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#mirio togata

You started something serious don’t ya

Just enjoying a movie but you playfully kiss and bite is neck headcanons

Warning : mention of smut (nothing really spicy) swearing (because me not even bakugou)



Originally posted by bnhajourney

It was a simple nigth in the dorm of class 3-A but yet you coulnd’t focus on the movie in front of you. The reason? do you know someone who  can focus when they have a bakuhoe next to them? NO.

He wasn’t doing anything special but yet he looked so handsome just wearing black t-shirt and jogging but still hot. They were nobody behind the two of you so you thougth that maybe bitting is neck would be great.

So you did it of course, you turned your head to look at bakugo’s face and approched yourself then you go a little bite down adn start bitting is neck seductively.

Even tough bakugo and you are dating since 1-A every time you surpise him more and more, he looked at you, eyes wide open and said “you started something serious don’t ya?”

And then in a flash he carry you likke a potato bag (nothing romantic) and before you knew it you were already in his room. Letting all your comrade confused.




Originally posted by fymyheroacademia

You were both in a study session, you were trying to help him because his grade were going down (if it can be possible).

At first ot was ok both of you were serious but knowing mirio he won’t last long. After 30minutes he jumped on the bed and acted like a baby because he wasn’t able to finish an exercice.

“I can’t to it y/n” “i just wanna cuddle” “yyy/nnn”

Having an idea you closed your book and you sat at on his lap and started bitting his neck. His hands started to removz your shirt but before doing it.

You pushed him away he looked at you “why y/n?” you just said to him if he finish this fucking exercice he could have your body.

He finished his exercice as fast as he can and we can say that he didn’t to one more exercice (he have some more serious stuff to deal with).




You were just sitting on a bench, she was drinking hot tea and you just looked at her. She have snow on her hair it make hair look so cute too you.

When it come to saiko you can’t have an hold on yourself, and rigth now her neck looked really apealing so you bite him and licked it a bit.

She moaned and looked at you with an arrogant smile. “We have to go home it’s starting to get really cold don’t you think my dear”

Speaking the true the reason she wanted to get home wasn’t because of the cold and the snow.




Originally posted by captainpoe

It was during a hero conference, for the heroes beside you it looked like you were just resting your head on her shoulder because her hair were hiding the real deal.

Its been ten minute and you were still making lobe bite all over her neck. She have a content smile, she was really enjoying herself.

Although she don’t know if she would be able to handle her horniness anymore but she is a pro hero she could handle this kind of think? yes?




Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

When you started biting his neck he stopped breathing and every movement.  He blushed and looked at you why his eyes wide open, shocked

The two of you were alone but it looked like a hundred of people were watching you and him. He was so embarrassed, why would you do something like this to him?

If you bite his neck again he would maybe have a heart attack, please protect him.

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Can I request how Mirio would comfort his anxious female s/o during the coronavirus fear and isolation? Thank you.

Hello hello! Of course darling! I know how scary everything is, but just remember, this too shall pass! <3 keep your head up, and me and Mirio will be here in the meantime~

🌞 Since he’s in Japan, I’d imagine Mirio wouldn’t feel the affects as harshly as you might! But, he’d call you every day to help make sure you’re alright and that you’re staying safe!

🌞 Boy is gonna be a pain in your ass tbh, he’s gonna do his best to keep your mind on anything except whats going on! He’ll make jokes, put on whole shows for you over facetime, and make new crafts with you!

🌞 He’s a man of many talents, and I’d imagine he’s able to play guitar pretty well! He offers to have one of many jam sessions with you, just wanting to listen to you sing and to help calm your heart~

🌞 On particularly bad days he just wishes he could be there to kiss you and hold you. He stays on the phone with you all night, and just lets you know as long as you’re staying home than you’re doing enough!

🌞 He sends you comfort boxes instead! It’s full of fluffy blankets, robes, your favorite candy, movies, a movie player if you don’t have one, candles, and new things to pick up hobbies, like knitting needles and yarn!

