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Parings: Mirabel Madrigal x GN Reader, Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader, Luisa Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Horror, Yandere
Synopsis: Yandere! Madrigal Grandkids with a Darling! Reader that doesn't like to be touched by them
TW: Self harm, Kidnapping and Other yandere stuff
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Mirabel is very patient with you and she understands that you're not gonna submit easily and you're probably going to distant yourself from her when you find out what she's doing
This whole thing started because your boyfriend had cheated on you then dumped you and after that, your best friend mirabel was no longer the girl you once knew and became friends with in the first place.
There will be times were she gets a bit upset at you but she won't get so upset that she visibly shows it though eventually she'll just disregard your feelings and just go on like you weren't crying and begging for her to let you go as she dragged you everywhere and anywhere
She gets upset when you run from her whenever she tries to take you somewhere or go near you because she's just trying to protect her best friend and there's nothing wrong with wanting to protect the people you care about, right?
Mirabel won't hurt you physically but she will hurt you emotionally and mentally, she'll manipulate you into believing that the world is dangerous and that everyone's out to get you and that you need to stay with her at all times or else the world and everyone in it will hurt you
It always works, anytime you're distant from her, she just reminds you that she's the only one that's safe to be with and you immediately go to her, when she does that, you're like a little child that's holding onto their friend or parent because they're scared.
Mirabel stood inside your room as you were balled up in the corner, you were crying and begging for mirabel to go away and leave you alone but mirabel didn't move or say anything and just looked at you through her glasses lens, the shine from the sun shining through your window covered her eyes though "Mirabel, please just go away!" You yelled as tears streamed down your face, your parents weren't home and they never were whenever situations like this happened.
It was almost like mirabel knew when to come over and take you with her "I would but if I go then someone might come and hurt you! You know the world's out for you right, I keep telling you!" She said as she adjusted her glasses allowing you to know see her eyes and she walked over to you but you whined loudly so she backed away "The world is out for me..?" You mumbled as you wiped your eyes and mirabel nodded in response "Your mom, your dad, my family, everyone is out for you and I'm the only one that's going to be able to protect you. You're fragile so you can't protect yourself." Mirabel said as she put both of her hands together.
You started sobbing again but instead of scooting farther away from the colombian girl, you got up and ran into your best friend's arms and cried in them "I'm sorry mirabel! I just thought that you we-" You said but mirabel interrupted you as she placed her finger over your lips and she rubbed your head as you sobbed into her shoulder "It's okay.." She said as she hugged you tightly "Just don't do it again..ever." Mirabel said though she knew it would happened again but as long as you ended up in her arms allowing her to protect you from the dangers of the world then it was worth it.
She had to protect you from everyone and everything.
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela is also patient with you like mirabel but to a certain extent though isabela may be older and more mature than all her siblings and cousins but that just put more stress on her and she did not need you to put more stress on her because you were trying to be difficult
This all happened because you started getting more friends and isabela got jealous of them and she made you dump them
Isabela would get angry if you didn't let her touch you, she would just lock you up in her room and keep you there, wasn't like anyone would really notice because you didn't live with your parents, you lived by yourself but not anymore. You lived with isabela now but it's not like you had an option
Isabela would just threaten you into going with her though she would never actually do it though it does depend on her threats, she gets in your head and makes you think that she'll actually do it
Isabela will always keep a flower on your body that you don't know about so that she can find you if you ever run away from her, it'll be a flower that she could smell from miles or a colorful one that she can spot from far away
Though she's not as mean as you would think, she's actually quite nice which makes her threats even scarier because of her tone change
You were running in through the trees as fast as you can, somehow you managed to escape from isabela and you didn't have a plan at all but your feet were starting to hurt and your knees were slowly giving out and you felt that you couldn't go on anymore but you were afraid that isabela would catch you if you did because you assumed that she was already on her way to find you but what you didn't know is that she already knew where you were and she was closer than you think.
You reached a lake that you were about to run around but then your legs gave out and you fell face-first into the muddy lake water making you sob more than you already were then you heard the familiar sound of isabela's flowers and vines making you try and crawl away but then vines wrapped around your ankle making your eyes widen and it's like your body froze because you didn't move when isabela raised you in the air upside down and you stared at her in fear.
