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#miraculous ladybug marinette
miraculousfanworks · 4 minutes ago
Fanfiction Prompt
Marinette and Adrien beat Ladybug and Chat Noir for Paris’s favorite power couple. Both couples are interviewed as a result
via DogsAreTheBest312
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hown0wbrownc0w · 8 minutes ago
tikki knows chat noir loves ladybug and that Adrien is chat noir therefore the boy marinette loves loves her back, but Plagg only knows marinette is ladybug and that Adrien loves ladybug therefore adrien loves marinette. But he doesn’t know that marinette also loves adrien. He still thinks (because ladybug is always turning adrien down) that marinette doesn’t reciprocate those feelings, when she actually does. And I swear if plagg finds out she loves adrien before adrien finds out, plagg’s gonna become insufferable (but in a good way) and the whole time adrien would just be like “????”
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bugaboodoodles · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I am working on by far one of the hardest projects and I cant wait to start the final draft!! Anyways what colour should Marinettes dress be??
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amimons · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is for a server gift exchange for @luminousinthedark! 
I drew some visuals to go alongside her fic “Mari(bug)nette” which has Instagram shenanigans and (*spoilers*) identity reveals. What’s not to love?
Hope you enjoy Minou!!!
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kittuppie · 30 minutes ago
Warning! Caps
Quit blaming Marinette/Ladybug for Chat Noir/Adrien being heartbroken!
I've said it before and I'll say it again!
You all claim to be feminists until it's Chat Noir being hurt by a girl saying no to him.
And people Blaming Chat Noir/Adrien for Marinette/Ladybug being heartbroken same to you! He doesn't like her like that! And that's okay.
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sabvlook · 44 minutes ago
Yep so I was reading the fanfic “Seducing the enemy” by: RicardianScholar Clark- Weasley in FanFiction.Net.
READ IT, I have never laughed so much with a fanfic.
Anyways this is inspired by one of the scenes in that masterpiece, although I changed it a bit to fit.
Ehmm don’t pay attention to how it looks horrible, 🥺🥵please? I JUST HAD TO DRAW IT RIGHT NOW
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hown0wbrownc0w · an hour ago
i find it funny how plagg is the only one who’ll joke/tease about the secret identity situation and how he knows marinette is ladybug. and I know it mostly has to do with personality bc tikki is much more rational and knows that hinting at their identities could have consequences so she’s smart about it and just avoids that entirely. BUT it’s probably also just way easier for plagg to get away with it bc adrien is so oblivious, and even though we could argue marinette is just as oblivious, I do feel like she would pick up on it much easier which is why tikki knows better.
Also I just think it’s so sad how the kwamis know who they are but they have to watch their holders agonize over unrequited love. like that just hurts so much. They know their pain and they know how to help but they literally can’t
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Marinette: Hey, Adrien?
Adrien: What?
Marinette: How do you spell family?
Adrien: F-A-M-I-L-Y.
Marinette: What are the last three letters?
Adrien: I-L-Y.
Marinette: What does that mean?
Adrien: I love you.
Marinette: I love you, too :)
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AU where Gabriel decides that Adrien is too pure to become a villainous apprentice, so he starts auditioning his classmates for the role. Weirdly, Marinette wins and does an excellent job.
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sailorruth · an hour ago
We all know that chat noir is being replaced by Rena rouge. What if chat is really upset because he’s noticing it and he seeks someone to talk to. What if he goes to marinette to talk about it and she realizes what she’s doing to him? I would cry. Ok.
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oterellaoter · an hour ago
Remember to read part 2 of sorry M’Lady first.
Wait, wait, wait a second who is gone now?
Gone how?
Not gone like dead? Or just not in the room? Or gone as stuck somewhere?
