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hopepunk-fanfics · 4 months ago
Encanto Imagine: How do they act around their crush?
Bruno: VERY flustered. Red a tomato around you, especially if you’re directly interacting with him. If you ever do interact with him, he’s like a deer in the headlights. He can’t imagine someone like you would actually want to interact with him. You’re perfect in his eyes, and he stares at you in awe a lot. Daydreams about you a lot, but refuses to have visions about you because he doesn’t want to see something he doesn’t like. Gets pretty awkward around you and makes jokes that don’t quite make sense, but also has really down-to-earth moments as your bond grows. Is always looking out for you. Gets very protective because he never wants anything bad to happen to you, and he’s kinda scared it will.
Mirabel: Delightfully dorky around her crush. I feel like her love language is gift giving, so she’d probably give you a bunch of things then try to play it off all cool. But you can tell she’s so flustered on the inside. Probably rants to her Mom about you a lot, since she thinks you’re so amazing. If you reciprocate her feelings she gets pretty red in the face and is more flustered than usual. Also has a habit of daydreaming and looking at you. She confides and you and insists that you do the same.
Luisa: Is constantly trying to help you out. She’s always been busy with chores, so if she takes the time to help and hang out with you, she means business. She takes her relationship with you very seriously. Luisa tries not to rant about you that much, but sometimes she can't help herself and seeks out Isabela or Mirabel to get it off her chest. She talks very fast around you because she’s nervous and that’s how she shows it. Her chest and ears are always a little red around you. Also, she definitely shows off a bit by lifting the heaviest things when you're around, just to impress you. She’s a dork, please love her.
Isabela: You’re, like, the first person she’s known who can make her flustered. Constantly accidentally growing flowers when she’s nervous around you. You know that scene where she sprouts flowers in her hair after hearing Mariano wants 5 kids? That’s her whenever she’s around you. Isabela surprises you with the prettiest flowers whenever she can, and is constantly trying to show off and act her best around you. But her favorite moments are when she can let loose and be herself around you, and she finds that you still like her anyways. Once you told her she didn’t need to act perfect around you and she got so flustered, it made her feel so special. Will 100% fight anyone who says bad things about you, she is perpetually ready to throw hands. Calls you cute nicknames like ‘Princesa’ a lot.
Dolores: Quite shy around you, but when you do interact with her she’s pretty good at dropping hints. Well, not really hints, because that girl can’t keep a secret to save her life. It’s pretty clear when she’s crushing because Dolores has no filter. Her favorite thing to compliment is your voice, because she’s always listening for it. She can hear you from miles away so she likes to listen in and see how you’re doing. If you’re having a hard day she can be very stubborn about getting to help you, she really wants to comfort you. I think she’s a little more guarded than the younger ones, so she always listens for anything suspicious. Of course, when she doesn’t hear you doing anything wrong, she falls even harder. She constantly advocates for you.
Camilo: Aside from Dolores, he’s lowkey the coolest around his crush. Though sometimes when he’s around you, he randomly shapeshifts from the nerves. Tries to laugh it off though. Makes a ton of flirty jokes, but refuses to play pranks on you. You’re that special to him. Does kind of mess with you, just to see your reaction though. He surprisingly gets kinda shy sometimes, particularly on harder days, and that’s when his nerves act up. May even lowkey avoid you on bad days because he wants to be his best around you. Definitely shows off with his shapeshifting, like 100%. He smiles a lot when you're around, like the biggest dopey grin and heart eyes ever. He also lowkey gets kinda jealous but doesn’t show it much since he doesn’t want you to find him weird.
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somethinginthethunder · 3 months ago
Okay okay but what about hcs abt madrigal grandkids reacting to saying you like them back, huh?? Thank you in advance
``reacting to you liking them back``
getting rejected
notes: aha angst????? what's that???????
warnings: none!
-hides her excitement
-oh you like her back? no problem. it's- it's chill. she's definitely not dying on the inside or anything, yk?
-if you agreed to go out with her she'd be over the moon, the only thing on her mind afterward being how the date was going to go and how she was going to dress and plan for it.
-if you ever stopped looking directly at her she'd probably fist-pump the air, little blossoms of plants and flowers sprouting in the ground along with her.
-the rest of the day she'd just have a happy dazed look in her eyes, the smile never leaving her face.
-if mirabel or camilo ever starting teasing her for it she'd get flushed and tell them to shut up, her face reddening as she literally pushes them out of her room where she was daydreaming about you and her together.
-just a wholesome woman :) she gets excited, too, but it's much more mellow
-honestly more of a relieved feeling as well, since she wasn't really expecting you to actually like her back.
-when you told her you reciprocated her feelings there would be a lot of stuttering and nervous words from her.
-"o-oh! really? I-i didn't think you'd actually, um," her voice would trail off from there as she nervously rubbed the back of her neck.
-this is where'd you'd step in and ask her out, with her saying yes of course
-when the two of you parted ways for the day she'd go straight to her room and then just scream into a pillow, taking in a deep breath once she got it all out of her system
-would be much more open about her happiness
-first thing she'd say after you said you liked her too was, "YES LET'S GO!"
-when she realizes what she just said she'd awkwardly lower her arms and try to laugh it off as if you didn't just make her the happiest girl in the world.
-"i mean, uh, yeah," she said quickly. "nice, nice."
-like camilo, the kind of person to lean against a chair to act calm and collected but end up missing and just falling onto her side
-finds it hard to meet your eyes but once she gains the courage she'll ask you out <3
-will be thinking about you for the rest of the day and everyone notices it, especially julieta.
-she thinks it's endearing, adoring the way in which her daughter was acting
-the most calm response!!
-would also be relieved like luisa, but i don't think it'd be out of insecurity like her. more like just... anticipation.
-she's usually a quiet talker because of her gift but when you told her you liked her as well she'd probably talk the loudest she had ever in awhile!
-also the most forward about it! just confidently asks you if you want to go on a date with her, a hopeful shine in her eye
-could not bring herself to leave you alone after you say yes, hanging out with you for the rest of the day
-just wants to be in your presence, and if she can't then she'll just tune into your voice and listen to you for awhile
-like mirabel trying to be suave and cool but like... 10x worse
-please help this poor boy
-visibly relaxes when he hears you confess to liking him back, that stupidly charming smile only brightening
-thinks he's acting all smooth while asking you out on a date but in reality he's much more awkward than he thinks
-you still think it's cute, though, so of course you say yes
-would probably kiss the back of your hand once you part ways for the day, making sure to really take in your face before going back home
-if someone startles him for the rest of the night he'll accidentally transform into you since you were all he could think about anymore, earning a teasing from his entire family
-totally worth it, though
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larrythe1st · 4 months ago
y/n, walking into their own house: hello, people who do not live here
camilo: hey.
isabela: hi.
dolores: hello.
mirabel: hey!
y/n: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only!
camilo: we were out of doritos
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bozowrites · 4 months ago
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
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Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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luna-writes-stuff · 4 months ago
The Madrigal family’s love languages
Includes Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Bruno, Camilo and Dolores
Just to be safe: Mirabel and Camilo are canonically 15 in the movie, and I really did debate on whether or not I wanted to include them, so please, don’t make anything creepy of it. Thank you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words of affirmation, definitely. He’d call you so many names, that you forget which ones are used as a joke and which ones are for genuine affection. You could make an entire essay about the nicknames he had given you within a week.
