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Can I just take this moment to appreciate how freaking good Miraculous is?

Like…each episode constantly keeps me hooked into it and I get really engaged with the plot of the characters.


I haven’t finished the 3rd season yet, so I don’t know if anything does finally happen between them or not.


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I just wanna mention how Miraculous ladybug designed their female characters in a way where they aren’t the same skinny figure. Marinette is skinny with curve, Alya is concidered plus size, and Chloe is a straight line skinny. That’s not all thought. It’s a weird subject, but their boobs and thighs are different was well. The size and shape they’re in are different from each other. And their thighs are different sizes as well. Mari has small thighs like chloe but Alya has thicker thighs that really close her stylish look. All in all, I really like how it’s not drastic like some animations try.

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So, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug. I just have this feeling that Adrien is finally going to realize that he likes Marinette as more than as Just A Friend™ during the season. But I’ve been bothering by the how; what will cause him to finally have this revelation?

And after putting my writer brain to work over-analyzing the show, I have come up with a theory:

Adrien is going to almost lose her.

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Daughter or Hecate

Tom and Hecate met a few months before he graduated. They dated for two months before Hecate broke it off disappearing. After her disappearance Tom meets Sabine and they fall in love. A few months later when they are getting ready to open their bakery. They find Marinette in a bassinet in the living room with a letter addressed to Tom. Both are immediately taken with little Marinette. Marinette is now known as Marinette Dupain-Cheng, she has black hair darker than the night and her eyes shine a brilliant dark blue, however when experiencing moments of great emotion her eyes will shift in color.

As Marinette grows up she is not aware that she is a Demigod, she is aware that she has powers. She is able to sense other emotions, knows when something is about to happen to her or someone around her. If she tries hard enough she can hide things from people without having to move it, however at a young age this makes her feel like she’d been running for hours. She also knows she has telekinesis after stopping her maman’s favorite vase from falling and breaking.

As she grows up she becomes even stronger and discovers one night that her powers are stronger in the darkness of the night. She discovers spell casting after a book is left on her bed with a note reading ‘For my beloved Spell Caster.’ She quickly advances learning everything within a few weeks.She even begins experimenting to create her own spells, eventually she creates one that gives her the ability of eidetic memory.

Marinette is ecstatic with her success and so is her mother who has been watching her. Hecate continues to leave Marinette gifts, she is quite pleased that there are no monsters in Paris thanks to the Kawami currently living there.

Marinette is quickly becoming her favorite child even though she does her best to not have favorites.

Hecate continuously checks in on her youngest daughter, this catches some of her fellow Gods attention. Specifically her two closest friends Tyche and Hestia. Hestia is quickly taken by the young Demigoddess adoring her eyes, she decides to bless the girl with pyrokinesis. Tyche can tell that the young girl is Hecate’s favorite daughter. She decides to. Less the girl as well, she grants her unending luck and Tychokinesis. Allowing the girl to grant those close to her luck as well as shield them from Nemesis.

Together the three goddesses watch Marinette grow, the girl becoming their favorite Demigod.

They are all extremely proud when she becomes Ladybug, Tyche extremely excited to see her fellow Goddess of luck claim the girl as well.

So this is a short Au if people want more I may expand it.

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Betrothal Pt. 2

When Marinette receives Tikki she is freaked out at first but quickly has her explain what she can do as Ladybug, before transforming and taking the Akuma out easily without Chats help.

 She still does the speech to Paris after taking out Hawkmoth’s butterfly face thingy.

Alix and Nathaniel are already in her bedroom by the time she gets back, both immediately knowing that Ladybug was their Marinette.

The next day Marinette has Alya claiming they were best friends, she decides to give the girl a chance but doesn’t actually bring her into her personal friend group. Plus she really doesnt like that Alya 100% believes that she has a crush on Adrien, all because she had a picture from his recent shoot that she was going to put on her inspiration board.

Alya ignores that and gets all the girls except Alix in on trying to get them together. Marinette continuously tries to get them to stop but after a while she gives up.

Marinette also goes over footage of her fights pointing out to Tikki how under trained Chat Noir is.

