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Originally posted by vyctornikiforov

• good boy

• ray of sunshine

always down to cuddle

• is the type to always crack jokes

• can’t keep quiet

• won’t keep quiet

• even if you tell him to shut up

• he’ll still talk about some shit while pecking your neck

• he’s a total ass man

• like

• a total ass man

• he can’t keep his hands off your butt

• he needs you to face him while cuddling so he can squeeze it, always with a proud grin, proclaiming “MY ASS”

• because of the amount of muscle he has, his body generates enormous amounts of heat, which can be good in the winter, because he’ll be your personal heater, but in the summer, when it’s already scorching hot, nu uh, the last thing you want is him to touch you

• but Mirio being Mirio

• will jump on you every chance he gets, rubbing his cheeks against yours, muting your whiny protests with his booming laughter

• when you sleep in the same bed

• he is the ultimate pillow, you love falling asleep in his arms, you always feel so safe and cozy

• but waking up to him is a completely different story

• you don’t know what the hell he does at night or what he dreams of, but you wake up squished beneath him, your soul leaking halfway out of your body as you struggle to breathe

• you’ll try to wiggle your way out from him, only to have him increase his hold on you, refusing to let you out of his arms

• you’ll whine and ask him to let you go, your chest hurting at being pressed into the mattress but his 2452 pound pure muscle body only nestles further into you

• eventually, you’ll give up and let him do his thing, settling for scolding him later once he wakes up and is much more coherent

• now that we’ve got this covered

• I wanna tell you a little bit about kissing

• kissing Mirio is like kissing an eager puppy

• good boy can’t keep still

• his hands will roam all over your body until he settles them at your butt (remember, ass man) squeezing and groping you shamelessly

• he’s vocal and he’s proud

• he’ll groan

• he’ll moan

• he’ll let you know just how much he likes touching you and he is so not ashamed of showing his bodily reactions

• after all, you make him feel so good and you deserve to have your efforts acknowledged, right?

• if he had a tail, you’d be sure he’d wag it aggressively whenever you reached up to kiss his cheek

• he loves it when you do that and each time, he has to fight himself to not chain your wrist to him so you can be around him 24/7 all day every day til the end of time

• also

• get ready

• buckle up

• because good boy knows how to braid

• he’ll brush your hair lovingly, enjoying the soft strands flowing through his rough fingertips

• and he’ll beg you to let him play with your hair

• obvs you’ll agree

• because getting your scalp scratched and your hair played with ?????

• tingles in the spine

• goosebumps on the body

• need I say more

• he’ll braid the most intricate, beautiful styles and you’ll walk around the school halls, getting admiring glances from the girls

• to which he will obviously proudly yell out that he did it

• but then all the girls will run to him, asking to get their hair braided as well

• you’ve never seen him phase out of a room faster

• did I already mention how shameless Mirio is

• I did?

• good

• lemme say it again for good measure


• IS



• he’ll undress in front of you no biggie, show off his muscles and his very well endowed *cough* you know what I mean WINK WONK

• and whenever you change your clothes in front of him, his chivalry will be chucked out the window as he will very much obviously stare at your figure, eyeing you up and down with a wolf whistle

• you’ll blush, because who wouldn’t ????, and ask him shyly to look away

• to which he

• will have


• to smile devilishly and say

• “But I like looking at your ass”

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Hello! Can I get an appearance matchup for bnha? I'm 5'8 and curvy. I have medium black hair and hazel eyes. Im latina but am still pretty pale. I like to do makeup and experiment. I mostly wear hoodies and shorts. Thank you!!

hi love, sure you can!

i think you’d look BOMB with mirio 👀 


Originally posted by haruicchi

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Oh my goodness canII pretty please have some Mirio and Tamaki cuddle headcanons?

(You sure can!)


  • Mirio is essentially a golden retriever disguised as a dude, so he loves cuddles! His favorite after school activity is to cuddle with you at the dorms, and it instantly distresses him after a long day of classes and Hero work. He just tosses his bag aside, kicks off his shoes, and scoops you up so he can cuddle with you on his bed.
  • Lots of nuzzling your face and neck, and a nice dose of nose kisses for good measure. Like you know the opening to Gravity Falls where Mabel just rubs her face against Waddles’s cheeks? That’s Mirio. His kisses and cuddles are almost as fluffy as his hair.
  • He has no problem with public cuddles, either. Only one free seat on the subway? That’s cool, you can just sit in his lap and cuddle together on the way to the city! Lunchtime at school? You two are leaning against each other and he has an arm around you while you chat with everyone. Because of how he takes every opportunity to cuddle, he isn’t allowed to be partners with you during class anymore though…

Present Mic: Alright, for this assignment, you’ll need to get into teams of two and find a mat to practice some floor-based sparring–Ay, Togata! Does this look like a silverware drawer? Quit spooning ____ during class hours!


Originally posted by katarinasclaes


  • Any position where he can bury his head against your shoulder/chest/neck is ideal, because his blushiness goes into overdrive and he doesn’t want anyone (even if it’s just you) to see how pink his cheeks are. This boy almost passes out if someone h*lds his h*nd, so cuddling is like a nuclear level of cuteness that reduces him to a quivering blushy mess.
  • Whenever he’s with you and on the verge of a panic attack, he tends to hide his face by burying himself against your chest/shoulder. So whenever you two cuddle and he suddenly starts to feel anxious, he just wraps his arms around you and becomes a koala while he rides out the wave of panic in your arms. Afterwards he always feels guilty, but when he feels you rubbing his back and stroking his hair, that guilt instantly washes away and he just melts in your arms.
  • Even if you two have been together for years, he is still so timid when it comes to initiating cuddles. You two will be binging a show together on the couch, and he’ll slowly inch closer to you before slowwwwwly resting his head on one of your shoulders. Over time it just gradually turns into a cuddle and by the time the next episode starts, you two are completely intertwined with each other and he’s got a content little smile on his face as he feels how warm you are.