🌞 Once quarantine is over you can BET that this boy is gonna get the first flight over and just. HUG you. He may cry because this whole thing was terrifying for him as it was for you! He was terrified that you’d get the virus of get hurt, and he’s so glad you’re okay!

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part three has arrived! thank you again for a hundred followers! i hope you all are doing well! remember to wash your hands, send in some asks, and enjoy! -sxn
hcs: dating bnha idols (based off my other post)

pairing: tamaki amajiki x gender-neutral!reader, mirio togata x gender-neutral!reader

warning: fluff
tamaki amajiki // suneater

  • he considers himself so lucky to have you. as he should.
  • his fans are so happy that he found someone that made him so flustered and openly happy.
    • half of the comments underneath his music videos are about you two being together once your relationship went public.
    • it was a question during one of his q&a’s if suneater was single or not and him mumbling that he had a significant other is one of his most iconic videos.
  • the most tamaki will do for pda is pinky-locking or a kiss on the forehead because he is shy™.
  • between takes for music videos, expect quick pecks on the lips before he goes to take a break.
  • writes songs about you in a way that you won’t know it’s about you until he tells you.
    • when he performs your song live for the first time, tamaki cried when you locked eyes with him.
  • calls you “his harmony” and “butterfly”
    • yes, the song that he made for you was titled butterfly.
  • unintentionally spoils you. you receive a lot of his clothes when he’s on tour to make the distance seem better.
  • tamaki doesn’t notice it, but he performs better when you’re at his rehearsals and concerts. mirio and nejire call you his good luck charm.
    • did i mention that mirio and nejire are the biggest supporters of your relationship? because they are.
  • if you want to learn any of the instruments he plays, tamaki is such a kind teacher. he also explains things really well because music helps him calm down when he’s anxious.
  • amajiki will give you the biggest bear hug of your life if you wear his merch. the feeling of you supporting his career so openly is overwhelming pleasant to him.
    • “thank you so much, butterfly… i love you.”
  • surprise him with a kiss before he goes onstage for a performance and you’ll be ambushed with kisses spread across on your face when he gets off stage.
  • food shop dates! midnight cafe dates where you both run over to a quiet, little cafe across the street! walking along and trying different snacks at food stands in the street dates! boba tea dates! if it’s quiet, has food involved somehow, and with you, tamaki’s fine with any sort of date.
  • listens to anything around the house, but classical and punk music are his favorite when he’s songwriting.
    • he’ll ask for your opinion when it comes to lyrics because your input is so important to him!
  • is really loose and carefree when dancing at home and no one’s watching him.
    • tamaki doing a little two step to dance hall music when he thinks you’re not home
  • is a big cuddler especially when he’s sleepy. little spoon him.
  • touch his butterfly tattoo when tamaki wears short sleeves and he’ll melt.
  • gets more confident as the two of you grow in your relationship together.
    • proposes publicly after one of his concerts, i think so-

mirio togata // lemillion

  • all of his fans thought he couldn’t be happier and more sunshiney. then he proved everyone wrong, because mirio is even more bubbly and joyous after he started dating you.
    • some of them are screaming that he wasn’t dating tamaki or nejire or both but came around to ship you two really quickly.
  • goes public with your relationship after you both decided it was official.
    • announces your love practically everyday with how much he enjoys pda and talking about you whenever he can.
  • speaking of pda, mirio cannot control his urge to kiss and hug you. hand-holding when you go out, bear hugs if he has to leave for rehearsal, kisses between music video takes. you’ll learn quickly that he’s very touchy.
  • would literally give you all of his sweaters, hoodies, and shirts if he could. seeing you in his clothes will have him sweeping you up in his arms, regardless of your height, and peppering your face in kisses.
  • talks about you so much that fans are surprised that a song with your name as the title hasn’t been released yet. (joke’s on them, it’s in the works right now)
  • calls you so many different pet names every so often that it’s hard to pinpoint a few, but “sunshine” and “buttercup” are the front runners as of now.
  • is a huge cuddler when you’re both at home. he’ll pull you into his lap and just swaddle the two of you in blankets.
  • there’s clips of you and mirio making out during rehearsals on the internet because mirio couldn’t wait until it was over.
  • if he catches your eye in the crowd when performing live, he’ll send you a wink.
    • mirio just might put in extra emphasis when he’s dancing to catch your attention…
  • he likes pop music a lot, so you might hear twice, red velvet, lizzo, and other pop artists around the house. 
    • catch him crying at broadway musicals at one in the morning-
  • togata will pull you up onstage for a kiss if he feels so inclined.
  • if both of you match outfits at an award show, mirio will show you off more than he does normally.
  • wear lemillion merch and prepare to receive even more kisses in public because he’s just so happy that his partner enjoys his music so much!
  • you love him, and honey, he’s falling further for you every day.


