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#mirio x poc

Mirio x black!reader, Keigo (hawks) x black!reader, Tamaki x black!reader

TW: Swearing

Note: Mirio and Tamaki are pro heros

This prompt was kinda vague so I did what I could😭

And im sooo sorry this took like a month my state threw like 5 tests at me and then I had back to back work

Taglist: @myhoodacademia @bnhainthewoo @iiminibattlehero @ecao @v-vpluto @cheerfulpeople1234 @strawberry-ice @mixxfi @soy-darcei @wolfkid22 @mythiccheroacademia @myfandemons @melanimed @sheepydumpling @lilsparkyswife


  • Hes soo excited
  • Not the least bit scared
  • And that calms you down a little, but you were honestly more scared than he was
  • On the way to your childhood home, he was practically bouncing in his seat and talking about how excited he was
  • When you arrive, Mirio greets everyone with a warm smile, hugs, and handshakes
  • And almost immediately things start to get chaotic
  • All your little cousins automatically flock to him, and practically climb him like hes a fucking jungle gym
  • Your aunties and uncles tried to pull their kids off of the poor man all at once
  • You were just disappointed that they couldn’t put on a front that wasn’t even a little less chaotic for even a minute
  • But Mirio, being the big strong guy he is, told them all it was fine, and continued to walk around with several kids attached to him while they asked questions about him being a hero
  • And soon enough, everyone else basically started shoving food down his throat
  • Not that he was complaining because the food was immaculate
  • Steak, grilled chicken, fried chicken, mac n cheese, collared greens, corn bread, and whatever else yall made
  • “Y’all bouta feed this man till he explodes…”
  • “He’s a big guy, he’ll be aight.”
  • Mirios got such neutral good energy that he kinda just sticks in anywhere


  • Hes super chill about it
  • Keigo kinda just clicks with anyone and everyone, so you weren’t really worried
  • You were really just more worried about your family scaring him off
  • As soon as you walk in, all your cousins walk up to him an try and dap him up at the same time like he got octopus arms or some shit
  • And Keigo does it successfully somehow, it honest looks like a friendship reunion
  • He blends right in, almost as if he’s been best friends with them for years
  • You yourself even start questioning if they actually have and he just decided to not tell you
  • If someone says that yall are making fried chicken… whew chile…
  • Hes right on that fryer w whoever else is up over there
  • “Alright then Gordon Ramsey!”
  • “That is the only food that man can cook without burning it even a little.”
  • If you got someone in your family that just be eatin everything, Keigo gotta go up against them and see who can clean more plates
  • Because this man can fucking eat
  • And you can bet hes enjoying himself with all this soul food around
  • He ends up eating the most out of everyone (mostly because he ate all the fried chicken)
  • If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he knew them this whole time


  • This man is gonna faint at just the thought of meeting your family
  • And just knowing them, you could too
  • Seeing you stressed for him made him twice as stressed to
  • Had to tell your family in advance to at least try and turn it down for him
  • When yall walk in, his hands are so sweaty he can barely hold hands with you without them slipping
  • Your family actually greets him very casually, and he sputters out a small ‘hi, nice to meet you all.’
  • You take him to make a plate, and he really doesn’t get too much because he feels like he’s gonna puke
  • Eventually, your little cousins started asking questions
  • “Hey mister, can you show me yo quirk real quick?”
  • Amjiki probably gives himself a wing (from the chicken) and let’s your cousins touch it
  • Hes actually really good with kids, and somehow your cousins make him relax
  • He even eats some more food so he can show them more
  • When your other family members come up to him and start making jokes, hes surprisingly calm and even jokes a little too (stolen jokes from mirio*)
  • But… eventually your family goes back to their crazy antics
  • This makes Amajiki retreat to the nearest corner, clutching his cup for dear life
  • But despite this, hes somehow much more okay about all of it than you expected
  • You expected him to go to the bathroom to recollect himself every 10 minutes, be facing a corner the whole time, or even faint
  • But he did really well
  • So this was somehow a win?
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yes ma’am, i got you~

aint even gotta worry

ᴇxᴘʀᴇss ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ

ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs: ᴍɪʀɪᴏ

ᴀᴜ: ᴍᴏᴅᴇʀɴ ᴍʜᴀ ᴜɴɪᴠᴇʀsᴇ

ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ: ғᴇᴍ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

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  • straight up just asks
  • he doesn’t have time to be walking eggshells around you
  • he wants your damn tits in his mouth
  • he’ll definitely bite if you don’t watch him
  • and by watch him i mean for the entirety of his performance
  • he expects your undivided attention
  • hey…
  • are your eyes rolling back? well swing them back around and wait until he’s done making you squirm


  • he wants to, he really really wants to
  • but he’s scared of your reaction
  • ‘you aren’t a baby, tamaki’ ‘that’s disgusting, get away from me you creep’
  • your actual reaction, “oh shit that’d be hot maki’ let’s do it.”
  • he’s honestly baffled, the first few times are good but then it starts to get boring
  • so what better way to spruce it up?
  • “wanna order some food”
  • “sure, what do you have in mind?”
  • “hm, i was thinking squid.”
  • “y-y/n!”


