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#miraculous marinette
just-another-bitchy-blog · 7 minutes ago
Marinette: * gets through a convo w/ Adrian "normally"*
Adrian to nino and alya: hey is mari okay?
Nino: what do you mean?
Adrian: well she didn't stutter, or jump when I spok-
Alya: did she blush?
Adrian: no
Nino and alya: oh my god I think she's finally over you
Adrian: mari was into me?
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localdoesmaribat · 12 minutes ago
Tim, sleepy: Bean would you still date me if I had a twin?
Marinette, also sleepy: yeah? I wouldn't leave you for your twin because you two look the same or something
Tim: yeah but like what if we were exactlyyy the same? Like nobody not even us could tell who's who?
Marinette: Why can't I have both then?? We could be pol-poly-polymer! Yeah that's the word! Two of you sounds like heaven
Jason is just fucking dying in the background while wheezing POLYMER
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bugaboo-and-kittynoir · 30 minutes ago
Quite the Taste in Boys (Miraculous One-Shot)
(Warning) TIMELINE: This one-shot takes place directly after Gang of Secrets (S4E3). Do not read if you haven't seen the episode or if you don't want to spoil it!
Summary: A conversation between Marinette and Alya after Marinette reveals her secret. Alya asks Marinette one of her most burning questions; how does Marinette feel about Chat Noir?
Words: 871
Chapters: 1/1
Title: Quite the Taste in Boys
Content: miraculous one-shot, post-alya reveal, alyanette, ladynoir vs. adrienette, love square flip, chat noir vs. adrien agreste
“You have to tell me what’s up with you and Chat Noir!” said Alya.
“What do you mean?” said Marinette. The two of them sat beside each other in Marinette’s bedroom. Alya had about a million questions to her since Marinette confessed that she was Ladybug.
“You’ve kissed him, twice!” said Alya, pulling up her phone to look for her Ladyblog pages on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s relationship. She found two pictures of them—and in both, they were unmistakably kissing, right on the lips. “I didn’t even know you had your first kiss!”
“I know, I’m sorry. But it’s not like I could tell you!” said Marinette. She frowned. “I really wanted to.”
“I know you did,” said Alya, patting Marinette on the back.
A brief silence passed between them until Alya got the courage to ask the big question.
“Do you like him?” Alya asked. For a second, Marinette’s eyes widened in shock. She was not used to talking about Chat, ever. Not even with Tikki.
The first thing she thought of was his jokes; how they made her laugh. Or the way he laughed and smirked when she joked back with him. She thought of how selfless he was; much more heroic than her, she thought. He was always willing to step up and make a sacrifice when it was necessary, and even though she hated that quality so much, she knew his intentions were pure. Not to mention his brilliant green eyes, brought out by black leather...
No, Marinette thought. She thought she would die if Chat could read her thoughts right now. Everything he ever said would be right; that she would fall for him someday, and that he was just waiting for her to find him. There was no way he could be right, her stubborn mind told her.
“Pfffft, me, like him? No way. He’s my partner!” Marinette scoffed. And she wouldn’t trade him for the world. But that’s all he was—her partner.
No, not anything else.
He would be over the moon with satisfaction if he knew how often he crossed her mind.
Alya folded her arms. “I thought you were supposed to be opening up.”
“I like Adrien,” said Marinette, almost like it was a default answer. It was the first time Alya had heard her say that outright in a long time.
Marinette felt immediately guilty for thinking of Chat. What about Adrien? She loved him, she knew that for sure.
“I know, but that’s not what I asked,” said Alya.
Marinette paused and thought for a second. She hated that she knew her answer, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. “I like Adrien,” she said instead.
As she said it, images of Adrien flooded her head, too, just how Chat occupied her mind just moments ago. How could she sit there and think about them both? It was hard not to hate herself for it. Just because she had a superhero alter ego doesn’t mean she was two people with two hearts to give.
Adrien was the most genuine person she knew. He was so kind but still so funny, and such a good friend, even though his life made it so difficult for him to be. There was some type of unbreakable bond between them, one Marinette could never understand. It all started from a piece of chewing gum on a seat and an umbrella. His humility to apologize to her. He was so easy to talk to. Charming to no end. She didn’t have to question it; she loved Adrien Agreste, that she knew.