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hangesidekick · an hour ago
request: hi.. can you write something about adrien and fat reader (hi from an xl size i hate it). i feel like he wouldnt really like me and be judgemental idk why but since ive read a lot of ur stuff in like two days i kinda got interested in how do you think he would react to a chubby person?? its okay if u dont want to do it tho, love ur writings!!
requester: @reveluvspecial
note: oh my goodness graciousness! i know you for a fact you are beautiful, and in case anyone else who feels like they have any less value because they have a bigger size than what society says is ideal, than i want you to know that you should never feel ashamed for being bigger than someone else, that you are beautiful no matter what size you are skinny or chubby and that if someone truly loved you they wouldn’t care what size you came in. i love all of you, and all of your extra weight and i imagine the miraculous characters would too. much love, to all of you. this was a very sweet request, i hope you thoroughly enjoy.
warnings: mentions of anxiety, self deprecation, body image anxiety
links: masterlist + request guidelines + last post + taglist
Tumblr media
you were terrified to walk into Mme. Bustier’s classroom, too tired of all the anxiety that weighed you down, scared of their judgmental thoughts, the worst part was Adrien Agreste was in your class. Famous model, perfect face, perfect body. And your body was so.. imperfect in your eyes, but the bell rang and if you didn’t step inside now, you’d be late, your caretaker getting a call from the school announcing your tardiness, and it would be a mess, so it’s now or now, there’s no other option. You opened the door and walked inside, all eyes shifted toward your figure, “ah, there they are now! class, this is our new student, y/n, everyone say hello.” “hello, y/n!” the entire class repeated as if this was kindergarten, their stares were all so intense but soft at the same time. you knew that stare, it meant they were judging you, but they were guilty about it, they didn’t want you to know, but you did, you always knew. “y/n, why don’t you take a seat next to Adrien today, since Nino is in the back next to Lila, and i’ll get class started.” “okay.” your voice was small, and with every step towards Adrien your mind screamed ‘stop, don’t! what will he think?! he’ll judge you, he’ll hate you, he wants nothing to do with you! he’ll judge you!! cant you see that! no one likes a overweight person, they aren’t pretty! run! leave now!’ but you sat next to him stiffly, ignoring the lies your mind told you were truths and you focused on your teacher. “hi, i’m Adrien, it nice to meet you.” your seat partner spoke, increasing your anxiety, but you knew how to put on a brave face and act like everything was alright, “y/n. nice to meet you too.” you replied, your mind still going wild of what he might think of you, but he smiled instead and focused on class.
lunch came, your least favorite part of the day, it’s where you’re most susceptible to be judged, i mean when people know you’re fat they immediately assume, you eat too much, however a lot of the time that’s not the case. but you can’t change their minds, and you know not to starve yourself, because you’d rather be healthy and chubby than unhealthy and skinny, because you being healthy is the most important thing you can be. and so you sat down at an empty lunch table, your lunch a hearty salad, and water, the kind of food they won’t judge you about, but before you took your first bite, someone caught your attention, “hey, y/n, come have lunch at our table!” Adrien called, waving his hand for you to come, and you went, maybe Adrien would want to be friends, maybe he wouldn’t judge you. maybe. you sat next to him and met his friends, a sweet baker’s daughter who wanted to be a fashion designer, an aspiring dj, and a superhero enthusiast who had her own blog. and that forty minutes of lunch you were dreading, turned out to be the highlight of your day. actually, it was the highlight of your days, you had lunch with those four everyday and they never made you feel less than, or uncomfortable, or devalued, and the thing is, they do that genuinely, they don’t watch what they say around you because they never say anything that’s hurtful, or offensive to people like you. you found genuine friends, genuine people you could rely on that you know would never hurt you on purpose and they do judge you, but they judge you on your personality, and your humanity.
throughout your time being friends with Adrien your feelings for him grew, and you couldn’t help but wish you could be in his arms. but what happens if you do end up dating, what would he think, will the weight on your body be a problem? what would his dad think? he’s a fashion designer, Adrien is a model, they would hate you, you’d be the black sheep! all of these thoughts pummeled into you one day when the five of you were out to get ice cream from Andre’s, “y/n? are you alright? you haven’t touched your ice cream.” Adrien asked, concerned, “huh? oh, um, i don’t want ice cream anymore.” “why not?” you didn’t want to tell him why, you didn’t want to tell him that, “maybe if i say no to ice cream now and meals later, and exercised, maybe get a dietitian, and size down, i could date him and then he wouldn’t be embarrassed to be with me and his dad would like me and we’d have a great life and i wouldn’t be the ugly duckling.” “wait, who?” unfortunately, you had said that out loud. “oh, umm..” “wait, y/n, are you talking about me? you actually think i’d care what size you are?” he asked, hurt flashed through his eyes, you meekly nod, like your guilty of a crime, “y/n, i would never. i don’t care what size you come in, i don’t care what my father thinks of you. actually,” he takes your hand in his, “i think i fell in love with you the moment you became confident and truly yourself around us, i fell in love with you, y/n, not your body.” Adrien Agreste is the one person who made you fall in love with yourself, he never cared about what you looked like, what your weight was, what size you wore, or how many stretch marks covered your body. and now, as he holds you in his arms, you know he isn’t thinking of the weight he holds in his arms, he’s thinking of how many kisses he place your face before you get annoyed by it. Adrien loves you. All of you.