  • no, absolutely not
  • sorry to break it to you but he’s not sucking on your tiddies
  • it’s all about crushing your nipple in between his fingers
  • making you writhe in pain
  • all while he’s fucking into you, giving you the same amount of pleasure
  • he’ll roll them, twist, pull, jerk, and grab handfuls
  • bro is a MENACE
  • one time he bit and you pushed him off and dialed 911


  • “y-you want me to what?”
  • please, this man barely can look at a pair of tits without blushing
  • so uncomposed
  • if he’s fucking you and your boobs are bouncing he’ll stop and stare
  • if your boobs are prominent in your jacket and he’s riding a bike his legs will stop and he’ll fall
  • the only thing this puppy man is good for is giving you tit-head
  • so put him to good use yeah?
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  • aizawa barely has sex, his libido was damn near nonexistent until you came around
  • all round and plush, plump and sexy jiggling with each step like a fluffy pancake
  • the first time he saw you was the hardest he’d ever gotten in his life
  • when the relationship started his hands would always be on you no matter where the two of you were
  • while he was grading papers in his home office, you were taking a shower and getting ready for bed
  • you when he was finishing up you came waddling into the room in an attempt to be funny
  • he grinned and set his large hands on your waist
  • he pulled you closer to him
  • … then
  • he started trying to pull you down on his lap
  • you panicked, pulled yourself out of his hold and backed up
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • you coughed and held your head down with an awkward smile
  • “you can clearly see i’m too heavy to be sitting on y-”
  • you didn’t even get to finish your sentence before you were perched on his lap
  • your back against his chest and your legs pulled apart
  • his fingers ran cross your inner thighs and dipped into your wet panties
  • “nonsense, now be quiet and let me take care of you.”


  • if fatgum was the “fattest” hero, you took first place for the sexiest
  • the way your ass bounced when you ran in front of him was pure evil
  • he saw no imperfections when he looked at you
  • your hair, your body, your mannerisms, fuck even the way you goofed off was perfect to him
  • “gummy bear, i, uh- i’m hard…”
  • “again?!”


  • mirio is not about to play with you, sit your ass on his lap right fucking now
  • he won’t take that “too heavy” bs
  • you’ll only ever hear praise from him
  • there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t slap your ass or grab a handful of your thigh and shake it
  • not just shake it though, he grabs it way too damn hard and leaves bruises to which he kisses and apologizes for later
  • sorry sunshine he just loves you a lot


  • can mutants be neutered?
  • because he wants to get you pregnant every time he sees you walking around your house
  • yes- your house because his creepy ass is always looking through your windows
  • “you should really lock them, there are a lot of creeps popping up these days.”
  • “hawks… YOU’RE the creep, get out!”
  • as much as you love him, you can’t stand his constant nipping at your ass and clawing at your thighs
  • it’s unnecessary and it hurts… well only when you’re not fucking him-
  • but that’s besides the point
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this is really cute🥺

∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘


  • Y’all were just moving into the dorms after the little rescue mission Kirishima and Todoroki put together
  • Y’all were getting settled in until Mina suggested a room contest and you participated for fun
  • You gave them a mini tour of your room and it resulted in a 2 minute interrogation from Mina asking where you got your bonnets from
  • Y’all made it to Bakugo’s room, and everyone left assuming that he wasn’t feeling well
  • You knocked on his door ”Baby are you in there?” You waited for a response and when you didn’t get one you leaned your back against the door
  • What you didn’t know was that Bakugo was melting behind the door as you told him about the little contest that y’all were doing
  • Honestly he couldn’t focus on much cause his mind was just like “They called me baby” and it’s not new to him
  • It just hits different at a time like this
  • He opened the door and you were like “oh, okay 😀” thinking you were about to fall until you felt arms around you
  • Bakugo hid his face in the crook of your neck and quietly asked you if you could stay
  • You turned around and smiled at him “Of course Katsu”


  • You were doing Eri’s hair into cute little braided pigtails so you and Eri could spend the day together
  • Since it was the morning you still had your bonnet on, since you weren’t really ready to head out
  • You and Eri were having a cute little conversation about the cartoon that you put on for her
  • You tied off each braid with two red rubber bands, she started to stand up cause she thought she was done, you smiled softly and said “One more thing Eri.” You reached for the hair pin but you left it in the bathroom
  • “Honey could you get me the apple hair pin in the bathroom?”
  • He looked up from his spot at the counter with a coffee in his hands and just froze, it felt like y’all were a little family with Eri in the mix
  • He nodded at you to get the apple hair pin, even thought it was a short walk he was smiling the whole time


