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#misc: marvel

Originally posted by softevanstan

Hello my loves! I hope everyone is doing great and having a good week!🥰

I have a Seb imagine coming out tomorrow! Keep an eye out for that! I have a Chris imagine in the works as well, it might be posted during the weekend I’m not sure 🤔

Also! Send in those requests! I’ve reached 700 followers and I’m planning on doing a whole writing spree! More info on that coming soon😉

That’s all I got planned atm. I hope everyone has an amazing Friday!

Lots of love,

Ally xx

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Characters: Deadpool X Teen!Reader, Avengers X Teen!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen/Avengers

Warnings: Mention of threats and violence

Request: Deadpool (kinda) x Teen reader part 1 Reader is in a teen version of the icebox because they got caught stealing with their powers (orphaned). The reader is a magician because of the bracelet that is embedded deep in the r (skin) wrists. The reader decides to finally escape the center by starting a prison riot/escape. The reader then escapes they change their clothes and then hop a train going to Tennessee. The reader gets a job on a farm Thank you Part 2 teen orphaned reader Years later the reader is living a normal life in Tennessee not trying to use their powers. However, the Avengers is trying to take the r powers away because the r is wanted by shield and is considered dangerous. So all the Avengers decide to come on the farm the r is working on, undercover (disguise) to each “buy a horse.” However, their plan fails and all of them gets into a fight with the r. The r loses but they join the Avengers with their powers 


Originally posted by whatiwannasayvswhatiactuallysay

You’d been in the Icebox for a while when Wade and Russel ended up in there. Wade had spotted you pretty quickly, isolated and shut off from the others, and surprisingly the others seemed to leave you alone. Wade had jokingly told Russel to go make friends, and an hour later the kid was dragging you along to sit with both of them. 

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Listen. School and work has be busy af. But I def am in the mood to rp. Before I started school I would have wanted someone who can keep up with replies. But I know life can get in the way. I think if someone can maintain one post at least a day (I’ll understand if life happens) that’d be great.

Mom dying to rp some Stony. I prefer to rp as Steve. I like having their relationship to be switch. Both can be dom or sub depending on their day.

Unless previously discussed before the rp.

Anyway. If you like paragraph(s) style, please message me!

I personally have no triggers or limits. (Except alpha/omega. Not a fan of that whole thing)

But I’m fine with sex, abuse, non-con, kinks, mental health, and many other considerably dark topics.

PLEASE. If you have triggers or things you 100% want to avoid. DO NOT HESITATE TO SAY SO. I will not turn you away, and I will 100% accommodate to what you need. I’m not out here to be hurting anyone personally.

Send me a Pm and we can plot and go over things!

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