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#mirio x tamaki

Hey! I’m not dead yet! :D just hella busy seriously i can’t wait to finish my other wips or get back to my workflow this is torture but let’s talk about more interesting things! Happy spooky month guys! This prison called covid won’t hold our spirits hungry for horror. plus i added a quick drawing of fem!Deku wearing super cute dresses aaand the cover of one of my fanfics (it’s in spanish sorry :(( but look at this cuuute Tamaki!! 

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Cardcapter Sakura Au

Yuuga as Sakura, finding the clow book in his mother’s old things. Or maybe even Chiyo’s (recovery girls) things.

Bakugou is Li obviously. Kiri is Meiling.

Deku is Tomoyo, obsessed with his cute best friend. (Who tf else would lovingly record him and tailor clothes to fit him perfectly? Momo for clothes but nothing else)

Deku and Momo are Tomoyo now, I’ve decided. They twins/siblings.

Tamaki is Yuki. ig Mirio would fit as Touya, just without too much harshness.

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It’s almost Halloween! Which means it’s time for more Halloween art 😈 ft the babies Mirio and Tamaki ❤️❤️ also sorry I nevER post here!! I’m a lot more active on my insta if y’all wanna follow :] (@/Dreamymariney)

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This is a new blog where i will be posting mainly oneshots that come to my head that seem too good to now write down. Request will be open BUT all characters who are minors will be AGED UP!!! no underage (or minetta) relationships will be posted on this blog so please keep that in mind when putting in a request. I will be doing all characters for the fandom so go wild when requesting though i do ask for you to be patient in my outputs because of mental health and the chaos that is my life but i will try to put them out as fast as i possibly can! 

P.S- i only write x reader

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I was so surprised, that I actually wrote this in a day, granted there was a long break in between writing this… I am very busy! Anyways, next chapter for AtS is coming tomorrow at 4 EST if all goes well! In about 11 hours!

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