t caused by her, she is one of those people who can smell rain in the air, and just know when storms are coming.
He became very superstitious and also had OCD tendencies, such as touching a wall to prevent a new prophecy from happening. But, he could always tell when someone was going to ask someone else out and likes watching the people in the village accept their crushes.
She has to sit in the sun a lot, and is always drinking more water than she needs. She can get plant illnesses which she hates. When she was around eight, she caught the tobacco mosaic virus and everyone was really worried as there is no cure. Luckily, by sitting constantly in the sun and eating lots of her mums cooking, she got better but still has a few faded scars from it. Baby Mirabel thought they were so cool
Dolores gets overwhelmed by sound very easily. She has ear buds that she puts in her ears to block the worst of the sound but they aren’t always enough. She hears everything, so she can’t always look people in the eyes for several days at a time if she hears something. Her whole family have learnt basic sign language for days where she doesn’t want to talk
She loves being hugged. Because she is always seen as the strong one, she loves the feeling of someone else being the stronger person who hugs her instead. She also eats high energy foods all the time as she uses so much strength. Her mum always makes something with protein for her.
The only person who eats more than Luisa is Camilo. Because they change form a lot, it takes out a lot of energy. They prefer to sleep with a weighted blanket, as it makes it harder for them to change in their sleep. They obviously use they/them when they are themselves, but otherwise don’t really care what pronouns are used
Although she doesn’t have a power, she helps the others with theirs a lot
He sometimes forgets that people can’t understand his animals and tries to hold three way conversations. He has a tendency to eat raw food which makes his mother shriek every time. He often finds it hard to sleep at night as the nocturnal half of the rain forest come out
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starrmaiden · a month ago
I was rewatching encanto and I realised something. At the end, when Casita comes back to life & Mirabel gets her door, Félix and Agustín are on it too 😭
because they're just as much apart of the family even though they weren't born into it. they may not have gifts but they're all still Madrigals
Tumblr media
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jazzymarie1006 · 2 days ago
I absolutely adore Mirabel and Luisa's bond in the movie!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wish we got to see more of them
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leesbian42 · 17 days ago
au where mirabel do get a gift when she's five except it's just. being able to die and come back (and when she's dead she can kinda talk to others who's dead)
it's been fucking up Bruno's visions for a WHILE like he's just seen like 50 different ways Mirabel dies and he KNOWS it's all Correct but that's IMPOSSIBLE and he's just been really freaked out bc he thinks his gift is broken (and then the entire family freaks out too bc Bruno is freaked out)
and then Mirabel's ceremony happens and she just immediately passes out (dies) and everyone just absolutely PANICS like it's biggest chaos and panic the entire village has had (in a while or ever)
and then after a few minutes, Mirabel gets up as nothing and just "i talked to abuelo Pedro! he said I died! isn't it cool??' and everyone just. PANIC CONFUSION
meanwhile or a while later Bruno just goes 'oh. so that's what the visions meant. huh. wtf-'
and OF COURSE Mirabel constant plays the I Died card or "hey remember that time I died?" and you have to guess between like 20 different times just THAT YEAR
the entire thing would be chaotic as hell with angsty and/or crack and i just think it's really hilarious lmaoxbxjdbf
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tending-the-hearth · a month ago
Antonio saying “I need you” to Mirabel during his ceremony is probably the first time she’s heard anyone say that they need her and only her.
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caz-cina · a month ago
I think Bruno's gift of seeing into the future was not meant to be an omen, but rather a reassurance for Bruno himself.
He loves and worries about his family so much (especially his mother and sisters), and wanted to always see what was ahead so he could protect them from it. Thus it manifested into his gift.
Unfortunately, as Bruno is such a worrier and very superstitious, he was always nervous to see too far, or see the optimism as Mirabel does. So he grew to fear his gift as something that would only bring fear - the unknown. Coupled with the villagers also fearing the gift, also got to Bruno's head. Thus it ended up something that lost its intended purpose.
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thenightwolf51 · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
I just noticed that while all the other grankids spin in unison and do the same dance, Mirabel's spin is delayed and shes dancing a bit differently.
Let me just have a moment of reading too much into it, but this kinda reminds me of their gifts. Everyone else all got their gifts and doors when they were 5 and then we have Mirabel who didn't get her door (because i count the front door when Casita is restored as hers) until she's 15 and doesn't have a gift (though i do like the think that she does). So her dance is just as out of sinc as she is with "madrigal tradition"
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the-meme-monarch · 26 days ago
sorry I’m thinking abt encanto rn . spoilers ahead
i see a lot of people talking abt “so why didn’t mirabel receive a gift?” and like. yeah bruno’s vision abt her not needing one to be special and she uses that to show her family that they’re more than their gifts and also her and abuela being foils but like. i think it was the first sign of the encanto fading. and we see casita is like. kinda sentient? how it like. talks to/responds to mirabel and acts with them all to help them out. i think it couldn’t give mirabel a gift as a child bc the encanto had started to fade and it made sure it didn’t do the same thing to antonio, and that caused it to start breaking that night bc it had exerted itself
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twilight-zoned-out · a month ago
I’ve been thinking about Bruno’s tower. Maybe it started out with a reasonable amount of stairs, but as the years grew on and Bruno felt worse and worse about his gift, Casita made the stairway grow longer so less people would come.
Maybe the stairs lengthened so people would stop asking him trivial or obvious questions. I can’t imagine people climbing up all those stairs just to ask about gaining weight or balding hair. Bruno probably got bombarded with those kinds of questions in his early days. Maybe Casita noticed the strain and increased the stairs so people would stop asking him about every little thing.
Also, Bruno is theatrical, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who’d want the walls of his workplace lined with scary stone engravings of himself - I wonder if that was also a Casita move. Maybe the carvings were added to dissuade people from coming unless necessary, but the scary images ended up backfiring and furthering his bad reputation in town.
