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cybersvoid · 15 hours ago
❥ Caged
Tumblr media
Pairings: Mirio x Reader
Summary: Mirio’s positive attitude is unable to comprehend that you want to escape him, not date him.
!Warnings!: This story contains themes that might be triggering for some readers such as: Obsession, Possessive Behavior, Mentions of Sex, Mentions of Attempted Escape, Kidnapping, Chains, etc.
“Honey, I’m home.” Mirio cheered as if the two of you were some old-school sitcom couple. He adored coming home knowing that you’d be waiting for him like the good partner you were. What he didn’t appreciate was you not following through on your end of the deal. He takes such good care of you and it would really make his day even more memorable if you just greeted him back every now and again.
He let out a sigh before walking over to your shared room. The door creaking ever so slightly as he made his way inside, once disappointed eyes completely melting into puppy love the second he saw your sleeping form. God, he loved you so much. 
He lowered his gaze to your ankle which had been rubbed raw against the chain keeping you securely in place so he doesn’t have to worry about you running away again like in the past. You must’ve had a big day of trying to escape. No wonder you were exhausted. His fingers trailed lightly over the irritated skin, careful not to wake you. Not yet. He just wanted to admire you a bit longer, watching as you slept so soundly, and dreaming of the day when the escape attempts would stop and you’d just submit to him entirely. But this was okay too. You could stay his caged little bird for a bit longer if you needed too.
A small whimper sounded from you. How cute. You were having a nightmare. Didn’t you know you had nothing to fear? Not as long as he was by your side.
He sat on the edge of the mattress alongside you, bed dipping under his weight making you roll a bit closer to him. He leaned down and began littering your face in gentle kisses from your neck upward, causing you to stir awake.
“Good morning, my love. Did you have a bad dream?” Yeah, you did, and you weren’t sure it was over. You had merely woken up from one nightmare to just be tossed into another. 
You didn’t respond, turning your head to bury yourself deeper into your pillow, hoping he would take the hint and leave you alone, but he didn’t. He never did. He always twisted your blatant denial in his head into something it wasn’t, like you just being shy, or you being nervous, or any other excuse he could create in his head other than the honest truth of you just not liking him. In what world would you like your kidnapper?
“Still a little sleepy then? Well after I shower I can cook us up some grub and we can head to bed together. Doesn’t that sound nice? I can even take off your chain and we can eat in the dining room like a real couple.”
What was the catch? There was always a catch.
“But you’ll have to sit in my lap while we eat. Just to be safe and make sure you won’t try to run off on me again.” His gentle smile started to fade, slight anger taking form at the memories of that day. “You know… you really scared me back then. I thought something had happened to you. But, who would’ve known you just were getting cold feet.”
“I didn’t have col-” You began to shout before he cut you off with a firm kiss, probably to satisfy his own anxieties. He’s always held you just a bit tighter since then.
“It’s okay, my love. It’s all in the past now. I forgive you. We have the rest of our lives to make up for it. It’ll take some time before you can earn your freedom again, but until then I’ll spend every day reassuring you how much we belong together. Most couples even have families, but maybe we could just practice until we’re ready.”
“W-What?” You whispered, anxiety overcoming you at his words. Did this guy really think you loved him? How demented was he? Sleeping with him was the last thing you wanted.
“Listen, I know you’re shy about these things, so I’ve been as patient as I can, but we’re dating. It’s gotta happen sooner or later. So rest a bit longer. I’ll wake you up when I’m done with dinner.” He hummed, giving your forehead a peck before disappearing into the bathroom for a shower.
No, you needed to get out of here, you panicked. Desperately yanking your already raw ankle against the chain. One more time. You just needed to escape one more time. Then you’ll finally be free of him and this goddamn cage of a home he keeps you in.
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bwenzer · a day ago
yes i love mirio and sir nighteye. yes i also love overhaul. we exist
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maik0u · 17 days ago
Bnha couples mirror selfies (visual)
Pairing : Kirishima, Bakugo, Tamaki, Dabi, Denki, Shoto, Mirio and Chisaki
a/n : as mentioned on my previous visual here, I like doing those lol
Tumblr media
Kirishima :
Tumblr media
Shoto :
Tumblr media
Tamaki :
Tumblr media
Dabi :
Tumblr media
Chisaki :
Tumblr media
Bakugo :
Tumblr media
Mirio :
Tumblr media
Denki :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
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doinmybesthere · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
tamaki x f!reader
the worst first date ever
tws: fluff, sweet nervous reader, reader is afraid of thunderstorms, there is one, and she loses power, data scientist quirkless reader, pro hero tamaki. for @impalawrites adelie collab def check out the other writers
MINORS DNI - wc 1.4K
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Mirio’s voice pulls Tamaki out of his stupor, “You can’t keep looking at her like that and expect no one to notice.” Tamaki’s face burns,
“I can’t help it,” he mumbles, “She’s so pretty it shuts my b-brain off.” It’s late afternoon, and the light spilling in the windows at Fatgum’s hero agency is warm and golden. “I just,” he features in front of himself, “I don’t know what to even say to a girl that l-looks like that.” Mirio glances at you through the glass panel on the door to Fatgums office.
“I could talk to her, if you want.” Mirio offers, and images flash in Tamaki’s mind, the times he’d sent Mirio, rosy cheeks and kind eyes, to talk to a girl for him, and he’d come back in possession of said girl, reeking of apology.
“No,” Tamaki says quickly, “No no, I will, I'm gonna.” Mirio shrugs.
“If you don’t, Kirishima’s gonna ask her out.” Tamaki’s eyes widen with fear, Red Riot, gregarious, handsome, the rarity, as kind in private as he was in front of the cameras, why wouldn’t you want him?
“Fuck.” Tamaki blurts, hands trembling under the table. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
“You’re amazing,” Mirio says, touching his friend softly on the shoulder, “Alright, and she’d be lucky to have you.” The door to Fatgum’s office opens and he’s treated to the music of your laughter.
“Well,” you shrug, turning to Kirishima and Fatgum, “You’re the heroes, alright, just be more careful next time.” You glance at the two men standing in the hallway. “Can I help either of you?” Mirio gives Tamaki an almost imperceptible push.