Isabela used the vines to bring you towards her and your face was now inches away from hers "Look at you, all dirty! My mami made you that (shirt/dress) and look how you treat it." Isabela said as she glared slightly at you making you nearly shit your pants and isabela then turned you right side up and then started walking back to the town with you trailing behind her with vines around your limbs as you sobbed.
Isabela just drowned out your sobbing until it actually got annoying "Now, now..no need to cry..you weren't going to get very far anyways." She said as she stopped walking and turned around to face you, she ran her dark brown fingers across your cheek, you started to think that maybe isabela didn't think of you as a friend and maybe this situation wasn't platonic at all.
You hadn't stopped crying making isabela a bit angry so she grabbed the side of your face that her hand was on and gripped it hard which would for sure leave a bruise later and it just made you cry harder from the pain "Cariño~ I need you to stop crying before I hurt you." The dark-skinned colombian woman said as she glared at you with her brown eyes, the same brown eyes that you used to find comfort in but this wasn't the same girl you became friends with
You didn't stop crying but you did stop making noise and just cried silently, it's not exactly what isabela wanted but she'd take it so she started walking again as you were behind her with globs of hot tears running down your face, you were never going to get out of this situation and you now knew it so you just decided to submit to her because not submitting would just make things a lot harder for you.
Isabela had won and she couldn't be happier.
Luisa Madrigal
Just like her sisters, luisa is patient with you but she'll never get upset at you or hurt you in anyway and she's kind to you but it's all just a plot to manipulate you into thinking that she's safe and it works
Luisa does get a bit confused on why you're so distant from her and why you're being so difficult because she gives you everything
This all started because luisa spotted you one time in encanto so you to became friends and friends protect each other but luisa took it too far
Your relationship with luisa was a bit complicated as one moment you wouldn't let her go but the next you would be pushing her away and begging her to not touch you or come near you and she obliges but if she has to go somewhere, she'll have to go near you to take you with her or tie you up
You were going insane so you could never make up your mind, luisa had kept you away from other people for so long that you were starting to loose your mind and luisa was really the only person you really saw so if you wanted a caring friend, you'd have to go to luisa and then you'd remember that she was your captor not your friend
Though, it could be worse. Luisa at least let you go outside and talk with her family from time to time if she was in a very good mood
You sat in luisa's lap as she brushed your hair and you just sat there doing nothing but you had tears running down your face and down your neck, you didn't understand why you kept coming back to the strong girl even though you would kick and scream when she would come and try to connect with you but it didn't matter how confused you were or how badly you wanted to stop but you craved for some other human contact than luisa forcing you to go outside.
You pulled a sewing needled from out your sock and stabbed your thigh with it without breaking your eye contact with the wall, you felt the blood trickle down your thigh, the blood dripped on the floor, drip by drip and you pushed the needle farther down in your skin making more blood spew out before luisa grabbed it from your hands "(Y/n)! You can't do that, I though I took that from you.." She said putting the needle somewhere that you couldn't see and you didn't say anything but you nodded.
It was like you were a mindless doll that didn't do anything and luisa wanted you not that "You did but I found it, 'm sorry.." You said sensing that she wasn't happy with your lack of words, luisa smiled again and you sighed as you knew that this was how you were going to spend the rest of your days.
Alone with luisa.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores doesn't really care at all, she's clingy so she doesn't care that you don't like to be around her at all or that you don't like to touch her
Dolores would just wait until you tire yourself out from kicking, sobbing and screaming then continue on with her day with you by her side
Eventually, you'll just get tired of resisting and just give in and let her touch you and come near you, not like it would matter anyway because dolores could care less if you resist or not
This whole thing stared because you were the child of one of alma's friends and you got introduced to dolores and dolores just wanted to protect you so badly, from the world and from everyone that was going to 'take her best friend away'
Dolores wasn't mean, she was almost as nice as luisa but she was just clingy and wanted you with her at all times, she didn't trust anyone else with you. She might let camilo or antonio talk with you or like hang around you because she knows that they won't try to take you from her
Dolores barely got mad at you but when she did, she didn't do much but she just did all the things that you hated, when you hated her going near her, she would go near you and she would do this until your crying and begging for her to stop and that'll you'll be good
Dolores dragged you around by your hand as she walked around the encanto, you walked besides her as you stared at where you two connected, her hands were soft and warm and beautiful but not to you, you hated the way that her hands felt against yours and you hated everything about her but it's not like you could do anything.
