bridgetserdocksketches · 21 days ago
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you ever just see someone and think "wow, they must give great hugs"
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siegelst · 26 days ago
i thought it was messed up in Encanto that the main non-magical lass doesn’t get a room cause she doesn’t have magic powers. F*ck give her a break. and also Bruno. someone hug that rat guy.
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whhoreformackernasey · 12 days ago
Isabela being mad at Mirabel for ruining her life:
Mirabel being an empath sensing that Isabela is mad at her:
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dragon14-artblog-92 · 19 days ago
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Have to post something for 2022 chibi mirabel from encanto
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welovebruno · 3 days ago
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encanto text posts part two except it’s tumblr this time
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taigastootsie · 11 days ago
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Wholesome fun bc i need it
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themessyartist345 · 28 days ago
I love them your honor!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love HER your honor!
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rae-arts777 · 17 days ago
Isabela: just be yourself
Mariano: I have one day to win over Dolores’ parents, be myself? I mean how long did it take for you guys to like me?
Luisa: eh..couple weeks.
Mirabel: Six months.
Camilo: jury is still out
Mariano: see?! Be myself what garage advice is that?
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rurivu · 7 days ago
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As promised, the kids are Madrigal in short.
(according to all traditions, my last ОСs;)
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ameamaranth · a day ago
Mirabel: [draws a stick girl]
Camilo: girl?
Dolores: lady?
Antonio: school girl?
Luisa: only child?
Mirabel: [shakes head and draws another stick girl]
Luisa: classmates?
Pepa: maria and Anita from Bruno's telenovela?
Camilo: best friends?
Dolores: companions?
Mirabel: [shakes head and draws a heart over the two stick girls]
Dolores: roommates!
Camilo: best friends! Accept my answer!
Pepa: broom-mates?
Luisa: five feet apart?
Camilo: gal pals!
Isabela: why do I feel like this is going to be a dig on me?
Mirabel: [shakes head and points at Isabela]
The family: ahhh! A lesbian!
Isabela: there it is
Mirabel: YES!
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enbysealkie · 4 days ago
unpopular hot take but Bruno would be terrible with kids that aren't his nieces and nephews. he is a ball of anxiousness and has lived in the walls for ten years and all the questions and crowding the little kids do with Mirable during The Family Madrigal? he wouldn't be able to handle that
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getflowersdaily · a year ago
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Like Mariano being one of Maribel's only friends during those ten years between her gift ceremony and the rebuilding of Casita.
I can see it starting off around the time the arrangements for Mariano and Isabela's marriage started turning into serious courting. Like Mariano is a himbo like all the other men who marry into the Madrigal family, so he genuinely wants to get along with his future in laws.
He starts with Isabela's sisters. Luisa is easy enough to talk to but he does have a hard time coming up with bonding activities with the insane amount of tasks the poor girl does around the village.
With Mirabel the man almost felt like he was walking on eggshells at first. He wasn't quite sure how to approach her, especially when he noticed the sisters' jealousy towards one another. Surprisingly enough it was his poetry that got him an in with Mirabel.
Mariano had gone to a quiet place outside the village to work on his poetry. He started to sing it out loud and then to his surprise a tune started to play along. It sounded really good.
Mariano stopped singing to see Mirabel with her instrument. Mirabel noticing that Mariano has seen her gets really nervous and starts apologizing saying she didn't know he was out here until she heard him singing and she like the song so she wanted to add some music.
It took about 5 minutes but Mariano was able to reassure that he liked her addition to his poetry. And that's how they started bonding with Mirabrl helping turn Mariano's poetry into songs, and then evolved to Mariano giving advice on Mirabel's embroidery.
Having someone outside the family compliment her work gave Mirabel a confidence boost. Mariano was greatful to make a new friend, especially one that would help make the transition a little bit easier from being a Guzman to a Madrigal.
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morita-crowley · 19 days ago
Hey, here's a little reminder to stop gatkeeping shit!
Todays case: my new hyperfixation, Encanto.
Look I get it that Encanto is a big thing to latino and specifically Colombian peeps, but stop gatekeeping.
Generational trauma is not a latino thing only, fleeting your entire life as result of violence is a long human tradition, so please stop saying that non latino people won't understand that (my own grandparents would disagree).
