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#mirio togata

Thanks for sending this in anon! This kind of reminds me of a manga I read but I can’t remember the name of it(waaahh) Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by kourai

- “So, where do you want to eat tonight?”

- it was a simple question that turned your whole night into a mess

- you’ve always had a hard time making choices

- not just big, life changing choices but the most mundane everyday choices

- “where do you want to go for lunch y/n?” 

‘I could definitely go for some soba. But what if Nejire doesn’t want that.’ “How about you pick!”

- you hate being a burden or feel like your choices isn’t what’ll make anyone happy so you usually keep your opinion to yourself

- usually giving up your nights in to going out with friends even when you don’t feel up to it

-  “That dress looks so cute on you, y/n you should get it!”

- ‘It feels too tight, I hate the color, it doesn’t go with the wedding theme, I don’t like it!’ “It’s perfect mom, I’ll make sure to put it on hold.”

- it was exhausting sometimes but you just wanted to keep everyone happy

- tonight, Mirio has taken you out for date night

- things were going smoothly from your part but you noticed Mirio was asking you a lot questions on what you wanted to do

- it was starting to stress you out a bit

- finally after leaving the theater and walking around for bit, Mirio had asked you what you wanted to go eat

- “I thought you planned the whole date Mr. Togata!” you tried to push it off, hoping he’ll just pick

- Mirio easily shrugged, “I did future Mrs. Togata and it’ll whatever you want to do tonight! I feel like we usually stick with whatever I want for the date so I just wanted you to have a say”

- you let out a slight nervous chuckle before thinking about where to go but every spoke felt like he wouldn’t like it or enjoy the food

- “How about curry?” you had turned towards him, expecting a smile but he has a slight frown on his face

- “Baby, we had curry just the other night.”

- “I know but you really like curry so maybe we could-”

- “What do you like, Y/n?”

- you were confused by his question, shaking your head slightly, “let’s just get some curry, babe.”

- “Nope, we’re not leaving this spot until you tell me what you actually want to eat!” Mirio smiled brightly, even through your pout he just laughs, grabbing your hand and bringing you closer into his space

- “Y/n, you don’t have to pick and choose things based on what I like. We’re going to get married soon and sometimes I feel like I don’t know you well enough and I’m gonna change that, starting by you telling me what’s for dinner!”

- that brought a smile to your face before you mumble your answer

- With a smirk, Mirio playfully tickles you, earning a loud yelp and laugh from you, “c’mon you gotta speak up beautiful I can’t hear you. What was that again?”“

- “Okonomiyaki!” you shout loud, gaining some stares from people passing by but Mirio could care less

- “See, that wasn’t so hard!” He gives you that goofy smile before grabbing your hand and walking towards getting you some food


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Night Terrors

pairing: mirio x reader

genre: angst

warnings: nightmares, crying, flashbacks


Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow

thrashing. screaming.

you woke up to the sound of your boyfriend mirio togata sobbing in your shared bed. his large frame shook with fear and pain, while his hands clutched at his blankets.

you quickly flicked on the lamp on your bedside table.

mirio was hyperventilating. you knew he had nightmares. the shie hassaikai raid had left him quirkless and traumatized. he’d always slap on that signature smile of his, but you knew how much it hurt him.

“oh baby…” you said sadly. mirio looked at you with cloudy eyes. choking out a sob, togata clung to your side. he wrapped his arms around you and dug his face into your shoulder.

“shh, I got you. you’re safe mirio” you whispered, running your fingers through his hair. he griped your shirt.

“I-I couldn’t save her. i-in my dream, I couldn’t save her.” he repeated, rapidly breathing into your chest. softly, you rubbed his back.

“but you did mirio. you did save her.” you whispered encouraging words into his ears as he tried to stifle his sobs.

mirio sighed, wiping his tears. “I’ll never be a hero y/n.” his arms tightened around your waist, finding comfort in your scent.

you wanted to speak, but you couldn’t lie. you didn’t know if mirio would ever be a hero. he lost his quirk, and alongside that you could tell he lost his spirit.

you pressed a soft kiss into his blonde hair. “you’re already a hero, mirio.”

togata looked up at you, softly smiling.

“i love you y/n, and im sorry i woke you up.” mirio said.

“please don’t apologize bubba. i love you too.”

and with that, mirio pulled you back down into bed, holding you close to his side. you flicked off the lights and closed your eyes, falling asleep in your boyfriend’s golden touch.

hope you enjoyed! reblogs appreciated.

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Dabi (27), Hawks (24), Tamaki (20), and Mirio (20) x Fem!Reader (20)

Warnings: Smut, Rough Sex, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Curse Words, Praise Kink, Overstimulation, Porn with a Plot?, Polyamory, Unrealistically Healthy Relationships

Author’s Note: This is my literal dream relationship. Communication, Compliments and *ahem* lmaooooooo

Your relationship with your boyfriends randomly happened. You were a second year college student, quirkless beyond your increased stamina and endurance. You were always friends with Mirio and Tamaki from childhood, though they went the hero route. When they asked you to be their girlfriend, you were shocked. The two were such famous heroes even before the three of you had graduated from high school. You couldn’t fathom why they wanted to be with you, but you agreed and had been in lovely bliss until you met Keigo and Dabi.

How you met Keigo was rather accidental. You were walking to the apartment you shared with Mirio and Tamaki when you got caught in a torrential downpour. As you tried to run for cover, you noticed that you were being shielded by a large set of red wings. After that day, Keigo became smitten with you. When he found out about your polyamorous relationship with Mirio and Tamaki, he asked to join because he just couldn’t live another day without his baby bird. The three of you agreed that Keigo would be a lovely addition and you became a quartet.

Dabi, on the other hand, forced his way into the relationship. It wasn’t that you all didn’t love him, but he definitely wasn’t the soft type like the rest of you and when he wanted something, he went for it. When he met you at your part time job, he instantly asked for your number and didn’t take no for an answer. After he had your number, he began to pursue you like crazy. Queue the fancy dinners and expensive gifts. When you told him that you already had 3 partners, he retorted, “Why not make it 4?”

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Okay now there is SIR NIGHTEYE with mini LEMILLION, TOGA with mini TWICE, and FATGUM with MINI RED RIOT!

Hey by the way, I found out that yesterday was young kirishima’s birthday. So happy belated B-day my dude!

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