taglist: @stargazingfracture @tamakii-amajiki @emmacata @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo [bold names cannot be tagged :((]
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dakota-r-riley · 2 hours ago
Cherry Blossoms (3)
Kagami straight up having a not good time
Read on AO3
“Kagami,” her mother called through her door, “Are you awake? You haven’t heard a peep out of you all morning?”
“I’m awake,” Kagami answered in a shaky voice. In truth she had not fallen asleep at all last night. Not after those three flower petals popped out of her mouth. She had spent almost a full minute just staring at them, willing them to disappear. But they did not move, the tickle in her throat did not cease, it was all still very real.
Kagami had heard of Hanahaki disease. A strange phenomenon where people coughed up flower petals but she had never imagined it could happen to her. She had spent the rest of the night researching at her computer while also trying to convince herself that she really hadn’t contracted the disease. It couldn’t be. It simply couldn’t be happening.
No one knows why Hanahaki disease happens. It seemed to be such a magical and bizarre affliction that it couldn’t be real. There was no scientific backing to it. Really, why would someone’s body start growing flowers just because they were experiencing an unrequited love? It was absurd and altogether frightening. But as the years since its emergence it had become common knowledge.
Thankfully they had discovered a way to remove the flowers so they couldn’t hurt anyone anymore but even that came at a price. You could have the flowers removed with a simple surgery but when the flowers were removed the romantic feelings that the patient had for their unrequited love disappeared as well. For some it was a mercy but for others they saw it as a twisted and sick fate.
Many of the articles Kagami read on the subject ranged from WebMD’s symptoms and treatment options to articles about how to get your unrequited love to love you back, and forums for others that had contracted Hanahaki. She had scoured them all hoping one of them would tell her that she was wrong. But the signs were all there. The deep dive she went into when she accepted she must have contracted Hanahaki disease had only made her fear worse.
Detailed accounts of how the surgery to remove the flowers and the aftereffects of such a procedure. People talking about how in love with the person that held their affections was and the day after about how all those feelings didn’t exist anymore. Statistics of people who had died suffocating on flowers instead of getting the surgery that could have saved their lives. They would live but at the risk of losing the feelings for someone they held dear to their hearts.
To cheer herself up from all the gloom and death and bloody pictures of flowers removed from people’s lungs she read success stories. Couples who had fallen in love and how the flowers disappeared. It made her feel a bit better seeing that not everyone was subject to surgery or possible death on account of their feelings.
The tickle came back in her throat when she thought about being one of those lucky pairs that got the love they craved. This was all Kagami’s fault. She just had to fall in love with Marinette. She should have been stronger than that. She barely knew this girl and yet she felt it deep inside that her heart was irrevocably hers. A girl who smelled like sweet vanilla and whose soft blue eyes anyone would be lucky to drown in. A girl who made Kagami feel warm and fluttery and turned her whole world bubbly and pink.
Kagami sighed and held up the small jar she had dropped the flower petals into. She knew she would probably be better off just throwing them away but for some reason it didn’t seem right.
At least she was lucky enough to have cherry blossoms. They were fairly small. She felt bad for people who coughed up things like lilies and sunflowers. They were decidedly more painful and harder to get out of one’s throat due to how big they could get. The thought alone made Kagami shudder.
Her phone went off with a reminder that she needed to get going to school. How was she supposed to attend school now knowing that she had flowers growing in her lungs? No. It’s fine. She’s a brave and resilient girl. She’ll be fine. Besides, it was only three little flower petals. It just started so she was nowhere near the stage where she would start coughing up whole flowers or be able to see and feel the stems and roots growing up her esophagus.
She covered her mouth, certain that if she thought on it anymore she would puke. Worse comes to worse she can just schedule a surgery and have it over with. Everything will be fine.