“Tikki I’m not doing this because I want a new partner. I’m doing this because I don’t want him to die, which he will if we don’t train him properly! Stop thinking about this so-called Guardian and think about Chat Noir’s life!”

Tikki relents and the next night she and Chat have a heart to heart. She explains to him that she isnt in love with him and won’t be, she tells him she’s been betrothed since birth. At first Chat points out that the holders are supposed to be soulmates, but Ladybug points out that if anything they are platonic soulmates. She tells him that she wants them to know each other’s identities because they are partners and they need to trust each other with their lives. She tells him she’ll only allow it if he agrees to begin training with her. Chat Noir agrees and they reveal themselves both a little shocked.

The next day Adrien quits Fencing without telling his father or Nathalie and goes to Marinette’s house to begin training with her,  Alix, and Nathaniel.

Adrien realizes after a month that he only thinks of Marinette as a sister. He starts to get annoyed when the boys, except Nathaniel, try pushing him to ask her out.

When it’s almost summer Marinette tells Tikki that she is going to Gotham for the summer. Tikki goes to the Guardian and Fu gives her Kaalki in order for Marinette to travel back and forth for attacks.

When the school year ends Marinette’s mother is waiting in the car with Marinette’s bags on the last day. She kisses Alix Adrien and Nathaniel’s cheeks telling them to keep training while she is gone, and promises to be safe. The rest of the class quickly surrounds her asking where she’s going and why she isn’t spending the summer with them.

“I’m going to Gotham. I go every other year, this is nothing new. I’ve been doing this for years.”

Alya makes a big stink about her ‘bestie’ leaving and the class tries to convince her to stay. This upsets Alix and Nathaniel, both know the class never cared before, they didn’t even help stand up to bullies. Adrien himself wants her to stay but he can see how much she wants to see Damian, so he just kisses her cheeks gently and wishes her a safe trip before opening the door for her. Marinette thanks him as she gets in waving goodbye to her friends before they drive away.

During the school year Damian meets and befriends Jon Kent. At first they dont get along but Damian warms up to him. Damian is proud of Marinette when she becomes a hero, and that their friends are training hard to be ones as well. He even gets permission from Bruce to allow Marinette to train and patrol with them.

Dick and Damian pick Marinette up from the airport and soon everyone in Gotham is talking about Marinette being back. What’s even more talked about over the summer is the small dates the two begin to go on.

Halfway through the summer Damian admits to Marinette that he is in love with her and that even if they weren’t betrothed he’d still want to marry her. Marinette kisses him softly telling him that she feels exactly the same.

Marinette is excited when she first patrols Gotham with Damian and Dick by her side taking the name Bluebird. 

Bluebird mainly patrols with Nightwing, they both take on Bludhaven side by side. Bluebird patrols  with Robin and Batman every Sunday. Her mandatory night off is on Friday with Robin both of them labeling it their date nights.

Soon after making her debut as Bluebird Marinette discovers Tiktok, and a treasure trove of videos featuring the Wayne family and the Batfamily. She immediately creates two Tiktoks after getting a second phone under a fake identification. This phone is strictly for Bluebird, and so is the Tiktok.

Marinette’s favorite Tiktoks are the ones saying that Bruce Wayne is Batman because the butts match. Her Tiktok blows up when her first video is posted.

It starts off with Marinette smiling at the camera with Damian and Bruce standing behind her. When Bruce turns around she gasps opening her eyes widely and whispers to the camera. “Omg…the butts match!”

Marinette continues to make videos of the entire family without any of them noticing, both as Marinette and Bluebird. Both accounts are verified within a week. She posts multiple videos a day all featuring a different member.

The most popular video of Dick is him hanging upside down from a chandelier all smiles while Damian is a few feet away looking up at him.

Damian-It’s going to fall.

Dick-No after the first couple times Dad got this one reinforced so it wouldn’t.

Tim walked past literally drinking from a coffee pot-No he got the one near the West sitting room reinforced.

Dick looks up when the ceil creaks and a second layer he and the chandelier are falling


The video then cuts off.

