ask-princess-sofia · 2 months ago
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Professionals are Pro-Ship
Pro-Ship is actually perfectly natural & good - exploring ideas thru fiction, everyone does it, even Antis but they'd never admit to it.
Pro-Ship =/= Like everything problematic
Pro-Ship = NOT HARASSING OTHERS over fictional ships/topics
Live & let live
So long as no one irl is harmed
Pro Ship = Exploring things in Fiction, but NOT supporting them irl
(Examples seen in images above)
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andtheyweresiblings · 4 months ago
I saw a tag in an AO3 Mirabruno fic that said Mirabel and Bruno are coded as a couple, and this was definitely a thought I also had during my first watch of the movie. Especially considering that in an animated film, any potential chemistry between actors is not going to play a huge role in what’s happening on screen. Rather, any chemistry between characters is going to be due to the choices animators and writers made, which is fun to think about. So I thought I’d try my hand at analyzing what I think so many of us were picking up on.
Now I’m not saying all of these points support romantic coding alone, but I think when put together, we get something significant between Mirabel and Bruno. I would love to hear any possible additions or elaborations to this that I might be missing.
**use the numbered points as the TLDR**
1. Bruno estranged himself from his family to protect Mirabel.
There is a lot to be said about this move. On one hand, Bruno was motivated to do this because he had already developed a bad reputation amongst his family and the townsfolk that his prophecies were bad news and that he was somehow playing a role in them. It can probably be argued for this reason alone, he left to protect himself. But he was also protecting Mirabel because he knew that with this prophecy, she would be dragged down with him. When Mirabel meets/confronts him in Casita’s walls, Bruno says, “no one was supposed to see that prophecy.” Considering how superstitious/paranoid Bruno appears (to the point of probably meeting OCD criteria), I think it is a fair assumption that at some point, Bruno started internalizing that maybe just maybe he was part of the problem and was to blame for the outcomes of some of his prophecies. So, in addition to protecting Mirabel from his mother’s wrath, I think Bruno may also have been trying to protect her from some doomed fate he might have thought he brought upon her. I think his logic was, if no one else sees the prophecy, maybe it cannot come true. I got on a little tangent there, but ultimately, while I think Bruno had a couple motivators for leaving the family after making the prophecy about Mirabel, it seems the main motivator was to protect Mirabel. While not inherently romantic, it is definitely a decision with a lot of love behind it. 
2. They defend each other to the family matriarch.
In the final act of the film, both Mirabel and Bruno defend each other to Alma. While Mirabel is defending herself and her sisters against her abuela’s impossible standards, she also leaps to Bruno’s defense, stating that Alma always saw “the worst” in Bruno and that Bruno does in fact love the family.
Likewise, Bruno literally rides on a horse to Mirabel’s rescue to defend her against any wrath Alma may have against her. This is especially important when considering that Bruno previously expressed to Mirabel that he was afraid of facing Alma. In this scene, he shows he is willing to overcome this fear to once again protect Mirabel. He literally tells his mother, “I don’t care what you do to me.” I think the fact that he is riding on a horse just adds to the coding of a knight in shining armor rescuing his damsel in distress, even if Mirabel is perfectly capable of managing conflict.
3. Bruno comes across as younger than his age.
Bruno holds himself in a smaller posture. He appears shorter than his sisters. And frankly, he seems timid and unsure of himself. He often uses more informal language and catches himself and tries to use more formal language, and I think it’s to appear more mature than he feels he is. It doesn’t help that all of the Madrigal adults look much younger for their age, and he’s no exception. Now, I am going to refrain from going into why he may seem younger than his sisters (despite the graying hair). The point here is that Bruno acting and looking younger created a weird dissonance in my mind. On one hand, I knew he was Mirabel’s uncle and was the same age as her mother. On the other hand, his portrayed youth makes it a little easier to interpret their interactions as a little more romantic than familial. Because honestly, if the plot was just a little different and Bruno was just some seer that Mirabel was seeking out, then a lot of their interactions would read as very shippable to me. I’m sorry I cannot elaborate this more eloquently.
4. “After you save the miracle, come visit.” “After I save the miracle, I’m bringing you home.”