Also, let people enjoy the OBVIOUS queer coding of characters, and for the love of the burning ball of gas stop saying it's just the white people that missed that point of the movie. IT DOESN'T MATTER, LET THEM ENJOY THEIR QUEER CODED CHARACTERS IN A DISNEY MOVIE.
Or those who talk about the effects of children being marked as "gifted" on them and the family.
Different people takes different things out of movies, so I know this is a big deal for some, but calm the fuck down.
You can gatekeep the ones that support incest, not the "I'm possessing my trauma here", but the "I really think those relatives were coded as a couple" people. 'Yall need some therapy.
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welovebruno · 9 days ago
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incorrect-life-of-me · a month ago
encanto seems like a great movie and all but you can tell which artists were in the hamilton fandom and which one they drew the most. 
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hamiltonforpowerpoint · a month ago
It’s hard being in the Encanto fandom and being a fan who doesn’t absolutely hate Alma. It’s so hard to come across fanfic/fanart that it’s Alam bashing.
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nemideia · 27 days ago
I watched Encanto and I have some thoughts, but what I'd like to say now is that I really like how a lot of times in the movie Mirabel's glasses fall. So relatable.
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rae-arts777 · 17 days ago
Camilo: hey! Whats going on?!
Mirabel: sobering up these drunk idiots!!!! Isabela got drunk! And everytime I set someone in to sober her up, she got them drunk! It’s like she was trying to tank this!!
Camilo: yeah well Mariano cancelled the wedding 3 different times cause of the universe!
Mirabel: what?!
Camilo: yeah! It’s like he didn’t even want to get married!
Mirabel: i know! Isabela too!
Camilo/Mirabel:…..!!! They don’t want to get married!!!
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5ammi90 · 15 days ago
Encanto first watch.
Tell me I did not start up encanto for the first subtitle to be (abuela speaking Spanish).
This film is beautiful, oh my days
1:40 minutes in and we already have the death of a family member, Disney is ruthless.
Death of a family member for “magic” candle. Seems like a good trade.
Oh dang the house is sentient. Be afraid.
“Magic” candle doesn’t give gift to family member just to have plot. Rude.
First song. I like it.
Those three kids are on way to much coffee. I was only joking. That kid was seriously drinking coffee. I’m very much agreeing with the kids. There are so many people. What on earth is a ‘grandkids round up’
List of superheroes and their powers. Weather girl, back to the future, food heals all, super hearing, shapeshifter, currently unknown is now dr dolittle, super strength, flower power and broken af.
Wow dissing Bruno right from the get go.
Excuse but you’ve still not mentioned what you’re gift is. I mean I know you don’t have one but still. Drop that bombshell already.
Woo, time to start dragging down Mirable, this is gonna be fun. Delivery dude really beating that horse and he’s only had 40 seconds of screen time. Rest of the movie needs to step up if we really want to destroy this girls self esteem before the first 10 minutes. 9:48 nailed it.
Someone calm the weather girl, she is messing up the floral arrangements.
So Isabela is gonna be that character, great 😒. I wanna punch her, 10:30. That is a definite record. Nice work Encanto.
So dad has more puff than the marshmallow. Poor dude fought bees and they definitely won. Dad you ain’t helping.
Fuck you Abuela. Way to kick a kid while she’s down. I mean dang.
Wait a second did the girl not get a door/ her own room because she didn’t get a gift. Seriously, that’s so messed up. How has she not went down the path of Bruno. She’s legit stuck in the nursery. Bruh.
Oh now it’s translating the subtitles. Thanks.
Super strength lifted a whole cart and donkey. Dang.
Stairs really said ‘nope’.
Yeah keep hyping this, nothing bad could happen just look at how well last time turned out…….wait a second. Poor boy is terrified. He wants his sis with him but the rest think she’s a jinx. That’s sad for both of them.
Kid has a jungle room. Cool.
Fuck you Abuela.
The took the picture without her. She’s still part of the family. Not having ‘a gift’ doesn’t change that. You a**holes. No you have many reasons to be upset. This poor girl. Let it out babes. Wait a second what’s Abuela’s gift?? Did it tell me and I missed it.
“The matriarch's magical ability is the gift to bestow magic on others” I googled it. So does this mean that technically it’s Abulea’s fault Marible doesn’t have a gift then???