Dolores had complete control over you even though you always tore away from her and cried whenever she tried to come near you or touch you but that was only behind closed doors, on the outside, you just let dolores drag you around as you didn't want to cause a scene because the last time you did that, you weren't allowed outside for a few months.
You hated yourself because you let this happen and you didn't do anything about it and it was because you were scared, you were scared of dolores and what she might do, you eventually realized that there was no point in fighting back with her so you just let dolores cling to you and come near you but you didn't have to like it.
Dolores knew that you didn't like it but she couldn't care less, she was just glad that you weren't resisting anymore because now she could protect you without you having to fight her back.
But that was a huge mistake you made.
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo's a gentleman and is respectful no matter what so if you don't want him to come near you or touch you, then he won't. If you don't want camilo to do something to you then he won't do it
Though, camilo will make his point that he's only like this with you because he's trying to protect you
It ended up like this because you were camilo's best friend and he didn't like how you were getting close with mirabel but he didn't hurt mirabel, he just made you stop being friends with her and that's how his obsessive behavior started and it got worse as days went on
Camilo did get upset sometimes when you wouldn't let him touch you because just like his sister, he's very clingy so he started to shift into your parents because he knew that you missed them after he took you so you would run up and hug them because that would be the only contact you would get from them even if it wasn't really them
Camilo doesn't hurt you physically but he does hurt you mentally and emotionally, he makes you think that he's gonna let you go if you cuddle him or cling to him but obviously that's a lie but it manages to work on you everytime, maybe it was because you were slowly loosing your sanity being with him all the time
Camilo was just trying to protect you! He doesn't understand why you always yell that you hate him because he was supposed to be your best friend..In his opinion, it's your fault. You shouldn't have gotten that close with mirabel in the first place.
Camilo and you sat about two feet away from each other and you two were both on camilo's bedroom floor sitting criss-cross, you were sobbing into your hands as you looked down and camio just sat there staring at you "(N/n), I'm not lying, I'll let you go if you hug me." Camilo said breaking the silence in the air but you sobbed harder "No! No! You're lying! You're a liar! You won't ever let me go!" You yelled as you removed your hands from your face and you had globs of hot tears falling from your lash line and onto your cheeks, snot was running out your nose and slowly moving down to your lip.
It was fucking gross but who wouldn't cry so hard that snot's running from their nose if they were in your situation? Who the fuck were they to judge you? You didn't exactly know who 'they' were but they sure were in your head "I'm not lying (n/n)." Camilo said as he brought his hands to the sides of your face and brushed his thumb against your cheek wiping your tears in the process.
Camilo was obviously lying but you didn't see that, you looked up at him with your teary (e/c) eyes and you gave in and hugged him though everything in your body told you not to, camilo then plastered a smug look on his face as he hugged you tightly.
You were so dumb, that's why camilo had to do this, that's why he had to protect you.
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azural83 · 22 hours ago
Anyway isabela should've apologized to mirabel,I understand she was under alma's pressure too but that still isn't an excuse to treat mirabel like a burden for YEARS especially considering she's an adult while mira is still a child. I love isa but she was terrible to mira
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Hey do you guys think Bruno feels even lonelier and more left out than he already feels when the Madrigals eat outside and he can’t join them behind the little crack?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like imagine him sitting down, waiting for the family to get together for a meal but no one shows up and he goes “ah… must be a sunny day outside…It’s good that Pepa’s happy!” and just eats alone or doesn’t eat at all because he doesn’t care about the food he just cares about feeling included
Tumblr media
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bandshirts-and-books · 15 days ago
Mirabel: I’ve never asked someone out. How do you even do it?