“I know how conflicted you must be, and that’s okay! The heart wants what it wants, even if your brain can’t quite figure it out yet.”
Boy, was that the truth. Chat Noir walked, or more like strutted, back into her thoughts then, but instead of pushing Adrien out of the way, the two of them stood side by side, staring at her, waiting for her to admit the truth, stop all of the lies, and finally give up her last secret.
Alya saw Marinette’s cheeks redden. “It’s okay to like both you know! Or to not like Adrien anymore, or to not like Chat. But I can see, when you two are together—”
“Okay fine,” said Marinette, conceding to Alya’s advice and the two boys in her mind looking into her very soul. Marinette's volume dropped drastically. Maybe if she whispered, it wouldn’t make it so real, she thought. “Maybe I like him a little bit.”
Alya displayed a satisfied smirk. “I knew it!”
“Shut up!” Marinette groaned, planting her head into a pillow.
Alya laughed heartily. “You’ve got quite the taste in boys, Marinette.”
Marinette briefly turned an eye up from the pillow and towards Alya. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“What do you mean what do I mean!? Marinette, you love a supermodel and a superhero!” Alya said, still chuckling.
“I don’t love—” Marinette paused.
She couldn’t lie anymore. Not even to herself. She was all out of effort. It was time.
Adrien Agreste.
Chat Noir.
God, when did this happen!?
Alya smiled sweetly, seeing her friend finally break down that last wall.
“I love them, Alya. Both of them.”
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localdoesmaribat · 36 minutes ago
PLEASE IMAGINE MARINETTE IS LIKE,, A SUPER BIG RED ROBIN FAN. Like she makes a bunch of outfits inspired by him and has posters of him AND CONSTANTLY DEFENDS HIM. Like say someone says that red robin was the worst robin, that asshole person wouldn't even be able to say a word after that left their disgusting mouth because marinette would have a whole ass slideshow ready to DESTROY THE HATERS. Like she probably has a twitter account for her fashion business and she follows him and is constantly showing off her red robin outfits (people still don't know it's her because she makes sure nobody is around when she's wearing them/taking photos of them). And I like the "Tim LOVES MDCs outfits" so he obviously follows her and after seeing how much she loves red robin he WILLINGLY takes a nap because he needs to process this. The others are freaked out and try and figure out what happened and they just stumble upon Marinettes account and are like 😏 *meddling intensifies* So next thing you know Marinette is getting a message FROM GOTHAM VIGILANTES?? They are just telling her that red robin loves her outfits and would like to meet. She's obviously like 🧍 what, and why should I trust you all?? Plus how do I know this isn't fake?? And they just kinda,, send jon over because he's sunshine and probably the most convincing in this situation. So she's like 👁️👄👁️ and agrees to go with him after changing into her favorite pieces (like EVERYTHING is red robin inspired, her earrings, her shoes, her jacket, her hair ribbons, her dress, her socks, her jewelry, SHE JUST WORE EVERYTHING THAT SHE COULD CAUSE SHES MEETING HER IDOL)
Anyways back with Tim he gets up pretty late so they tell him to wear his suit because they need to take care of something. And he's like okay? and gets ready and junk. And when they are going to somewhere through the zetatubes he's getting a little confused because what?? NEXT THING YOU KNOW HES FACE TO FACE WITH MDC WHOS DECKED OUT IN RED ROBIN INSPIRED MERCH✋😭 he just gets so flustered and tries to ask for her autograph which isn't working too well because she's doing the exact same thing. Everyone just kinda,, "leaves"(they aren't gonna miss this🙄) so they both manage to calm down as start talking. Tim is like "omg you're wearing so many things inspired by ME, not the others ME" and Marinette is like >:O and brings out the slideshow because NOBODY, NOT EVEN RED ROBIN HIMSELF GETS TO TALK SHIT ABOUT RED ROBIN.