Jason’s most popular video is him blindfolded as he puts a gun back together in seconds not knowing Bruce is behind him.

Jason- Impressive right?

Bruce- I thought I said no guns in the manor

Jason screams before calming down- Oh its you I thought it was Alfred.

Alfred- Master Jason

Jason screams and tries to run with the blindfold still on but runs into a wall.

Tim’s popular video is multiple clips of Tim right as he passes out and falls with a loud thump. After three clips people here three voices yelling Timber in the background after he faints. The last video shows Tim knocking over a bookcase only to look at Marinette confused when he hears Timber screamed from three different parts of the manor.

( @daddybats-and-babybirds Hello! So I saw your headcanon a while back and really liked it. If you’re seeing this I tried to find you on Tumblr to ask for permission but couldn’t. If you don’t want me using this please message me and I will remove it immediately! Thank you!)

Cass’s popular video is very sweet. It’s different clips of her taking care of and spending time with her family. The first clip is her slowly reading aloud curled up next to Bruce, the next is her pushing a chair underneath Dick as he goes to sit down after Jason pulled the other one out without him realizing. Third is her gently cleaning a cut Jason got after falling from a tree. Fourth is her covering Tim with a blanket and moving his work onto the table. Fifth is her painting Stephanie’s nails while Barbara does Stephanie’s hair for a date. Six is her carefully moving Damian to his room trying not to wake him up. Seven is her helping Alfred during spring cleaning, and eighth is her posing in some of Marinette’s clothes as the boys help with lighting and Stephanie takes the pictures.

Bluebird’s Tiktok features a lot of videos of her flipping around and laughing wildly as a few older villains run away yelling about the second coming of the first Robin. After every  one of those videos another is posted of Nightwing bent over cackling at what the villains yelled. Everyone in Gotham is thrilled when it’s confirmed that Nightwing is actually the first Robin, all recognizing the cackle. A few videos feature the Batfamily arguing through body gestures without saying anything, she’ll flip the camera around to show her grinning and writing will pop up saying what they were arguing about. Most of the time is about getting food while on patrol, but one time Red Hood insulted Nightwings butt. The two most popular videos are one where she is a few feet behind Batman and all you see is his cape and head, and she has “Bruce Wayne???” written in. The second is Red Robin sitting in the back of an ambulance with a shock blanket around his shoulders.

Red Robin-  What now? I’m in shock! Look I’ve got a blanket!

Batman- Red Robin!

Red Robin- And I just delivered twins while stuck in an elevator! Twins Batman!!

Batman turns and walks away silently while Red Robin looks at the paramedic.

Red Robin- Im going to regret that during training tomorrow.

The only time Bluebird makes noise during a Tiktok is when she is laughing wildly. She does this because both her Tiktoks are popular and she doesn’t want to take the chance of someone recognizing her voice. She is not worried about the wild laughter because she is calmer as Marinette but as Bluebird she lets herself be wild and carefree. Batman enjoys having Bluebird on patrol with him, her hero persona reminds him of when he and the first Robin started.

Marinette announces that her and Damian are finally dating in a Tiktok showing them on a date at the parks with Barbara and Dick as their 'chaperones’. The video shows her holding his hand walking behind him before she flips the camera and winks at it, in the background walking behind them is Dick pushing Barbara’s wheelchair, while looking down at her lovingly.

An hour later Marinette is recording a video where they had been pulled over by Commissioner Gordon himself. Dick is pale as he nods to everything Gordon says while Barbara is groaning refusing to even acknowledge her dad. Before the video cuts out she whispers, 'I forgot a lot of Gotham officers follow me, oops…’

The family also helped Marinette master the art of coming up with excuses and slip out without being noticed, for when she has to rush back to Paris.

The family celebrates their birthday together before having a Gala the night after celebrating it for the cameras. The family shows up wearing Marinette’s own designs and she is buzzing with excitement when multiple people ask for the designer’s information for commissions, they turn 14.

When summer is coming to an end Marinette really doesn’t want to leave but she knows she must. Marinette promises to visit for Christmas.