Camilo: Oh, what I do is, I look them up and down and say: “Hey… how you doin’?”
Y/N, scoffing: Oh, please.
Camilo, to Y/N: Hey, how you doin’?
Y/N: *giggles and blushes*
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brunoencantofandom · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
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squeamishdionysus · 21 days ago
Could I get maybe some Encanto cuddle headcanons for Mirabel and a short reader?
Cuddles with Mirabel and a short reader!
Tumblr media
So, Mirabel herself isn't exactly the tallest in comparison to the rest of her family, so she will definitely be thrilled to have a partner who is even just a bit shorter than her.
If you need help reaching for something or need some assistance, she'll be like "don't worry babe! I'm the tall one after all" and then have to ask for help from one of her sisters/the Casita because she also can't reach it.
Yeah, she's a dork, but she's your dork.
Anyways, I think Mirabel is a huge cuddle bug!
She totally cuddled with Antonio when he was little, whether it was for his nap time or if he got scared in the middle of the night and just needed somebody to hug him.
She will absolutely tackle you into a hug and just squeeze the living daylights out of you.
Because she's taller, she will 100% rest her head on top of yours, she's the big spoon here all the way.
But sometimes, when she's feeling down and just need some reassurance... please hold this girl, she needs it.
Will she make you a stuffed animal to join the two of you during cuddles? Uh, absolutely.
It will probably be a capybara or another leopard like she gave Antonio, and she will absolutely say it's your child.
She is just like her mama in that if your upset while you cuddle, she will shower you in praise while kissing you all over your face.
Omg you taking off her glasses because she's falling asleep!?!? Absolutely!
Casita will absolutely make sure nobody can disturb y'all while y'all sleep.
Unless it's Abuela or Julieta.
If her mama walks in on the two of you snuggling, she will absolutely do a high pitched "awww" and just gush over the two of you.
"Oooh, my baby's all grown up!!"
"Mama! Please, we're trying to sleep!"
If you two fall asleep, you won't wake up in a cutesy "in eachother's arms" way.
You both will be drooling, your hands have made Mirabel's hair a mess and you're both so tangled up in each other that if one of you tries to get up, you'll probably fall out of the bed.
Overall, Mirabel is an awesome cuddler, and I think she would love having a short partner to just snuggle the life out of.
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rinsenka · 11 days ago
Mirabel: *falls down a hole*
Camilo: *also falls down a hole*
Dolores: . . .
Pepa: . . .
Felix: . . .
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larrythe1st · 4 days ago
y/n: we need to distract these guys
camilo: leave it to me
camilo: centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. discuss.
julieta, pepa, and bruno: *immediately begin arguing*
mirabel, watching in horror: oh this. I don't like this. I don't like this at all.
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eternqlvestigiql · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Has nobody done this yet? I haven’t found one of these so I’m taking the liberty to do this…
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gardenladysworld · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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levicorpusbitch · 16 days ago
“𝙒𝙝𝙮 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝙟𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙨!?” —𝘾𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙤 𝙈𝙖𝙙𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙖𝙡
ALright, brain rot, Jealous! Camilo having a fight with the reader.
camilo x gn! reader
mirabel x reader (platonic ig)
You and Camilo are literally close. Very. thick as fucking thieves. The chaotic duo, drama all the way bitch. You two are never seen separated! Literally, it’s like you guys are attached to the hip.
Well that was when you guys were kids.
You guys drifted away…young loVERS TORN APART! Charot lmao
You guys haven’t spent a lot of time with each other because of chores…and Casita breaking…etc. confessions from guys and gals alike. Of course, gayness bitch.
You walk around the village, books in your arms, you are currently trying to go to la casa Madrigal. Emphasis on trying.
“Hey–coming through!” you yell at some kids who're running around the street. You really did not want to damage these new books from the city.
You were pulled back to the sidewalk, “Dios Mio, Y/n, you’re gonna get yourself killed oneday” said your friend, Camilo Madrigal, the shapeshifting Madrigal. “I’m sorry that I don’t control that damn donkey I guess” you rolled your eyes. You rearrange the books in your arms while Camilo hands you the ones you dropped. “What are you doing with those books anyway?” he questioned, “ well for your information, I need these books to know more about astronomy.” you answered “Astrono- what? Stop making up words!”