Originally posted by ianime0

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I don’t know bout y'all but I definitely felt like this season of MHA is the best so far. Like seriously, this season had Naruto on swing kun levels of feeling. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve teared up.

One minute I was laughing at Deku interview with Nighteye next minute I’m crying at Nighteyes death. One minute my heart was melting because of Tamaki and Mirio childhood friendship next minute my heart is aching as Mirio lost his powers. From there i was constantly struck with sadness at Eri’s suffering then I was struck with happiness at her first smile. Gentle and LaBrava came in giving me some bittersweet moments but then Endeavor topped it off leaving me feeling proud.

And aside from the emotions this season was really wild tho, we got Kirshima vs Blade Guy, Kirishima and Fat Gum vs Rappa, Tamaki vs 3 of the Eight Precepts of Death, Mirio vs Overhaul, Deku vs Overhaul, Bakugo and Todoroki vs Kids Deku vs Gentle and lastly Endeavor vs High End. This season was awesome man!

Now it’s back to manga for me. Until season 5!

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I’m…..not gonna lie,

By the time Lemillion showed up, I had been out of the BNHA game for a bit.

So at first, I LITERALLY thought he was just a younger All Might. 😂

Like, that either All Might had turned into a teen, or there was some kind of time warp and Deku was charged with looking after teen All Might until they could get him back to his time!


SO GLAD I got caught up. 😂 This what happens when you just start seeing screenshots after missing a few arcs!

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These are some rules that I’m going to put in place for my bnha scenarios and head canons blog. Please be understanding about these rules and if you have any questions about them, ask! 

- No smut! Nothing against anyone, I just am not comfortable writing that.

- No rape-fics. I don’t feel comfortable writing about that topic nor will I ever.

- No self-harm fics! I do not romanticize that or rape/sexual harassment! That is wrong.

- I will not write for any ships, because this can cause conflict or hate and I’m not putting up with that :) apologizes in advance.

- limit your head canon or scenario ask to three characters at a time please! I don’t want to be overwhelmed with eight characters at once or something.

- please don’t be shy to ask me anything! I am really open and nice, you can ask how I feel about certain things or what I think about something. Just be open and don’t be shy to ask me anything, I won’t be rude!

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Can I get some romantic Mirio headcannons pretty please!

THANK you for my first Mirio request 👊😔💕💕

Romantic Mirio Headcanons

  • This big man is a bit loud and blunt for traditional romantic gestures , I’ll say right now. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try!
  • If you want a big romantic traditional night, he’ll do it, but it’ll have a nice twist of Mirio to it. You’ll go to dinner, filled with jokes and shared memories. Then maybe you’ll go on a walk in the park, but maybe that walk turns into a race
  • In the end, a romantic time usually turns into a fun time, but that’s only during things like dates
  • On a more normal basis, Mirio is romantic in small ways. It’s almost an expected surprise for him to leave a flower or even a bouquet on your desk in the morning
  • When you ask him why, he simply says, “because I wanted you to be happy! Did it work?”
  • Yes, you sweet boy,
  • He also likes to kiss your forehead during tender moments and a big embrace that leaves you warm and supported
  • His favorite sort of romantic thing is to go camping. There, you can have plenty of moments by a fire, and watch the stars far from the city where they truly shine. But in the morning you can do fun things like learn how to fish and forage mushrooms!
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So I saw this asmr video thingy by this guy called Akira Dubs on youtube. I know asmr isn’t for everyone but hear me out! This guy’s impression of Mirio is pretty darn good and this specific video was called Mirio’s final kiss goodbye. Sounds super sad, right? Well yeah I bawled my eyes out. So good, I just had to do a little fanart of my reaction to the video XD

here’s the link to the video!

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Yooo FMK The big 3

Fuck: Amajiki (He would be nervous asf. It’d be an experience i have never had before, but the the man eater in me is screaming!! Man eater + Sun Eater???)

Marry: Mirio (anyone who passes up on marrying him is a complete FOOL. This man could make you happier than you’d think was even possible) 

Kill: Nejire :( she is beautiful and amazing, but she practically feels like a stranger to me compared to the other two. lol with hardly any character development at all. 

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Can I request how Mirio would comfort his anxious female s/o during the coronavirus fear and isolation? Thank you.

Hello hello! Of course darling! I know how scary everything is, but just remember, this too shall pass! <3 keep your head up, and me and Mirio will be here in the meantime~

🌞 Since he’s in Japan, I’d imagine Mirio wouldn’t feel the affects as harshly as you might! But, he’d call you every day to help make sure you’re alright and that you’re staying safe!

🌞 Boy is gonna be a pain in your ass tbh, he’s gonna do his best to keep your mind on anything except whats going on! He’ll make jokes, put on whole shows for you over facetime, and make new crafts with you!

🌞 He’s a man of many talents, and I’d imagine he’s able to play guitar pretty well! He offers to have one of many jam sessions with you, just wanting to listen to you sing and to help calm your heart~

🌞 On particularly bad days he just wishes he could be there to kiss you and hold you. He stays on the phone with you all night, and just lets you know as long as you’re staying home than you’re doing enough!

🌞 He sends you comfort boxes instead! It’s full of fluffy blankets, robes, your favorite candy, movies, a movie player if you don’t have one, candles, and new things to pick up hobbies, like knitting needles and yarn!

🌞 Once quarantine is over you can BET that this boy is gonna get the first flight over and just. HUG you. He may cry because this whole thing was terrifying for him as it was for you! He was terrified that you’d get the virus of get hurt, and he’s so glad you’re okay!

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