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How would you write that fic?

Hmmmm… I would probably start out with Deku and Mirio meeting Eri for the first time (similar to the anime). This would be the real Eri. This would probably play a part into the idea that I had that Deku or Mirio would figure out which Eri is the real Eri since they have seen/talked to her. Before going into the meeting with the pro heroes than eventually the start of the Shie Hassiakai raid. 

The pros, of course, don’t know the League is “helping” the yakuza yet so when they run into “Eri” they don’t realize she’s a clone until after Toga and Twice have revealed themselves. I would imagine that Twice would let it slip about the army of clones to Sir Nighteye during their little fight. Chisaki is using the Eri clones as decoys to keep the pros and police busy while he is making his getaway. After finding out Twice made clones, the group concludes that Chisaki would have the real Eri since it’s her flesh and blood used for the bullets and Twice’s clones wouldn’t let for this to happen. 

This would eventually lead into canon of Mirio getting to Chisaki first before a few more of the Eris reveal themselves to try and confuse him. 

Fast forward through the fight scenes, Deku and the others join in and eventually Eri makes her decision to go with the pros and this leads the Eri army into also switching sides. 

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~“I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. I know now folks in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going because they were holding on to something. That there’s some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”~

As the weeks have passed we have seen countless awful things in the media. There has been so much loss, so much greed. Right now it’s more important then ever to be aware of the what’s going on and be smart about it! Stay strong and be strong for those around you. Stay inside and keep yourself safe. There will be brighter days ahead. Also,a HUGE thank you to all of the first responders, doctors, nurses, scientists, grocery store and food industry workers and everyone else working right now for continuing to bust your asses everyday while risking your own health! You are the real heroes and I hope you know how appreciated you are.

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May I request a matchup for Bnha, Haikyuu, & Free, please? For Bnha, I would like to be matched with a hero student or pro-hero (no villains, please). I’m a straight female. I’m 5’4” with light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and fair skin. Freckles here and there. I try to stay fit and eat healthy, but I still have some extra baby fat on my stomach and face. I have social anxiety and am shy and nervous around new people. I often worry about how people perceive me because of this. Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3 When I get comfortable around someone, I’m very playful, mischievous, affectionate, and loving. I love pulling cute pranks on people (like scaring them, putting stuff on their head, singing obnoxiously loud to annoy them, etc.). I love dumb comedy, and joking around, but my jokes often fall short of being funny! I struggle with anxiety and overthinking, but I’m trying to get better. My hobbies are creative writing, playing outside, and watching shows/movies.

Part 3 of 3 I enjoy playing board games, air hockey, laser tag, water gun fights, pillow fights, tickle fights, play wrestling, picnics, childish games like hide n seek and tag, walks, taking care of animals, zoos, aquariums, and meaningful but playful conversation. My love language is physical touch, and my heart yearns for hand-holding, hugs, cuddles, pats on the head, being held or carried, being tickled, etc. 24/7. I value loyalty, integrity, gentleness, and innocent humor. Thank you!

Oooh,this was a pretty long one,but it’s okay. Huh,looks like we have a lot in common! Anyway,onto the matchups~

Bnha/Mha Matchup:

I match you with…dun,dun,dun! Togata Mirio,the sunshine boi!

Here’s some headcanons~

-Will offer to let you come with him when he trains,or to go on runs with him.