“I’m not dumbass”
“You wound me, L/n”
“Stop being dramatic”
“stOp bEiNg drAmaTic!” mocked Camilo, shapeshifting into you. “Bastard, '' you muttered. Indeed you borrowed these books in a library from your visit in the city.
“So,” Camilo started, “so?” you asked.
“How’s the city? Do they actually have those rectangular things that take pictures?” he tilted his head to the side, “well, duh. I learned a lot about it. Emphasis on a lot” smugly, you took the phone from your pocket as he examined it in awe “woahh woah woah waoh WOAH- can we take pictures!?”
You pushed the books in his hands as he waited patiently when you opened your phone. “Alright, here” you said, posing yourself for a selfie. He looked at you, “dude what are you doing?” “posing?” “poser.” you rolled your eyes “just get in a pose so I can get a picture!” he sighed, “fine.” he puts your arm around your waist while you put yours around his neck. “Alright, now look at that dot thing right there, yeah, there” you and him smiled and *click* damn, you forgot to turn off the flash.
Silly Y/n, totally did not do that on purpose.
You laughed at your friend’s pain as you examined the picture. Your eyes were closed while Camilo had the look that said ‘holy shit I did not expect to be hurt today, how dare you’ you snorted at his reaction and decided to put it as a wallpaper.
“Aggh! You wound me, Y/n! You will regret this I tell you!” Yelled dramatically by the shapeshifter. “Alright, sure, now get up, people are looking,”
“You hurt me! The audacity you have!”
You sighed, smiling, dragging him by the back of his ruana as he helplessly got dragged.
Camilo frowned, you’ve been spending more time with Mirabel than him, bitch what the fuck. He knew he shouldn’t be sad, or hell, jealous!
He looks silently while you and his prima dance around the flowers Isabela made.
“So, me being the best prima ever–hey!--sorry, best prima ever THAT’s the same age as Camilo, when ya gotta tell him? Babe, me and the girls waiting in agony.”
“Damn! Who hurt you today? But seriously though. I am dying.” said Mirabel, slouching her back to show mock tiredness
You blushed, playing with your hands “can- can you help me confess?” Mirabel blinked, “OF COURSE!” she hugged you, happy you finally asked her that, you laughed while holding her small frame by the waist. Camilo, of course, saw this and thought you confessed your undying love for his prima. His eyes still widen in shock and pain. He walked, walked away to the woods and stayed there.
He sighed, he knew his sister could hear him, he knew he never stood a chance in the first place, so why did he still have hope? Why , why did he pretend to think that he actually had a stand? Is it because of how you act around him? Those smirks and smiles you give him? The ones who always make him swoon and weak in the knees? He’s pathetic, he thinks. He thinks he’s just the best friend. That’s what he thinks now. But when he first saw you, oh it was the best day ever! On January the 5th (yes today, fuck off.) the first day he saw you. You guys were still kids, it was the first year he got his gift. He shapeshifted into different people to entertain his prima, who didn’t get a gift. He heard laughter from behind him, he turned around and saw you. You were pretty. But still, were you laughing at his prima? “What’re you laughing at?” he asked. “You! That’s awesome really. Sure. but I could literally see you using your gift to make yourself taller.” you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms sassily. “I do not!”
“Do not!”
“Sure, curly. Anyway, hi there! I’m y/n, my family just moved here.” you smile at Mirabel. She looked at you and smiled, “Hi there, Y/n! I’m Mirabel, nice to meet you but please don’t be mean to my primo” she put her hand behind her neck. “Sure , okay Mirabel!” you said enthusiastically, “so, what’s your name? I can’t call you curly forever.” you joke, he looked at you and smiled, “Camilo Madrigal, hope ya enjoy Encanto, Y/n!” he said, shaking your extended hand. Mirabel smiled at the interaction. And from that day on, you three would hang out each day. It was the best decision of his life, shaking your hand, telling you his name.