  • Y’all were at a restaurant on a little date
  • Y’all sat outside cause sometimes outside seats be hitting sometimes
  • You were waiting for your food to come, until the sun just hit right highlighting your features
  • He was just staring at you, and the device that let you know your order is ready started beeping but he didn’t notice
  • You giggled a bit when you noticed him staring at you “Baby our order is ready”
  • On top of seeing you look like a Deity you said that?
  • He blushed a bit at the mention of the nickname and went to get the food
  • He had such a cute little dorky grin on his face while he waited in the line to pick up y’all’s order


  • Park date!
  • Cause y’all cute like that, and the nicknames, so sweet it could probably give you a cavity
  • Anyways you decided to take him to the park, to cheer him up after what had happened on a recent mission that caused him to lose his quirk
  • You noticed how he wore a fake smiled and you hoped a small little park date would at least give him a genuine smile even if it was a small one
  • You noticed an ice cream cart and asked if he was down for some ice cream with a smile on your face, he returned your smile and y’all walked hand in hand to the cart
  • You were looking at the flavor selection and asked “Hey honey which one did you want again?”
  • Something just clicked in his mind and like I said it just hits different
  • He said what flavor he wanted with a small smile on his face and you were like “This happy over ice cream? I guess my job here is done” you giggled a bit upon noticing the small smile he had on his face

∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘

Taglist: @mixfi​  @vangoghmusings@lunabby010 @photosbyameil​ @strawberry-ice​  @wafflenpie@myhoodacademia @mypimpademia

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Mirio picks you up putting you on the counter, kissing your neck as he takes off your shirt.

“I can’t wait to devour you sunshine. Tell me where you want my tongue to go, I won’t continue until you tell me.”

You look away embarrassed. “Speak up if you want something.” He grabs your face. “You know what happens when I take charge.” He smirks before tugging at your jeans.

He flips you over, making you face the mirror. “If your eyes leave the mirror I’ll face fuck you until you gasp for air.”

His tongue starts to play with your entrance as he uses both hands to spread your ass.

“M- mirio! Someone could walk in on us.” You grab onto the faucet biting down on your lips.

He stops after a few minutes, coming up licking his lips.

“I gotta have more sunshine, that wasn’t nearly enough…I wanna see you cry on my cock.”

He picks you up turning you towards him. You feel the tip slide in as your hips rise up. “Ah sunshine you’ve been so bad I gotta punish you with this cock.”

You wrap your arms around him, laying your head on his shoulder as you bite down on his shirt. Your head starts to bob up and down with every thrust.

“Iet me just wash my hands real quick.” You hear a voice by the door. Mirio walks inside a stall, fucking you against the door as it opens and closes slightly.

You put your hand over your mouth but he removes it. “Didn’t I say this is your punishment?” He grunts and groan near your ear.

The stranger hurried to wash their hands and leave as your moans ring out in the bathroom.

“Haah…fuck that cock sunshine…ah.” His moans start to become intense.

Your head shoots up as you both orgasm, your insides start to twitch around his cock. His head falls on your shoulder.

“I’m not done just yet.” He starts to play with your nipples.

“It’s only the beginning sunshine.”

Mirio holds you in his arms, sitting down on the toilet. “Ride this cock y/n, I wanna see how lewd you get.” You hesitate at first, leaning back as your legs hang, grinding back and forth.

Mirio wraps his hand around your throat. “You like it when it gets risky don’t you? How does my cock feel as I pump you full of cum?”

Your head leans back in ecstasy, your eyes follow by rolling back. “P- punish me mirio…I’ve been bad.” He smirks at those words. He starts to penetrate you even deeper, raising his hips.

“Your my personal cum dumpster, you just wait for your next fill like the slut you are.” Mirio pulls you closer, keeping his hand around your neck, leaving bruises as his hand tightens.

“Ah sunshine…another load inside that warm hole of yours.” He grunts as cum trickles down his cock.

He doesn’t stop, only continuing to fuck you until your insides become stuff with his cum.

“Ah sunshine…your my cum slut aren’t you? Your going feral on that cock like the slut you are…your a slut for daddies cum aren’t you? Yes you are sunshine.”

He leaves bruises, smacking your ass. Your worn out but he had lasting stamina. Sweat runs down your body mixing with the cum. “Your partner could never fuck you the way I do. Your too much for them, you need to be put in your place.”

As he helps you up he places your hand on the stall door. You only feel his cock penetrate your ass, tears fall down your face. Your hands drop from the door, causing your face to lean against the door. His hands slide up your body, grabbing for your neck as he pulls you back, whispering in your ear.

“You’ve been in the bathroom for so long…I wonder if their getting worried.”

“I’ll fuck you till the point of concern, when they walk through the door they’ll see how lewd you get from another’s a cock…does that turn you on even more? Another man stuffing you with his cum?” He chuckles.

“” Mirio looks down. “Hold my cum, I don’t wanna see it drop on the floor.”