This whole post is a fucking mess but I NEEDED to show y'all this because I think it's beautiful 😭😭 I'll try to make a dialogue post for it so y'all can see it more in action😌✨👍
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lovebuginette · 48 minutes ago
so what happens if bunnix interferes with alya knowing marinette is ladybug
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miraculousthoughts-lb · an hour ago
Tumblr media
All of that and yet I see no news of pixie girl’s appearance 😔
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sugarcubetikki · an hour ago
A frightening possibility...
I’m one of those people who fully believe that LB is planning to tell CN about the reveal...
But consider something happens that causes her not to tell him.
So, she doesn’t tell him. Things go on smoothly for most of the season.
But then, in the latter half of the season. Maybe it’s because of an akuma. Maybe it’s something else.
He finds out. 
And obviously, he’s going to be mad. It’d be a Syren or reverse NY situation.
But this time...
Instead of it being a one episode situation. It could be an ongoing conflict.
This could take place one or two episodes before the season finale. But it isn’t completely resolved.
Due to the tension between them, their partnership is greatly weakened. And they aren’t able to fight as efficiently anymore.
Shadow Moth catches onto it. And decides to take advantage of that.
So...shit goes down in the season finale. 
From a lovely Ladynoir “we lie to everyone around us but absolutely trust each other” premiere, we come to this terrifying finale outcome where their crumbling  partnership is being desperately tested .
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princey-daisy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have been waiting for this moment!!
[ID: digital drawing of Alya and Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug. They are sitting on Marinette’s pink polka dotted couch in her bedroom. Alya, on the left, is sitting up and hugging Marinette, who is leaning into her and mostly lying down. The photo on the left has black text over a white blurred blob that says “and me... I am Ladybug...” End ID]
(Spoiler warning picture ID is in alt text)
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adriensaltprompts · 2 hours ago
Submitted prompt: Another partner
Edited to follow the rules
Marinette has been close to someone (of any gender) since she was a child. She has been in a strong platonic partnership with them for as long as she can remember the relationship is healthy and very equal (a lot of give and take). They long ago decided that they weren’t just best friends, they were partners. They take great pride and comfort in this title.
When Marinette becomes Ladybug, she is more guarded around Chat Noir when he declares that he is her partner.
At first, she expects their relations to be the same as with her partner. If he’s choosing such a word, surely that must mean he knows what’s expected of it?
However, it doesn’t work that way.
Unlike her real partner, Chat Noir doesn’t stop after she tells him she is uncomfortable. Unlike her real partner, Chat Noir doesn’t work with her in battles. He make her carry to brunt of the battle, makes her do all the work, and doesn’t care how much stress it puts on her. 
Unlike her real partner, who respects her boundaries and privacy, Chat Noir keep pushing for her identity, even after she explains to him why they need to keep their identities secret.
And she has to ask herself: why doesn’t he ever try to tell her his identity? The fact that he doesn’t just tells her he knows how serious the secret is, he just doesn’t care about her safety.
Worst of all, Chat Noir is sexually harassing her, constantly grabbing her and kissing her and calling her obnoxious nicknames he knows she hates, goofing off in battle and purposefully distracting her, doing everything he can to get her to give in and date him, no matter how many times she turns him down and tells him to stop.
He even invites her on a date, and even though she told him she wouldn’t be going, he still pretended like she stood him up, and refuses to cooperate for the rest of the battle, even going so far as to sabotage the fight. 
Marinette finally gets fed up one day after the latest disaster of a fight, and rants to her partner, editing out key details so that her secret identity is kept a secret. She and her partner go to different schools, so she just tells them it’s another student at her school. They’ve heard enough horror stories about Chloe that they don’t even question it, though they are horrified and angry on her behalf.
Marinette give just enough information that the key details are right-- The person harassing her was assigned to her by someone else, but she has the ability to kick them off the project, her only concerns are how the teacher will react. She doesn’t want to disappoint them or make them angry, but at the same time, they know exactly what is going on, and they haven’t done anything to stop it, and she’s quickly losing patience.
She is advised to just remove him and not care what anyone else think.Her partner reminds her -- she is already doing all the work, she might as well make it official, and stop letting him take the credit. If her teacher gets mad, then she should have done something about it in the first place, like assigning Marinette a partner who would actually do the job instead of making it harder.