He isn’t that private when it comes to relationships either, so he has no problem walking with you around Encanto while constantly gushing over the way you look or the way you walk. He’d be right beside you the entire time, telling you things such as ‘Your hair looks amazing today’ or ‘your hand is really soft’. Has the need to remind you how much he loves you every five minutes.
Tumblr media
Quality time. She gets overstimulated quite easily thanks to hear enhanced hearing, so when she finds some alone time, all she really wants to do is just sit next you while she’s reading a book or simply staring out of the window. It takes out a lot of her energy, but she truly enjoys being around you, even when there is not much to do.
She does really enjoy walks around the Encanto where there aren’t any people. It is necessarily quiet, but it’s a lot calmer. She can really find her rest in the places between the mountains. Usually, it’ll be just the two of you at those occasions. She’ll try to keep you talking because she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in the silence, but in all truth; you don’t really mind. You know silence is something she doesn’t get very much of, so you’ll let her enjoy of it every second that you can.
Tumblr media
Gifts. I’m not talking about the big, ‘look what I bought for you’ gifts. Small things. Such as leaving little notes around your room, having already prepared your cup of coffee/tea in the morning, sewing together broken clothes that you do not want to get rid of etc. etc.
Since he spent a lot of time in isolation, he picked up some pretty diverse skills he somehow always managed to use; candle making, knitting, embroidery, calligraphy….he even knows how to build his own guitar from scratch. He loves surprising you with any new gift. Or sort of gift. Your favorite thing you had gotten from his was a self made blanket, that turned out way too gigantic thanks to Bruno’s enthusiastic knitting. So now you have to share the blanket with him. Such a shame….
Tumblr media
Physical affection. It is obvious she really enjoys hugs, but any form of physical connection would make her happy. She has the constant need to simply hold your hand, run her fingers through your hair, shower your face in kisses or simply wrap her arms around you. She is very patient if you are not comfortable with the constant affection, but she always finds a way to merely connect your pinky with hers.
Words of affirmation. I couldn’t really decide on one love language, so I used two. Just like Camilo, she loves to remind you how much she loves you throughout the day. And though she often does this with hugs and cuddles, she simply needs to express herself verbally at times. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. She simply needs to. She might love you more than she loves herself.
Tumblr media
Acts of service. While you have told her that she has nothing to prove to you, the lingering thought of ‘never being good enough’ and ‘I have to prove my worth’ is constantly on her mind. She can’t just switch it off. Certainly not for someone she holds closest to her heart. But she does slow down on it around you.
She does not push herself as hard as she usually does, and the acts of service usually consist out of clearing place on the couch or bringing you a snack so you won’t have to walk. And you do tell her to sit down once in a while, but she has trouble getting herself out of that mind set. It’s a process that takes some time, but eventually, she will let it go around you. And the patience is totally worth it when you see the look on her face when you are the one to bring her the snacks from the kitchen while she lays down on the couch.
Tumblr media
Gifts. Isabela enjoys leaving special plants for you anywhere and everywhere. And while the whole town is in bloom thanks to her, you know exactly when something is meant for you and when not. For example; when she discovered a new plant to bloom, she’ll plant it in your room. You’ll be the first one to see the thing from the entire town. Or she will grow a wall filled with your favorite flowers, or plants that hold a special memory to you. She knows what she’s doing.
Quality time. Once again, torn between two love languages. Before her talk with Mirabel, she would just sit down next to you and rant about everything that was going on, simply needing a listening ear. After the whole events of Encanto though, she would love to run around the town with you, finding new places for her plants to grow. She refuses to let anything bloom without showing it to you first. It’s a whole trial you go through, but it’s a wonderful experience to share.
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 4 months ago
How the Madrigals Would React to Seeing You in Encanto for the First Time - Pt. 1
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: No
[Word Count: 941]
The Madrigals are used to seeing most citizens of Encanto frequently, so it's always a shock when they see someone new. They just weren't expecting for that person to be so stunning.
- My first Encanto piece because I'm lowkey scared to write for this movie. It's short for that same reason, sorry! -
Pt. 2
Camilo and Mirabel involved, 18+ DON'T READ THEIR PARTS (they're last)
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She was just helping out with moving carts around when she saw you out of the corner of her eye
After doing a double take, she almost dropped the cart she had in her hand
You were the most stunning person she had ever seen
Luisa instantly became mesmerized with how you moved, elegantly and with purpose as you looked about the Encanto
When you looked back at her and smiled, Luisa felt her heart stop for a moment
She wanted to go up to you and say something, anything, but her mind had drawn a blank
And so she just stared as you turned and walked down the opposite road, waving at passersby as you went
She didn’t stop thinking about you for the rest of the day, running through speeches in her head so that next time she saw you, she would have something to say
Through the haze of countless purple and pink flower petals, Isabela almost didn’t see you at first
Once the curtain fell, though, you were the first person her eyes went to
You were just a member of the crowd, watching and cheering along with everyone else, but you stood out enough to catch her eye
You seemed to glow as if you were made of the sun itself, illuminating your frame as you clapped for her show
She would never admit it, but Isabela knows that a few mismatched flowers sprouted along the length of her hair when you smiled at her
After the kids had run off to go be entertained by Camilo, Isabela rushed towards you to make her standard greeting
For some reason she couldn’t explain, she fumbled with her words for a moment, stuttering as you took her hand to shake
Dolores watched the whole thing, and needless to say, the whole Madrigal family was instantly in on the plan to get their dear Isabela to talk to this mysterious newcomer
The commotion of Encanto tends to keep Dolores away, but something compelled her to visit just this one day
As she was wandering about, picking out certain fruits for Julieta to cook with, she accidentally bumped into someone at a stand
Dolores turned to apologize, but the words got caught in her throat when she made eye contact with you
Time seemed to move slower than usual as you smiled at her, apologizing for running into her
“No, no, I’m sorry for bumping into you,” Dolores said, her quiet voice even softer than usual
You and her actually struck up a conversation, and Dolores realized just how easy it was for her to talk to you. It felt natural, and she instantly got a sense of safety just from this one moment with you
When you parted ways, Dolores couldn’t get you off of her mind, even spilling her own secret to her family at dinner that night
She would later send Camilo out to search for you while he did his chores so he could tell you that Dolores wishes to see you again, and that she wanted to invite you to a dinner at their Casita
Camilo was supposed to be entertaining the kids when you stopped by
He shifted back into himself, watching with a slightly parted mouth as one of the children he was playing with ran into the arms of the most enchanting person he had ever seen
You stood, chuckling at your younger sibling, and thanked him for watching over them
Camilo nodded numbly before he came to his senses, literally shaking himself out of it
He caught you before you could get too far away, gently grabbing you by the shoulder and introducing himself
You two hit it off better than Camilo expected, and you even stuck around to help him handle the kids while he went off to help with some more chores he had around Encanto
When he returned, Camilo thanked you profusely, and offered to meet up with you again sometime
While on the surface it looked like a smooth way to ask for you to hang out with him more, Camilo’s face was probably hotter than a summer’s day and he was fighting the urge to shift bodies just so he wasn’t sweating as badly
When he watched you walk away with your little sibling in tow, he couldn’t help shifting into you, completely lost in thought (the kids loved this and now refuse to stop mocking him for it, much to Camilo’s dismay)
Mirabel figured that day to be just like all the others until she saw you talking to a sweet old lady that seemed to be pointing out the way to somewhere
She watched as you thanked the lady and turned to leave before she came to her senses and scrambled to follow you, insisting that it wasn’t in a creepy way or anything and she just wanted to say hi
You heard her footsteps and abruptly stopped, spinning on your heel to be met face-to-face with Mirabel Madrigal - her glasses askew and fists clenching the fabric of her skirt
Mirabel hastily introduced herself with a nervous grin, violently extending her hand for a shake
You could tell she was nervous but humored her, acting like this was any old greeting (which you had been doing lots of as of late)
You explained that you were new to Encanto and that your family had moved here only a week ago, to which Mirabel offered to show you around
When you accepted, Mirabel waited for you to turn around before holding a mini-celebration with herself, quickly fist bumping the air
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squeamishdionysus · 4 months ago
Could I get maybe some Encanto cuddle headcanons for Mirabel and a short reader?