On the other hand, I wonder how long the stairs got before Bruno began to look for different ways to get around the house. If Casita was trying to help Bruno, it probably built some secret backdoor in his room to help him get down to the kitchen fast or something
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aetherdecember · 13 days ago
Mirabel: ...
Camilo: *pouring a cup of tea*
Mirabel: *takes a breath*
Camilo: Okay, I’m ready
Mirabel: When were you gonna tell me Bruno activates his gift like a glow stick?!?!
Camilo: *tea has now spilled all over the table* HE WHA-?!
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pelicantownfelon · 23 days ago
raising a bunch of super powered children is hard enough and I know alma is like a layered character with a lot of different reasons for why she does things but I think making sure her kids were "useful" was just a way to idk manage their abilities at first
like just solely focusing on getting pepa to practice being sunny instead of exploring the full extent of her abilities bc she still had to take care of bruno and julieta and the whole village and she didn't have time to figure out how big an area Pepa could affect or what types of weather she could do or if she could maintain multiple different forecasts across a large area
it was confirmed on Twitter that bruno's little ritual is just how he centers himself when he's looking into the future back to back and he was probably just taught to identify something and hand the vision over and move onto the next person in line which of course isn't a healthy thing to put a child through but alma didn't have any time to practice bruno's vision or find out how far into the future he could see so he just focused on finding one thing and moving onto the next person
once julieta's gift was finally determined she definitely got a little more attention than her siblings bc having someone that can magically heal anything in the new town you're building is probably very useful, but alma still probably just practiced some toddler safe recipes with her for awhile bc she was FIVE and then julieta learned the rest of her recipes and herb knowledge from the chefs and botanists in the village
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aizawa-yamada-shinsou · 25 days ago
Do you think Mirabel had a Quinceanera?
No because just think, she was always pushed aside and forgotten so what if?
What if her birthdays never were the big parties that her sisters and cousins got but she was so sure that her 15th would be different? 
What if she spend weeks, no months painstakingly making a dress that she was sure Abuela would approve of?
What if during every meal leading up to her birthday she waited with baited breathe hoping, praying that discussion of her birthday would be brought up?
What if each time she, or her parents tried to bring it up they were talked over?
What if she held out hope until the day of, only for the breakfast announcments to be all about Antonio’s birthday coming up in only a few short weeks, and the preperations needed to make it a grand day?
What if?
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firebirdsdaughter · a month ago
… Still very tired, but still have Encanto thoughts.
Bruno’s excitement about Mirabel hugging Isabella. How badly has he wanted to hug his own sisters for years only he convinces himself he’ll never be able to.
While it ultimately may have helped in shocking her to awareness, Bruno ghosting probably did a number on Alma as well??? She watches her husband die, then years later not only does it look like their safety net is faltering, but then her son vanishes the same night. She doesn’t know where he is or if he’s even alive. That must have weighed on her extra and made her even more desperate to keep things the same.
Pepa, too. It might be me projecting, but I feel like Bruno’s the type to assume someone hates him forever after one fight and just never tries to fix it. I’m sure Pepa got mad about the wedding thing, and he responded by running away and avoiding her. Meanwhile, she’s got her own anxiety and the whole mood effecting the weather stuff to deal w/. Maybe after simmering for a while, she tried to rethink and bridge the gap, but Bruno was too convinced he’d ruined them forever to accept. Meanwhile, Pepa starts having kids, she’s also under pressure from their mother. Maybe she thought he didn’t want anything to do w/ her anymore. Then, he disappears. And for a woman who clearly has intense emotions, stress, and mood swings, and those moods cause actual physical damage/weather effects, who has young children, trying to manage her own family, also under pressure… What’s easier? Dealing w/ the overwhelming pain and fear of her younger twin brother having disappeared, not knowing where he is or if he’s even alive, w/ perhaps even the creeping guilt that it might be her fault for getting mad at him that time… Or simplifying the situation down to ‘well he ruined my wedding and caused bad things to happen.’ Was she upset about the wedding? Probably. But that in no way means she’d stop loving him. But considering the way her emotions cause storms, insisting even to herself that she’s more angry at him than terrified for/grieving him is easier. Less lingering. Less painful. That’s why, when he comes back, that fight doesn’t matter anymore. Bc in reality, it stopped mattering probably not terribly long after it happened, they were both just too socially awkward and stressed out by other things to fully communicate that. But after he disappeared, the anger was probably the only thing that helped her counter missing him or blaming herself. Provides a simple answer for the kids about why she gets so upset about hearing his name. Helps her keep it together enough to raise her children, deal w/ her mother. That’s why it’s her go to answer. Bc if she thinks about the good stuff, she might lose control.
On a lighter note, Felix’s face right at the start of that song. That its the face of a man who knows his wife is about to start talking. He’s already in position while she’s still shushing Mirabel. Also I just love Felix, his design and animations are a delight and his voice acting is perfect.
Mirabel singing about a ‘new foundation’ in the finale… She’s the new foundation. She’s Alma’s successor. Again, I understand why no one made the connection in universe, esp when the door vanished, but Alma doesn’t have any powers. And that makes sense, that the ‘pillar’ of the family wouldn’t have any, bc when you have magic, it’s consuming. Like that’s the whole point. She’s very different from Alma, yes. But we also see Alma getting involved w/ the work in the village, gift or not gift, she’s the one they turn to in concern. She’s basically the mayor, for lack of a better comparison. Everyone just got so focused on the magic powers, they forgot that. Mirabel’s connection to Casita just further convinces me of it. The house even tries to help her hide the vision that’s supposedly of its destruction.
Mirabel and Dolores having that stare down across the dinner table. Family energy.
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