“Um,” he swallows, then gulps air, “Will you go to dinner with me?” You blink a couple of times.
“Oh, ah, yeah,” you give him the softest smile, “I’d ah, I’d like that.” His heart breaks into a sprint, he wipes his hand on his pants and mumbles,
“‘M glad.” He stares at your shoes for a moment before giving you a little wave and practically sprinting back to his office.
He spends hours picking out a clean, plain t-shirt, and jeans that actually fit. Mirio tries to push a flashy jacket on him but he manages to stand his ground, getting Neijire’s approval. But you, when your apartment door swings open, nothing could have prepared him for you, soft and beautiful, in a dress that hits just above your knees and floats when you move. There’s something perfect about the way your hair frames your face, and something earnest and burning in your eyes that puts him at ease.
“Here,” he says, face burning as he thrusts a bouquet of flowers in your face. “It’s uh, for you, if you want-” You take them from him and sigh happily, waltzing back into your apartment, leaving the door open. Was he meant to follow? Should he, ah, could he even, would he dare just walk right-
“Come on in, I just want to put them in water.” he steps into the room, glancing at your photos on the wall, letting the door close behind him. Your apartment smells like you, a candle lit on the table in the kitchen, a comfortable looking couch facing the TV. You’ve got your back to him, reaching up into a cabinet to get a vase when the lights in your apartment flicker out. You glance around nervously, and he flies to you on instinct.
“It’s alright,” He says softly, “Probably just an outage.” You nod, shivering.
“There’s been an uptick in villain activity in this area,” You say softly, “I just, every time I hear a noise I get nervous.” He watches you lace and unlace your fingers. There’s a crash outside from down the street, and you squeak, diving for him.
“You uh,” he swallows, “You’re afraid?”
“It’s hard,” you mumble, “To be quirkless, and work at a hero agency, even if I’m a data scientist. I feel like I'm predicting, and working, and creating models, but I end up sending you into danger,” and you breathe out slowly, “I feel responsible.”
“Y-your work makes us better at our jobs.” He says, and it’s odd, to reassure someone, to reassure you, you with the steadiest smile, always greeting them at the end of a mission, the first to open the door, the first to shake their hands and tell them job well done.
“I just,” you reach for him, impulsive in the candlelight, he takes both of your hands before you can second guess yourself and pull away, stroking the back of your hands like he’s seen in the movies. “I get so so anxious,” you whisper, “In this absolutely paralyzing way, in this deeply paralyzing way,” He nods emphatically.
“Me too.” There’s a silence, the only sound is the rain that started to beat against your windows.
“You um, you get nervous?” You say quietly and he blinks at you.
“Every single second of every day.” He closes his eyes and chases instinct, what would, what would he want in this moment? He yanks you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you and rubbing a circle into your back. “Except,” he mumbles, “Except when I’m fighting, honestly.” You look up at him.
“I just, I know if I’m doing my best, I, uh, that I’ll save everyone.” He presses his lips to the top of your head. “I did um, nearly vomit after asking you to dinner.” You laugh lightly.
“I’ve had a crush on you since like, watching you at the sports festivals.” You mumble, and there’s a long rumble of thunder. He tightens his grip on you.
“Do you want to sit on the couch,” he offers, struck that for the first time in his life, he’s leading. “I have um, I have something that could help.” You nod, and he gently, carefully leads you across the apartment, the light from your candle casting long flickering shadows. He digs in his pocket, “Ah, c-close your eyes.” You do, inhaling sharply at the first crack of thunder.
“It’s okay.” He says, for the first time all day feeling sure of himself. He presses something into your palm, it’s round and cool and smooth. “It’s um,” he’s hit by a wave of self consciousness. “It’s just a rock but um, I like to have it, to um, to hold onto it feels good in my, in my hand.” He says. “It’s probably stupid I-”
“No I um, I like it.” His heart rate calms. “Can I um,” you glance at his chest and he realizes what you want, lifting an arm, all moisture leaving his mouth. You snuggle into his chest, still holding the stone. The rain patters against the window.
“Is this a terrible first date?” He wonders aloud and you almost laugh, a soft exhale.
“I don’t think so.” You tuck your legs up on the couch, turning the stone over in your palm. “Can I, can I keep this?” He nods, studying you carefully.
“You’re so pretty,” the words fall from his lips like water. “I’d um, if you asked though, I’d probably give you like, my apartment, so um, be careful. About asking.” You giggle, and he decides that he could dedicate the rest of his life to pulling those sounds from your lips.
“So if I asked for your car?” You move a little, so that you’re sitting in his lap, straddling him.
“Take the keys.” He whispers, face burning. You think about it, settling into his lap, he swallows, makes a gamble, and lets his hands rest on your hips.
“What about your hero costume?”
“It’s um, it’s back at my apartment but yes, yes you can have it.” He breathes.
“Well,” you fidget a little, feeling a wave of latent nervousness, but you push through. “I better give you something um, in return.” He gives your hips the slightest squeeze, and you lean forward, slowly, gently pressing your lips to his. There’s a huge crash of thunder and you yelp, collapsing into his chest.
“Hey,” he says softly, “Hey it’s okay.” He rubs your back, “It’s um, it’s okay. I’m here.”
“That’s nice.” You mumble. He reaches around your head, covering your ear.
“Just um, listen to my heartbeat.”
“Ah, okay.” There’s a pause. “You know you don’t have to give me your car.” He laughs nervously.
“Don’t ask for it then.” He squeezes you. “Because I will. I’ll give it to you.” You giggle. “Don’t laugh, or you're going to be the new owner of a-a Hyundai Sonata. And also my apartment.” You turn the stone over, it’s warm in your palm.
“H-how about your cat?” He thinks about it.
“Can I retain visitation?”
“Ah,” you rest your head on his chest. “I’ll think about it.”
