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foolishnymph · 11 minutes ago
Reblog to give the person you reblogged this from a few old buttons, a jar of moss, a shiny silver hairpin, a rusty lid and some pretty rocks you found washed up on the riverbank
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spartanxhunterx · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Got bored and made this in Hero Forge, Its a Ladybug Redesign using the available resources.
Yes I gave her bug wings, she deserves them.
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cayenne-twilight · 24 minutes ago
Constance Doves’s Fortune
This is a question that comes up pretty often, and for good reason: where did Constance Dove get all that money? We don’t know anything about her other than her social status, that she was a good adoptive mother, and that she died. She sounds sweet and unassuming, but is basically just a plot device to explain why Clive is rich. Now this could be seen as more of a fic prompt than a theory, but could Clive be continuing/repurposing something that she started?
Tumblr media
Look, Future London is massive. The construction is unfinished, as you can see on “Midland Road”, but the drainpipes and grates are rusted, and there are full grown trees out in the distance. You could say Dimitri and Clive got them like that on purpose, but what if they didn’t? Do you really think a city can be popped up in just ~5 years, even with infinite money at your disposal? What if Future London was a project started by Constance for whatever reason, and the whole thing was included in Clive’s inheritance?
Why would she build this? It would have to be for something both literally and figuratively underground. According to her anecdotally good nature, maybe she was trying to evade the corrupt government by building a secret community exempt from the law, housing people and letting them live on their own terms. It would explain why the residents didn’t seem like actors so much as people who have lived there for a long time, participating in an established community.
Tumblr media
This is where the “theory” gets kind of edgy. Clive’s gang goes by the vague name of “The Family”. You’d think they’d have his name in front as families typically do. He somehow built up a functional organized crime ring in those ~5 years as well? It’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Spring and Cogg said that they loyally worked for the Dove family, right? What family? It was just Constance until she adopted Clive. What if The Family is short for The Dove Family, and it’s been around much longer than Clive? It would explain how organized and powerful it is, but it would also explain why Spring and Cogg didn’t seem too bothered by the underground city. They expressed guilt and horror at Clive’s terrorism plan, but not anything going on before that.
Back to the topic of the post, what if Constance’s massive fortune came from illegal activity? That way, someone could make a ridiculously obscene amount of money even at an old age. All of this could have been part of Clive’s inheritance, repurposed by him for his revenge plan, disregarding any of the original intent behind it.
Or Constance could’ve just made all that money from selling both soap and chocolate.
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kwamikikkitale · 40 minutes ago
With the whole Adrien loosing his arm someone make a drawing of him as an adult with his children.
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jeremy-heere-is-swag · 51 minutes ago
please I'm starting to get really obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug :/
Like at first I watched it as a joke but bro... I dont think it's a joke anymore hdffjfjd
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bambicambi · 51 minutes ago
Miraculous Ladybug Au where Marinette gains a gift that allows her to temporarily make people speak their thoughts. But they don't outwardly say their thoughts, they aren't aware of it. They think it. Don't speak it. But she still hears it. Y'know? No? Okay.
Marinette: whats your name?
Bruce: Batman.
Marinette: ...Sir?
Bruce: I said my name is Bruce Wayne.
Marinette: *touches her earings, sweating slightly* oookay-
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more-ofyou-tolove · an hour ago
I deleted my Miraculous Ladybug AU featuring the Danganronpa characters.
I just lost interest in it and I had no idea where to take it.
I’ll still write fanfic, but I’ll no longer write AUs where it’s basically taking the premise of one media and combining it with characters from another media.
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mlb-confess · an hour ago
Tumblr media
"Adrimi and Lukanette deserved so much better than what the show gave them. They are genuinely interesting relationships that got screwed over for a bland generic MC ship (LS)."