Your bodies lift up as you orgasm simultaneously, when he stood back up you fall into his arms, gasping for air as tears stain your cheeks.

It takes you a few minutes but when you do you get in your knees, sticking your ass up in the air as cum continues to trickle down. You push him down on the toilet seat as you go down on him.

“You forgot I like it rough?” He looks down with a grin, slamming your head down his cock until you reach the base.

You start to gag on his cock as he picks up the pace. “You have such a dirty mouth.” He smirks.

He gets more into it as his grunts become louder. “Ah fuck sunshine…your mouth feels so fucking warm, it’s inviting me in.” He wolfed more force in his hips as he face fucks you. Seconds later cum shoots in your mouth in loads. Filling full you choke on both his cum and cock.

He removed his cock from your mouth, going in to pick you up as he walks toward the toilet seat. Sitting your limo body on top of his face, eating you out.

“Y/n? I could have sworn they went to the bathroom.” Your partner hears you cry out in pleasure. When they open the bathroom door they stand in shock as you rode mirios face.

“G- go deeper.” You moan out.

When you turn around you see your partner looking at you in shock. Mirio slides you down his face with a devilish smirk on his face, as he licks his lips.

“Don’t just stand there, your welcome to join.”

You turn back around, burying your head in his chest. He grabs your chin as your eyes meet. “Let’s give him a show.”

Without telling you he turns you around quickly before lifting you up, slamming you down on his cock.

“Look how lewd they are on my cock, you could never fill them with your cum.” He starts to bite on your neck while keeping his eyes on your partner.

They watch you as you moan out mirio’s name. “Y- your going to break me even more.” You said as your tongue starts to hangout.

Mirio uses one hand to play with your nipples as he keeps slamming you down on his cock. “Ah sunshine…work that cock..” his moans intensified as he cums inside of you once again.

His breathing is heavy as you lay against his chest. “You can have them back if you want, but my cum will always be inside of them.” He laughs as your partner rushes off.

Your body lays limp in his arms. “Don’t worry sunshine I never intended on giving you up in the first place.

Your eyes start to get heavy, you pass out in his lap.

When you come to your body was hurting all over. You look around the room, mirio was nowhere in sight.

“Don’t over work yourself.” He comes in with a bowel of soup and a big blanket.

“You looked so beautiful while sleeping I didn’t wanna wake you up, don’t worry about the cleanup I did everything, it’s the least I could do.”

He sits the tray in front of you. After having him help you with the soup you drink some water before laying back down in the blanket he brought.

After a while he joins you in the bed, gently laying you on his chest as he rubs your arm up and down.

“Don’t worry about anything else, just rest sunshine, you did an amazing job.” He plants kisses over and over on your eyelids before you fall asleep once more.

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✨Admiring their s/o in the sun/moonlight✨

  • black! fem! reader x Shoji, Bakugo, Shinsou, Mirio
  • Warnings: none just lovely fluff 🥰
  • a/n: I just noticed for the two sunlight ones, the reader is sleeping 🧍‍♀️… uhh I hope ya’ll still like this


- You and Shoji were coming back to the dorms from a picnic date, hand in hand, and ya’ll were strolling in the park

- The sun had set already and the sky was was filled with tiny bright lights with the beaming moon in the middle

- The cool air settled in and you shuddered slightly, causing shoji to lend you his jacket

- Ya’ll talked about everything under the sun, well moon rather

- In the distance, ya’ll saw a ice cream stand and decided to get some

- You found the closest bench to the stand and Shoji went to get him and you ice cream

- When he bought the two cones and turned around to walk towards you, he suddenly felt immobile

- Here you sat beautifully on the bench, listening to music, with moon shining gracefully on you and your features

- The moon striking perfectly on your melanin skin, making you look stunning

- My man was just in awe

- Like you always looked gorgeous but now-

- You look like a straight-up goddess

-He quickly made his way towards you and handed you your ice cream

- You gave him your signature smile like always and thanked him (cause we have manners in this house), sending him down a spiral of love struck

- “You look lovely in the Moonlight, my love.”


- Y'all were on a road trip and y’all were taking turns driving

- Since you had drove all night, Bakugo was driving in the Early Afternoon

- You were knocked out sleep in your seat, (with your bonnet on or any protective scarf) laying on the window, and cuddled up with your blanket (actually it’s his, but what’s his is yours and vise versa😋)

- Bakugo was just listening to the playlist that the two of you had made (yes shawty is that sentimental, fight me🙄)

- Unfortunately, he ran into traffic

- He loudly whispered curses, which causes him to immediately look at you to see if he woke you up

- But to his Surprise, he didn’t

- However, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you

- The sun shined through his window onto you and it couldn’t have aimed in the most perfect place

- You’re skin glistened flawlessly in the light, making you look angelic

- Bakugo was just taking the whole scene in:

- The lighting + you = HEAVEN ON EARTH✨

- A big ole grin crossed his face and his cheeks had a small tint of pink

- He whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

- And he wasn’t going to waste it all by just looking

- Mans most definitely took a picture(s) of you so he could keep this scene forever (he kept it in his secret locked photo album of ya’ll (actually its mostly you but nvm that fact)

- He’ll probably never mention what happened tho

- definitely looks at that picture from time to time and it never fails to give him butterflies and a smile



- Yeah so ya’ll decided to go for a snack run at like 12:00am cause like why not

- Ya’ll went to the local gas station and pretty much bought almost $100-worth of snacks

- Ya’ll also decided to have a little goofy photo shoot by the drinks

- Once you paid and left, ya’ll made the way back to his apartment

- Since the gas station was right by your apartment, the two of you just walked

- Ya’ll were joking around, him teasing you about how the pictures turned out

- Shinsou decided to look through his snack bag and make sure he had everything so ya’ll stopped for a bit

- By the time he turned around to look at you, he couldn’t help but feel awe-struck

- You were looking up at the sky admiring the stars with a smile

- To make it even better, it seemed like the moon appreciated it since it made a little spotlight for you

- The moon milked all of your skin and features

- You looked absolutely divine and Shinsou was gonna make it known that he thought that

- You make a comment about how beautiful the sky looked and when you didn’t hear a response, you looked over to Shinsou to see him showing his classic Shinsou smirk (ya’ll know what smirk I’m talking about)

- “Y’know, you look rather stunning right now babe.”


- Ya’ll were having a sleepover at his apartment and ya’ll were cuddled up on the floor

- You guys were spooning and you were facing the blinds

- Since Mirio wakes up earlier than you, he wanted to start making breakfast to surprise you

- He went to kiss you on the cheek but stopped mid way when he actually got a good look at you

- The blinds were partly open and the sun beamed through them onto you

- When I say you were glowing, YOU WERE G L O W I N G

- LIKE your melanated skin was shimmering

- The sun light seem to highlight your beautiful skin and he was here for it

- Like Bakugo, he would most definitely pull out his phone and take pictures (damn near left him with no more storage)

- Instead of making breakfast, he decided to kiss you wake because why no <3

- You just looked too good not love all over

(also this is one of the MAIN reasons why he calls you sunshine)

- “ G’morning Sunshine! You’re looking quite mesmerizing this beautiful morning.”

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Mirio Headcanon x enemy turned lover reader [ Smutt,etc ]


You’ve hated mirio ever since you become his neighbor, he was too cheerful for your taste. As much as you tried to avoid him he was always there wether you like it or not, when you got to college it got worse…he was your roommate.

“You stay on this side of the room at all times, if you cross over I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” He nods willingly at your words. Every time you saw him on campus you would walk pass him, even in class during a group assignment.

This has been going on for a month now. Once your back in your dorm room you walk in on mirio only wearing a towel, hanging dangerously off his lower half, his hair was almost covering his eyes. “I’m sorry, I’ll head out now.” The words came out his mouth but your attention was focused somewhere else. Water dripped from his chest all down until it dried up on the towel.

“Y/n?” He looked at you confused, shaking your shoulders to make sure your alright. “Uh your good! I’ll leave! I- I have assignments and you should stay!” You leave without letting him talk, as you walk down the halls with your hand over your chest.

“I can’t be thinking like this! I don’t like him! He’s the annoying kid I met when we were kids.” You shake your head back and forth, coming back to reality.

No matter how much you wanted to hate him, just looking at him in that state made you horny. “A jog! I’ll jog the horniness away.” It was dark when you made it back to the dorms, mirio was asleep shirtless. After your out of the shower you head to bed.



“Did I do something to make you hate me?” You were caught by surprise from his question.


“What is it?”

“Exist, now leave me alone and go to sleep.” You turn away from him. That night you regretted saying those words you only wanted to scare him but not bully him away. Mirio started avoiding you which was shocking because he was always nice even when you were mean.

“Maybe you should apologize, what you said did hurt his feelings…or not.” Tamaki looks away quickly.

“I’ve never apologized before, it’s not soemthing that Can just roll off the tongue.”

Nejire rubs your back. “It’s still the right thing to do, don’t be shy.” She gives you an innocent smile before they head off.

While in your dorm you pace back and forth in the room. “Okay It’s easy, it’ll roll off the tongue.” When the door opens you make eye contact with mirio, he walks past you, grabbing his bag. As he heads for the door you shout out after him. “Mirio!”

He turns around with a stone cold expression. “Uh, I um…I like the color of your book bag, blue really matches your personality.”

“Thank you.” He left out the door, leaving you in the room picking your brain as you think of more ideas on how to apologize.

When he gets back in the room you were asleep, throughout the night you couldn’t sleep so you woke up, looking around the room until your eyes land on mirio. “This is it! My moment! I can’t tell him while he’s awake but maybe while he’s sleeping it’ll be easier.