He smiled softly at the memory, I may not have said this before, but he had a bouquet of flowers with him, he hand picked them from the forest, too tired of Isabela’s teasing.
He looked at it with tired eyes, sighed and put it in the side. He hid behind his arms and let the tears fall. He wondered what you and Mirabel were doing now.
And wonder he did.
“And, what I’m trying to say is, I love you, Camilo Madrigal.” you finished, you opened your eyes and was met with Mirabel’s judging look. “Dude, all you did was ramble and finish with that.” she said blankly. You sigh dramatically, falling in her arms “I’m helpless! Hopeless! I cannot do this without you, amor! Please, accept my confession, I hid this blooming feelings from you since the day we met! Oh my dear, I love you!” you put your hand above your forehead while the other was clenching your chest. Your friend rolled her eyes and fucking made you fall- “you’re good now. Just do that dramatic shit you do. Ugh, I can’t believe I have to deal with two dramatic theatre kids. Jesucristo, Dios, dame paciencia para lidiar con estas dos perras” she muttered and cursed and left. (“Jesus Christ, God, give me patience to deal with these two bitches” *uses google translate because I don’t know the language*)
You got up from the ground and decided to find your dearest beloved. You’ve searched everywhere, anywhere he could've been. But nothing. You decided to ask Dolores where her dearest brother may be. “So? Where is he?” you anxiously wait for her answer, “mhm, they’re at your safe spot in the forest, hurry, he sounds like he’s crying.”
You thanked her and ran to the forest.
“Camilo? Camilo! Where are you!?” Dios, why is your spot the forest? You heard sniffles in a distance, you speed-walked towards the sound and saw Camilo, “Camilo? Are you okay, Amigo?”
He looked at you with red eyes, yet he glared. He shuffled away from you, “what do you want?” his voice was cold and harsh, you noticed. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did someone hurt you? Who are they, I’ll beat them up!” you joked to lighten the mood. He scoffed, “why won’t you go back to Mirabel?” okay now you’re confused, “what do you mean?” he rolled his eyes, “oh you know, you not even telling me you like my prima! And even confessing in front of me! You have some nerve, Y/n L/n!” he yelled at you, his vision blurred with tears.
You furrowed your eyebrows in anger, “you were eavesdropping on my conversation!? You know I love my privacy!” standing up, he rolled his eyes and harshly wiped his tears, “well maybe I don’t know anything about you! What else!? What else are you not telling me!? I’ve told you everything about me yet you share little information! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?” he screamed at your face, his tears rolling down his beautiful, sun-kissed face “MY PROBLEM!? YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S CRYING AND FUCKING EAVESPROPPING ON PEOPLE’S CONVERSATION! WHY DID YOU EVEN ASSUME I LIKE MIRABEL!?”
“Oh HA HA HA, NOW IT’S MY FAULT!? I SEE HOW YOU LOOK AT HER! YOU. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S IGNORING THE OBVIOUS SIGNS THAT I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU Y/N M/N L/N! BUT HEY! LET’S IGNORE THAT BS AND GO FOR MIRABEL!” he points his finger at you, realising what he said, his eyes widen as he hid behind his ruana
He plopped down the ground and mumbled, “ignore what I said, pretend that this argument never happened.” embarrassed, Camilo Madrigal is embarrassed, you laughed. “Stop laughing! I'm sad!”
“I- hah- I’ m sorry but- HHAAH DIOS MIO- YOU’RE EMBARRASSED! THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN! I am telling your primas this– but wait wait wait, you love me?” you turn to him, eyes widening. He blushed even more, hiding in his ruana as he leaned his covered head on the tree he sat at, “ I said it twice, are you deaf?” his muffled nervous voice said. You grinned, “you love- love me?” , “stop making me repeat myself!” you grabbed him by the shoulders, making him face you. His ruana fell back, making you see his flushed face, his eyes not meeting yours, hell, his lips looked wobbly. You smiled at him, “I literally went to find you to say I like you, what the hell.” he looked at you, “wait really?” his eyes had that spark of hope, “of course! You made me fall in love with you, Milo, you understood the assignment and did it right.” his smile widened, he took you by the waist and spun you around.