While content in her ability to not die from the flowers growing in her lungs Kagami found herself preoccupied with the fact that she now had to face her feelings. She hadn’t even admitted to herself that she was in love with Marinette until those flower petals came out of her. Now it was all she could think about. How long had this been building? When did her feelings for Marinette go from a simple little crush to full blown love? Was it at the pool? Was it before that? Had she just been falling deeper and deeper in love with Marinette since the moment she met her?
How pathetic was this? She fell in love with Marinette within only a short time of knowing her but Marinette probably only thought of her as a good friend. Oh screw it, that’s all Marinette saw her as. The proof was literally rooted inside her. If Marinette loved her back as she wanted her to none of this would be happening.
School was arduous and long. The tickle in her throat returned every time she thought of Marinette. She didn’t cough up any more petals but that stupid tickle wouldn’t let her have a moment of peace. By the end of the day she was ready to go home and wallow in her misery. That was until she got another reminder that she had fencing practice with Adrien after school. She could have screamed.
“Hey Kagami,” Adrien waved her over when she got to their lesson, “How was your day?”
“Fine,” she nodded, “Feeling a little under the weather but that won’t stop me from beating you into the dirt.”
“Allergies still bothering you?” he asked, “We don’t have to practice outside if that makes it worse. We can head inside if that’ll help.”
“No,” Kagami cleared her throat, “I’ll be fine.”
“If you’re sure,” they took their positions and began practice. All was going well and for a few brief minutes Kagami was able to forget about everything as she laid waste to Adrien.
She had just claimed victory again when she heard a familiar voice ring out through the courtyard. “Wow, and here I thought Adrien was the best fencer I knew but Kagami is kicking your butt.”
Oh goodness why? Why was Marinette here? She was dressed in warm yellows and soft whites, a single hair clip with a daisy on it holding her bangs away from her face. “Hey Marinette,” Adrien stood up, pushing his mask up to greet her, “What brings you to practice today?”
“I finished copying the notes you lent me.” she handed him a notebook, “I also wanted to see how you faired against Kagami since I haven’t had the chance to watch her fence yet. Does she always beat you so easily?”
“Pretty much,” Adrien sighed with a good natured smile, “But I still think I give her a run for her money. Right Kagami?”
Kagami was frozen. She hadn’t prepared herself to see Marinette yet. The tickle in her throat became more insistent. Why did seeing her have to be such a wonderful and horrible thing at the same time?
“Yeah,” she managed to say in between tiny coughs, “Nice to see you again.”
“Oh, poor Kagami, allergies still bugging you?” Marinette looked at her with pity, “I think I have some allergy meds in my bag. I bought a bottle just in case of emergencies like this.”
“Oh no,” Kagami coughed harder, “That’s fine. I already took some. I’m just waiting for it to kick in.”
“Oh, that’s good,” Marinette beamed. “Would you guys mind it I watch you duel for a bit?”
“Sure,” Adrien shrugged, “Maybe an audience is just the kind of encouragement I need to finally win one of these matches.”
Marinette took a seat nearby to watch. They began the duel but Kagami couldn’t focus on fencing with Marinette watching her so intently. She pressed her lips tightly together to muffle the cough that tried to escape. Her eyes watered and there was a tight pain in her chest the longer she tried to keep from coughing. Not now! Please not now!
Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, the need to breathe and clear her lungs to great. She coughed into her mask. She felt the tickle of wet petals slide past her lips and tongue and settle at the bottom of her mask near her chin. Adrien took the moment she was disoriented and knocked her back onto her butt. At least it was over and she was breathing a bit easier.
“I win! Woo!” Adrien cheered, “Doesn’t feel as good since you had a coughing fit in the middle of it but I will still take the win.”
“Yep, great, congratulations,” Kagami stood up, “Don’t apologize for taking advantage of your opponent’s weakness. Every great fighter does it.”
“That was a great fight,” Marinette said, “Kagami, do you need some water? You sounded pretty bad at the end there. I have a water bottle.”
Goodness this girl came prepared for anything.
“No. I’m fine,” she assured her. She desperately wanted something to drink but she couldn’t risk taking her mask off since it was the only thing keeping the flower petals from falling out. “I think I’m going to cut practice short today though. Go home and get some rest.”
“Yeah, I should probably be heading back too.” Adrien agreed.
“Alrighty then, I’ll talk to you guys later.” Marinette waved before heading off again.