Cuddles with Mirabel and a short reader!
Tumblr media
So, Mirabel herself isn't exactly the tallest in comparison to the rest of her family, so she will definitely be thrilled to have a partner who is even just a bit shorter than her.
If you need help reaching for something or need some assistance, she'll be like "don't worry babe! I'm the tall one after all" and then have to ask for help from one of her sisters/the Casita because she also can't reach it.
Yeah, she's a dork, but she's your dork.
Anyways, I think Mirabel is a huge cuddle bug!
She totally cuddled with Antonio when he was little, whether it was for his nap time or if he got scared in the middle of the night and just needed somebody to hug him.
She will absolutely tackle you into a hug and just squeeze the living daylights out of you.
Because she's taller, she will 100% rest her head on top of yours, she's the big spoon here all the way.
But sometimes, when she's feeling down and just need some reassurance... please hold this girl, she needs it.
Will she make you a stuffed animal to join the two of you during cuddles? Uh, absolutely.
It will probably be a capybara or another leopard like she gave Antonio, and she will absolutely say it's your child.
She is just like her mama in that if your upset while you cuddle, she will shower you in praise while kissing you all over your face.
Omg you taking off her glasses because she's falling asleep!?!? Absolutely!
Casita will absolutely make sure nobody can disturb y'all while y'all sleep.
Unless it's Abuela or Julieta.
If her mama walks in on the two of you snuggling, she will absolutely do a high pitched "awww" and just gush over the two of you.
"Oooh, my baby's all grown up!!"
"Mama! Please, we're trying to sleep!"
If you two fall asleep, you won't wake up in a cutesy "in eachother's arms" way.
You both will be drooling, your hands have made Mirabel's hair a mess and you're both so tangled up in each other that if one of you tries to get up, you'll probably fall out of the bed.
Overall, Mirabel is an awesome cuddler, and I think she would love having a short partner to just snuggle the life out of.
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iyahpostsstuff · 3 months ago
I just think their neat
Tumblr media
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lunatic-flores · 3 months ago
Doctor : Quick! You're bleeding to death, what's your type!?
(Y/N) *coughing* : The Madrigals.
Doctor : What——
(Y/N) *Dying* : The Madrigals.
Doctor :
La familia Madrigal :
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your-girl-mj · 3 months ago
When you didn't say I love you back [Madrigals x gn!reader]
Summary: Isabela, Camilo, Mirabel, and Antonio's reaction when you didn't say I love you back.
note: each character has their own scenarios. Antonio's scenario is platonic, don't worry.
created: February 1, 2022
published: February 14, 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— ISABELA feeds her pitcher plant Nepenthes, as she talks about her day from the town, her room glows when she purposely make palm trees beneath her and doing parkour to her messy painted bed, where you lie, reading a book.
"I didn't know Citronella can be used as a repel to mosquitoes. Mamà didn't approve it though, she said it's dangerous to the lungs." She shouted, as she bounced off the bed and swing by a vine.
"Did you take the plants down?", you inquired, looking umbothered of the chaos that is happening in front of you.
"Yep, I planted them somewhere else, where no one can find it." The madrigal finally lied on her own bed, out of breath from all the jumping, as the adrenaline is still in her body.
You put the book down, before pulling her closer to you—you can feel her beating beating fast from the stunts she pull earlier. You guys stayed there, in each other's arms before you remembered Mirabel's dare about try not saying "I love you" or she's gonna make you eat a week old chilli, she makes sure it's very spicy and smells horrible.
You thought of a plan on how to avoid of her saying the 3 words since she always expects you to say it back considering that you're the one who said it first when you started dating. You were lucky that Isabela doesn't say "I love you" much, only when you're about to leave.
"Mi flor?" She called out, "I love you."
Your eyes widen, unexpecting her to say it out of blue. "Hmm? Why all the sudden?" You chuckle, wanting to finish this thing as soon as possible.
Not gonna lie, her voice is sweeter than the honey itself, so whenever you heard her say it you were in heaven.
"I just think I don't say it much, I just want you to know how grateful I am to have you." She paused, cuddling closer. "So, I love you, [name]."
"Oh, um—" words got caught on your throat, you want to, you really do! But Dolores will snitch on you just because. "—thank you..?"
You know you messed up, when she pulled away from you with an angered look. "Thank you?!" She repeated, "that's seriously all you can say to my confession?!"
But the chilli- was all you can think about, is it really worth it though? Yes, she's so adorable with that puffed cheeks and frown brows. Before you could reply, you're being dragged out by a vine with thorns so you can't free yourself.
"No, no, no, no, wait! Cariño! I can explain- aah!" The Madrigal lifted you upside down, putting you a little close to her face. The position made you a little light head, and the swinging of the vine did not help at all.
"Explain then, this better be good." Isabela crossed her arms, you can't lie, she's beautiful as ever. "Well?"
"You're very pretty, isa." The said girl still had her guard up, yet the redness of her cheeks betrayed her tough look. "Aww, you're blushING-" your words came halt, as her vines tighten, causing you to gasp for air. The plant loose a bit, just for you to be comfortable but still unable to escape. She doesn't want to hurt you.
"You said you're gonna explain, so explain," she paused, leaning back a bit. "Why didn't you say, I love you back?"
"You wanna hear it so bad, amor?" You continued to tease, your lips twitch upwards into a smirk.
Isabel's gaze soften a bit, looking around, then to her dress, then to your face that she admired the most, "is it the sudden change...?" She questioned, gesturing her room as well as her clothes, her big brown eyes staring at you, waiting for your reaction.
The girl in blue was about to speak once again, but you cut her off, leaning your body towards her. "What?! No! What makes you say that?! You're beautiful inside and out, Isa!" You assured, brows frowned in disbelief, your sudden move cause the vine to swing you. "Y'know that I love you for you, I admit you're pretty in the past, but I found this version much beautiful and better! Okay, cariño?" The warm tone of your voice, when you utter your last assurement, had Isabela believe that you will always be there for her.
But that doesn't explain, why you don't say I love you back. "If that's not the reason, then why can't you say I love you back?" Before you could reply with an excuse, the door was kicked open and a small squeak can be heard from behind mirabel.
"You said it back! You're eating that chilli [name]! HAHA!"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— You and CAMILO are hanging out in your house, just the usual. What the shape-shifter didn't know is that you're gonna do something he's not expecting. Mirabel, Isabela, as well as Dolores rant about how horrible Camilo's pranks are, and you are his only weakness.
The super-hearing told you about his secret and only he should know, but once slipped when he forgot to check if his sister is asleep. Dolores heard her brother mimicking your voice, and shape-shifting a lot at 12 am. Camilo would either compliment himself or say I love you, in your form and voice. Then proceeded to scream in his pillow, since he found you adorable.