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kafiguas · 10 months ago
I guess Machia is really gonna kill everyon- Wait is that MIRIO WITH A STEEL CHAIR?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
pairings: mirio togata, tenya iida, katsuki bakugo, aizawa shota, tomura shigaraki, dabi, hawks, mashirao ojiro, tamaki amajiki
warnings: hinting anxiety/anxiety attacks, reverse comfort, also tamaki’s made me cry so have fun lmao 
part one with mezo shoji, tokoyami fumikage, hanta sero, izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki, eijiro kirishima, denki kaminari, hitoshi shinsou here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there was no way that mirio was completely fine after everything that had happened to him
he had lost his quirk, experienced a battle that could result in permanent trauma, and he lost nighteye-- the leader and hero that he had looked up to for so long
but when you told him that it was okay to be strong all the time, mirio had broken
he broke for the first time in what felt like years
“don’t worry a-ahbout me!” 
the saddest part about it?
he was smiling through his tears not even a few moments after his grin broke
his lips were trembling, his eyes were red and his entire body was shaking with suppressed sobs, but he had an unwavering smile.
and that... that was heartwrenching to look at.
his smile fell, his body trembled and he let out a strangled sobbut for some reason, this-- none of it had shown a single trace of weakness. it was a way of him to express very human emotions and reactions as everyone else could.
he wasn’t disappointing nighteye in anyway-- more of showing respect by letting it all out to be able to show genuine smiles in public
how come such human emotions were labeled as good or bad?
“i let him down,” mirio gasped, “i let him down, i hurt him, i could have saved him, and-”
“hey, it’s okay, you’re going to be okay. it’s just me baby, it’s just me,” you cooed as you wrapped your arms around him. “shhh, it’s just me. you’re okay.”
mirio’s hands trembled as he gripped tight onto you
his chest was getting tighter as he burst into struggled breaths. he was just so... tired.
a million thoughts zipped through his head at once, but he just had to calm the storm for a while in your arms
it was right after the accident in hosu city, and everything, everything had gone wrong
even though he didn’t show it at first, he felt used as an advertisement for hatsume, and then losing in a battle with todoroki and felt like he was thriving on dumb luck
he just wanted to make his brother proud, that was-
-if he could, anymore. 
he felt so weak for letting himself feel this way, his head racing and chest heaving as he struggled to breathe
letting your guard down will just make things worse. tensei wouldn’t want this.
tenya’s body visibly trembled as he let out a shaky breath in his dorm room, thinking everything over in the darkness
“iida?” you asked, knocking on the door.
immediately, his demeanor changed as he shifted over to a braver face. 
“hello, y/n!”
just breathe. they’ll be gone sooner or later. breathe.
“why are you up this late at night?” he asked.
“i was just checking in on you, but i should be asking you the same question, sonic boy,” you grinned, until you noticed his hands trembling.
and for some reason, that hurt you. his face was.. so put together with a brave smile, confident eyes, and his head held up high and posture straight and firm
but when you saw his hands trembling and an odd shifting in his chest, you knew something was up
“are you okay?” you tested the words. 
tenya tried. he tried so, so hard to smile and affirm with a confident, “yes!”
but he couldn’t.
“i-i’m not- i’m not sure-,” his voice broke into a whisper. 
“i don’t know.”
you melted into a hug next to him as you took a seat. “hey, you can tell me anything, okay? it’s okay not to have your guard up all the time, it’s not weak to show emotion. just- if you want, can you tell me what’s been going on?”
tenya took a shaky breath and pushed up his glasses. “of course, thank you for asking, i will.”
after his fight with deku, all of the willpower left in him to hold himself together disappeared 
katsuki had been exhausted after a long day of fighting, not just physically, but emotionally
he had tried to keep his head high for as long as he could, but the moment he went to his dorm room, he just... broke.
angry tears released and he choked out heavy, strangled sobs as he pounded his fist to the ground in frustration
katsuki cursed towards whoever was there, until he found you standing behind him
he was too tired to argue.
“the fuck are you doing here,” he grumbled.
“is something wrong, 'suki?” you whispered. “i was just coming by to drop off your water bottle, you left it during hero training,” you examined his face. “are you- are you okay?”
he loved you, he really did-- but today just wasn’t a good day. “mn-no,” he managed to say.
his chest was heaving and his eyes seemed to be searching the room, as if looking for an exit.
you noticed the dark circles around his eyes and the way his lips trembled. had he been crying?
you slowly cupped his face in your hands, noses touching as you two shared breaths, inhaling and exhaling together
katsuki was too tired to pull away. 
he felt so weak.
you could hear katsuki’s breath shaking but slowly dying in volume as he held him tighter
“hey,” you said softly, brushing your thumb across his cheek. “you’re gonna be okay ‘suki. you’re gonna be okay.”
they’re pitying me.
“this?” you said, holding his bruised hand up and motioning towards his trembling figure. “this isn’t weak.” you said, as if reading his mind. “this is strong. this is brave. being emotionally vulnerable is one of the most courageous things anyone can ever do, and you are so much more than that, m’kay?”
he nodded in response. even though he didn’t express it that well, he thought of it 
Tumblr media
everyone shut up i love him
all that he’s ever wanted and asked for in life was for someone to notice him for who he genuinely was, to be free to do whatever he pleased
it was late at night and you two were outside, the moon illuminating in the darkness as you slid against the wall of the city in the back of the building
“anything interesting happen?” you asked, staring up into the moon
the night was young and it had been a rough, terrible day at work for both of you, even though you had separate jobs and shfits-- the only thing that pushed you forward everyday was being able to meet with dabi right after, at exatly 11pm. 
sure, you did it every day, and it shouldn’t have been that impactful-- but for some reason, somehow, everything about talking to him was so... exhilerating. 
he didn’t reply.
“uhhm,” you shuffled nervously toward him. “dabi, you good?”
he let out a shaky exhale, which was odd.
hold the phone.
no, really, someone hold the phone because it was ringing
“oh, sorry, one sec,” you rushed, hurrying to answer. it was one of your co-workers. “hello!”
“uhuh. yeah. oh, cool... got it, mhm, be right ther-”
you noticed how dabi’s body language immediately changed as he turned around and crossed his arms gently over his chest and stared into the sky.
this really, really wasn’t like him. 
something had to be wrong.
“uhm, on second thought,” you said. “does tomorrow at... noon work for you? i have plans. yeah. mhm, sorry not tonight. yep, bye!”
dabi’s eyebrows furrowed, but he didn’t look at you. “who was that?”
“one of my coworker buddies or whatever. they wanted to have a drink with me, but i said no.”
“why’d you say no?” he deadpanned.