-Knows exactly how to deal with your social anxiety,shyness,and nervousness because of Tamaki. Really good at comforting you.

-Reassures you that you shouldn’t worry about how people perceive you because of that. That he loves you no matter what.

-Let’s be honest here,he helps you pull those pranks. Tamaki is probably the victim of a lot of them,the poor baby.

-Always joking around you,but his humor is quite odd. His jokes can go from being corny to being childish,which can make him seem like a fool from time to time. He just loves making you laugh.

-Plays connect the dots with your freckling,telling you that they’re so cute just like you.

-Takes you out on dates whenever you both have free time. He offers to pay for everything.

-You two play board games in the living room of the dormitories. Other students will join you two from time to time.

-He’s always optimistic,so he always tells you everything will be alright when you’re upset,or when you’re anxious.

-He’s extremely brave,so expect surprise kisses and hugs all the time. He doesn’t mind doing this in front of people,but he’ll lessen it if it bothers you.

-If you were in danger,he would risk everything to save you. It doesn’t matter what the consequences are,he doesn’t care about them. He just wants you to be safe.

-Your dates are often laid back. In all honestly,he would prefer staying indoors and cuddling. Binge watch anything you want,and eat snacks.

-He compliments you randomly. Like,his compliments range from sweet to hella weird. He’s a goofy guy,what can you do? He tells you he loves you every single day,grinning brightly at you.

Other possible matchup(s): Midoriya Izuku

Haikyuu Matchup:

I match you up with…dun,dun,dun. The captain of the Karasuno volleyball team,Sawamura Daichi!

-He’ll obviously help you stay fit and healthy,but he thinks you look beautiful all the time.

-When it’s just the two of you,he likes to poke the baby fat on your face,saying it’s really cute.

-Tries his best to help with your social anxiety,nervousness,and shyness. He goes to Suga for advice,though.

-Tells you funny jokes,mostly behind his teammate’s backs cause he thinks it’s funny.

-He’s a tired dad,so don’t mind if your dates get cancelled from time to time. He apologizes by sending you sweets and flowers.

-Loves to read whatever you wrote,thinks it’s awesome that you do creative writing.

-Always has movies at his house,new and old ones,movies you like,etc. He just has them. Just for you.

-Thinks you’re little pranks are cute,but please don’t do it when he’s studying. Or when he’s doing something.

-When he found out you liked board games,he bought a few of them to surprise you. It took him a while to know the basics,though. But anything for you.

-He loves holding your hand,and playing with your hair,especially when you pout and tell him not to.

-He gives you piggy back rides when you ask for them,even if the other members laugh at him or make fun of him.

-Will take you to animal cafes. Cat Cafes,Dog Cafes,Bunny Cafes,all the animal cafes. He spoils you in animals,oof.

-He found a stray kitten,nursed it back to health,and had a checkup at the vet. And then,he put a cute ribbon on her and gave it to you,blushing softly with a smile.

Other possible matchup(s): Azumane Asahi

Free! Matchup:

Aww,I match you up with the cutie,Hazuki Nagisa!

Here’s some headcanons~

-Tickle fights all the time. It doesn’t whatever where you two are,he’ll just randomly start a tickle fight.

-Always laughs at your jokes,and often tells you a joke in return. The smile he gives you though when you tell a joke,awwww.

-Cannot help you with staying healthy,he eats junk food all the time. This adorably baby offers you junk food all the time with such an innocent expression.

-Has movies on his phone so you two can watch them anymore,anytime. He’s thoughtful like that.

-He loves having water gun fights with you. If you’re near a pool,he’s gonna tackle you into the pool,and resurface while laughing happily.

-Always pulls pranks on you. It’s always pretty harmless,though. And then he gives you a hug afterwards.

-Hugs you every time he sees you,then either pecks you on the cheek or on the head,or lips if he’s being extra cheeky.

-Takes you out to play laser tag every other weekend. He always targets you,and then runs away if misses.