You stand in front of his bed, looking down at him as you prepare. “…I- I’m sorry mirio, what I said was insensitive…I was just trying to run you away, because ever since we were kids I was jealous of you. You had friends and was nice, I was home schooled and…I just wanted what you wanted…i didn’t meant for my feelings to grow this unhealthy. I hope you can forgive me and I hope I can tell you face to face instead of face to face while you sleep.”

“I forgive you.” He grabs your arm with too much force, causing you to fall ontop of him.

“You’re awake?!” Embarrassed you bury your head in his chest.

“I couldn’t sleep either, but I forgive you…I’m not gonna invalidate your feelings…I would be an asshole if I did, I’m glad you told me.” He picks up your face, forcing your eyes on his.

“Does this mean we can be friends?”

“No.” He wraps his arms around your frame. “Come on! Would that be so bad?”



“…because I like you, is that what you wanted to hear?!” You watch as a smirk appeared across his face. “I like you also y/n.”

In that moment you only heard the sound of your heart. “Kiss him…kiss him.” The more you try to ignore it the more harder it was to control your urges.

Simultaneously your lips rub against each other before you both go in for the kiss. You could feel the heat and passion behind everyone of his kisses, from your lips all down to your neck. “Your beautiful, I hope you know that.” He mutters out.

In a quick move he tops you. “I trust you mirio.” Once you give him the go ahead it doesn’t take him long. He works his way down planting kisses from your stomach and in between your thighs.

“I love that fragrance you always have on, it drives me wild, and when you tuck your hair behind your ear when no one is looking.” His commentary turns you on, making your body melt under his.

When you look down you notice his cock seeping out his boxers. “I’m sorry but he’s a little excited.” After pulling down your shorts he slaps your entrance with his cock, rubbing the outside. “Mirio…will you be gentle? This is my first time.” You said looking away embarrassed.

To ease some tension he moves toward your face, planting kisses on your forehead. “It’s my first time also, I wouldn’t want to lose it to anybody else.”

“Pinky promise?” He lifts up his pinky, intertwining it with yours. “I pinky promise.”

Resuming where he left off he press the tip slowly inside. In response your body lifts up a little. “Since we don’t have a condom and lube I’ll need you to relax for me.” You nod at his words.

As he works his tip inside he finally slides all of his cock inside, you reach for him hand as your body lifts up. “M- mirio! It’s too big!” He plants kisses over the top of your hand as his cock slowly thrust inside of you.

“My body feels hot all over.” When you open your eyes you notice his cheeks becoming a light red. “Is it hurting you?”

He opens his eyes to give you a smile. “N- no It’s just that your insides feel really good sunshine, I don’t think I can go long without cumming inside.”

The bed hits against the wall as he goes deeper, causing the both of you to moan out in ecstasy. His forehead was on top of yours, watching as your mouth hanged open from every thrust. Your free hand grabs onto his ass while your other hand was still intertwined with his over your head. “Ah fuck sunshine…you feel so good, I don’t wanna stop.”

That night was passionate and steamy, when you both orgasm it was heaven, his sweaty body on yours as cum trickled down your entrance. While out of breath he talks to you. “It’s so warm inside.”

You both fall sleep in that position, later through the night you ended up in his arms, when you wake up your face to face with a sleeping mirio, his hair covered his eyes causing a smile to appear on your face. As you shift a little in his arms his grip around your frame tightens. “D- don’t leave.” He mumbled out.

“I won’t…I promise.” After that night you and mirio became a couple, after college he proposed and you said yes. You never imagined that your life would turn out this way, but your glad it did.”

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Sure thing! and thank you. It really means a lot to me that you care ❤️



C = Cuddle (How do they cuddle?)

  • Tintin is a very cuddly person!
  • He enjoys spooning and he’s THE BIG SPOON 👁👄👁
  • He probably gets cranky if he becomes little spoon

E = Everything (You are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world…))

  • “How’s my little sunshine doin?”
  • “Morning sunshine~”
  • “Aw, what’s wrong love bug? Why are you crying?”
  • Idk why but I definitely think he would say this🤧💕

G = Gentle (Are they gentle? If so, how?)