“uhhhm, well, you certainly don’t seem very... how should i say this, at your fullest?”
“but why?” dabi said. “you meet with me every day, and going with your friends is probably a lot easier than this. what’s so different about it..?”
you thought carefully as you shrugged casually, gently leaning your head against his shoulder. “if one of my closest pals were down, i couldn’t just... leave them like that. and even though i know you won’t tell me what’s wrong, i just.. i just don’t want you to feel alone, you know? like everyone in your life has left? and i- i don’t want to do that to you.”
even though dabi stayed relatively quiet for the rest of the night, 
just know that was the day he fell in love with you.
nightmares were the worst. 
for the record, he didn’t get them often, but when he did, and actually reacted to it... they ended up terrible
he gasped, grasping at the air for his mother’s embrace only to be met with nothingness
he clawed at his skin as his breath hitched, trying to control himself
“tomura?” you asked. “...are- are you okay?”
“get away from me,” he trembled. “i’m a... i’m a monster.”
you furrowed your eyebrows in concern. “hey, hey, c’mon. what’s going on-”
“leave me alone.”
his sudden change in tone made you jump as you stepped back and you watched his figure tremble. 
“if something’s wrong, don’t sugarcoat it. if something’s wrong, please, for the love of the world, tell me, okay? i just- i just want to see you... maybe..”
“what?” shigaraki deadpanned. “happy? satisfied? content? joyful? you people all want the same thing.”
shigaraki looked up. 
“i want to see you hopeful, m’kay? so just... please. you don’t need to tell me word-for-word, but-- if you need something, i’m here.”
he was not going to cry. nuhuh. no way. no way was he going to start crying. 
you wrapped your arms around him before he cautiously hugged back, letting himself slowly melt into your embrace, his satin gloves against your clothes
“hey. i promise you, i’m never going to be leaving. no matter how much you mess up, no matter how terrible you may feel-- you mean the world to me. please hold on just a little longer.”
it wasn’t supposed to happen until later, when he was actually able to get home and prepare himself for anxious feeling in his stomach to finally settle
but noooo, his mental state really just said yolo
so here he was, reliving his entire childhood with memories that he’d pushed down for so long, about to snap in a matter of seconds
your familiar voice rang through his head. 
he just wanted to be held by you.
the most beautiful part about being with hawks his that he genuinely didn’t care about his pride around you. he wasn’t insecure of what you thought of him. he didn’t freak out or try to act like he was fine when you were with him, because... why would he need to? 
so instead of putting on a brave face and getting scared of your voice as if being anxious was a crime, he melted into it.
“hey angel, i got you some food at the-”
“y/...y/n,” his breath hitched. your voice, that you often said you were insecure about-- was his safe haven. he felt safe when he heard your voice and let himself crumple. he didn’t have to worry about putting his walls up, because it was just you.
beautiful, loving, kind you. 
his love was something special that he gave to no one else.
even though you were far from him, your bags in hand and everything, you immediately dropped them and ran to your boyfriend
“hey, hey, baby, what’s going on?” 
he stood directly in front of you, his head down and not saying a word.
you let your breathing sync with his as you reached out to hold his hand, when he threw his arms around you before his trembling body was held in your embrace
“-hey,” you said, shocked by the sudden embrace, before you hugged back, slowly, rocking him back and forth. “you’re going to be okay.”
“you don’t have to tell me anything, just-- focus on me,”
“i’m never leaving you, okay? no matter what you do, you’re still going to be my hero.”
and hawks decided on that day that out of anything else in the world, you meant the most to him. 
Tumblr media
useless. useless. useless.
why wouldn’t his stupid quirk activate before? why couldn’t he be more optimistic? why was he always thinking about something else? why couldn’t he ever stay positive and cheery like everyone else?
how was everyone else so strong?
but laying in a hospital bed, in complete silence and vulnerability...
that scared him.
tamaki blinked back the sudden tears that prickled against his eyes-- nuhuh, no way was he about to cry when so many other people had it worse, no way he was going to break down when nighteye was dead, he was not about to cry if mirio could be strong and so many other people had it worse, and-
“tamaki, snap out if it!”
your cold hands cupped his face, as you stared him directly in the eyes. “what are you doing?”
tamaki jumped back at your sudden question. but for some reason, the way you said it wasn’t angrily, more like... a statement? a question? as if you were asking are you okay?
tamaki shook his head. “i don’t... i don’t kn-know..”
get away, get away, get away.
your hands brushed back a hair from his face as you crouched down in front of him, your hands still helping him cool down. they rested gently on his scalp and along his face as you felt his breathing grow uneasy.
“listen,” you began slowly. “i’m not saying you need to tell me what’s going on, but... i just- i have a feeling that you’re not doing okay. and i know that because no one was ever really there for me back then, so if you want to say anything--”
“--i’m here for you.”
tamaki crumpled then as he let the tears fall.
his entire mask shattered as his breath hitched, trying to hold back the sobs but only came out as strangled breaths. 
“hey, hey, hey, you’re okay, you’re okay.” 
you held up his chin and rocked him back and forth, slowly. “just because other people seem to be going through bigger things doesn’t mean that you should invalidate your problems. if something’s hurting you, that’s enough of a problem to take care of it.”
tamaki began to shake as he suddenly clutched onto you, his body trembling as he nodded. 
what would mirio, nejire, nighteye, fatgum-- what would they think of him now?
“whatever is going around in your head right now will all quiet soon, i promise you, ‘mkay?”
“it’s okay. it’s okay. you’re okay.” 
“you didn’t eat,” you said, staring at the takeout that was left in its packaging. 
you heard shota mumble under his sleeping bag. “i’ll eat after.”
“after what?” you said back from the kitchen. 
you weren’t exactly mad at him, you could say-- it was more of disappointment, maybe? concern? he had always been so concerned about his students that he forgot to take care of himself-- no wonder why he was so angry lately. 
(and no, it wasn’t his resting face, he was genuinely burnt-out the last couple of days and it wasn’t getting better.)
“shota, come on,” you said softly. “or else i’m taking your sleeping bag away from you.”
aizawa’s head emerged from the bag, the light from the laptop giving a lovely display of his eyebags. “oh?”
he smirked, even though he seemed so drained.
