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“Some might suggest that this is in conflict with my dignity as a king,” said Thorin mildly, as Bilbo settled more comfortably on Thorin’s shoulders and held an imperious hand out for his apple basket. 

“I suppose some might,” Bilbo sniffed luxuriously and plucked a beautifully ripe apple from an overhead branch. “But then you might respond by asking if your dignity can bake those pies you so enjoy.” He tucked the apple primly into his basket. 

Thorin stroked Bilbo’s ankle, “I suppose it is too much to ask for dignity and pie.”

“I’d be happy to reverse our positions, if I could lift you, umral. Ooh I think I’ve just felt a drop. Did you feel that?” 

Thorin smiled at the endearment, “Mm, I felt nothing, but I have a very excellent umbrella.”

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god what a good question omg! okay so!!! this fic is a lot of new things for me, which is fun but it’s a little nerve-wracking. it’s my longest one shot and by far my longest drarry fic, like my others have all been ficlets. i’m writing a redemption arc for a character who is undeniably a bad person and that’s new for me! i’m more of a friends to lovers type of writer, so these characters have a lot further to go than my characters usually do. and it’s more a story centering on that redemption arc so it stays in draco’s pov the whole time, which is also unusual for me. usually i alternate which character is the perspective character, especially in longer fics. so it’s been interesting trying to make the story feel complete when we only have draco’s side of things. 

i’m finding the actual execution of draco’s redemption to be challenging as well. i don’t want to drag down the narrative with lots of tedious self-abasement, but i also really don’t want to gloss over the fact that he did some evil shit! i’m really not used to finding any sympathy in myself for characters like that. it was the fandom that convinced me (y’all should check out ignatiustrout on ao3 if you wanna know more about that!) i keep asking myself how does harry forgive him and how does the audience forgive him and how does draco forgive himself. 

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i’m having last minute boston outfit reconsideration because of that bananas weather over there. should i bring like?? my star trek shirt? the dinosaurs? what about bottoms?? i need socks now like. i thought i was prepared and now i have to rethink everything. BUT. a week from tomorrow imma be wingin my way there :’’’’’’’)

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