Yes, he's so whipped about you, and not saying I love you back will ruin his pretty little heart.
The two sisters however, want something unforgivable like pranking him about breaking up with you. But of course, you refuse. You don't want to see him so heartbroken.
"Camilo!" Someone called out the window, "we need an extra hand! Is it okay if you help us?" Señor Jòse shouted, a hand cupped over his mouth.
"¡Sì, señor! Be right there!" The boy replied, strolling forward towards you he gave you his goodbye kiss on the forehead. "I won't be long, Cariño. I'll be back before you know it!" Beaming when he feel you lean into his kiss. "I gotta go now, see you later amor! I love you!" He voiced out, already out of the door but slowing his steps just so he can hear you say-
"okay, bye!" Huh? Where are his favorite words?
"Amor, I'm leaving!" Camilo called out, poking his head out of your door, pouting.
"Okay, take care!"
"Bye! Te amoooo~!" He announced, bring out the last letter, while pretending to leave outside.
"Bye~" you said, trying to hide your smile, he's so cute. You can hear him stomping towards your room once again.
"I love you!"
"I know, you can go now!"
"Bye~ love you!" The shape-shifter waited for your response as he walk outside of your room, but only received silence. Running back, Camilo dived into your bed, erupting a small scream from you, hugging your waist. "[Nicknaaaaame]! Say it baaaack!"
"Say what back?" Forcing yourself to not laugh, as he lightly shake your form while whining a bit.
"I love you! Say it back," he paused, looking up to you. "Please?"
Finally breaking, you utter his favorite words, "I love you too, corazón." Is he satisfied? Yes, yes he is. He's still pouting though.
"Don't do that again, you scared me!" He whined, burying his face into your body. "I mean it..."
"I won't, I'm sorry. The girls made me do it," you sheepishly grinned at him, worried what he will do.
"The girls?! Uuuugh," groaning, he sat up and pulled you into a quick kiss before speaking, "please don't do that again, I won't be harsh to them just please don't do that, you scared me cariñoooo. Te amo."
"yo también te amo, camilo."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— Camilo and Carlos had this amazing idea in their head and want see how long it will last, and knowing their cousin: MIRABEL had a significant other that's willing to play along.
"Mira! Remember when [name] suddenly scared you, and you ruin your skirt?" Camilo smirk to himself, approaching his cousin who's helping the townspeople with their chores.
"Yea, why?" The glass-eyed responded, she really doesn't mind it, she knows it's an incident.
"Nothing really, I just had an idea of a perfect prank for your oh-dear-lover," Mirabel can see the mischief in his eyes, and can't help but became curious.
Your pranks to her aren't a big deal, if she look back at it— it looks kinda funny. But finally getting back at you, she's so down. "I'm in!"
You were minding your business cooking meals for your family, when Carlos shows up outside the window near your cooking station. "Yo."
"Hola, Carlos. What brings you here?" You greeted, focusing on the food in front of you.
" just wanting to know, do you remember when Mira ate all your favorite food and said it was an incident?" The troublemaker knows that he will get into a lot of trouble, but still think the drama will be worth it.
"Mhm, what about it?" It clear as day it was an incident, you out to the bathroom and suddenly your food is also missing. Mirabel admit she ate it, claimed it's not her intention, and proceeded to cook another one for you. You didn't mind that she ate it, but the girl still insist to cook since she felt bad, and you let her be.
"That wasn't an incident, she it on purpose and had a bet with me that you'll believe her if she pretend to be guilty." He saw your movement halt for a second before continuing your work, the boy wondered why you have an amused expression.
You didn't believe him, just shock how he can came up with a lie like that, you know your mirabel and she wouldn't do anything anything to make you look bad. "Okay? So?"
" 'So?' Aren't you feeling a little bit betrayed that she make a fool out of you?" The heterochromia pushed, getting a little frustrated when his words didn't have an affect on you.
"Not really, she's still my Mirabel."
Carlos think of another idea to make you do the prank he's planning with his brother, when it finally entered his mind, he quickly proposed. "Wanna play triple dog dare?"
"Why so sudden?" Beaming when your food is done.
"You asked a lot of questions," he paused. " I triple dog dare you to not say I love you to Mirabel until she says it."
Your suspicious gaze fell on him, but payed no mind at all. Noticing that you're hesitant to do it, he did his old thing. "You do realize, that she only say it back after you did it first, right?"
He's not trying to ruin your relationship, he just wants to remind you guys that even if things got out of hand, you can fix it together and no one will get in your way.
Carlos noticed that you didn't utter anything after that, which made him a bit concerned but didn't show it. "I'll do it." You replied.
it's been a week, it felt like the words "I love you" didn't exist. Mirabel accept the prank so she can finally get back to all the pranks you did to her, she didn't think you wouldn't say it at all. You always remember, you always say it. Did she say something wrong? Did something that will make you mad?
You on the other hand, is rethinking Carlos' words. So it is true, she won't say it, until you do. It's been a week, yet those words never come out of her mouth.
"Can we talk?"
"I want to talk to you."
You both said at the same time, both of your words gave the other a mini heart attack, is this it? Is this going to end here?
once again, your words are in sync. You, being the bigger person, you let her speak first. The girl fidget with her fingers before muttering, "camilo had this plan about pranking you, and I thought it will be easy since you always said it, almost everyday, and i didn't think you wouldn't said it at all!" She played it cool, and fall into your arms, embracing you, knowing that you will catch her no matter what.
You laugh at her words, finally clicking what the twins did. "Wanna know a secret?"
"Shoot!" She replied, and immediately stood up straight after you told her what happen with you and carlos, and what you assumed the two did. "Those little—! CAMILO, CARLOS!!"
Let's just say they're both injured at the end of the day.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This antonio oneshot is base on the fanfic from ao3, "sibling stealer" i love the story, i just had to)
— you're ANTONIO'S babysitter since he was 2, his family have no time for him due to always busy with the town, he grown into thinking you're his older sibling.
His favorite moments with you is reading him bed time stories, all kinds of genres from small mice to flying dragons. Of course you always make sure it's kid-friendly before reading it to him. He also likes it when Mirabel and his older brother joined the story telling.
One thing that he always remember is, you always say good nights and love yous to him before tucking him to bed. Even if he's 5 now and have a literal jaguar next to him. You always remember.
Though things went a different turn when you started to date his brother. He's more happy than ever, knowing well that you're gonna be his family. He didn't think much of it when you don't spend that much time with him, and always stuck with his brother.
He didn't mind it at the first few weeks, you rarely read to him, you rarely tuck him to bed. At least you still say i love yous to him as always, it became a reminder to him that you will always love him even if you're not always there.
But after he witness his brother steal you again, he became pouty and ignore him. Camilo noticed this and promised him to share you once a week, he didn't intentionally steal his brother's babysitter and want to make it up to it.
It was around 9 pm in the little boy's room. You, Camilo, as well as Antonio are sitting on the floor making drawings. You made sure that it was the same as always. Few of his animal friends scattered all over the place, curious about the arts you guys are making. Noticing the little boy, nodding his head tying to fight the sleep, you chuckled.
"It's late tonito, it's time for bed hop on your hammock!" You announced before carrying the animal lover, the creature around you, either climb to your back or walk with you. Camilo left in the background. You tuck him in, kissing his forehead before saying good night.
You did forget something though, something important. Antonio patiently waited for you, his hopes gone smaller and smaller as you walk out of the room with your novio.
