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[Image ID: a tweet from Niki Nihachu that says “I might be a furry”. A response from 5up reads “I might be into a furry”. End ID]

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one like and I’ll post the link to my brainrot music playlist

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ok i saw a post earlier how you can change text colour and font and stuff by zooming in to 200% when you have the post maker open and that was cool. so i was messing around with it and noticed that when you have the chat maker open and it shows you a random joke that makes little to no sense, if you zoom in to 150% it changes every single time to the same joke about axl rose being a waiter at a restaurant. this post isn’t going to help anyone in any way i just thought it was a little bit funny for a couple seconds

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KIND ANON!! Thank you v much, this is so sweet ❤❤❤

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ahh hello!!!! i’m gonna put this under the cut so that I can ramble freely skjdhjs let me know if I didn’t answer it correctly!! 

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we are almost at the one year anniversary of me starting to (seriously) question my gender wtf!!!!

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actually the oc ship dynamic that i need is the conjuring couple. the married paranormal investigators where one of them is a medium and the other is good with the equipment

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listen i don’t go to dsmp except for ranboo but. there’s something Really Off abt all the dislike for puffy specifically on my dash and i cannot understand why that’s the case, other than “she’s one of the only relevant female characters right now”

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TIL not only do you have to make an account to make a uQuiz but there’s a $10/mo pro plan…

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hi yes its ur boy maw stopping by to say if u post fatal vore do not interact with my posts it triggers panic attacks for me, k thx bye

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one of my fave in the soop moments is when taehyung and hobi go off on their drive for the day and tae sees the petit prince mural and is like “oh that reminds me of jimin :)”

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tiermakers and picrews are always there for me when i’m bored

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ok im Online now wat happened while i was away

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coping mechanisms ? you mean not acknowleging my feelings about things that happen to me but instead projecting onto my favorite characters and then writing stories about THEM coping with it with help from my other favorite characters ? i know nothing about that why do you ask

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it hit me the other day that in almost exactly 2 months i will no longer be jared, 19

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