-Asks you to teach him air hockey so you both can play it. He’s so clumsy,though,but that doesn’t bother him. He just laughs it off.

-If you don’t have anything to do after school,he takes you out to walk around the park or anywhere nearby,really.

-Buys you matching keychains to put on your phones,it’ll be penguins though.

-Doesn’t really know how to help with your social anxiety,so he’s forever bothering Makoto what to do. He always cracks jokes to make you feel better,though,and holds your hand,saying comforting cute things.

-Your dates are always fun and full of laughs and giggles. But there are times when Nagisa gets pouty when another guy flirts with you. It’s so cute,though!

Other possible matchup(s): Shigino Kisumi

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a/n: just a lil something sweet pt. 2

Mirio (the gentle kiss) 

-the type that conveyed all their love for you 

-they were so gentle and soft 

-the type that made you smile when he pulled away 

-his lips were always soft, never chapped because there was nothing he loved more than the feeling of your lips his 

-it was the type of kiss that always left you satisfied

-the type that made you feel loved <3

Tamaki (the hesitant kiss) 

-the type of kiss that conveyed his nervousness 

-they often showed how much respect he held for you

-soft, sweet, and often quick, but they showed how much he loved you

-his face was always blushed a bright red before and after

-his lips were sort of chapped, but only slightly 

-but they were always enough 

Nejire (the passionate kiss)

-the type of kiss that left you with a rush of adrenaline 

-messy, hot, heavy with moans

-but also sweet and conveying all the love she had for you, and all the love you had for her 

-her lips were always coated with chapstick or a lip gloss

-but there were often times where her lip gloss/ chapstick lingered on your lips

-the type of kiss that made you feel loved and important 

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AO3 Link

The sports festival had ended on a sad note. However, the extra games made it worthwhile. You didn’t win, but Togata made sure you had fun. Hado had drug you along to get concessions, mostly to feed Tamaki and make him use his quirk for her amusement. By the end of the day, you were feeling better. “Thanks for today guys” you called out to them. “You don’t have to thank us, we’re friends” Hado giggled. Amajiki wore a small smile, even he had enjoyed the festival. “She’s right! We should have fun all the time” Togata laughed. They were being too nice.

You felt the corners of your mouth tilt upward, a small smile gracing your lips. “Wah! You smiled!” Hado gasped. Togata was staring at you, Amajiki too. “What?” you were taken back as Hado came closer. “You haven’t smiled before, I almost thought you couldn’t” Hado explained. “Oh, sorry” your smile faltered a bit. “Don’t apologize! Ah, there it goes!” Hado poked your cheeks upward and twisted her fingers slowly. It tickled a bit, making you giggle from the action.

The other two boys quietly watched. For Amajiki, that was normal. Togata on the other side was uncharacteristically quiet. Amajiki cleared his throat before speaking. “Mirio? You alright?” he asked. Togata snapped from his daze, turning to his friend with a big smile. “Oh! Sorry, I was…” he trailed off. What was he doing? Sure he thought you were pretty, but that smile was something else. His stomach felt full of butterflies, he was sure his face was red. “You were staring at ____” Amajiki stated. Togata laughed nervously, shushing his friend as you and Hado returned to the conversation.

“Hey, hey, what are you guys whispering about?” Hado tilted her head curiously. “Haha! What indeed!” Togata chortled. Amajiki was just as lost as you were. “Anyways, we should head home for the day” Togata wrapped his arm around Amajiki’s neck and lead him away. “See ya!” he called back to you and Hado. You waved back with Hado, watching the two leave. “Boys amirite?” Hado giggled. She walked with you back in the direction to your home before going her own way. You had a funny feeling something was going to happen tomorrow.


“Tamaki, I need your help” Togata began. Amajiki paled, here it is, the big moment. “What’s wrong Mirio?” Amajiki asked. “I gotta make up for what I did back then” Togata explained. Amajiki knew exactly what he meant, the villain attack. “I’m sure she isn’t holding it against you” Amajiki reassured his friend. “Not just that, all the other times I accidentally showed her my-” “Again, I don’t think she minds” Amajiki stopped his friend before he could make his joke. Togata nodded, but the frown remained on his face. “It doesn’t feel right, I should at least do something” Togata continued. Amajiki knew he wasn’t going to be able to convince his friend to change his mind. “Like what?” he asked. Togata’s smile returned, although sheepish and nervous.