When she returns she is excited to see Alix, Nathaniel and Adrien at the airport with Gorilla to pick her up. Adrien smiles mischievously, telling her that his father agreed after Adrien mentioned that his friend was a rising Fashion designer, MDC. 

Marinette enjoys her first day back spending it with her friends. The next day she is slightly annoyed when Alya bursts into her room at 7 in the morning demanding details about her trip and if she met anyone famous.

Marinette decided in that moment that she was very thankful she never shared her Insta with Alya and that Alya doesn’t know about Tiktok. She does however indulge the girl telling her she had a lot of fun and tells her some of what she did. Alya is quick to tell her all about what the class did together and what she did over the summer. However her tune changes when she sees a few pictures of Adrien pinned to a board, and suddenly she’s once again trying to come up with ideas to get them together. At this point Marinette is thankful when her mother comes up, asking Alya to leave so that Marinette can help with chores.

The school year starts the same as always and Marinette decides to run for class president. She is surprised when she wins and names Nathaniel her vice president much to Alya’s annoyance.

Marinette also meets Jagged Stone only a month into the school year after designing glasses and an album cover for him. At first Jagged doesn’t realize the rockin’ girl that made his glasses was MDC until at a party when someone excitedly points out the MDC signature on the side. He begins talking to her more with her parents permission and takes her in as his new niece. Soon he is only wearing clothes that she makes.

Half way through the year Lila shows up. The class sans Mari, Adrien, Alix, Nathaniel, and Chloe are all taken by her immediately. Marinette is not there the day she arrives.Lila attempts to lie her way into Adrien’s graces using her Ladybug excuse. But Adrien quickly tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it, because there is no way Ladybug would let her defenseless or possibly disabled friends know her Identity out of fear they’d get targeted.

Lila is outraged that her lie failed, but she wants Adrien under her thumb and starts devising a plan for it to happen.

The next day Lila tries to charm Marinette when she is upset over her desk being switched without even asking her. When everyone heads out for lunch she quickly snatches up Marinette apologizing and selling her sob story of Jagged’s kitten. She is shocked when Marinette begins to laugh and tells her that it was a nice try but Jagged Stone has a crocodile named Fang because he is allergic to fur. Lila gets even madder and decides to just threaten Marinette telling her that she’d take away all of the class. Marinette just rolls her eyes and tells her good luck with that before walking away to join her friends.

When the four return from lunch they find Lila sitting and crying with the class surrounding her as Alya comforts her.

Lila is quick to claim that Marinette refused to listen to her when she tried to explain the seat switch and that instead she made fun of Lila’s disabilities. Alya is upset at Marinette and tells her that she is disappointed that her best friend would act like this and that she needs to give Lila a chance.

Marinette just signs walking back to her new seat and sits down, Adrien follows her up and sits next to her while Alix and Nathaniel take the bench in front of them.

Alya huffs continuing to comfort Lila until she finally stops fake crying, the rest of the class sits down in their seats and starts talking again. However they don’t talk to the four

As Lila is there she slowly learns more and more about Adrien and Marinette planning on getting Adrien under her thumb and to take Marinette out. She learns about Marinette’s huge crush, Alya’s words, on Adrien and that Adrien’s dad is so strict that he won’t even let him have a birthday party. She begins studying the two of them before making her final plans.

She attempts to get Marinette expelled but fails when the Principal insists that it must be a misunderstanding . Even when she starts crying and claiming Marinette is bullying her, the teachers do nothing. It isn’t until Chloe confronts her that she finds out Marinette is the top student in the school and a certified genius. Chloe smirks, informing her that if the school even attempted to claim she was cheating they’d not only come under fire, but they’d lose their funding from having her there.

Lila decides to just make the class hate Marinette while still trying to get Adrien. She is unable to get a foothold even when she manages to get Gabriel’s attention claiming  Adrien is hanging with terrible people. However the moment she mentions Marinette’s name she is shut out. Gabriel telling her that Marinette has a higher standing than the daughter of an ambassador any day.