“yes,” you said, pointing your nose up in the air and crossing your arms. “and you better go eat before i take it away.”
aizawa raised an eyebrow, but obliged.
you watched him eat, but he kept his laptop on the table the whole time.
he was looking through the profiles of all his students, and that was-- insane
despite how much had happened to him, he always thought of someone else first, putting everyone else above him.
“you’re going to overwork yourself,” you finally said. 
“amazing,” aizawa sighed back. “had no clue.”
“oh, c’mon,” you egged. “you matter too, ya know.”
you noticed how tense his shoulders were, how his gaze was fixated to the screen and the way his veins were protruding from lack of sleep, and how red his eyes were.
sure, most of the time, this was normal-- but you just had this gut feeling that something was wrong.
“i suppose you’re not wrong,” aizawa ventured. “but sometimes, you realize that students make up most of the world. i want them to grow..”
his gaze on the screen broke.
“and for them to know a world of love and kindess, not-- whatever this is.”
you looked at him before wrapping your arms around him and kissing his forehead. “but they have a teacher who works so hard already, and you-- you deserve a break. you’re always working so hard, and you have to remember that you matter, too, okay?”
you smiled sadly. “i need to go to work, but please finish the takeout for me, hmm?”
he never told you this, of course-- but yeah, he thought of your voice every time he wanted to take a break. he never forgot the words you said. 
being forgotten was something that came way too easily for him.
everyone in class 1a was so good at everything-- they all either had good looks, a nice voice, talents, a cool quirk, technique, charisma, and he?
ojiro felt like he didn’t have anything.
but what did it matter, right? being the forgotten one was fine to him, at least. he was able to take time for himself. 
...kind of.
he was heading back from ua into the dorms, walking alone when he realized it started to rain.
picking up his bags, he ran, putting them under his shoulders so that they didn’t get wet-- it wasn’t a long walk, but it was a lot to have to run back and make sure everything stayed dry
ojiro turned around to find you, carrying your backpack in the air and waving your arms. “slow-” you panted, “down! god, where’d all the rain come from??”
he chuckled slightly, until he noticed your bag getting soaked, and before he knew it, ojiro called you over and said he could carry your bag
“are you sure?” you asked, in-between breaths. “i doubt you can carry both-”
ojiro laughed and waved his tail like a hand. “i can carry it.”
your face lit up. “thanks! okay, now let’s run back, c’mon.”
you two ran as fast as you could, trying not to slip as the rain began to pour even harder against your backs. 
but when you opened the doors to the dorms and your bag was completely dry, ojiro smiled.
(also y’all he’s an underrated king DO Y’ALL KNOW HOW PRECIOUS HIS SMILE IS?? PLS-)
“thanks,” you grinned. “your quirk is actually really cool. not just for keeping stuff dry, but uh, thanks. i appreciate it.”
something inside of him made his heart swell. 
“really?” ojiro asked. “do you really- is that true?”
he didn’t want to get his hopes up too quickly, but the way you nodded proudly and affirmed it was something he could never forget.
“yeah!” you said. “just because you’re not flashy as other people doesn’t mean that you’re a plain, boring person, you know that? you’re actually really cool!”
“huh. thanks,” he noted-- and don’t worry, he walked back into his dorm room with a grin on his face the whole time.
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hey bbys! reminder to go take a break and drink some water if you’re reading this! y’all are so amazing and beautiful, and please remember that you’re valid as well. what you did today was more than enough, please remember that!! i’m very proud of you for getting through today. ily <3
qotd, what song reminds you of a fictional character 👀
join my family! 
list of family members: @kirishimuhhhhh​, @xuxisushi-1​, @kirishima-my-beloved​, @msminsuga​, @farfetchedparanoia​, @satis-mangata​, @moonhere​, @renegadedeca​, @viridevi​​, @cherriiirose​​ <3
☂ requests are open for mha + hq!! ☂
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Best Jeanist Deus ex Machina vs Mirio Deus Ex Machina
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Tumblr media
My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Exhibition Master Thread + Audio Guide Summary Translation!
1) All My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Tweets and Info 2) Horikoshi’s Interview about the Exhibition 3) Pre-Order MHA Exhibition Merchandise
FULL AUDIO GUIDE SUMMARY TRANSLATION: 1) Welcome Message 2) Roaring Sports Festival 3) The Test 4) My Hero Academia School Briefs 5) ULTRA HEROES 6) WANTED VILLAINS 7) ONE FOR ALL 8) ONE’S JUSTICE 9) Ending Credits
All Might introduces and welcomes us to the My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Exhibition. Deku is also there and says that while listening to this audio guide, please don’t stop movnig as you will hold up the line and flow of traffic. He explains that the Exhibition is split into many different areas, and there’s tons of hand-drawn panels by Horikoshi-sensei on display too. There is also a section in the Exhibition that focuses on the anime too! All Might tells Deku that there’s a section dedicated to All Might himself, and Deku gets super excited and turns to Bakugou and says, “Kacchan, did you hear that? Uh Kacchan? Where are you?” Deku tries looking for Bakugou, but Aizawa comes and tells Deku to move along the line.
Ochako waves at Deku and says, “over here, Deku!” Deku goes to where she’s standing and looks at the different manga panels from the Sports Festival. He says thanks to Ochako, Tokoyami, and Hatsume, they were able to win that fight in the Sports Festival. Ochako sees her fight with Bakugou and says he was too strong, but she really wanted to win that fight for her Mom and Dad. Deku tells her it’s okay because she definitely tried her best. Ochako gets a bit flustered at this. Bakugou then passes by and asks, “Who did their best? No matter how many times I fight Deku, I’d obviously always win. But if Deku maybe was a bit more buff, he could PERHAPS put up a fight.” Ochako exclaims, “WOAH! Bakugou praised him! It’s definitely going to snow tomorrow.” Bakugou tells her to shut up.
Deku sees the next panel, which is the fight between himself and Todoroki. Ochako excitedly recites the line Deku said to Todoroki, which was the “It’s your power isn’t it!?” line. Deku gets embarrassed and tells her to stop. Todoroki thanks Deku and says it’s because of him that he remembered why exactly he wanted to be a hero in the first place. Bakugou yells at them for being sappy and gross. They then turn their attention to the panels featuring the fight between Todoroki and Bakugou. Deku said Todoroki performed really well, but Bakugou’s Howitzer Impact move was super strong. Bakugou yells that he doesn’t want to be reminded of his unwarranted victory from that fight. Todoroki apologizes.