“A date”

The next day, was the most stressful day for Amajiki. Togata had come up with a romantic plan to ask you out on a date. To Amajiki, it was too much. He felt his head go blank as he tried to remember his part in it. All he had to do was make was placed where you could see it. Hado was in on it too, she was busy distracting you and would help locate the note. If all went well, you and Togata would be hitched on a date.

If only life worked that way.

Amajiki was so tense, he was sitting up straight. His fingers traced the letter anxiously, reminding him of his mission. It was laughable to him, it wasn’t even his love letter but he couldn’t keep himself from falling apart in front of you. When passing papers back, your hand brushed against his and he kicked his desk. When you glanced behind you, Amajiki found somewhere else to look. Whenever you stood up, his head would be down. Amajiki wasn’t good at “playing it cool”, he was sure you were on to him. During free period, Amajiki watched you and Hado exchange notes. He slinked out of the room after Hado had given him a wink. He quietly made his way down to the shoe lockers and looked for your name.

His eyes locked onto your locker and he could feel his heart beating violently in his chest. All he had to do was open the door and leave you the letters on your shoes, but suddenly every move felt sluggish. He managed to open the door but he stood there frozen. Amajiki didn’t hear the approaching clicking of heels, nor the curious gasp of a certain teacher. “Amajiki-kun, what are you doing?” Midnight sauntered over knowingly. Amajiki let out an unholy squeak, fumbling with the letter. But it was too late, Midnight had already noticed the envelope. “Is that a love letter? Oh, how it is to be in love~” she cooed. Amajiki sputtered, unable to defend himself at this moment. Thankfully, no one else was around.

Midnight swiped the letter from his hands and opened it without breaking the seal. As impressive as it was, Amajiki flushed red as she read the letter out loud. “Oh my, this is so sweet” she complimented. The last bit caught her eye and she turned back to Amajiki with a serious look. “However! It lacks passion! I insist you revise this with me!” Midnight declared. If it wasn’t for her grin, Amajiki would’ve thought she was being serious.

She was just being nosy.

Midnight pulled a sleek pen from seemingly out of nowhere, at least nowhere Amajiki was willing to look and began writing on the letter. He panicked, this wasn’t part of the plan! “Hm, you should sign it too” Midnight began writing and Amajiki snapped. He snatched the paper from her, effectively creating a large ink part at the bottom of the paper. “How aggressive of you Amajiki, oh! an anonymous lover would be much more romantic!” her fantasies were causing Amajiki to have stomach cramps. He shoved the letter into your shoe locker and ran off before Midnight could give him ‘tips’.

When he returned to class, Amajiki dropped into his seat with an audible thud. Hado found it humorous, while you were slightly concerned. “Amajiki? Is everything okay?” you asked. He groaned only holding his stomach tighter. Togata, who had been eavesdropping the entire time, sprung from his seat. “Tamaki, if you aren’t feeling well then just say so! I’ll take you to Recovery Girls office!” he laughed. You watched Togata lift Amajiki’s arm and haul him out of the classroom.

“Boys, amirite?” you said to Hado.

“Yes, sis!”

Amajiki had passed out after taking pain relievers, Togata had left him in Recovery Girl’s care until lunch time. You, Hado, and Togata had gone to pick up Amajiki for lunch. He appeared to be better. However, something was on his mind. Togata and Hado thought he was just recovering from his task, while you were none the wiser. As planned, Togata had suggested you all eat in the courtyard. This meant you would have to change into your outdoor shoes. When you went to change your shoes, you noticed the letter placed on top of our shoes. On cue, Hado bound over excitedly.