Kagami immediately ran to the locker room and tore the mask off her head. Three more pink petals fell from her mask and settled on the ground. She scooped them up and sighed. Why was this happening? Why couldn’t she just have her crush in peace?
“Kagami, are you alright? You ran in here so fast I thought--” Adrien stopped when he saw her and the petals in her hand.
Her mind scrambled for an explanation. Adrien’s expression shifted from concern to shock then a deep sadness. He sat down next to Kagami and silently held out his hand. With a sigh she dropped the petals into palm.
“How long?” Adrien asked, studying the petals with delicate interest.
“Last night, was able to choke it back all day but the second she showed up here I couldn’t hold them in anymore.” Kagami dropped her head into her hands.
“I’m sorry,” Adrien wrapped his free arm around her, “I’d be more surprised if you had been able to resist her.”
He closed his hands around the petals. “Do yourself a favor and schedule yourself for a surgery now. Don’t drag it out. It’ll only hurt more.”
Kagami looked up at him bewildered and almost offended, “What?”
“You think you’re the first person that has fallen victim to the entity of warmth and kindness that is Marinette Dupain-Cheng? There’s been a whole slew of people that have contracted Hanahaki disease because of her.” Adrien shook his head with a small scoff, “Nino, Nathaneal, Alya,…”
“All of you?” She couldn’t believe this. They were all such good friends though. All of them had fallen in love with Marinette and contracted Hanahaki disease? How was that even possible? Besides, most of them were already in happy loving relationships when Kagami met them.
“Is that really so shocking?” Adrien asked, there was something wistful in his gaze, “She makes it so easy to fall for her. When you’re around her you don’t perceive anything else. It’s just her and everything around you is gone. You’re in a void of sweet sugar candy. You look at her and everything turns…”
“Everything goes pink.” Kagami finished. “So you fell in love with her?”
“Yep. I was latest before you. I was coughing up red rose petals for months and months. I tried everything in my power to get her to return my feelings. I straight up confessed to her that I was in love with her and wanted to know if she could love me back. When she told me she didn’t kind of broke me. It hurt so much but I didn’t want to let go of the feeling of loving her. In the end she had to beg me to go and get the surgery to save my life.”
She would have never guessed that Adrien and so many of her other friends had also fallen for Marinette. Then again, if they all got the surgery and had their feelings removed then she wouldn’t have been able to tell.
“You wanna know something all those articles online don’t tell you?” Adrien said, “Once the surgery is over and the flowers and the feelings are gone you feel hollow. Not for a long time but at least the first week you can just feel that hole where your love was. It’s not even like you lost any attraction you just lose everything for a bit.”
“And you think that speech is going to convince me to want to get the surgery? It sounds pretty bad.”
“For the first week, after that everything eases. You can’t love her romantically anymore so you love her the only other way you can. That’s why we’re all such good friends. We love her as much as we can platonically. It fills that hole and while the world may no longer be pink when you look at her, it is still the happiest place you know.”
Kagami sniffed. It sounded nice. To love someone so much in a way that assured you wouldn’t lose them. She could still be happy. She could still be in Marinette’s life. She could still have happy days full of that warmth and sweetness that radiated off of her. But at the cost of losing something that felt even better.
“All my life I’ve waited to meet someone that makes me feel the way I do when I’m around Marinette. I started to think that it would never happen. Then she showed up.” she reached into her bag and took out the butterfly barrette that Marinette gave her. “I know that I am probably causing myself more pain but I don’t want to give this up so easily. I can’t give her up without a fight, Adrien. You of all people understand that, don’t you?”
Adrien sighed and dropped the petals back into her hand. He reached into his own bag and withdrew a paper bookmark. A pressed red rose petal laminated to the paper. He smiled, “Maybe you’ll be the lucky one that wins her heart this time.”
She hugged him tight. “Thank you,” she whispered.
“You have to promise me though,” Adrien pulled back, “You have to promise that if this goes on too long and your disease gets really bad that you will schedule a surgery. I know that you are not going to want to but I will not see your stubbornness kill you, Kagami. You will have to yield if it goes on for too long, do you understand?”
“I do. I promise.” Kagami hated the idea but it could always be worse.
“Good.” Adrien stood up, “Get dressed and go home to get some rest. Tomorrow we start operation...what kind of petals are you coughing up again?”
“Cherry blossoms.”
“Tomorrow we begin Operation Cherry Blossoms!”
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