No elaboration for this. Just the way they look at each other during this exchange:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
5. Bruno is canonically interested in incest romances.
Ok. I know this has been a central point of discourse between us and antis, but I want to look at this within the context of the narrative. Which is to say, Bruno talking about an aunt/nephew romance plot comes across as a foreshadow when considering the fact that 1) it can be assumed Bruno came up with this plot by himself and enjoys it, 2) Bruno started talking about this plot basically unprompted to his niece who he hasn’t seen in a decade, and 3) this was right after he had saved said niece from what he had assumed was death. I think having one of the characters in a shipcest pairing being canonically interested in incest already gives us a lot of shipcest fuel, but more than that, Bruno’s interest in incest and how it is introduced within the narrative very easily reads as a foreshadow in the first viewing of the movie.
6. Bruno is starved for affection and love, while Mirabel is starved for respect.
I think this is what ultimately colors everything between these two as potentially romantic. Bruno has been isolated for ten years, so any positive regard and affection to him is going to be so meaningful. We can see it on his face when Mirabel is reassuring him that she doesn’t think he makes bad things happen and that he just got a bad rap. We can see it in countless other scenes of Bruno receiving affection from other characters in the movie. He is shocked and very clearly doesn’t know what to do with it:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Likewise, Mirabel rarely receives respect from the adults and even children of the family. Tía Pepe and Isabela tend to be annoyed with Mirabel at baseline. Abuela Alma at her kindest is still shutting down Mirabel and telling Mirabel she has very little value to offer the family. Meanwhile, her parents sometimes accidentally support Alma’s opinion of Mirabel in their reassurances that she has “nothing” to prove. From their first interaction, Bruno listens to Mirabel and talks to her like an equal, like an autonomous adult who matters. As the two work together, Bruno continues to demonstrate that he respects Mirabel. He doesn’t talk down to her, and he apologizes for raising his voice at her when she was spiraling about hugging Isabella to save the miracle and reemphasizes her autonomy (“it’s up to you”):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ultimately, these two unconditionally offer each other what they are both craving—what they each never properly received from the rest of the family—and this is a trope often used in a romantic narrative. Not to mention, they can also relate to each other; they are both misfits and both feel incredibly displaced from the rest of the family. Add to the fact that the two treat each other more like equals and less like uncle/niece, and suddenly, the couple coding seems more evident.
7. The blocking and imagery choices.
Honestly, most of the ship vibes I saw came from a lot of the blocking/imagery choices the animators made, so I’m just going to have to include some screenshots of the most damning ones because I don’t know how to make gifs. They are as follows.
The concern/desperation in Bruno’s eyes when he saves Mirabel from falling:
Tumblr media
All the hand holding during the prophecy scene:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene in which we see a lot of mirroring between the two, supporting the idea that they see each other as equals:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene in which her parents are singing, “and to watch our little girl grow.” Of all the things to pan to in order to demonstrate that Mirabel is growing up, they chose to show her interacting with Bruno. It’s an interesting choice to me:
Tumblr media
And then, of course, the last minute or so of the movie where we get a lot of mirabruno eye contact and shared smiles:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Casita literally brings them together into a pseudo-dance:
Tumblr media
Then there is the family picture. The way Bruno is holding/touching Mirabel does not come across as a typical uncle/niece interaction. Look at them. Regardless of the nature of their relationship, there is a high level of physical intimacy shown here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And of course, the end credits silhouette:
Tumblr media
So there you have it. These are the biggest reasons why I think these two are coded as a couple, but I’m sure there are many more that I’m not thinking of. I love these two so much, and I would love to hear other thoughts in support of their coding as a couple.
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lollipopcrowley · 5 months ago
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nshayden · 4 months ago
love them!!!!
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antisrterrible · a month ago
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kewpidity · 4 months ago
the difference between mirabruno and brumilo is mira saw bruno and said 'i can fix him'
camilo saw him and said 'i can make him worse'
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chiniko · 2 months ago
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altadoodler · 2 months ago
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ask game, confess your love without confessing your love, go /j
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brunobel-mirabruno · 4 months ago
Bruno has 100% called Mirabel "mi vida" without meaning to
Probably at the dinner table
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tostones · 3 months ago
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whisperinthenight · 4 months ago
Ok but why does it looks like wife and husband having an argument and wife is winning, but then their kid interrupts them...?
No? Only me? Ok...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Srry for 1 pic. Didn't have another screenshot and too lazy to make it again😂)
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ask-princess-sofia · 3 months ago
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andtheyweresiblings · 4 months ago
I've been thinking about Bruno's motivations in the film. While Mirabel is most motivated to save the family's magic to prove her worth, everything that Bruno is seen doing in the film is done for Mirabel. Yes, he plays a crucial part in saving the family, but it's all for Mirabel.