“Oh a letter! A love letter!” she sang. You turned the envelope in your hands, studying it for a name. You opened it carefully, giving it a quick glance. Your cheeks blushed red as you neared the bottom. You quickly folded the letter up and put it in your pocket. “A-anyways, let’s go already!” you ushered Hado out. You missed the knowing wink Togata gave Amajiki. Togata considered this a mission accomplished.

Amajiki however….

He was ready to have a meltdown. He had to warn Togata somehow, Midnight had added words that Togata didn’t know of. His mind was already forming the worst case scenarios. What i-


“Huh?” Amajiki was startled from his thoughts. Your brows were furrowed in worry. “Are you sure your okay?” you raised your hand to his face, holding a napkin to his cheek. “You’re shaking so much, you’re missing your mouth,” you said while cleaning his face. Sure enough, Amajiki looked down and noticed a small mess around his tray. “I-I-I’m…” he trailed off. You were so close, too close. Amajiki felt something manifest on his head. “Oh wow! A beansprout!” Hado exclaimed. Sure enough, a small green sprout rose from his hair. “Nice one Tamaki” Togata praised him. This wasn’t what Amajiki was going for.

You leaned back to get a good look at it. “Impressive, but you should really save it for class” you scolded him lightly. Amajiki sighed, at least he was out of the fire for now. After Lunch, he kept trying to find time to talk to Togata. However, the latter kept trying to talk to you as much as he could.

The moment of truth came as classes ended for the day. As the letter instructed, you were to meet your secret admirer under the tree in the courtyard. Togata had phased out of the classroom, a pair of spare clothes waited for him in the courtyard. Amajiki rushed out of the classroom as soon as they were dismissed, he had to tell Togata now!

He ran to the courtyard, panting as he tried to catch his breath. “M-mi-mirio…” he wheezed. Togata, who was getting dressed behind the tree, turned to his friend. “What’s wrong Tamaki? It’s almost time” he fumbled with his pants as he spoke. “The…letter…” Tamaki began. “Oh yeah, thanks again for that!” Togata laughed. “No…the letter…” Tamaki attempted to explain. Suddenly, he heard Hado give the sign.

“Good luck!” she shouted aloud.

That meant you were close, he had to act fast. “Mirio! The letter!” Amajiki stopped his friend. “Huh? What about the letter?” Togata asked. But it was too late, your footsteps were coming closer. There was nowhere for Amajiki to hide. Togata panicked, there was only one way out fo this…

You turned the corner into the courtyard, holding the letter tightly. It was thoughtful if not cheesy. You had never received a love letter before so you were flustered by the display. Your eyes stayed glued to the ground in front of you. Honestly, you weren’t sure who the secret admirer was. You had a few people in mind, but your cheeks grew warm at the thought. You stopped in front of a pair of feet. It was now or never.

You looked up into navy blue eyes….Amajiki.

The latter fidgeted nervously. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He had no idea where Togata had disappeared to. You were staring, he had to say something!

“_-____…” he muttered.

“Amajiki, I got your letter” you shyly handed him the envelope.

What. The. Shell.

“I’m flattered, I thought you were actually scared of me, to be honest” you continued.

Amajiki.exe has stopped working.

“But I’m relieved to see this is how you really felt” your shyly pressed your palm to your cheek. This was more embarrassing than you thought.

“W-wait, ____ I-” he started.

“I’d like to go on a date with you, even though we haven’t known each other very long” you confessed.

Scratch that, Amajiki crashed.

“So, let’s set up a date later? I’m sure you’re a bit flustered…” you trailed off. Oh no, you were avoiding his eyes. It was honestly cute, but he had to stop! You were Togata’s crush! Not his…..or at least that’s what he thought. He wasn’t declining the date. He couldn’t turn you down, not like this.

You shuffled up to him shyly, leaning up and pressing a tender peck on his cheek. “I’ll text you later Amajiki!” you called out before running away. Hado was waiting for you at the school gates, ready to congratulate you.

Amajiki, on the other hand, stood awkwardly frozen in place. Togata had rushed over, after going back to the classroom for his clothes. “How’d it go?” he panted. Amajiki felt his heart beat again.

“I have a date”

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