You laughed at his antics “alight alight, stop– you’re making me dizzy”
“Dizzy with my love!” he smiled smugly
“Alright, come here, dork.”
He pressed his forehead in yours, he looked at you with adoration and love, it was amazing. After a long comfortable silence, he whispered, “can I kiss you?”
You smiled at him, closing your eyes and connecting your lips in his.
“Shut up! Shut up!” the Madrigal family silenced, Dolores hummed in satisfaction, “mhm, he did it. He kissed them.” The familia cheered, they grew tired of Camilo rambling about how pretty you are and how he loves you so much. “Finally! Ugh, did Y/n confess with full drama or just fumbled and melted?” questioned Isabela. “It was Camilo who confessed in the middle of their fight.”
“You’re the one to talk, Isa. Hey, how’s that baker girl by the way?” Mirabel smirked at her sister as she blushed and stuttered.
“N- none of your business!”
Finally! I’m free from the burden of making a fic!
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penbensie · a month ago
Tumblr media
My love for Mirabel burns with the intensity of a thousand suns 😌
I loved this movie so much and I’m upset I don’t hear more about it! Mirabel is such a good protagonist aaaaa her color palette? And the green glasses? And how determined and resilient she is? I don’t remember the last time I liked a Disney princess this much
(I love me a nice rat man too, Bruno is also superior but like….this giiirl she’s just so neat 😭)
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pepasraincloud · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
mirabel madrigal reaction memes from “The Family Madrigal”
free to use, credit if possible!!
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koallebear · 5 days ago
Hola casita!
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azural83 · 8 days ago
Obsessed with concept art mirabel's grey dresses
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mysteryartisticwriter · 10 days ago
One of my favorite things about Mirabel in Encanto is the fact that she never talked bad about anyone in her family, despite being upset that she’s left out of almost everything.
In “The Family Madrigal” intro song, she describes each of her family members’ powers without saying a single bad thing about them. She says “She’s the perfect golden child” with a smile about her sister Isabel even when they’re not close and don’t get along because she still loves her as part of her family.
Also in that song, she was going to leave out the part about her because she knows that its the rest of her family that she feels are special, not her. She didn’t want pity or to make her family look bad by adding in how she doesn’t have a gift.
Mirabel is the only one who actually stays and listens to her sisters’ problems (Luisa’s pressure to help her family, Isabel’s perfectionism). She stopped the family’s generational trauma by contronting it, confronting Abeula, and was the only one who had a bond strong enough with Casita to get her to the candle to save it.
Theres a reason why the candle chose her and no one else, she was the only one to have the courage, to have the bravery and love for her family to finally fix the family.
Mirabel never complained or said a single bad thing about her family despite how she was treated, because she loves her family so much. She had the opportunity to have a villain arc but tried to save the miracle instead. She said it was mainly for her family’s sake and for Casita (yeah she included herself but she put herself last).
In conclusion, Mirabel is one of the best movie protagonists ever and deserves the world. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk <3
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sophialore · 14 days ago
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This is just a deleted scene really 🙃
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justanothercamilofan · 3 days ago
Headcanons of mirabel's family finding out she has a Girlfriend pls 😁
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it's me y'all im her gf
sorry mirabel stans she chose me /j
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When the two of you started dating, you both agreed to keeping it a secret for a while. Mirabel told you that her family could be a bit... overwhelming at times and besides, a little privacy wouldn't hurt anybody, right?
Since the both of you didn't want Dolores to hear all the lovey dovey stuff you told each other, you would often write them down on a piece of paper.
Mirabel came up with this tapping system. If one of you taps the other three times and that would mean "I love you", four times would mean "I love you too"
You guys planned everything out in order to keep this whole relationship, so just how the heck did they find out?
Mirabel couldn't stand with just tapping you anymore and decided to just... say it.
"I love you, (name)." She whispers into your ear. Your cheeks heated up at her words, but then your eyes grew wide. "Mirabel! Dolores... She can hear us, you know."
The both of you immediately rushed back, hoping you could get to her prima just before she tells anybody. But the moment the two of you got to Casita, it was already too late, Dolores had already told Julieta and Agustin about it.