They even offer to help Marinette complete the project on time. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve helped each other with school assignments. 
When the next battle takes place, Marinette takes Chat Noir’s ring, and fights without him. Whether his identity is revealed to her, or he is teleported away, or shrouded by magic to protect him, is up to you. The fight goes without a hitch. Marinette has been doing all the work this whole time, and now, without Adrien there to purposefully make things harder, it’s actually easier than any fight she’s done before. She was already doing everything she could. She was already planning ahead and taking every variable into account. Now there’s nothing standing in her way except the Akuma itself. And it’s a peice of cake.
Master Fu tries to put up a cursory protest, but it’s clear his heart isn’t in it. He saw the fight, he saw how well she worked, and even before he’s done speaking, he’s changed his mind, and is instead apologizing to her for not doing something to help her sooner. 
He asks her if she would like to give Plagg, or another Miraculous, to someone else, a new, permanent partner, but she turns him down. She can already call on temprorary heroes if she needs a specific ability to help her, and the fight today went so well, she’s not eager to add another potentially stressful variable into the mix. 
If she needs help, she’ll ask for it, but right now, she doesn’t. A weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She doesn’t want to add another one.
Master Fu accepts her decision, taking the latest fight as proof that she knows what she’s doing.
When Marinette next sees her partner, she thanks them for their advice, and says it all worked out. They offer again to help her with the project, but she happily turns them down. She knows what she’s doing, she’s good at what she’s doing, and right now, she would prefer to just do it by herself.
They accept her decision without argument, and they spend the rest of the day playing video games, happy to just be together, as partners.
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tsuki-chibi · 2 hours ago
Adrinette April Day 19: You’re Beautiful
This is a direct continuation of my Marinette March entry, which can be read on AO3.
You can also read this story on AO3: Tempest
Marinette’s father had always been a little scary to Adrien. Tom Dupain was just so big. And while Adrien made it a point not to hold anything against people who got akumatized, a little part of him couldn’t quite forget the solid thrashing Chat Noir had received at the hands of Papa Garou. It was not an experience that he wanted to repeat anytime soon.
But Tom smiled widely when Adrien nervously appeared at the door to the kitchen and beckoned to him. “Come on in, Son. I just need to put this tray in the oven and then we can head upstairs to get things ready for supper.”
“What are you making?” Adrien asked, nerves fading in the wake of his curiosity. The tray was filled with what seemed to be a bunch of tart shells, but they were a lot tinier than any tart shell Adrien had ever seen.
“Mini tarts,” said Tom, picking up two of the trays. “When these are done baking and have cooled, they’ll be filled with different kinds of syrups, custards, and creams. They’re really popular with the after-dinner group because they’re not heavy on the stomach. Here, try one.” He deftly popped the trays in the oven and then twisted, grabbing a finished mini tart from a nearby tray.
Adrien took it, since he really hadn’t gotten many of the cookies thanks to Kaalki and Trixx, and bit into it. The soft, flaky pastry gave way to a lemon-flavored custard and the sharp bite of a raspberry syrup hidden in the center. It was a very pleasing combination, not too sweet but also not too sour.
“That’s amazing!” he exclaimed, eating the second bite quickly.
Tom laughed. “Glad you think so. Now, let’s go!”
He led the way out of the kitchen and back up to the apartment, where he started bustling around setting the table. Adrien lingered near the door, wondering what they were going to do about food. He didn’t see anything cooking – which made sense, since Tom and Sabine had both been preoccupied downstairs in the bakery. Maybe they were planning to have bread from the bakery?
“Can I do anything to help?” he asked finally.
“You can go downstairs and meet the pizza guy,” said Tom, pulling his wallet out and handing some money to Adrien.
“Pizza?” Adrien repeated in surprise.
“It’s just been one of those busy days. You do like pizza, don’t you?” Tom paused, looking over at him with a worried face, and Adrien nodded eagerly.
He loved pizza! But it wasn’t something he got the chance to have very often, since his diet was kept under such strict control. His father didn’t approve of food like pizza. Usually what Adrien had for dinner was salad and boiled chicken. So he practically dashed downstairs to meet the delivery man.