He estranges himself to protect Mirabel. He agrees to "see more" of the vision for Mirabel. He wasn't willing to come back to the family, but he asks Mirabel to visit him. Textually, we are led to believe that if everything had worked out for Mirabel after hugging Isabela, Bruno would have not felt the need to come back into the family because the fear of doing that was not worth it to him. What was worth it to him? Protecting Mirabel. The only reason why he was willing to confront Alma and by extension reveal himself to the family was to protect Mirabel.
Romantic or not, that is some incredible devotion he has for her.
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molok0bun · 4 months ago
Ok, but...
✨ Bruno's eyes turning that bright green color every time he reaches his climax ✨
Tumblr media
...And Mirabel feeling horny every time his eyes have this color when he tries to have a vision for anyone who asks for his help, as she can't help but associate them with every time the two of them spend the night together.
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nshayden · 4 months ago
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rubyvenus · 2 months ago
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letsliketurtles · 4 months ago
shipping does not equal morality (personal rant)
Hi to whoever found this and wants to take the time to read my personal thoughts on something I investigated and spent some genuine reflection time for several weeks. 
If anybody has been following my posts, you’d know that I commented on the Encanto fandom’s TW/Madrigalcest shippings and gave a respectful heads up that I wouldn’t be commenting much on it, although I am proship. I wanted to follow up on that and come out here to say that I am no longer against it and for me to have been against it reveals my own hypocrisy in proship. This absolutely does NOT mean I condone incest in real life, nor does it mean anybody else who creates works for it does. I just wanna take this time to dive deeper into why properly discussing proship within fandoms is becoming increasingly important in understanding how people engage with each other. The Encanto fandom is still quite young but the tendencies occurring within it must be discussed respectfully. 
After exploring the Encanto fandom spaces across social media, there is without a doubt an extremely large audience that indulges in Madrigalcest, canon x oc pairings, nsfw, and all different kinds of head canons. I have nothing against this, in fact, I encourage it. On Twitter, some of the Encanto animators have been questioned whether or not they are aware of all of this “sinful (as the morally righteous fans would argue)” fan content being made and they’ve acknowledged it in a positive manner by stating that they don’t mind and enjoy seeing how other people interpret their works. The animators have literally answered before that they are not disturbed nor against it. 
Does this mean you, whoever you are, have to be proship/tolerant too? Of course not! Everybody is free to interpret media in their own ways and find comfort in whatever way suits them because SHIPPING DOES NOT EQUAL MORALITY. Fictional writings, works, drawings, etc. are NOT always a direct introspective look into the artist. In 2022, I would’ve thought that internet fandoms would be “woke” enough to understand that there is no reason for anybody to harass fans through public callouts, threads explaining why they are horrible people and should harm themselves, or wish sexual abuse upon others over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. If anything, we’re approaching a limit where I am STUNNED by how many younger fans are the very ones smiting each other with such violent words. There are many adults inappropriately engaging in this disgusting behavior as well with little to no regard that there is another human being behind that user screen. Where is the humility when it comes to REAL fans and internet users? Is it only reserved for fictional comfort characters or for people who strictly agree with you? 
I have a high tolerance for what people will interpret/create in their fictional works because I understand the human complexity that exists in trauma works. Does everybody forget that some of the most famous works were written out of needing to cope with trauma, such as death and abuse? But I also understand that sometimes people just create things for the hell of it! Both are perfectly fine. I believe that any attempt to put a morality spectrum on somebody’s fictional works, unless they are explicitly meant to portray moral correctness, is a waste of precious time and energy. 
The Encanto fandom is an interesting example of where the international majority across Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram is rooted in understanding that most of their fan works are fictional and most importantly, for fun. On Twitter and other parts of Instagram, there is an extremely resilient American minority who attempts to oust the majority who exhibit proship tendencies and overall tolerant towards differing fanon opinions/art. Their fandom discourse has become so extreme to where trending hashtags such as “#ShutUpGringo2022″ were used in opposition to the minority who keeps attempting to police how the majority enjoy Encanto and other Latine works. This is such an unfortunate event and it saddens me to see how it is also not the only instance of this fandom’s conflict. There is no point in policing somebody’s experience online in fandom spaces unless they are directly harassing or causing harm to you. We have so many methods of blocking and muting users/tags, yet people will still go out of their way to express their anger against other fans. 