Oh dang the house is breaking. Not good. Also you might want to clean that cut and maybe YELL FOR HELP. Oop no wait, everything is fine apparently. Rude. Thanks mum, loving the support. Wait how do they explain the cut??? Oh great compare her to Bruno. That will make her feel better. Mira, what you doing??
Abulea is a lair. Also side note how has she not spotted Mira. Goes to save family *pause* how do I do that. I love when characters are self aware.
Poor dude, wanting to marry Isabela. I guess love really is blind. Super strength is hiding something. Lusia are you good girl?? I’m sorry, they took a perfectly normal child and destroyed her. Look at her she has anxiety now. Someone help her. Unidonkey. Thank you Mira, I was just about to suggest a hug.
Bruno had a vision and probably could have helped prevent this mess. What’s the bet that he tried to tell Abuela and she dismissed him. (Lusia just chucking donkeys). Bruno has the sands of time for a room. Well that’s a lot of stairs. Positive vibes have died but she reached the top only to find a chasm and no bridge. Bruno your room sucks.
She stuck the landing. Ten points. Also that bird is heavily judging you. Turns out he’s a scaredy-cat. Oh she’s trapped. Although I think she’s found the vision.
Oh shit Lusia is losing her strength. Yeah thanks Abulea blame Mira. Like the poor girl doesn’t feel bad enough. Poor Bruno. Wow, no wonder he left. You all blame him for things that might have happened away. Also Isabela shut up and do one. Oh dang Dolores is in love with the dude (Mariano?) whose in love with Isabela. Poor girl. Fuck you Isabela.
This song is an earworm. Yep tell your dad all about your problems. Dolores knows. Oh shit. Good luck guys. Dolores lock it down babes. Shit too late. Oh shit Pepa has been told. Rain clouds in coming. Lusia having a moment. Poor girl. Dude just got punched by a flower. Mira didn’t do anything, stop being dicks. Oh yeah rats in the walls.
Tumblr media
Oh hey Bruno. Dude is fast. Almost made it, Bruno help her. Thank you. Shit she dropped him. 😂😂😂😂. I need a second to recover. It’s the way he just pops up. Oh my days, that is my kind of humour.
Also if he’s been in the walls this whole time how has Dolores not heard him??? Bruno are you superstitious?? Oh, he’s hopeless. Right, we must protect this man at all costs. Oh someone reintroduced him into society. Poor guy, that’s heartbreaking with the table mat. No they just didn’t try, definitely isn’t your fault Bruno. Okay so what I’ve learned is the family are a bunch of dicks.
Goddamn it Abulea. Bruno is the best out of this whole family so far. So is Antonio. Kid is awesome. Yes dad stand up for your daughter. Abulea sucks. Family weirdos unite.
That capybara just chilling in the circle is giving me life. Also the fact that Bruno went around because he knew it wouldn’t shift was perfect. Yup I definitely feel like capybara just watching this destruction.
Hugging Isabela will fix everything, seriously. Bruno please don’t leave you are the best thing. Oh dang Isabela is about to go off. Duck and cover Mira. Oh nope she’s just being a bitch. Oh crap never mind here we go. Wait she just popped a cactus. So wait she’s only gonna marry this dude for the family when Dolores is already over here in love with the dude. Sucks I guess. Oh dang it she’s gonna get a redemption. I’m gonna have to tolerate her after this.
Oops love interest got punched again. Oh Mira is here to show them they don’t need to be perfect or carry all the responsibilities. Yeah okay. Great Abulea is here to ruining everything. Fuck you Abulea.
Go off Mira. Tell that hoe. Oh shit the candle went out. Now what?? Oop she’s gone.
While crap now I’m crying. Thanks encanto. Doesn’t really make up for the years of alienation but sure. Bruno is here to help. Awww he got a hug. Dad has been stung again. Poor dude. Okay Bruno is getting a lot off his chest but home boy just sang the line “let it go” so I’m judging him. See I knew Dolores had to have heard him. Stop giving that kid coffee. Finally Dolores gets her guy.
So does that mean they have no more powers anymore?? Oop never mind. That would have been an interesting ending to see how they would have coped without their gifts. Yay new family photo.
All in all I liked it. 4/5 just cause i think it might have been more interesting for them to stay without their gifts. Bruno is my favourite and I love the soundtrack, animation is beautiful and I do like the story but it’s far too easy to relate to Mira and it kinda mucks with my opinion.
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