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strawberryteaprincess · 2 hours ago
Bridgette's Children (BAL AU)
4 year old Bridgette: Mama, who's this?
Sabine: This is your sister, Marinette.
Bridgette: *looks into the crib and gasps* SHE LOOKS LIKE MEEE!
Sabine: Yes Bri, she's you-
Bridgette: MY CHILD NOW!
Sabine: What?
Bridgette: Hi Adrien. Why are you crying?
Adrien: Father said I'm not good enough.
Bridgette: But you are the literal definition of perfect.
Adrien: But I'm not perfect enough...
Bridgette: You need a supportive and loving parent. Not that soulless monster you call 'father'.
*Bridgette pulls Adrien into a tight hug*
Adrien: Thanks Bri, but-
Bridgette: You are my child now.
Adrien: ... what?
Marinette: What do you want Bri?
Bridgette: Meet your new baby brother, Adrien.
Marinette: What?
Adrien: But I'm older than her...
Bridgette: Hush child.
Adrien: ...
Cat Noir: Hey there. What's your name?
Ladybug: "Hey there"? Do you have no manners? I'm a 20 year old woman. You don't go "hey there" to people older than you. Don't you know your manners?
Cat Noir: Ummm, sorry.
Ladybug: It's not your fault. Your parents obviously failed miserably.
Cat Noir: ... how did you know?
*Five seconds of radio silence*
Ladybug: Welcome to the family. You're my child now as well.
Cat Noir: ... what?
the thought is sweet Bri but that's not how it works
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universallywriting · 8 hours ago
Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug is genuinely, unironically good. Really, Really Good. I've been watching since season 1 and I've never felt this way.
I'm literally so fucking shocked I don't know how to process it.
Uh. Go watch it. It's good? Like. It's actually fucking good now. I'm not watching it just so I can enjoy fanart and fanfiction. MLB S4 is very good television.
i have to go lay down. i don't know how to process this. oh my god.
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adrienetteshipper123 · 9 hours ago
LOOK AT THE BIO 💀💀💀 and were y’all even fans if you did not watch the dubbed comics in 2017. 🧐
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kyrcs-hcven · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here to post some more art but this time around for Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir! I started watching it yesterday and I’m already halfway through season two :’-) Yeah, I love these two.
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mari-bugaboo · 12 hours ago
Does anyone want to join the chill miraculous server im in? It's 18+ and it's super fun though!
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icanthelpbeingacaprisun · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Me with the peacock and butterfly miraculouses
(Middle) Peacock+Butterfly: Emperor
(Right) Butterfly: Hawkmoth (to spite Gabriel abt how I am more swag than him)
(Left) Peacock: Rito (I would never steal ur villain name Nathalie <3)
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being-happy40 · 16 hours ago
This is one of the hardest fics I've ever written mostly because of the fact that it was an emotional, draining and home centered fic that means so much to me. Its Marichat centered where Chat knows Mari's identity, with a bit of a twist on the plot. I wrote this fic mostly because I wanted people out there to know that I see them, and that there is always someone willing to listen. I love you guys for those of you reading my fics and enjoying them, thanks for leaving kind comments and kudos❤
I present "Afterglow" which just hit 600 kudos.
Thank you❤
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hangesidekick · 16 hours ago
request: Hi Hange could you write something which nicknames they use for their s/o for Alya, Marinette and Félix please ?
requester: @emmacata
note: i wrote the nicknames you use for them and what they use for you i hope that’s ok<333
warnings: mentions of both sides being flustered
links: masterlist + request guidelines + last post + taglist
Tumblr media
marinette tends to fluster quite easily, especially by you, so you save the pet names for when you two are alone, opting to to call her ‘M’ or Mari. Since everyone shortens her name to ‘M’, curtesy of Alya, you decided calling her ‘Mari’ would shake things up. You were in her room as she used you as a human mannequin for the umpteenth time this week alone, she got into that really focused state where she rambled everything calculating in her brain at that very moment in time, you wanted to ask her something but she was rambling so much you didn’t know if your questions would reach her brain. “Mari, why are you sowing this on me? Couldn’t you put it on the sowing machine?” all you got back was more rambling which sounded like, “‘Mari’? what do they mean Mari, oh, wait is that me?”