Ochako says that Bakugou’s poor performance made his image look really bad since it was broadcasted on national television, but Bakugou says he could care less. Todoroki says he’s sorry he didn’t fight his best as he was troubled during that fight, but his head is clear now. Todoroki says he will be a proper hero. Deku says he wants to be like All Might. Bakugou says he wants to surpass All Might. Aizawa then comes and tells the group to move along as they are holding up the line.
Deku explains that after the Sports Festival, the Hero Class went on internships with Pro Heroes. Todoroki mentions that during this time, the villains started to make moves in society, such as when they encountered Stain. Deku then goes on to say that after the Stain encounter, their class went to do the Forest Training during the Summer. Ochako remarks that Bakugou got kidnapped during this training period, and Bakugou tells her to shut up. Todoroki then explains that he, Iida, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, and Midoriya went to save him. Bakugou continues to tell everyone to shut up. Deku then says he’s glad they were successful in saving Bakugou, all thanks to Kirishima. Bakugou says, “I told you guys to stop talking about this!”
Deku then talks about the next moment in the timeline, which was the Provisional License Exam. Ochako said she trained so hard using her Zero Gravity quirk that just thinking about it now makes her want to throw up. Deku says that even though it was really difficult to train for the exam, the training did help him master using the Shoot Style with his legs as well. Todoroki mentions that the move Midoriya came up with using his feet was very strong, and Deku said that he also got used to it. Deku thanks Hatsume for making the costume and shoes for him.
Ochako says the Provisional License Exam this year in particular was difficult as the passing rate was abysmally low. She asks Bakugou if the Provisional License Exam was difficult, and Bakugou says “shut up don’t remind me.” Todoroki then says, “Yeah, it must have sucked to fail the Provisional License Exam” and Bakugou says, “What the hell- you failed too!” Deku tells them all to calm down. He says that Bakugou’s team did well in the first exam thanks to Kaminari’s new technique made possible by the point shooter gear he got from Hatsume. Bakugou once again tells everyone to shut up.
Todoroki recalls that their entire class did well in the first round, but he personally messed up in the second round, which caused him to fail the exam. Bakugou mocks him and says “what a loser, failing the exam” and Ochako says “but you failed too.” Bakugou yells “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!”
This entire track is a recap of various events that happened at U.A. Academy on campus. Deku starts off by saying he was so nervous when he first started school at U.A. but was thankful that he was able to make friends with Iida and Ochako so quickly. Bakugou scoffs and says, “isn’t it because you just didn’t have any friends in middle school?” Deku nervously says, “I think I had a few friends…!” Todoroki asks Deku why he didn’t deny it though.
Ochako remembers that Aizawa first asked the class to test their quirks, and Aizawa comes in and says he did that because he wanted to see their potential. Deku gets nervous and wonders if Aizawa came up to them because they were holding up the line, but Aizawa said he didn’t even say anything.
Todoroki said being part of the Hero Class meant that they had tons of different types of classes, and it was sometimes quite confusing. Ochako says even though it was difficult, it was still fun, such as when they had to decide on their hero names. Bakugou scoffs and says, “Stupid Deku actually chose his Hero Name as ‘Deku’ the hell? Did he finally lose it?” Deku rebutts and says, “But I actually like that as my Hero name!” Bakugou asks Deku, “What’s so good about that name?” Deku then asks Bakugou if he had decided on a hero name yet, and Bakugou says, “Nah, I’m not gonna tell you.” Deku replies, “What, why not?”
Aizawa reminisces and says that Deku and Bakugou fought really well against All Might during the Final Exam. Bakugou said he did that so he could win against All Might. If it wasn’t for that why would he team up with Deku? Bakugou then yells, “Stupid Deku! I’m gonna Kill you!” and Deku gets confused as to why he’s saying this. Ochako mentions that saying stuff like that would definitely get them cut from all Hero interviews, and Todoroki mentions that they should be careful about what they say.
Bakugou gets mad and says he’s going to kill all three of them, and Deku asks, “so now you’re targeting 3 people!?”
Aizawa reprimands them and Deku apologizes, promising that he won’t argue anymore. Aizawa keeps a firm stance to Bakugou too. He tells Bakugou that heroes need to use their quirks to save people, not kill them. Bakugou says it wasn’t like he was actually going to do that, he’s not that kind of person.
All Might steps in and says they should put this behind them. He suggests that they should just go and see the other stuff in the Exhibition together in the U.A. area. He sees that there’s a section made just for Mineta. Deku says, “Wow it’s full of Mineta scenes!” Ochako looks at it and says, “Oh, how nice” and Bakugou says, “hmph, it’s just a place to show off an animal.” Todoroki asks Bakugou if he’s jealous that Mineta has the spotlight, and Bakugou says, “Ha! As if!!”
All might sees the Cultural Festival area and says, “Oh! This is the time when U.A. Academy held the Cultural Festival!” Ochako mentions that it was really fun. All might says Class A performed with both a band and a dance team. Deku mentions that during the Cultural Festival, the whole school gets together to create activities and open stands around the campus, and it’s not just the Hero Class but the General and Economics classes also join in too. All Might asks who’s idea was it to do the dance for Class A? Deku says it was Todoroki’s idea. Todoroki said he just thought it would be nice to have something that everyone can participate and have fun, and Deku says it was a great idea.
Ochako says everyone was able to participate in it too. Deku mentions Jirou was the one in charge of leading the band, Ashido was in charge of the dance team. Todoroki said they did well using their quirks to create a great performance. Ochako says she didn’t expect Bakugou to actually participate and play the drums for them, and she recites his line, “Let’s kill ‘em with sound!” Bakugou scoffs at her and Todoroki asks Bakugou, “why do you get angry when people praise you?” Bakugou replies, “What the hell are you even talking about!?”
Todoroki goes on to say that Jirou’s performance during the song was really great. Bakugou yells at hiim to stop changing the subject!