I could understand the upheaval of the minority if Disney or the Encanto animators directly spoke up against it. However, they do not. Why wouldn’t they? Hello? Any sort of fandom attention is better for their product than no attention at all lol. It wouldn’t be the first Disney controversy either. Until then, I don’t understand why would anybody go out of their way to express such deep opposition when majority of the international fandom across various social media accounts will post Madrigalcest...
ANYWAYS, I still won’t post much about those ships because I can appreciate it from the distance without having to trash others for enjoying it. Cmon, stuff like this is supposed to be fun. It’s 2022, just let people do what they wanna do online so long as it’s legal and it doesn’t endanger anybody. Most of us are strangers to one another anyways. It’s just as easy to hit the block/mute button and get on with your life with good vibes. Peace. ✌️ 
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boyswillbeboxes-archive · 3 months ago
So I was going through some screenshots of the movie and uh
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno sure does a lot of Gazing at Mirabel, huh?
Bonus: she gazes back
Tumblr media
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hello-nichya-here · 3 months ago
YESS im so happy to know you also ship brumira. what scene made you ship them and what do you like abt them?
It wasn't really one specific scene, but rather the classic "I forgot that doing things as a joke is the gateway drug into doing them for real." I saw some funny memes of them + the somehow 100% legit scene of Bruno full on saying he wrote an incestuous telenovela and went "Hahaha, I totally ship them." Then I watched the movie, cried like a bitch, and the more I thought about it and rewatched their scenes, the more I realized "Oh fuck, I actually DO ship them"
There is just SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. It's ridiculous. There's just too much to like about the ship (Warning to anyone who has not watched the movie: SPOILERS)
Literally everything Bruno did was for Mirabel. He had his "final" vision to try to figure out why she didn't have a gift like the others, then kept said vision a secret so she wouldn't be blamed for the family losing their miracle, and took the fall for her by disappearing without a word and stay "away" for years, being demonized by the people he loved the most just so she would be spared the same fate. When she comes to him for help, he has another vision even though he is terrified of his own gift, and when everything goes to hell, he's searching for her to make sure she is okay, and finally reveals himself to Abuela, which he was terrified of doing, just so Mirabel wouldn't be blamed for everything that happened.
On her part, Mirabel also shows quite a lot of love for him. She is the only one who was already talking about him before they knew something was wrong with their magic, feels sorry for him when she sees how much pain he has been dealing with, promises to bring him "back" home even though he is weird as fuck, and when Abuela says he didn't care about the family she immediately defends him.
There's just this great chaotic energy in every scene they're in, with them kind of taking turns on being the "deranged one" while the other is the "sane one." Mirabel has that bold confidence of young heroes which can make her reckless and she's still clearly a teenager and Bruno has to be her Tio and try to make her see reason... but he is also an absolute disaster of a human being and a complete mess that Mirabel has to bring back to reality.
They're both the black sheeps of the family, and are desperate to feel like they belong - and even though they haven't seen each other in years, they just instantly click.
He is her uncle and told her about the forbidden romance he wrote about a woman with amnesia falling in love with her own nephew. This actually happened. Five minutes into their first interaction.
It's incest and age-gap romance, man, I live for that kind of thing.
THE YELLOW BUTTERFLIES! They were quite clearly one the aspects of the movie that were based on the novel 100 Years Of Solitude - they symbolized magic, destruction, change, and forbidden (INCESTUOUS) love. The song "Dos Oruguitas" (Two Caterpillars) plays at the end of the movie, showing Abuela losing her husband and her grief creating the miracle, and the yellow butterflies show up right as the lyrics has the caterpillars becoming butterflies, with Alma and Mirabel reconciling, taking the first step to save the miracle - and with Bruno showing up to sacrifice himself for Mirabel (AGAIN), just like Pedro sacrificed himself for his wife and kids, only this time, this third and final time, the sacrifice isn't leaving, but coming back. Add in the fact that Alma and Mirabel are the only Madrigal women without a gift, and the parallels between them become even more obvious. The scene is not just the Madrigal family being saved, or even Bruno returning to his family and to his mother, it's a symbol of a doomed/long lost love having another chance by being "reborn" in a different form, with Bruno and Mirabel replacing Pedro and Alma.
So yeah, I love this movie, these characters and this amazing ship - Brumira is almost Elsanna levels of obvious incest.
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brunobel-mirabruno · 4 months ago
Bruno: yeah, don't worry, I only act nervous around people I'm romantically interested in
Mirabel: you're nervous all the time?
Bruno: no
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