By the time he came back upstairs, Sabine and Marinette were in the kitchen too. Sabine took the pizza boxes from Adrien with a smile and set them on the counter. When she opened them up, the most delicious smell wafted out. Adrien’s stomach growled audibly. He blushed, hoping no one had noticed – but of course, Marinette looked over at him and grinned.
“Ah! I thought I smelled something delicious and heard some voices, and here you all are. And you - you’re beautiful,” Tom said, walking into the kitchen.
Sabine looked between him and the pizza boxes. “Are you talking to me, or the pizza?” she asked dryly.
“To you, of course!” Tom said. He wrapped his arm around Sabine’s waist and kissed her cheek, but he winked at Marinette and Adrien.
“Right,” Sabine said, rolling her eyes. “I definitely believe you.”
“I can love both you and pizza,” Tom said, and she snorted.
“Yes, dear, of course you can,” she said, patting his arm. “Hand me a plate, Marinette.”
In short order, Adrien found himself sitting at the table with Tom and Sabine at either end and Marinette across from him. He looked down at the two pieces of pizza on his plate, then around the table. Everyone else was smiling and chatting. Even Marinette seemed more at peace than he’d seen her for a long time, despite everything that had happened over the past couple of days.
And all that had needed to happen was his father’s death.
The pizza was delicious, but there was something very bittersweet regardless about Adrien’s first bite.
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chatalyst · 2 hours ago
Season 6 and 7 confirmed bitches!!! I will never be free from the shackles of these melodramatic superheroes check!!!
Tumblr media
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pftones3482 · 2 hours ago
I really like the parallel between this scene:
Tumblr media
And this scene:
Tumblr media
Because BY disobeying Hawkmoth, BY breaking the akuma's hold, Alya DID learn all of Marinette's secrets.
If she hadn't broken that hold? If she had listened to Hawkmoth? That second scene never would have happened.
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marisblanket · 2 hours ago
Marinette: I fell asleep in class again
Marinette: I’m the only one left on the call
Marinette: [sighs]
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flightfoot · 2 hours ago
I just hate that people are hating Marinette for not choosing Luka/Adrien to tell her secret.
Like the girl is literally having a mental BREAKDOWN, is now really the time to be scolding her for not letting their ship sail??
Both Lovesquare and Lukanette shippers are doing this, marinette really doesnt need to focus on romance right now, she just needs help and support. They're calling her a traitor for seeking it out from Alya
Yeah that’s not cool. 
Saying that Chat may be upset and hurt, and rightfully so, given that it would feel like another case of Ladybug trusting someone else more than him, making it feel like the identity rule is personal rather than a necessity? That’s fine.
But Marinette NEEDED Alya. She was breaking down RIGHT THEN, and there was little to stop the kind of disaster that unfolded in Gang of Secrets from happening again in the future, next time Marinette needed some sort of support in her civilian life, next time her superhero life collided with her civilian life and caused issues there. 
Now, Chat could actually provide SOME support on that front, since he’s Adrien and is in her civilian life as well, but it’s not like she knows that, and he couldn’t provide as much as Alya can since Adrien doesn’t have the same level of freedom that she does as a civilian. Plus there’s the whole “love life” issues and... yeah it wasn’t gonna work.
Oh, and Chat Blanc was a thing that is gonna color any decisions to let Adrien or Chat Noir know her identity, so there’s that as well.
Basically if Chat’s upset about Ladybug sharing her identity with someone else before sharing it with him, especially with her being the one who’s most insistent on the rule, that’s fair. 
But Marinette’s feelings ALSO matter and frankly, she needed to tell Alya here. And it’s not like it was planned, it was spur-of-the-moment.
Both Adrien’s and Marinette’s feelings are important. Sometimes they can come into conflict with each other with BOTH being valid. Sometimes circumstances just suck, but neither of them are in the wrong.
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embodimentofateabag · 3 hours ago
Marinette is a huge swifte and had the entire Speak Now album on repeat before and after dating Luka and no one can convince me otherwise
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