Lila’s anger gets her akumatized into Volpina, she goes after Marinette determined to hurt the girl in some way. She finds her at the skate park watching Alix practice. She creates an illusion of Adrien and has the illusion walk up to Marinette. The illusion begins to tear into Marinette claiming that she is a terrible person, and doesn’t deserve anything that she has, before telling her that they were no longer friends. She gets angrier when Marinette asks the illusion what her nickname for him was and smirks when the illusion doesn’t answer. Volpina gets so angry she just attacks Marinette swinging at her with her flute getting angrier when Marinette blocks each hit with her arms barely flinching until Chat Noir tackles Volpina away from her. Marinette is quick to run away, Alix following her. Soon after Ladybug joins them in the fight, once they defeat Volpina. Ladybug turns to find Lila crying claiming that she didn’t want to hurt Marinette but the girl had been bullying her. 

Chat Noir growls but Ladybug quickly stops him from doing anything. 

'I know you’re lying Lila. I suggest you stop lying, and have that video removed claiming to be my best friends. The only friend I have while in this mask is Chat Noir. You are putting yourself in danger by lying.’

Lila however just stops crying and galres at the heros huffing and storming away.

The next day everyone is talking about Lila taking another trip to Achu to visit Prince Ali. They get annoyed when Marinette asks Rose if she is going to email the Prince asking about her.

Eventually things return to slight normalcy and they only have to listen to Lila’s lies when she video chats the class.

A few weeks after she has left Adrien finds the Miraculous grimoire, he immediately brings it to Marinette and shows her. Once Tikki sees it she insists that they bring it to the Guardian so she and Adrien set off together finally meeting Fu. Half way through their conversation Adrien is called back home by Gabriel. Gabriel demands the book back and is deeply upset when Adrien says he lost it. Gabriel dismisses him and he destroys his room before akumatizing himself.

Meanwhile Marinette is tearing into Fu for giving them the Miraculous without any proper training. Soon after she gets a message from Adrien saying that Gabriel had been akumatized. She quickly transforms meeting up with Chat Noir on the way once they defeat The Collector they return to Fu and take pictures of the book. Marinette then heads to the Agreste Mansion with the book in hand. When Gabriel comes to the door she quickly introduces herself before handing the book over. 

“Adrien was really excited to share the book with me today while we had lunch at my home. However he forgot it in my room, sorry it took me so long to get the book here Mr. Agreste!”

Gabriel takes the book and thanks Marinette before questioning her and Adrien’s relationship. Marinette laughs softly telling him that Adrien is like a brother to her. He then asks why brother and not best friend. Marinette grabs the ring around her necklace playing with it gently. 

“Because my best friend is my boyfriend and my betrothed.”

Gabriel then issues an invite for her to come over more, saying that she is clearly a good influence on Adrien. Marinette thanks him before saying goodbye and leaving.

That night they all meet in their wearhouse to talk about it. Even though Adrien is distressed he agrees that his father is still their biggest suspect.

Marinette pulls Oracle and Batgirl into a video call as they all sort through Gabriel’s dealing since Emilie’s disappearance. They determine that he wants Tikki and Plagg for a wish relating to Emilie. Marinette pulls Adrien aside and they have a heart to heart.

“Do I want my mom back? Yes, more than anything, but she-My mom would never want this. She’d be so incredibly disappointed in my father for terrorizing the city she loves. She’d be disappointed in me for thinking for even a second to help my dad.”

Oracle looks into every dealing Gabriel has had while Batgirl focuses heavily on going through camera footage.

Oracle points out a few months before Hawkmoth started Gabriel paid the city to remove the camera from around his mansion. Batgirl shows them footage of the house before he paid the city off pointing out the window designed like a butterfly. Showing that the small middle section is designed to open. Oracle finds something big from a few months before Emilie disappeared. She found that Gabriel hired multiple workers to come and build an underground garden, paying them off so that they would never mention it. She also found he bought a pod specially designed for those in coma to keep them from dying.

They all start planning on how to take Gabriel down. The only reason they haven’t acted is for fear of his company. They don’t want it to fall and have millions lose their jobs. They also want more evidence to take to the police. Oracle hires someone to install a camera facing the window in order to get confirmation.