You forgot to said I love you. The little boy can't help but shed few small tears, his animal friends comforting him. He looked up to you, like you're his family. He can't help but feel gloomy when he realized he's old enough for you to leave him on his own.
"It's okay Tonio! We're here for ya!" His birds tweeted. "[Name] might just forgot it, they'll say it another time!"
"Don't cry, Antonio..." the feline snuggled his side.
Days went by, He tried to be a big boy since he doesn't think he need you anymore. As he help with Mirabel at the barn, he kept declining her assistance saying he's big now and have animal friends to help him. The glass-eyed observed his behavior, he's been like this after you and camilo decided to have a small hang out at his room.
"It's weird, I just don't know what made him do that. It's clear that he's struggling with the chicken feed but won't let me help him!" Mirabel informed.
You hum in thought, looking back at all the moments that you guys did. The first things that comes to your head is about Camilo, but he can't be the reason Antonio's pushing himself, or is he?? "I'll talk to Tonio, don't worry too much mirabel."
You approach the little guy as he talks to the birds on the fence, "hey buddy, can I talk to you for a moment?" You crouch to his level smiling warming as usual.
"Okay!" Smiling brightly, but you can see it's kinda—forced?
"What's wrong, corazon? You've been acring weird, are you alright?" The animal lover avoid your eyes, which made you confused. Did you do something wrong?
"It's not a big deal, really..."
"You can tell me anything, we're buddies!" He's like an open book, you can read all his actions, or maybe it's because you were there for him ever since he's 2. He's hesitant, but knowing you, he knows you won't judge.
"You didn't say it last night..."
"Say what? Did I forget to say something?" Receiving a nod of confirmation, you ask again, "then what is it? I didn't mean to forget it, I swear!"
"You didn't say I love you last night... and I thought you don't love me anymore and leave me, because I'm old enough to be on my own-" the boy choked up a sob, covering his eyes with his arm. You swiftly rush to his side, embracing his, cooing comforting words. "And- and we barely spent time together anymore so, I thought-"
"Oh, tonio! I'm sorry, I love you—you little guy!" You wiped his tears with the helm of your clothes, before picking him up. "I didn't mean to forget, I was thinking of what book I should read for you the next time we hang out!"
"Yes, really! I'll still love you no matter what, okay?"
"Even if I was a worm?" Giving you a small smile, as he recalling the conversation you two have when he was 4, playfully teasing each other.
"Yes, even if you're a worm!"
Tumblr media
Taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu (camilo and Antonio), @chayauwu (camilo)
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hallwaycrush · 3 months ago
Encanto grandkids when they are jealous
Part 2 to this
Tumblr media
She can be a pretty jealous person but she swears up and down she isn’t
When she saw someone flirting with you
Very obviously too,
She got super mad
She stormed over to drag you off
“hello MI VIDA how are you doing? We should go on a date!”
She was lowkey staring at the person while saying that
But you and the person got the hint pretty easily
You two left pretty fast after that
The second she was gone Isabela was ranting about them
But she was quick to let you explain and assure her it wasn’t like that
Tumblr media
To be honest I don’t think Dolores is very jealous
Being able to hear everything she can always know your loyal
But she still gets a bit upset
Like if she heard someone talking about how they liked you
She heard someone in town mention you and listened in happened to hear them say they liked you
She got kind of jealous
Afterwards she immediately brought it up with you (girl can’t keep a secret)
And you both talked for a bit and you assured her nothing would happen
“Still, don’t they know we’re dating?!?”
“Dolores don’t worry”
Tumblr media
She’s more jealous than the normal person but it’s not too bad
Because of her problems with having to be strong for her family in the past she thinks you could do better ( :( )
So when she saw someone help you carry something heavy that you insisted Luisa didn’t
She got kind of jealous
After you got back she was a bit distant
She’s not very good at hiding things so you quickly could tell something was wrong
“Luisa, what’s wrong dear?”
“I-it’s nothing I’m just over exaggerating it in my mind and-“
She explained in a rush, trying to get it all out fast
You immediately assured her you loved her and you just didn’t want her to overwork herself on accident
And it ended happily
Tumblr media
I dont know why but I just feels like he would get jealous easily
So when he saw you laughing and having a super fun time with someone else your age he couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous
So he slid up behind you and picked you up by your waist to, literally, snatch you away from them
You could tell by what he was doing he was probably jealous
I mean, he doesn’t usually pick you up and drag you away from people
But you have to interrupt him because he’s absolutely focused on making you laugh harder
“HUH- oh uh what’s up mi amor?”
Then you asked him and he shyly confessed he was
You teased him for a second but then made sure he knew you loved him the most
Tumblr media
To be honest Mira wouldn’t be overly jealous or barely jealous
She’s pretty normal on that part
But she still can get jealous
Like when she saw you wearing a new accessory in your hair
Later you told her it was from a friend who had given you a bunch of other gifts too
And she got a bit jealous
She didn’t think about it too much though
But then she saw the friend giving you another gift, with them blushing like crazy while handing you it
And she decided to talk to you
“By the way, why was your friend blushing so much while giving you that gift?”
“Oh, they got a sunburn”
“Wait what did you think Mirabel”
After she explained you both laughed about it a bit
But then you made sure she knew the person was just a friend
Sorry if these are slightly out of character, this is kinda long so a bit rushed. Was tempted to add Antonio platonically ofc but I may have gotten lazy 💀
Requests are open!
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hopepunk-fanfics · 4 months ago
The Madrigals going on a Cryptid Hunt with their s/o
Julieta: Brings snacks! Not taking it too seriously but is perfectly content to humor you. If you actually find the Cryptid, that’s when she gets nervous and will drag your butt right out of there.
Agustin: Is taking everything way too seriously. You can tell he’s trying to remain calm for your sake, but his hands are so clammy that you can tell he’s shitting bricks. If you find the Cryptid, he screams like a little girl.
Pepa: Accidentally makes it rain for the entire time because she’s nervous. Covers the entire area with fog because of her powers which just makes it worse. Jumps at any loud noises and accidentally electrocutes the Cryptid. Then she drags you out of there.
Felix: Not taking it too seriously but is also a little protective. Insists that nothing’s going to happen but is still clinging to you “in case something does”. If you find the Cryptid, he’ll get scared shitless. He'll only stick around if you decide to investigate further because he doesn't want to leave you alone.
Bruno: Is walking a fine line between pretending he’s on Buzzfeed Unsolved and jumping at literally every noise. This boy is sweating. If you find the Cryptid, he clings to you and is basically frozen in place, poor guy. Probably passes out too.
Isabela: She honestly doesn’t really care, but she’ll still be protective of you. Isabela is the one who’s calming everyone down and saying that there’s nothing here, so when you find the Cryptid she shrieks and starts throwing cacti at it. Refuses to admit she’s scared afterwards.
Luisa: She’s so protective and is getting very into it. Keeps insisting that she’s not scared at all. When you find the Cryptid she’ll straight up punch it from nerves and knock it out cold. And while you’re investigating it, she’s trying to get you to leave. She’ll throw you over her shoulder and get you out of there if she has to.
