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Day 26: Acts 2


“Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.”

‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:43‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬

The Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples and they were empowered to perform miracles, things well outside the natural order that are only possible for an all-powerful God. The crowd were in ‘awe’ this is a word used for when God is involved. They are filled with wonder at what God is capable of. Even when we don’t mean to we can limit God by thinking that he only did miracles like this back then but God is the same, he can still perform miracles today.

All we need to do is ask for the Spirit and then expect them to happen. It’s God who is exercising his power, the pressure is off of us. God can heal miraculously, this includes turning our lives around so that we’re able to follow him. Let’s choose to be expectant about the awe inspiring change God can bring in society today, a bursting in of new life and a sign of the world to come.

Art “Pentecost by Mark Wiggin”

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We have sinned, even as our ancestors did; we have done wrong and acted wickedly. 

When our ancestors were in Egypt, they gave no thought to your miracles; they did not remember your many kindnesses, and they rebelled by the sea, the Red Sea.

Yet he saved them for his name’s sake, to make his mighty power known. 

He rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried up, he led them through the depths as though a desert. 

He saved them from the hand of the foe; from the hand of the enemy he redeemed them. 

- Psalm 106:6-10 NIV

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(Hey there! You may be liking/reblogging something without links to new pieces I may have written for this character, just letting you know in case you’re interested in reading more!)

I’m back. Sort of. I’ve been dragged into a game project that is eating a lot of time haha. Anyhow, Sawyer part two! Yay for our lovely gang boy, who belongs to the lovely @yandere-flower​​. 


Part 1

Summary: Sawyer is back where he belongs. The only problem is you’ve been taken from where you belong.

Pairing: Male x Female Reader.

Words: 4899.

Warnings: Mentions of Mental Illness, Kidnapping, Swearing, Suggestive Themes

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If not miracles, then a series of mighty strange coincidences helped me transition.

So I do think miracles happen.

But I look around, and there’s no sign of a single plan. People who don’t need miracles sometimes seem to get them, and people who need them often don’t get them. I can only conclude there are many limited beings. I suspect they’re as puzzled as we are.

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When 4 almost

Became 5

“ Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart” ~ Winnie the Pooh

“For many years the question of motherhood had been a very unknown grey area for me . After years of sadness and loosing my faith in me ever becoming a Mom , I am beyond grateful and beyond happy to say I am finally expecting my very first little bundle of life .

It’s been a surprise and a very big shock but it’s a Miracel all the same .”

This little piece above was suposed to be me announcing my wee miracle but I never got to post it .

October 14th 2019 I found out I was going to be a Mom for the first time . Happy was an understatement as to how I was feeling, I felt like my whole life in that moment had come full circle and completed itself .

Little did I know that a short 10 weeks later I’d receive the worst news possible , My wee little gem had passed away .

My whole world had exploded , absolutely abliterated in to millions of tiny pieces .

It has never been the same since .

Everyday I wake up and relive the reality Of not having my baby with me .

For weeks after wards I’d have to wake up and full remind myself that my baby was no longer inside of me . That I no longer have to avoid certain foods or activities, that I had created these new habits to adjust to growing a human .

As life had changed when she entered my life story , it changed even more when she passed on .

I know I am not alone in this , I am 1 in 4 . As I’ve come into the journey of becoming an Angel Mom , I realised that there are a lot of women who suffer with losses and it’s incredibly tough journey Togo on if your alone . I absolutely admire every Angel Mom & Dad , it is a title of someone who fights everyday to keep going and to get to the end of their own Rainbows .

Just seen what I wrote for my Baby Annocumet sitting in my drafts box and realised that although I didn’t get to announce my sweet gem , I can let people know she exsisted and that I am her mom and she is my Baby .

She exsisted and always will forever in my heart.

Lillian S Cooper Peterson Walker

C x

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Initiation and renewed action are needed now. Open up to the options available to you, even if they aren’t yet totally clear. The Universe supports you when you allow its influence to help direct your outcomes, and when you open your imagination to all of the potential solutions around you. The key is to keep moving without frantic need or urgency. You may be surprised where they lead.

☝🏻swipe on the photo on Instagram to see more~😘

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Expect the unexpected, for joyous synchronicity abounds!

The Universe is willing to fill my life with beauty and joy. I am blessed with an abundantly spiritual life. Every day in every way, my joyous prosperity grows and grows.

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Isn’t it ironic how we have the Serpent of Eden, who convinced Eve to sample the Apple of knowledge, even if just knowledge of good and evil - but to this day the apple remains a symbol of knowledge - whom  Robert Green Ingersoll called “ the first schoolmaster, the first advocate of learning, the first enemy of ignorance “ per this memorable post… and a highly intelligent, ridiculously well-read, meticulously book-hoarding Angel…

…and yet their reality-altering powers seem to thrive on Ignorance?! With electronics that work when they should not just because the owner could not be bothered (like Crowley’s sound system which works without speakers because he forgot about them), and a military Jeep manifesting a cassette player because Crowley assumes it would have one, and - it has been pointed out to me - Aziraphale probably being able to cross M25 and keep the scooter and Shadwell unharmed through the power of not knowing how dangerous the M25 truly was… The world is a funny place when one has subconscious miracle ability - counter-intuitively, the less they know about a matter that could serve as an inconvenient obstacle, the better off they seem to be. 

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There are times when you are ready to capture the entire world - a thousand storms won’t stop you. To its contrary, even they will be subdued for you. Our history has it. The sea was split for Moses. What makes our faith so weak that we can’t split asunder mountains ahead of us or the very heavens above us…

Random Xpressions

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