Adrien meets Kagami much the same way except Marinette confirms that she did win. She however gets akumatized when her mother brushes off her success. After being defeated, Adrien extends his friendship to her, and they slowly grow closer. Soon after Marinette meets Luka when he drops something off for Juleka. He helps her pick up the books she dropped and they are quick friends. Marinette can immediately tell that he is a meta and Luka is surprised but tells her that he can hear people’s soul songs.

A few weeks later Gorilla is akumatized after Gabriel thinks he is Chat Noir. Ladybug is easily able to save Adrien getting him to safety before defeating Gorizilla she tells Hawkmoth to watch out because they are on to him.

After this Luka invites Marinette to his family’s house boat during the music festival, when his mom gets akumatized Luka is quick to help Mari escape. Afterwards he tells her that he knows she was Ladybug and Adrien Chat Noir. Marinette brings him into their fold and when she does Adrien asks to bring Kagami.

Before the school year comes to the end the class meets Clara Nightingale. Clara becomes fast friends with Marinette and tries to get her to be Ladybug in her video. However Chloe has the shoot shut down and she is akumatized into Frightningale. After the fight Marinette encourages her to have everyone in the video wearing masks showing that they are all heros in their own way. Clara agrees and Marinette is very thankful that neither of her masks in her hero persona a black.

Adrien admits to Marinette that he has a slight crush on Kagami so Marinette enlists the help of Luka and together they go ice skating. While Kagami and Adrien are skating Luka and Marinette are calmly talking about the pair. Mari asks about their songs and Luka is silent for a second before smiling softly and telling her that their songs are beautiful together.

Two weeks before the end of the school year Lila returns to school. Once again the class is listening to everything she has to say.

She quickly convinces the class to exclude the four including Chloe from class plans over the summer. She is dumbfounded when the four don’t care. Once the school year is over the class only sees the four in passing and every time there is an unknown boy with them.

Lila gets pissed when Gabriel stops having her do photoshoots with Adrien and gets even more pissed when Adrien announces on Twitter that he is dating Kagami.

Halfway through summer the classes are talking excitedly about Fashion week in Paris, excited to see Adrien and Lila modeling. They are surprised when they arrive and Marinette is sitting in the front row with Nathaniel, Alix and four unknown boys and three girls. One of them in a wheelchair. When Audrey arrives she is greatly upset at the seating until Marinette and Cass politely offer her and Chloe their seats. Audrey calms down but is still upset at the slight Gabriel has given her. She accepts the seats and both girls get up, Marinette moves and sits on Damian’s lap leaning back against him as he wraps his arms around her waist. Cass goes to sit behind Jason but he gets up giving her his seat before sitting behind her. Marinette greets Chloe politely before introducing her group.

“You already know our classmates Chloe but this is my boyfriend Damian and his brothers and sisters. Richard, Jason, Cass, Tim, and Stephanie.”

Chloe is polite in return introducing her mother, Marinette nods politely

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Bourgeois, I am Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Some of my designs are being shown today along with Mr.Agreste’s”

Audrey sniffs slightly starring Marinette down before offering a curt greeting. She then attempts to call Gabriel only for her call to go straight to voicemail. She grows more and more angry as she sits in the stands. Half way through the show she gets up and storms out angry that a girl that is unknown got a front seat but not her. When she is akumatized she goes after Marinette, she is unable to fire her because Damian jumps in the way getting turned to gold instead. Marinette is quickly pulled away by Tim who gets her to a safe place encouraging her to transform. Adrien joins them a few minutes later. After they transform Chat Noir agrees to distract Style Queen while Ladybug gets four Miraculouses

Nathaniel- Trixx- Youkai

Alix- Fluff- Bunnyx

Kagami- Longg- Ryuko

Luka- Sass- Viperion

When the fives get back they discover that Chat Noir had to change back, and after he de-transformed Style Queen found him and fired him as a way to get back at Gabriel. They launch into action fighting her. Viperion and Bunnyx sit on the back burner watching the fight. Viperion periodically shifting back using second chance and Bunnyx jumping in to grab one of the others when he tells her. Once she is taken down Gabriel comes and apologizes to Audrey telling her he fired the person that gave her a second row seat. Gabriel then apologizes to Marinette and Damian for this mistake causing her to be attacked. Adrien hurries over quickly hugging the couple telling him that he is happy they’re both safe now. Audrey takes note of his clothes and comments that it’s far from Gabriel’s usual designs.