Mirabel: She’s totally on-board. You two are the ones leading the hunt, and you’re holding hands the whole time to ease your nerves. If you find the Cryptid she screams with a big smile on your face because on one hand you found it, but on the other hand she’s terrified. You are the two who investigate further haha
Dolores: Will absolutely use her hearing to help you out. Gets this scared look on her face when she starts to hear things and squeaks a lot. If you find the Cryptid, she squeaks really loud and goes to run behind something, probably you
Camilo: Also totally on-board. He’s making jokes to hide his nervousness, and he just kinda stares in disbelief if you actually find the Cryptid. Ends up screaming, shifting into like 12 different people and throwing you over his shoulder to leg it out of there.
Antonio: Really into it and surprisingly chill about the whole thing. Wants to see if he can talk to the Cryptid. He ends up having a lovely conversation with it and invites it over for dinner sometime before waving goodbye lol
Overly protective: Felix, Isabela, Luisa
Scaredy Cat: Augustin, Pepa, Bruno
Totally into it: Mirabel, Camilo, Antonio
Overly prepared: Julieta, Dolores
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lizziesfirstwife · 3 months ago
Kinda came into my mind. Needed to do this :) enjoy, and pls like or reblog if you save, that would be nice!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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larrythe1st · 4 months ago
camilo: don't worry, I got a plan
mirabel: alright.
camilo: traitorsaywhat?
y/n: excuse me?
camilo: what?
camilo: no wait-
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bozowrites · 4 months ago
I really appreciate You taking time to research schizophrenia to be able to write something for me!! Could I request just general headcannons of the characters helping you deal with being overwhelmed by voices?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : reader dealing with auditory hallucinations/schizophrenia
a/n : i hope this is right! i'm so sorry if anything is wrong, if anything is, do tell me and i'll fix it!! <3
masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
she did her research, she wanted to be the best help she could be for you.
she found that distractions were often the best for voices and one of the recommendations was knitting.
instant lightbulb!
she set up a calming area and had all the knitting/sewing equipment ready.
she hoped this would help, even a little bit.
she also encourages you to tell her what the voices are saying, but if you don’t want to tell her, she also encourages finding a support group that could be going through the same thing so you’d feel more seen.
“i hope knitting helps. what colour blanket should we make?”
Tumblr media
he asked you how he could help.
he always encourages you to confide in him about the sounds and things the voices would be saying.
if you weren’t already, he’d try to get you into therapy.
if you don’t wish to go, he won’t press on about it.
but if you do, he’ll make sure to be there when you go in and be there when you get out.
“mi vida, you’re doing great.”
Tumblr media
she learned the triggers, if there were any.
if she saw any noticeable triggers, like certain situations where you seemed more tense and uncomfortable, she’d be sure to take you away from it.
if you take medication, she tries to remind you if you forget. whether it be through text, call or in person.
“cariño, i hope you haven’t forgotten to take your medication.”
Tumblr media
honestly, the most worried out of the group that he’d make it worse for you.
but after some research, talking about it with his familia, he knew he had to be there with you and help in any way, shape or form possible!
if you’re hearing voices, he read that distractions help.
he’d get you or lend you some headphones and play some music.
he also read about concentration strategies, like puzzles or cleaning.
so with the headphones on, he’d also lay out a puzzle for the two of you to do.
“it’s a puzzle with rats. i thought you might like it.”
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luna-writes-stuff · 4 months ago
The type of hugs the Madrigal’s would give
Including all of the Madrigals!
Just to be safe, though; I’d like to point out that both Camilo and Mirabel are 15, and therefor underage. You can read it for all I care, but don’t make it creepy.
(Also yes, I did include Antonio but I don’t suspect I would actually need to educate you about how that is most definitely not okay)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pepá: 8/10. She might appear distant to those unfamiliar to her, but she is a very loving person. But she has a very specific hug; she likes to wrap her arms around the shoulders of the person she is hugging, and push them into her chest. It’s very soothing to her, because the touch just feels more personal and intimate to her. She started out doing this to Félix only, but it got carried along with the family and now she does it with everyone.
Félix: Solid 10/10 dad hugs. He might be the best hugger out of the entire family. He really, really enjoys hugs, whether he’s giving them or receiving them. And he tends to know people extremely well, even if he just met you, so he knows the exact right way to hug someone. Has never once overstepped a boundary. Most comforting hugs you could ever get.
Tumblr media
Antonio: 6/10. Yes, this is primarily because of his height. It is not an ideal hugging height. As he comes of age, his hugs would probably look a lot like Camilo’s, but for the movie canon age, he probably doesn’t give the best ones. But he means well! He’s really gentle, but the second he’s engaged in a hug, he will not let go until you will. It’s truly endearing.
Tumblr media
Camilo: 8/10. As we’ve seen in the movie, he tends to shapeshifter into everyone’s mirrors to offer them the perfect hug, but when it is truly him, he tends to get lost in how to hug, as he cannot base his embrace off of who he holds. He’ll run along with what the other person is doing, but if you insist on him initiating a hug, it is either going to be very enthusiastic or very awkward. But he’s great at copying movements, so once you’re hugging, it’s amazing.
Dolores: 7/10. Very gentle. Extremely gentle. As if you will collapse in her arms. At first, it’ll be as if she isn’t even holding you, but as she melts into the hug, her grip will become tighter. It just takes some time. Luisa’s hugs tend to crack people’s backs and the sound of it drives Dolores insane, hence why her hugs are so light. It isn’t that she doesn’t enjoy the embraces, it is purely because of the noises they often make.
Tumblr media
Julietta: 10/10. Healing mom hug. You think her food is magic? So are her hugs. They are so calming and so comfortable. When you’re having a tough day, all you really need is a Julietta hug. She gives these very relaxing side hugs, but is also really good in full embraces when you really need it. Plus, she always smells as freshly baked bread, which is a particularly nice, and recognizable scent.
Agustín: 7/10. Accident-prone doesn’t run away during hugs. He trips, rips seams off of his shirt (somehow), manages to get his hair stuck etc. etc. He means well; 1 out of 3 times the hug will be perfectly safe, which is a relative high number for him, but the rest will purely be struggles. He doesn’t let it stop his embrace though. Oh no. His nose could be bleeding for all he cares but he is getting that hug.
Tumblr media
Mirabel: 8/10. Loves hugs, but takes after her father. Primarily with the tripping. She gets really excited when you want a hug, so she’ll abandon all other thoughts she had swarming in her head. Bumps heads often or tends to kiss your face out of happiness. It’s really sweet and endearing, but she gets very enthusiastic.
Luisa: 7/10. As her younger sister, she gets excited. She forgets that she has her strength and cracks people’s backs when they’re in her embrace. You’d think that after all these years she’d realize it during hugs, but she doesn’t. Luckily, cracking your back doesn’t hurt that much, so that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is escaping. Her arms are very warm and she’ll most likely bear-hug you off the ground, so you don’t want to escape and she doesn’t want to let go. It’s surprising how long these hugs last.
Tumblr media
Isabela: 6/10. As Dolores, her touch is very gentle. Once you know her, her hug rate will probably shift to 8/10, but when you aren’t that close with her, the hugs won’t be that great. They are very distant, though she tries to remain nice. When you do know her well, she gives Mirabel-ish hugs, just minus the whole tripping and bumping heads thing. She does shower your face with kisses. You can’t stop her from doing that. I’m sorry.
Tumblr media
Bruno: 7/10. Now, I know we headcanoned him as touch-starved, but he is not a baby. This man has been living in the Encanto for 40 years, before disappearing for ten. Sure, his hugs will be hesitating, but it isn’t foreign to him. He knows how to hug. Post-Encanto, he’d probably take a while to get accustomed to them, just patting backs left and right, but over time he grows into Julietta’s place, giving excellent 10/10 comforting hugs. He’d most likely go for the traditional, hands around shoulders hug instead of waist, because he tends to take to himself at times, but all you have to do is tell him it’s okay and he won’t hesitate again.