"Ma... hey." Mirabel chuckles nervously, and you look gulp, looking everywhere but at them. "Is this... Are you and (name) really dating?" Julieta asks, and Mirabel slowly nods. The married couple looks at each other before smiling softly at the both of you. "Oh, Miraboo, we're so happy to hear that!" Her father exclaims, "You're growing up so quick, mi vida! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was cradling you in my arms..." Mirabel's mom spoke, hugging her daughter close to her and pressing kisses all over her face. "M-Ma..! Not in front of mi novia!" You only giggle at the sight before you.
"What's going on here? I heard something about sis getting a girlfriend from Dolores." Isabela says, arms crossed over her chest.
Soon enough, the whole family was bombarding the both of you with questions.
Welp, so much for trying to keep it a secret.
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larrythe1st · 4 days ago
y/n: croissants : dropped
mirabel: road : works ahead
camilo: bbq sauce: on my titties
dolores: shavacado : fre
isabela: miss keisha: fuckin dead
abuela, grumpy: I didn't understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you
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camilosluvr · 5 days ago
hear me out: Camilo and Mirabel with a magician! reader-
The Teen Madrigals with a Magician S/O!
Camilo and Mirabel with a Magician S/O Headcanons
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo would love your magic so much! Sometimes you think that he loves it more than he loves you but he always reassures you that he loves you more even though when you bring it up, you're joking
Camilo would love to help you with your tricks, you don't really 'preform' but if you do it's probably for kids in the town like antonio or just for camilo but if it's for anyone else then camilo would help you
Camilo would try and convince you to preform for his family and if you end up agreeing then camilo would probably help you and he loves to but sometimes he prefers to watch as he finds your tricks really interesting
Camilo is literally your biggest supporter and your number one fan and he makes that clear
He sometimes asks his mother to make you and him matching magician clothing even if you don't preform that much, camilo likes to be your assistant for when you preform for antonio
It makes him so happy when you're doing magic for antonio because he loves when you and his family get along especially antonio as he cares about his little brother very much
Antonio knows about most of the tricks you do and how to do them but it's just fun to watch them so he doesn't say anything
Sometimes, you preform for the madrigal family and they think it's a bit childish like something antonio would do but the way you two connect and smile with each other during it makes their heart warm up
Pepa thinks your relationship is so adorable especially when camilo helps you with your magic, it reminds her of her and félix when they were younger
He uses his shape-shifting to help you with the tricks a lot but he'll ask you how to do real magic without him using his powers
If you're insecure about your magic then camilo will always remind you that your magic is amazing and that he loves it even if everyone else doesn't
Mirabel Madrigal
Mirabel loves your magic so much and sometimes asks if you can teach her a bit but when you do, she doesn't really do it correctly but that's okay! She's cute either way and it makes you smile with how adorable she is:)
Mirabel loves to help you with your magic, she doesn't have a gift like the rest of her family but helping you makes her feel better! You always tell her that you love her with or without a gift
Mirabel likes to make you clothing that signals your magic and that you're a magician like if you wear skirts or dresses then she'll make you a dress or skirt that has top hats and wands on it and if you wear anything else, she'll put top hats and wands on the lining or on the collar
Mirabel likes to be your assistant to many of your tricks, she'll sometimes announce the tricks your doing if you're preforming
If you don't like preforming then she won't make you but she will try and convince you to preform for the kids in the local area
If you're insecure about your magic then mirabel will try and make you feel better about it and show you that your magic is amazing and that she loves it
You like preforming for her a lot because her smile makes you so happy and it just beams up your whole day and makes your day better
If she's having a bad day, you'll do your magic because it makes her day better and makes her feel better
Sometimes her skirt dancing helps with your tricks as you can do a disappearing trick while her skirt is covering the thing you're trying to make disappear
Speaking of her skirt dancing, in return of teaching her how to magic, she teaches you how to do skirt dancing if you want to and if not skirt dancing then just one of her favorite dances from her culture
Julieta thinks that your relationship is so adorable especially when she sees you and mirabel joking about how bad she is at magic
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