“Because it’s not this outfit that was designed by MDC herself. He and I did a collaboration. She designed all the male outfits and I the female.”

Audrey immediately jumps on him, admitting to knowing MDC.

“You know MDC? You know the Wayne family, along with Jagged Stone, and Clara Nightingale’s personal designer?”

Gabriel nods gesturing to Marinette who Adrien was still hugging. Tell Audrey that MDC had been standing right next to them along with the Wayne’s. Audrey is silent when she realizes she didn’t recognize the Wayne family while she was angry. She immediately extends the offer for Marinette to come to New York with her to grow her exceptional talent. She brushes Chloe off when her daughter is upset over her mother never taking her. Marinette however refuses to go before telling Audrey off for telling her own daughter she is not exceptional.

“She may be mean and a bit of a bully but Chloe is exceptional in her own way. I will never work with someone who treats their own family like dirt. Ya know I always thought she was just a mean person, but now that I see who her mother is, I can tell you raised her to act exactly like you.”

Marinette then walks away with her friends and the Wayne family following her along with Adrien. The next day Chloe shows up at the bakery and apologizes then thanks Marinette. Tell her that Audrey actually took what she said to heart and decided to stay in Paris to get to know her daughter.This starts a shaky friendship between the two

“Also why haven’t you told anyone you’re dating a Wayne??.”

“Alya is obsessed with famous people, how do you think she’d react to finding out I’m famous in America but also betrothed to the youngest Wayne.”

“You have a point but wasn’t she your best friend?”

“No she was a friend but honestly she never really listened to me. I mean she thought I was in love with Adrien.”

For the rest of the summer Chloe joins the group of friends and even though she is still mean they can tell she does care for them. Much like how Damian acts to the others except Marinette. Damian and Chloe actually enjoy getting into little arguments over different things.

They celebrate their birthdays at Le Grand Pairs at Chloe’s place Gabriel even allows Adrien to attend, while Marinette’s parents cater the party, they turn 15.

When summer ends the entire group is at the airport saying goodbye to Damian.

The school years start rather calmly with random akumas popping up but none particularly dangerous. It isn’t until halfway through the year when Heroes Day comes around and Hawkmoth akumatizes Lila allowing her to create the illusion of an akumatized Ladybug killing Chat Noir.

The fight gets so bad that Fu joins in desperation to help. However at the end of the fight he realizes that his time has been shortened. He proceeds to name Marinette and Adrien Guardians, telling them that he’ll shortly lose his memories and a few weeks later die. He tells him that they will not lose theirs unless they recreate the potion he was given.

A few weeks later Marinette is visited by a lawyer, Fu leaves her everything in his will. Marinette has enough money to last a lifetime.

Hawkmoth’s akumas are steadily getting stronger and it seems like Lila is getting akumatized every other month. The Miraculous Team begins to think that Lila is working for Hawkmoth, and after hacking her phone Oracle confirms that she has been. 

Before the end of the year Lila convinces the class to kick Marinette as their class president. Marinette steps down without a care however in front of the class she tears apart her notebook that had everything in it for the class’s end of the year trip. Telling them to have fun planning another trip, before turning to her friends. 

“Chloe, Alix, Nathaniel, Adrien, you’re coming to Gotham with me this year. We’ll let Kagami and Luka know when they come over today. You’re gonna love it Wayne Manor is beautiful, and we all get to stay there for the whole summer!”

Lila scuffs saying that her Damiboo would never let a bully like her into her house. She then tells the class that she was asked to keep it a secret for a while but her and Damian had been dating for three months.

They are startled when they hear Dick laughing from the doorway.

“My little brother is dating you, good one, especially since my brother has been betrothed since he was born.”

