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#miraculous marinette
nxmiphobe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
adrienette fluff bc i think marinette deserves more freckles so adrien can kiss them
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san-fics · a day ago
Marinette: So, you’re saying one of them is addicted to coffee, one is marred to an alien, and one rose from the dead?
Damian: I would say that a family is not something to be chosen
Damian: But I'm afraid in this case it won’t be exactly true...
[MLB fanfics]
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littlebluescorpion · a day ago
Spoiler in Master Fu's Letter?
In his letter, there is a part where Master Fu writes:
You find people to whom you entrust your heart, as much as they entrust theirs to you. That trust is sometimes broken, but it can always be restored. 
Tumblr media
Is this a spoiler from the writers about what will happen at the end of season 4? What will be the trust that will be broken?
The trust between Marinette and Alya?
Tumblr media
Throughout Season 4, Marinette has been displacing Cat Noir, placing all of her trust in Alya. Ok... Alya has proven to be trustworthy, loyal, and a worthy heroine. But she is also is prone to making her own decisions and disobey Marinette's orders, as Alya is concious of her flaws and faults, especially how she tends to exaggerate things and worry too much.
While the fact that Nino knows about Ayla's identity as Rena Furtive might turn out to be favorable, Marinette probably wouldn't see it that way. She might consider that her friend has betrayed her and jeopardized her plan ["Rocketear"].
The trust between Marinette and Luka?
Tumblr media
Luka has also proven to be a worthy and trustworthy hero. But in "Wishmaker", he lied to Marinette. His intentions were good; he didn't want to worry Marinette and he tells the truth by stating that her secrets are safe. But Marinette might get mad at Luka for lying to her. "She doen't put up with lies". She might believe that she can no longer trust Luka.
The trust between Chat Noir and Ladybug?
Tumblr media
Cat Noir's trust in Ladybug has been slowly weakening this season. Finding out that Ladybug had planned to manipulate him to reveal his identity to Su-Han without his consent would definitely be the breaking point for him ["Ephemeral"].
Could season 5 be about "restoring that broken trust"?
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superdarklightworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Straight to the point
Theory # 1 Felix gets the peacock miraculous
We know that Felix is ​​not very close to his uncle or that they are from people who are "stuck" to have a chance to snatch the miraculous from him, but we are downloading a lot of things with it, leaving aside that "Felix is ​​a sentimonstruo", there is ways by which you can have that miraculous in your hands
1-Felix and his uncle work together
Yes well, it may be due to some "Threat" from his uncle, it may also be because they have decided. . . Or well, Gabriel has decided that Felix could be a good pawn for his game and raise it in a way. . . Peaceful
2-Felix steals it
We know, again, that his uncle and he are not very "close" so Felix, when he already knows about the miraculous that his uncle has around his neck, tries to steal it, how?, Pretending to be his son, thus changing his appearance as we see in the image (the tablet is the least of it, perhaps somehow he realized how Nathaly or his uncle used it), imagine, Gabriel has something important but Adrien (Félix) interrupts in his room and with a lot of dialogue Afterwards, they hug or adjust his tie (of course, Gabriel can flake because of that but in the end he either does nothing or grabs his hand but then lets it go and lets it be) and thus removes the miraculous, knowing that Felix He is a magician to remove things, there is the idea of ​​him taking it off asleep but I doubt very much, even that for reasons of the magic of the script, Gabriel has to take them off to try on a new outfit, Felix is ​​hiding out there and there I steal it
Theory # 2 Adrien really has the miraculous
It would be epic, let's hope and that face of satisfaction is because he found the miraculous and he will tell Ladybug but, I really do not think it is that simple since Adrien has to know that his father is Shadowmoth and we already know how this would end, but, assuming that he only finds it or Felix gives it to him because it is not like he would have something wrong, he would only tell Ladybug unless the "chapter problem" comes from there that he feels that Ladybug is hiding things from him and therefore he does not wants to tell him and who knows, maybe he tries to use the miraculous and everything goes wrong (honestly, I highly doubt this)
Español 👇👇👇
Directo al punto
Teoría #1 Félix obtiene el miraculous del pavo real
Sabemos que Félix no es muy cercano a su tío o que sean de gente que estén "pegados" para tener una oportunidad para arrebatarle el miraculous, pero estamos descargando muchas cosas con ello, dejando de lado eso de "Félix es un sentimonstruo", hay maneras por la cuáles puede tener ese miraculous en sus manos
1-Felix y su tío trabajan juntos
Sí bien, puede ser por alguna "Amenaza" por parte de su tío, también puede ser porque hayan decidido. . . O bueno, Gabriel haya decidido que Felix podría ser un buen peón para su juego y recaudarlo de una manera. . . Pacífica
2-Felix lo hurta
Sabemos, de nuevo, que su tío y él no son muy "cercanos" así que Félix al ya saber sobre el miraculous que tiene en el cuello su tío trata de robarlo, ¿Cómo?, Haciéndose pasar por su hijo, cambiando así su aspecto como lo vemos en la imágen (la tableta es lo de menos, quizás de alguna manera se dió cuenta de cómo la usaba Nathaly o su tío), imaginen, Gabriel tiene algo importante pero Adrien (Félix) interrumpe en su habitación y con mucho diálogo después, se dan algún abrazo o le acomoda la corbata (claro, Gabriel puede escamarse por eso pero al final o no hace nada o le agarra la mano pero después la suelta y lo deja ser) y así le quita el miraculous, sabiendo que Félix es un mago para quitar cosas, está la idea de que se lo quite dormido pero dudo mucho, incluso que por razones de magia del guión, Gabriel se los tenga que quitar para probar un atuendo nuevo, Félix esté escondido por ahí y ahí lo robe
Teoría #2 Realmente Adrien tiene el miraculous
Sería épico, esperemos y esa cara de satisfacción sea de porque encontró el miraculous y se lo dirá a Ladybug pero, realmente no creo que sea tan sencillo ya que Adrien tiene que saber que su padre es Shadowmoth y ya sabemos cómo acabaría esto, pero, suponiendo que sólo lo encuentra o Félix se lo llega a dar pues no es como que tendría algo malo, solo le diría a Ladybug a menos que de ahí salga el "problema del capítulo" que sienta que Ladybug le oculta cosas y por ello él no quiere decirle y quién sabe, tal vez trata de usar el miraculous y todo sale mal (la verdad, dudo mucho de esto)
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ladymonarchh · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thinking abt the fact that Adrien probably thinks Marinette has a speech impediment this also stems from when I was in middle school and my crush (who is now my good friend) literally thought I had speech issues because I would MARINETTE LEVEL mess up my words. Wish i was joking. She would get mad when someone made fun of me because of it and I just feel like it fits Adrien…poor clueless boy….
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garlicclov-e · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
After Marinette finds out who Hawkmoth is but before she confronts him. It’s been a long week.
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san-fics · 2 days ago
Marinette: Yesterday Adrien gave me a hamster for my birthday.
Marinette: And in the morning I already had 14 hamsters.
Marinette: It was the TROJAN HAMSTER!
[MLB fanfics]
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awakefor48hours · 15 days ago
So I got a few more ideas for in universe memes (some IRL stuff is happening and I’m not feeling 100% so if these aren’t as good as the other ones I’m sorry)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8
*I have also written an AdriChat fanfiction if you’re interested
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