on the contrary Marinette pet names you after sweet treats! like today, you were working on a project and she tried to get your attention so she called out, “hey cupcake, are you listening?” you slowly turned your head toward her, eyes wide, as everyone else in the class stared at you two, shouting, “CUPCAKE?!”
alya and you have a thing for calling each other the weirdest pet names, some are normal, some seem like they’re from the 1800s and others are things you wouldn’t assume to be pet names, you just like to call each other names on a mutual level of understanding and rudeness. but if you aren’t in the mood to do that, or you aren’t in the setting that’s appropriate for that you’ll call her “Al” like the first two letters of her name, super simple, however other people sometimes don’t understand; exhibit A: “hey Adrien can you hand these to Al?” you said holding out a stack of papers. “uhh, all? like all? um ok.” when you came back to the classroom everyone was reading a top secret project you and Alya were working on, “Adrien! why does everybody have those papers?!” “what? you said give them to all. like everybody, all.” “no! i meant Al as in Al-ya!” he stays stunned for a moment, “oh..” “oH~” you imitated this poor guy, you and Alya never let him live this down.
Alya however loves to embarrass you to the absolute most, exhibit B; Alya walks into the class room, teddy bear in hand saying, “hi my little shnookums” said in a voice you’d talk to a baby or a dog in, “how’s my little ravioli doing today, huh?” she hands you the teddy bear kissing your face all over, every one else in the class laughing at your flustered state. yeah, you’ll get her back for this.
now Felix is the type of person who doesn’t give out nicknames he prefers to call people by their regular full name, that’s just how he was raised. but you on the other hand loved giving people nick names, his is Fe-Fe. like, Fifi, like Fee-Fee, and low and behold, he hates it with a burning passion, but he also gets flustered when you call him that. Especially in front of other people. the day you met his mom and outed you twos relationship; “so Felix, y/n, how long have you been together?” his mom asked you both. “umm about 3 months, right Fe-Fe?” bright red plastered itself across his face, which was way too much of an elephant to go unnoticed. “um, yeah about three months.” the amount of times he cleared his throat to ‘talk normally’ for the rest of the dinner was also not unnoticed.
in retaliation Felix sat himself next to you on his couch, both your sides flush against each other, his arm over your shoulders, “how are you doing today darling?” your eyes widened and you were visibly flustered, anyone could tell by your facial expression, “why don’t i take you to dinner tonight, my love? does that sound alright?”
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thisisnowafandomblog · 16 hours ago
if marinettes identity ever gets out to the entirety of paris (or at least her school) i bet all her classmates will be rlly annoyed with her. not because she kept her identity but because the teachers will use her as an example.
“marinette gets most of her homework completed, gets good grades AND she saves paris everyday from a supervillain. you have no excuse not to complete the work” and all the students will glare at mari loving her but oh so resenting her mad quick complete it while the teacher is collecting it skills
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disartrous · 19 hours ago
gabriel agreste does not care about adrien. at least, not as much as he cares about his coma wife. when style queen turns adrien to glitter, he doesn’t stop. he keeps going. even though, at that point, presumably the only thing that can save him is the cure. the cure that only happens if he’s defeated.
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bugsy-maria · a day ago
Miraculous Masterlist
Chat Noir x Reader Part 1
Chat Noir x Reader Part 2
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Why Ladybug hates Lila (BAL AU)
Bridgette: Marinette, what's up?
Marinette: The new girl says she's besties with Ladybug.
Bridgette: Oh, cool.
Marinette: You don't think she's lying.
Bridgette: Oh she's definitely lying. But why bother?
A few days later...
Bridgette: Hey sis. Why so sad?
Marinette: Lila threatened to make me friendless and ruin my reputation.
Bridgette: OH HELL NA!
Lila: And that's how I got this sca-
*Ladybug jumps down from the sky and in front of Lila and her entourage*
Lila: What the- Oh, my best fr-
Lila: ...
Her audience: *surprised Pikachu face*
Marinette: ...
Adrien from a distance: Should we stop her?
Plagg: Na.
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nyamiou · a day ago
Your most recent post, about CN leaving plagg, what's the translation for the note he wrote LB?
"Je ne suis plus à la hauteur, Adieu- CN"
it roughly translates to "i'm not good enough anymore, Farewell-CN"
basically, he feels useless.
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ms-doodlez · a day ago
Tumblr media
Concept sketches of Ladybug in the Miraculous Detective au. I tried to imagine her attitude towards things so I drew them :D
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