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#miroku x sango

Chapter 16

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While Tsubaki had spent the last month and longer taunting them with whispered threats in their minds, visions of herself gloating, and curses left behind to torment them…she had never appeared to them face to face. That would change soon, though. The night in question was quickly approaching and there were still so many preparations to be made before their final confrontation with her. No longer would she be able to hide behind another and have them do her dirty work for her. The dark priestess would be hunted and taken down without mercy for everything she had done and still intended to do. The diabolical plan she had set in motion but hadn’t yet completed; a plan they wouldn’t let her succeed in carrying out.

The day after they had visited Sango’s family and gotten the support of the slayers, Inuyasha gritted his teeth, sucked it up, and called his brother again. While he wasn’t expecting much, it was necessary to keep Sesshomaru in the loop even if he didn’t lend them any assistance. He was the Lord of the West, after all. Hopefully with everything they had uncovered his brother would change his tune about helping them, but even if he didn’t they would manage. The only reason he was sucking up his pride was because Kagome’s safety was riding on this, along with that of his friend Miroku and even Sango.

The phone rang a few times before the low tones of his brother’s voice came through the line. 

“Hello, little brother. Calling again so soon?”

“Hey. Listen, I wouldn’t be callin’ your ass if it wasn’t fuckin’ necessary.” Inuyasha snapped, his resolve to be polite already abandoned. His brother just had that effect on him.

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I’ve always been an Inuyasha fan even from the very beginning. It’s probably the reason why I got interested in Japanese culture and anime in general.

Sadly, I couldn’t find people who were into it back then so I’m grateful to share my love for the series to all of you. We are all in different parts of the world but we are in the same journey once again in this Inuyasha world.

P.S. I know this sounds corny lol 😂

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  • Enemies to reluctant allies to friends to lovers trope.
  • They were so fucking cute together. Yes, I’m not gonna deny Miroku was a pig but even with all his faults he was an extremely brave person and he cared for Sango deeply, and he was always there for her whenever she needed emotional support. 
  • Whenever there was angst between them, it was REAL ANGST.
  • I’m a sucker for characters with tragic backstories, and both Sango and Miroku went through some serious shit. Sango was one of the characters—if not the character—who suffered the most with all that happened to her brother because of Naraku, while Miroku witnessed his own father being sucked into the wind tunnel and he knew the same thing was going to happen to him, and he didn’t know how much time he had left. 
  • Whenever they were in danger they tried to do anything they could to save each other. 
  • Miroku didn’t think twice to use the wind tunnel to save her whenever she or Kohaku were in trouble, even if that meant putting his own life at risk. 
  • Sango prefered to die with him rather than leaving him behind at Mount Hakurei.
  • Even though Miroku didn’t change his ways that much after they got engaged, he definitely did so after how hurt Sango was after the episode with the girl who claimed to have lost her virginity to Miroku.
  • Miroku knew he had little time left because Naraku’s poison was spreading, but he chose to drink a potion that would prevent him from feeling pain in order to keep fighting by Sango’s side.
  • When Hiraikotsu demanded Sango to promise she would leave Miroku over destroying her weapon again she refused, arguing she wouldn’t be able to live if he died.
  • Sango was fucking terrified when Naraku made her watch Miroku’s father’s death, because she didn’t want him to suffer the same fate.
  • Even Sesshomaru low-key shipped them. 
  • When it seemed inevitable Miroku was going to be sucked into the tunnel she wanted to stay by his side, knowing she would die too.
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