Alya immediately jumps to Lila’s defense demanding to know who Dick is. Causing him to roll his eyes before turning to Marinette. Telling her that he was taking them to the airport and that they’d be taking the jet to Gotham one their last day. Before he leaves Alya demands to know who he is.

“Richard Grayson-Wayne, now I’d appreciate it if you stopped telling lies about my family. Damian would never go out with you, he has been dating Marinette for almost two years now. Oh and Mari, I’ll let dad know your six friends will be coming with us.”

The class is stuned and Lila immediately starts crying, telling them that Damian must have lied to her. However Max, Juleka, Rose, Ivan, and Mylene no longer believe her.

When the class ends the group of friends leaving ignoring everyone excitedly talking about their trip.

Once back at Marinette’s they all relax talking about what they are going to do while there. The group is upset that Marinette and Batman won’t let them patrol Gotham but they don’t put up much fuss. Marinette tells them they’ll use Kaalki to get back and forth for fights and that while there they’ll be finalizing plans to take out Gabriel with the help of Batman.

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Clientele Expansion


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It didn’t take long for the heroes to catch on to the change in their opponents. To be completely honest, Marinette was surprised that it took them as long as it did. Though, to be completely fair to them, it was likely that they spent some time deciding how to approach her and what they should reveal about themselves. Still, Marinette wasn’t particularly impressed with them.

To be sure, they were impressive in the sense that they were senior heroes who save the world multiple times but from a certain point of view, Marinette herself did the same so she was able to tame the urge to fangirl over the Justice League. What she couldn’t tame however, was her curiosity. As soon as she saw that the League was in Paris, she was curious for many reasons. 

Her immediate thought had been that they were here about Hawkmoth, but that couldn’t be. No one outside of Paris knew of him or the threat he presented, which ruled that theory out pretty effectively. The second was that someone notable that the League was fighting was here in Paris, but there was no hero vs. villain fight, no explosions, no smashing through buildings. Nothing. So that couldn’t be it. 

It had eaten away at her all day at work, leaving her unfocused and dazed. It wasn’t until later at night, when she was working on her online classwork and a knock broke her concentration that she realized. They finally tracked all of the villains’s improvements back to her and come to see her themselves. Wether that would be to threaten her or ask her to work for them was unclear. 

Letting Batman and Wonder Woman in through her patio window, Marinette offered them seats on her chase lounge and went downstairs for pastries and drinks. When she had returned, Wonder Woman was sitting politely next to Batman on the chase lounge, though she was glaring the darker hero into submission. Marinette couldn’t help but be grateful to the heroine for helping guard her privacy. 

Setting down the tray of refreshments in front of the heroes, Marinette took a steadying breath and sat down in her desk chair, turning to face them, “What can I do for you?”

Neither of the heroes looked startled by the near demand, though it was Batman who answered her, “We want you to work for us.”

Marinette appreciated his bluntness, “I’m sure that can be arranged. Though it might take me a while to adjust to the double workload.”

Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow at her, some disapproval leaking into her eyes, “So you wouldn’t be leaving Lexcorp then.”

Marinette shrugged a shoulder, refusing to back down even in the face of two such intimidating people, “They pay well and are the reason you contacted me in the first place. Besides, picking sides is just plain rude.”

“You did pick a side though. Their side.” Even with the dark knight’s monotone delivery, those words sounded accusing. 

“I simply took the first offer that came my way. Without that offer you wouldn’t be here either,” Marinette retorted as she leaned forward in her chair. “And I’m accepting your proposal aren’t I?”

Wonder Woman didn’t look too pleased but Batman appeared pretty satisfied and Marinette counted that as a win. Mentally preparing herself for what was about to come, Marinette grinned and began negotiating her freedom once more. 

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As the amazing show “Bojack Horseman” once said,

You cant keep feeling bad about yourself, like that makes your shitty behaviour okay. You need to be better.


Having a shitty childhood does not mean you have a right to be horrible to other people. It just doesn’t. If anything, that should give you a reason to be good to people, you dont want them to get hurt like you did, cause you know no one should go through that.

Dont continue the cycle, stop it.

- a very very tired mlb stan.

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