All Might asks if Deku enjoyed the Cultural Festival. He answers that it was really fun, and seeing people outside of their class was awesome, such as Eri as well. Deku mentions that they were able to finally let her smile, and that made him so happy. Aizawa also agrees.
All Might says it’s important for heroes to bring smiles to people’s faces. He tells them to never forget that. Deku says, “Of course, All Might!” Aizawa says to Deku that he’s stopping in line again. Deku apologizes, and All Might asks them to hurry along down the line.
This track plays in the area where you see all the Hero panels. The heroes on display are Mirko, Bakugou, Ochako, Deku, Todoroki, Hawks, Endeavor, Amajiki, Kirishima, Mirio, and Nejire. Ochako says, “woah, there’s so many heroes!” Deku gets excited and sees the first Hero, Mirko. He goes on a ramble saying she’s ranked #5 in the Hero Ranking, her quirk is using her bunny abilities. He says that Mirko has not only a ton of male fans, but female fans as well. Bakugou snickers at Deku and exclaims, “you’re such a Hero nerd!”
Ochako mentions that the next Hero after Mirko is Bakugou. Deku introduces Bakugou, saying “This is Bakugou Katsuki. He’s enrolled in U.A. Academy and sits in Seat #17 in Class A. He has a hero name, but he won’t tell him…”
Bakugou gets angry. Todoroki then continues and says, “His quirk is explosions by using nitroglycerin that he emits from his hands.”
Bakugou tells them to shut up.
Todoroki ignores Bakugou and continues with, “His personality is…”
Bakugou screams, “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!”
And Todoroki finishes with, “…like that.”
Ochako then sees herself and says, “Oh it’s me!!” She explains her quirk and how she can cause anything to float if she touches then, but if she puts her fingers together, she can release the zero gravity as well. Bakugou then mentions that she also throws up if she uses her quirk too much. Ochako gets embarrassed and says that he really did not need to say that!
Deku says they should go on to the next person, which is him. He introduces himself as Midoriya Izuku, and his hero name is Deku. He whispers, “My quirk is…One For All…Please read the manga to find out more about it…” Todoroki asks Deku why he’s whispering, and Deku gets nervous and says, “Oh, it’s nothing at all!”
Deku sees that next up is Todoroki. Ochako introduces Todoroki and says “his full name is Todoroki Shouto, anad his hero name is just like his first name, Shouto!” Todoroki explains his quirk, and Deku says he has a truly impressive quirk since he can combine them together to create awesome attacks. Todoroki says he still needs to polish his quirk, and Ochako mentions he’s a very stoic person.
The next hero is Hawks, and Deku gets excited, saying “Oh it’s the winged hero Hawks!” Deku goes on to ramble details about Hawks, such as him being Rank #2 on the Hero Ranking Billboard, his quirk is using his feathers, but he keeps going on and Ochako says, “Ahh, maybe we should move on to the next one!”
Next up is Endeavor. Todoroki explains that Endeavor’s Quirk is called “Hell Flame.” He can emit fire at extremely high temperatures, but if he overuses his quirk, he gets burned instead. Deku says on that note, Todoroki’s quirk is better than his father’s since he can use the ice part to cool himself down. Todoroki muses that perhaps he does have an advantage over his Father.
The next Hero in line is Amajiki Tamaki. Deku introduces him as part of U.A. Academy’s Big 3. His hero name is Sun Eater. His quirk is transforming parts of his body into animals, and he can do this by eating food of that animal. Ochako explains further that if he eats takoyaki, he can use octopus arms, if he eats fried chicken, he can use the chickens legs. She then goes off saying, “tuna, beef, fish roe, mochi…” Todoroki asks if she just suddenly started rambling on about food because she just wants to eat those food, and Ochako says “I’m hungry…”
Deku sees that the next hero is Kirishima. He asks Bakugou to introduce Kirishima since they’re friends. Bakugou says, “What do you mean friends? He’s just my lackey!” Deku says, “Err…okay, Kirishima Eijirou, Hero name Red Riot. His quirk is Hardening.” Bakugou then scoffs saying, “He’s just an idiot who gets hard, that’s all!” Ochako comments, saying, “Well, you don’t need to be shy about it!” Bakugou then yells, “I’m not being shy!”
Todoroki moves the conversation along and mentions that the next Hero is Mirio-senpai. Deku introduces Mirio’s hero name as Lemillion and mentions his quirk allows him to go through things. Ochako says that according to Aizawa-sensei, Mirio is the closest to being the same rank as the Number 1 Hero. Bakugou grumbles and says, “No, I’M the one who’s going to be Number 1!” Ochako says, “Right…of course you are…” and Bakugou gets furious, saying, “YOU DARE MAKE FUN OF ME!?”
Ochako notices that the next Hero is Nejire Hado. She introduces her and says her Hero name is Nejire-chan. Ochako explains how her quirk works, and Deku remarks that Nejire can also use it to fly. Ochako adds that Nejire also won the U.A. Beauty Contest during the Cultural Festival.
Todoroki says after seeing all the Heroes lined up like this, everyone truly has amazing quirks. Bakugou says they’re all underlings compared to him though. Ochako says, “Right…of course…” and Bakugou explodes once again, asking,  “What the hell, are you making fun of me?” and Ochako repeats, “right…of course” to which Bakugou curses. Deku says to the group, “We really should be moving down the line now…”
Aizawa asks All Might to look at the new data he pulled up on the computer about the League of Villains. The first villain they look at is the various Nomu. The file says that the Nomus are injected with quirks that are stolen or enhanced from either themselves or other people. The next villain is Stain, who Aizawa mentions killed many heroes that he deemed unfit to be a Hero. His quirk is being able to control people by drinking their blood. All Might says the next villain in the file is Gigantomachia. Aizawa mentions that aside from being able to make his body gigantic, not much is known about Gigantomachia’s quirk. What they do know is that he works for All For One.
The villain after that is Twice with a quirk that allows him to multiply hiimself.
All Might mentions that the next villain file is Shigaraki. Aizawa says he’s the current leader for the League of Villains. His quirk is the formidable disintegration quirk that can disintegrate anything that he touches with five fingers. Next up is Dabi. Aizawa mentions that his quirk is unknown but he has been seen using blue fire. Aizawa remembers fighting against Dabi during the Forest Training, and he saw that blue fire.