Tumblr media
Alma/Abuela: 7/10. Talking pre-Encanto, I’d give her a 4/10 as she distances herself from her family, but she grows back into the tradition of embracing those you love. In the hug she shared with Mirabel, you can truly see that Alma holds her close and relishes under the touch, so she’d give pretty decent hugs. They aren’t the best, but they are definitely enjoyable. She really tries.
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 4 months ago
How do you think the madrigals would react if they saw someone hurting their S/o??
P.s- love your work!
Defensive Pt. 1
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Neutral - Romantic
Requested: Yes
[Word Count: 1,655]
CW: mention of liquor/drunks, slapping mention, light bruising
How your Madrigal s/o would react to seeing someone hurt you.
- Thank you so much!! I got WAY more love on this account than I thought I would. Also shameless plug to my actual writing blog @silusofsalem if you like my content:) Pt. 2 will be out tomorrow but school starts tomorrow so it'll be in the afternoon. -
Camilo and Mirabel included at the end, DO NOT READ their parts if you are 18+ you sicko
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She would go into full panic mode for a few seconds before she realizes “Wait. I can do something about this”
All she has to do is show up and place her hand on your shoulder, looking down at whoever made the attack
Works like a charm
Luisa calms herself as she walks over to where you and this stranger are standing, trying to keep her image composed to look as intimidating as possible. Your back is against the wall of the bakery, right hand pressed to your left cheek, where he slapped you. Luisa notes the half-empty liquor bottle hanging loosely in his hand.
You look up at her when she steps behind the man, her tall frame blocking out a Luisa-shaped portion of the afternoon sun, casting a shadow over you. The guy seems to realize that you’re no longer looking at him and sluggishly turns around, slowly craning his head until he can make direct eye contact with your girlfriend.
All Luisa has to do is clear her throat before the guy goes off, rambling about how he didn’t mean it and on and on about “Ah, you know what the bottle can do to a guy! Heh… heh…”
Yeah it doesn’t take long for him to scamper off with his tail between his legs, even dropping the bottle on his way
The instant he rounds the corner, Luisa’s shoulders fall slack and she rushes forward, kneeling down if she has to so that she’s on your level
She’s gushing over the place on your cheek that doesn’t even hurt that bad anymore, despite your constant insisting that it’s not that bad
Definitely refuses to not let you go see her mom and make sure that you’re really alright
Lots of hugging afterward, with both of you affirming each other that it’s alright rather than just one or the other
Ohohoooo boy
She would get mad mad
If this takes place after she figures out that she doesn’t have to make perfect little flowers all the time, you better believe that whoever hurt you is getting wrapped up in some thorny vines real quick
She’ll probably cuss them out in Spanish (but I don’t know what that would be so I’m not even gonna risk trying)
Give her a bit to calm down and she’ll probably enlist Dolores to help her find them and give them a stern but professional talk about how that’s not cool
“Isa-” you say, following your pacing girlfriend around her flowery bedroom. She’s been acting like this since you walked into the Casita with a bruise on your arm given to you by some drunkard that wasn’t watching where they were going. Occasionally her anger will resurface and you’ll get a faceful of flower petals.
Her muttering is basically indistinguishable at this point, so you just let her be. You wait for her to relax on her bed, which is surprisingly soft for being made of nothing but plants. You let your eyes close and rest, barely feeling the pain in your arm anymore. When you feel the mattress dip beside you, your eyes open to find Isabela lying down but not asleep, eyes open and glaring at the ceiling.
You wait a minute more before she sighs and rolls over, right into your open arms. She mumbles something about how she still wants to get back at them, probably with a cactus or something painful like that, but you just kiss the top of her head and run your fingers down the length of her hair, reassuring her that you’re fine.
(They definitely find a cactus on the seat of their chair a few times, though, but Isabela insists that you don’t have to know that.)
She doesn’t see it as much as she hears it, which is kind of obvious
Dolores is constantly tuned in to you, just to make sure that you’re alright, so she hears the whole thing go down, including the crack from the slap you got
It’s just on the back of your neck, given to you by your boss after you burnt the next batch of cookies, but Dolores is still there in an instant to rat them out
She would probably stand in the doorway, hands neatly folded in front of her and head slightly quirked to the side
You and your boss would just stare at her for a moment before Dolores would softly whisper-
“I know what you did.”
You and your boss watch Dolores toddle off after humming to herself just once, a short and high note that you’ve grown quite familiar with. Slowly, you turn back to them, hardly able to resist the grin that forms on your face as you see the fear in their eyes.
Everyone in Encanto knows that Dolores is infamous for her love of some good gossip, and when it’s about someone as close to her as her partner, she means business. By the end of your shift, the entire town knows and is whispering to one another while you pass, shooting glances back at your boss watching from the bakery doorway with a slack jaw.
Dolores would be lowkey proud of yourself but wouldn’t bring it up to you again unless you initiate the conversation, just in case you really didn’t want to talk about it
We stan a respectful queen
Camilo is just wandering Encanto looking for you and avoiding his chores (per usual) when he hears arguing around a nearby corner
Peeking around it, he finds a very angry looking woman and you, coincidentally, who happens to be yelling back
He watches the argument go down in silence, wondering when a good time to step in would be
He makes his decision when the woman brings her hand up and shoves you by the shoulders, knocking you back into a barrel of apples with enough force to make you bang your head against the brick wall behind you
Camilo slips out from around the corner, instantly rushing to your side. You groan and rub the back of your head, blinking until your vision straightens. “Y/N? Y/N.” He repeats, muttering your name until you look at him.
“Camilo?” You ask. You can’t remember him getting here. You look over his shoulder and see the lady that tried to steal from your shop just a few minutes ago. She looks shocked, and rooted to her spot on the brick road. “Do you have somewhere to be?” You say to her, your words somewhat slurred.
As Camilo helps you to your feet, the woman scurries off, not bothering to drop by your stand and try to take something from it again. Camilo watches her disappear into the crowd, turning back to be met with you already looking at him. “Are you alright?” He asks you, checking the back of your head for any visible injuries. He gently tests the area with his fingers, stopping when he hears you take a sharp intake of air.
“I don’t feel awful,” you respond, letting Camilo take you to visit his Tía Julieta. Your stand-neighbor agrees to watch over your goods in your place while you’re out being healed, which you thank them for profusely.
Camilo wouldn’t show it, but he’s worried sick
He’s constantly running through possibilities
You could have a concussion, or permanent damage, or what if you broke something in your fall and just haven’t noticed it yet BECAUSE you have a concussion??!
He 100% shapeshifts into that lady later and does something embarrassing in front of a large crowd, just as one last petty jab
Would not know what to do whatsoever
It would probably be something like a harsh pinch on your arm from an angry employer, but it would be enough for Mirabel
The second you tell her, she’s rushing out of her room to go find whoever did this, leaving you to trail behind her, insisting that you’re fine
Mirabel would walk up to the front door, hold up her fist to knock, and then turn to you with the most clueless expression you have ever seen
“What do I say?” As if YOU know what to say
You just shrug in response, and so Mirabel figures the best thing to do is to straight up barge into your workspace and demand to see your boss
You’re cringing behind her the whole time, but it’s the thought that counts
“That was terrifying,” Mirabel says once you two get home, the both of you immediately collapsing on her bed with a drawn-out sigh.