  • VERY…well I mean, he is a gentleman
  • He’s definitely the type to encourage you to pursue your goals, send random flowers to your dorm, compliment you on more than just your physical appearance, etc.
  • Overall he’s such a good boyfriend. Please love and cherish him!🥺🤧💕
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  • normally he’d realize it was a joke but not right now
  • not at 3 am when you’d just got home from a party he had no problem with you going to
  • but honestly he was a little mad that you werent there to cuddle
  • you had shook him awake, he couldn’t hear a damn thing at first but then-
  • “my boyfriends coming you have to hide!”
  • his sea blue eyes shot open and a look of worry washed over his face
  • “what’ya mean?” he slurred, rubbing his eyes to get a better look at you
  • silently hoping and praying that you were just wasted
  • “ugh hurry up, he’s coming!” you began struggling to push his muscular build to the other side of the bed
  • mirio sighed and pulled you down onto his chest
  • “go to sleep beautiful”


  • jokes don’t go over well with tamaki…
  • if it’s not a practical one, don’t expect him to get it
  • for example (why did the chicken cross the road)
  • you didn’t even have to say this when he was delirious
  • you ran up the stairs and burst into his office, scaring the shit out of him
  • “what’s wrong! are you okay?” he said standing up and walking over to you
  • ready to protect you even though he was frightened
  • “my boyfriend’s coming, you have to hide!”
  • he opened his mouth to speak but a tiny squeak came out, then-
  • “huh? b-but i’m your boyfriend! y/n…” his bottom lip trembled
  • you immediately scoop him into your arms and lay on the couch in his office explaining yourself
  • even showing him the tiktok to make sure he knew it was just a prank

part two

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i’m sooo so sorry for responding so late 🥺 but i love love this!! tysm for sending something in! i haven’t written w/ mirio, tamaki or denki yet but i’ll try my best. ima apologize now if they sound out of character i’m soooo sorry 😬😭 i hope you enjoy.

𝐍𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐓𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐤 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐰/ 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫

short summary: reader walks in with a towel and drops it in front of their bf while they’re gaming >;)

ft.: Bakugo, Mirio, Tamaki , Kirishima, + Denki

warnings: slight nsfw if you squint lol, swearing + that’s it ;)

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Midnight Sun

a/n: @uliscribbles HI ULI I’M YOUR SECRET SANTA 🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾. I really hope you like this and I hope I did this fic justice,,, I’m still super thankful for what you did for me and I still have absolutely no idea how to repay you, so this’ll have to do for now ✨. Enjoy!! 💞

Warnings: a couple f bombs, a smidge of harassment for like a second, and that’s about it!

Word Count: 1.2k


Being born into royalty has its perks. You gain the ability to get almost anything your heart desires. Growing up, Y/n always had this ability. Being the first born in a kingdom notorious for having gifted rulers, everything except for your soulmate was gifted to you on a silver platter. 


Waking up just after sunrise, you were greeted by your head servant. “Your Highness, we have quite the day ahead of us.” She spoke, already helping you out of bed. 

“Yeah, yeah. It’s way too early. Please remind me why I had to wake up *right* after the sun?” You yawned and stretched, heading towards the bathroom where the bath was already drawn. Various different scented soaps and oils littered the bathtub.

“We have a lot to do. We need to maximize our time!”

“Mhm… Run me through the schedule." 

Multiple servants were in the bathroom helping you out. One held your hair up and out of the way as you took your bath and finished up. "As you wish, your highness! First off we have breakfast with the queen and king, after that you have to attend the knighting ceremony." 

"Is that all?" 

"I’m afraid not, the ceremony is followed by a ball to celebrate the new knights. As you know, the ball will last until sunrise. Then, you’ll be allowed to sleep in again." 

You looked over at her in a way that just screamed "are you fucking kidding me?” She got the memo and laughed nervously. “I’m terribly sorry about this, your highness, but these are the king’s wishes." 

"Yeah yeah. Whatever. Help me get dressed please." 

"As you wish!”


You’d gotten dressed and had the ever so pleasant breakfast with your uncomfortably stuck up parents. All that was left at the moment was the ceremony and ball. These were always boring. You’d never managed to find any sort of enjoyment during these events due to the knights all being as equally serious as your parents. 

You stood behind your mother as she recited the same questions to each knight and gave them their “knighthood”. This process went on for over an hour until the final knight appeared. Now this one caught your attention. His hair was the same color as the sun with eyes as blue as the ocean. While the other knights stood with terrifying poker faces, this one had an easygoing smile and extremely kind eyes. 

Your mother recited the questions and he all but answered enthusiastically. After she finished and he was officially dubbed a knight, his gaze landed on you for a brief moment, resulting in the small bit of eye contact the universe needed to send a sharp pain to your wrist. 

Your eyes widened in the slightest as you realized precisely what that feeling meant. Subtly, you turned your arm to where your wrist faced you. There, as you expected, was the symbol of a soul match. A silver rose, etched right there. 

You glanced back over at the knight, and noticed him smiling at you excitedly. It was like looking at an excited puppy. You smiled back at him.


You hadn’t seen that knight since the ceremony and the ball had started a little under two hours ago. You obviously searched for him but you’d always get roped into talking to some random prince that wished to court you for power. 

“Excuse me, your highness, but I couldn’t help notice how amazing you look.” One of them purred, grabbing your wrist as you tried to walk off. 

“Yeah whatever. Let me go, I have something to do." 

"What could be more important than talking to a potential mate? I mean, our parents are talking to each other, gorgeous.” His voice was like poisoned honey. It was sweet but you weren’t stupid. 