All Might pulls up Toga’s file afterwards. Aizawa mentions that she can turn into anyone if she has even just a sip of their blood. The villain after her is Mr. Compress, who is able to compress and decompress things or people. He can also use it on multiple objects at the same time.
The villain after Twice is Re Destro, who is the leader of the Meta Liberation Army. Aizawa says that his quirk is stress, which he builds up to release immense power.
All Might then opens All For One’s file. Aizawa says that they really don’t know anything about his quirk. The villain after him is the Doctor, who also has an unknown quirk. They do have information that the Doctor is the one in charge of creating the gruesome Nomu and High End Nomu too.
All Might mentions the League of Villains is probably plotting something even though he fought All For One and sent many of them to Tartarus. Aizawa said they must be scheming something since if the incident with the High End nomu is any indication. All Might says even if the League of Villains is on the move, the Heroes will not lose to them.
Track 7 is a monologue by All Might. It plays in the All Might section of the Exhibition where manga panels of All Might are on display as well as a ton of decoration with All Might on the walls as well.
All might says that in order to create a society where people can freely smile and feel safe, it was necessary to have a Symbol of Peace. He wanted to be a pillar where people can depend on and smile when they see him. All Might says he inherited One For All to do just that. He is the 8th successor of One For All, and all previous One For All holders and he worked together to try to defeat All For One. However, even if they lose their lives in the fight against All For One, their hope still passes onto their successors.
They need to be Symbols of Peace for the people. All Might says he wants to be the person who can bring smiles to people’s faces. No matter what happens, he needs to keep on smiling. Those who are able to keep smiling are the strongest. That’s why he smiles.
He says that Young Midoriya and he were both quirkless. But after meeting Midoriya and seeing the strong willpower that he possessed, he knew that he had to mentor him to be his successor. All Might says to Midoriya, “Everything, from One For All to my own feelings in my heart, I entrust them all to you. Young Midoriya, you’re next.”
Track 8 plays in the room where there’s panels leading up to the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. All Might starts off the audio track by explaining the big war between the Villains and the Pro-Heroes, which the U.A. Academy heroes in training also participated in. Endeavor, Miruko, and Eraserhead were dispatched to the lair of the Villains where Shigaraki unfortunately awoken as well. Once he woke up, he began destroying people and things one after another. However, the Heroes did not waver and fought back to villains while protecting the civilians.
What the villains want is to create a new world without heroes.
What Shigaraki wants is to destroy everything.
What Midoriya wants is to protect everyone with a smile.
What Bakugou wants is to be the best hero and not lose to anyone.
What All Might wishes is if Young Midoriya and Young Bakugou can work together and acknowledge each other, they can both become who they want to be.
To save and win, to win and save.
All Might says if they are able to do this, they can become the Strongest Heroes.
Deku then exclaims, “Go forward, Midoriya Izuku! Use the power All Might entrusted in you to save people. I will save and win!”
Bakugou then says, “I will win and save! That’s Bakugou Katsukis’ way of life on the path to become the Number One Hero!”
All Might ends the track with the line, “To destroy the word or to save it. One For All’s successor Midoriya Izuku fights head on with All For One’s successor, Shigaraki Tomura.”
All Might says he’s come to send us off and thank us for visiting the exhibition! Deku also says thanks for coming. Ochako asks if we had fun? Todoroki says they were able to relive a bunch of different moments at this exhibition. He says he is thankful for it, and Deku agrees. Ochako asks Bakugou how was the exhibition? Bakugou says screw this- they should all go back inside and just focus on everything Bakugou related, forget about the Villains or anyone else. Todoroki says, “Well, if we do that we’ll need to reserve tickets again so…”
Aizawa asks All Might to do the closing message. All Might thanks us again for visiting, but things don’t just end here! The world of My Hero Academia will only keep getting bigger and bigger! Deku hopes that we can always cheer them on.
All Might then leads everyone in saying “GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!!”
Deku says to us, “Let’s meet again soon, everyone!” He then turns to All Might saying, “That’s good right? Oh, oh crap I still need to get in line to buy the limited edition goods only sold at the Exhibition! Wait let me go line up ahhh!” and scurries off.
All Might then laughs and says “as expected of the headstrong Young Midoriya!”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mirio VS Overhaul, Fantasy AU part1 ⚔️ PART2! Costume designs Overhaul’s control spell
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Tumblr media
Content — DON'T LIKE? DON'T INTERACT WITH MY BLOG. MDNI, threesome, fembodied reader, praise, overstim, half a dick analysis, unrealistic sex lmao
Genre — Smut, headcanons
A/N — my size kink rly popped out on this one huh anyways enjoy
original req. here
Tumblr media
so basically pro heroes tamaki and mirio are huge
oh, you're tall? well they're taller
and probably buffer
they love ya tho its like having 2 dogs
you're sitting with your back to mirio's chest, his dick snug up against your lower back. you're hyperaware of this
tamaki always eats you out like a starved man
you cum
too much
mirio pushes tamaki's head deeper into your cunt, smirking when you struggle to move away
"s'much - too much!" you slur. Your face is buried in his shoulder - too embarrassed to look him in the eyes but too exhausted not to say something at all
"nope," the way he pinches your nipples doesn't help, "you can do it, y/n. one more time."
when tamaki starts to suck on your clit, fingers pumping in and out of your pussy, you finally lose it
"c-can't!" you aren't even sure mirio can understand you, or that tamaki can here you, "please, jus' fuck me!"
with a touch of luck you do manage to grab mirio
but you're too small
he's so big, you can't stuff yourself on his cock all by yourself
"be good," he chides, holding your legs apart with firm hands. "tamaki first. he's worked so hard to make you feel good, right?"
a few weak nods later and tamaki's tip is playing with your entrance
its long
probs not that thick but like :0
youre always surprised how long it takes him to get it almost all the way in every time
he barely fits in your lil' cunny
and mirio points this out. every. damn. time.
they manhandle you
lmaoo get ready to get thrown around like a ragdoll
it would probably hurt but once theyre inside its not like you can feel anything except good so
spitroasting 🖤
double penetration. same hole
this was a mess goodbye
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