You start to laugh, so then Mirabel starts laughing, and soon enough you’re both cackling because what did you just do. “I- I-” you try to say words, but nothing comes out, which just makes Mirabel laugh harder. “I was watching the whole time wondering where you were going to go with it next!”
“I didn’t know!” Mirabel shouts through a burst of laughter. “I had no idea what I was doing up there.”
You two had gotten a lot of weird looks when you burst into that building and spoke to your boss in front of everyone. Well, Mirabel spoke to your boss in front of everyone, you stayed behind and held your hand up to your mouth to try and hide your face. Mirabel said that what your boss did was not very professional and that they deserved to be scolded for it, and then elaborates further on how you are the best employee a person could ask for. Without another word, Mirabel spun on her heel and pulled you back out with her.
The second that door closed behind you, she had let out the biggest sigh you have ever heard
The night definitely ends with you two giggling and riding the high of standing up to authority like that, encased in each others’ arms
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iyahpostsstuff · 2 months ago
Reblogs and comments mean a lot to us writers :)
Tumblr media
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lunatic-flores · 3 months ago
𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑧𝑒𝑛 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡.
Tumblr media
Some days, (Y/N) found it hard to get out of bed. She found that by staying in bed, nothing could get her. She found that if she rotted in the covers that she used to seek comfort; that no one could reach her.
“How is she?” Camilo asks Dolores who used her gift to hear anything from (Y/N)'s room, but as always, nothing special or new happened. All she could hear just (Y/N)'s steady breathes and her normal heartbeat.
“She's ... Okay, but clearly not one hundred percent okay to herself.” Dolores responds as she started to walk away leaving Camilo staring at (Y/N)'s door with confusion and concerned.
“We're still waiting for you to come out, mi prima.” he mutters and began to walk away.
Some days, while lying in bed, (Y/N) didn't want to exist. They found that when opening her eyes, she could see. Especially whenever she saw her Abuela. And that was terrifying to her. She wanted nothing more than to sink into nothingness and be gone with it.
“She's not coming out yet?” the older woman asks to her daughter while frowning.
“No, Mamá. We tried our best to talk to her but we've got nothing but silence from her room.” Pepa explained as a grey cloud started to forming. The didn't notice until Julieta came out of the kitchen.
“You shouldn't be harsh to her too, Mamá. (Y/N) is far different from any of us, yes she is quite like Dolores, but she always kept her feelings or her problems to herself. She is— fragile.”
Alma stare at her daughters and then moved her gaze to the flickering door that almost dying and fade away. “Tell me if she's feeling better.”
With that, the older woman left her daughters. Pepa put her hand on her twin's shoulder, “I'm sure she will come out.” Julieta can only sighs in defeat. “I keep trying to be a better mother, even when everything I do seems to ... backfire.”
Some days, much like this one, Y/N felt slipping away from herself. Going into an unhealthy isolation. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't respond to any of her family. She could hear the distant noise of her family calling her name multiple times but did nothing about it, her bones seeming to be glued to the mattress.
“Hermana? Are you awake? I've brought you ... Your favorite dish! Come on, open the door if you want to get it right away!”
As always, Mirabel keep trying her best to pull (Y/N) out of her room and so is Isabella who always trying to find a way to open her door. Unfortunately, she noticed that (Y/N) have froze the door knob and the window.
Nothing can melt (Y/N)'s ice except the warm of a fire. But Isabela knew that if she's going to use a fire, she'd be burned the casita down. That doesn't mean she's going to stop.
As for Luisa, all she can do is sit beside (Y/N)'s door and tell her how is her day without her sister's companion. She always told her how she missed her so much, she would always slipped a letter or two to your room and hope that (Y/N) would read it.
Until one day, (Y/N)'s roon began to froze anything, she swear she could die in frozen. She didn't even acknowledge the sound of her room door opening, or perhaps she did, just chose not to do anything about it. She didn't even know that she had to melt some of the ice.
“Mi corazón?”Julieta's voice came out soft and motherly like, staring down at Y/N's lifeless body.
She did not speak, Don't know why. But that was okay, words were not needed to express how she felt. Julieta sat down on the bed, resting (Y/N)'s head on her lap while playing with their (H/C) locks. (Y/N) let a single tear drop from her eyes, wanting nothing more than to let her mother embraced her tightly.
She's afraid, but she's also numb.
Soon Julieta decided to sing a lullaby, lulling her baby to sleep even though sometimes (Y/N)'s already asleep. “i love you, dear. Don't you ever forget that.” (Y/N) did not respond, and somehow, somewhere, that was enough. Her frozen heart slowly started to melt and finally can feel the warmth of her Mother's presence.
“please don't kept all your feelings to yourself, if you ever having a breakdown like this again, i am sure that i have failed you to be your mother.” Julieta brush (Y/N)'s hair slowly and carefully.
All (Y/N) can do is nod her head and hold her mother's warm hand shakingly. “Thank ...-you, Mamá...”
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somethinginthethunder · 3 months ago
helloo can you do hcs abt madrigal grandkids reacting to being rejected? i love your writing sm as well aaaaaa
``the madrigal kids getting rejected``
reacting to you liking them back
notes: sad :(
warnings: DEATH just kidding, none.
-i like to think that they'd all handle rejection the best they could
-if you rejected isa she'd probably smile awkwardly and quietly accept your rejection, bowing her head a little before excusing herself from the situation
-she'd probably be really upset and just sit in her room for a little while until julieta would come in to check in on her and comfort her
-would sulk for maybe three days max, and after that she's still able to be civil with you
-she just feels a little weird whenever you're around, like there's a sudden void between the two of you
-oh poor baby
-she saw it coming, honestly
-it wasn't like you showed that you hated her or anything, just that her low self esteem destroyed any hope she had in her body
-would apologize for even confessing, mirroring her older sister a bit when she slips away from you when the opportunity is the best
-probably the only one to cry about it :(
-her sisters would come in and soothe her, convincing her to get out into the town and forget about her troubles
-any encounter she has with you she just blanks out
-like she gets clumsier and eventually purposefully tries to avoid you out of embarrassment rip
-would probably handle it the best ngl
-not that she wouldn't get sad, though
-when you told her you didn't reciprocate her feelings she'd either awkwardly accept it like isa or try and make you feel better for rejecting her (you started off your rejection by apologizing skjdhasj)
-wouldn't sulk but would have a heaviness in her chest for little bit
-tries to be friends with you afterward but it's a little difficult on her end. she still tries, though.
-suffers in silence
-when you reject she just gives you a small smile and nods politely, feeling crushed on the inside
-gets back home and just goes directly to her room. everyone just assumes she's in that mood where she wants everything to be quieter
-but when she takes a little bit longer than usual, pepa would pop in and ask her daughter what's wrong
-it'd take a while but she'd confess why she was feeling so bad and hiding away
-be glad she was able to convince her mother to not smite you with a lightning bolt
-he'd probably try and act the most suave about it
-when you don't return his feelings joke around a bit
-not like "ahah that was a joke i never liked you", more like awkwardly trying to make slightly unrelated jokes to lighten the mood a bit
-he'd act fine about it, going around the whole rest of the week like nothing happened.
-but it would eat at his mind along the way, and slowly he'll give into the fact that his heart hurts
-he's strong, though. he'll be able to get over it eventually!
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