- submitted by anonymous
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aeiipathyart · an hour ago
Tumblr media
A little gift for @emzurl because she’s probably been working really hard on the upcoming arc, and I appreciate her hard work a lot 😌💕✨
Have the ML Office AU Marinette and Felix because they have my heart 💖
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laadychat · an hour ago
we don’t see enough of nino and marinette friendship 😔👏🏾
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feyriu · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happinette 🌸  + bonus comic
old DTIYS entry for @/beahppy on instagram
I ship Marinette x happiness above all else, especially with how s4 is going, our girl just needs a break 🥺
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boopeey · an hour ago
The amount of Adrien slander I've been seeing especially after 'lies' makes me wanna bang myself on the wall istg
Tumblr media
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miraculousmagiczine · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Now presenting, the visual illusionist… Eva Togonon!!! @evatogonan_art
Eva is one of over forty creators for “Magical! Tales Of Ladybug And Chat Noir”- a Miraculous Ladybug magic zine!
Please stay tuned as we introduce more artists like Eva over the next several weeks!! <3
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kawaiichibiart · 2 hours ago
No one asked for it, but I'm providing it anyways pt.2
Miraculous Kwami/Role Swap AU Trivia/Fun Facts
• She is older than Emilie by 5 minutes.
• She took in Adrien a year after Emilie passed away. And rather than move him to London, she and Felix moved to Paris.
• Honestly, she never liked Gabriel.
° Nathalie on the other hand...
• She won't admit it, but she is a little bit gay.
° She thinks women are pretty, sue her. Prior to her relationship with her deceased husband, she had a girlfriend.
• She dyed her hair once so no one would mistake her for Amelie.
° Let it be known, she wanted to become a brunette, but she decided to dye her hair while under the influence, so she ended up with bright blue hair instead. No one knows how, as she had been set on a nice, rich, brown.
• She had two wills. One she gave to her lawyers, the other to her sister. It was there that she stated she wanted any children she had to be taken care of by her sister.
° Yeah, as much as she loved Gabriel, she did not trust him with any of her children. She wanted her child(ren) to have a happy life. To be able to enjoy themselves and not be worked hard. So, when Adrien was born, she swore to give him to best life she could, even if it meant giving him a new home. There was a small, very small, part of her that wanted Gabriel to fight her on this, to say Adrien was just as much his son as he was hers, but he didn't.
• She also had a thing for Nathalie.
• "I don't get paid enough for this shit" is her life motto.
• She knew both Graham de Vanily sisters had a thing for her, so she teased them a bit. It was all in fun, besides, she had a thing for women in suits.
° She honestly has no preference in terms of gender, so long as you look good in a suit.
• Honorary Aunt Nathalie babysitting a trio of blonds and one baker's daughter at least once a month.
° Her favorite place to babysit them was definitely the Dupain-Cheng's bakery. Marinette's parents always offered a few baked goods for her and the kids, giving her a small bag that she could take home.
• This man did not even hesitate to give his son to his sister-in-law. Practically shoved the boy right at her.
• He still makes his son work for him though. Like, once or twice. Every few months. He tried to make it a full time thing, but Amelie wouldn't have it.
° He says it's for the brand. People liked Adrien. They wanted to see more of him. Jokes on them and Gabe, half of those pics are of Felix.
• This man is still Hawkmoth. He just no longer has a child to worry about discovering his secret.
• He and Nathalie live together in separate parts of the mansion. Since Nathalie works for him, and he works from home, it was a compromise.
° And it might just be because Gabe ALSO has a thing for Nathalie. He just won't admit it. Ever.
The Gorilla
• No one knows his actual name. He's been called Simon, Jean, Claude, etc.
• He works for Amelie after quitting his job at Gabriel's.
° Yes, Gabe was mad. Yes, Amelie rubbed it in his face. The two don't like each other, and the Gorilla knows this. He also just thinks Amelie is the better employer.
• He'd help Nathalie babysit, usually watching over Adrien or Marinette.
• For a man who doesn't speak, he tells the best stories. The kids always enjoy the Gorilla's stories, as it's the only time he will speak.
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