“Do me a favor and kindly fuck off. I’m busy.” You hissed, startling him. Unfortunately, that only pissed him off. Before either of you could say anything, the knight from earlier had appeared in front of you. It was liked he’d fallen into your lap. 

“Hello, your Highness. Is he bothering you?” He asked. One hand resting on the hilt of his sword as he smiled down at the prince. This smile wasn’t like the one from earlier, this one held… sinister undertones. Thankfully, he shook his head and quickly rushed off. 

He turned to you and bowed. “I know you had it under control, your highness, but I couldn’t resist. I’m Mirio Togata." 

"I appreciate the help, Sir Mirio. But I really didn’t need it.” Despite your tone accidentally coming off harshly, he just smiled at you softly. 

“Oh I’m well aware, it looked like things were gonna get pretty brutal if he kept it up. That’s a nasty glare you have there, your highness.” He offered his arm to you.

You laughed a little and accepted it, leaving the crowded ballroom and heading toward the gardens. 

“So you’re the soulmate I never thought I’d meet.” You spoke once you both were further away from the ballroom. 

“Yep! Something told me that a major event -outside of being knighted- was going to happen to me today… even if you weren’t my soulmate, just being able to see you in person would’ve been enough for me.” He smiled, watching as butterflies fluttered around the flowers. 

You rolled your eyes playfully at the statement. “You’re too nice. Thank you, Mirio.”

“Anything for you, y/n." 


Two years after that initial meeting, you and Mirio only grew closer to each other. He showered you with compliments weekly, dedicating an entire weekday to just, absolutely showering you with adoration.

Your parents were your biggest concern, but surprisingly, they weren’t as strict as you’d thought. Your father was content with you having someone strong and your mother knew Mirio’s intentions were pure, so she trusted your judgement. 

When the time came for you to become the next ruler, it was winter. 

Snow covered the ground and snowflakes were still falling as you walked through the gardens with Mirio one last time before you were crowned. 

"Have I ever mentioned how amazing you look in the snow?" 

"Miri, you do everytime it snows." 

"Good. Because you look amazing! Oh, speaking of snow, your favorite animal is a rabbit, right?” Not knowing where this was going, you hesitated before nodding. He smiled wide and picked you up bridal style, running off in a seemingly random direction. You held onto his neck for dear life, squealing at how sudden it was. 

In a few seconds, the two of you reached the castle stable and he allowed you to stand on your own again. 

“Miri, what are you-” He cut you off with a finger to his lips and a wink. You rolled your eyes but waited patiently. Mirio made vague hand gestures to the people taking care of the animals and they nodded. 

5 minutes passed and eventually, Mirio was handed a cage. He smiled and presented you with said cage. “This is one of the newborns. She’s old enough to be away from her mother, but it’d be great if you could let her visit every so often.”

“I… I don’t even know what to say…" 

He looked a little worried, but it went away as quickly as it came when you kissed him. 

"I’ll take that as a "you liked it” Then?“ He laughed, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 

"Of course I like it. Thank you, Mirio. I love you so much." 

"I love you even more, sunshine. Now let’s get you back to your room before a certain worker of yours takes my head.” He laughed, leading you back towards the palace with your new pet.

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  • long day of work
  • keigo just wants to open the door to the penthouse and cuddle up next to you on the couch
  • imagine his surprise when he walks in to you bent over on the kitchen island
  • ass hanging out of your fluffy pajama shorts and you- cluelessly, scrolling away on instagram
  • his feathers ruffled so hard
  • before you got a chance to turn around his claws were pushing into your flesh and holding you down
  • “baby-”
  • “shh little bird, m’ gonna take good care of you.”


  • god forbid dabi crawled through your window and a beer wasn’t ready for him when he got to the kitchen
  • he would throw a fit- wait-
  • why are you bent over like that? especially in those spandex
  • yes, the spandex that were way too small and squeezed way too tightly in all the right places
  • fuck, he wanted to be upset today and now you’ve ruined it by making him horny
  • AND his beer isn’t on the table
  • guess he’s gonna just have to fuck some sense into you
  • “fuckkk, i’m sorry!” you gasped as he smacked your ass so loudly it echo’d
  • “are you? try to stand up, and go get me a beer while you’re at it.”


  • literal embodiment of “woah woah woah now, you got too much dip on your chip”
  • he walks into the dorm and his heart clenches, literally stops beating
  • he isn’t upset though, just a little ticked off
  • why are you so exposed like that when anybody could walk in?
  • he walks up to you and smacks your ass of course, but he doesn’t let go
  • it fucking stings so you claw at him
  • he turns you back towards the counter, grabs your wrists, and holds them down
  • “ha, nice try sunshine.”
  • “fuck you mirio.” you spoke, but the curse held 0 weight
  • you’re letting him grind against your ass so what could you really say
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